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Does Your Church Need More Power?

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00:41 Hello, friends and welcome back to another
00:43 "Behold the Lamb" presents program.
00:46 We're so thankful that you have put
00:48 aside whatever you were doing and
00:50 decided to tune in today.
00:52 You know we're living in awesome times.
00:55 Prophetically we are living right before
00:59 our Lord and Savior is to appear
01:01 in the clouds of glory,
01:03 appear to take his Church home,
01:05 his children home, the apple of his eye.
01:09 But you know first he has given us a job to do.
01:12 He has given us a job to do with power.
01:15 He has given us a work to do in Faith
01:18 and he wants us to have that Holy Spirit boldness,
01:23 the Holy Spirit power that he promised
01:26 as he was leaving this earth.
01:28 But you know many of us, day to day,
01:31 we wonder week to a week at Church you know,
01:34 where is the Holy Spirit?
01:36 We feel where is the Holy Spirit?
01:38 I've got news for you.
01:40 You may have been asking is that
01:42 Holy Spirit is it truly working with power
01:46 to prepare people to meet Jesus
01:48 just as he had promised.
01:50 The answer is emphatically, yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes.
01:55 And Pastor Kenny, he has prepared
01:58 for us a five part series dealing
02:02 with the power of the Holy Spirit.
02:04 But before we listen to Today's Message
02:07 which is entitled,
02:10 "Does Your Church Need More Power?";
02:13 Does Your Church Need More Power,
02:16 before we listen to today's message
02:18 we're so blessed to be able to go to
02:21 3ABN's Worship Center and listen
02:23 to Brother Christian Berdahl as he sings
02:26 "Oh Let Me Walk with Thee"
02:35 O let me walk with Thee, my God,
02:41 As Enoch walked in days of old;
02:48 Place Thou my trembling hand in Thine,
02:55 And sweet communion with me hold;
03:02 E'en though the path I may not see,
03:10 Yet, Jesus, let me walk with Thee.
03:25 I cannot, dare not, walk alone;
03:32 The tempest rages in the sky,
03:38 A thousand snares beset my feet,
03:46 A thousand foes are lurking nigh.
03:53 Still Thou the raging of the sea,
04:00 O Master! let me walk with Thee.
04:15 If I may rest my hand in Thine,
04:23 I'll count the joys of earth but loss,
04:31 And firmly, bravely journey on;
04:39 I'll bear the banner of the cross
04:47 Till Zion's glorious gates I see;
04:55 Yet, Savior, let me walk with Thee.
05:03 Till Zion's glorious gates I see;
05:12 Yet, Savior, let me walk with Thee.
05:36 Thank you for joining us today wherever
05:38 you might be around the world,
05:39 it's our privilege to be able to present
05:42 God's word today and again without you
05:43 we wouldn't be able to present the word,
05:45 and by the way thank you Brother Christian for
05:47 that beautiful song, "Oh Let me walk with Thee".
05:50 You know, we should be claiming that everyday
05:52 of our life. We're gonna have exciting study
05:55 for today and before we get into our study
05:57 what do you say, let's kneel and ask God's
05:59 blessing upon it.
06:05 Gracious Heavenly Father, we thank you
06:06 for the privilege of prayer, now we invite your
06:08 Spirit to come near to give us
06:11 proper understanding of your word, open
06:13 the ears of each and everyone of your children,
06:15 that we may hear wondrous things out of Thy word.
06:18 Thank you for your love, thank your for
06:20 your out pouring of your sweet Spirit,
06:21 blesses now we pray to this end in Jesus name. Amen.
06:29 Oh! It's possible. I'm gonna make sure
06:31 you have your Bible and those of you
06:33 at home again you maybe traveling in possible,
06:35 but you have access to the pencil or pen,
06:37 we jot some things down today.
06:39 We're gonna be talking about very, very
06:41 important subject and it deals with our
06:43 relationship with Christ and the Church.
06:45 The Church! Is it possible that your Church
06:49 needs more Holy Spirit power?
06:52 That's really our subject for today,
06:55 and I know many of you, say well
06:56 I know now if we need more Holy Spirit power or not.
07:00 But what kind of power does your Church have?
07:05 Is there a Church that really seems to be going
07:07 nowhere and it's been going nowhere for literally years?
07:11 If so why? Hasn't God promised to
07:15 us some power in the Church?
07:16 By the way if you could, maybe on a scale,
07:20 let's do this on the scale, shall we.
07:22 From 1 to 10 and, but this is only your opinion now,
07:26 doesn't mean that necessarily everybody will
07:28 agree with it, but this is your opinion.
07:29 Scale 1 to 10 is how much Holy Spirit power
07:34 you believe that's in your Church, where you go?
07:38 But somebody might say well I believe on
07:40 scale 1 to 10, it's a seven.
07:42 Oh! Praise God that's wonderful, it's not 10,
07:44 but it's seven and I wonder some of you might
07:48 say well I don't know whether there'll be
07:50 such a thing as Holy Sprit power.
07:55 So that means the needle wouldn't even
07:57 move at all. So we need to make sure
08:00 now as God promise the Church power.
08:03 "Does Your Church Need More Power",
08:06 is our subject for today.
08:08 As we go through the following studies together,
08:12 you're gonna see how all of these fits together.
08:14 I dare to say that many are wondering right now,
08:19 where is this going? What is going to be said
08:22 about Holy Spirit power?
08:24 Friend I'm telling right now, we need that
08:26 kind of power, and God has promised that kind
08:28 of power to the Church.
08:30 And if we're not experiencing,
08:32 maybe something is wrong.
08:36 What kind of a problem might we have
08:38 in the Church, let's say for instance
08:40 that we go weekend and week out,
08:44 month after month, year after year,
08:47 and nothing is still happening.
08:50 Some of you get excited sometimes and say
08:53 how is it going in your Church and somebody
08:55 might say something like,
08:56 well you know we had a couple of visitors this
08:58 later year. But we had a couple of people
09:02 promise they were going to come to Church,
09:05 well they never did, but they were
09:07 at least promised.
09:08 And yet others would say oh,
09:11 our Church is growing.
09:12 Things are happening, God's working miracles.
09:15 Souls were coming in. They are committing
09:18 themselves to Jesus Christ.
09:19 Now that's exciting, isn't it?
