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You Have To Want That Power

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00:41 Hello and welcome to another
00:43 Behold the Lamb presents program,
00:45 today's message is the second in a series
00:48 of five, we've entitled
00:49 "Addressing The Power of The Holy Spirit."
00:52 In the first of this five series of sermons
00:55 we discovered that yes our churches do need
00:59 more Holy Spirit power. We need God's spirit
01:02 in abundance, if we were to ever finish the
01:05 work that he has given us of proclaiming the
01:08 gospel to a lost and dying world.
01:11 But in order for our churches to obtain
01:13 this power, we must first examine ourselves;
01:16 we have to want that power. We must desire
01:21 to so order our lives that the Holy Spirit will
01:24 find a home a body temple in which to dwell.
01:28 Therefore today's message is entitled
01:31 "You Have To Want That Power"
01:34 "You Have To Want That Power"
01:37 so began today to pray, study and asking God
01:41 for his outpouring. Friends, only then will
01:45 our heavenly Father be able to convict and
01:48 strengthen us to our come our worldly character
01:52 defects. Only then will the Gospel of salvation
01:56 truly become alive in your hearts and only then
02:01 will the Bible become the truth that will set us
02:05 free from the enemy snares of sin.
02:08 But first let us visit 3ABN's worship center
02:12 and richly be blessed be a song properly
02:15 entitled "My Help" it is sung by
02:19 our friend in Christ, Lyndon Carriger.
02:39 I will lift up mine eyes to the hills
02:44 From whence cometh my help
02:48 My help cometh from the Lord
02:52 The Lord who made heaven and earth
02:57 He said, He will not suffer thy foot;
03:03 thy foot to be moved
03:06 The Lord which keepeth thee
03:11 He will not slumber nor sleep
03:15 For the Lord is thy keeper
03:19 The Lord is thy shade upon thy right hand
03:28 Upon thy right hand
03:33 Nor the sun shall not smite thee by day
03:39 Nor the moon by night He shall preserve thy soul
03:47 Even forever more My help, My help,
04:02 My help, All of my help Cometh from the Lord
04:27 I will lift up mine eyes to the hills
04:32 From whence cometh my help
04:35 My help cometh from the Lord
04:40 The Lord who made heaven and earth
04:44 He said, He will not suffer thy foot;
04:49 thy foot to be moved, The Lord which keepeth thee
04:57 He will not slumber nor sleep
05:02 For the Lord is thy keeper
05:06 The Lord is thy shade upon thy right hand
05:15 Upon thy right hand
05:20 For the sun shall not smite thee by day
05:25 Nor the moon by night He shall preserve thy soul
05:33 Even forever more My help, My help,
05:48 My help, All of my help Cometh from the Lord
05:58 My help, My help My help, All of my help
06:10 Cometh from the Lord My help, My help
06:22 My help, All of my help Cometh from the Lord,
06:38 the Lord, All of my help Cometh from the Lord.
07:03 Thank you, for joining us today wherever you
07:04 maybe around the world and thank you
07:06 Lyndon for that beautiful song I know it was a
07:09 blessing. We're glad that you've joined us but
07:12 you know before we do our Bible study today and
07:13 we're doing an exciting subject.
07:16 And I know that you wanna be a part of it,
07:19 before we always get into the word of God
07:21 we take time to pray, so let's do that right now.
07:24 You can kneel if you're at home or wherever
07:26 you might be where you can, why don't you
07:28 kneel with me and let's pray
07:29 for God's blessing shall we.
07:33 Merciful Father in Heaven, we thank you
07:35 for the privilege we have to serve you today.
07:37 We ask as you would send your Holy Spirit
07:40 to give us proper understanding of
07:42 your word. Now, we ask that the things
07:45 of earth will grow strangely dim as we
07:47 spend this time with thee. We pray that
07:49 our relationship with you will improve day by day
07:52 as we continue to dig in the word and find
07:55 these beautiful truths. We ask that you would
07:58 bless each and everyone who listens,
08:00 who views around the world that hearts and lives
08:03 will be change for eternities,
08:05 my prayer today in Jesus name, Amen.
08:10 Well, again we're glad that you've joined us
08:11 we've been doing started last time a five part
08:14 series on the Holy Spirit and we've been talking
08:17 about does the church this is the series"
08:20 Does the Church Need More Power"
08:22 we came to grips by the way that first of all
08:25 unless we recognize that we need more power
08:28 that we're not going to do anything about it
08:30 and as we study the lesson I think all of us
08:32 came into agreement that we need more of the
08:36 activating power of the Holy Spirit inside the
08:39 church and inside of our individual lives.
08:43 And so as we study that, I'm sure that each
08:46 one of you got a little bit of grip on how God
08:50 will use to help finish work and the necessity
08:53 of having power from on high. Today,
08:56 by the way our subject, we're going to be talking
08:58 about you have to want that power. Now,
09:02 first was what oh yeah does the church need
09:04 more power? Yes, now but you have to want
09:07 that power, do you realize there's many people
09:10 in the church that says oh I'd like to have
09:12 Holy Spirit power, but they do nothing about it.
09:15 They don't even desire in their life oh but once
09:19 we began to see the importance of the power,
09:22 of the Spirit in our life and how that we can
09:25 accomplish nothing without it. I believe that
09:27 you're going to desire that too, I desire that power,
09:30 I wanna see that power operating inside the church
09:33 and inside of individual lives. So, we see as
09:37 we've been studying that we need to pray for
09:40 this power. By the way sometime its down
09:43 to fasting and prayer, but we're gonna really
09:46 be seeking for this Holy Spirit power.
09:48 We're going to be saying today in our study
09:50 that Lord I, I need that power,
09:52 I want that power in my life. It's a necessity
09:56 if I'm going to be what Jesus wants me to be
09:58 and by the way what might be the results think about,
10:02 what might be result if really asked to Holy Spirit
10:05 to come directly into our hearts,
10:08 into our lives and we let the things of the earth go.
