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The Plain, Straight Testimony Must Live, Part 3

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00:42 Hello, and welcome to Behold the Lambs Presents.
00:44 A program that is dedicated to preparing a people to me
00:48 our Lord and Savior at His soon return.
00:51 And I want to give you a warm welcome
00:53 for tuning to today.
00:54 I'm Chris Shelton, your host.
00:56 And today's message is a third in a five,
00:59 four part series, excuse me, that we have entitled,
01:03 "The Plain, Straight Testimony Must Live."
01:06 And it is presented by
01:07 my husband, Pastor Kenny Shelton.
01:10 During this series, we have been learning
01:12 about our God given responsibility
01:14 as individuals as well as the church.
01:17 We've studied about the sin problem
01:20 and how it separates us from God.
01:22 I believe that we are getting a much clearer vision
01:26 of just how important it is
01:29 in our walk with Christ to get sin
01:30 and all of its various forms completely out
01:34 of our minds and out of our lives.
01:37 We realize this is truly a spiritual battle
01:40 that we cannot, that we cannot overcome on our own,
01:45 we must have a living relationship with Christ,
01:49 we must have His spirit living within us to fight for us,
01:53 and we must constantly be
01:56 in His word claiming His promises for victory.
02:00 I'd like to share just one of those
02:02 beautiful promises and this is found in
02:04 the Book of Psalms Chapter 51 and verses 10 through 12.
02:08 Read along with me, would you?
02:10 It reads.
02:11 "Create in me a clean heart, O God,
02:14 and renew a right spirit within me.
02:18 Cast me not away from thy presence,
02:20 and take not thy Holy Spirit from me.
02:23 Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation,
02:27 and uphold me with thy free spirit."
02:31 You know, brother and sisters,
02:33 we need to learn to claim verses such as these,
02:36 because there is truly a transforming power
02:39 in God's word, and in many cases,
02:43 you know, God is just simply waiting for us
02:45 to call upon Him for help, likewise,
02:49 we pray that His transforming power
02:52 will touch your heart today
02:54 in a very special way as we present
02:58 "The Plain, Straight Testimony Must Live," part three,
03:01 but first we are blessed to listen
03:04 to a song that is entitled "Learning to Lean"
03:07 as sung by Donna Shurley and Jack Crosby
03:10 and brought to us from the 3ABN Worship Center.
03:19 Learning to lean, Learning to lean,
03:26 I'm learning to lean on Jesus Finding more power
03:42 than I've ever dreamed I'm learning to lean on Jesus.
03:57 A joy I can't explain is filling my soul,
04:06 Since the day I met Jesus, my King His blessed
04:18 Holy Spirit is leading my way,
04:25 He's teaching and I'm learning to lean.
04:35 Learning to lean, Learning to lean,
04:43 I'm learning to lean on Jesus Finding more power
04:57 than I've ever dreamed I'm learning to lean on Jesus.
05:13 There's glorious victory each day now for me,
05:22 As I dwell in His peace so serene,
05:31 He helps me with each task if only I ask,
05:40 Every day now, I am learning to lean.
05:50 Learning to lean, Learning to lean,
05:56 I'm learning to lean on Jesus Finding more power
06:13 than I've ever dreamed I'm learning to lean on Jesus,
06:26 I'm learning to lean on Jesus.
06:43 Welcome, praise the Lord.
06:44 We're glad you joined us today.
06:45 We have an exciting study and as you've already heard,
06:48 you know, this is the third part of a four part series,
06:52 talking about the plain, dealing with
06:53 "The Plain Straight Testimony."
06:55 Where? In the church, among God's people.
06:58 So, you know, this is an issue that we have to deal with
07:01 as God's people.
07:03 Because, you know, the hour in which we live.
07:05 The Lord is what? Purging a people.
07:07 He's cleansing a church, He wants to use you,
07:10 He wants to use me, and while sin is running ramped
07:13 in the church and we are allowing it to,
07:15 God cannot bless us.
07:16 Why don't we pray ask the power
07:18 of the Holy Spirit now to be with us?
07:21 This is very, very important for those you maybe who are
07:23 new in the faith that you always pray
07:26 and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance
07:28 before you get into the word.
07:30 That's what we're going to do.
07:31 I'm going to kneel right here and where it's possible.
07:32 Why don't some of you kneel with me and if not
07:34 send up a prayer right quick that the Holy Spirit
07:37 will help us as we study the word of God together.
07:42 Kind loving heavenly Father, once again as we come
07:44 before thee, we sense our need of a Savior,
07:47 we invite the Holy Spirit
07:49 to come near to our hearts, to our minds.
07:52 How desperately we need the understanding of scripture.
07:55 We do not want to be deceived,
07:57 we live in an hour where the enemy is working overtime
08:00 and the only safe guard
08:02 that we have are the scriptures,
08:04 help us to hide them deep in our heart and in our mind,
08:07 help us to understand what truth is,
08:09 and then help us in our understanding
08:11 of the responsibility that we have
08:13 as a child of God belonging to the remnant church.
08:17 Give You praise, give You honor, give You glory,
08:20 open up the ears, eyes, and the minds
08:21 of every individual who hears this message
08:24 that we maybe convicted
08:25 and converted in Jesus' name, amen.
08:30 Again, we always invite you to be sure
08:32 and take a pencil and paper
08:33 and you will hear this all the time
08:35 because I know that we cover things rather quickly,
08:37 we have just a certain amount of time,
08:39 lot of material.
08:40 So in this series, please, keep this in mind,
08:43 we're only, we're only scratching the surface
08:46 of the material that is available for your study
08:49 and for mine on this subject and it's vital.
08:52 So we're trying to pick out the vital important topic
08:55 in this, in the series that we're doing right now
08:57 because it's vital to the church.
08:59 And so I just encourage you to make sure you right down
09:01 what you can and then study
09:03 to show yourself approved unto God.
09:06 Recap, you know, on this series here
09:08 we've been trying to recap in case you missed last week.
09:12 And here's a recap.
09:13 Here's, here's what we learned and this is
09:14 also a lot in a matter of, you know, 45 or 50 minutes,
09:17 but we're gonna recap it.
09:18 And number one, the names of those who sinned,
09:21 notice this, and refuse to repent should not
09:24 be retained on the church books."
09:26 Oh, that's big and that will stir up
09:29 a little group over here that are gonna have
09:30 their heads and their mouth talking to,
09:32 hey, listen, we prove that from God's word
09:35 and from the Spirit of Prophecy.
09:37 Names of those who refuse to do what?
09:39 To repent should not be retained on the church books.
09:43 Number two, destruction of Jerusalem, you know, 70 A.D.
09:47 that's that stands as a warning to Modern Israel,
09:50 that's us Modern Israel is a warning right here,
09:52 that the correction through His chosen instruments.
09:56 Remember, God chose us
09:58 to deal with the sin issue in the church.
10:01 And failure to go along with His chosen instruments
10:04 cannot be disregarded without punishment.
