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Blinded By The Counterfeit , Part 1

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00:40 Hello friends and welcome once again to
00:42 Behold The Lamb Presents. I am Chris Shelton
00:45 your host and today our message is the first
00:48 in a two part series we've entitled,
00:50 blinded by the counterfeit. For those of you with
00:54 good eyesight, have you ever wondered what
00:57 life would be like without that wonderful
00:59 gift of sight? When I was growing up one of our
01:03 favorite games to play was pin the tail and the
01:05 donkey. We would blindfold the player and then spin him
01:08 or her around several times and then let them go free
01:13 to walk forward with the pin and imaginary donkey
01:16 tail in their hand and try to pin it to the picture
01:19 that was up on the wall. The person who was able
01:23 to pin the tail the closest to the correct area was
01:26 declared the winner. You know we all wanna be winners,
01:29 right. But the laughter began as we watch the player
01:33 aimlessly, stumbling, and pinning the tail in the
01:37 strangest places on the picture.
01:41 And unfortunately as we age and as we mature,
01:45 we begin to see what life, our life is much like
01:49 that game. We find ourselves stumbling around
01:53 in spiritual darkness. Always striving to be the winner
01:57 in game of life, but often finding ourselves pinned
02:02 under the weight of sin only then to find out just
02:06 how spiritually blind we were because we believed
02:10 in a counterfeit of truth. Is this God's plan
02:13 for our life, is this, his will that we continue
02:17 to stumble and fall over every word of doctrine
02:20 or did he leave us with the better plan a much safe
02:25 and assured plan of salvation.
02:28 Let's listen closely today to Pastor Kenny
02:30 as he shares with us his God given message on being
02:35 blinded by the counterfeit. And see if we can find
02:39 answers to these questions, but first as always
02:42 we are blessed to go to 3ABN's worship center
02:45 and listen to a song sung and performed
02:48 by Denise Barclay entitled Come Thou Fount.
03:09 Come thou fount of every blessing,
03:16 Tune my heart to sing thy grace;
03:22 Streams of mercy never ceasing,
03:28 Call for songs of loudest praise.
03:35 Teach me ever to adore Thee;
03:41 May I still Thy goodness prove;
03:48 While the hope of endless glory,
03:54 Fills my heart with joy and love.
04:09 Here I raise my Ebenezer:
04:16 Hither by Thy help I've come;
04:22 And I hope by Thy good pleasure,
04:28 Safely to arrive at home.
04:35 Jesus sought me when a stranger,
04:41 Wand'ring from the fold of God;
04:48 He to rescue me from danger
04:55 Interposed His precious blood.
05:11 O to grace how great a debtor
05:17 Daily I'm constrained to be!
05:24 Let Thy goodness like a fetter
05:30 Bind me closer still to Thee.
05:37 Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it,
05:43 Prone to leave the God I love;
05:51 Here's my heart, O take and seal it,
05:58 Seal it for Thy courts above.
06:14 Here's my heart, O take and seal it,
06:21 Seal it for Thy courts above.
06:45 Welcome we are glad you can join us today
06:46 for another program as we study the word of
06:49 God together. Wherever you may be around the
06:51 world let's take this time together because its so very
06:54 important that we spend time everyday in God's
06:57 word preparing for his soon coming.
07:00 Today, we are going to be talking about Blinded
07:02 by the Counterfeit. Well what is the counterfeit,
07:06 what we are talking about here on this issue?
07:08 But before we do those you might be thinking about
07:11 may be you are going outside or doing something else.
07:14 I am gonna give you four very important tips,
07:18 points from God's word. That will help you when the
07:22 enemy comes against you and tempts you.
07:25 If you take these four points you will never fall,
07:28 you will never be taken by the enemy,
07:31 man that's strong words in it. Follow
07:34 these four points, but before we do as always
07:36 let's go to God in prayer and let's pray together.
07:43 Merciful Father in heaven we thank you for the privilege
07:45 of being a child of God we ask for the divine,
07:49 anointing thy Holy Spirit upon every word that
07:52 spoken we pray that will penetrate the hearts
07:54 and minds of your people around the world,
07:57 may we draw closer to thee as we see the day
08:00 approaching. May the Holy Spirit impresses the truths
08:03 that we need to take into our hearts and lives and to
08:07 change us into your image. Thank you for this privilege
08:10 and thank you for every viewer,
08:11 every listener may you touch their hearts,
08:14 meet their needs now as we thank you and
08:16 we praise you in Jesus name, amen.
08:22 Well as I promised I am gonna give you these
08:23 four points so you want to have a pencil and paper
08:26 and jot these things down. And I'll give you little
08:28 reference from scripture too because as you see
08:30 things you see how the enemy comes against us.
08:34 You'll see how victory can be gained every time
08:38 the tempter comes around. Now Proverbs 1 verse
08:43 10 says, My son, notice how it starts out, My son,
08:47 if sinners entice thee, consent thou not.
08:52 Please take in these words,
08:55 My son if sinners entice thee. You see the devil
09:00 is an enticer and sometime we think some of our friends
09:04 and relatives they are also sometime trying to
09:07 entice us to do something that we know we
09:10 shouldn't be doing. The Bible says if they try to
09:13 entice you, Bible says consent thou not.
09:16 Please take that in consideration as we give
09:19 these points before we get into our study.
09:23 Notice there is a consent, you have to consent.
09:27 The devil can't make you do anything.
09:29 You have to consent first, so when these things
09:32 come don't consent, step number one if you detect
09:37 that there is something going on, the devil is making
09:40 a suggestion something that is wrong and you detect
09:45 what would you do first? Quickly you send up a
09:50 prayer to heaven. Very first thing as you notice
09:53 that some may be it's a friend, may be a relative
09:55 or somebody you work with. They are suggesting
09:58 something that you know from the word of God
10:00 is not correct. Immediately when you hear that
10:04 and you understand that you send a prayer up
10:07 to heaven for help, quickly send it up there.
