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Breaking The Power Of The Enemy

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00:39 Welcome to Behold the Lamb Presents,
00:42 I'm Chris Shelton your host and yes we hope
00:46 that is your heart felt desire to break
00:49 the enemy's power over you in your life
00:51 but how can this be done. Every time
00:55 we turn around, intentional or not,
00:57 it just seems like we make the wrong decisions
01:00 and in some areas of life, life continues
01:04 to scroll out of control. We've all
01:07 been there, battling with the enemy its real,
01:10 we are engaged in a spiritual warfare
01:13 for our eternal souls. The enemy is doing
01:17 all he possibly can to keep you off
01:20 the straight and narrow road that leads to
01:22 eternal life. Why? Because he knows that
01:26 he's a scapegoat, you can read all about
01:28 this scapegoat in Leviticus chapter 16.
01:33 The enemy knows that his day is coming
01:35 when all who make it to heaven will have
01:38 their sins placed upon the scapegoat for him
01:41 to receive the due punishment;
01:44 therefore he would rather that you be
01:46 punished for your sins in the lake of fire
01:49 then for him to be. And I believe that
01:52 he is just so full of jealousy,
01:54 just so full of hatred for all that
01:56 God's stands for, that he just
01:59 can't stand it for us to one day live in the
02:03 heavenly atmosphere that he lost
02:05 because of his wrong choices.
02:08 Therefore if we desire heaven be our home
02:12 some day we must learn how to break the power
02:15 of the enemy over our actions,
02:18 over our decisions, our thoughts, our desires,
02:21 over any avenue that he may open to your soul.
02:25 That's why, today's message is so vital,
02:30 so get out your Bibles and lets study along
02:33 with Pastor Kenny as he reveals the message
02:35 that God has placed upon his heart.
02:37 It is entitled breaking the power of the enemy.
02:41 To help prepare our hearts for this message
02:44 we're once again blasting with music from
02:47 3ABN's worship center and today's special
02:50 music is entitled New Jerusalem and
02:53 it is sung by Brother Christian Berdahl.
03:20 I saw the Holy City Descending from the sky
03:30 So brilliant with the light of God
03:36 The city is His bride. There is no temple
03:45 in this town. No sun, no moon, no lamp
03:51 For God's own glory is it's light
03:57 Illuminated by the Lamb And God Himself
04:06 will wipe the tears From every weeping eye
04:14 No death, no pain, no mourning cry
04:19 And every tear made dry
04:27 And now our God will dwell with them
04:32 The new Jerusalem And He Himself will
04:40 walk with them The new Jerusalem
04:56 And so let all of those who thirst
05:03 Come now and drink for free
05:08 And to the one who overcomes
05:13 Come now and you will see
05:19 Behold the old has passed away
05:24 Now everything is new. The Alpha and
05:31 Omega's words Are trustworthy
05:36 and so true. And God Himself will wipe
05:44 the tears. From every weeping eye
05:50 No death, no pain, no mourning cry
05:55 And every tear made dry And now our God
06:06 will dwell with them The new Jerusalem
06:13 And He Himself will walk with them
06:18 The new Jerusalem And now our God will
06:27 dwell with them The new Jerusalem
06:33 And He Himself will walk with them
06:39 The new Jerusalem The new Jerusalem.
07:29 Thank you for joining us once again,
07:32 we're thrilled to be able to spend this time
07:34 with you and we always look forward
07:37 to you know receiving your response
07:40 to the program. So, why don't you sit down,
07:42 get the pencil and paper, you might have a
07:44 question or comment we are more than happy
07:46 to look at that and to respond to you.
07:48 You know, I believe that God's people
07:51 have a lot on their heart and a lot on their
07:53 mind and you may want to share that.
07:56 Feel free to do it, again we're glad
07:58 that you are with us wherever you may be,
07:59 we are gonna be studying about the breaking
08:02 the power of the enemy. How does a
08:05 individual break the power of the enemy?
08:08 Can an individual or is it going to take
08:10 some outside help. We're gonna be looking
08:13 at this after we have prayer.
08:14 So, if you can why don't we just pray
08:16 together, I'm gonna kneel and if you can,
08:18 fine, if you can't prayer where you're at,
08:20 we're gonna ask for the power
08:21 of the Holy Spirit. Kind loving heavenly Father,
08:26 we thank you for the privilege of sharing
08:28 your word today, they are words of life.
08:31 We pray for their knowing of the high
08:33 Holy Spirit trace will open my heart,
08:35 my mind, may I be able to hear your
08:37 sweet spirit, the words that need to be spoken
08:39 as you open the ears of the each
08:41 and everyone and the eyes of those around
08:43 the world that are seeking to make heaven
08:46 their home. Now for the anointing of thy spirit
08:49 we give you praise and honor and glory
08:52 and we pray as this program is anointed
08:55 that it will reach thousands,
08:57 ye millions of people around the world.
08:59 We thank you for that privilege
09:00 in Jesus name, Amen. Always a question,
09:07 a lot of times people make phone calls
09:09 and usually when they make these calls
09:11 they're in some kind of a dilemma.
09:13 Something is going on in their life
09:14 and they have questions and they usually
09:17 boils down to the little bottom like is that
09:20 the devil is raking havoc over their life.
09:24 They want to know how they can gain
09:28 the victory over the enemy. Well just a real
09:31 short quick answer could be for us today
09:33 well you know just see how Jesus did it.
09:36 But lets just go a little bit more here
09:38 in depth as we live day by day by every word
09:41 that proceeds out the mouth of God.
09:44 And then we focus on how Jesus would have us
09:48 to be working along with him because Jesus
09:52 realizes that the devil is a real problem
09:54 in this world. You know the devil has an awful
09:57 lot of assaults and he brings them against us,
10:00 he has delusions they're many,
10:03 the things that he's working in every area.
10:05 He is busy in every aspect of life,
10:08 he doesn't leave one area uncovered.
10:11 So, where ever you maybe your weakness
10:13 might be he is going to be there
10:15 and the good news is that we can be weak
10:18 in a certain area but through Jesus Christ
10:21 it can become our strongest point.
10:23 But is there working, he's there chiseling
10:25 away, doing all that he can, he is constant,
10:28 he is consistent and he is also the accuser
10:33 of the Brethren,
10:35 tells us. So, we have an accuser of what?