10:11 You realize what would take place in our life
10:12 and in mine. By the way it maybe a conversion
10:17 for you, it maybe a conversion for me
10:20 and by the way there will be people that will be
10:22 converted to the truth. Because of the Spirit
10:24 that lives and dwells in you, by the way I want
10:28 that in my life and you know what we'll see
10:30 in the church, I've heard people say well
10:32 we don't see things happening in the church,
10:35 well why not? When the church is filled with
10:37 Holy Spirit power, the Bible said there's miracles
10:40 and signs and there's wonders and answers
10:43 to prayer. Oh! Friend, don't be afraid to pray
10:46 for Holy Spirit power and by the way when we pray
10:50 for that power you know we've been,
10:52 you need be praying for our family and our loved
10:53 ones and those who maybe outside the Ark of
10:56 safety that the Spirit of God will work upon them.
10:59 As my mother always used to say they give
11:01 no rest, day or night until they accept Jesus Christ
11:05 as the Lord and Savior. Once we got down on
11:07 our knees and ask for that kind of power,
11:09 boy what would happened you know I've been
11:11 reading scripture the Bible says that, that
11:13 the Spirit is going to be poured out upon us,
11:17 poured where? Poured out upon us.
11:19 We talked about before, not a little sprinkle here
11:21 and there but we're going to be saturated with
11:25 the power of the Holy Spirit. Poured out,
11:28 the Bible says open the windows of heaven
11:29 and there is gonna be Holy Spirit power poured
11:31 out on us, we talk about it all the time but are
11:35 we seeing it in action. I pray that you're
11:38 and I pray that you know each one of us are
11:40 spending some more time in the word.
11:42 Because you know what I wanna be filled
11:44 completely with the power of heaven.
11:47 Heaven wants to bestow it on me.
11:50 Now as we study this message it's clear that
11:53 we need it, it's clear now that as we're studying
11:55 here that we have to desire this kind of power.
12:00 Now, by the way for those of you who maybe
12:04 didn't get to view that first part, let me
12:07 just kind of fill you in just a little bit here
12:10 and filling in is simply is that we must what
12:12 recognize when we're maybe weak in an area,
12:15 recognize that we have our problem before
12:17 it can ever be fixed and so as we recognize
12:19 it we say okay Lord we want it,
12:21 we need this more power. But it's a power that
12:24 we talked about that comes from what?
12:27 Not within us, but a power that's outside of us
12:31 that we're going to invite into us to totally take
12:35 control of your live what kind of individual
12:38 would you be. What kind of individual would I be,
12:43 what would the church be if we allow the Spirit
12:47 of God to really come in and take control of us.
12:51 Friend, we can find the answers to these
12:53 questions because God wants to bestow it upon
12:56 his church and by the way that power when it
12:59 comes is going to comes straight from the throne
13:01 room of God. And again I'm not asking for a
13:05 sprinkling today I'm asking for what?
13:06 I wanna be bathed in it and I know that you
13:09 do too, it's essential. But here is think, here
13:12 is a question for you. I want you think with me
13:16 those of you, you need to write some things
13:18 down 'cause you're gonna forget, bless your heart.
13:22 Are there conditions on receiving Holy Spirit power?
13:27 Are there any conditions? And I think probably
13:30 most of us, our first answer would be oh!
13:32 Yes, I know there are conditions,
13:35 but let me give you one of the,
13:38 what I think is the one of the main conditions
13:41 upon receiving the power of the Spirit.
13:45 But one that majority of Christians reject,
13:49 you have your Bible, I want you turn with me
13:52 the New Testament to the book of Acts,
13:54 in Acts chapter 5 verse 32. I want you
13:58 think about this here, now remember the Bible
14:01 says and when the Bible says that's what you
14:04 and I are to believe, by faith we believe what
14:05 the Bible said. Listen, no, no, don't add to it,
14:08 don't subtract, but just simply read it by faith,
14:11 accept it as the Holy Spirit as brought to us
14:16 here is what my Bible says if you're talking
14:18 Holy Spirit and by the I see many Christians
14:20 who never quote this passage of scripture.
14:24 They deal with feelings and emotions and all
14:26 other kind of things, but my Bible says this,
14:29 the Holy Spirit is given to those who, oh!
14:34 I heard somebody that what, that obey him.
14:38 That's what Acts 5:32 says, the Holy Spirit
14:41 then the Bible says is given to those listen who
14:45 submit themselves to God. The Holy Spirit is given
14:48 to those who by the way want to put him first
14:52 in their life. The Holy Spirit is given to those
14:55 who conform that's what the word obey,
15:00 those who obey, those who conform,
15:02 those who submit, those who are willing to put him
15:05 first in their life. Now, remember keep this as
15:09 the basis of what we're building on today please
15:12 today that. You act let everything thing else
15:14 go I've heard people to call and say well you
15:16 know I fell to certain thing that's wonderful
15:18 God gives us feelings, he's the author of our
15:21 emotions and so on but we've to keep them
15:23 in check based upon what? Based upon the
15:26 word of God, we can't get away from that,
15:29 I've actually had this takes nerve by the way,
15:32 I don't mind challenging some of the Christians
15:34 if you're one of those today 'cause I want
15:35 you to think. If you're one of those who read
15:38 the scripture and you say I know what it says but.
15:43 You're in trouble, you're in trouble I know what it
15:45 says but, that means what I felt, I sensed,
15:53 I seen oh you can't trust your eyes,
15:55 you can't trust your senses. The heart is what
15:57 deceitful isn't above all things it's desperately
16:00 the Bible said wicked who can know it.
16:05 So, with the firm foundation that we have is
16:07 scripture so the power of the Spirit.
16:09 There is no exception to it, the spirit, Holy
16:12 Spirit is given to those who obey not disobey
16:15 that's what the Bible says and you know by
16:18 the way we talked about, we're talking about this
16:22 conditions of receiving this Holy Spirit power
16:24 and obeying God's word, in fact how much of
16:28 God's word must we obey oh! The Bible is very
16:31 clear maybe elementary to some but Matthew
16:33 chapter 4 verse 4 says: Every word that proceeds
16:37 out of the mouth of God, how many one?
