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00:40 Hello, and welcome again to
00:42 "Behold the Lamb Presents."
00:44 I am Chris Shelton your host and today we're
00:47 presenting the fourth message in a five part
00:49 series that we have entitled
00:51 "Addressing the Power of the Holy Spirit."
00:54 My husband Pastor Kenny Shelton is going to
00:56 teach us how we can receive that power.
00:59 So, stay tuned, you won't wanna miss it.
01:03 You know, the time has come where we must know
01:06 for ourselves the working of the Holy Spirit
01:09 in our hearts and in our lives and how this
01:12 power is diligently seeking to lead us into
01:15 all truth and righteousness that
01:17 we may gain eternal life through
01:20 Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.
01:22 Second Timothy 2:19 tells us that the
01:25 foundation of God standeth sure.
01:28 In this life so much is uncertain, our jobs,
01:32 our faith, our relationships
01:34 with one and another, but praise God
01:37 the truth of his word never changes,
01:40 of the Apostles it is written in
01:42 Mark 16 and verse 20, they went forth and preached
01:47 everywhere the Lord working with them,
01:50 and confirming the word with signs following.
01:53 What exciting words of affirmation are found
01:56 in scripture to give us hope and assurance.
01:59 And that same power that Apostles had back then
02:03 is available for each and everyone of us today.
02:07 We just have to know how to receive it.
02:10 First, we are blessed to be able to go to the
02:13 3ABN worship center and listen to a wonderful,
02:16 beautiful song entitled "Flowers in the rain"
02:20 and it will be sung by Stephanie Dawn.
02:40 You are the One; there's no one else
02:48 Who lifts me up And gives me water from the well
02:56 But there's a hole That seems to drain it all away
03:04 And once again I'm left in fear and doubt
03:09 When all my strength is crying out
03:15 So here I am again Willing to be opened up
03:21 and broken like a flower in the rain
03:26 Tell me what have I to do To die and then be raised
03:33 To reach beyond the pain Like a flower in the rain
03:46 The evil wind, it blows a storm To rock my world
03:58 Just when I think I'm safe and warm
04:02 I'm led astray far too easily
04:10 It's always hard for me to say I'm wrong
04:15 Until I know I can't go on So here I am again
04:24 Willing to be opened up and broken like
04:28 a flower in the rain Tell me what have I to do
04:34 To die and then be raised To reach beyond the pain
04:43 Like a flower in the rain Lord, You have searched me
04:52 And know when I sleep and when I rise
04:58 You're familiar with all my ways
05:03 Even the darkness will shine Like the day
05:09 When you look into my heart So here I am again
05:19 Willing to be opened up and broken like
05:23 a flower in the rain Tell me what have I to do
05:29 To die and then be raised To reach beyond the pain
05:37 Like a flower in the rain Like a flower in the rain
06:05 Thank you for joining us once again for another
06:07 program and by the way thank you
06:09 Stephanie for that beautiful song.
06:11 I know it'll bless many hearts.
06:12 We have a beautiful study today.
06:14 But before we study, we always do what we
06:16 the Bible say we need to do.
06:18 We need to do pray, don't we?
06:19 So, why don't you wherever if you can,
06:21 you maybe driving down on the road,
06:22 you maybe somewhere where you can't,
06:23 but if you maybe close your eyes,
06:24 even if you can't. You can pray along with me
06:27 for the power of the Holy Spirit.
06:28 Let's pray, shall we?
06:32 Merciful God in heaven, we thank you
06:34 for the privilege of studying your word.
06:36 How desperately we need that sweet Spirit,
06:39 the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us into all true.
06:44 We ask now that you would take our hearts,
06:46 our minds may the things of earth go strangely
06:49 damage we spend this time with you.
06:52 We need this time. May it strengthen us
06:54 and we pray for everyone who views,
06:57 who would listen, who sees that may their
07:00 hearts and life be drawn closer to Jesus,
07:02 it's my prayer in Jesus name, Amen.
07:09 Wall as always, we always invite you
07:10 where you can to make sure you have your Bible.
07:13 It's very, very important because we cover a
07:15 lot of material and in covering this material,
07:17 many times we need to jot some things down.
07:20 I've often said me we need to, oh!
07:21 I remember all of that. Well, you know
07:24 hour or two goes, we forget.
07:26 So, I encourage you to jot down these passage of
07:28 scripture and then by the way study
07:30 to show yourself, approved unto God.
07:33 Our message for today is actually part four of
07:35 the five part series that we are doing,
07:37 how we receive that power?
07:39 How do we receive that power?
07:42 Do you want that power? Is it necessary? Well,
07:46 God's word says that it is,
07:48 and so why do, why it's so important, good question.
07:52 Why is it so important to receive this
07:55 Holy Spirit power in our life?
07:58 Let me just answer that very quickly.
08:01 It'd be easy for us to understand, why?
08:04 Because our eternal destiny depends upon it.
08:09 Did you get that? Our eternal destiny
08:12 depends upon how we receive that
08:15 power that is available to us.
08:18 Now, by the way is it enough just to say well,
08:21 I, yeah well I, I know the truth, I know the Bible,
08:24 I know the word, O friend.
08:26 It's not enough, and we're gonna
08:27 prove that from God's word today.
08:29 Not enough to say well, I know the teachings
08:31 of the Church and I know the doctrines, no,
08:34 you're going to have to take those trues
08:36 by the power of the Spirit and put them
08:38 in your heart and in your mind.
08:42 By the way how we receive this power,
08:45 I would like to just go over rather quickly,
08:47 give you some things that you can think about,
08:50 and then as you jot this down.
08:51 I want you to use this, these points of
08:54 information as, as a, a point to which
08:57 to draw from as we continue in our study.
08:59 We are gonna cover several different areas here.
09:01 But these are the points
09:03 I want you to really consider, jot them down,
09:05 you know, receiving this power,
09:08 we know that it only comes,
09:10 listen number one as an answer to your prayer.