10:07 So, if we disregard what the messenger
10:10 of God is telling us today,
10:11 there's going to be punishment,
10:13 and there is going to be loss.
10:15 God will allow it to happen.
10:16 Number three, because of neglect of the father.
10:19 You remember, Eli the priest,
10:21 because he did not fulfill his parental duty
10:25 and responsibility, to reprove and you know it says,
10:28 "We learn to restrain his two sons that it caused
10:33 disaster to come up on all of Israel."
10:36 Keep that in mind because we're studying here
10:38 about "Plain Straight Testimony"
10:41 must exist in God's church, must live.
10:44 Now remember, because of Eli not doing his job
10:48 as a father, as a priest, and because of his two sons,
10:52 Israel suffered, so that shows what,
10:55 if there's sin existing in and around God's people
10:57 and you don't deal with it, everyone is going to suffer.
11:01 Number three, number four, those who profess
11:04 to be entrusted with the safe keeping
11:06 of God's Ten Commandments."
11:08 Who is that?
11:09 Those who say,
11:11 ''We're guarding the Ten Commandments."
11:13 You know, we, God has given to us right here.
11:15 Notice this, "Must not flatter themselves,
11:18 and I've heard people say this a lot,
11:20 that "God will preserve them from divine judgment."
11:23 We've learned this, why?
11:25 If they refuse to correct wrongs.
11:28 They say, well, because we, the Ten Commandments
11:30 and we're advocating the Ten Commandments,
11:32 God is not going to reprove us.
11:34 Oh, friends, you remember what we've read there
11:36 in Jeremiah Chapter 7.
11:38 What did they, God's people say back then?
11:40 The temple, the temple, the temple like that
11:42 was going to protect them and keep them.
11:44 We have to and God reproves us,
11:46 we have to correct those things.
11:48 Number five, we must be sighing and crying
11:50 for all the abomination that be done.
11:53 Notice, sighing and crying for the abomination
11:55 that be done as they're affecting
11:58 us spiritually, and that,
12:00 we're talking sighing and crying, dear friends,
12:01 I don't know how many is doing that today,
12:03 but we need to pray that God will help us along that line.
12:05 Seven, if we develop a pure love for God,
12:08 think about this, and we become jealous
12:11 for His honor and for His glory,
12:14 and we're lifting up His name.
12:16 The Holy Spirit, listen to this,
12:18 the Holy Spirit will give you and will give me
12:21 clear insight to sin in the church,
12:25 sin in our own life.
12:27 But we have to love him with all of our heart,
12:29 He'll give us a clear view of wrongs and sin among us.
12:34 See, some people can't understand
12:35 that there's sin among us,
12:36 they don't understand because we're so, what?
12:38 Clouded by the old enemy and things of this world,
12:41 but if we put God first and we love Him,
12:43 He will make those things clear.
12:45 We also studied something
12:46 that was very, maybe shocking to some.
12:48 Number nine, eight, idolatry.
12:50 What is idol?
12:52 Idol can be anything that that we put before God,
12:55 anything that we won't give up.
12:58 Now think about that just for a second.
13:00 And we even covered some of these things
13:02 about idols, you remember?
13:03 Demon worship, part of, was what?
13:06 Trying to have communication with the dead.
13:09 We talked about needless ornaments of gold and silver
13:13 and jewelry, think about it, image making,
13:18 false doctrine, gambling, horse racing.
13:20 You remember all these things, tobacco, alcohol,
13:22 drugs, appetite, lust of the flesh,
13:25 we talked about theater going, human talent, oh,
13:29 how we lift up human beings rather than the name
13:31 of Jesus, selfishness, idolizing of what?
13:35 idolizing of men, too much important
13:37 to placed upon holidays.
13:38 All of these things deal with idolatry
13:41 or the abomination, sighing and crying
13:44 for the abomination done within the church.
13:46 Number nine, last one, we're going over.
13:47 It says, "When trouble arises
13:49 between church members?
13:50 And I'll tell you, I don't know,
13:51 I've been in the movement a longtime,
13:54 I don't think I've ever seen or maybe even heard of this
13:58 being implemented, that when trouble rises
14:01 between church members and we're kind of
14:03 going back and forth, notice those,
14:04 the church members are to be,
14:06 notice the word, suspended from the church
14:10 until the issues are worked out, why?
14:11 Because it causes all kinds of division,
14:13 people start taking sides, gossiping and backbiting.
14:17 But you know, if we just simply follow
14:19 God's word and it's tough.
14:22 Oh, we don't want to, somebody,
14:23 we're interested in what God thinks about us, aren't we?
14:25 And some people, they're not calling sin
14:28 by the right name,
14:29 found a quote I want to share with you.
14:30 And I'm doing quickly here today,
14:32 there's so much to cover, but.
14:33 In Four Testimonies 185, notice this,
14:36 "Those who seek to cloak sin and make it appear less
14:41 aggravating to the mind of the offender are doing
14:46 the work of the false prophet and may expect
14:49 the retributive wrath of God to follow such a course."
14:53 What does that mean?
14:55 In other words, you know, somebody into something
14:57 they shouldn't be into and it's just dead wrong
14:59 and you try to make light of it.
15:00 Or pat him on the back and say, yeah, well,
15:02 God knows it's gonna be all right.
15:04 Friend, you cannot do that.
15:07 You make it appear less
15:08 aggravating to the, to the offender.
15:11 We have to let the offender know that it's offensive to God
15:14 and that God wants us to give us victory in those areas.
15:18 You know, no man can be forced to sin.
15:20 We've been, we've been going through these issues.
15:22 And I hear people saying, "Well, he force me
15:24 "into the corner, he made me do it,
15:26 situation dictated that I do these things."
15:28 No man can be forced to sin.
15:31 First of all, he must consent,
15:34 the act is first played out where?
15:36 Good, in the mind and then,
15:38 you know, when this is done
15:39 then it affects man's reasoning, his power,
15:41 his moral powers, and then he's subject
15:43 to the enemy, he's weaken.
15:47 Friend, we don't want to be weaken, temptation.
15:49 However strong, when I read this, it just jarred me.
15:52 Temptation, regardless of how strong
15:54 is never an excuse for sin.
15:57 Wow! See, God knows the natural heart.
16:00 He knows what you're going through right now.
16:03 See, some of you're saying, boy, we receive some letters
16:06 and, boy, when we just read an email the other night,
16:08 it just, it made you weep when you got done,
16:10 what this individual had been through and going through.
16:12 And just the heart cry was there is no hope for me
16:16 because I'm so vile, I'm so dirty, I'm an abuser,
16:20 I've hurt my children, I've hurt my grandchildren,
16:22 hurt everybody that come in contact with.
16:25 Friend, let me encourage you, there is hope for you today,
16:27 there is hope for me today, we've got to get beyond
16:29 looking at ourself, we've got,
16:31 we've got to get to the point of looking
16:32 to the promises of God and how good He is
16:34 and how much He loves you and loves me.
