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The Plain, Straight Testimony Must Live, Part 1

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Participants: Chris Shelton (Host), Kenny Shelton


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00:41 Hello, and welcome to Behold the Lamb presents.
00:44 I'm Chris Shelton your host,
00:45 and we are so blessed and so thankful
00:47 that you chosen to join us today.
00:50 Today's message is the first of
00:52 a four part series that we have entitled
00:55 the Plain Straight testimony must live.
00:59 And preparation for these programs are hard
01:01 to continue to be led in the direction of
01:04 a personal and corporate preparation
01:06 for our Lord's soon return.
01:08 And this series has been no different,
01:11 as we witness prophecies fulfilling
01:13 before our very eyes,
01:15 our hearts have been crying out to God
01:17 for the saving of ourselves,
01:18 for the saving of our family and our friends.
01:22 Pastor Kenny has stated that the Lord has
01:24 continued to draw Him deeper into the various areas
01:28 that sin needs to be eradicated from our lives.
01:32 So, as a prelude to the up and coming messages,
01:35 allow me to read this a little long exert from the book,
01:39 testimonies for the Church volume three
01:41 and it's found on page 520.
01:44 Reading, it says
01:46 "All are doubtless familiar with Achan's case.
01:49 It is recorded in sacred history for all generations
01:53 but more especially for those upon
01:56 whom the ends of the world are come.
01:58 Joshua lay moaning upon his face before God,
02:02 because the people were obliged
02:04 to make a disgraceful retreat before their enemies.
02:07 The Lord bade Joshua arise,
02:10 "Get thee up, wherefore liest thou thus upon thy face?"
02:14 Have I humbled without cause by removing
02:17 My presence from thee?
02:19 Does God forsake His people without a cause?
02:22 No, He tells Joshua that there is a work
02:25 for him to do before his prayer can be answered.
02:28 "Israel hath sinned, and they have also transgressed
02:33 My covenant which I have commanded them,
02:36 for they have even taken of the accursed thing,
02:39 and have also stolen and dissembled also."
02:42 He declares, "Neither will I be with you any more,
02:45 except ye destroy the accursed from among you."
02:50 Here in this example we have some idea of
02:54 the responsibility resting upon the Church
02:57 and the work that God requires them to do
03:00 in order to have His presence.
03:02 Listen closely to this.
03:04 It is a sin in any Church not to search
03:08 for the cause of their darkness
03:10 and of their afflictions which have been
03:12 in the midst of them.
03:14 The Church cannot be a living,
03:16 prosperous Church until they are more awake
03:20 to the wrongs among them,
03:21 which hinder the blessing of God from coming upon them.
03:25 The church should not suffer their brethren
03:27 and affliction to be wrong.
03:29 These are the very ones that should awaken
03:32 the sympathy of all the hearts and call into exercise noble,
03:37 benevolent feelings from all the followers of the Christ.
03:40 The true disciples of Christ will work
03:42 in harmony with Him,
03:44 following His example will help those who need help.
03:50 This, brothers and sisters,
03:52 a certainly solemn counsel for us to follow.
03:55 So, we are very thankful that the Lord has been
03:58 working upon Pastor Kenny's heart to give us
04:01 heavenly guidance in this area.
04:04 But before we begin with today's message.
04:06 We are privileged to listen to sister Jill Morikone,
04:11 as she plays, "Beneath the Cross of Jesus"
04:15 at 3ABN's worship center.
04:18 [music]
07:23 Thank you for joining us once again here
07:24 at Behold the Lamb,
07:25 and I want to thank Jill for that,
07:26 that beautiful song and it was a blessing to your heart.
07:29 Today, we all are beginning a new series
07:32 and I know that you're going to enjoy this series
07:33 because it's God speaking to all of our hearts
07:36 to prepare us for heaven.
07:38 We're going to be talking about
07:39 the straight testimony must live.
07:42 It's a four part series and so I know
07:44 that you won't want to miss any of them
07:45 because there's gonna be one subject
07:47 building upon the other, building upon the other
07:50 showing our responsibility to God,
07:52 and to our fellowman, to our Church.
07:55 So, what a study it's going to be,
07:56 get your Bible, pencil and paper.
07:59 And you know, I invite you if you have comments
08:00 or questions or you need to talk or what,
08:03 leave your phone numbers there.
08:04 You and my wife gives them to you and you can write us,
08:06 you can call us and we love to hear from you.
08:09 Because again, this subject, I believe,
08:11 is one that God has ordained for this day and this time.
08:16 But as always we need the power for the Holy Spirit
08:19 and we're going to pray, I'm going to kneel right here
08:21 and I'm going to ask you if you can just kneel
08:23 with me and just pray that the Holy Spirit of God
08:26 just uses us in a very marked way.
08:31 Merciful Father in heaven, we thank you for your love,
08:33 we ask right now for the power of thy Holy Spirit
08:36 to come near to our heart,
08:37 to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
08:40 We desperately need anything that might separate us
08:43 from You to be gone in name of Jesus.
08:46 Cover me with Your blood that I may hear the voice
08:50 from heaven, I may be able to distinguish
08:54 the voice of the Shepherd,
08:55 and may deliver the message that would be pleasing
08:57 in eye sight that will not only help me on my way
09:00 in my journey toward heaven
09:01 but many countless others around the world.
09:04 We thank you for that privilege,
09:05 for that opportunity, Lord,
09:07 shine upon us we pray your spirit.
09:10 Open the ears and eyes and the hearts of everyone
09:12 of your children now,
09:13 may we receive the thanksgiving
09:15 in Jesus name, amen.
09:20 We always mention, be sure to write some things down,
09:22 because it's a lot of information that's covered
09:25 and sometime we forget.
09:27 But we do you know, having a DVD so that way
09:29 you can get them and may want to share him
09:31 with your Church family and so on.
09:32 Because we're going to see the necessity,
09:34 if you want your Church to grow,
09:36 if you want the blessing of God,
09:37 you're going to pay attention to this four part series,
09:41 this is the first one.
09:42 But before we begin on that message,
09:44 I found in the little book that I really like,
09:46 the life, called life sketches page 196.
09:49 And again it's a quote that's very familiar
09:51 especially to Adventist folks,
09:53 but many times we misquote it and so I want to bring
09:55 in just a couple of words and let's see
09:58 how you think about,
09:59 once I start you'll understand.
10:01 Says, "we have nothing to fear for the future except
10:07 as we should forget the way the Lord has led us."
10:11 And again people say, led us and they will say,
10:13 led us in the past.
10:15 That's it. It's not the way that it reads.
