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Thankful For What?

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00:40 Hello, again and welcome to Behold The Lamb presents,
00:43 I'm Chris Shelton your host, and I'm very glad
00:46 that you have chosen to spend a portion
00:49 of your day with us. Thanksgiving is soon
00:53 to be celebrated in our country;
00:55 it's just around the corner. And for the most part,
00:59 you know outside of spending days off of work,
01:02 eating and celebrating with our friends and family,
01:05 is it possible that much of it's original meaning
01:09 has been overlooked. In today's society
01:13 so much of what we see and hear and experience,
01:16 all about me, mine, I. It's all about self
01:19 and how self can look better, be more popular,
01:22 achieve more and on and on the story goes.
01:26 But what about, just what about that age
01:29 old adage of esteeming others higher than
01:33 ourselves. Have we missed the boat
01:35 somehow in the raising of our children to be
01:39 selfless rather than selfish? Perhaps this is
01:43 because of a problem in our society that too
01:47 many adults are also stricken with the same
01:50 selfish tendencies and they may not even
01:53 be aware of just how serious this problem
01:57 really is. You know Pastor Kinney,
01:59 he's entitled his message today "Thankful for what?"
02:03 "Thankful for what?" and perhaps just perhaps
02:07 as we listen today the Holy Spirit may speak
02:10 to our own hearts and perform just a bit of
02:14 needed spiritual surgery in our own lives.
02:17 But as always before we begin today's message,
02:20 we are blessed to go to 3ABN worship center
02:23 and listen to a song entitled
02:25 "How Wonderful Heaven Will Be"
02:28 as sung by Steve Darmody.
03:01 As I see the marks of sin I feel a sadness,
03:09 But there's a thought that
03:11 always brings a sweet release.
03:16 Soon our Savior will be here,
03:22 that day is drawing near,
03:27 When tears, trials and heartaches all will cease.
03:36 Oh how wonderful heaven will be,
03:44 To be with Jesus throughout eternity.
03:53 No earthly thing can compare
03:58 to what is waiting for us there.
04:07 Oh how wonderful heaven will be,
04:29 Oh just think of all the countless joys of heaven,
04:35 A better land, a better life than we could know.
04:44 We will be forever safe thru His forgiving grace,
04:54 This gift is ours because He loves us so.
05:02 Oh how wonderful heaven will be,
05:11 To be with Jesus throughout eternity.
05:19 No earthly thing can compare
05:25 to what is waiting for us there.
05:35 Oh how wonderful heaven will be,
05:43 Oh how wonderful heaven will be,
05:53 To be with Jesus throughout eternity.
06:02 No earthly thing can compare
06:09 to what is waiting for us there.
06:20 Oh how wonderful heaven will be,
06:36 Oh how wonderful heaven will be.
07:15 Thank you for joining us today.
07:16 We're glad that you could spend sometime
07:18 here with us as we open the word of God
07:21 once again. And we just pray that it will
07:23 be a blessing to you and blessing to those
07:26 that maybe neighbors and friends.
07:27 But before we study the word,
07:29 we're gonna be talking about a very interesting
07:31 subject since we're in this season.
07:33 We're gonna talk about "Thankful for what?"
07:36 "Thankful for what?" Do you have anything
07:38 to be thankful for? If it is what,
07:40 are we telling our neighbors and friends,
07:42 are we talking to God about it.
07:44 Let's just go to God and pray shall we
07:46 and ask his blessing upon this message that it can
07:49 somehow reach out and touch those who need a
07:52 special touch today and of course that's all of us.
07:54 Let's pray about it shall we, as we kneel together.
08:00 Merciful Father in Heaven, we commit ourselves
08:02 into thy care and thy keeping.
08:04 Pray that you'd send your sweet Holy Spirit,
08:06 forgive us of our sins anything that would
08:09 block Heaven from being able to communicate
08:12 with us. We pray that it will be laid at the
08:15 foot of the cross. Thank you for your blood that
08:17 flowed from Calvary, touch every heart, every soul,
08:21 every life, every individual, open our ears that we may
08:24 hear you speaking to us. And I give you praise
08:27 and honor and glory in Jesus name, amen.
08:35 You know our subject is "Thankful for what?"
08:38 You know this is an awesome time of the year.
08:41 As far as I'm concerned you know we're doing
08:43 everything else but Thanksgiving time,
08:46 to me it's just an awesome time of the season.
08:49 It's a time to thank God. It's a time to get
08:52 together with family and friends
08:54 and you know have a, share a meal together,
08:57 be able to talk, maybe haven't seen people
09:00 in a while and be able to sit down just have
09:02 some good family time together.
09:04 But I wonder is that all that there is to
09:08 Thanksgiving Day. The world celebrates
09:11 Thanksgiving and what does it really center around,
09:14 does it center around God or does it center
09:16 around us? And is there a time that,
09:20 that we can thank God in a very special way.
09:22 I've heard some people say well you know
09:24 we just need to be careful about designating
09:26 a special day to serve God. You know we can
09:28 serve God and we can praise Him everyday
09:31 of the week. We should be doing that in our hearts
09:33 and in our minds. But how nice that we can set
09:36 aside specific day for those who maybe have
09:39 forgotten God, and they will be reminded as
09:42 called Thanksgiving Day. What do you have to
09:46 be thankful for? Stop just a second and think,
09:49 what do you really have to be thankful for?
09:51 If I ask you do you having something to
09:54 be thankful? You might drop a list from here
09:56 to the floor. That's interesting, others
09:59 you ask you have anything to be
10:01 thankful for and all of a sudden they go,
10:03 they go blank. It's like there is nothing going
10:06 on in their life. There is nothing to be thankful for.
10:09 May I just say this today? Every individual
10:14 has something to be thankful for,
10:17 whether you're rich, whether you're poor,
10:19 whatever you have or you don't have in this life,
10:22 you have a lot to be grateful for.
10:24 We serve a great God? It's the first proclamation
10:29 by the way that was giving at Plymouth
10:32 about three years after they landed there
10:34 and this was by the Governor Bradford.
