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00:40 Hello friends and welcome to Behold
00:42 the Lamb Presents, I'm Chris Shelton
00:44 your host and my husband Pastor Kenny
00:47 Shelton will be delivering our
00:48 message today. It is the third in a five
00:51 part series that we have entitled
00:53 "Addressing the Power of the Holy Spirit."
00:56 Today's message is "Preparation to
00:59 Receive that Power." Friends, the Bible is
01:03 full of fascinating stories that reveal the
01:05 Holy Spirit's work for the salvation of mankind.
01:09 Many of which have been recorded dealing
01:11 with the man named Paul. Paul was first introduced
01:14 to us in scriptures as Saul.
01:16 A man who was feared by all the
01:19 Christian believers at that time, he was
01:22 ruthless in doing what he thought was God's will.
01:26 But just like many of us today we can be
01:28 jealous and sincere in our efforts to serve
01:31 God though we may find that through
01:34 further Bible study and prayer that we
01:36 have been sincerely wrong.
01:39 Paul found this out on the road to Damascus,
01:41 when Christ's voice was heard from
01:43 Heaven calling out to him, in a tremendous
01:46 bright light saying Saul, Saul, why
01:49 persecuted thou me? This was the beginning
01:53 of Paul's preparation to receive the true
01:57 Holy Spirit of God. And after truly dying
02:00 to self and living in Christ through much
02:02 study and prayer, we look again at Paul in
02:05 Acts chapter 19. This time he was asking
02:09 other disciples of Christ, if they had
02:11 received the Holy Ghost. Their answer,
02:14 well we have not so much as heard
02:16 whether there be any Holy Ghost.
02:19 You know friends, God has much to
02:21 teach his followers today just as he did
02:25 back then. Reading on in chapter 19 verses
02:28 11 and 12 we find And God wrought
02:31 special miracles by the hands of Paul.
02:35 So that from his body were brought unto the
02:37 sick handkerchiefs or aprons, and the
02:40 diseases departed from them.
02:43 And evil spirits went out of them.
02:46 Wow, that is power and that same power
02:50 is promised to each and everyone of us today.
02:53 If we but prepare and claim it.
02:56 Pastor Kenny is going to lay before us today
02:59 steps in which we must take in the
03:01 preparation to receive that power.
03:04 But first we're blessed to go to 3ABN's
03:06 worship center and listen to my
03:08 sister-in-law Tammy Chance as she sings
03:12 "Drinking at the Springs of Living Water.'
03:27 I thirst in a barren land of sin and shame,
03:31 Nothing satisfying there I found;
03:35 But to the blessed cross of Christ one day I came,
03:39 Where springs of living water did abound.
03:44 Drinking at the springs of living water,
03:48 Happy now am I, my soul they satisfy;
03:52 I'm drinking at the springs of living water,
03:56 What a wonderful and bountiful supply.
04:03 Oh sinner, won't you come today to Calvary?
04:07 A fountain there is flowing deep and wide;
04:11 The Savior now invites you to the water free,
04:15 Where thirsting spirits can be satisfied.
04:20 Drinking at the springs of living water,
04:24 Happy now am I, my soul they satisfy;
04:28 I'm drinking at the springs of living water,
04:32 What a wonderful and bountiful supply.
04:37 Drinking at the springs of living water,
04:41 Happy now am I, my soul they satisfy;
04:45 I'm drinking at the springs of living water,
04:49 What a wonderful and bountiful supply.
04:54 Drinking at the springs of living water,
04:58 What a wonderful and bountiful supply.
05:02 What a wonderful and bountiful supply.
05:06 What a wonderful and bountiful supply.
05:15 Thank you for joining us today we're so
05:17 glad, by the way that we can come into
05:20 your home or wherever you might
05:21 be around the world today, to study the
05:23 word of God. By the way the subject is
05:25 "Preparation for Receiving that
05:27 Power" and I know you want that power.
05:30 But before we study the word as always
05:32 we go to the Lord in prayer.
05:33 So, why don't you join with me where
05:35 it's possible as we pray that the Holy
05:38 Spirit will take possession of our
05:39 hearts and our minds and lead us into all
05:42 truth and to give us that power that we
05:44 need, let's pray shall we together?
05:49 Merciful Father in Heaven, once again
05:51 we thank you for your love and your mercy,
05:54 we plead for the power of thy Holy
05:55 Spirit, we pray that you'll lead us into all truth.
05:59 Open the beautiful pages of scripture,
06:01 illuminate these truth that we maybe able to
06:03 understand what you have in mind in stored for us.
06:07 Thank you for your love, thank you for
06:09 Calvary, thank you for that blood that
06:11 cleanses us whiter than snow.
06:14 Once again we plead for the outpouring of
06:16 thy Spirit, bless now we say not our will
06:18 but thine be done, bless now we pray
06:21 each and everyone who views or who
06:23 listens wherever they might be around the world.
06:26 That in need maybe met in their heart in
06:28 life, and draw us closer to Jesus is my
06:30 prayer, in Jesus name, Amen.
06:36 Well, again we're glad that you're with us,
06:37 we thank you Tammy for that beautiful song
06:39 by the way. I know it's touched many,
06:41 many hearts and lives; and was drawing
06:43 people closer to Jesus and preparing their
06:45 hearts for this word. Now, we're gonna be
06:48 talking about the preparation for
06:50 receiving that power. The word preparation
06:54 by the way I believe is misunderstood
06:57 especially in the church, to be prepared
07:00 for something and we can use an illustration,
07:03 as you invite someone over and you say oh
07:04 I've prepared a meal for you and then when
07:07 people get there all of a sudden, you find
07:09 that all the preparations that was necessary
07:12 haven't taken place. Oh! You've forgotten
07:15 to warm this up, you forgot to get this and
07:17 so were you really prepared for that event.
07:21 And so preparation then denotes
07:24 something very special when we talk
07:26 about the coming of Jesus. When we speak about
07:29 receiving power from on high, there is a
07:33 preparation that is needful.
07:36 Why is there such a lack of power in our
07:39 individual lives or in the church, maybe as
07:42 the body of Christ? Why aren't we seeing
07:45 these miracles and these things taking
07:47 place as we look in the day of Pentecost
07:49 or the disciples or through scripture
07:52 where God work in many marvelous,
07:55 marvelous ways? Is there something
07:58 wrong, are we not really preparing for
08:01 that time? Are we really preparing for
08:04 the coming of Jesus? So, when it talks
08:06 about coming of Jesus preparing.
08:09 Does that really mean that we need to be
08:11 fully prepared, think about it?
08:15 Fully prepared and if Jesus says I'm going
08:20 to come again and I'm going to receive those
08:22 who are fully prepared, does he
08:25 mean really prepared for his coming.
