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00:41 Hello and welcome to Behold the Lamb Presents,
00:44 I'm Chris Shelton your host and today
00:47 we have another important message
00:49 for you to consider. This message is the second
00:52 in a five part series that we have entitled
00:54 "Are You Qualified to Receive the Latter Rain?"
00:58 What a mentally heavy question to contemplate?
01:02 Are You Qualified to Receive the Latter Rain?"
01:06 I'm sure most of us certainly hope that
01:08 we are, but how many of us have really taken
01:11 the time to search the scriptures and intently
01:14 study what Christ is calling us to be.
01:17 Sure, He invites us all to come as we are,
01:21 but He doesn't want us to stay that way.
01:23 Our walk with Him is a Spiritual growth
01:26 of sanctification. Think of it this way.
01:30 We come into this world as tiny babies,
01:33 but who do you know that has stayed a
01:35 baby throughout say a long life of 70 years?
01:39 No one, we grow, our appearances change
01:44 throughout the various stages of our lives.
01:47 Our thought patterns mature and deepen.
01:50 Our minds increase and change with,
01:53 with knowledge and wisdom,
01:54 likewise as Christians; Christ is urging us to
01:58 do the very same thing. When we accept Him
02:02 into our lives we're Spiritual babies,
02:05 but we, He implores us to feed on His word,
02:09 to take time with Him in prayer and to grow
02:12 in His grace, grow in His strength, His knowledge,
02:16 grow into His image, His likeness.
02:20 We're closer to Heaven and you'll notice that
02:23 the things of this world will grow strangely dim.
02:28 Therefore today's message on this journey
02:31 of spiritual growth is entitled
02:34 "Fit to Live in the Sight of a Holy God,"
02:37 "Fit to Live in the Sight of a Holy God,"
02:41 but before we listen to today's message,
02:44 let's visit 3ABN's Worship Center
02:46 and listen to a beautiful song sung by
02:50 Jennifer LaMountain entitled "He Is Able."
03:14 He is able more than able
03:24 To accomplish what concerns me today
03:31 He is able more than able
03:39 To handle anything that comes my way
03:45 He is able more than able
03:53 To do much more than I could ever dream
04:00 He is able more than able
04:08 To make me what He wants me to be
04:15 He is able more than able
04:23 To accomplish what concerns me today
04:29 He is able more than able
04:37 To handle anything that comes my way
04:43 He is able more than able
04:52 To do much more than I could ever dream
04:58 He is able more than able
05:07 To make me what He wants me to be
05:15 And when I think of all his wisdom
05:18 And the scope of His plan
05:22 I can only fall down on my knees
05:26 and realize once again
05:31 That He is able more than able
05:41 To do much more than I could ever dream
05:50 He is able more than able
06:00 To make me what He wants me to be.
06:22 Thank you for joining us here
06:23 Behold the Lamb Ministries,
06:24 we're just so grateful and thankful that you set
06:26 aside this time to spend with us
06:28 in study of God's version. Thank you Jennifer,
06:30 we thank you for that beautiful song
06:32 "He Is Able," and God is able, isn't He?
06:35 We have such a blessing, but before we study the,
06:37 the word of God we always pray.
06:39 So, I'm gonna invite you quickly with me,
06:41 if you can, if you're at home why don't
06:43 you kneel with me? And let's pray together
06:44 and ask for power of the Holy Spirit
06:47 on this most important subject,
06:49 "Fit to Live in the Sight of a Holy God."
06:52 What, without a mediator, well we need some help,
06:55 let's pray for it, shall we?
06:59 Merciful Father in Heaven, we again ask for the
07:02 sweet Holy Spirit to be sent in great measure.
07:04 Oh! How we need to understand this subject,
07:07 we need to understand our Spiritual condition,
07:10 we need power from on high, I pray just right now
07:14 that the Holy Spirit will come upon each
07:16 and every viewer, every listener,
07:18 anyone who comes in contact with this message
07:20 that their heart would be lift it up through
07:21 the throne room of God that we me see,
07:23 may see Jesus today in clearer light
07:26 than ever before, the hour in which we live,
07:28 we need to be ready, probation is soon to close.
07:31 Thank you for this privilege to lift up
07:33 your name Jesus name, amen.
07:37 Again, we always invite you to take
07:39 a pencil and paper and do it because
07:40 there's lot of things that we're going to cover.
07:43 And it, it's very difficult to say,
07:44 oh! I'll remember them if you like I am maybe
07:47 very difficult to remember everything,
07:48 a lot of material to cover today.
07:50 And this question has been asked about
07:53 close of probation, so I'll answer it very quickly.
07:56 And I believe it'll fit into what
07:57 we're discussing today. People say,
07:58 when is probation gonna close I, I need to,
08:00 I like I need to know, so they can get their
08:02 life right with God, but think about this.
08:06 There's three ways in which probation is closer
08:09 three times that it closes. Number one,
08:11 it can close when? Good, at death, that's it,
08:13 some of you are thinking with me,
08:14 at death probation closes because that
08:16 finishes our life. Number two, it can close if
08:19 we commit the unpardonable sin,
08:21 which is the sin against the Holy Ghost,
08:23 rejection of the Spirit of God over
08:25 and over and over not listening to God
08:27 and presume we don't hear Him anymore.
08:28 And third, just to close of the general probation
08:31 of the world just before the seven last plagues
08:35 are poured out. Now, we believe that we're,
08:38 we're nearing that time when probation's door
08:40 is gonna close and now another
08:42 one will come to Jesus. And if we really believe
08:45 that with all of our heart, while this door
08:47 is probation is closing and that we are God's
08:51 last day people, but somehow we've become
08:54 so wrapped up maybe some of us and the things
08:56 of the world and you know, again it could be
08:59 things of this world which it could be cars,
09:01 it could be homes, it could be making money,
09:03 it could be we spend hours watching TV,
09:05 we spend hours on this, and hours on that.
09:08 And we sit back night-after-night
09:11 in the recliner and we're watching TV
09:12 and we're laughing at comedy programs
09:15 that we should never laugh out.
09:17 You know they're, they're silly you know,
09:19 and sometime they're just, may I say
09:22 you were stupid, but yet we just laugh at
09:24 it like there is no tomorrow or there is.
09:27 And we need to be ready for that day,
09:29 where our neighbors are spiritually dying for the,
09:32 the, the lack of truth and we're not out there
09:35 warning the world that Jesus is soon to come.
09:38 Friend, when will we really wake up,
09:40 laughing and having a good time like the,
09:42 the world is going to just go on and on and on
09:44 and on and nonsensical things.
09:47 Friend, we need some help today, we need to be
09:49 crying between the porch and the alter for
09:52 our children, our grandchildren and
09:54 we need to be praying for one another because
09:56 probation's door is fast closing, closing.
09:59 And how many, how many friends do you know?
