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Living In A Time Of Spiritual Emergency

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Participants: Chris Shelton &, Kenny Shelton


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00:41 Hello and welcome to Behold the Lamb presents,
00:44 I'm Chris Shelton your host, and as always
00:47 we are so grateful, so thankful to have this
00:49 time with you again today to study God's word.
00:52 So stay tuned with us we're going to start
00:55 and begin a new series that I truly believe
00:58 has been Ordained of God to be presented.
01:01 I'm talking about a five part series.
01:03 Pastor Kenny has entitled Are You
01:06 Qualified to Receive the Latter Rain.
01:09 Are You Qualified to Receive the Latter Rain?
01:12 One morning as I was in the kitchen fixing
01:14 breakfast, my husband Pastor Kenny Shelton
01:17 came down from his study upstairs
01:19 and began to relate what the Lord had
01:21 been laying up on his heart to share with you.
01:24 And as I listened, I began to experience
01:27 the heavenly atmosphere that
01:29 had been accompanying him in his study.
01:32 And I sensed the enormous importance
01:34 of these messages needing to be presented
01:37 as soon as possible. Let's turn now to the Bible.
01:41 And let's read in the book of Joel chapter 2
01:44 and verse 23, it reads: Be glad that ye children
01:49 of Zion, and rejoice in the Lord, your God,
01:52 for he has given you the former rain faithfully,
01:56 and he will cause the to come down for you,
01:59 the former rain, and the latter rain in the
02:01 first month. Now in the study of scripture,
02:05 line upon line, precept upon precept.
02:08 We are brought to the awareness that
02:10 this verse has a literal meaning as well as
02:13 being truly prophetic. We know that there
02:16 was a beginning of a tremendous outpouring
02:19 of the early rain or the outpouring of the
02:21 Holy Ghost during the days of the Apostles.
02:25 And the effects were tremendous,
02:27 the early rain spread the Gospel of Christ
02:29 in miraculous ways of which we still may
02:33 have a part even today. But in looking to our
02:36 future as a church prepared to meet
02:39 her savior, we understand that there are still
02:42 severe trials and obstacles that lie
02:46 before us. And we see in scripture
02:48 that in order for the work to be accomplished,
02:51 God has promised a latter rain.
02:53 A latter rain to give power and completion
02:57 of this work right before the second
02:59 coming of Christ. Without this latter rain
03:02 or the outpouring of the Holy Spirit,
03:03 feeling us individually, friends, friends,
03:08 we will be lost. Therefore it begs
03:12 the question and an in depth study asking,
03:16 Are You Ready to Receive the Latter Rain?
03:20 Are your ready? So to begin this study,
03:23 our first message is entitled living in the
03:26 time of it, of spiritual emergency.
03:29 Living in a time of a spiritual emergency,
03:31 but before we delve further into today's
03:34 message. We're blessed to visit 3ABN's worship
03:37 center and listen to brother Christian Berdahl
03:40 as he sings My Redeemer Is Faithful and True.
04:01 As I look back on the road I've traveled,
04:07 I see so many times He carried me through;
04:15 And if there's one thing that
04:19 I've learned in my life,
04:22 Is My Redeemer is faithful and true.
04:29 My Redeemer is faithful and true.
04:36 Everything He has said He will do,
04:44 And every morning His mercies are new.
04:51 My Redeemer is faithful and true.
05:05 My heart rejoices when I read the promise
05:12 There is a place that I am preparing for you.
05:18 I know someday I'll see my Lord face to face,
05:25 'Cause my Redeemer is faithful and true.
05:32 My Redeemer is faithful and true.
05:39 Everything He has said He will do,
05:46 And every morning His mercies are new.
05:53 My Redeemer is faithful and true.
06:01 And in every situation
06:06 He has proved His love for me;
06:09 When I lack the understanding,
06:13 more grace He gives to me.
06:21 My Redeemer is faithful and true.
06:29 Everything He has said He will do,
06:36 And every morning His mercies are new.
06:45 My Redeemer is faithful and true.
06:53 My Redeemer is faithful and true.
07:22 Thanks for joining us today in a very, very
07:25 important study. You know, we're living in a
07:27 time of an spiritual emergency.
07:30 And when I'm talking about emergency,
07:32 I'm talking about, you know we need to
07:33 hear some trumpets, we need to hear some
07:35 sirens, we need to hear some morning sounds.
07:38 And so God is going to work through this
07:39 message about those who, are we qualified?
07:42 Are you qualified? Am I qualified to receive
07:45 the latter rain? I've have heard a lot of
07:47 talk about it. But we're gonna go to God's word
07:49 and find out the truth. Remember, this is a life
07:53 and death topic, so as it is, you want to get
07:57 your Bible out, get some paper as we
07:59 begin to study God's word. Now, always before
08:01 we study what do we do? That's right, that's what
08:04 you should be doing too by the way at home is
08:06 that you ask for the Holy Spirit's guidance
08:08 and I'm going ask for that right now.
08:10 I'm gonna kneel, where you can, those at home,
08:12 why don't you kneel with me and let's
08:13 ask the blessings of God, shall we?
08:19 Most gracious Heavenly Father,
08:20 we thank you for the privilege of prayer,
08:22 thank you that we can be a part of the family
08:24 of God, because of Jesus Christ.
08:27 Lord today, since my unworthiness to be
08:31 able to present this message that is such
08:35 an honor and that we live is so paramount
08:39 that we need to understand it.
08:41 It is life and death issue and sad to say
08:44 that many of us are fast asleep.
08:46 Lord, wake us up by the power of thy Holy Spirit.
08:48 We pray that you will take the things that are
08:51 said today by man and you will anoint them
08:54 with the Holy Spirit and give proper
08:57 understanding in the minds of your people.
08:59 May this be a opportunity and a
09:02 privilege for us to wake up, for the time
09:04 is at hand. Thank you for the power of the
09:06 Holy Spirit. I praise you will consume us,
09:09 forgive me of any sins and mistakes in my life,
09:11 I need to hear from heaven.
09:13 In Jesus name, amen.
09:19 Well, again have your pencil and paper
09:20 we're gonna be studying about,
09:22 are you qualified to receive the latter rain.
