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True To Our Calling, Part 1

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00:41 Hello and welcome to another Behold The Lamb
00:44 presents program. I'm Chris Shelton your host
00:47 and has always we are very thankful that you
00:49 have chosen to join us in another wonderful
00:52 study of God's word. Have you ever felt a
00:55 sense that there was more for you to do in
00:57 this life? Have you ever felt that there was a
00:59 spiritual calling to be or to do more than
01:02 you are or doing right now, if the answer is
01:06 yes then praise the Lord. The Holy Spirit is
01:10 working on your heart and in your mind.
01:13 In First Peter chapter 2 and verse 9 we are
01:15 told that God is calling us to be a
01:18 chosen generation, a royal priesthood,
01:21 a holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should
01:25 show forth the praises of him who hath called
01:29 you out of darkness and into his marvelous light.
01:33 It is God who is calling you.
01:36 It is Him drawing you out of darkness or
01:39 sin into His marvelous light or an understanding
01:42 of truth, this text in informs us that we are to
01:45 grow in truth. We are to be called we are called
01:50 to be a different generation we are called
01:52 to be a royal priesthood. God is calling us to be
01:56 a holy nation. He is asking that we would be
01:59 a peculiar people who are different from the
02:02 world that we may reflect His glory and shout
02:06 forth praises unto Him. This calling as a process
02:10 of justification and sanctification combine
02:14 once accepted and prayed about it's a growing
02:18 process that happens throughout our life.
02:21 It involves every aspect of who we are, but we
02:25 are not left alone to make these changes
02:28 absolutely not, or to stay the course on our
02:32 own Christ has promised to never leave us
02:35 He's promised to never forsake us.
02:38 He will be with you, He will be with you
02:41 to strengthen you every step of the way
02:43 so that you will stay true to your calling
02:47 true to our calling this is the title of today's
02:50 message with my husband pastor Kenny Shelton
02:53 and it's part one of a two parts series on
02:56 this subject, but first as always we are blessed
02:59 to listen to great is thy faithfulness as sung by
03:03 Rudy Micelli at 3ABN's worship center.
03:31 Great is thy faithfulness, O God my father
03:41 There is no shadow of turning with Thee
03:50 Thou changest not, Thy compassions, they fail not
03:59 As Thou hast been, Thou for ever will be
04:09 Great is thy faithfulness Great is thy faithfulness
04:19 Morning by morning new mercies I see
04:28 All I have needed thy hand hath provided
04:38 Great is thy faithfulness, Lord unto me
04:51 Pardon for sin and a peace that endureth
05:00 Thine own dear presence to cheer and to guide
05:09 Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow
05:18 Blessings all mine, with ten thousand beside
05:29 Great is thy faithfulness Great is thy faithfulness
05:39 Morning by morning new mercies I see
05:48 All I have needed thy hand hath provided
05:58 Great is thy faithfulness, Lord unto me
06:15 All I have needed thy hand hath provided
06:25 Great is thy faithfulness, Lord unto me.
06:53 Praise the Lord we're glad you could join us
06:55 again for Behold The Lamb Presents,
06:57 we're gonna be studying the word of God today
06:59 and I know you're getting in the habit of
07:01 having your Bible, pencil land paper, so that we
07:04 can take down some notes and we can continue to
07:07 study to show by self approved and to God.
07:10 Oh! It's just such a blessing to be able to
07:11 come into your home or wherever you
07:13 maybe around the world, but before we
07:15 begin our study because it's an important study
07:17 today true to our calling, God has called us into a
07:23 special work. Why don't we pray about it
07:25 right now ask for the Holy Spirit the words
07:28 that we may hear from heaven that we all
07:29 maybe able to understand as God speaks
07:32 to our heart? Let's pray shall we together?
07:39 Merciful Father in Heaven, we thank thee for
07:41 the privilege of prayer. We ask that you would
07:44 forgive us of anything in our hearts and lives
07:46 that need not be there. We want a direct plug in
07:50 to heaven here as we study your word.
07:53 We need the power of thy Holy Spirit to give us
07:55 understanding spiritual things are
07:57 spiritually discerned. We relay upon the
08:00 power of the spirit and the wisdom of the
08:02 spirit we have nothing good within ourselves
08:06 and wish to offer these thy people.
08:08 We commit our care our keeping into your hands,
08:12 our mind, our body, all that we have that we maybe
08:15 a blessing to someone today in Jesus name, amen.
08:22 Well again, if you have your Bible I want you to
08:24 turn with me maybe some you are going down
08:26 the road or you maybe visiting somewhere
08:29 it's alright you know if you are at the neighbor's
08:31 house ask them for a Bible so that we can,
08:33 we can gel together as we study the word of God
08:36 true to our calling. You know as God's
08:39 last day people He has given us a specific
08:42 message to give to the world.
08:44 Now, we will read that now remember when
08:46 we are reading this message it's not our
08:49 aim today is to take a whole lot of time
08:53 in going over specifically these messages,
08:55 if we do it would take a long time and we will do
08:59 that eventually, but right now we just want to
09:01 call to your attention as God's last day people
09:05 what we are accountable for.
09:07 Found in the Book of Revelation,
09:08 you know it well, Revelation chapter 14
09:11 we are going to reading verses 6 through 12.
09:14 Now, it will take a little time to read these
09:16 verses but they are very, very important to us today.
09:20 Revelation chapter14, 6 through 12.
09:24 This is what the Bible said, this is what is
09:26 important today. The Bible says, and I saw
09:29 another angel fly in the midst of heaven,
09:32 having the everlasting gospel to preach,
09:35 now notice He said to preach, unto them that
09:39 dwell on the earth, and to every nation,
09:41 and kindred, and tongue, and people.
09:44 Here we find the first angel's messages,
09:47 but there is this, we are calling this the three
09:49 angels message that we have to give to the
09:52 world and the Bible says, I saw another
09:54 angel flying in the midst of heaven
09:57 showing how important the angels are involved,
09:59 angels represents certainly mankind giving
10:01 the message, but it's to go around the world,
10:04 every nation, kindred, tongue and people.