10:01 How many they don't, they don't profess Jesus
10:03 at all, so if you don't profess Jesus and
10:05 you're not living for Him then we're,
10:07 we're none of His and they're gonna be lost.
10:09 We need to get serious with God
10:11 and that's part of this subject that we're talking
10:14 about here. Fit to Live in the Sight of a Holy
10:17 God without a mediator. How, how can we be fit?
10:21 What has to take place in our hearts and our life?
10:24 Because it's either gonna happen or it's not.
10:27 And that just receive the, the latter
10:29 rain experience. What is they're going to take
10:30 from me to receive? And listen, if I don't receive
10:33 of the latter rain I will not make it to heaven.
10:37 This is how important it is. Does God just pour
10:39 it out on anyone and everyone that asked
10:41 for it or are there conditions?
10:43 First John 3 verse 8, and again we're gonna look
10:46 at some passage of scripture and people read
10:48 them and say, well I know it says this,
10:49 but I, I think that God means it this way.
10:52 Listen, God means exactly what He says.
10:54 First John 3 verse 8, the Bible says,
10:55 "He that committed sin is of, what? Is of the devil.
11:00 He that committed sin is of the devil."
11:03 And so, amount of blessings I was reading
11:05 page 91, notice this, it said true godliness,
11:08 true godliness does not begin until all compromise
11:11 with sin has come to an end.
11:17 Boy, did you really, did that soak in?
11:21 True godliness, true Godliness can, can,
11:24 never begin until all compromise with sin
11:28 comes to an end. When you say,
11:30 well we're living a Godly life well, have we,
11:33 are we living a life with, without sin by the
11:36 grace of God. Oh! Friend, we need to think about
11:37 this passage of scripture that we'll be going
11:40 over today. And as we read them I want you
11:42 to contemplate, does God mean what He says
11:45 or are we taking another little turn and saying,
11:48 well he says it, but Proverbs.
11:50 The Bible says Proverbs 25:4 listen this carefully.
11:53 "Take away the dross from the silver,
11:57 and there shall come forth a vessel for the finer."
12:01 Now, finer means refiner, it is also talking about
12:04 a founder, it's talking about a Goldsmith,
12:07 but when you take away the dross,
12:09 you take away the impurities from what?
12:11 The silver, so the silver then must be what?
12:14 Pure, this is referring spiritually to what?
12:17 God's people that all dross, all that's not good
12:21 it has to go from us, from us, so that God
12:24 can continue to use us and prepare us for Heaven.
12:28 You know, I've thought about this word,
12:29 and I thought dross. What is dross?
12:31 And if you look in the Bible it's interesting in,
12:33 in Psalms 119:119 it talks about the dross.
12:37 And it's says, the wicked notice.
12:39 The wicked, you said what?
12:41 What about the wicked? Well the, the wicked of
12:43 the earth are like dross." You don't wanna be the
12:47 dross to be like the wicked.
12:48 So, what does dross really mean?
12:51 Dross has to do in the, in the Hebrew it says,
12:54 dung dross, the dung has to go from our lives.
12:58 So, oh! That's pretty heavy too, yes it is.
13:00 Dung has to do with rejecting that which God
13:04 has ordained for us, it's a, or declining
13:08 to obey God. And then the passage comes
13:11 up that I, that a lot of debate goes on
13:14 and I'm not sure why. Ephesians 5:27
13:17 the Bible says, "That He might present to Himself,
13:19 very familiar passage of scripture,
13:21 a glorious Church." Who is the Church?
13:24 Good, people, people of the Church.
13:27 Now, notice. So, God said, I'm going to present a,
13:29 the Church, a people without what?
13:32 Spot, and what is spot? We're talking in the Greek.
13:36 Without defect, without stain.
13:41 Oh! Without defect that means like must be
13:43 overcoming something, stay with me.
13:45 "Or a wrinkle, a wrinkle is a fold."
13:48 May I just get real personal with you;
13:49 a fold is referring to a fold even in the what?
13:53 In the skin as a, as in a wrinkle.
13:57 Just a, just, just a wrinkle. God said,
13:59 not even, not even a wrinkle or any such thing,
14:02 continuing to reading on, but that it shall be
14:05 holy without blemish. Holy means what?
14:08 A people that will be sacred,
14:10 a people that will be blameless.
14:12 The Bible says, without blemish which means
14:15 faultless unblemished. Now, where can we argue
14:19 this passage? Surely God must be talking
14:22 to our hearts. Today to say, my people are
14:25 going to be without defects, without sin,
14:27 so that I can pour the Spirit out upon them
14:30 that they maybe used and equipped
14:32 to finish the work. Give the loud cry;
14:35 finish the work so Jesus can come.
14:37 But some will say, well that's not really
14:39 what it means. We're gonna study that
14:41 little bit more as we go, so I look at it here,
14:43 God says we are what? Good, we are the vessel,
14:45 the vessel must be what? Clean inside
14:48 and out in order for him to fill us
14:51 with His Holy Spirit. Does that make sense?
14:53 We have to be clean, the Holy Spirit can't just
14:55 you know, come on us and fill us,
14:56 if there's sin in our life. And we're not talking
14:59 about just we're clean today and tomorrow
15:01 we're dirty, and we're clean today.
15:02 God intend for us to live a victorious life
15:05 everyday through Him, not our self,
15:09 so we must overcome what? Entirely first
15:14 and then the latter rain will be given to us,
15:18 then we will become vessels of honor that
15:21 the Bible says in Second Timothy 2 verse 21.
15:24 Do you wanna be a vessel of honor?
15:26 I do, I want to see the latter rain.
15:28 Absolutely I do, but the latter rain can't fall
15:31 on this vessel and let's us clean of every defect.
15:35 Wow! That's challenging to us today. Every defect
15:40 and then let me just add some of these things.
15:42 You know, Jesus said this, Jesus said in
15:45 Matthew 5:48, "Be Ye, what? Therefore Perfect."
15:49 Now, I'm not trying to go into all this,
15:50 but think about, Jesus said be perfect.
15:52 He said, I'm coming after the Church without
15:54 a spot or a wrinkle or any defects, okay.
15:57 We've got that. We've have to believe that.
15:59 And then it goes and John said this in
16:02 John 17:23. He said, "That we may be made perfect."
16:07 Well, did John know what he was talking about?
16:09 Did Jesus know what He was talking about?
16:11 Paul goes on in Hebrews 6 verse 1 and he said,
16:14 "Let us go on to perfection."
16:18 Is that what he really mean or just kind
16:19 of go onto whatever? He said, go on to perfection.
16:23 And then James comes along in James 1 verse 4
16:25 and he says, "We may be perfect and entire,
16:31 and wanting nothing." And I said, what's that
16:34 word you know, entire in the Greek?
16:36 What does that really mean? It means complete
16:40 in every part, entire. All the Bible writers
16:47 and Jesus are saying the same thing here about His,
16:50 His people and how that we should be,
16:52 and how our lives? We should be living our life
16:55 and it's not you know; well when He comes
16:56 He's gonna make up the difference.