09:25 And there is also lot of talk going on in the
09:28 moment today about the latter rain and
09:30 a lot of people have different thoughts
09:31 about it. But you know what? It doesn't
09:33 really matter what man might say.
09:34 We need to go to the Bible Spirit of Prophecy,
09:36 find out exactly what God is, is talking about.
09:39 You know I was reading the great controversy.
09:42 Some of you gonna be familiar with some
09:44 of the terms and terminology that is being
09:47 used in this study, because it is a five
09:49 part series. Today we're going to be
09:50 setting a foundation up that we'll spring off
09:54 of that as we go through our future
09:56 studies. So you need to pay special attention.
10:00 So even though you don't understand maybe
10:02 some of the words and many of you will go
10:03 far beyond that. But if not, get acquainted
10:07 because it makes a difference.
10:09 We're going to looking at such things as we're
10:11 talking, if you've ever heard of the Sunday Law.
10:14 Well it scares people they've never heard
10:15 it. We are talking about the sealing of
10:17 God's people, talking about the latter rain
10:20 experience and what it's going to take to be
10:23 qualified to receive it and if we don't receive
10:26 it we will not go to heaven. Oh that,
10:29 that's heavy duty. You know it lays heavy on
10:31 my heart today and I'm sure it's gonna lay heavy
10:34 on you as we study this. Reading the Great
10:36 Controversy page 606 and if you don't mind
10:39 I'm gonna read that it talks about here about,
10:41 Men of faith, men of what? Two things,
10:44 men of faith and prayer will be constrained to
10:48 go forth with holy Zeal. Proclaiming
10:51 the words that God gives them.
10:54 The laborer will be qualified rather by
10:57 the unction of what? God's Spirit,
10:59 His spirit then by the training of literary
11:03 institutions. God is going to use whom He will.
11:07 Here in the last days and men are going to
11:09 go forth and they are going to be saying
11:11 things that maybe they, maybe they quite
11:13 understand themselves, but it's gonna be with
11:15 such conviction and such power that people
11:18 will be compelled to listen.
11:20 Why because we don't have time
11:23 because it is running out, and God said
11:26 there's certain people that will be,
11:27 notice the word qualified to inherit
11:30 the kingdom of God. And so the message
11:33 is going to be carried not so much by argument
11:37 or you know so many different passages
11:39 of scripture, but it's going to carried by
11:41 the power unction of the Holy Spirit.
11:44 The Holy Spirit brings conviction on the hearts
11:47 and lives of people for, maybe the first time
11:50 that here is the message and they will
11:52 take their stand for Jesus Christ.
11:54 How sad it is that many of us heard this
11:56 message most of our life for many years
11:58 and we still are seated. We're still not moving
12:01 forward under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
12:04 You see there is a work to be done that
12:07 of the John the Baptist and oh many people
12:09 studied John the Baptist life.
12:11 What did he do? It's very simply,
12:12 he called men to what? Repentance
12:14 and to what? Preparation.
12:17 The message today for God's Last Day Church
12:21 is to give to the world is what? Repentance
12:24 and it's the same issue. We're talking about
12:26 latter rain here and gaining victories and it's,
12:29 the message is to prayer people to stand in the
12:32 day of God. Friend, are you willing,
12:38 able by the grace of God to be able to stand
12:40 in that day. See we have a message to give
12:44 and you know I don't want to frighten you
12:46 with it, but you know somebody needs to
12:48 wake some of us up sometime and may I say
12:50 this very, very carefully, but I wanna say
12:53 powerful enough by the spirit that you get
12:55 what I'm talking about. Prepare to meat thy God.
12:59 This is the message, this is the time that
13:02 we live in. Little book called
13:04 Testimonies Ministries. I've spend sometime
13:06 reading and studying and how, how desperately
13:09 I need this council. And some of you'll hear
13:12 and it's interesting when we hear little rebuke
13:14 sometime or just the truth there is many,
13:17 that they come offended.
13:20 Oh don't be offended by the truth if you love
13:22 the truth is gonna bring gladness to your heart
13:25 and here it starts out Testimonies to Ministers
13:28 64, it says: The church needs to be converted.
13:32 It's nothing to get delve oh the church needs
13:35 to be converted. Focus on that with me why,
13:39 why should we not prostate ourselves
13:42 at the throne of grace and represent being,
13:45 and representatives of the church with a broken
13:49 and contrite heart spirit, make earnest
13:52 supplications that the Holy Spirit shall be
13:55 poured upon us from on high.
13:58 That's just real count. Why can't we?
14:00 The church needs to be converted,
14:02 so as part of the family got why can't
14:04 we go boldly into the throne room of God?
14:06 Why can't we plea for the outpouring
14:08 of the spirit in such a way.
14:10 Remember I'm talking about a spill here
14:13 that's going to convict us, give us victory
14:15 in our life that we may live the way
14:17 Jesus wants us to live. Well in this study it's
14:21 gonna take a little bit of time to get through it,
14:23 but I'll tell you I know the Holy Spirit of God
14:25 is gonna be speaking to you and to me.
14:27 Because is this the subjects we are living
14:30 in a, in a time of spiritual emergency.
14:34 And again in emergency situation there,
14:36 I mean there is no time to, to lose.
14:39 You know that many people talk about
14:42 this receiving of the latter rain and
14:44 what is going to take to receive it
14:46 and many people speak up as there
14:49 was just automatically going to be given to
14:53 those who just ask for it.
14:54 Other words in the certain we just gonna
14:56 say okay Lord I need the Holy Spirit,
14:57 I need the latter rain and I'm going to
14:59 receive it. Is that really the way that it works?
15:03 I have mentioned before that it's a life
15:05 and death issue. People maybe fooled to what
15:09 God has required of His children.
15:12 Now you will talk about this study.
15:14 You know what prompted this study really
15:15 and I'm thankful for it. A friend of mine I was
15:18 talking to him and he said, and I used the
15:20 word nonchalantly. He used the word
15:23 nonchalantly, here he said none are going
15:26 to be perfect when Jesus comes.
15:28 And he said it won't happen until the latter
15:33 rain is poured out. Well it may, it got my mind
15:36 to thinking right here. That's not what I have
15:37 remembered reading. But if the majority
15:40 of people think that is once the latter rain
15:43 is poured out then we're gonna gain victory.
15:45 Is that really the way that it works?
