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00:40 Hello and welcome back to Behold
00:42 the Lamb presents. I'm Chris Shelton,
00:45 your host. And today we have a special message,
00:48 a message of the most precious gift ever
00:51 given to mankind. A message that is entitled
00:55 Heaven Came Down. And today joining us
00:58 in the beginning is my husband
00:59 Paster Kenny Shelton. Pastor Kenny,
01:02 Heaven Came Down is about Jesus Christ,
01:05 when He first came to this earth as a babe
01:08 and you know even though it has been
01:09 thousands of years and men have studied
01:12 and studied it, I don't think we really
01:15 realized the ramifications of all
01:17 that Christ has done for us. That He at one
01:21 time was omniscient, he could,
01:22 he could be in every place at one time.
01:24 And yet He gave that up because He loved
01:27 us so much, what are your thoughts?
01:30 Oh I think it's an exciting time of the
01:32 year where people are thinking about Jesus,
01:35 absolutely, and I think we need to utilize
01:37 that time when the minds and hearts upon
01:39 Jesus Christ we need to be out to the
01:42 highways and byways, we need to be
01:44 reaching out to touch people for Jesus
01:47 and so you know that's what we are
01:48 talking about today, Heaven Came Down.
01:50 And as heaven comes down and it has
01:52 come down, I'm so looking forward the time
01:54 that Jesus comes back again and takes us
01:57 home with him. You know I'm hearing exactly
02:00 like you're saying I've read in the past
02:02 that this time of year Christians should be
02:05 busier than ever before. Because even
02:08 though there are people that may not even
02:10 go to church the rest of the year,
02:12 they are thinking about that baby,
02:15 what's about that baby that was born
02:18 in the manger, what's the story behind it,
02:20 how does it effect me, how does it
02:23 effect my family? You know I think of
02:25 mothers and fathers that have babies
02:27 themselves, and they're responsible for
02:30 raising that child in the admonition of the Lord.
02:33 Absolutely. And you know, it's also time
02:35 where a lot of people are gift giving
02:37 to each other, but there's one gift
02:40 that we often overlook and what is that?
02:42 Oh you know it's really, we talk about
02:44 the gift of Jesus. This season there is
02:47 something about that name, when you
02:49 mention the name of Jesus, there's power
02:52 there it uplifts your spirits and I think this
02:56 season we need to be talking more, and more,
02:58 and more about Jesus and whole lot
02:59 less about our self. And as we talk about
03:01 Jesus, Jesus says you know in the word
03:04 if I be lifted up withdraw all men unto me,
03:07 all men. So this is the season that we're
03:08 gonna lift up the name of Jesus
03:10 and there will be people that will hear
03:12 now that may never in the rest of the year.
03:14 So let's use this time wisely for his honor
03:18 and his glory. Absolutely. And as
03:21 we're lifting Christ up, how can we
03:24 give a gift to him. You know I know
03:26 that we've talked from program to program
03:29 about giving of ourselves that's the most
03:32 precious gift, but what else can we do
03:34 for Christ at this time of year.
03:36 You know I think that you know,
03:38 it would be nice, it's still waiting to like
03:41 the end of the year and all of a sudden we
03:42 think oh we need to give a special
03:45 gift to Jesus. Wouldn't it be nice if all year
03:47 along we began to plan and we put back
03:50 just a little bit every week or every month
03:52 and at the end of the year we can give a
03:54 special thank offering to Jesus. After all
03:56 that's what the season is all about, isn't it?
03:58 And my how the ministries could use that,
04:01 the furtherance of the gospel,
04:02 to win souls for Jesus Christ, we always
04:06 you know we give to others, you know,
04:09 sacrifice things maybe we charge say money
04:12 we don't even have, but what will we do
04:14 for Jesus? You know I've often said
04:17 even the Lord's work is expensive, it takes
04:21 money for us to be here, it takes money
04:23 for us to come into your homes,
04:25 it takes money for 3ABN to do all
04:28 that it's doing, oh yeah, it takes money
04:30 for Behold the Lamb Ministry to be here,
04:32 so as you are getting ready for this season,
04:35 as you are thinking about gift giving,
04:37 won't you remember the ministries that
04:39 have touched your heart, remember
04:41 Behold the Lamb if you would like to keep
04:43 us going, we value you, we value being
04:47 able to minister to you, being able to put
04:49 what Christ has laid upon our hearts,
04:51 and bring it to you. And of course
04:54 at this time as we think about Christ,
04:56 oh what a precious gift. So as you're thinking
05:02 about all that He has given, all that He
05:04 has done, every breathe that you take,
05:07 I know that life has not been easy,
05:09 I know this year has been difficult,
05:12 but you're still breathing, amen,
05:13 you still have food, you're still able to do
05:16 many things that people in other parts
05:18 of the world cannot. So won't you consider
05:21 giving back a gift to him today and also
05:25 consider giving your heart fully and openly
05:28 to Him. I pray that as we go into this
05:31 message you will be truly
05:33 blessed this year, God bless you.
05:51 Wonderful, merciful Savior
05:58 Precious Redeemer and Friend
06:04 Who would have thought that a Lamb
06:08 Could rescue the souls of men
06:15 Oh you rescue the souls of men
06:26 Counselor, Comforter, Keeper
06:32 Spirit we lon to embrace
06:38 You offer hope when our hearts have
06:44 Hopelessly lost the way
06:49 Oh, we've hopelessly lost the way
06:56 You are the One that we praise
07:02 You are the One we adore
07:08 You give us healing and grace
07:13 Our hearts always hunger for
07:19 Oh, our hearts always hunger for
08:00 Almighty, infinite Father
08:06 Faithfully loving Your own
08:12 Here in our weakness You find us
08:18 Falling before Your throne
08:23 Oh, we're falling before Your throne
08:31 You are the One that we praise
08:37 You are the One we adore
08:43 You give us healing and grace
08:47 Our hearts always hunger for
08:53 Oh, our hearts always hunger for
09:01 You are the One that we praise
09:07 You are the One we adore
09:13 You give us healing and grace
09:17 Our hearts always hunger for
09:24 Oh, our hearts always hunger for.
09:42 Welcome, we are glad you could join us here
09:43 today at Behold The Lamb, we have a very,
09:45 very interesting program we pray for you today,
09:48 again we appreciate you taking this time
09:50 to tune in, get your Bible,
09:53 pencil and paper and take some notes
09:54 and then you can share the good news
09:56 of Salvation during this time of the season.
09:59 Our message for today is Heaven Came Down.
10:03 What does that mean? Does it have any
10:05 significance for you and or me, for the world?
10:09 Oh I think so and in today's message
10:10 we'll find out little bit more about heaven,
10:13 how heaven was empty in our behalf.
