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Destroying The Earthly Nature

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00:39 Hello friends, and welcome to another
00:42 Behold the Lamb presents. I am Chris Shelton,
00:44 and I will be your host today.
00:46 Have you ever wondered what is it in this world
00:50 that we are going to be privileged to take to
00:52 the glories of heaven, up in the heaven
00:55 when the Lord returns? I will give you a hint;
00:58 it's the same thing you were born with, nothing,
01:01 just your character. It's who you are,
01:04 how you think, its your thought process,
01:07 its your personality. We are going to learn
01:10 about that today in a sermon that Pastor Kenny
01:13 has entitled "Destroying the Earthly Nature".
01:17 And I pray that you will be blessed.
01:19 But before we go to Pastor Kenny
01:21 we are blessed once again to go to 3ABN's
01:23 worship center, and we are going to listen to
01:26 "I Worship You Medley" as done by Lyndon Carriger.
01:50 I worship You, Almighty God, there is none like You.
02:07 I worship You, oh Prince of Peace,
02:17 that is all I long to do. I give you praise for
02:32 You are my righteousness.
02:42 I worship You, Almighty God; there is none like You.
02:59 I worship You, Almighty God; there is none like You.
03:17 I worship You, oh Prince of Peace,
03:27 that is all I long to do. I give you praise for
03:42 You are my righteousness.
03:50 I worship You, Almighty God; there is none like You.
04:10 there is none like You.
04:21 I sing praises to Your Name, oh Lord
04:29 Praises to Your Name, oh Lord
04:38 For Your Name is great, and greatly to be praised
04:53 I sing praises to Your Name, oh Lord
05:03 Praises to Your Name, oh Lord
05:11 For Your Name is great, and greatly to be praised
05:27 I sing praises to Your Name, oh Lord
05:36 Praises to Your Name, oh Lord
05:44 For Your Name is great, and greatly to be praised
05:59 I sing praises to Your Name, oh Lord
06:08 Praises to Your Name, oh Lord
06:17 For Your Name is great, and greatly to be praised
06:32 For Your Name is great, and greatly to be praised
07:07 Praise the Lord, and thank you for another
07:09 opportunity that we can come into your home
07:11 or wherever you may around the world to
07:14 present the gospel of Jesus Christ.
07:16 I know you are believer that Jesus is soon to come,
07:20 and in believing that we need to be preparing
07:23 for his coming. You know I've heard people
07:25 say sometime you know just be good,
07:28 and you will make it to heaven just kind of do
07:31 the right things, and oh you will make it up there.
07:33 Oh I just wonder how heaven use that kind
07:36 of thinking. Are we going to be like the angels
07:39 of heaven or are we not. Is just a good person
07:42 going to make, or is it going to be those
07:45 who are like Jesus. What really needs
07:48 to be crucified in our life? We are going to
07:52 be studying today, so we have a lot of passage
07:55 of scripture. We have a lot of things that
07:57 we want to cover, so I am going to ask
07:59 you that you jott these things down,
08:01 but always before, we always go to God in prayer.
08:04 We need the power of the Holy Spirit, don't we,
08:06 to understand these things, so that we make
08:09 sure we don't miss heaven.
08:10 Why don't you pray with me, where you can
08:12 just kneel down, if you can't just go ahead
08:15 and just pray along with me, I am going
08:17 to kneel now? Let's ask God to help us.
08:22 Kind, gracious, heavenly Father, we thank you for
08:25 the privilege of studying your word once again.
08:27 We ask you to forgive us of anything in our hearts,
08:31 in our life any sin, anything that needs
08:33 to be removed. Right now, I claim that we
08:36 by the blood of Jesus Christ for the remission
08:39 of sin. I need heavens windows opened up,
08:44 we need to hear from the throne room of God.
08:46 We need the power of thy Spirit,
08:48 and we don't need anything that might
08:50 work across purposes. So I dedicate my life
08:54 to you right here at this moment.
08:56 May you speak to each one of us round the
08:59 world those who are longing to know what truth is?
09:02 As we set at your feet, please Lord speaks
09:05 and may our ears be open that we may hear
09:08 and then that we may obey in Jesus name, amen.
09:16 Well as we study the word to me its always exciting,
09:19 so if I get little excited from time to time,
09:22 don't think anything about it, in fact I hope
09:23 you get excited along with me, because of today's
09:27 subject "Destroying the Earthly Nature".
09:31 Destroying the Earthly Nature, as probably most
09:35 of you realize, I am sure there are many in the
09:37 world that have no idea what we are talking about,
09:39 but if you stay enough and pay attention
09:41 you are going to find out, that there is a battle
09:44 that is going on for the mind.
09:46 There is a struggle that's going on between
09:49 that earthly and the heavenly, and so when
09:53 we talk about, the Bible talks about two natures.
09:56 We have the earthly nature, and we have
09:59 the divine nature. In another times you read
10:03 in scripture you will see or the carnal nature.
10:07 Now the earthly nature, and the carnal nature,
10:10 and the human nature, the fleshly nature,
10:16 these things are all against God.
10:19 But then we have the spiritual nature,
10:22 and we have the divine nature, and so when
10:25 we have this conflict going on, this division,
10:29 we are going to have to choose.
10:31 We are going to have to choose one nature
10:33 or the other. We are going to allow God
10:35 to come in to change because we have the
10:37 tendencies to do the wrong things, or you
10:41 will say well maybe you don't, well I do,
10:43 and I need some divine help.
10:45 You have your Bibles turn with me to
10:47 Ephesians chapter 2 verse 3, the Bible here
10:51 will indicate to us and show us that there are
10:54 two natures in case you haven't studied in just
10:57 in a while. In Ephesians chapter two verse 3
11:00 the Bible says among whom also we all had
11:04 our conversation in times past, in the lusts
11:08 of the flesh, notice the word, the lust of what,
11:11 in the lusts of the flesh, fulfilling the desires of
11:15 the flesh and of the mind; and were by nature
11:19 the children of wrath, even as others.