16:40 Every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God,
16:46 oh! That's interesting, that's exciting every word,
16:50 you remember what Peter says and by the way this
16:52 is also found in Acts chapter 5 verse 29 it said:
16:56 Peter and the other disciples, listen
16:58 carefully and the other disciples said notice this:
17:01 We ought to obey God rather than man. They
17:07 came to this conclusion, they weren't interest
17:09 in what men are saying, by the way they
17:15 wasn't interested in what, you know what criteria
17:17 man might operate upon. They were interested
17:22 in what the Holy Spirit, what scripture told them
17:24 to do. This is what we've to come to grips
17:27 with God's word today. We ought to obey God
17:30 rather than men and by the way you remember
17:34 lets to do this quickly because I think it's very
17:36 interesting we talk about obedience because
17:38 again as soon as you mention the word
17:39 obedience to some Christians what is it?
17:42 Oh the wall goes up, we don't have to worry
17:45 about being obedient, we don't have to remember
17:48 Holy Spirit is given to those that what that obey
17:50 so if you're disobeying the right word of God.
17:54 Every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God,
17:55 you are not, you have not received the Holy Spirit.
18:00 There maybe a Spirit leading in your life and
18:02 it may seem like oh but it is not the fruits will
18:04 tell otherwise. Because the Bible is clear
18:08 on we have to obey him, in 1 Samuel 15:22
18:12 the Bible was talking very interesting it said,
18:15 It's better to obey than what? Than sacrifice and
18:22 it's interesting when you look up 1 Samuel by the
18:25 way 15:22 and began to dig a little bit in the word,
18:28 dwell little here, and there little for the truth
18:30 remember, is that Jesus was talking little deeper,
18:36 he was speaking a little deeper to his Spirit,
18:40 now notice that, it's better here he said to obey
18:43 than to sacrifice. It was talking about ceremonial;
18:49 you know that was taking place in the earthly
18:50 sanctuary. But also talking about a sacrifice
18:53 here what giving, we must include that in
18:59 this passage. Jesus says what good will it do
19:03 if we're willing to give or sacrifice and we're taking
19:06 our finances, we're giving and we're doing when
19:09 the heart is not changed when we're living in
19:11 disobedience to God's laws. He says I don't need
19:15 what you have, why doesn't God need what you why?
19:19 Because he owns it all, the Bible say you also say
19:22 cattle on what the thousand hills.
19:26 And so He says rather than you sacrifice or give
19:28 some of the things that I've already given to you,
19:29 just give me your heart. If we want that power,
19:37 if you said in your heart you know I want this kind
19:40 of power in my life I want to be God's companion.
19:46 I want to be filled with this kind of power in our
19:48 life than we need to look at some of this passage
19:51 by the way in Hebrews chapter 5 verse 9 the
19:55 Bible is clear listen carefully:
19:57 That Salvation, oh, oh, salvation is given
20:00 to those who will obey him. Conditional,
20:04 do you see receiving that kind of power there
20:06 are what? There are conditions and oh I'm
20:10 talking about the most important condition has
20:12 to do with what? The Bible says salvation;
20:14 salvation is given to those that do what,
20:17 that obey him as what scripture tells me.
20:21 And when we talk about obey that means salvation
20:23 is given to those listen, who consent to the word
20:27 of God. Salvation is given to those listen carefully
20:30 the word here mean to give ear to the word of God.
20:34 Those who heed the word of God notice that and
20:38 by the way we look at it the word is what it's
20:41 conditional. Salvation is conditional upon our
20:47 being obedient oh as much as we don't wanna
20:52 hear that as much as detest that,
20:55 think about it, think about it with me right
20:58 now no, no, no, think about it, some of you are
21:00 not thinking with me. Salvation is what?
21:05 It depends upon our being obedient to God and by
21:11 the way the book of Matthew says in 8:27,
21:15 this was very interesting, Bible said you know:
21:18 Disciples going out and different people going in
21:21 different and the Sadducees and Pharisees
21:23 and so on and so forth and they, and you know
21:26 when Jesus walked the earth everything in nature
21:29 even obeyed him and then the Mark 8:27 it says:
21:32 they looked around, as though ooh!
21:34 What kind of a man is this, what kind of a man
21:38 is this that even the wind and the sea obey him.
21:44 He asked our obedience, nature obeys him,
21:49 the people walking they wanna know what kind
21:51 of a man is this right here, everything,
21:53 he had the sea, the winds obey his voice.
21:58 Oh! Friend, and by the way when you can still
22:01 can studying here you got your Bible and you jotting
22:03 things down in the book of Mark 1:27 this is,
22:07 this is powerful is that even the unclean Spirits.
22:12 They do obey him, think about what Jesus
22:17 is saying, if we have Holy Spirit power in life
22:20 and you really want that power in your life dear
22:23 friends you will have power over the devil.
22:27 You're gonna have power over the unclean Spirits,
22:32 you say well I don't know Jesus did,
22:33 Jesus said things that he did what? Greater thing
22:36 will you do, if you're filled, he was just filled
22:40 with the father, he was fill with Holy Spirit power
22:44 we did not worry about the demons from hell
22:46 do we? Now, when Jesus is ,filling our minds
22:49 and our heart. Jeremiah 7:23 you go to the
22:53 Old Testament and it says if you will obey my voice
22:56 notice this I will be your God. Oh! That's beautiful,
23:03 if you do what? If you will obey I will be what?
23:07 Your God, the unclean Spirits, they obey him,
23:13 the sea and the winds they obey him.
23:15 Salvation depends upon what? Our obedience to him,
23:21 to obey is better than to sacrifice the Bible says,
23:24 we ought to obey God rather than men that
23:26 word obey you cannot throw it out.
23:30 There is something about obedience is what the
23:32 Bible says and then we switch back by the way
23:34 to the New Testament to the book of Romans,
23:38 Romans chapter 2 verse 16 it says: His servants are
23:43 ye or those who obey him, so if we're servants of
23:48 the most high then we are what,
23:51 we're going to be obedient to what he ask us to do.