09:21 Talked to my brother several times and I said to him,
09:24 Daniel you know I love to be around movers
09:27 and shakers. What is the person mean by that?
09:30 I wanna be around movers and shakers that
09:33 mean something is happening.
09:34 See God's Church should be in that shaking mode.
09:38 There means something should be happening,
09:41 not growing stale, no outlet, but things happening.
09:47 Now by the way some of you,
09:50 you are saying well we're not sure if things are
09:51 really happening or not you know
09:53 because we give a few studies and
09:54 we're busy doing some things.
09:57 You know, what the outcome is,
09:59 what it is doing in your life, what is it doing
10:01 in the life of the community.
10:03 You know, I've experience to going to some
10:06 Churches and it seems like they are dead,
10:09 spiritually dead. People are afraid to smile.
10:14 They are afraid to experience some of the
10:16 power of the Holy Spirit.
10:17 And especially if you've mentioned something
10:19 like supernatural power, my how that just
10:24 gets people drawn back and a shield goes up
10:26 over their face and oh! They are afraid why?
10:32 I've mentioned this several times; I think
10:34 it's kind of interesting.
10:35 When we read the Bible, many times it says
10:37 Holy Spirit power, other times it will
10:40 refer to the Holy Ghost.
10:41 I had one person say in the Church one time he said.
10:44 When you say Holy Ghost quite of bit,
10:47 what did you just say Holy Spirit?
10:49 In mind what's the difference.
10:52 They were afraid, afraid of what?
10:56 Are we afraid of the Spirit?
10:57 After all isn't the Holy Spirit promised to the
10:59 Church today in great measures especially
11:03 for the coming of Jesus Christ right now,
11:05 and by the way are there conditions
11:07 of receiving The Holy Spirit?
11:10 Are there conditions?
11:12 Does God put conditions on pouring out
11:14 his Spirit upon his people here in his last days?
11:17 By the way how about that power,
11:21 isn't it in operation right now in your Church,
11:24 or maybe it's put on hold?
11:27 And if it's put on hold, why is it put on hold?
11:31 And if it is, wouldn't you like to see it put it
11:34 operation again? Wouldn't you like to see
11:36 some real Holy Spirit power filled meetings?
11:41 More people are giving their hearts to Jesus and
11:43 they are being convicted of sin and
11:45 they are reaching out for a better grasp
11:47 of Jesus Christ.
11:48 Oh! I wanna be a part of that, oh yes.
11:50 See we need a revival in the Church.
11:54 Wouldn't you wanna see that power active again?
11:58 You see I wanna see power,
12:01 I wanna see active power, I wanna see
12:02 things that are happening.
12:04 By the way what would happen in your Church
12:07 if we just let the Spirit of God come in,
12:09 by the way if we were right with God
12:12 to where the Spirit could really come in,
12:14 what would happen in the Church?
12:16 What would happen in your life?
12:18 What would happen even in the community?
12:24 And by the way you know the first thing
12:26 and I've figured this out, I've been around
12:27 a while and I figured this out and you know it too,
12:29 but listen carefully.
12:30 In order to find a cure for any problem,
12:35 you first have to admit, some of you heard on me,
12:39 that there is a problem.
12:41 So, its best today as we're going through this
12:44 study is to establish and firstly you know the
12:46 study is going be coming up.
12:48 You're gonna see how is gonna fit like a glove,
12:49 but first of all we're gonna have to admit
12:51 that there is a problem.
12:56 some messages sometime they say something like,
12:58 well, you know I just don't believe that.
13:01 We think there is a power in the Church,
13:04 good things are going on. There is
13:06 power in our life, really?
13:10 But do you want more? Do you sense
13:12 that you need more, not only in your life,
13:15 but when I talk about the Church;
13:16 I'm talking about what individuals.
13:18 Are you hungering and thrusting
13:20 after righteousness? Do you really want more?
13:22 First of all we're going admit what?
13:25 Okay there is a problem.
13:26 There is a problem,
13:28 maybe not everywhere but in some places
13:31 there are problems.
13:32 You go to Churches sometime and
13:34 your preaching the word and the good news
13:36 the hope of the coming of Jesus Christ,
13:38 think with me a minute.
13:39 About Jesus coming in the clouds of
13:42 Gloriousness being able to go home, no pain,
13:45 no sorrow, no death, no sickness
13:46 and you know what? You never use a smile,
13:51 people are seemed to be happy,
13:52 I don't know why? If there is ever time to get excited,
13:56 it's when you're talking about going home with
13:59 Jesus isn't it?
14:00 This world passing away so what?
14:02 And spending eternity with Jesus,
14:04 oh! Listen if there wasn't a problem
14:07 why would Jesus address by the way
14:10 the Seventh Church in the book
14:12 of Revelation Chapter 3.
14:14 Now you know this well, but I want you just
14:16 pay little close attention to it
14:18 because I want to make sense to you.
14:21 Revelation Chapter 3, Jesus calls that last Church and
14:24 by the way we are in the last Church aren't we?
14:26 And so first of all remember we talked about,
14:29 first we have to admit that there is what?
14:31 That there is a problem;
14:35 that there is more that maybe God
14:37 hasn't store for us. Don't be afraid of the more.
14:41 We have not because we asked not,
14:44 are we seeking the Lord with all of our heart
14:47 and our soul and our mind?
14:49 Wouldn't you wanna see a Church literally on
14:51 almost on fire, hot?
14:57 But Jesus said last Church has this problem
15:00 of being lukewarm.
15:03 By the way in Revelation 3 Verse 17 Jesus said:
15:07 Because, notice this, thou sayest, I am what?
15:10 Rich, and increased with goods, and have what?
15:16 And have need of nothing; he said:
15:18 knowest not that thou art wretched,
15:20 now pay close attention, Jesus said there is a Church,
15:24 there are people in the last days
15:26 and they are saying is I have need of nothing.
15:33 Right! There it tells me that we got a problem.
15:36 When you say, I say oh I don't have need of
15:39 anything spiritually, yes.
15:41 Who can really say that?
15:43 Jesus said these individuals said knowest not
15:48 that thou art, Jesus said are thou art wretched
15:51 and I thought bold that word, wretched!
15:53 What is it really mean to be wretched?
15:55 Wretched deals by the way spiritually,
15:59 with task and trails that we're going through.