16:58 Oh! I want you to think with me.
16:59 So, I put it together here and I want you to
17:02 put it together too in your studies.
17:04 When we see the word perfect,
17:05 when you see the word perfection?
17:08 It has the meaning, listen carefully.
17:10 It has the meaning of living, what?
17:13 Without sin. Living without what?
17:16 Living without sin 'cause perfect in the Bible
17:19 means perfect. Perfection, living without sinning.
17:25 Oh! The plan of salvation embraces to me
17:28 this thought. Listen to me very carefully.
17:31 The plan of salvation does what?
17:33 Oh! Right there its, its just complete rescue.
17:37 Notice this, complete recovery from the power
17:40 of the enemy. Does that make sense?
17:42 God wants us to came out of the grasp
17:44 of the old devil and he wants us to do what?
17:47 Completely rescue us; he wants to completely
17:50 have us to recover from the power of the enemy,
17:53 that's good news. You say, well what?
17:55 You, are you really getting this from scripture?
17:58 You remember First John 3 verse 8.
18:00 The Bible says that Jesus came,
18:02 listen to destroy the works of whom?
18:06 Of the devil. Exactly, Jesus came to destroy
18:10 the works of the devil. So, what we need today
18:13 is Christ character, we need to take it,
18:17 it needs to be ours, He's offering it to us today.
18:20 He wants us to have it. It's imperative that
18:22 we have it. We cannot continue on the way
18:24 that we're going on and on and on,
18:26 we sin and we ask for forgiveness
18:28 and we go on and we live in the world,
18:29 we talk and we act like the world and,
18:31 Jesus is looking for people to be like Him.
18:34 In this study before that latter rain can fall,
18:36 we'll see it will fall only on those who are be
18:39 like by the grace of God like Jesus.
18:42 Man that's heavy duty. How, how can that
18:44 happen in our life? As I mentioned a while ago
18:47 some people say, well I've read these verses
18:50 that you've just quote and all we're just,
18:52 we're just touching on the edges now of scripture
18:55 that we will be bringing in to this study.
18:57 Way too many passage of scriptures for us
18:59 to ignore the plan that God has for us,
19:03 but some will say, oh! I've, I've read those
19:04 and here's what I think they mean.
19:06 I think that God wants us to be consecrated.
19:08 Praise God He does. I think God wants us
19:11 to be mature, oh! I think He does too.
19:14 I think God wants us to be dedicated.
19:16 Oh! I do too. Our lives should be that way,
19:20 but now think who says that that's all
19:22 there is to it. Who says? The Bible says more
19:26 than that. So, I said well we just kind of
19:29 dedicated and we're consecrated
19:30 and we kind of live. Well, we're gonna have to be
19:32 like Him, we're gonna have to be without
19:33 a spot or a wrinkle or any such thing.
19:38 We still have to deal with so many
19:40 more patches, patches. Let me just give you
19:41 a couple because of our time here.
19:44 Let me give you like Romans 6 verse 18.
19:47 And I'm just I'm gonna read just part of it here.
19:48 It says, "Being made free from sin."
19:54 Paul know what he was talking about because of
19:57 Jesus Christ I have been made what?
19:59 Free from sin. Well, how is that
20:01 we're still sinning? How is that we're still
20:03 you know, get falling into sin and having
20:05 this problem, we're fighting. He said,
20:07 being because of Jesus being made free from sin.
20:10 See I, I'm challenged with this passage;
20:13 there must be something we've been missing
20:15 for a long time maybe in the movement, excuses.
20:20 How about Colossians 4:12.
20:23 He said, "That ye may stand perfect
20:26 and complete in all the will of God."
20:30 That doesn't sound like living for the devil
20:32 part time and living for Jesus being perfect
20:35 in all the will of God. Now, with this in mind,
20:37 if there's been a little bomb that's dropped
20:40 on you right now. How about me giving you a,
20:42 a bigger that is more explosion right now,
20:44 what do you say? Why because sometime
20:45 it's what he's gonna take to get me you up
20:47 and busy and make the corrections that we need
20:50 in our lives. This is found in
20:52 Five Testimonies 2:16. Remember these things
20:55 that I give you with Spirit of prophecy,
20:57 they will harmonize 100% with scripture
20:59 or I would not use them. And you know,
21:02 you feel free to write in and discuss
21:04 it if you would like to. Here's, here's
21:05 what it says, this is heavy duty.
21:07 Now, it's the time to prepare 'cause
21:11 we've been talking about the seal of God.
21:12 Remember you're neither going to have
21:14 the seal of God, this is found in those who
21:16 you may not studied it, Revelation chapter 7
21:19 starting with verse 2. There is the seal of God.
21:22 You will be there, just have the seal of God
21:24 or have what? The mark of the beast,
21:26 that's all there is to it. And so, we have to be
21:29 sealed with God, right? Well, we have to have
21:30 the power of the Holy Spirit inside of the
21:33 latter rain experience, but notice what it says.
21:36 Now, it's the time for prepare.
21:38 This is what most of us are missing
21:39 and have been and may I be so bold to say
21:42 in the advent movement for many, many years
21:43 including myself. We somehow missed it,
21:46 we don't like the word prepare because it,
21:49 it demands something of us,
21:52 we must be prepared. Now, notice what it says,
21:54 "The seal of God can never be placed
21:57 upon the forehead." Quickly, the seal of God,
22:01 if you don't have the seal of God you can't
22:03 go to Heaven. That's as simple as I can put it,
22:06 it's what I understand.
22:07 And I hope you understand it too.
22:10 Now, what did it say? "The seal of God
22:12 can never be placed upon the forehead
22:16 of an impure man or woman." Is that clear?
22:22 Some of you're saying, well the, the seal of God
22:23 can't be put on the forehead of an impure
22:26 man or woman. It will never placed upon the
22:30 forehead of the ambitious,
22:32 world-loving man or woman. What does that mean?
22:35 When you say to ambitious world-loving?
22:38 Seal of God cannot be placed upon the forehead
22:40 of someone in the world just working
22:42 for a gain and things of this world.
22:44 They're working for fame; they're working for power
22:48 and wealth in this world. That's all they have
22:51 in their minds, the seal of God can never be
22:53 placed on the man or a woman.
22:56 If this is what it is. And now reading on,
22:59 "it will never be placed on the forehead of
23:02 men and women of false tongues
23:05 or deceitful hearts." It will never be placed upon
23:09 those who are cheaters, those that are liars,
23:13 that are, those that are deceptive,
23:16 those that are false, dishonest, it can't.
23:20 The seal of God can never be placed,
23:21 so that sin is, it's got, it's got to go.
23:24 All, let's, let's here's, here's the line,
23:26 here give the, give the drum roll,
23:28 somebody make some noise.
23:29 Listen, the seal of God must be what?
23:34 "All who receive the seal of God must be
23:38 without spot before God."
