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Blinded By The Counterfeit, Part 2

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00:40 Hello friends and welcome to Behold the Lamb Presents,
00:43 this program is dedicated to preparing the people
00:47 to be ready for our Lord soon return.
00:50 I'm Chris Shelton your host and today's message
00:53 is the second in a two part series that
00:56 we have entitled "Blinded by the Counterfeit."
00:59 In today society you know we lived in such a
01:02 fast pace world that is constantly bombarding
01:06 our senses with messages and like it or not these
01:10 messages have a tremendous effect on who you are,
01:14 what type of character you've developed over
01:17 the years, your likes, your dislikes,
01:20 your moral beliefs that you hold here
01:22 or the lack thereof. Messages are coming
01:26 in from all directions to produce new character
01:29 traits in one form or the other.
01:32 Sadly most messages hitting our sensory
01:36 perceptions is of such a nature as to disqualify us
01:42 to be a child of God. What a battle that you
01:45 and I must fight that Heaven is to be our home.
01:48 We must learn the vital importance of guarding
01:52 our God given senses, we need to valuate
01:56 what takes priority in our lives and to make needed
01:59 adjustments as the Lord directs, we need to learn
02:03 the importance of attending Church on a
02:05 regular basis and learning to be content in this life
02:08 with what God has given each and everyone of us.
02:12 We need desperately to learn, to listen to the
02:15 Holy Spirits convictions upon our hearts
02:18 and upon our minds is outlined in scriptures.
02:22 This is why we feel it necessary to bring you
02:25 the second message in our two parts series entitled
02:28 "Blinded by the Counterfeit" study with
02:31 this won't you right now. As pastor Kinney lays
02:34 before us a message at the Holy Spirit has urged
02:38 him to give, but first we're blessed to go to 3ABN's
02:42 worship center as we listen to Rudy Micelli
02:46 as he sings "Were it Not for Grace."
03:11 Time measured out my days life carried me along
03:25 Down in my soul I yearned to follow God
03:32 but knew I'd never be so strong
03:38 I looked hard at this world to learn
03:43 how Heaven could be gained
03:51 Just to end where I began,
03:56 where human effort is all in vain.
04:06 Were it not for grace, I can tell you where I'd be
04:20 Wandering down some pointless road to nowhere
04:27 With my salvation up to me I know how that would go
04:40 The battles I would face forever running
04:52 but losing the race! Were it not for grace!
05:06 So here is all my praise, expressed with all my heart
05:20 Offered to this friend who took my place
05:28 and ran a course I could not even start
05:33 And when he saw in full
05:38 just how much his love would cost
05:46 He still went the final mile between
05:52 me and Heaven so I would not be lost
06:02 Were it not for grace, I can tell you where I'd be
06:16 Wandering down some pointless road to nowhere
06:23 With my salvation up to me and I know how that would go
06:36 All the battles I would face forever running
06:47 but losing the race! Were it not for his grace!
06:58 Forever running but losing this race!
07:06 Were it not for grace!
07:29 Praise the Lord. Thank your for joining us once again
07:31 here as we study the word of God together.
07:33 We're gonna be talking about
07:34 "Blinded by the Counterfeit" part two
07:37 so if you miss part one, you're gonna wanna
07:38 make sure you get it so the puzzle fits together
07:41 doing little bit more history on the first part,
07:43 second part we get into little more specifics.
07:46 Praise God for that, but as always before
07:48 we study we need to go to God in prayer
07:50 and ask for his Holy Spirit for his guidance
07:53 and for his power. Why don't you, where you can,
07:56 I want you to kneel with me and let's pray together.
08:02 Loving Father in Heaven, we thank you
08:03 for the privilege we have of prayer,
08:06 thank you for the cross of Calvary,
08:07 thank you for Jesus, thank you for the power
08:09 thy Holy Spirit, which promised to us.
08:12 Now, we praise as the Holy Spirit now the sense
08:15 upon each and everyone of us that you will speak
08:17 words of life and words of encouragement,
08:19 words of rebuke if we need them and we will pray that
08:23 you will help us and lead us into a closer
08:25 relationship with you as my prayer.
08:27 Thank you for everyone around the world that's
08:30 driving to serve you with all their heart
08:32 and soul in their mind. Bless now we pray
08:36 give us power, clearness of mind and heart
08:38 in a receptive spirit in Jesus name, Amen.
08:46 Well, we left off in our first part that
08:48 we're talking about King Ahab, the reason
08:51 that Israel went into rebellion and apostasy
08:54 against God and how people who can be supposedly
08:58 living for God or claiming they know the truth
09:00 of God's word can come to the point where
09:03 they can't distinguish between the real
09:06 God of Heaven and a false God or a true Prophet
09:09 and a false Prophet. How can that possibly be?
09:12 How did that occur and we set up some history
09:15 in the first part. Now, the second part,
09:18 we're going to get into some more specifics
09:20 and we realize the number one that the home
09:23 training of Ahab was not what it really should
09:27 have been because of his father number one
09:30 and the father would have stayed away from
09:32 the true God and were serving a false God
09:35 and it had an influence upon King Ahab as we read
09:39 several passages of here the importance
09:41 of the home life. And especially of the mother
09:45 and again we're not trying just point fingers
09:47 and say well it's mother's job. But because mother
09:49 spends so much time with that child, that
09:52 she can mold and make that child and that's very,
09:55 very important that we spend, they spend time
09:57 in the word together and they learn
09:58 to pray together. And that God says that
10:00 he has equipped them for the special work
10:04 and when we do that we realize that God's going
10:07 to bless now it's more then just this life that
10:09 we're talking about. It's talking about
10:11 this little so, this little individual being raised
10:14 for eternity and the importance of mother
10:17 influence on that child and certainly the father too.