15:47 And when the Holy Spirit is poured out
15:50 and the latter rain is gonna makeup where we,
15:52 where we lack. Is that what it's all about
15:54 or it's a victory before and then the latter rain?
15:57 Which is a lackadaisical thinking many times
16:02 of people when they think in terms of God
16:06 has set a standard in his world, hasn't he?
16:08 And we have to reach that standard.
16:10 But a lot of people say well I, I know what
16:13 the Bible teaches and there is lot of indication
16:15 in there that God wants a victorious people.
16:18 He wants us to gain victory after victory
16:20 and never an defeat. But then they turn around
16:24 and they will well I don't think we're really
16:27 ever gonna gain the victory and over sin
16:29 and we are still gonna be sinning up until
16:31 when Jesus comes and I have heard the other
16:33 person he said just do the best you can.
16:35 Have the kind of attitude that you do
16:36 the best you can and Jesus will make up
16:39 the rest. Is that what the Bible and Spirit
16:41 of Prophecy teaches? If not, then maybe
16:44 we need to make some real changes
16:46 and some says well you remember just in the
16:50 time that we needed and we cry out for it.
16:53 God will give it to us. In this study, let's see
16:55 if that's really what God is saying to us.
16:58 Is this really the case if not, why not?
17:02 What, is there some changes we need to be
17:04 making right now. Does God really require
17:06 more than, more than you thought that
17:08 He required. Just, just kind of do the best
17:12 you can. You're gonna make it through.
17:14 Is the latter rain really gonna just fall
17:17 on anyone who just simply ask for when
17:20 there becomes a desperation mood and
17:23 we need something else and God give me
17:25 the latter rain is that what God is going to do
17:27 as much as he would like to. Is that what God
17:29 is going to do? Other conditions to receiving
17:34 this latter rain. Let me make this clear
17:37 as we open up this study. You know I,
17:41 I feel unqualified as I study, as I pray
17:45 about it and I'll be honest with you.
17:46 There's times in my study that I've had to stop
17:51 and just say Lord I really can't,
17:53 I can't take anymore. It's too much and
17:56 I've heard these things in studying,
17:58 but it's like the Holy Spirit is saying
18:00 this is what needs to be said.
18:03 This is where the life needs to be lived.
18:05 This is the people that I'm coming back after,
18:08 this is their characters and how those characters
18:11 are developed. You know it's just like
18:14 overwhelming at times. And I want overwhelm
18:18 you too to say here I need to, need to study
18:21 this culture. You see there is one thing
18:23 we know for sure that the latter rain is a
18:26 longtime overdue. Now we're gonna study
18:29 that more and I'm gonna prove that to you.
18:32 It's a longtime overdue. We should have already
18:34 fallen and may I see this to get some of
18:36 you thinking, we should already been
18:38 in the kingdom. So something has happened,
18:41 so you will hear different things you know
18:44 as we talk about the, the seal of God and
18:46 we talk about the you know the pouring out
18:49 of His spirit and so on. There are gonna be
18:51 words that will maybe confuse you,
18:53 but let's not do that. Main thing is to be
18:55 ready for the coming of Jesus.
18:56 I believe that God has the time and
18:58 He has a purpose for the outpouring of the
19:00 latter rain, but I wanna say this,
19:03 we need to be very careful in trying to
19:07 pinpoint you know every little,
19:10 all the time sequences and we have people
19:13 in the moment all the time that's trying
19:16 to pinpoint exactly every sequence.
19:19 They're spending all their time, all their
19:21 energy, all their effort on that and they're
19:23 forgetting character building.
19:25 They're forgetting what's really important
19:28 is to be ready for such an hour as you think
19:31 not the son of man cometh.
19:33 So lets spend less time trying to pinpoint
19:36 and be dogmatic about you know why
19:38 because I have seen the lot of you many of you
19:39 I have talk to, you make some big statements.
19:42 And you think you got material to back it up
19:44 and you set some time frames and you know
19:47 what many of that time is elapsed by
19:49 and it didn't happened that way you know what
19:50 that hurts the cause of Christ.
19:52 So let's be open in our study to say as
19:54 God continues to open the windows of heaven.
19:58 As he continues to work through the spirit of God.
20:02 As the scroll unrolls that we will be willing
20:07 and ready and receiptive to the Spirit of God
20:10 that if a change needs to come God help us
20:13 to make that change. More light may come
20:17 on these issues. We need to be prepared
20:20 for that. You know for a long time now
20:22 that the Holy Spirit has been tugging in
20:24 my heart to investigate more fully these issues
20:29 subjects of vital importance to the
20:32 people of God today. And if, and there seems
20:35 to be an urgency today it's because it is
20:38 because we are so, I have mentioned
20:40 lackadaisical, we shall nonchalant in this
20:43 world that we live in. It's like we have all
20:45 the time in the world and the message needs
20:47 to be given with power of the spirit,
20:49 where the conviction comes that you know
20:51 He is near even at the door.
20:53 God's impressed me. We need together a
20:57 little truth here and little truth over here
20:59 and put it together on subjects such as
21:02 the righteousness you see.
21:04 The righteousness of Jesus Christ.
21:05 Oh I'll tell you how interesting that is,
21:08 what a subject that is? And interesting of
21:11 how humanity and divinity working together
21:14 to gain victory over sin in our life,
21:16 complete victory over sin.
21:18 And how God wants us to reveal his character
21:22 to the world. That's going to change the world.
21:26 That's gonna be brought about as God lives in
21:29 Christ and the Holy Spirit lives inside of us.
21:31 The other people see this in us.
21:33 This righteousness by, by faith, working
21:37 together and let me make this comment
21:40 if I might do this. I believe this,
21:42 if we see this message and we understand it
21:45 and there is a time flame and how God is
21:48 gonna pour His spirit out when the real time
21:50 of test really comes to the people of God.
21:53 God's people will be able to stand fast,
21:55 but if you don't have that experience right
21:58 now you will not be able to stand.
22:02 You will not, and today is the day to gather
22:06 that experience. If this message is embraced
22:12 by God's people today. We're gonna find a
22:16 people that's gonna be called out of this,
22:19 I wanna call the lukewarm condition.
22:21 There's gonna be a revival of true godliness
22:24 among God's Last Day people.