09:14 You can't receive that power
09:17 unless you pray about it. I'm gonna ask please God,
09:21 God I want this power, I need this power.
09:24 Please send this power
09:25 from the throne room of God,
09:28 and God wants you to have it by the way.
09:30 So, the first thing is that we want to
09:31 receive this power,
09:32 how we receive it is we pray for it.
09:35 We spend sometime on our knees.
09:37 Somebody say, well you know
09:38 I prayed last week for. You pray until that
09:40 power comes and it will come
09:42 if that's a desire of your heart.
09:45 And by the way as we want to receive
09:47 this power I believe this, that we need to strive
09:51 daily to be able to understand
09:54 God and the plan of salvation.
09:58 If you're contemplating on these things,
10:00 you know, I wanted to know God better,
10:02 I want to know the plans of salvation better,
10:04 then our mind and heart is in tune with what?
10:06 In tune with heaven and then heaven
10:09 can pour out this power, the blessing,
10:11 the Holy Spirit, the power of the word
10:14 and will give you the desires of your heart.
10:17 And by the way you realize some people say,
10:19 well, I don't seem to have the power
10:21 like this person over here that.
10:22 You realize there are the degrees
10:25 of the development of these powers.
10:28 Oh! It's very, very interesting
10:29 I was reading in a, just a precious book,
10:32 education page 50. Now, allow me to read this
10:36 and pay close attention to it.
10:37 It makes a lot of sense. It starts out and says
10:41 there are different degrees of development
10:44 and different manifestations
10:46 of His power, but notice this, to meet
10:49 the need and wants of men in different ages.
10:53 God works in all times, the work that he
10:58 does in all times is the same.
11:01 People says well God changes,
11:02 no, God never changes.
11:03 Bible say he does not change.
11:05 The teacher is the same.
11:08 God's character and his plan are the same.
11:13 Now, notice what we need to do then
11:16 is we need to follow the principles of God's word.
11:20 Do you want to receive, how are we going to
11:22 receive this power, we are going to have
11:24 to be able to adhere, that means we are going to
11:27 have to follow the principles of God's word
11:32 and it's going to bring
11:33 great blessings and great power.
11:36 By the way have you been following
11:39 the principles of God's word.
11:41 I'm not talking about just part of the time,
11:43 I am talking about every day of your life,
11:45 every moment, because the principles that God had,
11:48 they're truths and if you want more power
11:51 and more victory, if you want to allow the
11:55 Holy Spirit to be able to use you to help
11:56 finish the work to be soul-winner.
11:58 Then we're gonna have to follow
11:59 the principles of God's word.
12:00 He just doesn't give you the Spirit because
12:02 you say well, I want the Spirit and then
12:04 you're going to maybe abuse that Spirit,
12:06 oh! Yes, there's many people who have tried to
12:08 abuse the Spirit, you know, you can't do it.
12:10 Many people by the way try to use the Spirit.
12:14 We need to let the Spirit use us.
12:18 Many people think to have a Spirit,
12:19 but dear friend let me just be real,
12:20 real clear with you.
12:22 There are two Spirits as it were in the world
12:24 today and listen, one or the other is going to
12:28 control your life, going to control my life,
12:32 one or the another, and might if we don't know
12:35 the word, if we're not receiving the Holy Spirit.
12:38 The precious powerful word of God
12:40 then we might be deceived.
12:42 Remember the power that God gives, it comes
12:45 in degrees and it begins to develop over time.
12:49 But God is always the same. He's faithful.
12:54 And by the way, if you really want to
12:55 receive this, here, here's another point
12:57 I want to just chew on this for a moment.
12:59 Is that we need to began to act
13:04 on the principles of God's word.
13:06 Remember it, not just, not just knowing
13:08 the principles, but we need to begin to
13:10 act on the word of God, that means follow it.
13:15 Things that you read, things you understand
13:17 say God so, so ordered my life in harmony.
13:21 Our belief then is, that put it into action,
13:24 not we just believe it and we go about
13:26 doing everything, but put it into action.
13:28 God's looking for action people today.
13:30 He's not looking for people who sit on the couch.
13:33 He's not looking for people who, who have
13:35 no desire to help their fellowmen,
13:38 have no desire to be,
13:39 desire to be ready when Jesus shall come.
13:41 God's looking for active people.
13:44 Boy, to belong to a Church, a movement
13:47 that people are active and there is,
13:49 I like the word movers and shakers in the
13:52 cause of Christ, I like to be around that.
13:54 I'd like to move for the cause of Christ,
13:56 why? Because we serve a big God.
13:58 God wants us moving for him and we need
14:01 that power and when we begin to act
14:03 on the principles of God's word, then we
14:05 receive more of the Holy Spirit's power.
14:09 And by the way, if you still want
14:11 somoe more power, notice how closely
14:15 we need to put this together,
14:17 that divinity and humanity must cooperate together.
14:23 We must so attach ourselves with heaven
14:27 that there is no difference,
14:29 that we breathe the air of heaven,
14:31 that we walk as we are by faith,
14:33 listen carefully on the streets of gold.
14:36 God wants to have that close communion.
14:39 He wants us to be feel with his Spirit.
14:41 He wants us to cooperate with him and with heaven,
14:45 and by the way we have to receive
14:48 as the Spirit imparts.
14:51 Not as you see fit or as I see fit.
14:54 Sometimes we say, Lord just pour out on me,
14:57 just give me all of the Spirit,
14:59 maybe you're not ready, maybe I am not ready.
15:02 There's been times in my religious experience
15:05 in my walk with Jesus. I said,
15:06 I'm ready and my, several years passed by
15:11 before the Lord was ready.
15:14 He knows us better than we know ourselves,
15:16 doesn't he? But we have to ready to, listen,
15:20 advance as the Spirit does what, imparts.