08:27 And how do you and I take that, do we take
08:30 it as I'm fully prepared but I'm not
08:34 sure what all it really takes.
08:37 I want to be prepared but I'm not really sure
08:41 what the Lord has in store for me.
08:43 I want to be prepared but do I really need to
08:46 be fully prepared, because isn't Jesus
08:49 gonna make up where I, where I lack?
08:52 Some people's gonna say well I'm not really
08:54 worry about doing anything in
08:56 preparation because well Jesus has done it all.
08:58 I'll just wait till he, till he comes to get me,
09:02 is that really a preparation, what
09:04 does it all encompass as we talk about this.
09:08 You know a very, very important
09:09 passage of scripture found in John 14
09:12 verses 2 and 3 is very, very interesting oh!
09:14 It's one that you know by heart but yet its,
09:17 to me it's exciting John 14:2 and 3 Jesus
09:20 said that he's gone to prepare, in fact he
09:23 starts out: In my Father's house are
09:25 many mansions: And then he goes on to
09:29 tell us if it were not so I would have,
09:32 have told you and then he uses these
09:33 words that I want us to think about is
09:36 it says, if it were not so, I would have told
09:38 you, I go to prepare a place for you
09:43 and then in verse 3 he goes on and if I go on
09:46 or if I prepare a place for you, he says I will
09:50 come again and receive you.
09:51 So, he uses the word prepare, so how does
09:54 Jesus look at prepare, is he saying is I prepared
09:58 a place for you and does it really mean oh
10:01 I was going to prepare but I forgot.
10:05 Or did Jesus mean in here that I, it's gonna
10:09 be a few months yet, I'm gonna come and
10:12 get you, but it's gonna be a few months
10:13 before I get your place ready for you.
10:16 What is really being prepared, what does
10:19 it really mean, fully, entirely, partly?
10:24 Oh! This is very interesting when
10:26 you begin to study scripture, what does
10:27 Jesus really mean? In fact when he said
10:30 I prepare or that word there is interesting,
10:33 prepare means this. It means to make ready,
10:37 so when he says I've prepared a place for
10:40 you, he said I've made ready a place for you.
10:43 So, when Jesus uses the word prepare it's
10:45 I've got something ready for you and it
10:48 also denotes he's constructed something.
10:52 He has created something for us;
10:56 he's made it ready. These are words by
10:59 the way that Jesus left for his disciples, why?
11:03 Because he's getting ready to go away and
11:05 he, he wanted to bring comfort to them,
11:08 just as if you were leaving by the way
11:10 and you're gonna be gone for a while and
11:12 maybe you tried to comfort your children
11:14 or your companion and what do you say,
11:17 I'll be back in just a short time.
11:20 Jesus wanted the disciples to know
11:21 that he would not forget them and so
11:25 he uses the illustration and he uses also
11:28 the truth of the issue that I've gone and to
11:30 prepare a place for you. A place of abode
11:34 and I will come again. So to be prepared by
11:37 the way is to be what? Is to be ready, so we
11:43 have to be ready to receive the outpouring
11:46 of the Spirit, there is a preparation time,
11:50 what all takes place in that preparation.
11:55 By the way have you ever thought, you
11:56 know many people they talk about
11:58 weddings a lot? Now, what if we had,
12:01 there is going to be a wedding.
12:03 There, a lot of plans are supposed to go
12:05 into a wedding, people are planning
12:08 and all kind of different people are
12:09 doing different things but what of the
12:11 day of the wedding. Everybody came
12:13 together and they said oh by
12:15 the way who is the best man?
12:20 Did someone invite a photographer,
12:22 well I was gonna prepare but I, we forgot.
12:25 By the way where's the cake,
12:29 we forgot to order that too?
12:33 See in a wedding there's lot of
12:35 preparation to take place for when it is
12:38 time for it to take place.
12:41 And that means all things are ready,
12:45 its not when it's time for that wedding to
12:46 take place and all the sudden we begin
12:48 decide what we're going to do.
12:50 So, Jesus said I'm gonna be outpouring
12:51 of the Spirit, but I can only pour it on those
12:54 who have been preparing to receive
12:56 that power, have you been preparing to
12:58 receive that power. You say well I'm not
13:00 really sure we're going to learn that
13:02 from scripture today. Be prepared, Jesus
13:06 said this by the way in Luke 12 verse 40:
13:09 he said, be ye therefore ready,
13:13 now once again be ye therefore what?
13:15 Be ye therefore ready, ready also means to
13:18 be prepared for the son of man, the Bible
13:21 said cometh at an hour when you think not.
13:26 So, the Bible then tells us this important
13:29 fact that we are to be what?
13:33 Ready, ready means prepared.
13:36 How many are really prepared for the
13:38 coming of Jesus? Are you really prepared?
13:41 You may say I'm prepared but how
13:43 often have you said that in life?
13:46 How often have you said, oh! I'm prepared
13:48 for this event and when it comes down
13:51 for the time of that event.
13:53 You are not, you are not really ready for it,
13:57 you are not really prepared, you thought
13:58 that you were, but you really didn't check
14:01 everything out. Friend, Jesus said you
14:05 need to be ready, you need to be.
14:07 The Bible says prepared, now I want
14:09 you to think about that word with me,
14:13 the word means adjusted. To be ready means to
14:18 be adjusted, in this life we're going to
14:21 have to make some adjustments.
14:25 How many adjustments are you willing to
14:27 make, to make sure your life is ready so
14:29 that God can pour his spirit out upon you
14:32 and use you and use me, use the church to
14:34 finish the work. Because some of
14:36 these adjustments are very difficult in our
14:39 life, why? Because we fight it so much,
14:44 but that word I need to be, I can be
14:47 adjusted and another word I thought it was
14:50 very interesting was fitness.
14:54 Jesus said that we need to be ready,
14:57 we need to be adjusted, we need to be fit.
15:03 We need to be prepared also is what
15:06 that word means. You know I thought
15:08 about the story a little bit of a young man
15:11 who came out to play basketball one time,
15:14 and he said you know I love to play
15:17 basketball and so I'm not really a good,
15:19 good shot, so I'm not much on the offense,
15:21 but boy I'm, I'll be good on defense
15:26 and his words were these. The man that I guard
15:29 I will just dog him to death,
15:34 and in basketball lingo what might that mean.
15:37 It means he's not gonna give his hands
15:39 on the ball and when he does he's not
15:40 gonna be able to put it in the hoop.
