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00:40 Hello friends, and welcome to Behold the Lamb presents.
00:43 I'm Chris Shelton your host.
00:45 And today's message is entitled "Moving in the
00:48 providence of God. " Moving in the
00:51 providence of God, just what could that mean?
00:54 In order for us to properly understand,
00:57 what it does mean for us to move in God providence?
01:01 We must first understand the meaning of the
01:03 word providence. So, I've taken the time to go
01:06 online to and look it up for us today.
01:10 And the portions of the meaning that stuck out
01:13 to me is this. Providence is the
01:17 foreseeing care and guidance of God over
01:20 the creatures of the earth, a manifestation
01:24 of divine care and direction.
01:27 I don't know about you, but the thought of
01:30 a loving God, who foresees the future,
01:33 giving his guidance and divine care in our
01:37 direction in my life truly brings a sense of
01:41 security and peace that I don't believe that
01:44 I would otherwise have. I hope this is the same
01:47 for you and I'm sure as we will soon be
01:50 reminded of, of the providence that worked
01:52 in the lives of our Biblical forefathers.
01:55 This thought would be pressed home, pressed
01:58 home into our hearts of a mighty all powerful
02:02 God, who loves us so very much that he is
02:05 willing. He is willing to guide, guard, and
02:08 protect us. Through his providential care,
02:12 if we, but now listen there's always a reason
02:14 if, if we but invite and allow him to do so.
02:20 What a tremendous thought. I hope you are
02:22 now as anxious to hear what the Lord has laid
02:26 upon Pastor Kenny's heart, dealing with this
02:28 subject just as I am, but first let's visit 3ABN's
02:33 Worship Center and be blessed with the song,
02:36 sung and performed by Denise Barclay
02:39 entitled, "He'll Do it again."
02:54 You maybe down and feel the God has somehow forgotten
03:05 That you're faced with circumstances
03:10 You can't get through
03:16 But now it seems there's no way out
03:21 And you're going under God's proven
03:27 time and time again He'll take care of you
03:36 And He'll do it again He'll do it again
03:47 If you just take a look And where you are now
03:52 And where you've been Hasn't He always come
03:59 through for you He's the same now as then
04:08 You may not know how You may not know when
04:13 But He'll do it again God knows the pain
04:22 that you're going through
04:24 And He knows how you're hurting
04:30 You see he knows how your heart's
04:35 Been broken in two Oh, but He's the God of
04:42 the sun, stars and the moon
04:46 And He is your Father If He can calm the storm
04:54 He'll find a way to take care of you
05:01 And He'll do it again He'll do it again
05:12 If you just take a look Where you are now
05:18 And where you've been Hasn't
05:22 He always come through for you
05:28 He's the same God now that He was then
05:31 Yet, may not know how May not know when
05:38 But He'll do it again Oh, He'll do it again
05:49 Yes, He'll do it again Yes, if you just take a look
05:57 And where you are now And where you've been
06:03 Hasn't He always come through for you
06:10 He's the same God now that He was then
06:13 Oh, yes he is. You may not know how
06:18 You may not know when But He'll do it again
06:26 You may not know how Oh, you may not how
06:37 You may not know how
06:40 You may not know when
06:43 But He'll do it again.
06:59 Thank you for joining us today, wherever
07:01 you're around the world, we just
07:03 appreciate it so very much that you're going
07:05 to take this time to spend with us.
07:07 As we study God's word. Very important
07:09 subject, we're gonna be talking about the
07:11 providence of God. So, moving in the
07:14 providence of God. How do we know if it's
07:18 God speaking or maybe it's another voice that's
07:21 speaking? When are we to move, is it really
07:23 important to move, is it important to listen to
07:26 God's voice? If God opens up a door is it
07:29 gonna be always open to us or maybe it might
07:32 close. Before we get into the study, let's take
07:35 time and pray shall we, invite the Holy Spirit.
07:38 I'm gonna do that right now the way you can,
07:40 why don't you pray along with us?
07:45 Kind loving heavenly Father, we thank you
07:47 for the privilege of prayer, we thank you
07:50 that you've promised us that you would send the
07:52 Holy Spirit and you would send in
07:55 abundance and how desperately we need to
07:57 hear from heaven today. We need our minds
08:00 enlightened and we need the ears to be
08:01 opened and we need to hear your voice.
08:04 We plead for thy spirit to touch your children
08:07 around the world today that we maybe brought
08:10 closer to Jesus. May we sense the hour in which
08:13 we live, may we sense the leading of the Spirit
08:16 of God. Now, I pray that you would
08:18 complete control of everything that's said
08:21 and done. May it bring honor and glory to the
08:24 King of Kings in Jesus name, amen.
08:29 Well as mentioned, we're gonna be talking
08:30 about the moving in the providence of God.
08:34 And again how important it is that we
08:38 move when God says to move. And when God
08:40 says to be still, he wants us to be still, but always
08:46 when there's a voice of God that is pleading
08:48 and working and opening and giving us
08:51 opportunities and privileges to work in
08:53 his vineyard, you can be sure that the enemy is
08:57 going to be working too. Which voice will you hear?
09:01 Which voice will you say, oh that's the voice
09:04 of God or you might say, well that's the
09:06 voice of the enemy. How can we tell?
09:10 This is part of our study today. We must believe
09:13 this. Number one, we are living in perilous
09:18 times, and it will continue, continue
09:22 on until Jesus shall come. It's gonna wax worse
09:25 and worse is what the Bible said.
09:28 We know that a terrible crisis is
09:30 just upon this world. We also know that a
09:34 terrible crisis awaits the people of God.
09:39 Now, I want you to pay close attention, I want
09:40 your ears perked up, I want you to be listening
09:43 because with these things being said,
09:46 how we need to really pay attention and how
09:49 we need to act upon these things, if we
09:51 believe them. Do you believe, by the way that
09:54 everything in the world is in agitation.
09:58 Are you seeing the signs of the time,
09:59 are you seeing things that are happening in
10:01 the world that seems like everything is
10:03 agitated. Everything is, is moving, everything
10:05 is, is, is shifting back and forth.
10:07 And we're not sure where it's going to light.
10:11 You can be sure that the world is in agitation at
10:14 this moment. And I believe that we need
10:17 to be wide awake and that heaven is wide awake.
10:22 Something big is about to happen, it's going to
10:25 overwhelm the majority of people because
10:28 they're not paying attention, they've
10:30 heard the messages too often, saying well let's
10:32 not run scared, listen, who's asked to be
10:35 ready, for in such an hour as you think not
10:37 the Bible says what? Such an hour's what?