16:03 Jesus said don't you know that you still,
16:06 you are wretched. You're going through a
16:08 test and you're going through a trial right now,
16:10 and one that maybe you will not pass through
16:13 notice this and your experience that you have
16:17 with Jesus listen carefully is only an attempt,
16:22 attempt to have an experience with him.
16:26 You're only attempting it. It's not bearing fruit,
16:29 but you are attempting. Jesus said if you are
16:32 only attempting you are lukewarm.
16:33 Don't you know that's you're wretched?
16:36 Then he goes on and he says you are miserable.
16:41 What do you mean miserable,
16:43 and again this pertains by the way to your experience.
16:47 It means that you're having a weak experience
16:51 in Jesus, and by the way the word here
16:53 means in the Greek, it means a tender experience.
16:57 You know as a tender Christian you had to be careful,
17:00 we get our feelings hurt rather easily,
17:02 and tender simply means experience that we had,
17:06 even though we're sin. We had need of nothing.
17:08 Jesus said you are tender,
17:10 he says you're experience, listen carefully
17:12 is coming apart.
17:17 Now, Jesus wouldn't say this unless
17:19 he knew it to be true.
17:23 Are we're gonna put our head in the saying
17:24 or we're gonna just come back and say well okay
17:25 I hear what Jesus said, and then he goes on,
17:29 he says you're poor.
17:30 People say well you know they think about
17:32 money right off the real, but you know
17:35 it deals with this, when he said don't you know
17:37 that you're poor, don't you know that
17:39 you're a beggar.
17:40 It's what the word mean, don't you know
17:42 that you're a beggar.
17:43 And by the way it even means more.
17:46 Don't you know that you are about to fall?
17:53 By the way our response is, what we have need him,
17:55 nothing, we've got it all and Jesus said don't
17:57 you know you're about to fall.
17:58 He is saying it to the Church, they saying it to you,
18:01 they are saying it to me today dear friend.
18:03 Then he goes on and then he makes it even
18:05 little clear. He says you are blind, did you get it,
18:11 and you are what? You're blind, people say
18:13 well know I can see with my eyes.
18:15 He said you have eyes, but you're not seeing
18:17 with those eyes and that denotes by the way
18:20 listen carefully, that denotes
18:21 that you're seeing but there is
18:23 a smoke field haze.
18:26 You're seeing because it's not real smoky.
18:29 But you can't see through like
18:31 you should be seeing through here,
18:32 and by the way that could mean,
18:35 mentally, physically, and spiritually.
18:38 He says we're blind and then he goes
18:42 on to say, and you're naked or you are
18:45 exposed and you don't even know it.
18:50 We naked! He said you're, listen, poorly clad
18:55 and when he invites us by the way you
18:57 remember he says, put on the hold armor of God.
19:01 So he invites us, but yet we are in denial to
19:05 say well no we don't have any problem here.
19:06 You say well I'm not sure that's what
19:09 that passage means.
19:10 Jesus said you remember there in
19:13 Verse 17: And knowest not that thou art,
19:17 you don't know it, you don't want to know
19:21 it you don't want to admit that you are he says here.
19:25 By the way this speaks
19:26 of professed Christians, who are
19:29 lukewarm, a lukewarm experience,
19:31 a lukewarm Church, one who,
19:34 by the way this simply means one
19:35 who does not bare a decided witness
19:39 for Jesus Christ.
19:40 A lukewarm Christian is one who doesn't what?
19:43 Bare a decided message for Jesus or witness.
19:49 You find a lot of people like that,
19:52 well I don't wanna get in the controversy,
19:53 or I don't wanna hurt anybody speaking,
19:55 we need to be careful about this.
19:58 Friend don't you think it's past time
20:00 that we need to bear down on
20:01 the Gospel of Jesus Christ,
20:03 not to be ashamed on the Gospel of Jesus Christ,
20:06 but bear a decided witness and testimony
20:09 in favor of the truth.
20:11 It either is or isn't.
20:14 See does the Church need more power?
20:19 Does your Church need more power?
20:20 Do the people in it need more power?
20:22 Do I need more power?
20:23 These are the studies that we're going
20:24 to be doing dear friend, unless we come
20:26 to grips with this it's not going to make
20:28 sense because bearing your head,
20:30 you don't say well I have need of nothing,
20:32 my Bible says we have need.
20:34 We have tremendous need. We're about to fall.
20:36 We're week, our experience through test
20:38 and trial. We're attempting to have our
20:40 relationship, but we don't have the relationship
20:44 God wants us to have.
20:46 I read my Bible it says: He that hath
20:48 ears what? Good, let him hear, let him hear
20:53 or let him meditate. Listen to me carefully.
20:55 The Bible says, He that hath an ear,
20:57 let him hear, let him meditate;
21:01 let him think on the things that
21:03 God has told him, he needs to be doing,
21:06 see that make sense to me.
21:08 The instructions that God gives to us
21:11 we need to be meditating on it.
21:13 We need to be thinking on these things,
21:15 and you know what else we need to do,
21:18 we need to close our ears to this
21:22 nonsense around us.
21:24 The world there is so much nonsense in
21:28 the world today, but you know what Jesus said
21:30 we need to focus on him, forget the nonsense,
21:33 forget the folly that is going on
21:35 in the world today, but consternate on
21:37 what he has asked us to do,
21:38 other words dear friends listen carefully,
21:40 don't hear what the world has to offer,
21:43 don't repeat things of this world right here
21:46 and you know what you will never go to
21:48 the wrong direction.
21:50 God's given us some real council that
21:52 we need to be paying close attention to,
21:54 as we see today approaching.
21:56 Now does your Church need more power?
21:59 Well I'm beginning to think well yeah
22:01 I think we need little bit more power here.
22:05 How do we're gonna receive that power?
22:09 And if we don't receive that power
22:10 when Jesus pronounce the Church as lukewarm,
22:13 by the way I'm so grateful and thankful
22:16 that everybody you meet professed Christians
22:18 as lukewarm there are some that's really on fire.
22:20 Really good to be around this kind of people,
22:22 but unless this lukewarm individuals
22:25 this professed Christians make a decided
22:28 change for Jesus Christ, dear friend we can
22:30 be sure and they are not converted,
22:33 they are not gonna go to Heaven.
22:36 Lukewarm individuals will not make it to the end.
22:38 Well I'm a, they were good person.
