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00:40 Hello friends and welcome to Behold
00:42 the Lamb Present. I am Chris Shelton,
00:44 your host and what a God given privilege
00:47 that we have a meeting and opening the word
00:49 of God together again today.
00:52 Today's topic is the fifth in a five part
00:54 series that we have entitled 'Addressing
00:57 the power of the Holy Spirit.'
01:00 Previously we've covered, does your
01:01 church need more power. You have to want that
01:05 power was the second message.
01:07 Preparation to receive that power was a third.
01:11 How we receive that power, the fourth, and
01:13 finally today's message witnessing
01:16 with power. To begin our program would
01:19 you get your Bibles and let's open our
01:21 Bibles to Mark chapter 13 and verse 11.
01:25 That's the book of Mark chapter 13 and
01:29 verse 11, in chapter 13 verse 11, we read.
01:34 But when they shall lead you and deliver
01:36 you up, take not thought beforehand
01:39 what ye shall speak, neither do ye
01:42 premeditate, but whatsoever shall be
01:45 given you in that hour, that speak ye:
01:49 for it is not ye that speak but the Holy Ghost.
01:52 For today I want us to focus for just a
01:55 moment on the last part of verse 11.
01:58 Look at it again, but whatsoever shall be
02:01 given you in the hour, that speak ye:
02:05 that speak you, for it is not you that
02:09 speaketh but the Holy Ghost.
02:11 This statement in and of itself is powerful,
02:15 but here we must recognize it, we have
02:17 no power of our own. Let me repeat that for
02:20 you, we have no power of our own.
02:24 If we're to witness with power, we must
02:27 be filled with the Holy Ghost, amen.
02:30 Today Pastor Kenny will investigate this
02:32 thought along with many others I'm sure
02:35 on just how we may witness with power.
02:38 But first we are privileged to go to
02:41 3ABN's worship center and be blessed
02:44 with a song sung by Lyndon
02:46 Carriger entitled My Help.
03:06 I will lift up mine eyes to the hills
03:11 From whence cometh my help
03:15 My help cometh from the Lord
03:19 The Lord who made heaven and earth
03:24 He said, He will not suffer thy foot;
03:29 thy foot to be moved The Lord which keepeth thee
03:38 He will not slumber nor sleep
03:42 For the Lord is thy keeper
03:46 The Lord is thy shade upon thy right hand
03:55 Upon thy right hand Nor the sun shall not
04:03 smite thee by day Nor the moon by night
04:09 He shall preserve thy soul Even forever more
04:21 My help, My help, My help, All of my help
04:35 Cometh from the Lord
04:53 I will lift up mine eyes to the hills
04:59 From whence cometh my help
05:02 My help cometh from the Lord
05:06 The Lord who made heaven and earth
05:11 He said, He will not suffer thy foot;
05:17 thy foot to be moved The Lord Which keepeth thee
05:25 He will not slumber nor sleep
05:29 For the Lord is thy keeper
05:33 The Lord is thy shade upon thy right hand
05:42 Upon thy right hand For the sun shall not
05:50 smite thee by day Nor the moon by night
05:56 He shall preserve thy soul Even forever more
06:07 My help, My help, My help, All of my help
06:20 Cometh from the Lord
06:25 My help, My help, My help, All of my help
06:37 Cometh from the Lord
06:45 My help, My help, My help, All of my help
06:57 Cometh from the Lord, the Lord
07:13 All of my help Cometh from the Lord
07:28 Thank you for joining us today, praise the Lord.
07:30 We have the opportunity to study the word one
07:32 more time together, wherever you may be
07:35 around the world, we ask you to take this
07:37 time, dedicate it to God. Take your Bible, pen
07:40 and pencil and let's jot down some things
07:42 that will encourage us in our walk with Jesus.
07:45 So, happy to have you today and as usual
07:48 before we study the word of God we
07:50 always pray. So if you will, well you can,
07:53 you can kneel with me if you're
07:54 somewhere where you can't still pray along
07:55 with for the power of Holy Spirit.
07:57 Lets pray together shall we.
08:02 Merciful Father in Heaven, we thank you
08:04 for you the privilege to be able to spread
08:06 the good news of salvation,
08:07 we pray for the power of Thy Holy Spirit,
08:10 pray that you all open ears and eyes and
08:12 hearts that we may be drawn closer today.
08:15 May we see Jesus today, may our hearts
08:17 and lives be changed, may decisions be
08:20 made for eternity. Thank you for hearing
08:22 and answering as the power of the spirit
08:24 now is poured out without
08:25 measure in Jesus name, amen.
08:31 I'm gonna be talking about and this is our
08:33 fifth part by the ways as you've already
08:35 heard about witnessing with power.
08:38 What does it really mean to witness with power.
08:40 Day by day our life is a witness, how is it
08:44 that you witness for Jesus. You know you may
08:47 be witnessing out there for the enemy if
08:49 you are not careful but how, what kind of
08:50 a job are you doing, if you're witnessing for
08:52 Jesus, it needs to be with great power of
08:55 the Holy Spirit. That simply means
08:56 the power of God needs to be with you
08:59 and in you as you talk about Jesus.
09:03 And that spirit is there dear friend it will
09:05 compel people to hear and answer the call of Jesus.
09:09 I am going to turn in my Bible and
09:11 I wanted you to do too also in Acts
09:13 chapter 2, Acts chapter 2. What we're gonna do
09:16 this is quickly just run down a few verses
09:19 and this will be the foundation of which
09:21 we're going to be building on.
09:22 Acts chapter 2, gonna read verse 1 and then
09:26 as we go down jot these and you can go
09:28 back and study them a little bit later.
09:30 Notice how and what took place on
09:33 the day of Pentecost? This is talking about
09:36 power for witnessing power for evangelizing.
09:41 Acts chapter 2 verse 1 the Bible says.
09:43 And when the day of Pentecost was fully
09:45 come, they were all with one accord
09:49 and in one place. Notice the foundation
09:51 principles that being here we're reading about.
09:55 They were one accord, they were in
09:57 one place. You see there is power in numbers.
10:00 There's power as we come together and as we pray.
10:03 You know Bible says whether any two or
10:05 three agree or touch upon anything it is so.
10:09 So on the day of Pentecost there were
10:10 in one accord, what would the church do
10:12 today if we were all in unity. What kind of
10:15 power would be present if we were in one accord.
10:20 This is what it takes for the Holy Spirit to
10:22 be able to really be poured out on you
10:24 and on me. So that we can be endowed with
10:27 power from on high, we must be in one accord.
