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Satan Offers You The Kingdoms Of This World

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00:41 Hello and welcome to the another Behold the
00:43 Lamb Presents program. I'm your host Chris Shelton
00:47 and I'm so thankful that you have allowed us into
00:49 your home for another Bible study today.
00:52 Before we get started I have a question for you,
00:55 have you ever thought about what it means to
00:58 have Christian integrity? Christian integrity,
01:02 I looked up that word "Integrity". I want to share
01:05 some of the definitions that I found in the dictionary.
01:08 It says Adherence to moral and ethical principles;
01:13 soundness of moral character, moral character,
01:17 honesty. The state of being whole, entire,
01:21 or undiminished. Listen to this, it means to be
01:24 sound, unimpaired, or in perfect condition.
01:29 Do those sound like character traits that
01:31 possibly you've heard before, they sound familiar
01:34 to me because I read them in scripture.
01:36 Those were the character traits that Christ was to
01:39 have put in our heart, so that he can prepare you
01:43 for his kingdom. The sad part is that Christian
01:47 integrity is almost extinct in our world today.
01:53 And in today's message which we have entitled
01:55 "Satan Offers You the Kingdoms of This World."
01:59 "Satan Offers You the Kingdoms of This World,"
02:02 Pastor Kenny is going to teach us more about the
02:05 Christian integrity. He is gonna teach us and talk
02:09 to us about three sins that perhaps you've not
02:12 even thought about, yet and yielding to just one
02:15 of these sins our first parents has caused this entire
02:21 world to fall into sin for almost 7000 years.
02:26 What misery, what disasters, what heartaches
02:30 we have experienced for so long because of one
02:34 sin, that's the importance of getting sin out of our
02:39 lives. That's how vital it is, because when we get
02:42 to the kingdom they will be no sin.
02:45 But, before we begin today's message we are so
02:48 blessed to be able to go 3ABN's worship center.
02:52 We are going to listen to an instrumental and it's
02:54 entitled Sweet Beulah Land it's by Ron Woolsey,
02:59 Sweet Beulah Land, I hope you're wanting to be there.
07:34 Thank you for joining us we are glad that we can
07:37 spend a little bit of time with you today.
07:38 Wherever you might be around the world,
07:41 we are gonna make this a habit by the way
07:42 that we can come together and study God's word,
07:45 so that we can draw closer to him because we know
07:47 that he is coming soon and we want to be ready,
07:50 by the way thank you for that beautiful song there
07:52 brother Ron Woolsey, Beulah Land, one of my
07:54 favorites, keep up the good work for Jesus.
07:57 But, before we get into out study today and
07:59 it's titled by the way Satan offers you the kingdom
08:03 of this world. My what to me an enticing subject.
08:08 You won't wanna miss it but we need power of the
08:10 Holy Spirit, so I'm gonna invite you to kneel with
08:12 me as we pray together. Loving Father in heaven,
08:17 we truly thank for your word, we thank you for
08:20 your sweet Holy Spirit. As promised that you would
08:23 enlighten our minds and our hearts as we per take
08:26 of the bread of life, oh we pray that you will
08:28 shower us with your blessings and give us
08:30 understanding and wisdom and help us to so order
08:33 our life in harmony with what the scriptures teach.
08:36 Thank you for loving us and for the privilege of
08:38 reaching your precious children around the world,
08:41 we give you praise and honor and glory in Jesus
08:43 name, Amen. Again we're glad that you joined us
08:48 today and we always invite you to be sure and
08:49 take out a pencil and paper and get your Bible
08:53 and you know shut the phones off and everything
08:55 else so that we can just spend some time together
08:58 studying the word, you know the enemy has
08:59 ways of trying to come in and distract us and we
09:01 don't wanna do that and we study about this
09:03 subject because it effect all of us by the way.
09:07 Now again the subject Satan offers you the
09:09 kingdoms of this world. How might you react?
09:14 How might you react? Jesus, remember,
09:17 was offered the kingdoms of this world,
09:19 he was offered this world. All he had to do was
09:21 just bow down and worship the enemy.
09:24 What if you were offered the whole world and
09:26 they say served on a little silver platter how,
09:30 what might you exchange? What might you give?
09:34 We're gonna find out from scripture and there are
09:38 some real warnings there, why? Because it can
09:39 effect every person living on the face of this
09:40 earth and it's effected millions, my I be bold and
09:44 say there would be millions that will go to Christ-less
09:47 graves because they haven't heeded the
09:48 message just like this. If you have your Bibles
09:51 I want you to take and turn with me please,
09:54 to the book of Matthew, Matthew chapter 16,
09:57 verse 26. Matthew chapter 16 verse 26, here's one
10:01 by the way that you know real well, as we read
10:04 it I want you to contemplate a little bit with me.
10:07 'Cause it poses some questions, some questions
10:09 that need to be answered. Notice how the Bible
10:12 reads here in verse 26 it says, for what is a
10:15 man profited, if he gained the whole world,
10:20 and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give
10:24 in exchange for his soul? So, there are several
10:28 words here that we need to closely look at here,
10:30 what is the man going to profit? Well again,
10:33 the world operates on profit. All businesses where
10:38 ever you might go, whatever you do in the
10:40 household and many make a lot of profit,
10:42 others maybe just make small. But, every business
10:45 has to make a profit in order to maintain.
10:48 And so when we go to sell something, we go
10:51 you know buy something we even ask question,
10:52 I wonder how much money they're making.