22:40 Oh, do nice things, they do,
22:45 do you love Jesus? Are you really on fire?
22:46 You loving, you putting first in everything
22:48 that you say, everything that you do.
22:52 May I pose a question to you?
22:56 How do you know if you have really
22:57 been converted?
22:59 By the way this is such an interesting question.
23:04 You're gonna say, oh well no, well listen,
23:07 just listen for a moment, they are going around
23:09 a lot of Churches for a lot of years,
23:11 and probably they are biggest questions,
23:14 maybe the biggest questions that
23:19 post more often then any of the others,
23:21 and it's usually by a few people
23:23 in the congregation, they will say you know
23:27 I don't know whether I've been born again or not.
23:30 I'm not sure I've been in the Church all my life.
23:32 I'm a third and fourth generation.
23:34 You know Adventist or Christian and
23:36 I don't but I don't know.
23:39 Oh! Friend you need to know
23:40 how we can know,
23:46 no conversion dear friends is genuine.
23:50 No, I'm not talking about genuine conversion here.
23:52 There is no conversion that is genuine one.
23:55 No conversion that is true,
23:58 unless that it does two things.
24:03 Two as the individuals, number one
24:04 it changes our character,
24:07 is our character changed
24:09 and by the way if the, remember I said
24:12 two, if the character is changed,
24:15 then the conduct will be changed.
24:21 That's how you can really tell if you've really
24:23 been born again, if you've had a
24:25 relationship with Jesus Christ,
24:27 are you real Christian?
24:31 Your character is changed. You are not
24:33 what you used to be and then what your
24:36 lifestyle changes, your thought, your attitude,
24:39 everything, your conduct changes, because
24:42 you love Jesus and you've given your life
24:45 and remember in the Church.
24:47 If the love for Jesus Christ is dolled,
24:52 if the love of Jesus Christ is gone
24:54 out of your commitment. Let me tell you,
24:56 the love for souls will also die.
24:59 We are here as a people of the Church,
25:03 for the winning of souls for Jesus Christ.
25:07 If this happens or if it's happening right now
25:10 individually or as a group let me tell,
25:12 we are in trouble. We are in big trouble
25:14 if this is happening right now.
25:17 What do we, what do we're gonna do about it?
25:19 Well I tell you what some people try
25:21 to do about it, they continue on with their service.
25:24 They continue on trying to you know
25:26 little prompt and a little bit of outward
25:28 show and they continue to do what they
25:30 think there are suppose to do day in
25:32 and day out or I called at the outward appearances.
25:35 They continue to do these things,
25:38 but you know all of their human effort is doll.
25:43 Its lifeless without the Spirit of God,
25:46 without power, they're simply going through the motions.
25:49 And by the way Second Timothy 3:5 makes it very,
25:53 very clear, it says: This group of people
25:56 who lost their first love, they have grown a
25:59 little bit dull, they have grown a little bit
26:00 sleepily, say lukewarm.
26:02 It says their goal have a form of Godliness,
26:07 but deny what? Good the power there of.
26:12 Friend we don't want just the form Godliness,
26:14 we need some, we need some power in our life.
26:17 And by the way the Bible says from
26:20 such turned away from, are you turning away
26:24 from that which is draining you and
26:26 stripping you of Holy Spirit power.
26:28 You realize how important that power is
26:31 in your life not only to prepare you for Heaven,
26:34 but prepare those that are around you.
26:35 You see the things of this earth, dear friends
26:37 I tell you, it's rapping up right now.
26:41 There are not important but yet we spend
26:43 our time in our waking moments,
26:45 in our energies and everything that we have,
26:47 somehow we try to fulfill sometime belonging
26:50 in our life when you simply what, you need
26:52 more Spirit of God inside of us,
26:54 that brings true happiness and real contentment.
26:58 Let me tell you do you want that power
27:00 back in the Church? Do you want that
27:02 power back in your life?
27:05 This is why feel very impress that we
27:07 began these five parts series
27:10 and the first one we are talking about
27:12 "Does your Church need more power?"
27:17 This power I'm talking about friend is a
27:19 supernatural power outside of us
27:22 that God wants to bring in,
27:26 and then what kind of results are going to be
27:28 taking place.
27:31 When that power is seen and that power
27:34 has failed to among us, as God's people.
27:37 Man what exciting times that we live in.
27:42 So first of all we have to acknowledge that there
27:44 is a little problem that we need some more
27:46 power that we need something supernatural
27:49 going on inside of us, and then we do some,
27:54 another part is you have to really want
27:57 that power and then you're going to have to
27:58 prepare to receive it and then as you receive
28:00 that power, what takes place in your life
28:03 and then we're gonna be witnessing or working for
28:05 Jesus with power. You see it changes
28:07 our whole life. It changes the whole Church.
28:10 It changes people's life.
28:13 Remember what Jesus said when we talking about
28:15 Holy Spirit and Power. And John by the way,
28:19 John Chapter 16, Jesus said notice note words
28:25 carefully with me, John Chapter 16 Jesus said:
28:28 It is expedient for you that I go away.
28:33 Jesus said it is expedient. It's gonna be
28:35 best that I go away and because why?
28:38 Because Jesus said I promise to sends you
28:40 the comforter. He says I go back,
28:44 I'm gonna send the Holy Spirit, I'm gonna
28:46 send you what you need in the Church,
28:48 I'm gonna send you what you need is individuals
28:50 in your life. Jesus promised us power
28:53 and so why should the Church claim it?
28:57 Why shouldn't you claim it in your life?
28:59 Too many weak claims?
29:00 Too many weak Christians,
29:04 but people go to Church,
29:05 but I'm not trying to judge,
29:07 you know condemning, but there is just,
29:09 there is just something wrong. If we know we
29:11 go to Church, well yeah but we're not studying
29:12 the word. We're going to Church for
29:14 years when you say you know you call on
29:15 to say would you ask the blessing or oh
29:17 I don't want to pray. Now I know it's gonna step
29:20 on some of your toes, but I want to say,
29:21 you're gonna witness for Jesus or not?
29:23 Are you gonna always say well I don't know I
29:25 can't do it? It's not the words that
29:27 Jesus is interested in. He is interested in what?