10:38 Of the brethren. So the devil is always going
10:42 about accusing someone. He is bringing something
10:45 up to God, oh these are your people,
10:48 these are your children, well look what they did.
10:51 Look what they're doing, he is the accuser
10:54 of the brethren. Now the devil realized because
10:58 the Bible tells us in Revelation 12:12,
11:01 it says the devil has come down to you
11:04 having great wrath and then it says because.
11:08 Now the devil has great wrath,
11:10 why does he have such great wrath because
11:13 he knows his time is what? Short.
11:17 He knows that he has just a short time to go.
11:21 You know that tells me, he already knows
11:24 he's defeated, he already knows
11:26 that he is a loser and yet he's still trying
11:29 to lure the world through his delusions,
11:31 through his temptations and through the lust
11:33 of the eye and lust of the flesh,
11:35 he's still taking the world captive.
11:38 But he knows he has just a short time,
11:42 do you know that you just have a short time.
11:45 Let's not say well the enemy knows
11:47 more than we know here, we're not trying
11:49 to give him any praise and lift him up.
11:51 This is reality of it, the devil knows
11:54 his time is short and so he is working constantly
11:57 and consistently, oh! Much more than
12:00 many so called Christian, we think
12:03 we have all the life span, we're gonna be
12:06 here forever and ever and ever.
12:07 Are we really consistent in our walk with God?
12:10 Are we aggressive in the cause of God?
12:12 Do we realize our time is short
12:14 and we must haste we must redeem the time?
12:17 The devil does. Oh! He loves us to sit back
12:21 and to do nothing, and because he knows
12:24 his time is short, because he was cast out
12:27 to this earth. Revelation 12:17 says
12:31 he went to make war with the remnant of her
12:33 seed those who keep the commandments of God,
12:35 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
12:38 Two identifying marks as you know of the
12:40 God's last day remnant church,
12:42 you don't have those two identifying mark
12:44 you cannot possibly be God's last day
12:46 remnant church. Not talking about just names
12:49 on the door I'm talking about identifying marks
12:52 that the Bible gives. So the devil is angry,
12:55 the devil is working on what,
12:56 people who keep and I'm talking about all ten by
13:00 God's grace. You think about works no not all
13:03 we're talking about what? We're obeying
13:05 because we love him. We are going to be obedient
13:08 to God, the devil was disobedient,
13:11 he didn't keep the laws of heaven
13:14 and he was cast out and if you're not by
13:16 God's grace, you're not looking to beholding
13:17 that Ten Commandments you see and eying
13:20 those things up and looking and saying,
13:21 God help me with these issues.
13:24 Wow! We're not even gonna make it to heaven
13:26 are we, to be cast out. Something we need to
13:29 contemplate and think on today.
13:31 The Bible said, he was cast out to this earth
13:33 and you know what he did, he planted
13:37 his standard of rebellion right here
13:42 on this thing we call earth, this planet.
13:45 He planted a rebellious standard
13:49 and he's saying, I'm going to rally the world
13:51 around my standard. We're talking about
13:56 breaking the power of the enemy
13:58 but he's come down with great power,
13:59 he's planted a standard, that's his law,
14:05 man made rules and regulations,
14:06 this is not God's, but God's also
14:08 has a standard. And we're gonna rally around
14:11 one or the other, you're gonna rally around
14:14 the old enemy and his standard all around God
14:18 and his standard, what is it going to be,
14:21 are you going to break the power of that enemy
14:24 in your life, then we have to so regulate
14:27 our life by the grace of God.
14:30 Come in harmony with scripture.
14:33 The enemy, the Bible said was cast out
14:37 of heaven, you know he was cast out of heaven,
14:38 yeah because he was rebellious,
14:40 he wouldn't go along with God's rules
14:42 and regulation that's put in a very
14:44 simple way, that's true. And when he was
14:47 cast out, he had, he no longer had any right
14:49 to be in the courts of heaven.
14:53 Why? Because he rebelled, because
14:55 he was disobedient, yet the world is saying
14:57 we no need to be obedient.
14:59 But the devil was cast out because of
15:01 disobedience. So, there is something
15:04 we need to look at here a little bit closer
15:07 today as we see we need to break that
15:09 power of the enemy. The enemy knew
15:12 that when he came to this world he is going
15:14 to set up his you guys call his empire
15:17 this world and he said, I'm going to destroy
15:21 as many people as I can or what?
15:25 I'm going to take down as many people as I can.
15:30 And you know the one's that he was wanting to
15:32 take down those that were created
15:35 in the image of God that's all mankind
15:38 isn't it. Because we were created in the
15:40 image of God the devil hates you
15:45 and so he's picked a fight with you
15:49 and he's either going to win or you're going
15:51 to win. He chooses many avenues in which
15:55 to defeat you and a lot times this always
15:58 wasn't the devil, it just you know I choose.
16:00 Yeah that's true you have a choice devil
16:02 can't make you do anything. He just tempts
16:05 you and the flesh sometimes wants to do
16:08 these things and so we make wrong choices
16:11 and wrong decision, the devil doesn't care
16:13 as long as we're disobedient to
16:16 God's word. So there is something to say
16:19 about obedience, in the world we live in,
16:21 they start crying foul when you say
16:24 we need to be obedient to God's rules,
16:26 his regulations, his law. Why? Why is it that
16:33 we have such problem? As the Bible has said,
16:37 the accusing power of Satan he has that
16:40 he is Accuser of the Brethren,
16:41 but how can it be broken. Oh it's simple
16:45 Bible passage, I'm going to turn my Bible,
16:47 and you do it too if you, in the
16:48 New Testament in the Book of John.
16:50 This is probably the most quoted
16:52 in the Bible, but how much sense it makes
16:55 and how that it answers the question that
16:58 we're talking about here. In the Book of
17:00 John we're going to go to chapter 3.