10:21 So, that we talked about their perspective parents
10:24 those who are parents today that we cannot
10:28 displease God anymore then if we just simply say
10:31 you know we don't care about raising this child up
10:34 in the admonition of the Lord. But I know that
10:37 you do and I know that you wanna raise your child
10:38 in the admonition of the Lord. King Ahab too,
10:42 point number two, he set aside the worship
10:45 of Jehovah to be able to worship Baal.
10:49 I wonder if maybe some today you are setting
10:51 aside the worship of the true God because maybe,
10:54 might be little difficult for you or it's cross
10:57 purposes with the way you were thinking
10:59 and the way you would like to conduct yourself in the
11:01 world and you're looking for that God that Baal God.
11:06 Well, I hope not, but God so called chosen people
11:10 were looking for another God, they were not content
11:13 in the relationship with Jesus, they were looking
11:16 for something else and so we find Ahab.
11:20 He begins to erect even altars in the groves
11:24 and that we called in the bushes
11:26 and they were seductive idolatry that took place.
11:31 You know the devil likes to work in seductive ways,
11:36 from the eyes and mind and the ears
11:38 and something is seductive the devil just woos you
11:41 in and he has you before you realize it.
11:45 And all the sudden, it seemed to be a little more
11:48 exciting then their religion that they practice
11:51 before and the sad part not only King Ahab,
11:55 but he set the example as a leader,
11:57 as he went the direction of Baal that the majority
12:01 the Bible said people followed his way.
12:05 Now, that should be very important to the Pastors,
12:08 the elders, the leadership of the Church as the
12:11 standard that you set will be the standard that
12:14 most people just try, just try to reach or actually
12:17 fall below that. We need to set a high standard,
12:22 King Ahab did not set a high standard
12:25 and the people followed after. Now, let me
12:27 give you I call it strike 3 here, we've had a couple
12:30 of things yes they played important role
12:32 in his decisions that he made. And that the
12:34 people made, but here is what, we talked
12:37 about Ahab did. He married a woman called Jezebel;
12:42 he married a woman called Jezebel.
12:44 Now, God has instructed his people not to go outside
12:47 so he disobeyed God and in disobeying God
12:49 he found another woman and that
12:51 she was called Jezebel. Now, I like to use the
12:54 word here and be careful with it is,
12:56 just finished him off. The King was already
12:59 headed in the wrong direction, but this finished
13:03 him off as he married this woman.
13:05 She was the daughter then we talked about
13:08 the high priest of the Sidonians or a Baal.
13:12 So, all of her makeup in her mind and her thinking
13:16 of her as an individual was centered upon
13:19 paganism and she begin to plant that in the mind
13:24 of the king, the Bibles says in 1st Kings 21:25
13:29 concerning Ahab it says: which did sell himself
13:34 to work wickedness in the sight of the LORD,
13:38 I thought that was interesting.
13:41 He sold himself, when we turn over back upon God
13:47 we sell ourselves; we sell our body or soul
13:52 and our mind for what thirty pieces of silver.
13:57 We sell the God of Heaven for some kind of a cheap
13:59 Baal God that has no power.
14:05 The scripture makes it so plain that he sold himself
14:09 to work and then the word goes on here
14:13 is where it come when I say that Jezebel
14:15 will strike three for him. She set him up
14:18 the Bible said: whom Jezebel his wife stirred up.
14:26 They say behind every good man,
14:27 there is a good woman. But you know this Jezebel
14:30 here was an evidently very good woman.
14:33 And she stirred the king up, now there are reasons
14:37 why she stirred the king up. You see some people
14:40 say well I could stir it, some people
14:41 you can stir up, some people you can't change
14:45 but because of. We look at the Ahab here
14:48 and he is bringing up and he was kind of a weak man.
14:53 Easily influenced are you that way today?
14:58 And the Bible says that Jezebel stirred him up
15:01 and she encouraged him to follow after Baal.
15:05 And he begin to follow after,
15:08 now here is the danger even today I want you
15:11 to consider with me. Inspiration says that
15:15 Jezebel was a woman of decided character.
15:19 So, we have to be careful in the world today
15:21 because there are many people who are they
15:23 decided character. What does that mean?
15:26 Decided character means she was a determined woman,
15:30 she was determined to have her own way.
15:33 She was unhesitating, she was definite,
15:38 in other word she knew what she wanted
15:42 and she didn't want her husband the King of Israel
15:45 to worship the true God. And so she was relentless
15:49 after him to change him, to influence him,
15:53 to change the worship of the true God.
15:56 The Bible said what she stirred up this situation
16:01 because she was a woman of decided character,
16:04 a woman who knew what she wanted.
16:06 A selfish individual that wanted what she wanted
16:10 without taking anyone else into consideration.
16:13 She had her own mind nothing wrong with that,
16:16 but when you leave other people out
16:17 and you don't have God to live inside that mind.
16:19 Oh! It would be a horrible thing, she was persuasive,
16:25 she knew how to get her way. Bible is very,
16:30 very clear, there is nothing like a woman
16:33 because God compares the Church to a good woman
16:35 to his Church. But the Bible also makes it very clear
16:38 there is nothing worse than a woman
16:40 who has not given her life to Jesus Christ.
16:45 She has rotten us to the bone, now here
16:51 what do we see, we see the influence when some
16:55 of you deny. People in Church some had a,
16:58 well no one had an influence, every person
17:00 you and me has an influence on you, has an influence
17:04 on me either for good or for bad, but they have an
17:07 influence and she begin to influence her husband.
