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00:41 Hello friends, and thank you
00:43 for joining us for another Behold The Lambs
00:46 presents program, I'm Chris Shelton your
00:48 host and today we've an interesting message
00:51 entitled do right because it is right.
00:55 You know many of us are parents and if not it's a
00:58 good possibility that you'll become one in one
01:01 form or another. As a mom thinking
01:04 back to the many times I had to instruct my
01:06 children to do things that on their own they
01:09 simply didn't want to do, I recall often hearing
01:12 that we don't know why? Why do I have to
01:15 keep my room clean? Why do I have to be
01:17 in at a certain time, why can't I get to
01:20 do some of the activities the other
01:22 kids are involved in? Ensure to stop and
01:26 give answers to some otherwise were good
01:28 times to teach me that lessons,
01:30 but most of the times as parents we expect our
01:34 children to trust in our judgment,
01:36 and do as we ask just because we asked.
01:40 And hopefully because doing what we ask is
01:43 the right thing to do as well.
01:45 A beautiful thing about serving our
01:47 heavenly Father is that we can trust
01:50 him to never ask us to do something
01:53 that is not right. The problem comes
01:56 when we discover that our habits,
02:00 our desires and customs that we had
02:03 developed over the years don't line up with
02:07 a thus saith the Lord and self begins to be
02:11 involved in a spiritual tug of war with God
02:15 pulling at one direction and self and perhaps
02:18 even your friends pulling you in totally
02:20 opposite direction. You know what
02:23 are we to do, are we to,
02:25 how are we to handle these situations and
02:28 really, really doesn't make a difference if we
02:30 choose our own way over God's way,
02:33 it means just once in a while.
02:35 I believe that these questions and their
02:38 answers and many more will be answered
02:40 today in today's message with
02:43 Pastor Kenny Shelton as he addresses our
02:46 we doing right because it is right.
02:49 But first lets listen to a song entitled
02:57 He forgives and forgets, as sung by Tammy Chance
02:58 at 3ABN's worship centre.
03:20 It's so easy to say I forgive you,
03:27 But forgetting is the hardest thing to do,
03:36 Though my mind can comprehend
03:40 That He could be that kind of friend
03:45 On the cross He took my place
03:48 So my sin He could erase He forgives and forgets
04:00 I stand before Him holy He consoled my tense
04:10 That day at Calvary
04:15 Now I'm, justified, just as He refines every sin
04:23 And yet He not only forgives,
04:28 He forgives and forgets
04:34 The mercies of Lord are ever lasting
04:41 He forgives my sins and remembers them your more
04:50 Though its hard for me to guess
04:55 How far the east is from the west
05:00 On the cross he took my place
05:04 So my sins he could erase
05:10 He forgives and forgets I stand before Him holy
05:21 He consoled my tense That day at Calvary
05:31 Now I'm, justified, just as He refines every sin
05:38 And yet He not only forgives,
05:42 He forgives and forgets
05:48 When you look at me
05:51 You may see me just as I'm
05:56 But when He looks at me
06:00 He only sees the pride of the lamb of the lamb
06:10 He forgives and forgets I stand before Him holy
06:20 He consoled my tense That day at Calvary
06:30 Now I'm, justified, just as He refines every sin
06:37 And yet He not only forgives,
06:42 He forgives and forgets
06:47 When you look at me
06:50 You may see me just as I'm He not only forgives
07:02 He not only forgives All my sins He forgets
07:29 Thank you for joining us here
07:30 Behold the Lamb once again.
07:31 Oh! What a privilege to be able to study
07:32 God's word together. I hope that you are
07:35 making sure that we do this consistently.
07:39 God has a lot of good messages for us,
07:40 His word is powerful and its true and as
07:44 we study together, I pray its not only
07:45 preparing you but preparing me all of us
07:47 for the soon coming of Jesus Christ.
07:49 Our subject for today is
07:51 "do right because it is right".
07:54 How does that take place,
07:56 and how do we bring our lives into that
07:58 kind of order. Well we're gonna
07:59 find out when we study the word together,
08:01 but before we do, as always you know we,
08:03 we need to go to God in prayer don't we.
08:06 A prayer is such a very,
08:07 very important part of as we get
08:10 into God's word, so why don't we kneel
08:12 together and seek God's praise.
08:15 Now when we do this remember were you
08:17 can you kneel with me. There will be many of
08:19 you who cannot do it but you're gonna promise
08:21 that you're gonna pray with me,
08:22 what do you see. Let's pray for the
08:24 power of the Holy Spirit.
08:29 Kind loving heavenly Father,
08:30 we thank you for the privilege of prayer.
08:33 We thank you that you're our Father in heaven,
08:35 and you want us as we study to show
08:37 ourselves approved under God.
08:40 We pray for the out pouring of
08:41 thy Holy Spirit. Pray that you'll
08:43 take this pour mind of mine that we will
08:45 illuminate it with power of thy Spirit
08:48 that we may hear from heaven and what we hear
08:51 from heaven may some how come across
08:54 to your power to the ears and hearts
08:56 and minds of all of us, your people around the
08:59 world that we may be drawn closer to Jesus.
09:02 Oh! What a pleasant privilege this is,
09:04 thank you for sending your
09:05 Holy Spirit in Jesus name. Amen.
09:11 Once again as we study the word as we
09:14 get into the God's word we find that it is
09:16 sharper than any what, two edged sword and
09:20 so its gonna rightly divide, separate,
09:22 its gonna do some cutting. Today if he does
09:24 some cutting, praise God it's
09:25 alright because God allow nothing to be cut
09:27 from your life it doesn't need to be.
09:30 We're gonna be talking about do
09:32 right because it is right,
09:35 well that sounds like we are gonna be
09:36 operating from principle rather than policy.