29:30 in what's in our heart. He takes
29:32 the mess that we making,
29:34 by the way I understand I make a mess
29:35 all the time with these words. But you know
29:37 what I believe, I have Faith to believe the God
29:42 will take the mess that I make
29:43 and he will put it right in your ears
29:45 exactly what you need to hear,
29:47 accompanied by a Holy Spirit Power
29:50 and it will convict your heart in your life
29:52 and turned you around.
29:54 That's what I'm trusting and believing
29:56 is what? Is Jesus Christ no matter here?
29:58 But his merits. So, you think Jesus said:
30:03 It's expedient that I'm gonna send you this
30:05 power and by the way you know what
30:07 the first evidence of the Holy Spirit Power is,
30:10 of the working part of it, that Jesus said,
30:13 then the first evidence of the Holy Spirit Power
30:16 working, the Bible says there is conviction of sin.
30:22 The Church God's people need to be convicted
30:25 of what, of sin issue.
30:28 He wants that to go from our life.
30:31 He wants to feel that there was something
30:34 that's good. But he goes on and he said,
30:36 he's gonna convict us of sin or there is
30:38 the Holy Spirit or there is power comes in,
30:40 and of righteousness. So the Holy Spirit,
30:44 you gonna have help me to understand
30:46 what is right? The right way to do things,
30:49 the right way to live, think about the Holy Spirit?
30:55 The Bible says there in John 16 Verse 13
30:58 he said: I'm going to lead you into
31:00 all truth and I'm going to show you
31:02 of things to come.
31:04 How gracious of the Holy Spirit.
31:07 To say I'm gonna show you what sin is all about,
31:10 I'm gonna convict you of it so you can
31:12 gain of victories you come to me.
31:16 You know I'm gonna lead you into,
31:17 I'm gonna show you about righteousness
31:19 and how to do things in the right way
31:20 and the power that is available to you
31:22 and to me in our life, really shedding away
31:25 that power. I heard people say well
31:27 I just can't give it up. I just can't stop.
31:33 And you know better then that.
31:34 When you say that when it comes
31:36 to something harmful of your body or
31:37 something you're taking in or something that
31:39 you're doing, you're saying that God
31:41 that I serve that Jesus that was nailed to
31:43 the cross. You are telling me his blood
31:45 is not sufficient enough. His blood is not
31:47 powerful enough to give you the victory that
31:50 you need. I believe that his blood is all sufficient,
31:55 all powerful, don't you?
31:58 In your life whatever it is that
32:00 you're struggling with, is what, is it, yes
32:04 his blood is sufficient.
32:05 Just to apply that to your heart,
32:07 to your life, and by Faith watch what
32:10 God can do. Let's get the Church on fire,
32:13 what do you say let's get on fire ourselves.
32:15 We need it still desperately,
32:18 and by the way when he talks about
32:20 righteousness there in John's 16.
32:23 Remember not only it's right doing,
32:26 but what happens is he wants us to have
32:28 knowledge of what is right or what is true.
32:32 Now here comes the other side of it.
32:35 Once we understand what is right
32:38 and what we should be doing
32:41 by the grace of God then listen friend,
32:43 he holds you and me accountable for
32:46 every ray of light that he brings our way.
32:49 Now think about it. He doesn't judge
32:52 you for what you do not know.
32:55 But let me tell you, let's get rid of
32:57 some these excuses especially in the day
32:59 that we live right now.
33:01 People say, well I didn't know the Bible teaches
33:03 anything like such as, such that, well I do,
33:05 well you're not reading.
33:09 Somebody else was teaching this,
33:11 so he knows about it. Are we not reading
33:13 the same Bible? There is no excuse for
33:16 any of us to not know what truth is
33:19 when that is the function of the Holy Spirit.
33:22 He said I will lead you into all truth.
33:27 Listen you don't have the truth let me
33:28 tell you, let me just be real,
33:30 I'm gonna look you right in the eye right now.
33:32 If you don't have the truth then you know what
33:34 it's because you don't want the truth.
33:37 Because I believe that God cares so much
33:39 for you that if you really wanna know what is
33:41 right, he's gonna show you what's right.
33:44 The demons of hell are not gonna keep
33:47 you from learning what is right.
33:49 They can't do it. There is nothing that
33:52 separate us from God, but the Bible says,
33:55 and yet we just one excuse after the other
33:58 why we're not gaining a bit, why we're not
34:00 busy for Jesus, why we're not winning souls.
34:04 Friend, the Church needs some power.
34:06 We need some power in our individual life.
34:12 And by the way I love the passage.
34:14 I'm telling you I love passages scripture.
34:16 You have your Bible, you turned or
34:18 least mark it down. Acts Chapter 1 Verse 8,
34:21 Acts Chapter 1 Verse 8, the Bible tells us
34:24 there, it says: But Ye shall receive power,
34:29 when Ye shall receive power, after the Holy Ghost
34:34 is come upon you: and you shall
34:37 be My witnesses.
34:40 Now once again notice what the passage tells us.
34:45 When do we receive this power?
34:50 Well, the Bible is clear.
34:53 It says, the Bible says, but you shall
34:55 receive power after the Holy Ghost has
34:59 come upon you, after you invite this Holy Spirit
35:02 inside your life, ask for forgiveness of sin
35:05 think about it, to be justified we can't live in
35:12 the sanctified life. Jesus said you turned
35:14 your life over to me and then when you do that,
35:17 I'm going to give you power in your life
35:19 to gain victory. After all that's what
35:22 it's about see you're in a battle I'm in a battle
35:25 every day of my life and some of my pretty ugly battles.
35:29 I don't about you. Some of you think boy,
35:32 boy, boy, oh! Boy, I wished I wouldn't be in this
35:34 battle but you know what God seeing fit,
35:36 for you to go to battle for him and when
35:39 each this script will you go to battle for him,
35:41 he's gonna do the fighting for you.
35:43 You're gonna come off more than a victorious
35:46 because our Bible says we're more then conquerors
35:48 through him.
35:50 See we have to believe that.
35:53 Don't let someone take your crown.
35:56 Now some of you know who I'm talking about.
35:59 It may just be you today think about it.
36:01 Somebody is trying to take your crown.
36:04 Somebody is tempting you.
36:06 Somebody is trying to lead you astray.
36:08 Somebody is trying to give you don't care
36:09 attitude but we need power in the Church
36:12 and in our life where we care.
36:14 Jesus said I'm gonna give you some power
36:19 after the Holy Ghost or the Holy Spirit
36:21 has come upon you.