10:54 Something to do with profit. The Bible says what
10:56 is it gonna profit you if you gain the whole
10:59 world but lose your own soul what shall a man give
11:02 in exchange and I think about that word
11:04 exchange there, that means something that is
11:06 equivalent. What do you have to give,
11:11 if this whole world was served to you on that
11:14 platter. You know what the devil would probably,
11:16 do you know what he'd say to you. I don't want
11:18 very much, you don't have to write me out a
11:20 check, but you know what just make a commitment
11:23 to me. I'll bless you, I'll work miracles in your
11:27 behalf, I will do all these things, but you just pay
11:32 attention, just give me your soul and I'll give
11:36 you all these things. Very grateful and thankful the
11:40 Jesus says behold I stand at the door and knock
11:41 and he offers us eternal life. Well friend I'm very
11:45 grateful and thankful about that, but there is a
11:47 question here that's posed and it needs to be
11:49 answered and when I come to to grip with this
11:52 passage right, quick my answer is, there's really,
11:54 there's really no adequate answer to this question.
11:59 Because what do we have to give, all we give is
12:01 just our self, our soul. We don't want to give it
12:05 to the enemy, even though he is promising all of
12:07 these things. Now lets maybe ask just maybe a
12:12 little easier question that we can answer and spend
12:14 a little time on. What's wrong and I've had this
12:19 said by a lot of people they'll say what's wrong
12:22 man you know so and so gonna have some
12:23 money over here, we have houses, we have lands,
12:26 we have some property and what's wrong with
12:29 some of the material things of this world.
12:32 What's wrong with having some?
12:34 And you know my answer would simply be nothing.
12:40 And some of you probably jump out of your seat,
12:44 but let me finish it. Nothings wrong with the things
12:47 that I've just mentioned here as long as they
12:50 don't take the place of your love for God.
12:53 As long as you don't put these things before God.
12:55 God said he, he would, that we'd all prosper
12:57 and certainly be in health, God wants to bless
12:59 us and give us things of this world,
13:01 but you know we can't do it if we're going to put
13:05 them before him, he doesn't want that kind of
13:07 relationship, we don't need that kind of relationship.
13:10 I don't want those kind of relationship,
13:13 as long as they advise it doesn't supplant your love
13:16 for God it's okay, but you know there's still a
13:19 lot of warnings that are given in scripture.
13:22 Lets just share just a few of them just quickly again
13:25 if you're jotting down you have your Bible,
13:26 I want you just jot down here with me
13:28 Philippines 4:11. Because Paul you know gives the
13:31 warning here, he says that we need to learn,
13:33 listen carefully to be content. Now, this is a word
13:37 that's very difficult in the society that we live.
13:40 Most people are not content with what they
13:42 have. And Paul says you need to learn to be
13:44 content with such things as you have.
13:48 Now listen don't worry about what the Jones have
13:50 or what the Smiths have down at the corner
13:52 you follow me. If you do that you will
13:53 always be an unhappy sort of a person.
13:56 But learn to be wherever you're at in the walk of
13:59 life, learn to be content, it does bring some
14:02 happiness and cheer. And with always a prospect
14:04 of things can change or maybe something else
14:08 will happen and God so blesses and gives more
14:10 wonderful, if he doesn't, that's okay too, but,
14:12 notice with the warning because what is a man,
14:17 what is he profit if he gains the whole world?
14:20 And then the Bible goes in and says yeah but let's
14:21 listen these things are okay but there's warnings.
14:24 The warning is you need first learn to be content.
14:28 And that's why we have a lot of crime in society.
14:30 We have a lot of people that say you know going
14:32 across the fence. A lot of people doing different
14:34 things because they're not content with what
14:36 they have, they want what somebody else has.
14:39 And then the Bible by the way goes on.
14:42 In First Timothy 6:7, it's awesome here,
14:46 and I like this here because I've heard it people
14:48 talked about it often. You know they'll say well
14:52 you brought nothing into the world and you're
14:54 certainly not going to take anything out of this
14:56 world. Read that if you haven't read that in a
14:59 while, First Timothy 6:7. So, I think you can
15:02 relate to that when we came into this world what
15:04 did we have? How you didn't even have any
15:06 clothes on did you? We had nothing, and when we
15:10 leave here friends this same thing,
15:11 we have nothing, we can't take anything but our
15:14 character? So, the warning is still giving here that
15:19 don't put too much stock in the things of this
15:20 world because there is something that the devil
15:22 is gonna be using. To turn man's mind from,
15:27 from Jesus to things of this world. And again,
15:32 it's a very serious subject because it's taking
15:35 the world captive. We all want more, we all desire
15:41 more, that's why the countries in the mess that's
15:45 its in today. Of course the Bible goes on,
15:48 First Timothy 6:10, it's very interesting and it says
15:52 the rich, it gives the warning to the rich,
15:54 it says the rich will fall into temptation and a snare
15:59 because they've erred in the faith, notice that,
16:03 and they pierced themselves through with many
16:06 sorrows. It doesn't mean that all rich people are not
16:10 going to be in the team, not at all. Praise God
16:12 for people who love God enough and they have a
16:15 lot and they give a lot, praise the Lord for that.
16:17 But, there are many, the more they have,
16:19 the more that they want to gain in this life.
16:22 And it says here the rich fall into the temptations
16:26 and a snare. You say well I'm not sure of that,
16:29 oh friend Hollywood think about it.
16:34 As you read in the paper and you see,
16:36 you know the magazines and always right here
16:38 you know they have a lot of maybe a lot of
16:40 money but it seem like they're falling in through
16:42 one temptation and one snare, one problem,
16:45 one marriage, one divorce and this, that,
16:47 over and over, and over. Until the end result many,
16:51 who have been very wealthy, they have nothing
16:54 at the end of their life. But, it says they perished
16:58 themselves through with many sorrows
17:00 because sometime when you have money you
17:02 think you can get away with things. And do
17:05 something that the other folks cant do.
