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00:41 Hello and welcome to Behold the
00:43 Lamb Presents. I'm Chris Shelton your
00:45 host and today we're going to listen to the
00:48 third in a five part series of,
00:50 we have entitled "Are you qualified to receive
00:53 the Latter rain? This third message is
00:56 called those living up to the light that they
00:59 have or receive greater light,
01:01 greater light, more truth. This is the desire of
01:06 every serious Bible student for sure.
01:08 The Bible supports this view and such promises as
01:11 the one found in the Book of John chapter 8
01:14 and verse 32 where it reads,
01:17 And ye shall know the truth,
01:19 and the truth shall set you free.
01:21 Oh, what about statements like the one that
01:23 Paul wrote to Timothy in First Timothy chapter 3
01:27 and verse 15 where he says,
01:29 But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know
01:32 how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the
01:35 house of God, which is the church
01:37 of the living God, the pillar and ground of
01:41 the truth. And doesn't this
01:43 thought of greater light or more truth make
01:47 perfect sense where we realize that truth itself
01:51 is one of the divine characteristics of God.
01:54 Let's look at this as expressed in the Book of
01:57 Deuteronomy chapter 32 and verse 4,
02:00 He, referring to God here is the Rock,
02:03 his work is perfect: for all his ways
02:06 are judgment: a God of truth
02:09 without iniquity, just and right is he.
02:12 Therefore for us to properly reflect God
02:16 and not be tossed to and fro by every wind
02:19 of doctrine we must live up to the light or to
02:22 the truth that we now possess in order to
02:25 receive more of this heavenly gift of light.
02:28 So this study of today's message is indeed a
02:31 timely one, one which must be
02:33 thoroughly examined if we would ever to be fit
02:37 for the Kingdom of God. But before we listen to
02:40 today's message let's visit the 3ABN worship
02:43 center and listen to Brother Rudy Micelli
02:46 as he sings, "I live For You".
03:10 I was lost in darkness
03:14 Never knowing where to turn
03:19 I thought I had all the answers
03:23 But I had so much to learn
03:28 Like a child I had gone astray
03:33 Trying to make it on my own
03:38 Like a father You embraced me
03:43 And You showed the way back home
03:47 And Now that I know the truth that you proclaim
03:57 I will keep trusting You to fill
04:01 me up 'til only You remain
04:06 And I will not rest until my every
04:11 word brings glory to Your name
04:16 In all that I am, in all that I do,
04:20 I live for You
04:41 Only You could save me From the debt I had to pay
04:50 And now I want to tell the world
04:55 The difference You have made
04:59 You have changed the way I live and love
05:05 And made my heart brand new
05:09 Now that we are joined together
05:14 I know I'm nothing without You
05:18 And Now that I know the truth that you proclaim
05:28 I will keep trusting You to fill
05:32 me up 'til only You remain
05:37 And I will not rest until my every
05:42 word brings glory to Your name
05:47 In all that I am, in all that I do,
05:51 I live for You
05:57 And Now that I know the truth that you proclaim
06:06 Lord I will keep trusting You to fill
06:10 me up 'til only You remain
06:16 And I will not rest until my every
06:21 word brings glory to Your name
06:25 In all that I am, in that I do,
06:30 I live for You In all that I am,
06:38 in that I do, I live for You
07:01 Here I am I live for You.
07:13 Thanks for joining us again,
07:18 we have a good study in line for you today
07:20 but make sure you get a pencil paper get your
07:23 Bible out because I want you to test to see
07:26 whether these things will be sold.
07:27 But before we study scripture what
07:29 is our habit, we'll go to God in prayer.
07:31 So why don't you where you can kneel
07:33 with me as we pray together.
07:35 And loving heavenly Father we thank you for
07:41 the privilege of prayer we thank you that we have
07:44 a heavenly father who cares for us.
07:45 Today we invite the Holy Spirit to come near to
07:49 our hearts in our lives touch each and
07:51 everyone of us, our ears maybe opened that
07:53 we may hear a word in this season that
07:56 would change our life and equip us for your
07:58 soon coming. Father we pray for
08:00 everyone that views, that listens around
08:03 the world, whatever means that
08:07 you see fit the hearts and lives will be changed
08:08 not for just today but for eternity,
08:10 thank you for this privilege to lift
08:12 up to Jesus, in your name we pray, amen.
08:18 Again we have a lot of material to cover so
08:19 we're gonna go as quickly as we can
08:21 because this is dynamite. We talked about in our
08:25 first two messages that we have about the
08:27 necessity of preparing to meet Jesus and there
08:31 are qualifications to receiving the latter rain.
08:36 Now if we do not receive the latter rain we are
08:39 not going through the time of trouble and we
08:41 certainly are not going to be able to
08:42 go to heaven. So this is we call it life
08:45 and death. The important of this
08:46 subject we can not you now overestimate.
08:50 We need to pay special attention to this
08:52 subject today. And we're gonna be talking
08:55 about living up to all the light that God has
08:58 has given to us. So I ask you this question,
09:00 are you living up to everything that you
09:02 know to be truth, if not God's not going
09:06 to give us any more light.
09:08 We have to live up to it. So we are challenged
09:11 with that and we're gonna have to ask God's
09:12 guidance to help us on it. You know those who are
09:15 living up to the light can expect that God is
09:19 going to shine on the pathway greater light
09:21 especially in these closing scenes of
09:24 earth's history. I want to know how
09:28 near it is to the coming of Jesus don't you?
09:30 I want to be prepared and this is part of
09:33 being prepared to receive the latter rain.
09:35 Are we qualified and are we living up to
09:38 that light? I'm going to start
09:40 with a passage there in Ninth Testimonies 182,
09:43 I'm going to read this to you and I want you to
09:46 pay special attention to it. It says,
09:48 The Lord brings His erring children over the
09:51 same ground. Now why does God
09:53 bring us over and over the same ground, notice,
09:56 again and again, but if they continually
09:59 fail to heed the admonitions of His Spirit,
10:02 if they fail to reform on every point where they
10:08 have erred, He will finally leaven
10:10 them to their own weakness.
10:13 What is God telling us here?
