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True To Our Calling, Part 2

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00:41 Hello and welcome to "Behold The Lamb Presents,"
00:45 I'm Chris Shelton your host and we are so
00:47 thankful and so grateful that you have chosen
00:50 to join us today. Today's message is the second
00:54 in a two part series that we have entitled
00:56 "True To Our Calling." "True To Our Calling"
01:01 to begin today's program I'd like to
01:03 read you a quote found in the book Testimonies
01:06 for the Church, it's in Volume 9 and page 19
01:10 it reads, "In a special sense God's people
01:14 have been set in the world as watchmen
01:17 and light bearers. Now, we know that
01:20 the word light here means truth.
01:22 Therefore God's people are to be a people
01:25 watching for err and proclaiming His truth,"
01:28 reading on, "To them has been entrusted
01:32 the last warming message for a perishing world."
01:35 The last warning message, did you get those words?
01:39 "For a perishing world. They have been given
01:42 a work of the most solemn import-the proclamation
01:46 of the first, second, and Third Angels Message.
01:50 The most solemn truths ever entrusted
01:53 to mortals have been given us to proclaim
01:56 to the world. The proclamation of
01:58 these truths is to be our work.
02:01 The world is to be warned, and God's
02:04 people are to be true, did you see that?
02:07 True to the trust committed to them."
02:10 As my husband Pastor Kenny warned us
02:13 in the message of this series, our being true
02:17 to God's calling is a matter of eternal life
02:20 or eternal death. Time is of the essence,
02:24 the world is drawing to close and true workers
02:27 of God, true workers of God need to take their
02:30 stands committed to them of heaven and
02:33 share this light of truth, so that other souls may
02:36 come out of spiritual confusion and be
02:39 prepared dist unworthy to meet the Savior.
02:42 So, hold onto your seats as Pastor Kenny shares
02:46 with us this vital message the Lord has laid upon
02:49 His heart, but first we are blessed to visit to
02:52 3ABN Worship Center and listen to a song
02:56 entitled, "God Made Our Hands."
03:11 God made our hands to give
03:16 and receive His blessings
03:20 He made His voice for singing a happy song
03:29 God made our feet to walk on the path of rainbow
03:39 He made a smile for smiling the whole day long.
03:48 God gave us eyes then filled
03:54 all the world with beauty
03:58 Sunshine and trees and stars above
04:06 Wonder of all He gave us a gift so special
04:16 God gave us a heart to share His love
04:23 God made our hands to give
04:31 and receive His blessings
04:37 He made His voice for singing a happy song
04:45 God made our feet to walk on the path of rainbow
04:55 He made a smile for smiling the whole day long.
05:04 God gave us eyes then filled
05:09 all the world with beauty
05:13 Sunshine and trees and stars above
05:22 Wonder of all He gave us a gift so special
05:32 God gave us a heart to share His love
05:40 To share His love.
05:50 Hi, glad you join us today once again.
05:52 We're gonna be studying God's word,
05:54 get your paper, or pencil, get your Bible out.
05:56 We have a lot of material to cover today.
05:59 And by God's grace we're going to try
06:00 to cover it, but before we do
06:02 we always ask for God's blessing.
06:04 We need the power of the Holy Spirit, don't we?
06:06 Let's ask Him right now. Where you can,
06:08 why don't you kneel with me? Where you can just,
06:10 just ask God to help us as we do this program.
06:14 Let's pray, shall we?
06:17 Merciful Father in Heaven, we thank you
06:19 for the privilege of prayer.
06:21 We ask now for the anointing of thy
06:23 Holy Spirit upon every word that spoken.
06:25 As we break the bread of life may it come
06:27 alive to us, may we see Jesus, may we be
06:30 filled with that Spirit, may our ears be
06:32 unstopped, and our minds be unplugged
06:34 that we may see and hear and understand
06:37 Your word today, in the precious name of Jesus,
06:40 as you come near now to each one bless,
06:42 those who watch, those who listen and
06:45 we just pray that there will be a word
06:46 in due season that will lead us closer to Jesus
06:49 is my prayer, in Jesus name, amen.
06:54 Again we're glad you joined us.
06:55 This is a second part of two part series that
06:58 we've been doing and we've been talking
07:01 about True To Our Calling. What does that really
07:03 mean True To Our Calling? God has either
07:07 called us or He has not called us.
07:09 He has either given us the message,
07:11 or maybe He hasn't give us the message,
07:13 if He has it would be clear, wouldn't it?
07:15 And so, let's just go over since some of you say,
07:17 well I'm tune in for the first time, you miss
07:20 the first part. Well, that's available,
07:22 you can hear that as my wife gives you that
07:24 instructions at beginning, at the end of program.
07:26 Be sure you can get that, but if not let me
07:28 just take a couple of minutes and let's go
07:30 over some of the material that we
07:32 covered on the first part.
07:34 We started out with Revelation chapter 14,
07:36 6 through 12 because that is the
07:38 Three Angels Message. Why should we be giving
07:42 the Three Angels Message? I don't know,
07:43 if any other Church around the world is
07:45 giving the Three Angels Message, except
07:47 Seventh-day Adventist to be honest.
07:49 Why are we giving it? Here's, here's what I'm,
07:51 I'm, I'm finding out studying God's word.
07:54 Here's what I understand is
07:57 because the, many of the churches today
07:59 have become corrupt in their principles.
08:02 The doctrines have been changed and God
08:04 is calling a people back to bring us out
08:07 of darkness into that marvelous light.
08:09 We realize today that false religion as
08:12 we read scriptures going to be exalted
08:14 in the end of time. And so, as the false
08:16 religious system is being exalted what should
08:19 we do as God's people? We've got to present
08:21 the truth as it is in Jesus, we must be.
08:25 In our first part we learned that we must
08:27 be about our Father's business, how, what was
08:29 Jesus business? His business was winning
08:32 souls, that's what we need to be doing today.
08:35 We have a heavy responsibility and an
08:38 accountability to God for the light that
08:40 He has given us. We spend sometime on that
08:44 because we are accountable for the
08:46 amount of light that we have received from God.
08:49 Think about that today, if all the light that
08:52 God has given you, you're accountable
08:54 for every ray of that light and are we
08:56 distributing it out to the world the way that
08:59 we should be. We found out that there's no
09:02 other work as great as importance as the
09:05 giving of the Three Angels Message,
09:06 which is a warning to the world that Jesus
09:09 is soon to come. Preparation message,
09:11 and distinguish, we learned that God's
09:14 people will be distinguished by
09:16 keeping the commandments of God that's all ten.
09:19 And then we turned to Exodus 31 and we say,
09:22 well here the Bible says that there is a sign,
09:25 there is a sign between God in His people
09:28 what was that sign? Yeah, some of you bit;
09:30 yeah you remember it's the Seventh-day Sabbath.
09:33 The Sabbath was given for a sign between God
09:35 and men. So, these are, these are, these
09:37 are my people. And then some of you,
09:39 I know you question you said oh! Yeah,
09:41 that's nice, but that was for Israel, some of you
09:43 say oh! I know that was done away with that
09:45 the Old Covenant. I wonder who is the true
09:50 Israel today, not going to spend a whole lot of
09:52 time on it but, but we need to look in the
09:54 scripture and find out these promises.