11:22 Here is a whole study right here in this one verse,
11:26 we will go to all of it, but I want you to know
11:29 Paul is brining something home to us here.
11:32 He say, as we would say we are all in the same boat.
11:35 He is brining us down to the thought that
11:37 because of sin that we are all brought down
11:40 to a common level, we are in need of a savior,
11:44 we are all sinners. And so he reminds us of that
11:48 and then he goes on he points out some of the sins,
11:50 some of the problem, he talks about here the
11:53 lust of the flesh. Remember we are
11:57 talking about either divine nature, or the
11:59 fleshly nature, you are going to have one
12:01 or the other, if it's the fleshly,
12:03 if it's the earthly, and if the carnal,
12:05 if it's the human nature where it needs
12:07 to be changed. And only God can do that,
12:10 we need to allow God to come into our lives.
12:12 Paul says here is something he calls out,
12:15 he call the lust of the flesh, what does that
12:18 really mean lust of the flesh. Let us make a
12:22 real plain, he is talking about here the impulses
12:25 of the lower nature, the impulses of the
12:29 lower nature, what the body and the mind,
12:32 the natural man wants to do, and what he
12:34 wants to do is always enmity against God,
12:37 is always the wrong things. Have you ever noticed
12:40 that that things that are wrong sometime,
12:42 or the things that are enticing you and
12:44 challenging you and challenging me because
12:46 there is a warfare going on, what nature
12:48 do you have? How can that nature be change
12:52 if we have the wrong nature? After all born
12:55 into the word where sin and all of the problems
12:58 that's going on, we need to be born again don't we.
13:01 There needs to be change that takes place.
13:03 Paul is bringing it out, the impulses of that
13:05 lower nature, or doing the desires of our flesh.
13:09 We have to realize that we talk about a sin issue,
13:14 sin issue always boils down to simply just
13:16 one point, I want, I need, and the
13:21 I situation always. I've heard people saying
13:24 well I know what is right, I know what the
13:27 Bible says, but you know what they don't
13:30 want to do it, I know. Do they really know,
13:34 do they really understand the word of God?
13:37 The lust of the flesh, the desire of the flesh,
13:40 and because we follow the Bible says the desire
13:45 of the flesh, we are going to be subject,
13:47 we are children the Bible says of wrath.
13:50 So we see right now that one nature is talking
13:53 about the fleshly, the earthly, the human.
13:58 And then Hebrews chapter 2, you can
14:00 turn with me if you have your Bibles,
14:01 Hebrews chapter 2 verse 6, Hebrews chapter 2
14:05 verse 6. Now you think that you are going to
14:08 remember these verses but you know what
14:11 you probably will not. And so if you right them
14:13 down you will be able to study to show yourself
14:16 approved unto God. Hebrews chapter 2 verse 16,
14:21 I am sorry Hebrews 2 verse 16, here is what
14:24 the Bible says. For verily he took not on him the
14:28 nature of angles; but he took on him the seed
14:33 of Abraham. Answer the question for me,
14:36 who is it talking about here. I heard someone say,
14:40 they are talking about Jesus, when Jesus came
14:42 down here, he did not take the nature of angels
14:45 but he took on him the seed of Abraham.
14:50 He is subject to things as we are human beings
14:53 wasn't he, and so we are looking at here for
14:57 he took not the Bible says or of course not
15:01 he didn't take it, and why did he take the
15:03 seed of Abraham. Oh please pay attention,
15:06 this is exciting. Why didn't he take that
15:09 of the angels, why did he take the nature of man?
15:15 Its interesting as you look a bit deeper,
15:17 you dig in the Greek, the Greek text as it reads,
15:21 it reads like this. It says it is not angels
15:25 that Christ is helping but he remembers,
15:30 or members of the human family.
15:33 So its not angles that he is helping because
15:35 they have so sin, right they are not sinners,
15:37 but he is helping what, the human family,
15:39 why because we need it, because we have
15:41 that human nature, we've fallen short,
15:44 we've sinned, we've have come short,
15:45 we needs some help. This is good news,
15:48 he took the nature, and he gained the victory
15:50 where you and I fouled it up. Oh and he offers
15:53 it to us today, I am thankful that he took
15:56 that nature, aren't you? I am thankful he came
15:59 and live the life that I so miserably messed up.
16:01 I don't know about you, if you admit that or not,
16:03 but it might be time that you be honest
16:05 with yourself, maybe honest with some other
16:08 people too. Bible says in Luke chapter 5 verse 31,
16:12 it says that they are talking about.
16:15 They that are whole need not a physician.
16:19 Jesus came down here to help us,
16:21 where angles that needed help, who needed help,
16:23 I needed help, you needed help, because as the
16:27 Bible says they are that wholly not a physician.
16:30 Some people say they are whole today,
16:33 but are you really whole, are you really everything
16:35 alright with Jesus, we are going to discuss that,
16:37 we are going to get that little bit more depth
16:39 about those who claimed that they don't really
16:41 need more, they are alright the way that they are.
16:44 It might that be a red flag, may that be something
16:48 that we need to check out in our life.
16:50 2 Peter 1 verse 14, turn with me your Bibles,
16:56 its just a few pages over, sometime we fumble
16:59 around little bit when we are looking for passage
17:01 of scripture that's alright. 2 Peter,
17:03 2 Peter chapter 1 verse 4, 2 Peter chapter 1,
17:09 good verse 4, this is what the Bible says.
17:12 Whereby are given unto us exceeding great
17:15 and precious promises: Do you like those promises
17:19 boy I like those promises. It says that by these
17:22 ye might be partakers of the divine nature
17:27 having escaped the corruption that is in the
17:30 world through lust. Lust keeps coming up
17:35 as you notice in scripture here, but there is a
17:38 great promise the Bible says that's giving to us
17:40 that we might escape all of the mess that the
17:42 devil is throwing at us everyday.