10:32 Now also in Acts chapter 2, wanna read
10:34 verse 4, notice what the Bible says this is
10:37 very, very important, keep it in mind.
10:40 It says and they were all filled with the
10:42 Holy Ghost, and began to speak with
10:45 others tongues, notice as the spirit gave
10:49 them utterance. The Bible says they were
10:51 filled with the Holy Ghost. They begin to speak
10:55 with other languages, there was something
10:57 marvelous going on there was miracles
11:00 that were talking place and they were
11:02 filled with the Holy Ghost. Keep this in mind as
11:06 we are filled with the Holy Ghost things
11:09 begin to take place in your life.
11:11 If you're living a dull Christian experience
11:13 right now it may be that the power of the
11:16 Holy Spirit is not working in and
11:17 through you. And if they're not, there is
11:20 a reason for it, one accord one place,
11:23 praying for the evidence of the spirit
11:26 here and the evidence where they begin to
11:27 speak other languages, so that the gospel
11:30 could go into all the world.
11:32 Now we're gonna skip over, you are still in
11:34 Acts chapter 2 with me, and verse 37.
11:36 The Bible says and now when they heard
11:38 this, they were pricked in their hearts,
11:41 talking about what coming to Jesus,
11:43 making decisions for Jesus as they were
11:45 pricked in their hearts and said unto Peter
11:47 and the rest of the apostles, Men and
11:50 brethren, what shall we do?
11:52 How interesting that would be in the
11:54 church as we study the word of God or
11:57 we pray together as a end result there is so
11:59 much conviction that comes into your heart,
12:02 into my heart that we would just look
12:04 around to each other and would say what
12:05 must we do, what's our next step.
12:08 I was talking with an individual today and
12:10 they were in a, a crisis situation.
12:12 They were in a dilemma, and they're,
12:16 what they wanted to council about was
12:18 what do we do next, what must we do?
12:23 It's a legitimate question.
12:25 Sometime we come to these kind of cross
12:26 roads and when a conviction of the
12:28 Holy Spirit is brought upon an individual
12:30 and you may be one of them by the way.
12:33 You may be one of them that the Spirit of
12:34 God is working on right now and you're
12:37 not sure what step to take next, just notice
12:40 scripture, follow along closely today
12:43 and you're gonna find the answers to
12:44 the these questions. What shall we do and
12:46 then verse 38 says, here is what Peter
12:48 said, Peter said to them, first of all is to
12:51 repent, and baptize every one of you in
12:55 the name of Jesus Christ for the
12:57 remission of sin. The first thing the
13:00 Holy Spirit will say to us as the spirit draws
13:02 us into relationship is to we need to repent
13:06 of our sins. Now lets not say, well I don't
13:08 have any sin in my life, you need to wake
13:10 up brother and sister. Bible says we've all
13:13 sinned come short of the glory of God.
13:15 We need that grace of Jesus every day in our life.
13:17 We need the power of the Holy Spirit
13:19 give us victory. We need to say what
13:22 must we do, repent and be baptized
13:24 everyone of you for the remission of sin.
13:28 Here's the key underline this, and ye
13:30 shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.
13:33 My Bible tells me the gift then is the Holy
13:36 Spirit is a gift that God wants to give to
13:39 us that we need the power of the spirit.
13:42 Skipping down to verse 41 the Bible says.
13:45 Then they that gladly received his word
13:48 were baptized: Oh I like this, this
13:50 encourages me because as a Christian
13:52 we need to be happy Christians.
13:54 When you have the spirit of God in you,
13:56 you can't be any thing but a happy person.
13:59 It says they gladly received it not oh no
14:02 I'm going to have to do this, oh no, I don't
14:05 want to have, they gladly received it,
14:07 oh give us more. You know preachers some
14:10 time like when they're preaching along and
14:11 someone just encourages maybe by an amen,
14:16 or it's very possible that as someone might
14:19 say well pastor go a little bit longer.
14:21 Well you very seldom maybe ever hear that
14:23 but you know it's good but why because
14:25 there were, not what the preacher was
14:27 saying and doing but they were gladly
14:29 receiving the word of God.
14:31 They loved it, they wanted to hear more
14:33 of it rather then oh my it's time to go home.
14:35 Are you gladly receiving the word of God today?
14:41 Bible says as they gladly receive the
14:43 word of God and they were in a one accord,
14:44 they were praying, they were one in the
14:46 power of the Holy Spirit, it says about
14:48 three thousand souls were added to them.
14:52 You wanted to be a soul winner,
14:53 this is very important. To be a soul winner
14:55 we have to have the power of the Spirit of
14:58 the living God, and then he is going to
14:59 bring in our life is right with him.
15:01 He is going to bring us in connection with
15:03 those who need a soul salvation.
15:07 You know as Christians by the way we still
15:09 need that touch everyday moment by
15:11 moment. But there are those in the world that
15:14 don't understand about a relationship
15:16 with Jesus Christ. Added to the Church
15:20 three thousands souls, how awesome that is.
15:23 Verse 44 Acts chapter 2 it say all that
15:25 believed were together, and had all things common.
15:28 Wouldn't you like to all everybody believe
15:30 the same thing and have every thing in common.
15:31 No one is higher than anybody else and we
15:33 just share every thing that we had,
15:35 everybody was equal. The time is coming
15:39 dear friend we're living in the hour
15:41 where God is calling us, challenging us
15:43 with these issues. Verse 46 says they
15:47 continue daily with one accord in the
15:49 temple, breaking bread from house to
15:51 house and did eat their meat with
15:52 gladness and singleness of heart again.
15:56 Continuing daily in accord in the temple,
16:00 some of us have difficult time just to
16:02 continue have Bibles you know five
16:04 minutes with God everyday in the word.
16:07 Here we find the disciples as the spirit
16:08 of God was poured it out they were
16:10 continually in the temple praising God.
16:13 Verse 47 says praising God, having
16:15 favor with all the people. And the Lord notice
16:18 it, the Lord added to the church daily such
16:23 as should be saved. Very interesting
16:26 thought, some of us think we can be off in
16:28 the North 40 somewhere not
16:30 have any relationship with a group of
16:31 people, we're enough within ourself.
16:35 Bibles says the Holy spirit is poured out
16:37 said he added to the church, his people,
16:40 he added to them daily such as should be saved.
16:44 There is a connection here we need to be
16:45 studying, I know more on this and as
16:48 we study several other chapters
16:49 in the word of God. The miracles that are
16:52 performed in Acts chapter 3, 4 and 5 was
16:55 just amazing. It will set you on fire for Jesus.