10:41 As you think not the son of man cometh,
10:42 good. We've to realize that we're living in a,
10:46 a day. I can see these things and,
10:48 different things that come out on the news,
10:50 and newspaper clippings and magazine, things
10:52 that are happening that the fires of persecution
10:55 will be once more rekindled. Oh the Christian doesn't
10:58 want to hear that. Jesus made it very clear
11:01 the things that he went through, we're going to
11:03 have to go through. He's preparing a people
11:06 for heaven. And it's not just well, Mr. Good's
11:09 going to get to heaven; the ones that are going
11:11 to heaven are those who are going to be like
11:13 Jesus. We've to be like him, we've to have his
11:16 character. So, we have to realize that every
11:19 man's faith. Every man, woman's, child's faith,
11:22 if they're gonna re-populate heaven, our faith is
11:25 going to be tested and tried just like there's no
11:29 other person on this planet.
11:32 Every person! Yes? If you're gonna
11:36 re-populate heaven, your faith has to be
11:39 tried to see what it is? I heard people talking
11:42 faith all the time, but when it comes down to,
11:44 when we say the rubber meets the road, a lot of
11:46 times we see no faith in operation at all.
11:49 And the Bible is very, very clear without faith
11:52 it is impossible to please God.
11:56 And from some of you doubting, Thomas you
11:57 will say, well I, I don't know, if I have any
11:59 faith. Well, I don't have any faith. Bible says,
12:01 every man is given a measure of faith.
12:03 So, we are really what? Without excuse.
12:06 God has given us what we need that we might
12:09 have eternal life. We must believe that
12:12 the Spirit of God is being withdrawn from
12:15 this earth. Day-by-day the Spirit of God's
12:18 being withdrawn why? Because we're pushing
12:21 it out. By the things that we're saying,
12:24 by the things that we're making into, to law by
12:26 our attitudes, our dispositions.
12:30 Oh, how, how day-by-day we become more
12:33 avoid of the Spirit, you see more of the enemies
12:36 working, we don't want that, but it's happening,
12:38 we have to realize along with that, that probation
12:41 is soon to close. When probation closed,
12:44 there will be not another that will ever
12:45 come to Jesus. It's all over the great
12:48 controversy, between Christ and Satan has
12:51 come to an end. Every case, every individual
12:56 case is about to be eternally decided.
12:59 Where are you going to stand?
13:00 You're going to stand on the side of Christ
13:02 or you're gonna stand on the side of the
13:04 enemy? Are you going to know, when the
13:06 providence of God is moving in your life.
13:09 See, he's telling us today that the field is
13:13 ripe for harvest. Where are the labors?
13:17 If God said, the field is, is ripe for harvest,
13:20 if their souls' to be won in the kingdom.
13:22 I believe that God is going to open some
13:24 doors for those souls to be saved.
13:27 And his people will hear his voice;
13:29 the sheep will hear his voice. Are you want to
13:32 be sheep today? Oh, we should be, there's no
13:35 doubt about it, but what should we do?
13:37 Probation closing, our names coming up in the
13:39 judgment, could already becoming up now,
13:42 and sins pronounced. What should we be
13:45 doing as a people? We're gonna study that
13:49 and look at it closely, but you know,
13:51 Benjamin Franklin said an awful lot of things
13:54 that's written down and, and a lot of them are,
13:56 they make a lot of sense. And here's one
13:58 thing he said, just a couple of lines.
14:01 He said, work. Work as though you're going
14:03 to live to be one hundred years old.
14:07 And then he finished it up and he said, but pray
14:12 as though your life is going to end tomorrow.
14:15 Oh, that's good council. We see perilous times,
14:19 we're going to be tested, persecution coming.
14:22 End of time, in the judgment hour.
14:25 And what are we to do as, as God's people.
14:28 I love the Book of Isaiah. Isaiah chapter
14:31 60, verse 1 says, "We're to arise and shine."
14:34 So, when we see these things happening,
14:36 no time to sit down, we're to rise and shine.
14:39 Arising and shining, God is going to be
14:42 working out great and marvelous things for us.
14:44 He's going to be opening doors;
14:46 his providence is going to be opening up.
14:48 Things and opportunities man can't accomplish
14:51 by himself, but God can. The Bible continues on
14:55 in Isaiah 52, it just simply says, I'm just
14:58 using a couple of words it says, awake, awake,
15:02 what is this people to be doing, we're to be wide
15:05 awake, we're to wake up. And then Isaiah
15:09 goes on in Isaiah 54 it says, we need to be
15:12 enlarging our tents. In the providence of
15:15 God as we see him working in behalf of
15:18 saving the souls, he's going to use mankind to do it.
15:22 And when the opportunity and privilege comes for
15:24 us, we need to be enlarging our tents;
15:27 our work needs to be enlarged now.
15:29 Saving of souls need to be enlarged.
15:32 Are you enlarging now, are you downsizing.
15:37 The Bible also says in Isaiah 59 it says,
15:40 "We're to lift up a standard."
15:42 Now, all of these things I'm talking about here
15:44 has to do because we realize the hour in
15:46 which we live and God's promised to
15:48 work great manifestations for us.
15:50 Open doors and he's going to close doors
15:54 and we have to be aware of when we go in
15:56 and maybe when we're not supposed to.
15:58 And if we miss that opportunity what
16:00 might happen to us. Seven testimonials page
16:04 14, starts out, it says, Ministers and people
16:09 wake up. Oh, how we need that today what
16:13 because we're sleep. Oh, we deny that we're
16:15 asleep, we're going about doing a little bit
16:17 here, a little bit there, but if we really realize
16:20 that there's not much time left.
16:24 If it's soon to close up, not another person will
16:27 saved in God's kingdom. You have the opportunity
16:30 to do things for him today. He's opened that door,
16:33 but you're, you're hesitating, don't
16:34 hesitate any longer. The council from the Bible,
16:39 the spirit of prophecy says, we are to,
16:41 ministers wake up, some of you just bless
16:43 your hearts, you're just coasting through,
16:45 you're waiting for retirement, you don't
16:47 want upset the apple cart, don't want to just
16:49 cause problem with the church board.
16:51 And so you're basically doing nothing.
16:53 I encourage you to wake up. Now, remember my
16:55 mom always said, if your shoe fits wear it,
16:57 if it's not, you're working hard for Jesus,
16:59 praise God that's what you're supposed to be
17:01 doing as a minister of the gospel, if you're not,
17:04 you're going to be found unfaithful.