10:15 But first we always do, we always ask for
10:18 the guidance and the power of the Holy Spirit.
10:20 Why don't you kneel with me where you can
10:22 and let's ask God the blessing, shall we?
10:29 Kind loving heavenly Father we thank you for
10:30 the privilege of prayer, as we come to thee
10:33 this day, we ask forgiveness of any
10:35 sin anything in our hearts and life
10:37 it need not be there. We need to hear
10:39 from heaven, you have a message for each
10:42 and everyone of your children, we pray that
10:44 a word will be spoken into season that will
10:47 draws closer to you. During this end of
10:51 the year, this end of the season we
10:53 pray in a special way that as our hearts
10:55 and minds are turned toward Jesus,
10:58 but somehow some way the Holy Spirit
11:01 begins to work in each of our hearts
11:02 and our lives that we will be able to turn
11:05 people's minds and thoughts not of things of
11:07 this world, but upon Jesus, anoint us
11:10 with Holy Spirit power that we may here
11:12 from heaven I give you praise and honor
11:14 and glory and thank you for everyone
11:16 who listens and views in Jesus name, amen.
11:23 And it's always a blessing to be able
11:25 to spend some time with you in the study of
11:27 God's word, this is something we need to be
11:29 doing every day of our life. Just as we
11:32 like to eat a good meal and we think it very
11:36 important first thing we get up in morning
11:37 most of us anyways, oh boy I'm hungry
11:39 and I want to eat, oh how exciting that would be
11:42 that if we got up the morning, we say oh
11:44 I can't wait to get into the word of God,
11:46 can't wait to spend some time with God,
11:48 my creator, my redeemer and my sustainer.
11:52 Today's subject once again Heaven Came Down.
11:55 The Bible is very, very clear as
11:57 Heaven Came Down. And by the way
11:59 it's a song that I really, really like,
12:01 it says Heaven came down and glory feel my soul.
12:05 And so as heaven comes down today
12:07 wherever you might be I'm going to pray that,
12:09 that glory fills your soul, that you are gonna
12:11 reach out for Jesus like never before.
12:15 The Bible is really clear talking about this
12:18 great gift from heaven and this time of the
12:21 season when people are thinking more about
12:24 Jesus and His coming to this earth and they
12:27 associated with a baby, and in a manger and
12:31 gifts and wise men and could there be a
12:34 little bit more, maybe we're missing out on
12:36 something that heaven would want us to
12:38 reach out and grasp. The Bible says in Luke
12:41 2:14 it says, Glory to God in the highest,
12:45 and on earth peace, good will toward men.
12:50 In Luke 1:31 the Bible says, and they shall
12:53 call his name Jesus. This time of year
12:57 when you hear the name of Jesus I wanted to do
13:00 something for you, I wanted to stop in your,
13:03 just stop in your tracks, once you hear the
13:04 name of Jesus, there should be some power,
13:07 should be something that gives you spiritual
13:09 goosebumps. And the Bible even tells why
13:13 heaven was empty and why heaven came down
13:17 in Matthew 1:21, simply it says this that he
13:21 shall save His people from their sins.
13:25 There was a purpose of Jesus coming to
13:27 this earth. There was a purpose for this time
13:30 of the year and if we miss that purpose
13:33 I believe we've missed it. I believe we missed
13:35 what heaven wants us to be remembering
13:37 this time of the year. And to me,
13:41 and I think back this year has went so
13:43 quickly how about you? And then when
13:46 you're really getting to think about
13:47 it you will say there's a lot of things that
13:49 came and went, things I that understand,
13:52 other things that I don't understand
13:54 there's maybe an health issues,
13:55 there has been financial problems,
13:57 maybe loss of job, loss of loved ones,
14:00 different things have happened in this
14:02 past year and pretty difficult for you
14:04 try to explain or come up with
14:06 an explanation about it but you can be sure
14:07 of this Jesus loves you today.
14:10 Heaven Came Down, you're very, very
14:12 important to Him. We can see the purpose
14:15 and we must see the purpose of this time
14:18 of year. We must see the purpose and
14:20 always we're safe and we say the purpose
14:22 is about Jesus. And so you can lift up
14:26 that name, you can talk about Jesus,
14:28 you can spread the good news of the gospel
14:30 of Jesus Christ. You know things that happen
14:33 in our life I believe this there's a reason
14:35 for everything that happens.
14:38 Because I believe that God is in control,
14:41 I believe that everything that happens
14:43 God has to give His approval to His
14:45 Children. No man the Bible says can take
14:47 you out of His hand. Now you can take
14:50 yourself out, don't, don't do that
14:53 right now, this is a time that if you,
14:54 if we have been following close to Jesus
14:56 we need to, we need to be making that
14:58 we call the New Year's Resolution,
15:00 the end of the year and time to say look
15:02 I'm going to serve Jesus and we let
15:04 everything else put on back burner,
15:06 but I'm going to put Him first in my heart
15:08 and in my life. I believe that these
15:10 things it's hard to understand
15:12 one of these days by and by Jesus
15:15 is going to explain these things that
15:16 have taken place. Aren't you glad today
15:19 that heaven came down, and that glory
15:21 is filling your soul today? And I'm glad
15:24 because He came down, because this
15:26 for sure that I could not go up to Him.
15:29 The only reason anyone will be
15:30 going up, it's because of Jesus.
15:33 Let's not forget the central point today.
15:36 There was a purpose for Jesus coming to
15:39 this earth. There was a purpose,
15:41 if we miss that purpose we are in trouble
15:44 today. Let me just put it real simple,
15:47 what was the purpose? Oh I can
15:49 hear people's minds just clicking
15:50 and saying oh it was this reason,
15:52 that reason, let's put it really, really
15:54 simple Jesus came down to this world
15:56 because He had you on His mind.
16:00 He saw that this world is dark.
16:03 He could see that the enemy was
16:05 deceiving, that darkness was just
16:08 completely covering this earth.
16:11 And Jesus said I'm going to come down
16:13 there and I'm going to shed light.
16:16 We have this thing called delusions
16:18 what's the enemy is out deceiving,
16:21 all that He can mankind. And Jesus
16:24 said that the world is dark and it's
16:26 gonna need some light. And it's so
16:28 wonderful to know that Jesus says
16:30 I'm going to come and I'm going to be
16:32 that light of the world. Time has come
16:36 and the history of the world when Jesus
16:38 came to this earth, that it needed
16:40 a divine teacher, needed someone
16:43 to bring us back because we've drifted
16:45 so far away from Bible truths. And Jesus
16:49 came to set the record straight,
16:51 aren't you glad? Heaven came down
16:53 to set the record straight, to put us,
16:55 put things back the way they were
16:56 suppose to be. We needed an instructor,
17:00 we needed a teacher, we needed an example,
17:02 we needed strength, we needed a power.
