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The Plain, Straight Testimony Must Live, Part 4

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00:41 Hello, and welcome to Behold the Lamb Presents.
00:44 I'm Chris Shelton your host,
00:45 and I want to extend a warm welcome to you
00:48 for tuning into our program.
00:50 Today, we are concluding a four part series
00:53 that we have entitled
00:54 "The Plain Straight Testimony Must Live."
00:57 We've been learning about our responsibility
01:00 as individuals and as a group to properly deal with sin.
01:04 Sin separates us from our Heavenly Father.
01:07 It was because of sin that Christ suffered so greatly
01:11 and died for each and every one of us.
01:14 And it is because we would rather sin
01:17 than obey God that so many lives,
01:20 so many lives will be lost in the end of this whole world.
01:24 So we certainly hope and we certainly pray
01:26 that you will prayerfully consider today's message,
01:30 and ask God for divine guidance in your personal
01:33 and cooperate preparations for the kingdom.
01:36 But first, we're privilege to listen to my niece,
01:39 as she sings, "I Can Touch Him,"
01:42 and that is by Melody Firestone,
01:44 and brought to us from 3ABN Worship Center.
02:10 Desperately, she pushed her way through the crowd
02:17 They were crushing her now they were crying aloud
02:26 But she didn't care it was her only hope
02:35 This was an issue of life and she could no longer cope
02:44 If she'd ever be healed, if she'd ever be whole
02:53 Then he was the one and she knew in her soul
03:03 She had to touch him
03:07 Oh, she said, I can touch him
03:14 He is here within my reach I can touch him
03:22 Oh, I feel that he lean flow
03:27 My faith will make me holy as Jesus and I can touch Him
03:47 There comes the time when you give all you can give
03:55 You've exhausted your mind, you don't think you can live
04:04 Tormented by fear, you face the unknown
04:13 People are there yet you feel alone
04:21 Then you reach out in faith and confess once again
04:31 Jesus is here and there's healing in Him
04:40 You can touch him You can touch him
04:52 He is here within your reach You can touch him
05:00 Oh, just feel that healing flow
05:04 Your faith will make you holy as Jesus and you can touch Him
05:21 Oh, we can touch Him
05:26 He is here within our reach
05:30 We can touch Him
05:33 Oh, I feel that healing flow
05:38 My faith will make me holy as Jesus and we can touch Him
05:52 He is Jesus, he is Jesus, and we can touch him
06:20 Thank you for joining us
06:21 once again here on Behold the Lamb.
06:23 As you know, this is the fourth part of it.
06:25 This is the last part of the series about
06:27 "The Plain Straight Testimony Must,
06:29 you know, Live" in the church.
06:31 So it's very, very important subject
06:33 that we must deal with,
06:34 the God requires His people to deal with.
06:38 And so, as we are looking at these issues,
06:40 we pray that the Holy Spirit of God will not count us
06:42 to back up and be afraid, but to move forward
06:45 in the power and the might of Jesus Christ.
06:47 Now, I'm gonna just read a text,
06:49 well, a little quote here from the testimony,
06:50 then I'm gonna have prayer, but I want you to notice this,
06:53 4 Testimonies 185 says this,
06:55 "The servants of God should manifest a tender,
06:57 compassionate spirit.
06:59 But they must never flinch from pointing out the sins
07:04 that are corrupting the professed people of God,
07:07 nor should they cease striving to influence them
07:10 to turn from their errors to obey the Lord."
07:14 Boy, what council that is?
07:16 We pray, you'll take that council,
07:17 I will take that council, and let's take it to God right now,
07:20 shall we as we, as we pray together.
07:22 Please, where you can kneel with me as we pray,
07:25 as we ask the power of the Holy Spirit
07:27 to come into our hearts, into our minds that will make.
07:29 Well, God, the message for today will be clear
07:32 in your mind and in my mind,
07:33 and that we maybe pleasing to God.
07:35 Let's pray, shall we?
07:38 Merciful, Father in Heaven,
07:39 we thank you for Your love today.
07:40 We thank you for Your longsuffering with us.
07:42 Thank you for Your grace.
07:44 Thank you for the Blood of Calvary
07:45 that flowed so freely for each one of Your Children.
