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How To Remedy The Defects Of Our Characters

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00:42 Hello, I'm Chris Shelton and welcome to
00:44 Behold the Lamb Presents.
00:45 A television program produced here at
00:48 Behold the Lamb Ministries and inspired
00:50 by the Holy Spirit to bring timely messages
00:54 to help enable all of us to be ready for
00:56 Christ soon return. Today's message is a last
01:00 of a five part series that we have entitled
01:03 "Are You Qualified to Receive the Latter Rain?
01:06 The first four have certainly brought many
01:09 of us to our needs for a much closure examination
01:13 of our individual character.
01:14 Searching ourselves and asking who
01:17 or what we represent. Previously in this series
01:21 we have covered messages entitled
01:23 "Living in a Time of a Spiritual Emergency,"
01:27 "Fit to Live in the Sight of a Holy God."
01:30 Those Living Up to the Light that
01:31 They Have Will Receive Greater Light!"
01:34 and "Our Characters Must Reach Full Maturity
01:37 Before Probation Closes." I am sure today's
01:41 message will provoke more study and prayer as well.
01:45 Today we are closing this series with the message
01:48 that's entitle "How to Remedy the
01:51 Defects of our Character." Unfortunately there maybe
01:55 someone listening right now who maybe wondering
01:58 just what difference does a Christ like character
02:01 really have on our spending
02:03 eternity in heaven? To help stir up your
02:06 curiosity and perhaps steer you
02:08 in the right direction., I wanna share a quote
02:11 with you found in the book the Great Controversy
02:14 on page 620 we read, Satan leads many to
02:19 believe that God will overlook their
02:22 unfaithfulness in the minor affairs of life;
02:25 but the Lord shows that He will in nowise
02:28 sanction or tolerate evil. All who endeavor to
02:32 excuse or conceal their sins, and permit
02:34 them to remain upon the books of Heaven,
02:37 unconfessed and unforgiven will be
02:40 overcome by Satan. Those who delay a preparation
02:44 for the day of God cannot obtain it in the
02:46 time of trouble, did you get that?
02:48 If we delay brothers and sisters we cannot
02:51 obtain it in the time trouble or at any
02:54 subsequent time. The case of such is hopeless.
02:59 Now these are extremely solemn words
03:02 to contemplate. Learning to remedy are defects
03:06 that are in our character now day by day,
03:10 moment by moment is a must if heaven is to be
03:13 our home. We must exercise this gift of
03:17 overcoming sin while there is hope in doing so.
03:21 So stay tuned, I know that the Lord will have
03:24 a word in due season for all of us today
03:27 but before we turn the program over to my
03:30 husband Pastor Kenny Shelton,
03:32 let's visit the 3ABN worship center
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03:57 More than you'll know
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04:09 To tell you just what Christ means to me
04:19 I'd say He's more than I could show
04:30 And He's more than you'll ever know
04:39 Christ means more to me than you'll ever know
04:48 Christ means more to me than I could possibly show
04:58 He's More, more, so much more
05:09 And More than you'll ever know
05:18 If you could have seen me just yesterday
05:26 You'd know why He's life and breathe to me
05:36 I'll say He's more than I could show
05:47 And He's more than you'll ever know
05:55 Christ means more to me than you'll ever know
06:04 O Christ means more to me than I could possibly show
06:14 He's More, more, so much more
06:24 He's More than you'll ever know
06:31 He's More, more, so much more
06:43 He's More than you'll ever know.
07:07 Thank you for join us today, praise the Lord
07:09 I know that song blessed you,
07:10 blessed your heart and today we're going to do
07:12 the last part in our five part series you know
07:15 "Are You Qualified to Receive the Latter Rain?
07:18 And today we're gonna be talking about how
07:19 to remedy the defects in our characters.
07:22 So if you been examining yourself
07:24 lately if you like I am, I've seen that I need
07:27 some character changes and today we're gonna
07:29 learn how by the grace of God,
07:31 he's going to point in that direction so that
07:33 we can walk when He come, we could be translated
07:35 but before as always we're gonna go to God
07:38 in prayer but first I wanna tell you
07:39 I am so glad that you tuned in and I want you
07:42 to get your pencil and paper and your Bible,
07:44 lay everything out, turn the phones off you know
07:47 don't answer the door, now is the time
07:49 we need to spend with God, the Holy Spirit
07:50 is going to do great things through
07:52 his vessels today. Let's pray about it,
07:54 shall we together, where you can,
07:55 I want you to kneel along with me.
07:57 Let's pray together.
08:00 Kind, loving heavenly Father, once again
08:02 we come before thee as the God, the creator
08:04 of the heavens and the earth. We ask for the
08:06 anointing of thy Holy Spirit upon
08:08 this weak vessel, pray that you would strengthen
08:11 and it help mind to be what it needs to be,
08:13 pray if there be sin in my heart, in my life
08:16 or I made mistakes not even realize that pray
08:18 your blood will cover me now.
08:20 Need to hear from heaven, we want nothing
08:23 in the way, we pray today as the messages
08:26 given that we need to clear contact,
08:29 we need to be able to hear the word of God
08:31 and be able to put in our hearts, in our minds
08:33 and then the faith and strength to walk
08:35 in that truth. We thank you for hearing
08:37 and answering prayer and we thank you for
08:38 the ears and the minds and the hearts
08:40 of your people that will be opened to receive
08:42 right now in Jesus precious holy name, amen.
08:48 Once again it's very imperative we always
08:49 talk about this and I'm gonna remind you always
08:51 from time to time, you need to study to show
08:54 yourself approve unto God. Start out,
08:56 and let's start with a quote today as we talk
08:58 about how to remedy the defects of
09:00 our characters. Remember once again for those
09:02 who are new, the only thing you are going
09:04 to take to heaven with you is, what?
09:06 Good, somebody said it, character.
09:08 That's all we are going to take.
09:10 So the character has to be we have
09:12 been studying, listen this is our fifth time
09:13 on this subject. Our character has
09:15 to be like Jesus. The Bible has backed it up,
09:19 the spirit of prophecy is backed it up.
09:21 And now self examination to
09:23 say okay, first realized okay I've got some
09:25 problems here I need the victory in these areas,
09:28 now how is it going to be accomplished?
09:30 And so I'm gonna read and review in Herald
09:32 article little magazine, many years ago
09:33 written in 1887 in March 22nd here
09:37 is what it says, starts out good,
09:39 'cause I, when you talk about revival
09:40 I get excited. It says, Revival of listen to this
09:43 "A revival of true godliness among us is the
09:46 greatest and most urgent need of our
09:50 all those. So the most urgent need is, what?
09:52 Is the revival of true godliness?
09:55 There must be earnest effort to obtain
09:58 the blessing, please always remember,
10:01 can't just sit back, there has to be an earnest
10:03 effort in order to obtain the blessings of God.