17:45 We can be partakers of what, of divine nature,
17:48 so the Bible is very clear, there is a
17:50 fleshly nature, there is a divine nature and
17:53 Jesus came down and live the life,
17:55 and he offers that to me and you who so
17:57 miserably have fallen short. Oh it's such
18:00 good news. We are going to escape the
18:03 Bible says the corruption that's in the world
18:05 through lust because of the power of nature
18:09 that he gives us if you are willing,
18:11 are you willing to work along with him.
18:13 Don't work at cross purposes, you can't win,
18:16 just turn your life over to him, things are going
18:19 to be good. I think if we just thought back
18:25 just for a minute here because as we are
18:27 looking at, as we read 2 Peter 1 verse 4.
18:30 We find that Adam was created in the, good,
18:35 image of what, image of God, wasn't he?
18:38 Adam was created in the image of God,
18:40 you will find that in Genesis 1 verse 27.
18:42 Then we find the sin came in and sinned it what?
18:45 Sin marred the image of Adam, am I right,
18:49 the image of God was in Adam that was marred
18:51 because of sin. And then Christ came here to what,
18:56 to win that back, to straighten everything,
18:58 I praise God for that. And so with that promise,
19:02 I can expect that Christ is going to work things
19:06 out to where I can divinity living in me.
19:09 That I can buy his grade, you can reflect his image.
19:15 Wow, hey, Jesus so fully living in you and
19:20 in me his image, it's Jesus, its no longer
19:24 you and I, but it's Jesus. We've read
19:27 that so often but it's so hard for us to get it
19:29 through our head. People say yeah but this is
19:32 transformation thing, when does it really
19:34 take place, what really have, this transformation
19:37 we are talking about begins at the new birth,
19:42 and it last continues until Jesus shall come.
19:48 Have you experience that new birth,
19:50 or if you haven't experience, why not?
19:52 It's so simple to experience that new birth
19:55 because I know the Holy Spirit is working in you.
19:58 The Holy Sprit has been wooing you and pleading
20:01 with you to get it right because there are
20:03 some of you, you love Jesus with all your heart
20:06 and somehow you turn your back on him,
20:07 you left the church, you don't go to church
20:10 anymore, you don't study the word anymore,
20:12 and Jesus is calling you back into the fold,
20:14 and there is a battle that's going on.
20:17 He wants you to have his nature, and the
20:19 enemy will says no, I want you to have the
20:21 human nature. We expect to have the victories
20:24 in this life, we need that nature, don't we the
20:26 image of Jesus Christ in us. But that divine nature
20:31 can only come in our lives and in our hearts after
20:36 we fled away from sin and corruption.
20:40 In other words until when we make a decision
20:42 that we want to get Jesus in our life,
20:44 we want sin to go, and we are willing to turn
20:47 from the corruption of this world.
20:50 You can't say you want Jesus in your life,
20:52 you want a change, you want his image
20:55 reproduced in us while we are out there messing
20:58 in the world and the things of the world.
21:00 Too many of us have so many worldly people
21:03 that we deal with on a daily basis.
21:05 Somehow we get along better with the worldlings
21:07 things than we do with Christians,
21:08 something is not right. Why is that your,
21:13 some of you are happier when you around
21:15 worldlings than you are around Christian people,
21:17 something is wrong. How is it that you move around,
21:22 and you don't do your job and so on and so forth,
21:24 and people, oh boy we like this person,
21:27 we like to be around him.
21:33 We need some changes to take place in our life.
21:36 We need to give the power, the Holy Spirit,
21:39 we need to ask for that Holy Spirit to come into
21:40 our hearts and to our lives, and watch what
21:44 God would do for us. I read this in the book
21:47 Desire of Ages, and again a very beautiful
21:50 book on the life of Christ and I just pray that
21:52 each one of us here will take this to heart.
21:55 This is really, this is exciting, this is what
21:58 God has promised to do, let me just read
22:01 this to you. He says the very image of God
22:02 is to be reproduced in humanity.
22:05 Did we get it, the very image of God is to be
22:09 what, good reproduced in humanity.
22:13 The honor of God, and the honor of Christ is
22:18 involved in the perfection of the character
22:21 of His people. As we read this that we see
22:24 the God's character here is on trial.
22:27 The devil says well you can't be obedient,
22:29 God says all things are possible through him.
22:32 The honor of God, the honor of Christ is
22:35 involved in the perfection of the character of
22:39 His people. Do you really want that character,
22:42 do you really want to be like Jesus,
22:45 the very image of God is going to be reproduced,
22:48 that's a promise to us today.
22:50 In fact it's most important work that's
22:55 ever been given to mankind. I am believer
22:59 in this; I believe this, lot of prophecies
23:02 in the Bible. Oh they are all good, we can
23:04 read them. People talk about Sunday Laws,
23:07 they talk about lot of other prophecy.
23:08 Well its all good, and we are going to see come
23:10 to past just like the Bible says.
23:12 But I am convinced of this, God is looking for
23:15 people that has His character, and when
23:18 His character is fully reproduced in us,
23:20 He will come back. That's what He is waiting on,
23:24 He is waiting for his character to be perfectly
23:26 reproduced in us, and then He will come back.
23:29 So how is your life, how is your character today,
23:33 is it like Jesus, will you fit in heaven
23:36 or you will be little different, the different
23:39 won't be there. We've got to be like the angels
23:43 of heaven. We've have to let the power
23:45 of the spirit of God come in.
23:48 Some people say you know I had these
23:50 traits of character all my life, I've said this,
23:53 I've done that, I've smoked this, I've drink
23:55 this, I've talked like this all my life.
23:57 God understands it and I am sure that
23:59 I am going to make it into the kingdom.
24:01 So they are blaming well, I saw, I've heard
24:05 people say oh I inherited this, so what.
24:09 Well I was born on the wrong side of the track,
24:11 so what, Paul said all things become new.
24:14 See we can all look for excuses and why we
24:16 conduct our self the way that we do.