17:06 Jesus said, I'm gonna come into this world
17:09 for it must have that light. And as you
17:12 follow the Bible in John chapter 3
17:14 verse 19, the Bible says, man this is
17:16 a problem, men loved darkness rather
17:20 than light. Jesus understood that
17:23 men love what? Darkness rather than light,
17:26 because in the midst of darkness,
17:29 most of your robberies and your
17:31 murderers and things that transpire,
17:33 early hours of the morning it's in
17:35 darkness, and we realize there are
17:37 some that you know that doesn't matter
17:38 what it is. But most generally
17:40 if they don't want to be seen, they don't
17:42 want anybody to see them, and Jesus
17:45 said right here men loved darkness rather
17:47 than light. They loved the things of
17:49 the world, they love to be involved
17:51 in things of the world, they liked the
17:52 darkness that the enemy provides
17:54 rather than the light that God wants
17:56 to give. But John chapter 8 verse 12
17:59 the Bible says, Jesus says, He says I'm
18:02 the light of the world. During this season,
18:06 you're going to see a lot of lights.
18:08 You're gonna see a lot of towns
18:10 and cities and things that just lit up.
18:14 But it's interesting how Jesus said
18:16 I am the light of the world. I wonder
18:19 if maybe the enemy has even a
18:22 deception on that. It captivates us
18:26 when we see things that are shining
18:28 and glistering and glimmering,
18:29 our attention, our focus is drawn to that,
18:32 but yet Jesus said I am the light of
18:34 the world, but people say well I don't
18:35 want that light. I want something
18:38 which take my mind off of things of this
18:40 world. But Jesus goes on He says look
18:43 I'm gonna, there's gonna be a warning
18:45 and He gives that in the book of John
18:47 chapter 12 verse 35, He said and yet
18:49 in a little while is the light with you.
18:53 Jesus was very clear about this issue,
18:55 it's gonna be just a little while this
18:57 light is gonna be with you and then
18:59 He says walk while you have light.
19:02 Some of you think you have,
19:03 that we want to stay for ever and ever.
19:05 You wanna live for ever and ever
19:08 that there is no probationary time.
19:14 But you know all of us have a probationary
19:15 time. Because Jesus said and He warns
19:19 us that we need, so we're in a holiday
19:21 season even though the heaven has come down,
19:23 what, once again is a warning to us.
19:27 That the light was here,
19:28 he walked for a while, but He wouldn't
19:30 always be with us. Walk while you have
19:33 the light, many people have the light today,
19:35 but you know they're not walking in the light.
19:38 They're wanting to walk here,
19:39 and walk there and around the world and do
19:41 all the things that the world is doing,
19:43 but they don't wanna walk with Jesus Christ.
19:45 They don't wanna follow the light of the world.
19:48 Jesus says if you know you have the light
19:50 you need to walk while you have the light
19:52 and if you do not He said then darkness
19:55 will come upon you. Remember when he says
19:57 darkness, don't just think of the lights
19:59 going out and becoming dark,
20:01 He is talking about the prince of this world,
20:03 the devil, darkness, the devil,
20:05 right he is dark, he brings darkness
20:08 with him simply meaning that you can't see
20:10 what the things that are real.
20:12 And so he says, if you know what the
20:14 light is and you walk in while you can,
20:16 because you don't then things are gonna
20:17 be dark and you will not be able to tell
20:19 right from wrong. And it seems that
20:21 bold today, doesn't it? And you'll see
20:24 how bold it gets as we're in this holiday
20:26 season of some of the things that people
20:27 will do. The decisions that they will make,
20:32 walk while Jesus is with us. In John 12:36
20:36 the Bible says, while ye have the light,
20:38 believe the light. So if Jesus is the light
20:42 of the world we're to walk in the light
20:45 and then He says you must believe the light
20:48 that ye maybe children of the light.
20:51 So when we are in this season of lot of
20:53 lights and things. This is what I wanna do,
20:55 every time you see at light, you see
20:58 a street lit up with lights and decorations
21:01 and every time you see that light
21:02 I want you to think about the light
21:04 of the world. We can reverse it can't we?
21:07 It doesn't mean that light is bad there,
21:09 but why not, why not reach the higher
21:11 plateau, or every time we see these lights
21:13 and these decorations we're gonna think
21:14 about Jesus the light of the world, because
21:17 we are children the Bible says of the light.
21:22 And there is only one that could conquer
21:23 darkness who was that? That's right,
21:26 that's Jesus. That's why He came to
21:28 this world. Darkness has surrounded
21:31 completely this world, there was no
21:32 way that it could be expelled, expect
21:35 through Jesus Christ, by His presence
21:38 as the light of the world that which He
21:41 could give. In fact in Luke chapter 1:79
21:44 says, light to them that sat in darkness.
21:48 So Jesus came to bring what? Light to us,
21:51 who did what, who was sitting in darkness.
21:55 We need that light today, Jesus is that
21:57 light and during this season when hearts
22:00 and lights are turned toward these you know
22:02 even lights of the world remember Jesus
22:04 is the light and when we wanna talk about
22:07 Jesus, we wanna lift Him up. We think about
22:10 Jesus coming to this earth, born as a babe,
22:15 helpless babe in a manger. That was real.
22:18 That was not make believe. He is a
22:20 real baby. He was born in that in manger;
22:24 He was born in that little crib.
22:26 But you know one who lived a victorious life,
22:30 one who gained the victory where you
22:32 and I failed so miserably.
22:35 Who revealed the character of his Father
22:37 in heaven. So that each one of us
22:41 may have an example that we could follow
22:42 in Jesus' footsteps. You remember
22:46 Jesus came, He did what, He revealed
22:48 the character of the Father and Jesus
22:49 said it like this, in John 12:49, remember
22:52 you're gonna reveal the character of Jesus
22:54 or the character of the enemy. Yes,
22:57 even during this season that's exactly right,
22:59 you're gonna carry it to extremes,
23:00 you're gonna go the way of the world,
23:02 the way of the enemy or you're gonna go
23:03 the way of Jesus. Jesus said it like this,
23:06 He said I have not spoken of myself
23:10 in John chapter 12 verse 49. what was
23:13 Jesus saying He said when I came here
23:15 to this earth, I didn't come here you know
23:17 to reveal myself, I came to reveal the
23:19 father's character to you, who he is.
23:22 I haven't spoken He says of myself,
23:25 but the Bible says what, but the father,
23:29 He gave me a commandment the Bible
23:30 said what I should say, and what I
23:34 should speak. Jesus made it clear,
23:36 He said the father gave me a command,
23:37 he told me what I should speak,
23:39 he told me what I should do, what should
23:43 I say. He revealed the father.