10:10 By the way Isaiah says in Isaiah 26:16 it says,
10:14 Lord, in trouble have they visited thee,
10:18 they poured out a prayer when thy chastening
10:22 was upon them. See when we are tempted or chastised
10:26 we need to send up a prayer very quickly.
10:28 So this is the first as we are fighting the enemy
10:32 as we send up a prayer and ask God for help.
10:35 Number two, step number two, you must firmly resist
10:41 the temptation. Now why would you firmly resist
10:44 it because we've already said it's already been declared
10:47 wrong in God's word. So we detected and we said
10:51 God we need some help and then it's up to us to what,
10:54 to resist this temptation. Resist this because
10:58 we know that we are they've heard us.
11:02 James 4:4 says, you know we have to resist the devil.
11:06 And when you resist the devil the Bible says
11:09 he will flee from you. We have to resist even on
11:16 to death, if we are going to gain the victory.
11:18 We have to be willing to do that rather as Jesus
11:20 did rather die than knowingly sinned.
11:26 And so number three, the first time the temptation
11:28 comes to you we have to meet it in such a way that it
11:33 will not be repeated. Think on that for just a moment,
11:37 when a temptation comes and you are almost
11:40 overwhelmed with it we have to meet it so hard,
11:42 right head on that the devil says ho, I find no place
11:46 in them for this temptation. Isn't that the way when
11:49 the devil came to Jesus trying to tempt him and lead
11:52 him in the wrong direction. Oh, the devil says
11:55 well I came to him but I find nothing in him.
11:58 So we have to resist that temptation in such a strong
12:02 decided way that the devil says oh there is no use to.
12:06 I have to try something else because they are
12:08 gonna resist me. We need to be like Jesus.
12:12 Now step number four, now this is gonna be a little
12:16 bit difficult may be more than the others because
12:18 we are gonna say, well I know when the temptation
12:20 come I need to get a prayer to heaven.
12:22 I realize I need to resist and I need to,
12:26 you know first time the temptation comes I need
12:28 to approach it in such a way that it will not be
12:31 repeated again. But the forth thing becomes very
12:34 difficult because, may be there is little more earthly
12:38 feelings and emotions involved.
12:40 Here's what we need to do for that person,
12:42 that may be is tempting us or trying to get us
12:45 to may be go somewhere where we shouldn't go.
12:47 Go look at something, hear something, see something,
12:50 taste something get involved with something that we
12:52 shouldn't. We need to separate our self from that
12:58 person. If someone is always trying to get you to do
13:02 something that you know it's not right.
13:04 The times come when you have to say I cannot,
13:08 I cannot go with you here or may be I'm going
13:11 to have to separate for a while because you are
13:13 going against that which I believe in.
13:16 We have to do that, 2nd Corinthians 6:17 it says
13:21 that we need to come apart and do what?
13:23 To separate touch not the unclean and then God says
13:27 he is going to do something very special with us.
13:30 He said then I will receive you. So we are to do what?
13:34 We are to come out from among them we are not
13:37 to touch that thing which is unclean and that could
13:39 be the person who is trying to get you into the situation
13:42 that you are not wanting to get involve with and
13:45 then God says I will receive you after you done
13:48 these things. Now can we just recap those,
13:50 temptation comes you are almost overwhelmed.
13:53 Boyfriend, girlfriend, situations right here the
13:55 temptation comes. First thing you say oh I realize
13:57 this is not right God, help me.
13:59 Number two firmly resist that temptation.
14:03 Firmly resist, Bible says we resist while we pray,
14:06 we resist the devil, he is going to do what?
14:08 He is going to flee from us. Number three,
14:10 the first time the temptation comes what
14:12 we have to do? We resist it so firmly so decidedly
14:17 that the devil says, I'll find something else
14:19 can't do this. Number four, may be very difficult
14:22 but we are going to have to separate from those,
14:24 whether they will be family or friends that try
14:28 to lead us down the wrong path. If you
14:30 follow these four things you will not be blinded
14:34 by the counterfeit. You will not be fooled by the
14:38 counterfeit; you will not be overtaken by the
14:41 counterfeit. It sounds very simple,
14:43 but we have to put it into practice divinity
14:46 and humanity working together.
14:48 Now here is our subject, now I hope you take
14:51 that to heart and you follow by the grace of God.
14:53 You have your Bibles I know that you do,
14:55 we are gonna turn the Old Testament to the book
14:57 of Jeremiah. Jeremiah chapter 29,
15:00 now as we turn our Bibles and those you are may
15:03 be looking for your Bible right now.
15:06 We are going to be turning to the chapter 29.
15:08 Jeremiah chapter 29, now there is,
15:11 we are going to be looking at how the enemy works
15:15 against God's people to the very point that
15:19 we are not sure of what truth is anymore.
15:22 This is why I think it's important for God's
15:24 last day church. How can the devil work us over,
15:27 it seems like day in and day out to the point that
15:30 we don't even know that God is God.
15:34 How does he do these things,
15:35 what kind of tactics is he using?
15:39 Well when we mention counterfeit,
15:41 what does that really mean to you?
15:45 Now Jeremiah 29 again we are there,
15:47 I am going to read verses 8 through 10.
15:49 Jeremiah chapter 29:8 through 10.
15:53 Now this is just a little springboard that
15:55 we are gonna jump off on but if you keep this
15:58 in mind it's going to make sense.
15:59 Jeremiah chapter 29 verses 8 through 10 the Bible
16:03 says, For thus saith the Lord of hosts,
16:09 the God of Israel; Let not your prophets and your
16:12 diviners, that be in the midst of you,
16:15 deceive you. God is saying to us let not the prophets,
16:23 they are either a prophet of God or they pretend
16:25 to be a prophet of God, they are either or they aren't?
16:28 But he say we have to keep in eye,
16:29 we have to keep in ear, we have to know that they
16:31 are telling the truth but watch out.