07:48 Now, we ask if there be sin,
07:50 anything in our hearts and life that need not be there
07:52 that you'll correct that now by the blood.
07:54 We ask for the blood of Jesus Christ
07:56 to cleanse us right now, make our,
07:58 make our minds stayed upon thee,
08:00 help us to realize Your coming soon,
08:02 we need to be ready.
08:04 Thank you for hearing, for answering prayer,
08:05 bless the people we pray now that their ears maybe open,
08:09 their eyes maybe in tune with You,
08:11 that they may see, hear, and understand the truths
08:14 that You're bringing to them today in Jesus' name, amen.
08:19 Now, again we encourage you get your pencil and paper,
08:21 because it's important that the points
08:23 that we're making-- we have to move quickly.
08:25 Some people say, it's too quickly,
08:26 but anyway, we've got to move quickly
08:28 because there is just a certain amount of time.
08:30 We covered in part three, and we're gonna recap that,
08:33 incase you missed part three.
08:34 Point number one, we must never let sin do,
08:36 what, appear less sinful to the offender.
08:40 Now, these are all things we went over,
08:41 not going to try prove anything right now,
08:43 but these are the points that we never let,
08:45 you catch them, "Pat them on the heads,
08:46 oh, we understand and all, we, you couldn't be help."
08:49 No, sin is sinful, and we realized,
08:52 it has to appear to the offender that is sinful
08:54 and it's hurtful to people and to God.
08:57 Number two, temptation, no matter,
08:59 doesn't matter how strong that it may be,
09:01 that may, we almost overwhelmed with it
09:03 is never an excuse to sin.
09:06 Point number three, God holds His people
09:08 as a body responsible for the sins
09:12 in the individual members of the church, how is that?
09:16 Remember, for God's people, as a body, responsible.
09:19 So, when you're in belong to the church,
09:21 friend, you are responsible for what goes on in that church.
09:25 You have a voice.
09:26 Power of the Holy Spirit can work
09:27 through your heart and mind.
09:28 And if you don't deal with,
09:29 you know something is going on in the church,
09:31 and you're not dealing with that issue and the sin,
09:34 they are open, you're not prying,
09:36 you're not circling the block, you're not eavesdropping,
09:39 come on, somebody follow me here.
09:40 But, you realized that something is going on,
09:43 you have an obligation to search it out,
09:45 for the Bible said, individual.
09:47 Number four, if leaders, leaders,
09:49 you say, well, you know, we have to be very careful
09:51 'cause we don't want to upset the applecart,
09:53 that time some of you ministers upset the applecart,
09:56 that time you stood for what is right.
09:58 If we neglect, we neglect to deal
10:00 with the sins in the camp,
10:01 we become responsible for those sins.
10:04 Same point, get it here.
10:06 Number five, God has laid the burden of reproving
10:09 and correcting sin on certain individuals.
10:12 We learned that, didn't we?
10:13 He doesn't choose just everybody to do it
10:15 because some, you know, they -- oh, I can't deal,
10:17 I can't deal with it, others may not want to,
10:20 but they, they feel the importance
10:21 and they feel the power of the spirit
10:23 that they must move forward,
10:24 do what God has asked him to do, what?
10:26 So that we can be the kind of church
10:28 that God wants us to be, become pure.
10:30 Point number six, New Testament Church,
10:33 we're talking about here.
10:34 When problem would rise, would come up,
10:37 and the local church couldn't settle
10:39 the issues among themselves, what did they do?
10:41 They had the council and different several members
10:43 of other churches, they came together in council,
10:46 and they heard the case, they heard what was going on
10:49 and they made massive ruling and, you know, what?
10:51 It's up to us to accept if we were that person
10:54 to accept that ruling of the various churches.
10:57 Number seven, God is the leader of His people.
11:00 Praise God for that.
11:01 Can't say, "Well, this group, here the leader,
11:03 God is the leader of His people, of His church."
11:07 And we must realize that, He uses visible leaders
11:10 that people can see, but we must always remember,
11:12 the visible leaders must always be attached to the, what?
11:16 The invisible leader is, what?
11:18 The God in heaven to communicate.
11:20 Last point, number eight,
11:22 God is going to bring in to the church.
11:26 People, when we are, what?
11:29 When we are converted,
11:30 when the members are truly converted,
11:32 God will bring people in.
