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00:41 Hello and welcome to Behold the Lamb Presents.
00:44 I'm Chris Shelton, your host and I wanna welcome
00:47 each and every one of you to today's program that
00:50 we have entitled our characters must reach
00:53 full maturity before probation closes.
00:57 This program is the fourth in a five part
00:59 series that we have called, are you qualified
01:02 to receive the latter rain? To begin today's
01:05 message let's look at this word probation.
01:09 defines this word as the testing
01:13 or trial of a person's conduct, character,
01:16 qualifications, or the like.
01:18 This definition certainly makes good sense in
01:21 regards to our walk of sanctification.
01:24 We know that the decisions we make
01:27 in this life will determine where we are to spend
01:30 eternity? If our hearts are controlled by the
01:33 love and follies of this world brothers and
01:35 sisters, we're gonna perish with this world.
01:38 On the other hand, if we choose to give our whole
01:42 heart to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to
01:44 mold and to fashion as he rose then our home
01:48 will be an eternal heavenly home.
01:51 The choice is ours, always ours but the
01:54 gift is free. Our daily walk of sanctification
01:58 is our probation time. It's our test
02:01 of character, all of heaven is viewing our
02:04 conduct of life. Our thoughts, motives
02:07 of the heart, everything about us that makes
02:11 us us, is written in the courts of heaven.
02:14 The question will some day be asked,
02:16 do we have the Christ like qualifications to
02:20 live in the kingdom of heaven, in the very
02:22 presence of the most high God.
02:25 The question will come at the end of our personal
02:28 probation, we know not if our probation will close
02:31 with our death or if we're living close enough to
02:35 Christ's second coming for it to close during
02:38 our lifetime. In any case what will our
02:42 probationary time reveal of our true character?
02:45 Will we have reached that full maturity in Christ
02:49 or will our books close showing us clinging to
02:52 something that we hold dear in this world that
02:54 is enmity towards God. Remember as the message
02:59 is being presented today the choice is ours
03:03 but the gift is free. And as Christ,
03:06 Christ is always willing to do whatever takes
03:10 in his power to assist us in attaining this free
03:13 gift of eternal life. Thus the title of
03:15 today's message again is,
03:18 Our Characters Must Reach Full Maturity
03:21 Before Probation Closes. But before join Pastor
03:24 Kenny for today's message let's visit
03:27 the 3ABN worship center and listen to a song
03:29 entitled "Someone is praying for you."
03:38 Have the clouds round you
03:42 Gathered in the midst of a storm
03:48 Is your ship tossed and battered
03:53 Are you weary and worn?
03:57 Don't lose hope someone's
04:01 praying for you this very day
04:07 And peace be still is already on the way
04:17 Someone is praying for you
04:27 Someone is praying for you
04:35 So when it seems you're all alone,
04:40 And your heart would break in two
04:45 Remember someone is praying for you.
04:55 When it seems that you prayed
05:00 'til your strength is all gone,
05:05 And your tears fall like
05:08 raindrops all the day long
05:14 Jesus cares and He knows just
05:19 how much that you bear
05:23 He'll speak your name to someone in prayer
05:33 Someone is praying for you
05:44 Someone is praying for you
05:52 So when it seems you're all alone,
05:57 And your heart would break
06:01 in two, break in two
06:09 Remember someone is praying
06:18 for you, praying for you.
06:31 Hello thank you for joining us today here
06:33 in Behold the Lamb and why don't you appreciate
06:35 that special music. We're gonna get ready to
06:37 study the Bible most important subject
06:40 and I ask that you would now, you know pray
06:42 with me as we start this program we always
06:44 do that because we need the power of the
06:46 Holy Spirit. We were talking about a subject
06:48 today that you know our characters must reach
06:50 full maturity before Jesus comes.
06:53 What does all of that mean, does God really
06:57 require that of us, why don't we pray
06:59 about it first and then we're going to get into
07:02 our study. I look forward to it, don't you?
07:04 Let's pray together. Merciful Father in heaven,
07:09 first of all we ask that you forgive us
07:11 of any sin, anything in our hearts and life that
07:13 need not be there, or we want to stand righteous
07:16 before thee not because of any good thing that
07:18 we've done or ever will but because of Jesus
07:20 Christ our Lord and our Savior.
07:22 Help us to stand behind the cross of Calvary
07:24 today you said in your word if you be lifted up,
07:27 if I be lifted up would draw all men unto me.
07:30 May the power of the Holy Spirit now consume each
07:32 and every one of us as we study the word of God
07:34 together, may it be clear in our hearts
07:37 and our minds, may it compel us to make the
07:40 necessary changes that we maybe like Jesus,
07:43 thank you for those of you those who listen,
07:45 those who share the gospel of Jesus Christ,
07:48 his precious name we pray and for his sake, amen.
07:54 As always we're very grateful and thankful
07:56 that you spend some time with us, pencil
07:58 paper Bible, let's begin our study shall we?
08:01 First thing I would like to do is you know
08:02 I love the book the Great Controversy,
08:04 some of you are familiar with it, others are not.
08:06 I found just a little one line there on page 490
08:09 it says every one of us must be tested and
08:13 found without spot or wrinkle or any such thing.
08:18 Oh yeah, you say well that's taken from the Bible,
08:21 certainly that it is Ephesians 5:27,
08:24 what is the key, everyone of us must be tested
08:28 when we are tested then we must be found without
08:31 what spot, wrinkle, stain any such thing that
08:34 means the characters need to be pure and
08:37 holy and like Jesus. How is this accomplished,
08:41 must it be accomplished.
08:42 This is part of the questions that you
08:44 may have today as we study the word of God.
08:47 I'm sure of this, we are living at the very end
08:51 of earth's history; we are in the Day of Atonement.
08:54 And as we look around the world and what is
08:57 happening in the world, you know I'm, it's very
08:59 clear to me that the judgments of God
09:03 are falling in the land. I know, you say well
09:05 I've heard it yes we need to take special note
09:08 because these are warnings for God's people
09:11 who are studying and who are praying.
09:13 See God's warning this world that he is getting
09:15 ready to come and to visit us once again.
09:20 You wanna be visited by him, you know in
09:23 Luke 19 verse 44 in your Bible be should
09:26 and jot these things down, we have to move
09:28 quickly, a lot of material, but Jesus was
09:30 talking about the, Jesus weeps over Jerusalem
09:33 and the destruction and here's what he said
09:35 bottom lime was this, here in the last line
09:37 or so of that path, he says because thou
09:40 knewest not the time of thy visitation.