15:43 Those very interesting within 3 to 5 minutes
15:47 of starting that game, the man who was
15:49 going dog this other individual, the man
15:51 that was going to prevent the other
15:53 one from shooting the basketball
15:54 by getting his hand. He was over on the
15:56 sideline with his head down sick as a dog,
16:00 why? 'Cause he had not made the
16:03 necessary adjustments, he thought he was
16:07 prepared for the game. He thought he was fit
16:12 for the game, fitness. But was he?
16:17 No, but if you ask him, he'd say oh!
16:19 I'm prepared for it, but look what
16:23 happened to him. Are we really prepared?
16:26 Are we really fit? Are we really making
16:28 the adjustments? Jesus promise
16:34 to send the comforter,
16:39 and when he said I send the comforter,
16:40 you know what the comforter?
16:41 It's going to be Jesus said I'm going to send
16:43 one like me, a comforter that Jesus was a comforter.
16:48 I'm gonna send that comforter to you
16:51 and it's very interesting because you remember,
16:53 you remember a Peter you see.
16:56 But Jesus was always trying to help us in
17:00 our hour of need, he always sought to
17:03 prepare, get the word, to prepare his people
17:07 for the storms that were coming their way.
17:11 And again you remember Peter,
17:12 he's always you know quick with the tongue
17:14 and so on and so forth. In Luke 22 verse 31
17:18 through 32, when he was very quick with
17:21 the tongue and well he is, Jesus said to
17:22 Peter look Peter, "Satan hath desired to
17:25 have you, that he may sift you as wheat."
17:30 Peter thought he was prepared, he was
17:33 prepared to walk the wall, he was prepared
17:36 to do the work and the commission
17:38 that Jesus has given. He thought he was
17:40 and Jesus stopped him in his track he said
17:42 Peter the devil desires to have you, but you
17:45 know this is the good news Jesus said Peter,
17:47 I've prayed for you. There is something
17:51 about this word prayer as you're
17:54 desiring the Holy Spirit power to come
17:57 into your life. Jesus said I've prayed for you.
18:04 Friend, as I know Jesus is praying
18:05 for me you see, are you praying for that
18:08 Holy Spirit? Are you praying for Jesus
18:10 to come into your life? Its interesting
18:14 Jesus promised to send the comforter
18:20 and as we look at scripture by the way
18:22 in John 14 verse 16 this is, this is very
18:25 interesting. Jesus prayed for the Holy
18:28 Spirit to be given, why would Jesus pray
18:33 for the Holy Spirit to be given to us,
18:37 this would be where maybe we would start
18:39 and say number one down here that if
18:41 we're looking for the preparation to receive
18:44 the power of the Holy Spirit, we need
18:45 to do some praying. We need to get down
18:48 on our knees and labor with God;
18:50 we need to be praying for that power.
18:54 Preparation to receive the Holy Spirit.
18:57 By the way, why did Jesus want us to
18:59 receive the Holy Spirit? By the way just some
19:02 quick functions of the Spirit,
19:03 the Holy Spirit exhorts us.
19:06 The Holy Spirit by the way teaches us.
19:11 Do we need to be taught today?
19:12 Absolutely. The Holy Spirit brings all things
19:16 to remembrance, are you forgetful?
19:20 Yes, sometime we're forgetful of the good
19:22 things, but the Holy Spirit has been
19:24 promised to us that he will bring to
19:26 remember those things that we need at
19:28 a time that we need them.
19:32 Bible says the Holy Spirit will testify of
19:34 Jesus Christ, will make it clear to us
19:38 of Jesus, of who he is and his mission and
19:40 what he did and by the way the Holy Spirit,
19:43 the Bible says going to reprove the world of sin.
19:47 The Holy Spirit is going to guide us into
19:50 all truth is what the Bible said.
19:53 Now, can you see why Jesus is saying
19:55 you need to be prepared because
19:56 when you receive this power some changes
19:59 are going to take place in your life.
20:02 Some big changes in your life, guide us
20:05 into all truth; the Holy Spirit's going to show
20:07 us things what? Things to come,
20:11 the Holy Spirit is going to glorify Jesus Christ.
20:17 So, that means that the Holy Spirit is
20:18 living in you and living in to me,
20:21 living in me, how about when you go to
20:24 teach the word. How about bringing
20:27 these things to remembrance?
20:29 How about us testifying of Jesus Christ?
20:33 So, the first thing the Bible says we need
20:35 to pray and we need to repent of our sins if
20:39 we're going to be in this preparation mode
20:42 to receive the power that we have to have
20:44 to live in the time that we live in and then
20:47 the time to come, in order to make it to heaven.
20:52 So, you see how vital this subject is.
20:54 You're not going to make it, I'm not going
20:56 to make it unless we receive that latter rain,
20:58 unless we receive the power of the Holy Spirit.
21:01 But the Holy Spirit cannot come upon
21:03 you or upon me with sin in our life,
21:06 just can't do it. Sin's going to have to
21:09 go and so that's why as we read in the book
21:12 of Acts chapter 3 verse 19 it says:
21:16 Repent ye therefore, and be, what's the word?
21:19 Good, converted, repent as you repent
21:23 leads to what? To converted right,
21:26 conversion, that your sins may be blotted
21:28 out when the times of refreshing shall
21:31 come from the Lord. Dear friends, do you
21:33 need to be refresh, do you need a new start,
21:36 this is where it really begins here when we
21:39 cry out to God and began to repent of our
21:42 sins and friend, don't be sitting back and
21:46 say oh well you know I don't really have
21:48 anything to repent at all, you're guilty.
21:52 And we call it guilty as sin and the Bible
21:56 says do you want to receive this power.
21:58 First thing we're going to have to do,
21:59 we're gonna have to start praying,
22:00 we're gonna have to start repenting of our
22:02 sins and we need to be well converted.
22:05 See there are some bold words that was
22:07 spoken by, by Peter and he spoke them,
22:09 I want you to listen carefully, to Jews,
22:12 he spoke them to the priests, to the
22:14 Sadducees, oh what boldness that he had.
22:19 He called them to repent, sometime
22:24 religious leaders think they have any
22:26 problems they don't need to repent,
22:28 pastors, teachers oh! We're all fine,
22:31 yes the people how they're spiritually may
22:33 tell oh! We're fine that means they're
22:35 prepared then doesn't it? In reality their life
22:39 is showing something different,
22:45 when you'd ask, this priest and the Jews,
22:47 and the Sadducee oh! Everything is fine
22:50 they would say, but Peter boldly began
22:53 to speak to them in Acts chapter 3 verse
22:56 14 he said listen you denied the Holy one.
23:03 In other words when Jesus came to this
23:04 earth what did they do? They denied the
23:07 holy one, in verse 15 there he says:
23:10 You killed the prince of life, you see that's
23:13 take boldness to stand up in the face
23:17 of religious leaders and say look you're
23:18 responsible for killing the prince of life.