17:13 She didn't take others into consideration why,
17:16 well she had all of her Baal priest listen to her.
17:19 She influenced them and she turned them all against
17:22 the God of Heaven. Friend we had to be very careful
17:26 to realize it's not only just many women out
17:29 they are like that today, but there is also men out
17:31 there like that. The Bible brings to the home very,
17:34 very clear to us, how could she work
17:38 over the King? How could she over just work him over?
17:45 Bible says in Philippians 4:11: Not that I should
17:51 speak in respect of want: for I have learned,
17:54 in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.
18:00 Underline the word content with me,
18:03 how will she able to work over her husband.
18:06 Number one is because he was not content
18:09 with his God, he was not content in his religious
18:13 experience and then the Bible comes in
18:17 and says here that I have learned Paul,
18:19 Paul said I have learned to live.
18:21 The disciples they learned to live and learned to be
18:24 content with what they had, whatever state
18:28 I'm in I need to learn to be content that's
18:30 for us today. Most people are not content
18:34 with their home, with their car, with the money
18:37 that they have, they are just not content
18:39 and there are many people and you will find
18:41 these people who are not content in the Church
18:43 where they attend they are always looking for
18:45 something different that we talked about before
18:47 strange and new. Now something else comes along
18:49 little more tantalizing, a little more excitement
18:52 they follow that every wind of doctrine.
18:57 What is it mean when it be content in all of
18:59 the saying it's talking mentally, physically,
19:02 spiritually, financially. What's really being
19:07 said here, does it mean that they were never been
19:11 to be just happy. Okay, well I'm happy enough
19:13 with my knowledge now go and seek knowledge
19:16 because it said be content whenever state that
19:18 you're in mentally, physically and so on.
19:22 Does it mean we all would become content?
19:23 Well we're in the physical shape they were;
19:25 no always strive to be, to be better.
19:29 What does it mean here when we're talking about
19:31 content with our walk with God, no or never be
19:34 content as it were, but we're to be settled
19:36 in the truth, settled with our relationship with him.
19:39 But always desiring more, but contentment
19:43 in our heart, in our mind that we know who God is
19:45 and what he is doing in our behalf.
19:49 Is that mean that we're always to be content
19:51 because we have no money and we may never
19:53 have any money we just sit down and
19:55 do nothing no, God would have you to work.
19:58 He would have things to improve, but this is not,
20:01 this is not your life, this is not what you really
20:04 have in mind, this is not you are not,
20:05 you know we already stowing treasures up
20:07 in Heaven, not here on this earth.
20:11 But what it says that we learned to be content,
20:13 I think in my mind and I want you to be praying
20:16 about it and how it affects you.
20:18 But we are to learn to accept to be content,
20:24 to be satisfied to live with, to be able to bare it,
20:31 be able to stand it, what God provides for that day,
20:38 because God knows what you are in need of,
20:40 is what the Bible says he knows what you need
20:42 of before you ever ask then learn to be able
20:44 to deal with it as it comes to that day,
20:46 even though it's not what you might want.
20:50 But always making an effort to improve
20:53 by the grace of God, importance of a
20:59 contented spirit, his Spirit wasn't contented
21:03 and you can see that around the world today.
21:05 People are not content, they're mowing around,
21:08 they're lacking direction, they're lacking
21:10 leadership, they're lacking a connection with
21:13 Jesus Christ. Contented means, means satisfied.
21:18 Prophets and Kings, beautiful book
21:19 page 2:19 say this: It is not the possession of
21:25 splendid talents that enables us to render
21:28 acceptable service, but the conscientious performance
21:33 of daily duties. The conscientious
21:40 performance of daily duties, so the things
21:43 that you have to do for that day,
21:45 that's what God would have you to do
21:48 and to thank him for that. And its be okay,
21:52 it would be counter for you as righteous.
21:54 We're always looking for something else to do
21:56 and something, and God says just I count you
21:58 as a faithful if you do those things that lie
22:00 close to your door. Contented spirit
22:08 a sincere spirit, now let's brings it down just
22:12 another notch here. The importance of being
22:15 content, it's very important in our religious
22:17 experience. Remember if you're not content
22:20 in the Church where you attend, you're gonna be
22:22 looking for something else and if you're looking
22:26 for something else the devils gonna make sure
22:29 you find something else be careful.
22:33 If you live where you are at make sure
22:34 God is leading and not the enemy, many people
22:39 are not content with their religious experience.
22:43 And some people think they had to be connected
22:46 to some special work, often people say
22:49 I just don't feel right I need to be working
22:52 for some ministry. I need to be doing something big
22:54 for God and so they say well since
22:58 I can't do anything big, I'm not working fulltime
23:00 for the ministry, I'll just do nothing.
23:02 Oh! That's unacceptable, that's not what God
23:06 wants you to do, says well I'm not that's a mistake.
23:12 A man can be active in the service of God,
23:15 now this may jar some of you.
23:17 A man and woman can be active in the service
23:19 of God well he is engaged in the ordinary
23:23 duties of life. That means he can be pleasing
23:28 in the side of God if that's what God has
23:30 for him to do that, they has to be cutting
23:31 down a tree. He can be tilling a garden,
23:40 he can be clearing a field or how about a mother
23:44 who was training her child for Jesus?
23:48 She is as truly working for God as is the minister
23:54 in the pulpit. She is faithful with her duty,
24:00 you're faithful with your duty of the days
24:02 activities might be cleanliness do,
24:08 mowing the church lawn, he counts it as
24:11 being faithful. You see the king was not contented,
24:15 people say all the time oh! we need success,
24:18 we want, we need to have this.