24:18 But what about this, what about this hereditarian,
24:24 this cultivated tendencies, after all
24:27 they are real, I've inherited some things
24:30 from my parents that I don't like.
24:33 And I am sure my children have inherited some
24:36 things from me they don't like.
24:39 Maybe you inherited some things from your father,
24:41 I mean people say oh I've got the temperatures
24:43 like my dad, well I act and I respond just
24:47 like momma does, they have always been,
24:51 doesn't make it right. So let me just challenge
24:55 you quickly, if you are relying and saying well
24:58 God understand because I was born this way,
25:01 or I was, I inherited this thing, let me just read
25:06 something to you, still Desire of Ages 671,
25:09 this is powerful. Christ has given His Spirit
25:13 as a divine power to overcome all hereditary
25:19 and cultivated tendencies, we've discussed a little
25:24 bit about the things that we inherit,
25:26 cultivated are those things are what,
25:28 you keep in operation all the time, that's wrong.
25:30 The more that you continue to do the wrong thing;
25:33 the more of what it becomes a habit to us.
25:35 It grows, is more difficult to deal with,
25:38 more difficult to gain a victory.
25:41 But Christ through his Spirit has given us power
25:45 to overcome all hereditary and cultivated tendency
25:49 to evil, and to impress His character upon
25:55 His church, or upon His people, wow what power.
26:01 Fleshly nature, divine nature, with that divine
26:05 my nature, he is talking about here that
26:08 we can gain victory over all these things that
26:11 so easily beset us, victory over sin.
26:14 There are people in the churches today,
26:16 they preach oh you are not going to gain
26:17 completed victory over sin, yes you are.
26:19 You are living in the last days.
26:22 We are going to gain complete victory in Jesus.
26:25 We are going to gain victory over sin in your life
26:28 because he has promised to us, he has promised us
26:31 His life. He is going to empty all of heaven
26:33 if necessary to make sure if you are in test,
26:36 and you are in trial, and you don't know which
26:38 way you turn, you think you are just about to fall
26:40 and go into the camp of the enemy,
26:41 all you have to do is dart a prayer quickly
26:43 to heaven, and all of heaven will be emptied
26:45 for you. All of heaven will come down
26:48 if need be to fight that battle, so that
26:51 you don't fall prey to Satan. I've a difficult
26:55 time in understanding that kind of love.
26:59 God helped me to understand that kind of love,
27:02 then I understand that I have to have the
27:03 love of Jesus in my heart. I have to love one
27:06 and another the way Jesus loves me.
27:09 I've to love people, I love the gospel.
27:13 Some of us are not very lovely Christians,
27:16 we talk love, and we say we've to have love
27:19 but boy I am telling you, you look on your face
27:21 sometime Lord help us. There needs to be peace
27:25 when someone looks to you and then they will
27:27 see you, they see some peace, they see some love,
27:30 they see something that's just pouring out
27:32 of your pores. That's the Spirit of God wooing
27:38 them, encouraging them, strengthening them.
27:43 This is what we need today. God has promised
27:46 us full and complete victory over cultivated
27:50 and inherited tendencies to do evil,
27:53 that means complete victory, and shame on
27:56 some of you read Bible passage of scripture
27:59 and say well I read this and say you know Christ
28:01 I am coming after a church without spot
28:03 or wrinkle or any such thing and then you make
28:05 a excuse if he is going to take sinners on into
28:08 the heaven its not going to happen,
28:09 because he able.
28:16 That blood that cleanses us whiter than snow,
28:20 all we have to do is ask for forgiveness of sin,
28:23 the Bible says he is faithful in just to
28:24 forgive us, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
28:28 See some of you are just, bless your heart,
28:30 you weighted down with the sin of the world.
28:32 I've talked to people, you've talked to them,
28:34 at time it seem like we had a lot of weight,
28:36 and every time there is a weight gets on
28:37 my shoulder, oh Lord this is a heavyweight.
28:39 He reminds me ever, He is faithful, He reminds me,
28:44 Kenny its not you that's carrying the load,
28:49 I am carrying you. I am carrying the load for you.
28:54 I am winning the battles for you.
28:57 You know Paul said never not I be the Christ,
29:00 and so often we don't sense that, so often
29:06 we just don't, we don't cry out to God when
29:09 we should be crying out to God because every
29:11 decision we make is so important.
29:14 It hinges one on the other. And if we make
29:20 one wrong decision dear friends it makes
29:22 it easier to make that same thing again,
29:24 and its get easier and easier until you no longer
29:26 hear the voice of the Spirit of God.
29:30 And its so simple you gonna to say oh God
29:32 please forgive me. I want to be like you,
29:36 I want your spirit within me. And just do not,
29:41 do not be like many people today just say
29:44 oh well you know its going to be alright
29:46 you know you do the best we can, and
29:48 we are going to make it all friend, I don't want to
29:49 be bearer of different kind of news, but you know
29:52 what that's not, that's not. We are going to be
29:55 like Jesus. We are going to be like the angels
29:56 of heaven if we are going to repopulate,
29:59 that beautiful place that He has prepared for us.
30:02 Now is the time, now is the acceptable time
30:06 for salvation. Today is the day, so why don't
30:09 you do it right now. I just think, I am just
30:12 talking to somebody right, now there is
30:14 somebody is going to listen. There is somebody
30:16 who is going to heave the voice of God,
30:18 I know that, because he said His word will
30:21 not return void. And you are burden down
30:24 and you just stand it any longer.
30:26 Why don't you just turn it over to him right now.
30:29 There will be weight lifted all for you,
30:31 you will feel different, your attitude will be
30:33 different. You know while you go to job,
30:35 job tomorrow that you probably hated,
30:38 you whistle all day along.
30:41 You have a smile on your face,
30:44 because you have been redeemed by the blood
30:46 of the lamp. This is what its going to be,
30:48 I need to be redeemed daily moment by moment,
30:53 I need the Spirit of God, I need him to help me
30:57 with my evil tendencies and I want His character
31:02 impressed in my heart and in my mind,
31:04 and it might be what he would have me to be.