36:23 And let me just say this you realize
36:25 if we look at the early Christian Church
36:29 the New Testament Church,
36:31 feel Acts Chapte 2 with power,
36:33 but did you realize what was essential
36:39 for the New Testament Church or
36:42 the successful Christian in the days
36:46 of the disciple is as essential in our day.
36:49 Did you get it? It's the same.
36:52 Oh! It's not well it was back there here
36:55 what they did. If you want to learn
36:57 how to receive this power, if you wanna learn
36:59 how to gain victory, you wanna learn
37:01 how to defeat the devil then we go to the back
37:03 and we can read those things that were
37:05 set for an example for us,
37:07 as we read these things we will find that
37:09 these Christians who gained these victories
37:12 dear friends these same can be ours today.
37:14 You see this is exciting news because
37:17 too many of us go around defeated.
37:19 We go around beat down, worn out,
37:22 depressed, not knowing what to do,
37:24 just throw up our hands, the devil is just,
37:26 oh, he is so happy.
37:30 Friends stand up for Jesus what it is saying.
37:32 Ask for that Holy Spirit Power
37:38 and by the way when the Bible says
37:39 the Holy Spirit Power, you know as
37:41 they came upon and then they received power
37:43 if the Holy Ghost came upon on them.
37:45 What was the first thing that the disciples did?
37:49 You see I'm talking to the Church.
37:50 Church means its people here.
37:52 The Bible says after they received
37:55 the Holy Ghost they did something,
37:56 they became witnesses for Jesus Christ,
38:01 think about witnesses.
38:03 They were doing anything and everything
38:05 they possibly could to save the soul for Jesus.
38:09 When the Holy Spirit comes upon you
38:11 listen carefully you become a soul winner.
38:14 If you were not a soul winner today,
38:16 I challenge that experience that you're
38:17 having. Oh, that's pretty heavy, isn't it?
38:21 You see what happened to the disciples isn't that right?
38:25 The New Testament believers when they were
38:27 feel with the Spirit of God,
38:28 they quit worrying about themselves and
38:31 what they wanted, what they want to do
38:32 and all their time and all their money,
38:34 it was everybody. It was for the saving of souls,
38:37 and God honored that and he blessed that.
38:40 Are you working for the saving of the lost?
38:46 See today we must believe that this is possible.
38:49 We have to first believe that it's possible,
38:53 first what? We have to recognize there is a problem.
38:57 We have to believe that is it's possible,
38:59 and then let's God begin to do that
39:01 kind of work in us.
39:03 I have heard people say boy I tell you,
39:05 I can't wait for the lateral rain experience.
39:10 I can't wait for the Holy Spirit to fall.
39:12 Well on these days, I tell you there is
39:13 gonna power in the Church.
39:15 I'm waiting for the day that the
39:16 power is gonna come down, it's gonna
39:18 flood our souls and what we're gonna do
39:20 great work for Jesus, I can't hardly
39:23 wait for this time, wait for this time.
39:30 You realize every moment that we lose
39:35 in working for Jesus Christ;
39:38 there are people who are dying.
39:40 They are gonna lose that on eternal life.
39:43 We're not supposed to be waiting,
39:45 I mean doing. Yeah, we're supposed to be
39:47 waiting and watching, but it this meant
39:48 doing nothing.
39:50 So the Church today can say you know;
39:55 we're looking forward to the outpouring of the
39:59 Holy Spirit, or can we say something,
40:02 it's our privilege to have that Spirit now.
40:06 It's our privilege to have it right now,
40:08 not for some future date and something is gonna big,
40:13 big and it's is gonna fall, oh then we are gonna
40:14 know what to do and how to do it,
40:16 but think along with me.
40:19 It is our privilege to have the power
40:24 of the Holy Spirit right now.
40:27 Friend that's exciting to me.
40:29 You say yeah but what how, how,
40:30 the Bible is very clear it says we
40:33 to have seek for that power.
40:35 We have to pray for that power.
40:36 We have to believe for that power.
40:39 And you know what and we have to come
40:41 to God and say something like this,
40:42 I must have it, praying and believing and seeking
40:47 and then say God I have to have it.
40:50 I want that power.
40:53 I need that experience with you.
40:57 Now, remember when you're pleading with
41:00 powers of Heaven for this listen God
41:03 wanting to bestow on you already.
41:07 He is wanting to give it to his Church
41:10 he is wanting to equip us and such a special way
41:12 right now not some future time,
41:14 but right now. Are you praying for it?
41:19 Or you someday maybe,
41:20 oh! Friend we're missing,
41:22 we're missing the boat.
41:27 I believe this that God. God is right now.
41:30 He is working mildly for his people.
41:34 He is breaking down barriers right now.
41:37 He is performing miracles right now in his name.
41:41 He is going forward in battle today
41:45 in your place and mine as we just
41:47 step forward he is fighting that battle right now.
41:50 He is giving victories right now.
41:54 Friends this is the day that the Lord has made,
41:57 this is the day that we claim it,
41:59 this is the day that we say this is day
42:00 what the Church want,
42:04 you take a Church let's the Holy Spirit control
42:07 that Church you're gonna see a powerful Church.
42:09 A Church that shall not be moved,
42:12 a Church that will move forward,
42:13 a Church that will gain victory after victory,
42:16 a Church that Jesus said:
42:18 I am gonna come back after.
42:20 Oh! Friend, I wanna be a part of that Church,
42:23 I wanna be a part of that movement don't you.
42:27 You know what this is; this is easier than
42:30 you think.
42:33 Everytime we think about gaining
42:34 victory or receiving power,
42:36 oh it is too much I am getting a headache,
42:39 Well get a headache, think on it.
42:43 Think on, we want to be involved in this movement,
42:51 and boy I tell you, as I talk about
42:53 it I get excited when I read the book Joel,
42:55 and I see about the promise of the power
42:59 that poured out in fact I am going do
43:01 that right now my Bible Joel chapter 1
43:04 I am going to start reading.
43:05 Joel Chapter 1 the Bible is so,
43:09 so clear verses 14:15, let me just read those
43:13 for you. The Bible say we have to sanctify
43:15 ye a fast, notice this call a solemn assembly
43:19 gather the elders all the inhabitants
43:23 of the land into the house of the Lord your God,
43:25 and cry unto the Lord.