24:19 Listen success does not depend upon this big talent.
24:24 The people say oh, so and so, so talented,
24:26 but we've got to use him, God wants to,
24:28 success is not so depended on talent as
24:31 it is on energy and willingness.
24:34 Do you have the energy, you want to do it?
24:36 Do you have the willingness to say yes
24:38 Lord here am I sin me. This is what is important here.
24:43 John 15:11 the Bible said: These things have
24:45 I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you,
24:49 and that your joy might be full. Are you full
24:54 of joy today? He has now spoken to you these words.
24:58 I want you to be content. Ahab was not content
25:03 because he was not connected to Christ.
25:07 We can circle and underline, you're not gonna fight.
25:09 Listen those you at home, you're not gonna be happy
25:12 unless you connect with Jesus.
25:14 You cannot find happiness; you cannot
25:16 find peace unless you're connected.
25:20 That's why there were so many people
25:21 in the world that's surrounding around
25:23 in these places, looking for happiness
25:27 and it's in all the wrong places.
25:30 They want to be content, but they're in
25:32 the wrong place. But God wants us to be content,
25:36 he said these things have I spoken unto you that
25:38 you have joy and that joy remain in you
25:42 to be content. Problem number two,
25:49 Ahab had was he didn't like to attend
25:53 religious services, have you ever met someone
25:55 like that? Oh! I can be a Christian,
25:57 I don't have to go to Church,
25:58 I don't need to attend, I don't need to hear
26:00 what everybody else has to say,
26:01 I don't need having another thoughts,
26:03 I'm okay by myself. And he did not encourage others
26:08 to attend, remember he was the king of Israel
26:11 and the king would encourage people
26:13 to go to Church. They would have attended services,
26:15 but he did not, he didn't like himself
26:17 and he did not encourage his people to attend
26:20 and you see what happen apostasy back sliding
26:23 they couldn't tell right from wrong.
26:27 That's an effort that has to be put forward
26:29 before we succeed as a Christian even in this life.
26:34 Hebrews 12:2 said we need to, we're running a race,
26:37 let's run this race with patience that is set
26:42 before us, so you have a race, you have a road map,
26:46 you have a way of life, all set out here for us
26:48 but we need to follow that. Hebrews 10:25 says:
26:52 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves
26:54 together, as what? As some is, as we see
26:57 the day so much more as we see the day
27:00 approaching. He didn't like to attend services,
27:03 but that is contrary to scripture and there are
27:06 some of you who think you can stay home
27:07 and never attend services and you're right.
27:11 The Bible is clear, it was clear when we first
27:14 started on part one that God said that Israel
27:16 would be in captivity for 70 years,
27:19 the false Prophet said a couple of years.
27:25 Please think about that for just a moment,
27:28 here it becomes very clear when you are saying
27:30 I don't need to attend services,
27:32 I don't need to be around other Christians
27:34 necessarily. I wanna be you know,
27:36 I can be home and I can have my good fellowship.
27:39 The Bible says not forsaking the assembling
27:43 of yourself together as the manner of some is.
27:48 And we do believe that the day is approaching
27:50 Jesus is coming don't we? And that means
27:52 we need to be coming together in fellowship
27:54 and in worship together. As reading in the little
27:58 manuscript written in 1890 listen to these words.
28:03 Those who do not feel the necessary of seeking
28:06 the assembling of the saints, see this might step
28:10 on your toe just a little bit, but you know
28:11 what if you're thinking in this mind you need
28:14 your toes to step on. Because you think,
28:17 you don't need to the Bible says you need to
28:23 if you believe Jesus soon to come we need that.
28:28 Those who do not feel the necessity of seeking
28:31 to assemble together with the precious assurance
28:35 that the Lord would meet with them show
28:38 how lightly they value the help that God has
28:41 provided for them. God has provided help
28:45 for the Church as we come together in a body.
28:48 It's to help us unto encourage us and
28:51 to gain strength. You ever went to Church,
28:54 you just a gained a lot of strength because
28:56 personal testimonies, miracles, things happening
29:00 in peoples lives in the sermon you say the
29:02 God can do the same thing for me.
29:04 It's an encouragement, but it shows when
29:08 you do not attend Church, it shows how little,
29:11 how lightly you value the help that God has
29:15 provided for us. In fact the Bible says
29:19 in Matthew Chapter 3:16: Then they that feared
29:24 the LORD spake often one to another:
29:27 is it possible that we no longer fear
29:29 or reverence or respect God anymore
29:32 that we can say I know what the word says
29:33 but I'm gonna do this anyway.
29:35 Then they that feared the LORD spake often
29:38 one to another and the LORD hearkened,
29:41 and he heard it, and a book of remembrance
29:44 was written before him for them that feared the LORD,
29:48 and they that thought upon his name.
29:53 Notice the answer to prayer, they that feared
29:57 him spoke often one to another.
30:01 They were witnessing, they were coming together
30:04 in Church, they were peoples witnessing for
30:06 Jesus Christ what he had done for them,
30:08 what he is doing for them and God said because
30:10 they praise and lift up his name and they accepted
30:12 him and reverenced him. He said a book of remembrance
30:15 and he wrote their name in there.
30:17 The names that those have feared the Lord
30:18 and thought upon his name, some of us are
30:22 very thoughtless when it comes in name
30:23 with Jesus Christ. Another manuscript 30 to page 184:
30:29 this is real plan says: Those who receive
30:31 the light of truth are to have lesson and lesson
30:35 to educate them not to keep silent,
30:42 try to encourage some Churches that lift up
30:43 their voice and praise, they won't do it.