17:07 And I know, you don't want to be found unfaithful.
17:09 Not in the cause of Christ. Wake up says
17:12 ministers and people. Now, notice this
17:14 reading on, seize every opportunity and
17:17 advantage offered in the turning of the wheel of
17:21 providence. So, as that wheel begins to turn
17:24 and God begin to open up ways, advantages
17:28 and opportunities, we're to seize them
17:30 immediately, if you do not seize them you will
17:33 miss out. And some of us are saying,
17:36 well I, I would seize them but I'm not,
17:37 I'm not sure if that's God leading or not.
17:40 Now, why don't, why don't we know?
17:42 Seize them, do something right now in the providence
17:46 of God is simply the workings of God in our
17:49 life, opportunity to save souls.
17:53 Some people say, well I don't know if I could
17:54 do this or I should be going doing that.
17:56 One man said, I don't know which one, said,
17:59 be simply said, the smallest deed done.
18:03 The smallest deed done is better than
18:06 the greatest intention, what?
18:10 The smallest deed done is not better than the
18:12 greatest intention. I'm going to, we're gonna
18:14 do great things for God. Get busy right now,
18:17 that door's open, come win souls for Jesus,
18:19 we still have some freedom left in his
18:21 country, we need to be using it now,
18:23 proclaiming the gospel, the good news of Jesus
18:25 Christ. See, we must be ever ready to move as
18:30 God opens the door. He may open the door
18:33 here in your backyard; he may open the door
18:35 in another country. Wherever he opens that
18:39 door, we've to be ready to move as soon as
18:42 God opens that door. We need to be some
18:46 real, some missionary minded like never
18:48 before, the church, the body of Christ, we need
18:52 to be as many of the missionaries of old.
18:55 I remember reading one time and again referring
18:58 to soul winning and being a missionary into
19:01 foreign countries and I don't remember the
19:03 man's name, but he, he prayed this prayer,
19:05 I thought it was very interesting and I said,
19:06 God help me to be like that.
19:08 He said, God please send me to the darkest
19:12 place on this earth to win souls for you, wow.
19:19 I wonder how many of us say, well God I'd like
19:21 to go to another country to win souls for you,
19:23 but we need, we need, we need a good place to
19:25 stay. We'd like to have air conditioning and
19:28 we'd like to have all the conveniences we, we
19:30 have here too, here was the person so intend on
19:33 winning souls for Jesus and the need, he said
19:36 there was a need, the need was send me to the
19:38 darkest place where people who had never
19:40 heard of you. You know, the missionary
19:44 one time made this statement I thought
19:46 to me it's just, it's just awesome.
19:49 Simply say this God give me souls or I die. Wow!
19:59 Give me souls or I die, you see that, that love
20:05 and that longing to win souls to Jesus Christ is
20:08 just, is awesome. Another man that lived
20:13 in London, they offered him an opportunity to
20:17 come to this country and they said, you know
20:19 we want you to give 50 messages, 50 messages
20:22 and we're going to give you $1000 for every
20:26 message you give. So, you'll be here about
20:29 50 days and you're going to make what?
20:31 $50,000, wow! That was big, that's quite
20:35 a few years ago. The evangelist said to them,
20:38 I can do better than that. And right quickly
20:43 you're gonna yeah, that's what most,
20:45 and they said, you can do better than that?
20:46 He said, yes I'm going to stay where I'm at
20:48 and I'm going to win 50 souls for Jesus. Wow!
20:54 Are we really missionary minded, are we really
20:56 seeing the, the providence, the moving of the
20:59 providence of God, are we really working in,
21:01 in his behalf. Reading in a book called Patriots
21:05 and Prophets, page 4:23, notice this,
21:08 it's kind of a long paragraph and oh,
21:10 there's dynamite here. And if we more than
21:14 just read it, we have to act on these things.
21:17 First of all it says, it is important that we
21:20 believe God's word and then act on it promptly.
21:24 First things first, read God's word, if he says
21:28 go into all the world and preach the gospel,
21:30 that's exactly what he means?
21:31 You just act on it promptly. Well, I don't know
21:34 where to go; I don't know what to do?
21:36 Well, don't sit there, get up and do something.
21:41 Well, because you believe it, don't you? Sure!
21:43 And then we act on it promptly.
21:46 You know, why? Reading on it said,
21:47 because the angels of heaven are waiting to
21:49 work for us. Think about when you go
21:53 doing something for Jesus that the angels
21:56 are busy, that they're with you.
21:58 You're not going up knocking on the door
21:59 alone, there's angels going with you.
22:01 You're not opening the Bible and presenting
22:03 the, the salvation of Jesus Christ and, but the
22:05 angels are there with you to encourage and
22:07 strengthen you. You're going to help a
22:11 neighbor, a sick neighbor, a friend,
22:12 somebody will say, you're not going by
22:13 yourself, the angels of heaven are going with you.
22:17 But you know, on the other side, if the good
22:19 angels are ready, the evil angels are also
22:21 trying to cause some problems, they're going
22:24 to try to stop and slow down every advanced step.
22:28 So, every time you move forward,
22:29 remember in the church, it doesn't matter
22:31 where you're at? If you're moving forward
22:33 in ministry, working for salvation of souls the
22:36 devil will attack you at every step, do not get
22:39 discouraged. Remember this, when God's
22:42 providence bids his children to go forward,
22:45 we better go forward. Why? Because he's
22:49 wanting to do great things for us.
22:53 Great things, door of providence opens,
22:57 God's just not going to do something.
22:59 He's wanting to do great things for us and often
23:02 we don't really see the results, because our
23:06 faith is lacking, we're afraid ready to go
23:08 through the door because it doesn't seem
23:10 right. Or we're afraid we don't have the
23:12 finances or we don't have the backing for it
23:14 or, we're looking for people to be supportive.
23:17 Rather that just going because God has said
23:19 to go, he's wanting to do great things,
23:24 but what does Satan do? First thing he does,
23:28 he comes in when the people said, let's,
23:30 let's rise and let's do something.
23:32 Devil comes in, he begins to tempt us,
23:35 he begins it, but two things he wants you to
23:37 hesitate and he wants you to delay.
23:41 Have you ever noticed that in your Christian
23:42 experience, I have. Somebody comes up;
23:45 we need to go out and pass out some books.
23:48 We need to go give some Bible studies,
23:50 we need to go and do something for Jesus.