23:43 I can't really hear you. "All who receive the
23:46 seal of must be without spot before God
23:49 and candidates for what?" For heaven.
23:52 Friend, are you without spot today or wrinkle
23:56 or any such thing? God can't give us the
23:59 latter rain experience, we can't give the loud cry,
24:03 we can't go through the time of trouble,
24:06 we can't go through the little time of trouble,
24:08 big time of trouble, Sunday law, all these
24:11 things that are coming up.
24:14 In fact, let me just give you another here quickly
24:15 Five Testimonies 2:14, "Not one of us will ever
24:19 receive the seal of the living God while our
24:22 characters have on spot or stain upon them."
24:27 What? None of us will ever be able to receive
24:29 the seal of the living God, if there's one spot
24:32 or one stain upon our characters."
24:35 It is left to us to remedy, by the what?
24:38 By the grace of God. The defects in our character
24:41 take them to him, committed to him
24:44 to cleanse, listen this, to cleanse the soul temple
24:47 of every defilement." Listen, "Then the latter
24:52 rain will fall upon us." When will the
24:55 latter rain fall? It says here when every
24:57 defilement, every defilement is cleansed
25:00 from this temple. When sin is gone then we can
25:04 receive the latter rain, it will fall upon us as it fell
25:08 upon the disciples at the Day of Pentecost.
25:11 See, I want that Pentecost experience,
25:13 how about you? But God's promise greater
25:16 measures of, of power and strength and,
25:18 and victory here in the last days,
25:20 He wants to seal His people,
25:22 He wants us to have that power,
25:23 He wants us to give that loud cry,
25:25 and oh! Friends we're looking right now.
25:27 We're going to, we, we need to give
25:28 a cry right now, the world needs to awake
25:31 to what's going on in this world. I read a little
25:34 book Christ's Object Lesson page 316,
25:37 It says, "Christ righteousness will not
25:40 cover one cherished sin."
25:46 He is right, without His righteousness,
25:48 His robe of righteousness, His victories we can go
25:52 to heaven. You hear me say that on and on,
25:54 but I want you to get that,
25:55 I need to get that in my life.
25:58 He can't, he can't cover one cherished,
26:00 what's that mean? One sin that you won't give up,
26:04 that you won't submit to Him.
26:05 He can never let you have this what?
26:07 Robe of righteousness, His righteous character,
26:10 the victory which is his that He offers to us.
26:12 Oh! Friend, listen to this, we're talking
26:15 latter rain, where does it really begin?
26:17 What is begin in out to me? Listen, give your life
26:19 to Jesus today, this is where it really begins
26:22 without any kind of reserve, no with
26:25 holding back, just commit your life to Him
26:28 right now, right today, why not do it today?
26:30 Hebrews 4:17 says you know,
26:32 today if you will what? If you will hear His voice.
26:37 Why not do it today? This is where it stops.
26:39 Now, I want you to get this truth here
26:40 because of our time and we're moving quickly,
26:43 but we've got to do it. Listen, real dynamite
26:45 in the word of God, in the Spirit of Prophecy
26:47 that we as a people, oh dear friends, most of us,
26:50 and I'm gonna read this, listen to me.
26:51 We are not ready to receive the latter rain
26:56 and there's reasons why? How sad that is?
27:01 Remember in the Bible and, and God sets things
27:04 in order one truth hinges upon another.
27:08 Now, I want you to think with me just a moment.
27:11 One Bible truth, you have a what?
27:12 You have a truth, you have another truth
27:15 hinged to that, hinged, hinged, hinged.
27:18 And we're going to, I want you to follow
27:19 this with me, this is imperative that
27:21 we get this. We cannot afford to reject, what?
27:25 One ray of light. Desire of Ages beautiful book
27:30 on the life of Christ page 322 makes
27:32 the statement, listen. The impressions of the
27:35 Holy Spirit is, if disregarded today,
27:38 did you get that? If you disregard the
27:40 Holy Spirit said, don't do that, this is not the
27:43 best way to walk and you do it anyway,
27:44 if you disregarded today will not
27:46 be strong tomorrow. The heart becomes less
27:51 impressionable as, as it lapses. Notice this into
27:54 a perilous unconsciousness. You ever, you ever have
27:58 that in your brain sometime where it's like a
28:00 smoke stream, if you can't think clearly,
28:03 this is what sin will do that will cloud what?
28:05 It will cloud our thinking.
28:08 And what impresses us today, if we reject it will
28:10 not impress us strong tomorrow because
28:12 we've rejected that. Now, follow with me
28:14 these examples. If you follow this you're going
28:17 to see how it's working? As we're, we're seeking
28:19 for being able to be fit to stand in the sight
28:23 of the Holy God, being fit to receive the
28:25 latter rain. Now, in scripture friends,
28:28 let's go back we go back, listen there are
28:30 passage after passage of prophecy that told
28:33 about the coming of Jesus, that's true,
28:34 isn't it? You know, but He would come that would be,
28:37 that would be a redeemer, He would be,
28:39 He would be born in a manger then we come
28:42 He would live the, the perfect life
28:44 and He would die for our sins and He would rise up,
28:47 up again and, and He's going to come back
28:49 and he take us all to heaven.
28:51 All those things in scripture, but listen
28:53 carefully what happens now.
28:54 This, if these prophecies were rejected.
28:59 The prophecy what? The coming of Jesus Christ,
29:01 if they were rejected, notice this,
29:03 the way it was being prepared.
29:06 Remember one truth what? Hinges upon another.
29:09 So, if we reject these prophecies then we were
29:11 preparing our self to reject the forerunner
29:14 which is who? Was John the Baptist.
29:16 So when John the Baptist began to preach
29:18 about the coming of the Messiah and Jesus Christ
29:20 we didn't accept it before.
29:22 And so we rejected John too.
29:24 One truth hinges on another, we reject it
29:27 then we reject the next light, and we reject
29:29 the next and we continue to rejecting
29:30 and rejecting. And then when you reject John,
29:34 the people oh! Listen, when you reject
29:36 John the Baptist you were preparing to do what?
29:39 Somebody say it. Reject Jesus Christ.
29:43 And then when you, when you prepare to reject
29:46 Jesus Christ did not, people did not realize
29:49 that they, they were preparing themselves
29:52 to reject the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
29:55 Pentecost remember Jesus, that's He wanted
29:59 to pour his Spirit upon them,
30:00 but they rejected Him, His birth and rejected
30:03 John the Baptist, and rejected Jesus,
30:04 rejecting Jesus they rejected the power
30:07 of the Holy Spirit of Pentecost.
30:09 Well, I want to see how these hinge on one
30:11 on the other, it continues on as light
30:14 is given now we're rejected, if we receive it
30:17 or reject it. Early writings says just
30:19 has a good comment here and, and this make
30:21 sense in Adventism, we believe strongly
30:24 in The Three Angels Message.
