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Trusting God In The Hour Of Trial

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00:40 Hello and welcome to Behold The Lamb
00:43 Presents, a timely program focused on getting
00:46 you ready to meet Jesus, I'm Chris Shelton
00:49 your host and today's message is entitled
00:51 "Trusting God in the Hour of Trial."
00:55 So, much could be said on this topic
00:57 but as I was praying about it my
00:59 mind drifted back to Peter and the disciples.
01:02 There is so much the Lord has left us
01:05 in scriptures for us to learn from
01:07 the twelve disciples. Peter in particular
01:10 was asked to accompany Jesus along with James
01:13 and John into the garden of Gethsemane.
01:16 A time of great agony for our Lord,
01:19 he desired these three to be close to him
01:22 and watching and praying during that great
01:24 night of spiritual struggle before his betrayal
01:28 that would lead him to Calvary,
01:30 before entering the garden, Christ was taking
01:33 with the disciples and trying his best to
01:36 prepare them for what was just about to take
01:39 place. He said unto them, all ye
01:43 shall be offended because of me this night,
01:46 for it is written: I will smite the shepherd
01:49 and the sheep of the flock shall be scattered
01:51 abroad. Peter answered and said unto him,
01:54 Though all men shall be offended because
01:57 of thee, yet will I never be offended.
02:02 Though I should die with thee,
02:05 yet will I not deny thee. Yet many of us know
02:10 what happened, just as Christ we're told to all
02:13 who were present that night, before the cock
02:16 crowed Peter would indeed have denied
02:20 his Lord three times, Peter had just boasted
02:24 about the tremendous loyalty and love that he
02:26 had for the Lord, so much so that he
02:29 he would follow him even unto to death
02:32 if need be. But Christ knew Peter better
02:36 than Peter knew himself. Peter's denial
02:39 of His Lord only added to the bitter
02:42 disappointment and the confusion that
02:45 all the disciples were soon to meet
02:47 as they witnessed Christ's crucifixion. I'm sure
02:51 you can empathize with Peter and the rest
02:53 of the disciples; they had seen Christ
02:56 feed thousands with only a few fish and very
02:59 little bread. He had given sight to the blind;
03:03 he had cast out demons and even raised the dead.
03:06 How then could he be crucified? Their hour
03:10 of trial was almost more than they could bear,
03:14 Christ, was Christ whom they had thought he was?
03:20 Was he not the promised Messiah? Why was he set,
03:25 why was he not setting up his kingdom? There
03:28 was so much confusion, so many questions
03:31 that they had. Could Christ be trusted?
03:34 Peter was so dishearted that he did
03:38 exactly what he said he would not do,
03:41 he denied his Lord. We often find ourselves
03:45 questioning God in times of trail, just as Christ
03:50 closest disciples did during their hour of trial.
03:54 But are we to lose, are we to question
03:58 our faith in times of trial? I want you
04:01 to stay tuned today as Pastor Kenny
04:04 addresses this very important topic of
04:07 trusting God in the hour of trial.
04:11 But first we're blessed to go to 3ABN's
04:13 worship center and listen to a beautiful
04:16 song sung by Sandra Entermann
04:19 as entitled "Remember Me."
04:38 Remember Me
04:42 In a Bible cracked and faded by the years.
04:51 Remember Me
04:55 In a sanctuary filled with silent prayer
05:04 And age to age And heart to heart,
05:11 Bound by grace and peace.
05:17 Childs of wonder, Childs of God,
05:24 I've remembered you Remember Me.
05:45 Remember Me
05:49 When the color of the sunset fills the sky
05:58 Remember Me
06:01 When you pray and tears of
06:03 joy fall from your eyes.
06:11 And age to age And heart to heart,
06:18 Bound by grace and peace.
06:24 Childs of wonder Childs of God,
06:31 I have Remembered You,
06:37 Remember Me
06:51 Remenber Me,
06:55 When the children leave their Sabbath
06:58 school with smiles
07:04 Remember Me
07:08 When they're old enough to teach,
07:11 Old enough to preach
07:14 Old enough to leave.
07:19 And age to age And heart to heart
07:26 Bound by grace and peace
07:32 Childs of wonder, Childs of God,
07:38 I've remembered you,
07:44 Remember Me. Age to age
07:48 And heart to heart Childs of wonder
07:51 Childs of God Remember Me.
08:00 Age to age And heart to heart
08:02 Childs of wonder Childs of God
08:09 Remember Me.
08:36 Praise the Lord, it's our privilege
08:37 once again to come before you,
08:39 our people, God's people to be able to study
08:42 the word of God together.
08:43 Wherever you maybe again we're glad
08:46 that you could join us as we study
08:48 the most important subject "Trusting God
08:50 in the Hour of Trial."
08:52 Oh, how important this is and the strength
08:55 that God will give us as we study his
08:57 word today. But before we do,
08:59 we always go to him and prayer
09:01 so where you can, why don't you kneel
09:03 with me and if you can, you're going down
09:04 the road whatever it might be just talk to Him,
09:07 ask for divine power and wisdom
09:09 that we may hear and understand His word,
09:11 let's pray together.
09:16 Kind Loving Heavenly Father,
09:17 we thank you for the privilege
09:18 we have of prayer. We thank you that
09:21 we can call upon your name
09:22 and you said that you would hear,
09:23 now we ask for divine enlightenment,
09:26 we pray that Heavens windows will be opened up,
09:29 the Holy Spirit will come down on our ears,
09:31 and our eyes, our mind that may hear,
09:33 see, understand, that which you
09:35 have in store for us. And I pray today
09:38 that for each and everyone who will view
09:40 or listened that their heart will be stayed
09:43 upon Jesus, may this be a wonderful,
09:45 valuable time together as we study God's word.
09:49 Thank you for hearing and answering prayer
09:51 in Jesus name, Amen.
09:56 Once again as always we encourage
09:57 you to take your, your Bible, pencil and paper
09:59 where you can, you may even have some
10:01 questions or some comments, something that maybe
10:04 you think that we maybe need to know or
10:06 something that maybe we, you say well you don't
10:09 agree with. Why don't you just write that down
10:11 and send it to us and we'll glad to,
10:13 to look at it, because I think we need this
10:14 communication back and forth,
10:16 it's always good for us,
10:17 as we study the word of God together.
10:19 So, today again if you're jotting it down,
10:21 we're studying "Trusting God in the
10:24 Hour of Trial." Now, what does that really mean?