16:34 He said, Let them not your diviners to be in the midst
16:36 of you, deceive you neither hearken to your dreams
16:40 which ye cause to be dreamed.
16:42 So there was evidently some prophets that were
16:45 coming up to God's people send oh we had a dream
16:48 and in the dream this is what God has revealed to us.
16:52 God said you know that person who comes up
16:54 to you when I have already revealed something
16:56 very clear. And they come up and tell you something
16:59 different. They are not for me and you'll notice
17:02 in this, what we are talking about in just a moment.
17:05 Verse 9, it says For they prophesy falsely unto
17:08 you in my name: I have not sent them, saith the Lord.
17:13 Verse 10, For thus saith the Lord,
17:15 That after seventy years be accomplished at
17:18 Babylon I will visit you, and perform my good word
17:23 toward you, in causing you to return to this place.
17:26 This seems very simple to me. I am a simple individual,
17:31 but this seems very, very plain. God said,
17:34 the children of Israel would go into captivity to Babylon
17:37 for how many years? 70 and God said this is
17:41 what's going to happen for 70 years.
17:42 But something began to happen.
17:44 God prophesied in clear tones 70 years they would
17:48 be in captivity but all of the sudden some of the
17:51 prophets begin to say something different.
17:55 It began to confuse the people,
17:57 why would anyone say anything different than what
18:00 God has already told through his true prophets.
18:03 Could it be causing confusion, causing a dilemma,
18:07 people going in different directions not knowing
18:09 what to do. So blinded by the counterfeit here
18:12 is how the enemy begins to work these things.
18:14 But before that how about a good definition
18:18 of counterfeit? Oh, I've heard a lot of them before
18:20 and looked up several of them.
18:22 But it simply means imitating something that's genuine.
18:29 So counterfeit is looking as close to the real thing
18:33 as it possibly can but with the purpose of being
18:37 deceiving or defrauding may be a person, a company,
18:42 a group, counterfeit dollar bills,
18:47 lot of counterfeit in the world today.
18:50 A counterfeit could be what we are talking a
18:53 forgery here there. Remember a forgery
18:55 is always with the purpose of doing what deceiving
18:57 somebody when you go to spin that you want
18:59 him think as a Real McCoy when its really not.
19:01 Your enemy works that way through people,
19:06 through messages that are sent and when I guess
19:10 my problem and dilemma is I read this I am saying
19:13 when God has said this seventy years how can
19:17 his prophet, supposedly his prophet come back
19:20 later and say a couple of years is all we are going
19:23 to be in captivity. And the people begin to grasp
19:27 and they like that rather than the 70.
19:33 But the prophet Jeremiah makes it very,
19:34 very plain that Israel will be in captivity
19:38 the Bible says but somehow and I call it
19:40 strangely enough some other prophets begin to rise with
19:44 a different message to confuse the people.
19:49 Now they predicted a soon return to their homeland.
19:54 The interesting is the Bible begins to talk what from
19:57 Babylon over and over the Lord made it clear
20:02 in fact in Jeremiah 25:11 the Bible says,
20:06 these shall serve the king of Babylon for 70 years.
20:11 You see line upon line precept upon precept here
20:14 a little and there a little once again God makes
20:17 it clear, He said you will serve the king of Babylon
20:19 for what? For 70 years. So why is there another
20:23 message coming. Have you seen that may be in the
20:26 church, you seen it wherever you might attend that.
20:30 It's very clear what the word of God says that
20:31 somebody gets up and begins to tell you,
20:32 was not quite like this. Oh, one of the best ones
20:36 you hear sometime is what once you realize that
20:38 the date that we live in. Oh, it's much different
20:42 then way back you know 1000, 2000 year,
20:44 we live in a new age now. Listen the Bible
20:47 was the same yesterday, today, and forever,
20:49 God does not change, people change but God does
20:54 not change. And so we see in scripture here,
20:59 in fact God makes it so clear, it's still in the book
21:01 of Jeremiah chapter 29:4 through 6,
21:04 here's what God said. You are gonna be in captivity
21:07 for so long here's what I want you to do.
21:10 God said through his true prophets,
21:12 He said I want you to build some houses.
21:14 I want you to marry, I want you to have children,
21:19 I want you to plant gardens, I want you to
21:22 seek peace. That's very interesting he said seek
21:26 peace, he say you will seek peace,
21:27 here we are in captivity. But the Bible goes on in
21:32 Jeremiah 29:7 God says, pray for peace even in
21:37 captivity for the peace thereof shall ye have peace,
21:42 that make sense doesn't it? Regardless of what
21:45 state that we are in, in this life Israel was in
21:49 captivity but God said you know you need to pray
21:52 that there be peace in the land because if there
21:55 is peace in the land it will also mean peace for you.
22:01 Is it God Thoughtful? He cares about us.
22:05 So we find here that among God's people as we are
22:09 talking about Blinded by the Counterfeit here.
22:12 The falls prophets arose and begin to talk to the people
22:16 and they said it's going to be just two years,
22:18 we are gonna return. Well how could another
22:22 prophet supposedly a prophet of God,
22:25 which they are not telling what the scripture has said,
22:27 what the true prophet said. But two years we are
22:29 going to return. Now they are either just really bold
22:33 or they just really defiant or may I use the word
22:38 they were simply ignored or they were blinded.
22:44 I think may be I've been all of those at certain times,
22:46 I don't know about you but God has sent his prophets
22:50 many, many times to warn the world of the coming
22:54 doom and what was going to take place.
22:55 And as soon as God sent a prophet we find
22:58 the false prophets are also on the scene.
23:01 God sends the truth all of the sudden somebody
23:02 comes up advocates a falsehood,
23:05 a counterfeit or a lie. The devil is angry when
23:09 the church moves forward. The devil is angry when
23:12 you begin to do something for Jesus.