11:35 Doesn't bring a whole lot of people maybe
11:36 in right now in certain areas, why?
11:38 Because maybe there's some real problems
11:39 that need to be addressed in the church.
11:42 As we studied in our last lesson, we left open,
11:46 and have your Bible to Matthew 18:18,
11:48 we're gonna be talking about
11:49 because God has given authority to the church
11:52 to local body, hasn't He?
11:54 To His people, to deal with the sin issue
11:56 something crops up in the church,
11:59 it has to be dealt with, not ignored,
12:01 it's sinful to ignore it.
12:03 God will hold us accountable for that.
12:05 Jesus made it very clear, Matthew 18:18,
12:07 He said, "Verily I say unto you,
12:08 whatsoever ye shall, what?
12:10 Good, bind on earth shall be, where?
12:12 Bound in heaven, and whatsoever
12:14 ye shall loosed on this earth shall be loosed, where?
12:17 In heaven."
12:19 Now, again He just didn't guess say,
12:20 "Well, whatever the church ruling is going to be
12:22 and whatever they feel like they want to do,
12:24 then I'm gonna go along with them."
12:25 No, God doesn't operate that way.
12:28 We must follow the rules of heaven,
12:31 the principles of heaven must be in play,
12:34 that's the only way that heaven will ratify
12:37 the decision of the local church.
12:40 Now, what if the church stands dealing with
12:42 the sin issue and an open sin issue.
12:44 Okay, let's make it clear, so now people say,
12:46 well, you know, we do but-let's just listen
12:48 to the Holy Spirit here.
12:50 What are steps that we should,
12:51 we should we take as a church?
12:54 Well, you know, Matthew 18:15, simply says,
12:56 "Moreover if your brother shall offend, what do you do?
12:59 Trespass, what do you do?
13:00 Against thee, it said, go and tell it to him, what?
13:02 He and thee alone, don't, him alone,
13:05 not somebody else, and if he shall hear thee,
13:07 you gained your brother."
13:09 More, lot of times people do want to say,
13:11 "Well, who do you think you are,
13:12 while you're more sinful than I am
13:14 and more they start throwing it back in your face."
13:17 Oh, dear friends, let me tell you,
13:18 a person who is convicted by the Spirit of God,
13:20 even though someone come, they come in the right spirit,
13:23 you know, if you're trying to live right
13:25 and if you're fighting some issue, you'll hear it.
13:27 And you may welcome and you will ask for that prayer
13:30 and they're gonna pray,
13:31 and you're gonna gain some victory.
13:32 Don't just start saying, "Well, how about your life."
13:34 We're talking about dealing with open sin here,
13:37 you've gained a brother.
13:38 So here's what?
13:39 Jesus makes it clear, how a Christian
13:41 then a church is to deal with, with the sin issue?
13:44 He has to deal with somebody and this is,
13:47 oh boy, this is difficult, to deal with somebody
13:49 that just blatantly wronged you,
13:52 deal with somebody that you sinned against you,
13:54 somebody has taken advantage against you,
13:56 think about that, somebody just living in sin.
14:00 So, how will you look at the issues here?
14:02 God is saying for us as, as individuals,
14:04 as members of church, somebody has done you wrong.
14:08 Boy, I hear it in the world today.
14:10 Well, they did me wrong, boy, I'm gonna do it back to them.
14:12 Boy, I tell you, we have to realize
14:14 what we're getting out,
14:15 we have time to get into that part of that study today,
14:17 we may not, but it's gonna open the way for you
14:19 to do some more studying
14:20 of what God says about forgiveness.
14:23 You say, "Well, I can never forgive them,
14:24 then God could not-- I'm gonna make it right now,
14:26 God can never forgive you, He can never forgive me,
14:30 we have just closed the door of heaven 'cause God,
14:35 because God can't agree with you, that you said,
14:37 "I never can forgive him."
14:38 He has forgiven you, He has forgiven me,
14:40 oh, my! Friend, don't close the door today.
14:44 You say, "Well, I can't."
14:45 We're gonna study little bit more,
14:46 how it's possible to forgive someone who's,
14:48 who's done you dirty, low down?
14:53 How you can deal with the issues?
14:55 Well, there's a close connection
14:58 in Matthew 18 and 12 through 14,
15:00 its about, talking about the sheep.