10:06 Now here is what the angel said, saying verse 7
10:09 with a loud voice, fear God and give glory to Him.
10:14 for the hour of His judgment is, has come:
10:18 and worship Him that made heaven, and earth,
10:21 and the sea, and the fountains of waters.
10:24 Verse 8, And there followed another angel,
10:26 saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen,
10:29 that great city, because she made all nations
10:32 drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.
10:36 Verse 9, and the third angel followed them,
10:38 saying with a loud voice, if any man worship
10:40 the beast and his image, and receive his mark
10:44 in his forehead, or in his hand, verse 10 says,
10:47 The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God,
10:51 which is poured out without mixture into the
10:53 cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented
10:57 with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy
11:00 angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:
11:03 What a fearful warning. God's last day people if
11:07 we're going to be true to our calling of giving
11:11 the three angels messages we are going to sit here
11:14 on the fact that we need to fear God, give glory
11:18 to Him for the hour of His judgment is come.
11:23 Now, what is part of our message we just fear God
11:27 have reverence to respect for God
11:29 for the hour of His judgment has come.
11:30 God's last day people is gonna be preaching
11:32 a judgment hour message or preparation
11:36 for His coming. We are admonished them to
11:39 go back to the one who made heavens
11:41 and earths and the sea, and so we go back to what?
11:44 To creation and we find some beautiful truths
11:47 that have been covered up by traditions of men
11:51 and God said the last day people are going to
11:53 expose these things along the exposing
11:56 the by the way, the man of sin.
11:59 We have a message to give; there is a reason
12:02 why we are here. We must be true to our calling.
12:06 I hear a lot of people say well you know I
12:07 like to get part of the message but I am kind of
12:09 afraid to get the other part may God help you
12:12 may God help me. We must give the message
12:15 exactly the way God has given it to us in
12:19 order to be counted faithful do you wanted
12:21 to be faithful I know that you do.
12:23 And so we are to give this message and there is
12:25 a second angel came and said Babylon is fallen,
12:28 we must remember the Babylon is not
12:31 completely fallen yet. Revelation 18 brings
12:35 it to light and when the Babylon's completely
12:38 fallen oh friend the wrath of God is going to
12:41 burst loose upon this world. Babylon is fallen,
12:45 is fallen. Now, see I believe this,
12:49 that God has a, a controversy
12:51 with this churches, when He says Babylon confusion,
12:55 they drank of the wine of the wrath of God
12:58 you know they drink up this false doctrine
13:00 and teaches, so God has a controversy the
13:02 scriptures says here with the churches today.
13:05 We are fulfilling the prophecy that John
13:08 gave here, because we are what?
13:10 We're drinking of that false doctrine and that
13:13 false teaching in God's word.
13:16 We're not receiving the truth of God's word,
13:19 such as bringing back to light
13:21 the Seventh-Day Sabbath. Oh! We have so many
13:24 truths that are here that we are to be true to,
13:26 to our calling. And then the great warning is
13:29 given that if we worship the beast or the image
13:32 and receive the mark in the forehead or the hand.
13:34 We're gonna, we're gonna drink of the wine of
13:36 the wrath of God? Do you want that day? Oh!
13:39 I friend I don't want that, and so I want to
13:42 know what the message that God has given for us
13:44 today and so we take the Bible and we say
13:48 the Bible is God's will expressed to man,
13:52 the Bible is what? God's will expressed to man.
13:56 If you want to know God's will if you want to know
13:59 God's plan you need to get into the word.
14:02 The word is very, very important for us today,
14:04 if heaven is going to be, be our home.
14:07 Why the message once again in Revelation 14
14:10 again we've just barely scratched the surface of
14:13 it to give you an idea of what we are talking about,
14:16 but why this message well it becomes very clear
14:19 to it because the principles of God's word,
14:22 the churches around the world have
14:25 corrupted the truth. They've done what,
14:29 they've corrupted the truth and so God has a
14:32 controversy with the churches and He's going to
14:35 call them back He is gonna hold you and me,
14:37 He's gonna hold us accountable for the light
14:40 that he has given to us. We see as we read
14:44 scripture and prophecy that the false religious
14:47 system is going to be exalted you know against,
14:50 above the word of God, and so we have to know what,
14:53 what truth is here. False religion, we must be
14:57 willing to separate our self from the world.
15:00 We must be able to separate ourselves
15:02 from all iniquity. Wow! What a challenged today.
15:06 Well, we need God on our side this is the
15:08 only way we are going to make it through.
15:11 We must engaged now as never before in the
15:15 work of saving souls, engage that means we are
15:19 not going to back away, we are not going to sit
15:21 down, we are going to be quiet, we are not going to
15:23 shut up, we are going to proclaim the message of
15:25 the three angels the way God said to do it.
15:28 What that angels say with that loud voice
15:30 so that everybody can hear so the
15:32 message goes around the world.
15:34 We engage in this work of saving souls why?
15:38 Because these souls are ready to perish because
15:41 they are not receiving the truth they are
15:43 receiving a lie today, lie upon lie.
15:46 And God expects us to be digging in the word.
15:48 I've often thought about this you talk
15:51 about spiritual activity, if you just allow me to
15:55 think on this just a moment, spiritual activity
15:59 is demanded on all who believe present truth.
16:05 I don't know if some of you got that or not,
16:08 but spiritual activity is demanded by all of
16:11 those who believe present truth.
16:14 Now if we break that down this will get some of
16:17 your attention and rest of you just gonna go
16:18 kick over your head you are not going to get it.
16:21 SDA what does that mean? Oh! I know what most of
16:24 you are going to say but I'd like to think SDA
16:27 as Spiritually Demand Activity.
16:31 SDA Spiritually Demanded Activity.
16:36 Now let me say like this we need to be
16:39 SDA's people say well Seventh-day Adventist
16:42 but let's think beyond shall we that's true but
16:43 those SDA our spiritual life, our spiritual life
16:49 depends upon activity, our what? S spiritual life,
16:55 D depends, upon what? A, activity. Yeah,
17:01 not lay activity but activity in the
17:03 cause of Christ, we are in a warfare.