23:22 You denied the holy one when he came
23:24 here on this earth, you denied him and
23:27 you desired a murderer in his place.
23:31 How often have we made that choice
23:33 that we denied Jesus and we've chosen a
23:37 murderer or maybe we denied Jesus and
23:39 we've chosen an earthly friend,
23:41 we denied Jesus about not going to some
23:43 place and what? Taking the enemy's
23:45 side and we went, we've denied him.
23:48 We've chosen a murderer, you say
23:51 well I don't have a friend that's a
23:52 murderer. Listen the devil is a lair
23:54 and a thief, he's a murderer and we
23:56 sometimes we've chosen his side.
24:00 In Acts 3 verse 17 scripture becomes
24:02 clear it says: I want you to know,
24:06 see Peter got bold he said listen I want you
24:09 to know, I want you to see, I want you to
24:14 consider what you did. Now, listen this word
24:17 in ignorance see they thought
24:19 they were prepared. Prepared to receive,
24:22 they were receiving they thought,
24:25 but Peter said I want you to see, I want you
24:27 to consider what you did in ignorance.
24:29 Now notice this word because some of you
24:30 say oh! That's good because I'm ignorant
24:32 of this, I didn't know this thing.
24:34 I want you to see a difference here in
24:36 willful ignorance and just ignore or not
24:39 knowing because you haven't had the
24:40 opportunity. Peter made it very, very
24:44 clear to them and ignorance here Peter
24:47 says because you, notice this, because
24:50 you ignored. Because you ignored or you
24:56 were not inclined or you were unwilling,
25:02 see this is the kind of ignorance does not
25:05 excuse what they did. Because they
25:08 comeback, Peter would say, well you
25:10 were ignorant of this thing but the
25:11 ignorance that they had was because
25:13 they were willingly ignored.
25:15 You say, well how were they willingly
25:17 ignored and how were they not excused
25:19 because some instance in the Bible.
25:21 It says ignorance you know God linked that,
25:23 we'll look at that in just a moment.
25:24 But this here's you can't ignore it
25:29 why? Because they had great light,
25:35 they had all kind of light, they had Jesus
25:38 walking among them. They had the Prophets
25:40 among them. Then Peter continues
25:43 by the way in Acts chapter 3:20 through
25:45 26, we won't read all of those but I want
25:47 you to do a little homework and
25:48 read those verses. Because they'll do
25:51 you some good, as he begin to expand them
25:56 why that they should know?
25:58 Why, he, because let paraphrase it,
26:00 let's get it down in the bottom line here.
26:02 He says because they had strong evidences,
26:06 there were strong evidence on which
26:08 to base their faith. And sometime that's
26:10 all God gives you, you want direct
26:13 answers to prayer, you wanna see
26:14 everything. You wanna understand
26:16 everything and know everything.
26:20 Many times God just gives you strong
26:23 evidences of faith on which to, which to
26:26 base maybe your decision.
26:30 And here's what took place, they chose just
26:33 like you, just like me, just like majority of
26:36 the world today. Lets get down on it,
26:38 shall we? They chose not to study,
26:43 they chose not to search, they chose not
26:47 to pray for truth. Therefore you say
26:51 well I really didn't know but you had the
26:53 opportunity, you didn't wanna search,
26:56 you didn't wanna, listen you didn't
26:57 wanna go to church. You didn't wanna
26:58 study the lesson; you didn't wanna take
27:01 time to pray. Well, I, I didn't know,
27:05 no but you had the opportunity and
27:06 you're accountable for that time.
27:09 Peter was letting the individuals know that
27:12 they were accountable to God
27:16 and then the verse that we alluded to a
27:18 moment ago in Acts chapter 17 verse 30
27:22 he said: Times of this ignorance God winks
27:25 at; but now here is the key, but now he has
27:29 commanded all men to do what?
27:32 To repent. He's commanded us to
27:35 repent, repent of what? To repent of our sins,
27:40 to repent of our neglect and ignorance
27:44 you remember, it starts out with what?
27:46 Ignore, ignoring the things of God,
27:49 ignoring our responsibility,
27:51 ignoring our church, ignoring what's going
27:54 on in the religious world today.
27:57 What we should be involved with, the
27:58 message that we should be giving,
28:00 just ignore it, let somebody else do it.
28:03 That's not what God said; don't worry
28:04 about what somebody else is doing.
28:05 God's calling you to do a specific work,
28:08 you cannot ignore that calling and be right
28:11 with God that's an impossibility.
28:14 Oh! Somebody else's doing it, it doesn't
28:16 matter, it doesn't exclude you from
28:18 doing what God has called you to do.
28:21 See in order to receive this power,
28:22 in preparation for this power we must be
28:25 under the control of the Holy Spirit,
28:28 as we've repentant and as we begin to
28:31 pray and plead with God because again
28:32 Jesus set the example. He prayed for the
28:35 comforter, you need to be praying for the
28:37 comforter, we need to spend more time
28:40 pleading and begging with God.
28:42 But you know what our life must be under
28:44 the control of the Holy Spirit.
28:47 Let me just read a paragraph in a little
28:50 precious book called First Selected
28:52 Messages page 165. Just list a little small
28:55 quote, you stay with me and listen very
28:56 carefully: Self, here's the problem once
29:00 again, it's a problem with you.
29:02 It's a problem with me, it's a problem
29:04 with every person who's ever lived on
29:07 the face of this earth. Self is the culprit and
29:12 here inspiration tells us that self needs to
29:16 be humbled, is that what the Bible
29:17 teaches through and through, yes it is.
29:20 Self must be humbled, you meet a person by
29:22 the way that's not humble that means
29:24 they're not teachable. You meet a person
29:27 who is, who is not humble that means
29:28 they're proud, they're not gonna listen to anyone.
29:31 They're hard to work with, but Jesus says
29:35 here that self in the Bible needs to be,
29:39 Spirit of prophesy, self needs to be
29:41 humbled and brought under the control of
29:44 the Holy Spirit. The Lord calls upon
29:48 those of us who have great light to be
29:51 converted daily, moment by moment
29:54 in fact isn't it? Those of us who've
29:57 had great light, do you feel like
29:59 you've had great light? Many, many
30:01 people in different religious backgrounds
30:04 and you know Adventist, oh! I know, I know
30:09 what the truth is, oh I've been in it all my
30:11 life I understand it, I know, I know,
30:14 you're saying I'm prepared,
30:15 I'm prepared, I'm prepared when
30:17 maybe we are not prepared.
30:19 Because with that attitude it shows us
30:21 you're not prepared, because if we are we
30:25 would be humbled, we would be denying self.