15:25 This is a key to us receiving how we receive
15:29 the power of God. Interesting, read another
15:34 little book and I just, just read a little
15:35 paragraph with it, in eight testimonies page 55.
15:38 This is really powerful. Notice with me.
15:41 "Through his Spirit God makes his word a vivifying"
15:46 now notice the word, through what?
15:48 Through his Spirit God makes his word.
15:51 So, I want to associate today and I want you
15:53 to keep this in mind, the Spirit of God
15:55 and the close connection to his word.
15:59 Close connection, Spirit and his word.
16:02 He makes it a vivifying power, notice this, that
16:07 means oh say well I am not sure what that means.
16:09 That means God make his word come alive,
16:11 is that a little clear? To come alive.
16:15 He makes it active, he puts action into it,
16:20 he gives power to his word it becomes quick
16:23 I am reading on and powerful,
16:26 exerting a strong influence upon minds.
16:31 Friend, I need a strong influence on this mind,
16:33 I don't know about you? I really need
16:35 a strong influence on this mind, you know why?
16:37 Because, I don't really know what I ought to
16:39 pray for, how about you?
16:41 That's what the Bible says, we think we do,
16:44 but we need to be careful. We need to,
16:46 what the Bible says, let's ask to get, what this,
16:49 let's just decide right now
16:50 that we're going to follow the word,
16:52 regardless of what men may say, what the church,
16:55 different churches may be teaching but
16:57 we are going to follow God's word.
17:02 Now are you in agreement with me?
17:05 Are you going to agree with heaven right now
17:07 I say, it doesn't matter what my church teaches
17:10 I am interested in what God says in his word.
17:14 Question, as we are studying about how we
17:18 receive this power, how it comes to us,
17:22 what if we fail to receive the power of
17:27 the Spirit or the power of his word.
17:31 What might happen to us? See this is,
17:34 this is so all important as we study,
17:38 as we are here in the last days of earth's history,
17:42 Jesus is coming, probation is going to close,
17:45 there's not going to be another opportunity,
17:47 there's a lot of people preaching and they teach,
17:50 oh if we don't make it this round,
17:51 you will make it on another round.
17:52 This is the time of probation
17:54 for you and for me.
17:56 This is it, it's our life time, our life span that
17:59 we have here whether it be short or whether it be
18:01 long, this is our time of test and trial
18:04 and we are going to have to pass that test.
18:06 If you're going to repopulate heaven.
18:09 What if we don't really receive
18:11 this power that's offered so freely.
18:15 What if something takes priority in our
18:17 life and somehow we put it on a back burner
18:20 and we decide that one of these days we're
18:22 going to do it after certain issues are settled.
18:26 You know today, listen friend,
18:28 the enemy loves to hear you talk or think
18:31 like that because what you think,
18:33 he can't read your mind but he what,
18:34 it always comes out into action.
18:36 So he is very well aware. You think he might know,
18:40 I'll give you an example,
18:41 somebody say now be careful.
18:42 You think the devil doesn't realize,
18:43 if you've got maybe you're inpatient about things,
18:46 you're out there in the backyard and you're
18:47 just hammering away, just really hitting some
18:49 things and all of a sudden you hit your thumb,
18:54 oh, and you take that hammer and
18:57 you throw it in the neighbor's yard.
19:01 You think the devil doesn't have
19:03 a pretty good idea that you're aggravated.
19:06 That you've lost patience, sure and so
19:10 he begins to work very hard at that time,
19:12 what if we're not receiving that power of
19:15 the Holy Spirit that leads us and guides us into
19:18 all truth, is it possible, it is my question,
19:21 that we might be deceived.
19:23 You know Jesus warned over and over in Matthew 24,
19:26 oh be careful that you know you're not deceived.
19:29 Why because he knew that Satan would be
19:31 working and deceiving the people.
19:33 Now by the way, how long, how long
19:36 will he deceive people? As long as probation last.
19:42 He's going to deceive right up to the
19:43 very end of time. And he is out to
19:46 deceive those who profess to be
19:48 followers of Jesus Christ.
19:50 I want to give you a scripture, you may not
19:52 be able to place it together right now but
19:54 as we go over it, I think you'll see what
19:56 I am talking about because I think
19:57 we need an example. You have your Bibles
20:00 turn with me to Second Thessalonians 2:9-10,
20:05 this passage is used for many different studies
20:08 but I want you to closely look at it with me today.
20:11 The Bible says as we begin reading,
20:13 where we at? Good, Second Thessalonians
20:16 chapter, what? 2:9-10, the Bible says
20:20 Even him who's coming is after the working
20:24 of Satan, did you notice that, with all what?
20:28 With all power and signs and lying wonders.
20:32 Jesus is warning us, he's warning his people
20:36 that the devil is going to be working with all
20:39 power and signs and lying wonders through people,
20:44 through individuals. Now when Jesus himself
20:49 says that he is going to be performing things
20:52 that are out of what the mind and the eyes just
20:55 cannot explain, friend, we need to be aware
20:58 and then the Bible goes on there in verse 10,
21:02 it says the devil is going to be doing all this,
21:03 he says and verse 10, and with all deceivableness
21:08 of unrighteousness in them that perish.
21:12 Interesting what the Bible says, the Bible says
21:16 the deceivableness of unrighteous in them
21:19 that perish, so those that perish the Bible
21:22 said then are what? Unrighteous, they are
21:25 not doing the right thing. They had been
21:28 may be deceived, but notice how it goes on.
21:32 Now why were they deceived? Why were they
21:37 living an unrighteous life? The Bible is clear,
21:40 because they received not the, what? Good,
21:44 I heard someone, they received not the love
21:47 of the truth that they may be saved.
21:50 Look friend, the Bible is very, very clear being
21:53 saved and truth lie right together, those who
21:58 will be saved in God's kingdom dear friends
22:00 will uphold the truth of his word. Do you see it?