31:07 Let me say this somebody still you
31:09 are not listening, He has a map, a road map
31:14 spiritually with your name on it, I believe
31:17 this will all my heart. The only way that
31:19 you are going to make it and I am going to
31:21 make it is if we follow his road map or
31:25 his way to heaven. He knows exactly how to
31:30 get you there. He knows exactly that is going to
31:33 take through test and trials and disappointment
31:36 and heartaches. After all these trials are you know
31:41 His way of testing us, isn't it, you know that.
31:45 He knows exactly what is going to take,
31:47 and he realizes that is too much for you,
31:49 and is too much for me, but he knows that
31:53 its possible through him. He said I prepared
31:55 a way for you. He is the way, exercise that faith,
32:01 exercise that love today. He is going to do great
32:05 things and he is doing great things for His people.
32:08 I am just, I want to use the word shock, may I,
32:13 let me do that, because this is one subject that
32:17 I would not think that the people of God need
32:22 more instruction on, and when I read this,
32:27 I was surely not. We profess to be Christian;
32:31 we profess to love Jesus with all of our heart
32:34 and our soul and our minds. And yet how can this,
32:38 how can this be. And I ask the question what
32:42 subject, I hope this make sense to you.
32:45 What subject mattered as the people of God
32:49 need more instruction on? See this is what we
32:52 need to be praying about, this is what we
32:54 need to be laboring on. You know preachers
32:57 get in the pulpit and they say well I want
32:59 to preach about this, and I want to talk about that,
33:01 I want to do this, get I out of the way.
33:04 Ask God every time you prepare a message say
33:06 God what do I need, and what do the people need.
33:11 Every time and it has to do with the people
33:13 that are here. It has to do with my own life,
33:15 and when you are preparing you get the
33:17 message first hand and this work in your heart
33:20 and your life, and you are more able to pass it
33:22 on by the power of God to the people.
33:25 What do they need? What instruction do
33:27 we need as a people, maybe more than any
33:29 other right now, and I use the word shocked again.
33:34 Another book called For Testimonies 394 said this.
33:38 He said the people of God, the people of God
33:42 are more ignorant in regard to the plan
33:46 of salvation and they need more instruction
33:51 upon this all-important subject than any other.
33:57 How could we as a people profess to love
34:00 Jesus need more instructions.
34:02 I am not saying we've to learn everything,
34:03 but we need more instruction on plan
34:06 of salvation more than any other because what,
34:09 because we are ignorant. That means we don't
34:11 know about it, that's shocking.
34:13 How can that be? I mention the other day
34:17 in the message and let me just bring it to
34:19 you quickly. In recent survey it had many,
34:23 many people took a bunch of test and the
34:26 test had to do with some scripture and
34:28 with some simple answers, some questions
34:31 from scripture. And they had a group of people
34:34 that answered them, we say we live and
34:35 we call the Bible belt and everybody is going
34:37 to say we are believer in Jesus, we've studied
34:39 the word, we know scripture, we know the Bible.
34:43 Many, many people took the test and they look,
34:45 and on the test you have to put down what faith
34:47 you were and so on and so forth.
34:49 When they got done with the whole thing
34:50 you know who had the best answers, right answers
34:53 of all the Christians, the agnostics
34:57 and the infidels. Now that's pretty interesting,
35:05 the unbelievers, how could they, how could someone
35:12 who doesn't believe in Jesus, those who laugh
35:16 and scorn like our religion is nothing,
35:18 the atheists, the scored higher than
35:22 Christians on the Bible. Maybe we do need more
35:28 instructions, and the more instruction
35:30 we have on the salvation and what salvation has
35:33 cost, the plan of salvation, the more
35:36 it would touch our hearts, the more that
35:38 we will cry out for Jesus.
35:42 In fact I think some time we are ignorant of the
35:45 righteousness of God. Have you ever read
35:47 that in the Bible? Why don't we just do that
35:49 right now? Lets jott down and those
35:51 who are jotting down or even looking up the
35:53 Book of Romans, the Book of Romans chapter
35:55 10 verses 2 and 3, Romans chapter 10
35:59 verses 2 and 3, this is what the Bible said.
36:02 It says for I bear them record that they have
36:04 a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge.
36:09 For they being ignorant of God's righteousness,
36:14 and going about to establish their own
36:16 righteousness, have not submitted themselves
36:19 unto the righteousness of God.
36:21 See some people close it, and say that's
36:23 little bit too much of this and little bit of that.
36:25 I want you to follow very carefully here.
36:29 For I bear them record they have a zeal of God,
36:32 here in scripture in Book of Romans,
36:34 he is talking about what, the Jew is talking
36:36 about Israel, God so called chosen people,
36:38 they had a real zeal to it were the letter of law
36:42 with our self we need to do this, we need to do
36:44 that and we are going to make this right
36:46 and they had a real zeal, but really they
36:49 won the real zeal, real knowledge of Jesus Christ
36:51 was it. A zeal that they had did not attained
36:55 unto righteousness. See our zeal must attain,
37:00 it must transform us and want us to be more
37:02 like Jesus as we go on. How is your zeal for
37:07 Jesus today? Is it like the Jews of old,
37:11 is it like Israel, which has been rebuked by
37:15 the way in these verses here which says what,
37:17 legalism and formalism. Legalism and formalism,
37:25 surely not in your church you say.
37:29 Really do you have that zeal, but yet is not
37:34 changing anything or anybody, is it, as
37:37 I say do's and don'ts and we are doing it not
37:40 because the Spirit of God is working upon our hearts
37:43 and convicting us to sin and changing our hearts
37:45 and our life but because well the church says,
37:48 or somebody else says. What kind of a zeal,
37:52 I think its time for us to come out that
37:55 dead formalism, and have the Spirit of God,
37:59 you have freedom in Jesus. We will be able
38:02 to follow His word, follow His counsel.