09:41 The Bible is real clear 1 John 3:7,
09:43 you've your Bibles turn over to jott it
09:45 down 1 John 3:7, its start out and
09:48 says little children, let no man deceive you:
09:52 little children, let no man deceive you:
09:53 he that doeth righteousness
09:56 is righteous, even as
09:59 he is righteous. You realize
10:02 how powerful this scripture is,
10:07 the Bible says that he that
10:08 doeth righteousness, righteousness here
10:12 in the Greek is mean he that is
10:16 innocent toward God, he that is just
10:19 before God, he that is right,
10:22 that's what righteousness right doing and it
10:25 says he is righteous, and even as he
10:28 is righteous. Oh! How wonderful
10:31 the God's plan for us that we can be
10:34 righteous because of Jesus Christ.
10:36 So, there is a thing that we're going to call
10:38 here in our study that we need to do
10:40 right because it is right, and when you talk
10:43 about right, you automatically
10:45 think of what, wrong. Good and evil,
10:49 so as we study this lesson I think
10:50 that you know, in fact I heard
10:53 it many times say just, just do the right thing.
10:57 I think I heard that when I was growing up,
10:58 can he just do the right thing.
11:01 Have you ever heard that as you were at home,
11:04 mom try to tell just do the right thing?
11:06 I'll tell you little story,
11:09 true story when I was growing up my dad
11:11 would give me a job to do and you know,
11:14 as soon as he, soon as he asks me,
11:17 Kenny I need you to do this for me,
11:19 my first, why? Why you asking me,
11:26 you know I was very well aware that you
11:28 know brother Danny was around and brother Ronnie
11:30 was around and Tommy was around and it seem
11:32 like that I did the last job that need to be
11:35 done around the house, seem like I was
11:37 the busy one, so you know it
11:40 seem like well, so quickly out
11:42 of my mouth would come why?
11:44 But dad, why only me won't you tell
11:45 these other guys. Well I guess I
11:51 really didn't care which one of them he chose
11:53 just as long as it wasn't me as long as
11:56 somebody else I didn't want to bother with
11:57 it but his answer was pretty much
12:00 always the same, thank full for a
12:03 consistent parents we really need to be that
12:05 as parents, set a good example
12:07 for our children. And here's what he
12:09 would say I say dad why me?
12:12 He say first of all Kenny because I told you.
12:16 Some people don't like it oh!
12:17 That's not the good, that's a pretty good
12:19 answer at least it was for me.
12:21 He said first of all is because I asked
12:23 you to do it, not your brothers,
12:28 well, and if I pressed him just a little bit
12:32 further he might explain something like
12:36 Kenny were you were gone the other boys they
12:38 had some other things to do,
12:40 so its your turn.
12:45 Interesting if I pressed him a little bit more,
12:47 you've be careful about pressing your
12:48 parents sometime too. I pressed him a little
12:50 bit more because I was trying to get
12:51 out of doing the job and I would say well
12:56 you know why is that I need to
13:00 do this thing, why is that me?
13:04 And he would say look Kenny I tell you
13:08 what here's what gonna happen,
13:10 here's what happen if you do,
13:12 here's what's going to happen if you don't.
13:14 Well it sound like I had an option there,
13:17 this is what will happen if you do and this
13:19 is what's gonna happen if you don't do it.
13:22 So, I had to contemplate those things and most
13:25 generally I would accept the first option,
13:27 first option you see wasn't too bad,
13:29 I just, you know everything will
13:30 be alright if I just go and do what he
13:32 asked me to do, but if I choose
13:34 that second option sometime I find it very
13:37 difficult to sit down for quite a while because
13:41 you know he had a voice of correcting us and so,
13:45 I guess that the thing that really got to me
13:47 more than anything was this and I want
13:49 you pay attention to this,
13:50 thing I really got to me the most when he
13:52 said well I want you to do this and
13:53 don't worry about what your brothers and so
13:55 on so forth, you just,
13:56 you just do it I ask you to do it so just
13:58 do it and the thing that really got to me after
14:01 it was already settled and I decided that I
14:03 probably should go ahead and do it.
14:05 He said and while you're doing the job act
14:07 like you like it.
14:11 Wow, that was more painful than the job,
14:15 what do you mean act like you like it.
14:18 You see he was one who didn't tolerate
14:20 that when he gave you something to do
14:21 that you could just act up anyway
14:23 you wanted to, like some children do,
14:25 you ask them do something they
14:26 don't like they go out of house and they slam
14:28 the door muttering underneath our breath,
14:30 we weren't allowed to mutter underneath
14:32 our breath, it was really
14:33 under our breath where he didn't hear it.
14:37 We won't allow it you know close the cabinet
14:39 door how often we've been corrected,
14:40 slam any door even act like we were upset.
14:44 So, he says now you're doing the job go
14:45 act like you are happy.
14:48 Oh! Man, and so I thinks the thing that
14:50 comes back to me Kenny just do right because
14:55 it is right. Based upon
14:57 this Commandment says Honor thy father
15:01 and thy mother. Do it Kenny
15:04 because it's a right thing to do,
15:06 right doing is pleasing to God.
15:10 If we do the right thing, you remember this
15:12 passage of scripture found in 2 Peter 1:17,
15:17 2 Peter 1:17 says that God was speaking about
15:21 Jesus he said: This is my beloved son,
15:26 in whom I am well pleased.
15:28 Good right doing is pleasing to God.
15:33 This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.
15:38 We need to be pleasing God rather than
15:40 pleasing our self, doing the right
15:42 thing because it is right.
15:46 How many of us really do, how many really work
15:48 from that kind of principle.
15:51 The Bible in 1 Thessalonians 2:4
15:53 scripture says: even so we speak;
15:57 not as pleasing men, but God,
16:02 which trieth out hearts. So we're not to worry
16:06 about pleasing men only, but we are to worry
16:09 about pleasing God because he is the one
16:13 that tries the what, the heart,
16:15 he knows the heart, why are you doing,
16:17 what you're doing. Why are you doing it,
16:20 because it's right because it needs to be done,
16:22 because you are convicted of it,
16:24 because maybe its required of you,
16:27 or people won't think you are Christian if
16:28 you don't do that. See it's not,
16:31 it's always easy to do the right thing is it.