30:26 This makes sense, if people reject the
30:30 First Angel's Message, listen they're preparing
30:32 the way to do what? To reject the Second
30:35 Angel's Message, if they reject the
30:37 Second Angel's Message, they are preparing
30:39 to self to reject what?
30:41 Good, the Third Angel's Message,
30:42 the Third Angel's Message leads us where?
30:45 Where does it lead? It leads us into the most
30:47 Holy Place and the judgment hour in 1844.
30:51 And all the beautiful truths that surround it.
30:56 And so, we reject the judgment,
30:57 and we reject, so one, one rejection then what?
31:00 Leads us to reject, reject, reject.
31:03 And it goes even deeper; you say well 1844
31:06 you know the judgment, great disappointment.
31:09 Oh! Friend 1888, oh! Listen,
31:12 some people they're just so touchy.
31:16 This was a God given special message called
31:21 righteousness by face, faith that He gave to
31:24 His people in 1888, which is controversy about it,
31:28 but it seems in my study to reject it.
31:31 What was 1888? Righteousness by faith.
31:34 Listen very carefully, this my friend was the
31:37 beginning of 1888, was the beginning of the
31:40 latter rain and the loud cry, which God wanted
31:43 to pour out in 1888. Some of you won't
31:45 understand it, but I know many of the people will.
31:49 It was the beginning point, but what?
31:51 It was rejected. We didn't follow through it.
31:54 Remember, when you reject one time you start
31:56 rejecting another and another righteousness
32:00 by faith, 1888 was the present truth message,
32:03 dealing with victory over sin, completely
32:06 overcoming, the character of God,
32:08 vindicating His character, dealing with
32:10 the nature of Christ. These are things
32:12 that we so desperately need in our life.
32:17 Now, let me just give you a couple of little
32:19 readings here to kind of help you,
32:20 because some people get so bend
32:22 out of shape and say, well you know,
32:23 we didn't reject that message, you did,
32:25 oh friend, there's ample, ample.
32:28 Instructions that we read from Spirit of Prophecy
32:30 10, 12, 14 years later saying,
32:32 what a disappointment? But let me just say this,
32:35 let me read Testimonies to Ministers 393,
32:37 1896 eight years after 1888. It says,
32:42 "The Holy Spirit has been insulted,
32:45 and the light has been rejected."
32:49 See when we reject light, what happens?
32:52 If we begin to reject everything else that's
32:54 associated with it. How can we receive
32:56 the promise, if we reject the message?
32:59 Friend, this is something here General Conference
33:01 Bulletin just get this quickly 1893 says this,
33:05 "If hearts had been ready to receive the message
33:08 which God sent. We would have been in the midst
33:12 of the wonders of the loud cry itself."
33:17 You see, we had to accept the message by faith
33:19 and go proclaim it and the end would have been
33:21 shortly heir we would been what?
33:22 Good in the Kingdom most of you realize that.
33:26 And as we, and we talk about
33:28 completely overcoming, we talk about,
33:30 now remember I'm gonna say this point here,
33:31 I'm gonna make it real clear,
33:33 in the early rain which is what?
33:35 Accepting Christ as your Lord and Savior
33:37 we're talking about the, the, you know,
33:39 born again experience accepting Him.
33:42 It's a part in which we need to gain victory
33:45 in our life. This is where we gain victory
33:48 over sin and then we continue on.
33:50 Most people say, oh! We just you know,
33:51 Holy Spirit good, the early rain experience
33:54 and oh! Friend, we, we have to receive the,
33:56 the early rain and then if we accept the early
33:59 rain by faith and then we're what?
34:01 We're able to receive the latter rain
34:03 as we continue to grow in His grace
34:05 and in His strength and if we receive to get the
34:07 latter rain to given then we receive what?
34:09 Good of the seal of God. The early rain,
34:13 the latter rain and the Seal of God.
34:14 We'll make that little clear now as,
34:16 as, as we go along here. Desire of Ages 323 makes
34:19 the statement it says here,
34:20 it is not only by resistance,
34:23 but neglect that the soul is destroyed.
34:27 How is the soul destroyed?
34:30 Not so much even resistant and fighting by neglect,
34:33 we're unprepared for the time in which we live.
34:36 And what we're about to go through in our
34:38 experience is not what it should be.
34:41 And the devil is keeping us occupied while
34:43 we're not preparing. So, we need to get back
34:46 to what we call, present truth.
34:49 Do you remember Peter talked about that
34:50 in Second Peter 1 verse 12 he said,
34:52 "Wherefore I will not be negligent to put
34:54 you always in remembrance of these
34:57 things, that you know them, and be
34:59 established in what? In present truth."
35:03 There's, there's a message for right now
35:05 for God's people. And we need to be studying
35:08 that message like never before.
35:09 Early Writings page 71 notice this,
35:11 "I saw that many were neglecting the
35:14 preparation so needful, and we're looking
35:17 to the times of what? Refreshing and
35:19 the latter rain." People are doing what?
35:22 Looking for refreshing or looking for what?
35:24 The latter rain is going to be the refreshing
35:26 and equip God's people to go on,
35:27 but they're doing what? They were neglecting
35:30 preparation. I'm gonna talk about that
35:31 preparation, I want to get that before
35:33 we end today I've just, we've just got to do it.
35:35 Because they're neglecting we are
35:36 neglecting this refreshing the latter rain
35:39 Notice this, "To stand and to fit them
35:43 to stand in the day of the Lord." You know,
35:45 the title of the message, yeah we know
35:47 fits to stand in the sight of a Holy God.
35:50 So, we're looking forward to live
35:52 in His sight. "O, how many I saw in the time
35:56 of trouble without a shelter! They had no help,
36:00 they had what? They had neglected
36:03 the needful preparation; therefore listen,
36:06 they could not receive the refreshing, what is it?
36:08 The latter rain, they all must have to fit them
36:11 to live in the sight of a Holy God."
36:16 That's heavy, isn't it? It wasn't that God didn't
36:19 want to give it to them, but we neglected
36:22 our needful, what? Preparation to stand
36:25 in the sight of God and how many was seen
36:28 that with living you know, at the time
36:29 just say, oh! I have no shelter.
36:32 We realize what a shelter we need in the
36:34 arms of God right now? Early Writings 280
36:39 and 1 just says this, it says,
36:41 "In the fearful time after the close of Jesus'
36:44 mediation." Listen carefully, "The saints
36:47 were living in the sight of a holy God
36:50 without an intercessor." I don't think some
36:55 of you got that. What were the saints doing?
36:57 The fearful time after Jesus mediation.
37:00 Now, I wish I had more time,
37:02 but I'll give you his passage.
37:03 Look up when you can, Revelation 15 verse 8,
37:06 you'll see the smoke fills the temple of God
37:08 and, and what, that means it's done.