15:02 And, you know, we talked about the sheep,
15:03 who they will stray, and then how that
15:06 we must deal with him in order for the church
15:09 to be pure and fit to be used of God.
15:13 Read that when you have the opportunity.
15:14 Now, so we're talking about a brother now,
15:16 he is in air, he is doing wrong,
15:17 he sinned, he has gone astray,
15:19 we've gone through those issues.
15:20 We have an obligation, number one,
15:23 not to drive him farther away, but to win Him back,
15:27 to win Him back before it's ever too late.
15:31 Leviticus 19:17, God gave instructions to Moses.
15:35 Now, listen carefully, even in the Old Testament,
15:38 notice what the problem that what we're talking about
15:40 the issues of the church, okay,
15:42 the principle was back there are too, notice, it says,
15:44 "Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thine heart,
15:46 Leviticus 19:17, thou shalt in any wise,
15:50 notice, rebuke thy neighbour, what?
15:53 Thou bare not sin for him."
15:58 Not to it, so we have to, you know, something is wrong,
16:00 you need to go between he and the alluring,
16:02 you need to talk this issue out, if not, what?
16:04 Oh, you're gonna have to bare his sin.
16:05 Oh, friend, be careful.
16:08 Well, I heard people say,
16:09 "Well, I know a lot of things going on."
16:11 Well, then you're accountable for lot of things,
16:12 if you know, but most generally things that you know,
16:14 you've never seen with your own eyes,
16:16 you think, you've heard it, you've been gossiping,
16:19 you've been sitting around the gossip corner up there the,
16:22 where you have breakfast,
16:23 you know, what I am talking about.
16:24 See, if we neglect to do as Christ has instructed us to do.
16:29 See, if we neglect to do that work,
16:30 we're in trouble, why?
16:31 Because Christ has instructed us.
16:33 He is saying, "Pastor Kenny, whoever you might be,
16:37 He said, 'I want you to restore that one,
16:39 want to restore Him, bring Him back.'"
16:43 Even though He is wounded, even though He is hurt,
16:46 but if you don't do that, you become responsible,
16:48 if you don't stand up for the issue,
16:49 you become responsible for and partakers of that very sin.
16:53 Now, Desire of Ages 4:41, makes us very, very clear.
16:57 Notice, "For the evils that we might have checked."
17:00 What does that mean?
17:02 "For the evils we might have checked."
17:06 For those things that maybe you could've stopped
17:08 because you knew somebody is getting ready to do something,
17:10 they shouldn't or have been doing.
17:12 "We are just as responsible as if we were
17:15 guilty of the acts ourselves."
17:18 Have you ever been guilty,
17:19 as I've been guilty of the times passed?
17:22 Maybe you're young in the church and you're coming,
17:24 you know some things were going on,
17:25 you didn't that, you didn't just hear the gossip meal,
17:28 but that person himself
17:29 maybe told you or you seen something,
17:31 you didn't quite maybe understand,
17:33 but you're just, you're not going to say anything,
17:34 'cause you don't want any trouble,
17:36 you don't want to be a problem in the church.
17:38 Oh, friend, the devil loves for us
17:40 to try to keep quite and back up,
17:41 do nothing about some of these wrongs.
17:44 So, what? Devil loves it, what?
17:45 God can't do anything for the church.
17:47 For those things you might have checked.
17:51 Oh, see this is--
17:52 Now again, this is important subject that very,
17:54 very few people follow, why?
17:58 Because they believe that God somehow
17:59 is going to overlook them.
18:01 Some people think they're special to God,
18:03 of course, everybody is special, but notice it,
18:04 He doesn't just favor one person and the other.
18:08 Oh, we're special, God is not going to have that,
18:10 it happened to us, you're no exception,
18:12 I am no exception.
18:15 Matthew 18:15 says,
18:17 here's what we've to do in the situation.
18:19 Here's where it hinges,
18:20 here's where the majority of the people
18:22 who profess to be followers of Jesus Christ.
18:25 Here's, how they respond?
18:28 Here's, how they respond
18:29 when they need to take care of an issue.
18:32 I mean, it's just actually four words right here,
18:34 they either do it the right way or they do it the wrong way,
18:37 and it simply says, "Thee and him alone."