10:07 You know if God wants and He is willing
10:10 to bestow his spirit upon us. Please keep
10:12 this in mind and He is willing to do it but
10:15 we are totally unprepared to receive it.
10:19 There is the problem, God wants to pour
10:20 it out but we are unprepared to receive it.
10:24 Now that was in 1887, you say,
10:26 well that's a long time ago but are we really
10:28 ready and willing to receive that blessing,
10:31 are we seeking forward? Do you realize this
10:33 most urgent need that you have,
10:35 it's not cars and houses and lands,
10:37 it's our relationship with Jesus Christ.
10:40 Have you ever thought about this?
10:41 You know to talk about the enemy,
10:43 people say well we shouldn't talk about
10:44 the enemy. He is alive and well and
10:46 he is after you and he is after me.
10:48 What is the thing that, that the devil
10:51 fears the most? Have you ever thought
10:52 about that? What is it that he really fears?
10:55 You know what he fears? He fears this
10:58 that God's people, God's people are going
11:02 to clear the way, that means they are going
11:03 to get sin out of their lives so that God
11:06 can pour out the latter rain. He is afraid that
11:10 you and I will get on fire for Jesus
11:12 and so he's going to do everything he can
11:14 inside the church to cause the vision
11:17 and confusion. Again Review and
11:19 Herald March 22, 1887 says this;
11:22 "When the way is prepared for the
11:24 Spirit of God, the blessing will come."
11:26 Notice what? When the way is prepared
11:30 then the blessing of God will come.
11:32 So the blessing of God has not come in its
11:34 entirety and fullness then something must be
11:37 in the way. Notice as I read on how,
11:39 how, how? The blessing is going to come how?
11:43 If they, who is that? That's us,
11:44 the people God. If we will, with a subdued,
11:48 notice the things here, subdued, contrite heart
11:51 and confess and put away sin, and in faith
11:55 claim his promise. Here's the thing that we need
11:58 to do if we want the spirit of the power of God
12:00 then the latter rain experiences we have to
12:03 subdued with subdued, contrite heart and confess
12:07 our sins and notice it, not only confessing them
12:10 but we need to put them away.
12:13 Now I'm not talking about where you can reach
12:15 and get them again, I am talking about put
12:16 them away and gain the victory.
12:18 The letter 20 written on August 5, 1888 says
12:22 this; many, many now this, this, this just tore
12:25 me up when I read it, now I don't know
12:26 about you, this says, many, many will be lost
12:31 because they have not studied their Bibles.
12:35 How many? Many, many are going to be lost
12:37 because, what? They studied their Bibles,
12:39 it says upon their knees with earnest prayer
12:43 to God that the entrance of the word of God
12:46 might give them light and understanding.
12:50 Many is going to be lost because, what?
12:52 We are not studying the word of God everyday,
12:54 we are not studying and upon our knees
12:56 pleading with God to give us direction that
12:59 we may understand His word. Friend,
13:01 do you think, you really understand His word
13:03 enough and good enough or should we be diligently
13:06 seeking God daily reading His word.
13:08 Now some of you know, you will say, oh,
13:10 well, He is meddling and he is trying
13:11 and he is getting all, listen, if you haven't
13:13 read the Bible you understand
13:14 you haven't read it. We're gonna see the
13:16 importance in our study today.
13:17 The importance in this whole series that
13:20 we've been studying is bound upon this,
13:22 the one testimony 466 that on nearly
13:27 all who professed to believe, what?
13:29 Good, present truth, we are, what?
13:31 We are not ready to receive the Holy Spirit
13:34 or the latter rain experience, unfit.
13:39 Now listen friend, if we are unfit to receive
13:42 then we need to, what? We need to make
13:44 some changes and then God is going to help us
13:45 to make those changes. Early writings page 71,
13:49 tremendous book I wanna read this quote to you,
13:51 it said, I saw that none could partake
13:54 of the refreshing we are talking about the
13:56 latter rain here, unless they obtain victory over,
14:00 notice this, every besetment.
14:02 Now what he's talking about besetment here?
14:05 Something that is constantly harassing you,
14:08 you have that, is the devil constantly
14:11 harassing you, day by day it's like you just
14:14 can't get the victory you want to get it
14:15 and you get tired of fighting that battle.
14:18 That's what it's talking about, besetment
14:20 that means when the devil attacks you
14:22 and when he attacks me, but we have to gain
14:25 the victory over these besetments,
14:27 notice this over pride, had a man the other day
14:31 said I've got a bad habit you know again,
14:32 and I continued this habit because
14:34 God's not going to take me to the heaven
14:35 and I just get discouraged and I don't even wanna,
14:38 I just, I can't have a relationship with him
14:40 because I had this, I just tell you, he said,
14:42 I smoke. I said later well you understand
14:45 what he is talking about but, but I encouraged
14:47 him don't get discouraged, continue to fight
14:50 the good fight of faith because he said,
14:52 what other people, Christians,
14:53 they don't this, what is that, many of us
14:55 have what? We fight pride, we fight, what?
14:57 Love of, you know the love of self,
15:00 of selfishness we have. Love of the world,
15:03 the things that are in the world,
15:05 so I encouraged you, don't get discouraged,
15:06 present that to God, God will give victory.
15:09 Summing up what he said in Early Writings 71,
15:11 it says, we have to get victory, notice this,
15:13 over every wrong word and action.
15:18 To receive the latter rain, rain or see the
15:21 latter rain and be ready for heaven.
15:22 Can't go to heaven without it, we have to gain
15:25 the victory through the blood of Jesus Christ
15:27 over every wrong word and action.
15:30 See we have some things that we're going
15:32 to have to ask God for some real victory over.
15:35 See we maybe pleading and praying with God
15:37 for this latter rain but no one, no one is going
15:40 to ever receive the seal of the living God
15:42 while our characters have what?
15:44 See we've been studying this, spot or a stain
15:48 on them. It's going to be left us to remedy
15:51 the defect of character. Now again
15:54 we wouldn't do that in our previous lesson.
15:55 We can't do it on our own, it's some of what?
15:57 Presenting ourselves to Jesus Christ.
15:58 He is able to do that. When we've got to,
16:02 we get ourselves right with God then
16:04 the latter rain is going to fall upon us
16:07 as I am reading on here; then the latter rain
16:09 will fall upon us, then notice this as the early
16:12 rain fell upon the disciples at the day
16:15 of Pentecost. Let me just make a statement here,
16:17 it goes along with what we've been talking
16:18 about in this series. God will not, listen friend,
16:22 God will not make the slightest compromise
16:25 with sin. I can't say it any clearer than that,
16:28 what? God will not make the slightest compromise
16:33 with sin, just not going to do it.