38:06 We are ignorant the Bible says of God's
38:09 righteousness, do you see why we need more
38:11 instruction on this plan of salvation.
38:15 You say well I am not really convinced just yet.
38:19 Just look up 1 Corinthians,
38:21 Bible in 1 Corinthians chapter 1 verse 18,
38:25 1 Corinthians chapter 1 verse 18.
38:29 Takes us a moment to find this, but you stay with
38:32 1 Corinthians chapter 1 verse 18, here is what
38:35 the Bible said. It said for the preaching of
38:37 the cross is to them that perish what foolishness;
38:41 but unto us which are saved it is the power
38:45 of God. Very interesting many people say be
38:48 careful with the word saved, I understand
38:52 that very well, I understand that
38:55 but its interesting here in scripture what
38:57 the Bible says. But unto us which are saved it is
39:01 the power of God and I realize that we need
39:04 to be in saving relationship, and its
39:06 ongoing until we die or Jesus comes.
39:09 But I like it, its powerful here, but here is the
39:12 problem the cross is the power of the Christian,
39:16 and yet into the world its foolishness.
39:20 When you preach about Jesus Christ,
39:22 some people will say that's foolishness.
39:23 They don't want to hear, they run scared.
39:26 Many Christians run scared today you know
39:28 that they run scare when you want to talk
39:30 about Jesus. You care more for their soul and
39:33 they care for themselves. You are laboring for them,
39:36 you are calling them, you are inviting them.
39:39 You are talking about Jesus, you are sharing
39:42 miracles and things that happened, encourage
39:45 them and is like they want to shut it out,
39:48 they don't want hear it. They want to get out
39:50 in the world. They love the world and the things
39:52 that are in the world and they don't love
39:53 Jesus anymore. Friend, friend when will we
39:58 choose the right side. The image of Jesus needs
40:01 to be what fully reproduced in us,
40:03 and it cannot or self is like, it cannot.
40:07 But we have the whole of the world,
40:10 it cannot be we have to let it go, and trust
40:14 Jesus with all of our hearts and all of our mind.
40:18 In fact in the Book of Hosea chapter 4 verse 6,
40:23 it said God's people are destroyed for what,
40:27 didn't hear you, ah a lack of knowledge.
40:31 God's people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.
40:36 We just read from the Spirit of Prophecy
40:37 that we need more instruction on the plan
40:40 of salvation because we are ignorant of it,
40:42 and the Bible says here His people are destroyed
40:45 for a lack of what, for a lack of knowledge,
40:48 understanding salvation, the great plan of
40:50 salvation. Oh I know there is so much,
40:52 oh we learned through the ceaseless ages,
40:54 that theme of redemption just excites me but
40:58 you know that will be something that will,
40:59 is going to employ my mind, is going to employ
41:02 your mind, and your tongue and the redeemed through
41:05 the ceaseless ages. We will never learn all there
41:09 is to know about the plan of salvation for millions
41:12 and billions of years Jesus will still be
41:15 revealing things to us that will lighten our heart,
41:18 to bring joy to our hearts and life as we
41:21 in heaven setting His feet. Wow what
41:25 a theme, we scratch the surface.
41:32 Let me ask you another question, what is the
41:36 problem, I have been involved with this,
41:39 I talked to people, what is the problem
41:41 with a person who says they feel reasonably good.
41:50 You talk to people when you say you know Jesus
41:53 as your Lord and Savior and they say I know who
41:55 Jesus is, and I feel pretty good, I feel reasonably
41:59 good about my salvation, reasonably good.
42:04 What does that really mean, what's the problem.
42:08 A little book, there is a precious little book
42:11 called Mount of Blessing. I have read this quote
42:14 and it just fits right here. He who feels whole,
42:22 who thinks that he is reasonably good,
42:26 or what or just reasonably here means just,
42:29 he is okay, and he is contented, that means
42:33 he is happy where he is at, you met people
42:35 like that, oh we are happy, we are happy
42:38 when we are going to church, whether they
42:39 are preaching truth or not, oh we are happy
42:41 where we are going. Well my family goes there,
42:42 grandma and grandpa goes there, oh we are happy.
42:45 Are they content, satisfied, are they pleased with
42:50 their condition does not seek to become a partaker
42:54 of the grace and righteousness of Christ.
42:57 So what is the problem with the person
42:59 who thinks he is reasonably good,
43:02 and he is reasonably just, everything is alright.
43:06 He quirts really seeking the grace and the
43:09 righteousness of Jesus Christ because you feel
43:11 that you are good. You feel that you have gained
43:13 the victories. See the closer I get to Jesus,
43:16 the more I see what a rascal I am.
43:20 The closer you behold Jesus on the Cross of Calvary,
43:24 the closer we get to him, the more we see how
43:27 dirty that we are, how unrighteous,
43:30 how filthy rag, none good, no not one,
43:33 and all of this don't depress me but it
43:35 drives me to the feet of Jesus, who can help me
43:38 to be like him. Never feel that you are reasonably
43:43 good or you are comfortable where you are.
43:44 I really don't like when the Christian say I am
43:46 comfortable, it is just dead wrong, that's all
43:49 there is to it. Just dead wrong, that's somewhat
43:55 lukewarm. We need to be on fire for Jesus.
44:00 We need to be like him, and again we need to
44:03 be seeking Him at all times. We don't want
44:07 to be left out when the song said when the roll
44:12 is called up yonder I will be there.
44:15 Friend when that roll is called up yonder,
44:18 will you be there? I want to be there but
44:24 I need that grace, I need that righteousness of
44:27 Jesus Christ. And by the way the Bible says
44:30 in Ephesians 2 and you read 8-10,
44:33 that God's grace is what, it's a free gift,
44:38 and he offers it to you today regardless of your
44:40 life, or your lifestyle, he offers that to you
44:42 and he offers it to me. The Bible says that we need,
44:48 this might separate we say the Christian from
44:50 the professed. If we want the grace and
44:53 we want the righteousness of Jesus Christ
44:55 we want to have that image, image of Jesus
44:59 reproduced in us. We want that divine nature
45:03 that we are going to have to be hungering
45:06 and thirsting as the Book of Matthew chapter 5
45:09 tells us. How long has it been since you been
45:12 maybe challenged with this thought,
45:16 Matthew chapter 5 verse 6.