16:59 I hope you have time, jot that down and
17:01 may be in your morning worship or in
17:03 the evening, you take some time to read
17:04 those chapters. It'll encourage you
17:07 I know as it has me. Now I want that to be
17:10 a foundation that we are working on right now.
17:14 You see God expects that his work would
17:18 be a success, now what does that mean.
17:21 His work will be a success.
17:24 Well how could his work not be a success?
17:27 After all if we're following God and
17:29 following his word, he never fails,
17:32 his work is always a success.
17:34 Not just a success as man sees it but
17:37 as heaven views it. I'm talking about a
17:39 glorious success, a triumphant success,
17:43 a success that man doesn't understand in
17:45 this life when we cooperate with God.
17:48 This is his work, he has equipped us, and
17:50 he's given us this power. Oh, how exciting that is.
17:55 I hope you are excited about this because
17:57 God says I want you to have success,
18:00 I want the church to be successful.
18:02 I want you in your individual
18:03 life to be successful. We are talking about
18:06 a religious experience. We are talking about
18:08 defeating the devil everyday.
18:11 And the opportunities God's going give us
18:14 to be able to finish the work.
18:17 And something else I want you to think
18:18 about with me, success seldom ever
18:21 comes from a person that's just halfhearted.
18:25 Have you ever met someone in the
18:26 church they are halfhearted Christian,
18:28 I'm not trying to be judgmental,
18:30 but they're always too busy to
18:31 do anything for Jesus. They're always going
18:33 here, they're going here, they don't have
18:34 time, they can't study the word, they can't,
18:36 that's a halfhearted Christian.
18:39 They know they should be but they're
18:40 just halfhearted. But success will never
18:42 come to a halfhearted Christian, a loveless
18:46 Christian, a lifeless Christian, had no life
18:50 in them or an occasional Christian.
18:55 Where do you fit? Where do I fit?
18:58 Am I my putting forth an occasional effort?
19:02 Am I putting forth a lifeless effort?
19:07 Jesus said I want you to be the lively stones.
19:09 People say sometimes well, I don't know
19:10 why all the excitements about, well why not in
19:13 the cause of Christ there always should
19:14 be something exciting going on.
19:17 Doesn't mean the devil is not working
19:18 but it simply means that we serve one that
19:20 is greater than the enemy. There should be some
19:22 excitement in your Christian life and if
19:24 there is not it's time to get down on our
19:26 knees and ask God to help us.
19:28 See, we need a united shoulder to shoulder
19:32 effort standing together for the work
19:35 of Christ and when you study Acts
19:36 chapter 2 and we're talking about witnessing
19:38 with power. We're going to find out
19:41 how this power is given to God as men
19:43 and women go out witnessing or
19:45 speaking for Jesus. Men and women,
19:49 children, young people anyone
19:51 that wants to talk for Jesus is needed in his
19:53 cause but God's looking for men and
19:56 women, young people who talk with God.
20:01 We're talking about all during the day.
20:04 He's looking for men and women who walk with God.
20:07 He's looking for men and women who let
20:09 God so live in their life that people see
20:12 Jesus in them. That's what he's looking
20:15 for today, we can be one of those that our
20:19 life so shows that we have been with Jesus.
20:21 Oh! Friend, does your life show that you
20:23 have been with Jesus? Does your life show
20:25 that you've really being converted.
20:27 As you will know unless we're really
20:29 born again or converted will never
20:30 make heaven our home. Oh, how important
20:33 that is, God's calling his people today to
20:37 reach a higher standard. Oh I know the temperature
20:42 of the world today in Christian face is that
20:45 you know we lowered the standards and
20:47 more we lowered the standards, more
20:49 people will come in the door.
20:51 Well I just be really frank and really bold
20:53 with you, so just pull right up close to the
20:55 screen if you want to. Listen, there's too
20:57 many pastors standing in the pulpit today
21:00 dressed like they're going to a picnic
21:01 rather than preaching the word of God and
21:03 representing Jesus Christ. They're standing there
21:05 in their jeans and their shirt gaped all the
21:07 way open or may be sometime in their
21:09 undershirt and they're up there acting like
21:11 you know we're gonna win, we're
21:12 gonna get together. Listen, they, the
21:14 children, the young people, the teenager,
21:16 they need something a higher standard to
21:19 be raised and if the pastor doesn't raise it,
21:21 if the elder doesn't raise it in the church,
21:23 what you expect that congregation to do.
21:26 Whatever standard that the pastor and the
21:28 elders I'm convinced with this set in the
21:30 church that's as high as the people will go
21:33 rather than looking to Jesus. But they will
21:36 never already reach that point, they will
21:38 always be wanting a little bit under that.
21:40 Set a high standard as a Christian, act and
21:42 dress and do, talks about Jesus in your life.
21:46 Did you have a real experience with him?
21:50 And you know how this takes place self
21:52 has to be lost side of. Oh it's very simple
21:57 scripture Galatians 2 chapter 20,
21:59 what does Paul say. He says I live,
22:06 I live yet not I interesting,
22:10 but Christ liveth in me. When it comes to
22:12 the point that you are no longer alive as it
22:16 were but it's Christ in you just like Jesus
22:19 was completely filled with the Father,
22:21 that's how he gained victory.
22:23 We have too much of, we want to serve Jesus.
22:25 We want to serve ourselves. We want to go to church,
22:28 but yet we want to go to other places.
22:30 We want to do kind of the right thing but yet
22:31 there's other things that's enticing us and
22:33 drawing us away. How does heaven view it?
22:36 Where are you spending your time,
22:37 your energy and your money?
22:39 The talents that God has given you,
22:41 he will call one of these days and all the
22:44 good news is this. If you use those gifts
22:47 and talents as he will multiply them.
22:50 Do you want them multiplied, oh I do but
22:52 he says only multiplied as you use those gifts
22:55 not I but Christ the Bible says.
22:59 So may I say nicely wake up church, wake
23:02 up individual Christians today
23:05 before it's ever lasting too late.
23:07 The day is coming, the hour is coming
23:09 when it's gonna be too late no man can work.
23:13 Why? Because we must see that we are
23:14 on the borders of the eternal world.
23:17 We're right in the borders; we're right at
23:19 the finish line, and if you don't sense
23:21 that right now ask God to help you to see it.
23:24 There is an urgency some people say well
23:27 you know Kenny, Pastor Kenny when
23:29 I talk to you there seems to be urgency.
23:30 Yes, there is urgency; every day is one day
23:34 closure to the coming of Jesus.
23:36 Probation is going to close, where are you
23:37 gonna spend eternity. We owe, you owe
23:42 yourself, to ask yourself that question,
23:44 are you really in tune with Heaven, are you
23:46 in tune with God, or are you in tune with
23:48 the world. Most people are so in tune
23:50 with the world that they can't stand five
23:52 minutes away from the world.