10:18 Except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us,
10:22 and His teaching in our past history.
10:27 His teaching, how important that is.
10:30 The lessons in the Bible, in the book,
10:33 His teachings and how He has led us in the past,
10:37 so we don't have to worry or fear about the future.
10:40 We have to make sure we don't forget the lessons
10:42 that he taught us in the past.
10:44 And then I found something I call food for thought,
10:47 like to give this to you because I believe this
10:49 fits into and what we're going to be talking about
10:51 in this four part series.
10:52 And again it's dealing with sin in the Church,
10:56 it's giving a straight testimony
10:58 which most people don't want to hear anymore.
11:01 But it's God speaking to us.
11:04 Now, the food for thought is found in
11:05 a little book called Fundamentals of Education.
11:08 I like that one too, I guess I just like them all,
11:10 more I read the more I, I just like the things,
11:12 it just illuminate my mind and my heart
11:14 and just lift me to the portals of glory
11:16 and I just say, thank you, Lord,
11:17 for these thoughts and all this is good.
11:20 But this is talking about our,
11:21 that what we're talking about the sin, signature.
11:25 And some people say it was just a little sin,
11:29 a white lie, you know, the little things,
11:32 first of all there is what?
11:34 No little sin, sin is sin, sin will keep us
11:37 out of the Kingdom.
11:39 But in this article He said common sins,
11:41 that means people who refer to them as just little things,
11:44 almost insignificant, it doesn't matter,
11:47 however insignificant they may be regarded
11:50 not the sin isn't significant, any kind,
11:53 but how it may be regarded will impair your moral sins
11:58 and extinguish the inward impressions
12:01 of the spirit of God.
12:04 None of us can afford to extinguish
12:07 or put out the power of the spirit
12:10 of the living God, can we?
12:12 But the little things, you know what I believe this,
12:15 more people will be lost because of what they consider
12:19 as a little sin, insignificant,
12:21 rather than may be the big,
12:24 what people consider big sins.
12:26 Friend, God is going to get our attention here.
12:29 I need the spirit of God and I know you want
12:31 the spirit of God.
12:33 The plain straight testimony must live
12:36 and it's going to be living what?
12:38 Through individuals who will pick up
12:40 the work that God gives them to do.
12:43 You know, I know in preparing for this study
12:47 that the Lord was working on my heart,
12:49 working on my heart and working on my heart on it
12:51 and there's times I wanted to kind of get away
12:54 to something that, whoa, be careful and you know--
12:56 a little easier or sometime to digest.
12:59 But the Lord always brought me back
13:01 and I'd go over here and He bring me back
13:03 and He bring me back, so finally I submitted said,
13:05 thank you Lord, the Church, we,
13:07 God's people need the straight testimony
13:10 to get our lives in order.
13:12 And so I believe this, our message today is the same
13:15 as was John the Baptist in preparing
13:17 the people to meet Jesus.
13:19 We should be going with the thought in our mind
13:21 that we need to repent what?
13:24 For the kingdom of heaven is at hand,
13:27 Matthew Chapter 3 verses 2 and 3.
13:30 And so as we prepare as we repent
13:33 and then for the kingdom of heaven
13:34 and then we are to prepare the way of the Lord
13:37 and then verse 3 goes on and says what?
13:40 Make straight his paths, the path straight.
13:44 So the Lord's saying there must have been
13:46 some crookedness going on,
13:48 there are some crooked things that need
13:49 to be straightened out before I come.
13:52 And you know what's guilty, a lot of time crooked men.
13:55 They take the word of God, they twist it,
13:56 they make it crooked, it needs to be straightened out.
13:58 And God said that the people in last days
14:00 he will impress by power of His spirit,
14:03 they're going to come on say,
14:04 this is not the truth of God's word.
14:07 Before He comes those crooked paths,
14:09 those lies, those sins,
14:11 those false doctrines are going to be exposed
14:13 and the truth will be given.
14:16 As John was proclaiming this message,
14:18 he was, he was, he was announcing this establishment
14:21 of the kingdom of heaven.
14:24 He was announcing it and then number two he was,
14:26 he was announcing that the king was soon to arrive
14:29 and just before the king would arrive
14:31 that these paths would be made straight.
14:35 Now, in Luke Chapter 17 verse 21
14:37 this answers a question, many people find
14:41 difficulty with this, I talked to some about it
14:43 and here's what they have simply, they've said.
14:45 The question is this, you know,
14:46 where is the kingdom of God?
14:49 And some others start, you know trying to make
14:50 a location somewhere in the world
14:52 or you know over here, it's there, it's up here,
14:54 it's way down here.
14:55 The Bible is very, very clear says
14:57 the kingdom of God is where?
14:59 Kingdom of God is with in us.
15:01 We read that in Luke 17:21, what?
15:04 It only can be inside of us as we do what?
15:06 As we accept Him as our Lord and as our Savior.
15:11 And so this tells me, the message of John was given
15:14 and the message that we should be giving today,
15:16 there needs to be a work of heart that is going on.
15:20 The crooked places of man's heart needs to be
15:23 straightened out and you know what
15:26 the word of God will do that for us.
15:28 This is why John was preaching
15:30 and what we should be preaching today the baptism of what?
15:34 Of repentance.
15:37 In Mark Chapter 1 verse 4 that we talked about the,
15:41 the baptism here, the baptism means
15:43 a change of the mind.
15:46 Do we need a change of mind?
15:47 Oh, yes.
15:49 You know if you say you don't today
15:50 you know God help you, God help me because
15:52 you know we need a change everyday,
15:54 we need to be growing in the grace of God,
15:56 we need to be learning more about scripture everyday,
15:58 we need to understand sin
15:59 and the cost of sin and what, how God views it.
16:03 So, we in a high time that you and I began to
16:05 come to the point to say you know sin gonna have to go
16:07 from the Church, where it will be local,
16:09 where ever it might be among God's professed people.
16:11 Matthew Chapter 3 verse 10 it says we need to take the,
16:14 you know also the access laid to what?
16:16 To the root.
16:18 And again to be able to get something,
16:20 to kill something as it were,
16:21 something is growing you have to get what?
16:23 All the way to the bottom,
16:24 you have to get to the root and get rid of that.
16:26 So, getting rid of sin permanently
16:29 we're going to have to get to the root.
16:31 If we want to be blessed?
16:33 Some of you may be happy the way Church
16:35 and the way you people and so was going.
16:37 Some of you are dictating because we receive phone calls
16:40 and letters that something is not right,
16:42 something needs to be changed
16:44 and you're not sure what to do or how to go about it.