16:37 There is hope for you today,
16:38 regardless of how low maybe you have sunk.
16:43 God's willing to reach down in the mud
16:44 and drag you and me up, praise God,
16:46 dust us off, clean us off.
16:49 God can pull us out of these situations.
16:51 We can count on God.
16:53 Oh, I tell you, I get encouraged
16:54 when I read the word in Psalms 34 verse 15,
16:57 notice this, it says,
16:58 "The eyes of the Lord are over the righteous."
17:02 Somebody didn't get that.
17:03 The eyes of the Lord are over what?
17:07 Are over the, oh, over the righteous
17:10 and His ears are open to their cry.
17:13 Interesting, He chooses the word here
17:15 and He's writing here under inspiration, He said,
17:18 "The Lord's eyes are over the righteous."
17:21 Those who are trying to do the right thing,
17:23 God hears their cry.
17:26 And I said, cry, what does that really mean
17:27 in original language?
17:28 It says, help, they're needing some,
17:30 they're needing some help, they want to be freed
17:33 from the trouble that they're in and God hears them,
17:36 isn't that wonderful?
17:40 Somebody said sometime, I just can't seem to help it,
17:42 sin is just there, we don't know
17:43 how to deal with the sin issue.
17:45 And you're saying, how can sin just,
17:47 how could it be eradicated from my life?
17:49 Let me just give you a one line
17:50 and I'm telling it's very interesting.
17:52 Five Testimonies, 177, makes this powerful statement.
17:56 "If we would not commit sin." Where are you at today?
18:00 Where am I at today? Think about it with me.
18:03 If I would not commit sin, otherwise,
18:05 I don't want to commit sin, and Lord,
18:07 I don't want to commit it, so if I would not commit sin,
18:10 notice this, here's the key.
18:12 "I must shun its very beginnings."
18:16 If I would not sin, what?
18:18 I must shun its very beginnings,
18:21 sin has a beginning.
18:23 Oh dear, friend, sin has what?
18:27 It has a beginning. And then it goes on.
18:30 "Every unholy thought must be instantly repelled."
18:36 Instantly repelled, you can't think on it,
18:38 you can't meditate on something that's evil,
18:40 something you know it's not right,
18:41 the devil will have you in just a moment.
18:43 You're not that big that you can fight him,
18:45 you need help, and I need help.
18:48 Friend, this is James 1:15.
18:52 If we don't instantly cry out for help,
18:55 if we would not sin, if we're gonna, say,
18:58 well, we can't shun it from the very beginning,
19:00 we're gonna have to dilly dally around with it.
19:03 Look, what the results will be?
19:04 James 1:15, it said, when lust hath, what?
19:08 Has conceived, it bringeth forth, what?
19:11 Sin. And then the Bible says, and sin,
19:14 when it is finished, bringeth forth, what?
19:18 Death. Oh, we don't know that.
19:21 Question, if you ever fallen in the sin, have you ever?
19:24 Oh, don't say, no, no, I have.
19:27 Yes, you have.
19:28 Bible said, "All have sinned
19:29 and come short of the glory of God."
19:31 So let's be realistic, shall we,
19:32 let's put it on the line, we're all worthy of death,
19:34 we've all sinned come short to the glory of God,
19:37 but we're looking in God's word,
19:38 what, to gain the victory,
19:39 what, in the church and among God's remnant people
19:42 that we may be what He would have us to be.
19:45 And so the question that you fallen in sin?
19:47 If so, here's what to do.
19:49 Now notice here, without delay, without delay,
19:52 if you've fallen, without delay go to God
19:54 and beg and plead for pardon and for mercy.
19:59 And, you know, what? He's a merciful God.
20:01 Don't delay, don't put it off, do it right now.
20:04 Well, God said in Jeremiah 3:22,
20:06 He said, "Return, ye backsliding children,
20:11 and I, and I will heal your backsliding."
20:16 See, that's just, that's just such wonderful,
20:18 wonderful good news.
20:20 He's talking to the backslider,
20:21 He's talking to you today if you're a backslider.
20:25 He is saying, all you have to do is just no matter,
20:27 didn't matter what you've done,
20:29 didn't matter how vile you are.
20:31 He just wants you to put aside,
20:32 return to me and I'll heal your backsliding.
20:35 Oh, friend, that's such good news today,
20:38 that ought to make your day a good day,
20:40 I pray that it does.
20:42 You know, the Bible says, we need to be sanctified.
20:45 You read that scripture, John 17:17,
20:47 sanctify them through, what?
20:50 Good, Thy truth, Thy word is truth.
20:53 So we're sanctified by knowing
20:54 what truth is by the word of God.
20:57 See, there's an obligation as we do this plain
21:00 straight testimony must live.
21:03 There's an obligation concerning
21:05 God's people to search out sin.
21:07 We've been talking about searching sin out, and what?
21:11 Bringing it to the point to where we can ask God
21:14 to get us victory over that or we have God's displeasure.
21:18 Any sin that's in the church,
21:21 you can't just can't blindly close your eyes,
21:23 put on a pair of shade, you know,
21:25 the rose colored glasses and just like,
21:27 well, we're just going to see.
21:29 God said, there are certain people
21:31 in the church, not everybody.
21:32 We're gonna get to that in a moment.
21:34 God has people that He designates to deal with sin
21:38 because they know how to deal,
21:40 because He gives them wisdom on how to deal
21:43 with the issue, not everybody has that,
21:46 it's a gift that God gives to the power of the Holy Spirit.
21:49 Now we've read this many times,
21:51 but I'm gonna do like the old radio person longtime,
21:54 he used to say, "Here's the rest of the story."
21:57 So the first part you've heard many times,
21:58 but I'm gonna read it every chance I get.
22:01 Three Testimonies 269 says, "The plain, straight testimony
22:05 must live in the church," what?
22:08 It must live in the church
22:09 or the curse of God will do, what?
22:13 Will live in the church.
22:14 You want the curse of God to live in the church,
22:16 because you don't want to deal with issues.
22:19 Well, I don't know, I want the blessings of God.
22:22 Notice, it says, "Oh, surely, surely as it did
22:25 in ancient Israel because of their sins."
22:28 Now, here's the rest of the story of that quote, listen.
22:32 "God holds His people as a body,
22:37 responsible for the sins existing
22:40 in individuals among them."
22:42 Did you get it? Somebody didn't get it.
22:49 Listen, God holds His people, that's all of us, as a body,
22:56 the body of believers, responsible for the sins
23:01 existing in individuals among them.
23:05 I'm responsible to you, you responsible to me,
23:08 I'm robbing you of a blessing,
23:10 you're robbing me of a blessing,
23:11 we can't afford that.
23:14 Wow! How about the overseer of the flock,
23:19 overseer the flock has to keep a watchful eye
23:22 and how difficult that is, because the enemy of souls
23:25 realizes every member.
23:27 Listen carefully, every member with hurt feelings.