10:14 He takes us over and over to the same ground so
10:17 that we may do what, good gain the victory.
10:20 If we're not gaining the victory he leads us
10:21 again and again and again and finally if we
10:24 just really don't care anymore he just finally
10:27 leaves us to our own weaknesses.
10:29 That means we're not going to be saved in
10:31 God's Kingdom. You know the
10:33 Book of John, chapter 12 verse 35 it says,
10:36 we need to walk in the light you know and if
10:39 we don't we're going to what,
10:40 darkness is going to over take us.
10:43 So we need to be walking while the light is
10:45 shining on the path right now.
10:47 If we could only in our mind say God help me to
10:50 understand the hour in which we are living,
10:52 how close we are to the coming of Jesus and the
10:56 necessity of God's people waking up.
10:58 We have a message to give that is specific
11:01 message to give to the world.
11:03 It is a message that will prepare people to
11:05 meet Jesus. It's not going to
11:07 be an easy one; it's going to be a very
11:09 challenging message that God is asking us to
11:12 give that message. Now Jesus gave
11:14 instructions when someone will say well you know
11:17 we shake the dust off our feet,
11:18 I want you to pay special attention to this,
11:21 because when Jesus gave the 12 instructions as he
11:25 sent them out to different locations,
11:27 notice what Jesus said Matthew 10 verse 14 so
11:30 you are writing these things down I'm sure.
11:32 And it says, whosoever shall not receive you,
11:35 nor hear your words. Notice, when ye depart
11:39 out of that house or of the city,
11:42 shake off the dust of your feet,
11:45 what does that mean? Some people say well
11:47 we are just gonna shake off the dust,
11:49 we are just gonna leave them.
11:50 Jesus said if they're not going to hear and I'm
11:53 challenging with that, if you're not
11:54 going to hear, if you're not going
11:56 to listen what maybe the result.
11:58 Jesus said shake off the dust off your feet.
12:01 I got to thinking about that Ecclesiastes chapter
12:04 3 verse 20 says this all are of the dust,
12:09 all shall return to dust. So on looking this,
12:13 okay what is God saying shake off the dust of
12:15 your feet here, so man then equals what dust,
12:19 that's what the Bible said, earth, clay and in
12:22 Genesis 2:7 Jesus says that man is made
12:25 out of what, good, the dust of the earth or the
12:28 elements of the earth. And so Jesus says in
12:30 Matthew 10 verse 14, shake off, listen,
12:34 the whitewash. Shake off the lime,
12:38 shake off the loose dirt, or the rubbish of man.
12:44 The time comes the man says I am not
12:45 going to hear, I am not going to obey
12:47 Jesus says you're going to have to lead him alone
12:50 and we're gonna after go to the highways and
12:51 byways and get what people are interested in
12:54 the word. See we cannot whore
12:57 against the spirit. There're some people
13:00 when they hear the message they begin to whore
13:02 against those who are giving the message they
13:03 begin to whore against God,
13:05 we can't do that. God brings the message
13:08 in fact Jesus said this in Matthew 10:34,
13:10 He said this is interesting;
13:12 I came not to bring peace but a sword.
13:15 Have you ever thought about that?
13:17 He said I came well not to bring peace,
13:20 but a sword. Because that sword
13:23 rightly divides and separates even in the
13:26 family sometime, when the truth comes,
13:29 one will accept it the other will not accept it.
13:32 Testimonies to Ministries 507 gives this
13:34 statement boys it powerful, it says,
13:37 there must be no neglect of the grace represented
13:41 by the former rain. Only those who are living
13:45 up to the light they have, that's our subject
13:48 for today, will receive greater light.
13:52 Unless we are daily advancing in the
13:56 exemplifications, what is that mean,
13:59 that means showing by example of the active
14:03 Christian virtues, this is important
14:04 stay with me, we shall not recognize that
14:07 means we are not going to be identify,
14:10 we are not going to be able to know in detail
14:12 the manifestations of the Holy Spirit in
14:16 the latter rain. Now that is lot said but
14:19 I want you to think about that we are going to
14:21 be talking quickly about Active Christian Virtues.
14:27 Have you thought about that,
14:29 Active Christian Virtues, what are then what part
14:32 do they play in our relationship with
14:34 Christ and being prepared to receive
14:36 the latter rain. I hope you are gonna
14:38 catch this point here, in several of them we
14:40 want to see. Because we are
14:41 going to be looking at these active Christian
14:43 virtues and what they develop in us.
14:47 When I think about a character of God I think
14:50 about the coming of Jesus and what's going to be
14:52 qualified to repopulate heaven I think always
14:55 about the seal of God. The seal of God in
14:58 the forehead, see here in these last days we must
15:02 realize that the seal and I'm gonna make a big
15:04 statement here some people not gonna understand
15:07 this but many of you are but God's gonna put the
15:10 seal in the forehead of those who keep all of the
15:14 commandments including the Seventh-day Sabbath.
15:17 He can't seal anyone here in the last days that
15:19 are living unless what by God's grace keeping all
15:22 the commandment including the
15:23 Seventh-day Sabbath. Now the fourth commandment
15:26 have what it's a sign and the seal, isn't of God.
15:30 He is our creator, isn't He: He is our redeemer,
15:32 He is our sustainer, He is the head of
15:35 this world. It has the seal in it.
15:39 And so God wants us to keep that.
15:41 And you know the Sabbath is a sign,
15:43 Ezekiel 31:13 tells us right,
15:45 it's a sign between God and us especially here
15:48 in the last days. And so we see the
15:50 righteous living, righteous is going to
15:52 receive that seal of the living God you see.
15:56 And so we need to be ready because God is
15:59 wanting to pour His spirit out upon us.
16:03 In the Second Peter 1 and verse 3 I want you pay
16:06 attention to this, because active Christian
16:08 virtues pay, it's such a very important
16:11 part here in our Christian experience and I
16:14 think maybe some of us have overlooked it.
16:17 Second Peter 1 verse 3, let me read it to you,
16:20 it says, his divine power hath given unto us
16:22 all things. Now all things were given
16:25 by what by his divine power that pertains to
16:28 life and godliness, through the knowledge
16:33 of Him that hath called us to glory.