30:47 He ask people to pray, they won't do it
30:48 they are in Church for 50 years still can't pray,
30:51 something is wrong. Educate here,
30:54 we are told we are in need of those who have the light
30:56 of truth need to be educated, lessen upon
30:58 lessen to educate not to keep silent.
31:01 But to speak off one to another,
31:04 they are to keep in mind the Sabbath meetings.
31:09 Speak off one to another about Sabbath meetings,
31:13 not forsake the assembling of ourselves together.
31:17 Many is gonna miss the time of refreshing,
31:19 the time of keeping fresh that we need so
31:22 desperately right now for the hour in which we live,
31:24 because we did not see the importance of
31:27 fellowshipping together. Oh! The Bible is really clear
31:32 what took place for some of the series
31:35 we've been doing Acts Chapter 1 Verse 4
31:37 and it says: And they are being assembled together.
31:41 And God began to work when they were
31:42 assembled together. Acts 4:31 it says:
31:45 when they were all again assembled together,
31:48 notice what took place when they were assembled
31:51 together something big begin to happen.
31:53 Like minds, like heart, faith, like minds and God
31:58 began to do something as they were assembled
32:00 together then say well they were here there.
32:03 He can certainly do that to an individual,
32:05 but when they had the opportunity and they are
32:07 able to come together we need to be coming together.
32:10 Acts Chapter 11 Verse 26 said:
32:13 They assembled themselves with the church,
32:20 they assembled themselves with the church,
32:22 and they came together were God promised
32:24 to be there and to give us the blessings that we need.
32:27 One more Acts 15:25 says: They are being assembled
32:32 together and in one accord. Now, you get
32:34 the Bible and read the rest of it,
32:35 but God began to work miracles when they
32:38 assembled together, may there is no miracle
32:41 is happening in your life. May be your dead
32:44 and dieing spiritually because you refused to
32:46 assemble together. Oh! I hope that's not the case
32:50 I pray that God is working on your heart to say
32:52 you know I need; I need together what warmness
32:55 from the coldness of others. You heard that,
32:59 here is another important key, please jot this down
33:03 we're talking about an important key here.
33:05 If we thought and talked more about Jesus unless
33:12 of ourselves, we should have much more
33:16 of his presence. I want that to make sense,
33:19 people come together and all they are doing;
33:21 they're talking about themselves and what they
33:22 want and ba, ba, ba in their life if we talk less
33:25 about ourselves and more about Jesus.
33:29 We would sense his presence so much more
33:34 and if you want that presence of Jesus,
33:36 if you want that power that he wants to give to you.
33:38 We're going to let ourselves just die,
33:40 we're going to lift up his name in services
33:43 where his name is lifted up where people are praising
33:45 him from one end to the other. They're lifting up
33:47 the hands say oh! God is so good
33:49 and he is pouring out his Spirit and look what
33:51 he did for me. Look at the miracles that
33:53 he is performing, people say well I don't know
33:55 I've received any miracles or not.
33:58 You still have a house, you have a roof
33:59 over your head, you have a car to drive,
34:01 you have food to eat, you have cloths to wear,
34:02 and you're blessed. And how we forget that,
34:08 there is not one should remain silent during
34:10 the testimony. We have so much to be grateful
34:15 and thankful for and not all these down stuff
34:18 and oh what happened and oh this is bad
34:20 and oh this is no, we lift up the name of
34:21 Jesus and we shall sense his presence in a very,
34:24 very special way. I don't know about you,
34:30 but I'm encouraged when I attend meetings
34:33 for the name of Jesus as being lifted up and praise.
34:37 Somehow it fills you with a peace and contentment?
34:41 The King Ahab didn't have and enjoy that people,
34:44 some people have never experienced encourage
34:49 and here the victorious experiences.
34:53 How it encourages me, how I know Jesus wants
34:57 to work in my behalf. Problem 3 how could this,
35:04 we're talking about Ahab, King Ahab how could
35:05 he be so worked over so easily?
35:08 Because he was weak morally, so you maybe
35:12 week morally today, oh! Friend you need to pray,
35:19 you need to pray, the enemy will work you over
35:21 in so many different ways if you are weak morally
35:24 because that is such a primus on which to work.
35:28 A springboard of how the enemy can get go to you,
35:31 since King Ahab was week morally Jezebel could
35:35 really work him over. Now, you don't wanna be
35:41 weak and there is ways in which you can
35:43 become strong. You know the definition when
35:46 you think about moral here, it says simply the
35:50 dictionary says relating to or dealing with
35:53 and being capable of distinguish between right
35:57 and wrong. He was weak morally because
36:01 he didn't know right from wrong.
36:04 He came to that point, he did it one time,
36:06 he turned his back on God and he couldn't distinguish.
36:09 It is difficult to try to carry on a conversation
36:11 when somebody is not Godly.
36:13 You can't carry on a good conversation because
36:16 the Spirit of God is not working in their heart,
36:18 in their mind. You can't get on the same page
36:20 together. We need morality, we need morals.
36:30 We had to be able to distinguish between
36:32 right and wrong in conduct and also in principle.
36:39 If you don't then the devil is gonna work over
36:41 in so many different ways. In fact there was reason
36:46 when we pour here; it said hundreds, thousands
36:51 and millions suffer from this in up lifting quotes
36:54 this disease of immorality. How they're gonna gain
37:00 that victory, you can be immoral even
37:04 in your thinking. And so God is challenging us
37:09 here so that we don't backslide that we had to
37:11 be moral in our conduct, in our principles.