23:15 Get your church acted start passing out the truth
23:17 of God's work, pass out some books,
23:19 feels about the incoming. Talks about the Jesus and
23:23 you watch your enemy rare his ugly head and begin
23:25 to call division among the church rather than as they
23:28 focused on what we should be doing.
23:30 We begin to focus on somebody else and what they
23:33 are doing and what they are saying and I should
23:35 be in charge or were these books are too expensive.
23:37 Pass them out like the leaves of autumn.
23:41 We need to be getting the word out. So the prophet,
23:45 then the false prophets come up and say don't know,
23:47 less not really, we are not going to be hear that long,
23:48 we are going to be, you know we are going to be going
23:51 home real soon. And they began to prophesy peace
23:55 and safety when God has made it clear that they are
23:57 going to be in captivity a longtime.
24:00 Now we can be sure of one thing, one thing based
24:05 upon the word of God until Jesus comes.
24:09 Listen church until Jesus comes we can be sure
24:12 that man will arise the Bible says in Acts chapter
24:17 20 verse 30. Men will arise saying perverse things.
24:23 Did you get that? Men will arise till Jesus comes
24:27 saying perverse things, what does that mean?
24:31 Perverse mean here that they are going to
24:32 misinterpret scripture. Perverse means they
24:36 are going to corrupt scripture,
24:39 perverse means that they are going to distort
24:42 scripture. We find that all over the world the devil
24:45 is working inside the church. He is distorting,
24:49 he is misinterpreting, he is corrupting the beautiful
24:52 truths of God's word and he is going to corrupt inside
24:55 and outside wherever he can. Now how about you,
25:00 are you going to be skip off your fear,
25:02 you are gonna to be so blinded that you become
25:05 confused of what is truth. The children of Israel
25:09 became so blinded by the counterfeit that they
25:13 no longer could tell who was a true prophet
25:15 and who was not. They couldn't tell who was the
25:18 true God and who wasn't, they couldn't even tell
25:21 who they were supposed to worship seems impossible,
25:25 doesn't it? How could they, when they had seen
25:28 so much and experienced so much of a wonderful
25:31 loving God that so provided their needs.
25:36 Time and time again he preserved them and yet they
25:39 become confused and yet the Bible said listen
25:42 these things were written for and what a good,
25:45 good an example. And the same things will be coming
25:49 back again, what goes around comes around.
25:52 But how is it that could it be here in the last days
25:54 that we are gonna become so, so confused by every
25:57 wind of doctrine. So confused that we don't really know
26:00 the true God? Oh Friend the world,
26:03 we are in that situation right now.
26:05 We are in that situation right now;
26:07 there are many people who are worshipping what
26:09 they call the God of heaven, when it's not a God of this
26:11 earth. We are supposed to be worshiping the creator
26:16 of heaven and earth and the sea.
26:20 And how many of you are really worshiping that God
26:22 which has identified in the commandments by the
26:24 way the fourth commandment?
26:27 So what God are you really worshiping today,
26:29 have you become so confused that there were no
26:31 different than Israel. In Jeremiah's time,
26:35 oh how sad that would be? Confusion and rebellion
26:41 lawlessness, but the devil says I am going to create
26:44 this kind of confusion. Could it be that we are having
26:49 the same results as in the day of Jeremiah
26:53 when the prophet says that we are the preachers
26:54 were prophesying and telling lies.
26:56 Lies from the pulpit, may be there whoever,
27:00 may be they are not but they are not telling truth
27:02 of God's word. You know the Bible says you know
27:07 when they are talking about the law of God
27:09 the Bible definition is in 1st John 3:4,
27:12 what is it? Sin is the good, the transgression
27:17 of God's law. We really don't have any right to
27:20 recalling sin to any church or wherever you may belong
27:24 and say sin is bad, sin is going to keep you out
27:26 of heaven, but you don't know the definition of what
27:29 sin is? Sin is the transgression of God's law
27:33 then you turn around and say God's laws done away
27:35 with. Book of Romans says where there is no
27:39 law there is no sin. So if we can't get the biblical
27:43 definition of what sin is and stand behind
27:45 that may be you shouldn't be preaching against it.
27:49 Is it we become so confused by the counterfeit
27:52 that we can't see any clear than they did in the
27:54 days of Jeremiah; this is the burden that I have.
27:59 I pray there is a burden that you also have.
28:03 Sometimes, we take it as a light thing that it doesn't
28:05 really matter if we call sin by its right name but
28:08 let's say how about a false prophet that means
28:10 they are prophesying lies. A false teacher that
28:12 are telling lies, a false preacher he is telling lies,
28:15 a false Christian he is telling lies.
28:20 But you know God doesn't change.
28:24 I've heard it said many times that lying words
28:26 often make many friends. Does that make sense
28:29 to you, now I wanted you to come closer,
28:32 I want you to listen. Does that really make sense?
28:36 Do you see that in the world around you lying words
28:39 often make many friends? I just want to be,
28:43 you know bold and straight forward but you know.
28:45 I know a lot of people; I want to say you know
28:47 friends that were made over here.
28:48 They would rather lie than tell the truth.
28:52 And they seem to have a lot of friends because
28:56 they usually tell the people what they really
28:57 like to hear and want to hear.
28:58 And they just come and back for more.
29:02 The devil likes it that way but you know that's
29:04 not gonna change their heart and the lie only
29:06 the truth inside your heart and your mind will change
29:09 you into the image of Jesus Christ.
29:11 Lying words, false leaders they always find many
29:15 friends, that's why I am not impressed on behalf,
29:19 I'm not impressed when someone says but we have,
29:20 be careful Kenny. We have a mega church,
29:24 man we've got 25000 members to at so.
29:31 God knows here but I am just, I won't fill that out
29:33 so you can think along with me. Oh, they have
29:36 25000 members; oh we like to have that too so
29:38 what are they doing. The Bible is very,
29:42 very clear on this, the principles of God's
29:46 word are very, very clear. We watch it in scripture
29:50 that the lying prophets in the Bible always had
29:53 a larger following than the true prophets,
29:57 always why because people didn't want to hear
30:00 the truth. God was warning them to straighten it up
30:03 to get it right or the judgments were coming
30:06 and they didn't want to hear that.