30:29 We would be brought under the control of
30:31 the Holy Spirit; do you ever see the Holy
30:33 Spirit has self in it? No.
30:39 Where the Holy Spirit is present is there pride? No.
30:43 Where the Holy Spirit is present is
30:44 there contention? No. Where the Holy Spirit
30:48 is present is there backbiting and
30:50 arguing and fussing and discontentment
30:53 and church falling apart and people
30:55 going their separate way, wearing their
30:57 feelings on their shoulders? No.
31:02 Scripture's clear, inspiration is clear.
31:07 We dear friend who have had light,
31:12 great light we're to be converted daily to
31:15 Jesus Christ, these you see are
31:18 conditions. Preparation points on receiving
31:22 that power that God wants to give us,
31:25 you see I want that power, I need that power.
31:30 And I want to prepare for that power and
31:32 I want you to be prepared too.
31:34 And in preparation to receive this power.
31:37 Jesus told his disciples something
31:39 I thought was very, very interesting.
31:42 Now, notice what he told them to begin
31:44 with, now he said if you wanna receive
31:46 this power in Acts chapter 1 verse 4.
31:50 Here's what he told the disciples, he said
31:53 there's two things I want you to pay
31:54 attention to, he said: I want you to wait in
31:58 Jerusalem for the promise of the
32:02 outpouring of the Spirit, what were the
32:04 two things come on, I can't hear you?
32:07 What were the two things?
32:09 Good, Jesus said what, I want you to
32:12 wait and I want you to wait in Jerusalem.
32:17 Now, with those two things in mind,
32:21 can we be disobedient to maybe one of them.
32:26 And still receive he said those of you who
32:28 want to receive the power you're going to
32:30 have to do two things, what are those two things?
32:32 You're gonna have to wait and where I want
32:35 you to wait is in Jerusalem.
32:38 Some of you say, oh! Well okay,
32:40 I'm gonna wait for the pour, outpouring
32:42 of the Spirit and but I'm gonna go over
32:45 here to another part of the country and I'll wait.
32:49 Not if Jesus says specifically as he did
32:51 here, I want you to wait in Jerusalem,
32:53 I believe this if the disciples had
32:55 disobeyed God, do you know they said
32:57 they were waiting, disobeyed him and
32:59 went to another place. And waited for the
33:01 Spirit to come down, that Spirit would not
33:03 have come down to them, whew
33:05 that's pretty bold isn't it.
33:09 Because here at preparation for that
33:11 outpouring of the Spirit has to do also
33:13 with what, obedient. Being obedient to
33:16 what God says, whether you think it
33:18 needs to be so or not. Whether you wanna
33:21 follow it or not? Whether I wanna
33:22 follow it or not? It's what God says,
33:25 our willingness to be obedient.
33:28 Now what did they do? Well they just sat
33:31 down and gotten their recliners and boy they
33:33 went out and they said oh! Boy this is good,
33:35 I'm just gonna sit, he said to wait here and
33:37 rest a little until the Spirit comes.
33:40 Listen, the disciples did not just sit down
33:42 and do nothing while they were waiting for
33:44 the Spirit of God, the outpouring of the Spirit.
33:47 The Bible is very clear in Luke chapter
33:49 24 verse 53 the Bible says: They were continually,
33:54 listen, continually in the temple, praising
33:58 and blessing God, while they were
34:00 waiting for the outpouring of the
34:02 spirit or for the time which the spirit
34:04 would be poured out. What were these
34:06 people doing, they were in the temple
34:09 may I be bold enough to say if you're
34:10 wanting that Holy Spirit power
34:12 you need to be in church.
34:15 Bible says you know in the last days that
34:17 you know we need to not forsake the
34:19 assembling of our self together as we see the
34:21 day approaching. As that power was
34:24 poured out. It was poured out on those
34:26 who were in the temple, those who
34:28 were may I say attending church.
34:31 Those who were praying the Bible
34:33 said, those who were praising God,
34:36 very difficult to have a praying session
34:39 sometime in the church, it seems like
34:40 no one has anything to praise God, but why?
34:45 Is it that we've grown so cold that we don't
34:47 understand the blessings that are
34:49 flowing from heaven, every breath that we
34:51 take, everything is his. He's loaned it to us,
34:54 our home, our car whatever we might
34:55 have food, shelter, clothes, children
34:57 everything, everything living is, is a blessing
35:00 that God has given to us. And yet come time to
35:04 go to Church and you ask for praise, no one
35:06 can praise, no wonder we're void of the
35:08 Spirit at times. No one's blessing God
35:11 I thought what is he talking about,
35:13 continually in the temple, continually
35:16 where there in the Greek means well
35:18 they were in front of as they were.
35:20 They were in front of, or they were present,
35:24 they were before the temple.
35:29 Are you before the temple? Are you continually
35:32 there, maybe not physically but in the
35:34 spirit, is that where your mind and heart
35:36 is because you know of God's presence.
35:39 Are you praising? Dear friend, we need
35:42 to be praising, praising means we
35:45 need to be testifying. Will somebody stand
35:48 up and give a testimony, everybody looks
35:51 down at the floor. Been twiddling our
35:55 thumbs, will somebody praise God,
35:58 will somebody lift up in the name of Jesus.
36:02 Will somebody bless God, have you ever
36:03 heard that, bless God simply means what?
36:06 To thank him for what he's done for us.
36:10 By the way, he's talking about when
36:12 you're blessing God that means you listen,
36:14 you are speaking well of God.
36:19 Oh! How long has it been since you
36:22 spoke well of God. How long has it been
36:25 since you've spend sometime praising
36:29 him, testifying of his goodness?
36:34 How long has it been since some of you
36:37 been in the church, you haven't
36:42 been through the doors lately.
36:46 Friend, I'm afraid that we can't miss any
36:48 of these points and plan on receiving the
36:51 power that we need to see us through,
36:53 power to win souls, power to gain victory.
36:56 See to understand truth and be able to
36:58 really be filled with the Spirit of God to
36:59 finish the work. It can never happen
37:03 until we fulfill what God has said here in his word.
37:08 The disciples dear friends, they must,
37:09 they were doing what? They were following
37:12 the master, they were following him.
37:19 How long has it been since you've been
37:21 following the master? And in following the
37:25 master simply means this, they were
37:27 praying, they were waiting, they were
37:32 watching and they were working.
37:35 See when you mention to work for
37:36 somebody, oh! Boy there is trouble.
37:39 When you mention oh they were waiting.