17:06 God has called a people to give this life and
17:11 death message. Remember what we are talking
17:14 about is life and death. So if it seems
17:17 at times urgent, I've had people say well
17:20 the message is being given it seems like
17:22 there is an, there is an urgency, yes there is,
17:25 every time I read Revelation 14,
17:27 I begin to read scripture there is something that
17:29 comes up inside and is a urgency it's like
17:32 you need to, you need to hurry with it,
17:34 you need to get it out. Why because probation is
17:38 closing the world doesn't even know it
17:41 they are not even anticipating it.
17:43 They're thinking there is a cure just around
17:45 the corner for all the ills of this world and
17:48 there is not according to scripture,
17:50 there is a time of preparation here.
17:54 Do this responsibility, my Bible as I read
17:57 Second Timothy 1:9 the Bible says he's called us
18:00 with a holy calling. So now we are gonna be
18:03 true to our calling after all He has called us
18:06 what with a holy calling not just hey you come
18:10 over here it's a holy calling because God is
18:14 doing the calling He is reaching out today as
18:17 the angels are going to and fro and to the
18:19 earth they know who is serious about the
18:22 hour in which we live. They, they understand
18:24 who is serious about their life and giving it
18:27 totally and completely to Jesus.
18:29 They're searching out these souls.
18:33 Will you be one that will be found or you really
18:35 serious about your God? Are you really serious
18:38 about your religion? Are you serious about
18:42 your belief, why because you've been called
18:45 the Bible said with a holy calling.
18:48 Second Peter 1:10, the Bible says make your
18:52 calling and election sure, make you what?
18:57 Once again it's the calling and your election sure,
19:00 why because you've been called with a holy calling.
19:04 First John 3:1 the Bible says, we're going to be
19:06 called the son's of God. Oh! I like this,
19:11 this calling. And I want you to notice that they
19:14 there is not you just calling upon God sort of
19:17 speak but it's a Holy Spirit that's inside of
19:19 you that's calling you and some of you today
19:23 need to realize that you none of us just as
19:27 one day we wake up and say oh I'm gonna give my
19:29 heart to Jesus there has been work going on
19:31 in your life maybe for years and years
19:34 it has been the Holy Spirit wooing you.
19:39 Now think about that for just a moment,
19:41 the spirit of God inside of you even though
19:43 you've rejected even though you're saying no,
19:46 you've spurned the call. Yet the spirit of God
19:49 has been working and wooing with you to come to
19:51 the point to where one day you will say yes
19:54 I want to give my life to Jesus.
19:56 You can't even give your life to Jesus without
19:58 the power of the spirit. Friend, make your
20:01 calling and election sure, a little question
20:05 for you well God's well God's people
20:07 accomplish the work that He has given to us?
20:09 We're gonna talk more about the work,
20:11 we're gonna talk about how we can really be
20:14 true to the calling and how important this calling is,
20:17 after all it's been, it's given to us by God
20:19 so we've established that it's a holy calling.
20:24 But God when He calls He wants us to
20:25 respond immediately, but the work seem so large,
20:32 how can this message go around the world and it's,
20:36 it's a testing message and it's, it's gonna test
20:38 the people of God in the last days.
20:40 It's a preparation message to prepare us
20:43 for heaven. How is this going to be accomplished?
20:47 it's seem like just such a small amount of people
20:49 that serious about giving this, this message and
20:52 how is everybody going to hear around the world
20:54 listen, that's God business he said
20:57 he is going to happen and I believe with all
20:59 my heart that God's people will finish the
21:01 task under what? Under His strength and His power.
21:06 Let me just read you a little quote on the best
21:08 books I've ever read on the life of Christ,
21:10 Desire of Ages page 6:13, just a little paragraph
21:14 so stay with me and listen carefully see if it
21:17 doesn't do something in your heart and in
21:19 in your mind, it says, when the third angels
21:22 message closes, mercy no longer pleads
21:27 for the guilty inhabitants of the earth.
21:30 The people of God have accomplished their work.
21:37 Will God's people accomplish their work yes
21:40 they will under the unction of the spirit
21:43 of the living God, but you know what?
21:45 If you, if you're gonna follow Christ and but you
21:47 say oh I get to heaven well I am just gonna
21:49 follow Jesus wherever he goes I am just gonna,
21:51 I'm gonna follow Him listen if you're gonna
21:53 follow Him in heaven you need to be
21:54 following Him right now. This is something very
21:57 important, you won't follow Him in heaven
21:59 if you don't follow Him now, if you're not
22:01 obedient to him right now you will not be obedient
22:03 if you were in heaven. Now is the time,
22:07 now is the day. God's people will accomplish
22:12 the work that He has given us to do.
22:15 We'll see just a little bit more as we study into
22:17 God's word how important these angels are?
22:22 And the work that He has told that
22:24 we need to be doing. I think it's a privilege
22:28 today to be able to understand the word of God,
22:30 nothing that we have inside spiritual things
22:33 are spiritually discerned but God said His last
22:36 day people will be able to understand prophecy
22:39 or the will of God as revealed in prophecy.
22:45 Now, you say well I am not sure we can because
22:47 my preacher, my preacher says well you can
22:51 understand The Book of Revelation oh it's
22:54 confusing stay out of it, listen as soon as
22:57 you have a pastor tell you stay out of
22:59 The Book of Revelation, be determined to get into it.
23:02 He does not know what he is talking about as you
23:05 just read Revelation chapter 1 is a Revelation
23:08 of Jesus Christ, that's why the devil says
23:10 stay out of it. It reveals the future of
23:14 God's church, it reveals the things that
23:17 will be said God's people just before Jesus comes.
23:22 Now, what you think I'm just a little bit tough
23:24 on some of the pastors, you better believe it.