10:37 And I want you take special notice how our
10:40 forefathers, those who landed in this country.
10:43 How they viewed our freedom of religion?
10:46 How they viewed our thankfulness to God
10:49 for everything that came their way?
10:52 They thanked Him for crops, they thanked
10:55 Him for the blessings of protection.
10:57 This country was founded upon freedom.
11:02 And as we see this founded upon freedom
11:04 and how God blesses us. The sad part of it
11:09 today that seem like mankind is trying to
11:12 do everything possible to get God out of our
11:16 country. To take Him out, but the blessings
11:20 that God gives this country is conditional
11:23 upon us receiving Him and asking Him,
11:27 relying upon Him, praying to Him,
11:30 praising Him. If we're not doing that the
11:34 blessings will not come. Oh! Yeah, he gives us
11:36 a time, but just notice with me what was
11:40 written in a paragraph or so as I was read it
11:42 to you about our forefathers,
11:44 and how they were grateful and thankful
11:47 and how they thought, alright? All the blessings
11:49 I got this year, we need just take special time
11:51 to praise Him. Governor Bradford of Massachusetts,
11:55 he made a Thanksgiving proclamation about
11:59 three years after they settled at Plymouth.
12:01 Here is what he said: "In so much as the great Father,
12:05 talking about the Father in Heaven,
12:07 has given us this year an abundant harvest,
12:10 just jot down those little things that he
12:13 was giving praise for, abundant harvest
12:15 and in so much as he has protected us
12:18 from the ravages of the savages,
12:21 has spared us from pestilence and disease
12:26 and has granted us freedom to worship
12:30 God according to the dictates of our conscience.
12:34 And then he signed into a fact November
12:37 the 29th on Thursday in 1623.
12:42 He said there we're, we should all gather together
12:45 and give praise to God, render Thanksgiving
12:48 to the almighty God for the blessings.
12:52 Oh! That sounds so nice; it sound good
12:55 doesn't it? Is that what we do today
12:57 when we gather together for Thanksgiving?
12:59 Is that what we are really doing?
13:02 This is what we're really doing; this is what they
13:03 did in the beginning, they had a lot to be
13:05 grateful and thankful for where they had come from.
13:09 Little bit later George Washington,
13:11 we're looking at some great men that God used
13:15 and their thoughts and they pinned this word,
13:18 George Washington said this. We are in as it is the
13:22 duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence
13:26 of God Almighty. How bold he was?
13:31 He said it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge
13:34 the providence of the Almighty God,
13:37 and to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits,
13:44 and humbly to implore His protection and His favor;
13:49 and then he recommended to the people of the
13:52 United States a day of public Thanksgiving
13:56 and prayer. We need that in this world.
14:01 We need that time, it's more than just all selfish
14:05 and all we're doing. Let me just say this
14:07 now some of you get a little excited about,
14:09 but that's just the way it goes.
14:11 Some of us think Thanksgiving Day
14:13 is the day of parades and football games.
14:15 It was not mentioned here. It had to do with
14:22 giving thanks to God for all of the blessings
14:26 that he bestows upon us, and not only they
14:29 say Thanksgiving but he said you set aside
14:32 for a day that we can pray. How long has it been since
14:37 you, since maybe all of us, have really taken
14:41 this day into consideration?
14:44 President Lincoln, oh! A man quoted from
14:47 quite regularly in 1863 made this comment.
14:52 In fact he passed, what he called a law,
14:56 here is what he said. He said I'm going to
14:58 proclaim the fourth Thursday of November
15:01 to be the official national Thanksgiving Day.
15:08 Do you know how long that it took to ratify this?
15:11 In 1941 we're talking Abraham Lincoln said
15:17 this in 1863. Finally in 1941 the US Congress
15:22 finally ratified that. They took almost 80 years
15:26 for Congress to act. I wonder why so slow maybe,
15:32 when all he had to do was praising God for
15:35 the blessings that He gives. Everyone has
15:39 something to be grateful and thankful for.
15:43 The Bible says in Proverbs 13, verse 7:
15:46 There is that maketh himself rich,
15:49 notice the wording, there is that maketh
15:52 himself rich, listen yet hath nothing.
15:58 And there is that maketh himself poor,
16:02 but yet he hath great riches.
16:05 How can this be? One person seems to be rich
16:08 and yet they have nothing, the other
16:10 person over here has nothing but yet he is rich.
16:12 Could it be the way that he is thinking,
16:16 the way he is making decisions?
16:18 That reminds of a story about an older gentleman.
16:24 This older gentleman he was, was seeing going
16:27 down the street one day, his cloths were clean
16:30 and they were pressed, but they,
16:32 they had a lot of patches in them.
16:34 Well worn, but this man seemed to be very happy.
16:40 He had this, this smile out. I'd like to call it a
16:44 winsome smile. When he smile you just it
16:46 caught your attention, it would draw you to him.
16:50 He would smile people will say oh! Boy this
16:53 man seems to be really happy.
16:56 He was walking along like he, like he owned the
17:00 world. As he walked along down the street
17:04 it was though, even though dressed like he was,
17:06 he owned the world but he really didn't own
17:09 the world, owned very little of it.
17:13 A friend later confided in about this man.
17:16 He said, he carried with him as he walked
17:20 along a little small bag that had less than $2 in it.
17:28 That was all that he had. He had no bank account.
17:32 He had no savings account. In fact the
17:36 man had no home. The man had no money to
17:40 save in the bank. He had, he had nothing
17:42 which to draw of. He had no land,
17:44 he had no family. And yet he walked along with
17:47 this great smile on his face, as though he
17:50 owned the world. It's very interesting where
17:54 this man was headed, smile on his face,
17:57 walking as though he owned the world.
17:59 He seemed like he had nothing less than $2.
18:02 And when he was going for the day was a friend,
18:05 who was in terrible need of a dollar.
18:09 He was going to give that dollar.
18:15 Well, he just had less then $2 to his name,
18:19 but he was happy as he is going.
18:21 There was no selfishness that was found in this man.
18:25 Nothing but there is something kind of
18:30 happiness that lived inside of him.