23:54 Oh! Friend, think on this for a moment you know
23:57 I often say and many, many times you know
23:59 I loved to sometime punch pretty hard.
24:02 This is not me doing the punching, is the word
24:03 of God and I wanna bring it so close to home
24:06 that you're gonna take it serious. Oh!
24:09 I'm talking about today is life and death issue
24:12 we recognize we need the power right in our
24:14 first part. Second part right there in our series
24:16 here is we have to desire that we want,
24:18 have to want that power, we have to desire
24:21 that power, do you want that power?
24:27 Before you want it you have to recognize,
24:28 realize that you need it, but I want you to think
24:32 on this for a moment, let me just throw you a
24:33 little bomb. And I'm gonna, I'm going to include
24:37 every men, every women, every child that is
24:43 not under the control notice of the Spirit of God
24:49 is under the influence of Satan and his power
24:54 did you get that? Oh! Friend I want you to
24:56 get that, that rings in my mind today I pray this,
25:00 it's ringing in your mind, every men,
25:04 women and child not under the what?
25:06 The control of the Spirit of God is underneath
25:09 what? The influence of the devil's power,
25:14 it's one or other, you just totally committed
25:17 or you're not, yo;u either are or you aren't.
25:20 This is heavy duty spend, could it fool some of us,
25:23 some of us be fooled. Wow, what do you mean
25:28 under the power of the devil. You know what
25:33 the devil will do when you get underneath his
25:35 influence; he's going to lead you away from truth.
25:42 How will he lead me away from the truth,
25:46 how would he lead others away from truth,
25:48 dear friend you will lead them astray by your words
25:51 and by your example. You're gonna lead them
25:54 away by your example, now by the way if this is
25:59 your case today let me just talk to you.
26:03 You know why I need to be talking to everybody;
26:04 I'm talking to myself here today.
26:06 If this be the case then somehow we've slipped
26:11 on that side of the enemy there why not,
26:15 why not, why not change the one that you
26:21 been hanging out with, why not change your
26:24 companionship, notice the word from the enemy
26:28 to the companionship of Jesus Christ.
26:33 You see how that really kind of gets together,
26:35 maybe gets a little heated for us at a time and
26:37 we just say wait a minute here but I'm talking
26:39 about companionship means that you spend
26:41 sometime together doesn't it, means you're
26:43 pretty close together. Sometime your buddy,
26:45 you're either a companion with the devil
26:47 or you're a companion with Jesus Christ,
26:49 which you as it today? I invite you take Christ
26:53 as your companion you can do that right now because
26:56 the book of Matthew chapter 12 verse 30 says
27:00 hey and I quote this often and it is so true always:
27:03 He who is not with me is against me,
27:07 absolutely you're either for him or against him,
27:11 there is no middle ground. So, I can only play
27:14 with you, you need this power you desire what this
27:17 power, this is our only hope in the Christian
27:21 movement in our individual life.
27:24 We must want that power, oh!
27:26 I love the Old Testament in the book of Psalms 37
27:29 verse 5, 4 it says: Delight thyself also in the Lord;
27:34 and he will give thee the desires of thy heart,
27:38 but notice he'll give you desires of your heart
27:40 if you do what? Good, if you delight,
27:44 friends are you delighting in the Lord today,
27:47 is he in your delight. Do you wake up thinking
27:50 about him; do you go to bed thinking about him?
27:52 Do you want your life to be like him?
27:57 Do you want him to fully reproduce right his image
27:59 inside of you? Remember what he's talking about,
28:04 delight thyself in the Lord. That means are we
28:09 really earnestly seeking him, if you're earnestly
28:13 seeking him he's going give you that desire that you
28:17 have. See there's too many people in the world
28:19 today by the way, I desire a nice home, I desire
28:23 a new car, I desire a job. I desire a mate,
28:28 I desire things of this world. Jesus said I'm gonna
28:34 give you the desires of your heart,
28:37 that means how about the request be careful
28:41 what we pray for, he said I will give you the request
28:44 right of your heart either partitions of your heart.
28:49 Where all these today what do you really praying
28:50 about in your life today, what do you really
28:53 earnestly seeking today? Is it a closer law walk
28:57 with Jesus in order you're doing that
29:00 by listen carefully two things fasting and prayer.
29:03 When you really get serious with God you're gonna
29:06 spend sometime, my mother many years ago,
29:09 she used to sing us a song you know how long it
29:11 has been. Since you kneel by your bed and prayed
29:17 to the Lord in secret, you know how long has it
29:18 been you know since we knelt there and we prayed,
29:20 maybe all night long and until the dawn came up.
29:23 Oh! By the night time usually most were tired
29:26 you've worn out, you say oh! Lord bless the family
29:28 and that's it, when you really desire something
29:30 you're gonna spend sometime,
29:31 you're gonna be praying, you're gonna say God
29:33 I'm gonna fast so my mind can be clear to be whole,
29:36 the things of God I wanna be filled with that Spirit.
29:39 And by the way this story told about a man
29:46 and he was an American, an Englishmen,
29:50 wanted to come over in the country to visit
29:55 and they were, they were viewing the Niagara
29:58 Falls and what they would really called the whirlpool
30:01 rapids and suppose the men were standing there
30:04 and they were kind of viewing the overall picture
30:07 there and oh boy this is really good and one
30:10 of the men elbowed the other and said I'm gonna
30:11 show you something, I'm gonna show you the
30:14 greatest unused power in the world.
30:21 And so they made their way down to the foot
30:23 or the bottom of Niagara and there the men pointed
30:28 down and said look this is the greatest unused
30:33 power in the world. The other men looked him
30:39 he said oh! My brother, not so, but it confused
30:47 the man for a moment what do you mean not so,
30:48 is there another fall or is there something
30:50 that's greater than this. Oh! Not so my brother
30:54 the greatest unused power in the world is the
30:58 Holy Spirit of the living God oh how sad,
31:05 the greatest unused power in the world is the
31:10 Holy Spirit. And it is for us, not using the
31:17 Holy Spirit but letting the Holy Spirit use us,
31:23 why don't we let that happen in our life.