09:57 If God has given promises in scripture to,
10:00 to Israel gave them to the Jews and then
10:03 the New Testament Church, where do you
10:05 stand, what's your position? Who is the
10:08 Israel today? Now, I want you to just examine
10:11 couple of passages with me, contemplate
10:14 these before you close your ears and say,
10:16 oh! I know, but that that the Seventh-day say,
10:18 it's all back in the Old Testament or listen to
10:20 what Jesus had to say in the New Testament,
10:22 John had to say in John chapter 1 verse 11
10:25 and 12. Bottom line is simply Jesus says,
10:29 "I came unto my own and my own received me not."
10:35 Now, I'm gonna turn that and I want you take
10:37 your Bible and turn too, because this is very
10:39 portent and God would have us to understand it.
10:42 John chapter what? John chapter 1 verses 11
10:46 and 12, John chapter 1 verses 11 and 12.
10:49 He said, "He came unto his own, and his own
10:51 received him not." Now, notice 12,
10:54 "But as many as received him, to them gave
10:58 he power to become the sons of God."
11:01 Let's just leave it there for a moment.
11:03 The first verse He came unto His own,
11:05 He came unto what? The, the Jews,
11:07 He came to His own, but what happened?
11:09 The Jews rejected Him. And so, Jesus said now:
11:12 But as many as received, 'cause
11:15 I hear a lot of times people say, oh! Well,
11:16 the Jews they're, they're still God's
11:18 chosen people and maybe those promises belong to.
11:21 We are the New Testament Church,
11:23 Jesus said, I came unto My own, they rejected Me
11:25 and then the Bible simply says, those
11:28 who receive Him, to them gave He power to
11:30 become the sons and daughter of God.
11:33 You have to what? Receive Him.
11:35 They rejected Him, so please contemplate on
11:37 that passage. Now, let's look at one more,
11:40 shall we just read right here in Acts chapter 13
11:42 verse 46. Jesus was talking to here and Paul,
11:45 Paul was talking and they were coming together
11:47 and they said, you're talking about the Jews,
11:49 they said you judge yourself unworthy
11:52 of everlasting life, lo the Bible says we turn
11:56 to the gentiles. What does all of this mean
12:00 when we're talking about the Israel;
12:03 we're talking about keeping God's Ten Commandment
12:06 law, what does this mean? You know these,
12:09 these truths that we have to, we, that we're
12:11 studying in God's word we need to look
12:14 line-upon-line, precept-upon-precept,
12:16 here a little and there a little.
12:18 Now, this again just a, just a, just a short,
12:21 just in a, a nutshell here, but I want you
12:23 to take your Bibles and turn with me to
12:25 Galatians chapter 3, Galatians chapter 3
12:29 because many people used this as an
12:31 excuse not to obey God's word.
12:34 And we don't want excuses, God doesn't
12:36 want excuses today. We're going to look
12:38 and say, 'cause those promise God said,
12:40 the Seventh-day Sabbath is a sign between Me
12:43 and My people and the only excuse you can
12:45 come up with this simply say, well I am
12:47 His people, but that was for Israel.
12:48 Who is Israel today? Notice what the Bible says
12:52 here in Galatians chapter 3 verse 7,
12:54 just underline it quickly. "Know ye therefore that
12:57 they which are of faith, the same are the
13:01 children of Abraham." What does the Bible say?
13:04 Those of you are faith, as a Christian
13:07 we have to be what? A faith, the Bible says,
13:09 without faith it is what? Good, impossible to
13:12 please God. So, the children, if you are faith,
13:15 the same are the children of Abraham.
13:18 Wow! The promise was given to what?
13:20 Promise was given to, to Abraham.
13:22 Is that promise for you today? Is that for me
13:25 today? Is that just for some other group?
13:26 Bible says here, if you are a faith, spiritual
13:30 iterates us, what this, those who rely on faith,
13:33 the saving merits of Jesus Christ.
13:36 Now, in that same chapters you kept
13:37 to verse 9 with me. The Bible says,
13:39 "So then they which be of faith are blessed
13:43 with faithful Abraham." We are what?
13:46 Blessed with the faithful Abraham,
13:48 if we live by faith. Are you living by faith today?
13:53 Are you receiving the promises of God today
13:55 or are they way back there those promises
13:57 just for the ancients, or not not for us today?
14:00 Something is happen dear friend, let's go on
14:02 little farther. Verse 14, "That the blessings of
14:06 Abraham might come to the gentiles through
14:09 Jesus Christ that we might receive the
14:12 promise of the spirit through faith."
14:15 What is the Bible talking about here?
14:17 Blessings of the what? That that the covenant,
14:20 God said their promise to us today the blessings
14:23 of Abraham might come to the gentiles.
14:26 Oh! Maybe you're gentile, you're not a Jew,
14:28 you're not Israelite, you just what? You, you,
14:30 you say, well I'm, I'm a gentile, I've been
14:33 grafted in. The promises are yours today,
14:36 not for somebody back there, but for you today.
14:39 Jesus Christ said, we might receive the
14:40 promise through the spirit.
14:42 Now, let's get a little bit clear,
14:43 I'm moving quickly we've lot of material
14:45 to cover today, verses 27, 28, 29 in Galatians 3.
14:49 Notice it, how clear this guess.
14:51 Let's start with 26. It says, "For ye are all
14:54 the children of God by faith in Jesus Christ,
14:57 notice. For as many of you as have been
15:00 baptized into Christ have put on Christ."
15:04 Have you been baptized? Do you understand the
15:07 importance of baptism? Have you been baptized,
15:09 baptized, you went down that Watery grave and
15:12 you come back up, the Bible says, you put
15:15 on Christ and if you put on Christ notice this
15:18 in verse 28, "There is neither Jew nor Greek,
15:21 the Bible says, there is neither bond nor free,
15:24 there is neither male nor female:
15:27 for ye are all one in Christ Jesus."
15:30 And here is some, we say some icing for
15:32 the cake here, so that we need, need not
15:34 misunderstand. Verse 29 it says,
15:36 "If ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's what?
15:41 Abraham seed, and heirs according to the
15:45 promise." There we are. We're heirs to the,
15:48 to the promise of God. Somebody said,
15:50 well I've not quite God, but I'm starting to
15:51 think a little bit here because we read here
15:54 in John 1:11-12, He came to His own,
15:56 his own rejected Him, the disciples were going
15:59 out, preaching Paul was preaching,
16:01 Barnabas was preaching and they said,
16:03 you the Jews, you, you, you, you just,
16:05 you don't want everlasting life and low
16:07 we're turning to the gentiles with our message.
16:10 We're the gentiles with the New Testament Church.
16:13 Let's just read a couple of more here maybe help
16:15 us to understand little bit still confuse in
16:17 Romans. Romans chapter 11 verses 1,
16:21 Romans what? Romans 11 verse 1 here's
16:23 what the Bible says, "I say then, Hath God cast
16:27 away his people? God forbid.