16:48 You know, the first thing we have to learn to do as
16:50 Christians and don't sidetrack anything
16:53 it's simply called sin by its right name.
16:58 Sin is what? Is sin.
17:00 Oh, that was an accident well,
17:01 I didn't mean to it, I'll justify it.
17:02 Sin is sin, call it by its right name.
17:05 And the plain testimony is in the Church
17:08 among God's people, they're going to call sin
17:11 by its right name, why because the Bible said it's sin.
17:14 Sin is a transgression of God's law
17:16 and so when we seen there is something is going
17:18 against Bible teaching, there has to be men and women
17:22 of God that's willing to stand up and say look
17:24 the Bible says this is what we're going to judged by,
17:27 three testimonies I want you notice this 269
17:30 which is the, the title of this message.
17:33 It says, the plain, straight testimony
17:36 must live in the Church.
17:38 Where?
17:39 The plain, straight testimony must live where?
17:42 In the Church or if it's not then or the curse
17:47 of God will rest upon His people as it did with
17:51 ancient Israel because of their sins.
17:56 So, sins in the Church will cause what?
18:00 The curse of God to rest upon the people.
18:03 Oh, friend, don't need the curse of God,
18:06 are you following me?
18:07 We need the blessings of God,
18:09 we want the blessings of God.
18:11 We're not playing Church, we're not just attending
18:14 like many people do you know every week,
18:16 every Sabbath, they come to.
18:17 They're pretending, there's no use friend,
18:21 don't, don't try to fool each one here, you,
18:22 you're talking to God, God sees you, He sees me,
18:25 He understands us.
18:27 Straight testimony, see the Lord calls
18:30 for a renewal of the straight testimony message
18:33 to be given to his professed people before He comes.
18:36 A renewal of this testimony that born
18:40 in years past, to go back to see why the men,
18:43 you realize that's God's prophets,
18:44 God's men and women they, they went before kings,
18:46 they went before you know rulers and they just
18:49 called sin by its right name and God blessed,
18:52 God blessed them.
18:54 He took care of them, He met their needs.
18:57 Were they popular? No.
18:59 So, if you're trying to be a preacher to be
19:01 you know, preacher, I want to be a popular preacher,
19:03 you're whistling dixie,
19:05 you need to find another job, my friend.
19:07 Because I tell you in this here work
19:08 if we're following the council of Jesus Christ,
19:11 dear friend, a lot of people is not going to
19:12 like what you stand for, why?
19:14 Because you're going to call sin by its right name. Why?
19:16 Not because you say, because God says in His word,
19:19 that's very, very important.
19:22 There's a shaky going on among God's remnant Church,
19:26 a shaking that if we're not nailed down
19:28 and fastened down, we hold it down you see,
19:31 that we're going to be shaken out of this movement.
19:35 And you know what causes it?
19:38 A rejection of the Laodicean message.
19:40 We don't what to hear the Laodicean message,
19:43 we refuse that we might be lukewarm,
19:45 we refuse that we think we're on fire,
19:47 things are all going well here,
19:49 but this causes a shaking.
19:52 The straight testimony causes a shaking in the Church,
19:55 when you start saying oh God has said,
19:56 this is what we need to do in the Church,
19:58 you always have there's two or three or four
20:00 whatever say, well you know I don't believe
20:02 God quite means it like that.
20:04 How about let's just accept what God says
20:06 as we read it and say God help me to sort out my life
20:10 You see the real true people of God here
20:12 in these last days, if you really understand
20:15 the work, if I understand the work that God has given us
20:18 and the spirit in which that's working
20:22 for the salvation of souls, we're going to understand
20:25 more fully day by day the ugliness of sin.
20:29 We're going to understand it's real what,
20:30 it's real nature, what it really cost.
20:34 And then we're going to be on guard,
20:36 so God's last day people are going to be doing something.
20:39 Something that is out of the, out of the ordinary.
20:43 The Bible says in Hebrews 12 verse 1, it says,
20:46 First what we need to do that we to what get rid
20:49 of those weights, those sins which so easily beset us.
20:54 Are you getting rid of those weights,
20:56 those weights are what?
20:57 Evil habits, and practices, following the what?
21:01 Natural man.
21:04 We need to set those things aside so that
21:06 we can focus on the cause of God,
21:08 we can be filled with His spirit,
21:09 we can be on fire for Him.
21:12 If we are filled with the spirit of God,
21:15 here's what God's people are going to be doing
21:17 in Ezekiel Chapter 9 and I mentioned that I'm gonna
21:20 be doing a study on Ezekiel Chapter 9.
21:22 But right now just want to take this verse here,
21:25 God's last day people they're going to focus
21:27 if they, if the plain testimony is alive
21:30 and well in the Church.
21:32 Notice what they're going to do,
21:33 they're going be sighing and crying
21:35 for the abominations that be done in the midst there off.
21:41 Now, understand sighing and crying is not saying,
21:43 well I think that something,
21:45 something is not right here,
21:47 we're going to dissect that just a little bit later on.
21:51 But let me tell you, dear friend,
21:53 when you're sighing and when you're crying
21:56 there are some emotions involved,
21:58 there is something going on inside of you.
22:02 And many of you have sighed and cried
22:04 about a lot of things in this life.
22:06 And you know, as we look at this issue
22:09 are we really facing it the way God wants us to.
22:13 Why don't we just kind of go along with,
22:15 there's three testimonies page 267 says this,
22:19 "Those who receive the pure mark of truth."
22:22 You know, those who are receiving the seal
22:24 of the living God, those who love the truth.
22:26 You know, this is something that is wrought in us by the what?
22:29 By the power of the Holy Spirit, so it must be good.
22:32 The Holy Spirit is putting approval upon a certain group
22:35 of people and if the approval that He puts upon them
22:38 here's what they must be doing
22:40 and this is rejected by many people.
22:42 This is rejected, but He says, here's what the,
22:46 when the Holy Spirit approves of you
22:49 and approves of me and He puts the mark of truth
22:52 upon us, seal of the living God.
22:55 These the ones that sigh, I'm reading now,
22:58 and cry for all the abominations
23:01 that be done in the Church."
23:05 So, we can't just dismiss it and say, well,
23:07 we'll sigh and cry for these abominations,
23:09 it's all around us.
23:10 Where ever it might be that we need to be
23:13 sighing and crying for them.
23:14 Well, you have a chance to read Luke 16 verse 15,
23:17 read Hosea Chapter 9 verse 10.
23:20 For lack of time we can't read all of these,
23:22 but you see about their abominations
23:24 and what God call, in fact we're going to dissect
23:26 the word abominations in a minute.
23:28 You know what it would do?