16:36 What is this glory? Glory deals with dignity,
16:39 it deals with honor, it deals with worship and
16:43 it deals with virtue. What are these we're
16:46 talking about Christian graces and Christian
16:48 virtue here, virtue is excellence.
16:52 It's praise to expiate sin or to what make the
16:57 means for wrong doings. That's very interesting.
17:00 God wants us to make a means for what,
17:03 for wrong doings. Now I wonder how many
17:08 of your are closing in on this thought.
17:11 God is saying that here before He comes
17:13 where may, some of us going to
17:15 have to make some amends we are going to have
17:17 to take some things we done wrong and we're
17:19 gonna have to make them right before
17:21 he comes back. We're going to have
17:22 get rid of sin out of our life and too many
17:25 people are playing with sin today and they think
17:28 it's really not really big issue,
17:30 but it's a big issue, it's a life and
17:32 death issue. Second Peter 1
17:34 verse 5 it says, we are to add
17:38 notice this we are to our faith virtue and to
17:41 virtue knowledge. And so in
17:45 Second Peter 1:4 these virtues are these graces
17:51 I want you pay attention it has to do with
17:52 character development and receiving
17:53 the latter rain. You may not think but
17:55 I believe we will get this as we study
17:57 along together. Here's what Second
17:59 Peter 1:4 says, it says, that by these,
18:02 talking about these virtues,
18:05 that by these we might be partakers of what,
18:09 of divine nature. How important is that
18:12 for us to be partakers of divine nature.
18:16 By these what, by these Christian graces
18:19 that will be partake, so if we don't know what
18:21 these graces we need to find out.
18:24 In fact it's very simple; answer is to
18:26 be like Jesus. How does that take
18:28 place as we study the word of God?
18:32 See it becomes clear in order for us then to be
18:34 like Jesus we must receive these graces,
18:38 these graces are enabling power.
18:42 Now think about it, enabling graces that
18:44 empowers us to overcome what? Good. Sin.
18:47 To overcome the corruption that's in the world
18:50 through lust, Second Peter 1:4
18:53 talks about. And so I think it
18:55 behooves us to study these graces,
18:59 or these virtues. The Desire of Ages makes,
19:03 just a beautiful statement on page of 391.
19:06 It says, by the transforming agency of
19:10 His grace, that image of God is reproduced
19:15 in his disciples. Now how important is
19:18 what I am talking about, how important is it,
19:20 it's by the transforming agency of his grace
19:24 that the image of God. This is what is all about,
19:27 only those going to heaven, what,
19:29 image of Jesus. That they thought let
19:33 Him do the thinking for them,
19:35 he lives out his life through them,
19:38 and it's by graces here. So you know let us
19:41 list some of these virtues or some of these
19:44 graces today. It's said that we need
19:48 to give in Second Peter 1:5 if you have your
19:50 Bible you just need to turn there and there's
19:51 all kind of, and we'll mention them in just a
19:52 moment go through them, it says,
19:54 give all diligence how many of us really giving
19:57 100 percent to the cause of Christ.
20:00 How many of us really feel the calling of
20:02 the Holy Spirit. How many of us have
20:03 a real desire to be like Jesus.
20:06 That means daily diligence.
20:09 Are we doing daily, or we just one time when
20:11 we go to church and maybe we put for the little
20:14 effort we want, one time a week.
20:19 This giving a diligence here and we have to be
20:21 strong to resist evil. See God's wanting to
20:26 give us this strength and this power that we may
20:28 resist the evil one here. See temptation has to
20:32 be met and it has to be what,
20:35 it has to be defeated, a victory has to be gain.
20:38 And what I like about it, with each victory we
20:41 become stronger and stronger.
20:44 So every time God wants to give us the grace
20:46 to do that, that we maybe what
20:48 complete in him. More strength to
20:51 resist the next temptation that's just around the
20:54 corner and you better believe,
20:56 that it is just around the corner.
20:58 We need God, we need his strength.
21:01 Bible goes on and said we, this is,
21:03 we're gonna do some adding here.
21:05 It says well we need to be diligent and we
21:07 need to add our faith virtue,
21:10 and to virtue knowledge and to knowledge
21:12 temperance and patience, and Godliness and
21:15 kindness and charity. Now remember these
21:19 are what virtues, these are Christian graces,
21:21 these are the things that must be in the
21:24 Christian in order for us to be change into the
21:27 image of God. You cannot just throw one
21:30 of these out and say well I have the majority
21:32 of them here but I'm missing little here.
21:34 We've got to have them all to be like Jesus.
21:37 What does that really mean?
21:39 Second Peter 1:9 adds this, listen, but he that
21:43 lacketh these things is blind.
21:47 The Bible is clear if we lack these virtues,
21:49 these graces we are blind. Let's thy set just
21:53 a little bit, these steps that we
21:55 must take in order to what,
21:57 to perfection of character. I know you wanna do
22:01 that and I wanted to, this is a learning process,
22:04 this is a teaching that many people
22:06 overlook today. See after a person
22:09 we take the first step, after a person receives
22:12 the faith of the Gospel, but they just
22:14 embarrassed the Gospel and give their life to
22:16 Jesus Christ we must seek to add,
22:19 notice this, virtues or of what principles
22:23 to our lives. So faith is the first
22:27 step on the ladder to heaven.
22:30 Friend you have faith today?
22:32 Oh we know Hebrews 11:6, it says without faith
22:34 is what it's impossible to please God.
22:38 We have to be able to believe that He is we
22:43 must believe in God. Friend you have that
22:47 believe today or you always in doubt or you
22:50 find it's very difficult to believe.
22:55 See we can't just stop here the
22:57 Bible contingence, the Bible goes here and
22:58 says and add to your faith, notice this virtue.
23:04 What is really virtue, we've talked about it
23:06 and mentioned it several times what are,
23:07 what is a virtue? Virtue means what?
23:09 Excellence. God said that to the Christian
23:12 character we need some excellence of character.
23:15 That needs to become our foundation as we are
23:19 growing to be like Jesus.