43:28 Friend we need to listen to this,
43:30 this is not just not something is written down
43:32 we need to be following this right here,
43:33 sanctify ye a fast, call a solemn assembly,
43:37 gather the elders together,
43:39 says going to the house of the Lord
43:42 and cry until the Lord notice this Alas.
43:46 The Bible says for the day!
43:48 For the day of the Lord is that hand,
43:50 and as a destruction from the almighty shall it come.
43:54 Friend I tell you I can't emphasizes enough.
43:59 I can't beg and plead enough with you right now
44:02 to realizes alas for the day is coming dear friend
44:05 it won't be long that Jesus is coming we need to
44:08 call a solemn fast, I am telling you we need to
44:10 call for the elders of the Church that Church needs
44:12 assembled together and quit their foolishness
44:15 and get down on our knees and cry out
44:18 to God for Holy spirit power in the Church.
44:22 Lot of families like to get together
44:25 and they are not wrong to get together but
44:27 sometimes it's the foolishness of the world,
44:29 when to get together when we need to be
44:32 singing songs about Jesus about putting his
44:34 arms around us and sheltering us as in the
44:37 midst of storm. But too many hours dear friends
44:39 get together and families and we tune up those
44:41 guitar and we, oh I better be careful here
44:44 and you know we want saying something like
44:46 crazy arms, rather than lovely arms at Jesus around us.
44:52 We have no time for that. That's foolishness.
44:55 It's a waste of time.
44:57 My Bible says we need to call assembly here
45:00 together, a solemn assembly.
45:04 Then Bible goes on, Joel Chapter 2 verse 1
45:10 says, blow the trumpet in Zion;
45:12 how many is trumpet in Zion.
45:14 Some of us not even making noise.
45:16 Where are you making little twit, twit?
45:19 My Bible say it Blow the trumpet in Zion;
45:21 wake up here sound an alarm in my Holy mountain
45:25 let all the inhabitants of the land tremble,
45:27 notice it is land tremble, notice here it is
45:29 for the day of the Lord cometh,
45:31 for it is nigh at hand.
45:35 Notice verse 17 with me Joel chapter 2
45:38 was a Bible say, Let the priests
45:41 and the ministers of the Lord,
45:44 do what, have a joy us occasion
45:46 everybody party time and oh this is time to do
45:48 all kind of things.
45:53 Those what the Bible say
45:54 Let the priests and the ministers,
45:57 weep between the porch and the altar and
46:00 let them say, Spare thy people, O Lord,
46:03 and give not thine heritage to reproach
46:06 and that the heathen should rule over
46:08 them: wherefore should they say among
46:09 the people, where is their God?
46:13 Friend think about that please think about that.
46:17 We live in that time, that the priests
46:22 and the ministers instead of all the get together
46:25 for foolishness and things in the world today,
46:27 we should be coming together and the minister
46:30 should be crying and weeping and crying
46:32 between the porch and the altar saying God
46:35 spare the people.
46:38 Friend are you praying that at home
46:39 you don't like to be minister of preachers
46:41 to pray those kind of prayers.
46:43 Are you praying them for your children
46:45 for your grand children from your family
46:47 and friends that you know what?
46:49 I know we need to be praying.
46:51 I have being prayer that myself I am
46:53 grand Lord whatever it takes I get the attention,
46:55 whatever it takes to get my attention
46:57 let her happen, much better then go
46:59 through some things in this life here and
47:01 be saved in God's kingdom we need to be
47:03 crying between the porch and the altar
47:04 spare our children spare the people,
47:07 that's the hour in which we live.
47:09 The Church needs more power
47:11 I think you see and understand what I am talking
47:12 about don't you?
47:16 Wow. And of course we know
47:19 very well Joel chapter 2:28 and 29,
47:22 I love this because power in the Church,
47:27 I mean it's not for some future time
47:29 but that power can be ours right now
47:31 if we are willing to commit to Jesus Christ 100 percent.
47:36 The Bible says it shall come to pass afterward,
47:39 that I will pour out my spirit upon all,
47:41 what, flesh; your sons and your daughters
47:46 shall prophesy a bible says,
47:48 old men dream dreams, your young men shall
47:50 see vision. God said I am poured my
47:52 spirits out upon my people.
47:54 There is going to be prophecy going on.
47:55 There is going to be dreams he said I am going
47:57 to give him, there is going to vision that
47:59 he is going to give his going to give his people,
48:01 and he said and upon my handmaids notice
48:05 this my servants and handmaids in those days
48:08 will I pour out my spirit.
48:11 You can be a part of that.
48:13 I can be a part of that.
48:14 I thought how wonderful.
48:16 Peter in the New Testament,
48:19 Acts Chapter two talks about this power
48:24 that went on at penny cost and the partial fulfillment
48:27 of it so on and so forth and I thought boy
48:29 this is abort. He was talking supernatural gifts
48:32 in the last days such as prophesying,
48:34 supernatural gift in the last days
48:36 such as speaking in other language did you
48:38 get that? The earliest Church,
48:41 the early Church by the way is the gifts
48:45 we've seen and they need to be seen
48:47 in the Church today. These gifts were not
48:48 just for the New Testament.
48:50 It's for us right now.
48:51 The early Church is New Testament time,
48:54 what, to profits with all the Bible says
48:56 in first Corinthians 12:7,
48:59 this gift should be in operation and the Church
49:01 what wisdom and knowledge and faith
49:04 and healing and helps and what, miracles.
49:09 This is a Church, and this is not going on
49:13 in the Church, the healing and you understand the
49:15 people outside the unbelievers gonna say this,
49:17 this is gonna say some like this,
49:19 where is your God.
49:24 We don't want that said.
49:28 We are asking God to show himself to
49:30 be who he is today.
49:31 We get readiness of people so that God can
49:34 work through us.
49:36 And by the way when the disciples receive
49:39 this power and by the way I love this,
49:43 oh somebody check it out.
49:45 Bible said it is gonna pour out his spirit.
49:49 He didn't say he is gonna sprinkle out his spirit.
49:55 He didn't say he give you little dab to that spirit.
49:58 He said I am gonna pour it on you.
50:00 I am gonna soak you with it.
50:02 Some of us are afraid. Oh he is gonna
50:06 poured on the Holy Spirit, there goes the umbrella.