09:44 What does that mean? Not one stone would be
09:46 left upon the other people were going to die by
09:48 the thousands why, because they didn't know
09:50 the time of his visitation, they could have known
09:53 they didn't study, they were not preparing
09:56 so my God help us that we are studying now
09:59 and preparing for what, for the coming of
10:02 Jesus Christ. Now when I just mentioned a while
10:05 ago that we live in the hour of judgments of God,
10:07 these judgments are what, they're warnings,
10:10 well what you say in what? The things that
10:12 are happening in the land. Well everyday in
10:15 newspaper floods, fire, earthquake,
10:17 we see wars, we see bloodshed, we're seeing
10:19 labor disputes, we're seeing economic unrest,
10:23 we're seeing all of these things that are
10:25 taking place and you know what these are?
10:28 These are warning signs, nations rising
10:31 against nations, nations threatening other nations.
10:35 It tells of the coming of Jesus Christ.
10:37 Please remember this, these judgments are a
10:41 wake up call, wake up call for what? Who?
10:44 A wake up call for those who have not had the
10:46 opportunity to hear the truth or to know what
10:49 truth is all about into accept it.
10:51 These are wake up calls but on the other hand
10:54 you know God's merciful and so He still reaching
10:56 out to save those who have had an opportunity
10:59 but listen carefully, but the door of probation is
11:01 going to close on those who have had opportunity
11:05 and they have refused it. There's many in the
11:08 moment today that understand the truth
11:10 and maybe the things are happening in prophecy
11:13 but they're not doing anything about,
11:14 they're not preparing. The door is going to
11:17 be closed and we will not be able to enter.
11:20 Think about the five wise and the five foolish.
11:23 So it's very evident probation is closing
11:26 on those who have had an opportunity to hear
11:29 this last message of warning. We're talking
11:31 to Three Angels Message; we're talking about a
11:34 message called righteousness by faith.
11:36 You know spirit of prophecy calls it most
11:38 precious message that was given to us.
11:41 Righteous by faith, we talk about glory of God,
11:44 oh these are things that must sound again
11:47 because as they began to sound the people didn't
11:49 want to hear them and rejected it as it first
11:51 came to us. Oh friend we live in an awesome
11:55 time of the history of this world.
11:57 You realize that many people who believe
12:00 present truth, if I ask you today do you believe
12:04 present truth. What would be your aim?
12:07 Would your hand go up say I, I'm a present
12:09 truth believer, let me just challenge you with this
12:11 thought if you say that. Many who claim to be
12:15 present truth believers are going to fail,
12:18 they're going to come up short of the glory of
12:20 God heaven's not going to be their home, why?
12:23 Simple. Because they do not understand
12:26 the essential, the vital aspect of the early
12:30 and the latter rain, and what it is to accomplish
12:35 in our life. Take that note if what it is to what?
12:38 Accomplish in our life. Therefore what,
12:41 they failed to prepare. See, there's something
12:46 special about the early and latter rain and
12:48 if we're not paying attention to it,
12:50 we're not really preparing.
12:51 We think all is well, all is good.
12:53 In our previous lesson, let's go with this very
12:55 quickly for those who were not, maybe not
12:58 been watching that this is very, very important
13:00 and we do have and I wanna bring this to
13:02 you right now. We have some; I would like to call
13:05 them just a time line prophecy of prophetic
13:09 events that hopefully will come up on your screen
13:12 and you will be able to see this will just help
13:14 you to follow what we've been talking about
13:17 on this five part series. If you have them as
13:21 we're preaching this message you will be
13:22 able to look and you'll be able to relate to these
13:24 terms that we are using. So please you're gonna
13:27 have to call, you're gonna have to get somehow
13:29 get here with us, so we can get these out to you,
13:31 so you can have the whole five part series.
13:33 Previous lessons we learned some thing,
13:35 we learned the work of the Holy Spirit is
13:37 represented by the early and what good,
13:40 the later rain, it's vital to all Christians plus the
13:44 church. Very seldom, here it is, it's vital to
13:47 the church now remember the early rain fell on
13:49 what, on the Christian church and it fell on
13:52 the day of what? Good, Pentecost.
13:55 The early rain then continues to fall
13:58 through history. Now till the end of the world,
14:01 to the probation closes, to prepare the church
14:05 for what, to be prepared for the latter rain
14:08 and then to go on to the time of the harvest.
14:11 See the church is involved here,
14:13 we as God's people and then what about the
14:16 latter rain, we've been learning about how that
14:18 falls upon the church. See the Holy Spirit
14:21 then in the latter rain is poured out.
14:23 The Bible says on the what, we're talking
14:25 about the remnant church, it's poured out
14:27 without measure, it's much more than
14:30 you know then it was in the early rain,
14:32 a great abundance and then what, at the close
14:36 of it's, the work of the history of this world
14:38 that rain is poured out and what, it helps to
14:42 wrap up that you know and when does it
14:45 poured out. Often a lot of people make suggestions
14:48 on how it's poured out and what's going to take
14:50 place in time frames. But I believe that after the
14:54 National Sunday Law, after the National Sunday
14:58 Law then we're going to see the latter rain
15:00 that falls on the church and equips us.
15:02 Now the lock can be said, you say I'll never
15:04 heard it read Revelation 13 not be able to buy
15:06 yourselves say we have the mark.
15:08 Legislative action is going to be involved here.
15:11 Now how about this early rain on individual,
15:13 we talk about the church, an early rain,
15:15 the later rain on the church, how about as
15:17 individuals, they say we've been studying.
15:19 You know it's given, the early rain was given
15:23 in what, in moderation to us as individuals.
15:26 But remember as the early rain or the time
15:28 that you accept Jesus Christ that rain is given
15:32 you the power is given so that you may what,
15:34 you may gain victory of what, good.
15:37 Overseen in your life that you maybe what like
15:40 Jesus overcome all sin, reflect Jesus fully
15:45 and then you know what it continues on through
15:48 the Christian experience and then we find that
15:51 we receive the latter rain, as we receive the
15:53 latter rain, listen carefully it helps to,
15:56 it helps to prepare us, it helps to that
15:58 we maybe mature and that we may go on
16:02 to live with Jesus. Friend, that's an interesting
16:04 thought, full maturity. How is our character
16:09 gonna reach full maturity, there's a
16:11 difference here we need to think about it.
16:12 How about the latter rain in all individuals,
16:15 is it important? Absolutely.
16:17 Latter rains poured out what, in abundance once
16:20 again and we believe that I believe in the study
16:23 that the latter rain in abundance falls after the
16:26 National Sunday Law. It empowers God's people
16:29 to give the loud cry and then we reach what?
16:33 Full maturity, that means what? Gain victory over
16:36 sin in our life and then we are ready notice then
16:41 we are ready for the harvest.