23:21 In fact First Peter 2:5, it talks about the
23:24 foundation on which the rest of the
23:26 house is built. The rest of the house
23:29 is built upon what the platform or the foundation
23:32 of virtue or excellence in the Christian walk.
23:37 See Christ virtues must be blended then
23:40 with what, with our characters
23:43 where obedience becomes as natural as breathing.
23:48 Oh that's different for some, isn't it?
23:50 Natural as breathing. Now for those who try
23:54 and some people do to make excuses for the lack
23:57 of the spiritual knowledge or understanding
24:00 you're gonna be in trouble,
24:02 I'm gonna be in trouble if this is,
24:03 my thoughts for day. The Bible says add to
24:07 your virtue knowledge. What he is talking about
24:10 here our knowledge. Certainly to gain all
24:13 of the knowledge we can in this life,
24:15 we know we are to study the Bible says now
24:18 I'm talking about spiritual things here.
24:20 Second Timothy 2:15 to show ourselves approved
24:24 unto God, and in these last days oh dear friend
24:29 God is going to work out of the ordinary.
24:33 He is going to do supernatural things,
24:35 he is going to use people that some people say
24:37 all they're not usable material or all they're
24:40 not qualified, God's qualifies men.
24:43 It doesn't take man to qualify man,
24:45 God qualifies, God touches,
24:47 God reaches down and equips a individual to do
24:50 a work for him. He is not going to be
24:53 working in the usual channels that everybody is
24:55 always talking about. He is going to use
24:58 ordinary men and women and children to give the
25:01 Gospel of Jesus Christ. Those of you respond
25:05 to the power of the Holy Spirit,
25:07 God's going to use. In fact the Bible says if
25:11 any of you lack, because it says we
25:12 need knowledge, if any of you lack wisdom
25:14 in James 1 verse 5, what do we to do,
25:17 we'd ask God and He's going to give it to us.
25:20 It's not going to be all jumbled up and
25:22 all brighter, this going to be what
25:23 very clear, and very simple and
25:25 to the point and we can all understanding.
25:28 In fact the Book of Psalms 111 and verse
25:31 10 it says, the fear and you know this,
25:33 the fear of the Lord is what,
25:34 is the beginning of wisdom, good,
25:38 and I like that, and it says a good
25:41 understanding have they that do his commandments.
25:45 Very few people read the second part,
25:48 it says a good understanding have
25:49 they that do his commandment and
25:52 then the Hebrew when you look about a good
25:54 understanding, you know what that means,
25:55 that means a good success. The Christian has a
26:00 good success as they by God's grace do his
26:04 commandments do you want to have success about,
26:07 okay, God I want to do your commandments.
26:10 You know Jesus used unlearned fishermen.
26:14 He's took them right out of that,
26:15 you know the fishermen, He just called them up
26:17 and said I want to use you, follow me.
26:21 He set the example. But notice what happened,
26:26 before changes took place they had to have
26:29 contact with Jesus but I want this to make sense,
26:32 we're talking about, we're being perfect,
26:33 being like Jesus. He removed sin out
26:36 of our life. Disciples had an awful life,
26:38 God chosen right where they were at,
26:40 but as they had contact with Jesus,
26:43 they became able, they became efficient,
26:46 they became powerful witnesses for him.
26:49 And so I'm telling you today and myself we need
26:52 contact with Jesus. We need that daily
26:56 devotion, we need that prayer time.
26:59 But again the Bible says we're adding here as we
27:01 continue on, it says we're adding
27:03 to knowledge temperance. Now I'm gonna try go
27:06 quicker temperance. This is the third step on the
27:09 latter of perfection. You remember these graces,
27:14 these virtues helped to develop what the perfect
27:16 the character and so now we're going to add
27:19 that we must be temperate the Bible says and how
27:22 many things, good. First Corinthians 9:25,
27:26 every man that striveth for the mastery is what,
27:31 temperate in all things. Friend,
27:36 are you temperate in all things?
27:38 Or do you find yourself intemperate.
27:41 We find ourselves you know we say hot sometime
27:43 and cold sometime and indifferent,
27:45 we're to be temperate in every aspect of life
27:49 that's what the Bible said. You save you,
27:51 we've entered into the Gospel race if you will.
27:56 Therefore we must refrain from all the
27:59 indulgences that whore against the soul.
28:04 See the devil is throwing out all these
28:06 indulgences, there's a whore, there's a battle,
28:07 there's a fight that's going on.
28:09 Everyday of your life it's nearly indulgent.
28:12 The whoring against the soul and they want
28:13 to conquer, now Praise God.
28:17 We serve one just greater. But we, we must resist
28:23 the old enemy as he comes to us,
28:24 we must keep strict God over our passions
28:28 and over our, I'll be careful Kenny,
28:30 over our apatite, our passions and our
28:34 apatite the Bible says the temperate in what good
28:38 all thing. And you say well what all these
28:40 passions and so on so far, these are these evil
28:43 perplexities that we have, these are all the
28:46 natural man here, natural tendencies
28:50 that we have but have to again you can't say well
28:54 I was born over here I was born like this
28:55 and this, this is why I'm like I am,
28:57 we have to whore against these things,
29:00 there's a battle going on for the soul.
29:04 You see we have to be kept in the best possible
29:07 condition that we maybe victorious.
29:11 First Corinthians 9 you write these down
29:13 First Corinthians 9:27, Paul said that, he said,
29:16 But I keep under my body, and I bring it under
29:20 what subjection. See he understood the
29:24 importance of keeping healthy, be able to find,
29:27 be able to see what the enemy was doing right
29:29 there and be able to be temper in all things you
29:31 know what this mean, simply say no.
29:34 We can say no we understand something
29:36 but we can say no and we can move out from that.
29:39 Oh friend the things in this life that we could,
29:43 we just put them on a shelf over here and we
29:46 just leave them over here, oh how much happier
29:48 that we would be. We just make the right
29:51 choices that we just fight it,
29:52 if we just push it to the gate.
29:54 How many of us don't just give up.