22:26 I believe this with all my heart, we need a
22:28 remedy for the poison of lukewarmness and
22:32 it is a poison unto to death.
22:34 As we embrace this message of the latter rain
22:38 and the sealing of God's people and the loud cry.
22:42 Friend, what a change will take place in the
22:46 church. The things of earth will grow
22:48 strangely dim. When I say the final loud
22:53 cry listen up, 'cause someone say well the
22:56 loud cry was given before that's exactly,
22:58 but God, there is gonna be a final loud cry
23:02 and the sealing time. People seem to be,
23:05 seem you know saying in Adventism we're waiting
23:08 for some kind of a big event to happen before
23:10 we really get seriously, before I really commit
23:13 my life to Jesus Christ. See what, what it is,
23:16 I heard a lot of time saying how much time
23:18 you think we have left in this world?
23:20 What difference does it make then we need
23:22 to get right now with God. Whether you have
23:25 a year or two, year six but we don't know.
23:26 But shouldn't we get right with God.
23:30 Many people say how long they will tell the
23:33 Sunday Law is past. They are thinking then maybe
23:35 I wanna live for the devil as long as I can.
23:38 I'm gonna live in the world, I'm gonna enjoy
23:40 the things of the world and when I see this
23:42 happen then I'll know for sure they're doubting
23:44 Thomases. They're not living by faith and not
23:47 exercised any faith. They have no experience,
23:49 they will not stand in the last days.
23:52 People miss church, we fool around all the time.
23:55 We got other things to do and we're missing
23:57 opportunities and privileges to gather strength
24:00 and courage for that hour of trial that God
24:04 is going to see fit that we, that we go through.
24:07 What about these people. Are you, you know are
24:10 we to wait to some special occasion.
24:12 Are we to wait till some kind of big event
24:15 takes place. Manuscript 35 written in 1891.
24:18 This little comment and I love the comment
24:21 because it's talking about we are not to
24:23 wait for some big event, but it says today,
24:26 today is the day and here's a commitment.
24:30 I give myself to God today.
24:37 See that's beautiful. That's just rain in my,
24:39 it's just simple that I'm not waiting for some
24:42 kind of, people say we're refreshing
24:43 in the latter rain. I give myself to God how?
24:47 When? Today, today is the day isn't it?
24:51 God's looking for workman men and women today.
24:54 I give myself to God today.
24:56 May I ask you to do that right now as we,
24:58 as we continue in this study.
25:00 As we set the, the ground and the foundation
25:03 is set that you give yourself to God first
25:06 and friend if you do that these things will
25:08 begin to add up like never before.
25:10 Are you qualified to receive the latter rain.
25:14 Are you really qualified. I love the passage
25:18 and scripture found in Revelation 22 verse 17.
25:22 It's talking about somebody that's thirsty.
25:24 Let him that is a thirsty one. The Bible said,
25:27 I heard somebody, he said come who so ever
25:31 will let him take of the water of life how?
25:36 Freely. If you're thirsty Jesus says, come in this
25:41 study if you're thirsty you're going to have
25:44 to pay attention to it. I'm gonna have to pay
25:45 attention to it. I'm gonna have to pay attention
25:48 to God's word like never before.
25:50 It's not the surface read if it's going to
25:52 make it through the time of trouble.
25:54 The little time to trouble, big time of
25:56 trouble living in a side. This is one of our study
25:59 living in a side of our Holy God without a
26:01 mediator. What does that mean when you
26:04 known this all your life and then you turn around
26:06 and say we don't have to gain victory.
26:08 How you gonna live in the side of a Holy God
26:11 without a mediator. Friend the bill is add up
26:16 and we thrown it off and out and we don't
26:19 wanna hear it anymore because it just like
26:20 oh it's going to man too bigger change yes.
26:23 It's gonna demand a change if heaven is
26:24 gonna be your home and heaven is gonna be
26:26 my home. The saddest words I believe in
26:31 my heart that we were ever, ever hear
26:33 and this is what Jesus makes several statements
26:35 like this, but He simply said in Matthew 25
26:38 talking about the parable of the ten virgins.
26:41 He said I don't know you. How could there
26:47 be any sadder words that could be said from
26:50 Jesus when He looks at you and He says
26:52 I don't know you. Why doesn't He know us.
26:57 What has taken place, we profess his name,
27:00 we go to church, we pay our tithe, but why,
27:02 how can He say I don't know you.
27:05 Something we need to pay close attention to.
27:08 God has promised this. He's promised more light.
27:12 He's promise to give us light in these last days.
27:14 But the sad part the light is going to fall,
27:17 but it's going to hit on blind eyes that
27:18 can't see. He's promise to give us more light
27:21 and more encouragement, more strength and words
27:23 of warning, but it's gonna fall on ears
27:25 that no longer hear anymore because
27:27 they're set in their ways. They think heaven is a
27:32 little something that maybe you just you
27:33 toss yes or no. I make it, I won't make it.
27:37 Friend, repopulate Heaven is what it's all
27:39 about and may I warn you and I warn myself
27:43 at the same, yes there is an urgency for those
27:46 you saying he is getting real exciting.
27:47 Yes I'm about it. This is the message.
27:50 A message of getting right with God and doing
27:53 it now well we have the opportunity
27:55 and the privilege to do so, built an experience
27:57 with him like we've never had before all
28:00 how we are going to need it.
28:01 You listen, you know how discouraged you get
28:04 when nothing is going on in your life.
28:07 You give up on God, you give up on everything
28:09 how there was a truth and you said you believe
28:12 it as a truth. Well what if it really gets to.
28:15 What kind of experience have you, have you got?
28:18 I warn you, I warn myself today and all those who,
28:23 who were here right now friends look we
28:26 need to be careful that heaven's door is not
28:29 closed on us why? Be careful that heaven's
28:34 door it's gonna close one of these days.
28:37 Be careful that it's not closed why?
28:40 Because we are unfit to live there.
28:45 And if we are unfit to live there and to go
28:48 there the heaven's door will be shut.
28:50 We will not be there, we're gonna be cast
28:51 out into outer darkness.
28:56 Second Timothy 3 says, last days of men
28:59 are gonna be lovers of pleasure more than
29:03 lovers of God. This is part we're talking about
29:05 God most to pour His spirit out.
29:08 We should already been out, we should already
29:10 done, we should already been home, we're late.