10:29 Trusting God in the Hour of Trial,
10:32 are you different by, you know just
10:34 from day to day as you kind of get your way
10:37 and everything is going the way
10:38 you would like for it to go and your
10:40 attitude and oh it just seems good.
10:42 I heard them say well I'm on cloud 9
10:45 and then all of a sudden something hits you,
10:47 something changes, could be in the job,
10:49 it could be family, it could be sickness,
10:51 it could be a job, whatever it might be.
10:54 And all of a sudden there is a,
10:55 there is a trial, there is a test
10:57 that's put before you and it's interesting,
11:01 daring while we are being tested or
11:03 the hour of our trial shows us who
11:07 we really are. No, no not in the good times,
11:11 but when you are challenged with circumstances
11:14 of life, so it'd be good for us just to
11:16 go down a few things here quickly when
11:18 we're talking about trials,
11:19 now trials and the purpose of trials,
11:22 you say oh I know all about those things
11:24 but please there maybe those who don't
11:27 understand the workings of God in their life.
11:31 There is a purpose for trials,
11:34 what does it happens when a trial
11:35 comes to your, in your life, is it,
11:38 is it the enemy that's doing this,
11:40 oh the enemy has done this thing.
11:43 Is God allowing this thing to happen,
11:45 is He wanting to, to test you,
11:48 is He wanting to see what you're,
11:50 you're made of? In fact when a trial comes
11:55 our way many times we discover some things
12:00 that we really don't know about our self.
12:05 Now, when does that occur,
12:06 when everything is going our way? No.
12:09 So I see that God's hand could be in it,
12:11 don't you? But, because we can discover
12:13 some things that we really didn't know
12:15 about our self and a trial should and
12:19 it's designed by God to bring us closer to Him,
12:23 not further, a lot of people get far back oh no,
12:25 no, no God's done this.
12:26 Is to bring us close to Him,
12:29 give us courage and those who go in through test
12:32 and trial, they will see that Christ's character
12:35 is being fully reproduced or reflected in them.
12:39 That's the purpose of a trial,
12:42 so that His character can come through,
12:45 don't you wanna reflect the character
12:47 of Jesus Christ, well I do, and another purpose
12:50 of a trial when we're really tested.
12:53 A trial will consume our earthliness,
12:58 hope we have any earth in us,
12:59 things of this earth or too,
13:01 you know we were just, we grab,
13:02 we're grabbing a hold of the things of this
13:04 earth and we can't seem to let go.
13:06 But during this test and trial it's,
13:08 it's, it's to get rid of the earthliness that
13:10 we maybe more like Jesus and be preparing
13:13 for Heaven. And a trial does fit us for Heaven.
13:18 A trial does fit us for the time of tribulation
13:23 that not only are we, we're seeing,
13:24 we're at beginning stages of it,
13:26 but it's gonna continue to wax worse
13:28 and worse. We're really gonna be tested,
13:30 every Christian, everyone who says
13:33 they love Jesus, they're going to be tested
13:35 to the utmost. Trials reflect what is in
13:40 the heart, I've heard people do a lot of talking
13:42 and well they professed this and they
13:44 professed that. But when a real test comes
13:46 and a real trial comes and maybe
13:48 a big disappointment, maybe even the loss
13:50 of a loved one, again called by job
13:51 and maybe money you had invested somewhere
13:54 wherever it might be. A trial produces or what
13:58 comes out of that trial is what's really
14:00 in your heart, two things that either draw
14:03 us closer to Jesus or we give up
14:05 and we blame Him for what has taken place.
14:11 And I, I thought well that's all good as we,
14:13 as we think about trials, but some trials tend
14:17 to make some people backslide.
14:20 They talked about how they trust God,
14:22 and how they love him with all their heart
14:24 and when this test comes they,
14:25 they have so much self-esteem,
14:28 regards of what takes place. Oh,
14:30 they're gonna serve Him, oh that's right if,
14:32 if God wants me to starve, I'll just starve
14:34 you know if God wants me to die,
14:35 I'll just die. Whatever God wants me to do,
14:37 I'm gonna tell you, you need to be very,
14:39 very careful, you'll see why in a moment
14:41 as we talk a little more about this.
14:43 You need to be careful what you say,
14:46 be ready as God test us.
14:50 Couple of things that happened to people
14:51 who are, I wanna say that people
14:55 who are, are so self sufficient and they
14:58 think that in test and trial when they
14:59 talk about how they be over comers.
15:01 There usually a couple things that they
15:03 complain about, if it doesn't go their way,
15:05 they'll say oh, oh circumstances just,
15:08 it changed everything. I'll tell you,
15:09 it just didn't workout, so it wasn't me,
15:11 it was circumstances and then of course
15:13 the other thing. They'll say you know
15:16 why this didn't work? Is because you didn't
15:19 appreciate my talent, have you ever met anyone
15:23 like that? I've met some, I've even received
15:28 some letters to that effect.
15:31 The reason that they got disappointed,
15:33 the reason they left the church
15:35 or they left the side of Jesus Christ
15:37 as they say oh circumstances did it
15:39 and it's just beyond my control.
15:40 And people just didn't appreciate me that's
15:42 why I left. What are we to do?
15:48 How are we to act during this,
15:50 this hour of trial? We're laying a foundation
15:54 here because as we look at this foundation
15:56 this is what we'll be building
15:57 on as we go along. But regardless of the test,
16:00 regardless of the trials, regardless of what
16:03 is happening. God expects us as his
16:06 followers to be first calm,
16:08 oh that's difficult for some of us.
16:10 He aspects us to be cheerful, oh how can
16:13 we be cheerful when our, maybe our heart's
16:15 all upset, he aspects us to be obedient.
16:20 To whatever he allows to come our way,
16:23 trust in God, we need to have unwavering
16:25 trust in Him and by the way that trust
16:31 that we're talking about here, meaningful.
16:33 It take years to develop it, years,
16:38 how many years have you been living for Jesus.
16:42 And those who have difficulty,
16:44 a lack of trust, if you have a lack of trust
16:48 for God and you're just, you just,
16:50 you get these hours of, of test and trials
16:52 and you're not sure what, whatever
16:54 else is going on here? Here is what
16:55 takes place when you a lack of trust in God,
16:59 here's what you begin to do. You begin to,
17:02 begin to be stressed out. You begin to be
17:06 distressed about everything.