29:57 Friend I will tell you it's lift up to us to
29:59 search the scriptures. Let somebody else
30:03 search him, some of you are relying on the
30:05 pastor to search the scripture for you,
30:07 oh don't trust him to do that,
30:09 you got to get in and study for yourself.
30:12 It's for us to bring our habits into our harmony
30:16 with the teachings of the Bible.
30:19 Somebody say well I had this habit.
30:21 Now you take that habit and you have to look to
30:23 see what God's word says about that habit and
30:25 then bring it what in line with the Bible not
30:27 what someone else is telling you.
30:30 And again we do some adding.
30:31 The Bible says again we add to temperance,
30:33 oh, oh, look at patience, ohh this hits a lot
30:36 of us, patience. So we can see the
30:39 importance of temperance, how can we see the
30:42 importance of temperance when it's connected
30:44 with patience, how is that?
30:46 Listen an intemperate man cannot be patient.
30:52 What? An Intemperate man cannot be patient.
30:56 We must learn to be, now this is for me,
30:59 maybe it's for some of you,
31:01 but I want you to pay attention to three little
31:02 quick points here, if you are not patient
31:04 and you want to learn to be patient.
31:07 The Bible is clear that we must be,
31:08 must have the character of Jesus.
31:11 First thing is that, how can I learn to be
31:14 patient and listen you have to, number one,
31:17 know yourself. You have to know that you might
31:22 be know quick with an answer sometime your
31:24 tongue maybe pretty sharp, and you know that can
31:27 be dangerous. And so our first point is what,
31:31 know yourself, know your temperament
31:33 and be on God. Don't put yourself in
31:37 situations where you know might be little bit too
31:39 much for you. Number two,
31:41 you must desire to acquire patience.
31:44 You must be saying, oh I want to have pay;
31:46 you must be determine to gain patience by the
31:50 grace of God. Then three comes into play here,
31:54 ask God for the grace and the strength.
31:57 What James 1:3 says, the trying of your
32:01 faith worketh, what? Patience. The what?
32:04 The trying of your faith worketh patience.
32:08 We have to have the patience dear friends.
32:11 Have you ever heard that James 5:11 says
32:14 we must have the patience of Job,
32:17 oh dear friend listen Revelation 14:12 says,
32:20 the Bible said, here is the patience
32:21 of the saints. Those who repopulate
32:24 heaven will have mastered this what? Patience.
32:28 Boy it's the trying of my what,
32:31 faith that gives what, the patience.
32:35 As your faith and tried lately.
32:36 So what is the patience here?
32:41 Patience of the saints, that means those
32:44 who remain, that means those you,
32:45 those who are endure, that means those who
32:47 are consistent, those who are hopeful,
32:50 those who are cheerful, those who have fortitude,
32:53 that's what it talks about the patience
32:55 of the saints. Friend do you have that
32:56 fortitude, do you have that patience today,
32:59 do you have hopefulness are you consistent in
33:01 your walk with Jesus. And again the Bible
33:04 says we need to add again patience to what
33:07 Godliness. First Timothy 6:11, it says,
33:12 we are to follow after righteousness and what,
33:16 Godliness. See how can we follow after Godliness
33:19 when we're running around at night,
33:21 we're in the places where we shouldn't
33:22 be drinking, eating and doing
33:23 and talking and acting out,
33:25 things that are of the devil,
33:27 friend we're not going to make it the heaven
33:28 that way, it says follow after what,
33:30 righteousness or right doing and after Godliness.
33:34 He wants us to be like Him.
33:38 How do we obtain this the grace of Godliness?
33:44 How do we obtain a Godly character? Oh friend,
33:49 the answer starts out very simple here,
33:52 is that we first, we first have to have
33:55 a close connection with him.
33:57 How is your connection? You know sometime we
34:00 have connection on the phone and we can just
34:02 someone called me the other day and I
34:03 talking to him, I heard about every
34:05 3rd or 4th word and it couldn't seem beginning
34:07 clear in the head, things on their heart
34:09 and I just, I couldn't hardly hear
34:10 and become almost frustrating,
34:14 because I couldn't hear enough to try to give
34:15 a proper answer and it was just like a
34:17 fight going back, the devil is trying to
34:19 take out some words you don't hear everything.
34:22 He is trying to frustrate you and frustrate me.
34:25 We need to have a clear connection when God
34:28 speaks to the power of the Holy Spirit,
34:30 that we know that God has spoken.
34:32 Friend you know that God has spoken,
34:35 you know that God has called you.
34:37 Do you know that God's appointed a place for
34:39 you to work? A work to dude,
34:42 win souls into the kingdom, you have to know.
34:46 You have to know that you're part of the
34:48 family of God. You have to study
34:50 the pattern, have you been
34:52 studying the pattern. The pattern is
34:55 Jesus Christ, it's not the preacher,
34:56 it's not the evangelist, not the deacon elder in
34:59 the church, the pattern is Jesus Christ.
35:03 It's not people, oh we got people
35:04 in high positions, well that's good,
35:06 praise God, let's pray for them
35:08 but let me tell you, they're not your pattern,
35:09 they're not my pattern. In my Christian walk I
35:12 need to keep my eyes focused upon Jesus,
35:14 I need a Godly character as I study God
35:19 will help me, study that pattern
35:21 now you say how do you do it? Quick, like this,
35:23 study this, do you know how you study the
35:25 pattern of God? You do it.
35:27 Do you know how somebody lays brick? Somebody,
35:29 you brick layers out there,
35:30 yes, laid some, yes. You do a what,
35:33 somebody say a brick at a time,
35:34 that's exactly right. Yours not just change,
35:37 it bricked of time, if you lay that brick,
35:40 one after the one ahead pretty soon what,
35:42 you're building that wall, you're building
35:44 that character. You say we have,
35:48 I need some more. We less give thought
35:53 to the merits of Jesus Christ,
35:55 we think upon the life of Jesus and the things
35:59 that he accomplish and how his life and how he
36:02 dealt with people and the message that he was
36:04 giving and how he cared and how he loved
36:06 people of what, a brick at a time.
36:09 And all of a sudden we see that,
36:10 we want our life to be like that,
36:13 you say well how can I have this Godly character?
36:15 Listen, it is obtained by being obedient to God.