16:43 There's a difference, I want you to pay special
16:45 attention to that. We must reach what?
16:48 Full maturity before probation closes.
16:52 Now the question, you know when is this work
16:54 going to be done? Let me read from two
16:57 testimonies of 355. This is interesting
17:01 when he comes, see there's contention in
17:04 the movement. Many people have different
17:06 thoughts but why not get in the Bible the
17:08 spirit of prophecy, and see what it has to say
17:10 and then follow it, and then, you simply
17:12 believe it. Here's what says 355,
17:15 when He comes, He is not to cleanse us of our sins.
17:19 People say when Jesus comes He is going to,
17:21 He is going to finish the work, He is going to,
17:22 when He comes, He is not going to cleanse us
17:25 from our sins. He is not going to, notice this,
17:27 to remove from us the defects of our character.
17:30 Now how many of us can say I want if any of us
17:32 can say today that stand and say I have no
17:35 defects in character. Probably everyone of us
17:38 who are honest in heart, so you know I have
17:39 some defects of character in so mentioning that
17:43 and so owning up to that, that means what we
17:45 need some changes, because of we have
17:47 defects of character, heaven is not going to
17:50 be our home. This is our time of probation,
17:53 listen as I read on. It says, to remove from us
17:56 the defects of our characters, or to cure
17:59 us from infirmities of our tempers, our
18:02 dispositions. Reading on, if wrought for us
18:08 at all, this work will be accomplished before
18:11 that time. Before the what, the coming
18:13 of Jesus. No work will then be done for them
18:17 through remove their defects and give them
18:20 holy character. This will all be done in these
18:24 hours of probation, it is what, listen, it is now
18:29 that this work is to be accomplished for us.
18:33 This shall remove all doubt. This is the time
18:35 that what, right now is the time that we are
18:37 to gain victory. It's the time to cleanse
18:40 ourselves from sin, to remove defects of
18:43 characters our infirmities saying that you know
18:45 evil tempers, and bad habits, and eyes and ears
18:48 and things that we take into our it's now that
18:50 we commit them to Jesus Christ.
18:53 Now it's the time that we gain the victory.
18:56 Like the Great Controversy
18:58 once again as I referred to page 620,
19:01 makes this statement. Those who delay in
19:04 preparation of the great day of God cannot
19:08 obtain it in the time of trouble or any
19:12 subsequent time. Listen, the case of all
19:16 are hopeless. This should jar us to the
19:21 very quick, if we don't what, get the victory
19:23 right now through the power and blood of
19:25 Jesus Christ when he comes you know it's going
19:27 to be too late, our cause is hopeless.
19:31 I feel you're living life that Jesus wants
19:33 you to live. See we must see the importance of
19:36 preparation to receive. See it's more than
19:39 just praying for it's more than just I'm
19:42 hoping for it. It's more than just what believing
19:45 that it's going to happen. Oh friend as we read
19:50 you know I've read several last lesson,
19:52 several passages of scripture I'm gonna read
19:54 several more today. A some may overlap oh friend
19:57 I want you to see the importance of what I'm
19:59 talking about God means what he says,
20:01 because we're talking about complete victory,
20:03 we're talking about living without sin.
20:06 But we're also talking about being ready
20:08 for the harvest. Is there a difference,
20:10 oh listen, this is what the Bible says in
20:12 Colossians 4:12, it says that ye may stand what,
20:15 good perfect and complete in the will of God.
20:19 What's the word perfect and complete in the
20:20 will of God? Second Timothy 3:17 makes this
20:24 powerful statement that the man of God might
20:28 be what is it, good, perfect.
20:31 The man of God may be perfect.
20:33 How about Hebrews chapter 6 verse 1.
20:35 I want you to notice the different,
20:37 you know the scripture here and what they
20:39 are saying. It either is possible or to not.
20:42 God is either telling the truth or he is not
20:45 telling us truth. I tend to believe that he is
20:47 telling the truth don't you? Oh absolutely.
20:49 Hebrews 6 verse 1 it says, let us go on into
20:52 perfection. Notice the word. In fact to back,
20:56 even in the Old Testament, Moses wrote this down
20:59 in Deuteronomy 18:13, you know what he said?
21:02 He said, thou shalt be perfect. Is that word
21:07 some kind that we can't understand even in the
21:09 English language? Now I must say this, you know
21:12 I'm getting on, some people say well it's like
21:14 you're getting unto us, oh dear friend no,
21:16 I want to stir you up to the point where you're
21:19 listening and that you will make a decision
21:20 for Jesus Christ. This is an urgent vital message,
21:24 it is not to be presented and some thane
21:26 lifeless theory, this is a fact of those who are
21:30 going to spend eternity with Jesus.
21:31 And then we look at Moses and Paul's writing God
21:35 said this in the beginning Genesis 17 verse 1.
21:39 He made this said be thou perfect.
21:42 Does he mean what he says? Jesus in Matthew 5
21:46 we realize verse 48, he says but be ye therefore
21:50 perfect as a father what, which is in heaven
21:52 is perfect. Paul wrote in Colossians 1 verse 28
21:57 that we may present everyman perfect where,
22:00 in Jesus Christ. There's too much there,
22:03 and I'm just touching the edges,
22:05 I'm just scratching scripture a little bit
22:07 and trying to provoke you to get the Bible in turn.
22:10 Paul wrote more in Romans 6 verse 3,
22:12 you know what he said there, this is interesting,
22:15 he said we should not serve sin. If you're not
22:19 serving sin then you gain victory, is that right?
22:22 So we should not serve sin.
22:24 That's our transgression of God's law.
22:27 In Romans 6 verse 12 it goes on,
22:29 it says let not sin therefore reign in your
22:32 mortal body. So sin is not to what inhabit,
22:35 we get our life over to Jesus Christ,
22:37 sin is not to continue to reign there
22:40 but we find it over and over and over, we sin,
22:42 we pray, we ask forgiveness, we sin,
22:44 we go back, that's not the plan that God has for.
22:47 Lets reign in this body by the grace of God,
22:49 Romans 6:14, For sin shall not have dominion
22:54 over you. So it sounds like that we would have
22:56 victory over sin and over the devil in our life.
23:00 James wrote about it in James 1 verse 4,
23:02 he said that ye may be perfect and entire,
23:07 wanting nothing. So may I say this one,
23:10 when I say perfect, perfection that we've
23:15 been studying it's used in the sense of living,
23:18 listen carefully living without sin. Good.
23:22 Living without sin, that's what perfect,
23:25 perfection is all about. Now this statement's
23:27 heavy duty I know I'm moving fast but I have to,
23:30 oh there's lot of material I don't want to miss
23:31 anything, I know you don't either.