18:32 He seems to have a faith that nothing could shake
18:37 him. Regardless of what happened the smile was
18:40 there continued to go on down the road
18:42 and whatever hit him he just smiled and he,
18:44 he went on. In fact he, he really believed this.
18:51 He really believe that God was his Father.
18:57 He really believed that his Father owned the cattle,
19:01 you see on the hillside. That his Father had thousands
19:05 of ways to meet his needs. He couldn't even figure
19:10 out all the ways that God had to meet his needs.
19:12 Too numerous, but he walked around with a happiness
19:17 and that assurance though he didn't have
19:20 anything in his pocket, didn't own anything,
19:22 just the clothes on his back.
19:24 There was something special, he knew his father,
19:30 he seem to not have any worries.
19:32 You know how you get when you don't had
19:34 your house payment, you know how you get
19:36 when the electric bill was due.
19:37 You know how you start acting up even as
19:39 the Christian when things get tight.
19:41 You say I've only got a few dollars in the bank.
19:43 At least you had a few dollars in the bank,
19:45 oh! He probably got some, I've heard people
19:47 say some well I don't have any money
19:48 but they've got some money in the saving
19:50 somebody is lying somewhere.
19:55 Say you have nothing if you have something.
20:00 But this man had nothing. He believed
20:05 in the Bible truth, that God would never
20:08 leave him or forsake him for he had supplied
20:12 all of his life. Maybe not like you expect him
20:16 to do for you, but he had met this man's needs.
20:20 Do you remember how we read in that
20:22 passage there? There is that maketh himself rich
20:26 and yet he hath nothing and then you have the
20:28 one that maketh himself poor yet he hath
20:30 everything. Does this man fit? He really believes
20:38 that God loved him; he had a peace that was within,
20:43 that would show on the outside.
20:45 See during this time we need to have that peace
20:49 inside of us but not just stays inside of us.
20:51 That he shows to others who are grasping
20:54 and reaching, we need always to give a word
20:57 of encouragement. If they don't have,
20:59 God is able to supply. If they're down to the
21:02 last dime, God has a lot of dimes.
21:04 Don't know how the bill is going to get paid,
21:08 God can pay the bills. You've seen it,
21:10 he's done it, why doubt him now.
21:15 And so he didn't have any money but this man
21:19 was rich. You think he had nothing to praise
21:22 God about. But he had a lot to praise God about
21:25 and he continued to praise God. He had
21:28 many stories in which he could relate
21:30 how God had blessed him everyday of his life.
21:33 Everyday for him who had nothing
21:38 but had everything. How do you feel about
21:44 today? Is your happiness based on what you,
21:46 what you have? Or should everyday be a day of
21:51 Thanksgiving and praise. For Heavenly Father has
21:55 met our needs over and over and over
22:00 and yet when it gets a little tight,
22:02 we begin to get a little frightened,
22:04 we are afraid that we may not meet that need.
22:07 Oh! God is able. Exercise faith, watch what God
22:10 does, trust him. If he sees fit for everything
22:13 to go so be it. Everything that you have, listen some
22:18 of the people who got, you have a lot.
22:20 Before Jesus comes you know,
22:22 you're not gonna have anything.
22:25 But you're gonna have to have faith to trust Him.
22:28 If he so desires for these things of the world to be
22:31 taken from us, that we maybe made right
22:34 with him turn them them over to him.
22:36 That's why I encourage you put everything
22:37 you have on the alter right now.
22:40 Let God be in charge. I love the old songs.
22:45 I don't know about you, but I love some
22:47 old songs. And one of my favorites
22:50 and I'm sure it's probably yours too.
22:52 It says count your blessings, name them
22:56 one by one, count your blessings see what
23:00 God had done. What a message in this song,
23:09 but we're encouraged to do what?
23:10 Count your blessings, don't just you count,
23:14 I don't have my money in the bank,
23:15 I've not been blessed here, I've got this problem,
23:17 I've got that problem, always looking on
23:19 the negative. Even the song says which is
23:22 the principle of scripture is count your many
23:26 blessings and see what God had done.
23:30 Do you know how that would change your
23:32 attitude for the day? If we just had a more
23:35 positive attitude based not upon the world
23:39 but upon God. How different we would act
23:43 and react. Why? Because if there is a need that's
23:47 not made, not met for that day.
23:50 God is able, isn't he? Sure, he has done it
23:54 for you many times. He's done it for me many
23:56 times. But I do find this some people have a
24:00 very difficult time praising God, I'm not sure why?
24:04 Very difficult time counting their blessing.
24:08 You can challenge someone even as professed Christian.
24:11 Well tell us, give us some blessings,
24:13 tell us what God has, has done for you.
24:16 Some will boldly say well you know I don't,
24:18 I don't, I can't think of any blessings right now.
24:21 Others might be able to think of a few blessings,
24:24 but they just can't seem to get them out
24:26 of their mouth, they want maybe keep them inside.
24:29 If you keep them inside, I will tell you, you're not
24:31 gonna be getting those blessings.
24:32 They've got to come out. We serve a God that
24:35 does what? Good, inhabits our praises,
24:38 so we need to be praising Him.
24:42 Many think they have nothing to praise
24:44 Him about. In fact when you go to Church
24:46 and you have praise time what happens many times?
24:49 You can't get anybody to lift their voice to
24:51 praise God. You say we will give us a report,
24:55 brothers and sisters what God has done for you.
24:58 And it looks like you're just, you're talking to
25:00 the trees. Oh! I can't think of anything right now,
25:05 I know he's done something, I know
25:07 he has but boy I don't know but thank God
25:10 there is always a few that always have a lot
25:12 to praise God for. Why are there some in the
25:14 Church that they always have something to praise
25:17 God for, and the majority 90, 95 percent they
25:20 just can't think of a thing. What are these two or
25:23 three or four what are they do?
25:25 What is that they've got going on in their life?
25:28 That makes them want to praise God,
25:31 give Him thanks, and honor, and glory
25:33 and the other opposes Him what he had done,
25:35 I just don't know. What could it possibly be?