23:29 I don't know if we get this program,
23:30 if we don't we do it on the second one.
23:31 But let me tell you, it may shock some of you.
23:36 It may literally shock you,
23:40 so we can see the God's people will not
23:44 and cannot before the coming of Jesus,
23:47 now tolerate sin without putting forth an effort
23:52 to get rid of it.
23:54 In order to do what?
23:55 In order to get rid of that sin,
23:58 see it will never happen unless the plain straight
24:01 testimony is living in the Church,
24:04 if you're in Church, were you are,
24:06 it's liberal and any, everything and every,
24:08 you know, everything you do goes
24:09 and kind of do a little this, and all that,
24:11 and you know 80% it is good, oh friend,
24:13 you're in a real mess.
24:15 Spirit of God, they said a blessing or a curse,
24:18 what is it going to be?
24:20 If the straight testimony is not living in the Church
24:22 we're going to be cursed like Israel,
24:24 because of their sins.
24:28 Again, we have people some that are
24:29 maybe a little bit weak,
24:31 some of them don't really should who does?
24:34 Like to call sin by it's right name,
24:36 there is people that are involved,
24:38 but you know someone is going to say,
24:39 well you know we love that person,
24:40 I heard this one, or I go talk to them
24:42 because they're doing the wrong thing,
24:43 I know it's very obvious and very open
24:45 but you know I love them too much.
24:46 You don't love them.
24:50 You mean to sit there and tell me that you love
24:52 that person and you going to let him die in that sin.
24:59 Wow, if you love them wouldn't you go to them,
25:03 if you love them wouldn't you tell them?
25:05 Sure, but you might say, well I love them too much.
25:09 Well, how are we going to deal with this signs
25:10 of the time article in the April 21,
25:14 1881 says this, the love of God will never lead
25:18 to the belittling of sin.
25:21 It will never, notice this,
25:23 it will never cover or excuse an unconfessed wrong.
25:30 So, how do we, we can't cover it up,
25:33 we can't excuse it, we can't ignore it,
25:35 we're going to have to deal with it,
25:37 this is what God is challenging us to.
25:39 If we love God and we love our fellowmen
25:42 we do not want him or her to continue in that thing
25:45 that will cause them to be lost do we?
25:47 No, we love them too much.
25:50 And we go to them to win them,
25:52 not to drive them away.
25:54 But we have the responsibility
25:55 that's what we're talking about in this first part
25:57 of this series, dealing with the sin issue,
26:03 and how we deal with it.
26:04 And the responsibility that we have,
26:06 and how God holds us accountable
26:09 for what goes on in the church.
26:11 Don't you just sit by like you don't have
26:12 a voice in the Church, you do.
26:16 And your voice should be the voice of God,
26:18 His words speaking up.
26:22 So, we can't excuse it, we can't cover it up,
26:27 so we're gonna have to deal with the issue.
26:30 Why, why not?
26:31 Because Joshua 7:13 says, thou can not stand where?
26:36 Before thine enemies.
26:38 We talked about many times and I'm sure
26:40 you have too, that their enemies are,
26:41 all kind of enemies out there in the world.
26:44 When you love God there is a lot of enemies out there.
26:47 But God's promised you and me when there is sin
26:49 that needs to be dealt with.
26:51 Then if we're not dealing with that sin,
26:53 you won't stand before your enemies,
26:55 you're gonna be defeated every time you turn around,
26:57 people are defeated day in and day out
26:59 and they cannot figure out why they're defeated.
27:03 Because they're not following the council of God,
27:06 if you're following the council of God
27:07 you're gonna have the blessings of God.
27:09 You're gonna ride on the high places,
27:11 there's things gonna be done
27:12 that you just can't even explain.
27:14 There's gonna be things that's gonna happen in
27:15 your life that make you wanna shout,
27:18 and make you wanna run all about.
27:20 I feel that way many times because God is what?
27:22 He's good.
27:24 But He's saying right here,
27:25 you can't stand before your enemies,
27:27 but I'm telling you notice this until you
27:29 take away that accursed thing and when you take away
27:32 that accursed thing, you give it God,
27:34 you ask forgiveness of that thing.
27:35 God's gonna bless you in a marvelous mighty,
27:38 mighty, mighty way.
27:39 Oh, God's, God's demanding
27:41 that we get rid of that accursed thing.
27:43 Joshua 7:15 goes on, it says, notice that here's,
27:48 here's what happens.
27:50 Now, remember even among family,
27:53 people that you love or what, listen.
27:57 When they're wrong, they're wrong,
28:00 don't care how much you love them,
28:01 when they're wrong, they're wrong
28:03 and your responsibility to God is try to point that out,
28:07 based upon God's word not your personal opinion.
28:12 Not in a condemning way, but if you really love them
28:16 you want them to change,
28:18 if you don't and you just say nothing
28:20 and take their side, look what happens.
28:23 Look what happened in the days of Joshua,
28:24 God is the same today isn't He,
28:25 He hasn't changed.
28:27 He said, it shall be that He that is taken
28:30 with the accursed thing shall be burnt with fire.
28:34 What's the end result?
28:36 You know, if we don't repent,
28:37 let's just be honest about this,
28:38 we realized you know there is a heaven to gain and what?
28:41 Good, I heard you, a hell to shun.
28:44 And so if you wanna hang on to the things
28:46 of the world and the accursed thing,
28:48 you are going to be burnt with fire.
28:51 The Bible says, they shall be burnt with fire
28:53 but notice this, it doesn't stop
28:55 with just person that is guilty.
28:58 As the Bible says, he and all that he hath.
29:05 And we see in scripture for example,
29:08 that if we have a husband and a wife and children
29:10 and may be other people that stand with him,
29:12 no matter how many they're that stand with,
29:14 that person, one person that's done something wrong.
29:17 But you won't go to him, you won't talk to him
29:19 about it, you won't get it squared away,
29:21 you just stand there in sight,
29:22 you will be destroyed, you become accountable,
29:25 I become accountable. Why?
29:30 Bible says there in Joshua 7:15,
29:32 because he transgressed the covenant of God,
29:35 he's brought folly, and the word translated is
29:38 what, wickedness, wickedness in Israel.
29:43 Friend, let me just tell you, sin corrupts,
29:45 man does it corrupt.
29:47 Oh, does it tarnish you, oh does it stain you.
29:51 And sometime you carry that for a lifetime.
29:56 Sin is deadly, it's a, it's a leprosy sin,
30:01 and I'm here to tell you, dear friends,
30:02 if you let sin go in the Church
30:04 it's going to infect others.