37:10 Revelation 16 verse 17 he says once again,
37:13 it is finished. That means when He's finished
37:15 working as our mediator He stands up,
37:18 probation has closed, it's all over
37:20 and the saints it said will be living
37:23 in the sight of a Holy God within out
37:25 of intercessor. What does it need?
37:27 What is this needful preparation that
37:29 we are neglecting today? It's very simple,
37:32 but we are neglecting this.
37:34 There is just four little points, let me give them
37:35 to you real, just real quick here.
37:37 In order to receive the outpouring of the
37:39 latter rain to have us body soul this temple
37:41 ready to receive the power of God.
37:45 Number one friend, number one we must daily
37:47 see to be converted by God.
37:50 We need the conversion experience everyday
37:51 of our life. Some of you can't take it once
37:54 a week or once a month maybe you've an
37:55 alter called the Church, everyday of our life.
37:58 We need to be dedicating our life
38:00 to Him, fully converted daily to ask God to
38:05 give us victory complete victory
38:07 over self and over sin, that this vessel can be
38:10 can totally clean without spot or stain upon it,
38:13 that He can fill me with His Spirit because
38:15 if there is one unconfessed sin in our
38:18 whole life, He cannot give me the power
38:20 of the Holy Spirit. He can't do it.
38:24 Isn't that awesome? That's food for thought.
38:27 They say oh! God I'm, I'm fighting with this,
38:29 I give it to him today, quit fighting and give
38:31 it to God. Number three, we have to live up
38:37 to every ray of light, that's our next subject.
38:40 Every ray of light that God shines upon
38:43 our pathway and then begging for more,
38:47 you can't be saying, well I know this is,
38:48 but I'm not doing it, you're not living up
38:50 to every ray of light and there's so many
38:52 today that know what truth is and you just
38:54 refuse to do it, you think you've got all
38:57 you know, I've got years ahead of me,
38:59 you may not have those years, you may not
39:00 have those months. And, and even if you had
39:03 a few years dear friend you're not gaining
39:06 an experience that you need trusting Jesus,
39:09 walking with Jesus, just responding to the call
39:12 of the Holy Spirit even when things doesn't
39:14 just seem right, when God said go,
39:16 just go. When He says stop, just stop.
39:19 Even if it doesn't make sense to us.
39:22 Friend, this is what is talking about is living
39:24 the life of holiness that we can hear God's speak,
39:27 and we respond to Him. Number four, when we do
39:31 these things that's being converted daily
39:34 trying to being complete victory over
39:36 sin in our life, living up to every ray of life
39:38 that we have, number four is seek to win souls.
39:43 When you are truly converted,
39:44 you're gonna be the soul winners for Jesus;
39:46 there is no doubt about it.
39:47 You're living witnesses; you're a living testimony
39:50 for His honor and for His glory.
39:52 Man that's awesome, didn't we think about it?
39:54 Now, let's go back quickly and let's go over
39:56 some things because I'm afraid you're gonna forget.
39:59 What is it? If you've never maybe even studied
40:01 this before, this is gonna be simple,
40:02 but I'm, I think it's going to help you,
40:03 but I must go quickly. Notice what, now what
40:07 is the purpose of the, they were talking about
40:10 the rain, what is the purpose of the rain?
40:11 What does rain mean? Let me make this
40:13 statement quickly, it's a complete difference
40:16 between the early rain and the latter rain
40:18 they're, they're different, okay.
40:21 Now, notice rain represents in the Bible what?
40:25 Good Holy Spirit, very good, okay good.
40:27 And so, we see here the early rain
40:29 and the latter rain is found even
40:32 in the Old Testament. I'd like to be able to
40:35 read all this, I don't know if I'll be
40:36 able to or not, but jot them down.
40:38 Zachariah chapter 10 verse 1, I just simply ask
40:42 of the Lord rain in the time of the latter rain.
40:45 And you can read all the rest of it,
40:46 when you get chance, the Bible talks about it.
40:49 Number two, notice Isaiah 44:3 now jot them down.
40:53 He said, "For I will pour water upon him that
40:55 is thirsty, floods upon dry ground:
40:59 I will pour my spirit upon the seed,
41:01 thy seed and blessing upon thine offspring."
41:04 What a blessing. Joel 2:23, it says,
41:08 "Be glad ye children of Zion,
41:10 rejoice in the Lord your God: notice, for he hath
41:13 given you, what? Good, the former rain
41:15 moderately, and he will cause to come down
41:18 for you the rain, notice the former rain
41:21 and the latter rain in the first month."
41:25 Keep this in mind as we look and one of these
41:27 days maybe we'll just get a chart up here,
41:28 which we really need to see what's going on here.
41:30 Remember, the former rain, the early rain,
41:33 we'll continue to work right on through early
41:35 rains when you accept Jesus as your Lord
41:37 and your Savior, right, you give a,
41:38 and He pours his Spirit on you, and you'll continue
41:41 right on into the close, what? When probation
41:43 closes for the end of the world and the latter rain,
41:46 so it will be an ongoing, why? Because there's
41:48 eleventh hour workers that maybe
41:50 never accepting, but they'll set, set Jesus,
41:52 they will get the early rain and they also
41:54 receive what? Good, the latter rain, see a lot of
41:57 material to cover, isn't it? Well we, we need
42:01 this study like never ever before.
42:03 You remember Matthew 13 verse 39.
42:06 Bible talks about there is a harvest.
42:08 And the Bible says, when is the harvest.
42:11 Matthew 13 says there that the harvest is the,
42:14 in the end of what? End of the world.
42:17 So, we have the first or the early rain
42:19 we have you know, the early rain,
42:21 we have the, the latter rain.
42:23 Now, remember one depends upon the other.
42:25 You just can't say, well I've, I've had the
42:26 early rain, I've been born again.
42:29 You know the crop the harvest depends upon
42:33 the early rain and the latter rain.
42:35 Let me try to explain that, one without
42:37 the other what? No, it's not going to work.
42:40 What is the purpose of the early rain?
42:42 Let's put it in a nutshell because of time.
42:44 It is essential, the early rain is essential
42:47 because what does it do? That early rain
42:49 that comes upon us; it softens the soil of what?
42:52 Of the heart. It makes us receptive to,
42:55 to God's word. Number two, after the softening
42:59 you see of the heart, the soil then
43:01 it's able to what? After you till the soil up
43:04 and then you begin to plant and you begin
43:07 to sow which is what? The word of God
43:09 in the heart. Number three, let's look quickly
43:12 we got this, what? There is a softening,
43:14 there is a sowing. Number three,
43:16 there is germination. What does that mean?
43:19 That means a seed begins to sprout,
43:21 it starts developing, it starts growing
43:24 from a seed. That's a process now,
43:27 that's we talk early rain. Now, the purpose
43:29 of the latter rain just quickly here.
43:32 The grain or we're talking about the seed
43:34 cannot ripen fully without the latter rain.
43:38 It just can't come, it just can't ripen.
43:40 Number two; it brings the grain to full maturity,
43:44 that's the latter rain. Number three;
43:47 there could be no harvest without the latter rain.