25:40 See we need to get to the bottom of this,
25:42 it's very, very important that we do.
25:45 It kind of reminds me of the, there is you know
25:48 during the gold rush days, there was a man
25:51 who was going out, you know kind of a prospector
25:53 always going out and they're prospecting
25:55 and they were looking for gold and digging
25:56 for gold and so and so forth. But you know
25:59 after few weeks he listen, he consistently,
26:01 now think spiritual, don't think all this is a story,
26:04 this is spiritual. Every few weeks he go out
26:08 and he spend several weeks out in the mountains
26:11 and oh! Boy he just kept doing his what he called
26:14 prospecting; he was looking for gold in the
26:16 hills and every time he came back,
26:20 he had a bigger find of gold, more of it
26:25 and people began to wonder why is this man
26:28 who went out every time, he went out all of a sudden
26:30 he was finding gold and it was bigger than
26:33 before and better than before, and he was
26:36 always thankful. Naturally the other people who were
26:40 prospectors around there couldn't figure out
26:42 exactly why he has so much to be thanked for.
26:44 Why he is getting all these blessings.
26:46 We go out we find nothing, we can't see nothing,
26:49 it's seem like we've nothing to talk about,
26:51 nothing to be thankful for, why is it this man.
26:57 And ever so often they venture out and try
26:59 their hand at discovering some kind of a vein of gold,
27:03 and most of the time they would comeback
27:05 and oh! It just didn't happened.
27:08 They wanted to know this man's secret.
27:10 You know in the Christian life we need to listen
27:13 around and we need to watch and we need
27:15 to look it, and hear what's going on.
27:17 Why are these people, why do people have a lot of
27:20 to be thankful for? And what is that they're
27:25 praising him about. Why are they getting all
27:29 these blessings seems like and some people
27:30 say what they are all the blessings,
27:31 we're not getting them. Oh! I tell you these
27:34 prospectors were the same way and they
27:36 look at this little old man and every time
27:38 he came back and say whoa I hit a big vein,
27:40 it was better than before, more gold praise God
27:43 it's working out good. They say we wanna
27:45 know your secret. We wanna know why it is
27:48 that you are getting blessed. You're thankful
27:51 and you're always praising and so on
27:52 but you're always hitting jackpot, we're not.
27:57 And they just kept needling this poor little man,
27:59 just kept needling him all the time.
28:01 We wanna know what the secret is,
28:02 in our Christian experience is the same today.
28:05 You know what the little man said.
28:08 As he was surrounded by a group of prospectors
28:11 he simply said that please tell us what it
28:13 is here is what he said. He said listen,
28:17 he said I just keep digging holes.
28:24 Well that may not meant too much to you but I
28:26 want you to think in the spiritual sense here.
28:28 He was keeping after it, he was going out
28:32 working, he was doing something.
28:34 He said I just keep digging holes.
28:36 The others weren't going up,
28:37 they were too concerned about why everybody
28:39 else was getting blessed they weren't doing
28:41 anything, here's a man going out
28:42 and he just kept digging holes and the more
28:44 holes he dug, the more opportunities
28:46 he had to find gold. Opportunities that God
28:50 gives you to, to bless you, bless you.
28:52 As Christians I say on this Thanksgiving season
28:57 just keep digging holes. Don't give up, just keep
29:02 digging holes and the blessings will come.
29:04 Bible says in Matthew 7:7 it says, seek,
29:12 you've got it. Seek and ye shall find.
29:15 Go knock and it shall be opened.
29:16 But the Bible says this prospector had it,
29:19 just keep digging. Jesus said you must seek
29:25 and ye shall find. Of course in Matthew 6:33
29:30 it begins to get a little clear. Jesus said here's
29:33 what needs to happen first: Seek ye first the
29:36 kingdom of God, and his righteousness;
29:40 and all these other things will be added unto you.
29:44 Seek ye first, keep on digging holes as it were,
29:49 keep on seeking the Lord and then Proverbs
29:53 really just nails it down as far as I'm concerned.
29:57 Proverbs chapter 2 verse 4 the Bible says:
30:00 If thou seekest for her as silver,
30:03 and searchest for her as hidden treasures.
30:09 Talking about finding Jesus, finding the word of God,
30:13 lighting up in your life, that we need to search
30:18 out God. We need to be searching in his word
30:21 as for what hidden treasures.
30:23 We're gonna have to dig. We're gonna have
30:26 to dig deep down in the well of truth.
30:29 And God's going to bless you and you
30:32 will have a lot to be grateful and thankful for.
30:35 If you haven't found Jesus, may I just give
30:39 you a little bit advice? If you have it found him yet.
30:42 I'm gonna just encourage you to keep right
30:45 on digging, because if you dig in faith
30:49 you will find Him. You know, in order to be
30:54 thankful what's we've been talking about,
30:57 in order to be thankful we must have a thankful
31:01 disposition. What does that really mean?
31:05 A thankful disposition, you know what it's easier,
31:09 it's easier for some people to say thank you
31:12 than it is for others. You know, you just
31:15 take men and women there are a little bit
31:17 differently cut aren't they? And a lot of time
31:21 it's much easier for women to say I'm
31:23 sorry than it is for a man to say I'm sorry.
31:28 Sometimes it's easier for a woman to say
31:30 oh praise God for this. Than a man to say praise
31:33 God there should be that there is and I just,
31:35 I'm thinking today about a thankful disposition
31:39 you say well I'm not really sure.
31:41 That means an inclination to be thankful.
31:44 Do you have an inclination to be thankful?
31:47 Do you have a tendency to be thankful?
31:53 See there is a lot of people, what I have in
31:56 this life I have worked for. I did this much that
32:00 you're in trouble brother. You're in big trouble.
32:03 You've done nothing on your own.
32:06 The Bible is clear, it says in him that we live
32:09 and that we move and that we have our,
32:11 our being. The air belongs to him that you're
32:16 breathing, what you earn, what you have
32:19 in the bank, it belongs to him, he's loaned
32:21 it to you, to see how you're gonna act on it.
32:23 And people acted pretty selfish.