17:09 First Timothy 6:11 by the way, another warning
17:13 it says simply said flee these things. Interesting
17:19 here, maybe content, what the Bible says right
17:22 here. We brought nothing in, we are not gonna
17:25 carry anything out, be careful if you have
17:27 a lot of money here right here because hey you
17:30 might perish yourself through with many sorrows
17:33 and then the best thing to do is the Bible gives us
17:35 some real insight here is to flee these things.
17:41 Pretty difficult right, a lot of money involved or
17:44 a lot of things of this world. But, you know what
17:48 I found out, we are surrounded, I mean we are
17:52 surrounded, we're bombarded by worldliness.
17:57 Let me just give you a little food for thought.
18:02 Think along with me if you will. We're surrounded by
18:06 worldliness, and lets use this word here worldlings.
18:12 We are surrounded right, people living in a,
18:16 we live in a worldly world. We also we find
18:21 out here that where there's such a thing as
18:24 worldly associations, worldly friends,
18:28 by the way that's enter worldly attachments.
18:32 You see we are not saying we're bombarded
18:34 by all these words. In fact there is worldly
18:36 attractions. Have you ever been attracted by
18:39 something that's worldly. Have you ever been
18:44 draw in by a worldly attachment, you've been
18:50 in a worldly association, oh friend think about
18:54 it. Let me just let you scratch your head little bit
18:57 there is such thing is worldly employment did
18:59 you know that, worldly employment,
19:04 worldly gain, there is worldly ideas, worldly
19:08 influences, worldly interest, you can be worldly
19:13 minded, there can be worldly pleasures,
19:15 you see how the list can go on and on.
19:17 Worldly policy, worldly principle, oh how it goes
19:22 on and on and on, worldly. But you know the
19:27 Bible has given us plenty of information here.
19:30 Again what's wrong with things of this world?
19:35 Because I know this the more that we have it
19:37 seems, the more that we want and the more
19:42 distracted we become, but we just come to grips
19:47 with the more that we have sometime things
19:50 that are wrong with this world is because they
19:52 draw us what? Away from God. See it may not
19:59 be wrong within itself what you have but it
20:01 takes all your time, all your energy, you have
20:04 nothing left for God. Now how do we know that
20:08 these things of the world are not good for?
20:10 Oh the Bible is very, very clear, turn with me
20:12 you know this, you probably even memorize it,
20:14 bless your heart in the book of First John
20:16 chapter 2 verse 15. First John chapter 2:15 through
20:21 17. Now remember as we read these passage of
20:24 scripture, its good if you haven't read them in a
20:28 while to jot down what we're talking about,
20:31 go back when you have the opportunity and
20:33 read them, read them. The Bible says the warning
20:37 is given love not the come on, I didn't hear
20:41 you, love not what? Love not the world,
20:44 neither the things that are what? That are in
20:47 the world. If any man loved the world,
20:49 notice this, the love of the Father is not in him.
20:53 Now it can't be any cleared than that you can
20:55 deny it if you want to, but the Bible says if
20:59 you love the world. The love of the Father is not
21:04 in you, you realize here that you can't love
21:07 God and mammon. That's what the Bible says in
21:10 the, what is that, in the Matthew chapter 6
21:13 isn't it. Matthew 6:24, otherwise you can and
21:17 manage just means the wealth and the things
21:19 of this world you just, you can't love God and
21:21 love them because you're going to get confused
21:23 on it and more likely we maybe choosing the things
21:25 of this world because we see them now,
21:28 you know we can touch them now and they can
21:30 make us feel better and people will like us
21:32 and you can have lot of friends.
21:35 But Jesus says that we be careful here because
21:38 we're talking about salvation issues here.
21:42 Love not the world, and you know what this
21:44 is interesting? When it says love not, the word
21:47 simply means stop loving. Stop loving what,
21:55 stop loving the world, don't continue to love
22:00 the world. Now lets be a little bolder shall we.
22:05 When you talk about the world you must talk
22:07 about, oh, oh people. We're supposed to love
22:12 people? Yes. But, how about the ungodly people?
22:21 I want you to kind of hang a little bit because
22:23 we will talk a little bit more on as you are
22:24 because some of your minds already I can sense
22:26 that you are already struggling here and you
22:28 are saying well yeah but you we've got just wait
22:30 a minute. It says love not what? It doesn't mean
22:35 the people but what? Their actions and their
22:37 lifestyle, the ungodly, the ungodly people are
22:41 associated with this thing called the world.
22:44 See when these 10 passage were written
22:46 down as inspired by the Holy Spirit. It wasn't that
22:50 you know God was saying here I hate this
22:53 planet, hate this whole, the things that in it.
22:59 The things that draw us away from him.
23:01 And it has to do many times with ungodly,
23:04 and by the way when you talk about the world
23:06 it's those who hate God. But we have to sometime
23:10 with what? Withdraw ourselves from the haters
23:13 of God, because its worldly, worldly associations.
23:18 Jesus said he who is not what? With me is against
23:22 me. We, we very seldom wanna come to grips
23:25 with a fact that if you have a friend that has not
23:28 given their life to Jesus Christ the enemy has
23:31 their mind. The enemy runs that individual,
23:36 it can't be two ways, we just read, you can't
23:40 love God and mammon or wealth or things of
23:43 this world. You can't, anything that you put
23:47 before God becomes your idol doesn't it?
23:51 Sure it does. Now, lets go back and try to make
23:55 it little easier because some of you are
23:57 still the doubting Thomas' here we're,
23:59 I'm saying here we need to be very careful
24:02 about people, when you say worldly people,
24:06 but by the way when you mention the world,
24:09 I'm wanna have to say this here. I'm even
24:11 talking about false teachers. False teachers
24:17 why? Because the enemy's running them.