16:35 1st John says 3:22: And whatsoever we ask,
16:39 we shall what? we receive of him,
16:43 because we keep his commandments,
16:47 and do those things that are pleasing
16:50 in his sight. Keep focusing
16:52 with me about pleasing doing the right thing.
16:56 I have people that'll quote the first
16:58 part of that, whatsoever we ask
17:00 we're going to receive of him and they just
17:02 dance around with this thought.
17:04 Whatever we ask he is going to give us, oh!
17:06 Why don't you just go ahead and read
17:09 the last part, he says
17:10 you can have these things if you whatsoever you
17:14 ask you shall receive because we keep
17:18 his commandments. It's conditional you
17:21 ask he is going to give you if you
17:23 are doing what, by God's grace if
17:25 we keep his commandments, and do those things
17:28 that please him. Don't expect he
17:32 answers to prayer, don't expect
17:33 these things, whatever thing you have,
17:35 if you're not being pleasing to him,
17:39 its conditional. We've shown
17:42 just a few little of passage of
17:43 scripture here, man must meet
17:46 God's requirements. And there are times
17:50 that we are challenged to just simply do
17:53 right because it is right. How many times have
17:57 you ever been challenged with that?
18:00 As I mentioned while ago its not,
18:01 its not always easy to do the right thing.
18:06 Many times its such a
18:07 challenge it's a denial of our self.
18:14 How many times have you been confronted
18:16 with this issue? Lets give you an example,
18:19 you may try to correct a bad habit,
18:24 you just let in gonna work,
18:25 I want to correct this bad habit and we think
18:27 if we correct this bad habit this is the way
18:29 to become a Christian. Is this really the way
18:35 that we become a Christian?
18:39 If we could become a Christian we've to begin
18:41 at the right place. Where would you begin?
18:45 You wanna something you don't,
18:47 maybe you never accepted the Lord as
18:49 your personal savior. Today you wanna do
18:53 that and you're thinking I need to
18:54 start somewhere, I want to do right
18:55 because it is a right thing to do but I'm
18:58 not sure where to begin or where to even start.
19:03 And I think if I just get rid of this habit or
19:05 that habit then I'll become a Christian.
19:06 No there is a place to begin and it's
19:08 important that we understand where
19:10 we begin this walk with Jesus.
19:13 We must begin in the right place and where
19:15 does it begin, it begins in good
19:17 you are thinking the heart.
19:19 The heart has to be changed.
19:23 Psalm 95:10, notice it says that it is a
19:27 people that do err in their heart,
19:31 it is that people that what,
19:33 that do err in their heart why because they have
19:36 not know my ways. People err when they
19:42 don't know the way of the Lord.
19:46 The heart has to change somewhere in our
19:49 walk as if they were born as a baby and we
19:53 begin to grow up, begin to understand
19:56 right and wrong, there comes a point,
19:59 a time where every man, woman, child doesn't
20:02 matter who it is, the human race
20:05 somewhere along the line that heart
20:06 needs to change. We need to give
20:08 our heart which is interchangable with
20:10 mind to God. It needs to
20:13 be converted, see our natural
20:16 tendency is do the wrong thing,
20:19 and we need some help. And many times its
20:22 hard for us to decide what all is wrong and
20:24 what all is right, but we understand what we
20:26 need to do so say God this is the right thing to
20:29 do help me to do because it's a right thing.
20:34 You need to understand God's word,
20:35 we begin in the heart, the people that do
20:38 err in their heart, they err,
20:39 we err because what we don't know God,
20:44 and we want to get our life and something
20:45 you want to get your life squared away,
20:48 so the heart needs to be changed,
20:51 the heart needs to be converted,
20:53 the heart needs to be sanctified,
20:55 set apart, it needs to be holy,
20:59 heart, mind, soul, body, and so God wants
21:02 to begin to do some heart surgery on you
21:03 and on me and I praise he is doing it right now
21:06 on some people around the world.
21:09 Somehow today is the day;
21:10 the day is salvation for you.
21:13 Today you had enough of the world and things
21:15 of the world; you've been
21:16 looking for a way out. He is the way out;
21:19 He's prepared a way for you and for me.
21:23 The Bible says in Jeremiah 17:9,
21:26 and when I say heart I have people come
21:28 with this response and this is what the
21:30 Bible does say, the Bible says:
21:32 the heart is what good deceitful
21:34 above all things.
21:38 But it say okay we need a heart change,
21:39 that's why we need a heart change because
21:41 the heart is what, the heart is emotional,
21:44 heart and mind, it is emotional
21:45 sometime and we work on emotions and feelings
21:48 and how we feel for the day and what's
21:49 happen in our life for the day,
21:51 God says no, no, no you can't
21:52 work on emotions, you got to do the
21:54 right thing because its right.
21:56 Do the right thing, even when you don't
21:59 feel like doing the right thing.
22:01 You do it because it's right,
22:02 you work from principle.
22:04 Bible says the heart is deceitful above all,
22:07 that's it, that's it, that's a word when
22:09 you talk about this deceitful,
22:11 deceitful here in the Hebrew simply
22:16 means it's crooked. The heart is crooked,
22:21 deceitful, it's crooked, it also says the heart
22:25 listen carefully some of you is fraudulent.
22:28 You know I meet some people who seem their
22:30 life is pretty fraudulent; you heard them say
22:33 they are fraud, it's because their
22:38 heart hasn't changed, their heart is fraudulent,
22:42 it's crooked. The word also means
22:46 it's polluted, to have a polluted
22:51 heart means it's not right,
22:53 it's not pure, it's not clean and its stinking
22:55 and acting in a way that's not Christ like.
23:01 Here we see that there is a real change that
23:02 needs to be in your life and in mine.
23:06 I give you an example that everybody or
23:09 at least most people realize that what we,
23:11 you know, we need to have a knowledge
23:13 of the truth, okay,
23:15 so yeah I need to have knowledge of the truth
23:18 But that knowledge of the truth doesn't
23:20 necessarily change our thoughts.