23:47 And yet the commission says you, us,
23:49 all of us are children of what,
23:51 good children of the light, we too should
23:55 we be revealing the father, the character
23:58 of the father to the world, living for
24:00 Jesus. You know are you doing that during
24:02 the season or you're going to get carried
24:04 away with things of this world.
24:06 Are you going to be doing all those things,
24:07 you're gonna forget about we say the reason
24:10 for the season. I wanna encourage you
24:12 not to do that this year. I'm gonna give
24:15 you a new line of thinking. Think more
24:19 in the terms of the way heaven wants us to
24:21 think and to react not the ways of the world.
24:26 You'll say well I don't see anything wrong
24:28 with it. Jesus talking about the things
24:29 of this world what about the Jesus loved
24:31 the things. Oh no, not at all.
24:36 In fact He warns us about going too far
24:38 into the world, doesn't He? Love not,
24:41 listen, Love not the world needed the things
24:43 that what? That are in the world.
24:46 So we can't love the world or the things
24:48 that are in the world and that's it simply
24:50 saying what? Because those are the things
24:51 that the enemy has for himself and he
24:54 wants us to be captivated by these
24:56 things even taking something good
24:59 that reminds us of Jesus and turning it,
25:00 on our self. Not thinking about others,
25:03 not thinking about needs of others,
25:05 but me, my and I. Just like he is,
25:07 just like the devil. And so the warning
25:10 He gives to us, the devil says I give him
25:14 everything I give them world,
25:15 I give them the world. Do you want the
25:17 world today, you want Jesus?
25:21 Your decision is there for you,
25:22 decision is for me today.
25:24 Jesus came down, heaven was emptied
25:28 for each one of us. What an encouraging
25:30 thought that is to me today,
25:33 there is no hope for me without that,
25:36 and this season, this time they call
25:39 Christmas season, it's all about Christmas,
25:42 it's spelled with Christ isn't it?
25:44 Its about Christ, its about his sacrifice,
25:47 its about everything, its about Him,
25:50 but man has turned, the devil has turned
25:53 it around to where it's all about me,
25:54 my, I has nothing to do us, it has to do
25:58 with what? Jesus Christ. That's what
26:00 it's all about and yet we don't talk about
26:02 and we don't think about many people
26:04 to get together and they talk about
26:05 everything in the world but Jesus.
26:07 Oh what a fine fellowship that could
26:10 be if we got together as Christians
26:11 and we lifted up the name of Jesus.
26:15 We talked about Him in the blessings
26:16 and how wonderfully He was willing to
26:18 come down to this earth. Subject to the
26:22 things that man, man is subject to,
26:24 gaining those victories where we failed
26:26 so miserably and offer him as a free
26:28 gift to us. Did you get the word what
26:31 offer them as a what? Good, as a free gift,
26:35 He offers them to you. He offers his
26:38 merits to you, His victories to me,
26:40 praise God for that. We have a lot to be
26:42 grateful and thankful for. So thankful He
26:45 came down to manifest some things
26:48 that I need in my own personal life.
26:50 Now, it's not bad to get personal at times
26:53 and may be there's a time and place we go
26:54 to the closet, other times that maybe
26:56 we can say, you know pray for me
26:57 I have a weakness here or whatever
26:58 it might be and I am still thank for
27:01 the Jesus came to show me some of the,
27:03 you know the, the necessity in my life.
27:06 Necessity in your life of repenting if you
27:09 want to start new. If you wanna start
27:11 a new life, why not now? Why not during
27:15 this season? The necessity of repentance
27:18 and confession towards Jesus Christ,
27:20 gaining victory over sin. As we look
27:24 at Jesus life we're taught things just
27:26 like this. We're taught about honesty.
27:32 The world doesn't hardly understand
27:33 honesty. To be honest, see we have people
27:37 who rather tell a lie than the truth.
27:42 People are more, they get excited more about
27:44 lies then they do about the truth
27:46 and they like, they listen to a lie more
27:48 than they listen to what is, what is truth.
27:50 Jesus came, to show us what honesty
27:52 was all about. And those you think you
27:55 can tell, you know tell the truth
27:57 and you can tell it in ten different ways,
27:58 you better think again. You can only
28:01 tell the truth one way and I'm thankful
28:04 that He came down to show us what
28:07 mercy is all about. I wouldn't understand
28:09 what mercy is about for bearance,
28:11 compassion, how we are to love.
28:15 See during the season we need
28:16 to know to love the unlovely, to love
28:20 those who despitefully use you.
28:23 But see that's all kind of foreign to our
28:26 thinking, we want to be around certain
28:28 ones and we think it's time you know family
28:30 and friends which is all good, but what
28:32 about those who have nothing?
28:35 What are we to do? How are we
28:36 to respond as Christians? Those who
28:39 are users in the world, have you ever
28:41 met someone like that. That's a user.
28:43 You know it says we have to love those,
28:46 those who despitefully use you.
28:48 You taught us things like goodness
28:50 and truth. Those things have almost
28:54 escaped the world. This thing called
28:56 exaggeration. We use that, the devil
29:00 like to use words, you exaggerate anything
29:04 that deviates from the truth is a lie.
29:07 So when any form of exaggeration
29:09 then is what? It's a lie, but all how
29:12 the things are exaggerate,
29:13 how the twisting things that are
29:15 turned today, but Jesus said I come
29:18 to reveal the character of God.
29:22 Why not this season, why not can we
29:24 study a little more about God's character?
29:25 Who he is? For those of you who
29:29 maybe new and searching out
29:31 Jesus Christ, those who maybe
29:34 have forgotten and maybe slipping back.
29:37 You know John 3:16, I'm not gonna
29:39 quote it all. Just simply starts out,
29:40 it says for God so what? Good,
29:43 God so loved the world. He so loved
29:47 the world that's why heaven was empty.
29:49 That's why heaven came down,
29:52 because He so loved this world that's you
29:55 and me. Wasn't the things in the world,
29:58 he liked people. He set the example,
30:01 do you love people? What are you
30:03 doing for them? What are you going to do
30:04 for them this time of the year, this season?
30:07 Are they important to you the ones
30:09 who have nothing? Now what's you gave,
30:11 you gonna give to those who already
30:12 have or you're going to be maybe giving
30:13 something to somebody who doesn't
30:15 have anything. There needs to be a new line
30:19 of thinking in our minds as Christians,
30:23 we either gonna follow the world or
30:24 we're gonna follow Jesus. Now you need
30:26 to get over this thing as well I like
30:27 and I want. We enjoy that we all do?
30:32 But what does God say how does heaven view
30:34 these things and so this is, this is the
30:37 season. We need to learn this time of
30:42 the year this, that we call the year's end in
30:44 John 6:27 please notice this as I read.