30:08 Jesus said to the prophets,
30:11 He said to them you know into the Holy Spirit,
30:13 look you need to go down and warn the people
30:17 before I come down and visit them.
30:19 He says the same thing today, he is visiting us.
30:21 He has given us warning after warning,
30:24 he is sending people even into our lives.
30:27 We read it in the word that's a warning,
30:28 we need to get right with him and when we refuse
30:31 the first two then the third one will come and that
30:35 third one begins the same judgments against us
30:39 to get our attention. Do you want that?
30:41 Oh, no you don't want that, I don't want that.
30:44 We have experienced enough of them in this life,
30:46 haven't we; friends and relatives and different
30:47 ones are come God's trying to get your attention
30:50 and my attention, He is God. So we see these
30:55 same things happening and they are happening
30:56 over again today, same thing Jeremiah, Israel,
31:01 false prophets, false teachers. Its' interesting
31:07 too that the false prophets always blame the true
31:11 prophets for the world. When a judgment would
31:15 come the false prophets would turn on the true
31:17 prophets and say well they are the reason.
31:21 They did the same thing to Jesus,
31:22 they are gonna do same thing to God's people
31:24 before it's allover. They are gonna point a finger
31:26 and say you are the one who is causing all of this
31:30 trouble. Better to get ready you than the whole nation
31:33 to suffer, we know how that goes.
31:36 We have people who are laughing at this message
31:38 right now. Oh God is not gonna operate that way
31:42 you know what friend you haven't read in your
31:44 Bible if you believe that. If you really believe
31:47 that Jesus is coming you are gonna get your nose
31:49 and your mind and your heart in the word of God
31:52 and we are gonna spend sometime with God.
31:58 Jeremiah 25 verse 3 and 4, I've just gonna paraphrase
32:01 here just a little bit, I don't wanna read both verses
32:03 here but it's simply says Jeremiah was pleading
32:06 with the people he said this, but ye have not
32:09 hearkened, nor inclined your ear to hear.
32:16 So what do we see? We see the prophet of God
32:19 then comes upon the scene and he begins
32:21 to warn the people over and over and over and then
32:25 Jeremiah says in result, you need to pay attention
32:27 close to this. Because you are gonna see the result
32:30 of neglecting or rejecting thus saith the Lord,
32:36 or a warning that God may give.
32:39 See those people receiving warnings from God
32:41 right now, you are going through turmoil,
32:43 you are going through stress and trial and all kind
32:45 of heartache right now. Let's say these can be God's
32:47 little trials and trying to get your attention.
32:51 He wants to bring you back before it's too late.
32:53 He wants to bring me back.
32:55 But Jeremiah had to look at the people and say look
32:57 we've come to you and said this is the way,
32:59 it's going to be this is what God has said
33:01 and the people he said you've not hearken to me,
33:04 you've not inclined your ear to me.
33:08 You know I can say it a not a prophet by any form
33:11 or shape but just as the pastor.
33:14 There is nothing more hurtful and discouraging
33:16 as you constantly bring the truth of God's word
33:18 to the people and the people just will not listen.
33:22 Regardless of how clear, how plane that it is they
33:26 will not listen because their heart is inclined
33:29 for something else, the world or to do what they
33:32 want to do. They are neglecting thus saith
33:36 the Lord. We must be able by God's grace
33:41 and I am talking about God's grace you can't do
33:44 it on your own I cannot do it on my own;
33:46 it's an impossibility to be able to contend with
33:50 mockings, to be able to contend with opposition,
33:55 to be able to contend with threatenings.
33:59 You know there are people that would threaten you.
34:03 People just gonna try to discourage you and Jesus
34:07 turned around and says look don't just get
34:09 discouraged in well doing in Galatians 6 verse 9.
34:13 Because he knew that the enemy will be coming
34:16 against over and over and trying to discourage
34:19 and or threaten you. Have you ever been
34:21 threaten for the cause of Christ if not you will be
34:23 if you are faithful. Remember doing
34:29 programs at 3ABN many, many years ago.
34:32 I used to do a Revelation seminar verse by verse
34:34 study and some things like that on there and many
34:37 times the phone would ring and I would answer
34:39 the phone and so on. Several times a man would
34:43 say on there, the message you are preaching
34:46 we do not like to hear and we would like it stopped.
34:49 But he wouldn't say who he was,
34:50 where he was from. And I said you know I
34:54 believe what we are preaching here is the truth
34:55 and it needs to be on the air, people need to here it
34:59 and make a decision and then the bottom line
35:01 is simply this; he says you need to quit preaching
35:05 that truth because we have a way of silencing you.
35:10 Well that was a very interesting, he said if I
35:13 knew where you are at I would come there now and you
35:16 would not preach another message.
35:18 My simple response is I am glad you don't know
35:20 where I live because I am sure it can be easy to
35:21 find out but I am going to continue on until God says
35:24 to stop. Have you ever been challenged in such
35:29 a way that the word of God instead of a bomb
35:32 in Gilead would be, well like a bomb wanting to blow
35:36 up and they are wanting to get rid of the mouthpiece.
35:39 They don't want to hear the truth anymore.
35:43 Friends bowling down is always been that way.
35:47 Let me just give you an example of we are talking
35:49 about Jeremiah. What a man of God and yet because
35:54 of the opposition the mockery and the,
35:57 listen the people just wouldn't listen.
36:01 You realize there has been many pastors been
36:03 call of God to do their work but after years of trying
36:06 to get the people to do and the people just refuse
36:08 to do it that they get discouraged and they just
36:11 quit and they go get them a job somewhere else.
36:15 How sad that is? You know, I've been tempted
36:17 that several times myself. Because if we can't just
36:22 a simple thus saith the Lord is very plain.