31:24 Always little difficulties these things will be
31:28 smoothed out. God will use us to win souls,
31:35 let's tab into that power, by the way Zechariah 4:6
31:42 I know most of you know this, the Bible says:
31:45 Not by what? Might, nor by power,
31:47 but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts.
31:51 So, it's not by what? Not by might,
31:54 it's not by power in the world. Well, I'm gonna
31:56 do this, I've got this here, I've got money,
31:58 I've got power, I've got client,
31:59 you know I've got the cloud they call it.
32:03 I've got power in the world and the Bible comes
32:06 back and say it's not by man's might,
32:08 not by his power, not by his position,
32:10 not by his finances, not by his education.
32:13 But that power comes from none other than
32:15 the Holy Spirit. Friend, we need it in our life
32:18 we do need to desire it that we have in our life,
32:21 oh God help us. Reading one of my favorite books
32:25 called the great controversy in page 5,
32:28 528, 529, I'm gonna read part of that to you
32:31 and I want you to listen it. This is so important
32:36 to those of you who us, who are struggling
32:38 everyday to live the victorious life and what's
32:41 available to us, oh please don't miss this right. Take
32:45 your pencil and your paper put it down right now,
32:47 please write it down and say look I'm gonna go
32:50 back and study this out. This is encouragement
32:53 to me, it says: Neither wicked men nor devils,
32:57 neither wicked men nor devils can hinder the work
33:01 of God, that makes me wanna shout and I just
33:03 might do it. Neither what? Oh the wicked men
33:07 nor devils can hinder the work of God.
33:10 Oh! Look the devil's slowed us down again,
33:12 now the devil done, hey I've been saying that
33:14 myself a lot. We know he's active but remember
33:19 he cannot didn't say stop it he can't even hinder
33:23 the work of God. That's powerful or he can't shut
33:29 out the presence, reading on. His presence from
33:33 His people, he can't shut God's presence away from
33:37 us, isn't that wonderful to know we need that,
33:42 notice and then here comes this thing if or some
33:46 of us don't wanna hear about this if.
33:49 But if today if you're saying right now I'll tell
33:51 we're working for Jesus and we got to tell you
33:53 it's seems like we're being stopped at which
33:55 ever we go say look no wicked man,
33:57 no devil can hinder the work of God, no devil
34:00 can shut the power of God away from me,
34:04 principalities empowers you remember it.
34:08 But then if comes in, oh! Why does if,
34:13 the article goes on to say if they will, with
34:17 subdued, get it, what is this talking about subdued
34:22 that means if I'll subject myself under subjection
34:28 to the Holy Spirit. I need to soften, I need submit,
34:32 notice this, I submit by training I must be willing
34:39 to submit myself to the power of the Holy Spirit
34:41 to retrain me if necessary, I have to have that kind
34:47 of heart that's willing to taught then the no devil
34:53 can stop us from doing what needs to be done
34:55 for Jesus and it simply means here when
34:57 you're talking about subdued that means,
35:00 listen some of you stop fighting God,
35:04 it's a losing battle you can't fight God,
35:05 you can't win a battle have you ever thought
35:07 for just a moment about that like fighting God,
35:11 well you know if don't wanna do this,
35:13 I'm not gonna have to do that you realize who
35:14 you're talking to if you're addressing God of the
35:17 Universe. Friend, you are nothing and I'm nothing
35:21 in this world but God thinks that we're and I
35:24 praise him for that, Jesus willing to come
35:26 and die for us. But never stand in the face of God,
35:29 never challenge God, best thing for you and I,
35:31 we want power of the Spirit, power to win souls,
35:33 power to do something for Jesus is to submit
35:36 our self to him, to be approachable, to be
35:39 teachable, to be loving and to be kind notice.
35:44 The article goes on and it says here that we need
35:47 to be subdued and contrite, think about this.
35:52 This simply is once again, once again it means,
35:54 means humbled doesn't it, it also means here what
35:57 to remorse. It means sorrow, so if we come and
36:02 we confess our sins, if we really sorry about that,
36:05 we get our life right with God something's going
36:08 to happen in our heart. And the article goes
36:10 on and says if we confess notice away, notice
36:13 this is very important if we confess and
36:16 put away our sins. Now, remember I'm talking about
36:21 this if you want that power that the wicked men
36:25 or devils can't stop and by the way sometime
36:28 in the church we have people trying to stop
36:30 the movement of God. They can't do it,
36:32 but they try it, the wicked men or the devils
36:36 can't stop or they can't shut out God from us,
36:39 they can't stop God's blessings and yes sometimes
36:43 we think, oh they've stop this doing,
36:44 no they can't stop it. God may work in another
36:48 channel, another avenue and go around whatever
36:50 but God will have his way as the end result.
36:54 I say we need to confess and put away our
36:56 sins in faith, notice this and claim his promises,
37:00 notice this, if we do this, this is where it's at.
37:05 This is what's happening I'm telling dear friends
37:07 what needs to happen in the church, we got,
37:10 we must pay attention to what we're talking
37:12 about here. We're gonna put away confess and
37:14 put away sins. Then it goes on in faith claim
37:17 promises notice this, his promises and every
37:22 temptation, every what? Didn't say every other
37:26 one but he said, every temptation,
37:28 every opposing influence, whether open or secret
37:33 will successfully resisted. You wanna gain victory
37:38 through the power of the Holy Spirit there are
37:41 conditions, we confess our sins here we turn
37:45 from those thing, we claim his promises,
37:46 every temptation, think about it, every opposing
37:52 influence and oh there are so many opposing
37:54 influences in the world today. So many things out
37:58 to try to stop the calls of God and it says here
38:00 whether open whether we realize it or not or
38:03 whether these opposing things are in secret.
38:06 It's clear that they maybe successfully resisted
38:10 through the power of the Spirit of God because
38:13 he said I will fight your battles for you.