23:33 I call it some things sometime maybe jar
23:35 you to the very quick; I call sometimes
23:37 its heavy duty. But you know as we read it
23:40 I want you to contemplate by the power of the
23:42 Holy Spirit. It's found in the beautiful book
23:44 Desire of Ages page 311 notice, the tempter's
23:48 agency is not to be accounted an excuse
23:53 for one wrong act. You remember years ago
23:56 people laughed about you know all the time
23:58 they said, the devil made me do it,
24:00 have you heard that one? The devil made
24:02 me do it. you realize the devil had a hand,
24:05 in this, he want us to think what he made us do,
24:08 listen that is an excuse for doing anything wrong
24:11 saying the devil made me do it.
24:14 Notice not for one wrong act Satan is jubilant
24:18 that means he is ecstatic, he is beside
24:20 himself when he hears the professed followers
24:24 of Christ making excuses for their deformity
24:27 of character. How many of you today say,
24:29 I know I've got bad days, I know this is
24:31 not right but there's can be no but, after
24:34 we make that statement we have a deformity
24:36 of character. Notice this; it is their excuses
24:41 that leads to sin. Is that makes sense?
24:44 We make excuses why we sin, why we don't
24:46 live the victorious life and then those excuses
24:49 lead us to what continue on to sin.
24:51 We're justifying it. Desire of Ages says
24:56 there is no excuse for sinning.
24:59 A holy temper, a Christlike life,
25:03 is accessible to every repenting, believing
25:07 child of God. Oh listen to this, listen the
25:11 Son of man was perfect in His life.
25:13 Praise God but notice. So his followers are
25:18 to be perfect in their life. He was the,
25:23 who Jesus was the blameless Son of God.
25:26 He was God in the flesh. His character is
25:32 to be ours. His character, Jesus is to be what,
25:38 is to be our character, will that be living,
25:40 will that gain victory over sin? Absolutely.
25:42 That's what he wants to impart to us,
25:44 he wants to give it us. Now we can see as
25:49 you know that the plan of redemption,
25:51 in the plan of redemption we must
25:52 at least consider this, I want to consider this,
25:55 heavy duty now that we must have,
25:58 since we're sinners, since we've fallen short
26:00 and you know one of the death penalty
26:02 that we're gonna have to have
26:03 complete recovery. God wants to win us
26:07 back and give us complete recovery from what,
26:09 the power of enemy. Because when you sin
26:11 you fall into the grasp of who, the devil.
26:16 How many of you may be have fallen into
26:18 the hands of miracle, when you see new things
26:20 that are wrong the devil has you by the neck
26:23 of the neck. And he is not about to let you go
26:25 to claim the blood of Jesus Christ.
26:28 Complete recovery. Now what does that mean
26:32 complete? Oh somebody says well I know what
26:34 is complete means entire recovery, it means,
26:38 that it comes to an end, it's finished,
26:41 it lacks no parts, complete recovery.
26:45 Please remember this, Testimonies 506 that
26:47 we've read before in another program
26:49 but it says the latter rain falling near the
26:52 close of the season, when's the latter rain
26:55 going to fall near the close of the season,
26:57 as what near the close of the end of this
27:00 world's history, empowers men to go out
27:02 and do the work for Jesus. Of the season it
27:06 ripens the grain and prepares for the sickle,
27:10 there are some heavy duty statements that
27:12 we really must consider and let me just insert
27:15 this thought if you allow me to do it.
27:18 Even though, even though a person reaches by the
27:22 grace of God the sinlessness, sinless state
27:25 there is still a work of growth, there is still
27:30 a work of development that continues on through
27:34 the latter rain and even, this is heavy and even
27:38 after probation closes, there is an individual
27:42 work to be done for God's people.
27:45 During time let me make this so you will get,
27:48 during the time of Jacob's trouble,
27:51 God's people are gonna have to go through the
27:53 time of Jacob's trouble. You say well I don't know
27:56 about that, we're talking about here that
27:58 we gain sin but you know there's gonna be growth
28:00 and there's gonna be development and listen
28:02 hey, your example and my example was
28:04 Jesus Christ, is that right. Yes. You remember
28:07 I said the child Jesus he became to,
28:09 he continued to do what, continued to grow in
28:12 grace and in knowledge. The angels of heaven
28:15 continue to grow in knowledge and wisdom
28:16 and strength and more of what, acquainted
28:19 with their creator and their redeemer.
28:21 Adam continued to grow in grace, he is so,
28:24 growing even while he before sin entered in.
28:27 We're going to continue to grow through the
28:29 ceaseless ages. There's never, there never
28:33 become a time that we are not advancing in the
28:37 knowledge and the grace, and the strength
28:39 of Jesus Christ. Oh yeah that's heavy duty.
28:42 Because sometimes think well we have attained,
28:43 oh friend we are ever in the school of learning
28:45 of Christ. Living without sinning, please pay
28:50 special attention to this. Even be living
28:53 without sinning and being fully mature ready
28:58 for what, oh yeah the translation are two
29:02 different things. Living without sin in our life
29:07 and then what, being fully mature are two
29:11 different thing, ready for translation.
29:14 And hopefully we'll get those things when
29:16 we get straight in our minds. Unless we receive
29:20 the early rain and then rain has done each job,
29:24 the latter rain can bring no seed to perfection.
29:28 That's what the early rain is about,
29:29 is that right? To get moisture and get the
29:31 seed planted that's us. The word of God in our
29:33 heart in our mind and then right at the end of
29:35 season here comes that latter rain, then what
29:37 gives power to that seed right and it sprouts up.
29:40 The Bible says first the blade then the ear
29:43 and then what, the corn and the ear of,
29:45 Mark 4:28 tells us we need that experience,
29:50 we must have it, our characters must reach
29:52 full maturity before probation closes.
29:57 There will be oh my, there will be no character
30:01 changes when Jesus comes. In this movement
30:05 friend, we need this truth. It's a truth
30:08 that's been overlooked, it's a truth that people
30:11 will try to argue over for that, listen we need
30:13 to focus on God operating inside of us that
30:16 we may reach this full maturity.
30:18 Not just saying sinless in Jesus Christ but
30:22 there is a difference in being mature,
30:23 ready for harvest and what, be translated
30:27 into heaven. That's mature.
30:31 Friend, the latter rain, oh so important
30:33 in our life. Five Testimonies 166 says
30:36 the coming of Jesus listen, the coming of Jesus
30:39 does not change our characters; listen it only
30:44 fixes them forever beyond all change.
30:49 Remember when Jesus comes if your character
30:52 is what it needs to be, it's fixed for eternity.