17:02 John chapter 3, there are several verses
17:05 but I'm just, because of time we're just gonna
17:07 concentrate just on a couple. John 3,
17:09 the Bible says here in verses 14 and so on,
17:12 it says, as Moses lifted up the serpent
17:16 in the wilderness, even so the Son of Man
17:19 must be lifted up, then the Bible goes on to say
17:24 that whosoever believeth in him should not perish
17:27 but have eternal life. And then probably
17:30 the most passage, scripture that everybody
17:33 knows. John 3 what? You see it written on side
17:37 of the road in different places,
17:38 many license plates, John 3:16,
17:41 'cause we're talking about the accusing power
17:44 of the devil has to be broken,
17:46 how can it be broken. Something you can do
17:48 something that you could pay for,
17:49 something you can get, no here it is.
17:52 "For God so loved the world that he gave
17:54 his only begotten Son, that whosoever
17:56 believeth in him should not perish,
17:59 but have everlasting life."There is no way
18:04 to break the power of Satan other than
18:07 the name of Jesus. This is where its at
18:11 and the devil doesn't want us to behold Jesus,
18:13 because he knows that breaks his back,
18:15 that breaks his power, whosoever, anyone who
18:22 believes in me shall not perish but have
18:24 everlasting life and in believing in him
18:26 we also willing to be what? Obedient to him
18:30 not just say why you say I just believe
18:33 now the Bible says, the devil believe
18:34 and tremble, they're not going to heaven.
18:36 Don't think you're going to go to heaven
18:38 in disobedience and just by believing,
18:41 it's a word that denotes that we need to be
18:43 some action involved in believing Him,
18:46 that we need to follow him and be obedient
18:49 to him. If you're jotting them down,
18:51 read Galatians 6:14 and also Hebrews 9:22,
18:56 because it gives the answer of the power
18:59 that can break the enemy that has broken him
19:02 and certainly that is Jesus Christ,
19:04 that's encouraging. If we just dissect
19:07 just a little bit, if you let me do that,
19:09 John 3:14, said Moses lifted up what?
19:13 The serpent in the wilderness.
19:16 Remember that the death of Jesus Christ
19:19 on the cross, what happened to the enemy,
19:22 was his power broken, we have to realize that
19:27 Calvary as we see Calvary the Cross of
19:29 Calvary is our only hope in this world.
19:34 This is our only hope is the Cross of Calvary
19:36 and its theme is so great and so that
19:41 we can't even comprehend its going to be our
19:43 theme through the ceaseless ages as the
19:45 Cross of Calvary. We'll be learning
19:47 more and more and more and more than a 1000s
19:50 and millions of years, we still never feel
19:52 eons of times, never ever really
19:54 oh we understand all there is to know
19:56 about Calvary that's how great.
19:59 Oh! You think you know what Calvary
20:01 because someone was nailed to a cross.
20:02 You don't realize, I do not realize
20:04 what was given up, what Jesus gave up
20:06 in the courts of heaven to come down here
20:09 and to live this life among men, to be a man.
20:11 Go through all the tests and the trials
20:15 and the devils, demons of hell everyone of them
20:18 was against him. So thankful he was
20:20 victorious, because I failed
20:22 and I need somebody victorious,
20:23 only Jesus could be that for me how about you?
20:25 His answer John 3:15 we simply said whosoever
20:31 believe in him should not perish,
20:33 so we must realize as Christ died upon
20:35 the cross the destruction of the enemy
20:37 was made sure. When Jesus died what?
20:40 The destruction of the enemy was made sure.
20:43 There is no use to doubt and say well I'm
20:45 not sure what took place, it was they say,
20:47 nail in the coffin of the devil.
20:50 Jesus died upon the cross, he died for
20:52 my sins, how about yours. His blood
20:55 was shed so that it might be whiter than
20:57 snow Praise God for that and some good news
21:01 that atonement will never ever need to be
21:03 repeated again. Once is appoint at the time.
21:07 One time to die on the Cross of Calvary
21:09 and friends that's it. He's our security
21:13 not only in this life but in the life to come.
21:16 Is he your security today, are you really
21:19 banking and counting on him.
21:21 All we need to do is look to the Lamb of God,
21:26 by looking to the Lamb of God we break
21:28 the power of the enemy, but too often
21:32 we are looking around at ourselves
21:33 and other people who can help me
21:34 what can this, what can this be,
21:36 we need to look to the Lamb of God.
21:39 Why? Because we just read, God
21:40 so loved the world that he gave his
21:43 only big answer through the cross
21:45 so we are talking about here because
21:48 if we don't break the whole of the enemy,
21:50 he's gonna break you. He is gonna break me,
21:52 he is trying to break the world.
21:53 Even though he knows he is defeated
21:55 he is going to take down as many as he
21:57 possibly can. Cross of Calvary we can
22:02 understand that our heavenly Father loves us
22:05 with an infinite and everlasting love.
22:08 Not only Jesus came down here
22:11 and suffered but God suffered with his son.
22:14 You know what the accusations was in
22:16 heaven against God, your enemy is saying
22:20 you know what God doesn't know what
22:23 it's like to be selfless, he doesn't
22:26 have to sacrifice anything, he doesn't
22:28 give up anything. Because the devil
22:33 is not only the Accuser of the Brethren
22:35 but he is the accuser of God.
22:38 You say well how does, how did this.
22:40 As we see in John 3:16 we can see very callous
22:44 words that God was challenged by the enemy
22:48 to give up what? To give up his son.
22:53 God so loved the world that he gave up his son,
22:56 same cause giving up Jesus,
22:59 God had to be willing that was a selfless act.
23:05 Mankind was challenged 'cause Jesus said
23:07 to his disciples in Matthew 16:24,
23:11 he said, if any man will come after me,
23:13 do what, let him deny himself,
23:16 and take up his cross, and do what,
23:18 and follow me. First thing he says
23:20 that you have to deny yourself.
23:22 The devil tells you that you don't have to deny
23:24 yourself. You can have what you want,
23:26 you can go where you want, you can do
23:28 what you want, you can say what you want,
23:30 you can run with this group, you can,
23:31 oh that's a lie of the devil.
23:34 It's a big lie of the devil and you know
23:37 what because we like that, little bit of
23:39 independence that we can come and go,
23:41 as we you know, children you know at home,
23:45 they can't wait till they get a certain age
23:46 so they can get a life and make
23:49 their own decisions. They can't wait
23:51 to get out, now be careful here you know
23:53 I can't wait to get out and make a mess
23:55 of things. Why? Because I did it,
23:57 you probably did it. We want to get out
24:00 on our own to be able to say Oh! Boy,
24:03 one guy tell me one time, I can't wait till
24:06 I get 18 or so I leave the house
24:08 and then I will, I'll go to bed any time
24:12 I want to. Oh! Come on now,
24:15 surely life has more important things
24:17 than that. What was his thought,
24:20 I can go to bed when I want to
24:24 and so we see here that if Jesus challenges
24:27 if any man will come after me the first thing
24:30 he says is you must deny yourself.