23:26 I'm not gonna cut you any slack because you
23:28 call yourself a pastor, if you are a pastor you
23:30 will be faithful to the calling of God,
23:32 if you are a pastor you're feeding the flock
23:34 you are given and something that can shew
23:36 horn you are getting some meat of the word
23:38 you are not just giving them some little flimsy
23:40 little old sermon every week that tickles their
23:42 inners and sends them home and they feel
23:44 good about it, when God's ministers are
23:47 ministering in the word today well bring conviction
23:49 on the heart and of the life of the people.
23:52 There will be changes the will develop
23:54 and take place. So I countered a thrill,
23:58 thank you God that He is revealed prophecy
24:01 so that we can understand it you are saying
24:03 yeah but that's what you say no no this is what
24:04 the Bible says you say where, if you have your
24:08 Bible you turn there in Second Peter
24:10 chapter 1 verse 19, this is what the Bible says,
24:14 says We have also a more sure word of prophecy;
24:20 where unto ye do well that ye take heed.
24:24 Oh! The Bible get so clear says we have a sure
24:27 word of prophecy and it will be well with you
24:30 and with me that we take heed to it.
24:33 People are afraid of prophecy why?
24:35 Because the devil doesn't want you to understand
24:37 what's going on in the world. He doesn't want you
24:40 to understand that you are in parallels today,
24:43 you think you can believe what you want and make it
24:45 into heaven. You can live like you want and make it
24:47 into heaven. Do all the things that the world
24:50 does and make into heaven, friend that is not true.
24:53 The Bible nowhere teaches that, but all you
24:55 are here awful lot from the pulpit don't you.
24:58 Do the best you can God will make it done.
25:00 This is the hour, we have prophecy we have the
25:04 Bible and we can understand that word of
25:07 God but when you say I understand the word of God,
25:09 it places heavy responsibility on us.
25:14 See be careful we have a lot of people who
25:16 may not be so bold and say that they are know
25:18 at all when it comes to the word of God.
25:22 God is how much you think you know about
25:24 the word of God you've only scratched the surface.
25:28 God will be revealing through the ceaseless ages
25:31 these beautiful truths to us that we've just
25:33 scratched the surface, in surface but enough
25:36 has been revealed as a plan of salvation that you
25:39 and I we can make it heaven. It's been clear,
25:43 so clear that there will be no reason for us
25:44 to try and make excuses, understanding God's
25:47 word, heavy responsibility why? Because God
25:51 expects you to give to others what he has given
25:54 to you. See why just, why, why shine the
25:57 light of heaven upon me or somebody else
25:59 or somebody over here if you're just gonna
26:01 keep it to yourself. He gives you that
26:04 light not only to change you but to help to
26:07 change others. So though we become accountable
26:11 he's given us that knowledge towards that
26:15 we can as Mark 16:15 says, so that we go into
26:18 all the world and do what? Preach the gospel.
26:22 There's a reason He's given us that light.
26:24 He says you are the light of the world,
26:27 your city that set upon the hill you feel like
26:30 that today you're hiding under some kind of a
26:32 bush or hiding under some kind of pretext
26:34 saying you're a Christian that you love Jesus
26:37 but you lies not showing it today.
26:39 Why not change that right now would that be a good
26:40 time to do that? I think it is. Every person
26:45 that receives this light, I hear people sometimes
26:48 that's the preacher's job, that's the elder's
26:50 job that's a leaders of the church I am like,
26:53 once you understand what is light what is truth
26:55 as you receive that light God expects you
26:59 to give it to someone else. I think that makes
27:01 pretty good sense don't you, we have the same
27:03 responsibility because we are what the Bible
27:06 says in Isaiah 62 :6 we are watchmen upon the
27:11 walls of Zion. Are you a watchman,
27:16 a watchman is going to not be afraid to cry
27:19 loud and spare not. A watchman that cares
27:22 about the flock. A watchman that cares
27:24 about the hour in which we live.
27:28 I want to be a faithful watchman how about you.
27:33 Well, remember we're all called to be watchmen,
27:35 we're all called to sound the alarm when there's
27:39 danger to talk a brother and sister when we see
27:43 them slipping out of the will of God.
27:48 Have you ever done that? Sometimes it seems to
27:51 back fire, well you get yourself in, in trouble
27:57 and when you go to because you care you see
27:59 somebody slipping back we called backsliding
28:02 they've turned the way from God they don't even
28:03 realize how severe it is and you go to them
28:05 and lot of times that sometimes they might say
28:07 mind your own business. When you get your
28:11 life right then you can come and talk to me
28:13 about it. We get pretty defensive when we
28:18 fall away from God. Have you ever thought
28:21 about how really beautiful it is somebody
28:24 I am not talking about right attitude not,
28:27 not some this smart stuff that goes on even in the
28:30 church. But somebody cares enough for you
28:33 that they're willing to risk losing you
28:35 as a friend to come down and set, sit down
28:38 with you maybe you've drifted away you
28:40 realize that you are drifted away and they
28:42 come and say how can I help, how can I help,
28:46 can we pray about this thing, not to,
28:48 not to judge or condemn you but we want to help,
28:51 we want to get you feet back upon solid ground
28:54 again why? We have to be truth to our calling.
28:59 We have to be true God has called us.
29:02 He has given us prophecy, the things that's
29:04 going to happen in this world.
29:05 Friend, what good is prophecy if we wait till
29:08 it's fulfilled before we tell someone,
29:11 people are afraid to say this and such is going to
29:13 happen in the near future they are afraid as,
29:16 as Jonah that it may not take place.
29:19 We have a sure word of prophecy, and what God
29:22 says it will take place and it takes space to
29:24 stand up and say it's going to happen,
29:27 because God said it's going to happen,
29:30 what good are these warnings. You realize the
29:35 warning that God's gives if we did not
29:36 heed the warning and make a change His wrath
29:39 is going to fall on the disobedient
29:41 that we read about. And if we warn
29:44 people it's how to avoid the plagues,
29:48 as how to avoid the wrath of God we need
29:51 to be telling them right now. This is the hour,
29:55 listen I'm convinced of this, this is the most
29:58 solemn three angels message,
29:59 is the most solemn message.