38:15 You see this is exciting, why is there so much
38:19 defeat, so much sorrow, so much gloom and doom
38:23 and again I say defeat over and over in the
38:26 movement of God is because we're not claiming
38:28 the promises of God we're not coming him with
38:30 a contrite heart, we're not coming in with subdued
38:34 heart, we're not willing to be taught,
38:36 we're not will to change our life,
38:38 we're not willing to come to him and say God
38:39 whatever it takes. Oh! Friend, as you read the
38:43 promises of God, oh go, go immediately to the
38:47 throne room, don't wait till the evening,
38:49 go to the throne room boldly because of who,
38:50 who he is, run out to the highways and byways
38:54 and tell other people they say, I can't resist
38:56 this temptation, oh this thing overtakes me every,
38:59 time doesn't have to. You never have to be
39:03 defeated is a choice, you can choose God,
39:08 you can choose his companionship in that
39:13 Holy Spirit dear friends, I'm telling is gonna,
39:14 is coming in great measure, I sense it now,
39:16 I see it in peoples lives and God said.
39:19 This work is going to end with greater manifestation
39:21 than in the beginning is what we're studying
39:24 here oh! It's awesome to me, in fact by the
39:28 way you still have your Bible out keep it going,
39:29 we got some little bit time left here,
39:31 I want this to be such an encouragement to you
39:34 that you know you exercise faith and know
39:37 that God's gonna fill you with that Spirit,
39:39 God's gonna use you for his honor and for
39:41 his glory. Bible says in Acts chapter 2
39:44 verse 21: whosoever shall call upon the name
39:48 of the Lord shall be saved. See that's a promise,
39:55 it doesn't give a whole lot dos and don'ts and
39:57 so on and so forth, but it starts out like this
39:59 if you call upon the name of the Lord,
40:01 when you call upon the name of the Lord.
40:02 You're ready for a change in your life, some
40:05 of your are too proud, some of you stiff necks,
40:07 some of you don't want that really change but
40:09 yet in your heart you kind of do,
40:11 you don't know what to do where to go
40:12 and so you do nothing. Oh! Friend, I encourage you,
40:15 do something, do something and God's gonna
40:19 direct your path because he promised to,
40:21 call upon the name of the Lord and the Bible says
40:24 you shall be what? You shall be saved,
40:26 this is what it's about. You say well I'm not
40:31 so sure listen if you're looking at that Bible
40:33 in First Timothy chapter 2 verses 3 and 4 listen
40:37 to these precious little words.
40:40 We're talking about God here who would have
40:43 all men to be saved, oh! Friend, God's
40:47 desire for you today right now this moment,
40:54 he wants to save you. That's what the Bible says,
40:57 God's desire is to what, is for all men to be saved,
41:02 this is what he wants, this is what he enabling us
41:06 to do through his merits and through his strength
41:09 and through his what? The cross of Calvary
41:12 it's yours it's mine, 1 Corinthians 15 by the way
41:17 verses 1 and 2 as we continue to cry out
41:21 for this power. Recognizing that we need it,
41:23 that we wanted in our life, notice this passage
41:27 it says: Moreover and Paul speaking moreover,
41:29 my brethren, I declare unto you the gospel.
41:34 Friend sometime we forget that beautiful gospel
41:35 of Jesus Christ, he sad the gospel that I preached
41:38 unto you, it's a good example we need to
41:40 preaching Jesus Christ and him crucified.
41:45 He said which you have also received,
41:47 and wherein ye stand; verse 2 says notice By
41:52 which also ye are saved, notice the word if
41:56 you keep in memory what I preached unto you,
41:59 unless ye have believed in vain. I
42:04 thought how exciting that is passage of scripture
42:07 sometime that we read and then we just like oh!
42:09 Well, okay well, oh I think I've got the point
42:11 oh study, get down the end and begin to dig
42:14 a little bit deeper Paul points out the importance
42:18 of what? Of the gospel that he gave to them
42:22 and he said now remember the gospel is so important
42:24 he said you believed it and then you stand in it
42:27 and then you're gonna be saved in it.
42:31 The gospel must be preaching all the world as
42:33 a witness and Jesus is going to come,
42:35 but we're gonna have to stand in this thing. Oh!
42:38 Friend it's so important today, it's so important
42:43 that we accept Jesus, this gospel is preached
42:47 to every nation, kindred, tongue and people.
42:50 And by the way the gospel you know what
42:53 I call the gospel, it's the good news. You like good
42:57 news that's a gospel we need that gospel in that
43:00 good news there are so many things involve
43:03 salvation, righteousness thy faith in the gospel
43:09 we realize that Jesus came and he lived and he
43:11 lead that victorious life and he died,
43:13 he was berried but he rose again part of the gospel
43:17 of Jesus Christ we read scriptures and it say he
43:19 sits on the what. On the right hand of the Father,
43:21 he's the mediator of the better covenant.
43:24 He's our high priest and he promises to come again,
43:27 this is a gospel. People need to know that Jesus
43:31 is coming back, we need to know that we have
43:33 a mediator, we have to know that we have help
43:36 in our time of need. We need to know that one
43:40 stands between us and the Father and pleased
43:42 his blood that's good news we need to. Six
43:46 testimonies 291, by the way, another little book
43:49 I'm gleaming some beautiful things out and
43:52 hope you've been studying too keep it up.
43:55 It says: The truth for this time embraces the
43:58 whole gospel. The truth this time embraces what?
44:02 The whole gospel, what is that whole gospel, now
44:06 rightly presented it will make evident the power
44:10 of God's grace, do you need more power,
44:13 do you want that power, you desiring it today,
44:16 it deals with what the gospel, plan of salvation
44:20 here upon the heart, it said: It will do a complete
44:24 work and develop a complete man. Friend,
44:30 you realize we need to be complete in Jesus Christ,
44:35 complete in him, that's the plan that God has for
44:39 us if you don't believe that read with me in
44:42 Colossians chapter 4 verse 12 he says we're going
44:45 to be perfect and complete in all the will of God,
44:50 what perfect and complete in all the will of God.