30:47 It says labor not for meat which perishes,
30:51 Labor not for what? For meat which perishes
30:55 but for that meat which endureth unto
30:57 everlasting life. It says which the son
31:02 of man shall give you for him that God
31:04 the Father had sealed, let's look at that a
31:08 little closer, shall we? It says we are not to
31:13 labor for the meat which perishes,
31:16 people say all that, oh yeah! Well we work
31:17 for food and forth, well listen we're talking
31:20 spiritual things here, but for that meat,
31:23 that meat is a nourishment, it means
31:26 nourishment here. It means food,
31:28 it means in First Corinthians 10
31:31 if you're looking it up, but don't read it
31:32 out, if we have more time, we can
31:34 do it. First Corinthians 10:3 and 4 talks
31:36 about that spiritual meat and so we are
31:40 not to labor for that meat which perishes,
31:43 but we are to be laboring and
31:44 working for what? Spiritual food that will
31:47 last for eternity, this is where we're
31:49 to put our effort. This is what we're
31:52 to be working for. Bible says which
31:55 endure unto what? Everlasting life.
31:58 So what are we doing today? What your
32:00 treasure is? What where your heart is
32:02 that's where your treasure is. Treasure,
32:04 heart, is it in heaven, is it down here
32:07 on earth? You realize that people within
32:11 this time of season. They will go or some
32:14 people will be offended by, but you know
32:16 so be it. I feel so be it, I want you
32:18 to think about it, let's say here in this
32:22 ministry in Behold the Lamb.
32:23 I wrote a letter and said in that letter,
32:26 you know this is end of the year and so on
32:28 and so forth and I think everybody
32:30 that supports this Ministry or whatever
32:32 Ministry it might be. I want you to
32:34 send me $500, it sure could be used by
32:37 the way to pay some bills and end up
32:39 with the year and start fresh.
32:40 And you'll be not willing, everyone saying
32:43 most people oh I don't have,
32:45 I don't have 500 and you may not,
32:47 but it's interesting during Christmas time
32:49 you go out and you'll charge more than $500.
32:54 You don't mind charging it for gifts
32:56 and things that you give as it were
32:58 to the world, but we won't do that
33:00 for the cause of Christ. I wonder where
33:03 our hearts at. People going debt, but I
33:08 very seldom hear of any person say well
33:10 you know I don't have credit cards here
33:12 and so I want to took my credit card
33:15 and I went in and I took out a $1000,
33:17 I don't have it, don't know how I am going
33:18 to pay back and I am going to send
33:20 it to your Ministry.
33:24 When someone asks for that you say oh no
33:25 oh okay. Do that why we don't
33:27 have that to give, but how is that you
33:29 have it to give for things of this world.
33:34 I'm talking about proclamation of the
33:36 Gospel here. I want you to see a
33:40 balance here, I want to be challenge
33:42 you with the mind thought is it,
33:43 if we're willing to charge it or give
33:45 it to the world, but we're not willing
33:46 to go out and do the same for God.
33:48 Who is our God, who is our God?
33:54 If you go and dance, some people
33:58 won't like it, but if you are shouldn't
34:00 be in faith towards God and God's work
34:03 rather than spending something you don't have
34:05 for useless things that's not going
34:06 to help anybody who they have a
34:08 thousands of it. Thanks to guide me more
34:10 about Christmas I think that anything is
34:11 you people have so many different gifts
34:13 that they came as their opening one.
34:15 They can even enjoy for opening another,
34:16 than another and then another and,
34:17 then another, there's no appreciation.
34:22 What could that amount that was
34:23 given in that be given to the cause
34:25 of Christ to win a soul. Jesus gave all
34:29 when He came to this earth,
34:30 we're looking at, when He came to this
34:32 earth what He said I didn't speak my
34:34 own words the commandment
34:36 of the Father whatever He said that's
34:37 what I did. Whatever He said to speak
34:39 that's what I spoke. We're not that way
34:42 we like. We want to enjoy, Jesus said
34:46 you need to labor for what you work
34:48 for those things that doesn't perish,
34:51 but those things that everlasting life.
34:54 As I mentioned in First Corinthians 10
34:55 is talking about the spiritual needs.
34:59 Bible says that the son of man is going
35:01 to give you and notice she talked
35:03 about Jesus. He said whom the I want you pay
35:05 attention on this. We'll be talking
35:07 more about this in future lessons,
35:08 whom the Father had sealed.
35:14 Do we need to be sealed by the Father?
35:18 Sealed here means that God the Father
35:21 had stamped the stamp of approval upon Jesus,
35:25 He had attested to Jesus, He had bare
35:28 witness to Jesus, He was a,
35:31 He certified him, that Jesus was a testimony.
35:38 Remember we are children of the light
35:42 and the Father of Jesus is going to have
35:44 to bare the witness to us.
35:45 He is going to have put his stamp of
35:47 approval on us. Wow! He is going to have
35:52 to certify us. I read so often or you see
35:59 advertisement that come in the mail
36:01 say you need to buy a vehicle from us.
36:04 This is a certified car. This is certified,
36:10 we've been through it, its good.
36:15 How about the spiritual aspect when
36:17 Jesus looks at you and He looks at me.
36:19 And he said I certified them,
36:22 I attest to them, I have stamp them,
36:26 I put my approval upon them.
36:28 Yes, it can be done this time of year,
36:31 why not? Let's think in a new channel,
36:34 shall we in a little bit different way than
36:36 maybe we have in the past. As John 6:55 says
36:40 Jesus said My flesh is meat indeed,
36:45 and my blood is drink indeed.
36:49 That scares some people when they read
36:51 this passage, even after all in John 6:48
36:54 the Bible says the Jesus is the what?
36:57 He is the bread of life and yet it says
36:59 here Jesus my flesh is meat you're going
37:02 to after eat He says. And my blood
37:05 you're going to have to drink it.
37:06 What does this mean? You know this time
37:08 of the season we're eating and drinking
37:10 everything but Jesus Christ, and I wanna
37:12 bring the focus back to Jesus that's
37:14 what this is all about.
37:17 What does this all mean?
37:18 What did He mean when He said we must
37:20 eat His flesh and drink His blood at this
37:23 you know to the mind that maybe is
37:24 not a spiritual and I maybe has confused you.
37:28 Can we just examine it really simply
37:30 made this just quickly.
37:32 They say we must eat His flesh,
37:33 it simply means that we must,
37:35 we must believe in Him.
37:38 As we believe in Him it's essential to
37:40 the spiritual life, belief is where it's at.
37:44 Belief is like eating the flesh,
37:45 we read the word of God and we believe
37:47 that we take it in a spiritual life.
37:52 Another point in this we have to believe
37:55 that when Jesus came down here that
37:57 He was, He was heaven sent.