37:41 Oh! There's trouble. You mention praying,
37:42 oh! There's trouble. Praying, waiting,
37:46 watching and working for the master as
37:49 we're waiting for the outpouring of the
37:50 Spirit of God we need to have these things
37:53 operating in our life. Beautiful little article
37:57 that I read in Review and Herald on March
38:00 22 in 1892, let me just read that to you.
38:04 Pray that it'll be a Blessing, because it's
38:05 talking about the disciples here.
38:07 Now, notice they, the disciples were
38:10 to be representatives to the world of the
38:13 character of Christ. The disciples were to
38:16 be what? Who is the disciple, can we be
38:19 his disciples today? Are we his disciples?
38:21 Yes we are and so we too are to be his
38:24 representatives. We are to represent him
38:28 to the world, represent the character of Christ.
38:33 Now notice this, here's the bomb
38:35 shelter and we're gonna have to get in
38:37 because the bomb's getting ready to drop
38:38 on some of us. But here's the bomb:
38:42 That which was essential for a
38:45 successful Christian experience in the days
38:48 of the disciple, is essential in our day.
38:53 A little too much for us, need to repeated,
38:56 well lets repeat it. That which was what?
38:59 Essential for the disciples that which
39:02 took place, what took place for them to
39:05 prepare for the outpouring of the
39:06 Spirit, we need to be preparing the same way?
39:10 It's essential for us, that means it's a must,
39:14 so we have to look at the life of Jesus,
39:16 look at the life of disciples.
39:18 See what they were doing, what they were up to?
39:20 What was taking place in their life?
39:23 And if we do that and follow that example
39:25 we too will be ready for that pouring,
39:28 for that power. Wouldn't you like to
39:30 see the church just explode with that kind
39:32 of power? Wouldn't you like see people
39:33 pray for the sick and they be healed.
39:36 Wouldn't you like to be able to pray in the
39:37 church get on fire? Wouldn't you like to
39:39 be able to preach a message and bring
39:40 conviction on the hearts and on the lives
39:42 of countless individuals and they just surrender
39:45 their life to Jesus right then and there?
39:47 They may have never heard about Jesus,
39:49 but is this preaching the power and the
39:52 wisdom of God, the Holy Spirit just
39:53 takes full manifestation upon that individual,
39:56 just consumes that person. Their heart is broken,
40:00 they wanna confess, they wanna change
40:01 their life. We have too many dry sermons,
40:05 too many dry teaching. Too much of I do,
40:09 I don't, we will, they will, you know what
40:11 I'm talking about, brother then there is
40:14 power that's waiting for us.
40:16 Wanting to bestow upon Jesus, so I'm
40:18 gonna pour it out on you. I've often said not to
40:22 sprinkle it, not just give you a little tease
40:25 with it. He said I wanna dash you
40:27 with it, I want you saturated in it.
40:29 I don't wanna let one part of you body,
40:31 soul, mind, any part left that's not is wet
40:35 with the Holy Spirit if you follow me.
40:38 It's here for us, what? What is it?
40:41 He's telling us exactly how to go about it.
40:46 And all we have to do is what?
40:47 Follow what the disciples did as they
40:48 were praying together, as they were preparing
40:51 for the outpouring of the Spirit of God.
40:55 Jesus said when you do. Oh! I love this passage
40:57 in Acts chapter 1 verse 8, the Bible says:
41:01 But ye shall receive what?
41:03 I need somebody to tell me, here's
41:06 somebody out there. He says, you shall
41:08 receive power, now when the Bible says
41:11 power that's exactly what it means.
41:14 It didn't say weak vacillating Christians
41:16 in there, some of you can't even
41:18 find your way to Church.
41:23 You miss two or three weeks and you give
41:25 flimsy excuses, I was tired, I needed to rest.
41:29 You have to stand before God one of
41:30 these days dear friends, why were you
41:32 so tired, why was you need to rest?
41:35 What is it that's keeping you away
41:37 from the house of God, what is it?
41:42 Is it a lack of love for him, a lack of
41:44 commitment, there is something that is wrong.
41:47 When we say oh! Well, I, I need to rest
41:49 you know on the Sabbath or go to
41:51 church I'm tired, I worn out.
41:53 And I say this, if your job is wearing you out
41:55 get another one. You can't afford
41:58 that dear friend, you can't love the world
42:00 and things in the world. It just, you
42:02 can't do it, we have to be willing it said here
42:05 what, to deny self. Let self be under the
42:08 control of the Holy Spirit of God,
42:11 that's all the time. As a man was talking
42:14 the other day you know I need to gain a
42:16 victory in this area. I need to gain a
42:18 victory in this area. You know he was
42:20 talking about maybe things he was taking
42:22 into his body. You know I reminded him
42:24 what the Bible said, Jesus said you know
42:26 if your right hand offends you cut it off.
42:30 Can't control your eyes, better to pluck it
42:32 out better to enter the kingdom blind
42:34 than not in the kingdom, that was
42:37 Jesus saying whatever it takes to gain that
42:40 victory, whatever you need to do, the effort
42:42 that you put forward. You're going to have
42:44 to put an effort and you must have power
42:46 of the Holy Spirit to do what you cannot
42:49 do for yourself, hope that makes sense to you.
42:53 Nothing about what we have inside us,
42:54 it's about what? That supernatural that
42:56 comes inside after you have done your
42:58 part, no one needs to ever tell me oh
43:02 I wanna quit drinking and at the same time
43:04 your taking the cap off and your swigging
43:06 down a shut and say I'd love the
43:07 gain the victory. No, you don't.
43:13 I wanna quit smoking oh I tell you I want to
43:14 quit smoking so bad, what are you buying
43:16 them for? What are you lighting them up for?
43:20 He never made you smoke it?
43:21 He never made you buy them oh I wanna
43:23 gain the victory, give me a pack of
43:25 Marlboro's over here. Listen, lets stop this,
43:29 you're desecrating heaven, you're
43:30 desecrating the power of God.
43:32 When you can take that from you right
43:34 there, when you become willing to do
43:36 whatever it takes to gain that victory.
43:38 If you have to shut yourself away for
43:39 several weeks, dear friends do it, if you
43:42 have to commit yourself somewhere
43:43 to gain that victory do it.
43:47 Heavens wanting to be store some power
43:49 on you and on me today but we have to
43:51 gain these victories. Jesus said but after
43:56 Acts 1:8: Ye shall receive power after
43:59 the Holy Spirit is what? After the Holy Spirit
44:03 has come upon you, there is no power,
44:06 set up church all you want, set up shop all
44:08 you want, have all the studies you want,
44:10 without the power of the Holy Spirit you
44:12 have nothing that's what the Bible.