29:13 But men are lovers of pleasure more than lovers
29:16 of God. They had a form of what? Good.
29:19 Godliness that means they have the external
29:23 characteristics of a Christian a throne.
29:26 But they deny what? The power, there are
29:31 whose power? God's power to change
29:33 my life to change your life,
29:35 to give us victory over sin, to be victorious.
29:38 We are denying that power, we are just
29:39 going through the motions and we go to church
29:41 and go home and we think everything is okay
29:44 and everything is alright when it's not
29:46 God help us. It's a fantastic thing to think
29:52 about heaven and being there, but if we,
29:56 if we can grasp what heaven is? It's holiness,
29:59 it's in the presence of God we have to have
30:01 that kind of relationship. We have to be without
30:05 sin. But we, we need the latter rain.
30:10 We need to be sealed. I think Ezekiel putted,
30:14 he putted a good way if we can say if that
30:17 way Ezekiel 33 verse 31. He is talking about
30:21 his people. He says, they come, they come unto
30:25 thee as the people cometh. Notice they
30:28 sit before me as my people is that sounds
30:31 Familiar? they sit before me as my people,
30:33 and they, they hear thy words, listen they
30:37 hear thy words, but they will not do them.
30:43 Is that happening in your church today?
30:45 You hear the words, but you refuse to do them.
30:48 For with the mouth notice that they show
30:52 much love. Oh listen but with their heart goeth
30:56 after covetousness. Lot of people speaking love
31:00 and talking love, but their heart's in
31:03 another direction. They're only talking,
31:06 they come and they sit. They sit through
31:08 service, but they're not really converted,
31:10 they're not really born again.
31:12 Friend, we live in an hour when the son
31:15 of man cometh. Let's go with this real quickly
31:19 and this is found in Matthew chapter 25.
31:22 Now there is a reason for this.
31:24 Even though you've heard it all your life
31:26 let your ears be opened in the name of Jesus.
31:30 You need to hear what's being said because
31:32 it's from God's word. It's not from men,
31:35 it's from God's world. Matthew chapter 25
31:38 you know the story of the Ten Virgins,
31:40 now you say oh yeah well I've heard that
31:41 a lot, listen the story, the parable of the
31:45 Ten Virgins. Virgins, simply tells us about
31:48 the experience of God's church before
31:52 He comes back the second time.
31:54 Now are you interested now.
31:55 The parable of the Ten Virgins represents
32:00 God's church just before He comes back.
32:04 Well I'm interested in that, because I want to
32:07 know don't you? When He said in the
32:11 Matthew 25 he says, the kingdom of God,
32:14 the kingdom of heaven is likened, so he did,
32:17 he said it's compared but the emphasis of
32:21 this parable has to do with two things,
32:23 preparation. Did you get that?
32:25 On preparation and then being what?
32:29 Ready, you can't be ready without what?
32:32 Preparation. You can't be with,
32:35 you got to have preparation and I
32:37 believe that we are failing to prepare
32:39 and we're gonna find out more and more
32:40 how that we are failing and how we can be
32:43 corrected if you want heaven to be your home.
32:46 Now remember not an individual, not one
32:49 person will be go through the time, the trouble.
32:51 Big time trouble. They'll not be able to do the
32:54 work God wants us to do unless we receive.
32:56 We cannot be sealed with the living God unless
32:59 we receive the latter rain. I can't make it
33:02 any clearer than that. The importance of it is
33:05 overwhelming to the Christian.
33:08 Yeah we've spend little time that, why?
33:10 The devil doesn't want us to, he wants us
33:11 to be occupied with everything else.
33:13 We don't have time to study, we don't have
33:15 time to pray we are busy.
33:16 We're gonna lose eternal life if we don't
33:19 change our lifestyle and what's important to us.
33:22 Kingdom of heaven and so the, the characters
33:26 as it were, if I can say that people say
33:28 we have the Virgins what does the virgins
33:29 represent what? Those who say we have what?
33:32 A pure what? Faith. The Virgins represent those
33:36 who are going about saying we have a
33:38 pure faith. Then you have those who had,
33:41 they had their little lamps within and the
33:43 lamp as well? Come on somebody help me.
33:45 I think I hear somebody out there Psalms 1:19
33:48 it says the word is what? A lamp all
33:51 good into my feet and a light into my path
33:53 and then each one had a little flask.
33:55 They had little container, they had what?
33:57 They had, they suppose to have extra oil in it.
34:00 Oil represents what? Good, Holy Spirit.
34:02 How do you know Zachariah what,
34:04 chapter 4 read it. This represents God's church
34:09 just before He comes back.
34:11 So we're living in a time of spiritual what?
34:15 Emergency. Let's put this parable in just as
34:19 few words as we can and yet not miss out on
34:22 anything. Can you do that with me?
34:28 The bridegroom you remember goes out to
34:30 meet his bride right Jesus writes getting
34:32 ready to do what? Get his bride, who is
34:34 the bride? His church. Jesus getting ready
34:36 to comeback and take, we thought take her home,
34:40 the bride home, his people home.
34:43 Now near the, the bride's house there were
34:48 Ten Virgins if you read Matthew chapter 25
34:51 and you go down the first several verses there.
34:53 It's going to get raised, it's going to take and
34:55 so they have their lamps with them
34:57 and they light them up in their way
35:00 and they got a container of oil and although
35:02 they may, they wait and they watch for the
35:04 bridegroom to come don't they?
35:05 But something is what? Something has happened.
35:09 The bridegroom is not coming and so they get
35:11 a little bit tired. Notice this the church of the
35:13 lukewarmness. They got a little tired and they
35:16 got a little sleepy because Jesus didn't
35:17 come when they thought He was suppose to come.
35:20 And so they thought we'll just take a
35:21 little nap. He delayed His coming,
35:24 so we're just what? We're gonna fell a sleep
35:26 and take a little nap we'll be ready when He,
35:28 when He gets here. You see those who are
35:29 falling sleep they are not prepared.
35:31 All the sudden they hear a shout
35:35 and they waken like oh go out to meet Him,
35:40 He's coming oh all ten of them.