23:55 We need to get that quiet time along
23:57 between us and God that we may hear
23:58 that sweet voice speak to us.
24:02 In Second Peter 3 chapter verse 12 says,
24:06 look for and hasting unto the coming of the Lord.
24:11 I like that word hasting, that means,
24:14 it's kind of a hurry up to speed on the
24:17 the coming of Jesus, can speed it on by
24:21 beholding him, by drawing close to Jesus Christ.
24:24 I want him to come how about you?
24:27 Haven't you had enough of this world
24:28 the sorrow, the heartache, the
24:30 disappointment, the death, everything
24:32 that's going on and things that soon to
24:34 take the world by overwhelming
24:35 surprise because we're not following.
24:37 Yes, you're gonna be caught off guard.
24:40 And there is no need, no warning is here for us.
24:44 We need to now like never before witness
24:46 with power because the time is going to
24:50 come when it's going be very difficult to
24:52 witness for Jesus. You will wish that
24:56 you had witnessed. I heard people say
24:58 oh I can't witness. Now look, let's get off
25:02 of that. I don't mind to be honest and frank
25:04 with you, lets get off out of that.
25:06 If the spirit of living God is inside you,
25:08 you never say I can't, why?
25:11 Because the Bible says all things are
25:13 possible through Jesus Christ.
25:15 I hope that woke some of you who are
25:16 half way sleeping right now.
25:18 All things are possible, you can
25:21 witness for Jesus, you may not do it like
25:23 someone else is doing it but if he's real in
25:25 your life you will not be able to keep quiet.
25:28 If he's real in your life you are gonna be
25:29 talking to him. If he's real in your life
25:32 you're gonna be out witnessing for him.
25:35 Power of the spirit that God wants us to
25:37 have in our life, so that me may lead and
25:40 guide us in to all truth and help the world to see.
25:45 Don't you see that the world, all you had to
25:47 do just go out and just get on the street,
25:50 get on the main street. Oh yeah, go to Wal-Mart,
25:54 go to any of the stores, look around
25:56 the majority of the people do not know Jesus.
26:00 They're not representing him,
26:01 their talk is not about Jesus, its about what
26:03 they have, what they want to get, what they
26:04 want to do in their life. It has nothing to
26:06 do with Jesus. It's like we're not preparing
26:10 for anything and God says my people is
26:12 going to be given a warning message to
26:14 prepare for his soon coming.
26:16 Is there urgency, better believe there is
26:18 an urgency. In Acts chapter 1 I'm gonna
26:22 turn back Acts chapter 1,
26:23 you do the same, please do the same
26:24 with me. There are some powerful
26:26 verses in here I want to notice, in fact it's
26:29 just verses 4, 5 and 8. Acts chapter 1 verses
26:33 4, 5 and 8. Notice the power here in the
26:37 word of God. Bible says and being
26:40 assembled together with them, commanded
26:42 them that they should not depart from
26:45 Jerusalem, but wait for the promise of the Father.
26:48 Here we go, we're starting to setup,
26:49 I want to witness with power; I want the
26:51 Holy Spirit to accompany me when
26:52 I talk about Jesus. Jesus told the
26:55 disciples this. Now this is the last
26:58 words that Jesus spoke to the disciples.
27:02 They would be important would they not?
27:07 We're talking about the last words and
27:12 they would be very, very important.
27:13 Jesus said, I want you to wait where;
27:16 I want you to wait into Jerusalem.
27:20 You see how obedience begins to
27:21 play a part, Jesus was getting ready to go
27:23 back to heaven. He was going to give
27:25 them the greatest gift that could be ever be given.
27:28 But he said to them, you're gonna have to
27:29 wait in Jerusalem, don't depart, wait for
27:33 the promise of the Father, what was the
27:35 promise of the Holy Spirit. And he says for you
27:38 have heard it from me. Verse 5, for John
27:41 truly baptized with water; but ye shall be
27:44 baptized with the Holy Ghost not many
27:46 days hence. What a blessing, a promise of
27:51 the outpouring of the spirit, Jesus said but
27:54 you have to wait here and wait for the promise.
27:58 So there is has to do with some obedience
28:00 here, if we're going to be baptized
28:02 with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit by the
28:04 way is given to those who in Acts what 5,
28:07 that obey him. So obedience plays
28:10 a part here. Verse 8, oh I like verse 8.
28:13 Verse 8 says but ye shall receive power,
28:15 after the Holy Ghost is come upon you.
28:19 When will you receive that power?
28:22 It's after what, ye shall receive power
28:24 after the Holy Ghost has come upon ye and
28:27 ye shall be my witnesses. We are witnessing
28:32 with what? With power but as you
28:36 accept Jesus Christ you're gonna receive
28:38 it after the Holy Spirit comes inside of you
28:41 then there is gonna be a power outside
28:43 coming in to help you to be the witness and
28:45 he says here not just witnesses, witness
28:48 around the neighborhood which is good, but
28:49 you're gonna be my witnesses around the world.
28:53 A worldwide message Judea and Samaria,
28:57 the Bible says and all around.
29:00 Disciples were anxious to know a lot
29:02 of things that were going on.
29:03 It's very interesting that Jesus simply says
29:05 to them look hey here's what I want
29:09 you to know, I want you know that the
29:10 spirit is coming. You have to be praying
29:13 for, you have to be waiting for, you have
29:14 to be ready in order to receive that.
29:18 See the book of Acts tells at least to me
29:20 quite an experience here, experience
29:22 I want you to be well aware of.
29:25 How to evangelize, every Christian ought
29:29 to be saying I want to know how to
29:31 evangelize for Jesus. I wanna do evangelism
29:34 for Jesus. I wanna tell the world about Jesus.
29:37 If you read the book of Acts oh its just so
29:40 clear how Jesus will give us that power to
29:42 evangelize for him. Information hear in
29:46 Acts chapter is for us today this is our work,
29:51 this is for us, we have to be engaged in this work.
29:56 Now I might challenge you to say
29:57 are you engaged in this work.
30:00 You say well I'm not really sure what it
30:01 means to be to engaged. When you're engaged
30:05 in the work of Christ that means you have
30:07 pledged yourself. That means you
30:10 would be troth yourself. As in marriage as you
30:13 troth yourself to another individual,
30:16 you engaged in, they're going to in a
30:18 ceremony. You've given yourself to.
30:21 We're engaged in the call, that means we're,
30:24 we're attached to God. We're attached to the
30:27 moving of the spirit. We're meshed
30:30 together. We are interlocked together.