23:31 Oh, we've all been there. Yes, you have.
23:34 Every person that's been slided or every disagreement,
23:39 differences of, you know, opinion,
23:41 causes little friction in the church,
23:43 the enemy is very well aware of that,
23:46 and it will sidetrack us from doing
23:48 what we need to be doing.
23:50 You don't have so much time, so much, so much energy,
23:52 and if you keep the pastor, and the elders, the deacon,
23:54 everybody busy just trying to pad everybody,
23:57 oil them a little bit, grease them up,
23:58 somebody is not with me.
24:01 Keep them from squeaking, then we're neglecting
24:03 the cause of Christ and what we should be doing
24:05 by giving this message to the world.
24:08 The overseer of the flock.
24:09 Now let me read a quote, very interesting,
24:11 Five Testimonies 237 says this,
24:14 "The work of Christ's servants
24:16 is not merely to preach the truths."
24:20 So talking about leaders here and those who maybe preaching,
24:22 or those who are teaching, listen, notice,
24:24 it's not just really merely to preach the truths.
24:27 "They are to watch." Oh, friend, Lord help us.
24:31 "They are to watch for souls for whom
24:33 they must give an account."
24:38 Everybody comes through that door one day.
24:42 One day, I'm gonna have to give an account to God,
24:48 for what I did or didn't do maybe to help them up.
24:51 Bottom-line, people make decisions on their own,
24:53 but, you know, what?
24:54 You have better than everything you can,
24:56 I need to do everything that I possibly know to do
24:58 to win them and to keep them in the cause of truth, why?
25:01 Because I'm gonna have to give an account to God.
25:04 It says the pastor, the leader,
25:06 the servant, the preacher.
25:08 Now notice this, "He is to reprove."
25:11 Some people say, well, now you can,
25:12 in other words, pros reprove, that's sensor, that's correct.
25:16 Can go up to Audrey, and I can say,
25:18 "Audrey, now here's what God's word says here."
25:21 I can go to Brother Jim say,
25:22 "Brother Jim, this is what the word says.''
25:25 That's what the pastor suppose to do,
25:28 the shepherd to watch the sheep,
25:30 so they don't get in trouble, so they don't hurt themselves
25:32 and hurt other people and cause the displeasure of God
25:36 to come upon the body of the leaders.
25:37 That's why I think we're not seeing miracles
25:39 to take place in the church, a lot of things
25:42 are not happening out of the power,
25:43 because all power, oh friend,
25:45 we haven't seen anything what God wants
25:47 to do for His people.
25:50 I want to be involved now, I want to see things
25:52 happen for the cause of Christ,
25:53 I want to see souls comeback to God.
25:55 Notice, the pastor here he's suppose to reprove,
25:58 that's correct, he's suppose to rebuke people,
26:00 don't want to be rebuked,
26:02 that's admonish, that's charging.
26:04 This is what God's word has said.
26:06 He's to exhort, you know what?
26:08 Second Timothy 4:2, tells you exactly the same thing.
26:11 He's to exhort. Notice the exhorting.
26:14 Exhorting simply means is here,
26:15 I'm going to, I'm going to invite, I'm going to invite.
26:21 I'm going to, I'm going to have an interest in
26:25 and I'm going to be praying for.
26:29 And I'm going to do with all longsuffering,
26:32 not gonna be difficult to deal with,
26:36 but what if the leaders neglect to do
26:38 what God has asked them to do?
26:40 What if we neglect to search out sin
26:43 that's existing among them?
26:45 Listen to what Three Testimonies 269,
26:47 see somebody you're not going to get away with it,
26:49 some of the ministers and, you know,
26:50 pastors and so on, don't by myself too.
26:53 We're just, you're just not gonna get away with it,
26:55 you think you can lay back, you know,
26:57 because I've talk to many.
26:59 Many have say sometime, boy, I wished I had
27:00 the courageto do what I need to do.
27:02 Listen, courage comes from knowing God,
27:04 courage comes from the very throne room of God,
27:06 courage is simply doing what God has asked you to do,
27:11 and He's ask you to do deal with issues
27:13 that are in the church, problems.
27:15 What if we neglect to do it?
27:18 Let's consider a couple of things here quickly first.
27:21 Of course, if we don't do what we're suppose to do
27:23 Matthew 15 verses 13 and 14
27:25 talks about blind leaders what, doing what?
27:28 You know, leading the blind,
27:29 what happens to them?
27:30 They'll fall in the ditch.
27:33 They're blind leaders, and you know,
27:34 this is talking about whether it's a vphysically
27:37 or whether it's mentally.
27:39 Because mentally, you know, to be blind,
27:42 is sometime that we are just inflated with pride.
27:45 We want to just be-- you know, we're going to be careful,
27:47 we've got too much pride here,
27:50 and so that causes us to be blind,
27:52 that causes us to not have a living connection with God.
27:56 Self conceit, we consider ourself
28:00 a little more high minded.
28:03 Oh, yeah there are people in the pulpit,
28:04 you better believe it, we just need to look
28:06 at it in such and say, "God, help us."
28:11 This quote 3:269 says, "If the leaders of the church
28:14 "neglect to diligently search out the sins
28:18 "which bring the displeasure of God upon the body.
28:22 They become responsible for that sin."
28:25 Now, brother, we've got, we've got a problem here,
28:27 sister, we've got a problem here,
28:30 if we know that it's going on and we refuse to deal with it,
28:34 then it's what?
28:35 We become responsible for that sin,
28:37 and I've always said, Lord, have mercy on me,
28:39 I can't stand somebody else.
28:42 I'm dealing for eternal life with myself here
28:45 and I know you are too.
28:47 But you can't, we can't just be indifferent,
28:49 we can't be non shellacked about it.
28:51 We can't turn our heads and say, it's them,
28:54 that's their business, so that, it's your business,
28:58 they're in your body, they're in your church,
29:00 it's your business, it's my business.
29:03 The leadership has something to do,
29:06 but, you know, this work, oh,
29:09 it must be done in love.
29:11 Bible says, we have to have compassion.
29:15 You realize this, that's why everybody is not up to saying,
29:18 they need to go to this person and talk with them
29:20 because they don't, they have grace and they,
29:23 they're timid maybe and they're a little bit backward
29:26 and they're a little bit shy.
29:27 Well, God maybe hasn't called you to do it,
29:29 but be careful, be careful here,
29:32 many really, they don't have the love to correct lesson.
29:36 To correct and win a brother at the same time,
29:41 correct and what?
29:42 And to win, not correct and lose
29:44 or doing such a way that you're heartless
29:46 and they run out the door, you boot them out.
29:49 There's a difference here.
29:52 This is not an easy task, we all know how they need
29:54 the spirit of the living God.
29:56 In Proverbs 18:19, it says,
29:58 "A brother that is offended."
30:00 Notice this, "Is harder to win than a strong city."
30:04 Wow, of what?
30:07 A brother that is offended is more difficult than to what?