30:55 It will never change and that stands for those
30:58 whose character is what, is not right.
31:00 It's not been, not washed the robes in the
31:03 blood of Jesus Christ. Forever it will be fixed,
31:07 it's all over, see we even have to guard our
31:11 thought pattern. Listen to me very carefully
31:14 the devil is to, the devil is gonna use our
31:16 minds listen, if we give it to him.
31:20 He's gonna do what? He's gonna use our minds
31:22 if we give it to him. Now remember the enemy
31:24 souls cannot touch, the enemy souls cannot
31:28 occupy the mind unless you what, give it to him.
31:33 But people are giving him their minds, loaning
31:36 him their mind. You can't loan the devil nothing
31:39 because he is gonna take it permanently.
31:42 And it can only be won back by Jesus Christ
31:45 and his blood. The Bible says the
31:47 Second Corinthians 10:5 listen, bring into
31:52 captivity every thought to the obedience
31:57 of Christ. Man, that's powerful.
31:59 How often we've read that and we just,
32:02 yeah that's right, that's what we need to do,
32:05 oh friend, every thought has to be brought
32:08 into captivity of Jesus Christ.
32:11 Medical missionary says Satan acts through
32:16 the mind, possessed by him. See if your mind is
32:23 not possessed by the Holy Spirit, it's possessed
32:25 by the devil. It's one of the other, you can't
32:27 have it both ways. He said he who is not with me
32:31 is what, is against me. You say well I'm not out
32:35 doing all those bad things, oh dear friend
32:37 all you have to do to be lost is just not accept
32:39 Jesus Christ. Not accept that sacrifice and
32:42 that blood. Devil is happy if you seen something
32:46 like a good person or good job.
32:48 Oh friend God help us to see.
32:50 Desire of Ages want you to think with me
32:53 page 310, it says, He, talking about Jesus here,
32:57 He declares that by listen, an evil thought,
33:01 a lustful look, the law of God is transgressed.
33:07 Some people say well I didn't go out and do this,
33:09 I didn't, you don't have to go out and
33:11 do anything. A lustful look, an evil thought,
33:22 oh God help us, that's what we just read that
33:24 we what, we have to everything,
33:26 our thoughts has to be in captivity of
33:27 Jesus Christ, if you don't the devil is gonna
33:29 win it over here. Let me give you an example,
33:31 he say well how does that work.
33:32 For instance a murderer, every time
33:36 if we go question and what will they tell they
33:38 will say this right listen, I thought about it for
33:40 a longtime. I contemplated for a while; I planned
33:44 it for a while. It takes time but it went through,
33:48 goes through the mind first before it becomes
33:50 an action Jesus said when it's in the mind
33:53 oh friend, that it becomes what transgression
33:57 of God's love the sin already there,
33:59 you don't have to commit it.
34:00 There's people sometime you don't commit sin
34:02 because you know things of this world,
34:03 things they would like to do that they think
34:05 about that you don't know anything about
34:07 because they don't want to get caught,
34:08 they don't want anybody say, oh that, they say,
34:11 or maybe they don't have the opportunity
34:13 but if they would they would do it, God knows
34:14 these things. Some of you doing that,
34:17 pleasant to be a Christian, you're
34:18 hiding behind other things and behind the
34:20 walls God help us to get our life right with him.
34:23 In fact Jesus said in Matthew 5:28, you may
34:28 wanna say this, I'm just gonna get couple of
34:31 lines here, he said whosoever looketh upon
34:33 a woman to lust, didn't say he had to commit
34:36 any act, he said if you just look upon her
34:39 and lust, that's transgression of
34:40 God's law. You know the devil wants what,
34:44 he wants the mind. Matthew 15 verse 18,
34:47 he says the things that talking about things
34:50 that come out of person's mouth is not that
34:52 which defileth, he said the things that come
34:54 what from the heart that defileth the man.
34:58 The words come out by what, it's a heart first
35:00 and then it comes out that defiles a man.
35:03 Friend, are you defiled what's our point?
35:06 We not even by thought, let alone an action,
35:10 are we to commit a transgression against
35:12 God and the principles of heaven.
35:15 Proverbs makes it very clear and I know
35:17 you familiar with this, Proverbs 23 verse 7
35:20 it says for as, for as he thinketh in where, good,
35:25 as he thinketh in his heart so is he.
35:29 So you don't know what a man's thinking
35:31 in his heart. You may pat him on the back,
35:33 he's a godly man, he is a good person
35:35 but you know, Kerry maybe a deviant
35:37 down deep. You don't know.
35:40 He maybe thinking bad things,
35:42 it's just not come out why because it's not
35:44 opportune time, he may not get away with it.
35:49 We try to be judgmental, I want you to think
35:50 about the Bible says man think in the heart
35:52 so is he. Desire of Ages 161 says, the temple
35:55 of the heart, is defiled, now what the temple
35:59 of the heart is defiled by sensual passion
36:04 and unholy thoughts. So as remembers,
36:06 not just the action we're talking about,
36:08 we're gonna gain victory, complete victory
36:10 through Jesus Christ. It's the what,
36:12 talking about their unholy thoughts contaminate
36:17 the temple of God. You know what they
36:19 simply mean, sensual passions, that means
36:21 lustful, that means, listen, and that means
36:25 if you look it up, it say, it's dealing with
36:28 the body, the human body.
36:33 Too much yet foolishness going on in the world
36:35 today as we see. Oh friend, sensual passions
36:41 and unholy thoughts. In fact the Bible brings
36:44 it clear home in First Corinthians 10 verse 37
36:46 or 17. It says, if any man defile the temple
36:50 of who, good, of God, him shall God destroy;
36:55 for the temple of God is, good, Bible says what,
36:58 it's, it's holy which temple ye are.
37:02 If you're destroying the temple,
37:03 you can destroy the temple of God,
37:04 you destroy this body, you can destroy
37:06 what goes through the mind it doesn't have
37:08 to just be actions. It's the way that we think.
37:14 I won't even go in this, I'm the, the test
37:17 I have been given to individuals and things
37:19 that go through their mind as sometimes
37:21 seconds apart. God help us, we must submit
37:28 everything what, to control our thoughts unto
37:30 Jesus Christ, because we cannot control
37:33 them on our own if heaven's going to be our home.
37:35 Now how does Satan control the thoughts
37:38 oh let me just, Four Testimonies 566 says this.
37:41 This is real simple, how does Satan get in to
37:44 control your thoughts or my thoughts.
37:46 When they allow the mind, when we allow
37:50 our mind notice, to be diverted from God.