30:33 We are committed together for the
30:36 working of evangelizing for souls and by what
30:39 we have to? We have to improve every
30:44 opportunity that God gives us.
30:48 Have you been improving the
30:49 opportunities that you have that lies close to
30:53 your back door. I heard people say
30:55 a lot oh I like to do missionary work,
30:57 I want to go here, I want to go there.
30:59 You begin your work what lies closest to your door.
31:05 Well, you say well I have a burden to do more.
31:10 Very interesting Jesus says if you are faithful
31:13 in the least, I will make you faithful in much.
31:15 If this is your desire you want to evangelize,
31:17 God's gonna open the door for you.
31:19 You need not worry about that.
31:21 But those opportunities that he gives you,
31:23 he holds you accountable for those.
31:26 Do present duty. Its right there,
31:30 it's right in your hometown, its right
31:31 there. Give them the bread of life.
31:34 Give them the unadulterated
31:36 bread of life. That means you're not
31:39 watering it down, you're not just saying
31:41 sweet smooth things to them.
31:42 You're not giving them human opinions oh
31:45 we hear that a lot. Oh I know what the word
31:48 of God says but no human opinions here.
31:52 Why? Because souls are perishing for a
31:55 lack of the truth. Many pastors won't
31:59 give the truth. They're afraid that they are
32:00 gonna offend someone. Listen friends,
32:02 I rather offend a man than I had offend
32:03 God how about you? Decision is yours.
32:06 We need to warn the world.
32:08 We must keep this in mind as we witness
32:11 with power. Zechariah 4:6,
32:14 Bible is very clear and it says, "Not by might,
32:16 nor by power, but by my Spirit, saith the Lord."
32:21 Not by might that means not by force.
32:24 Not by something of man, not even by the force
32:30 of armies. But nor by power, that means
32:36 nor by capacity. A lot of people say well
32:38 I can do this, because we got the power
32:40 to do this and we have the means to do this.
32:42 Bible says not by might nor by power,
32:45 not by the substance, not by the wealth,
32:48 not by the ability. Some people say we have
32:50 the ability we're going to, it's not the way
32:53 the souls are going to be won.
32:54 You don't have that ability. You might think
32:56 you have the ability, you do not have.
32:58 I do not have that ability, but through
33:00 Jesus Christ yes. Through the power of the
33:03 Holy Spirit we'll work that miracle,
33:07 but it's by the power of the spirit.
33:10 This must be kept in mind constantly
33:13 as we're working for Jesus and not get the
33:15 big head. I see a lot of spiritual big headed
33:18 people. They think they're doing
33:21 something and they're not helped very much by
33:23 those around that's always telling them how
33:26 good that they are. There is none good
33:28 the Bible says no not one. There is not one
33:31 individual that I know that I can name
33:32 that's won one soul by themselves for Jesus.
33:36 The Holy Spirit has done that, through them
33:38 as they make themselves available.
33:40 That's the good news, give credit,
33:43 where credit's due instead of power of God.
33:45 Here's a question, have you lost maybe
33:49 that power. Some of you don't know what
33:51 power I'm talking about. Maybe you
33:53 once had some power as you gave your life
33:56 to Jesus Christ, but you don't know
33:58 what happened to it, but you would like it
34:00 back. You want to be able when you witness
34:04 and talk about the Jesus that people are just
34:06 captivated. That they're just like,
34:09 they are compelled to listen and even though
34:13 you're making a mess of what you're saying,
34:14 the Spirit of God is taking that and they're
34:16 hearing exactly what they need to hear.
34:19 That's what the Spirit of God would do
34:21 when you're totally committed to the Spirit.
34:25 And if you want that power back
34:26 here is the answer. Beautiful book,
34:29 life of Christ Desire of Ages page 827.
34:32 Oh just let me read that to you and just see
34:34 what it does in your life as it did
34:36 something for me. It says,
34:39 all who consecrate the soul, the body
34:43 and the spirit to God will be constantly
34:46 receiving a new endowment of physical
34:49 and mental power. We're talking about mental,
34:52 physical, spiritual power it's coming
34:54 as we do what? As we dedicate our whole
34:57 being. See some people who just wanted
35:00 to dedicate a part of it, that's impossible.
35:03 You might think that you can do a part
35:05 and it's gonna be acceptable, its not.
35:06 It has to be the whole total person, mind,
35:09 soul and body is what God is saying to us.
35:13 If you want that power and need that power
35:15 to what witness and evangelize for him.
35:18 What a difference it would make when you hold
35:20 a series of meetings. There be miracles to
35:24 talk about. Life must be changed, people will be
35:27 coming forward with tears and saying
35:29 I want a new life, if we lift Jesus up.
35:34 Why because Desire of Ages said
35:36 all of heaven is at their command.
35:39 Why is that we're so weak and we're so
35:42 vacillating, we wonder should we hold meetings.
35:44 should we do this, should we do that
35:45 when all of heaven is at our command.
35:48 All of heaven wants to work with us.
35:50 All the power of heaven is on our
35:52 side. There is nothing to fear, move forward
35:57 in the name of Jesus. Every perfect divine
36:01 nature will come to our assistance in the
36:05 work of saving souls. Here is where it all
36:07 boils down to. We're talking about
36:09 witnessing with power. It's talking
36:11 about simply saving souls, getting our life
36:14 right with God where the Spirit of God can
36:17 work through us to bring conviction on
36:19 the soul and watch those people turn
36:21 from death to life. That's the most
36:24 exciting thing in the world is to, is like
36:26 God using you to win a soul and if you ever
36:29 get that taste, did you get that taste
36:32 of winning souls. You will never get over it,
36:36 praise God. You never get over it,
36:38 you just simply want more. You want to be
36:41 involved more. You want God to use you
36:43 in a greater way. Jesus made the
36:45 promise in Mark chapter 16 verse 20.
36:49 He said, and the Lord worked with them
36:51 talking about the disciples on Pentecost,
36:53 he worked with them, he confirmed the word
36:56 he said with signs following. If Jesus did
37:00 it before, he will do it again. He is doing it
37:02 again. We've seen it, we've experienced it,
37:05 we've been involved with it, over and over
37:07 and over and shame on us sometimes
37:09 when we just don't have the faith to step
37:11 out and do something for Jesus.
37:13 Oh he has just been so good,
37:16 constantly meeting all of our needs. Here is a
37:21 key I don't want you to miss, a key to
37:23 witnessing with power. The Bible says
37:27 the disciples as the Holy Spirit was
37:29 poured out and the first thing they did,
37:31 they went forth preaching the word
37:35 with power. Well they preached the word
37:38 before, but a lot of times they were found
37:40 doubting and faithless, but as the
37:43 spirit really got inside of them, begin to
37:45 re-work their mind and their thinking.