30:11 Conquer a strong city.
30:15 But James 5 says, 19 and 20, if you do this in love
30:18 and you work with him, and you plead with him,
30:21 it says, "If any err from the truth, and one convert him."
30:26 Now I'm gonna go for time sake,
30:27 you read it all here, it said,
30:28 He shall save a soul, what?
30:30 From death, and shall hide a multitude of sin.
30:34 This is what it's all about.
30:36 It's not just say, Well, we're gonna throw people out.
30:38 No, we want to bring the attention.
30:40 This is what God's word says,
30:41 For them to repent and come back to God,
30:43 let His smile be upon on the church,
30:45 let His Spirit to be operating,
30:47 working in the church, let the Spirit of God
30:49 do some things that need to be done in your life and mine.
30:52 Let the Holy Spirit, bring conviction upon you
30:54 and conviction upon me that I find it necessary
30:57 to make some changes, that I need these changes,
31:00 I want these changes, I want God's blessing.
31:03 Oh, friend, are you following it today?
31:04 This is what God wants from you and from me,
31:08 but we must follow the counsel,
31:10 just a beautiful little passage there in Jude
31:12 that just before Revelation, verses 22 and 23,
31:16 one Chapter there.
31:18 Here's the difference, it says,
31:20 "And some have compassion, making a difference."
31:23 We're talking about dealing now with sin
31:25 and the church and maybe who is doing
31:27 or has God called certain ones to do it.
31:29 Notice, it says, "Some here have compassion,
31:32 "making a difference, notice, and others saved with fear,
31:37 pulling them out of the fire."
31:40 What does that mean?
31:42 It said, there are some who they have pity
31:46 and they have mercy and, but they,
31:48 they weren't kind of separate from the issue.
31:51 See they said, making a difference,
31:53 in other words, they can't just stand up and say,
31:55 oh boy, there is, you know, God's word says such and such.
31:59 They want to with, they want to withdraw,
32:01 that's what that word means.
32:02 They want, they hesitate to go
32:06 and talk to that person, but instead there is others
32:09 in the church, notice this,
32:11 they'll say with fear, realizing,
32:14 they need to be careful 'cause they're gonna fall,
32:15 be careful if they take their eyes off of Jesus
32:18 and they pull them out of the fire.
32:22 Man, there is a, there is a difference.
32:25 Here's where we can see that God has laid the burden
32:27 on some to correct and to search out wrongs.
32:35 And those who maybe don't feel compelled to get involved,
32:37 God hasn't called you, but listen,
32:39 I wanted to be just,
32:40 we need to get real straight with this.
32:44 If God hasn't called you to do it,
32:46 do not get in the way of those whom God calls.
32:52 I hope that's really clear because sometimes people say,
32:55 well, I just don't feel that way at all.
32:57 Well, God has let, you realize that
32:58 God doesn't lay every burden on you
33:00 or every burden on me that He lays on somebody else.
33:03 We just have to match it up, is this what God's word says,
33:06 then God may have told this individual to deal this way,
33:09 but He hasn't laid it on my heart,
33:12 doesn't mean it's wrong, just simply me,
33:14 has He laid on your heart and my heart.
33:16 Now let me just read something here to help you
33:17 understand it, to help me understand it.
33:19 Three Testimonies 270, says, "Some make it a point,
33:23 "you've got in church, to question and doubt
33:27 "and find fault because others do the work
33:31 that God has not laid on their hearts."
33:35 Did you get it? Not laid on them.
33:38 "They stand directly in the way and hinder those
33:41 "whom God has laid the burden of reproving and correcting,
33:46 "prevailing sins in order that His frown
33:50 may be turned away from His people."
33:53 So when there is sin prevailing and throngs in
33:55 the church not dealt with, dealt with the frown of God,
33:58 that means there is no blessing,
33:59 there is no Holy say, "Well, we have the Holy Spirit."
34:01 No, you don't. You can't have the Holy Spirit
34:04 if the frown as it were or disapproval of God
34:06 is upon the congregation. Why?
34:09 Because you and I are not doing our job.
34:12 But don't get into the way of those whom God lays it on.
34:15 Did you get that?
34:17 There are those who find fault with those
34:18 who are dealing with the sin issue right here,
34:21 but God hasn't laid it on them
34:22 so they don't want to, you know,
34:24 surely you guys are not suppose to do this.
34:28 There are people that God chooses to do it.
34:31 Question, what, why is God laid this on some people,
34:36 maybe not others?
34:39 You think that God made us individuals wants us
34:43 to stand free from the wrongs and sins
34:47 that are prevailing in and around in the mud.
34:50 Does God wants to be free in him?
34:52 Oh, I think so.
34:53 Does he want you to rejoice
34:54 and be exceedingly glad? I think so.
34:58 But, let me tell you, those who stand
34:59 for what is right
35:01 among the people of God, oh, dear friend,
35:04 they're going to meet opposition,
35:06 they always have and they always will, and note,
35:09 I must tell, I'm gonna be frank with you right now
35:11 and you maybe dealing with this
35:12 in your church right now.
35:13 You're going to meet opposition
35:15 only you know what?
35:16 They maybe members of the church,
35:17 but you're meeting opposition from the unconverted,
35:20 not the converted, the converted understand
35:23 the necessity of having a smile
35:26 as it were of God upon His church.
35:30 The unconsecrated is the one
35:31 that's gonna cause you trouble.
35:32 So, well, we don't have go that far now.
35:36 Oh, but this is a work that must be done.
35:41 We have to see the malignancy of sin
35:44 and we have to come to the point
35:45 where we hate sin.
35:49 Friend, if you come to the point
35:50 where you hate sin, if you come to the point
35:52 where you rather die than knowingly sin.
35:55 Friend, if we haven't, we need some more help.
35:59 This is not trying to, trying to judge you,
36:01 this is not trying to hammer you over the head,
36:03 this is trying to make you really look in the mirror
36:05 and seeing yourself for what you really are,
36:06 what I really am.
36:07 I am saying no, I don't know
36:09 if I am come to the point where I hate sin,
36:11 'cause if you really hate sin,
36:12 you will stay away from it, you'll run if you have to.
36:15 You'll go the opposite direction
36:17 if you have to, you'll go the 1,000 miles as it were.
36:20 Stay well, just a little book that I read.
36:23 And I hope, if you don't have it,
36:25 you need to give us a call.
36:26 It's called 'Steps to Christ' oh,
36:28 it's a beautiful little book about the life of Christ.
36:31 Here's what it says page 54,
36:32 it says, He God hates sin.
36:35 Does God hate sin yes, but he loves the sinner,
36:40 you heard that all your life noticed,
36:43 God He gave Himself in the person of Christ,
36:47 that all who would might be saved.
36:51 How beautiful that is, He hates sin
36:54 but loves the sinner, and He gave,
36:55 Jesus Christ to redeem us.
36:57 From the curse of the law, that we might be saved.