16:31 For I also am an Israelite, of the seed
16:35 of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin."
16:39 And then in verse 5 says, "Even so then at this
16:43 present time, notice this, also there is a remnant
16:47 according to the election of grace."
16:50 Friend, the New Testament Church,
16:52 you can be heirs to the promises of God.
16:58 Now, what happened to Israel of old,
17:01 was Israel true and faithful to God?
17:04 No, Israel failed miserably, they were
17:07 rejected of God and then God what?
17:09 He began to seek other people, who was the next?
17:12 The Jews, the priests, the rabies, the religious
17:15 leaders you see, they rejected Jesus,
17:18 they nailed Him onto the Cross, they didn't
17:20 most of them known He believe that He is even,
17:22 He came to this earth and Jesus you know,
17:25 the Bible is very clear there, there was no
17:26 other name given among men,
17:28 whereby we must be save in what?
17:30 The name of, of Jesus. And so, Jesus then had
17:33 to look elsewhere, so where would He go?
17:36 Spiritual Israel, the New Testament Church.
17:39 And so, that covenant that He makes,
17:41 now has been transferred Israel to the Jews,
17:43 to the New Testament Church, which we are
17:45 a part of as gentiles and so that covenant is
17:48 with God's people today. We need to be keeping
17:50 all of God's commandments.
17:52 All ten, that's right exactly all ten.
17:56 You know what, what, what if a man sets
17:58 aside the law of God? What, what if a person
18:01 just take those Ten Commandments
18:02 and just set them aside? Men would have no
18:04 direction; we would know what was right
18:07 and wrong? What we should do, what
18:09 we shouldn't do? How we can please God?
18:12 What if, if we were you know, if, if we look
18:15 at God's law and we say, I am trying to figure
18:17 out God? God's law is a transcript what?
18:19 Of His character, it reveals the,
18:22 the principles of heaven. Do you want to know the
18:25 principles of heaven? If you plan on being
18:28 there surely you do. Because the principles
18:30 of heaven is what you will be living by,
18:32 right, if by God's grace you make it to heaven.
18:35 We need to understand that here.
18:36 If we refuse the principles we place our
18:41 self outside of the blessings of God.
18:44 So, God gives the principles in His word,
18:46 if we refuse those things then how can
18:48 we expect to receive the blessings that
18:51 God wants to give to us. We can't, and so
18:54 the devil has us what? Living outside,
18:56 or they trying to live outside like.
18:58 It's not important, we don't have to anymore.
19:01 Oh! Friend that's the devil's thought.
19:04 God says, if you love me you do what?
19:06 Good, you keep His commandments.
19:08 After reading some of these words we just
19:10 read you know it, it's very clear to me.
19:12 And that, which we look at God's last day
19:15 people because we want to be what?
19:17 True, is the second part, true to our,
19:20 our calling. Has God called you, he's called
19:23 you, He called you with a, with a Holy calling.
19:25 He's called you out of darkness into that
19:28 marvelous light. God is leading, guiding a people,
19:31 preparing the people of this world to meet Jesus.
19:35 So, there must be a specific message that
19:37 that has to be given, there has to be a, a
19:40 separating, distinguishing, different than what
19:43 other churches are giving around the world today.
19:46 You need to be true to your calling and
19:48 I need to be true to my calling, it's not a time
19:50 to be lax, it's not a, a time to be, to lazy,
19:53 is not a time not to show up, we are in a battle,
19:56 we're in a boxing match as it were with the enemy,
19:59 we need Jesus on our side, we need Him
20:01 give the old devil you see knock and knockout
20:03 punch, but we realize as we study God's word.
20:07 Those who keep God's Commandment,
20:09 those who are obedient to His commands,
20:11 they are a denominated people.
20:14 What does that mean? A denominated people
20:17 are those who, are those who are that that,
20:19 that not denominated mean, they're,
20:20 they're named people, they are a, a called
20:24 people, they're people having a, a
20:27 something very specific message to give,
20:30 does that sound familiar? And yet so often we as
20:34 God's last day people we sit on the message,
20:38 we sit on like we have they say, all the time
20:41 in the world, it's running out.
20:44 Bible says, we have to work; well it's what day
20:46 because night come with what?
20:48 Oh! I heard somebody say, but no man can work.
20:51 So, why is that we keep putting it all,
20:53 when souls are dying everyday for lack
20:56 of the truth. And then some of you have the
20:58 truth, but you don't love the truth.
21:00 Oh! Yeah, you know it that does, that doesn't
21:02 matter, that's not going to get you to heaven
21:04 because you say, I know, I know.
21:06 There is too many I knows in the world today,
21:08 but do you love the truth, if you love the
21:10 truth you're going to be willing to do what?
21:12 Good to obey. You know they, they'll talk about
21:16 God's Ten Commandment law, it's binding us as
21:19 long as time shall last, the Sabbath you see
21:23 has lost none of it's meaning at all.
21:27 And I hope it hasn't to you. How is, how are you,
21:33 how are you matching up to, to what God is
21:36 calling you to do today. Are you just sitting back
21:39 and say, we have a lot of time we don't need
21:40 to worry about it. Listen, God said,
21:44 His Sabbath is still, still a sign between Him
21:47 and us today. And if you are His people,
21:50 if you are one of His children today
21:51 we need to march in line, we need to get
21:54 in line, we need to have our whole armor on,
21:57 and we need to say, God here I am.
21:58 Where would you have me to go, what would
22:00 you have me to do? Now, remember this is
22:03 a warning; a warning needs to be given
22:05 from time-to-time. And there's a warning
22:07 because the lot of pastors don't think
22:08 they're quite so accountable as maybe
22:10 other people are, you're much more accountable,
22:12 but some of you are in the pulpit you're,
22:14 you're teaching lies, you're preaching lies
22:16 and you're living a lie. Now, God would have
22:19 us to, to come to up to grips come in front
22:21 line and say, look God here I, here I am.
22:24 You know, we need to be tested and we need
22:25 to be proved. See, our acceptance pastors,
22:29 teachers, church members, our acceptance
22:32 with God is not just, just outward show,
22:36 there are a lot of outward show,
22:37 that's all this world is, it seem like with TV
22:39 and everything goes on, they're just shows,
22:41 all make believe, but our acceptance with
22:44 God does not, doesn't have to do anything
22:46 with outward show, but our faithfulness
22:49 and our discharge of what? Of duty,
22:52 God accepts you not because all of these
22:55 big parade and pomp of all the big church
22:57 and lot of followers and lot of people
22:59 maybe amazed by certain things has
23:01 nothing to do with that, but listen pastor
23:03 are you faithful to your calling?
23:07 Are you faithful? Call to, to duty.
23:11 Let me just give a little illustration here
23:13 some people say, what was Aaron's sin,
23:16 do you remember? Talk a lot about, lot of thing,
23:19 but Aaron sinned; when you talk about Aaron
23:20 sinned, oh! He, he made the golden calf.