32:26 This is the time to praise him to give thanks
32:29 for all that he has done. Now, let's ask that
32:32 question again do you have a thankful disposition?
32:38 Or you're still thinking about it,
32:40 maybe you don't have an answer but if you don't
32:44 and if you're not sure of what I'm talking about
32:47 here, here is how to acquire one.
32:51 Remember, we must have this disposition,
32:55 a thankful disposition simply means that our
32:57 attitude that means our inclinations,
32:59 our tendency or to say thank you Lord to give
33:02 somebody thank. We find difficult to thank
33:04 somebody when they do something for us.
33:09 Here's how you can acquire one by the way.
33:13 If we understand more fully, if we understand
33:19 more fully the great work that Jesus,
33:22 Jesus in giving his life at Calvary.
33:26 The sacrifice that was made, the salvation of
33:29 this world, if we contemplate those issues,
33:34 all of a sudden it does a little something to
33:36 our heart, and to our minds and to our thinking
33:40 if we're meditating upon Jesus and his life,
33:43 if not we become very selfish and self centered
33:46 and unthankful. Notice what the Bible says in
33:51 First John 3:1, Bible says: Behold, what manner of
33:55 love the Father hath bestowed upon us,
33:59 that we should be called the sons of God.
34:02 Well, I think somebody should have shouted,
34:04 I don't know that I hear you right now,
34:06 but somebody should be standing and shouting
34:08 right now. Behold, what manner of what?
34:11 Here is that word, Love the Father hath bestowed
34:14 upon us. What manner of love that he's bestowed
34:19 upon, that we should be called the sons
34:22 and what and the daughters of God.
34:24 We have no right to be sons and daughters of God,
34:26 we're sinful. We've fallen short and yet he forgives
34:29 us and brings us back into the family
34:31 and he calls you daughter, he calls you son.
34:37 That's what the Apostle says, what manner
34:40 of love it's like it's over his head,
34:41 whoa it's out of this world. That's the kind of love
34:45 that he has for us, regardless of our
34:49 pathetic lives, pathetic mistakes, sin,
34:53 whatever it might be as we come to him
34:55 and confess our sin. Sins and we lay them
35:00 out before him. Father forgive me,
35:03 what manner of love he bestows upon me.
35:07 As he treats me as though I've never sinned,
35:10 as he invites me to be part of the family of God.
35:13 He calls me a son. He calls you a daughter.
35:15 See here's the key, the key is simply
35:19 when we see Jesus, when we see his great love
35:22 that he has for us, and his mercy and his goodness
35:25 and with most above what, his long suffering.
35:29 Long suffering with you as an individual,
35:30 long suffering with me, long suffering with
35:34 the world. Look how long that he is,
35:37 can I just use the word put up, put up with me,
35:40 maybe put up with you, put up with the world
35:43 of all the nasty bad things that are happening in the
35:46 world, how God must view it and how he wants to
35:48 put an end to it, how it must hurt him?
35:54 As we see Jesus, as sinners we find that we,
35:59 we have no hope without him. And yes,
36:03 it's by his life, it's by sacrifice,
36:06 it's everything that he's done that he offers us
36:08 what? Eternal life and he says to me,
36:10 he says to you today, you could be sons
36:12 and daughters of God. What manner of love
36:15 he's bestowed upon us, shall we not take a day?
36:18 Every day of our life, be grateful and thankful,
36:24 a day of Thanksgiving, a day of prayer.
36:26 I mention before not just a day of family gathering
36:30 and feeding our face, eating way too much,
36:35 and when you get done it, first thing you want
36:38 to say I ate too much. Where is the recliner,
36:41 get back on recliner or half way pass out,
36:45 turn the football game on? This is not what work;
36:49 this is not what the Bible talks about Thanksgiving.
36:51 The principles of Thanksgiving.
36:54 Our forefathers understood it.
36:59 Many times they went into detail.
37:01 They thanked him, listen for the corn
37:03 and for the potatoes and for the green beans,
37:06 are you still with me? They identified everything
37:09 that came up out of the ground because,
37:11 he reaped power in the earth those things to grow,
37:14 they belong to him and he gave them willingly.
37:20 Do we, do we really did, are we missing something
37:22 here what an opportunity,
37:24 a time for us. But our key,
37:28 if you don't have a thankful disposition,
37:30 we need to behold Jesus and his sacrifice
37:33 and as we behold him, we become thankful
37:36 and our disposition change, and it's easier
37:39 for us to say oh! Thank you Lord.
37:40 Thank you neighbors, thank you friends,
37:43 thank you for all that's been done.
37:45 And then with that thankfulness what do
37:47 we do. We begin to follow Jesus wherever
37:50 he leads us. See this is exciting,
37:52 not just say thank you Lord and then
37:54 we pray some prayer but we're willing to
37:56 start following him all the way.
37:59 Why because his Spirit is drawing us to him.
38:01 Have you felt that Spirit drawing you lately
38:04 oh! Friend, don't forsake it.
38:06 You remember James, so you've been reading
38:09 James 4 verse 8. it says if we draw nigh
38:13 to God, he will draw nigh to you,
38:17 draw nigh to what? To God, because God's
38:22 drawing you and he's going to draw nigh to you,
38:25 I believe this you take a step, you take one step
38:28 toward him, he will take two towards you,
38:32 and some of you not been thankful enough.
38:35 You're afraid maybe to take that step
38:37 today don't be afraid. That would be the greatest
38:40 thing that you've ever done. You need not
38:43 worry about because you're in the hands
38:44 of a capable God that loves you more
38:48 than any earthly individual could.
38:49 He want you to spend eternity with him.
38:52 He is doing everything possible to save you,
38:54 but you've got to take a step toward him today.
38:57 Jesus said behold I stand at the door
38:59 and I knock. He doesn't intrude on you.
39:02 He doesn't threaten you. He just says look
39:05 I'm knocking would you please open the door
39:07 and I will come in and I'll slept with you.
39:10 And I had to say oh! Behold what manner
39:11 of love the Father hath bestowed upon us
39:14 that we should called the sons of the God.