22:03 But, it's not just knowing what is truth, the Bible
22:07 says we have to do what, we have to love
22:10 the truth and in the Greek it's talking about,
22:14 this love is talking about, we have to
22:15 have an affection for the truth.
22:19 A benevolence for the truth.
22:22 And it's interesting here, the love that
22:25 God wants us to have for the truth, he said,
22:27 when you know the truth you can have a love
22:29 feast. Oh, how long has it been since
22:32 you've feasted on the word? You went to
22:34 church and boy, you've heard a good message.
22:37 Maybe you studied the word and you just felt
22:39 the power of the Holy Spirit that we've been
22:41 talking about, you've received that
22:43 and you say boy, it's been like a feast.
22:47 Oh it's so good, oh I can't wait till the next
22:50 time that I open the word and spend some
22:52 time with God, but those who are going to
22:55 make it to heaven they must come to
22:57 love the truth, not just know the truth.
23:01 Now notice, none need be deceived.
23:06 The Bible said that the base of the whole world
23:08 is going to be deceived, but none need to be
23:10 deceived. You not hearing this preached
23:13 around the world. This is an interesting
23:18 subject, Jesus makes this comment and I love
23:23 in the book of Matthew in the New Testament,
23:24 Matthew chapter 7, verse 20,
23:27 he makes this statement, a lot of people have
23:29 fussed over this one and it says where therefore
23:31 by their fruits, ye shall what; good, ye shall
23:35 know them. A lot of people make a lot of talk
23:40 about, oh by their fruit, oh we need to be care.
23:42 The word fruit here, by their fruit means
23:45 that listen, that which is ready to be plucked
23:49 from the tree. Now a fruit is ready to be plucked
23:54 from the tree that means that it's what? Good,
23:58 ripe and ready. It's not in question of what it is?
24:03 By their fruits you can identify them.
24:07 Did you get they're ripe by their fruits by their
24:11 doing, did you get it? You shall know them.
24:16 You say while I am still quite I am a little bit
24:18 confused, well let's just get an example here,
24:20 shall we? Let's say that something because the
24:24 devil said here that there's going to be signs
24:26 and lying wonders. Let's say something
24:28 supernatural happens. Now this, we have to
24:31 remember what we just talked about?
24:34 How we have to adhere to the principles of God's
24:36 word here. How we have to receive that
24:38 power and we need to act on the truth and
24:40 principles that God has given us. We have
24:42 to pray for, we have to strive daily to be
24:44 like Jesus. Keep these things in mind,
24:47 because you'll see how it fits here,
24:48 because the devil's trying to take all these
24:50 things away from us. And when the Bible says,
24:56 that Jesus healed people, he really healed them.
25:00 And, so the devil is a counterfeiter and so
25:02 he too will strive to try to persuade you
25:06 that he's in the healing business. So let's just
25:08 say that there is a supernatural,
25:10 something supernatural happen,
25:12 and lets say it's a healing, shall we?
25:15 It would be well for you and for me to examine
25:19 that person who claims to have done that miracle.
25:24 Somebody say well I don't want, no you need to.
25:27 If its supernatural, there's a healing,
25:29 we need to find out how this power came about.
25:32 Is it the power of God or is the power of
25:35 the enemy, it's going to be one or the other.
25:40 You say well why do we need to do this?
25:41 Because we just read in Second Thessalonians 2:9,
25:44 that the enemy's going to do what?
25:46 The workings of Satan is going to be with all what?
25:48 All power, signs and wonders.
25:52 And we know they're lying wonders because
25:54 he is a liar and the truth is not in him,
25:57 is what the Bible said. But you know majority
25:59 of the world is following a liar today, sad.
26:05 He needs to be exposed, oh! How he hates to be
26:07 exposed, and so when this supernatural let's say
26:13 healing takes place, let's question it.
26:16 Here's what the scriptures teach by the way in
26:18 First John 4:1, the Bible is very clear on that.
26:25 Remember, we are going to receive power from what?
26:27 One Spirit or the other, isn't that right?
26:31 First John says, believe not every what;
26:34 First John 4:1 believe not every spirit but
26:38 try the spirits whether they are of God.
26:43 So we're told that we need to try, we need to
26:47 examine when something supernatural happens,
26:50 we need to examine it, we need to try it,
26:54 we need to test it, because it's coming from
26:57 one power or the other. Friend, I am going to do
27:02 what the Bible says, how about you?
27:05 I am going to test it, I am going to see what,
27:07 but, but how can I know? How can I know that?
27:12 I test this one who seems to have a cure.
27:16 The one who performs this miracle, now by the way,
27:21 are we going to believe, now I want you
27:23 to listen carefully. If you're living on feelings
27:25 and emotions and all these things in what your
27:27 eyes see, you're in trouble, you're going to
27:30 be deceived, I'm just going to be real plain
27:32 and honest with you. The Bible is very, very,
27:37 very clear. Are we going to believe?
27:39 Here is your choices, are we going to
27:41 believe God's word on this issue, or are we
27:44 going to believe what man says? God or man,
27:49 even, are we going to believe this person
27:51 this man even if he goes opposite of God's word.
27:55 Well we shouldn't, but sometimes people say,
27:58 I will, I just, I can't explain it so
28:00 it must be from God. No friend, there is a
28:04 test and we've got to apply that test why
28:07 because he's deceiving the world and the world's
28:09 not even fighting it. We need to be
28:12 fighting it today. Now what is it, you will say,
28:16 okay well good. I need to check out whether
28:18 this miracle is from God or not.
28:20 It seems like it was in church service,
28:22 people were jumping up, running around,
28:24 somebody got healed as it were.
28:26 We've got it, let's take it, test it, by the
28:28 standard of God's word and it's very, very simple.
28:33 But it's one that the majority of the world and
28:35 the so-called Christians reject. Are you going to
28:38 reject God, you are going to reject man?