23:23 Aaron's sin dear friends boils down
23:26 to the sin of neglect, the sin of neglect.
23:30 Now, think about that one for a moment, what?
23:34 Because he did not stand firm for truth.
23:38 Some of you say, well there is no wells today,
23:41 that's just a big hole in the ground, isn't it?
23:43 But we're talking about here that sin of neglect
23:46 and if it was not but if he stood for truth there
23:49 would have been no golden calf, but there
23:52 was. How many of us, how many us have failed,
23:58 how many us we've neglected to do that
24:00 which God has asked us to do.
24:03 See, the world's becoming more and more
24:05 and more lawless, there is tension between
24:08 nations now, are you sensing it?
24:10 And a little threatenings here, and little
24:12 threatenings over there, Jesus said,
24:13 there be wars and rumors of war, you know
24:15 from Iran to Iraq and South Korea,
24:17 and North Korea, United States, you name it,
24:19 and China, just to name a few, there is tension,
24:22 there is war, there is poverty.
24:25 The science tell us that it's, that we need to be
24:28 giving this message of warning.
24:30 In fact, let me say you this we should have
24:32 already been home, we should have already
24:35 been in the Kingdom, we've been here a long
24:38 time. Why are we've been here so long?
24:40 What's the problem, when we should have
24:42 already been in home, somebody say,
24:44 well I don't know how you come up just,
24:46 just fasten your seat belts a little bit,
24:48 we're gonna discuss that. It's very, very
24:50 important, see it's not always everybody else,
24:53 I know it's in the church, it's always
24:55 the pastor did wrong or, some of the church
24:57 members or the elders, somebody did something
24:59 wrong, we're always trying to blame somebody else.
25:02 How about look at yourself today?
25:03 We need to look closely at our self,
25:06 the Bible is very clear in Psalms chapter 26
25:09 verse 2 it said, "Examine me O Lord,
25:13 and prove me." "Examine me, O Lord
25:17 and prove me." How many can really say
25:19 that from the bottom of their heart today is to,
25:22 and faith look up to God and say, God examine me,
25:25 the God that knows everything in the mind,
25:27 God that knows everything has been
25:28 going on in their life, every secret thought,
25:30 everything just going on, and say prove me.
25:33 How many of us could really do that today
25:35 with confidence and assurance that God
25:37 would say, well done, thou good and faithful
25:40 servant. How many of us could do that today?
25:43 Second Corinthians 13:5, the Bible says
25:48 we need to examine our self to see whether
25:51 that you be where, that you be in the faith,
25:53 or could be true to what? To our calling.
25:57 Are you true to your calling? Examine yourself
25:59 not somebody else. Too many of you got this look
26:02 Roman eye, you're looking everybody else,
26:03 you need to be looking at yourself,
26:05 I need to be looking at myself.
26:07 Beautiful book Education page 264 makes
26:10 this comment, listen carefully.
26:12 It said, "He has put it in our power,
26:14 through cooperation with Him, to bring this
26:18 scene of misery to an end." What does that mean?
26:22 He's put it where? In our power, the
26:24 cooperation of what? Divinity? To bring the
26:28 scene of misery. This is what His life is,
26:30 do you get it? As we end the year,
26:33 begin a New Year people say, oh! I said,
26:35 Lord we're gonna have a good time,
26:36 everything is gonna be great, everything
26:38 is gonna be wonderful, we're just thinking
26:39 about a good time, we're just thinking about
26:41 parting, we cooperate with the Holy Spirit
26:45 and say, we bring this scene of misery
26:47 to an end. Does it that harmonized with scripture?
26:50 You better believe it. Second Peter chapter 3
26:53 verse 12 the Bible says, looking for and do what?
26:56 Good, hastening unto the coming of the Lord.
27:00 He said, I've told that we can hasten the
27:01 coming of the Lord. When our characters, right?
27:04 Character, there's character work that
27:06 needs to be done and God is working on you
27:09 and He is working on me, He is begun a work,
27:10 He's going to finish. Let's read two statements
27:13 those of you be familiar with this and those
27:15 you won't, I want you just to think,
27:16 let the Holy Spirit speak to your heart,
27:19 see whether to, don't just put up that wall
27:21 everytime you hear something that maybe
27:22 you don't understand. And just start to say,
27:24 oh! I don't want to hear it, let me tell you,
27:26 that's the sin of ages; the sin today dear
27:29 friend is the sin of neglect, the sin of
27:31 putting up a wall, when God doesn't put up
27:33 the wall. It's when God gives the light and
27:35 you refuse that light and you say,
27:37 well that's not what my church teaches,
27:39 that's not what the pastor told me.
27:40 Listen friends, go to the Bible and see what
27:42 God's told you? See, how God speaking to
27:44 your heart today? It's not was some denomination
27:47 says, not was some preacher says, study
27:49 to show by self approve is what, is what the
27:52 Bible says today. I want you to sense
27:54 the urgency what I am talking about today,
27:56 don't rely on somebody else for your salvation.
27:58 Desire of Ages page 6:33 and 34, we read those
28:03 there. This book you everyone want to read
28:05 about the life of Jesus Christ.
28:06 Get your hands on it, you can't get your hands,
28:09 how about given us a call, we can try to help you.
28:11 This is so important. Had the church,
28:15 listen to this quote. "Had the church of Christ
28:18 done her appointed work as the Lord ordained,
28:22 the whole world would before this have been
28:24 warned, and the Lord Jesus would have come
28:28 to our earth in power and great glory."
28:31 We have disappointed our Lord.
28:33 You have to appoint a friend, oh! He did it
28:35 and she did, we have disappointed our Lord
28:38 because we have sinned because
28:40 we nailed Him on the cross.
28:41 He could have come here a long time ago;
28:44 we could have been in heaven right now.
28:46 In other word we'll quickly moving on
28:48 Evangelism 695 and 6. I hope you have,
28:52 that's a good book by the way Evangelism 695
28:55 and 6 says, this is written in 1901.
28:57 It says, "We may have to remain here
28:59 in this world because of what?
29:01 Insubordination many more years,
29:04 as did the children of Israel, how sad?
29:07 But for Christ's sake, His people should not
29:10 add sin to sin by charging God with the
29:14 consequences of their own wrong course of action."
29:21 Did you get that? Are you getting it today?
29:24 Am I really getting this? We could have already
29:26 been there, we can hastened the coming of God,
29:29 we could have done that, but we're not there
29:30 because what? We're in subordination,
29:32 we're disobeying God. Quit blaming God for
29:39 everything dear friend, and it's your course
29:41 of action. Now, here that all and all the time.
29:43 Well, it somebody did the, somebody, listen
29:45 it's always bottom line your choice,
29:47 life is made up of, of choices and decisions
29:51 that you have to make, we need to be make them
29:55 and every choice, every decision that you make,
29:58 dear friends can count for something positive
29:59 or something negative, negative.
30:01 When the Bible speaks as far as I'm concerned,
30:03 when the Bible speaks it's clear.