36:27 We will not heed that certainly we will not heed
36:30 may be the greater things or the things that's going
36:32 in our hearts, in our minds, in our life that no one
36:34 else even knows about. We are just talking about
36:38 few open things that need to be dealt with
36:39 and they don't want it, they don't want to hear it.
36:44 What happened to poor Jeremiah,
36:46 you know what he said? Jeremiah simply made this
36:50 statement, Jeremiah 20 verse 9 if you are
36:53 following along, he got so, let me use the word
36:56 sick and tired if you let me do that.
36:59 He got so sick and tired of coming to people
37:01 and say we are not going to listen,
37:02 we are going to do what we want to do,
37:03 no God has said, no we are not going to listen
37:06 he finally said this and he said it publicly as record
37:09 in scripture first part of that he says,
37:11 I will not make mention of him, talking about God.
37:14 He became so discouraged he said I am not going
37:17 to make mention of him of God anymore I am not
37:20 going to speak his name anymore or in his name.
37:25 Oh, how sad how discouraging such a man
37:29 of God, that God uses such a mighty miraculous
37:33 way that he came to the soul, the point the devil
37:35 just beat and beat and beat till he said
37:37 I am not going to mention the name anymore.
37:41 But you know when you have something in your
37:42 heart, I am glad it didn't stop there it gives me
37:46 encouragement. But what happened when Jeremiah
37:50 found himself in the midst of a group of people.
37:54 May be in a service, what did he do? I'll tell you what
38:00 he did; I'll read the scripture last part of it.
38:03 Jeremiah found this out, we might say well
38:06 I have had enough I can't stand it anymore,
38:08 I can't take this pressure anymore but let me
38:11 tell you there was a fire in that man's bones.
38:14 A spiritual fire was in his bones he found that the
38:17 spirit of God was stronger than he was.
38:22 Because he really didn't want to quit,
38:23 he really had a burden for souls,
38:25 he really had a burden to work for Jesus,
38:29 but he lays emotions and his feelings get the best
38:31 of him but when the opportunity came he had
38:33 a fire within him Jeremiah 20 verse 9 last part
38:36 here is what he finally say it, and I believe
38:39 he said and this is my thinking.
38:43 He said this in response probably there is somebody
38:47 who said; remember you said you won't
38:49 gonna talk about God anymore,
38:51 you said you had, had it. I know how the last part
38:54 of the verse fits in Jeremiah; he said His word
38:57 was in my heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones.
39:08 He had to say something he had to do something
39:13 or as though he was going to explode inside.
39:16 He said it was like a fire shut up in my bones
39:19 and it was burning and I had to replace to goers,
39:21 I am going to explode, have you ever feel that way?
39:27 Have you ever just been, we call it busting
39:29 at the scenes. The goodness of the Lord just
39:32 hitch you and your study or your witnessing
39:35 and you seen somebody and you couldn't help
39:38 but start talking about Jesus, there is a fire killed
39:41 inside of you and you had to go ahead not God
39:43 was working contrary to you, but he knew
39:46 in your heart this is really what you wanted,
39:47 you have been praying for these things.
39:51 He says oh don't get discouraged,
39:53 truth will never be popular, people not gonna
39:55 love the truth. They are gonna silence,
39:58 try to silence the messenger. So, we have been
40:02 saying battles going on today when God's servant
40:04 speaks his word in church, when God's servant
40:08 begin to reprove wrongs that are done or being
40:12 done rebuke those who are bringing wrong principle
40:15 into the church. People don't want to hear it
40:19 many times and may be when something develops
40:24 some course of action or something comes into the
40:26 church to prevent or subvert may be the truth
40:30 of the justice and judgment of God,
40:32 we must take the word and let the word do the
40:34 speaking. This is what God challenges us to do,
40:38 he did back then and he still does it today.
40:41 We have to watch out for corrupting influences.
40:45 Now so God warns us about the avenues that
40:48 will blind us spiritually. Now we need to start
40:50 repaying attention here, we just dig it in remember
40:53 this is a two part series. How we can be blinded
40:59 spiritually, warnings are given to us to stay away
41:02 from things of pagan origin. In fact just read
41:09 Deuteronomy 18 the whole chapter when you
41:11 get an opportunity, I'll just condense it down.
41:13 God has warned us always in the word,
41:15 he said stay away from things like astrology,
41:18 sorcery. We go down the street,
41:21 we see the palm readers and we see magic
41:24 and witchcraft and cards and soothsayers
41:28 that the Bible talks about. These were always the
41:33 main features of the system of paganism, always.
41:39 You say well you know I am not really sure.
41:41 You see God warned Israel over and over about the
41:44 worship of the sun and the moon and the stars
41:47 you've read that, you've understand that always
41:50 he has warned them. He warned them about
41:52 worshiping things of nature rather than to worship
41:56 the creator of nature. And many would not listen,
42:04 but Jeremiah 10:2 makes it really clear,
42:06 it points out the primary way in which the heathen
42:11 worshiped and the Bible says this,
42:14 Thus saith the Lord learn not the way of the heathen,
42:17 and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven
42:20 for the heathen are dismayed at them.
42:26 This is something we need to play close attention.
42:29 What did they study, what did the heathen study,
42:32 why were they studying this phenomenon here,
42:35 why were they worshiping the sun,
42:36 the moon and the stars? History bares fact that they
42:40 like to study phenomena, things such as eclipses,
42:44 things such as commons and the orderly conjunction
42:49 of the heavenly bodies. They studied these things
42:54 and try to make them say something to them
42:56 or give direction. God says we need to be very
42:58 careful; we have a God in heaven that He can speak
43:02 speak the truth to us. You see the same wanders
43:07 that Satan use these, using again. This
43:10 is my heart felt problem here that I am dealing
43:15 the truth to us. You see the same wanders
43:17 that Satan use these, using again. This
43:18 is my heart felt problem here that I am dealing
43:19 with it, you know as we talk on this subject.