28:41 You've got to come, you have got to make a choice,
28:43 you can't be indifferent to it. The Bible tells us
28:45 how this is a standard. Isaiah 8:20, you remember,
28:50 come on some of you memorize it,
28:51 help me up out. The Bible says
28:54 Isaiah 8:20 what is it, to the law and to the
28:57 what; testimony, if they speak not according to
29:01 this, what it was, this word it is because
29:05 there is no light in them. Now you know,
29:10 I wanna be careful with it, because I want you
29:12 to hear every word. It didn't say because
29:15 where there's not much light in it or there's
29:17 90 percent light, the Bible says to the law
29:21 and to the testimony. The world has nothing,
29:24 most professed Christians you don't have anything,
29:26 because you're saying God's love done away with.
29:29 The test, that God says is to the law and to the
29:33 testimony if they speak not according to
29:36 this it's because there is no light in them.
29:40 Listen, regardless of how great, regardless of
29:43 how overwhelming this miracle may seem.
29:50 The Bible says basically we are looking at here
29:52 as if a person is in disobedience to God's law,
29:58 then they're going to have to reorder their life.
30:01 If they are not willing to reorder their life.
30:05 If they are not worried about being obedient.
30:08 If they tell you, you know, we don't really
30:10 have to worry about this being obedient
30:13 anything anymore because God's working through me.
30:16 You see all these miracles, you see
30:17 all these things that are taking place.
30:19 God's working, you see the church it's big,
30:21 we've got a lot of people, a lot of things
30:23 are going on, we're helping the sick,
30:25 we're doing this, we're doing that.
30:28 But they're saying what, we don't have to be
30:30 obedient, because we're working signs
30:33 and wonders and by the way if they don't
30:37 advocate keeping God's moral Ten Commandment Law,
30:41 you can be sure that the miracle that has been
30:44 performed is that of the enemy and not from God.
30:47 Why? Because the Bible said the test is to the
30:50 law and to the testimony so if a man says
30:52 I don't worry about keeping God's law,
30:54 we are under this, or we are doing this,
30:56 or we are doing that, then it cannot be,
30:58 that miracle cannot be from God, because
31:00 he is not striving by the Grace of God, to keep
31:03 God's Ten Commandment law.
31:07 He said whoa boy, that's a little may be
31:08 a little bit more than I, than I bargained for.
31:13 You had the challenge a while ago, are you
31:16 going to believe man because it looked good,
31:18 it sounded good, the church shouted or you're
31:21 going to believe what God's word says.
31:24 Friend, may I just to be so bold, don't call
31:26 yourself a Christian if you are not willing by
31:27 the Grace of God to be Christ like,
31:29 if you're not willing to follow the principles
31:32 of God's work. What makes you a Christian?
31:36 What makes you fruit for the kingdom of God?
31:40 What makes you think? Well, I am going to
31:43 repopulate heaven or you will, being disobedience.
31:45 Say well I know what God, God's word says but.
31:50 We're living in the last days of earth's history
31:54 and people today you know, you know the devil
31:57 himself he claims to be what? An Angel, of what?
32:00 Of light, Second Corinthians 11:14,
32:04 So we know that the enemy is going to be working
32:06 as what, Trying to as an angel of lights.
32:08 He's going to be working in and among the
32:09 churches to do what? To deceive and to tell
32:12 you exactly what he said in heaven that
32:15 you don't have to worry about God's laws,
32:17 they are not really important.
32:19 It can't be, they can't be kept. Does God not have
32:25 the power? Does Holy Spirit not have power
32:28 enough to equip and to help us to be obedient?
32:30 When the Bible simply says real clear,
32:32 that he's coming after a church without a spot
32:35 or a wrinkle, or any such thing.
32:39 He's coming after a people whose characters
32:40 has been purified by the blood of the lamb.
32:46 And so we understand that, as we look at this
32:48 standard that God has said this test.
32:52 Oh by the way, do you realize that?
32:55 I like to call it the character detector.
32:59 God has given us a what? A character detector,
33:04 after all this law that the world says
33:06 is going to be done away with,
33:09 is going to be used in the judgment.
33:11 Oh you've read it before in James 2:10-12,
33:14 it says, for whosoever shall keep the whole
33:16 law, but offend in what? One point,
33:18 he is guilty of all. And verse 11 says,
33:21 For he that said, do not commit adultery,
33:24 said also, do not kill. But if thou commit no
33:27 adultery, yet you do what? You kill you have
33:30 become a transgressor of God's law.
33:33 Verse 12, So speak ye, and do, as they that
33:37 shall be judged, listen to this,
33:39 by the law of liberty. Do you realize the
33:42 boldness of some people say, but you
33:44 guys want to keep God's love, oh I tell you what?
33:49 They just, it's like chains around us.
33:53 That's not what the Bible says; the Bible calls it
33:58 the Law of Liberty. Shouldn't we be reading
34:04 scriptures that Praise God for this law of liberty?
34:08 So speak ye, and do as they that shall be
34:10 judged by the law of liberty. How can we
34:12 judged by the law of liberty if it's done
34:14 away with? I want you to see the importance
34:16 of what I am talking about. As we receive this
34:20 power upon receiving it, is also the receiving
34:23 the power of the word that helps us and leads
34:27 us into all truth, if we don't know it, we will be
34:29 deceived, because the devil's working
34:32 the Bible says. The law of liberty, instead of
34:37 somebody saying oh, you're on that old law of
34:39 bondage, Bible doesn't say that at all,
34:43 we need to be careful. So is it really important
34:47 how we receive the word or the power of the word
34:51 of God. If it wasn't important,
34:55 why would Jesus say? Do you remember,
34:58 what he taught in Matthew 4:4, He said we need to
35:01 listen to what? Every word, we need to heed
35:04 every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.
35:07 Every word, not picking and choosing,
35:11 not when it suits your need or your lifestyle
35:14 but every word that proceeds
35:16 out of the mouth of God.