24:20 The deceivers, but I do believe this, we need to
24:26 have a, be careful now, a hatred for the world,
24:30 notice this. But a real Christian you know will not
24:34 stop trying to help and win the souls of those
24:37 who have fallen in the sand. I hope that makes
24:40 sense to you? We hate the world, but not the
24:44 people who fall in or say people who need help,
24:46 we've got to reach out, we've got to touch them
24:48 and bring them to Jesus Christ. This is what
24:54 we're talking about in the study. What's wrong
24:56 with the things of this world? What's wrong with
24:59 us? What are we choosing today by the way?
25:04 Of course that passage of scripture when you
25:05 read there in First John 2, that was 15 through
25:08 17 and it really begins to get, I'm talking about
25:11 really bold right there it says you know
25:14 it goes on to speak about the lust of the flesh,
25:17 and the lust of the eyes. See flesh things of the
25:22 world and the eyes what they behold and what it
25:25 draws into. There is a warning that's given here
25:29 in scripture. Now remember and the pride of life
25:34 in that passage. Be careful about the pride of life,
25:38 when you say the pride of life that means you are
25:41 satisfied with the goods of this world.
25:46 Oh friend make sure you're not satisfied with
25:47 the goods of this world, they're soon to pass
25:50 away, nothing here is going to last forever.
25:52 We're looking for a kingdom, alright, we're
25:53 looking for Jesus to come. Storing our treasures
25:56 in heaven. Now, there's a point here I don't want
26:00 us to miss. Satan is very, very happy,
26:08 notice this when we yield yourself. We don't have
26:12 to go out on drugs, we don't have to be drunk
26:14 all the time, we don't have to be shooting up,
26:15 is somebody with me? He's happy with you when
26:21 you just simply yield your heart and your soul
26:23 to worldliness. Why? Because he has you,
26:29 we'll get a clear of that in a moment,
26:30 time last here. Remember he has you,
26:34 he can have me, if we yield yourself to what?
26:37 Worldliness, is Satan is what? He's satisfied.
26:43 This becomes very intense in scripture.
26:46 And I want you to turn with me in Matthew
26:48 chapter 4 and you know this very well but please
26:52 notice with me. In Matthew chapter 4,
26:55 we are going to read and you know this
26:57 temptation of Jesus. None of us will ever have
26:59 to go through, none of us will ever have to
27:03 go through what Jesus went through.
27:06 But, dear friends we're going to be tested on
27:07 what I'm talking about today. We're going to get
27:09 some answers here from scripture, we are gonna
27:13 show how Jesus overcame the enemy. In Matthew
27:18 chapter 4, notice what the Bible says.
27:21 Matthew chapter 4 and we're looking through
27:23 will say what 8 through 10, Matthew chapter 4:8
27:26 through 10. Now notice what the Bible says,
27:29 the Bible says this, Again the devil taketh him
27:32 up into an exceeding high mountain, who?
27:35 Jesus, You remember this is the wilderness temptation.
27:37 Showed him the kingdoms of the world, and the
27:39 glory of them; And saith unto him, all these things
27:42 will I give thee if thou wilt fall down and do what?
27:47 And worship me. Notice what Jesus said his
27:50 response? And Jesus said unto him,
27:53 Get thee hence, Satan, for it is written,
27:58 Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only
28:00 shall thou serve. Jesus answer and said get
28:04 behind me Satan. But, Satan offered Jesus,
28:06 the audacity of the enemy. To the King of the
28:11 universe he says I want you to fall down and
28:13 I want you to worship me and I'm gonna give
28:15 you these things. But, you know I'm so thankful
28:20 for Christ example because it set here for you
28:24 and for me, showing us how we may overcome
28:27 the enemy. And we simply overcome the enemy by
28:30 what? With good scripture, and the first temptation
28:36 he overcame was by every word that perceives
28:38 out of the mouth of God. You and I have to have
28:41 an answer to the enemy when he comes against
28:43 us but it must be not I think or I was told or
28:46 mom said, but you know what it's a thus saith
28:48 the Lord. The enemy has no answer for that.
28:52 This is how Jesus conquered the enemy.
28:56 This is how we can be more than conquerors
28:58 through him. You remember on the sermon on the
29:00 mountain Jesus said for us he said you know
29:03 lay not for yourself treasures on what?
29:06 On this earth, he warns us about putting us interest
29:11 and our affections on things of this earth.
29:16 There is a warning that he gives. Because he
29:20 knows that if we are not careful then our affection
29:23 be greater for the things of earth than for him
29:30 You know, what it shows me he is concerned for
29:31 you and he's concerned for me. And this is
29:35 awesome when you think about what a creator
29:37 how much he loves us. Friend, who are you serving
29:43 today, who are you serving today. Is it possible
29:49 that the God of this world has blinded your eyes.
29:54 That's blinded my eyes so that eternal things
29:58 are no longer valuable, could it be. Does he have
30:04 way that he can blind our eyes? Remember,
30:08 I mentioned a while ago that the things that we love
30:11 more than God becomes what? Becomes our idol,
30:16 in Matthew chapter 10 verse 37 it says he
30:19 that loveth father or mother, or sister,
30:22 or brother more than me is what? Is not
30:25 worthy of me. Our mother, our father, our sister,
30:32 brother, husband or wife. Anything we put
30:34 before God, becomes our idol. Have we lost our
30:39 senses, have we lost our direction. Have we lost the
30:44 value of eternity? An the devil's offering us
30:48 trinkets, we're selling ourselves for things of this
30:53 world that's not going to last. Now I've been know
30:59 sometime to make big statements and I'm gonna
31:01 make some more big ones. But, you know what I'm
31:03 gonna back it up with scripture. I'm gonna
31:06 back it up with scripture. I don't know exactly,
31:12 that is in scripture, how many temptations that the
31:15 devil has. So, I can say to you hundreds and thousands
31:19 of different temptations that the enemy has.