17:08 You also begin to be fearful about
17:11 every little thing that happens,
17:12 you just can't. Oh everything,
17:15 oh we're just, why is all these
17:16 things happening to me. We live in a world
17:19 that's afraid, they have fear,
17:24 this happens we have fear when we
17:26 don't trust in God. "Perfect love casts out
17:31 all fear," the Bible says something
17:33 is very interesting. When you don't trust
17:36 God, you have this fear, you have
17:39 this perplexities in life. Everything
17:42 is just such a, a big deal that
17:44 we just can't get over and we just
17:45 can't move on. Along with that comes
17:49 thing called evil speaking or evil
17:53 summarizing, see when we don't have
17:55 peace with God and we're,
17:57 we're not passing the test or trusting God.
18:00 We began to trust in ourselves and we began
18:02 to reach out and, and talk about other
18:04 people. In fact when we're unhappy
18:06 we want everybody else to be unhappy
18:08 around us. How about evil summarizing
18:12 or evil speaking, did you realize
18:16 that is a sin. It's so rampant
18:19 inside the church, outside and probably
18:21 may not so much even outside
18:23 in the world as it is inside the church.
18:25 It's among God's people, always getting into
18:29 little clicks and little people groups here
18:31 and there and they're always talking about
18:33 someone and they're evil summarizing.
18:35 Because they really don't know the facts,
18:38 evil summarizing is one of the greatest,
18:40 the biggest sin in the movement of God.
18:44 Evil summarizing, we're talking about
18:46 backbiting, it's a sin and God expects
18:51 us to spend more time on what?
18:52 In His word, learning about Him.
18:55 Who's the author by, you know
18:57 this evil summarizing, who is it?
19:00 The devil, the devil is the author
19:02 of evil summarizing, what's that mean?
19:05 You think someone, you think someone said,
19:09 you think someone did. May I just really
19:14 be honest with you, don't you have,
19:16 don't you have something better to do with
19:20 your life than sit around wondering
19:22 if somebody did or said something.
19:26 Spend that time valuable, learning about
19:27 Jesus, something that is, that is positive.
19:31 If you could only, the windows could be
19:34 opened up and we could look through
19:35 the evil summarizing and the backbiting,
19:39 it's ruined so many families and so many
19:41 friendships. Its destroyed churches,
19:46 the enemy is behind this thing.
19:48 But God's law forbids it, we cannot call
19:53 ourselves a Christian or a follower
19:55 of Jesus Christ as long as we participate
19:57 in these things. Here is what leads
20:02 to evil summarizing and evil speaking,
20:05 just be real blunt.
20:06 In case you're one of them
20:08 is a lack of holiness.
20:11 If we want to be like Jesus,
20:13 we're beholding Jesus,
20:15 we won't have time for all
20:16 of this stuff in our life.
20:20 We will want to know more about him,
20:21 we want to be very positive.
20:25 Now, let me just, like me to go
20:27 into but I just want, I wanna be positive as,
20:29 as, as we move on here.
20:31 Because we need to learn to trust
20:32 God in the hour of trial during our,
20:35 our big test.
20:36 And if we're in the habit of
20:38 maybe backbiting or evil
20:40 summarizing or evil speaking.
20:43 This is real simple remedy,
20:44 don't you like remedies? I do,
20:47 simply take Jesus with you
20:51 wherever you go, whatever you do,
20:54 whoever that you're talking to.
20:56 Talk about Jesus and then
20:59 you won't have time why?
21:00 Because he's so important,
21:02 these other things are not,
21:03 you don't know about it,
21:04 nothing it's not your business
21:08 Talk about Jesus, take Him with you.
21:11 The Bible says in Matthew 11:29
21:15 Jesus simply says: Learn of me,
21:19 oh just come for I am meek and
21:23 lowly of heart;
21:25 and then he goes on he say,
21:26 and you shall find
21:29 rest in your souls.
21:31 So, people they don't have rest in their souls
21:33 and Jesus offers you that today.
21:36 Trusting God in the Hour of Trial,
21:40 do you trust Him, are things
21:42 going to where you could say,
21:43 regardless of what happens to me,
21:45 I love Him with all of my heart
21:47 and I'm gonna trust in His
21:48 strength and in His grace.
21:51 You know, one of the favorite songs
21:53 when I was growing up I never forget it
21:56 and it could be one of my favorites
21:58 now but my problem was this.
22:00 Every time we sing, you know
22:02 one of these good songs
22:04 I keep saying it's my favorite.
22:06 But this one here just has some real words
22:09 that says, Trust and obey,
22:11 for there's no other way.
22:14 To be happy in Jesus is to do what?
22:18 Good, trust and obey,
22:21 don't be a half-time, part-time
22:23 Christian say oh yeah well I trust I could.
22:26 It says trust and what? Good,
22:28 trust and obey, there is no other way.
22:31 And even come to the point
22:32 Job said in Job 13:15
22:35 "Though He slay me, yet I will trust Him,
22:41 "he had come to that point in his life,
22:43 how did this man come to that point
22:45 in his life when everything
22:47 seemed to be turning against Him.
22:48 He said though, though He slay me,
22:51 no matter what happens
22:52 yet I will trust in him,
22:55 that's the kind of faith I want,
22:56 that's the kind of trust that I want,
22:58 that's the kind of trust and faith and love,
23:01 I tell you those people are on their way
23:02 to Heaven. And I need that,
23:04 you need that today
23:06 that's simply saying well regardless
23:07 of what happens in this life I trust him,
23:10 because I am in His hands
23:12 and nothing happens unless
23:14 it passes God first,
23:16 that's the way it should be,
23:17 isn't that being belonging
23:18 to the family of God.
23:20 In Psalms 5:11 Listen to these words,
23:23 if you're really trusting in Him today.
23:27 In trial or in good times,
23:29 here's what the Bible says:
23:30 But let all those who put
23:32 their trust in thee rejoice.
23:36 Every person that puts their
23:38 trust in Jesus can rejoice,
23:40 they feel like rejoicing.
23:42 They don't feel like complaining,
23:44 they don't feel like
23:45 gossiping about somebody else.
23:47 If we're putting our trust in Him,
23:49 we're gonna be spending that time rejoicing,
23:52 reading on it says, let them
23:54 ever shout for joy,
23:57 how long has it been since
23:58 you've shouted for joy,
23:59 some of you haven't even
24:00 may little squeal lately,
24:02 I'm talking about shouting for joy
24:03 is what the Bible says when you
24:05 really put your trust in Him.
24:08 And I'm encouraging you
24:09 to do that today and you're
24:10 gonna be shouting for joy
24:12 and you say but why?