16:35 He is not going to give an avenue
16:37 for the devil right; sin to be taken to
16:39 heaven again, for the old devil to get back up
16:41 there and start the same mess again.
16:43 He is not going to do that. Jesus said, you know,
16:46 I coming back after the church, we've been
16:48 reading this in Ephesians 5:27 without spot,
16:51 wrinkle or any such thing.
16:53 Again, let's answer the question.
16:55 Who is going to receive the latter rain?
16:57 Who is going to receive it?
16:58 All, we are all going to receive it,
17:00 now we've learned that we are not.
17:01 Only those who gain the victory in their life
17:04 over those besetting words and actions
17:06 and deeds this makes it really clear there,
17:09 One Testimony 187 and 188. Those who come up
17:13 to every point, and stand the test and overcome.
17:18 Did you remember this life has what?
17:20 Good, it's a test where are you gonna spend
17:22 eternity. Every person who, on every point,
17:25 every point the devil comes that you again,
17:28 stand the test and what? Overcome, be the price
17:34 what it may. Regardless of what
17:37 it cost in his life, they've heeded the counsel
17:39 of the true witness, notice this,
17:41 they will receive the latter rain.
17:44 Other words, every test, everything that the
17:46 devil throws at you by the grace of God
17:49 we have to gain the victory.
17:50 Those are the ones that's gonna receive the
17:52 latter rain. You know, in Matthew chapter 5
17:55 in the New Testament and verses 29 to 30,
17:59 it says something like you know if the eye
18:02 offends you, you do what? Good, pluck it out.
18:04 If the right hand offends you, what?
18:06 Cut it off. And you have to think in terms of,
18:09 if your right eye offense, listen here if your eye
18:14 trips you up, have you ever been out there out
18:17 in the world and your eye did what?
18:18 Trips you up a little bit. You've been looking at
18:20 things that you shouldn't been looking at.
18:23 If it entices you the eye entices person in the sin,
18:26 the things that are looking at.
18:29 The eye sometime leads into what?
18:31 Apostasy. You see if the eye offends you,
18:35 you need to pluck it out.
18:37 And what it's talking about?
18:38 You remove it at the point of where there is
18:41 motion and action. The eye catches motion
18:44 and action if it catches the wrong thing,
18:46 we need to do what? We need to pluck it out,
18:48 what's the Bible say. Any of us willing to
18:52 sacrifice self, whatever it takes, heaven can be
18:56 our home, we willing to give it up.
18:58 In Luke, New Testament, Luke chapter 11,
19:01 the Bible says verse 34, this says,
19:03 but you know when thine eye is evil,
19:07 the Bible says, the body is full of darkness.
19:10 When the eye is, what? When the eye is evil,
19:14 listen it says, when the eye or when
19:16 the vision is evil, when the side glance is evil.
19:22 If you ever seen somebody that wants to,
19:24 but be very careful here. You ever seen somebody
19:26 who wants to look at something but they don't
19:28 want you to see that they're looking.
19:30 You ever done that you've seen somebody
19:31 and they are doing like this. You know,
19:34 and then, they want you to sit that's what
19:37 they says, when the eye is evil,
19:39 in the Greek it says the side glance
19:43 and then it gets a little continually inspecting.
19:48 When the eye continually inspects something
19:52 that it shouldn't be inspecting.
19:54 Some of us especially the men think
19:56 they're inspectors and they're inspecting some
19:58 of the wrong things that's what the Bible
20:00 is talking about here, when it says,
20:02 when thine eye is evil that means they continually
20:05 are inspecting. It is not, listen, it is not a passive
20:09 thing when you're going down or maybe the row
20:12 and you see something it, a casual glance
20:15 you didn't know you seen. A passive glance
20:18 you've seen, but it says, continual inspection
20:21 that gets us into trouble I hope you see that.
20:24 You know the Holy Spirit would help you that.
20:27 So how do we remedy then the defects
20:29 in our character? How do we cleanse this
20:32 soul temple from every defilement?
20:35 Wow, I do want to go to heaven I know
20:38 you want to go, but it's much more than maybe
20:41 what you thought all these years just to be,
20:43 say Christian go to church, it's deeper.
20:46 You're gonna repopulate heaven,
20:48 you're gonna be there with Jesus,
20:49 with God, the angels in a holy atmosphere.
20:54 First selected messages page 190 and 192.
20:59 Here is word begins, we are talking about remedy
21:01 one today the defects of our character,
21:03 it says, it is our work today getting to heaven,
21:07 let me like this, getting to heaven is a, what?
21:09 It's gonna be a work. You're going to have
21:11 to put forth an effort. You're not gonna slide.
21:13 One of things you slide in this world is slide,
21:15 you slide downhill, you back slide,
21:17 that's what you do. But in heaven friend,
21:20 I am telling it's an awesome thing.
21:23 We are going to get there, we are not going to slide
21:25 and it's gonna be like a, it's gonna be
21:26 the personal effort and here it simply says this.
21:29 It's our work today to yield, yield what?
21:33 Are you wanting to gain the victory?
21:35 Then the yield, listen, our souls to Christ
21:38 and here is yield our wills.
21:40 The first thing we should be doing every day
21:42 if we're wanting to gain this defects of character
21:45 victory is that we have to commit our wills
21:47 to Christ that we maybe, I am reading on fitted
21:51 for the time of refreshing from the presence
21:53 of the Lord, fitted for the baptism
21:56 of the Holy Spirit. Friend, please concentrate
22:00 with me today, first thing in gaining here,
22:03 cleansing the soul temple is committing our wills
22:07 to Jesus Christ today. And you will say,
22:10 well, I would love to do that but I don't know
22:11 what it is, what are you talking about the will,
22:15 why the will and what is the will that I have to,
22:18 what, because I have to yield it to Him
22:20 or I will not be able to participate in, what?
22:23 In the refreshing of the outpouring of the
22:25 latter rain the Holy Spirit. So therefore,
22:27 I must present my will to Him. Little book call
22:31 My Life Today is a beautiful little book,
22:33 page 318 says this; The will, but you said
22:37 you want to, you want to commit it right,
22:39 okay, the will is the governing power in the
22:43 nature of man. What is the will?
22:48 The will is the governing power in the
22:50 nature of man. You will be in constant peril,
22:54 listen, until you understand the true
22:57 force of the will. So if you didn't already
22:59 understood the true force of the will,
23:01 you are in trouble here. Your part is to put
23:04 your will on the side of Christ.
23:07 Oh, that's good, when you yield your will
23:10 to be His, He immediately takes possession of you.
23:13 Think about that today. Lord, I want you to
23:15 take my will. I don't want to fight you,
23:18 I am gonna submit to you. It's a governing power
23:21 of the nature of man I give it to you God today.