30:07 Thousands, you see God's given us a safeguard here
30:10 and I want you to listen carefully the safeguard.
30:13 Three Testimonies 265 says this,
30:16 in His dealings with His people, now,
30:18 now this is beautiful, God deals with His people.
30:23 Who am I that God would deal with me?
30:27 Oh, he has some real love, doesn't he?
30:28 Mercy on us, He said in His dealings with His people.
30:33 He deals with you, He's working in your behalf,
30:36 He want you to spend eternity with Him,
30:38 but in His dealings with His people,
30:40 notice in the past, the Lord shows
30:43 the necessity of doing what?
30:45 Good, purifying the Church from wrongs.
30:50 Don't let anyone say, well know,
30:51 well there's gonna be wrongs,
30:53 and there's gonna be this and that until you do that.
30:55 God is showing the necessity of purifying His people,
30:59 wrongs in the Church. Why?
31:01 So that He can bless the way He wants to.
31:03 We're still here in this land,
31:05 which we shouldn't even be here now.
31:08 At long we should have been in heaven,
31:11 because we haven't listened,
31:12 we haven't heard that straight testimony,
31:13 we haven't been responding to it.
31:16 Cleansing the camp, cleansing sin,
31:20 purifying the mind and the heart, why?
31:22 Maybe because the plain testimony is not living
31:26 but it's going to be revived,
31:27 it's is revived and there is people
31:29 that are preaching the message of the hour.
31:33 How does heaven really look at sin.
31:37 And do we really have a responsibility
31:40 to really deal with sin issue.
31:46 Probably there is some that has a real responsibility,
31:48 all of us do but there are some who
31:50 has more of a responsibility.
31:52 Let me read the signs of times,
31:53 April of 21st, 1881 notice what it says,
31:57 those who occupy positions
31:59 of as guardians of the people,
32:01 are you one of those that occupy a position,
32:03 where maybe you're in charge of something.
32:05 Maybe your pastor or an elder, deacon,
32:07 your evangelist, your something like that,
32:08 oh you are accountable and you are responsible.
32:11 Notice this, if you occupy this position
32:16 you are false, notice this, to our trust
32:19 if they do not faithfully search out and reprove sin.
32:24 Here's a couple of words that bother a lot of people,
32:28 because a lot of people just say,
32:29 oh buy their fruits, oh we will be careful
32:32 but we don't know the truth, we don't know, ba, ba, ba,
32:34 oh, listen let's get over that.
32:36 We're talking about here we're going
32:37 a step further here, when it's talking about
32:39 that we have to search out and to reprove sin.
32:45 Article goes on and says, he must,
32:48 those who are in charge, each one of us
32:51 need to call sin by its right name.
32:54 Now, how about a question?
32:55 Let's do a question, what if we don't?
32:59 What if we decided, hey, that's not my job?
33:02 Have you ever said that when God's called you
33:03 to do something, that's not my job,
33:07 let somebody else do it.
33:10 I did that many, many years ago
33:12 before going into the ministry
33:13 and someone passed away and they called me and said,
33:15 you know my dad really appreciates
33:16 the visits and so on and so forth,
33:17 he wants you to do the funeral.
33:20 For thing that came to my mind, that's not my job,
33:24 that's a preacher's job,
33:25 let him do it, he gets paid for it.
33:27 Oh boy, what an attitude huh!
33:30 Now God was showing me that
33:31 would be part of my job, my responsibility.
33:35 So I can't just say, oh that's not part of my,
33:37 oh, I don't, I don't want to deal with it.
33:39 So what if I don't want to call sin by its right name?
33:43 What if I don't want to reprove and search out sin.
33:49 What's going to happen?
33:51 Well, again signs of the times 4/21/1881 says,
33:55 those who by their carelessness.
33:57 If you're not doing you're,
33:59 that's talking about anybody sitting
34:00 in the pew right here, if you know that
34:01 something is wrong, somebody is wrong.
34:03 You know these issues
34:04 and you don't go to that brother that's sin.
34:06 If you become careless or you're indifferent,
34:11 you permit God's name to be dishonored
34:14 by his professed people, notice, then you, me,
34:17 we are numbered with the transgressor,
34:21 registered in the record of heaven
34:23 as partakers in the evil deeds.
34:26 Can you afford that?
34:29 Can I afford that to be able to take
34:31 somebody else's sin on me because what?
34:33 Because I was indifferent, because I was careless,
34:36 because I didn't want to get involved.
34:37 I didn't want to hurt anybody feelings,
34:39 oh, that's not my job, oh I don't want to say that,
34:42 listen if you don't and you don't do it,
34:44 then you're registered in the record of heaven
34:46 as a partaker in the deed that they're doing.
34:49 You might as well go on out and do what they're doing.
34:52 Friend, that's heavy duty that,
34:53 that makes me wanna give an account,
34:56 that makes me wanna go to my brother and sister
34:57 to win him back to God, that's my responsibility.
35:00 I don't want their blood on me, do you?
35:03 Can you really afford that?
35:05 Now, this is very clear three testimonies 265,
35:08 see if you're wavering just a little bit
35:11 and we're not really sure
35:13 what's we're talking about here,
35:15 I really like to make it clear.
35:18 I don't want anybody saying
35:19 well you know I really wasn't sure.
35:20 I've, you know, I've heard people do that,
35:22 you know they listen to a whole message
35:24 and they come back and say, you know brother,
35:25 so and so spoke a message,
35:26 man he spoke for 45 minutes.
35:28 So what was his message about? I don't know.
35:31 What did he say? Well, I wasn't sure.
35:34 What kind of a deal was that?
35:37 We should be plain and simple enough,
35:39 you know if somebody gets up
35:40 and was giving a Sabbath school lesson
35:42 or they're preaching a message,
35:43 you need to know what they're saying.
35:45 If they're talking in such riddles
35:46 that you don't even know what they're talking about,
35:48 you need to go some place else.
35:51 It's pretty heavy duty, that's all right
35:52 this is what these lessons are about.
35:54 We're talking about straight testimony,
35:57 we need to hear the word of God, not man,
35:59 but hear the word of God.
36:05 Here it is in three testimonies 265, one sinner.
36:09 Now again, what is it?
36:10 Some people might say, well it's just one person
36:12 doing a little something wrong
36:13 in the church we're not sure...
36:15 You know one sinner may diffuse darkness
36:20 that will exclude the light of God
36:22 from the entire congregation.
36:26 One person living in sin that they know,
36:29 they're living in sin, will exclude the light of God
36:33 from the entire congregation.
36:36 Man, I can't afford that,
36:38 I don't need to come to Church
36:39 and just stay here just because I got on the
36:41 record books that I was here on such and such a date.