30:02 Every entrusted to mortals to give to the world,
30:07 I'm not sure that's gelling with you
30:08 right now, I am not sure
30:10 I understand it the way that I need to
30:13 understand it, because if
30:15 it's the most solemn truth that's ever been in
30:17 trusted and we've been given these to proclaim
30:21 to the world shouldn't occupy more of our time
30:25 shouldn't be a more of it interest tools
30:27 that we like can understand then
30:28 and give them to someone else be able
30:30 to explain them by the power of the Spirit.
30:34 Life and death why there is close to seven
30:39 billion people on the face this earth,
30:43 how many are ready to meet Jesus.
30:47 Great debate many times is oh the 144,000.
30:54 Some say well that's a literal number some say
30:57 well it's symbolic and lot of say oh it's
30:59 it can really be literal because that's not
31:01 very many people. There weren't many people
31:07 the days of the flood wasn't it that was
31:10 ready to meet Jesus. Lot of people professing,
31:13 but very few were willing to listen to the
31:15 word of God and to heed the word of God.
31:18 Be true to your calling today;
31:21 give the message so the people can avoid
31:24 the wrath of God. We have a responsibility,
31:28 we have an accountability to God.
31:32 Have you ever thought what that really means
31:34 as people who say that we are to be the light
31:36 of the world that we are different,
31:38 and I'm gonna make some bold statements in
31:40 a little while, some of you won't
31:42 be able to take it they're gonna be some that's
31:43 gonna a get little angry about it,
31:46 but you know if I can, if I can get you stirred
31:48 up just a little bit in the right way in the
31:49 right spirit so you study the soul yourself
31:52 approved unto God praise His name.
31:56 Prove it wrong, open the word and
31:58 prove what I'm gonna say here in little bit,
32:01 prove it wrong from scripture.
32:04 First of all, it is our,
32:05 our first work what is our first work?
32:11 Someone ask you, what's my,
32:12 what's my first work here what I need to do lot
32:14 of people say boy I just need to get going I need
32:16 to what is your first work,
32:18 listen if you are not born again God can't
32:21 use you to spread this gospel this good news.
32:26 What is our first work? What is our
32:29 first responsibility? Oh! It's clear once I
32:32 state this you will say oh I understand
32:34 that part. Do you remember
32:36 in Matthew chapter 6 verse 33,
32:40 Bible makes this statement and it says
32:41 seeking what, first good
32:44 the kingdom of God and His righteousness
32:48 all these other things will be added.
32:52 The Bible when the, listen when the Bible
32:53 says first it means first. First Thessalonians 4,
32:57 when the Bible says the dead in Christ rise
33:00 first that's exactly what it means,
33:04 they are people who wanted to debate the
33:06 clear spoken word of God. I want to make this
33:11 real clear and I'll bring it out a little bit as
33:13 time allows. We should be
33:16 studying the word of God today so that we
33:20 will submit ourselves to the word and be obedient
33:24 to the word, not argumentative
33:26 to the word that's studying to show
33:28 yourself approved, but I want to study
33:31 and I want to learn these truths so I can
33:32 be obedient to these things.
33:36 First seek ye first the kingdom of God,
33:40 and then He is gonna use you and He is
33:42 gonna use me to help finish this work.
33:47 Friend, you realize how awesome that is,
33:48 we just He called with, with a holy calling.
33:53 Who is God, He will look down
33:56 to this miserable world and a sinful human being,
34:00 rotten, pathetic, unrighteous
34:03 and say I call you, I call you to represent
34:08 me to the world. Who are we
34:16 that God would trust you, He believes in you?
34:23 That will equip you and certainly empower you
34:25 could be can't do it on our own,
34:27 after the millions and millions billions of
34:30 failures that He is witness and all the
34:32 profession that goes on and we will,
34:34 we want all this right here He still looks
34:37 and says I want you, will you work for me today.
34:45 And I think of my first responsibility I
34:47 have responsibility of God.
34:49 I have responsibility to you.
34:52 I have responsibility to every person
34:54 that I meet. From responsibility,
34:58 that scares people, we have responsibility
35:01 I have an obligation that's what
35:03 responsibility means. I have an obligation.
35:09 I have an obligation to God.
35:12 I have answerability to God,
35:18 you're gonna have to answer to God
35:19 on of these days. I need dependability
35:24 it's all talking about responsibility isn't it,
35:25 dependability something in the cause of Christ
35:29 there it is so difficult to find anymore that it
35:31 breaks your, it breaks your heart.
35:34 Those who said they love Him with all the heart
35:36 they're not dependable in,
35:37 in the cause of Christ, but boy they're
35:39 dependable in the world. Are you dependable,
35:44 are you putting Him first and of course
35:47 you say I am, I am dependable
35:49 and I am the answerability and in my obligation
35:51 and my accountability for my behavior is
35:56 to God first. Friend,
36:00 if you're putting the world first or if you
36:04 are putting friends and family, husband,
36:07 wife and you know brothers and sisters
36:09 before God He said you know if we,
36:12 if we put others before Him the Bible says
36:17 in Matthew 10:37 that we are not worthy of Him,
36:21 if you put anything before Him we are not
36:24 worthy of Him, what are you putting
36:26 before God today? Oh! Friend what is it?
36:30 Is it you just don't want Him,
36:32 you do but you don't, you can't have both.
36:35 Is it your job, is it you want
36:39 material things, is it things going
36:42 on you're looking across the pastor and you
36:44 see something greener over there,
36:46 what is it that's stopping us from really serving
36:49 Him with our whole heart or soul and our mind.
36:54 We need to be around people who are on
36:56 fire for Jesus. Bible is so clear
37:01 in the Book of Exodus chapter 20 verse 3
37:03 Jesus regard says thou shall have no other
37:07 Gods before me, thou shall have no
37:11 other Gods before me. Now, I'm gonna base that
37:15 on three things, when God says
37:18 no other God's before Him shall we not base it
37:22 on three things I believe so.
37:24 One, that we derive our life from Him.