39:19 What an awesome thing that is. Now, what is it
39:23 that you have anything to be thankful for today.
39:26 I'm gonna have to help you there,
39:29 because you're still some of you are stuttering,
39:31 well I'm not sure if I this simplicity everyday life.
39:36 That's why no one should say there is service,
39:38 they have nothing to praise God about.
39:40 How about the bounties of just simply life,
39:43 why not? Why not start, first of all,
39:46 are you thankful for Calvary. Oh! If you're
39:49 not thankful for Calvary, oh! Dear friends we need
39:51 to behold Jesus. We need to get in the word
39:54 and we need, we're not get on our knees
39:55 and say God I'm not thankful for Calvary
39:57 but I wanna be. I don't know this man
40:01 called Jesus, but I want to get to know him.
40:04 What a time during the season to be thankful
40:09 for what, oh for Calvary or you are thankful
40:15 for some healings maybe that's taken place in your
40:17 family and friends. Are you thankful for the clothes
40:21 that you have on, the shelter, the health,
40:22 the loving care that we have, mercy,
40:25 long suffering, the Bible was on and on,
40:27 protection, his power, answer to prayer.
40:30 All of these things and we are just scratching
40:33 the surface, air, sunshine, everything
40:36 we had to eat. Movement, ability to think, to chose,
40:43 these are awesome. For all of the good gifts
40:51 that he has provided, now if some of you are
40:55 still shy, some of you still are not sure how I can,
40:59 I can learn how to be thankful.
41:02 Let's do this, let's do some cultivating.
41:05 Here's how to cultivate you will say well I'm not
41:09 sure cultivate. Cultivate is simply to develop.
41:12 It means to improve; it means to refine our
41:17 thankfulness. So if you're still wondering
41:20 and you're a little shy and you're a little backward
41:21 or you haven't learned yet. Here is another good key.
41:25 We need to be educated, educate what,
41:31 do you mean educated? Education has to do
41:33 with what? Good, teaching and it has to do with
41:36 learning, it has to do with training,
41:39 it has to do with development.
41:41 So, we need to develop, we need to be teaching,
41:44 we need to be learning the soul to be cheerful
41:48 or to be happy and thankful. So, we have
41:53 to educate sometime because you haven't
41:54 been trained that way or you haven't understood it.
41:57 We need to educate the mind to be what the
41:59 soul to be cheerful, to be very thankful.
42:02 Thankful for what? For the love of Jesus
42:07 and to be grateful to God for the blessings of life.
42:11 So, yes your attitude can change, your disposition
42:15 can change, you can cultivate a change in
42:18 your heart in your life if you are willing.
42:21 I mean to me it's just easy to see this,
42:24 I don't know about you, it's easy to see.
42:26 If there was anyone who could be continually
42:32 happy, it should be the Christian.
42:34 I'm talking continually; if we should be happy
42:37 day in and day out, oh we're gonna have
42:39 our days, but what at the base of everything
42:41 we were to be happy. And so if anyone wants
42:48 to be happy in this life, it's to be what,
42:51 it's to be a Christian, it's to be a follower
42:54 of Jesus Christ. Now, this is real important.
42:58 Please pay attention we just have few moments
43:00 left I want you think. Maybe put a star by
43:04 where you taking note and it's very childish
43:08 you might say, it's very simple but listen
43:10 I want you to daily pray, daily pray this.
43:13 Lord teach me to do my best for you,
43:20 now regardless of what you do.
43:22 Lord teach me to do my best for you,
43:27 and that just so reminds me that old song you know
43:32 I wonder have I done my best for Jesus.
43:36 When he has done so much for me,
43:40 so I want you to pray this Lord teach me,
43:44 teach me to do my best for you and Lord give me,
43:48 give me energy and give me cheerfulness,
43:50 help me to be happy and help me to be thankful
43:54 for all the blessings that you give me
43:57 and something else Lord please bring in love
44:02 into my heart, your love into my heart.
44:06 In everything that I go about to do for you,
44:09 let there be love, let there be Jesus that
44:12 comes through. The simple thing is to pray Lord
44:16 teach me to do my best. I want you to pray that,
44:20 I want you to pray that day in and I want you to pray
44:22 that day out. And as we are educating
44:25 and training and teaching and cultivating our
44:28 Thanksgiving to God remember this,
44:30 oh! This if going to be difficult for some,
44:32 very difficult from people who profess to be
44:35 Christian. Love Jesus with all the heart.
44:37 There's three things here I want you to do.
44:39 While you're cultivating what, while you're
44:42 educating, while you're training I want you
44:45 to smile, smile, smile. Watch how things will
44:51 change for you and if there is some reason,
44:53 some reason that you are sad.
45:00 Don't let your face reveal that fact.
45:03 Now that's a challenge isn't for us?
45:05 Yes, it is it's a big challenge. Do you realize
45:08 all the problems that we could smile away
45:12 as we've cultivated and we're learning to be
45:15 happy and learning to be cheerful because maybe
45:17 we have been that way before, because we didn't
45:19 know Jesus and now we know Jesus and we got
45:22 a lot to be thankful for? So, quickly as, maybe
45:28 as a biblical platform of what we should do on
45:31 Thanksgiving. Let me just give you a couple little
45:34 hints if you haven't found out yet.
45:36 Yeah, it's bigger than you and bigger than me,
45:38 and bigger than our family, even though that's part
45:39 of it. Will we, will we just celebrate this day as we,
45:47 as we always have or we're gonna give it to God
45:50 in the special way this time. Is it gonna be devoted
45:54 to the world or it's gonna be devoted to God?
45:58 This is a time for us to remember.
46:01 Yes our family and our friends and God's
46:03 blessings and so on, but it also remember,
46:06 the Bible is clear on this. It's a time to remember
46:09 the poor, those who don't have what you have.
46:13 You remember in Matthew chapter 19 where Jesus
46:16 talks about the rich man, you know what must I do.
46:19 He says sell what you have and give what?
46:22 And give to the poor and the man turned away
46:25 sorrowfully, sell what you have and give to the poor.