36:22 Your life obedience plays a part here.
36:24 Oh it's a big part, absolutely, it does.
36:28 And if you want have that Godly characters going
36:30 to take a, a faith, a strong faith in God.
36:34 Let's stick to it. Stay with it,
36:37 regardless of who says what or somebody
36:39 talking about, it doesn't matter.
36:41 Keep your eyes fixed upon Jesus.
36:43 Now let's put this in that to all quickly.
36:46 A little book called 2nd Selected
36:47 Messages page 161, as we bottled them together
36:51 help us understand this paragraph.
36:53 It says perfection of character is
36:55 attained what, perfection of what,
36:58 see this you may hear it dozens of time.
37:02 You see, but don't let it get old because this
37:06 is what it was all about, perfection of what,
37:09 of character and it's not, listen,
37:12 it's not a make belief perfection.
37:14 It's a real perfection in Jesus Christ,
37:18 its living Godly life. It's exercising these
37:21 Christian virtues, these graces,
37:23 in our life that transforms our character.
37:27 Oh God how I need that, my pray that you say
37:31 oh I need that God I need that,
37:33 I've got to have it. Perfection of character
37:37 is attained through exercise or the faculties
37:40 of the mind, in what in a supreme test.
37:45 You think you've been through some supreme test.
37:48 Wow. And by the obedience to every requirements
37:54 of God's law. Men in positions of trust,
37:59 I'm reading here again from Page 161,
38:02 Men in positions of trust are to be
38:03 instrumentalities in the hands of God for
38:06 promoting His glory, in performing their duties
38:10 with utmost faithfulness. Listen.
38:14 That they may attain the perfection of Christ,
38:18 or perfection of character.
38:21 The duties that you have do it what to the,
38:23 to the honor and the glory of God,
38:25 lift up the name of Jesus. Oh friend I'm so
38:29 thankful today that God does it, weight that,
38:31 the character in the human scales.
38:35 Realize how many people would ban you
38:36 from heaven, if they've had the
38:38 opportunity saving the place of God,
38:40 well you can go, you can go I like
38:42 you I don't like you praise God,
38:43 that's not the way that it operates.
38:47 When we're living on the brink, on the edges
38:49 of eternity, we've been going through these,
38:53 we're doing these the series here,
38:55 are you qualified to receive the latter rain,
38:58 we've been doing and going over some charts.
39:01 You see some charts, we talk about the
39:03 time line of prophetic events,
39:06 this will you to understand.
39:09 We stared back in 457 B.C we go to the
39:11 1000 years, now 2nd coming close of probation,
39:14 Sunday law, and all the things that's
39:17 going to take place, you need to understand this,
39:19 you need to follow these things,
39:21 we can understand what takes place because God
39:24 is going to sealing his people.
39:26 He is finished the work and He wants to
39:28 come back. Oh friend what a hour in
39:33 which we live, we, listen we need today
39:36 to start connecting the spiritual dots.
39:40 You will, you see these little,
39:41 you start getting the dots and you connect those
39:42 dots together it's starts to develop a picture
39:45 here as we connect them together.
39:47 Why, why the concern over the perfection of
39:51 character? See why, why the concern.
39:55 Let me just go back just for a few minutes.
39:57 The, even as a child some of these passages
40:00 bothered me. Let me just give you one,
40:03 this is very familiar to all of you but almost
40:06 everybody I talked to they just right it all,
40:08 they just throw it out. How can you throw out
40:12 any part of scripture? Either God means
40:15 what He says where He doesn't,
40:17 Matthew chapter 5 verse 48 the Bible says,
40:20 Be ye therefore what, perfect,
40:22 eve as your Father which already in heaven
40:25 is perfect. Perfect means perfect,
40:29 God is perfect. You know what as it
40:32 looked on, I heard this rain,
40:34 I thought boy you know what,
40:35 what does really mean? I was taught as a young
40:39 person in home that we should believe every
40:42 word of God, we read from the Bible.
40:45 And that's a good teaching, praise God,
40:47 you know we need to read the word of God,
40:49 and we need to by faith just accept it as its
40:52 written in the word. Praise the Lord,
40:55 this is what it's all about. We talked about
40:57 without faith, is it impossible to please God,
41:00 we need to read the word and then quick trying
41:02 to change it. When the pastor,
41:04 we read in Matthew 5:48, be perfect as the
41:07 Father which already in heaven is,
41:08 don't try to change the word and sense simply
41:11 say like when I was around a,
41:12 people who were talking about this subject
41:15 and this passage here's what they said three
41:17 things and I tell you, friend that I don't
41:19 agree with the three at all,
41:20 but here's what they said. They simply said that,
41:24 it says that just do the best that
41:26 you possibly can. It's going to be alright.
41:29 That's it's Bible said be perfect as the Father
41:31 which already in heaven. And I've heard others
41:34 say well it really no one can be perfect on this
41:37 earth so don't try to be perfect,
41:39 it's not going to happen and the other said,
41:42 just kind do the best you can and it's going to
41:44 be good enough. Is that really what
41:46 scripture says, is that really are we
41:48 trying to change things. Accept it by faith
41:52 and as thinking as a child and as adult later on
41:55 life I'm thinking about there's the Bible give us
41:58 a picture of perfection and that is attainable
42:02 through Jesus Christ I believe, it does.
42:04 As we go back to creation we realize everything
42:07 that God did was what? Was perfect when he
42:09 created it. And then we go back in the beginning
42:12 Adam and Eve, before sin came what,
42:14 they were perfect that they were created.
42:17 And then we know even Satan was perfect until
42:19 iniquity was found in him.
42:21 Jesus the perfect example. Praise God for that.
42:26 And you know God requires that of us today to
42:29 be perfect even as Jesus is perfect, now.
42:33 Let's go back to this perfect spotless deal that
42:37 we've been talking about here which is a church.
42:40 He said I'm coming back after what,
42:41 a church without spot or wrinkle or
42:43 any suchthing. It found in
42:46 Ephesians 5 verse 27, then also in Second
42:49 Corinthians 11:2 tells us, that I may present
42:52 you as a what, a chaste virgin to Christ.