23:52 We need to win some souls, and somebody
23:55 in there will say, well now wait a minute,
23:57 have you, if you seen, you have heard it?
24:00 Every time they say, now wait a minute here.
24:02 We need to comeback and say wait for what?
24:05 Well, now we need to wait for, no we don't
24:06 wait for, wait for money, no we don't
24:08 have to wait for any money,
24:12 but we, we, we've to, we've to wait for,
24:14 for you know, something else, somebody to give
24:16 approval or somebody. God's already said,
24:18 go into all the world, do you know that passage?
24:21 We don't have to wait, we just simply respond
24:23 and we go quickly why? Because the devil is
24:26 going to close that door, he knows that God has
24:29 opened that door, God wants to do great
24:30 things, he's promised to do great
24:32 things for his people. God's people is going
24:34 to be filled with the Spirit, they're going to
24:35 move forward, they're going to be dynamite
24:38 in the cause of Christ. And the devil knows it,
24:40 so he gets somebody in the crowd.
24:42 He maybe a board member, he maybe a
24:44 member of the church, maybe a couple on the,
24:45 oh, let's wait a little bit. Oh, let's, let's wait a
24:48 little bit, we need to, we need to sit back
24:50 and think about this. What do you think the
24:52 devil does? And all of a sudden, when he says
24:56 that you have people who want to move
24:57 forward, those who are afraid to and all of a
25:00 sudden there's strife and there's division
25:01 and there's murmuring. God cannot work in the
25:04 midst of that. Maybe think with me just a
25:08 little bit, maybe it's because as a, as a
25:11 people, as a group and a, a movement that
25:13 we're not seeing a little bit more, you form,
25:15 you're then you know coming together
25:16 shoulder-to-shoulder, forming some strength
25:21 in the power of God is because we're too busy
25:23 murmuring and complaining, is that possible?
25:27 That God can't work the way he wants to work.
25:31 If there's any kind of delay, when God says
25:35 to move and the door of providence opens and
25:37 you know, it's a voice of God that it gives the
25:40 devil time to come in and destroy that, and he
25:42 will do it. Give him no time. Now, you might
25:46 say, well how can I recognize if it's the
25:48 providence of God or not? How can I recognize?
25:51 I need to understand, give you three simple
25:53 little points. Weigh them out and of course
25:56 always weigh them with scripture.
25:58 I encourage you to always get the Bible,
26:00 don't take me for what I just say in your face
26:02 about you. Take the Bible and check and
26:05 see if it's not correct. First of all, if you want
26:09 to know 'cause it seems like, well it seems like
26:11 a good thing, but then they're things that we
26:12 hesitate about. First thing we need to do
26:14 three ways is to simple get into the word.
26:19 This Bible here is the, the God's will
26:22 expressed to mankind. The Bible is what?
26:27 God's expressed will to mankind.
26:29 In other words if you want to know God's
26:31 will for you. We're gonna need to get into
26:34 the word and God will reveal that to you.
26:36 Number two, how does God do it?
26:39 Providential workings, you said, well yeah we
26:41 talked about providential working, but how can
26:43 we really recognize that they are?
26:46 Here's something to really chew on.
26:48 If we are connected to Jesus Christ the way
26:51 that we should be, we will recognize the
26:53 openings of God and we'll also recognize the
26:56 counterfeits of the devil. Number three,
27:01 the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will lead
27:04 and guide you and direct you, it certainly
27:06 the Bible says into, into all truth, but you,
27:10 you understand the impressions I need to
27:12 go out and I need to do for Jesus.
27:14 Not as the works orientated thing,
27:17 but what, because we love Jesus, you'll be
27:19 impressed that you need to do this and you'll be
27:21 impressed over and over, why?
27:23 Because the door is being opened and the
27:24 devil's trying to close it on the other side,
27:27 and he closes it with doubt and hesitation
27:30 and delay. So, we need to act on it promptly.
27:34 And if you have by the way as the Holy Spirit
27:36 impresses you. You remember,
27:37 the Holy Spirit always works along with what?
27:41 The Bible, this is how you attest whether,
27:43 what voice it is speaking to you.
27:45 And if you have any question on any subject,
27:46 you go to the word of God; He'll give you the answers.
27:49 This is what we need to be doing today because
27:52 providence of God is, is really I tell you,
27:54 he's opening some doors now, that's just
27:56 exciting for me. Let me give you just a quick,
28:00 well we might spend a little time, it's okay,
28:02 but an illustration of what I'm talking about
28:04 here example. You remember the children
28:05 of Israel as they were starting to enter Canaan
28:09 or the promised land. And just before they
28:12 went into the promised land, they had to passed
28:14 through, through Edom you, you remember
28:16 that, sure you do. So, they had to go through
28:18 again, but remember God was still going to
28:20 test them another time, but usually when Israel
28:23 passed through and they felt pretty strong,
28:25 they'd just go ahead and maybe take that
28:27 you know, what all of Edom they just take the
28:29 property and the land, and the houses and
28:31 you know sometimes kill the people.
28:33 Wow! But God said, now this time here,
28:36 you passed through Edom, but you're not to
28:39 take a foot breadth of their property.
28:41 And he began to give some instructions
28:43 because he was beginning to answer his
28:46 prayer, in other words the door of provident
28:48 was getting to be opened for Israel to go
28:51 through to the promised land, another test laid
28:53 before them, and the children of Israel need
28:55 to pay attention. Now, in the Book of
28:58 Deuteronomy I, I've got to read this, I've got to
29:01 read this, this is good, if you pay attention to
29:03 this, and you get this here, you'll see how the
29:06 rest of it fits quickly in the time that we have.
29:08 Here's what God was telling Israel,
29:10 Deuteronomy chapter 2 gonna read with verse
29:13 3, verse 3. The Bible says, talking about the
29:15 Lord spake and say here. "Ye have compassed
29:19 this mountain long enough; turn ye
29:22 northward. And command thou
29:26 the people, saying. Ye are to pass through
29:28 the coast of your brethren Esau."
29:32 You say, Esau. We know Edom was given
29:35 you see to Esau, we look Esau the
29:36 descendents of Esau, it's Edomites descendants
29:40 and they would descendents of who?
29:41 Abraham and Issac and God gave that to them
29:44 and he said, Israel you can't take it from,
29:46 I gave it to them for an inheritance.