43:52 Matthew 4 verse 28, it says, Remember,
43:54 first the blade within the ear and then what?
43:57 And then the, then the, the full corn.
43:59 So, we see the purpose of the early rain
44:01 and of the latter rain. Now let's get down
44:04 to this now. Testimonies to Ministers, it's a nice
44:06 little book page 506 makes the statement.
44:09 "The Lord employs these operations of nature,
44:12 what we've been talking about, to represent
44:14 the work of the Holy Spirit.
44:16 As the dew or the rain are given first to cause
44:20 the seed, which is the seed, what?
44:22 The word of God good, to germinate what?
44:25 To start to grow and to sprout and to ripen
44:28 for the harvest. So, the Holy Spirit is given
44:32 to carry, notice this, forward from one stage
44:36 to another, the process of spiritual growth."
44:42 You get that, again if you miss it,
44:44 you're gonna be in trouble.
44:45 You're gonna be in trouble if you miss
44:47 it here. We're talking about the Holy Spirit
44:48 is given; latter rain is called what,
44:50 because we're going to develop from
44:51 one stage what? One stage to another called
44:55 spiritual growth. Friend, we're gonna be growing,
44:58 a wonderful thing. Are you ready to grow with Jesus?
45:02 Oh! I'll tell you, I want to grow with Jesus.
45:04 So, we see a two-fold work here quickly
45:06 of the Holy Spirit is to prepare the earth,
45:10 earth is what? The people for the last great
45:13 final harvest, is that not, but is that work
45:16 of the Holy Spirit and what is that the
45:18 harvest of. The harvest of souls,
45:21 this is a great what we're talking about harvest,
45:23 people being ready to meet Jesus,
45:26 so we have the former rain.
45:28 Notice this; the former rain was not limited
45:30 to the early Church. Some people say,
45:32 well the former rain was given to the disciples
45:34 and the early Church, it was not just for
45:37 the early Church, it continues until the
45:39 end of time, does it make sense?
45:41 You have to have what? The early rain
45:44 and the latter rain. Even right up very close
45:47 to the very close of probation,
45:49 there will be people that will be talked about
45:51 will be accepting Jesus they will accept
45:53 Him in their life, they will receive of the early
45:55 rain and they will be, and in the early rain
45:57 experience we're to gain victory over sin,
46:01 not as the latter rain comes in the first stage
46:03 of it we're to gain the victory.
46:05 So, that will be quick for the latter rain.
46:07 See, this is heavy duty. Most of us had that
46:10 backwards or have all over life;
46:11 we don't think it's ever going to happen.
46:14 The latter rain will be poured out on the
46:17 remnant Church, aren't you, praise God for that?
46:19 It's going to be closed out, notice this at the
46:21 close poured out, at the close of its work.
46:26 Before Jesus comes, that's what it's gonna be
46:28 poured out. So, notice it. When we are converted
46:31 we receive what? The former or the early rain,
46:34 which is a Holy Spirit in moderate measure?
46:37 Notice, this former rain leads man to
46:39 overcome what? Good, all sin, to reflect
46:43 Jesus fully, have you ever thought,
46:44 have you thought of that?
46:45 Have you really been digging?
46:48 Or you're looking for some other spiritual high,
46:50 somewhere along the line that are happen,
46:52 it's when you accept Jesus fully into your life
46:55 in the former rain or the early rain
46:57 that we are to reflect Jesus fully.
47:01 The former rain continues through the entire
47:03 Christian experience, leads me into have
47:06 complete victory over sin and as the latter
47:09 time comes, the latter rain we called the time
47:12 of refreshing which we need from God,
47:13 it's a Baptism of the Holy Spirit in great
47:17 abundance. This Baptism of the Holy Spirit
47:19 empowers God's people dear friend to give
47:22 the loud cry. Are you ready to give that?
47:27 Friend, if you receive oh! Friend,
47:29 but well let me warn you here's the time
47:31 that we have, if we put off preparation
47:35 we're going to come to the time of trouble
47:37 unprepared, our characters will be undeveloped,
47:41 there will be no spiritual power,
47:43 there will be no stick to it, there will be
47:45 no experience, our love and our faith is not
47:48 developed and it will not endure unto the end.
47:52 Oh! How heavy duty? Got something concerns here,
47:55 you want to go to heaven, you have to be
47:56 it's more than, oh! I wanna, I wanna,
47:58 I want a mansion, I just wanna spend time
48:00 in eternity with Jesus as a reward,
48:04 it's got to be more than that.
48:06 If we really want to be born again,
48:08 we really want to be out winning souls
48:10 for Jesus right now, we want to warn the
48:12 world of His soon coming right now.
48:15 As we get ready, as we receive His power,
48:18 notice this that God's character then is going
48:21 to be vindicated to the world, His character
48:25 you see it's going to be made known,
48:26 it's going to be glorified.
48:27 Number four, if we really look at it here,
48:29 sin then is going to come to an end,
48:32 aren't you looking forward to that,
48:33 sin is going to be coming to an end.
48:35 And you know what? We won't have to wound
48:37 and Christ will not have to suffer anymore.
48:40 Are you ready for that? There's more concerns
48:43 here, but we must consider and, and written
48:45 a while back, but I've got to get this out
48:47 right now, I've got to get it off of my
48:48 shoulders right now, this prompted part of the
48:51 study as I read from One Testimony 466,
48:54 oh! That's powerful. Notice with me what it says,
48:58 nearly all, nearly all who professed to believe
49:03 present truth, do you believe present truth?
49:05 Oh! Yeah, yeah man, we believe present truth.
49:07 All, nearly all who professed the present
49:10 truth are wholly unfitted to receive
49:13 the latter rain, if that doesn't make you weak?
49:18 All who say we believe in what, present truth.
49:22 We have a message which to get,
49:23 almost all are wholly unfit to receive
49:25 the latter rain, Desire of Ages remember 3:23 said,
49:29 it is not by resistance, we've read before,
49:31 but what? By neglect that the soul is destroyed.
49:35 Desire of Ages 3:22 notice,
49:37 "When one ray of light is disregarded we've been
49:39 talking about this, there is a partial what?
49:42 Benumbing of the spiritual perception
49:45 and the second revealing of this light
49:47 is less clearly discerned." Oh! Friend,
49:50 Five Testimony 6:81 notice this,
49:53 "To disregard light is to reject light."
49:58 Did you get that? To disregard what?
50:01 Light is to reject it. So, those who hear the
50:04 truth and they say we understand it,
50:06 but they won't accept it, they're rejecting
50:08 that light. Oh! We're neutral there is no such
50:10 thing as neutrality in the cause of Christ.
50:14 You either accept it or you don't and if you,
50:16 oh! Friend, if you neglect that light,
50:17 how can we go onto another truth
50:20 and more experience, we can't, one truth
50:22 hinges on the other. Great Controversy 6:23
50:25 says notice, listen, listen this is powerful.