37:47 All of a sudden when they begin to preach
37:49 the Lord, they began to preach with power.
37:52 So we see as the Spirit of God gets inside of
37:55 us that we are compelled into what?
37:57 Into action. We begin to get off the couch.
38:00 We begin to do something for Jesus.
38:02 We are men and women of action.
38:04 Heaven is full of action, Jesus while he was
38:07 here full of action. And he commands us
38:10 brothers and sisters. Our commission in order to
38:13 fulfill the plan he has for us will be
38:17 one of activity. All the churches are
38:21 lazing around. Bless your hearts,
38:25 there is no time to lay around,
38:27 there is no time for your little board
38:29 meetings and say oh well I don't know we
38:31 have the funds to do evangelism or not.
38:33 I don't know, I tell you there is nobody here
38:35 to do it, say God we want to do
38:37 evangelism, if there is a one person in
38:40 church, if there is two people there, if there's
38:41 three people there. You say yeah, but I'm
38:43 70-years-old, I'm 80-year-old don't care
38:45 if you're a 100 year old. God can work
38:48 through you if you are willing. Don't, don't,
38:52 don't say well God can't do, because God can.
38:55 The Bible say, if there first be what,
38:56 a willing mind. Do you have a willing mind
39:00 for Evangelism? Do you have a willing
39:02 mind that you want more, more power in
39:04 your life? See this power in your life
39:05 helps you to gain victory. When temptation
39:07 comes somebody calls you on the phone and a
39:10 little temptation comes your way.
39:12 The power of the Holy Spirit inside gives you
39:14 power enough to say no I would rather not go,
39:16 no I won't go there, this is what we need.
39:20 We need discernment, how the enemy
39:22 is coming against the people in the last day.
39:25 When there is power, there is action,
39:27 it inspires other people. When somebody
39:30 active in the church, if you ever seen it,
39:32 somebody is active in the church, it just,
39:34 it just rubs off. When they're moving out
39:37 and they wanna do something just like oh,
39:38 somebody say well we want to go
39:40 get some books out and before you know
39:42 you raise your hands and say yeah
39:43 I will go too. Oh what happened here?
39:46 They are inspired by just saying we wanna go,
39:48 we wanna do something for Jesus.
39:53 We need to be active, so the first thing
39:55 disciples want oh they weren't preaching the
39:57 world with power. They got busy, they got
39:59 active. Number two, they revealed
40:02 Christ in their lives. If you wanna be able to
40:06 witness for Jesus you must have him inside,
40:09 inside your heart, inside your mind.
40:11 They are no longer your words but the
40:12 words of Jesus Christ, because the gospel
40:16 is the power of God and to salvation.
40:20 So they revealed Jesus Christ.
40:21 It was no longer they talked to people to say
40:24 what Peter is talking here, John is talking
40:25 here, but it was the words of Jesus Christ
40:29 and the people heard them and they were
40:31 convicted of the truth. Here we find
40:34 Holy Spirit power is given and please take
40:38 notice of this. You say boy, I really want
40:41 a double dose of the Holy Spirit.
40:46 The Holy Spirit is given in proportion to our
40:50 faith and our love that we bring into our work.
40:58 I need to repeat that you didn't get it.
41:01 If you want this power, Holy Spirit power
41:04 is going to be given in proportion, as our
41:09 love and our faith is brought into the work.
41:12 And so if you don't have love one for
41:14 another and love for God there is not gonna
41:15 be any Holy Spirit that's gonna accompany you.
41:19 It's given proportionate, how about your faith,
41:22 if there is no faith in your ministry.
41:25 If faith is not being exercised in your daily
41:27 life and your daily walk. You're not gonna
41:30 be receiving that power, because its how it is
41:34 exercised in your walk as we work day
41:39 by day and so if we're working in love and
41:41 we're working in faith oh the spirit of God
41:43 will continue to work. John 15:27 says,
41:46 Ye also are to bear witness. You are to bear
41:52 witness for Jesus Christ. I'm to bear witness
41:54 for Jesus Christ. Let me just say this,
41:57 you're gonna either bear witness for
41:59 Jesus or you're gonna bear witness for
42:01 the devil. Let's get down to it shall we,
42:04 it's one or the other. There is no such thing
42:06 as saying, well it's not well, I'm not really
42:08 working for, you're working for one
42:09 of the other. Jesus said in Matthew
42:12 you remember he said, he was not with me,
42:15 is against me. Proverbs 14:25, says
42:18 a true witness delivereth souls.
42:21 A true witness does what? A true witness
42:25 delivereth souls. If you are a true witness
42:28 of Jesus Christ you will by the grace of God
42:31 be delivering souls out of the hands of the devil.
42:35 That's a, that's good news.
42:38 Hebrews 12:1 says, we are compassed
42:41 about with such a great cloud of witness,
42:44 but let us lay aside. Some of you are just
42:47 weighted down, some of you are just struggling.
42:51 There is some weights the Bible says it talks
42:53 about lay aside every weight and sin which so
42:56 that easily beset us. So it doesn't take
42:58 sometime very much for us to just get off
43:01 track. We think we're on track and we're
43:03 just, we're marching on design. We're just
43:05 really excited about marching on design
43:06 and the slightest little thing happens and all
43:09 of a sudden we're off track. We had not all
43:10 gone off track, but we have crashed.
43:12 We have crashed our life. We have crashed
43:14 the lives of others. There is nothing left
43:16 inside of it, we have just made a mess of
43:18 our life. Why because sometimes sin so
43:21 easily besets us. You have the power of the
43:25 Holy Spirit to bear witness for Jesus Christ.
43:28 You're gonna have the power to say
43:29 no to the tempter. You're gonna have
43:31 power to gain the victory over the
43:33 tempter just like Jesus did. We need the way
43:38 lay aside these weights, these witnesses were
43:42 compassed about what, by witnesses.
43:44 Two classes brought up in this passage.
43:48 One class who has gained the victory
43:50 by the grace of God. Have you gained the
43:53 victory? It's referring to Hebrews chapter 11,
43:56 those who had gained that victory,
43:58 they got a hold of hand of Jesus and they
44:00 have kept the hold of the hand by faith
44:02 and they gained that victory. The Lord helped
44:06 them with his power and of course the second
44:08 class that the Bible is referring to here.
44:10 They are all around us today, cloud of witness,
44:15 they are watching you. You say you're a
44:18 follower of Jesus Christ, they're watching you.