37:31 We do what? We derive our
37:33 life for Him. So, we,
37:35 we are accountable to Him,
37:37 we are responsible to Him.
37:39 We are, we are obliged
37:41 to him why because we have what?
37:44 Or everything that we have the Bible says
37:46 this is in Him that we live and that we move
37:48 and we have our being, this is the basis,
37:53 we derive our life for Him.
37:56 That's the Acts 17:28 you can read that.
37:59 Number two, we are His by creation,
38:06 we are His by what? By creation.
38:09 We can read there in the Bible in
38:10 Genesis 2 verse 7 the Bible simply says,
38:13 And the Lord God formed man of the dust
38:17 of the earth. So, shall we put
38:20 Him first in everything yeah we derive our life,
38:23 we live and move through Him.
38:25 He created us and the third thing we are His
38:28 through what? Redemption,
38:30 He has redeemed us. Yeah, what,
38:34 he has redeemed us. John 3:16 so familiar
38:38 to most everyone that's ever read the Bible
38:41 for God so love the world that He gave
38:43 His only begotten son, Jesus died on the cross.
38:48 We are His, we are to put Him first.
38:54 Our responsibility is proportionate to the
38:57 light to the privileges that God has given to us.
39:06 Now where do we get that? Because we want to be
39:08 true to our calling don't we? And so,
39:11 we look at our responsibility then we're,
39:13 it's proportionate to the light that we
39:15 have received for the opportunities that is,
39:18 that God has given us and the privileges.
39:22 Have you ever looked around,
39:23 it seems like somebody in the church or somebody
39:25 over here they have so many opportunities
39:27 to do so much for Jesus. They've had so many
39:30 privileges to do, but they've been
39:32 too lazy to do anything with those opportunities.
39:36 They have finances, they may have this,
39:38 they may have that and all the other things but
39:39 they're doing nothing for the cause of
39:41 the Christ. We have to be true to our calling.
39:45 There is no time to delay.
39:50 Now, we have to realize the Bible is very clear
39:52 on this point too in James 4:17,
39:55 Bible says to Him that knoweth to do good,
39:57 and doeth it not, to him it is sin,
40:00 so I can see our responsibility then is
40:03 proportion to the light that God has given to us.
40:07 And so more you say well I know or I've read
40:10 you're responsible for what you've read,
40:12 anything less then that you're backsliding.
40:16 Did some of you, some of you lost
40:17 your first love. You may not even
40:21 really realize that you've lost your first love
40:24 but you know what you are not on fire like
40:25 you used to be. You don't talk about God
40:29 as much as used to, you're not praying
40:30 as much, you're not
40:32 studying as much, you've lost some
40:33 of that joy, you've lost some
40:34 of that peace, you've lost some
40:35 of that social security, you've lost it and you
40:38 don't even know that you've lost it that's
40:40 how the devil likes to operate,
40:41 you need to get back to your first love.
40:44 You need to put Him, put Him first.
40:47 He's given us opportunity and privileges and let
40:53 me just go a step further, God is going to hold
40:57 us accountable for the good that we might
41:02 have done, for the good that
41:05 we might have done and yet we neglected to do
41:09 it because we got a little bit lazy.
41:12 Or we didn't care for He did it or not.
41:20 Given this illustration many times but I can
41:21 remember that the neighbor.
41:24 My mother wanted to tell the truth and she said
41:26 look Berta, here's what
41:28 the Bible says and she said no don't tell me I
41:32 don't want to know because if I,
41:33 if I hear it I'll become responsible for it.
41:37 Friend the point of this is that she had the
41:39 opportunity to learn what truth was and
41:42 she rejected it so she still was accountable
41:44 for that. You're accountable,
41:47 you can close you ears, and say oh I don't want
41:49 to hear this message, I don't want to hear this,
41:51 I don't want to be, I don't want to hear
41:52 what people saying is truth today,
41:54 you're accountable you've had the opportunity.
41:57 Think how many advertisements as you've
42:00 received in the mail? How many opportunities
42:03 neighbors calling, say let's go to church,
42:04 to stay at the word of God?
42:05 We need to get involved, probably say oh,
42:08 but you've turned them down but you're
42:09 accountable for what you could have learned.
42:13 That's heavy duty when you begin to
42:14 think about it. Once again life
42:18 for Christ Desire of Ages page 493 I just want
42:21 to read this it says when we have a realization
42:25 of our weaknesses here's many of our problems in
42:28 the movement today. We don't sense our
42:30 weakness we don't seek sense that we,
42:32 that we've need you know Bible says in
42:35 Revelation the last church you know they
42:37 have need of what? They say they have
42:39 need of nothing but boy, they're miserable, poor,
42:40 blind and, and naked. We've need of everything,
42:43 but once we really get on our needs and
42:45 we really give our life to Jesus we see that we
42:48 are so weak and then we began to lean on a power,
42:54 depend upon a power not inherit or a power there
42:58 is not in born, a power that is
43:00 not natural, but it's supernatural.
43:05 One but we have realize that we are weak we
43:07 have to believe and depend upon Jesus Christ.
43:11 It helps us to sense our responsibility to God.
43:17 So if you don't realize that you're weak and
43:18 have need you're not gonna really be
43:21 responsible to God are you.
43:24 You think you don't need Him.
43:27 Friend, we, we need Him more than ever before in
43:31 the hour in which we live the giving of
43:34 these truths, the three angels message
43:36 is our work. It is our work,
43:41 we must be true to our calling of giving these
43:44 messages and quit trying to substitute some
43:47 of you ministers out there substituting for the
43:49 more pleasing things. This is a job that God
43:55 has given the true and the faithful.
43:58 Little book called Nine Testimonies 19,
44:00 here's some of those things that we're
44:02 talking about here that might just rub you a
44:05 little bit the wrong way and you know what it
44:07 probably won't rub the world the wrong way
44:08 or people we don't know but you know who
44:10 it'll rub the wrong way. Some of you who know,
44:15 some of you who know what I'm talking about
44:18 some of you who have been studying these things
44:19 you're gonna, you're gonna
44:20 get those porcupine needles stuck out.