24:13 Because reading on the Bible says:
24:15 because thou defendest them,
24:19 that means you protect us
24:22 and then it goes on to say
24:23 and let us that love that name
24:26 and be joyful in thee.
24:29 Do you love the name of Jesus;
24:31 are you thankful for that protection,
24:32 are you shouting for joy?
24:34 Do you love that name?
24:36 Then it says to be joyful,
24:38 we should be happy
24:39 and almost everybody I've talked to
24:41 about being happy as Christians
24:43 what do they say? Oh, yeah,
24:44 yeah that's right what we need to be,
24:46 yeah we need to be.
24:48 They don't seem to be joyful,
24:50 it's not written on their face,
24:51 they're not really talking positive,
24:53 what's happening, what's going.
24:55 Listen I'm convinced of this.
24:57 God has, God is and He will continue
25:02 to do great things for
25:03 those who trust Him,
25:06 trusting Him is when everything
25:08 seems to be against you.
25:10 Everything is going against,
25:12 it seem like oh nothing is working right
25:14 but trust is what? I trust you Lord.
25:17 I'm not gonna lose a night's sleep over it,
25:20 I'm not gonna complain and
25:21 try to blame other people
25:23 for the mishaps or things
25:24 there were going bad. But I'm
25:25 gonna trust you God,
25:29 and some of you might say this, then why
25:31 are so many things and why are we
25:34 going wrong and then why is it that
25:36 we're not seeing more, more strength
25:38 and more victory among God's people.
25:42 Because He's promised them joy,
25:44 he's promised some power,
25:45 he's promised some moving among his people.
25:48 As if we really trust in him, more victories.
25:52 Couple of answers here,
25:53 at least I want you to consider,
25:55 how about consider these answers.
25:57 Why is it then that we don't,
25:58 we don't have more strength
26:00 and more victories in our Christian walk.
26:02 Could it be, could it be that we
26:06 rely on our self too much,
26:10 we trust too much to our own strength
26:12 and to our own wisdom.
26:15 We wanna work things out,
26:18 and number 2, could it be
26:19 that we're not giving,
26:21 listen, that we're not giving God
26:24 time enough to work His power.
26:28 Have you've ever done that,
26:29 oh Lord I need this and
26:31 I need that and you,
26:32 well it's not here I'm gonna go out
26:33 and I'm gonna find a way to get it.
26:36 Here is the patience of the saints,
26:38 we have to give God time to work
26:42 and we need to quit exercising
26:43 so much of, of self. I can do it,
26:46 I have it, I, lets get that
26:50 out of our vocabulary shall we?
26:53 Let's give God then an opportunity to,
26:56 you know to display His power
26:59 and his miracle working power
27:01 in our hearts, in our life
27:03 to answer that prayer, it's up to him.
27:05 God's promised this, he said
27:08 I'm gonna be with the faithful,
27:10 are you a faithful one today.
27:12 He said I promise I'm going to be
27:14 with you but here it is,
27:15 here is the problem that
27:16 bothers so many Christian.
27:18 Oh yeah, he said he's gonna be with me,
27:19 I know he's gonna be with me but you
27:21 don't wanna do anything in return.
27:23 No, it's not a works kind of thing,
27:25 we still have to respond
27:26 you need to pay attention
27:28 we'll cover that in just a moment.
27:30 It's not just set back and
27:32 say I'm faithful and God said,
27:33 so I'm gonna receive all these thing.
27:36 There is two conditions
27:37 when God says I'm going to,
27:39 I'm going to be with you,
27:40 I'm gonna take care of you,
27:41 I'm gonna bless my faithful.
27:42 Number one is the condition is,
27:45 if you place your entire confidence in Him,
27:50 have you placed your
27:51 entire confidence in Him.
27:57 Have you? You, some of you say
27:59 well I don't know that I or haven't.
28:03 This, this is to qualify for the faithful,
28:08 for the blessings of God,
28:09 we have to surrender,
28:11 we have to our entire confidence,
28:16 that means get rid ourselves, surrender self.
28:19 Have confidence in Him, number 2
28:21 we need to faithfully obey Him,
28:23 so the disobedience is not gonna be,
28:26 it's not the faithful.
28:28 The disobedient is not gonna
28:29 receive the promises of God,
28:32 the disobedients are not going to be
28:34 able to in the hour of
28:36 trial to be victorious.
28:39 So, if you want these
28:40 promises of God to the faithful,
28:42 place your entire what?
28:43 Good, confidence in Him,
28:45 and then be willing to obey Him,
28:48 faithfully obey Him. Not just
28:50 when it's convenient and when
28:51 you think oh this is right, I'll do it.
28:53 That's means every situation
28:55 of life faithfully that we follow God,
28:59 I read in Patriarchs and Prophets page 431,
29:02 some of you are familiar with the book
29:03 not maybe of you need to
29:04 get familiar with it.
29:06 Kind of a long para, a couple
29:07 of paragraphs but there is so much
29:09 information in here and I just loved it
29:11 and I wanna share it with you
29:13 so just kind of bear with me
29:14 as we read this and then think about,
29:17 ask the Holy Spirit to help us,
29:18 but we're talking about what?
29:20 Putting our full trust in Him,
29:22 putting everything in His arms
29:25 and in His hands and we trust Him
29:27 enough in regards of what's going wrong
29:29 or what's going right,
29:30 how if it's going in our life
29:31 that we trust Him.
29:34 You say, it's beautiful, everything is good.
29:39 We've been noted to say that
29:41 for a long time we say, everything is good,
29:45 it's all good and that maybe as tears are
29:49 streaming down your cheeks
29:50 sometime because you really don't understand.
29:52 But that's when trust and when faith begins
29:54 to be putting to operation
29:56 is when you don't understand
29:57 but you trust God.
29:58 He's gonna work you through it,
30:00 he's gonna change it.
30:03 Patriarchs and Prophets says when
30:05 we trust God fully, fully now notice,
30:07 when we trust God fully,
30:10 when we rely up on the merits of Jesus,
30:15 that's the two things
30:16 when we trust Jesus how?
30:18 Fully, good. When we rely upon what?
30:22 The merits of Jesus Christ not yourself,
30:26 not your, you call them gifts
30:27 and talents and abilities
30:28 and money and whatever it might,
30:30 you think you might have.
30:32 It's when we rely upon we trust Him fully,
30:34 we rely upon His merit.
30:36 His merits as what?
30:38 As a sin-pardoning Savior,
30:40 who loves us, who died for us.