23:24 I immediately get on the side of Christ that's
23:27 what you want to be on, isn't it?
23:29 And then he says you are gonna immediately
23:31 he takes possession, and he works to do His will
23:34 and pleasure to you. Now notice,
23:36 even in thought, notice, even our thoughts become
23:41 in subjection to Him. And this article goes on,
23:44 I like it, it's positive. It says, don't feel that
23:48 you cannot; but say this, don't feel
23:50 you cannot say, I can and I will and God has
23:54 pledged the Holy Spirit to help in every
23:57 decided effort. Isn't that beautiful?
24:00 We never say, well I can't gain the victory,
24:02 here I can't commit my will to Him.
24:05 You come with determination why,
24:06 by the power and spirit of God,
24:08 not anything you have within you and you say
24:10 by God's grace I can and I will and I pledge myself,
24:15 because the Holy Spirit has been promised
24:17 to help me. Desire of Ages another beautiful
24:20 book on Life for Christ, page 38 makes this
24:22 comment all I guess food for thought.
24:26 None, none but Christ can fashion anew
24:30 the character, character that's what you are,
24:32 none but Christ can. That has ruined by sin.
24:36 You realized today that your character,
24:38 your very being just like mine has been ruined by,
24:41 what? By sin, only Christ can fashion it anew.
24:46 He comes to expose, notice this,
24:48 He comes to expose the demons that has
24:52 controlled the will. You think giving the will
24:56 is not important, you need to summit it
24:58 to God or the devil's gonna take it.
25:00 Only Jesus can come and, the demons that have
25:03 controlled the will that's why some people say
25:06 well I couldn't help but I did I was compelled
25:07 to do, I did the wrong thing.
25:11 The enemy even knows how important is to commit
25:13 the will to Jesus Christ.
25:15 To do His good pleasure Jesus,
25:17 I am gonna do you, look that in Philippians 2
25:19 verse 13 when you have the opportunity.
25:21 We make come to the point that we do in
25:23 Psalms 139 verse 23, when it says,
25:26 search me, O God, know my heart,
25:30 are we listening, know my, know my heart
25:32 and know my thoughts. That's beautiful.
25:36 Say today, I can and I will by the grace of God.
25:39 Let me give you a real big key.
25:40 We got a lot of stuff to cover today
25:42 and time is running. But look, Desire of ages
25:44 makes this a beautiful in page 391.
25:46 Here is the key, here is the key to victory
25:49 for you and for me on a daily basis.
25:51 This is where we lack, this is where the devil
25:53 is causing you to that you don't have time
25:56 to do this, you don't have time do anything
25:58 for God, listen, here's what it says,
26:00 you want to destroy the earthly nature I do,
26:04 you little fleshling yes, here is the way
26:06 you destroy. Very simple, the word,
26:09 here is how it starts out, the word or truth
26:11 destroys the natural, earthly nature,
26:15 what does it? The word of God, oh,
26:18 friend it's right here, the word of God destroys
26:21 the earthly nature and imparts a new life
26:25 in Jesus Christ. That's exciting to me.
26:28 That's why the devil doesn't want you
26:29 to read it, that's why when you pick it up
26:31 that the phone rings and somebody
26:33 is on you and somebody just didn't go right,
26:35 that didn't go right. The devil's just,
26:36 he's furious every time you want to read
26:39 the word of God why? Because it will destroy
26:41 this earthly and it will put you into the, what?
26:43 The heavenly mode for Jesus to come into
26:45 your heart, and into your life. In fact,
26:48 the Bible talks about that in Psalms 119 verse 11,
26:51 you remember reading that in scripture.
26:53 Oh, it's when you memorize when you were young.
26:56 Says, thy word have I what?
26:58 Good, thy word of I hid in my heart,
27:00 that I might not, good, sin against thee.
27:03 That's beautiful. I believe this God is,
27:06 God is leading a people today.
27:09 He is leading us step by step.
27:12 Now you think about that with me.
27:14 And He brings us into positions which I believe
27:18 that He's calculated, He is calculated to reveal
27:22 our hearts. If you ever wondered why you in
27:24 that fear why this is taking place in your life?
27:28 God is leading you if you're a child of God,
27:30 He is leading you step by step and then each
27:32 one of those, is going to reveal your character
27:35 and my character and in each step we may
27:38 gain a victory and at the next step be careful
27:40 we maybe, be defeated but at every step
27:44 that we go that we're tested and we tried
27:46 a little bit closure to see how we are growing
27:49 in Jesus Christ, and here's a point.
27:52 Do you find as you are being tested
27:54 by step by step and you are opposed to the
27:57 real straight testimony in the
27:58 truth of Jesus Christ. Almost that go on
28:01 little there, expand a little bit more about
28:02 the three angels message, giving the mark
28:04 of the beast I mean really exposing the man of sin
28:08 and we are against those things that
28:09 we want to withdraw, we are opposed to
28:11 the work of God, notice, there is a work to
28:16 be overdone, now overcome, there is a work.
28:19 Friend you realize there is a work and if we reject
28:23 this work let me tell you this, God is going to
28:25 reject you and going to reject me.
28:28 That's how imperative it is? Great controversy
28:31 page 593 says this; None, now know you,
28:37 you're not an exception. There's people right
28:39 now thinking you are an exception to the rule.
28:41 I've met people like that in the world.
28:43 It's pretty hard to deal with the times,
28:45 you know we need to be changing don't we,
28:47 into image of Jesus Christ. None, none but those
28:51 who have fortified the mind with the truths
28:54 of the Bible. What does that mean?
28:55 None who have fortified the minds,
28:58 none of us who have not built a defense around us,
29:05 none who is not strengthened, you see,
29:10 against the attacks of the enemy will stand
29:14 through the last great conflict.
29:16 So that's why it said none who have not fortified
29:18 the mind, how do you fortify the mind?
29:20 Spending time with Jesus, spending time in the word.
29:23 And just know use to give me today,
29:24 some of you going to get me well,
29:26 I spend my five minutes this morning.
29:30 You spend more and five minutes shaving
29:31 your face. Now think about it. We be in more
29:35 that probably brush your teeth this morning.
29:36 Those things need to be done but not left what?
29:38 Leave the other one undone.
29:41 We're talking if you haven't fortified
29:42 your mind with the truths of God's word
29:44 you are not going to stand in the
29:46 last great conflict; do you want that power today?
29:49 We have to use great care today,
29:51 let me tell you, why, of the truths
29:52 and the warnings that have been made
29:54 clear in scripture. I will give you little
29:56 illustration of that because we made
29:58 find ourselves as the disciples.
30:00 How real and true this is? Well I've heard
30:02 this and well, somebody said, but listen,
30:05 do you remember what Jesus when
30:07 He was crucified He explained to the disciples,
30:10 didn't He? Exactly what was going to take place,
30:13 how He would be put to death and how He would
30:15 rise again but you know what they could not
30:19 stand to hear that about their beloved savior.