44:15 That you will receive power after the Holy
44:18 Spirit has come upon you and after the
44:21 Holy Spirit has come upon you, the Bible
44:22 says then you're gonna be my witness
44:25 or some of you are trying to witness
44:26 without that power. Some of you are
44:27 trying to witness without, you know,
44:29 without the power of the Holy Spirit you
44:31 know going before, opening the way,
44:34 talking to the hearts and the lives,
44:36 you can't even be a witness for Jesus
44:39 without this power. I cannot be a witness,
44:43 things that I say, things that I do,
44:44 I mess them up but the Holy Spirit never
44:47 messes up. God's looking for sincere
44:50 men and women today and children.
44:53 Who will take this message and to go
44:55 into all of the world by faith that God will
44:57 honor what he said that he would do.
45:01 He said that word will not return void,
45:03 I'm banking on it, I'm counting on it.
45:07 The blessings of God he says I'm gonna
45:09 give you power after the Holy Spirit has
45:12 come upon you and when the Spirit has
45:14 come upon you. Then you can be my
45:16 witnesses, quit trying to be his witness
45:18 without the Holy Spirit, quit trying to
45:20 do the work of the Holy Spirit, it's an
45:22 impossibility, even though some people
45:24 say, well I've got a little bit of success
45:26 over here, we've done a little bit.
45:29 Devil doesn't mind if we've had a little bit
45:30 of success, he's afraid of that power,
45:33 I can tell you that right now.
45:36 And by the way he says when you just
45:37 see that power, you're gonna be what
45:39 my witnesses to the outermost
45:41 parts of the world. That's going where?
45:43 Into all the world to preach the Gospel.
45:47 You see Jesus kept this most important fact.
45:52 He kept this fact before the disciples.
45:57 He always kept it before them,
45:58 I want to keep it before you today and
46:01 I wanna keep it my heart and my life.
46:04 Jesus said to his disciples over and
46:06 over, you are one with me in this work.
46:13 Wow! You are one with me in this work.
46:18 You are to help recover the world
46:22 from the bondage of sin, can you possibly
46:28 let that go through your mind, just please
46:30 just a little bit Jesus said you're one with
46:33 me, you're doing, and you're doing my
46:35 work, you working along the side with me.
46:38 I'm giving you the power to do it, but
46:40 keep this in mind you're job and my job
46:43 is to help rid sin from the world.
46:48 The bondage, sin is bondage listen the
46:52 word of God is never bondage it's freedom,
46:55 here a lot people say oh! Bondage,
46:57 bondage, bondage, no that's freedom.
47:00 Sin is bondage, it binds you to this
47:04 world, doesn't let you be what God
47:06 wants you to be. You know what and
47:08 some of you are wasting your hours of
47:09 probation right now, I just sense it in my heart.
47:13 You're wasting the probationary time that
47:16 you have on this earth, by putting off
47:18 what you should do today you're gonna
47:20 put it off till tomorrow and
47:21 tomorrow you don't have.
47:24 We can never put off these things.
47:27 We're to be one with Jesus Christ, as he
47:29 talked to the disciples, we're to help recover,
47:34 why? Because we've been knocked down,
47:36 beat down by sin, almost literally
47:38 destroyed because of sin, God says I've got
47:41 a people that's gonna, listen I'm gonna,
47:43 they're gonna recover from this bondage.
47:49 Oh remember Jesus said, he sent out the
47:54 twelve, then he sent out the seventh day.
47:59 Jesus sent them out, what were they to
48:02 proclaim, they were to proclaim the kingdom
48:05 of God. God is sending you out,
48:08 sending me out today to do what?
48:10 To proclaim the soon eminent return of
48:13 Jesus Christ in the clouds of glory,
48:15 probation is closing, Jesus is coming,
48:17 is your life in order. Are you preparing for
48:19 the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, is your
48:21 life so right with God that he can pour that
48:23 Spirit out upon you without consuming you.
48:28 Oh! Friend, we need to be desperately
48:29 beseeching God's face.
48:32 In preparation we talked about, starting
48:34 out with a prayer and confession and
48:36 pleading with God to give us that power
48:39 and being obedient to every word that
48:41 proceeds out of the mouth of God.
48:46 Jesus said for his disciples is one with
48:48 him, he said the same time you're gonna to
48:50 go about teaching. But you're gonna
48:53 teach the things that I taught you,
48:56 you're gonna be doing the things that I did,
48:59 that's what Jesus said. You're gonna
49:01 tell the world of the good news,
49:06 why because Jesus was going to die
49:09 and then he would rise again and he
49:11 would go back to his heavenly Father.
49:14 But Jesus said you're going to be here and
49:16 you get to tell the good news and the
49:18 plan of salvation. The cross of Calvary,
49:20 the power that is available to us,
49:24 you're gonna be able to tell that Christ
49:27 alone, in Christ alone is salvation.
49:31 There is no other name friend;
49:34 you see the disciples were preparing
49:37 for the power, that Holy Spirit power.
49:41 My question to you is, are you preparing,
49:44 as we read they said they were continually
49:46 in the temple praising God.
49:49 They were working and they were praying
49:51 and you know as they did, just notice what
49:53 happened what? They're preparing for
49:55 this outpouring as they prayed, as they
49:58 worked, as they were watching, their faith
50:02 grow stronger and stronger.
50:06 Their love for God begin to grow and
50:09 when the love for God begin to grow.
50:11 Friend, this is for us today as
50:13 their love for God. How their love for
50:15 God began to grow because they were
50:17 studying and they were praying and they
50:19 were witnessing and as their love for God
50:21 began to grow what happened?
50:23 Their love for their fellowman also began
50:25 to grow; they began to see a need for the
50:30 service of Jesus Christ. For the saving of the
50:33 lost, they began see that they had help in
50:38 their time of need. They had a savior
50:42 that sat on, sits on the right hand of God,
50:46 they begin to understand as the
50:47 book of Romans chapter 8 verse 34
50:50 says: That Jesus, he ever liveth to
50:53 make intercession for them,
50:59 think about he ever liveth.
51:02 So, the disciples began to see that
51:03 Jesus was with, even though he was in heaven.
51:06 He left the promises and he said, I'm with
51:08 you always even to the end, you're gonna
51:10 receive power, you're gonna, things that
51:13 I did, you're gonna do even greater things
51:15 and why aren't we seeing him in the
51:17 church, is it because there is too much
51:18 selfishness, too much sin, too much desire
51:21 of the world, too many things that so
51:23 easily beseeches us now days.
51:25 There is something wrong,
51:29 we should ever long been in the kingdom,
51:32 we should have been home by now.
51:39 But the world is sifting the church,
51:42 rather than opposite, oh friend, as the
51:48 disciples waited for that power,
51:52 they humbled their heart in true
51:55 repentance the Bible says.