23:24 You've a knowledge what of the truth but it
23:26 doesn't change your thoughts,
23:29 and if it doesn't change your thoughts
23:30 after you've a knowledge of the truth is because
23:33 your heart has not been changed.
23:37 Oh! Sure that makes sense,
23:40 little something else to think about.
23:42 People will say okay a person may attempt and
23:45 we've just a lot deal with,
23:47 person is going to attempt to keep all the
23:49 commandments of God, because he feels
23:54 he has to. Okay, I have to do it and
23:58 I'll say I want to keep all the
24:00 commandments okay, I'm gonna keep all
24:01 the pentacle I've to in order to get to heaven,
24:04 I guess I'm gonna have to keep the commandments,
24:08 he thinks wow its an obligation,
24:12 its an obligation, so I guess I better do it.
24:18 But here's what I found out when God's
24:21 requirements are a burden this is not true what?
24:26 This is not true obedience;
24:28 we are talking about true obedience here.
24:32 If it's burdensome, is serving God a
24:35 burden to you, then there is
24:37 something wrong, your heart has
24:38 not been changed, if it is a burden.
24:40 You get up everyday and say oh! I can't go here,
24:43 I can't go do that, I can't run here,
24:44 I can't run there, I can't buy that,
24:46 I can't eat this, I can't do that yes
24:48 your Christian is a burden,
24:50 your heart has not been changed,
24:52 to serve Jesus is a joy, it's a privilege.
24:54 Never takes anything away from you that's
24:55 good for you or for me.
24:59 Matthew 11 verse 30 interesting in scripture,
25:02 Jesus says my burden is light,
25:10 He says my burden is light.
25:11 Oh! Why is it that you say my burden is heavy
25:13 because you are fighting against God,
25:15 that's why? You think God
25:18 didn't know what he is talking about
25:19 yes he does, when he said
25:20 my burden is light, yoke up with me
25:22 its light come on, and you keep oh!
25:25 It's so heavy I can't get that,
25:26 it's a bunch of do's and a bunch of don'ts,
25:29 your heart has not been changed.
25:32 Really we need to change your heart.
25:36 Psalm 55 you will be really reading this
25:37 Psalms 55:22 says: Cast thy burden
25:41 upon the Lord, and he shall
25:44 sustain thee: cast your burden
25:47 upon what? Upon the Lord
25:48 and he'll sustain you. Are you casting that
25:51 burden today, its too heavy for you,
25:54 you can't just, you can't continue on.
25:57 If your religion is a burden today it simply
26:01 that's not true obedience.
26:03 Its not truly converted heart,
26:04 some changes need to take place.
26:09 If you love Jesus you gonna find that
26:12 the its natural, the out working
26:15 of a principle within, it comes naturally
26:20 when you love Jesus with all your heart.
26:23 Serving him is not a burden,
26:25 its just normal the things that will come out,
26:29 and springs from a love of righteousness
26:31 or from right doing. I want you to notice
26:35 the passage with me here because I hear
26:37 people all the time saying oh obedience,
26:40 obey, oh you don't have to obey,
26:42 are they just really offended by this word
26:44 when you say obedience or obey.
26:47 Have you ever met someone like that,
26:48 as soon as you say you know we need to be
26:50 obedient to God, oh they just
26:52 puff up they just really,
26:53 let me make a big statement,
26:56 are you ready for a big statement.
26:58 If you're serving the devil you've to be
27:01 obedient to him, if you're serving God
27:05 you need to be obedient to him.
27:09 You notice the words obedient.
27:12 I am gonna read you a passage of scripture
27:13 to substantiate that. Roman's chapter
27:16 6 verse 16, yeah you know what it says:
27:20 know ye not that to whom ye yield yourselves
27:23 servants to obey, his servants ye
27:27 are to whom ye obey. So whoever what,
27:30 whoever you obey again obey is
27:33 obedience is in there, so if you're serving
27:36 the devil today you are obedient to the devil,
27:38 so obedience still plays a part did you get it.
27:41 We obey God or we obey what?
27:43 The devil, the Bible says whether of sin,
27:46 so that means we've to be obedient to the
27:48 devil the sin or unto death,
27:51 or by obedience unto righteousness?
27:55 You just can't get passed that
27:57 word can you, I can't get pass
27:59 that word we tried, trust and obey for
28:02 there is no other way, obey don't be offended
28:07 by praise God a test, we need test in
28:11 these hours in which we live.
28:13 God's testing and trying his people.
28:17 Now if you're determined to do right,
28:19 let me ask you a question,
28:20 if you really determined to do right does
28:22 it really matter where you start, you say,
28:25 well that's a may be a little tricky question
28:28 but does it matter how you start or maybe
28:30 when you start. I'll just read you
28:33 a passage of scripture in
28:35 Hebrews chapter 3 verse 14,
28:38 Hebrews chapter 3 verse 14,
28:39 the Bible says: For we are made partakers
28:42 of Christ, notice this,
28:45 if we are made partakers of Christ,
28:49 if we hold the beginning of our
28:51 confidence stedfast unto the end.
28:55 What was the question, does it really make a
28:57 difference how we start and the Bible comes back
29:00 and it says as we start from where,
29:02 from the beginning of our walk with Jesus it does
29:05 make a difference how we begin.
29:08 It says here that if we are partakers
29:11 of Christ, if we become
29:13 part of the family of God we've to hold the
29:17 beginning of our confidence.
29:20 The beginning of our confidence,
29:21 that means we need to,
29:22 beginning means we need to,
29:23 confidence stay under, we need to be
29:26 connected to. There are conditions
29:30 we need to be under those conditions that we
29:32 first made that commitment to
29:34 Jesus Christ, not get away
29:35 from them but to stay. How did you feel when
29:39 you first gave your life to Jesus Christ,
29:41 the commitments that you made to him?
29:44 Does it make a difference how we start?