24:33 So Jesus said to me Kenny, you go,
24:36 if heaven's going to be your home,
24:38 you're gonna have to deny, deny self.
24:44 And so the enemy says no you don't have to worry
24:46 about that he says why, Kenny,
24:49 why should you deny yourself,
24:50 the Father is not denying his self
24:53 and if Father doesn't deny his self
24:54 why should you deny yourself?
24:57 He's doing everything he wants,
25:00 oh boy in this passage we can sure see that
25:03 the Father denied himself when
25:04 he was willing to give what?
25:06 To give his son. Manuscript 2 in 1903,
25:14 now this is, just this is just solid,
25:16 this is good. You know what,
25:20 because we find this in and around those who are
25:24 working for Jesus. Now when the shoe
25:28 fits you wear it. The shoe fits
25:32 I need to wear it, those who bring self
25:37 into the work can not be trusted.
25:43 Those who what? We just been doing some study
25:46 on that as you will know talking about
25:48 trusting in God, those who bring
25:51 self into what? His work cannot be trusted.
25:57 There is too much of self, too much of I,
25:59 too much of he, too much this person
26:01 and that person did this and we did,
26:02 you didn't do anything. It was God working
26:06 in you and through you. He opened the doors,
26:09 he paved the way, he made it possible,
26:11 we need you to quit saying well he did,
26:14 she did, they did, this group did,
26:16 somebody else did over here.
26:18 He did it all, the song says all to him I owe.
26:25 No doors could be open up unless God opens
26:27 the door, because the enemy will close them,
26:28 he's stronger than we are, but we have a power
26:30 inside of us. This is important that
26:32 we know this, nothing is impossible
26:34 in the work of God and yet if we bring
26:38 self into it, well the ministry is really
26:44 flourishing because I'm in it.
26:46 You need to get out, its not flourishing
26:50 the way it should maybe because
26:52 you are still in it. I just want you to think
26:54 a little bit here well God blessed
26:57 I'm in this position, he blessed in spite
27:01 of your pathetic message you made, I made.
27:05 See we have to come to grips with these things
27:07 we can't be trusted inspiration says
27:11 if they would lose here's hope,
27:13 here's hope, here's encouragement,
27:15 if they would lose sight of self,
27:20 focus upon Christ their effort then would be
27:25 a value to his cause. See regardless of what
27:28 people say oh! This is big, this is great,
27:30 great things are happening,
27:31 God he doesn't even approve it,
27:33 if self is in the work. As many times
27:37 as we've studied before and you have studied,
27:39 as Israel, they won battles and pretty soon
27:43 the next day we did it all, next battle
27:46 they went into they were defeated
27:48 they were mopped up on. Did it have to be
27:51 that way, but God says I will accept
27:55 your ministry, your work if self was out of it
27:59 and you rely totally upon me.
28:02 Self denial, humility of mine, nobility of
28:06 purpose marked the savior's life.
28:10 We are to imitate Jesus, not some ministry,
28:13 not some pastor, not some preacher,
28:15 not some evangelist, oh! I want to be like him,
28:18 no I don't want to be like any earthly man.
28:21 My goal it is to be like what?
28:22 It is to be like Jesus. It seem like
28:24 such a far cry, makes your heart just ache
28:27 sometime and hurt because we're so weak
28:28 and so vacillating, but don't get discouraged,
28:31 keep your eyes on Jesus. When you make a mistake
28:34 go to God and say, I made this mistake,
28:36 I said this, I thought this I should have done,
28:38 God forgive me. Help me to be strong,
28:40 in the ministry we think well we're being blessed
28:43 because I'm in it oh! Get yourself out of it
28:45 and watch what God can do. Here behold
28:47 the lamb, we want to do that,
28:48 we need to do that, we desire to do that,
28:50 has nothing to do with us. We're saying
28:52 walls torn down, we're seeing petitions
28:55 that are broken, we're seeing the hand of God
28:58 work mildly in spite of us, in spite of
29:02 other people, people that should be maybe
29:05 shouldering up with you, people that should be an
29:07 encouragement with you, people they should be
29:09 praying with. They're trying to discourage
29:12 other people, they're causing a stain
29:16 in the cause of of Christ. They're causing
29:18 a commotion in the world when God's last day
29:21 moment should be shoulder to shoulder,
29:23 working together for the cause of Christ.
29:25 Up on that pillar, that platform of truth.
29:31 Most important is that we have the
29:33 unity of spirit, but self has to go
29:38 in the work. So, let's answer
29:42 the question a little, maybe a little
29:43 clearer for us, can there be any self denial
29:48 with God, we've somewhat answered that,
29:50 but can there be any self denial with God.
29:52 Must there be, if so how can we prove it.
30:00 Oh! You say well I never thought of that before,
30:02 there must be self denial with God.
30:04 Jesus asked me to deny self,
30:07 he denied self while it was him, well how about
30:10 the Father. Devil said well,
30:12 the Father is not going to, the answer is simple
30:16 that's right you are the answer we have been
30:18 talking about, the cross, the cross proves
30:22 beyond a shadow of a doubt at this point,
30:24 no questions asked about it as Christ
30:28 hung upon the cross, giving himself
30:32 for the sins of the world because
30:35 the Bible says he loved us with an
30:38 everlasting love. He loved mankind,
30:40 God had in his son denied himself I hope
30:47 you got that. God had in his son denied
30:52 himself you say well I don't get it.
30:55 Why because Christ was God,
31:02 condescending coming down to this world,
31:05 coming down in the flesh, he assumed
31:07 humanity, the Bible was clear on that
31:10 and he became obedient unto death
31:12 and sure, yes, did God deny self?
31:14 Absolutely he did. God denied himself
31:18 and his son Jesus as he hung upon the cross oh!
31:21 How much painful that must have been,
31:22 how heaven must have wept,
31:25 and how we take it so lightly.