37:54 When what, when we allow our mind to be
37:57 diverted from God, come on somebody pay
38:00 special attention, when our mind's diverted
38:02 from God what does that mean diverted,
38:05 now here this a lot. When your mind is
38:07 turned aside from God listen to this,
38:09 when the mind is sidetracked, when the
38:14 mind is sidetracked, when the mind is entertained
38:18 that's what it means from God, Satan comes
38:22 in to control the thoughts and to
38:26 pervert the judgment. I can't say it in,
38:31 when as soon as the mind is turned away from
38:34 God what happens? The devil comes in.
38:38 the devil comes in and what does he do?
38:40 He perverts, that means he does what,
38:43 he corrupts the judgment.
38:45 You can't make a good decision,
38:46 you are gonna make the wrong choice,
38:48 if we take our mind off of who, off of God.
38:50 Friend, our mind be, that's why when I read
38:52 years ago and this is child I could get it,
38:54 I couldn't get it, he said pray without ceasing.
38:59 What do you mean pray without ceasing?
39:01 That means we be meditating on the
39:03 goodness of God and counting our blessings
39:05 and just going about doing our work but what,
39:07 our mind can be stayed upon God, because is what,
39:09 he is gonna sidetrack us. You're been sidetrack?
39:12 Well I have. If you've had something else
39:14 to take your place, something else that,
39:15 it entertains you and you got your mind
39:17 off of God, have you ever been turned aside,
39:20 this is how the devil comes in and notice,
39:22 he controls the thoughts, perverts
39:27 the judgment. First John 3:3 says this and
39:32 every man that hath the hope in him,
39:35 do you have hope in God, I know you do.
39:37 Or if you have this hope the Bible said he
39:40 purifieth himself, even as he is pure.
39:45 Now what does that mean? Does that mean
39:47 that we can, you know purify ourselves,
39:50 is that what it means, it says every man to have
39:53 this hope on him, I've got hope in
39:54 Jesus Christ today. That's my only hope.
39:57 They're saying purify himself, what does
40:00 that mean? No you can't purify yourself,
40:02 that's impossible but we must look to God,
40:05 we must look to the moral law of God.
40:07 This is the standard of righteousness.
40:10 A lot of people are throwing out the window,
40:12 oh friend, don't do that and then through faith
40:15 in Jesus Christ. Then through faith in him
40:20 and his truth, as we accept him into our hearts,
40:24 we become purified and what? Good.
40:27 And cleansed as Jesus comes in.
40:30 Listen, the heart must be purified from
40:34 all notice, moral defilement.
40:38 Friend, is your heart purified from all
40:41 moral defilement. Oh God help us
40:43 as a people. See if it's not, heaven's not
40:47 going to be our home. You know the mind of God,
40:52 the mind of Jesus Christ must become the mind
40:56 of man and you know you read that in
40:59 Philippians 2:5 and it says let this mind be in
41:01 you which was also in what Christ Jesus.
41:03 First John 3:6, whosoever abideth in him, listen,
41:08 whosoever abideth in him sinneth not.
41:13 How many times did you read that as a Christian
41:15 and you say, yeah, and it's not it mean what
41:17 it says if we abideth, if we keep our mind
41:20 upon God, if we keep upon salvation,
41:22 you know the goodness of God then what the
41:24 devil cannot get in. If we keep it upon God then
41:27 we sinneth not. You will only go where you know
41:30 the Jesus would approve, you will only say then
41:32 what it's no longer your words right,
41:34 no longer mine, that's the thoughts of God.
41:36 Let's had a close communion that we
41:38 need to have with him. You can't have close
41:40 communion if you're not spending
41:41 anytime with Him. If you're hurrying it up
41:45 and just a few minutes day, oh God help me
41:47 to be good today, oh praise God
41:48 it's a start dear friend
41:49 we need to commune with Him.
41:50 If you ever abideth him sinneth not,
41:54 so we see God has the power then
41:56 to keep us from sinning, isn't that right?
41:59 It's inside of us.
42:00 When the temptations come,
42:03 we invite the spirit of God in.
42:05 You see it's gonna take a whole lot more
42:08 and some of us need to get this word away.
42:10 It's gonna take a whole lot more than
42:11 just cleansing or cleaning
42:13 the outside of what, outside of the cup
42:16 to make the vessel clean.
42:18 Read more about that in Matthew 23:25.
42:21 There's gonna be a cleansing
42:23 take place inside and automatically
42:25 it cleanses on the outside.
42:26 This is important question.
42:28 I think one that can be, can answer,
42:31 talking about prophecy here.
42:33 And remember we're talking about prophecy
42:36 here and I want to mention once again
42:38 too that the line of prophecy,
42:40 in the prophetic advents charts that we have
42:42 here that you probably need to get
42:44 a hold of this, so as we're talking about
42:47 these certain things that you can relate to them
42:49 and I hope it comes up on the screen.
42:51 So you take a moment to look at this,
42:53 it will help you understand about
42:55 closer probation. Second Coming,
42:57 National Sunday Law, 1888, 1844.
43:00 We're talking latter rain,
43:02 early rain and some of the events that come,
43:04 Armageddon, the seven last plagues,
43:06 image of the beast, mark of the beast,
43:07 blotting out sin, judgment of the living,
43:09 oh friend it's heavy duty.
43:11 It's important question.
43:16 I think we can, we can answer it
43:17 by the grace of God.
43:18 When the time when the latter rain will fall,
43:22 oh lot of people say oh boy it's gonna,
43:24 when is it going to fall?
43:26 Remember the Great Controversy page 594
43:29 says this, you think well we really can't
43:31 really know it, listen in the
43:33 prophecies of the future is opened before us
43:37 as plainly as it was opened to the disciples
43:41 by the words of Christ.
43:42 Can we know? Absolutely,
43:45 it's plain but we need to be studying
43:47 to show ourselves what?
43:48 Approved unto God.
43:50 Are we studying to show yourself
43:51 approved unto God?
43:52 See there are several words here,
43:53 phrases that need to be mentioned,
43:55 so I do it quickly,
43:56 our time is really going here.
43:58 I want you to become familiar with them
44:00 but maybe too much but where there again you can,
44:02 you know if you get the DVDs or if you can
44:04 go back and rerun these things.
44:06 But familiar with, we must be able to
44:09 understand them and we have to be able to
44:11 connect them together,
44:12 it's vital; it has to do with your salvation.
44:15 For instance when I say you know the loud cry.
44:18 Oh some people say I heard it,
44:20 how about the final loud cry?
44:22 How about the time of the latter rain?
44:24 We always hear about the latter rain.
44:26 Have you heard about the power
44:27 of the latter rain? Have you heard about
44:30 the final sealing time? The national Sunday Law.