50:28 "Not even by thought could our Savior
50:31 be brought to yield to the power of temptation."
50:34 Not even by, what? Not even by thought
50:37 could ye yield to the power of temptation.
50:38 Listen, there was no sin in Him,
50:42 this just got me. As I studied and I read it,
50:44 I closed the book, I closed the book and said,
50:47 oh! God help me, why? Because of it,
50:51 there was no sin in Him. "This is the condition
50:55 in which those must be found who shall stand
50:59 in the time of trouble."
51:03 Some of you didn't get it.
51:08 Please think with me.
51:11 "This is the condition in which those must be
51:15 found who shall stand in the time of trouble."
51:18 Are you going to be standing in the
51:19 time of trouble, are you? You said,
51:23 then we have to be like Jesus, this is a condition,
51:27 not even by a thought. Five Testimonies 1:36,
51:30 "God's people will be tested by fiery trials,
51:34 and the greater portion of those who now
51:36 appear to be genuine and true will prove
51:39 to be base metal." We talking Sunday Law here
51:43 aren't we? We're talking about when laws
51:44 are passed, when the test comes people saying,
51:46 yeah we love Jesus, we want Jesus to come,
51:49 but we're making no preparation for it,
51:51 God help us, God's people will be tested
51:54 by fiery trials, we need an experience,
51:57 we cannot make it, we're gonna be burned up
51:59 by these trials, did you get it?
52:01 Unless we have an experience with Jesus.
52:04 And then the sad part is present truth believers,
52:07 a greater portion then we now appear to be,
52:10 they're genuine and true, they're going to be
52:12 base metal. Here's a test general,
52:15 Great Controversy page 257, 1891 says this,
52:19 "When the law of God is made void,
52:21 the Church will be sifted by fiery trials,
52:24 and a larger portion than we now anticipate,
52:27 listen, will give heed to seducing spirits
52:31 and doctrines of devils." You mean God's people,
52:34 people is supposed to know what truth is here.
52:36 When the fiery trials come, a larger portion
52:39 than we now anticipate, they're gonna be
52:42 give heed to seducing spirits, you mean you,
52:44 you're gonna fill out all the things that
52:46 you want thought was truth and what is right,
52:48 doctrines of devils and you wondered how
52:52 Israel could do the things that that they did
52:54 back then. Anyway we, we may do worse.
52:58 Have you forgotten our purpose here?
53:01 Actually Apostle Page 48, it says the ambition
53:03 talking about the, of the believers on the
53:05 Day of Pentecost, oh! How we need this was
53:08 to reveal the likeness of Christ character.
53:10 This is what they were set on fire with here
53:12 to labor for the enlargement of
53:14 His Kingdom. Friend, are you wanting to,
53:16 you wanting to represent Jesus,
53:18 the likeness of His character,
53:19 you want to be a soul winner for Him,
53:21 this is what it's all about, but I'm praying
53:23 God help me. In Acts, Acts chapter 4 verse 33
53:26 it says, "Great grace was upon them."
53:28 Oh! Friend, do we need God's grace,
53:30 oh! Friend I do, I could tell you right now,
53:32 I need that. And you know the importance
53:35 of this subject just cannot be expressed enough.
53:39 It just can't be our, our salvation depends
53:42 upon it, of our accepting the early
53:45 and the latter rain with its conditions,
53:49 we have to be without what spot or wrinkle,
53:52 not a stain, not a blemish in our character,
53:55 in our life, before we can receive the latter rain,
53:58 we can't make it without it, we can't go
54:00 through the time of trouble, our character
54:02 has to be purified now by what? Test and trials.
54:07 God thank you for those little workmen
54:10 that you have through test and trials.
54:14 To be able to, to stand in the Sight of
54:18 the Holy God. Friend are you getting
54:22 a stand in the Sight of Holy God without Jesus
54:24 standing for us right now we'll be consumed
54:26 in a moment, but the time will come that
54:28 God's people have perfected His character.
54:31 Well, by beholding Him, by living friend
54:33 no longer their thought, no longer their mind,
54:34 but the mind of Jesus, oh! Don't you sense
54:38 that I need to change, oh I do.
54:40 Oh! It's heavy duty, oh! Lord help us.
54:43 As we study the next time that we've come
54:45 together only those who are living up to the
54:49 light that they have will receive greater light.
54:52 Friends, you don't wanna miss it,
54:53 not one portion, we need to pray right
54:54 now because we're gonna be standing
54:56 in the sight of the Holy God, sin has to go
54:58 or would you pray with me in the closing
54:59 moment that we have? Kneel with me if,
55:02 if, if you can, if not pray that we'll let the
55:05 Holy Spirit consume us, let's pray.
55:08 Merciful Father in Heaven,
55:09 we thank you for your precious work,
55:11 thank you for reminding us, thank you for
55:13 giving us scripture like you said you know,
55:15 we're to be free from sin, we're to be
55:18 perfect as our Father which art in heaven is,
55:20 we're to gain victory over every defilement,
55:23 everything in our life, it doesn't need to be
55:25 there over the, the enemy. Can't do it on
55:27 our own, oh how we, how much we need your
55:29 strength and your power. We must receive
55:31 the early rain and be prepared,
55:33 be perfect before God and receive the latter
55:36 rain and have the seal of God, pray in a special
55:39 way that you anoint this word as it goes out,
55:41 may it bring conviction upon the hearts
55:42 and lives of the people. And I thank you
55:44 for it right now, in Jesus name, amen.
55:48 Man, aren't you glad today? That we have
55:50 a savior who cares for us, well I do,
55:52 I praise God for that, what? If this is not a
55:54 heavy message, friend you need to get on
55:56 your knees and say, God make it heavy
55:57 to me because this is life and death issue.
55:59 And God is not playing with His Church,
56:01 He means business, we need to be prepared
56:03 for His soon coming. And I want to be when
56:05 I'm talking about it, Lord give me victory
56:07 over sin, the old devil is going to come against
56:09 like never before, may God help us.
56:11 Remember by the way, pray for the ministry
56:13 here Behold the Lamb, pray for the station
56:15 and may God bless each and everyone you.
56:17 And you know we'll see you next time.
56:22 Welcome back friends, I know that the journey
56:25 through these series of messages entitled,
56:27 are you qualified to receive the latter rain
56:30 is certainly deep and examining,
56:33 but have a vital importance to the time
56:36 in which we live. Today's message was entitled
56:39 "Fit to Live in the Sight of the Holy God."
56:41 And we pray that it stirred your heart to allow
56:44 God to make the necessary changes in your lives
56:47 to do just that. The good news,
56:51 we're not finished with this series just yet,
56:53 there are three more sermons to go.
56:56 The next message is entitled,
56:58 "Those Living Up to the Light that They Have
57:01 Will Receive Greater Light."
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57:05 Full Maturity Before Probation Closes,"
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