29:47 I'll read a little book, it had one line I
29:49 thought was very good called My Life Today,
29:52 page 122 and the question was asked does it make
29:55 a difference how we start in our relationship
29:58 with Christ and you know what the answer said,
30:00 oh this is interesting. It says be careful how
30:04 you start, start right
30:06 and then keep quietly on,
30:14 wow, that's awesome when you think about it.
30:19 It simply says you be careful to start right,
30:22 start right and then keep quietly on.
30:27 You will be tooting your horns just
30:29 quietly continue on, I may ask
30:31 another question, and have a question,
30:33 comment put together here but the
30:35 question is how, does it make a
30:37 difference how you run the 100 yard dash,
30:39 when I was going to school we run
30:40 a 100 yard dash does it make a difference
30:43 how you start putting ahead,
30:45 it definitely made a difference because it
30:47 was a matter of few seconds race and if you
30:50 got a bad start you didn't win the race and
30:53 those who got a good start or a good jump
30:55 would they would win. So, yes it made a
30:58 difference but yet in the Christian race its
31:03 not exactly how you start but how you what,
31:06 how you end up. But as we've that
31:10 opportunity start for Christ,
31:11 let's do it positively, let's do right because
31:13 it is right. I've had some
31:17 people who say way you know I wanna
31:18 do the right thing but there is going to
31:23 be a price to pay. You've made changes
31:27 in your life and you know you had to make
31:30 somethings right and you knew there is gonna
31:34 be a price, may cost you friendship,
31:39 may cost you position, may be job but you want
31:43 to do the right thing and then they say,
31:45 why should I do? What kind of counsel
31:48 can you give to anyone? When they say I wanna
31:53 do the right thing what should I do but
31:54 it's gonna cost me.
31:57 You come to that point I was reading a
31:59 Great Controversy page 460 paragraph is
32:01 very interesting, whatever may be
32:04 their profession, it is only those
32:08 who are world servers at heart that act from
32:13 policy rather than principle in
32:16 religious things. We should choose
32:19 right because it is right,
32:24 and leave the consequences with God.
32:27 In other words it may cost you in this life
32:30 but leave the consequences with God.
32:32 Do the right thing because it is
32:33 right and you leave the consequences with God.
32:37 God will bless you for it,
32:39 yes it might cost you in this life but you gotta
32:42 set things in order, you've to got to
32:43 get your house ready. Do right, right,
32:48 righteous, righteousness, its always based upon
32:55 scripture always, no exception,
32:58 it is not based on circumstances,
33:01 it is not based on situations,
33:05 its based on the, the word of God.
33:08 And let me say friend it is dangerous to depart
33:12 even for the very first time from principle.
33:16 It can cause a world of hurt for you,
33:20 maybe a situation you can never
33:22 reverse in this life, one departure from
33:28 the truth and what you know is right.
33:32 Well I was thinking about a man,
33:37 a man in the Bible his name was Aaron,
33:41 Exodus chapter 30 just you get time you read
33:44 all of this but here is a man who had a
33:48 departure from doing the right things at time.
33:51 He never acted from principle and it cost,
33:55 oh did it ever cost. We hear lot about Moses
34:00 and sometime Aaron but wow,
34:03 Aaron was a Godly man, he was a human but
34:06 he was a Godly man, in fact he was,
34:09 Aaron was the high priest, Aaron was a prophet,
34:12 listen Aaron was a type of Christ.
34:18 Heard lot about Moses very little about Aaron
34:20 at times you know Aaron was in Gods presence
34:24 on the mount. God choose him
34:29 and his sons to minister for him.
34:34 Aaron performed miracles and yet what could
34:39 have taken place, you may remember
34:45 that Moses was up in the mount,
34:48 Moses stayed with the people,
34:50 you know in Moses absence, Aaron was incharge,
34:55 that's Exodus 19, no time to read that.
34:58 Aaron was left incharge the people were camped
35:01 around the base of the mount.
35:03 It wasn't very long they became restless.
35:08 They wanted to party, they had a lot of energy,
35:14 the little reveling, a little excitement,
35:17 little merry making, a little noise,
35:20 a little festivity, you know what
35:23 would it hurt. They wanna just
35:26 you know do somethings they are waiting for Moses
35:29 to comeback down and so they go to the leader,
35:31 but there was two things that Israel didn't
35:33 need in the camp, and there are two
35:35 things that the church doesn't need in its pews.
35:38 It doesn't need it in the movement,
35:41 and sometime we get little carried away.
35:43 I'll just mention those two things,
35:46 the wrong spirit to have for those who are
35:49 waiting for Jesus to come reveling,
35:55 you say well that's kind of a different world,
35:56 I don't know about the spirit of reveling
35:58 that means people who want to become too noisy,
36:02 people who want to be too festive,
36:05 they are getting carried away,
36:07 it has to do with reveling.
36:12 That we don't need to be carried away right
36:13 now we need to be ground and firm and deep.
36:16 The only noise we need to make is a noise that we
36:18 are telling about the coming of Jesus Christ
36:20 in the clouds of glory. We don't need to be
36:22 too festive right now, we will have an
36:24 opportunity when we see Jesus,
36:27 we've a work to do right now.
36:30 Why? Because reveling as it did to the children
36:33 of Israel led them from a departure from God.
36:38 You've ever noticed that someone since around
36:41 something a house you get oh we are having
36:43 a party at Joe's house, wow mark on the calendar,
36:48 we need to go to that party.
36:49 Same day you get an another advertisement
36:52 you know well we are having a meeting
36:53 at the church. No we don't even talk
36:54 about that, you know we
36:55 can't attend the meeting boy there is a party,
36:58 there is a big fellowship launch,
37:00 there is a big bash somewhere,
37:02 there is a birthday party, there is a shower,
37:05 there is a baby shower, all of these things maybe
37:08 not bad within themselves, but we wouldn't miss
37:10 one of those but we can't find our way to church.
37:13 We can't find our way to do the right thing but
37:17 we like to party, we like noise,
37:19 we like to be around laughter,
37:21 we like to be around games,
37:26 are you getting the point?