44:35 The little time of trouble,
44:36 the big time of the trouble,
44:38 close of probation, these phrases,
44:40 these are things that we need to get familiar
44:42 in our hearts and in our minds.
44:44 Little background maybe will help us little bit
44:47 about the latter rain and the loud cry
44:49 and then we'll say, yeah,
44:50 but the power of the latter rain.
44:52 See God's people need more power right now.
44:54 The power of the latter rain
44:56 and the final loud cry.
44:58 Friend, a little background here quick,
45:00 the latter rain and the loud cry
45:03 are long overdue. They're long overdue,
45:08 they were started many years ago.
45:11 1888 dear friends,
45:13 but they were basically rejected,
45:15 message was intended to bring about
45:18 these events that we're talking about.
45:20 I know that's pretty heavy duty,
45:23 the loud cry, the latter rain should have fallen.
45:26 The loud cry should have been given following 1888.
45:30 It's overdue. Notice Testimonies
45:33 to Ministers page 512 in 1897.
45:36 Now, in the time of the latter rain,
45:42 the showers of grace may fall upon us.
45:45 In the time of what,
45:46 in the time of the latter rain.
45:48 Almost say something here some people
45:51 may fight this little, please don't it.
45:53 you know we've been geared to say,
45:54 we were preaching the Three Angels Message
45:56 of Revelation 14. We've been preaching
45:59 about that mighty angel coming down
46:00 in Revelation 18:1-4, we're preaching
46:03 that but let me just, thaw this out to you
46:06 and you chew on this for just a little bit.
46:08 Today we are not giving
46:11 the final loud cry,
46:13 you say oh I don't know,
46:15 we're giving the message
46:17 and we're preaching the message listen.
46:18 But not in the power of the latter rain.
46:22 They were stifled that is going to be given again.
46:25 Friend, we need the power of that rain experience.
46:30 Early writings 86 says this,
46:32 at the time of the "latter rain,"
46:34 or the refreshing from the presence of the Lord,
46:37 will come, to give power to the loud voice
46:41 of the third angel. Do we need that power?
46:44 Absolutely. So the latter rain,
46:46 the what? Is the power of the final loud cry?
46:50 Oh I know that's a little bit confusing but stay,
46:52 stay with me. What is included
46:54 in this final loud cry? The second angel's
46:57 message namely, three angels message
46:59 but second what, Babylon is fallen.
47:02 Have you read that, Revelation 14,
47:04 Revelation 18, when is Babylon really fallen?
47:07 I've heard people say well it's already fallen.
47:08 Friend when does it really fall?
47:10 Oh it's in pro, the fall is in progress
47:14 right now, it's not completely fallen.
47:16 But it happens where,
47:17 first in United States of America
47:19 and then other nations,
47:20 when it becomes the habitations of what,
47:23 of devils and every false spirit.
47:26 Babylon falls completely,
47:28 listen, when the National Sunday Law is passed.
47:32 So the final loud cry cannot be given
47:35 before the Sunday Law.
47:37 But that's gonna blow some of you right
47:39 off your seats.
47:44 See while no date is really given,
47:46 time period, remember that Jesus
47:49 said about the coming he said
47:50 no man knows what the day of the hour
47:52 but what you're gonna know it's near
47:53 where even at the door.
47:55 Read that in Matthew 25:13.
47:57 You're gonna know that's near,
47:58 so no exact date but a time period.
48:01 So then the latter rain then falls between
48:04 what the National Sunday Law
48:06 and the close up probation,
48:08 not trying to set a date for
48:09 but in that time frame, in that period,
48:11 that's what these charts now I've been talking
48:12 about will help us to understand
48:14 what I'm talking about here.
48:15 The final loud cry cannot be given what,
48:18 with power of the latter rain until the
48:22 National Sunday Law is passed.
48:24 It's gonna challenge God's last day people
48:27 to take a stand, it's gonna be a great test.
48:29 But God's people must receive the latter
48:32 rain before they can give the final loud cry
48:37 or be a part of final sealing process.
48:41 Early Writings page 271 makes a statement here.
48:45 It is the latter rain, listen,
48:48 the refreshing from the presence of the Lord,
48:51 the loud cry of what, of the third angel.
48:55 What? The latter rain,
48:56 that is the refreshing that we need from
48:58 the presence of the Lord.
48:59 It's a loud cry of the third angel.
49:02 Friend, that's, you know these,
49:05 some are teaching that,
49:06 we're in the final sealing right now.
49:08 The final sealing stage,
49:10 listen in this chart it shows there,
49:12 the sealing process is an ongoing process
49:15 are you still with me,
49:16 a sealing for ongoing process.
49:18 We're talking about the final sealing,
49:20 now the test is given with the Sunday
49:22 law for God's people.
49:24 I want you to listen this statement though,
49:25 they're saying oh,
49:27 it's happening right now.
49:28 Be warned, dear friend that cannot be now,
49:30 why listen to this statement letter 11,
49:33 1890 for God's people just before He comes back.
49:37 I want you to listen to this.
49:38 Letter 11, 1890, the Lord has shown me
49:41 clearly that the image of the beast
49:44 will be formed before probation closes;
49:47 for it is to be the great test for the people
49:50 of God, by which, listen,
49:53 their eternal destiny will be decided.
49:55 But what does that mean?
49:56 This is the test that the people of God
50:01 must have before they are sealed.
50:05 I want that to be clear. Is that clear?
50:08 It's a test, before probation close,
50:12 for it is to be the great test of the what,
50:14 the people of God. Their eternal destiny
50:17 will be decided by it. This is the test
50:19 that the people of God must all have,
50:21 before they are sealed.
50:24 Oh friend, great controversy page 640,
50:29 it says, talking about the judgment,
50:30 it says from, we're talking about
50:32 the judgment that you know
50:34 professed by the dead,
50:35 and then going to the living.
50:37 It says soon none know how soon,
50:41 it will pass to the cases of the living.
50:45 Once again, why, why hasn't the latter
50:49 rain fallen? Remember as it fall
50:54 the rain does not change what?
50:56 We've been learning the character.
50:58 It fixes it forever.
51:02 You know what the Bible says
51:03 when Jesus said, He come and He says
51:05 what, either righteous will be righteous still,
51:07 either filthy would be filthy still.
51:09 What kind of character do you have today?
51:11 See. How is your thought?
51:13 Have you brought all your thoughts
51:15 and suggestion of Jesus Christ?
51:17 Your actions and your words and your deeds,
51:20 are they the words and deeds of Jesus Christ?
51:22 Are you expressing Him to the world?
51:26 Is he living through you,
51:28 is His image fully reproduced in you?
51:31 If it's yes, He is going to come.
51:33 God wants to take you to heaven.