42:56 Second Peter 3:14, it says be diligent
42:59 that ye may be found in him,
43:01 notice the words in peace, and without spot,
43:04 and blameless. So it sounds to me even
43:07 though in discussion people try to say well it
43:09 doesn't really mean that, it means exactly what
43:12 it says, God means exactly what He says.
43:16 Little book called Sons and Daughters of God,
43:18 page 138 says, The Lord can accept nothing short
43:22 of perfection of character, wholeness to God.
43:26 Any half-hearted service will testify before the
43:30 heavenly intelligence that you have failed to
43:33 copy the pattern. It says here is I'm reading
43:36 this and I'm thinking it through and I want you
43:38 to think through those of you at home.
43:40 Think it through, Christ is our pattern isn't He?
43:43 He is the one that we are to look to and it's
43:46 very easily to see that if we fail to copy the
43:50 pattern of Jesus all of heaven knows that.
43:53 Well we're not gonna be allowed into the Kingdom,
43:55 are we that way? Let me just give you
43:58 one more quote, it goes along what we've been
44:01 talking about here found in First testimony 619,
44:04 page 619 notice, it talks about the refreshing.
44:07 Now the refreshing has to do we've been talking
44:09 about what latter rain and talk about the early
44:11 rain but notice what I reads, the refreshing
44:14 talking about the latter rain or the power from
44:18 God comes only to those who have prepared
44:22 themselves. Now who doesn't come,
44:24 who does refreshing come? It comes to those who
44:28 have prepared themselves for it by doing the
44:31 work which God bids them. So there's a work
44:34 to be done, we have to be doing the work
44:36 that God bids us to do and then He is preparing,
44:39 or preparing ourselves. Now what does it mean
44:41 preparing ourselves? Namely as I read on,
44:44 it says, cleansing themselves from all
44:46 filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting
44:51 holiness in the fear of God. So the Bible is very
44:55 clear then we need to be what perfecting
44:57 holiness in the fear of God. We need to be get
45:00 ready of what, of sin out of our life,
45:03 filthiness, the Bible calls it of the flesh.
45:06 Oh dear friend, God is very clear of what those
45:09 who was gonna take to heaven with Him.
45:11 Now let's try to know hese words you hear
45:13 quickly for our time runs out. It says we add
45:17 brotherly kindness, how many of us really
45:20 love our brothers and sisters, are we really
45:21 doing everything that we possibly can to be a
45:24 soul winner. Are we doing everything we can
45:26 to give this Gospel preach into the world for
45:29 Jesus where he can come back.
45:31 Do you really have that brotherly kindness,
45:34 do you have that compassion for your
45:36 brother and your sister, those who are going
45:37 through a mess. Even compassion upon those we
45:40 finds persons stumbles, they fall into sin,
45:42 and you know as Christians we turn and run the
45:44 other way rather than run toward them because
45:47 they need help. That's following the example
45:50 of Jesus when the Bible says he left the 99 and
45:54 went out to find that one lost sheep.
45:56 We have a lot to learn dear friend we like Jesus,
45:59 so that we can enter into the portals of glory.
46:03 We have compassion one toward another.
46:05 Love for us the way that Jesus loved us.
46:10 You know this is, kind of comes into
46:12 my mind if we are unkind to others in this life
46:16 we would be unkind in heaven, wouldn't we?
46:19 If we unkind down here sure, and what if,
46:22 you know, we always want to have our own way
46:25 down here. You know somebody,
46:26 I want to have my own way. You want to have your
46:29 own way, here do you know something, you would
46:33 want your own way in heaven. Now that's really
46:38 good food for fought. So that has to go,
46:41 self and what, has to die. We must be willing
46:44 as Philippians 2:3 says, Let nothing be done in
46:49 what vainglory; and but what in lowliness of mind
46:53 notice esteeming others higher than ourselves.
46:56 Well that's difficult to do isn't what a
46:58 challenge is to esteem others higher than
47:01 ourselves. And you know what this is only
47:04 possible through Jesus Christ, it's possible
47:07 through Him. Philippians 2:5 says what let this
47:10 mind be and you what, which was also good in
47:14 Christ Jesus. You know that this is, this is
47:17 a good reminder and there's no longer our mind
47:19 what, the mind of Jesus. You know Christian love
47:23 and Christian behavior must be follow according
47:26 to First Thessalonians 5:12 and 13 let me read
47:30 that for you, it says, we beseech you, brethren
47:32 to know them which labour among you,
47:34 listen carefully, and are over you in the Lord,
47:38 and admonish you; to esteem them very high in
47:42 love for their work's sake. And be at peace
47:46 among yourselves. Friend, we have a lot to learn
47:49 in preparing for the Kingdom of God, you want
47:51 that latter rain experience and that
47:53 perfection of character is a must.
47:55 And we have to be able to follow what
47:57 our example. Brotherly kindness,
48:00 it says what and then love. We need to be
48:04 very careful that we climb this ladder of
48:07 Christian graces, that we may not trust ever to
48:12 human power but in the power of God,
48:14 in the wisdom of God, accompanies by the angels
48:18 of heaven, the power of the Holy Spirit we
48:19 are more than conquerors through Jesus Christ.
48:23 He's promised that I'll begin this good work in
48:25 you and I'll begin it and He's going to what,
48:27 He's going to be completed, how can we
48:29 thank that we are not going to reach standard
48:31 in which God has for his people when he says I'll
48:33 begin the work and I'm going to finish the work.
48:36 Well that tells me right quick that it,
48:37 there's gonna be a people who will be like Him.
48:40 You want to be one of those, we're gonna have
48:43 to commit ourselves to him. True love.
48:46 You know the world doesn't understand what
48:48 true love, true love is, is powerful.
48:51 True love can change a life. True love can have a
48:54 powerful influence over someone upon others.
48:58 True love can change actions and thoughts and
49:00 even motives. And you know what we should not
49:04 be resting until we are fully clothed in the
49:07 righteousness of Jesus Christ. See we're gonna
49:10 take off these filthy garments, aren't we?