30:22 They heard what He was saying as it were
30:24 but they rejected it because they didn't,
30:26 they thought we can't deal with that,
30:28 we don't want to hear that, we want temporal
30:31 deliverance, we want a kingdom set up here,
30:34 you know what happened,
30:35 listen, because they had their own thought
30:37 they lost sight of Jesus and His words.
30:41 And when their supreme task came
30:44 when He was nailed to the cross,
30:45 all hope seems to, it was gone from them,
30:48 oh friend what happened? They were unprepared,
30:52 listen, as though they had never heard Jesus
30:56 what He had told them plainly.
30:58 So tell me, it's not possible yeah,
31:01 disciples even though Jesus told them plainly
31:03 because they wanted their own way
31:05 and they wouldn't accept His way it was though
31:08 they never heard a word that He said
31:10 and when their tests came they were unprepared.
31:12 Is it possible we are unprepared today
31:13 for receiving the latter rain?
31:16 We talk a lot of time that we've been talking
31:18 about our, our little chart and things that we,
31:20 that we, that we have here we've made the
31:21 little chart and some of you might like this.
31:23 It's just, it's very simply done and many,
31:25 many things else could be added to it.
31:27 But it's called the timeline of prophecy,
31:30 prophetic history and it just kind of gives
31:32 some outlines here, we're talking about you know
31:34 it is starting 457 and talking about
31:37 National Sunday law, Close of Probation
31:39 time of trouble, little time of trouble,
31:41 latter rain, what's gonna be happen you know,
31:43 oh, there's a lot of things on here that helps us
31:45 in our study, you need to call and make sure
31:47 you get one. Now listen carefully this as we go on.
31:49 Great Controversy page 594 says this.
31:53 The prophecies in the future is opened
31:56 before us, are, are you worried about
31:58 the prophecy? Are you wanting to know
32:00 what's going to happen in the world,
32:02 friend, they are opened just as plainly
32:05 as they were to the disciples by the
32:08 words of Christ. Listen, the events connected
32:11 with the close of probation,
32:12 are you interested in the close of probation,
32:14 well, I am. And with the work of preparation
32:17 that we've been talking about, oh I am,
32:19 and the time of trouble, oh I'm interested yes,
32:22 are clearly presented. What, we have
32:25 to be studying the word that's
32:26 why we are not sure, we don't know what's going on,
32:28 we are torn up. What's the problem?
32:32 Oh, it's just come with many, many things but
32:33 it may boil down to couple of things here.
32:37 Millions don't understand what's going on,
32:39 let me tell you why. First of all is because
32:42 they don't want Bible truth, they just don't
32:45 want Bible truth. They will come
32:47 and they'll ask you question you tell them
32:49 what the Bible says, they will say yeah,
32:50 but somebody else told me, blah, blah, blah.
32:53 It's plain in scripture so that we are not
32:56 confused. God does not want us confuse;
32:58 He wants us to know the hour in which we live.
33:00 He wants us to be prepared, He is telling us
33:02 how to be prepared for the little time of trouble,
33:04 for the close of probation but yet
33:06 we as like we've never heard it before.
33:08 It's like it doesn't matter.
33:12 And secondly, I believe you know people
33:14 are afraid that if I do it step, this right,
33:15 it's going to change my lifestyle,
33:18 I am happy with the way things are going.
33:20 I kind of like the world and things in the world
33:23 I like the way it's going, I like my job,
33:24 I like what you know my house blah, blah, blah,
33:25 we are not willing to change
33:27 and Jesus simply says, we need to deny self
33:29 you remember. What's going to be the results?
33:32 If this is what you really want,
33:34 if you want a deception I can tell you this.
33:36 The enemy is going to give you just the
33:38 deception that you want. You just keep
33:41 in there hanging there and He is going to
33:42 give you or if you want heaven friend,
33:44 it's yours but you have to claim it,
33:45 you have to be studying and praying right now
33:47 on pleading with God. And the subject like
33:51 this especially if you go five parts,
33:52 some people miss a lot and so on so forth,
33:54 there is time that you have to,
33:55 I want to say to rerun, go over a few things
33:58 important aspects what we've been talking
34:00 about because some people have missed it
34:01 and I want to do that just quickly right now.
34:04 Because our continuous to be misunderstandings
34:07 and you know it's a lack of this understanding
34:09 of what we are talking about here that you know
34:11 people are not going to be prepared,
34:14 they don't see the importance of it because
34:16 not for any people talking about it,
34:17 no one's already preaching about it.
34:19 But there is a revival, people are beginning
34:21 to wake up a little bit what's going on
34:24 about the latter rain they're not going to,
34:26 we read this in testimonies 507,
34:28 I want you pay attention again.
34:30 Many, many having a great measure failed
34:33 to receive the former rain,
34:35 what's the former rain? It's when you what?
34:36 You're born again, you accept Jesus
34:39 as your Lord and Savior.
34:40 You will invite the Holy Spirit to come in,
34:42 Jesus to come into your life,
34:44 that forgiveness of sin. It says, they have not
34:47 obtained all the benefits I like this that God
34:50 has provided for them but notice they expect
34:54 that the lack will be supplied by the
34:57 latter rain. Here is the punch line.
35:01 They are making a terrible mistake.
35:04 See God has promised what?
35:06 He's promised to get benefice of gaining
35:09 victory over sin and what, the early rain,
35:10 the former rain so that we can receive
35:13 of the latter rain, get sin out,
35:14 get the character of Jesus Christ in us.
35:16 This is what's talking about here.
35:18 Now let's look again the object and the
35:20 purpose of the latter rain in case you miss
35:22 some of the program, you may want to go
35:24 back and get 1, 2, 3, 4 and of course
35:26 the 5th one today. What is it?
35:27 We do it really quickly, The Testimonies Ministries
35:29 talks about; first of all, latter rain is given
35:31 to do what? To ripen the grain,
35:33 we consider ourselves as a grain, the finish ripen.
35:36 To prepare it for harvest,
35:38 the grain that's left in the field you see
35:39 it's suppose in the field you know you can't
35:41 harvest that but there was a grain as a power
35:43 of the Holy Spirit, the latter rain comes out,
35:45 prepares us for harvest. The latter rain brings
35:48 completion or what? In our spiritual life,
35:51 listen, or we become like Jesus,
35:54 man that's wonderful. As the latter rain falls
35:58 our character is perfected,
36:00 our character is restored,
36:02 our character is recreated
36:05 and certainly the purpose of the latter rain
36:07 is to help what? To finish the work of God,
36:10 that God's character can be what?