29:49 So, God was speaking to them and he told
29:52 them he said. "And they shall be afraid of you:
29:54 take good heed unto yourself therefore:
29:57 Please pay attention, God is opening the
29:59 door, the door of providence now is
30:00 being opened to them. He told them, he said,
30:03 look. When you go through Edom they will
30:06 be afraid of you, do not worry about it?
30:10 I'm going to see you through.
30:12 Now, here's where we need to be tested here.
30:16 God said to Israel, "Do not meddle with them;
30:19 for I will not give you their land, no, not so
30:22 much a foot breadth; because I have given
30:25 you mount Seir unto Esau for a possession."
30:28 Now, Ye shall buy meat, pay attention.
30:32 "Ye shall buy meat of them for money, that ye
30:36 may eat; and ye shall also buy water for them
30:41 for money, that ye may drink."
30:43 Something's going on here; door of
30:45 providence is being opened, why?
30:47 God has always supplied all these things
30:48 for forty years for them, but God said when you
30:50 go through buy. Why would, why would
30:55 God say this? You need to, you are gonna buy
30:59 water? You go through the land, but you be
31:00 careful going through there. You don't meddle
31:03 with them, you just go through there, but you
31:04 buy what you need to eat and to drink.
31:08 And here's a little key I just, if you have time
31:10 read verse 7 right there because there begin to
31:13 be doubting and so on and so forth and God
31:15 tried to encourage them as that door is open,
31:17 he said, "For these forty years the LORD thy
31:20 God hath been with thee; thou hast lacked
31:23 nothing." I like that, if you really think about it
31:27 in your Christian life and mine.
31:29 We have really lacked nothing.
31:31 We may have, haven't had an abundance of
31:33 everything like we think we like to have because
31:35 we have a lack of faith sometime, but God
31:38 reminded them, you go ahead and you buy
31:40 because you're gonna need this, and you're
31:41 gonna need that, you know what,
31:42 but I haven't failed you for forty years,
31:45 you lacked on nothing. Oh, what encouragement
31:49 say, wow! If we're paying attention as God
31:52 opens the door providence. We'd have to listen to
31:56 his voice, he gave direction to the
31:59 promised land, he told them they'd have safe what?
32:02 Good, safe passage. Although their journeys
32:06 they were supplied with water.
32:08 I just get so excited when I think about this.
32:11 Where ever they can't. This must have been
32:16 amazing to the surrounding nations,
32:19 because out in the desert, there just wasn't
32:21 any water. And it didn't matter where they
32:25 ended up and where they camped, every
32:28 time they camped, where it was near some
32:31 rocks or some mountains or whatever it was,
32:33 the Bible says the water gushed out of the rocks.
32:40 Well, it didn't gushed out before there was no
32:41 pond, there was no river, there was no lake
32:43 there, but where Israel camped that water
32:46 gushed out of the rock and it gushed as long as
32:48 they were there. What do you mean gush;
32:51 it wasn't a six inch pipeline.
32:55 We're talking about you know, may I say a
32:56 pipeline to water several million people.
33:03 And all their, their, their animals or livestock.
33:07 And so, when the Bible says it gushed,
33:09 it gushed. And God had done it for forty years
33:14 and oh, wow! But now, it's interesting in this
33:16 passage. God says when you go through Edom
33:18 do what? Buy water, oh why? Did they really
33:24 catch it here? I'm gonna read a new passage
33:28 scripture, in the New Testament, so, just give
33:30 me a second here, I find it here in First
33:31 Corinthians chapter 10 verse 4, Second
33:34 Corinthians, First Corinthians I'm sorry
33:37 10 verse 4, notice this, the Bible said and,
33:40 "And did all drink the same spiritual drink:
33:43 for they drink of that spiritual rock that
33:46 followed them, and that Rock was Christ."
33:50 Isn't that beautiful? They drink the spiritual
33:53 drink here, and they drank of that spiritual
33:55 rock and that was what, Jesus, it's that water that
33:57 he gave to them because he is the rock.
34:02 Well, let's oh, how exciting that is?
34:04 They all drink the Bible says. Isaiah says, of
34:09 Jesus Christ, Isaiah 26, it calls him the rock of
34:13 all ages. Have you ever sing that song, the Rock
34:16 of Ages. Or it stays there has to be an your
34:19 margin in your Bible that says everlasting
34:22 strength. The Rock of Ages, he's a shadow of
34:26 a great rock in a weary land, Isaiah 32 says,
34:31 he is the rock of our salvation, he's our
34:33 redeemer, he is the rock of our strength,
34:35 the Bible said, he's the rock that's higher than I.
34:39 He's the rock of my heart, the Bible talks
34:41 about here. In Revelation 22 makes it very clear
34:46 about the rock and about the water,
34:47 22:17 it said, "Whosoever will,
34:50 let him take of the water of life freely."
34:54 There was something about this test.
34:56 Something dealing with the rock, which is Jesus.
34:58 The water, which is Jesus. All these life-giving
35:02 things in here and God wanted spiritual lessons
35:04 for us to be learning. Jesus says that anyone
35:08 who wants to take the water of
35:09 life take it freely. He offers it to you
35:12 free today; freely he wants to give you.
35:15 You just have to ask him for it.
35:18 He's a well spring of wisdom the Bible
35:21 talks about here. He is a flowing brook the Bible
35:25 says, he's the fountain of living waters
35:28 Jeremiah talks about. And as the children of
35:33 Israel got close to the promised land.
35:37 Now, they were living, there were living
35:41 streams of water, but now those living
35:46 streams of water seize to flow.
35:49 How would Israel be tested in the
35:52 providence of God as he opened and closed doors,
35:55 how would they react? A few days before they
35:59 went into the promised land, these gushing
36:01 streams of rock it closed up and there was none.
36:06 How would they react? What would they do?
36:09 But what had God said, that we read in scripture
36:11 moment ago. As you pass by buy food and buy what?
36:15 Deuteronomy 2, and buy water.
36:18 So, when the water seized to flow out of the
36:21 rock, they should have known the providence
36:23 of God was he was getting ready to lead
36:26 them into the promised land.
36:29 This was their last stop, but you know they
36:32 didn't catch it. They weren't spiritually
36:35 in tuned. There's only a few days left in their
36:40 journey and God would test them again.