44:20 You say you're a Christian, they're
44:22 watching you. They're gonna see that
44:24 if your life, see doesn't correspond with
44:28 what you are saying. What a horrible
44:31 witness many of us have been, God forgive us.
44:35 We say one thing and we do another.
44:38 There are witnesses around, they may not say
44:41 anything to you, you may not even know
44:42 they've been around, but they are taking
44:44 witness of you, and you know what you
44:46 maybe the only Jesus people will see.
44:49 People may not be in heaven, because of
44:51 your witness or my witness, oh Lord help us.
44:56 We're surrounded the Bible says by
44:57 clouds of witnesses. I say if you really
45:01 believe the truth and that message that you
45:03 are giving to prepare the people that's so
45:05 important in your life why aren't you living it.
45:07 Why are you doing the things that the world
45:09 is doing. It must not be important,
45:12 because what's important to you, you will keep it
45:15 won't you, if it's important you do it.
45:17 It's not important you won't do it.
45:21 May God help us today to see the importance?
45:23 Micah chapter 6 verse 11 the Bible says,
45:26 Shall I count them pure with the wicked
45:29 balance and with the bag of deceitful weights?
45:35 The weights that the enemy is throwing at you
45:36 they are deceitful. He is promising you
45:39 the world, he is gonna give you nothing.
45:41 He is promising you everything,
45:43 he give you nothing. He says I will do this
45:46 and this and this for you, don't worry about it.
45:48 I'm gonna 'cause you to make a good in this
45:50 life all difference. He might cause things to
45:53 maybe get your copy lifted up, just high
45:55 enough and when he pulls the rope you gonna
45:57 mess your whole life up. Don't let him do that.
46:01 Stay close to Jesus. Third, what were the
46:04 disciples doing. Disciples prepared
46:07 themselves for the work, so as they were
46:09 receiving this power they were daily,
46:11 the day before the Pentecost, the day
46:13 before the out pouring, they were meeting
46:15 together, well they were praying.
46:16 They were in the upper room for ten days,
46:18 where they not, and they were praying
46:19 for the out pouring, they wanted that power.
46:21 They were staying where Jesus said to stay
46:24 and they were praying for that power.
46:27 They put away all difference and they were
46:30 in one accord. They believed what Christ said.
46:34 Do you believe what Christ said, do you
46:36 believe when Christ says I have power
46:37 for you. I'm going to give you the spirit.
46:40 I'm gonna make you more than a conqueror.
46:41 Do you believe that word? Do you believe in a day
46:44 when he says I will supply all your needs?
46:46 Do you believe it? Disciples believe
46:47 exactly what Jesus had promised.
46:49 He had promised the spirit and they began to
46:51 prayed in faith. As they prayed in faith
46:54 there wasn't just for themselves, but they
46:56 were both, they begin to really pray they were
46:58 burden for souls. Oh friend you have a burden
47:01 for souls today. They are all around you.
47:05 Every time you look around, there's people
47:07 there and each one of them are going to heaven
47:09 or to hell. Can you have an influence on them?
47:13 Yes, it maybe a hand shake, it maybe a pad
47:17 on the back whatever it might be, it maybe
47:18 a smile, but it can be an influence. You gonna
47:21 bear an influence one way or the other.
47:23 Bible says when they proclaim the promises
47:26 of the Savior, thousands were converted
47:29 in a day. I wanna see that take place.
47:32 I wanna be involved in the movement of God's
47:36 last day church. All of us are witnesses either
47:40 for or against Christ. Do I need to say that
47:45 again? All of us are witnesses for or against
47:50 Christ. No middle ground and the gospel invitation
47:55 is to be carried to the world by his witnesses.
47:59 The most important work given to mankind
48:04 is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ
48:07 and he's given that work to us. And worthy as
48:09 we are, he has given that to us. He's gonna let
48:12 us represent him to the world how
48:14 trustworthy he is and how we are not,
48:16 Lord help us. We need to pray that we can be
48:19 trust worthy. I wanna be a witness for Jesus
48:22 don't you, to witness to him to the world
48:24 and talk about his goodness in his mercy
48:26 and how he forgive sins in regards of your
48:29 life wherever you have been and whatever
48:30 you have been doing, how many times
48:32 you have done it, it doesn't matter if you
48:33 come to him and ask for forgiveness.
48:36 He'll create a new you, those old things
48:39 would be passed away, everything will become
48:40 new. The things you used to love, you're gonna,
48:42 you're gonna hate. That's called born
48:45 again experience. And God's witnesses
48:49 they're gonna be fruit if you claim to be
48:52 witnessing for God. You are going to live
48:56 and act in his place. If you're his what?
49:00 If you are his witnessing and witnessing with
49:02 power, you are going to act and live in his
49:05 place. You gonna represent Jesus
49:08 to the world. God's witnesses will reveal
49:13 themselves in the working of divine power.
49:17 The work that they do, people will be
49:19 able to see that is a miracle, that it's
49:21 divinity that's working through these
49:23 human instruments, because they're his
49:26 witnesses. God's witnesses will confess
49:31 Jesus Christ wherever they're at, not just at
49:34 church service, but in the workplace,
49:37 at school wherever they maybe. They're
49:40 going to be witnesses for Jesus Christ.
49:44 God's witnesses are going to bear a strong
49:47 witness for the power of the Holy Spirit
49:50 and what the spirit can do inside you,
49:51 and give you the victory that you need today.
49:56 God's witnesses dear friends, here in these
49:58 last days. The spirit that was poured out at
50:01 Pentecost is just a little, may not say
50:03 just a sample of what God's gonna be pouring
50:05 in out in the rane, and I want to be a
50:09 part of that. I wanna being involved in that.
50:11 I believe we're seeing sprinkles of the
50:14 spirit of God as he is working miracles
50:16 and he's just tearing down the strong holds
50:18 of the old enemy. He is coming against and
50:21 he is standing for and he is taking the reigns
50:23 in his own hands. Now I'm thankful for that I
50:26 praise God that he's doing it and I wanna
50:29 be faithful. Now how can that spirit be poured
50:33 out on us even maybe more so than the
50:38 Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost.
50:41 If we pray for it and seek it as earnestly as
50:44 the disciples did you will receive it.
50:48 Are you willing to put yourself in that
50:49 position? I pray that you are.
50:52 The day of Pentecost is an awesome thing to
50:55 read about. It just set you on fire and makes
50:57 you want to evangelize for Jesus,
51:00 but just quickly before we close today
51:02 I wanna talk about a little bit about that
51:04 power that God said he is going to do.
51:06 Revelation chapter 18.