36:12 Can be vindicated. That's His character
36:15 has been challenged. The righteousness
36:17 of Jesus Christ all for Him. Listen,
36:20 listen also message we have to give,
36:21 remember the latter rain does not,
36:23 we've been talking about, the latter rain does not
36:25 change the character. It fixes it for what?
36:31 Eternity. The latter rain what?
36:33 Oh, when it comes or not you know it will
36:34 change things that need to be change.
36:36 The latter rain for us does not change
36:38 the character. It fixes for eternity so that
36:41 it cannot be moved, it cannot be move.
36:45 The latter rain does not, think about it,
36:48 form character. Oh, here what, think about it,
36:52 the latter rain does not give victory over sin,
36:56 why because the victory has already been gained
36:58 in the early rain. Now there is question,
37:01 I want you just think with me today.
37:04 What does it really mean to reach full maturity?
37:06 What does it really mean to reach full maturity?
37:09 At that point, is there more to be accomplished
37:11 or is that just it? You say well I'm confused
37:15 now let me ask it in another way.
37:16 If our lives, reaches the point of living
37:19 without sin, by God's grace we come
37:22 to that point, then could there still be
37:25 more growth? Oh, absolutely, we studied
37:27 little bit about this education,
37:29 little book on Education page 106,
37:30 makes this statement; at every stage in
37:33 our development, I pray the God that you are
37:35 developing that you are changing day by day,
37:38 our life maybe, what? Perfect. Listen, at every
37:41 stage of our development we maybe, what?
37:44 We maybe perfect, yet if God purpose
37:48 for us is fulfilled, there will be constant,
37:52 what? Constant advancement.
37:54 So you can be living without sin but what?
37:56 Still advancing in Jesus Christ and knowledge
37:59 and wisdom and grace of God growing.
38:02 Example is given. Of course we are look
38:03 in the Bible that Jesus in One Testimonies 339,
38:08 Jesus was considered as a man but He was what?
38:10 He is perfect, yet, it says, He grew in what?
38:14 He grew in grace. He was perfect but He what?
38:17 He grew in grace, we become perfect through
38:18 Him but He was continued to what?
38:20 Good, grow, grow, grow. The Bible talks about
38:23 His perfection in Hebrews chapter 7
38:24 when you have time. Hebrews chapter 5,
38:28 you know how Jesus, you know, you know,
38:30 you know, you know, how when He learned
38:31 and how He grained victory.
38:32 Some people don't like this but you read
38:34 in Hebrews 5 verse 8, Jesus learned obedience
38:39 by the things that He suffered.
38:42 Jesus learned obedience by the things that
38:45 He suffered. Something you think it's gonna be
38:47 a picnic, its easy road friend you need
38:49 to think again. What is our, what is our work?
38:52 In High Places little book page 186 says this,
38:55 it is your work to advance toward perfection,
38:58 making constant improvement notice this,
39:01 until it last you are pronounced worthy
39:05 to receive immortal life. Oh friend think
39:08 about that. Even the work, notice this,
39:11 of progression will not cease, but will continue
39:15 throughout eternity. So progression like continue
39:19 to grow right to Jesus comes takes it to heaven,
39:21 we continue to grow, grow throughout
39:23 all eternity. Don't, please don't miss
39:24 this point. Living without sin and we've talked
39:27 about that and being fully mature,
39:30 ready for translation are two different things.
39:34 We will continue to grow and mature to
39:38 perfect characterize. Building up to the coming
39:40 of the Lord and then He what?
39:42 Through eternity that's beautiful.
39:44 Oh, think about it even after all the saints
39:46 are sealed and they do not commit sin.
39:49 They continue to grow spiritually and fully
39:54 matured they're ready for what, translation.
39:57 Friend we have to become completely mature
40:00 in Jesus Christ. He will take us to heaven,
40:03 we gain what? Victory over every word
40:05 and every action to be like Jesus.
40:08 Second Peter 1 verse 10 says, wherefore rather,
40:11 brethren, give diligence to make your calling
40:15 and election what? Good, sure, that's exactly
40:18 right and He says, this, notice this,
40:20 for if ye do these things,
40:22 ye shall never fall. If you do these things
40:26 you shall never fall that's the
40:28 promise of God. You say, oh, that's not enough,
40:30 oh, friend listen Jude verse 24 say this,
40:33 He is able to keep you, notice this fully,
40:37 He's able to what? Keep you.
40:39 It has nothing to do, It has to do what?
40:42 With Jesus and His power but that's committing
40:44 ourselves to Him. Hebrew 7:25 says,
40:48 He is able to save to the uttermost.
40:51 That means He go out as far as He has to,
40:54 to get you Brother Jim. No matter how far it is,
40:56 how low it is and to me He reached down
40:59 and get you. He is able to do that.
41:01 Romans 8:37, He says that we become more
41:05 than conquers through Jesus Christ.
41:08 Friend I like that more than conquerors through
41:10 Jesus Christ, don't you? That's beautiful.
41:13 And then the Bible talks in the beginning
41:14 of the book of Matthew chapter 1 verse 21,
41:17 The Bible says, thou shalt call his name Jesus.
41:21 Thou shalt call his name what?
41:23 Jesus. And He shall save his people from what?
41:26 From their sin. This is the big issue,
41:29 sin is the issue, sin has to go,
41:30 if you want the latter rain experience
41:33 and only Jesus can help you dear friend
41:35 but it has to be every word, every action,
41:38 every thought, the eyes, the mind,
41:40 everything has to be pure in order for us
41:43 to make it to heaven. You don't hear that
41:45 from the pulpits today, oh, friend,
41:47 we need to be listening.
41:50 How can this proved by, how can I will be
41:51 clothed with the righteousness
41:53 of Jesus Christ. We're talking about what?
41:56 Defects of character, little magazine article,
42:00 Signs of the Times in July 23
42:02 and it written 1902 says this,
42:05 everyone who by faith obeys God's commandments,
42:09 will reach the condition of sinlessness in which
42:13 Adam lived before transgression.
42:15 Now some of you're not going to get that
42:17 I can't just keep emphasizing over
42:18 and over but I think we read this but
42:20 we will not focus on some of the words.
42:23 Everyone, notice this, who by faith obeys
42:26 God's commandments, this is the devil knows that,
42:29 that's why I saying that the Christian world
42:30 they really have to keep all the commandments,
42:32 we're not worried about keeping God's law
42:33 but we are undergrad, yeah.
42:36 Even the enemy knows it. God's people submit their
42:40 life to Him and they'll obey God's commandments.
42:43 We promise that we will reach this stage
42:46 with a condition of sinlessness that Adam
42:49 lived before transgression
42:51 and ourselves to Christ we do what?
42:55 Listen, once I submit myself to Jesus Christ
42:57 I have to live His life.