46:29 That's interesting today we live in a world where
46:32 we want to give to those who can give back to us.
46:34 This is not found in scripture,
46:36 there is no principle in scripture for this.
46:38 Back the word of God says in Proverbs 22:16
46:43 listen carefully: he that giveth to the rich,
46:47 shall surely come to want, he that giveth to what?
46:52 To the rich shall surely come to want.
46:54 Proverbs 10:22 oh! Pay attention proverbs
46:58 10:22 the Bible says: The blessings of the Lord,
47:02 it maketh rich. What is it? The blessing of the Lord
47:09 makes us rich. You may not have much in this life,
47:13 but you can be rich in Jesus Christ.
47:15 You may not have much but you can be happy
47:17 in him. Thanksgiving needs to be what it implies,
47:22 what the principle of it, how God looks at it,
47:24 Thanksgiving simply implies giving thanks.
47:28 Are you giving thanks to him today,
47:31 are you are thankful for all he's done?
47:35 Think about what you can do for others during
47:37 this time, some have lost their income,
47:39 lost their job, lost their home. It's a time to give
47:42 back to them but you know what,
47:45 I'm gonna encourage this; don't forget
47:48 your dearest friend. Thanksgiving is the
47:50 time to give God thanks, give a gift,
47:54 take a gift to church with you,
47:55 especially mark it out for my best friend Jesus,
47:58 who's done everything for me. This is what it's about
48:01 in giving things back to the one who's given you
48:03 everything. Why not do that, try you haven't tried,
48:06 how about trying this year, because my Bible says
48:09 that I read it: Every good gift and every perfect
48:13 gift comes from above. Read that in James
48:16 chapter 1 verse 17. Every good gift,
48:19 have you receive that free gift,
48:21 that's come upon all men. Have you received that
48:26 unspeakable gift? Have you received that gift of
48:29 grace that Ephesians 3 talks about and have
48:31 you tasted of that Heavenly gift Hebrews chapter 6.
48:36 If not friends today is the day, let's pray
48:38 about shall we quickly before we end today.
48:41 That we will be able to do as God wants us to do,
48:43 let's pray shall we together.
48:44 Merciful Father in Heaven pour out your Spirit I pray
48:47 upon each one of us, help us to be in thanksgiving
48:50 time, very thankful and grateful to the God
48:53 above for all that he's done all that he's doing,
48:55 and will do for us in Jesus name, amen.
48:59 We hope you have a good holiday season.
49:01 Please don't forget to support 3ABN and
49:05 it's bringing you this gospel message around
49:08 the world day by day. And we will look
49:10 forward to seeing you next time.
49:15 Welcome back and I certainly hope
49:17 and pray that, that was a message that you can
49:20 be thankful for. And look what I've got to
49:22 be thankful for my husband's going to
49:24 be joining us at the close of today's program.
49:27 Absolutely. What do you on your mind today?
49:30 Oh! We've a lot to be thankful for since
49:32 we're always talking about the Thanksgiving season.
49:34 But I'm still thankful for the letters,
49:36 the emails that we receive, what a blessing
49:39 we just want to share few. Okay, you know by
49:42 the way and I brought you some glasses.
49:45 Yes, all grandmas need glasses.
49:47 Grandmas have to have glasses and also a few
49:49 letters that we can read together.
49:51 But you know right quick, I'm very thankful
49:53 for this station that you watch all the time.
49:55 What a blessing it is to bring programs to you
49:59 and spiritual enlightenment, day in and day out 24/7
50:02 Amen, Praise the God for that.
50:03 So, I'm very thankful for this station.
50:05 It's certainly light in the midst of darkness.
50:07 Yes. I mean what an answer to so many prayers
50:10 and it's because of you that the station is
50:12 continually to move forward with the
50:15 Three Angels Message. It's also because of you that
50:17 we are here, so all of us need your support
50:20 and we need your prayers. Amen, praise the Lord
50:23 and these kind of letters and just very short,
50:25 these are the things that encourage us.
50:28 Absolutely. To continue on, not that
50:30 we need somebody to pad us on the hips so on.
50:32 No. But we know that people are being reached
50:34 for Jesus that the power of the Holy Spirit is
50:36 working in hearts and lives. Oh! What an
50:39 encouragement that is to us thank you for sharing.
50:41 And you know this is just a portion,
50:44 just a small portion these are some of the most
50:46 recent ones and sometimes people call in
50:49 and they're going through heartache.
50:51 We don't wanna share those things but we
50:52 praise God that we are there and maybe able
50:56 you know by God's grace to give a good word
50:58 in due season. Amen, you know there are some
51:02 statistics that are given it seems like the holiday
51:05 season is the time that people are excited
51:07 and they wanna go about doing things in family
51:09 and friends and so on. But I understand it's the
51:11 time when most people become depressed also,
51:15 because it's a time that they need to be
51:18 getting together, maybe they've lost loved ones,
51:19 they lost home and family. Whatever it might be,
51:21 so this is a time we really want to be an
51:24 encouragement Amen. To those who need
51:26 extra help during this time. Okay, well let's read this
51:29 first one, this first came to us by email
51:32 and it was emailed all the way from Africa.
51:35 It says Dear founder and I'm assuming,
51:38 I don't really know why they said that,
51:41 I'm assuming founder of Behold the Lamb Ministries.
51:43 Dear founder this is a fellowship from Kenya
51:47 started here as a Bible study. In our home in
51:50 January of 2010, we preach Jesus the savior
51:55 who was resurrected and is returning soon.
51:58 We have reached you through the leading
52:00 of the Holy Spirit, isn't that answer a prayer
52:03 of it's own. Praise the Lord yes it is.
52:04 Through the Holy Spirit because we pray believe
52:06 it or not friends we pray for every portion of
52:09 this program, Amen. Every time we begin
52:12 and then we end we thank the Lord.
52:14 It says reading on we have been blessed by
52:17 the teaching on your website for the past
52:20 three months, amen. The messages there in
52:24 has increased our faith in the Lord
52:27 and motivated us to work for him.