37:16 So, now let's say okay we agree on that,
37:18 now how can we have a clear perception of morality?
37:23 How can we have a clear perception?
37:25 Five testimonies 1:12 makes the statement,
37:28 I think it's a good one it pay for you to listen
37:30 and also me, says, Those who will put on the
37:34 whole armor of God and devote some time
37:37 every day to meditation and prayer
37:40 and to the study of the Scriptures will be
37:42 connected with Heaven and will have a saving,
37:46 transforming influence upon those around them.
37:52 Great thoughts, noble aspirations,
37:55 clear perceptions of truth and duty to God,
38:00 will be theirs. See there is victory for those
38:04 who you know I don't have a clear perception
38:07 of my morality of morals, how can we do it
38:10 you simply stay in the word, you pray,
38:12 you study the word of God. It's the same
38:14 answer every time; we have to spend time
38:16 with God. And therefore we see power it has a
38:20 transforming influence on us as we read the word.
38:25 And boy do we need transformed,
38:27 I do how about you today.
38:29 Let's go little farther with it, shall we
38:30 five testimonies 1:11 says this, pay attention please,
38:35 this is where we fail so sure, many people
38:38 in the world you think you can hang with the wrong
38:41 crowd and you're gonna be okay you're
38:44 fooling yourself. You think they won't have
38:47 an influence because you know what truth is.
38:51 Notice what it says: association with the vain,
38:54 you know people always in their self
38:56 and wanting something else. Associating with the vain,
38:58 the superficial, you know the pretenders,
39:01 the skeptical will produce moral depravity and ruin.
39:08 What is it gonna produce if we hang around the,
39:12 you know superficial and the vain and so on.
39:15 We're gonna be reduced to ruins. Bold,
39:19 forward young gentlemen or ladies may have something
39:23 pleasing in their address; have you ever been
39:26 woodwind by somebody, oh! They're nice person,
39:28 oh! They look good, oh! They talk good,
39:30 oh! They seem to be right with the program right here,
39:33 but notice this Boldness and being forward,
39:38 any young man or any young woman,
39:40 it says: The influence of every man's thoughts
39:43 and actions surrounds him like an invisible
39:46 atmosphere, which is unconsciously breathed
39:51 in by all who come in contact with him.
39:55 This atmosphere is frequently charged with
39:59 poisonous influences, and when these are inhaled,
40:03 moral degeneracy is the sure result.
40:06 Oh! I know it's a lot of reading, but if you are
40:08 paying attention and you are listening,
40:10 you understand what we're talking about.
40:11 Many people seeing to be this is good on the outside.
40:15 But they begin to talk about things that
40:17 shouldn't and insinuate things they shouldn't
40:19 and well at the same time they're breathing
40:21 what piousness ideas out and you know
40:23 what they are breathing out you
40:24 and I are breathing them in and it leads to ruin
40:28 and degeneracy as a result. Morals corrupted
40:32 you say well how can they be corrupt,
40:33 morals you can be corrupted by my eyes,
40:35 by my ears, or taste, our touch, our smell.
40:40 Let me just be little more personal with you,
40:42 our morals can be corrupted by eating
40:47 too much, our morals can be what?
40:51 Corrupted by eating too much, eating the wrong
40:56 foods can corrupt our morals because
40:59 it does something to the brain.
41:01 We have a very difficult time with it
41:04 and let's be real clear tobacco, alcohol it corrupts
41:10 the mind, our morals, and tempers in the
41:16 area will corrupt our morals, that's why the
41:20 Bible says be tempered in good all things.
41:25 And do you realize our morals can be disturbed
41:32 by the cloths that we wear.
41:37 That's an interesting thought isn't?
41:39 What we wear or we call our dress what the cloths
41:43 that we have on. It can destroy our morals,
41:51 therefore showing too much of our body.
41:54 We have other people thinking the wrong things
41:56 and we become accountable for that by the way.
42:01 It corrupts you say well it's not corrupting
42:03 my morals, but you are causing someone else
42:05 to be corrupt, you don't want that,
42:09 I don't want that. See God standard for his last day
42:13 people is to have moral excellence,
42:16 how can we attend this moral excellency?
42:21 We need to drink it in the principles of divine truth
42:24 if we receive them and we cherish them in the heart.
42:28 We will find that God will work a miracle inside of us
42:31 and the things that we want love we now hate,
42:35 we can be redeemed from that curse of your enemy;
42:39 yes he has been working with in plan in our hearts
42:41 and in our minds. God standard for us
42:46 is the word, he wants us to read the word
42:49 and we will use that in principle. This is our test,
42:53 this is what the word of God says and I hear people
42:57 say today well it doesn't, it doesn't matter,
43:00 yes it does matter. Everything you do as the
43:03 Christian matters, everything you take
43:05 in your body, every word that you say,
43:06 every action, the cloths that you wear again
43:09 what you put in, what you drink,
43:10 what you it has a telling influence on somebody's
43:13 life for good or evil. First John 3:3 the Bible says:
43:19 And every man that hath this hope in him
43:22 purifieth himself, even as he is pure.
43:26 Does God wants to be pure morally,
43:28 more excellence yes, a Bible says here
43:31 he purifieth himself, even as he is pure.
43:36 God wants his people, last day people to be pure.
43:38 Problem number 4, let's do this quickly our
43:40 time is running out. Ahab had no high
43:44 standard set for doing right, now I need to
43:48 encourage you, I need to encourage you
43:51 as we in your children or even as adults
43:57 that we need to set a high standard for ourselves
44:00 and for our children and for our home.