49:11 We're gonna have put the robe of Christ
49:13 righteousness on and remember this He cannot
49:15 put his robe of righteousness on you,
49:18 that wedding garment until all sin is gone out
49:21 of our life. He can do it, He's not gonna do it.
49:25 Friend that means we need to be on our knees
49:26 begging and pleading with God for changes in
49:29 our life, you know what, you've been thinking
49:30 about the wrong things, you've been doing the
49:32 wrong things, you've been acting up. You knows
49:35 the Christian in the community where you live
49:36 people shouldn't point their finger and say oh
49:38 my that, that's what a Christian is like,
49:40 I don't want to be, know you should have a
49:42 good name in the community. As you
49:45 have that, they look at, and you say,
49:46 well there's Jesus lives in their heart.
49:48 You know friend, how wonderful that is,
49:53 for those who might be little bit weak and you
49:56 have let's say you have a defect, let's say
49:58 somebody is gonna beyond us today. So you know
50:00 I've got a defect in my character and it's weak
50:02 and I want to change, I want to you to listen
50:05 real careful here, it's not just enough to pray
50:10 and confess. Pray and confess and fail again.
50:15 That's never been God's you know idea for
50:18 human family. A pray, ask God, God forgive me
50:22 and then I'll go right back up and I go do the
50:24 same thing again. God wants us to have total
50:27 victory. We must begin the work with real energy,
50:33 if you want to gain victory we have to begin
50:36 this work with energy and we have to do it
50:39 with determination in order to build up traits
50:42 of character. It's going to be a crucifying
50:44 of self everyday of our life. Don't be give up
50:47 because it's difficult. Don't give up because
50:50 maybe you may slip and fall but continue to go
50:52 back to throne of God and debate him for the
50:55 divine power and you know what it's going to be
50:58 given and that's going to be given that you
50:59 can gain complete victory in your life and
51:02 in my life. Jesus said as he spoke of our duty
51:07 and our love for our fellowmen in the Book of
51:09 Matthew 22:37 through 40, now these are lot of
51:13 verses but I, you know read them when you have
51:15 the opportunity to do that. I just put in
51:17 a nutshell here, it says love the Lord thy God
51:19 with what, good, all thy heart with all thy what
51:22 soul and with all thy what mind, and thy number
51:25 as what, as thyself. When this is accomplished
51:29 through his grace, we shall be complete in him,
51:33 think about that when we accomplish this,
51:36 you say well this, this is a grace, when we
51:39 accomplish this what our love supreme for God,
51:42 when we dedicate our soul, our body, our mind and
51:45 we love our neighbor as our self we are going
51:47 to see what we are going to become complete in
51:49 Him. On these two hang out the law, see hopefully
51:54 we're getting a developing in our third part here
51:57 or are we qualify to receive the latter rain,
51:59 a healthy understanding of these Christian
52:04 graces, these virtues that are essential in our
52:08 climb toward heaven. They are essential they
52:12 would change us into the image of Jesus and
52:16 we've tried to challenge you to think some things
52:18 through and we come to this point unless we
52:22 are daily advancing in the calls of Christ,
52:27 these active Christian virtues we're not even
52:31 gonna recognize the manifestation of the
52:33 Holy Spirit in the latter rain. So I hope you
52:37 see what we've been talking about these what
52:39 Christian graces, these virtues and we went over
52:42 these virtues unless we're daily what,
52:44 advancing in these right here, we wont even, oh,
52:47 we wont even recognize the Holy Spirit you see
52:50 when it falls down. There maybe somebody right
52:53 beside you and church receiving it and you're
52:54 not receiving it. Because you don't recognize it,
52:57 because you're not advancing in those
52:59 Christian graces. So how important then is that
53:03 we recognize this. Oh, it's important we've
53:08 recognizable we have to we receive the
53:11 latter rain. Let me just read this before we
53:14 close today with prayer, one testimony 187,
53:17 this may jar you right out of your seat where
53:21 fasten yourself down. Those who come up to
53:25 every point, and stand every test, and overcome,
53:32 be the price what it may, have heeded the counsel
53:39 of the True Witness, and they will receive the
53:43 latter rain, and thus be fitted for translation.
53:50 Those who are gonna receive the latter rain,
53:51 are you getting this here, you're going to have
53:54 to come every point, every test where we gonna
53:57 have to gain the victory and we overcome, stand
54:00 every test and overcome be the price what it may.
54:04 No matter what it cost you in this life it's
54:06 gonna be worth it, then it's been eternity with
54:08 Jesus. Or you think that would may cost you some
54:11 seem like some friends and some things in this
54:13 life dear friend it's going to be worth at one
54:15 day in fact it's going to be worth the first
54:16 second we see Jesus isn't it? Why not turn your
54:20 life over him to him today. Let the true
54:24 witness lead out in your life, follow his
54:26 counsel, life for him, daily be advancing in
54:30 these virtues and graces and I'll tell you dear
54:32 friends we're going to receive of that
54:34 later rain, we're going to be fit it for
54:36 translation. I know you want that, some of you
54:38 make that decision right now, we're gonna pray
54:40 about it. You're reaching out right now by faith
54:43 and you want that, you want that perfection
54:45 of care, you want to see Jesus, you want to be
54:47 ready when Jesus comes and you know that He
54:50 is gonna give you that power that you need and
54:51 victory over sin. Some of you are struggling with
54:54 alcohol and tobacco and drugs and running the
54:56 streets and this and that. God is able
54:58 dear friend, he is bigger, his grace is bigger
55:00 than any sin. When we pray about that right now
55:03 you're lifting your heart toward the very throne
55:06 room of God, I'd like to pray for you and I
55:08 want you to pray for me, pray for the ministry
55:10 as we move forward here that God is gonna give
55:13 us these enabling power, let's pray about it,
55:15 shall we. Merciful Father in heaven we thank you
55:18 for your precious word today, pray for the power
55:20 of the Holy Spirit and for those right now who
55:22 reaching out by faith and saying God I want a
55:24 different life, I want to gain these victories,
55:26 and I pray that you are giving that victory,
55:28 give them the desire of their heart right now,
55:30 and I pray that in the name of Jesus
55:32 and for his sake, amen.


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