36:45 I'm talking about getting serious with God.
36:50 And so if I'm coming here,
36:51 I'm coming 'cause I have a need, how about you?
36:54 And if somebody else in the church is robbing me
36:56 of that need, they become a robber too.
37:01 And it helps encourage me to do the right thing
37:04 and I certainly want to talk to them and sat down,
37:06 but I don't want to be robbed of the blessing.
37:08 And they're gonna be robbed of eternal life,
37:10 they're not going to have it.
37:12 And if I don't say anything
37:13 I'm held accountable, did you see it?
37:15 Exclude the light of God from the whole congregation.
37:17 Now, notice you say, yeah, I'm not sure.
37:19 Reading on, when the people of God noticed this,
37:23 realized that darkness is settling upon them.
37:26 How come darkness would be settling upon them.
37:29 How come darkness would be settling upon the Church?
37:31 Because there's what? Sin in the Church.
37:34 God can't bless a Church that's sitting on sin,
37:37 you know that, He just can't bless it.
37:41 And all of a sudden we be, the light begins to go out
37:44 and we're going through a form of godliness
37:47 but we're denying the power thereof.
37:49 What happened to the power of prayer,
37:51 what happened to the believing
37:52 in the power of prayer, how about knowing
37:54 when you're praying for somebody that
37:55 God's gonna do something about it.
37:58 God can make that manifest, not always does He do it.
38:03 But let me just share something personally,
38:04 if that be all right?
38:08 Had a little work to be done on a four wheeler,
38:10 I took it to a man I didn't even know
38:12 and well within the conversation,
38:14 just a little bit with him about picking it up
38:18 and so on and so forth, he simply said,
38:19 next time you know, I may not be here because
38:21 my daughter is pregnant
38:23 and she's getting ready to give birth
38:24 and I think it was in North Carolina or somewhere,
38:26 and said, and we may have to go
38:28 because the doctor's just examine
38:30 and things are going and we may
38:32 lose her and the baby, that's how serious it is.
38:36 And so I felt for the man,
38:37 I looked and oh bless his heart,
38:38 you know the daddy, he didn't want his daughter
38:41 in trouble and grandchild.
38:44 And he said, I used to be,
38:45 I used to be a believer but because some
38:48 bad things happened I blamed God,
38:50 oh what a time to be able to lift up
38:52 the name of God and encourage
38:54 his thoughts in a different channel
38:56 to give him praise and all the enemies
38:57 who authored all these bad things.
39:00 And before we left he was encourage
39:02 you to tell to certain extend and he said,
39:04 you know when you, if you think about it
39:07 may be a little later on would you pray?
39:11 Right then, the Holy Spirit said,
39:12 you pray for him right now,
39:13 there is an answer on the way.
39:16 Just in my mind.
39:18 And so I didn't, I been presumptuous about it,
39:20 didn't know anything about, never met the man,
39:21 never met the girl or the baby,
39:23 didn't know what was going on.
39:25 But he was concerned and I said,
39:26 let's pray right now little girl was there
39:28 10 years old another daughter.
39:29 I just looked at her and said,
39:30 you believe in prayer she said, yeah,
39:32 I looked to him I said you still believe in prayer,
39:33 you said you don't have
39:35 a relationship with God, do you?
39:36 He said well I know that God can answer prayer,
39:38 I said, let's pray right now God will do something.
39:41 I grabbed hold of his hand over there
39:42 and the other girl was standing over there
39:43 and we just, we had prayer
39:44 and asked the Lord to be with her,
39:46 her name is Holly, we with Holly,
39:48 leave that little baby.
39:49 And before I leave here and the next time
39:51 he gives her a call, there be good news
39:53 on the phone, there's going to be,
39:54 everything is going to be all right.
39:56 And Lord, this thing is going to be all right,
39:58 will it, I pray that you do it that it may
40:00 increase his faith and turn his life over to you
40:03 and increase the faith of that young lady
40:05 and that child to be born.
40:08 Oh, did God hear that prayer, did he answer it.
40:12 That was just amazing,
40:15 when back there and as soon as
40:17 I I could get out of the truck the next day
40:18 I came back there and walked up
40:19 and he was running out in the driveway,
40:22 he's saying, well she is fine.
40:25 She is doing well, the doctor said,
40:26 it's all going great, it's wonderful.
40:29 Thank you for the prayer.
40:30 Don't thank me, it was God.
40:33 We prayed in faith, believed in Him and said,
40:35 I'm just so thankful for that,
40:36 I tell you that's it's encouraged me
40:37 and strengthened me, and I said you know what
40:39 when that baby is born you call me.
40:43 The other morning at 7.30 the phone rang
40:44 and it's this man, he said,
40:46 you probably won't remember me.
40:47 I said I know who you are,
40:49 he said I just want to let you know 30 minutes ago
40:50 my daughter gave birth to beautiful little girl,
40:54 they're fine, everything's going great.
40:59 I just want to thank you for that prayer.
41:01 I said, you praise God, you give Him praise
41:03 and honor, you thank Him,
41:05 He is the one that answered the prayer.
41:07 You see God is trying to reach his people,
41:09 God wants to work in behalf of His people.
41:12 We have to have faith to exercise that faith.
41:16 We have to know that He is alive
41:18 and we have to know that he's well,
41:21 we have to realize if there is something in the church,
41:22 something in life that doesn't need to be there,
41:25 we need to seek it out and find out what it is.
41:29 And how do we do that?
41:30 We get down on our knees and we begin
41:32 to seek God earnestly and we do it in what?
41:35 In humility, oh not the word better than somebody else,
41:38 or well we don't have anything in our,
41:40 oh for in great humility and self abasement
41:44 and we continue to pray until those wrongs,
41:49 those wrongs that have grieved the spirit of God
41:51 are searched out and then put away.
41:55 Oh, friend, did you hear that?
41:57 Continue to pray and ask God to
41:59 reveal these things that are withholding his blessings
42:02 without, withholding His light from us
42:04 that we so desperately need everyday.
42:08 And you know what, God's gonna answer that,
42:10 because he's gonna say you're searching out
42:12 and then you're gonna what, by God's grace put away.
42:16 Let's do another quote shall we,
42:17 well we have the time to do it here, just,
42:19 I want to make sure that we understand this.
42:22 I want to make sure in our first part that we,
42:24 we've set up a foundation that you can feel sure,
42:26 that you can build upon.
42:28 That you know that God is speaking
42:30 and that is He is coming back after that Church.
42:35 I want us to know that we're responsible
42:37 to our fellowmen, we're responsible to God,
42:39 we're responsible to the Church.