35:43 They woke up and said oh boy we need to get
35:45 him all ten were sleeping, but there were some
35:48 that had been preparing for, let's say,
35:51 an emergency. They grab their lamps and they
35:55 began to trimming and all they began to fill
35:57 with oil and five of them had neglected
36:00 to do what? Fill up with oil. Now notice what
36:03 it was. They were not prepared for an
36:08 emergency. They were not prepared for the
36:12 tough times. Could that be God's church his
36:17 people hear in these last days.
36:19 They panicked and they said oh let's have
36:22 some of your oil. Now that the five that
36:27 had the oil, they weren't selfish.
36:29 They simply said that we can't give you the oil.
36:33 If we give you our oil we'll not have for
36:36 ourselves. Remember you, you can't get to
36:42 heaven by somebody else character,
36:43 somebody else what? Character is
36:45 non-transferable. You can't transfer character.
36:52 And so the five voice says what? Quickly run
36:56 and buy you some oil, to buy some oil and
37:00 what happen? And why they ran to get some
37:02 more oil. He says the procession just passed
37:06 on by. They went into the house and the door
37:08 was what? Shut. Why because they haven't
37:13 prepared for an emergency. People say
37:17 why didn't they, why didn't they share.
37:19 You know the Bible talks about that in
37:20 First Peter 4:18 scarcely the righteous scarcely
37:28 are to be saved. Scarcely would the
37:31 righteous enter the kingdom of God.
37:36 You can't transfer, you can't get to heaven
37:38 because your husband a Christian
37:40 or your wife is a Christian or because someone
37:42 else is living the faith. The ten individuals
37:49 here, notice we're going to the church now.
37:53 Going to the church. These people these
37:54 individuals here had a knowledge of scripture.
37:57 They knew the scripture, they even expected
38:00 Jesus to come. Oh He's going to come and
38:03 they're saying we want Jesus to come.
38:05 They heard the message of warning about
38:09 His coming and what it would take to prepare
38:11 for His coming. But what happened
38:13 they still did not prepare. They heard it,
38:16 they understood it, but they refused to
38:18 make a change. You know why because
38:20 they were destitute of what? Somebody
38:23 said Holy Spirit. They were destitute of the
38:25 Holy Spirit because there was no oil in
38:28 their lamp. Oh friend, how we need that oil today.
38:33 These same ones that was not preparing.
38:36 You know what they were proclaiming?
38:37 And you know if somebody is in the church today
38:39 and they're giving you this message somebody
38:42 needs to get a hold of them.
38:43 Somebody needs to shake them up a little bit.
38:45 If they don't get right, need to show them
38:46 the door. See that's a little bit heavy duty.
38:49 Well you better believe we live in a heavy
38:50 duty time. What were, what were these
38:53 five foolish doing in the church?
38:55 They were giving the message of what?
38:58 Good 1st Thessalonians 5:3 of peace and
39:03 safety don't worry about it it's going
39:05 to be alright. This is the way that
39:06 it's always been. Fine friend.
39:10 We have to listen to the word of God.
39:15 They, they'll secure. It's not going to happen
39:19 and they fell asleep. Somebody needs to
39:24 wake him up. We need to be awake.
39:26 Why? Listen carefully. It is in the time of a
39:32 crisis that the character is revealed.
39:37 Did you get it, what? It's in the time of what?
39:40 Of crisis that the character is revealed.
39:44 In the time of the Christ where Jesus comes back.
39:47 You know the doors closed, probation is shut,
39:49 you can't buy anymore oil, the day is fast
39:51 approaching. We can't have another opportunity,
39:54 may not be able to get out the Holy Spirit
39:55 in our life, the way that we need to.
39:57 That day could be past, we need to be careful.
40:01 That probation doesn't close on us and we have
40:04 not extra oil. That we're not sealed of God.
40:08 Don't feel secure, ever feel secure,
40:12 don't ever fall asleep. And you know when that
40:16 great final test coming. We're talking about the
40:19 out pouring of the spirit in this way
40:21 and the latter rain experience and who is
40:23 going to be qualified to receive it right here.
40:25 The great final test comes at the close of human
40:30 probation. What, the great final test comes
40:33 at the close of human probation and by this
40:37 time what is it? It's too late.
40:39 It's too late to buy the oil, it's too late
40:42 to get any help. It's over rift, it's done,
40:46 it's through. Friend, are you qualified
40:52 to receive the latter rain?
40:54 And what are these qualifications?
40:58 Is God really particular as it seems in His word.
41:01 You see when the bridegroom came,
41:04 when did he come? The Bible says He came at what?
41:08 Matthew 25, He came at midnight,
41:10 He came at the darkest point of the hour as it
41:13 was or the history of this world and the
41:16 Bible says in Isaiah 60 verse 2.
41:18 It said, in gross darkness the people.
41:21 Gross darkness, we're throwing God out
41:26 of everything. Jesus out of everything,
41:28 we don't want a religious country anymore.
41:31 But He comes in a dark period of earth's history.
41:36 I believe the world has lost or maybe the world
41:39 just does not understand the truth
41:41 about God's character. Righteousness by faith,
41:45 we are to manifest that glory to the world.
41:50 What is it? It's a revelation of the love of God.
41:53 That many of us we don't understand it,
41:55 that we don't have, we think we can go through
41:57 life just being good. We're talking about
41:59 Jesus living inside of us. Every action, every
42:03 thought, every deed, everything that we do
42:05 for somebody else. That heaven approves us.
42:09 Well friend it's a discouragement to heaven
42:11 so many times how about you? I don't want
42:14 to be a discouragement. I want to be a vessel
42:18 that God can use. Please remember
42:22 this as maybe you're jotting some stuff down.
42:24 We cannot, we cannot impart to others
42:31 that which we have never received.
42:35 You can't give what you have never received.
42:38 You're trying to give somebody this Holy Spirit
42:41 as you were, you know trying to encourage
42:43 them with it. You are trying to give somebody
42:44 the truth. Well maybe it's never been seated
42:46 in your heart. You can't give what you,
42:48 what you don't have. They say, yeah, but is
42:50 there evidences of the Holy Spirit living inside.
42:54 It's gonna be seen your life friend as it
42:57 flows from us to others in love.
43:03 Do we really have that kind of love.
43:06 You know I've read the, I read the word there
43:09 some people say you know well the Lord
43:10 said that we need to shine.
43:11 We need to be lights unto the world.