31:29 What a cost, for somebody as miserable
31:34 and we came vacillating as a human race.
31:37 I take it serious when the Bible said
31:39 there is non good, no not one.
31:43 You see because if you say well
31:45 we're righteous, you're righteous
31:47 because of the robe of righteousness
31:49 he gives to you when you repent.
31:51 Yeah but they've done good deeds over here,
31:53 no good deeds have you done.
31:56 No good deeds ever. You think anything good
31:58 comes out well its Jesus coming out.
32:00 It's all about him, why not give him
32:02 all the credit, and all the praise.
32:04 Self denying God, self denying His son
32:08 and He says, I want you first of all to deny
32:10 self, take up the cross because you
32:12 will never take up the Cross of Calvary
32:14 unless you're willing to deny yourself first
32:16 because I'm telling that there are some
32:18 difficulties lying in there in the path
32:20 and that cross is there I find in that
32:22 directions I go in life, there is a cross
32:24 just before me. Sometimes I chose to go
32:27 I wanna go around that cross because
32:28 I don't want to endure because it means
32:30 I can't do what I've been wanting to do,
32:32 or its going to change my life and I had to go
32:34 around it and so I tried to get over here
32:36 and then all of sudden it stood in front of
32:38 me again. I'm going to have to come to grips
32:41 with that because that's the way to heaven
32:43 for me, how about you. You can't get around it,
32:47 you can't change it, God will put it there again
32:49 until you finally say I don't want it anymore
32:51 oh! Friend then you're hopeless,
32:53 you're a hopeless cause. God's encouraging
32:57 his people today, Calvary has silenced
33:03 the answer to the question the charge is
33:05 self denial possible with God.
33:11 Was it impossible to God no,
33:15 because the devil said if it was not possible
33:19 for God then it would not be essential for us.
33:25 Isn't that interesting, whatever Jesus has said,
33:28 deny self take up, the devil's
33:31 counterfeit is what. Well you don't have
33:33 to be self denial, you hear people in there,
33:37 they committed crime, just doing all
33:38 kind of things in the world. For instance,
33:40 well I never got this when I was growing up,
33:43 I never had that everybody was
33:45 ugly to me, everybody that may be true
33:47 but if you invite Jesus into your heart
33:50 into your life, all of those old things
33:52 become new you're a changed individual.
33:55 I've often said, you say well I was born
33:57 this way, well you know what,
33:58 you need to be born again then.
34:05 Why because you start to love those things
34:08 that you hated and the things that you,
34:09 you know you hated, you began to love
34:11 and things you love you begin to hate
34:13 and your life just changes totally,
34:16 when you fall in love with Jesus Christ
34:18 and have that peace that passes all
34:19 understanding. Reading a little book called
34:22 9 Testimonies 183 I made this comment,
34:25 Everyone who enters the pearly gates,
34:28 see I get excited about that because it talked
34:31 about the pearly gates, talking about
34:33 going to heaven. So, I want you to be excited
34:35 about that too. You know I just can't say
34:39 well you're getting a little excited
34:40 about that, you know I just cannot
34:41 stand up here and say now when we enter
34:43 the pearly gate. That maybe alright for
34:45 somebody else, that's not my character,
34:47 if you're going to enter the pearly gates
34:49 of the city of God, you will enter into the city
34:53 of God as a conqueror. That's beautiful,
34:57 everyone, every individual who enters
35:00 the pearly gates of God will enter
35:02 in as a conqueror. Oh I hope
35:04 you're excited about that.
35:07 Now let me just finish with this,
35:12 this part I want you to listen carefully.
35:15 Though you say well I've repeat it twice,
35:16 I may repeat it three times,
35:17 in fact I may just go till time runs out
35:19 because I'm excited about this.
35:21 Everyone who enters the city of God will enter
35:23 as a what? As a conqueror,
35:26 Praise God for that. Now his greatest conquest
35:33 will have been, come on in here,
35:36 the greatest conquest that
35:38 he has had is over himself, is over self.
35:46 I'm talking about the enemy,
35:47 is one I'm talking about, you go to heaven
35:50 you're going as the conqueror,
35:53 and the biggest conquest and the biggest
35:55 victory that you're going to have is over self.
35:59 That's why Jesus, that's why he said it first,
36:02 deny self. I know you're willing to do that today,
36:07 victory over self, victory over sin,
36:11 what a struggle. I think of my whole life,
36:16 if somebody is thinking about yours today
36:17 how painful it is at times. How discouraging, why?
36:28 Oh because we see our deformities in
36:31 our characters, we don't like to see those
36:34 deformities, we don't like to see why
36:35 we need some changes and then what happens,
36:39 when we get discouraged here's what happens.
36:40 Now look to Jesus I see some deformities
36:43 in me that need to be changed,
36:46 and then I start looking at those deformities
36:48 and I keep looking at those deformities
36:50 and I keep looking at them, I keep focusing
36:53 on them and presume I say there is no
36:54 help for me, what is the problem here.
37:00 Once we see those deformities we must take
37:02 our eyes off of what? Good self and begin
37:05 to look to Jesus who is the remedy for these
37:09 deformities. He is the victor,
37:12 he gives power to gain the victory.
37:15 I hear people say oh! I read the Bible
37:17 and listen here, be careful, reading the Bible
37:20 it depresses me. I read spirit of prophecy
37:24 books oh! I get depressed, why?
37:27 Because I see so many things wrong with me,
37:30 well start praising God, see something wrong
37:32 is not going to go heaven but you're not
37:34 to keep looking at those things,
37:36 you are to submit them to Jesus Christ.
37:39 He will give you the victory over
37:41 those things, don't be afraid of those things.
37:45 Thank you Lord for showing me,
37:48 see we're born again Christian when new truth
37:51 is given to them, they're gonna cry out oh!
37:54 This is good. This is good, I was believing
37:58 something over here the Bible really teaches
38:00 something different, I'm thankful for that,
38:02 thank you Lord and so was our deformities
38:05 and our pits and our character exposed,
38:08 we need to be thanking God for that.
38:11 Don't make it so painful, all you do is dwell
38:13 on those things, well on Jesus Christ
38:15 if I be lifted up draw them all to me.