44:04 King Ahab fail and the children of Israel fail
44:06 they had the whole captivity in all the things
44:08 that happened in. Because he didn't set
44:10 a high standard, how do we do that in the home?
44:13 How do we do it in the work place?
44:15 We have to have a high standard,
44:19 high standard for doing the right thing.
44:21 I read in the little book one time,
44:23 I believe it was Christ's Object Lessons page
44:24 is about 98, it says simply: Do right because
44:27 it is right, some people say well yeah well
44:30 it says that, but how is that. Do right because
44:33 it is right, there is another little piece
44:36 of the puzzle that really helps us.
44:39 Do the right thing at the right time?
44:45 Do the right thing at the right time?
44:49 That makes a big difference at the right
44:52 time whatever the test draw or whatever
44:54 it might be we've got to do the right thing,
44:56 it's important, right then right there.
44:58 Not put it off, I say well next time I'll make
45:02 a better decision right thing right there.
45:05 God requires those in responsible positions
45:10 in the Church. You teach a class, your pastor,
45:13 your elder, you know leadership in the Church.
45:16 Whatever the case maybe right here that
45:19 we are to be dedicated to the work 100 percent.
45:23 Now, what if you know, what if we, we're moving
45:28 in the wrong direction, well you know what the people
45:30 began to move in the wrong direction
45:31 if the leadership is. Now, what if the people move
45:36 in the wrong direction, it's up to the leadership
45:39 to correct them by the word of God.
45:41 If they do not correct them, that means
45:43 they're going along with what's taking place.
45:48 Study Ahab, study it out, read some more on,
45:53 you're going to see that we have an obligation
45:57 to God to sound the trumpet to give it a
45:59 certain sound. We need by God's grace to do
46:04 the right thing at the right time.
46:08 King had no high standards set, what is that high
46:13 standard that we have to set?
46:14 What is that based upon? The Bible, the Bible is that
46:18 standard of right and wrong and we need to be
46:20 reading and studying it everyday. Never be afraid
46:24 to raise the standard high, I encouraged it Church
46:28 in the leadership and positions in the home.
46:30 Moms and Dad raise a standard in the home
46:32 say it doesn't. Don't say it doesn't matter,
46:36 don't say to children when you send them out
46:37 at night well come in whenever you want
46:39 to set a time, teach them to be obedient.
46:44 It will help them to be obedient to God,
46:47 teach them the right things, set a high
46:49 standard never be afraid of that.
46:53 The character of Christ is a pattern of the character
46:57 that we can form if we follow in the foot
47:00 steps of Jesus. That's what is gonna take
47:03 if we're gonna go to Heaven, don't be afraid
47:07 of setting the standard too high,
47:09 I heard people say oh! We set the standard
47:10 too high, if we had too many do's and don't
47:12 all the children are gonna rebel.
47:15 Now if you know how to do it, now if you mix love,
47:18 obedient, you mix the things together
47:20 and you watch what God is going to do.
47:22 He's gonna change things in your home,
47:23 he's gonna change things in your own life.
47:28 Since Ahab's character was so easily molded,
47:32 if you ever been around somebody that they're just
47:35 changeable as the wind. Right now,
47:38 well I'm this way, and somebody else comes along
47:41 and says something else say oh, yeah
47:43 I understand that too, that's kind a
47:45 how I feel too. Somebody else comes along well
47:47 this is how I, that's kind a how I think Ahab was.
47:49 His wife made suggestion, she was head strong,
47:52 she kept adding until finally he just gave
47:54 in say yeah well maybe that's right,
47:56 maybe we want to do this. His character was easily
48:00 molded and Jezebel determined spirit won out,
48:07 now may I just say this, the word maybe wrong
48:10 choosing here, but you just listen we need to be
48:12 careful who we choose to be our mate.
48:16 We need to be careful who we,
48:18 I think the younger generation says something
48:20 we hook up with. We need to be very careful
48:24 because if you have a real determine,
48:26 some person with real determine spirit can be very
48:30 dangerous if they're going against saith the Lord.
48:35 Check out the spirit in which they have as you
48:38 get to know that person, because they can lead
48:40 you down the wrong path. See message after
48:44 message was sent by the Lord to King Ahab
48:47 and here we are try to get them to listen.
48:49 But they refuse to listen; I call it the King
48:53 in his court. He refused and today we're refusing
48:58 the saith the Lord, when God said 70 years,
49:01 it 70 years but the false prophet comes
49:03 and said no two years. In the word of God,
49:08 the Bible is clear on most doctrine and teaching
49:12 and we read it and say well that's what it says
49:14 but now the God mean something differently
49:16 be careful we're living in the same time,
49:18 same test, same trial. We're going to the
49:20 same thing that King Ahab did we need to
49:23 be very careful, people become blinded
49:26 by the counterfeit. Israel was fascinated
49:32 with the kind of worship, the rights of idol worship
49:36 and the intoxicating, degrading and pleasure
49:41 of sensual worship. That's how the devil works right,
49:46 he works try to get to the senses,
49:48 to the eyes, the smell, they know where to touch.
49:52 And it captivates the children of Israel till
49:54 they were doing such degrading things against
49:57 the God of Heaven. That he said,
49:58 there is gonna be change take place.
50:02 And God send another Prophet and of course
50:04 you know we won't go in right now,
50:05 but he send Elijah. I believe that we are
50:09 in that time, it's worse, we have too many
50:14 preachers are in the pulpit today with the
50:16 hellish doctrine, going against thus saith
50:21 the Lord clear, we have the Jezebels on every
50:25 hand whatever form they might be in strongly
50:29 pushing against you all the time everyday trying
50:31 to get you to go the wrong direction,
50:33 do the wrong thing. You have to be determine,
50:35 you have to be content with your walk
50:37 with Jesus Christ. You have to know who is,
50:38 you have to know that's you have been born again.