51:57 They even confessed their unbelief,
52:00 you see they were going, going closer to
52:02 one and another why? Because before them
52:04 they were buying for what?
52:05 For a position, see selfishness had to go
52:08 before the power can come.
52:11 What occupied the highest position had
52:13 to go, love for souls had to be there,
52:18 if you didn't love the soul, you see, you
52:20 asked God, help me to love those souls.
52:23 Help me to be a witness and as the
52:27 power of the Spirit, in Acts 2 verse 38
52:32 when it says repent and be baptisted for
52:35 the remission of sin then what?
52:39 You'll see the, receive the gift of the Spirit,
52:43 what's the Bible say once again over and
52:44 over, repent be Baptisized
52:50 for what? For the remission of sin,
52:53 then you receive, notice this you'll
52:55 receive the gift, get in line for that gift.
52:59 Line up your life with the word of God,
53:01 get ready for that gift, get ready for a change
53:04 in your life. The things that you once
53:05 hate you now love, the things that you
53:07 love you now hate. That's not happening
53:10 in your life because you're not converted
53:11 dear friends, disciples as that Spirit was
53:16 poured out let's talk just for few moments here.
53:19 The disciples were sorry for their life
53:22 with Jesus Christ. Oh! How they wish,
53:26 listen carefully, they could change,
53:29 they could have back those three, three
53:31 and half years they had with Jesus.
53:35 Oh! If they could just have these and live
53:37 them over again, if only they could see
53:39 him again. If only they could have the
53:41 opportunity to live obedient to every
53:44 word that came out of his mouth,
53:46 oh! If they could only seen again they would
53:48 show him how much they loved him.
53:53 It grieved their hearts, the power of the Holy
53:56 Spirit you see that brings us to
53:58 obedience, because they said you know
54:02 we are never by God's grace ever going to
54:04 entertain doubt again, how can we,
54:09 how can we atone for all these wrong and
54:12 you know what they came in agreement to
54:14 say you know what we can do.
54:16 We can confess Jesus before the world;
54:19 we can confess him before the world.
54:23 So, they decided look I'm just gonna lift up
54:25 Jesus, I'm gonna talk about Jesus how
54:27 about you talking about Jesus rather
54:29 than your neighbor? How about you
54:30 talking about Jesus rather than the
54:31 church member? How about you are
54:33 talking about Jesus rather than gossiping
54:34 all around town. You spend a little
54:36 less time here and there and more time
54:38 with God, this what, if you wanna receive,
54:41 this is preparation to receive.
54:46 In order to receive by the way to the head to
54:48 put away all differences,
54:51 oh! What a challenge, to put away all
54:54 differences, if we receive that power
54:58 we're going to have to put away some differences.
55:02 Put away as we talked about that desire for
55:05 supremacy where are we going to sat.
55:09 But we're going to be the greatest instead
55:12 to be a humble follower of Jesus
55:14 Christ, they drew near to God.
55:19 They drew nearer to each other and their
55:22 fellowmen there was deep heart searching
55:27 going on. Preparation for the outpouring,
55:30 have you really searched your heart,
55:33 Bible says: Deceitful above all things,
55:35 who can know it, but have you really
55:36 searched it openly and honestly rather than
55:38 say oh! Yeah, I'm prepared, well if Jesus
55:40 comes today, I'm ready to go.
55:42 Friend, are you like Jesus, if you're not
55:43 like Jesus you're not ready to go,
55:46 if you got any unconfessed sins in
55:47 your life, you're not gonna receive the
55:48 power of the latter rain. You're not going
55:52 anyway, I'm not going anyway
55:53 we have our sins confessed up,
55:55 we have to be seeking for the Spirit of God.
55:56 We have to be seeking for that
55:57 power, we have to want that power,
55:59 we have to desire that power, we have to
56:01 know that we want it, that we need it to
56:04 finish the work and prepare us to meet Jesus.
56:06 Oh! Friend, I want to meet Jesus when he
56:08 comes in the clouds of glory.
56:11 I don't want to miss it, if you miss it, you've
56:14 missed everything, there is no reason for
56:17 you and me to be here other than what?
56:20 Good. To repopulate Heaven and once we
56:23 begin to understand this, we will see that
56:25 this gospel, this good news must be carried
56:29 in all the world and then the end is going
56:31 to come. When His character is not fully
56:34 reproduced in us, He will come.
56:38 Friend, what do you say, lets ask the Holy
56:41 Spirit because it's given to those by the
56:42 way Acts 5:32 says to those that obey him,
56:46 are you obeying him today? Quickly let's just go
56:49 over, lets preparation for this power is what?
56:52 We need to repent of our sin, self needs to
56:55 be under the control of what?
56:56 Of the Holy Spirit, we need to pray earnestly for.
56:59 We need to seek God, we need to hunger
57:01 and thirst after righteousness and
57:04 we must be willing to obey every word that
57:06 proceeds out of the mouth of God.
57:09 And you know how God develops his
57:11 power in us, to test and through trials
57:15 and he allows us circumstances to
57:17 come into our life. Friend, why don't
57:19 we pray about it right now, you can say to
57:21 me, right me, I want that Holy Spirit
57:23 power, I desire it, I need it, I want it,
57:26 I'm gonna pray for it with you right now
57:27 shall we pray together? Good, let's do that.
57:31 Merciful Father in Heaven, we thank you
57:33 for your word today, we thank you for the
57:34 promise that you're gonna give us power.
57:37 After the power is going to be given to
57:39 us, that's power of the Holy Spirit to change
57:41 our hearts and our lives and draw
57:43 us closer and much closer to Jesus Christ.
57:46 Help us to be ready for that great
57:47 day in Jesus name Amen.
57:52 Until next time by the way keep
57:54 in the word, I'll see you then.
57:58 Oh! Friends, I know that this message was
58:00 an inspiration and a blessing to each and
58:03 everyone of you today. How do I know this?
58:06 Because it was for us here at Behold the
58:08 Lamb Ministries. Therefore we are
58:11 making this five part series that we've
58:13 entitled "Addressing the Power of the Holy Spirit."
58:16 Available to you, to purchase just for a
58:19 love gift of thirty five dollars or more,
58:22 that sermons in this series are,
58:24 "Does Your Church Need More Power?"
58:26 The second one "You Have to Want that Power,"
58:30 third "Preparation to Receive that Power,"
58:33 fourth "How We Receive that Power"
58:35 and finally "Witnessing with Power".
58:38 You want to contact us today with your
58:40 request; you can contact us at Behold
58:43 the Lamb Ministries that's Po Box 2030,
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58:55 May the Lord continue to richly bless you and yours.


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