38:18 We need to be breaking the power of the
38:20 enemy and that is simply by, simply looking
38:23 to Jesus who is the author and the finish
38:26 of our faith. Are you looking to him today,
38:28 or you sitting around being mourning because
38:29 you don't have what you want.
38:35 I do, I hope I'm stirring you up,
38:38 I want you to get excited, just prove it
38:41 from the word of God, just prove
38:43 what I'm talking about. Here is the simple
38:46 answer you don't have to go to the doctor,
38:48 you don't have to have medication,
38:50 you don't have to be set yourself away
38:52 from everybody for six months.
38:55 You take your mind off of self,
38:56 and begin to look to Jesus, begin to get
38:58 in his word, spend sometime praying,
39:00 start doing something for somebody else
39:02 beside yourself or you watch your life change
39:04 it will change. Everyone of us can go
39:07 in a corner and sit down, throw up our hands
39:09 and scream, we choose not to do that,
39:12 don't you. Today you're going to say,
39:13 that's my last day of sitting in the corner
39:15 screaming and crying. I'm committing myself
39:18 to Jesus, I'm going to look him out,
39:19 I've got deformities, things are not
39:20 going well, but God's gonna help me.
39:25 I'm gonna cast my care on him.
39:29 Why don't you do that today, it all that takes
39:31 that's right, God I need some help.
39:33 Deformities of character is just too much,
39:34 I got so many things but God you can help me,
39:36 be what I need to be. I want to repopulate heaven.
39:42 Let me ask you a question.
39:43 How is the only way that Satan can obtain
39:46 power over mankind. And I'm gonna hurry
39:48 right along here now. How is the only way
39:52 that Satan can gain power over mankind.
39:57 Now that's covering a lot here isn't it,
40:00 you want to know that don't you.
40:02 How is the only, how can he do this.
40:04 I read this in 5 Testimonies, 470,
40:07 it says only way the devil can do is only
40:10 through the transgression of God's law can he have
40:15 power over them or over us.
40:19 The only way the devil can have power
40:20 over me and over you is if he gets us to
40:24 transgress his Ten Commandment law
40:27 that's why the world, the religious world
40:29 is teaching you don't had to keep them
40:31 anymore, devil's working isn't he.
40:35 Because he knows he can get you to transgress
40:37 those and you know you transgress,
40:38 he's got you, he's got you in his power,
40:40 got you in the grasp, but he's never gonna
40:42 let you go, unless God comes into heart
40:45 and your life. The only one that can free
40:47 you from that grip is yeah but God's law
40:50 we're talking about sin,
40:52 sin separates us from God? Sin separates us
40:57 from God and separation from God you see
41:02 that the enemy can come in and what
41:04 does he do. He started separating from God,
41:08 the enemy comes in, he sets up shop,
41:11 in other words he says I'm coming in,
41:12 I'm gonna stay in here. I'm not gonna
41:15 let him go by sin, they understand what
41:18 it is they're doing wrong and I've set up
41:20 shop and I'm going to stay.
41:22 He plans on staying for life and you know
41:25 what he says, I have a right, does the enemy
41:29 have a right. Yeah, if you know
41:30 you've been sinning, that's exactly right.
41:32 You know that's the right thing to do
41:34 and you're doing just the opposite,
41:35 he has the right to come in and set up shop.
41:38 And he's going to use you like an old dirty
41:41 dish rag. Anyway he wants to use you,
41:47 now must get down to the nitty gritty.
41:50 First John 3:4, the Bible says this,
41:53 Whosoever commit sin transgresseth what?
41:57 The law, for sin is the transgression of God's law.
42:03 Please pay special attention to this,
42:06 Whosoever committed what? Sin, whosoever
42:10 committed sin, transgresseth the what?
42:12 The law: This is the only biblical definition
42:18 of what sin is. Remember sin separates us,
42:22 sin gets the biblical right to come
42:23 and set up shop.
42:24 That's funny how religious leaders in the world,
42:27 they don't want to talk about sin as a
42:28 transgression of God's love, you know
42:30 why they can't, because they're saying God's law
42:32 is done away with. How can you get the
42:36 only biblical definition of what sin is,
42:38 but yet the preachers have the audacity
42:40 to get into the pulpit and what they do.
42:42 Oh I tell you, well sins got to go,
42:43 we've got to go, that's true but dear
42:46 friends what is sin? It's a transgression
42:48 of God's love, you can't say sins got to go
42:50 and God's law is gone.
42:53 There is no harmony there, I say wow boy
42:57 you know, First John 3:8, the Bible says,
43:00 He that. Oh oh, now some of you are not
43:02 going to get this. He that committeth sin
43:05 is of the devil; he that committeth sin
43:11 is of the devil, for the devil sinneth
43:16 from what good, from the beginning.
43:20 And for this purpose the Son of God
43:22 was manifested, that he might destroy
43:24 the works of the devil. Why did Jesus have
43:29 to come down here? To do what?
43:32 Good, that's exactly. Son of man was manifested
43:35 that he might destroy the works of the devil,
43:38 all for what? For sin. Sin is the transgression
43:41 of God's law. Friend, it just makes good
43:44 sense to me, how about you,
43:45 lets weight it out here. It makes good sense
43:49 to realize you know if God's love is still binding.
43:54 It was binding when Jesus came,
43:56 it's binding when he was dead and resurrected
43:58 and went back to heaven and still is because
44:00 sin is still an issue. You wouldn't know
44:02 what sin is if it wasn't for the love.
44:06 And Jesus died on the cross for what?
44:09 Good, transgression, right, somebody,
44:13 they broke the law, we did. Jesus didn't
44:16 but we broke God's law, if his law could
44:19 have been changed, those Ten Commandments,
44:21 Christ would not have had to die on Calvary.
44:25 There is no way he would have to die,
44:27 if God could change that but he couldn't change.
44:31 What went out of his mouth
44:32 he cannot change or alter.
44:35 And so Jesus came down here to die showing
44:37 that you cannot do away with God's
44:39 Ten Commandments and I mean all ten of them.
44:41 You say wow! Boy, I tell you I don't know.
44:46 We need a savior because we've broken God's law.