52:29 We are very thankful in the Lord to be in
52:32 contact with you. We write today to request
52:36 you to consider us as fruits of your ministry.
52:39 Amen. Out of your vision and prayers,
52:42 we welcome you to visit us here in Africa.
52:45 Hope to hear from you in love, Abraham.
52:48 Amen. You know that is an awesome thought,
52:52 we were in Africa in 2009. We spend almost a month
52:55 there. We were very, very thankful saw many people
52:58 come to the Lord. Amen. But the messages that
53:00 they are talking about on our website,
53:02 we had different messages than of what,
53:04 what is aired here on 3ABN. These are our
53:08 other messages that we allow people to view,
53:11 you know record do whatever they want
53:12 free of charge. You can go there, you can listen
53:14 and watch and prayerfully be blessed. Amen.
53:17 This next message was also an email and this is
53:21 just part of that message. It says hi,
53:23 my name is Pauline from Queensland, Australia.
53:28 I better read that again. My name is Pauline from
53:32 Queensland, Australia, I just wanted to tell you
53:35 that I enjoyed your program very much.
53:38 It blessed my soul. And this was what actually
53:42 one of the first programs I think was aired.
53:44 Yes. From Behold the Lamb presents the Lord
53:46 on 3ABN. This is, what's encouraging. Amen.
53:48 That it's blessed their soul nothing to do with us.
53:50 All to do with what we've talking about the power
53:53 of the Holy Spirit. Yes. And we wanted,
53:55 we know as we preach the truth of God's word
53:58 it is accompanied by the Holy Spirit. Amen.
54:00 That it will touch lives for Jesus.
54:03 If it's not accompanied by God's Spirit it's just
54:07 as a the Bible says it's a tickling symbol of,
54:11 sounding brass that just availed nothing.
54:14 That's it. Every message must be anointed
54:17 by the Holy Spirit. Amen, good. This third message
54:19 we'll sent in with the donation after ordering
54:21 our five part series which I hope you folks
54:24 remembered, I hope you were able to watch
54:26 that we had entitled "Addressing The Power
54:28 of The Holy Spirit." In her note Dorthy from
54:31 Tennessee wrote and it's just short and
54:33 sweet but I thought it was nice, yeah.
54:36 Thank you for your quick response.
54:38 Praise the Lord she says. Our church needs these
54:42 DVD'S and what she means is our church
54:45 needs these messages. Yes. We need to know
54:48 more about the outpouring of Holy Spirit.
54:50 We need to be praying for that. Amen.
54:52 And thankful that God has given us that invitation,
54:56 that we can even do that. That we can have that,
54:59 that we can go forward in his power and his strength,
55:02 because I don't know about you but I sure
55:03 don't have power, I sure don't have strength
55:06 of my own. No, we have none so this is the time
55:08 that we wanna give praise and honor,
55:10 Thanksgiving season. Yes, it is. To the God
55:12 of Heaven and be thankful for every one
55:14 of the viewers. You were out there praise God for
55:17 you and we're believing with all of our heart
55:19 that God's gonna do mighty marvelous things,
55:22 and so as we're learning in our message what we
55:25 need to be doing this time of season.
55:28 Yes. Is reaching out and touching others for Jesus,
55:32 so, we're thankful for you thankful for the station,
55:35 thankful for what you give, what you do.
55:37 We have so much to be thank for, if we're standing
55:39 here breathing, we have some food to eat,
55:42 oh! Yes, our economy is such a mess right now.
55:45 But God, God never left his people without a way
55:49 of escape and we praise Him for that
55:51 and we're very thankful for that.
55:52 And you know Pastor Kenny. Yes. I think we
55:57 should kneel and I think we should have
55:59 a closing prayer for this people, what do you think?
56:01 Oh! Special for them, special for you out there
56:05 who are some is gonna be listing,
56:06 some is gonna be watching and it may be
56:08 delayed whatever but the power of the Holy Spirit
56:11 can reach your heart right now.
56:13 Yes. And the words are spoken. Amen.
56:14 Can bring joy and encouragement during
56:16 this time of the year. Let's just kneel madam,
56:19 shall we right now let's pray together.
56:23 Merciful Father in Heaven, we thank you
56:26 for your love that you have for us.
56:28 You set in your word it's an everlasting love,
56:31 and you loves us with that love that's without
56:33 end and you love us in a way that we had found
56:36 very difficult in this life to even comprehend. Amen.
56:40 But we thank you and by looking to Calvary
56:42 it helps us understand how much you do love us.
56:45 We are praying specially now for those who are
56:48 viewing those who are need those who are
56:50 maybe a little despond because of the season
56:53 when people are looking around and maybe family
56:56 is not there maybe they go, so many have lost their
56:58 homes and they have been so discouraged
57:01 and I just lift them up to you right now by faith.
57:03 Amen. The very throne room of God that you
57:06 will reach out and touch these individuals,
57:09 comfort, yes the comforting power of the Holy Spirit.
57:12 That they can reach out and maybe even in their
57:16 midst of problems and test and trials,
57:19 that they may reach out to help someone else
57:22 along the way and eternity will help them.
57:24 Lord meet their needs I pray in every form,
57:27 mentally, physically, spiritually and financially.
57:30 As we give you praise and honor and glory,
57:33 continue to bless lead guide and direct may this
57:36 be the first day of our life with Jesus. Amen.
57:41 I thank you for hearing and answering prayer
57:42 the short time to be able to spend together
57:45 to lift up our voices and your voices,
57:47 wherever you are at in praise to our creator,
57:51 our redeemer, our sustainer in Jesus name Amen, Amen.
57:55 I thank you Jesus and thank you for watching.
57:59 Thank you for spending time with us today.
58:01 We wanna hear from you, you want to write us.
58:04 You can write us at the Behold the Lamb Ministries,
58:06 that's PO Box 2030, Herrin, IL 629248,
58:11 or call us here in America at central standard time
58:15 at 618-942-5044. You can email us at
58:21 BeholdTheLamb,
58:24 or visit us on the web at
58:30 Until next time may our precious Lord
58:32 continue to richly bless you and yours.


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