31:24 It may going into the millions, tempting this,
31:27 tempting this going this direction, that direction
31:29 but you know what, everyone of these temptations,
31:34 the hundreds and the thousands come out of a little
31:38 pot of three. We'll call them the big three.
31:46 Out of the three comes all of these other temptations,
31:51 these tests. And you'll say well what could they
31:55 possibly be, well now we quit preaching a little bit,
31:59 and people say we're going to meddle just a little
32:02 bit. But, you know it either is truth or it's not
32:05 truth. It either is right or it's not right. Here is the
32:11 big three things that the devil uses and then he
32:17 responds of in a lot of different directions off of
32:19 these three, we are going to have to gain the victory
32:22 over all three of these. It will shut off all the other
32:25 avenues. The first by the way is appetite, now some
32:33 of you shutting it off already aren't you,
32:34 you can't take it. Don't become offended,
32:38 it either is truth or it's not. And the Bible reveals
32:41 the fact, millions have been overcome by appetite.
32:50 Millions are in the process of it right now, they're
32:54 loosing their grip on eternal life because of their
32:58 appetite. Now that goes in a lot of different
33:02 directions but you need to still think, won't you
33:04 think with me. You are gonna say well how could that
33:07 effect me in eternal life. Let's just a make few
33:13 simple statements here. How could this effect
33:18 through just the gratification of taste?
33:23 What changes take place, what happens, remember
33:27 when someone says the gratification, not many
33:29 people say this. You say boy that thing there
33:31 whatever they're getting, that's kind of a nasty
33:34 thing. Oh! But it tastes good. And you can point out
33:40 in Bible that says well that's unclean,
33:42 God said not to eat it. Oh! But it tastes good.
33:48 You've heard it, it's all about taste, it's not about
33:53 the word of God this is what they're telling us.
33:58 The gratification of diet that means, gratification
34:01 means that which give you pleasure, that which
34:06 gives you an indulgence, millions going to miss out
34:10 on the kingdom. It's very serious business because
34:14 the devil, you see he brought that what?
34:18 Against Adam and Eve in the beginning isn't that
34:20 right? And the world was lost. And the big victory
34:25 is when Jesus came what? He had to go and do
34:28 without food for almost six weeks. To gain
34:30 the victory, for man had fallen. You say well yeah
34:36 but I'm not sure, it's just matter of something
34:37 tastes good or they say oh listen to your friends
34:40 we're talking about, we are talking about here
34:42 overdoing. Being overcome by the appetite,
34:46 letting it get rule and reign as here's what happens.
34:50 It affects our nervous system.
34:54 When we abuse the appetite it affects our
34:55 nervous system. It becomes over excited,
34:59 it becomes overloaded, and then it begins to affect
35:04 our brain power, it deletes our brain power and
35:08 the results makes it impossible for us to think
35:14 calmly or rationally or to balance issues,
35:18 I hope you're still with me. We become unbalanced,
35:24 this is some awesome things and we call
35:27 him sobering things to the point where the devil
35:29 is working with our nervous system,
35:32 to where we can't become, you ever notice people
35:34 are so nervous anymore. They can't seem to
35:38 sit still, allowing things what we're putting in,
35:42 you wanna talk about the children you say oh!
35:44 Boy what is she over there dancing around while
35:46 all the kids are running around, because they're
35:48 just eating the wrong things and oh I tell you we
35:52 become unbalanced and we cannot sort it out,
35:56 here is the big point, we can't sort out spiritual
35:58 things. The devil knows this, that's why he is
36:01 trying to work the world over on what, on appetite,
36:04 because it affects our brain, it affects our choices
36:07 and we cannot discern spiritual things.
36:12 Do you see how the devil's working? You see that's
36:14 a medical fact, that's the proven thing you know that.
36:18 And you know what just, it just doesn't stay
36:20 at that too by the way. Our minds become,
36:25 listen to the word perverted. Our minds because
36:29 of what we take into our system the way that we
36:31 begin to think, we become perverted and our moral
36:36 power is gone think about it. And when our moral
36:40 power is gone we give away to lust, once this happens,
36:45 once this happens, now notice this, once the devil
36:48 has weakened us through this appetite or things
36:50 that are affecting the mind we can't make a good,
36:53 here comes two more things that he begins to use.
36:56 Other words he gives you a big punch and then he
36:59 wants to give you the second one, once he gets
37:01 you where you can't quite make the good intelligent
37:03 decisions again, you can't think properly then
37:05 he's going to give you the second of the big three.
37:09 Which all the other stems out by the way you know
37:12 what it is? Presumption, presumption, some people
37:17 say I don't understand what presumption.
37:19 What you mean being presumption. Presumption
37:22 simply means you're over stepping of some proper
37:26 bounds. There's proper boundaries, this is what you
37:29 say in here, everything's okay. But, we presumptuously
37:32 step outside and say it's going to be okay out
37:35 here may be when the warning is don't go outside
37:37 here, because you're going to get hurt.
37:40 But, we say well no, we can go ahead and do this,
37:42 I think it's going to be alright. People say that by
37:45 the way a lot about well we don't have to really
37:47 be obedient to God's laws or any of his commands,
37:50 because you know we're under grace and well he
37:52 is gonna save us in the kingdom, don't be
37:55 presumptuous. You're overstepping, when God
37:59 said that we need to what, we need to honor
38:01 him, we need to obey him, presumption is taking
38:06 something for granted, oh I'll be alright.