30:05 I don't have to understand everything about it,
30:08 but when God's word is so clear that you can
30:10 just reach in and there is no debate
30:12 what it says, Jesus said, if you love me,
30:14 you keep them and people say, yeah
30:16 but you don't have to, what's wrong with you?
30:18 What's wrong with me? You say, man he is
30:22 getting all to that, you better believe it, why?
30:25 Because your life, your soul is in jeopardy
30:29 because that want you maybe, you've been told
30:31 because you're not been reading for yourself.
30:33 You realize that, as you, as you study the Bible,
30:37 as you notice that nations there is a time
30:39 of probation ins for nations and another
30:42 nation comes, you remember Babylon,
30:44 Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome.
30:46 Let me read you a couple of quotes about
30:47 these things and then it gets very personal,
30:49 it comes down to us. What if you knew,
30:52 what if you knew today that you just had
30:54 a certain amount of time? The probation
30:56 was going to close for you. How would you act?
30:59 What would you do? What would you do differently
31:01 that you're doing right now. Five Testimonies
31:04 page 208, notice this, this by here is a sobering
31:08 thought, "With unerring accuracy the Infinite
31:12 One still keeps an account of all nations."
31:15 There is what makes me feel good in the
31:16 world that live, and live in today that God is
31:19 still on the throne, nothing happens less
31:21 God gives approval, he is keeping accurate
31:24 account of what? Of all nations,
31:26 "While His mercy is tendered, notice He
31:29 is tendered, right? With the calls of repentance,
31:32 this account will remain open."
31:35 As long as there is people responding
31:38 what to the Holy Spirit the account will remain
31:41 open, "But when the figures, listen, when the
31:45 figures have reach a certain amount which
31:48 God has fixed, the ministry of His wrath
31:52 commences." God has given a certain time,
31:57 had you seen that in, in prophecy? Oh! Absolutely,
31:59 and that's for us today. When it reached,
32:03 when people you know, no longer wanna listen
32:05 to God and we no longer want to be obedient
32:07 to God, there is a time here, he count,
32:10 but the figures reach a certain amount you
32:12 notice that that God has fixed and then what?
32:15 His wrath begins to be poured out.
32:17 I wish to had a lot of more time today because I,
32:19 I, you, you, you don't, you some of you say,
32:21 well I don't know about you know,
32:22 God loves us so much, there's not going to be
32:24 His wrath, is not going to be poured out.
32:26 Let me just give you a just a few passages,
32:28 let's just use to me looking them up,
32:29 you can do it for yourself.
32:31 You can do a little homework, just start out,
32:33 just in a Book of Revelation it's all over
32:35 the Bible, but Revelation chapter 6
32:37 you can read verse 17. You can read Revelation
32:40 chapter 15, read the whole thing,
32:42 especially verses 1 and verses 7
32:44 because it talks about there is a time
32:46 when of the wrath of God is going to be poured
32:49 out and it's going to be without mixtures,
32:51 it's gonna be no mercy, where approaching
32:54 that time, time is running out on this nation
32:57 that we live in today, on this world that
32:59 we live in, and when it runs out you see,
33:02 then what? Bible says, disaster begins to strike,
33:06 wrath commences. How about Revelation 16,
33:08 we're talking about plagues being poured out,
33:10 how about Revelation 19:15, read those
33:13 passage of scripture. How about Revelation 19
33:16 verses 4 through 6? Read these verses
33:19 you'll be convinced just a few it here that
33:22 God's wrath is being poured out and it will
33:24 continue to get worse right because we're
33:27 disobeying a direct command that God has
33:29 given us. Prophets and Kings another beautiful
33:33 book page 417 says, "There is a limit, notice,
33:36 which the judgments of Jehovah can no longer
33:40 delayed." I don't think some of you got there.
33:43 "There is a limit beyond which the judgments
33:46 of Jehovah can no longer, what can no
33:49 longer delayed." Otherwise there is a time,
33:51 there is a time span and once that's been reached
33:54 that's it. Prophets and Kings 276 says,
33:58 "God allows men a period of probation;
34:01 and gets closer to home, we've been talking
34:02 about nations. Now, gets closer to home it says,
34:05 God allows man a period of probation,
34:08 but there is a point upon which the divine
34:11 patience is exhausted, and the judgments of
34:15 God are sure to follow." You think you're getting
34:18 away with some things today.
34:19 You think oh well, out this happen and
34:21 I'm doing this and nothing is happen
34:23 to six months, a year, two years, five years,
34:25 eight years, down the road, I'm going to get
34:27 away with it, be sure your sins will find
34:29 you out that's what the Bible tells us.
34:31 God's keeping an accurate record;
34:34 there is a point beyond which diving patience
34:39 is exhausted. Let's do a a little closer to
34:42 home about this country maybe,
34:44 so we did United States of America,
34:45 listen to first one Testimony 363 says,
34:50 "The wrath of God, which has so long slumbered."
34:53 See because this in Old Testament times you see,
34:56 many time God acted just like that boy
34:58 and I tell you judgment fail, but because it's
35:00 slumbered, in other words God's not reacting
35:01 immediately like He did in Old Testament times.
35:04 Notice, "The wrath of God, which has so long
35:07 slumbered will, will awake and the land of light
35:11 will drink the cup of His unmingled wrath."
35:15 Oh! Friend, are we listening to that today?
35:18 The land of light United States of America will
35:22 drink the cup of the unmingled wrath, why?
35:25 Because we thrown him out of everything
35:27 and trying to throwing now what's, maybe
35:29 still and we tried throw him out of that.
35:30 How do we think a nation can prosper?
35:34 It only prospers as we're obedient to God
35:37 and that we rely upon God.
35:39 Time is running out, see we're not saved
35:44 today unless we're waiting and watching.
35:47 Are you watching, are you signs of the times
35:49 of the things that are going on?
35:51 May I just be bold today; there is only
35:53 one group of people, only one group of
35:55 people, to my knowledge in the world,
35:57 who is lifting up the law of God.
35:59 All Ten Commandments, are you still there?
36:02 Only one group of people.
36:04 Lot of people say, well I'm lifting up
36:06 eight of them, nine of them, that's not good
36:08 enough all ten, only one group of people,
36:11 there's only one group of people in the world
36:14 that's presenting Jesus, that spotless Lamb
36:17 of God that takes away the sins of the world
36:20 or the preaching the message like this victory
36:23 over sin. Victory over sin, righteousness by
36:27 faith, health message. Friend you realize,
36:30 there is only one group of people in the world
36:32 that's doing presenting the Three Angels Message
36:34 to go into all the world and then Jesus is
36:37 going to come, it's deals with our, our character,
36:40 a being like Jesus, power of the Holy Spirit,
36:42 there is only one group of people.
36:46 Listen, I'm warning you to be true to your
36:48 calling. And some of you know exactly what
36:50 I'm talking about, others would be back or bind,
36:52 some will be discourage, I don't want to do that
36:54 here, but I want you to see the urgency
36:56 true to your calling today.