37:02 Oh, friend, God wants his church to be pure,
37:07 see none but the glorified, none but the sinless
37:11 will enter the kingdom of God.
37:14 I want his blessing, I want the privilege
37:16 of being in the presence of God.
37:18 I want to know when I come to church
37:20 that I'm gonna be standing on Holy ground,
37:22 not because I'm there, not because
37:23 you're there some people think it's Holy ground
37:25 because you come in
37:26 and you're so Holy and so righteous.
37:27 No, friend, you're not, you're filthy rages,
37:29 but the Bible says, need to get off our high horse.
37:34 Realize we come in,
37:35 because of the presence of the Holy Spirit
37:38 people don't get up on Sabbath morning,
37:39 they sleep and when they come in late
37:41 and all burned up
37:43 and I don't know what's going on.
37:44 Friend, need to get up early, need to prepare the heart,
37:46 the mind and the soul.
37:48 Because the ground on which you walk is Holy,
37:50 the presence of God is there.
37:51 If you want it there, if you believe it
37:53 and you're praying for it, it's a special time,
37:55 it's a time you can't hardly wait to get there.
37:57 You won't see how late you can come
37:59 and just get in a few minutes of service,
38:01 you can see how early you can come
38:02 and get more in the presence of God,
38:04 that's how I feel about it.
38:08 How would it, where would it be for us today
38:12 if we just spend simply follow the counsel
38:16 given in God's Holy word.
38:17 The counsel of the Holy Spirit,
38:21 now let me just go into a few of the problems
38:22 that might arise in the church
38:24 and how we must deal with it.
38:25 The counsel of scripture not men,
38:28 but how scripture tells us we're to deal with it.
38:31 You remember the New Testament Church,
38:32 oh, we can learn so much.
38:35 The New Testament Church is an example
38:37 of how we should pattern our church today.
38:40 Jesus set it up.
38:42 Now notice when the problem arose in a local church,
38:47 notice the Bible gives what I'm talking about
38:49 in Antioch and of course other churches.
38:52 When dissension arose in a local church,
38:56 you know what, and the people
38:57 could not come in agreement.
38:59 They sat down and they had business meetings
39:01 but they couldn't come to grips with it.
39:03 All of a sudden there's going to be
39:04 some real problems there, you know what they did.
39:06 The matter was, Oh, I love it,
39:08 the matter was not allowed to cause division
39:12 in God's church, what did they do.
39:15 The problem was referred to a general counsel
39:19 of the local churches.
39:21 Of maybe the pastor, and the elders,
39:22 pastor and elder, pastor and elder
39:24 and maybe deacons, and they come together
39:26 and they sat down and they began to discuss
39:28 the issue and to find a resolution.
39:33 Well, friend think about it,
39:34 we're gonna resolve this, this problem.
39:39 and it's very, very clear
39:40 as you read the spirit of prophecy it says,
39:41 the pastors, the elders, the leader,
39:43 the apostles lead out in the responsibility with this.
39:48 And if we followed this counsel,
39:50 there would never be division in the church,
39:52 oh, somebody may leave because they're offended.
39:55 But they would not be any problems in the church
39:57 and to cause any kind of division
39:59 because we'd have confidence
40:01 that the Holy Spirit was leading
40:02 and guiding in that church.
40:04 It was so simple if we follow it,
40:06 actually Apostles 96 makes this comment,
40:08 listen carefully to it, it says,
40:10 the efforts of Satan to attack the church
40:13 in isolated places where met by concerted action
40:17 on the part of all.
40:19 The plan of the enemy was to disrupt
40:22 and to destroy were thwarted.
40:25 Or was defeated or was frustrated.
40:28 Why, because the congregation said what?
40:31 We'll not going to let this be anything
40:33 that would divide us and separate us.
40:35 Would need a little more counsel,
40:36 we're gonna get men right,
40:37 that love Jesus, we're gonna sit down,
40:39 we're gonna discuss the issues
40:41 and then we're going to.
40:42 Well, whatever the answer might be is the end result,
40:44 that's what we're going to follow.
40:47 And it says here that the enemy was defeated,
40:50 that means he was run out.
40:51 It was frustrated because he wants division
40:54 to cause separation.
40:55 We are strong in the movement,
40:57 when we put our shoulders together,
40:59 we're strong when we believe the truth of God's word.
41:02 You see this is what the Holy Spirit wants to do
41:04 as we stand together, the devil is afraid of that.
41:07 This Bible passage gives some qualifications
41:10 for a man who would make a wise leader.
41:13 And I want you to just jot it down
41:14 when you have time, our time is running out.
41:16 Deuteronomy Chapter 1, verses 16 and 17,
41:20 but it just talks about we're looking for men
41:22 who love God with all their heart,
41:23 their soul and mind.
41:24 And because of the Spirit of God in them,
41:26 they're able to judge righteously.
41:29 This is what God's looking for,
41:31 not look at each individual and feel sorry for this
41:34 and oh, this situation.
41:35 Well, this just came to me, and this is over here,
41:37 look at the situation as it is
41:39 and deal based upon God's word
41:41 and that's the final rule.
41:43 Wow! I've never forgotten this,
41:47 and I don't want you to forget
41:48 that God is leading a people.
41:51 He's leading you if you want to be lead,
41:54 he's leading me if I want to be lead.
41:57 He's dealing with us, time is so,
41:59 so very short and He gives us instructions
42:02 as we need instructions to guide us.
42:07 And you know what, he uses visible leaders,
42:12 he uses what?
42:13 He uses visible leaders,
42:16 but they always must receive their instructions
42:22 from the invisible leader.
42:25 See you say, well, he's the leader
42:26 or he's this, he's that.
42:27 He needs to harmonize with scripture
42:29 or he's not what God wants him to be.
42:32 God chooses visible leaders, but what?
42:34 They must listen to the invisible leader,
42:37 are you getting that?
42:38 We must choose the right and follow the right.
42:41 We must be obedient and obedience brings prosperity
42:45 and disobedience brings death.
42:47 The scripture's very, very clear about that.
42:50 Have you ever wondered
42:52 why God doesn't bring new souls into church.
42:56 Oh, you've heard some of this before,
42:57 but this is, we're dealing with
42:58 the plain straight testimony.
43:01 You know, we've dealt with, you know,
43:02 we talk theater going, we're talking about jewelry,
43:04 we're talking about all these horse racing
43:06 and gambling and appetite.
43:07 And all these other tests, it runs some people out,
43:10 they can't take it.
43:11 It causes a shaking among God's people.
43:16 But you wonder why there's not people coming in,
43:18 there's got to be people coming in.
43:20 Because God said, He would bless
43:22 and if there's not what's wrong.
43:24 Book of Evangelism page 110, says this,
43:28 "The Lord does not now, notice this,
43:31 work to bring many souls into the truth.
43:33 Oh, it breaks your heart, why? Why?
43:41 The next line says, because of the church members.