38:09 I don't have to worry about these things,
38:11 overconfidence, oh God is gonna to take me
38:14 to heaven anyway, I know I'll just do the
38:15 best I can, oh he will take me to heaven,
38:17 no that's not true. Don't be presumptuous,
38:21 oh we have a lot of time I can give you a lot of
38:23 examples of people in the Bible that were
38:25 presumptuous. You know what I can start
38:27 with Adam and Eve, presuming upon God's mercy
38:31 that well he won't really do this because he
38:34 loves us too much, don't kid yourself.
38:37 God says no, it means no. Presumption is gonna
38:44 be by the way can be you know if you go
38:48 beyond that which is a known fact.
38:51 This is a known fact, this is what's going to
38:53 happen. You have a bare wire out here and
38:58 you've got one tin running through it,
39:02 then you're gonna say well I know one tin is
39:03 running through there but I think if I stand a
39:05 certain place I can touch it and I'm gonna be
39:06 alright, don't presume on that, you'll probably get
39:09 shocked, I bet you probably get killed.
39:13 Presumption is a common temptation by the way.
39:17 To many professed followers of Jesus Christ.
39:20 This is where the devil's working by the way,
39:21 he's working in the church those who profess
39:23 his name, and they are presuming upon Christ,
39:28 and they fall pray to the old enemy because
39:31 they listen, because they put themselves in
39:34 dangerous positions. Put themselves in a place
39:37 where God would not have them to be that
39:40 they know that they shouldn't be,
39:41 but they still do it anyway. Well God will still
39:45 take care of me. How's God going to take care
39:49 of you if you're not following his direction.
39:52 Remember when he says don't or no that's
39:54 what he means. Now lets go a little bit
39:58 deeper with it, I mean presumptions,
40:00 what he listen. We do that sometime when
40:03 it comes to claiming the promises of God.
40:05 Have you read many of the promises of God?
40:08 I'm claiming this promise of God while you're at
40:10 the same time living in direct disobedience to
40:14 the word of God. There's no use to claim
40:16 those promises because they're not yours.
40:20 But, many presume well I know but I did and
40:23 I know, he knows what I'm. Oh! Friend time
40:27 is too short we need to get right with God.
40:33 We put ourselves in dangerous situation
40:36 sometime Violating the laws of God,
40:39 violating the laws of nature. Oh! Friend,
40:47 using bad judgment, this is being presumptuous.
40:55 Now remember the devil likes it, he likes if
40:58 you'd overstepped because God said no but
41:00 he likes to get you to go over that because
41:02 he knows you're gonna be easy prey.
41:06 Now remember more likely you wouldn't be over
41:08 this presuming if you had already violated the
41:13 appetite or the drugs or the alcohol,
41:15 whatever it might be overeating, eating the
41:17 wrong things, lets just get down to it.
41:20 It weakens your mind and so weaken our
41:22 mind, that we begin to say well yeah but
41:24 God is gonna, oh! Friend he means what he says,
41:28 Jesus said in his second temptation,
41:32 notice this, thou shalt not tempt the Lord
41:36 thy God. Once again we use scripture,
41:41 you are going to have to use it.
41:42 I'm going to have to use it, we're going to have
41:45 to, we're gonna have to walk in the foot
41:46 steps of Jesus Christ. We are gonna have to go
41:50 through these things, these temptations.
41:53 And when the devil brings on a temptation,
41:58 we have to come to the point that we have to
42:00 realize the word that what? We are not gonna
42:02 go that direction. Because God has said,
42:07 Jesus said to the enemy you can't, thou shalt
42:10 not tempt the Lord thy God. And as God's
42:13 children we can't let the enemy tempt us in the
42:16 wrong direction, we have to know what
42:17 truth is. If we do this, if we follow Jesus they'll
42:22 be no presumptuous actions, notice this.
42:26 If we study scripture and if we follow scripture
42:30 dear friends, notice that we will be able to be
42:34 just exactly like Jesus, we'll be able to meet
42:37 the foe and be more than a conqueror through
42:39 Jesus Christ. These are the things that we face
42:43 everyday I want you to hear, it doesn't matter
42:45 how many times you've heard this message,
42:47 it doesn't matter how many times.
42:48 Friends, these are the big three that the
42:50 devil is using today, millions will go to Christ-less
42:53 graves. Many you said it dear friends will not
42:56 make it to heaven because they'll say well it
42:58 doesn't matter, it does matter. Because God
43:01 said it matters. It's time for us to make some
43:06 decided bold changes. Oh! Okay you need to,
43:13 let me give some food for thought.
43:15 Did you know that the enemy Satan, Satan's
43:19 rebellion was a presumptuous act.
43:24 Did you know that, do you think he knew
43:26 God? You think he knew what God was talking
43:30 about? And did he presume that he might get
43:34 away with it. It's a presumptuous act,
43:37 there's no doubt about it, as I mentioned before,
43:40 Adam and Eve presumption. You say well
43:45 I'm still not really sure even though we've
43:47 covered a few things here. Remember presumption
43:49 is simply taking human theories against the
43:53 thus saith the Lord. Human what? Human
43:58 theories, I think is seems like we studied,
44:02 it's what the God says in his word is what's
44:04 important isn't it? The devil was tempting men
44:12 and women and children to disobey God.
44:18 And when he gets them to disobey, he says you know
44:23 when you disobey God's word you are gonna find
44:26 more liberty, you are gonna have more freedom
44:28 that's what he did to Adam and Eve,
44:29 isn't it. No, I just do what God, have you
44:33 ever heard that, oh we don't, we don't have
44:35 to keep the law, God's law anymore.