36:58 Only one group of people who are standing
37:00 in the breach, there is only one group of
37:02 people making up the hedge, building up the
37:05 old waste places, as Isaiah 58:12 and
37:08 13 talks about. Friend, are you one of those
37:13 today? There's only one group of people
37:16 that's doing it in the world today,
37:18 but this is the message of truth,
37:21 we must be careful. Some of you are
37:24 backbiting among the movement,
37:26 some of you trying to camouflage certain
37:28 things in the movement today, you'll be
37:30 careful because you're fighting against God
37:32 that you will not win. We need to be careful.
37:35 How we deal with the only people in the world
37:39 that's fulfilling the description given in
37:41 the Bible found in Revelation chapter 12
37:44 verse 17, a remnant people who what?
37:47 Keep the commandments of God and have the
37:48 testimony of Jesus Christ.
37:50 And we fight among ourselves shame on us,
37:53 be careful how we treat these people?
37:57 Five Testimonies 381, listen the Lord has made
38:04 us depositories of His law. He's entrusted
38:08 His Ten Commandment law to a people,
38:10 like He did Israel, like He did the Jews,
38:12 they were unfaithful and He passed it on the
38:15 New Testament Church. And they're identified by
38:18 keeping all of God's command,
38:19 all ten including the Seventh-day Sabbath,
38:22 by His grace naturally in His strength
38:24 we can't do it on our own, but he's entrusted
38:27 these to, things He wrote with His own
38:29 finger, He's committed to us sacred
38:33 and eternal truths, which we are to give,
38:38 to give others faithful, faithful warnings
38:41 and reproves and encouragement.
38:44 He is entrusted as to give these and when
38:47 you give a warning, friend you're not up
38:49 here and saying, well I tell you I think some,
38:50 look and say, look it's going to happen,
38:52 it's happening right now, the bottom is about
38:54 to fall off, fall out of thing, I tell you,
38:57 you're going to put yourself in trouble.
39:01 It's a warning which most people don't want
39:03 to hear because it kind of wakes them
39:04 up a little bit, they don't want to hear it.
39:08 You talk about the Three Angels Message,
39:11 you realize what, what, what encompass
39:13 you're talking about Three Angels Message?
39:14 In Letters 17, 9, 1900, I just read part of it
39:18 right here it says, the Angels, there is Angels
39:20 flying where? In the midst of heaven,
39:22 there's Three Angels flying, the Three
39:23 Messages, notice here it says, those
39:25 Three Angels represent those who what?
39:28 Those who receive the true and that with
39:31 power give what? The Gospel to the world,
39:35 it's the people the Angels that represent what?
39:37 They're giving a message to the world with power.
39:40 The message we have to give today dear friends
39:43 has be a powerful message that's given
39:46 by the Holy Spirit of God to wake us up
39:49 because we're so sleepy.
39:50 You realize there's the importance of
39:53 giving this message, you're right,
39:54 message is so important that we, we have to,
39:57 to give the world today, if you just allow me,
39:59 just indulge me a little bit here.
40:01 Some times I'm going to say, this is not the
40:03 topic for today because we have
40:04 to be true to our calling, part of true
40:07 to our calling you simply this dear friends,
40:08 we have to give the Three Angels Message,
40:11 we have to give them all three, and the promises,
40:16 or the power to accompany these message
40:18 dear friend is promise to us, you have your Bible
40:21 you turn to Revelation 13, give you just a
40:23 little example. Revelation chapter 13,
40:26 now as we read verses 7 and 8, why the urgency,
40:29 why the importance? Well, somebody said,
40:32 well I've read it many times before,
40:33 why don't want to read it again?
40:35 Revelation 13 verses 7 and 8. Bible says,
40:39 "It was given unto him to make war with the
40:41 saints, talking about the beast power,
40:44 do you get it? It was given to him to,
40:46 to make war with the saints, to overcome
40:48 them: persecute and to kill them,
40:50 power was given to him over all kindreds,
40:53 and tongues, and nations."
40:55 And here's what happened verse 8,
40:56 "And all that dwell on the earth shall worship
40:59 him." The beast then the Third Angels Message
41:02 had to do with worshiping, what the
41:04 beast and Mark of the Beast, the image to
41:05 the beast and they shall worship Him,
41:07 to get this stuff out of our heads about
41:10 something implanted here, something
41:12 implanted over here, something is gonna
41:14 identify, it has to do with our allegiance
41:16 to God, who were going to give our allegiance to,
41:18 is it going to be the devil, is it going to be
41:20 God? And dear friends you can tell us,
41:22 what is going to be? One of them has to deal
41:24 with man made stuff, the other head deal
41:26 with what? With God. Who is the Creator of
41:28 heaven and earth? All because simple
41:32 when you say, who is gonna all the world
41:34 wanted after the beast, notice the worshiped Him.
41:36 "Whose names are not in the book of the life
41:39 of the Lamb slain from thee foundation of
41:42 the world?" Majority of the world almost all
41:45 the world and praise God, He goes on,
41:47 He tells us to, in the Bible that there is a
41:50 group that doesn't follow the beast.
41:52 There are those who keep the commandments
41:55 of God. And yet we're, we're detesting those
41:59 things today, we're saying, no we don't
42:00 have to, we're repelled by some other things,
42:02 we're truth in God's word because it might
42:05 somehow affect our lifestyle.
42:07 The Bible is clear, if you do not know,
42:10 you have to know who the beast is,
42:12 you have to know what the Mark of the Beast is?
42:14 Because the world will worship the beast
42:15 or the devil and we realize as we study
42:18 scripture there is no doubt about it,
42:20 the beast is a papacy, there is no doubt
42:22 about it, we don't have time to go into,
42:24 that's not the study, but I want to do,
42:26 if it jars you so be it, that is the beast power,
42:29 it's very simple. The Mark of the Beast is
42:32 simply what? The papacy claim to change Sabbath
42:35 or seventh day of the week, the Sunday the
42:37 first day of the week. Let me just tell you
42:39 very clearly today, and the anointing of the
42:41 Holy Spirit of God that Sunday is no better,
42:44 it's a common working day that's all that it is.
42:48 You say, wow! I don't know.
42:49 Prove it differently, prove it differently.
42:58 The reason we're still in this world because
42:59 you know what? We've not been telling it,
43:01 enough to agitate the real believer in
43:04 Jesus Christ. And most of us are nominal,
43:05 not going to get excited when we're there,
43:07 oh, well that's just what somebody think.
43:08 You need to, you'll study to show why
43:10 this is proved, I've had it happen.
43:12 I've had people calling it over the years
43:14 you know, videos and different things going
43:16 out all the time, they're calling in
43:17 and say, you agitated me to know in,
43:20 I almost hated this as a Christian.
43:22 We, we hated it, but we could not resist
43:26 tuning in to see what you had to say.
43:29 And then we wanted to study to show how
43:31 off the wall that you were, but we had to end
43:34 up accepting it, there was no other way,
43:35 they were honest heart. So, if you want to get
43:38 mad for, well go ahead, but if you study
43:40 scripture you're gonna get happy.