35:18 Let me tell you dear friends, let me
35:19 just tell you this, I want you to get your ears
35:22 open right now and don't worry about the phone
35:24 and all these other things but listen carefully,
35:26 God's word is solid as a rock. What?
35:31 God's word is solid as a rock. It is a secure
35:34 foundation that we have right here, but every
35:39 faith and every doctrine must be tested by the law
35:45 and the testimony. Please remember that,
35:47 remember there is no other safe course.
35:51 Sure we're talking about power, and this is the
35:54 power inside that helps us to detect,
35:56 what we're talking about? If you don't have it,
35:58 you will be deceived. If you don't use the word
36:02 that's powerful, if you don't use what God gives
36:07 you dear friends, we're talking about even this
36:08 word you lose. This is God is telling us here
36:13 that we have come to a point in earth's history,
36:15 listen carefully that we must contend
36:19 for the faith. How many? Listen, are you really
36:23 contending for the faith today? That's found
36:26 by the way in Jude verse 3,
36:29 notice the Bible says we have to contend for the
36:31 faith once delivered to the saints.
36:35 Contend, the word contend means, are you struggling?
36:40 Are you really struggling for that faith?
36:43 Are you really earnest about that faith?
36:45 Are you fighting for that faith?
36:47 Are you laboring for that faith and by the way,
36:51 the word contend here, thus means, that we must
36:53 be willing to contend with the advisory.
36:58 Are you willing to contend with the advisory,
37:00 oh you're not capable and I am not,
37:02 but with Jesus Christ we are more than conquerors.
37:05 We have to be willing to contend, how many
37:07 is contending for the faith? The real faith,
37:11 that was once delivered to the saints.
37:14 Isn't it time that we've started striving for this?
37:17 We started fighting for this, we want it
37:19 brought back into the church, we want it brought
37:21 back into our own hearts and for our life
37:24 and the Bible says contend for what?
37:26 What's the word for the faith.
37:27 What is the faith for you dear friend.
37:29 Faith dear friend simply put as a conviction.
37:32 Do you have a conviction when it comes to
37:34 the things of God? A conviction has to do,
37:37 the faith has to do with the truth itself.
37:41 The faith here has to do with our belief.
37:45 Faith has to do with our persuasion.
37:49 When are you persuaded? Are you persuaded
37:54 that we want truth, we want righteousness
37:57 more than anything in this world.
37:59 We want to be like Jesus, are we?
38:03 I am convinced that every form of air is going to be
38:06 brought in before Jesus comes.
38:10 Every form, we haven't seen anything yet.
38:12 But why? Because my Bible says this in
38:14 Matthew 24:24, he said, if it were possible what
38:19 would happen? If it were possible they should what?
38:23 They shall deceive the very elect.
38:27 And you know what the elect means?
38:29 Let's not get carried away here, but we,
38:31 they deceive if it's possible the very elect.
38:35 Elect means, the select. Have you been selected?
38:44 Have you selected to follow Jesus,
38:46 you're selected to follow him. He selects to take
38:48 you to the heaven. You are the select,
38:52 I like that, the elect by the way that's chosen
38:57 and I'll put it down where we can really
38:59 understand it and here's the word when it talks
39:01 about the elect, the favorite.
39:05 Wow! God favors us with his presence,
39:08 with his grace and with his power.
39:11 Is it in, is it really important that how we
39:13 receive the powerful word of God and
39:16 the power of the Holy Spirit.
39:18 Do you realize today there's people having
39:20 false dreams, there's people having
39:22 false visions. They're printing them along the
39:26 page and people are swallowing everything that
39:28 they have to say, and by the way when they
39:32 have these visions and when they have these
39:34 dreams, always there is, listen, a measure of
39:37 truth involved. And so if you haven't hid the
39:42 word of God in your heart, if you're not
39:45 really praying for that Holy Spirit power to
39:47 really come in, to really receive that
39:50 power, to deal with that power you are
39:54 going to be deceived. I am going to be
39:56 deceived if we don't have this love,
39:59 because there's a certain amount
40:00 of truth and if we're not really sold on the
40:02 truth and really know what truth is dear friends.
40:06 But always this, whatever vision, whatever dream
40:10 that they may have, as end results, they will
40:14 always listen, they always try to lead you
40:17 away from the truth. Every time it will
40:21 never fail, they'll try to lead your way from
40:24 the original, original faith. When we're called
40:29 to contend and hold it in place.
40:32 Who will do it today? Who has the courage to do it?
40:36 And so I'm thankful that God has given us
40:39 this rule, that we may detect error to the law
40:47 and to the testimony. So if they tell you can't
40:51 find friend, once again that the law of God
40:53 is not important. Are you going to
40:56 believe them? If they downplay it just a
40:59 little bit, if they belittle the word,
41:05 if they won't pay any attention to the revealed
41:08 will of God, or if they say really it doesn't
41:11 matter because they are taking their feelings
41:15 and their impulses and their impressions
41:18 over ye thus saith the Lord.
41:23 Which, the by the way they considered more
41:25 reliable than God's word. You realize that
41:27 if you take man's word over God's word,
41:28 you're saying that man's word is more reliable
41:31 than God's word. Then we're gonna have to
41:34 try these Spirits. If this be the case
41:40 dear friends they are, whether their dream,
41:42 or visions or whatever they say that leads us
41:44 away from the truth of God's word
41:46 they are deceivers. They are the enemy's workmen.
41:51 You see why we need to receive the word of God
41:54 with real power. That we need that power
41:57 inside of us in our hearts and in our minds
41:59 because what the devil is pulling nowadays?
42:03 It's not some little five and dime gimmick,
42:06 are you with me? He's doing things dear friends
42:10 that the mind just cannot comprehend,
42:12 that cannot be explained and people are
42:15 wondering after. And by the way for those
42:18 of you who try, to say the law of God has done
42:21 away with, let's just give just a couple of minutes,
42:23 Oh I just can't stop with this, because I've
42:27 heard it say well you know the law of God's done
42:28 away with. How do we deal with the
42:34 simple passage, surely everyone knows,
42:36 First John 3:4, the only Biblical definition of
42:40 what sin is, sin is the big issue, is it not?