38:00 He wasn't just an ordinary man,
38:02 He wasn't just a good man,
38:03 He wasn't just a, what the people say
38:05 he's just a Prophet or He just lived
38:07 a good life. This was Jesus Christ,
38:09 the Son of the living God.
38:11 Willing to set aside everything, heaven on
38:13 which we will never be able to explain
38:15 in this life, we can't understand it,
38:17 I see through the glass darkly or how
38:19 I'd like to see and understand more.
38:22 And the more you read the word and more
38:24 time you spend with Him, the more
38:25 you start to understand of what
38:30 He was willing to give up and remember
38:33 that some of you are here you're
38:34 not getting it. I know people are here I am
38:36 talking all time well Jesus knew when
38:37 He came down here to this earth as a babe.
38:40 He knew that He will go back to the portals
38:42 of heavens. He did not, He did not know,
38:45 He could not be might exact.
38:46 Well He knew He was going to gain
38:47 the victory? No, His victory came what,
38:51 His relationship with the Father.
38:54 Every word that received out of
38:55 the mouth of God. He relied upon the
38:57 power and strength of the Father not Himself.
39:01 Think with me on that, you have no idea
39:06 of the bliss of heaven, the glories
39:07 of heaven and this you know the time
39:09 of the season. We should be thinking
39:11 about Jesus and heaven and the
39:13 realities of it. And our mind stayed
39:15 upon Him. If our mind stayed upon Him,
39:17 we wanna say oh I wanna the wise
39:19 men brought a gift to Jesus. Are you setting
39:25 aside something special for Jesus.
39:31 How do you have your audacity to set aside
39:33 gifts for everybody else, including my self.
39:38 It makes us think, I've often said
39:44 some people get a little aggravated
39:45 at me, but you know so be it.
39:49 Somebody has a birthday party and we come
39:55 to your house and it's your birthday
39:58 and we bring a bunch of gifts,
40:00 but we give them to everybody, but you.
40:03 What might you say? It's my birthday,
40:10 suppose to be Jesus birthday you know
40:12 we don't realize that it's not His birthday
40:14 but as the world sees it, as a day
40:17 that we can say okay let's tear
40:18 our minds upon Christ.
40:22 How much do you feel? How would you feel
40:23 as just a human being. Everybody else in
40:25 the room got all these gifts, you got
40:26 nothing they forgot about you.
40:29 And you're just a human being.
40:31 Well I'm talking about the savior
40:32 of the world that gave you everything
40:34 held back nothing and yet look
40:36 at this we give Him nothing.
40:41 Shouldn't we re-evaluate our,
40:42 our thinking here, shouldn't we be
40:47 feasting on His, His word this time
40:49 of the year more than ever before
40:51 rather than just the food and all
40:52 the other stuff that's going on.
40:53 The phone and the games and we are going here,
40:55 we're going to do that all we're having a lot of fun.
41:01 Jesus said you have to eat this flesh
41:03 and drink this blood, He said if you,
41:04 if you do this you will never hunger
41:07 and you will never thirst again.
41:09 How much you eat Thanks giving season,
41:11 Christmas season whatever it might be
41:13 New years. You know, matter of few hours
41:15 you're hungry again and you need some more.
41:20 Though Jesus He says now with me if
41:22 you're eating my flesh and drinking my blood,
41:25 you're reading the word and you're dedicating
41:27 your life to Him. He is going to give you
41:29 a piece and the joy in your life
41:31 and in your heart. This is what we need during
41:33 this season, spiritual life, see temporal food,
41:39 the food that we eat during these holidays.
41:42 It gives us strength to the body as we
41:46 need to eat that food, so that we can
41:48 have strength and so we can move, but you
41:50 know what about the spiritual life.
41:53 We need spiritual food, we believe it
41:57 and we receive it and take it in.
41:59 It gives us spiritual life. Resulting in
42:03 three things peace and joy and hope.
42:07 Oh we that this time a year, peace on earth,
42:10 goodwill toward man. Want to be joyful,
42:13 want to have hope, but Jesus came
42:16 once He said I am coming back again.
42:18 These are reminders of that promise oh
42:22 here's a test. You love test, just a
42:25 little test. I want you think with me.
42:27 Here is how we know. If we have
42:30 been eating or drinking the Son of God.
42:33 I hope you're catching with me spiritual,
42:35 think spiritual. How can we really know,
42:39 if we've been eating and drinking the
42:40 Son of God. Now as a Christian, here's the
42:44 answer as a Christian we will reveal
42:47 the healthiness of our spiritual life as
42:53 shown in our character. How is your character,
42:56 if you've been taking in the good things,
42:59 the healthy things, the spiritual things it's
43:02 going to be seen in our spiritual what?
43:04 Our characters. So somebody said, well you
43:07 know I think I've been eating and drinking
43:09 the Son of God and I think I have been
43:10 eating the word and I have been it in.
43:12 If you have been then your life will what?
43:14 Will so show it, your character will be
43:17 changing from day to day to be more
43:19 and more and more like Jesus.
43:21 If its not changing that way friend,
43:23 then you're not eating and drinking
43:24 the Son of God. And if you're not,
43:26 heaven cannot be your home, it cannot be
43:28 my home that's what I must feast on.
43:31 More than this temporal food.
43:36 We need the Holy Spirit to be able to live
43:39 with freedom in our hearts and in our minds.
43:43 Here's a point, I don't want you to forget.
43:47 Our character are compared, are composed
43:51 of what the mind eats and drinks.
43:57 Check it through, our characters are composed
43:59 by that which the mind what? Eats and drinks.
44:05 What is your mind eating and drinking?
44:09 What's your mind eating and drinking.
44:11 That's the way your character is.
44:14 How many phone calls have made to family
44:17 and friends and invite them to go to Church.
44:21 How many phone calls have you made,
44:23 maybe emails sent or text message or
44:25 whatever it might be all that and its
44:27 always about Jesus. What is it about
44:29 the world, how much Jesus your best friend
44:31 think when you don't talk to Him very often,
44:33 but you are talking to everybody else.
44:36 It's okay to talk to the people and I am
44:38 saying are we leaving Him out?
44:40 He is your best friend. He is the ones that's
44:43 giving everything to you, but we just don't
44:44 remember Him this time of the year.
44:47 What is your mind eating and what is you
44:49 mind drinking? See at this time,
44:53 this season, maybe we talked about a
44:57 while ago, they're thinking about Jesus and
45:00 in different way than maybe ever.
45:03 There are people when you hear the
45:04 little bells jingling and then walking in
45:06 front of shopping malls and things.
45:08 And may these folks haven't given a dime
45:11 for another man all year long. But the
45:13 salvation army, whatever it might be,
45:15 but during that season, you know they
45:16 kind of feel good and reach in your pockets
45:18 and they're taking out something and
45:19 they're giving to a cause.
45:22 And they don't do it any other time.