44:51 We need Jesus Christ, this is gonna break
44:53 the power of the enemy because it could not
44:58 be changed, it demanded the death of
45:01 Jesus Christ. Why? Bible is clear Romans 6:23
45:04 the wages of sin is what? The wages of sin
45:07 is death, without the shedding of blood
45:10 there could be what? Good, no remission of sin.
45:13 Jesus had to again what, because of the
45:15 Ten Commandment law we transgresseth it,
45:17 he had to come, he had to prepare a way
45:20 because there was no hope for us,
45:21 without we're helpless. You remember us talking
45:23 about that, we're helpless without Jesus.
45:26 I think people had the, may I say audacity,
45:30 may be the confusion, may be not even realizing
45:33 or knowing. People say well we know Adventist
45:37 folks while they think they're safe by keeping
45:39 God's law, that's not true.
45:40 God's Ten Commandment law does not save
45:43 you by keeping it. God's Ten Commandment
45:46 law points what sin is, have you read
45:49 that lately, Romans 3:20, well try that one
45:52 and then try Romans 7:7, it's for what,
45:58 by the law is the knowledge of sin.
46:04 Wow, so the law then just tells me what,
46:07 Ten Commandments, what sin is,
46:10 and it's very interesting here as you read
46:12 Romans 4:15 and also Romans 5:13,
46:16 it tells us that sin is not imputed then
46:20 it goes to saying, listen very carefully,
46:21 where no law is, there is no transgression.
46:25 So, if the law is done away with then
46:28 there is no transgression. You may do as you want to.
46:32 Now, are you saying the law is done away with,
46:34 people saying that we're on the law.
46:36 Well you're not on the law until you break
46:37 it then you are. If there is no law then
46:40 there is no sin and it pertains to all ten,
46:43 do you believe that? Sure, it does,
46:45 remember its all or nothing. You say well
46:48 I'm not so sure about that. How about
46:50 James 2:10, Bible is very clear,
46:52 For whosoever shall keep the whole law
46:54 and yet offend in one point,
46:56 he is guilty of all. And some people
47:00 make excuses, well we're not sure what
47:02 to talk about. Verse 11 talks about killing,
47:05 it talks about adultery, you think it's not talking
47:07 about the Ten Commandments
47:08 yes it is, Verse 12 says this.
47:10 So speak ye and so do, as they that shall be
47:14 judged by the law of liberty.
47:17 Why is it that the world says oh! Keeping
47:20 the Ten Commandments its just as, like the bondage,
47:22 it just puts me in bondage.
47:24 The devil's got you in bondage,
47:26 the devil binds you up, not Jesus.
47:28 My Bible I read here it says here you shall be
47:31 so speak ye and so do as they that will be
47:35 judged by the perfect law of liberty.
47:38 It's the law of liberty, it points out what sin is,
47:41 it doesn't cure me from that but it drives me
47:43 to Jesus and I can ask him for forgiveness,
47:48 then this is so simple as we look at it,
47:50 we study it. It's a sure thing today,
47:54 we're not saved by keeping the law.
47:59 The law simply identifies or points out what sin is,
48:03 that's all. You can't do away with that
48:07 we would know what sin, we wouldn't know
48:09 right or wrong and that's why the country's
48:11 in the mess that it's in, because they keep
48:14 trying to shove it out, we don't know,
48:15 we don't know what's wrong.
48:16 It's very simple, we have problems in this country,
48:19 big time problems because we're trying to take
48:21 God's love away from it. Ten little precept,
48:24 ten little gas. Thou shall, thou shall not,
48:28 and we won't heed them why?
48:29 Because the devil doesn't want us to,
48:33 because the only way that the enemy can get
48:34 to us is get to what? Get us to transgress
48:37 God's love or sin.
48:42 We're talking about breaking the power
48:44 of the enemy here.
48:48 Purpose of the law shows that we miss
48:50 the mark and if you miss the mark then
48:53 we need to comeback and ask God for what?
48:54 For help. Drives us to the cross,
48:59 that we may ask for forgiveness
49:01 and for grace and for those who are saying
49:04 you know biblical definition, let's do that
49:07 shall we, Ephesians 2:8, the Bible says,
49:09 For by grace are ye saved through faith;
49:13 and that not of yourself, it is a gift.
49:18 I understand that we are saved, what.
49:20 We're not keeping some law,
49:22 which simply points out what sin is.
49:23 I'm saved by grace through faith
49:25 and it is a gift of God. Somebody say oh good,
49:28 see we got it now, before you just jump
49:31 on your high horse and try galloping away,
49:34 what are we going to do with this grace thing.
49:38 Praise God for it, grace is not a license to do
49:41 what to sin, it never has been, it never will be.
49:47 It's not an excuse, grace is an excuse for
49:50 a lot people to say great,
49:51 so we don't had to keep God's
49:52 Ten Commandments anymore.
49:54 You're using grace as an excuse.
49:56 It's that what the Bible teaches,
50:00 lets balance it shall we with scripture.
50:05 Some will say well we live by faith,
50:08 good Praise God, those who say that
50:12 we live by faith and they want to use
50:15 it as excuse to not keep God's law,
50:17 what do we do with Roman's 3:31,
50:20 it says, do we make void the law through faith?
50:23 God forbid, we establish the law.
50:26 That's clear and that's simple those who say
50:28 well we're living by faith, now we're not
50:30 underneath no law, do we make avoid the law
50:32 through faith, God forbid we establish it.
50:34 Didn't say done away with, they say
50:35 we establish it. Now those who are saying
50:38 well we live under grace, we're in New Testament,
50:40 Praise God for that, that's right, it's grace,
50:42 but we use it as an excuse its not going
50:47 to be accountable to God because he encourages
50:51 us to keep it by His grace and His strength.
50:53 What do we do with Romans 6:1-2,
50:55 what shall we say then? Shall we continue and sin,
50:58 that grace may abound? God forbid.
51:02 How shall we that are dead to sin live
51:05 any longer therein? Praise God for grace
51:08 dear friends, but its not a license to sin,
51:10 doesn't mean we can go about doing anything,
51:12 breaking God's law at all,
51:13 it wasn't for his grace none of us will make it
51:15 to the kingdom of God. How about Romans 6:15,
51:19 what then shall we sin, because we are not
51:21 under the law, but under grace? God forbid.