45:20 The Bible said blessed are they which do hunger
45:24 and thirst after righteousness:
45:27 for they shall be filled. Now is that a promise,
45:30 or is it not. Yes it is. When blessing is
45:33 pronounced on the person who is hungering
45:37 and thirsting, are you hungering today?
45:41 Or do you get enough, are you really filled,
45:45 or are you satisfied here or you are reasonably
45:48 good. The Bible said if you are hungering
45:51 and thirsting, that means as you walk
45:53 through this life that you are always going
45:55 to be what, I am going to be hungry,
45:57 and I am going to be thirsty. Jesus said you
46:02 come into him, and he is gonna fill those needs,
46:05 but he continues to fill, he continues to give you,
46:07 he continues as you reach out by faith and
46:10 say I want more of these righteousness.
46:12 I want more, I am hungry, I am starved to death.
46:18 He says you know what you are going to be filled,
46:21 Revelation 19:8 he says you are gonna be filled,
46:24 I am going to cloth you with white linen
46:28 symbolizing victory, victory in Jesus.
46:32 Let just get a focus on our last few minutes of
46:36 the program, I think this is very, very
46:38 interesting because we entitle this, you know
46:40 we are talking about destroying the earthly
46:43 nature. I am not just getting into and spending
46:46 a lot of time on love you know flesh and the spirit
46:49 but just kind of combing and coming down here
46:52 is something that just really will get home to us.
46:55 The question what destroys the natural
46:59 earthly nature, or what crushes it down,
47:04 what destroys that earthly nature now,
47:06 have we come to grips with this, that the earthly
47:09 nature must be destroyed, and we have to put on
47:12 Jesus Christ only. So how is it accomplished,
47:17 see this is what I would want to know,
47:19 if I am studying I want to know if somebody says
47:21 well this needs to be done, you say okay, yeah,
47:23 yeah, that's right, that needs to be done,
47:25 now how is this accomplished.
47:27 All becomes very clear and once again Desire of Ages
47:32 and many scriptures given, but let me just
47:34 read this, it just really hits home Desire of Ages
47:37 page 391 says this. As they feed upon the word,
47:43 what was the question? How, what destroys the
47:47 natural earthly nature which has to be crushed,
47:51 which has to be done away with, and we have
47:53 to put on the nature of Jesus Christ.
47:55 Now how is it crushed, as they feed upon the word,
48:00 they find that it is spirit and it is life,
48:04 listen carefully, clear, the word, the word destroys
48:10 the natural earthly nature and imparts
48:14 a new life in Jesus Christ. Friend what destroys,
48:21 what destroys this earthly nature, the word of God,
48:27 the word of God? As we read, as we take
48:31 the word of God inside it destroys the human
48:34 nature, the human desire, but see the
48:38 problem the devil knows this, and
48:40 he doesn't want you to spend time in the word.
48:42 He doesn't want you reading because he
48:43 knows it will change you; it will destroy that
48:47 earthly nature. Acts chapter 22, I am going
48:53 to turn there. There are several passages,
48:55 I hope we can get to just really quickly
48:57 as we can. Acts chapter 22 verse 15,
48:59 Acts 22 verse 15, it says for thou shalt be
49:03 his witness unto all men of what thou hast seen
49:06 and what thou has what, has heard.
49:11 God says we take this word inside of us,
49:14 that beings to destroy that earthliness and
49:17 the spiritual man becomes alive, and then
49:20 he says you will be my witnesses and you go
49:22 tell everything that you have seen and heard,
49:24 the word going inside of you makes you a
49:27 witness for Jesus Christ. Oh how we desperately
49:30 we need it, see the devil understands just better
49:32 than you do, maybe better than I do.
49:34 And so that's why he prevent you from
49:38 spending time everyday in the word of God.
49:41 But the word makes us a witnesses, makes us
49:49 a witness, you say what, I will tell you,
49:52 you know what's the Bible says Matthew 4:4.
49:55 It talks about we need to be taking what,
49:58 every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.
50:01 We will be obedient to every word, why,
50:04 because the word destroys that fleshly nature.
50:08 And as this destroy what, spiritual nature
50:12 is revived. How we desperately we need
50:15 that Luke 11:28 says we need to be,
50:18 we need to hear and we need to keep those things
50:21 that are written or the word of God,
50:23 so we hear and we keep it, faith cometh by what,
50:28 by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.
50:32 If we can only know how simply this is to
50:34 gain the victory, to have the image of Jesus
50:37 really reproduced in us, is if we spend time
50:41 in the word, it crushes the devil, it crushes the
50:44 human nature. James 122 says we need to be what?
50:49 Good doers of the word, not just hearers only
50:53 but doers of the word, because the devil knows
50:56 the power of the word, power of God,
50:59 the gospel of salvation. Colossians 3:16-17,
51:06 I am just giving some of these, so you can write
51:08 them down quickly here. It said the word needs
51:11 to be dwelling in you, and it needs to dwell in me,
51:13 are you ready for that today. As you feed upon
51:16 his word, you find it is spirit and its life
51:20 and the word, the word destroys the earthly nature.
51:26 Praise God, they don't just destroy but then
51:29 he does what, it imparts a new life in Jesus Christ,
51:33 that is exciting. I've heard people say well
51:36 I love to present the gospel of Jesus Christ,
51:39 let me say to you, how do you present the gospel
51:41 of Jesus Christ, you present in such, in such
51:44 a way that to let the Holy Spirit to tell us
51:48 its exciting, and its new every time,
51:51 its an old love story, that one that you have
51:54 heard so often but it just get you every time
51:56 that you hear, every time that you sing the song,
51:58 every time you read that verse.