43:44 I mean it's hard to imagine say we,
43:46 we don't understand the, the image to the
43:48 beast because God's wrath is going to be
43:50 poured out. The whole world is going in that
43:51 direction, but we don't want to know about it,
43:53 United States sets up the image to the beast
43:56 and Sunday laws. And yet just people who
44:01 want to hear, they say, oh! No, why are men not
44:06 interested to know what makes up the
44:08 Mark of the Beast or the image to the beast?
44:10 Revelation 13:14 through 18, if I just read this
44:14 here any conviction at all. That when the
44:20 Bible says there in verse 15, Revelation 13
44:23 there he said, talk about. "He had power
44:25 to give life unto the image of the beast,
44:27 that the image of the beast should both speak,
44:30 and cause as many as would not worship
44:33 the image of the beast should be killed."
44:35 You say, I don't want to worship the image of
44:37 the beast because it just said in the Bible there,
44:39 there in all the world worship after the beast,
44:41 they're gonna lose eternal life, they're not
44:43 written in the Lambs, Book of Life, but yet
44:45 we don't want to find out about this,
44:46 it has to do with keeping God's commandment,
44:49 it's very simple, the Seventh-day Sabbath
44:51 that's gonna be the great test,
44:53 some of you don't want to hear that,
44:54 but let me just say it, you just say, oh well,
44:57 I've never heard it before probation closes
45:00 dear friend, before it closes, the great tests
45:04 are still just before the people of God.
45:06 This test must be given Sabbath Sunday, be sure.
45:12 That you're gonna have to decide who side that
45:15 you were on; this test must be given before
45:18 God can seal His people for eternity.
45:21 And it's gonna have to what, it start to,
45:24 "He causes, verse 16, all small, rich, poor,
45:27 bond and free to receive a mark in their
45:29 right hand, or in their foreheads."
45:30 Some of the books that you see on the Mark
45:32 today, some of the pastors on these TV shows,
45:34 I tell you they ought to be without a job.
45:36 The horrible mess which you're making about,
45:40 it has to do with worship, who you're
45:43 gonna give your allegiance to.
45:45 You're gonna give to the Creator of heaven
45:47 and earth, you're gonna give it to men,
45:49 the 666 little horn power.
45:52 There's gonna be a legislation image
45:55 to the beast, you're gonna have to
45:57 decide those you to keeping the commandments
45:59 of God, you think it's difficult now you're
46:01 still going to have to decide.
46:04 Great test, I'm saying right now let not the
46:10 commandment keeping people of God be
46:12 silent at this time. All we have to realize
46:17 what's just before us right now is waging a
46:20 continuous war against the enemy
46:23 and it will be, let me just say, at the
46:25 risk of imprisonment, it will be at the risk
46:28 of paying fines, losing property,
46:33 even life itself to defend the law of God.
46:37 Somebody say, oh! Somebody is off of the
46:39 deep end, oh! Friend, get your Bible out
46:41 and ask for the power of the Holy Spirit
46:42 to understand what the issues of the day.
46:45 Well, there are all with the land they can,
46:47 they can just say, well you know, you and
46:49 now we're gonna be worshiping on Sunday
46:50 and Seventh-day, you can worship on anybody,
46:52 listen Psalms talks about it, look what
46:55 Psalms 119 verse 126 said, "It is time for thee
47:00 to work, O God for they had made void thy law."
47:03 It's time for God to work, God will work
47:06 when they make it void of keeping the
47:09 Seventh-day Sabbath. Substituting it,
47:12 you see with the first day of the week.
47:14 See God's people are to stand firm,
47:18 we're to show that He is God, we're to believe
47:21 and we're to trust Him, we're to stand on the
47:23 platform of truth. And you know what we're
47:25 to be true to our calling. This is what
47:27 we're talking about; true to our calling,
47:29 why you're here, what prospect is before us,
47:33 what could happen? The Bible is clear,
47:36 a death decree, they should be killed
47:38 if they don't worship the beast and his image.
47:42 You think you've got it tough, if you think
47:44 it's bad now, most people it's hard to
47:46 even show up, just to show up for church,
47:48 if you don't do anything. Friends we've got to
47:50 come out that laziness, we've got to get serious
47:52 with God, we've got to be praying for the
47:53 power of the Holy Spirit, but now some
47:57 of you've never seen or heard this and so,
47:59 it's gonna shocked you 'cause you really
48:02 haven't done a study and making some
48:03 big statements walk and boy, I can back them up
48:06 with scripture. How about those who have
48:10 not have the light on what we've been talk about?
48:12 They never had this subject, how is, how is
48:14 God viewing it? I read this in Letters 7, 1895.
48:19 "So, the Lord is working with them;
48:21 He has not left them to their own ways,
48:24 notice there, He has not left them to their own
48:27 ways. Until, until they shall be convicted
48:31 of the truth, and then, then they trample upon
48:34 it and the evidence given to enlighten them,
48:37 the Lord will not withdraw His grace from them."
48:40 So, He gives us the truth and He continues
48:43 to work with us until we begin to walk,
48:45 trample on the truth or deny the truth,
48:48 reject the truth, we don't need to keep the
48:50 truth what some people are saying.
48:52 It doesn't make any difference right now,
48:54 and then what is God do? Oh! Dear friends,
48:56 He has to withdraw His grace.
48:58 When the warning is given and they understand it.
49:03 Other words what, grace until we reject the light
49:06 or the evidence of truth. We need
49:09 evidence of truth, but you know what?
49:11 It is so difficult to get anyway somebody to say,
49:16 I want to study the Bible. We have people show up
49:21 at church one week and, wow! We're on fire
49:23 everyone, study the word of God, you don't
49:25 see them for six months, you don't know where
49:27 they're at? What's happened?
49:28 The devil make sure you don't see them anymore,
49:31 they get occupied with things of the world,
49:33 people don't want to study the word anymore.
49:36 Friend, how we need some power of the Holy Spirit.
49:40 Truth is truth is what I'm reading in the Bible
49:44 here, whether we say, we're convict,
49:46 I heard people say, well until I'm convinced
49:49 about this thing, I'm not going to even though
49:51 it's a very plain thus saith the Lord.
49:54 See, some people will say, Bible says,
49:56 Thou shalt not steal; some people look and say,
49:58 well until I'm convinced of it, I'm not going
50:00 to do it. Whether you're convinced
50:02 or whether you're not convinced of it,
50:03 it's still the truth of God's word, God said,
50:06 Thou shalt not steal, it's gonna take faith,
50:08 you're gonna have to really understood,
50:09 we're gonna have to just take Him at His,
50:11 His word. He expects us to obey His word even
50:15 if we're not really convinced that it is.
50:18 Holy Spirit brings conviction absolutely.
50:20 And they'll say, well sometime well when
50:23 I feel well, sometime maybe I'll, I'll, I'll,
50:26 I'll feel it and then I'll do it.
50:27 Your faith has nothing do with your feelings.
50:30 Too many people in life that's what it is all
50:32 about feeling and all about me and I
50:34 and circumstances and so on so forth.
50:39 Our salvation depends dear friend of us
50:42 from acting from what? Good, from principle.