37:29 I am talking about a failure on the
37:30 people part, God's people of Israel,
37:34 when Moses was getting the Ten Commandments,
37:38 and they came to Moses it led to a complete,
37:43 because they listen, because they just
37:45 wanted to party. they wanted to party
37:49 around a little bit, they sound surely
37:51 they say its harmless, just have a few laughs
37:55 but before its over they completely
37:57 departed from God, this is how it starts,
38:00 it starts in the home, starts in the family,
38:02 starts in the school. Sometime we say oh
38:05 its just harmless, its not all,
38:06 complete departure. These things were written
38:09 for admonition, some of you say no
38:12 there is no way, you need to wake up.
38:18 The Bible is clear of these illustrations.
38:21 Remember the Bible says in 1 Corinthians,
38:23 in that the Bible is written for
38:24 our what admonition, 1 Corinthians chapter
38:28 10 you read that somewhere around 10, 11
38:32 said this is for our what? Our example,
38:36 to see what happened to God's people when they
38:38 were disobedient, and when they
38:40 were obedient. See there is
38:42 a word obey again, disobedient,
38:45 you still obeying one spirit or the other
38:47 aren't you. And so
38:51 this spirit of what reveling,
38:53 the spirit is always wanting to party and
38:55 to go out and have a good time,
38:57 be with everybody, complete departure
39:02 from God it led to. The second thing was
39:06 very interesting to me the spirit of commonness,
39:13 common, you know Isaiah 5 talks about here,
39:17 I can't spend much time its fling the common
39:20 is it says we as a people we begin to call good
39:24 evil and evil good. See we can,
39:29 there is not a difference between that
39:30 which is common and that which is holy.
39:34 See we forget that in the sanctuary of the church
39:36 we've common thought going on its holy ground.
39:42 Common thoughts, its holy ground and
39:49 study someone this right here and say
39:51 Kenny God helped me to make better choices and
39:53 better decisions because this is one
39:56 thing that common is that we don't understand
39:58 what is common and that which holy,
40:00 they say this thought God hates commonness.
40:06 Spirit of Prophecy that's exact word God hates.
40:11 wow, and that simply means there is
40:14 no boundaries, there is really no
40:17 difference in what we do, and what we say
40:20 or where we're at, it just its all of the
40:22 same thing and the other word was I thought
40:25 interesting we are too familiar,
40:27 commonness is to familiar.
40:30 Do we get too familiar, you remember Aaron sons,
40:39 Nadav and Avihu, remember them,
40:42 their sense abilities were so numbed,
40:45 they know, made no
40:46 difference between what, the sacred and the
40:50 common what happened they lost their life.
40:55 They lost their life from doing the
40:56 wrong thing, they did
40:58 not act from principle, please stay with me.
41:02 Don't worry about the phone ringing,
41:03 don't worry about anything its going on,
41:04 this is very, very important
41:05 when I'm talking about because there is too much
41:07 foolishness going on in the sanctuaries today,
41:09 if God is present there dear friends you must
41:13 conduct ourselves as soul, but because of their
41:17 conduct Aaron son, the high priest conduct
41:23 Aaron wasn't even allowed to mourn over the death
41:27 of his two sons. God wanted
41:32 no sympathy, he shown up what
41:34 they were doing because they couldn't make
41:37 a difference between common.
41:38 I said when you've things in ministry that
41:40 belong to God, they are holy.
41:43 They should not be used for secular things.
41:47 God holds us accountable for those things.
41:51 Spirit of commonness, when you know what
41:53 a commonness is, I've seen this
41:55 common practice in the ministries and churches
41:59 today when the pastor has your edacity to get
42:02 up in the pulp, but he has got
42:03 a pair of tennis shoes on,
42:04 some tight fitting jeans, and his shirt button
42:07 all half way down his chest and he is
42:09 sitting there suppose to be representing
42:11 Jesus Christ. He is representing,
42:13 he is supposed to be setting something a
42:15 higher standard for the people to see,
42:17 others may not be able to afford anything
42:19 better and they are doing the best they can,
42:21 but he can, he should know
42:22 the difference. If he wants to
42:24 dress like that, that's a party
42:25 time and he needs to go out somewhere else.
42:27 He thinks he is gonna reach people,
42:29 and they are gonna accept it.
42:30 No, they need a higher standard,
42:31 they need to see that God is holy,
42:33 that Jesus is holy, he demands a holy people,
42:36 we should conduct ourselves as such.
42:42 Oh! We've lost it, we've lost it because
42:43 of the commonness, too familiar in our dress,
42:49 the way we dress, in the way that we talk.
42:53 Some of you ladies are dressing in the church
42:55 call itself last day moment people you
42:57 love Jesus you show way too much up here and
43:00 way too much down here, dress like Christian men
43:05 and women, it's a man too, too familiar.
43:10 I want to look at several ways and I'm not gonna
43:12 have a lot of times that Aaron showed his
43:14 weakness and lack of principle,
43:17 and lack of doing right because it was right,
43:21 it cost, oh friend it cost,
43:27 commonness too familiar. I've got to spend some
43:31 time on whether I get done or not.
43:33 I've got to spend some time on this because
43:36 you know what this commonness and this
43:38 too familiar with one and another,
43:41 see to me, men and women
43:42 are too familiar with one another,
43:44 and the more familiar you get the more problems
43:46 it can cause, because this familiar
43:48 errata can cause un Christ like behavior,
43:56 in words and in actions. See the enemy uses
44:01 this commonness and this familiar spirit such as
44:05 in flattering statements. You know praise,
44:14 let me just to say when I'm really on this
44:17 you know men in the church you've no right
44:20 going up to another women whether you are
44:22 married or not and tell her that she looks
44:23 beautiful today, that's not your wife,
44:26 you need to stop it. People in church
44:29 comes down, a woman comes
44:30 in I actually married men,
44:32 married women look a them and say oh
44:34 that's a very pretty dress you've,
44:36 because you shouldn't be noticing somebody's
44:38 else dress. We can
44:40 detect that's something nice
44:41 or they are neatly done as they come
44:43 into the church, oh your hair is
44:45 beautiful oh I just love your hair,
44:46 oh I just love your eyes,
44:47 you brother had stepped out of bounds.