44:55 So, we have no excuse, you say well I,
44:59 I don't know about being perfect in him Bible says
45:01 first blade then the ear the four corn in every
45:04 stage it's perfective even though we have a
45:07 time you know reach to the, to the full corn
45:11 we just still be living after the light that God
45:13 is given when we praying for that, that power
45:15 that God wants to give us. In order to develop
45:19 that complete man we have to die daily.
45:24 Friend are you willing to die daily to yourself the
45:27 biggest battle that you're gonna ever fight
45:28 as yourself. Quit blaming the preacher,
45:30 quit blaming the church, quit blaming one another
45:34 look at yourself, look in the mirror there is your
45:37 problem. Here's my problem, every sin goes traces
45:42 back to I want, I need, you remember the devil said,
45:49 I will ascend, do you remember that, I will
45:52 be like the most high. Today we you some
45:57 of the same words, same thoughts from the enemy
46:04 aren't they? But Jesus said Kenny you're gonna
46:07 have to die daily, 1 Corinthians 15:31 you
46:12 don't have time to go into all but you read
46:14 that when you have the opportunity because
46:16 it talks about we need to die daily.
46:20 Standing, the Bible says we've to stand in the word,
46:23 we have to receive the word, if you want the
46:26 Spirit and you say I need that Spirit then we
46:28 must be willing to receive that word.
46:31 Now, think about it, you have your Bibles
46:35 I want you to turn we still have a few minutes
46:37 left now I want you turn to the Old Testament this
46:39 is very, very important here, in the Old Testament
46:42 we're going to look at Proverbs chapter 2,
46:45 I wanna do this from my Bible,
46:47 I wanna be read this, I don't want you to miss it.
46:51 Proverbs chapter 2, listen this is dynamite if you
46:55 miss this you've missed the whole program.
46:58 This will tell you exactly how you can receive
47:03 the power of that Holy Spirit and that desire
47:05 in you heart that you want it, don't miss this,
47:09 Proverbs chapter 2 go ahead and start reading
47:11 verses 1 through 5 notice the Bible says he said:
47:14 My son, if thou wilt receive my words,
47:18 and hide my commandments with thee. So,
47:22 that thou incline thine ear unto wisdom,
47:25 notice this and apply thine heart to understanding.
47:29 Yea, if thou criest after knowledge,
47:32 and lifted up the voice for understanding.
47:36 If thou seekest her as silver the Bible says,
47:40 search for her as for hidden treasures.
47:43 Then shall thou understand the fear of the Lord,
47:47 and find the knowledge of God. You see how important
47:51 what is listed in here if we had a whole lot more
47:53 time we could do it, just go back and start picking
47:56 out the most important words lets do that just
47:58 quickly as we can I would love to look up passages
48:00 on everyone of this. I have got them up here,
48:03 don't have time to present them but notice the
48:04 Bible says here that we need to first do what?
48:07 Receive his word, record in Matthew 4:4 you
48:11 remember receive what? Every word that proceeds
48:13 out of the mouth of God, do you remember that
48:16 you say well yeah that's the word you mean that
48:18 the written word, oh! John chapter 1,
48:20 you remember verse 1 in the beginning was what?
48:23 Good the word right, the word was made flesh,
48:25 and dwelt among us, is that it. The
48:27 word Jesus Christ, friend have you accepted him,
48:32 he's the word, he's life, so we must do what receive,
48:40 you've to receive his word if you want this
48:41 real power. Are you receiving the word of God
48:44 today and here it says, here that we have to hide
48:48 the commandments within what? Within our hearts,
48:54 I mean you're already close by so let me just do
48:55 that shall we in Psalms 119, Psalms 119:11 oh
49:00 this is powerful, Psalms 119 verse 11 it says:
49:06 Thy word have I what? Good, hid in my heart that
49:09 I might not do what? I might not sin against thee.
49:14 So, we hid the word of God where? In our heart,
49:17 remember there are conditions upon receiving
49:19 the outpouring of the Holy Spirit well that being
49:21 lead by the Spirit and we have to be able
49:23 to receive his word. And he said I hide the
49:27 word of God where in my heart,
49:30 I put his commandments in my heart oh friend
49:33 we have time would read a lot more but
49:34 you know what it says also in that we read
49:36 that you have to incline your ear.
49:39 You have to be willing to listen to the word of God,
49:44 think about willing to do what?
49:46 To take your ears and listen to the word of God,
49:49 you say well I'm not sure of that but I put my
49:51 finger right here I'm gonna turn to the book
49:52 of Romans I wants you to do the same thing
49:54 while you're there. In the book of Romans previous
49:59 chapter 10 verse 17, Romans chapter 10
50:02 verse 17 the Bible says: So faith comes by what?
50:07 Hearing and hearing by the word of God, you
50:10 see how important it is that we incline our ear,
50:13 incline our ear to what? God said he wants us
50:15 to have what? Wisdom and we need to apply
50:17 our hearts to understanding the Bible
50:20 all these I'm talking about here we just read
50:22 in Proverbs 2:1 through 5 but these are conditions
50:27 in order to receive that victory.
50:28 In order to receive that power,
50:30 to get the church on the move, the way that
50:32 it needs to be on the move today.
50:34 We need to apply our heart to what?
50:36 To understanding the Bible said, Proverbs 3:5
50:38 read that when you get an opportunity.
50:40 We need to seek the word as for hidden treasure
50:42 the Bible says notice that and it says: This is
50:45 the fear of God by the way Three Angels message
50:50 isn't it? Fear God and give glory to him for the hour
50:53 of his judgment has come, fear God,
50:55 this is the fear of God. Friend, we live in such
50:58 an hour that we need to
51:00 realize that Jesus is coming,
51:02 we need to be making the changes that we need
51:04 to make, need to be making them today not
51:05 later on. And so the Bible says that we need
51:09 to receive it and we need to stand in it.