36:45 How are you as we're entering in the last days
36:47 of earth's history. That which God did,
36:54 was evidence that he was fulfilling the
36:56 promise that he had made to them and they
36:58 still didn't see it. He'd opened the doors
37:00 of providence, they didn't see it, they didn't
37:02 understand it. They were so used to all
37:05 of that being there just for them, he supplied all
37:09 of their food for forty years and
37:10 all of their water. And soon as they as we
37:14 say, shut their tap off, of a sudden they throw
37:18 up their hands, they don't know what to do,
37:19 even though he clearly gave them directions on
37:22 what they were to do, which was clearly a
37:25 fulfillment that his promise was soon to
37:27 come to pass. And what did they do?
37:29 They resorted to murmuring and
37:31 complaining, with all that God had done on
37:35 the brinks of Canaan and I'm all I'm afraid as
37:39 people of God today we're on the brinks of
37:41 the heavenly Canaan. And I believe sometime
37:44 we're murmuring and we're complaining and
37:47 we're, we're doubting God's promise and we
37:49 can't see how these things will take place.
37:51 We can't see how the world's gonna, how,
37:53 what's gonna happen in this world and we're
37:55 just, we're torn up when God has made it clear in
37:57 his word exactly what's going to take place.
38:02 Are you spiritual minded? We need to be, if not
38:06 would he asked God take this blinders off,
38:08 so that we may see here and understand.
38:11 Here was one more opportunity as well as
38:14 for you and me, for Israel to learn, to walk
38:18 by faith and not by sight.
38:24 I didn't understand it years ago, but when
38:27 I got a little bit out of hand growing up,
38:29 my dad would look at me and he said,
38:30 I'm gonna shut your tap off.
38:36 Gonna shut my water off wasn't he.
38:39 And when God shut the tap of that water,
38:41 what happened? They began to murmur
38:43 and they began to complain.
38:47 They didn't walk by faith.
38:50 They wanted to walk by sight, but that's not
38:51 faith, isn't it? As this trial first developed,
38:58 all of a sudden the Bible says that first,
39:00 that same spirit of the fathers who had died in
39:02 the wilderness came up again.
39:05 It wasn't dead yet. That same spirit come,
39:08 came up. They had forgotten that for so
39:11 many years, that God had been leading them
39:13 and guiding them and taking care of them,
39:16 and almost say babying them and yet they,
39:20 couldn't see it. Without fail, always supplying.
39:27 In fact in the Book of Numbers, if you want to
39:29 read, we don't have time to read it, but
39:30 Numbers verses 1 through 13.
39:33 The Bible says, that the children of Israel,
39:35 as they began to complain and they
39:36 cried, oh would to God that we had died when
39:40 our brethren did. In many places in
39:45 scripture they went on to say, boy, we should
39:46 have, what are you going to do lead us
39:47 around, be better we go back to Egypt.
39:51 After all that God has done, is it maybe we've
39:54 come to that point in, in, in our life.
39:57 Maybe it's happening to us right now that,
39:59 we're not spiritual minded enough to know
40:01 that God is always there and God's never gonna
40:03 leave us, he's never gonna forsake us,
40:04 your bread and water is sure, you may lose
40:07 your home, you may lose your job, you may
40:08 lose all security in this life, he's preparing you
40:10 for a better place. We have-to-have faith,
40:15 we have to learn to live by faith, not by the
40:17 wallet, not by the income that we have,
40:20 not by your savings, not by your bank account,
40:24 not by your amount of friends that you have.
40:27 That's living by, by faith is what God is
40:29 telling us. Who did Israel blame,
40:34 when their water or tap was shut off?
40:39 And no more, no more food from heaven,
40:41 who did they blame? Moses and Aaron,
40:44 oh they're guilty. Now, my question to you
40:48 did Moses and Aaron make it better when the
40:52 children of Israel were in real turmoil, well did
40:54 they make it better for Israel or did they make
40:57 it worse. Interesting scripture, becomes
41:00 very, very clear in Numbers chapter 20.
41:04 Oh, I just, I'm praying we have time, I'm going
41:06 as quickly as I can here because if we don't
41:09 catch this we're not going to catch the rest
41:11 of what I have in mind. Because it has to do
41:13 with gaining victory over those failures that
41:16 we have in our character. And even though it just
41:19 maybe one, even though you think it just
41:22 maybe one. It's enough to keep you out of
41:24 heaven; it's enough to keep me out.
41:26 And God illustrates that with Aaron and Moses.
41:30 In Numbers chapter 26 through 11.
41:35 Bible says, "Then Moses and Aaron went
41:36 from the presence of the assembly to the door of
41:38 the tabernacle of the congregation,
41:40 they fell on their faces, and the glory of the
41:43 Lord appeared to them." Wouldn't that be
41:45 enough, wouldn't that be enough at this time,
41:48 even if you're murmuring and
41:49 complaining when Moses and Aaron went
41:50 to the door because of the people carrying on,
41:52 that they said the glory of the Lord.
41:55 People could have seen it, they did see it.
42:00 The Bible says, "The Lord spake unto Moses
42:02 saying, Take the rod, gather the assembly
42:08 together, thou and Aaron thy brother,
42:10 speak unto the rock before their eyes;
42:12 and it shall give forth this water."
42:14 What a merciful God? How long suffering is,
42:19 for forty years he had done this thing and he
42:21 shut the water off. And no matter well you say
42:23 hours they're saying, oh we can't take it,
42:26 we want to go back, we want to go back,
42:28 and God in his mercy he simply says to them,
42:30 tell Moses and Aaron to come out, said take
42:32 your rod and say look, tap the, talk to the rock,
42:34 speak to the rock and what's going to happen?
42:37 Oh! He said, it's going to do what?
42:40 It's going to give water? Speak ye to the rock.
42:48 Very interesting, when God said to Moses and
42:51 Aaron. Interesting, I believe this is a test,
42:54 now you just give you a little food for thought
42:55 here because he told Aaron, he said take the
42:58 rod, if you have the rod in your hand and things
43:02 are not going properly. Some, sometime we're
43:05 going to use it. Could it have been a test.
43:08 Moses and Aaron were saying with the people,
43:12 but God said, did you just do as you speak to
43:14 the rock and it's going to give forth water.
43:19 And it be enough for the people and be
43:21 enough for the, the beast. "And Moses took the
43:23 rod before the Lord, as he commanded."
43:25 Verse 10, "Moses and Aaron gather the
43:27 congregation together before the rock and
43:29 he said, hear now ye rebels; keep that in mind.
43:34 Here now ye rebels; must we fetch you
43:38 water out of this rock? Moses lifted up his
43:40 hand, with his rod he smote the rock twice
43:44 and water came out abundantly, and the
43:45 congregation drank, and the beast also."