51:08 Revelation chapter 18 verse 1.
51:10 Talking about that spirit that's going to
51:12 come down on this earth. The Bible says
51:15 in this Revelation 18, And after these things
51:17 I saw another angel come down from
51:19 heaven having great power, and the earth
51:22 was lightened with his glory. There is something
51:26 about this message of the glory,
51:29 something about the image of Jesus.
51:31 Perfection of character that we need to be
51:34 studying here in these last days.
51:36 God said I'm going to send another angel,
51:39 there gonna be more power. Friends don't be
51:42 left out. Whatever you do don't be left out
51:44 today you can have that power. You need to be
51:48 praying for it. You need to seeking for it.
51:51 We need to be working together where God
51:53 would have us so that we can receive that
51:55 power of that latter rain. Let me just say this
51:59 before we close that those who receive that
52:01 latter rain and you have to have it, so you can
52:03 go through the time of trouble, you're not
52:04 gonna make it. The souls temple must be
52:08 cleansed of every defilement, of every what?
52:12 Defilement of every sin. The Holy Spirit
52:15 that latter reign that equips us to be able to
52:18 endure until Jesus comes will not be poured on
52:21 those who have unconfessed sin
52:23 in their life. Now it's the time in the hour of
52:25 God's judgment that we need to be confessing
52:27 our sins sending them before hand
52:29 in the judgment. I believe that they work,
52:33 miraculous power of Pentecost was simply this.
52:38 It was a result of exercising simple faith.
52:44 You can have it, we can have it exercising simple
52:48 faith. And those who believe and those who
52:52 acted upon this were sealed by God.
52:56 As God sealed his people man, they begin to
52:59 witness with real power. They spoke with power,
53:02 their life was powerful, where they went there
53:04 was powerful manifestations.
53:07 We can have that today. Filled with the
53:10 Holy Spirit of God. Filled with the spirit of God
53:14 to win souls is our goal. What was that,
53:17 to win souls is our goal. Here at Behold the Lamb,
53:22 3ABN, other ministries around the world.
53:24 It has to do with winning souls for Jesus.
53:27 And let me just remind you one sin persistently
53:32 cherished, eventually will neutralize all the
53:37 power of the gospel, or do I need to repeat that
53:42 all one sin persistently cherished, eventually
53:48 will neutralize all the power of the gospel,
53:54 if we are willfully committing known sin.
53:59 It's going to silence the witness of the voice
54:02 of the spirit and it's gonna separate
54:04 the soul from God. Friends, you don't
54:07 want that. One cherished sin,
54:11 one unconfessed sin separates us from God.
54:14 May the spirit of the living God right now
54:17 for those of you who are reaching out
54:18 wherever you maybe. You're saying I wanna
54:21 a new life in Jesus. I wanna start all over
54:24 again. My life has been a wreck, oh how
54:26 I need a change, I want Jesus to come in
54:29 and I want to be a powerful witness
54:31 for him and I wanna confess my sins.
54:34 I wanna repent and I wanna be born again
54:36 and I wanna work for Jesus. You can do that
54:39 right now. Why don't you kneel with me as
54:41 we begin to close with prayer. And you pray
54:44 along with me, that sinner's prayer and you
54:45 watch what God does in your life.
54:47 He is gonna enable you to work the works of Jesus.
54:52 I want that in my life and I know you do to.
54:54 Let's pray about it, shall we right now as we go
54:56 to him and pray, I'm gonna kneel here.
54:59 Merciful Father in heaven, we thank you
55:00 for your word. Thank you for the power of
55:02 the spirit that's promised to us.
55:04 As we open our hearts and our lives to thee
55:06 and ask for the forgiveness of sin.
55:09 We repent and we turn to Jesus,
55:10 filled with the Holy Ghost power that we may
55:13 witness for you in Jesus name, amen.
55:16 May God bless you until next time,
55:19 we'll see you then.
55:22 Welcome back our prayer is that you are
55:25 dear friend and listener will have received a
55:28 renewed gumption, a renewed initiative and
55:32 aggressiveness to dig much deeper in the
55:35 God's word, inviting the Holy Spirits and
55:38 dwelling at every step. In fact we must make it
55:42 a necessary habit to pray for the spirit's guidance,
55:45 an interpretation of the word before we ever
55:48 even open our Bibles. It's up to us to put the
55:51 time into study pray and dedicate our lives
55:56 to serving God. Once this is done from a
55:59 sincere and a contrite heart look out.
56:02 I know you'll be blessed as you begin
56:04 to witness for God. The Holy Spirit will
56:07 begin to bring to my scriptures and events
56:09 that you could not recall on your own.
56:12 And when it is in God's best interests miracles
56:15 will occur. Let me tell you just one short
56:18 story of a miracle that occurred in 2009,
56:21 while my husband and I were evangelizing
56:24 for the Lord in Ghana, Africa.
56:26 We were there during the dry season and we were
56:29 assured by those locally that we would have no
56:32 problem with rain. However we began to experience
56:36 short burst of rain during the day. But since our
56:38 meetings were held at night in the open area,
56:41 that wasn't such a big problem or a big concern.
56:44 However one night a large thunder storm
56:48 began to surround us as I believe it was the
56:51 Sabbath truth that was being presented,
56:54 so thick were the clouds, no stars could be
56:57 seen only burst of the lighting and crashes of
57:01 thunder and wind were seen heard and felt.
57:04 People began to get up and leave as quickly
57:07 as they could. While a small group of us,
57:10 we hurdled together and we get gathered
57:12 in a circle and we began to pray.
57:14 And I kid you not dear friends just as soon as
57:19 the prayer was completed, we opened our
57:21 eyes and the wind had stopped, the lightening
57:25 has ceased and all those dark ominous clouds
57:28 that were just so present the moment
57:30 before had totally disappeared
57:33 and all the 300 men and women and 300 children
57:38 they began to return to their seats.
57:41 What a mighty example of witnessing with
57:44 power and closing as always we here
57:48 Behold the Lamb Ministries,
57:50 we would like to hear from you.
57:52 We wanna hear from you, we so appreciate
57:54 your prayers and your financial support.
57:57 Without that these programs would not
58:00 be possible. I want you to contact us today
58:03 and while you're at it, order your very own
58:06 five part series entitled addressing the power
58:09 of the Holy Spirit. We're making this series
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58:18 You may contact us here at
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58:31 618-942-5044. You can e-mail us at
58:37 BeholdTheLamb
58:40 or always you can visit us on the website at
58:43 BeholdTheLam
58:46 Until next time may our Lord,
58:48 our precious Lord continue to
58:50 richly bless you and yours.


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