51:37 Little book, devotional book
51:40 the faith that I lived by makes a just good,
51:42 nice comment page 287,
51:44 it says listen, for some people say
51:47 I don't understand what it is about
51:49 the seal of God listen, the seal of God is,
51:51 the seal of God is a settling into what,
51:55 into the truth both intellectually
51:59 and spiritually what? So they cannot,
52:03 so we cannot be moved.
52:04 There comes a time that we have to
52:06 settle into the truth,
52:08 you can't be moved by every wind of doctrine,
52:10 you can't say I believe it today
52:11 and I don't believe it tomorrow.
52:12 We have to have it set in our frontal lobes
52:14 of our mind that we know what truth is
52:16 and we're gonna stand for that truth intellectually
52:19 and spiritually that we know
52:20 so that we cannot be moved.
52:22 God's looking for those who I shall not be,
52:25 I shall not be moved,
52:27 the song said just like the tree that planted
52:29 by the water, God help us,
52:30 be spiritually minded.
52:32 Please remember the purpose of the early rain.
52:36 December of 1908 this was written,
52:39 it says we are, we are right now
52:41 to empty our hearts of all selfishness,
52:47 cleansing them, preparatory to receiving
52:51 the latter rain from heaven.
52:54 Christ's character is to be our character.
52:59 Those are the ones that's gonna repopulate heaven.
53:02 Have you gained all of the victories
53:06 that you need to, to be like Jesus?
53:08 You might say you know,
53:09 I don't know how. I don't know how.
53:13 Our next lesson, we're gonna talk about
53:16 how to remedy the defects of character.
53:20 See you have to know well I don't know,
53:21 I don't know if I have the power,
53:22 I don't know what to do.
53:23 Next time next lesson we're gonna have how,
53:26 how we, how God is going to help us to remedy
53:28 these defects of character.
53:30 Friend, we realized now that we must reach
53:34 full maturity before probation closes.
53:37 Is this is a desire of your heart
53:39 if you've been studying,
53:40 if you've been praying like never before
53:42 that the God of heaven will help us
53:45 to be prepared in our soul,
53:46 our body and our mind.
53:47 Why don't we pray about it today
53:49 before we close.
53:50 Oh friend don't forget the chart,
53:52 you don't need to call for that,
53:54 you're gonna have to have them,
53:55 it's gonna help put the study together.
53:56 It becomes very, very clear before
53:59 the Holy Spirit and the loud cry
54:00 and the final loud cry and the final sealing
54:02 all these things take place,
54:03 why? Because we were retarded before,
54:04 it shouldn't have been given
54:05 and we rejected and now we've got
54:07 to go back and say God forgive us
54:08 and pour that rain upon us now.
54:11 But our hearts have to be ready,
54:12 latter rain can't fall if anybody has unconfessed
54:15 sins in your life, let's pray about it right now,
54:17 shall we? Let's pray together.
54:18 Merciful Father in heaven,
54:22 we thank you for your precious word today,
54:23 we pray that the Holy Spirit of God
54:26 will be poured out upon us,
54:27 give us victory we pray wherever besetting,
54:29 of every sin that we may become like Jesus
54:32 and represent Jesus in our life,
54:33 thought, action indeed,
54:35 his character is to be our character
54:38 that's not to pretend that's reality
54:40 only through Jesus Christ our Lord
54:42 and our savior, protect our mind
54:43 and our heart and cleanse us now
54:45 that we can be ready for the latter rain
54:46 and we can be ready for the harvest,
54:48 in Jesus name, amen.
54:49 It's been so good to be able to spend this time
54:52 with you but you know we would like to hear
54:53 from you, you have thoughts,
54:55 comments maybe even disagree,
54:57 how about giving me just call
54:59 or just sending a letter,
55:00 we'd be glad to hear from you.
55:02 You know may God richly bless you
55:03 and yours we are gonna be praying for you,
55:05 you pray for us here.
55:06 Remember, you know if you have
55:08 little extra you want to send Behold The Lamb,
55:10 Praise God helps to bring these programs
55:11 to you. Remember to pray
55:12 for the station that brings you these programs,
55:14 God bless you, see you next time.
55:17 Welcome back. It's messages
55:19 such as this that reminds us,
55:21 that the biggest battle we will ever fight
55:24 is the battle self.
55:26 Self likes to hold onto things
55:28 that it shouldn't.
55:29 Self is spiritually weak and has a tendency
55:32 to give up when the battle of right
55:34 and wrong begins to heat up.
55:35 Self has a very difficult time
55:39 changing lazy habits into Godly
55:41 motivated in active goals.
55:44 This is precisely why we must let go
55:47 completely of self.
55:49 And learn to depend fully and totally
55:53 upon God.
55:54 We must let go and let God takeover.
55:57 Life in general is too much for us to deal
56:00 with on our very own and you know
56:02 God knows this, this is why
56:05 he has promised us strength
56:07 and every decision of righteousness
56:08 through the gift of his Holy Spirit.
56:10 Yes it is up to us to decide that we want
56:14 these various changes to take place in our hearts
56:17 and in our minds and to make us
56:19 into the image of Christ,
56:21 but we are never left alone to
56:23 complete these changes.
56:25 It is our desire and prayer here at
56:28 Behold The Lamb Ministries
56:30 that this series will aid you
56:33 and making the decisions that you need
56:35 to make for heaven.
56:36 Therefore we encourage you to
56:38 contact us in order this five part
56:40 series today that we've entitled,
56:42 Are you qualified to receive
56:44 the latter rain?
56:45 In this series you'll receive today's message,
56:48 "Our characters must reach full maturity
56:51 before probation closes"
56:52 along with four other vital messages
56:55 that aren't entitled "Living in a Time
56:58 of a Spiritual Emergency,"
57:00 "Fit to live in the Sight of a Holy God,"
57:03 "Those Living Up to the Light that They
57:05 Have Will Receive Greater Light"
57:07 and finally, "How to Remedy
57:09 the Defects of Our Characters."
57:11 This is a set of messages that we truly,
57:15 truly believe that we need to be spending time
57:18 and studying them over and over again.
57:20 You may order your set for a gift of just $35
57:25 or more by calling us here at
57:26 Behold The Lamb Ministries
57:27 at central standard time in the
57:30 United States, it's 618-942-5044 or
57:35 you may write us at
57:36 Behold the Lamb Ministries,
57:38 PO Box 2030, Herrin, Illinois 62948
57:43 or request your set it by sending us an email at
57:48 Beholdthelam,
57:51 or you may order directly online at our website
57:54 at www.beholdth
57:57 Until we study again next time
58:00 may our precious Lord continue
58:02 to richly bless you and yours.


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