30:45 Patriarchs and Prophets said,
30:46 we shall receive all the help that we need,
30:51 that's encouraging to me,
30:53 all of the help that we need.
30:56 If we just try, we're talking about have,
30:58 have confidence in God,
31:00 be willing to, be obedient to every word
31:02 that receives out of the mouth of God
31:04 to trust Him fully, to rely upon
31:06 the merits of Jesus Christ.
31:08 He's gonna send us all
31:09 the help that you need,
31:13 that's a promise, he said he would do it.
31:18 Reading on it says:
31:19 Let none look to self,
31:20 here's the problem: Let none look to self,
31:23 power to save themselves.
31:28 Jesus died for us because
31:30 we were helpless to do this.
31:33 Jesus died for us because we were what?
31:38 We were helpless, there is no way
31:40 that we can work our self out of this mess,
31:42 we are a sinner, we're on a dead decree,
31:45 Jesus looked down with pity and mercy,
31:48 willing to sacrifice his life.
31:50 That's an awesome thing,
31:52 I'll supply all of, all of your needs
31:55 I'm willing to die for you why?
31:58 what can he. Because you're helpless,
32:02 you're like a baby, people stand up,
32:03 well I can and I have done and I'm the reason.
32:07 No, you're helpless, I am helpless,
32:10 the world was helpless.
32:13 We needed help outside of us
32:16 and Jesus was willing to come down here,
32:18 that's beautiful why? Because
32:20 in Him is our, is our hope.
32:23 In Him is our encouragement.
32:26 He's our justification,
32:28 he's our righteousness,
32:30 he should be everything to us.
32:34 Especially when we see our,
32:35 our sinfulness, but you know
32:38 what happen sometime people
32:39 will see their sinfulness
32:40 as they begin to recount their life
32:42 and to look back they see
32:43 and they became despondent.
32:46 They became discouraged,
32:47 they became lookout depressed.
32:51 Realize depression is over taking the world,
32:55 just as the enemy would have it,
33:01 it doesn't want your mind to work properly.
33:05 We get too wrapped up in things of the world,
33:08 we put too much thought and
33:10 affection on things of the world,
33:11 when it doesn't work our way
33:13 we get depressed, despondent.
33:15 We can't even serve God,
33:17 we can't do anything for Him,
33:18 we're useless in the cause of Christ
33:20 and all we wanna do is think
33:21 about what? bout our self,
33:23 our situation what's going on in my life.
33:28 We've got a just a real,
33:29 just a real simple you know and
33:31 well he is not qualified,
33:32 this is just real simple take it or leave it.
33:35 If you're going through a suffering
33:36 which is a real thing depression.
33:38 Find something to do for somebody else,
33:42 you've got a keep active,
33:43 you can't just sit around the house,
33:44 me, my, I, everything is.
33:47 happening to me, my, I.
33:49 Don't spend time talking about it,
33:53 spend some time praying about it
33:54 and watch what God will do.
33:56 It's interesting people will say
33:57 well yeah, yeah, yeah, I hear that
33:58 and then they go right on
34:00 doing the same thing and
34:01 they cannot come out of it
34:03 and their mind becomes useless.
34:07 Just as the enemy would have it.
34:11 We're to rely up on Him,
34:14 but as we see our life,
34:15 our sinful condition, our helplessness.
34:18 We must realize no fear we have a savior,
34:23 we have one who cares for us.
34:27 And in regards of what we've done or
34:29 how many times we've done it in our life,
34:31 listen friend he has thoughts of mercy
34:36 towards you and me.
34:38 Well that just gladdens my heart,
34:39 I hope it gladdens yours,
34:41 regardless of our life, the trend of it.
34:44 His thoughts are not,
34:45 I'm going to teach them a lesson,
34:47 He has thoughts of mercy
34:49 toward me and toward you.
34:52 And our very lowest and when we're down
34:55 to as low as we can possibly get,
34:57 He's still giving the invitation
34:59 to come to Him. Come to Him, He says
35:01 come to me in your helpless condition.
35:05 That's such a good news to me
35:07 and then it goes on to say,
35:09 the Bible is very clear is that,
35:12 as we come to Him in our helpless
35:13 condition He will save us.
35:17 You don't get despondant
35:18 because your life has been so horrible
35:19 and so many bad things have happened.
35:21 No, we can have encouragement here,
35:23 I need encouragement in this hour
35:25 in which we live. I need more strength,
35:27 I need more power, I need to learn how to
35:29 trust God in the hour of trial.
35:34 If you're having a hard time
35:35 now, bless your heart,
35:39 we need to stay closer to Jesus
35:41 now more than ever before.
35:44 As the bottom is getting ready
35:45 to fall out of things of this world.
35:50 And as we sense our helplessness,
35:54 our helpless condition
35:56 that as a sinner remember
35:59 we cannot save our self.
36:03 We still have something to do
36:05 in the plan of salvation,
36:07 this kind of gets under people skin sometime,
36:08 they will what do you mean
36:09 we have something to do
36:10 in our plan of salvation.
36:11 Jesus paid it all, all to Him,
36:12 we all praise God for that, that's true.
36:15 But it's interesting as I read in scripture
36:17 and you think about this too if you will.
36:19 In Philippians 2 verse 12 it says:
36:22 Work out your own salvation with what?
36:26 Good, Fear and Trembling,
36:29 so we have something to do,
36:31 what is that something we have to do
36:33 as we recognize our helplessness.
36:35 And that we recognize
36:36 that there's trials ahead,
36:37 God is preparing us for Heaven,
36:39 these are His little workmen
36:41 that help us to get there.
36:44 That we need these things,
36:47 you ever, you ever met somebody
36:48 that you know they never
36:50 had any correcting and.
36:52 They always got their own way,
36:54 oh how selfish they had become.
36:58 But some people you meet,
36:59 they just been through
37:00 hard times and difficult,
37:03 then they seem to be noble,
37:06 they have a real character about them.
37:09 They've learned in the school of Christ,
37:12 they've learned how to, how to, how to
37:14 how to bridge through and gain victory
37:17 over these difficulties that surround them
37:19 every day of their life.
37:20 And they continue to look to Him,
37:23 this is what I need, I want,
37:24 is this what you need, Jesus said this.
37:27 You still have your Bible,
37:28 I want you to turn John 6:37,
37:31 these, these are such comforting words
37:34 because he doesn't say
37:36 you have to be red, black, yellow, white,
37:38 or you have to be sinless,
37:39 you have to be just right to come to me.
37:41 Jesus said him that cometh to me.