43:00 This is what it means to be clothed with the
43:03 garment of righteousness. How many lessons have
43:06 you heard, how many people went,
43:07 what it be clothed all we put the cloak on,
43:09 we're gonna put the cloak on He got be
43:10 without sin before you can put the cloak on.
43:14 You have to be right with God. What does that
43:16 mean to be like Jesus, is to live His life,
43:18 submit ourselves to Him and live His life,
43:20 many maybe through us.
43:22 Oh, what a challenge that is.
43:26 Signs of the Time in March 3rd in 1898 says,
43:31 listen, In order to let Jesus into the heart;
43:35 now how many of you want
43:36 let Jesus in your heart? I want everyone
43:38 who you know professed to be a Christian,
43:40 Oh, I want, I want letting Him into my
43:42 heart, listen, everyone who wants to let Jesus
43:47 into His heart, listen this, in order to do that
43:50 we must stop sinning.
43:57 In order for Jesus to come in this old heart
44:00 and for Him to live there, to take up the boat
44:03 there, can't have sin in my life because He can't?
44:09 He can't dwell in that kind of temple,
44:12 let's stop assuming. Review and Herald
44:15 September 25th, 1900 says this,
44:18 because I love the song, Redeemed.
44:19 How many you love that.
44:21 Redeemed, how I love to proclaim it.
44:23 Redeem by the brother lamb.
44:24 Oh, I hear brother, I am redeemed
44:26 and I redeemed by the blood of the lamb,
44:28 do you realize what you're saying?
44:30 When you said I've been redeemed to redeem be,
44:32 to say I've been redeemed means that
44:35 we have ceased to sin. That's what redeemed
44:40 means. We've ceased to, from sin.
44:45 Man, that's heavy duty.
44:47 Little book Our High Calling 76 says,
44:49 He can overcome sin in you, we're talking
44:53 about what? Defects of character,
44:55 gain in victory right now if you cooperate
44:57 with His what? His efforts, you think you've been
45:01 tested and tried and just, some people squeezing
45:04 on you and its difficult time and why do you
45:06 live here and why do you going through this
45:08 and why you got? Because God's eyes
45:09 on you. God's eyes on He knows what is going
45:12 to take to purify perfect your character
45:14 and mine too and things that I'm complaining
45:17 about it, all why do I had to do,
45:18 why do we have to do, could be the very means
45:21 that God has for saving me.
45:23 Wow. If you're a child of God, we've got to thing
45:26 along that line. Every test, every trial of it,
45:29 it goes God knows that I need it.
45:33 If I just cooperate with His efforts.
45:36 He can make me what He wants me to be
45:38 but there has to be the self examinations,
45:41 Second Corinthians 13:5 talks about,
45:43 it says, examine yourselves whether ye be
45:45 in the faith; you may talk faith but
45:48 are you really in the faith? Bible says,
45:51 we need to prove ourselves.
45:54 Psalm 26 verse 2 it says, examine me,
45:57 O God, notice, O Lord, prove me and
46:01 try my reins and my heart.
46:05 The plead here was try the reins what?
46:07 It's the mind, try my mind, try the things
46:10 that are sincere to salvation.
46:12 God come in and do that. Examine me,
46:14 prove me, correct me, restore me.
46:19 Second testimonies 5:12 says this,
46:23 This daily review of our acts,
46:25 the things that we do to see whether
46:28 conscience approves or condemns is necessary,
46:32 for all who wish to arrive at the what?
46:36 At perfection of Christian character.
46:38 If you're wanting to have perfection character,
46:41 you don't want to be perfect like Jesus
46:43 we're gonna have do some self examination.
46:45 A review everyday why we did what we did.
46:49 And was it pleasing on the sight of God?
46:51 You want some quick answer.
46:53 We're talking about some remedies of defects
46:54 of character. Let give me just word as quickly
46:56 as we can't have much time left.
46:58 Christ's Object lesson 331 says this,
47:01 perfection of character listen is formed this word
47:04 has to be, it can receive the latter rain,
47:06 Holy Spirit you know already God go through
47:08 the time of trouble. Perfection of character
47:10 is formed by hard stern battles with self.
47:16 Wow! Conflict after conflict must be waged
47:20 against hereditary tendencies.
47:22 The things that maybe we have inherited
47:24 inside of our natural tendency,
47:26 battle after battle, day after day,
47:28 hard stern battles if we want a perfect
47:32 character, Christian character,
47:34 Jesus character, maybe that's why Jesus said,
47:36 quickly in Matthew 16:24 when He said,
47:40 deny self, take up the cross and follow me.
47:42 The big battles I have is what?
47:44 Battles of self. Our High Calling page 313 says
47:48 this perfection of character can be
47:50 obtained only through, listen, labor, conflict,
47:54 self-denial. You say, how can I gain this victory
47:59 you know the devil's coming after very hard
48:00 if they, let me just give you a tidbit here
48:02 it really helped, it help me I found this
48:04 in Five Testimonies 177, I don't say Lord I don't
48:08 want to commit sin, here is what it says,
48:09 if you would not commit sin,
48:11 if you don't want to commit sin,
48:13 if you would not commit sin we must shun it
48:15 from the very beginning. Man that makes sense,
48:18 doesn't it? If you're not going, because
48:19 you're gonna dilly dolly around, and you're gonna
48:21 think about it while you are done for.
48:23 Think about it. It dies quick when you realize
48:26 that it's wrong you got to shun it,
48:27 you got to stop it, you got to shut the door
48:29 right then and right there, if the devil
48:31 is gonna take advantage you.
48:33 Christ's Object lesson 330 says this,
48:35 we need to understand that imperfection,
48:41 imperfection of character is sin.
48:44 We need to understand imperfection
48:46 of character is what? Is sin. Every motion,
48:52 every desire has to be subject to reason
48:55 and conscience based on God's word friend.
48:59 Counsels to parents and teachers says this,
49:02 perfection of character, notice this, is required
49:07 and can be obtained by what?
49:11 By becoming familiar with His word.
49:13 The only way that perfection of character,
49:15 the only way it can be obtained is what?
49:17 We realize because you know, condition
49:19 of submitting ourselves to God.
49:21 But it's through His what? Being familiar
49:24 with His word, to familiar with Him.
49:29 Christ's Object Lessons again page 100,
49:31 listen to this, it says, the scriptures are the
49:33 great agency in the transformation
49:36 of character. You need your character transformed,
49:39 get into the word of God, it will transform you.
49:41 Matthew or John 15:5 says without me,
49:44 Jesus say, you can't do anything.
49:46 So if you're looking at yourself, you're gonna
49:48 fall flat on your face. The carnal mind is enmity
49:52 against God, Roman 8:7 tells us.
49:55 Ephesians 2 verse 5 says we need to be dead to sin.
49:59 All of our righteous is what? Filthy rags.