50:41 You have to know what he has in store for you,
50:43 you got to know the victory that he has
50:45 promised to you. If you're not, you're gonna be
50:50 blown around by every wind of doctrine.
50:55 Book of Prophets and Kings 116 here is what
50:59 it said about the children of Israel when
51:02 King Ahab says: In their blind folly they chose
51:08 to reject God. Once again we have to see this,
51:13 it's always the choice that we make.
51:18 You cannot and I want some of you,
51:20 you need to stop this. You need to stop trying
51:23 to blame the pastor because he is not what
51:24 you think you ought to be, quit blaming the Church,
51:28 quit blaming where you fellowship,
51:29 quit blaming you know with your wife,
51:31 quit blaming the children. You make the choice,
51:35 you can got to blame somebody else if you want,
51:38 but you know what, that's what the false
51:39 prophets did. Be man enough, woman enough,
51:44 child of God big enough to say okay that's the
51:47 decision that I made because ultimately
51:49 that's exactly what it will be.
51:52 It will be your choice and we find here that
51:56 in their blind folly, another words they couldn't see,
52:00 they didn't understand spiritual things because
52:02 they turned their back on God.
52:03 Are you turning your back on God today?
52:06 If you turn your back on God because you know
52:08 what is right, but you've got lazy,
52:10 you don't go to Church, you don't need to
52:11 assemble self anymore, you don't need to be,
52:14 you're not content anymore, you're not happy anymore
52:16 is because you've left God you need to get back
52:19 in the Church, you need to get back in relationship
52:22 with Jesus Christ, they will be a peace
52:24 and they will be a contentment,
52:26 not following in the foot steps of Ahab.
52:30 Not following in the foot steps of the
52:31 children of Israel, it say's they rejected God
52:38 and they rejected his worship.
52:41 And the light so graciously given them
52:46 had become darkness. Have you ever read
52:48 that in scripture? The book of John Chapter 3:19
52:53 it says: and men loved darkness rather than what?
52:56 Yes rather than light, 1 John 2:11: because that
53:02 darkness hath blinded their eyes.
53:07 We turned away from the light of the world friend
53:09 we're gonna be blinded and when you're blinded,
53:11 you say what? Oh! We see, I think its
53:14 Matthew 15:14 talks about the blind leading the blind
53:19 and they don't fall in a ditch. Friend this is,
53:26 this is the light has turned to darkness.
53:31 That's talking about what we're shedding Jesus
53:33 out of things, we're thrown him out
53:35 and we're bringing in the devil in. We don't
53:38 want the devil, we want him to be out of our hair,
53:41 let me just quickly give you two ways that
53:44 you can find out the difference between the
53:46 Lord and Baal. Two ways very simple,
53:50 you know some of you, now some of you
53:52 here say oh! No, we know exactly how
53:55 you're gonna find out. Look don't be such
53:56 to know it all, I want you to listen very carefully.
54:01 You've heard it before I understand I can here you.
54:05 Two very, very important points here I want to make,
54:09 you can tell the difference between Baal and you can
54:12 tell the difference of the Lord.
54:16 When I say Baal, I'm talking about Satan;
54:21 Satan always satisfies the desires of the flesh.
54:29 Satan does what? He always satisfies the
54:32 desires of the flesh. The Lord always satisfies
54:38 the desires of the soul. One takes life
54:47 and the other gives life, that's pretty
54:51 simple isn't it? The devil is always
54:55 wanting something in return, he is always
54:59 desires the flesh, I'm gonna give you this
55:01 and this and this and. And the Lord simply says
55:05 I wanna give you my life, I came I live
55:09 the perfect life. We fail miserably, but I wanna
55:12 give you mine. In result the devil says I wanna,
55:15 I wanna try take their life, I wanna slay them.
55:18 Oh! Friend today, do you know the difference
55:22 we don't wanna come to the point we're so blind
55:23 just like enemy. We commit atrocities
55:32 against the God of Heaven because we become
55:34 confused in our hearts and in our minds because
55:36 we taken our mind off of him, I'm gonna invite
55:40 you today to really get into the word of God like
55:42 never before. The Baal worshipers by the way
55:47 you could always identify them as they ran around
55:49 because you know what they did, they always
55:50 wore amulets and charms and necklaces
55:54 and cross and idols that were carved out of
55:56 wood and stone. Many of them you know horses
56:00 and dogs and chickens and snakes, do you name it.
56:03 They wore these things in days of Israel you could
56:06 always tell who was pagan and who was a Christian.
56:10 How interesting that would be today?
56:11 Let pray about it you're gonna make
56:12 the right decision, right choice, right now.
56:14 Pray with me in last few seconds
56:15 that we have that God will help us.
56:17 Merciful Father in Heaven, we thank you for
56:19 your word, we pray now we're not be blinded
56:23 by the counterfeit, by the enemy blesses,
56:25 we pray give us spiritual insight that we maybe
56:28 more then conquers through Jesus Christ
56:30 and I thank you for hearing
56:31 and answering prayer in Jesus name, Amen.
56:35 Well, until next time God bless you
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56:52 Welcome back friends, you know I know that
56:55 this is so much for us to think about,
56:58 pray about, make changes about. But you know
57:02 Heaven is worth it all seeing, touching,
57:05 hearing with our own ears.
57:08 The Lord and Savior who has done and gives us
57:11 so very much for your salvation, for my salvation,
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