43:46 How sad, God does not now work to bring
43:53 souls into the truth because of the church members,
43:59 who have never been converted,
44:03 and those who were converted but have backslidden.
44:10 See, if they're backslidden
44:12 we need to deal with that, don't we.
44:15 If they're not converted, we need to be having classes
44:17 and point them to Jesus Christ,
44:20 he can't work with the unconverted,
44:24 he doesn't bring them in,
44:25 because we're allowing it to continue on.
44:27 Because we want numbers,
44:31 numbers are everything, and it's not.
44:33 Jesus never used numbers.
44:37 We're in such a-- work needs to be done
44:41 before God can bless and bring in a people in.
44:44 Our work's got to be done and it has to be,
44:47 we have to bring it to the people's attention to say,
44:49 there is a work, we've not arrived yet.
44:52 He's not here yet.
44:53 There are some changes that need to be made.
44:57 Once again, why does the church still need to make,
45:00 keep a watchful eye of all the things that are,
45:02 that are going on?
45:04 Dealing with the sin issue.
45:06 Why do we have to, as we're truly out of faith
45:09 'cause church, some churches seem happy
45:10 and they're just having socials.
45:12 And they're just having picnics,
45:13 and fellowship, not anything wrong with that,
45:15 but if you follow me here,
45:16 they're doing all these other things right here
45:18 and nothing going on.
45:20 The sin issue, more important fellowship launch,
45:25 more and more important, friend,
45:26 than all these other things put together,
45:27 maybe you can combine them and work it all out.
45:29 But, friends, you can't substitute it
45:32 where you lack spirituality sometime,
45:34 when we lack the power of the Holy Spirit,
45:35 we make it up by having
45:36 all kinds of socials and everything else.
45:38 Let me just lay it out, Straight Testimony divides,
45:40 that's right, it does, it separates.
45:46 It's the church's duty to deal with the erring.
45:50 Now we just have 10 minutes or so less,
45:51 so don't anybody get sleepy on me there at home,
45:53 no it's not gonna happen.
45:56 We need to, we need to be wide awake
45:57 to this because what?
45:58 Church is responsible. Are you the church?
46:00 People of the church, that's you, that's me.
46:03 You want God's blessing or don't you?
46:06 And once you finally know there's an issue.
46:07 Do you want to know how to handle it,
46:08 based upon God's word that we do
46:10 the right thing and not what?
46:12 Throw somebody out for eternity.
46:14 Oh, it's heavy duty, oh, I know it is.
46:16 But it has to be done.
46:18 I'm talking about my own life.
46:21 Beautiful book, Desire of Ages,
46:23 805 and 806 says this, "On the church."
46:26 That's God's people.
46:28 "In its organized capacity,
46:29 He places the responsibility for individual members."
46:33 Where? On the body here.
46:34 He places, what?
46:36 Responsibility for individual members.
46:40 Now listen, toward those who fall into sin,
46:43 listen, the church has a duty,
46:45 to warn, to instruct, and to if possible to, what?
46:50 Restore. It's our duty to warn,
46:55 it's our duty to instruct, and it's our duty,
46:58 if possible to restore.
47:00 Every time you go to brothers,
47:01 now, oh, it's with the what,
47:03 you want to winning back to the cause of Christ,
47:06 you want to see Him on the fire.
47:07 Maybe the way He used to be.
47:09 You want to see the power of God
47:10 working inside of Him, it's not condemning,
47:12 it's not, oh, you're this, oh, you're that,
47:14 it's because you care.
47:16 The Bible, we're talking about sighing and crying,
47:19 it hurts you when you see
47:20 somebody leave the cause of truth.
47:25 It should be hurtful.
47:29 We read all this in the scripture.
47:32 We have to deal faithfully with the wrong doings,
47:36 we have to warn every soul that's in danger.
47:41 And, of course, we leave the decision up to them,
47:43 but we need to call sin right now by its right name,
47:46 there's no doubt about it,
47:48 declare what God-- listen, declare what God has said,
47:52 dear friends, about lying, about Sabbath breaking,
47:56 about stealing, about idolatry,
47:58 and every other evil.
48:01 This is what we're supposed to do.
48:03 Look Galatians 5:21, what does it say,
48:06 it tells us here, ''They which do such things
48:10 shall not inherit the kingdom of God."
48:13 Oh, friend, doesn't it weigh heavy on you?
48:16 Isn't it a little bit of maybe, you say,
48:18 a very little bit emotional, you get real excited about,
48:20 yes, it does because I'm talking life
48:21 and death issues here.
48:26 We have to, Desire of Ages, read all that,
48:29 805 and 806, it says,
48:31 "We have to deal faithfully with what?"
48:33 With lying and Sabbath breaking
48:35 and all these evils in the church,
48:37 you've got to deal faithfully with the members.
48:39 Oh, friend, how we've neglected that time with,
48:41 will it work it's way out.
48:43 Two years later, it's still in the same shape
48:45 and there's nobody coming to the church 'cause what?
48:47 We haven't dealt with the sin issue,
48:49 we have to deal, God wants us to.
48:52 See, God is particularly when I read my Bible,
48:54 that's what I find out here.
48:57 He deal, He's particular with those
48:58 who claim to be members of the remnant church.
49:03 He's particular with his ministers,
49:07 and we have to be taught that the Holy Spirit.
49:12 The Holy Spirit is walking up and down the isles,
49:17 and it's watching, it's recording,
49:19 Holy Spirit is recording.
49:21 What's going through your mind and what you're doing?
49:23 Whether, yeah, that's right,
49:25 whether it's candy wrappers or chewing gum
49:27 or you're writing your boyfriend or girlfriend
49:29 a little note.
49:32 You're fooling around with the phone
49:33 or you're doing something else
49:34 that you shouldn't be, be doing there,
49:36 or you're day dreaming, combing somebody's hair.
49:39 You know what you know I'm talking about here.
49:41 You're distracting somebody else.
49:43 Did you know that? You think maybe not.
49:45 You're distracting somebody.
49:46 Every little hand that's raised,
49:48 every head that's turned, somebody sees you,
49:50 somebody is distracted and devil will use that,
49:52 dear friend, against you and against me.
49:58 God's ministers ought to be men of action,
50:01 not sit idly by, doing nothing,
50:03 men of action and men of righteousness.
50:05 They need to be Christ centered,
50:08 in words, and in action.
50:11 That's the only way a person can qualify
50:13 to be soul winner for Jesus
50:14 and a minister in the church of God.
50:18 So as the body believers, it says here,
50:20 we've been reading the church in its organized capacity,
50:23 as it come to bear together with the church
50:24 and we're all discussing, you see,
50:25 when it comes to that point time.
50:29 They're gonna deal with some tough issues here.
50:34 And these tough issues are the ones that,
50:35 you know, the devil is trying to tear apart the,
50:37 the peace and the prosperity and,
50:40 you know, the church, the togetherness
50:43 that we have many times, he's trying to tear us apart,
50:45 he can't stand that.