44:24 Please don't do that, let's just listen what
44:27 the servant of God said. That I, yeah would you
44:31 think yes I'm gonna to talk about Seventh-day
44:32 Adventist it yeah listen. In a special sense
44:38 Seventh-day Adventists have been set in
44:41 the world as watchmen and light bearers.
44:43 Why, because we've been given the light,
44:45 it was Israel, it was Israel in
44:48 a special sense it's wasn't God's people yes,
44:50 when the Jews supposed to be the light yes.
44:53 They've all rejected now it comes to,
44:55 yeah God said there is a group of people keep the
44:57 commandments of God and they have the
44:58 faith of Jesus these are people who is gonna
45:00 be responsible light bearers,
45:04 to them has been entrusted the
45:05 last warning for a perishing world.
45:09 On them is a shining wonderful light from
45:11 the word of God. They have been
45:13 given a work of the most solemn import,
45:17 what is it, the proclamation of the first,
45:19 second, and third angel's message.
45:21 Now, ministers listen to me carefully and people.
45:25 No, there is no other work of so great
45:29 of importance. They are to allow
45:32 nothing else to absorb their attention.
45:36 We spend so much time in foolishness and
45:38 rhetoric and things that, nothing to prepare the
45:41 people of God you know on Sabbath or in church
45:44 meetings in the world, the foolishness of man's
45:46 mind and things that they are doing to try to you
45:49 know out do one another. Instead of saying there
45:52 is nothing to occupied we should let nothing to
45:54 occupy our minds this is the greatest important
45:57 nothing is to absorb their attention,
45:59 attention then giving of the three
46:01 angels message. You hardly ever
46:03 hear it preaching the pulpit anymore,
46:07 it's just tasteful to many,
46:11 whit this is, this is our work.
46:12 We have to be true to our calling.
46:17 Yeah yes and maybe oh boy, this is a little bit
46:18 bold oh yeah that's alright.
46:20 That's exactly right you know why,
46:22 we live in an hour where it calls for
46:24 holy boldness. We have to be
46:26 willing to lay on the line for Jesus Christ.
46:29 He laid on the line for us didn't He?
46:32 Man, I believe with all my heart we,
46:34 we can't let anything else come in and to
46:36 change our, our direction right
46:38 now by giving this warning message,
46:40 we're gonna talk more about some of the things
46:41 that's entailed in this message but we have
46:45 to be convinced that we need to focus on
46:48 it and give it this message to the world.
46:53 You know how God's people are
46:54 really distinguished. How are they
46:57 really distinguished, first of all we could do
47:00 it simply not to go into a study but you
47:03 know God's people are going to be distinguished
47:05 by the word of God. It will distinguish those
47:09 who are just talking and those who are following
47:11 in the foot steps of the master.
47:15 And certainly that God's people are
47:16 distinguished because they,
47:18 they serve Him fully and if you allow me to
47:21 go to this. When we talk
47:24 about serving Him fully I'm talking about keeping
47:27 all the commandments of God.
47:30 Serving them to the best of their ability,
47:32 everything that they know that they've read,
47:33 that is truth of God's word,
47:35 they say God help me to be what you've said
47:37 in your word. Lot of people
47:40 are not willing, they're not ready.
47:43 Wholehearted people, this is how you can
47:46 see God's last day people. They are proclaiming
47:52 all the commandments of God that may just
47:56 be real plain. See how the shoe fits,
48:02 you know in first John the Bible says 2 verse 4,
48:06 he that said I know with him and keepeth
48:10 not his commandments is what good is a liar
48:14 and the truth is not in Him that's Bible.
48:18 He not gonna blame me for that I am bring
48:21 it to your attention what because in your church,
48:24 many of your churches you're told you don't
48:26 have to keep the commandments anymore
48:27 then when you really pin them down they
48:29 said well yeah we need to keep nine but
48:30 we don't worry about the Seventh-day anymore,
48:32 wrong again, the Bible says,
48:36 if you say you know Him you know Jesus
48:38 oh I know Jesus. The Bible says,
48:41 if we know Him he that saith I know Him and
48:44 that's all the Christians around the world
48:46 I know Him, keep you not
48:48 His commandments. He's a liar the Bible said
48:51 and the truth is not in Him.
48:55 Bible is very clear in the last days
48:57 John 4 verse 23 it says that God's people it
49:00 said the true worshipers of God will worship
49:03 Him in what? In spirit and in truth.
49:06 The true worshipers in spirit and in truth,
49:09 the Holy Spirit will lead and guide them into
49:12 all truth Holy Spirit will be a factor and giving
49:15 them victory in their life over sin.
49:18 Leading, guiding and directing a people here
49:21 in the last days. Not just a church
49:24 I'm talking about, talking about a people
49:26 that as willing to follow Jesus Christ write
49:29 down the line. Are you willing,
49:31 am I willing today, this is our test?
49:35 We don't have time to get into,
49:37 into the covenant experience that we,
49:39 that we, that we made with God.
49:41 We've made a real covenant,
49:43 but I just want to may be hit on the edges
49:45 of it and then we'll pick it up in our
49:46 second part, because remember
49:49 they will be a people that will be wholeheartedly
49:51 take no honor to themselves but they're
49:54 going to Revelation 14:7 give honor and
49:57 glory to whom? To God,
50:00 take nothing for themselves because we
50:01 have nothing. The question
50:03 comes back many times and you may approach it
50:06 from different angles but you're gonna say how
50:08 do I give God glory how can I give God glory?
50:15 Very simple, to reveal His character
50:18 in your life gives God, glory and honor to Him.
50:23 It reveals Him to the world are we giving
50:27 Him real honor and giving Him glory where
50:30 we revealing His, His character
50:35 to the world. Oh! Friend,
50:37 I hope that you are today. In your Bible I want
50:40 you to turn to Exodus 31, we're gonna pick up
50:42 here we're gonna read a little bit here and
50:44 then we're gonna as we close and we come back
50:46 our second part we'll be looking at
50:48 this lot closer. Okay, you have your
50:51 Bible let's turn with me in the Book of Exodus
50:52 there is a good way maybe to end it,
50:54 give you some real food for thought.