44:51 You've no right to do that and the
44:52 women who was addressed and familiar as
44:54 commonness right there needs to say that
44:57 thank you and just move on,
44:58 say nothing about just move on.
44:59 Do not accept because that is from the enemy.
45:04 Man has no right to do that,
45:06 you haven't studied these things where you need
45:07 to be in Gods word. You need to be
45:08 in the sprit of prophecy, you see exactly what
45:10 I'm talking about. In fact we'll run
45:13 over really quickly, it says simply
45:14 when some body flatters you,
45:15 its flattery it is of the devil,
45:19 do not receive. Now if another
45:20 woman comes up to another women said
45:22 you look good, a man says it
45:23 is a nice suite, but between opposites
45:26 there stop it, stop it, stop it.
45:30 It's not pleasing to God,
45:32 you say you are preparing for heaven,
45:34 don't receive flattery, Christ never
45:38 used flattery, beware of giving
45:42 flattery to our youth, the little children.
45:45 Oh! They're so cute,
45:46 oh! They are saying the sweetest thing,
45:47 honey say what you said to her,
45:48 there goes the head, care how they do
45:51 with them little later on in the life,
45:53 they got the big head.
45:55 It's okay to commend them, and encourage them
45:57 but be careful not flattery,
46:01 inspiration says women should never give me
46:03 flattery and vice versa.
46:09 Its deceiving, its infatuating,
46:13 and you know what these very words what
46:15 you're loosely going around giving to others
46:17 you'll meet those words in the judgment.
46:23 Do you want to? Need to make it right
46:25 while you can? In fact flattery,
46:31 Spirit of Prophecy says that Satan uses
46:32 to destroy souls, see how we got
46:36 so common now that everything there no
46:38 really thing holy that will need,
46:39 that we don't understand what
46:41 I'm talking about up here like all
46:43 that so silly. No, its not,
46:45 the world is in a mess because of it today.
46:50 Spirit of Prophecy wants us and needs
46:51 be though undo familiarity between
46:53 boys and girls be careful, God condemns it.
47:01 God condemns it dear friends,
47:02 we need to condemn it don't you think.
47:06 Over familiarity leads to in fact it causes
47:11 sin to a peerless sinful,
47:14 the more familiar you are,
47:15 sin doesn't seem quite to be so sinful.
47:19 Its less repulsive then what it is
47:22 because we are too familiar,
47:24 we can't call sin by its right name.
47:27 Satan uses familiarity the commonness to
47:29 educate the mind. One act,
47:34 just one act of familiarity,
47:37 one act of familiarity may jeopardize the soul
47:41 for eternity. Read that in
47:44 Adventist Home by the way 404,
47:47 and these warnings may I just reading it
47:48 now a right now I'm gonna get into
47:49 trouble anyway, I might so just
47:51 take good one.
47:55 And I'm not talking about being too familiar,
47:57 I'm talking about talking about positions,
47:59 I'm talking about nurses,
48:02 I'm talking about school teachers,
48:03 I'm talking about pastors,
48:04 leaders, people who work with you
48:07 know other folks, and this may
48:10 I go ahead a say the women you need not
48:12 confine about your home life with another man,
48:15 vice versa. It leads to
48:17 all kind of trouble, it leads down to
48:19 wrong path. Did we say
48:21 do right because it is right.
48:27 Oh! That's an awful lot to chew on
48:29 isn't it makes us cough a little bit say wow,
48:32 man that's too much, he's gone to Medley.
48:35 Now that's the word of God the
48:37 world in a crises right now,
48:39 in the work places because it's too familiar
48:42 with one another, men are too familiar
48:45 with women and vice versa and it leads
48:47 to undo wrong actions and thoughts.
48:56 Aaron he was weak, was a weak leader,
48:57 his weaknesses, that's just name
48:58 them quickly we get few minutes left,
49:00 we're gonna name some of his weaknesses.
49:02 He didn't stand firmly against the people
49:05 as they reveal that they wanted to party.
49:08 Here was his first mistake,
49:09 when the people come to a leader you are the
49:12 pastor of the church, you're a leader or
49:13 whatever in a ministry, and the people come and
49:15 say you know I think we all to do this and
49:17 we all to do that, you need to stand
49:18 for right principle, right then right there,
49:21 shut it off. Aaron did not do that,
49:28 he let them have their way.
49:33 We've to scorch it when something comes that's
49:36 wrong and we know you scouted it immediately.
49:39 Anything out of harmony with the Bible see
49:41 if Aaron have done this it would saved Israel
49:45 from the mess that they had they
49:46 went through. He had that
49:48 authority to do, he did not use that
49:50 authority because he was a weak link,
49:53 a weak link with his children,
49:55 weak link in the home. He didn't like it make his
49:57 children obey him. Oh! You can study
50:00 and read about some of this thing you know was
50:01 meant God used in miraculous way.
50:03 There were some weaknesses here that
50:05 we can learn from. When you know this
50:08 wrong somebody comes in church say well
50:09 we need a, I want to
50:12 say directly; you know we
50:13 just pastor, you know we
50:14 want to a Halloween party in the church say no.
50:17 We're not having a Halloween party
50:18 in our church. We are not going
50:19 to be worshiping the devil,
50:21 stop it, scorch it, stop on it, don't ask well
50:25 we need to vote on it, we got to need to call
50:26 another meeting and see what the people want
50:28 to do about it, say no,
50:30 we are not going to have it.
50:31 Put it down, keep it down,
50:32 you know chock it out. This is what stops it
50:38 that Aaron could not do that.
50:39 Number two, he didn't exercise
50:41 his authority, remember he was weak,
50:45 he didn't stand firm against the people as they
50:47 said we want to do this first.
50:49 Number two is he didn't exercise his God given
50:52 authority with the people.