42:44 Sin is the what? Transgression of God's law
42:50 isn't it? Sin is what? Transgression of
42:53 God's law, notice that. And of course if we're
42:57 doing line upon line, precept upon precept,
43:00 in Romans chapter 5, verse 13, it says,
43:04 and of course without the law
43:06 there's no transgression. So if the law's done away
43:10 with, there is no sin, there's no transgression,
43:12 wow. How many of us are really putting our
43:18 thinking caps on right now? And by the way in
43:22 Romans 3 verse 20, by the law the Bible said is
43:26 the knowledge of sin. Thank God, that he's given
43:30 us a knowledge of what sin is that would drive
43:32 us to the savior. Also Roman 7:7 when you
43:36 get an opportunity, but my Bible is clear on this,
43:39 in Romans 6:23 the Bible said, the wages of sin is
43:44 what? Wages of sin is death. Did you notice that?
43:49 By the way, when the person says well we don't
43:52 need to keep the law now because we live by
43:55 faith. Oh that's good, dear friend.
43:58 But what do you with Romans 3:31, see what
44:02 I am talking about here is if we are not putting
44:04 in what the Holy Spirit brings and the power
44:07 of the Spirit inside of us, we will not be
44:09 able to give an answer to every man that ask us
44:11 a reason of the hope that is with in us.
44:15 Romans 3:31 the Bible is very clear,
44:17 do we then make void the law through faith?
44:21 No, God forbid, yea, we establish the law.
44:26 And by the way just one more point here
44:27 because some of us, oh well I understand
44:29 that you know we live in the dispensation of
44:31 grace so it's grace. So praise God for grace
44:34 without that we're all in trouble, but they say
44:37 well don't worry about keeping the law and why
44:38 because we're under grace. How long has it been
44:41 since we read the Romans 6:15-16,
44:45 allow me to do that as quickly as I can,
44:46 as time is running out. It says what then shall
44:48 we send because we are not under the law,
44:50 but under grace? God forbid, and in verse 16,
44:55 it goes on and says, it makes it clear.
44:57 Know ye not to whom ye yield yourself
45:00 servants to obey, his servants are ye to whom
45:04 ye obey; whether of sin, notice this, the word
45:07 sin unto what? Death or obedience unto
45:11 righteousness? So how we can say that
45:12 God's law is done away with when Paul
45:14 goes right on says, he talks about sin, talks
45:17 about the wages of sin is death and he talks
45:19 about the gift of life deals with what?
45:21 the obedience and righteous living.
45:25 Wow, see we need to receive the word,
45:29 we need to receive it now. This is the power
45:31 that we need inside, but the Bible says by the way
45:34 there's power in the word of God. Listen carefully
45:36 as Second Timothy 2:15 tells us, when we rightly
45:40 divide what, the word of God. Friend,
45:46 are you rightly dividing that the word of God?
45:49 How important that is, not just picking and
45:52 choosing and taking things out of context
45:54 but let the word of God speak to you,
46:00 how do we receive this power, we went over
46:02 several different points why? Because the devil
46:04 is going to try to deceive us but here is the
46:06 real point, listen to this very carefully.
46:08 As we receive the power of the word we receive
46:11 it through and it is written. We have to be
46:16 willing to receive that. It is written, it must be
46:21 the weapon of our resistance. It is written,
46:25 it is what, has to be the weapon that we fight
46:27 against the devil of our resistance
46:29 against the devil. And then we have to think
46:32 in terms of the sword of the Spirit.
46:36 Do you have the sword of the Spirit? Every human
46:39 being is to use. The Spirit, the word of God
46:45 and by prayer, it is written.
46:51 Sword of the spirit and by prayer we are
46:54 going to be braced for duty and for trial.
46:58 Are you ready for these things, dear friend are we
47:00 ready for Jesus to really come? We need to
47:02 receive power of the word. People say well
47:04 why the power of the word? Because my Bible tells me
47:07 very quickly in John 1:1-4, Bible says
47:11 in the beginning was what? Good, in the beginning was
47:14 the word, and the word was what? Was with God,
47:17 notice that? And the word was God.
47:21 In verse 4 it says, In Him was life; and the life
47:24 was the light of men. In the beginning was what?
47:27 In the beginning was the word the Bible says,
47:29 is the word powerful? Yes. Do we need the word
47:31 inside of us? Yes. Is the word going to protect us?
47:33 Yes. Is the word going to empower us? Yes.
47:36 Is the word going to give us victory? Yes.
47:40 Friend, we have to have it inside of us?
47:42 This is what we need to be pleading for right
47:44 now? We must be receiving this daily in our
47:48 hearts and in our life. By the way you know
47:50 the story, just quickly we get into it in
47:52 Luke 8:11, it talked about the parable of the sower.
47:57 We won't go through all of that but you just,
47:59 you read that when you have the opportunity
48:01 and it says that the sower went out and he begin
48:04 to sow and then in verse 11 it simply says this,
48:07 the seed is the word of God. The seed is what;
48:11 the seed is the word of God, that which is sown,
48:14 that which is planted, that which is notice this,
48:17 which is received, that which is extended,
48:19 that which is scattered is God's word.
48:22 This is what we need; this is what gives us power.
48:26 Are you searching as for hidden treasures today?
48:31 This is very important; the Bible goes on in verse
48:33 15 of Luke chapter 8 and it says, but that on the
48:37 good ground are they which are honest and
48:40 good in heart. The good ground is what?
48:43 Honest, they bring forth fruit with patience.
48:47 Oh friend, this it's home, it's home to me,
48:50 it's going to hit home to all of you when you
48:52 think about this and I am going to do this
48:53 quickly with parents. What kind of seed are you
48:57 sowing in the home? Notice, evil will increase
49:02 faster than good. What? Evil will increase faster
49:07 than good. What kind of seed are we sowing?