50:09 Now we are poured on me,
50:13 pour out that spirit do you realize that happen
50:18 as that spirit was poured on disciples
50:21 what happened in their life was awesome.
50:24 The priest and the rulers, and all,
50:28 you know what, they marvel at the disciples words.
50:35 They weren't the same men anymore.
50:37 They spoke differently they acted differently
50:39 after they was consumed by the Holy spirit's
50:41 because it was no longer them but Christ
50:46 who lived with in Paul said it some thing like this,
50:49 it's no longer I but Christ who lives within me.
50:53 This is what it happens as were give ourselves to the
50:57 Holy Spirit, our words different they become
51:00 more powerful because the spirit is taking
51:02 those words and when they spoke,
51:07 they spoke with utterances and power
51:09 of the spirit, only the spirit can give.
51:12 Does the Church need more Holy Spirit power? Yes.
51:17 Are we wanting that power?
51:20 I want us to be in agreement before we
51:23 close today I want us to be in agreement
51:25 to say oh yes we need more power
51:29 in the Church and the way we received
51:31 that power dear friend is awesome
51:33 it be an another lesson but all friends
51:35 we have to come to the point to say this
51:37 I want that power.
51:45 If you want it you shall receive it.
51:52 Are you asking for even right now?
51:54 Some of you say what, I don't seem to have
52:00 that power. Let me say this before we close,
52:03 if we do not have that power it is because
52:08 of our spiritual lethargy, think about it,
52:12 spiritual lethargy what does that mean?
52:16 Look up at that word when you have an
52:18 opportunity. You know what it means
52:21 it means abnormal drowsiness.
52:25 If you don't have the Holy Spirit it is
52:27 because you have an abnormal drowsiness,
52:31 you have lack energy or you are just playing
52:34 sluggish. Now we don't want that do we?
52:41 Or it might be if we don't have it
52:43 is because we become indifferent and
52:45 I am telling indifference is in the Church today,
52:48 it's among God's people.
52:49 You say, well, what you mean being different.
52:51 It is attitude whatever, whatever?
52:59 Friends when it comes to the cross of Christ
53:02 are can we know whatever,
53:03 we cannot be indifferent that means what?
53:06 You just not concerned the lack of concerned
53:08 and than it goes on it say, our indolence.
53:11 If you don't have Holy Spirit power in your life,
53:14 we don't have in the Churches because of
53:15 what because of our indolence and that simply
53:19 means that we are lazy and we like to be lazy.
53:22 We want to avoid work.
53:24 We don't wanna to do any thing for God
53:25 or for the Church, we like to be ideal.
53:28 The ideal is not gonna receive the power of God
53:31 think about it. The abnormal drowsy one
53:35 is not going to receive power,
53:36 the one who says although whatever
53:39 doesn't make any difference I am not
53:40 really interested, you are not going to receive
53:43 that power. Friends there has to be a change
53:48 and then you know what I may encourage you
53:50 this we need to come out of our dead formality.
53:53 And we need to come out as sleepiness,
53:57 this lukewarm and this don't care attitude
54:00 and pray that God will help us
54:03 as a Church individually to say God
54:06 you know what I need more power
54:08 and the Church we want the Church to have
54:10 more power that we may do your bidding
54:12 and your calling.
54:14 How long has it been since you spent some time
54:17 with Jesus dear friend.
54:18 We are gonna pray about that today.
54:21 We need to close with the thought that
54:23 Mark 14:38 says we need to watch
54:25 and we need to pray.
54:26 The spirit truly is ready,
54:29 but the flesh is weak. God help us,
54:32 God's Churches on the march God Church
54:35 is moving forward today dear friends,
54:37 they said he is gonna, they pour out his
54:38 spirit on those who in what Acts Chapter 5:32
54:41 that obey him, are you willing to be obedient today?
54:47 Do you really, are you really convinced
54:49 that the Church needs more power and
54:50 what the Church can do we can do individually
54:52 as we laid God come in take control?
54:54 Oh what an awesome time.
54:56 I wanna be a part of that how about you.
54:58 Why don't we go to God right now and pray?
55:00 Some of you may go down the road and you can do it
55:02 right now, that's okay you can pray with me anyway.
55:07 For some of you it is gonna to be able to get
55:09 down on your knees but sorry I am going do it
55:10 right now have the short prayer before we close
55:12 together. Let's pray that God will give us that
55:15 kind of power, shall we.
55:17 Merciful father in heaven we truly thank you
55:19 for your word, thank you for the power that
55:21 you promised to your to people.
55:22 Lord may we open our hearts and our minds
55:25 and may we see Jesus in a special way.
55:27 May we realize the end is near even at the door
55:29 we need to be about our father business
55:32 I thank you and I praise you now may each one
55:34 purpose in their heart that they
55:36 want to have the Holy spirit power and more
55:39 abundant way in Jesus name. Amen.
55:44 Well, until next time God bless we will see you than.
55:49 Friends we pray that was a blessing.
55:52 We pray that you are energized that you
55:56 have some new motivation to study God's word.
56:01 There are four more parts to the series,
56:06 it doesn't stop here.
56:07 We are just beginning to look into the power
56:11 the Holy Spirit. Next we are gonna talk about
56:14 how you have to want that power,
56:17 it doesn't just happened you got to want it,
56:21 remember scripture we have to search for
56:23 truth as there were searching for hidden treasure
56:26 you got to pray you got to ask God,
56:29 and then we are look at the preparation
56:31 needed to receive that power.
56:33 But what can we do be prepared?
56:35 What does the Lord except of us?
56:38 And then how can we receive that power
56:40 and of course finally witnessing with power
56:44 I know you wanna be a witness,
56:47 and there are many times that I have prayed
56:49 Lord I wanna like the disciples of old.
56:51 I wanna understand, I wanna hear
56:54 your spirits speaking of my heart.
56:56 I want to know when we are working with the
56:58 crowd what someone needs.
57:00 How we can help them and we can only
57:03 do through the power the Holy Spirit,
57:06 and I know that this is a series that
57:08 you gonna want to listen time and time
57:11 again over and over again.
57:13 So we are gonna make this available to you
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58:06 we look forward to our next time together
58:09 we look forward to study more about that power
58:14 that God hasn't store for you and for me.
58:18 We have a work to do lets do it together
58:20 shall we until next time may the Lord
58:23 richly bless you and yours.


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