51:13 Friend, how long has it been since you've been
51:15 standing in the word. I like that songs says
51:18 standing on the promises of God,
51:20 how about you? Oh! I'm standing on those promises
51:24 I like the song that says stand up,
51:26 stand up for Jesus, ye soldiers of the cross,
51:30 God never ask us to be seated as a Christian
51:32 he always said stand get up, get up on your feet,
51:35 get ready to move. By the way Romans 11:20 says
51:39 we stand by what? We stand by our faith did
51:42 you notice that, Galatians 5:1 says:
51:45 Stand fast therefore in what? Liberty,
51:48 notice the words talking about standing.
51:51 Ephesians 6:11 the Bible says: Stand against
51:54 the wiles of the devil, fight him,
51:57 Stand against the wiles of the what?
51:59 Against the wiles of the devil. Colossians 4:12:
52:03 That you may stand, stand perfect and complete
52:06 in him. Romans 15 verse 2: stand one of these
52:09 days we're gonna be able to stand on the what?
52:12 On the sea of glass, Colossians 1 by the
52:16 way 23 says: If you what? Condition "If ye
52:19 continue in the faith grounded and settled."
52:25 We have very few peoples seem to be grounded
52:27 and settled in the truth anymore its wishy-washy,
52:29 bloom by every wind of doctrine.
52:32 Because we do not know the word of God,
52:34 we shall not be moved away from the hope
52:37 of the gospel which you've heard. Friend,
52:40 I'm telling you this is an hour in which we live,
52:43 God says you know what I want people
52:44 with sound-minds, I want people who have sound
52:47 words, I want you to be sound in the faith,
52:49 I want you to have sound speech the Bible says
52:52 and to have this sound mind is in Philippians
52:54 2:5 Is to what? Is to have the mind of Jesus Christ,
53:00 we live in a crooked and perverse world by the way,
53:04 but we need to hold fast to the word of God right now.
53:07 Why because we're looking for Jesus to come,
53:09 he's the author and finish by the way of our Faith.
53:12 I need to be exciting glad, I need to delight
53:14 in his word. I need to be living for him,
53:16 doing something for Jesus. And let me encourage
53:19 you as you commit your soul to Jesus right now.
53:21 You commit your life to him right now,
53:23 there's gonna be power that comes over you.
53:25 That maybe you've never experience before.
53:30 Why because you can have a powerful influence
53:32 as you let Jesus come in the power of God,
53:36 that Spirit of power will convict your soul.
53:39 Enable you to lead other souls to Jesus Christ,
53:42 to be a soul winner; this is what it's all
53:45 about. By the way don't wait until it's too late,
53:48 don't wait till the last moment let me just share
53:51 little small story with you as I think is so, so very,
53:54 very important and some of you will relate
53:58 to this and others you won't get it,
53:59 but you know he has a great baseball player,
54:01 his name was Ty Cobb and man what a ball
54:05 player he was. He played over 3000 games by
54:08 the way and for 12 years he led the American lead
54:13 in batting average and for four of those years
54:17 listen he batted over four hundred that's amazing.
54:23 But on his death bed, it was July the 17 in
54:28 1961 this man of baseball that people in the sports
54:33 world followed after him and said how a
54:36 great man that he was on his death bed.
54:41 He accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior,
54:44 but please take note of these words,
54:47 he said tell the boys I'm sorry,
54:53 tell the boys I'm sorry. It was the last part
55:00 of the 9th inning that I came to know Christ,
55:06 oh I wish it had been taken place in first half
55:13 of first inning. Friend, don't let that be said
55:17 about you, look at all that you can do for Jesus.
55:22 If you're filled with that power, if you desire
55:24 that power in you, in your life don't wait till the
55:28 death bed. Why not make that decision and
55:31 that choice right now for him. Please do that
55:36 right now, he wants to use you,
55:38 say God I want this, I want this power
55:42 I need this power and you know what you're gonna
55:47 send that power to them. All we have to do
55:49 is ask right now in the name of Jesus and it's
55:52 going to be so, by the way while you're making
55:56 that decision right now, why don't we pray about
55:58 it in our last few moments that we have right here.
56:01 Don't delay and by the way when you make that
56:03 decision be nice to let us know that we can be
56:05 rejoice along with you, let's just have a prayer
56:07 right now that we can come together in Jesus.
56:10 Right now you recognize that there is need
56:11 for this Holy Spirit power. Now, you're calling on
56:14 that power to come into your heart,
56:15 into your life and watch what God's
56:17 going to do, let's pray shall we together.
56:22 Merciful Father in Heaven, we thank you
56:24 for your precious word today, we pray now as
56:27 there been many around the world right now
56:29 as giving their life a new or fresh to Jesus Christ,
56:32 they wanna receive that power.
56:34 They see the importance of it to be soul winner,
56:36 to be victorious I pray you will shower them
56:39 with that power right now in the name of
56:41 Jesus Christ our Lord and our Savior who
56:44 would have all men to be saved
56:46 in Jesus name. Amen.
56:50 Friends, until next time I'm gonna encourage you
56:52 to be sure and study your Bible and when
56:55 we come together we've got another
56:56 importance study I'll see you then. Friends,
56:59 hello again it is our prayer that you were truly
57:03 blessed and encouraged by today's message.
57:07 Again this was the second in a five part series
57:10 that we've been entitled
57:11 "Addressing The Power of The Holy Spirit."
57:14 There are three more in these series to look
57:16 forward to, the next is preparation to receive
57:20 that power followed by how we receive that power,
57:24 we need to know how to receive the power of God
57:26 and finally witnessing the power don't you wanna
57:30 be a witness for Jesus and you wanna witness
57:33 with the power of the Holy Spirit you know we can
57:36 know all truth, we can say all the right things but
57:40 without God's Spirit to bless and to give power
57:44 to that message it can avail nothing.
57:47 And should you or a loved one appreciate having
57:50 this complete set to view time and time again
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58:38 Friends, we love you, we appreciates you until
58:41 next time may the Lord continue
58:43 to richly bless you and yours.


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