43:20 It's not something that's passing and never will be
43:21 used again; it's being used right now.
43:23 He is blinding our eyes, he is getting us a counterfeit
43:27 and we become content with that.
43:31 But regardless of the old devil and what he tries
43:34 to use here in the last days, I can praise God because
43:37 he can only do what God allows him to do.
43:41 Lord that's enough say thank you Lord.
43:43 He can only do what God allows him to do and he
43:46 is always, always going to fall short of the power
43:49 of God. The enemy will always fall what,
43:53 short of the power of God. He can't contend with God,
43:58 God is greater is that you want to listen you
44:00 greater than he that's in the world,
44:03 over challenged with these things today.
44:07 Can the counterfeits of Satan today be as blinding
44:11 as they were on Israel? Somebody say well you know
44:15 I am not so sure that I don't know,
44:16 how about Baal worshipers? Satan working through
44:24 Baal, Israel looking and finding what Baal was up
44:30 to and what was going on around them and they
44:32 begin to say, it might, there must be something
44:34 in this and what they are worshiping.
44:37 They are seemed to be something new and something
44:39 strange from serving the real God in heaven.
44:45 But can that same type, yes today same thing
44:50 in Jeremiah's day, same thing that's working on us today.
44:54 Baal simply called the Goddess of what vegetation,
44:57 the Goddess fertility, that Israel became so degraded
45:02 and so blinded by Baal, the counterfeit religion
45:06 of who; good of Satan. Then most of Israel did
45:10 not know the difference between the Lord and Baal
45:15 and which prophets to believe in.
45:19 Now here's a challenge for you, a challenge for me.
45:22 As we read the Bible in First Kings and if you read
45:25 chapters 16 through 19 we won't do all that
45:29 but I want you to do a little homework if you
45:32 read these you are gonna find and here's a king.
45:34 Now what I want to do is dissect his life little bit
45:37 and see how the enemy work through this king
45:39 and as he work through the king he also work through
45:42 the people. And how a religious nation can go down
45:46 from worshiping the God of heaven to worshiping
45:49 the devil, these are things that are close to you
45:52 and close to me. Ahab, you remember the king
45:56 of Israel; he was the guardian he was the leader
45:59 of the chosen people. And the Bible said king Ahab
46:02 did more to provoke the God of Israel that all the
46:05 kings before him. God can be provoked,
46:11 there will be a time when God says that's enough.
46:13 You think you are gonna get by somebody for
46:15 ever and ever doing what you are doing, you are not.
46:19 God can be provoked, King Ahab provoked God.
46:25 Now let's look at how this happened and how
46:28 it could be repeated today and is being repeated today.
46:35 First of all king Ahab, listen very carefully because
46:40 this may be in your life right now.
46:43 King Ahab was not spiritually minded,
46:48 now remember he was raised up to do the right things,
46:51 to know the God of heaven, to know what truth,
46:54 all about the truth but he became so confused
46:58 in his mind that he was not, he wasn't spiritually
47:01 minded and if you are not spiritually minded you are
47:04 gonna fall short I am going to fall short.
47:07 Spiritually minded, now we are gonna take some
47:10 these and dissect them all but notice quickly this.
47:13 He did not particularly like to attend
47:19 religious services. Now the king did what?
47:23 He was not spiritual minded, he did not like
47:26 or he did not recommend to the people as the king
47:29 of Israel to attend religious services,
47:32 is it important? Number three, he was not content,
47:41 oh friend to be not contend in your worship.
47:46 When you are not contend in serving God and worshiping
47:48 God and contend where you are at,
47:50 you are going to be looking for something that's new
47:53 and strange. Do we find it in this moment today;
47:57 yes do we find it around the world yes.
47:59 There are people constantly know how
48:02 wild the teaching may be, they are looking
48:05 for something new and strange because
48:07 they are not content with their relationship with
48:09 Jesus Christ. I don't mean that always we have things
48:13 perfect and everything is alright.
48:15 But you have to know who God is;
48:16 you have to have him in your heart and in your
48:18 mind. How about this thing called new and strange.
48:26 I have read it in little book second selected messages
48:28 14 and it addresses of something,
48:30 it says new and strange. And I just want to try
48:32 to read that if I may, we are gonna read this to you.
48:35 It says the danger that for our churches,
48:39 the danger for our churches is that something
48:42 new and strange will be brought in.
48:45 Things that confuse the mind, does this make sense?
48:50 And the people and give them no strengths spiritually.
48:55 See we need strengths spiritually right now,
48:57 I believe as the people we need encouragement right
49:00 now in the hour in which live. But somebody bring
49:03 in this new and strange thing thus he talks
49:06 about here we need things that are clear things
49:09 that we can discern is needed new and strange
49:13 things shall not be laid the side of the truth
49:17 as they part of the burden of the message that
49:20 is to be given at this time. If you notice how so many
49:24 people coming with something new as it were,
49:26 they call it new truth and they lay it right beside
49:29 the track of the truth as been established
49:31 and people get their eyes of what they should
49:32 be doing and begin to focus on the new and strange.
49:37 One of the ways that counterfeit of the enemy
49:41 God's prophets said don't lay it beside the truth,
49:45 don't lay it there. We need something the clear right
49:47 now; we need the message that gives strength
49:49 to the people, an encouragement to the people.
49:52 Patriots and Prophet, another wonderful book page
49:55 114 says that from the beginning of his rein
49:58 talking about Ahab that was marked,
50:01 it was marked by something that was strange
50:05 and terrible and it's called apostasy.
50:08 From beginning of his rein something had marked,
50:11 it was marked by something that strange,
50:13 something was terrible it was terrible apostasy.
50:17 And God's going to deal with apostasy wherever
50:19 it is at. So I like to say in my mind he is bend;
50:23 what he wanted to do the direction he wanted to go.