44:41 I'm hearing the same things over and over.
44:44 That we heard, that we in the very beginning.
44:47 The enemy says you don't have to keep them
44:48 anymore and if you don't go, you don't have
44:50 do that and when you go the other direction
44:52 here, there's gonna be more freedom,
44:54 we're free now. Oh! The devil is a liar,
45:01 how could this happen to so called Christians,
45:05 in our society if we're really studying,
45:07 we're really reading the word of God like we
45:09 should. Let me tell you dear friends you know
45:13 why because man's mind have become darkened.
45:18 We are not thinking spiritually the way that we
45:21 should, we've become confused and you are
45:24 gonna say well how have we become dark and
45:26 spiritually, how we become confused,
45:29 because we have conformed too much to the
45:32 worldly costumes that's what we've done
45:33 dear friends and the influences of this world,
45:37 what? We have fashioned our self like the
45:39 world, we are participating in worldly things all
45:42 the time, well around worldly things and we
45:44 don't know whether it's dark or light anymore.
45:47 That sad, in the time that maybe we backed
45:52 away just a little bit, from some of those
45:55 things that are not Christ like and try to look
45:58 at the total picture. Of how the devil is
46:01 sucking us in, trying to take advantage of us,
46:04 disorientating us. Having us walk around in
46:08 darkness, disoriented, we can't make a good
46:12 decision, we're presumptuous. Then he is
46:16 gonna pull the rug out from under you and
46:18 under me. Don't let him do it, your answer
46:22 is to know the scripture dear friend,
46:24 here is the results by the way that we've been
46:28 custom to the, you know the world and the
46:29 influences of the world you know what happened,
46:33 man has lost his power. The power to discern
46:36 between light and darkness between truth
46:39 and err. Think about that with me, the way
46:47 the enemy's working its very difficult now
46:49 because we're not spiritually mind we've lost,
46:52 have you ever been dizzy, have I ever felt
46:55 faint? Have you ever been disoriented its not
46:59 pleasant but you really can't make an intelligent
47:01 decision you really don't know which way to
47:03 go if you're lost you don't know what to do.
47:06 And the devil says I've got him disoriented now
47:09 because they don't know, they're calling
47:11 light dark and dark light. Oh! Friend don't
47:15 become, don't get that way, spend time in
47:19 the word. We must remember this and I
47:25 want you to jot this down. Those of you home
47:27 by the way at least I want you to really
47:29 listen and put this in your mind. Presumption
47:34 is Satan's counterfeit of faith, did you get it?
47:42 Presumption is Satan's counterfeit of what?
47:47 Of faith. For every truth the devil has what?
47:51 Good, a counterfeit. If we can understand how
47:55 we're led to commit presumptions sins.
48:00 Oh! Dear friends if we can understand it,
48:10 if we can just really figure this out using God's word,
48:16 then we can gain the victory. If we can see how
48:21 the enemy's working, how he's coming against
48:23 us then we can gain the victory through Jesus
48:26 Christ, because you know what the enemy's ever
48:29 present to offer you something of this world,
48:34 a little bit of a gain, a little bit of you know
48:36 things of this world. He's trying to entice man
48:40 into his service. Friend, you have to make a
48:45 choice, I have to make a choice, we cannot be
48:47 indifferent because we're either on his side or
48:49 we're on God's side. He's either enticed you to
48:52 things of this world. Or wanting the things of
48:54 this world, that you're putting all of your
48:55 energy your time, your talents you're putting
48:58 into either God's service or the devil's service,
49:01 which is it? Have you been lured, have you
49:04 been hypnotized? Have you been distracted?
49:13 It was just simply through one fault.
49:19 You remember this man in Bible name Balaam.
49:22 Lets just hit this real quickly, the man Balaam.
49:28 The Bible says there in Second Peter he
49:29 said he loved, listen he loved the wages of
49:34 righteousness. He loved what? He loved the
49:37 wages of righteousness and remember it was
49:41 just through this one fault that Satan gained
49:46 entire control of this man, did you get it?
49:51 Through this what? Somebody say one,
49:54 one fault, that the enemy gained entire control
49:59 of him and you know what be careful he's working
50:04 to gain control of you and me. That's big two
50:08 now the three one quickly in a few moments we
50:10 have left, I want you think about simply is love
50:12 of the world, appetite presumption,
50:17 love of what? Love of the world. We read few
50:22 moments ago where the devil came and he
50:25 offered Christ the kingdoms of this world.
50:29 I'm gonna give you wealth and honor,
50:32 people are going to pay homage to you and
50:33 pleasure and you can relate maybe in this life,
50:35 maybe this has happened to you. And when
50:38 the devil comes to get you, he presents all of
50:40 these things in a retroactive light. It doesn't
50:44 seem like it would hurt it, it just seems pretty
50:45 good at the time we're lured into it, we will be
50:49 deceived. I like Jesus' answer I'm telling you.
50:56 The enemy said you need to fall down and
50:57 worship me, Jesus said, there be no tempting
51:02 of the Lord. Jesus gained entire full victory.
51:13 But, you know what man many times fails.
51:17 In this area where Christ gained the victory
51:19 we fall short. Because you offer somebody a
51:22 little power, a little cloud, we say, a little
51:26 authority and they lose their head, have you
51:28 ever met someone like that oh boy.