37:45 Him that cometh unto me I will in what?
37:48 No wise cast out, if you come to Jesus
37:53 He said I will no wise cast out.
37:54 Let me tell you, the people won't do that,
38:01 maybe some of your kinfolk
38:02 won't be so gracious and kind,
38:04 your whole family. And they don't,
38:08 hey they don't know anything
38:10 but Jesus knows everything about us
38:12 he says if you come to me
38:14 I will no wise cast you out.
38:16 So, we have something to, a part to play
38:19 in the plan of salvation because what?
38:21 We have to come to Him,
38:26 he said: Behold I stand at the door
38:27 and knock, so Spirit has been moving us
38:28 but we have to make a decision to come to Him.
38:32 Here it is, this is, this is our part
38:35 we must come to Him, repent of our sins.
38:38 And the Bible says, we need to believe
38:40 that He forgives me, we have to believe
38:42 that he accepts me into the family of God.
38:48 Boy, that's exciting, I mean I can
38:49 help to get a little excited about it,
38:51 why? Why shouldn't you be excited
38:53 about today, when you recount your past
38:56 and your life and what you are worthy of?
38:58 Just like I am, we're worthy of death,
39:01 no mercy, no grace, but He gives
39:03 it to me anyway, praise God.
39:05 And he said, Kenny, if you just come to me
39:07 I'm not gonna cast you out,
39:08 when you're at your lowest ever,
39:10 when everything is, is death, I'm still,
39:12 I'm calling to you to come on up
39:14 I will give you power, I will change your life.
39:17 You see people are dwelling
39:18 on themselves all the time,
39:19 your life can't change because
39:20 that's what you're dwelling on, is yourself.
39:23 It can change if we dwell upon Jesus Christ,
39:26 as we come to Him, we exercise this thing
39:29 called what? Good, we exercise
39:30 this thing called faith,
39:32 yes it's a gift of God.
39:34 But it is the power,
39:37 it's our power to exercise it,
39:40 we have to exercise that faith.
39:45 Bible says everybody has a
39:46 little bit of faith, I heard people
39:47 say I don't have any faith,
39:48 the Bible say everybody has a measure.
39:50 But it's up to us to exercise
39:52 that power of faith.
39:55 Many of you think that, oh boy they must
39:57 do something to make themselves worthy, oh
40:01 I've got to do something make myself worthy.
40:03 That could never happen, wait till I get right,
40:08 wait till I get my life just in perfect harmony
40:11 then I'm gonna come to Him,
40:12 wait till I work past this issue,
40:14 wait till I work past that issue,
40:17 wait till this here happens in my life.
40:21 It's never gonna happen,
40:24 there is nothing that you can do
40:26 to make yourself worthy,
40:27 nothing that I can do is never gonna happen.
40:29 But here is some good news,
40:31 you're ready for it first,
40:33 we must not look to self, here it is again,
40:37 we must not look to self.
40:39 We have to look past self to believe
40:43 that Jesus is our all sufficient savior,
40:49 Christ is our only hope of eternal life,
40:52 hope of salvation. I hope you notice this
40:57 but the first thing we have to do is look past
40:59 where? Self, you know it's very interesting I
41:05 somewhat of a friend I knew him for several years
41:08 couple of big, big fellow and when
41:13 we're talking about look past self.
41:15 He had a real, I know he's a big fellow
41:17 himself he had a real problem if anybody
41:19 showed up a little bit taller than he was.
41:21 He didn't want to talk to them,
41:24 he said I don't, I don't like
41:27 looking up at anybody. Well, all of us short
41:31 people are at all of our time looking
41:32 up to everybody. Let see he had a
41:35 problem of what? Getting past himself,
41:39 he didn't want to have to look up, I'm
41:41 encourage you friend to look up right now,
41:43 take your eyes off the man and get past
41:44 self and begin to look to Jesus
41:46 who's the author and finisher of our faith.
41:49 There is no other name the book of Acts
41:50 says chapter 4 verse 12: Then the name of Jesus,
41:56 you ever say that name just Jesus,
41:59 does it do something to you, for you?
42:01 In you? There's something soothing
42:05 about that name. oh, I'm encourage you,
42:09 if you're going through test and trial
42:10 or some difficulty right now,
42:11 just utter the name of Jesus.
42:15 What happen, well the devil has to flee,
42:17 he can't stand at me in your heart Jesus,
42:20 I need some help. He's gonna come there,
42:24 I need to learn to trust God in the
42:25 hour of trial. But friend how can we,
42:30 if we've never been acquainted with Him,
42:33 you're gonna be tested, but your,
42:35 you say acquainted or not.
42:36 You're gonna have some test,
42:39 how can we gain these victories and
42:40 He set for the time before us here
42:42 that we may repopulate Heaven.
42:46 Here is the example in the Bible will
42:48 run through in some of the time that
42:49 we have here, that's a pretty good example
42:51 in my opinion and I think, I think you'll
42:54 come to that as we talk about you,
42:56 your trust in God in the midst of trial
42:58 we all remember Israel, we read the Bible,
43:00 these are things written for our example
43:03 and you know when they were in the,
43:04 the, the desert. You remember all things
43:08 are not gonna, you know they were just
43:09 blessed right and left wherever they went
43:11 there was blessings, they've been
43:13 protected by God from everything
43:15 that was out there on their journey.
43:17 Countless dangerous surrounded them over
43:19 and over and over, fiery serpents
43:22 and scorpions and of course you remember
43:26 the water and you remember the food,
43:27 you remember the fire at night and
43:29 the cloud during the day and you know
43:31 victory over the enemies. But seem like every
43:34 time they gained a victory or something
43:35 big happen, they sat around and they,
43:38 oh! boy we did. They took credit for
43:41 themselves now this is very important
43:43 for us to pay attention to it,
43:45 many times we, we try to take credit
43:47 for something that God is doing.
43:49 And sometime we, he does a lot of
43:50 things and we don't give Him any praise.
43:53 The time will come for those of you
43:54 who refuse to give Him praise for,
43:56 He is going withdraw His protection from you,
44:01 I think you had trouble before.
44:03 You say well how do you know it,
44:05 he did it Israel, He do it for us if we
44:08 failed to say thank you God for what
44:10 you were doing, there was no sick
44:13 ones as they marched in the wilderness.
44:15 Their clothes didn't wear out,
44:17 countless blessings and yet they,
44:21 they just in their hour of test,
44:23 they didn't thank God. And they began
44:26 to murmur andagain to pray and
44:28 this is the lesson for all of us today.