50:29 He wanted to go away from doing what was right.
50:36 And you know in the home, this is where it begins.
50:42 This is where it all begins in the home,
50:46 where we are to be taught to do the right thing.
50:49 Here is the culprit, we are not teaching in the home,
50:54 our young people the way we should be or our
50:57 young children. The culprit and he started with
51:01 Ahab's father. Ahab's father, he was the founder
51:07 of Samaria but also the Bible said he did evil
51:10 in the eyes of the Lord and we will see also
51:12 he was a high priest of a Pagan religion.
51:15 So in the home Ahab supposed to be what,
51:17 the leader of God's people but because of his death
51:20 and so on there was a lot of pagan that's in that
51:22 was going on, was influencing his mind.
51:27 What shall we be doing as a people today?
51:30 Little book called Adventist home, everybody should
51:32 have one, should be reading here page 182 and 183,
51:36 it says here, I am reading listen, No work entrusted
51:40 to human beings, no work what;
51:43 entrusted to human beings involves greater and
51:46 far more reaching results then does the work
51:50 of fathers and mothers. That's heavy, could Ahab's
51:57 life been different? If father and mother had been
52:02 dedicated to Jesus Christ, could it be? No greater work,
52:09 no more far reaching results. There is a work of
52:14 father and mother, the lack, I am reading on,
52:17 the lack of right home training may be traced to the
52:22 larger share of the disease and the misery
52:25 and the crime hat curse humanity.
52:29 Where did it start? The wrong training in the home,
52:32 we see it day in and we see it day out.
52:34 The children run the home, there is smart-mouthing,
52:37 they are not made to be obedient,
52:39 they are not made to do anything here but
52:41 the Bible is very, very clear because mother
52:44 and father is not doing the job that we need
52:46 to do in the home because the enemy is constantly
52:49 badgering the ones who would like to raise their
52:52 children in the admonition of the Lord,
52:54 to train them to be obedient, train them to do the
52:56 right thing. As we read, it says we can follow the
53:01 disease and misery and crime and the wow that's on it.
53:05 The curse to humanity is because mom and dad
53:07 would not raise that child in the admonition
53:10 of the Lord. Now that, you say,
53:12 well that's enough; now let me read something else.
53:14 Adventist Home 225, women have need of a
53:21 great patience before they are qualified to become
53:25 mothers. Did you get that one; women have need
53:30 of a great patience before they are qualified
53:33 to become mothers. God has ordained that they shall
53:37 be fitted for this work. The work, oh listen,
53:42 the work of the mother becomes infinite through
53:46 her connection with Christ. The mother's work with
53:51 raising the child becomes infinite for eternity
53:53 for this little one when she connects herself with
53:56 Jesus Christ. But notice when we connect with Jesus
54:00 Christ the well being of the child, every mother
54:05 would say every perspective mother would say
54:07 I want my child to be well, the well-being of the child
54:11 will be affected by the habits of the mother.
54:14 Again referring back to Ahab, the things have
54:16 been little different in the home,
54:17 would it been different for him.
54:19 He did more on all the other prophets involved
54:21 against God of heaven because of his home training.
54:24 We see it going on today.
54:28 The well-being of the child will be affected by the
54:31 habits of the mother. Her appetites and her passions
54:36 are to be controlled by principle.
54:40 Her appetites and what passions are to be controlled
54:44 by principle because what mother thinks and
54:48 what she views and how her attitude is and how
54:50 her temperament is will effect the unborn baby
54:53 to become just like that. Eating the wrong thing
54:57 will affect that child, smoking and taking in and
55:00 drinking things will affect that child and God will
55:04 hold you mother responsible for that,
55:08 parents and perspective parents you cannot,
55:15 before we close, you cannot displease God anymore.
55:23 You cannot displease God anymore than by
55:25 neglecting to train your child in the admonition
55:29 of the Lord. Ephesians 6:4 by the way,
55:34 it says train them in the nurture and admonition
55:37 of the Lord. People like those words because that
55:39 we don't quite understand what they are and
55:42 I want you to understand this with me quickly
55:44 the nurture means the instruction, nurture
55:46 means the disciplinary correction and also it
55:50 means the training of that child and the admonition
55:54 that is the rebuke of that child that is the warning
55:57 of that child and calling attention to the things
55:59 that may hurt that child. Can hurt God anymore
56:02 then neglect that mothers and fathers.
56:08 Now time has run out for now, but you know we are
56:10 gonna continue on part two because we are saying
56:12 this is hitting home for us. The points that we are
56:16 going to be looking at really hit to us because we
56:20 find that Jeremiah set aside the worship of the true
56:23 God for Baal, how could he come to that point.
56:26 We'll examine that little more in the second half,
56:28 but I am gonna pray for some of you right now.
56:29 The Holy Spirit has brought conviction upon your heart
56:32 and your life as we close, we'll just have a quick
56:34 word of prayer together that
56:35 the Holy Spirit will help us.
56:38 Merciful Father in Heaven, we thank you for your
56:39 word thank you for giving us all these warnings
56:41 thank you for the truth that you brought home to us.
56:44 We pray that now people are making decisions
56:46 right now for your honor and for your glory
56:48 and I thank you for it in Jesus name, amen.
56:53 It's always a pleasure to be able to spend sometime
56:55 with you and I want to encourage you be sure
56:57 and support the station that brings you these
56:59 programs around the world the message is coming
57:01 that Jesus Christ is soon return,
57:03 we want to be ready for that and we appreciate
57:06 you we love you and we look
57:07 forward to seeing you next time.
57:12 Welcome back friends, where your questions answered?
57:16 Is it God's will that we continue to stumble and fall
57:20 of the every word of doctrine? Absolutely not,
57:24 he has left us with a safer, assured plan of salvation,
57:29 we just have to know where to look and to learn
57:32 to be careful, the influences that we allow in our lives.
57:36 And to help you not to be blinded by the counterfeit,
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