50:56 In the Old Testament in Exodus chapter 31,
51:00 I know some of you are saying already
51:02 oh boy we are going back the Old Testament
51:03 oh boy is right we are exactly right.
51:06 Remember that's all Jesus had to preach from
51:08 didn't he, teach from?
51:11 And many the Old Testament prophecy.
51:12 And so it's good enough for them it's good
51:14 enough for us. The word of God is truth,
51:18 we can, there's a people that will be
51:19 distinguished in the last days.
51:21 they've made a covenant with God.
51:25 They bound themselves to the Lord and Him only.
51:28 In Exodus chapter 31 we're gonna read verses 12
51:30 through 18, 12 through 18
51:33 we may have time to do it before we end today.
51:35 Verse 12, and the Lord spake unto Moses saying,
51:37 speak thou also unto the children of Israel,
51:40 saying. Verily my Sabbath ye shall keep:
51:44 for it is a sign between me and your throughout
51:47 your generations; that ye may know
51:49 that I am the Lord that does sanctify you.
51:52 Ye shall keep the Sabbath therefore;
51:55 for it is holy unto you: every one that defileth
51:58 it shall be put to death. For whosoever doeth
52:02 any work therein, that souls shall be cut
52:04 off from among His people.
52:06 Six days work may be done; but the seventh is
52:09 the Sabbath of rest, keep that in mind,
52:11 don't you no doubt some of you say well
52:14 I do one in seven, the Bible says the
52:16 seventh is the Sabbath of rest,
52:18 holy to the Lord: whoever doeth any work
52:21 on the Sabbath day, he shall surely be
52:22 put to death. Wherefore the children
52:25 of Israel shall keep the Sabbath,
52:27 to observe the Sabbath throughout
52:28 their generations, for a perpetual covenant.
52:32 Verse 17, it really gets a,
52:33 it's just a start to get a fine line here we're
52:35 gonna underline notice, Bible said it is a sign
52:38 between me and the children of
52:40 Israel forever: for in six days
52:43 the Lord made heaven and earth,
52:44 and on the seventh day he rested,
52:46 and He was refreshed. Verse 18 last verse notice
52:50 and he gave unto Moses, when he had made an end
52:52 of communion with Him on Mount Sinai,
52:54 He said two tables of testimony,
52:59 written with the finger of God.
53:01 That's awesome when you think about it.
53:05 People say well yeah but that was a
53:07 covenant with, with Israel. Friend,
53:10 today I want you to think that who is
53:12 Israel today? God said I've set
53:16 aside the Sabbath is a sign between me and my,
53:18 my people in the last days God said this
53:21 is my people will be observing all the
53:23 commandments, who is,
53:25 Israel really for today? As we realize that
53:30 Israel failed to fulfill God's purposes
53:33 didn't they. And because
53:35 the Israel failed then we've realize that Jewish
53:38 nation came and what did they do the priests
53:40 and the Rabbis, the rulers what they,
53:42 they rejected they lay decide God's,
53:45 God's law and obedience and made their own,
53:48 who is the real true Israel today?
53:52 Who is the real spiritual Israel today?
53:55 Because, why am I asking
53:57 it because the covenant is very,
53:58 very important today that we have to see
54:01 that it's binding on God's people today.
54:04 Don't you think we need to pray about that before
54:06 we close today? We come back in
54:08 part two about being you know true
54:09 to our calling, we're just gonna
54:11 examine a few brief passages and then we're
54:13 gonna look at some more of the responsibility
54:15 that God is, is giving to
54:17 His last day people and how we should stand
54:19 firm and strong here in these days give this
54:22 warning message so Jesus can come.
54:25 This is something that's gonna be take a
54:27 matter of prayer, and we need to prayer
54:29 about right now there is people who is making
54:30 decisions right now for Jesus.
54:32 There are things that the Holy Spirit is
54:34 bringing to the remembrance right
54:35 now putting them together for them to say,
54:38 oh a puzzle is fit in together.
54:40 Why don't we pray about it right now just
54:41 before we close, can we pray about let's
54:43 do it right now as before we close, let's pray.
54:48 Merciful Father in Heaven, we thank you for
54:49 your word today. We thank you as we've
54:52 began this first part of the series,
54:54 pray for your Holy Spirit to lead,
54:56 guide and direct and we pray you stir us
54:58 up as Christians that we may understand and see
55:01 the truths for the hour in which we live in
55:02 Jesus name, amen.
55:06 Oh! It's good to be able spend this
55:07 time with you. And I want you be here
55:09 and if you have questions be sure and write them
55:11 down send them to us you get the address
55:14 here in a just a few moments.
55:15 You might even want to make a quick phone call,
55:18 you could may do that too.
55:19 We'll enjoy hearing from you and we're
55:21 gonna be praying for you and I want you to
55:22 pray for us until next time God
55:24 richly bless you, we'll see you then.
55:27 Being true to our calling takes a great
55:31 effort on our part as well as on the part
55:34 of our Savior. It's a combined effort
55:36 between God and man. To be true to your calling
55:40 it is essential brothers and sisters,
55:42 it is essential that you take time and God's
55:46 word every single day to learn to always be in a
55:50 attitude of prayer with your creator and
55:52 sustainer God. Remember,
55:54 it is not by your strength or your power that
55:57 keeps you true to your calling.
55:59 It is by the might, the power,
56:01 the mercy and grace of our heavenly Father that
56:05 will care you through the straight and narrow
56:07 path that leads to our heavenly home.
56:10 God is simply waiting for you to ask for His help
56:14 and His strength. Won't you do just
56:17 that today, why keep the
56:19 Savior waiting for you any longer.
56:22 And please, please don't
56:24 forget to contact us as well.
56:26 We love to hear from you and we are so
56:29 encouraged to bless, to learn how the
56:31 Holy Spirit is working in your behalf.
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57:42 to richly bless you and yours.


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