44:30 These blessings that you receive give
44:32 God the praise, Israel was still complaining
44:36 when the hand of God was working in their
44:39 behalf and the Lord withdrew His protection.
44:42 Now, it would be withdrawn and it could be
44:45 withdrawing from you and from me.
44:47 And till we come to our senses and till
44:50 Israel would repent and come back to God,
44:53 this gift God would take back of His protection.
44:58 They had to come with humble attitudes
45:00 and with repentance, not just say okay Lord
45:03 we're tired of these, it had to be proven,
45:05 how about, do you wanna go through
45:06 life without the protection of God?
45:09 I don't, I need it, I desire that.
45:13 We don't wanna follow in the foot
45:14 steps of Jesus, I mean of Israel,
45:17 we wanna follow the foot steps of
45:19 Jesus don't we? We must follow in His,
45:21 in His foot step not Israel's
45:23 because I tell you. They always turned on,
45:25 on God they failed again and again and again
45:29 the Bible is clear, when it come test
45:33 for their faith and their patience,
45:36 they failed over and over and over.
45:41 May I just say this, if we dwell on
45:44 the negative, that's right I'm
45:46 talking to everybody out here if you dwell,
45:50 if I dwell on the negative. Here is what's
45:53 going to happened and I meet and talk to
45:56 them all of the time just like you do.
45:59 They never have anything positive to say,
46:02 Israel couldn't find a thing positive
46:04 then we talk about God to give Him
46:05 praise even though they receive miracles
46:07 everyday of their life. And they murmured
46:09 and they complain, but you meet people like
46:11 that when you meet, how you're doing?
46:12 Oh, oh it's a mess, oh, life is mess,
46:15 I tell, I go to be dead I don't wanna
46:17 live anymore. Listen, if we continue
46:21 to dwell on the negative and
46:23 the dark side of our experience
46:26 and every time you repeat it,
46:28 you grow further and further
46:30 away from God, did you get that.
46:33 Every time you repeat that negative,
46:37 I don't know if God loves me,
46:38 I don't know what's gonna happen,
46:40 things are such a mess. We're repeating that,
46:42 we're establishing it in our mind
46:44 and we're separating further and further
46:47 away from God, you don't
46:49 want that, I don't want that.
46:52 Here is what Israel did, and what are we to do?
47:00 You realize many times, now this is gonna
47:02 probably hurt some people or you maybe
47:04 one of those that's in denial.
47:06 We bring trouble on our self,
47:09 how do we do that? Have you ever met
47:12 somebody that they're never out of trouble?
47:15 As soon as one thing it seems in their,
47:17 in another mess and then another mess
47:20 and then another mess. We can bring
47:23 troubles on ourselves, why? Israel gives
47:25 that prime example, they brought
47:27 trouble on themselves. It wasn't the way
47:30 God wanted it? God didn't want them to suffer,
47:33 he doesn't want you to suffer but
47:34 you keep again from one mess to
47:36 another by the choices that you make.
47:40 Wow, you make it harder in your life
47:44 then God even designed it to be,
47:47 you say well how, how can that be?
47:50 Listen real closing this statement you may
47:53 say it sounds goofy but I want you
47:54 to think about it. Come on close up here,
47:57 look here, don't tempt the devil to tempt you,
48:05 does that make sense?
48:07 Don't tempt the devil to tempt you?
48:12 Oh yes you can, how many people will
48:15 stand and say well I tell you I would
48:17 never do that. You remember and we
48:22 talked about a little earlier you
48:23 remember about Peter. What did he say?
48:27 Oh, Lord I'll follow you to prison today.
48:33 Wow, he set himself up and as you study
48:37 the life of Peter right here it was his
48:41 listen, his self confidence that caused
48:45 his ruin, at that time it was what?
48:49 His self confident, he had confidence
48:52 in his self. Well, I can, I tell you I will
48:55 go to prison, I will die, oh I can do this,
48:59 I would never do what he or she did.
49:02 Well, that doesn't bother me, no,
49:04 no I tell you the devil can't get me on that
49:06 Why don't you just try to tempt,
49:07 Him to tempt you? He will,
49:10 he will take you because what?
49:11 You got too much self confidence,
49:14 too much of me, my, I in yourself
49:16 and he's gonna bring you right on down.
49:21 No confidence, no trust in yourself
49:23 only where? In God. Read that if you
49:26 haven't read that about Peter lately
49:28 in Luke chapter 22. Now, back
49:30 to this test quickly, but it given to Israel,
49:34 you remember what took place as God
49:37 withdrew His protection from the Israelites
49:40 and all of a sudden here comes these
49:41 great big fiery, poisonous serpents
49:45 that been their all the time that God
49:47 had been protecting them from it.
49:48 But now he withdrew his protection
49:50 he was trying to get their attention
49:51 because they were ungrateful,
49:52 they were unthankful. They would dwell
49:53 on the negative all the time,
49:54 they were depress. In all of the sudden
50:00 those serpents began to, to bite them
50:02 and people began to die, speedly
50:04 and it was painful and you know in
50:06 the hour of their test and their trial
50:08 all they could do is murmur and
50:10 complain and they don't know what to do.
50:12 People were dying and suffering all around,
50:14 their moms, dads, children,
50:16 babies what were they're gonna do.
50:20 Should they come to God,
50:21 should they ask Him for forgiveness
50:24 and turn around. But notice the design
50:27 that God had, all of a sudden their
50:31 minds got so occupied on the snake bites,
50:35 the fiery serpents and what was
50:36 going on around them. People were dying
50:39 other words big things were happening
50:41 reality was really sat in and what
50:43 happen to the children of Israel?
50:45 They never complain and they never
50:47 murmured about their situation in
50:49 the wilderness, why? Because
50:51 their mind was on something that was,
50:53 was bigger, it was death and suffering
50:56 and no one was talking about.
50:58 The bread and the water and God
51:00 doesn't love us and I wonder
51:01 if that might happened in our life,
51:04 if we just kind of look at the total picture,
51:06 the whole, the whole thing rather than me,
51:08 mine, I and something really drastic,
51:11 how you may say that well I don't
51:12 have the money for this, I don't
51:13 have this, I don't have that.
51:14 And all of a sudden you get a phone
51:15 call someone mom died or dad died.
51:20 All of sudden we forget about the things
51:21 we've been griping and complaining
51:23 about and we start focusing on
51:26 something else. What's God's
51:30 plan for you and, and for me
51:34 we don't want it to be harder
51:35 do with and God's plan for us.