50:54 He could have kept the people in check because
50:56 they recognize that he was a leader and he
50:58 could have said no, we are not going
50:59 to do that thing. They knew that God had
51:02 appointed him, he could have
51:04 stopped this apostasy, he did not do that.
51:07 Hebrews 13:17 the Bible says obey them that
51:11 have the rule over you, and submit yourselves.
51:17 You guys have little submitting there is
51:19 in the church now day they,
51:20 there is no respect for the pastor and the
51:21 elders and the deacons anymore.
51:23 Doesn't mean they are better than any of us,
51:25 but they have a position and it is a
51:26 God given position, the Bible says here that
51:28 you obey them that have the rule over you,
51:31 you submit to them. You say well that's
51:34 not good enough. How about Titus 2:15
51:36 the Bible says speak and exhort and to rebuke
51:40 with all authority. He is talking about
51:42 elders of the church, with all what?
51:45 With all authority, do the right thing
51:50 because what its right. Three he had a
51:55 desire to please the people,
51:57 he was a people pleaser and I find many of those
51:59 in the movement today. You are people pleaser
52:03 even have to sacrifice the principle,
52:05 you just want to please somebody.
52:08 Wow, men pleasers, Ephesians 6:6 says:
52:12 Not with eyeservice as menpleasers but as
52:16 a servant of Christ. What does it mean,
52:18 not with the eyeservice? It says we be careful
52:23 because these menpleasers you
52:24 know trying to please men the eyeservice
52:26 here we've to what, there is someone
52:28 who needs watching. You need to watch
52:30 these kind of people that's trying to
52:31 please men all the time,
52:33 and they are not trying to,
52:34 they are not pleasing God.
52:37 And I looked up there what I thought was hatred,
52:39 they said one who man courts,
52:43 man courting, you are courting
52:46 your fellow men you know you're just trying to
52:48 give kind a what they want,
52:49 you're trying to be pleasing and kind of some
52:50 of you do with the woman you marry.
52:54 Well open your eyes the Bible said
52:56 we need to open, we need to remember
52:59 last couple of minutes here his no,
53:01 Aaron's no, even as a father
53:04 he failed because he would not
53:06 correct his children. He didn't trained them
53:09 when they were young and self control.
53:12 Self control led to self indulgence,
53:14 they were not taught to respect
53:16 authority of their father. They didn't realize
53:19 the necessity of strict obedience,
53:21 and they fell short, he lost his sons
53:23 they lost eternal life death,
53:28 why because he didn't want to
53:30 correct his children. He didn't want to
53:34 correct his children, they need correcting.
53:38 Aaron lacked the firmness of a
53:41 right and he neglected discipline.
53:44 When he disciplined in the home regards of
53:47 what the world says I'm talking about abuse,
53:48 I'm talking about discipline.
53:51 Five, he lost control of the people the church,
53:53 as soon as he gave permission the very
53:55 first time that allowed the people to go
53:58 against God's word, he lost control.
54:01 Let me say this quickly Adam and Eve the
54:04 first time that they submitted to the will
54:10 outside of the will of God they lost control.
54:15 Wow, they lost control, yeah lost control
54:20 of their self, they lost control
54:21 of the world, when they went
54:23 contrary to Gods word and we can
54:24 do the same thing. I wanna pray for you
54:26 today as we close. You know we need
54:29 some changes in the home, we need some changes
54:31 in the church, we need changes
54:32 in the world. They can only
54:35 come by beholding him by studying his word
54:37 and seeing what he has for us and saying
54:39 God help me to do right because it is right.
54:42 Even the midst of the quicken and
54:44 perverse word lot I want to do right,
54:46 I don't want to sacrifice principle ever.
54:51 And I'm gonna pray right now,
54:52 you pray with me, the God will help us
54:54 get us Holy Spirit power. We might be prepared
54:56 to meet him when he come. Let's pray together.
54:59 Kind loving heavenly Father,
55:00 we thank you for your word,
55:02 we thank you. We realized that
55:04 message today is straight testimony,
55:06 and as straight testimony comes
55:08 to your people we pray that we will heed that
55:10 calling and we'll so prepare our hearts and
55:12 our lives in the Jesus when he shall come.
55:15 We need to be obedient unto the very and
55:17 obedient everywhere that proceeds out of
55:19 the mouth of God. Thank for hearing,
55:21 thanking for answering prayer.
55:22 Thank you for those who have made that
55:23 decision for Jesus Christ in his name we pray
55:26 and for His sake. Amen.
55:32 Well once again as we always say we are
55:34 so very grateful and thankful that we've the
55:36 opportunity to come into your home and we look
55:39 forward to this time and set aside.
55:41 We love you, God bless you,
55:42 we'll see you next time.
55:47 Doing right because it is right,
55:50 is a lesson that we all need to learn.
55:53 Truly it may cut right across our
55:55 brains at times but that is a pass that's
55:58 just a part of the process of our
56:01 refinement for the kingdom of heaven.
56:04 Our Godly principles brothers and sisters,
56:06 we are never, never to waiver
56:09 just think of all the misery and heartache
56:12 that would have been avoided in our lives
56:14 if we had only followed the teaching of Gods
56:18 word and listen to his voice.
56:21 How much better life would have been
56:23 for all of us in the past? As Christian we are
56:26 to reflect the character of Christ and we know
56:29 from scriptures that Christ lived a life
56:32 of always doing what was right even,
56:34 even when it meant the loss of his life.
56:38 We too need our daily prayer for the power;
56:41 we need to pray daily for the power to do what
56:44 is right and every decision of our life.
56:48 We need to come to the point that we would
56:50 rather die than sin, that's a heavy thought
56:53 I want you to think about it.
56:54 We would rather die than sin.
56:57 This is the type of faith that will only
57:00 come with a strong connection with Christ.
57:03 So, won't you make Him first and last
57:06 and everything in your life today and for
57:09 ever you'll be so thankful that you did.
57:12 And in closing we hope that you call and ask
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