45:24 It shows the mind, things that are
45:25 happening it's a time that God can use
45:27 for us, to think positively, do something
45:29 for our fellow man. They're minds are on,
45:32 maybe the savior of the world, when they say
45:35 Christmas, Christmas this is the time to
45:42 reach out lovingly to these individuals.
45:45 That little heart just maybe just little
45:47 softer than it has during any time
45:49 of the year, you need to be aware of that,
45:52 but you can just keep talking about things
45:53 of the world and doing things of the world.
45:55 But every time they do we need
45:56 to bring them back around to Jesus,
45:58 time is running out. We need to be eating
46:03 and drinking Jesus this season.
46:07 Scripture reminds us in Second Corinthians 3
46:10 verse 18 it says, but we all with an open
46:14 face beholding as in a glass the glory
46:17 of the Lord, are changed to the same
46:20 image from glory to glory, even by the
46:23 spirit of God. What does that mean?
46:26 We're beholding, remember, we need
46:29 to be what eating and drinking the flesh.
46:31 We need to be what beholding and here
46:33 the passage says we behold him.
46:35 With an open face we're looking to them,
46:37 we're seeing Jesus. When you read this book
46:40 right here, you seeing Jesus.
46:42 Are you beholding Jesus? If you are
46:45 then you are going to be changed,
46:46 remember if you are the same old Jim
46:48 that you were you know two months
46:50 ago or 5 years ago. Something is wrong,
46:53 this is the same old Ken that was last
46:54 month or even yesterday, something is wrong.
46:57 We need to be changing from glory, from truth
46:59 to truth onward and upward to be our motto.
47:04 What does it mean? Simply means to fix our
47:08 eyes upon Jesus, keep our eyes fixed
47:11 upon Jesus. Study His life, imitate Jesus.
47:15 Now, we're gonna wanna imitate some
47:17 other things, not just be posing, we're gonna
47:19 imitate Santa Clause this year. We're gonna
47:21 imitate this, we're gonna imitate
47:23 that person. Why not imitate Jesus Christ?
47:25 This is the life. This is what it's all about
47:29 right here, study His life, behold him.
47:36 There is a song many years ago,
47:39 it's a good song and one of the first
47:41 radio programs that's years and years ago
47:44 that we ever made and so the Ministry
47:46 Behold the Lamb. And there was a man
47:48 that recorded the song, it's an older song
47:51 but it says just Behold the Lamb,
47:54 Behold the Lamb of God. Friend, this
47:58 is what it's all about Behold the Lamb
48:01 and if wer'e beholding Him we will become
48:03 what changed into what? Good his image.
48:07 You hear it all the time, but see it's not
48:10 registering in most of our hearts and minds,
48:12 because this year. This season we'll beholding
48:14 things of the world and the things
48:16 that are in the world duplicating what
48:18 the world does and we think it's alright.
48:20 What the world is doing there is a clue
48:22 if the world is doing it, be careful.
48:27 If the world is doing it and the world
48:29 sanctions it and this is what's happening
48:31 in the world be careful because the devil
48:34 owns the world. We think he does anyway.
48:41 We have to be careful if we're the children
48:44 of the light. Fix your eyes upon Jesus,
48:49 this is what changes us into His image.
48:55 Behold the one that's perfect and
48:59 you'll see how it changes your heart
49:01 and your life. But if we're beholding
49:03 the other things, remember we will
49:04 become like that. And here is we all response,
49:07 I don't see anything wrong with it. Friend,
49:10 it doesn't matter whether you see anything
49:11 wrong with it or not or I do.
49:13 If God's words says there's something wrong,
49:15 there's something wrong. It goes beyond who
49:18 you think that you are. I can't understand,
49:20 I just tell you I have to get up here.
49:22 Then we're talking about here,
49:24 people have the audacity.
49:28 When the word is so clear and say well
49:31 I don't think. Who are you, who am I?
49:36 If God has said it, God means it.
49:39 I don't see anything what. Well maybe
49:41 I is not spiritual. If God says don't,
49:47 do not, thou shall not that's what God
49:49 means whether you're convicted of
49:51 it or not you need to be obedient to that.
49:53 I need to be obedient to these things,
49:55 this is the season to re-dedicate our
49:58 life to Jesus Christ. Minds are focused,
50:04 is there anything that maybe can stop
50:07 this progressive stepping toward Jesus?
50:11 Maybe you decide I wanna step towards
50:14 Jesus just a little bit of time, it takes some
50:15 baby step that's alright. Just keep
50:17 stepping, don't go backwards, don't go
50:19 backwards. No don't, go forwards. This is what
50:23 so even it's small steps of they do it
50:25 and they will become larger steps for him.
50:28 Is there anything that can stop that
50:30 process and let me just once again remind you.
50:34 I'm going to remind you the same things
50:35 because these are the things devil uses,
50:37 he does not changes tactics he doesn't
50:39 have to because all the world wandered after
50:42 him or the beast. Names are not written in
50:45 lambs book of life how sad. Some people say,
50:49 well the message is a little strong.
50:51 It's not strong enough. It's going to get
50:54 stronger, nearest coming of Jesus Christ
50:57 and he said chore some of us out of the
50:59 recliner and up and being soldiers
51:02 for Jesus Christ. You know what we
51:03 will stop the progress of beholding Jesus
51:06 and moving toward him is simply self.
51:10 First thing Jesus said that's He laid aside
51:13 Himself and He was filled with what? Good,
51:15 the Father. That's how He gained the
51:17 victory, the Love of self is the problem and
51:20 that's the problem today. I love the season
51:23 they say, I love to do this part, I love to
51:25 do that part rather than this that's what God
51:27 says is what we are to be doing.
51:29 It's like well we don't care about that
51:31 because we want to do something.
51:32 What if everybody did that about everything
51:35 in scripture. What a mess, it was an
51:39 mess today. God makes people to stand up
51:41 and say hey what is, what's going on here.
51:45 Who you gonna reflect, who are you
51:46 reflecting today? This holiday it is before
51:51 us here, you know they call it Christian
51:54 Holiday. Now what do we to do about this,
51:59 we realize this is not the day we
52:00 don't have a whole lot time to move
52:01 in that way we had more time but we don't.
52:03 The 25th is not Christ's birthday we understand
52:06 that well and you know what it was hid
52:08 in scripture. Scripture didn't reveal it so
52:11 that means when god hides something script
52:12 He didn't want you to. You remember by the way
52:14 the example of Moses. What happened there?
52:22 He died remember on the mount and God
52:24 buried him. Buried him in a place that people
52:27 couldn't find him, why did he do that?