51:37 But we can't if we're constantly
51:39 complaining and bringing trouble
51:40 on ourselves. We need God,
51:47 we need to come humbly before
51:49 Him and Moses. They came to Moses,
51:53 you know what they said? We've sinned,
51:56 they were sorry for what was going on.
51:58 Of course you know the story then,
52:00 God told Moses to make a serpent
52:02 of brass and he said you know
52:03 raise that serpent up and everybody
52:05 that would look at that serpent what
52:06 would happen? Yes, they would be,
52:09 they would be healed,
52:10 it was the look of faith,
52:12 had nothing do with that little
52:13 serpent but what? It represented Jesus
52:15 and you will just look and live
52:17 and that's the encouragement then
52:18 I'm gonna give you today.
52:19 Jesus you to look to him and you
52:21 look to him and you're going to, to live.
52:23 You're going to be healed,
52:25 oh you're fighting you know maybe
52:27 a disease today. You're fighting
52:28 the cigarette habit and the drug
52:30 habit and the drinking habit
52:31 and the cruising habit and all those
52:33 evil things in the world.
52:35 Jesus says take your eyes off them
52:37 and you look to me and you will be healed,
52:39 that's a promise. He just asked
52:43 for a look of faith, you maybe have
52:47 never done it but why not today?
52:50 You say, well I've never heard it
52:52 before but if you have or you have
52:53 look to him today because you need
52:55 a healing in your life. I need a healing
52:57 in my life everyday,
53:00 you say well is that really important
53:01 let the children of Israel when
53:03 they were battened with the things
53:05 of the world over the serpents
53:06 and now just things of the world right here.
53:08 Those who didn't look to Jesus,
53:10 they perished, you don't look to Jesus
53:13 you're going to perish. All they
53:17 had to do is to, to look once
53:20 and they were, they were healed.
53:22 Though they never been battened.
53:24 The people knew that there was no power
53:26 in the serpent, and they've been
53:28 to recognized those blessings and that
53:29 power came from God and God alone.
53:32 Just as we need to realize that
53:34 today in our life, God chose
53:36 something very simple to get the
53:38 attention of Israel. But what they
53:41 had brought on themselves,
53:45 oh the world is full of that today
53:47 you know that if we just simply obey God.
53:50 We have nothing to fear,
53:52 he's gonna preserve us as he preserve
53:54 them I encourage you today to look and to live.
53:58 Here's a lesson for them, a lesson for us,
54:02 there was nothing that Israel could do to
54:05 save themselves from the bite of the serpent.
54:08 And friend there is nothing you can
54:09 do within yourself to be speared from
54:13 the bite of the devil, you can't be without
54:16 Jesus Christ. You have felt that
54:19 deadly sting of Satan, you have felt
54:22 that and experience that fetal affect of sin.
54:26 And that can only be removed by
54:27 the provisions that God has made
54:29 for you and for me why won't you accept
54:31 that today? I'm encourage you to,
54:33 to look and to live. But you do that by faith,
54:39 would you just accept him right now as your,
54:40 as your Lord and Savior why not?
54:43 Because some of you so far down,
54:44 you've never gonna get back up
54:47 and some of you think you're way up
54:48 there when you're way down there.
54:49 But just look and live as what Jesus is saying.
54:53 Exercise a little bit of faith that God has given,
54:57 yes that serpent was a symbol of Jesus Christ.
55:03 Please right now while there is still
55:05 time look and live, he wants to receive you,
55:08 he wants to pardon you,
55:09 he wants to forgive you,
55:11 he wants set your feet up on our
55:12 firm foundation. He wants you to
55:14 work for Him and live for him and tell
55:16 others about Him, just accepting
55:19 as Him as your atoning sacrifice today,
55:22 thanks to say God thank you for His blood.
55:24 Why don't we do that in the closing
55:25 moments here today, just thank Him
55:27 that we by faith just look and live
55:29 and these things could be healed,
55:31 let's pray about it right now shall we,
55:33 as we close; oh I want you to
55:35 pray in faith believing.
55:39 Kind, Loving, Heavenly Father,
55:42 we thank you for your word today,
55:43 we thank you that you just said
55:44 simply that we just need by faith to
55:45 look and we can live. We've been beaten
55:48 by the fiery sting of the devil,
55:51 there is no way out of it,
55:52 we're in mess, we're helpless.
55:54 But you just simply said by faith
55:55 look and live and may we do that
55:58 by faith today as many souls are making
56:00 that decision right now I thank
56:02 you for it in Jesus name Amen.
56:07 Oh, it's been wonderful to spend
56:08 sometime with you and again we
56:10 always look forward to spending
56:11 this as we study the word of
56:12 God together I believe we
56:14 live in an hour where we need encouragement,
56:17 we need strength. We need to know
56:19 that there's victory for us,
56:20 we need to know the way to heaven
56:23 and God has given us that direction.
56:25 May I just encourage you,
56:26 you have a comment or question
56:27 how about just writing it down,
56:29 sending it to us, we'll be glad to
56:31 respond to it and by the way please
56:34 oh yeah we will have little gifts
56:35 support station that brings you these.
56:36 And we look forward to hearing from you,
56:38 may God richly bless you,
56:40 we'll see you next time.
56:44 Dear friends, I hope that
56:46 this is help to ground you
56:48 when you walk with God as we
56:50 grow in the grace and in the knowledge of God,
56:53 our faith is strengthened and through
56:56 trials and tribulations of life.
56:58 If we exercise our faith in God
57:01 and remain unmovable, we will truly
57:05 become converted into Christ image
57:07 as Peter and the other disciples.
57:11 After Peter's conversion he never
57:13 again denied His Lord,
57:15 he was governed by godly wisdom
57:18 and no longer spoke rashly.
57:20 He worked mildly and the power
57:23 of the Holy Spirit. He did follow
57:26 Christ unto death. The death of a cross,
57:29 only in Peter's death he requested
57:31 to be hung upside down,
57:33 feeling unworthy to die right side up
57:37 as did his Lord and Savior.
57:40 It is our prayer here at Behold the
57:42 Lamb Ministries that you will trust God
57:45 in your hour of trial. And should you
57:48 wish a copy of today's message
57:50 we're make it available to you
57:52 for a suggested donation of just $8 or more.
57:56 Won't you write us today?
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58:22 or as always visit us on the web at
58:25 BeholdTheLambMinistries. com. And till next
58:30 time may our precious Lord
58:32 richly bless you and yours.


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