43:14 Listen the Lord didn't say you know
43:17 He said I want you to try to shine.
43:20 He didn't say I want you to try to shine.
43:22 He said let your what? Light so shine.
43:26 And in this study and the importance of
43:30 this study we're gonna see.
43:31 I want you to jot down four things quickly
43:33 as our time is running down.
43:35 Four things that we, we need to get on top
43:37 of here that we need to implement in our
43:40 everyday life. It will help us to be prepared
43:45 in an hour of spiritual emergency which we are
43:49 because time is almost gone.
43:55 Number one, you're jotting it down in this study.
43:58 We need to hold more communion with
44:03 our heavenly father. What does that mean?
44:06 Hold more, it's just, we need to spend more
44:09 time with Him. Hold more commune.
44:12 Get to know Him. His attribute,
44:14 His character who he is? And you know what you
44:18 fall in love. You wanna immolate,
44:21 you wanna following His footsteps,
44:23 you go to loving never before.
44:25 It will change your life, your disposition,
44:27 your attitude. We need to hold more commune
44:30 spend some time talking to Him as a friend.
44:33 He wants you to do that. And this study is gonna
44:37 be very important and we'll see that,
44:38 at number two. As we take our Bible
44:41 we need to be studying Spirit of Prophecy,
44:43 we need to be studying the character of God.
44:46 And so studying His character because
44:49 we must have that same kind of character
44:52 if heaven is to be our home.
44:54 Boy, that's quite different you know
44:56 what you get a lot of people in the church
44:57 saying today well we don't have to,
45:00 we just do the best we can and then
45:01 we're going to make it that's not true.
45:03 That's gonna be proven as we go.
45:06 Just I'm talking, as we're in the word
45:08 of God there are so many passage of scripture
45:10 that we have laid aside saying that
45:13 we love the scripture that we love God's
45:15 word that we've laid aside when He is there
45:17 He clear what it means because we look at
45:20 ourselves and we are destitute of that.
45:23 And so we make excuses. Study His character.
45:28 Who He is? Boy I tell you. You even the earthy
45:34 friend if you spend some time with them,
45:36 you learn who they are, in character
45:38 and characteristics. It's kind of easy to
45:41 fall in love with somebody isn't it?
45:42 The more we study about God, Jesus Christ,
45:46 the Holy Spirit, more we're gonna fall in love.
45:48 Number 3, we need to learn to trust God like
45:52 never before. This study we're gonna say,
45:55 we need to learn to trust God, because
45:56 we're talking about outpouring,
45:57 we're talking about latter rain experience.
46:00 We're talking about a little time of trouble,
46:03 we're talking about a big time of trouble here.
46:04 We're talking about a Sunday Law here.
46:06 We're talking about the judgment of the living,
46:08 judgment of the death and we are talking
46:09 about a time that's going on in the history
46:12 of the world here friend that we need
46:14 an experience, that we need to know who we are?
46:17 Who we belong to? Don't get confused,
46:20 you're going to one or the other either God
46:22 or the enemy. Learn to trust Him simplicity
46:28 is in what? In the good times or they say the bad
46:31 times in test and trial. You got all those jotted
46:34 down let's do number 4, shall we number 4 is
46:37 that we must, we must have, we must have
46:40 more than just a, a superficial experience.
46:43 If it's, if it's just on the surface experience
46:46 you're not gonna make it. It's gonna crack,
46:48 it's gonna crumble under pressure and
46:52 in our studies we're seeing that we're gonna
46:53 have to have an experience that's much
46:56 richer and deeper and fuller then we have
46:59 right now in order to make it through.
47:02 Did you get all of those hold more communion
47:04 with him. Study his character, learn to
47:07 trust Him and certainly we need a,
47:09 we need more than a superficial experience
47:12 with Jesus. Friend, the changes that will take
47:15 place in your life and in my life.
47:17 You say well we're feeling pretty good.
47:22 Listen Great Controversy in page 490 makes
47:26 a statement just listen to one liner, but listen
47:27 carefully, those of you who know what I'm
47:29 talking about. This is, this is a Biblical
47:32 principle, the work of preparation is an
47:38 individual work. What was it?
47:40 The work of preparation is an individual work.
47:44 What does that mean? You can't do it for me.
47:47 I can't do it for you. You can't buy,
47:49 you can't sell, you don't, it comes from
47:51 the Spirit of God. It's an individual bases.
47:56 If you are in Herald, Herald May 29 in 1896.
48:00 This was written boy, this is powerful.
48:03 It says the great outpouring of the
48:05 Spirit of God, which lightens the whole earth
48:08 with his glory, will not come until we have an
48:15 enlightened people. We, we want the third angel
48:20 or the power of the third angel and the
48:22 Revelation 18 angel that lights up the whole
48:25 world and earth with the glory of God.
48:27 God's character, His righteousness,
48:29 His love. We want that, but here it says
48:32 it will not come until we have a what?
48:34 An enlightened people, a knowledgeable
48:38 people, understanding the victory is ours
48:41 through Jesus Christ, that we can gain these
48:43 victories through Him. The plan of Salvation
48:45 understanding God's character, understanding
48:48 what's gonna take to receive that latter
48:50 rain to empower us to give this message with,
48:53 I'm talking about with the power that no man
48:55 can stop. To the warn the world and then you come.
48:59 Testimonies to Ministers 1:16 please listen
49:07 we with all of our religious advantages
49:12 some of you have set and puffed up
49:13 and all we know the truth listen, listen
49:16 this is you, this is me. All of us, all of
49:21 our religious advantage ought to know far
49:23 more than we do know. How much, a whole
49:28 lot more than we think that we know right now,
49:31 because the devil has what got in and messed
49:34 up the message that we get the people ready
49:37 for heaven and to give to the world.
49:40 This is powerful. Testimonies to Ministers
49:42 508 says this, by prayer, two thing,
49:45 by prayer and faith we are continually to
49:48 seek more of the Spirit. Now again we're gaining
49:51 ground and momentum as in this study,
49:54 because it's going to get a little stronger
49:57 as we go. It's going to be more pointed,
49:59 it's going to be clear, it's going
50:01 to be straight, it's going to be concise
50:03 because God wants us to know.
50:07 Prayer and faith we are continually
50:09 to seek more of the Spirit. Is that true?