52:28 Why did he do that? Because they
52:31 were wanting to after Moses died,
52:33 they wanted to find out where he was buried,
52:34 so they could worship him and make an idol
52:36 out of him. God did not want an idol
52:38 made out of Moses, He didn't want his
52:40 birthdays over to be an idol that we
52:42 worship today more than the creator,
52:46 and there is a reason for this.
52:50 It's interesting, are we to ignore the day
52:54 than the last few minutes that we have.
52:55 These are just some quick things here right
52:57 quick. Are we to ignore the 25th of December
52:59 as the Christmas day? No, we're not to ignore
53:02 but notice this Adventist at home you
53:03 take it and read the pages here.
53:04 It says parents can control the matter by
53:06 turning the minds and the offerings of their
53:09 children to God and to his cause and the
53:12 salvation of soul. Did you hear that?
53:15 The gifts and the offerings are to be
53:17 what? Of their children is to be given what?
53:20 To souls, the Salvation of souls.
53:23 Are we doing that today? You say
53:26 well someone gonna leave the children
53:27 decide what they are going to do.
53:28 She says the children should not
53:29 be left to decide, what they are going to do
53:31 on a holiday why? There are three things why?
53:34 Because she says they're gonna have trouble
53:35 with vanity, they're going to have trouble
53:36 with pleasure seeking, they're going to have
53:38 trouble with amusements. Let me go
53:39 into that quickly. They're gonna find
53:42 there if you leave them alone on the holiday
53:44 season, they're gonna find their own
53:45 amusement, vanity. Vanity is anything
53:48 or any act that is vain or worthless.
53:52 This is what we will be doing vain and
53:53 worthless things and has to do with being
53:55 proud of self, selfish things. The others
53:58 he says be careful because there is gonna
54:00 be pleasure seeking. That means they
54:02 wanna please their feelings, they don't
54:04 care about it's my wishes, it's what I
54:07 want, it's my choice, are you getting that?
54:11 What I want to do is like the old devil
54:13 or amusements. Amusement means sayings that
54:17 amuses a person and entertains them or
54:20 even takes their minds off of the real things
54:22 that are going on in the world.
54:24 Divert the mind is what the devil wants
54:26 to do from reality, you see well it's good
54:30 why we need to be giving gifts.
54:31 Do we need to give gifts? As a token
54:34 of love for one another that's what she says
54:37 if person doesn't forget God our best
54:40 friend. Our gift should provide a benefit
54:42 to the receiver Adventist Home
54:44 page 479. Here's what she said I would
54:46 recommend such books as will be an aid
54:48 in understanding the word of God or
54:51 that will increase our love for its precepts.
54:54 Listen at this, let the presents you shall
54:57 give or make be of that order which
54:59 will shed beams of ight upon the pathway
55:02 to heaven. Is that the gifts that you got
55:04 this year? Rolled in for young, you may offer
55:07 to God your best gifts. Show by your offering
55:10 to him that you appreciate his gift to
55:13 a sinful world. Set your children's
55:16 mind thoughts running in a new,
55:19 unselfish channel by exciting them to present
55:22 offerings to God for the gift of His only
55:25 begotten Son. That is different thinking
55:27 isn't it? That is new thinking and if you've
55:31 made mistakes in the past parents tell
55:32 your children I made mistakes in the past.
55:34 I put my own selfish feelings in,
55:36 your feelings and you know pleasure
55:38 before God. I put the traditional of the
55:41 world before God. I put the customs
55:42 of the world before God in making
55:44 and giving presents and gifts.
55:47 When I should have been giving to advancing
55:49 the cause of Jesus Christ. Adventist
55:52 Home 481 instruct them, line upon line,
55:54 notice precept upon precept, in the
55:56 obligation to God listen.
55:58 Not their obligation to each other,
56:01 to honor and glorify one another by gifts
56:05 and offerings. Some of you won't get
56:07 that even if you do, you're still not going
56:09 to buy it, I'll read it again.
56:11 We're educate them line upon line,
56:13 precept upon precept, not their obligation
56:16 to each other, to honor and glorify one
56:20 another by gifts and offerings wow.
56:24 Our minds need to be on a new channel,
56:26 how about a Christmas tree said God
56:29 would be well pleased if on Christmas
56:31 each church would have a Christmas tree
56:33 on which to be hung what? Offerings,
56:35 great and small, you can make it
56:37 like the world if you have a disposition
56:39 to do or you can make it as unlike
56:42 the world as possible. Present this to Him
56:45 as a Christmas gift. Let your donations be
56:47 sanctified by prayer. Oh friend this is
56:50 the season this is the time is running out
56:52 we're gonna have to have a prayer that God
56:53 will let our minds begin to think in
56:55 a new way. Let's pray together
56:57 shall we before we close, merciful Father
57:00 in heaven, we thank you for this time
57:01 of the year we're not to forget you
57:02 and our gifts and our offerings and our love
57:04 we just pray anointing of the Holy Spirit
57:07 upon the word as goes forward.
57:09 In the precious name of Jesus we
57:10 thank you. Amen. Well our time is just
57:14 about gone but I wanna remind you don't
57:16 forget the Ministries around the world,
57:17 don't forget this Ministry as you send
57:18 your in love gift. We bless spending time
57:22 with you and will see you next time
57:26 Welcome back friends, you know Christ
57:28 gave up so much for you, he gave up
57:32 so much for me. He gave up so much for
57:34 this world it's a love that we can barely
57:38 begin to comprehend, but you know we need
57:42 to be asking ourselves what can
57:44 we do for Him. What can we do this
57:46 time of year for Him, can we pass out
57:50 literature maybe leave it in places where
57:52 other people can come by and pick it up.
57:55 You know while the hearts and the minds are
57:58 thinking about Jesus pray, pray everyday,
58:01 Lord what can I do for you and of course
58:04 don't forget to support these Ministries
58:07 that are working so hard, because without us
58:10 joining together. Without that special
58:14 gift of giving, and special gift of your
58:16 prayers we cannot continue to function,
58:19 we cannot continue to do what we're doing,
58:22 we have to be united in this effort,
58:25 united in giving the truth. Pray daily, ask
58:29 the Lord maybe there is a family that's
58:31 in need, that has been struggling this year.
58:33 That you can take food to, maybe give
58:36 gifts to, maybe give a book to,
58:38 to lead them to Christ. It's all about Him,
58:41 it's all about our salvation and we'd like
58:45 to hear from you. We'd like to know
58:47 if the Lord has put something special
58:49 in your heart. Our address here at Behold
58:52 the Lamb Ministries is PO Box 2030,
58:55 Herrin, IL 62948, and as always you may
59:00 call us at area code 618-942-5044,
59:05 that's central standard time here
59:07 in the United States. Visit us on the web
59:10 at www.BeholDThe
59:14 or send us an email, won't you?
59:16 That's BeholdThe
59:20 until next time may the Lord
59:22 richly bless you and yours.


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