50:44 Serving God from principle, not from feeling,
50:48 not from impulse, have you ever done that?
50:50 Do you ever like feelings, do I think
50:52 ever since time people we let feelings do the,
50:54 oh! Yeah, well I say. God says, no.
50:58 Once real clear, see we need to study the Bible
51:02 and we need to, to, to believe it and we need
51:04 to, to obey it, the instructions is given
51:07 in scripture whether and always say,
51:10 you know, it doesn't. Well you know,
51:12 we're not just friends and what the Bible says
51:13 you know, in fact, all scriptures given by
51:15 inspiration of God. Then the Bible says what?
51:19 How much? All, all scripture is given by
51:24 inspiration, then some people Christians have
51:27 the audacity to say that doesn't mean all.
51:32 I hope you, I want you be little a agitated,
51:35 I want you get your Bible out, what does,
51:36 what does all mean? All scripture,
51:41 but we use those things as excuses not
51:44 to be obedient to God, friend, it's gonna cost
51:46 us at the end. Rather than say, okay Lord,
51:48 that what it says by your grace, by your
51:51 strength, help me, I'll be obedient.
51:53 Our faith has to be based on evidences
51:59 of God's word. What is it? Our faith has to be
52:03 based upon what? Evidences of God's word.
52:07 Oh! Let me, I think that's good, evidence
52:08 of God's word and that would be what?
52:10 Isaiah 20 line-upon-line, precept-up-precept,
52:13 here a little, and there a little for the truth.
52:15 We have so many people come up and give
52:17 you one line; you give them 35 texts on this,
52:20 on a given subject. And what happens?
52:25 They try to give you one that's not even
52:29 talking about the subject in hand.
52:31 And they will go with that one and,
52:33 and rule out the other 35 that are very clear,
52:35 Friend, there is something wrong,
52:37 is the spiritual things are spiritually discern,
52:38 what's going on? It's our privilege;
52:42 it's our duty as men and women of God,
52:43 to take God at His word, to believe
52:47 Jesus as our, our personal Savior,
52:50 to respond immediately to His calling and
52:53 His promises. See, God's promised over-and-over
52:57 power to those who obey Him.
52:59 We need to act faith, we need to talk faith,
53:02 we need to, we need to pray faith,
53:04 we need to respond to faith, we need to
53:07 respond to, to God's word. May I just say this,
53:11 there is no, no encouragement
53:15 in scripture for unbelief and doubt or distrust.
53:21 Not one word in scripture, that all
53:24 comes from what? The enemy.
53:26 We need to be true to our calling.
53:28 We need to know that we've been,
53:30 we've been, we've been called by God to do a,
53:32 a tremendous work here in the last days,
53:34 His power will do it, but you need to show up
53:36 and I need to show up. Friend you know I,
53:39 I mentioned this at the beginning
53:41 I'm gonna do it right now before we have
53:42 our closing prayer in last couple of minutes.
53:44 The sin of the age, Oh I can hear some of
53:47 you going into detail, all the sin, it's this
53:50 and it's this and right here, Three Testimonies
53:52 483 says this, see if doesn't really make
53:54 sense a lot, principle here.
53:56 "The sin of the age is to disregard,
54:01 disregarding of God's express commands."
54:04 The sin of the age is what? To disregard,
54:07 disregarding God's expressed will,
54:09 when He makes it clear and we understand,
54:12 that's the sin of the age.
54:17 Once, one selected messages 142 and 3 says
54:21 the sin for which Christ disapproves,
54:23 notice this, is the sin of rejecting evidence,
54:27 they would have convinced them of the truth.
54:30 The sin of the age, the one that Christ says,
54:33 all I've to, I disapprove this, I've no, I can't
54:37 approve of it is when I give them all this
54:38 evidence that will convince them what truth is
54:41 and they're throwing it out, be true to
54:42 your calling. God says that many are called,
54:47 but few are chosen in Matthew 22.
54:50 Have you been called by God? Is God giving you
54:54 that specific message here in these last
54:56 days to, to warn the world of His,
54:58 His soon coming, to warn about the beast
55:01 and His image and the first and second
55:03 and Third Angel, fear God go back,
55:04 go back to the Sabbath, go back to keeping
55:06 all the God's commandments having
55:08 that that character like Jesus and when His
55:10 character is fully reproduced in us what?
55:12 He will come back, we need some character
55:14 adjustment I know, but God help us.
55:16 You want to pray about being true to your calling?
55:18 I do, I want to pray with you before the program
55:20 closes 'cause some of you are shocked
55:23 and we need to go the throne of God and say,
55:24 God help us if this be true, help me to,
55:27 help me to understand.
55:28 Let's pray about this, shall be together?
55:32 Kind loving Heavenly Father, we thank you
55:34 for Your word today, we pray to your Holy Spirit,
55:37 now will encourage those who have heard
55:39 and those who respond to truth and majority
55:41 of the people will won't care, but they'll be
55:43 those who are searching the truth,
55:44 help them to find it, we pray in
55:45 the lovely name of Jesus, amen.
55:49 Friend, my challenge today is that you be
55:50 true to your, to your calling.
55:52 And while you're at it you know, you can call us,
55:55 if you would like and write us and my wife
55:57 gives that information I'm sure at the end
55:58 of the program. Why not do that.
56:00 Somebody of you never call, somebody of you
56:01 never respond when you hear truth, right now
56:03 it's the time to do it. And I'm encouraging
56:05 you try it, sit down write out your, you know,
56:08 support this 3ABN, support this network
56:10 and support "Behold The Lamb Ministries,"
56:12 so we can bring more of these programs to you,
56:14 we love you, glad to spend this time
56:16 with you, we'll see you next time.
56:20 Welcome back friends, we pray that the Holy
56:23 Spirit has touched and motivate your heart
56:25 in a special way today. We must be roused
56:29 to action of this work ever to be completed.
56:32 The Bible states that the harvest is ready,
56:36 but it also asks us. Where are the workers,
56:40 we pray that you are determined in your heart
56:43 to be a worker for God, that you will act
56:46 on the prompting of the spirit to first put
56:48 your own house in order. And then second do all
56:52 that you can to share these messages of
56:54 truths with others. So, that they too will be
56:58 prepared to meet Jesus in the clouds of
57:00 glory at His second coming.
57:02 And to help you do this we are making
57:05 this special, special series available to you.
57:09 Remember the title it is "True To Our Calling,"
57:12 but if you shouldn't call and you don't
57:14 remember the title, you can always ask
57:16 for programs 21 and 22.
57:19 We're making this available to you for
57:21 just a, a simple gift of $15 or more.
57:25 So, won't you write us today.
57:27 You may write and ask for your request at
57:30 Behold the Lamb Ministries, Po Box 2030,
57:34 Herrin, IL 62948, or you can always call and
57:39 request at Central Standard Time here in
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57:48 Give us an email, send us an email to
57:51 BeholdTheLamb
57:55 or visit us on the web at
57:56 www.BeholdThe
57:59 Until next time, may our precious
58:02 Lord richly bless you and yours.


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