49:11 Impressions, words that are made just stay upon
49:16 the mind of our youth. And the wrong things
49:20 stay upon, they are not easily erased.
49:24 What responsibility that we have? As parents
49:28 we must sow clean seed so that later on we don't
49:31 have to come back and try to pull the weeds out
49:33 of the garden, that maybe we've let grow up.
49:37 What a difficult chore that would be?
49:41 A man well known the Duke of Wellington said this.
49:44 He said, the thing that impresses me most
49:47 about America. What? The thing that impresses
49:50 me most about America is the way the parents
49:54 obey the children. How sad? To be impressed
49:59 about the way the parents obey what?
50:02 Obey the children. We hear it over and over
50:07 in this world, oh let's just let the children
50:09 alone though, if they're a little mean and
50:11 cantankerous, as they get older they all grow
50:13 out of it, oh friend. By the way but sometime
50:17 before we're married, sometime before we
50:18 have children everyone of us come to
50:19 conclusion that we know how to raise the children
50:21 and we know we're going to exactly how to do,
50:23 to correct them and exactly what we're
50:25 going to do to make the children like we want
50:27 them to be. Here's what one man said, he said
50:33 you know, before I got married I had six theories
50:38 on how to bring up children. Now I have six
50:45 children and no theories. How about you today?
50:52 You cannot let your children come and go
50:54 and do what they want to do for many,
50:56 many years until may be they're 18 or 20 and then
51:00 you know may be a while for a while and they're
51:02 sowing their oats in, and some people say well
51:04 when they get 18 or 20 they'll get some senses
51:06 and they'll come back. You think they're gonna
51:11 come back from those evil habits and those wild
51:13 tempers and that selfishness.
51:14 What a mistake? What a mistake? For years you let
51:20 the enemy sow seeds of rebellion in that child,
51:25 with no correction. Sowing long habits of
51:29 character in the heart, wrong principles that
51:31 are left unchecked. And may, and in many cases,
51:36 later on it doesn't matter how you till the soil,
51:39 no matter how much begging and pleading that
51:41 you do and time spend on the soil it will make
51:44 no difference what you have allowed has become.
51:48 How sad? We realize now that children every defect
51:53 of character, every fault in their disposition,
51:56 their tempers, their sassing, their smart mouth,
52:00 every act of disobedience must be cut away while
52:03 they're young or it's going to mar their
52:07 character possibly for eternity.
52:12 And parents let me just say this, if you let this
52:14 go in your children sin lies at your door.
52:19 We need power. We need that power to come in;
52:24 we must keep our children if we have to from
52:26 associating with the careless and with the
52:29 disobedient and the ungodly.
52:32 Friend are you willing to do, do you love your
52:34 children enough. How do we receive that power?
52:39 Do you really want that power? The Bible says
52:43 in Acts 2:41, "Then they that gladly received his
52:46 word were baptized." Just put it in a nutshell
52:50 shall we, how receive that power? Let me say
52:53 open your heart to God, right now, pray for that
52:56 power. Let the power of the Holy Spirit have full
53:00 control, begin to work with heaven dear friend.
53:03 Be obedient to God's principles; strive daily
53:06 to know more about God and his great sacrifice.
53:10 Give your life to Jesus Christ. Friend,
53:13 if you want to receive that power, if you really
53:15 need that power in your life, how we deal with
53:18 that power as it comes in, dear friends, right now
53:20 has to do with opening your heart to Jesus
53:23 right now. Why don't you do that, in the
53:26 closing-seconds that we have. Why don't you
53:28 just invite him to come in? I am going to invite
53:30 him right now as we pray together.
53:33 You want to pray with me? Oh I know that you do.
53:38 The power is available to everyone one of us
53:41 and we're accountable for ask God to let it
53:43 come in that we may, right we may not be deceived
53:46 by the enemy, that we may have power in our
53:48 hearts and in our lives. Let's pray about
53:50 it right now. Let's kneel together.
53:52 Merciful Father in heaven, we so thank you for
53:54 your word, thank you for the power,
53:57 thank you for the promise that you would give us
53:58 that power of victory, the Holy Spirit and Power
54:01 of your word that we may not be deceived here
54:03 in these last days of earth's history.
54:05 Thank you for hearing, thank you for answering
54:07 prayer for every precious soul around the world
54:09 that will hear and be obedient
54:11 to your word in Jesus name. Amen.
54:15 Until next time may God richly bless you.
54:17 We look forward to seeing you then.
54:21 Friends, the savior is waiting for a people,
54:25 who will rightly represent Him, His spirit,
54:28 His love, His character. Heaven so wants to
54:32 bestow these precious gifts to us.
54:35 So that the real power of Christianity
54:37 maybe revealed. Zeal for God and his cause
54:41 move the disciples to bear a mighty witness
54:44 of Christ with power. We too need that same zeal,
54:48 that same power as they had as we bear the
54:52 testimony of a crucified, risen and soon
54:56 to return Lord and savior Jesus Christ.
55:00 Only those who are diligent students of scriptures
55:03 have received the power of God's word within,
55:06 with the love for the truth will be shielded
55:09 from the delusions of the enemy.
55:11 I want you to ask yourself are you firmly
55:14 established in God's word and have the power
55:17 of the Spirit. This last great conflict of which
55:21 we're apart like it or not,
55:23 is between truth and error.
55:25 We implore you to place yourself fully under the
55:29 control of God to be lead and
55:32 inspired by his Spirit, because only those
55:35 who are living up to the light that they now
55:37 posses will receive greater light and enduring
55:41 strength to stand firm in the truth.
55:44 So won't you open your heart and your mind up
55:47 to God today and receive the power he has
55:50 so graciously promised to each and every one of us.
55:55 And let us know your decision. Would you write
55:58 us today, you can write us at
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