42:41 Three testimonies again page 266 notice this,
42:45 "if wrongs are apparent among His people, apparent,
42:51 if the servants of God pass on indifferent
42:54 to them they virtually sustain
42:58 and justify the sinner."
43:01 Isn't that interesting, are you justifying
43:03 or you sustaining the sinner?
43:04 You're sustaining the sinner if you won't call sin
43:06 by it's right name, you're justifying the sinner
43:09 if you won't call sin by it's right name.
43:12 And the article goes on and says,
43:13 we are alike guilty and will just as surely
43:17 receive the displeasure of God,
43:21 for they will be made responsible
43:24 for the sins of the guilty.
43:27 We, can you afford that?
43:30 Because we kept silent, because we didn't dig
43:33 and search Him out and that means sin,
43:35 you dig and search, it doesn't mean
43:37 that you're gonna be doing no snooping around.
43:40 That be doing like some preacher told me
43:42 one time he thought maybe one of the church members
43:44 were up to something no good
43:45 and so he could takes his car
43:47 and he parks it a couple of blocks away
43:49 and he's investigating,
43:52 I told him to take his car and go home.
43:55 Mercy, the way we search out sin
44:02 and begin to put it away is down on our knees,
44:05 God revealed these things to us
44:07 because we want your blessing.
44:10 We want them put away, so that the
44:12 real power of God come in and touch his Church.
44:17 That's part of the story I'm talking about
44:19 we should be able to pray for the sick
44:21 and they be healed, we should be
44:23 able to pray for a victory over the
44:24 ill nasty cigarettes and alcohol and drugs
44:27 and these addictions that we have,
44:29 and God will hear and will answer those prayers.
44:34 But maybe there is something holding back,
44:37 the real power of God.
44:39 Oh, friend, we're responsible
44:44 as the guilty is if we don't say or do anything.
44:47 Now, again let me just drive this His home,
44:50 this subject something we need
44:52 to deal with here in the study.
44:55 And I think it's very, very important
44:56 because most people say,
44:57 I love Jesus and I want to go to heaven.
44:59 Don't want to miss heaven and I you know
45:02 we need to ask our self this question,
45:04 and there's several things here to really think on.
45:07 But please listen carefully.
45:10 When you're going about your business
45:11 and you really want to please God,
45:12 the first thing you want to do is he says is this
45:15 really what Jesus want's me to do?
45:18 You're praying about the job,
45:19 you're praying about working for Him,
45:21 what ever it might be, number one is this
45:23 what I want to do and is this what
45:26 Jesus wants me to do with my life?
45:29 Is this the way of the Lord,
45:31 will this lead me closer to God
45:33 or will it pull me away as an end result.
45:36 Will this person that may be that I am seeing,
45:38 this person that may be I'm dating,
45:40 this person that I'm getting little feeling
45:41 for right here, will they draw me closer to Jesus
45:44 or will they pull me away from Jesus.
45:46 Oh, friend, you already know already if they're
45:48 drawing you closer to Jesus or they're pulling you away.
45:51 They're going against things that you already know,
45:53 you need to let him go.
45:56 Need to ask our self this questions
45:58 and if I end up making this decision
46:01 will it just be to please me or will it
46:03 you know is it what I want or will it
46:06 simply please Jesus, always will it please Jesus.
46:11 See if these questions are on our mind,
46:12 we have to realize that God knows
46:14 the innermost parts of man, doesn't He?
46:17 Knows you better than you know yourself,
46:19 Psalms 90 verse 8 says, "thou hast set our
46:23 iniquities before thee, and noticed our secret
46:29 sins in the light of his countenance."
46:32 See that's telling us that we don't see sin
46:36 the way that it really is, the way we have to start
46:39 looking at sin then it will make us sick,
46:42 then we won't want to participate in it,
46:44 is how that God views it.
46:47 See how man views sin today is hardly, huh,
46:50 oh, well, oh well, that's no big deal, huh,
46:55 the only way I could get a grip on it,
46:58 the only way I can understand is to
47:00 look through the, as it were the eyes of God,
47:02 how does that happen?
47:06 First of all is we simply do this,
47:09 we place our self on the side of Christ
47:12 first of all you make a decision
47:14 I am going to be on the side of Christ
47:16 I'm gonna stand for Jesus Christ.
47:19 But remember, when you stand for Him
47:21 you want to serve him,
47:24 seldom do we ever see our self,
47:26 our failures and our faults and our sins.
47:29 We just can't seem to call it what it really is
47:32 when it comes to our life,
47:33 it will be easy to call someone else's, isn't it?
47:37 That's not your job.
47:39 But we need to see our failures,
47:42 we need to see our faults,
47:44 we need to see our sins the way that God does.
47:47 And I said this before this is big,
47:49 this is big spiritually,
47:51 I need this, do you need this?
47:55 The only way that I can see sin the way that
47:58 God sees sin is to place what?
48:02 First, our self on the side of Christ
48:05 and through His grace and through His strength,
48:09 number one we have to do what?
48:11 James 4, come on, come on, very good, resist the enemy.
48:15 And then as we resist the enemy we're being what?
48:19 Because we have chosen to be on His side
48:21 we're constantly being cleansed by what?
48:24 Good, by His blood.
48:25 Oh, almost had blood transfusion.
48:28 Our blood is being cleansed while He is
48:30 cleansing us from all unrighteous,
48:32 all filled begin to see sin for what it really is.
48:35 Now, notice, and as we're being transformed,
48:39 as we're being cleansed by His blood
48:41 moment by moment, notice our minds then become clear.
48:47 Our heart and our conscious being
48:51 influenced by the Holy Spirit
48:53 of God become, what's the word?
48:56 Good, sensitive to sin.
49:00 We live in a world where is hard hearted people,
49:03 but God is calling a sensitive people,
49:07 other words we feel the wrongs,
49:09 we sense that something is not right.
49:12 It's a keen pain when we do something
49:16 that is wrong, we feel it in our soul.
49:23 As we catch our self, we may reek before God,
49:29 oh God, forgive me of this thing
49:32 and it's not just a you know pretext
49:34 or well you know guys again we feel it,
49:36 it's pain inside and we weep tears with, oh God help me,
49:41 that I may not go through again
49:42 I may never do this again.
49:44 I'm sensitive because he is being cleansing me
49:46 and I could see sin the way God sees it,
49:49 I can sense it, I can feel it, it's keen.
49:53 And then before I become responsive to the powers
49:57 of God internally and external conditions,
50:01 I'm sensitive to sin.