52:01 When the gospel dear friend is presented,
52:03 its not be in some lifeless theory, but its
52:09 presented in the power and in the living force
52:12 to change the life, when you hear it,
52:14 it changes you. Friend are you ready to be
52:18 changed today, are you really wanting your life
52:21 to be changed, this is the opportunity,
52:23 the last few moments we have together.
52:26 You want to get rid of that old nature,
52:28 and then you wanting that new nature,
52:30 this is the time, this is the time to do it
52:33 right now, because you have to realize that all
52:37 defects of character originate in the heart,
52:41 and in the mind. And you know what we could
52:45 make a little list where we can say there is pride
52:48 that's there. The pride will keep you out of heaven.
52:52 There is selfishness, there is vanity, there
52:56 is evil temper, that did any of those hit home
53:00 for you, oh might hit home for me.
53:04 Covetousness, do you realize covetousness
53:08 is one of the biggest sins in the church.
53:14 All of these precede, they originate you see
53:17 in the heart these defects, and they come
53:20 from a carnal heart unrenewed by the
53:23 grace of Christ. Why don't you change that
53:27 right now, why don't you renew your commitment?
53:29 What else you can tend for this victory.
53:33 Why don't you put forth an effort for this victory
53:36 right now. You can do it, you can fall on
53:39 your knees, wherever if you are driving the vehicle,
53:41 wherever you are, you can ask Jesus into your
53:44 life right now. You are tired of that flesh,
53:50 you are tired of falling out to the fleshly lust,
53:53 but you want a Spirit of God dwelling in you,
53:56 you want that new nature.
54:02 You my friend and including myself we are going
54:06 to stand or we are going to fall by the word of God.
54:11 Did you get that, we are going to stand or fall.
54:15 It's going to be by the word of God.
54:19 It's the word that we need to be hiding in our
54:22 heart that we might not sin against God,
54:24 and as that word as you allow, as you open
54:27 your heart and your mind and your soul right now
54:29 and say Jesus would you just come in.
54:34 And you are going to say right once again God
54:36 I want you to forgive me of my sins.
54:38 Thank you for Calvary, I want that new life,
54:44 I want things to change, I want my
54:47 home put back together, I want the children back
54:50 together, I want to be part of God's family,
54:56 I want my life to be different. Oh that is
54:58 the plea and the cry of millions around the world.
55:05 Jesus can change that for you. He can take that old
55:09 nature and give you that new one, but you
55:10 are going to have to present yourself to him,
55:12 and say Lord this is what I want.
55:15 And he is willing to do it, and he wants to do
55:18 it now, not next week, not down the road sometime
55:23 when everything is convenient, but right
55:25 now while there is still time. Why don't you
55:28 invite him in. We are going to pray about that in
55:31 just a moment. But I want the power of the
55:34 Holy Spirit now to bring conviction in your heart
55:37 and in my heart and say God whatever it takes
55:40 that I can spend eternity with you, let it happen
55:43 in my life. Do you trust him that much?
55:46 Do you love him that much? You say you have
55:50 a wayward child. Why don't you present that
55:54 child to God? You are struggling with something,
55:58 present that to God. Let him take it,
56:00 he wants to take, he wants to give you
56:03 that victory and you know oh how sad it is
56:06 when you have people who have been Christians
56:09 for a long time, and then they say I have been
56:12 struggling with this habit for years,
56:14 and I just can't gain victory over, and so
56:16 we begin to make excuses and how God
56:18 is going to accept. Oh he loves you with an
56:20 everlasting love, but you know we can't take
56:23 the wrong things to heaven? Why, because
56:26 he has promised you, he said all the heaven
56:27 is available, all powers given, so there is no
56:31 excuse for any of us, it's a matter of so
56:34 dedicating our hearts, and our lives,
56:36 our mind and soul to him, and this is the time
56:39 to do it. We need to take a few moments on this.
56:43 We need to give time for the Holy Spirit to work
56:45 on you, to think these issues through.
56:48 And if you want to change today is the day,
56:52 it's yours, it's just that simple.
56:55 Why don't we pray about it right now together
56:58 as we come in agreement, I know God is going to do
57:00 something very, very special in your life,
57:02 but you need to claim it now by faith,
57:05 he is going to do something,
57:06 lets kneel right now, and lets pray about it.
57:11 Father which ought in heaven, we thank you
57:13 for your precious word. Thank you for the promise,
57:15 that you will forgive us of sin that is so
57:18 nature that we have that can be exchanged.
57:20 The old filthy garments can be taken off;
57:23 those clean white linens can be given to us.
57:26 We can have a new nature, not the old one,
57:28 but the new one, just like Jesus.
57:30 We fully want you to come in,
57:32 we want your image to be perfectly reproduced
57:34 in us and then you are going to come.
57:36 Then we can go home for eternity,
57:38 but we need to submit to you right now.
57:40 May those choices, those decisions be made
57:42 right now in the lovely name of Jesus,
57:44 we give your praise and honor and
57:46 glory in Jesus name, amen.
57:50 As you have accepted that prayer,
57:51 may God bless you, we will see you next time.
57:56 Welcome back friends. You know the Lord
57:59 doesn't like any of us to be evil.
58:01 He wants all of us to be ready for his
58:04 soon return, and I pray and I know Pastor Kenny
58:08 prays and that message would certainly have
58:10 been a blessing to you. A blessing to help you
58:14 prepare your heart and your mind for the
58:17 kingdom of heaven. We so appreciate your prayers
58:21 for us as well and your support, financial support
58:24 of which without this program would not
58:27 be possible. So why don't you contact us today.
58:30 You may contact us at Behold the Lamb Ministries,
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58:53 or visit us on the web
58:57 I look forward to hearing from you and by God's
59:01 grace you will hear back from me as well.
59:04 Until next time may our precious Lord
59:06 continue to richly bless you and yours.


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