50:48 There's no unity with the devils of hell,
50:50 you know that.
50:53 We have to remember that God has given His people
50:56 authority on this earth, authority to deal with sin,
51:01 inside the church.
51:03 Oh, heavy duty, huh!
51:04 Jesus said this in John 20:23,
51:08 He said, "Whosesoever sins ye remit."
51:11 That's talking about forgiveness and lay it aside.
51:14 Remember, the church can't forgive sin,
51:15 don't anybody get the wrong idea.
51:18 We're talking about organized capacity
51:19 dealing with that, we take them to God,
51:21 you know that.
51:24 It says that, "They are remitted."
51:26 That means they're separated unto them.
51:28 "Whosoever sins ye retain, they are retained."
51:32 Now this is the passage, I don't think,
51:34 we don't have time today to go into,
51:35 but, boy, this caused controversy among many,
51:38 many people and it should not.
51:40 Remember, individual little church doesn't forgive sin,
51:42 only the blood of Jesus Christ can do that,
51:45 dear friends.
51:47 Matthew 18:18 says, "Verily I say unto you,
51:50 Whatsoever ye shall what?
51:51 Bind on earth shall be bound, where?
51:53 In heaven, whatsoever you shall loose on earth
51:55 shall be loosed in heaven."
51:58 Here we see the binding and the loosening
52:02 that's committed to the church,
52:04 so the church does what?
52:05 Have a responsibility, deal with these issues.
52:08 Matthew 18:17 says, keep this in mind,
52:11 The decision that the people of the church
52:13 make can only be, what?
52:16 Ratified by heaven. And that says what?
52:20 If they follow the principles of heaven.
52:23 So don't go anywhere,
52:24 if we follow the principles of heaven
52:26 written down in God's word
52:27 and we follow those then God says,
52:29 this is okay and that's the right way to deal with it.
52:33 If not, God is not going to ratify it,
52:34 He's not going to say, well, that's okay.
52:35 If the church says it, and they're still living in sin.
52:37 No, He's not going to do that, you know that.
52:40 So what if the church deal with, you know,
52:42 it opens sin there, let's say in the church and remember,
52:45 what are the steps that we should do, you know,
52:48 according to scripture? What shall we do?
52:49 Matthew 18, you know, the step, right?
52:51 Matthew 18:15 says,
52:52 "Moreover if thy brother shall transgress,
52:55 or you know, trespass against thee,
52:58 go tell it to him and his fault between he
53:00 and thee alone and if he shall hear thee,
53:02 thou has gained a brother."
53:04 Wow! Don't go do what?
53:07 Tell it between he and thee, what? Alone.
53:10 Oh, so many of you can't wait to tell to everybody else
53:12 except the guilty party where you think is guilty.
53:16 You're doing the work of the devil,
53:17 there's no doubt about it.
53:19 Jesus makes it plain,
53:21 how a Christian is to deal with a fellow believer,
53:25 who has maybe wronged him personally,
53:28 who's heard him, who's sinned against him,
53:31 happens in the church,
53:32 we're dealing with issues now.
53:35 There's close connection here
53:36 in Matthew 18 and 2:12 through 14,
53:40 now we don't have time to get into,
53:41 got a couple of minutes left here.
53:42 But it talks about the sheep. You just have to read it.
53:44 The sheep who went astray, you remember those?
53:47 And how we must deal with them in order
53:49 to what for the church to be a pure people,
53:52 to be what God wants him to be,
53:55 fit for the use of the master.
53:58 Friend, are we fitting in there? Are we studying?
54:00 Are we saying that we're doing the right thing
54:01 that God would have us to do?
54:04 So, when a brother sins or a brother's in air,
54:06 he's doing wrong, he's gone astray.
54:08 We have an obligation then to try to win him, what?
54:11 As a brother back to Christ.
54:13 We have an obligation and so often we,
54:16 somebody leads, we never talk to them,
54:18 we never do anything to try to win him back.
54:21 Is God's gonna holds us accountable.
54:25 Friend, I believe that God is.
54:27 You see that the Straight Testimony,
54:30 the point in testimony must live in the church.
54:34 So that God can live in our hearts
54:35 and in our minds, and be the kind of people
54:37 we need to be, to be the soul winners,
54:39 time's running out, we need to get real with God,
54:42 gonna be talking more about this in part four,
54:44 you won't want to miss that.
54:45 But, I want to pray with you right now,
54:46 those of you have a heavy heart,
54:48 those of you, you need special prayer,
54:51 something really troubling you today
54:52 and you need special prayer.
54:53 I want to pray for you right now.
54:55 Let's do it together, shall we as I kneel.
54:58 Loving, heavenly, Father,
55:00 we thank You for Your precious word today,
55:01 we realize sometimes it's pointed like a,
55:03 it's like a sword, two-edged sword.
55:05 But, Father, I pray for those who are in need,
55:07 those who are lifting their heart right now to You.
55:09 They're crying out, oh God, save me.
55:11 There needs to changes in my church,
55:12 there needs to be changes in my life,
55:14 please invite the Holy Spirit to come in right now,
55:16 I pray that will do that right now.
55:18 And the spirit will come in and we'll express
55:20 what needs to take place
55:22 so that You can abide with them.
55:24 Thank You for hearing and for answering prayer
55:26 for every viewer in the precious name of Jesus,
55:28 we thank You, amen.
55:31 Now don't forget we, you know, we do,
55:34 we like your comments, we like your thoughts,
55:36 your phone calls, your emails,
55:38 all that you, you know, you have questions,
55:39 please feel free to do that.
55:41 It's very important that you do so.
55:43 We know that we're reaching God's people,
55:45 true and the honest are gonna respond to the call.
55:48 And as, you know, this program is gonna be
55:51 brought by the freewill offerings of God's people
55:53 and that's how Behold the Lamb is supported,
55:56 by the offerings of God's people.
55:57 So continue to, you know, pray about it,
56:00 do what you can do to help this ministry,
56:01 we'll continue to bring these programs to you.
56:03 And if we can be of any kind of a blessing
56:05 or in a service for you, be sure and give us a call,
56:07 you'll see the names and, numbers on the screen.
56:09 Until then, we love you,
56:10 God loves you, and I'll see you next time.
56:16 Hello, once again.
56:17 And what a blessing it was to be
56:20 in the presence of the Lord
56:21 and to learn from His word today.
56:23 He's leading and guiding us back unto His image, why?
56:28 Friends, it's because He loves you
56:30 and He loves me so very much,
56:33 and He is doing all that He could do to give us
56:37 the heavenly life that He intended for us
56:39 to have before sin entered the picture.
56:43 And isn't it time that you listened,
56:45 isn't it time that you heeded His calling?
56:49 And as always we want to help you in anyway
56:51 we possibly can in your walk with the Lord.
56:54 We want you to have this series of four sermons
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57:57 And as always, until next time, friends,
57:59 may our precious Lord
58:01 continue to richly bless you and yours.


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