50:05 Romans 13, 1 and 2 says you know we can't
50:07 resist the power of God why?
50:10 Resisting the power of God brings on damnation,
50:14 can't resist that power, I need that power,
50:16 I want that power, I want,
50:18 I want to see sin as it really is,
50:21 it's exceedingly sinful.
50:23 Oh, what it cost, dear friends,
50:26 and when I began to see sin for what it really is,
50:29 oh when this takes place,
50:32 the secret sins of my life are brought to light
50:37 when I become sensitive.
50:39 The secret sins of my life I've see him an
50:41 acquaintance of God's life or His face, do you get it.
50:45 I begin to see my secret sins,
50:48 I begin to see myself for what I really am,
50:53 what we really are? We're sinful.
50:56 And then and only then can
50:58 I really repent of my sin, why?
51:01 Because I now I see them in the true light.
51:05 I now become ashamed of my conduct,
51:09 I've now become I see sin,
51:10 I want no part of it anymore,
51:12 I know what it cost.
51:15 Oh, when you come to this, this,
51:16 this point in your life dear friends notice that
51:19 I found this little article,
51:20 letter 43 in 1892, it says,
51:23 at this time see when I come sensitive
51:26 when I see it for what it really is
51:28 and I see what it's cost and I really repent from it
51:30 and it really hurts, I want to get rid of it,
51:33 she says at this time notice this
51:34 I'm gonna shot be cast from them,
51:39 notice this he cast them from the light
51:41 of his countenance behind his back.
51:46 The sins where before him,
51:48 we see it through the eyes of God
51:50 but when you really repent and you see sin for
51:52 what it really is he takes them from it
51:54 and he cast them behind him.
51:58 Now you talk about good and he will remember no more,
52:02 my friend we got to see our self
52:03 for what we are, quit making excuses.
52:07 Go you make excuses because you're
52:09 spiritually weak, you can become spiritually strong
52:13 but it's gonna take some time
52:14 in the word, time with God.
52:17 See how, how ugly is sin, it's exceedingly sinful.
52:23 And if you really just want to grasp the thought
52:26 you, you've heard it before you really, sit.
52:29 Just look at Calvary, if you really want to grasp
52:32 the sinfulness of sin, the ugliness of sin
52:35 the pain of sin, the sorrow of sin,
52:38 the suffering of sin, dear friends look at Calvary,
52:43 look what it did to our Lord,
52:46 look what it's does to us,
52:50 look what it's done to the world.
52:52 Oh, friend, First John 3:8 the Bible simply says
52:58 it's for this purpose because the ugliness of sin
53:01 and all the grief and all of the heartache that it cost.
53:06 The son of God was manifested that he might destroy
53:12 the works of the devils.
53:15 Oh, friend we owe him don't we?
53:17 We owe Him, He wants to be among us.
53:21 He wants to walk among us, he wants to dwell with us,
53:27 he wants to equip his Church, he wants to fortify it.
53:30 He wants to empower it, after all that's why he came,
53:35 the purpose of the Son of God was to come down here
53:39 that he might destroy the works of the devil.
53:44 Friend, is your Church lacking something today.
53:52 These senses lacking the blessings of God,
53:54 you know, don't sense the spirit anymore,
53:58 it's like someone's extinguished it.
54:04 Is there a work that needs to be done there,
54:07 in you in the truck down Church among people.
54:12 Before the blessings can come,
54:16 you sense it, you understand it
54:19 but you're not sure what to do about it.
54:25 Friends, the spirit of the living God speaking to you,
54:28 your heart right now,
54:31 we're gonna pray about it our time is running out,
54:32 you know what we're gonna go pick up part two
54:35 right where we left of here because we're gonna
54:37 answer those questions if you sensed it
54:39 and you seel things that are going on
54:41 and you wanted to change,
54:43 you want the straight testimony in the Church,
54:46 you want it more than anything you want to follow God,
54:48 you want to see people that are healed,
54:52 you want to see the lights that are changed,
54:54 people are winning souls to Jesus Christ,
54:56 you don't want to miss the second part.
54:59 We're gonna pray about today some of you are
55:00 making those choices no decisions right now.
55:05 When you're gonna call you're gonna let us know
55:06 the Holy Spirit of God reached down
55:07 and touched your life and you say
55:08 I've got have some changes
55:10 I want to make those changes now,
55:11 you've submitted the God, he is gonna,
55:15 he is gonna give you that victory
55:16 but I'm gonna pray for you right now
55:18 and then have a couple of words before we close.
55:20 Why don't you just right now where you can just kneel
55:22 as you made right now let's pray as you made
55:25 that commitment to Jesus Christ right now.
55:29 Merciful God in heaven, we thank you
55:31 for your powerful word, we thank you
55:33 that it's clear today.
55:34 Of what you require us as a people stand
55:38 in defense of the truth, stand for what is right.
55:41 I pray for the power and have the Holy Spirit
55:43 one those who made that decision,
55:44 some for the very first time,
55:45 some who have back sledding they have comeback
55:47 to you even at this moment, give you praise,
55:49 give you honor and give you glory and I thank you for it.
55:52 Thank you for the sweet power of the Holy Spirit,
55:55 take this message, I pray, use it as thou thus see fit,
55:58 thank you for the precious souls round
56:00 the world that will here and obey in Jesus name, amen.
56:06 Just have a few seconds before we go,
56:08 I just wanted to encourage you to be sure pray for us,
56:11 you have any comments you know give us a call,
56:12 right us a letter we always enjoy here in front of you
56:15 and some people have asked the question
56:17 you know well behold the lamb how is it doing so on,
56:19 Behold the Lamb you know can only move forward,
56:22 the only income that it has is from God's people
56:24 who give offerings.
56:26 So, if you, you know the burden has come to you
56:28 and the Holy Spirit is impressing you
56:30 to may be give a little donation to the station
56:32 to the 3ABN and also it maybe to Behold the Lamb Ministry.
56:35 This is only income that we had is through
56:38 the free will offerings of God's people.
56:40 So, we're going to just leave it in your care
56:41 and you keeping pray about it.
56:43 And until next time we love you,
56:45 we look forward to see you, see you then.
56:48 Welcome back.
56:49 Our prayer is at the Holy Spirit connected
56:53 with your heart during today's message.
56:55 You know daily we're to be growing
56:57 into a character reflection of
56:59 our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.
57:02 So, daily we must find ourselves in study,
57:05 such as these asking Lord what must I do to be saved,
57:11 if this is your prayer, if this is your desire,
57:15 we want to help you by making this four part series
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57:57 Until next time friends may our precious Lord continue
58:02 to richly bless you and yours.


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