43:49 You know, what God could have done and
43:50 been very just, Moses disobeyed God right
43:53 then and right there. God said speak, Moses
43:57 struck the rod twice. Moses held really
44:00 accountable because Moses understood
44:02 who the rock represented? You and I need to know
44:05 who the rock represented.
44:10 We have to overcome our defects of character
44:13 too, as Christ overcame. So, it be good for us to
44:19 identify as quickly as we can in our time that,
44:23 how Moses offended God, as the people had
44:27 offended God. And most people will
44:29 talk about Moses, they'll say, well he did
44:31 this or, there is, there is several areas here that
44:34 Moses needs some improvement on just
44:37 like we do today. Let's get into it quickly
44:39 as we can, number one. Moses when he spoke
44:42 to the people, he spoke from irritated feelings.
44:46 Not from a you know, we call that human
44:49 passion. Not from a, a holy indignation,
44:58 but there was passion and the people
45:00 understood the passion and maybe the,
45:02 the feelings was going on, he was, he was
45:03 angry with the people, he was angry because
45:08 God had been dishonored. Now, listen what he
45:12 said was true. What Moses said was true.
45:17 But you know what? You need, we to be
45:19 careful how we speak the truth.
45:22 And because some things are true, doesn't
45:24 mean that you need to be repeating it or I need
45:27 to be repeating it. If it will hurt somebody
45:29 else's character dear friend you never should
45:31 repeat. Even if it's the truth. Here it's very
45:34 clear, what Moses said was the truth,
45:38 but even truth is not to be spoken with
45:45 impatience and passions. God help us, even the
45:51 truth is not to be spoken with impatience, wow!
45:59 Number two, Moses was to charge Israel
46:02 with rebellion. He was to charge Israel
46:08 with rebellion because they were rebelling,
46:11 but he went further. God said, let them
46:13 know. They rebelled against the God of
46:15 heaven, but Moses went a little bit farther,
46:19 he accused them, you and I both know who
46:23 the accuser of the brethren is?
46:25 But there's too many of us who profess to be
46:27 Christians, as always pointing a finger,
46:28 always accusing somebody else of doing
46:30 something you have no idea of what they've
46:31 done, you have no proof of what they've done?
46:33 You haven't seen anything, but you are
46:35 an accuser of the brethren. You're following the
46:37 devil's footsteps. Manly, Godly man is
46:44 Moses, God said tell them they've rebelled
46:47 and he accused them and you know what
46:50 we'd say, he didn't, we didn't really accuse
46:54 vthem because that's what they were doing?
46:57 Moses himself call them rebels, you rebels.
47:03 And that is already with the thought in mind that
47:05 when he said you, you know, you rebels that
47:08 means you disobedient, you grievous bunch of
47:12 people here. You're provoking God,
47:17 you're provoking me. God never asked him
47:20 to go that far and he did.
47:27 Aggrieve, inspiration said, aggrieve the spirit
47:31 of God, see God help us. How often we aggrieve
47:34 his Spirit by our response, by the way in which
47:38 we've said some. Now, I hear this all time,
47:40 it's the truth, doesn't matter if it's the truth
47:43 or not, be careful what we say,
47:46 if we're a child of God. You're one of those get
47:49 even type and you're trying to prove a point
47:51 and you're trying to bring somebody down,
47:52 you're gonna do the work of the devil,
47:53 you already are. Number three,
48:00 lack of patience and self control for Moses and
48:07 for Aaron was evident. This gave Israel, the
48:12 children of Israel an opportunity say,
48:14 the leaders did it, Moses did it, and Aaron did it,
48:17 so if they did it, it must be alright for us to do it.
48:21 They acted this way, so we can act this way,
48:24 and that would make excuses for the way
48:26 they conducted themselves. You never want to be
48:29 into the point of making of where you, people
48:32 can look at you and make excuses for why
48:35 they're doing the wrong thing.
48:37 Jesus said, be better to tie a millstone around
48:38 your neck than be the wrong example.
48:43 Number four, Moses said, must we fetch you
48:46 water out of this rock. Must we fetch you, here
48:50 it shows, when he did this, he showed distrust
48:54 in God. How many times have you heard
48:56 that? Must we draw water out of this rock,
48:59 fetch it out. Verse 12 makes it very clear
49:03 because it says, we want you to believe,
49:07 but you believe not. God said to Moses, well
49:09 you wish to believe, but you believe not.
49:12 In other words, Moses did not trust God after
49:14 all that he went through for a moment Moses
49:17 never trusted God. Moses said, virtually
49:21 to the people that were around because most of
49:23 the time Israel thought that Moses and Aaron
49:25 were working all these miracles anyway.
49:28 They always attribute it and that's why they
49:30 blame Moses, but when Moses said must we do
49:33 this, they said that, oh people all this is what
49:35 we've always thought. Moses is the one
49:36 responsible for this. Oh, God says, no we
49:41 can't do that. Moses wasn't working the
49:44 miracles. Number five, if Moses and Aaron
49:47 had exercised their, their authority.
49:51 This is something we need to pay attention
49:53 to in the church, it's really lacking.
49:56 People say, well that's he just, he's just an
49:58 elder, be careful. He's just a preacher,
50:01 be careful. God talks about the preachers in
50:05 the last days. The Book of Revelation,
50:07 he talks about their stars in his hand.
50:08 Doesn't mean everybody is,
50:09 doesn't mean ever pastor is really called of God.
50:12 But those pastors are laboring for the souls
50:14 of salvation, they love Jesus.
50:16 Yes, they're human like Moses and Aaron,
50:19 but if you know they love Jesus with all their heart.
50:22 You know, they're doing their best;
50:23 they're trying to give you the truth of God's
50:25 word. They deserve a little respect.
50:30 And we need to listen to them.
50:34 The people didn't listen and Moses and Aaron
50:37 didn't do what God had given, God had given
50:39 them authority. When God calls you, and if
50:41 he calls you into the ministry it's because
50:43 God has called you in there, and he's anointed
50:46 you and given you power,
50:52 but how little do people really understand that,
50:59 very little respect going on. Try to understand
51:03 well they have to deserve, listen.
51:04 If God has called a person into the
51:07 ministry, and God saying look they, they
51:10 you should honor and respect them as long as
51:13 they're following, preaching,
51:14 teaching the Bible. Listen 'Cause God said,
51:17 I'm chosen to speak through them, as he
51:19 chose to spoke through, speak through Moses
51:21 and then Aaron. And so, as we see here,
51:25 if Moses and Aaron had quickly decisively
51:30 as that door was open and things were
51:32 beginning to happen, and they could have
51:33 stopped that murmuring and complaining.