50:03 Little book called Steps to Christ page 60 says,
50:06 all that we do without Christ is polluted with
50:09 selfishness and sin. Everything you do without
50:13 Jesus is polluted dear friends.
50:15 Great controversy 623 says this, there was no
50:19 sin in Him talking about Jesus, listen,
50:22 this is the condition in which those must be
50:26 found who stand in the time of trouble
50:29 without sin. Friend, are you fighting yet today?
50:31 You realize there's witness in your life and
50:33 then I'll just gonna get real personal right here
50:35 in the last couple of minutes we have
50:36 right here. I'm just gonna let the hammer
50:38 down I'll tell you it double shotgun here
50:40 because we need to get personal.
50:41 When we start talking about somebody's diet
50:43 and what they eat, they're gonna get tired,
50:45 but you know what God bless you anyway
50:47 but you need to listen to this. You're wanting
50:49 that perfection of character
50:50 Two Testimonies 400 says this,
50:53 It is impossible for those who indulge the
50:56 appetite to attain to Christian perfection.
51:00 Did you hear me? All those who are,
51:02 it's impossible if you're indulging in the
51:05 appetite to obtain Christian perfection but
51:08 without it we are not going to be saved in
51:09 God's kingdom. Oh, it's not enough for you,
51:11 let me give you some more, give you one bail,
51:13 I give you another to think about,
51:15 Seven Testimonies 257, makes in, the brain is
51:19 affected by the condition of the stomach.
51:21 Is that make sense? What is it?
51:24 The brain is affected by what?
51:26 The condition of the stomach. Let's get little
51:30 clear then, isn't that shotgun somebody,
51:32 let me reload here, let's get some more.
51:34 Three T 492, those who are slaves to appetite
51:40 will fail in perfecting Christian character.
51:44 Did you get that? Those who what?
51:47 Those who are slaves to appetite.
51:49 Oh, it smells good, oh, it tastes good
51:52 and you're just putting in about ten times
51:54 as much as you need to sustain life,
51:55 bless your heart you are a slave to appetite
51:58 and you will not, will not dear friends perfect
52:01 Christian character. Why because it affects
52:03 the way we think and so on.
52:05 Nine Testimonies 154, says this,
52:08 listen it's pointing, we're gonna wrap it up here,
52:10 stay with me, now you didn't like it because
52:13 why you probably eating on something right now.
52:16 God demands that the appetites be cleansed,
52:20 self-denial be practiced in regard to those things
52:24 which are not good. This is a work that will have
52:29 to be done, notice, before this is the work
52:33 that will have to be done, what?
52:35 Before His people can stand before Him
52:38 as a perfected people. Victory over appetite
52:43 has to be gained, Jesus gained it for
52:45 you He didn't, somebody well what He gained,
52:46 so I don't have, no, you do too.
52:48 We have to follow in his footsteps.
52:51 Adventists Home page 252 said the diet materially
52:54 affects the mind and the disposition.
52:58 Do you believe that? Absolutely,
53:00 if you're wanting to obtain perfection of
53:03 character dear friends and I found this out
53:06 as we close today, last couple of minutes
53:08 we have here, please think along with me.
53:11 Everything God's been impressing me,
53:12 everything that I do, everything that I say
53:15 whatever you know takes place in my life
53:17 I have to do with heaven in mind.
53:20 And I read this article and I said how true
53:22 it is Early Writings, page 58 says this,
53:25 we are to live and to act holy in reference
53:30 to the coming of the Son of man.
53:33 Everything that we do, we're to live
53:35 and to act holy in reference to,
53:37 everything that's a priority to coming
53:39 of Jesus Christ, everything I say,
53:40 everything I do has to be based with in
53:42 his mind. Latter rain we're taking about
53:46 dear friends falls at the close of the season
53:50 it ripens the grain and it prepares it for the
53:55 sickle. Revelation 14:15 says,
53:58 you know Jesus says, time will come
53:59 and He says what? Trust in the sickle and reap.
54:03 Friend we are at that time. It's almost gone.
54:08 God's demanding perfection of character.
54:11 We know how to gain victory,
54:12 we spend time what the word kills the
54:15 natural man, earthly man. Spend time in word,
54:18 spend time in prayer. Let's pray about
54:19 right now well we still have a few seconds left.
54:21 Shall we pray together, God gives you that victory,
54:23 let's pray. Merciful Father in Heaven
54:25 we thank you for you precious word today,
54:27 we thank you that victory is assure to all
54:29 more than conquers through Jesus Christ
54:30 for your power, for your spirit, for the
54:32 latter rain experience we maybe gain victory
54:35 or whatever be setting sin in
54:36 Jesus precious name, amen.
54:39 Well, God bless you. It's been good to spend
54:41 some time with you. Remember that some
54:43 of you still may want a little chart here
54:45 about the timeline prophecy, if so on.
54:47 Be sure and give us a call we will be assuring
54:49 send that to you. We love you,
54:50 thank you for spending time with us and
54:52 God bless you and we'll see you next time.
54:57 Friends, welcome back, in closing allow me
55:00 to share another point in solemn quotation
55:03 from the book the Great Controversy,
55:05 this time on page 621. Here we read in
55:08 reference to the great time of trouble
55:10 as predicted in scripture. The season of distress
55:14 and anguish before us will require a faith
55:17 that can endure weariness, delay, and hunger,
55:20 a faith that will not faint though severely tried.
55:24 The period of probation is granted to all to
55:27 prepare for that time. Jacob prevailed
55:30 because he was persevering and
55:31 determined. His victory is an evidence
55:35 of the power of importunate prayer.
55:37 All who will lay hold of God's promises,
55:40 as he did, and be as earnest and persevering
55:43 as he was, will succeed as he succeeded.
55:47 What a promise. Those who are unwilling
55:49 to deny self, to agonize before God,
55:53 to pray long and earnestly for
55:55 His blessing, will not obtain it.
55:58 Wrestling with God, how few know
56:01 what it is! How few have ever had their souls
56:04 drawn out after God with intensity of desire
56:08 until every power is on the stretch.
56:11 When the waves of despair which no language
56:14 can express sweep over the suppliant,
56:17 how few cling with unyielding faith to the
56:21 promises of God. Friends, once again Christ
56:24 is our only hope of overcoming sin in
56:27 our lives. He's left us promise after promise
56:31 of victory in his word. We must by faith
56:35 believing claim and hold fast to them daily,
56:40 reach out to Christ today.
56:42 He is most definitely reaching out for you.
56:46 And as we close we just want to thank you
56:49 for spending this time with us today
56:51 and we'll always want to thank the Lord for
56:53 making this program available to you.
56:57 And if, if you are hearing God's voice to become
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57:57 Brothers and sisters, until next time
57:59 may our precious Lord continue to
58:02 richly bless you and yours.


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