51:26 See while we're coming up with some of
51:28 these thoughts, last few minutes that we have
51:32 here I just want to think and go through
51:34 some passages real quickly here because remember
51:37 sin is the issue, the only way that the devil
51:39 can get a choke hold around you and keep it
51:42 there is if he gets you to transgress
51:44 God's Ten Commandant law and the best way
51:46 the devil says I'll get the people to think
51:47 that it's done away with, you don't have to
51:49 worry about it. The Bible does not teach that,
51:51 not even close to that. Roman 7:7 says,
51:56 What shall we say then? Is the law sin?
52:00 God forbid. Is the law sin? No, God forbid.
52:04 Roman 7:12, The law is holy, and the
52:08 commandment holy, just, and good.
52:11 How brothers, sisters how are we gonna
52:13 fight this, how are we gonna fight it when
52:16 something is that clear and clear cut so
52:19 the law is holy the Commandment is holy,
52:21 it's just and it's good, please think about
52:25 that with me, its just, its holy and it is good.
52:29 How about Romans 7:14, the Bible says,
52:31 For we know that the law is spiritual,
52:35 the law is what? Good, the law is spiritual.
52:39 If the law is spiritual then how can it be done
52:42 away with, is it good for us,
52:44 is it not good for us. If its spiritual
52:47 dear friends, spiritual things are spiritually
52:49 discerned, its got to be good for us.
52:53 Romans 7:22 the Bible says,
52:54 For I delight in the law of God after the
52:58 inward man. Oh! I'm just wanting you to think here,
53:01 it's too easily the devil has to toss out
53:03 that which God has demanded that
53:05 we be obedient, and he'll give us the grace
53:07 and the strength. Romans 8:6,
53:11 says to be spiritually minded is life and peace.
53:17 We just read but we know that the law is what,
53:19 the law is spiritual and then to be spiritually
53:22 minded is life and peace, not death.
53:27 You want to be spiritual minded, you want peace
53:29 in this life, you want some happiness
53:33 and people say well we don't have to worry
53:34 about all. Look, you want the Holy Spirit,
53:36 hey people, well we have the Holy Spirit,
53:38 we have the Holy Spirit Acts 5:32,
53:41 says the Holy Spirit is given to those
53:43 who obey him. If you're being disobedient,
53:47 you don't have the Holy Spirit, you may have
53:48 another spirit, why? Because the Bible is clear,
53:51 Holy Spirit is given to those who obey him.
53:55 Well that makes sense doesn't it.
53:56 I want it to make sense to you,
53:58 it's just not something that's passed out
53:59 without any thought. God says if you be obedient
54:03 my laws, up, up, get that spirit.
54:07 Spiritual things, spiritual discerned.
54:10 The Romans 8:14 the Bible says,
54:12 For as many as are led by the Spirit of God,
54:15 they are sons of God. You want to be a son
54:18 and daughter of God today, I do.
54:20 As many as are what? Led by the spirit.
54:26 Spiritually minded, the law is spiritual,
54:31 I'm carnal, I need some help, how about you?
54:37 Are you under a bondage today you want
54:39 to get out from that, there is only one remedy
54:42 and that's Jesus Christ. You want to break
54:45 that choke hold that devil has on you through some,
54:47 it could be appetite, it could be eyes,
54:50 it could be the ears, it could be we lack
54:51 a desire to spend some time with Jesus,
54:53 we spend time on everything else
54:54 but things of Jesus, heaven knows
54:57 those things. You might fool the church members,
55:00 you're not fooling God.
55:03 How do you spend the time, most of your energy?
55:07 God's going to give you that grace,
55:09 he's going to give you that help that you need
55:11 and Jesus simply made it so simple as we
55:13 close today, so simple John 14:15 he said,
55:17 if you, good, if you love me,
55:21 keep my commandments. Do you love Jesus today,
55:26 if you want to break the power of the enemy
55:30 and the enemy says, I'm gonna break them
55:32 because I'm gonna give them to not worry
55:34 about God's love. That's his hold on us;
55:37 once we recognize it we can have freedom.
55:40 God help us, we break one, we go to him
55:43 and for forgiveness and he is willing and just,
55:46 he needs to forgive us of our sins,
55:47 cleanse us from all unrighteous.
55:49 Why don't we pray about it today.
55:51 I want to give food for thought,
55:52 I want just agitate you in a good spiritual way,
55:54 you'll get the Bible out and you begin
55:56 to really check, but we're going to pray right
55:57 now that God will give you that desire.
55:59 Shall we do that before we close.
56:01 Merciful Father in heaven, thank you for your
56:03 sweet Holy Spirit. Bless we pray,
56:05 those who are looking and searching for
56:07 truth may they find it, in Jesus name, Amen.
56:12 Until next time we look forward to spending
56:14 every opportunity we get with you please continue,
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56:19 to send us a card, comment or question
56:21 whatever might be send to the address that
56:23 you see on the screen. We are gonna look
56:24 forward to visiting with you and don't forget
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56:29 the Lamb Ministries. We appreciate it very much.
56:30 Look forward to seeing you next time.
56:34 Welcome back friends, breaking the power
56:37 of the enemy. The devil has absolutely
56:40 no power over an obedient soul whose trust,
56:43 faith and strength all comes from the Lord God
56:46 of heaven. Christ is pleading for us,
56:49 he's bleeding for us to become one with him.
56:52 To submit our wills to Him, follow Him,
56:56 trust Him, love Him and he will direct our paths.
57:01 God wants to become your best friend
57:03 in all areas of your life but how can you
57:07 be His best friend without spending
57:09 time with him. You can't, so please
57:12 make a decision right here,
57:14 right now to make him first and last of everyday.
57:19 Pray and study before you begin anything else
57:22 each day, you'll be so glad that you did
57:25 and we want to help you in your study.
57:28 We'll be glad to send you this message
57:31 so that you can continue to be blessed
57:33 by the word of God. We only ask that you
57:36 consider giving a small donation of
57:38 just $8 or more. You may write us
57:41 at Behold the Lamb Ministries,
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57:48 or call us at central standard time here
57:51 in the United States at 618-942-5044,
57:56 or email us at BeholdThe
58:02 and as always you may visit us on the web
58:04 at beholdthelamb
58:07 Until next time, may the God of heaven
58:10 richly bless you and yours.


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