51:36 a different outcome it would have been,
51:38 if Moses and Aaron come up and said,
51:40 look as the leader here this is gonna stop
51:43 and you realize in the church today many
51:45 places around. There are people in
51:46 leadership, they need to come to the point when
51:48 there's murmuring and complaining, this is not
51:50 right, they need to step up and say,
51:51 look that's enough. And the people need to
51:54 love and respect them enough to say, okay,
51:57 we're here. It could have been stopped,
52:01 oh well how, how it's so different?
52:05 Number six, quickly, simply Moses and
52:07 Aaron assumed power that belonged to God,
52:10 and God only. Number seven, Moses robbed
52:16 the people of this lesson. Notice it, I don't want
52:18 to rob you of it, I don't want to be robbed of it.
52:21 Moses robbed the people. The rock as we all
52:23 know, the rock is, was a symbol of whom?
52:26 Good, a symbol of Jesus Christ.
52:29 Jesus Christ who had once been smitten as
52:32 Jesus was once offered to bare our sins,
52:35 Hebrews 9 says, how often was he to bare
52:38 our sins, to die? One time he was to die.
52:41 The second time, he only needed to speak
52:45 to the rock as we need to only ask God for
52:49 blessings right now. He doesn't have to die
52:52 again; we just need to ask him now.
52:55 Once that he gave his life by smiting the rock
52:59 the second time, the significance of the,
53:02 the beautiful figure of Christ was destroyed
53:06 for the people. God knew this, Christ.
53:11 The Bible said, smitten of God.
53:14 Wounded for our transgression, bruised
53:17 for our iniquity in Isaiah 53.
53:22 You see the streams that flooded of water
53:24 that flow, the streams of the blood of Calvary
53:27 flows out today for you and for me for a lost
53:30 and dying world. Will you participate,
53:35 he's gave his life blood flowing as it were at
53:39 Calvary, big enough stream, large enough
53:42 stream for every mankind, any person
53:45 whoever wants to accept Jesus,
53:48 that blood that flood at Calvary.
53:51 Today Jesus speaks to us as he does,
53:53 turn quickly to Book of John, our last passage.
53:56 John chapter 7:33, John chapter 7, please listen
54:01 to these words very carefully, verses 37
54:03 through 39, 37 through 39.
54:10 Said, "In the last days, the great day of the
54:12 feast, Jesus stood up saying, If any man
54:15 thirsts let him come unto me and drink.
54:20 He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath
54:23 said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of
54:27 living water." Oh, what encouragement.
54:30 But as he spake here of the spirit of which they
54:33 should believe on him and should receive for
54:35 the Holy Ghost hath not yet given; because Jesus
54:38 was not yet glorified. Oh friend, do you, you
54:42 want a drink from that well that never runs dry.
54:46 You want to be able to participate in that blood
54:48 that was shed in our behalf to cleanse us
54:49 whiter than snow. When that door of
54:52 opportunity opens up for us, the door of
54:56 providence, we've got to go through it and
54:57 because Israel didn't go through that, and they
54:59 didn't do what was right, they had to go
55:01 around Edom, they had to fight more battles,
55:03 it was a long time in getting there because
55:05 they didn't go through the door when the door
55:07 was open, don't you? Be guilty of that, I don't
55:09 want to be guilty of that. Let's pray right
55:11 now that God will help us, to have spiritualized
55:13 sight that we may see and that we
55:15 may hear his voice. Merciful Father in
55:17 heaven, we thank you for your precious word,
55:20 for the door that's been opened for each and
55:22 everyone of us, may we go through that door
55:24 quickly so the enemy has no time to come in
55:27 and to rob us of the blessings which you
55:28 want to give us. I thank you, give your praise
55:31 and give your honor and glory, work up on
55:33 the hearts of your people right now that
55:35 they may accept you now while the door's
55:37 open in Jesus name, amen.
55:41 I invite you by the way while the door's still
55:43 open, to come to Jesus while there's,
55:45 while there's time. I just want to say from
55:48 bottom of my heart, appreciate this station,
55:50 bringing you these programs, please pray
55:52 for them. Help them financially and by
55:55 the way please send a Behold the Lamb,
55:56 we could use it, so that we can get this gospel
55:58 in all of the world, we love you, we look
55:59 forward to seeing you next time.
56:03 Welcome back friends, did you find
56:06 encouragement and comfort in that
56:08 message? I truly hope so. Allow me to share
56:12 with you in closing a quote that I found in
56:15 Manuscript Releases Volume Eleven,
56:19 "If you watch and wait and pray, Providence
56:23 and Revelation will guide you through all
56:26 the Perplexities that you will meet, so that you
56:30 will not fail nor become discouraged."
56:32 Boy what a promise. "Time will outline the
56:36 beauty and grandeur of Heaven's plan.
56:39 It is difficult for human minds to comprehend
56:44 that God in His providence is working
56:47 for the world through a feeble instrument."
56:50 That's us right? "To know God in the
56:53 working out of His providence
56:54 is true science. There is much
56:58 knowledge among men; but to see the designs of
57:02 heavenly wisdom in times of necessity,
57:05 to see the simplicity of God's plan revealing
57:09 His justice and goodness and love,
57:12 and searching out the hearts of men,
57:15 this many fail to do. His plan seems too
57:20 wonderful for them to accept, and thus they
57:22 fail to be benefited. But Providence is still in
57:27 our world, working among those who are
57:30 grasping for the truth. These will recognize
57:34 the hand of God. But His Will not be revered
57:38 by those who trust in their own wisdom."
57:42 Friends, we have much to learn and we have
57:46 much to re-learn in the school of Christ.
57:49 If you would like a copy of today's message
57:52 to further aid you in your personal studies,
57:55 we are making this message available to
57:58 you for a love gift of only $8 or more.
58:02 So, please contact us today, you may write
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58:14 that's Central Standard Time at area code
58:16 618-942-5044. Visit us on the web at
58:22 BeholdtheLamb
58:25 or email us, at Beholdthe
58:31 Until next time, may our precious Lord
58:34 richly bless you and yours.
58:37 Lamb Ministries at PO Box
58:38 2030, Herrin, IL 62948, or give us a call,
58:39 that's Central Standard Time at area code
58:40 618-942-5044. Visit us on the web at
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