51:35 But, if we give in let me just tell you this
51:36 quickly, if we give in to the enemy there is a
51:40 price to pay. There is a price to pay and
51:45 you know what that's interesting the price to
51:46 pay also has three areas that's very,
51:49 very important, we'll try to cover those in just
51:50 a few minutes. If you give into the enemy and
51:55 you want the things of this world,
51:56 you know what he is gonna, this is what he's
51:58 gonna ask you in return. You know we always
52:01 can get it down and say well ask for your
52:03 soul, let me tell you, let's get a little bit deeper
52:05 into it, first all he says I ask for your integrity.
52:12 Integrity, how important is this word integrity,
52:15 friends, it means honesty. It means soundless,
52:22 integrity is holiness. See God's people need to
52:27 have integrity, the world needs integrity,
52:32 but it seems like we've lost that word, we've
52:33 lost that sound. Who has integrity today?
52:38 Who's really honest? Who's really sound?
52:44 The devil just says it, just give me that and I'm
52:46 gonna give you some good things of this world.
52:50 And by the way when you talk about integrity it
52:52 means sincerity. How many of you are really
52:54 sincere in the cause of Christ? How many of you
52:57 are really sincere in your marriage? How many are
52:59 really sincere in your religion? Sincere in your
53:04 job, the world's forgetting this integrity,
53:09 but the devil says I want it, I'm gonna that,
53:12 but I'm gonna give you some good shiny things
53:16 why? The devil wants to separate this word
53:20 integrity from a human being. He knows he
53:24 has us by the way if he can do that. And you know
53:27 why the one of the biggest reasons I was
53:28 reading and study. That the devil asked for your
53:31 integrity. Listen because, listen closely,
53:37 listen, my wife's probably talking, I don't want you
53:38 talking, because integrity is an attribute of God.
53:48 What? Integrity is an attribute of God.
53:52 The devil hates it, and he says I'm gonna take it
53:55 from the people. But, I'm gonna give you something
53:57 in return he says, even though we know this
54:00 is soon to pass away, it is not gonna last.
54:06 I've read something that just thrilled my heart.
54:12 That God will never ever forsake you or me
54:16 while we preserve our integrity. That's good news
54:21 oh friend preserve it today. Number two,
54:26 the devil says I'm wanna give you things of this
54:28 world but I need your conscious. A conscious you're
54:32 gonna have to be darkened and we can read
54:36 in scripture in First Timothy 4:2 it talks about
54:39 here that our conscience is seared with a hot iron,
54:43 you remember that. Come on stay with me,
54:44 we just have a little time left, listen see,
54:46 he said devil said I'm gonna sear that conscience,
54:49 did you get? He is gonna brand that conscience,
54:53 he is going to render us insensible, did you get
54:56 it? The devil is going to render us insensible,
55:03 or else we don't care about anybody else did
55:04 you get it? We don't care about anything or
55:10 anybody else, wow! Branded. And number
55:18 three quickly is selfishness, wow! He says
55:24 you know I want you to listen, not give it up,
55:27 but I want you to indulge selfishness quickly,
55:31 give up your integrity, I give you the world right?
55:33 Give me your conscience, I'm gonna give you the
55:35 things of this world. Indulge that selfishness,
55:39 I'm gonna to give you the world, selfish is dear
55:42 friends is the downfall of Kingdoms. It debars man
55:47 from presenting the truth, the selfish man cannot
55:49 present what the truth is in Jesus Christ.
55:51 And let me tell you quickly God cannot pour out
55:53 his Holy Spirit on a selfish individual, and in God's
55:58 sight selfishness is a grievous sin. And let me tell
56:03 you this quickly as we lose if we accept Satan's
56:05 offer the door is always going to be left open
56:09 for him to come in as he pleases and do what he
56:12 wants to do with all sorts of evil. You don't want
56:15 that do you? No, if we accept his plan,
56:20 this is what he is going to do, the door will
56:21 be open, what shall it profit a man.
56:24 If he should gain the whole world and lose his
56:27 own soul. Friend, the choice is your,
56:29 it's mine today, we must keep your integrity,
56:33 our conscience and turn to Jesus right now before
56:36 it is too late, may God bless you and
56:38 we look forward to seeing you next time.
56:42 Welcome back and we pray that this message
56:45 is truly been blessing to you, it has been an
56:48 encouragement for you to get out God's word.
56:51 Dust it off, read it, get on your knees, pray.
56:55 Ask Christ for that Christian integrity,
56:57 that Christian character to prepare you for
57:00 the Kingdom. I know that many of you have found
57:04 that the things that the devil has been offering
57:06 you in this world. The decisions that you have
57:08 been making. Have not brought you the happiness,
57:12 have not brought you the peace that you
57:14 thought it was going to bring, instead it's
57:17 brought you sadness, heartache, it destroys us,
57:22 it brings about depression and Christ wants you
57:25 to have a sound mind, a peaceful mind.
57:28 It doesn't mean everything in this life is
57:30 always going to be easy. But, he promised you
57:32 something that and he promises that he will be
57:35 there to see through those times of trails and in
57:38 those times of temptation. Christ is calling you
57:41 to look up, to look up to him, to ask him into your
57:46 heart, I'd like to pray with you, I know that
57:49 many of you out there are wanting to have this
57:51 change with him, so would you bow your head
57:53 with me now. Most gracious heavenly Father,
57:57 Lord I just pray the your Holy Spirit will touch
58:00 the ears of each and every person that has been
58:03 listening to the program today. That has been
58:06 listening to your voice speak to their heart.
58:09 Father, give us a new heart, a clean heart,
58:13 a heart of integrity and forgive us of our sins we
58:17 pray Lord, in Jesus name precious and holy name,
58:21 Amen. You know we wanna hear from you here
58:23 at Behold the Lamb Ministries, would you
58:26 please write us, you can write us at
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58:52 time may the Lord richly bless each and every of you.


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