50:13 You think you have enough of the Spirit.
50:15 We'll continue to do what to seek more
50:18 of the spirit. Notice, it will never do to cease
50:23 our efforts. Now here we go, here is the
50:25 if starts coming in. We need to seek what?
50:28 More of the Spirit. It will never do to cease
50:31 if we do not progress. How many are progressing
50:35 in the righteousness of Jesus Christ?
50:37 How many are progressing in our,
50:38 in your growth with Him right now.
50:40 How many? It says, if we do not progress,
50:45 if we do not place ourselves in an attitude
50:49 to receive both the former and the latter rain.
50:56 We shall lose our souls.
51:05 I don't, I don't think you got that.
51:10 If we cease effort, we cease pleading
51:13 for the Spirit of God. If we're not progressing,
51:17 growing in Jesus and this one and some of
51:20 you go I want to say guiltiest sin.
51:23 Knowing by jump other seat how judge
51:28 not be judge by the fruits you're gonna
51:30 know them, listen. Do not place ourselves
51:34 in an attitude to receive both.
51:37 There is a place where we can place ourselves
51:39 till we can receive the former and latter rain
51:41 we shall lose our soul and the responsibility
51:45 lies at our door. Now what does it mean to
51:50 place ourselves in the channels of blessings.
51:54 what does, what does that really mean,
51:56 where how, If we can, if we can place
51:58 ourselves in a better advantage that we can
52:00 receive the early and the latter rain,
52:02 shouldn't we be doing it? Yes.
52:04 Testimonies of Ministers 508 notice this,
52:08 here is where we can receive it,
52:09 here is where people are missing out.
52:11 It's very clear. And some of you listen
52:14 very carefully, some will be judgmental,
52:16 some would jump up and shout you love it
52:18 and rest of you won't like it.
52:19 Here's where we can place ourselves in
52:22 channels of blessings to receive it here the
52:25 convocation of the churches.
52:27 The convocation of the church.
52:30 You say how? As in camp meetings.
52:32 In the assemblies of the home church.
52:36 All occasions where there is personal labor
52:41 for souls. Our God's, listen our God's
52:44 appointed for giving the early and latter rain.
52:48 These are the pointed agencies that God
52:51 can pour out what? His spirit where is it?
52:53 Convocations of the church, camp meeting time.
52:56 It says right here what? Assemblies of the home
52:58 church wherever we may gather together
53:01 is an opportunity for God to pour out His Spirit
53:04 upon us. Now notice it says, it have attended
53:07 these meetings and I'm going to receive it.
53:08 Oh it's deeper than that.
53:10 The article goes on Testimonies of Ministers
53:13 508 it says, it's mere attendance upon all
53:17 the meetings will not itself bring a blessing
53:21 to the soul. Now get this if you don't get
53:24 anything else. Last couple of minutes
53:26 please listen. But God himself must command
53:34 the rain to fall. We have to place ourselves
53:40 in the possible to receive communion
53:44 with Him learning to trust Him,
53:46 study His character, ask for a better
53:49 experience with Him then you've got
53:52 right now. Attend church, attend camp
53:56 meetings, places where the early and the
53:58 former rain are going to come out,
53:59 but look what, but God himself is going
54:02 to command the rain to do what? To fall.
54:05 Brother, what are you doing to questions
54:08 that we close? What are you doing this
54:10 great work of preparation.
54:12 I will say just quickly right here,
54:14 but friend listen God will never place upon
54:16 the forehead of a impure man or woman.
54:18 He will never be placed upon the forehead.
54:20 I'm talking about the seal of God of an ambitious
54:22 or loving man or woman. It will never be place
54:25 upon the forehead of men and women
54:27 or false terms deceitful hearts
54:30 or who receive the seal must be without
54:32 spark before God candidates for heaven.
54:36 It's gonna leave you lot to think about
54:37 for our next program because we're gonna
54:39 be talking about they're fit to live in
54:41 the side of God. Being fit to live in the side
54:44 of God. Are you a candidate for heaven.
54:46 Let's quickly pray about before we close. Shall we?
54:49 Merciful Father in heaven we pray that
54:52 we are candidates for heaven.
54:54 As you come in take control of our hearts,
54:56 our soul, our mind, our will today make us,
54:59 make us clean vessels that you can use us
55:02 prepare us now we pray and we think you
55:04 in Jesus name, amen. Well the time has run out,
55:09 but you know until next time I want you to be
55:10 sure and be praying. This is a five part series,
55:13 we've just what scratched the surface
55:15 on the information that's, we're gonna be given
55:17 here pray for that latter rain.
55:20 Be prepared for the latter rain, give your life
55:22 and heart to Jesus Christ until then
55:23 we love and we'll see you next time.
55:28 Welcome back I know that there was so much
55:32 to contemplate in today's message which
55:35 by the way was the first in a five part series
55:38 that we have entitled 'Are You Qualified to
55:41 Receive the Latter Rain' in closing I would
55:44 like to share a quote with you found in the book
55:47 The Great Controversy pages 611 and 612.
55:51 The great work of the gospel is not to close
55:55 with less manifestation of the power of God
55:58 that marked its opening. The prophecies which
56:01 were fulfilled in the outpouring of the
56:04 former rain at the opening of the gospel,
56:06 are again to be fulfilled in the
56:08 latter rain at its close. Here are the times
56:12 of refreshing to which the apostle Peter looked
56:16 forward when he said: Repent you therefore,
56:18 and be converted, that your sins maybe
56:21 blotted out. When the times of refreshing
56:24 shall come from the presence of the Lord.
56:26 He shall send Jesus. Because of the vital
56:31 importance of our fully understanding
56:34 this message we are offering this five part
56:36 series to you, to view time and again with
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56:46 'Are You Qualified to Receive the Latter Rain.'
56:50 This series includes today's message
56:53 "Living in a Time of a Spiritual Emergency"
56:57 followed by "Fit to Live in the Sight of a
57:00 Holy God". The third message is entitled
57:03 "Those living up to the light that they
57:05 have will receive greater light!"
57:08 The fourth "Our characters must
57:12 reach full maturity before probation closes"
57:15 and finally "How to remedy the defects
57:19 of our characters" we ask that you consider
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57:58 until next time may our precious Lord
58:01 continue to richly bless you and yours.


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