18:42 Wow! When there is an issue that you have sin.
18:46 Remember, you don't have to,
18:47 'cause somebody has given you a rumor,
18:49 you don't go react on that rumor,
18:50 I've had people call and say, "Somebody said,
18:54 I should just go click," somebody said,
18:58 "Well, that's a rumor mail, do you get it?
19:00 Somebody said, they heard.
19:02 These are all will distorts up.
19:04 The Bible says, now listen carefully Bible says this,
19:07 "If you have awe against your brother."
19:10 That means, your brother has done something to you
19:13 not somebody else, you're involved with something here,
19:16 you've seen something that by yourself
19:18 and you just simply need to figure it out in your mind,
19:21 you have a right to go to him,
19:23 between he and thee alone,
19:25 most people professed to be Christians will not do that.
19:30 Now, listen we have to, there's no exceptions.
19:35 You don't just, you don't say,
19:36 "Well, okay, well, you know, I don't,
19:39 I'm not worrying you're gonna talk about this,
19:40 but I have a best friend
19:42 so I'm going to tell my best friend.
19:43 No, Bible didn't say that.
19:46 I'm gonna call a group together
19:47 and we're going to discuss it.
19:48 No, He didn't say, calling a group together.
19:50 Well, I've seen this, if I'm gonna call a friend,
19:53 I need some advice from a friend,
19:54 Bible doesn't say that.
19:58 Boy, you know, with it, what do we do,
20:00 you know, at the same time,
20:02 we're exposing, when we're doing,
20:04 we're exposing this wrong to other people
20:06 who have no idea between he and thee alone,
20:11 don't listen this here, I see this, I hear of a friend.
20:16 You don't call a friend and you say,
20:17 "You know, I know, I shouldn't talk about this,
20:20 you ever had somebody call you?
20:21 I know I shouldn't be talking about this and you should say,
20:24 "You know, what? Yeah, you're right, click."
20:28 I know I shouldn't be talking about this,
20:30 I shouldn't mention this about the situation
20:33 and then they always say, but, there is no but!
20:36 The Bible has already spoken.
20:38 Others say, what do you think about this situation?
20:40 You say, "Well, I don't know anything about it."
20:42 Well, let me tell you what I, somebody told me.
20:45 Listen, God has already spoken on the issue,
20:48 you don't have all these means with everybody else
20:50 between he and thee alone, if not,
20:52 you're doing the work of a devil, you're bad,
20:55 worse than the other person,
20:56 you're spreading it all over the place.
20:59 And then you say, "Well, you're gonna be ears for them,
21:02 so they say, 'Well, let me talk to you a little bit about it.'"
21:05 And, you know, what?
21:06 And then if you don't fold, you begin to spill the beans,
21:09 and before long you've added more beans.
21:11 Boy, you're gonna have an explosion
21:13 if you know what I'm talking about here, getting back.
21:15 You've had your own beans in there,
21:18 put them in the pot and you've made the thing
21:20 a lot bigger and when it spill out,
21:22 it's a bigger spill than it was before.
21:24 Oh, somebody needs to listen.
21:27 Some people come and they said,
21:31 "I know I shouldn't mention this,
21:33 I told somebody I wouldn't, but I'm gonna tell you.
21:36 Well, what do you mean?
21:37 I told them I wouldn't mention this to anyone,
21:40 but all of a sudden when you say,
21:42 but you have sinned at the door.
21:44 Notice that, number one, what?
21:47 Because you recognized.
21:49 You said, "I told him I wouldn't, but."
21:51 You realized, how James 4:17
21:53 would just pound you in the head over this.
21:56 The Bible says that,
21:57 "To him that knoweth to do good, and what?
21:59 And doeth it not, to him it is sin."
22:03 You said, "I know, I shouldn't but."
22:06 Oh, friend, the Bible is clear.
22:09 Sin lies at your door as soon as you say that,
22:11 you knew the difference.
22:12 Number two, I told them I wouldn't tell,
22:16 but -- You have just become a liar.
22:21 Oh, Bible, Revelation 21:27 talks about,
22:25 "And there shall no wise enter anything into the, what?
22:27 Into the city anything that defileth or that, what?
22:31 Whatsoever worketh an abomination or, what?
22:33 Maketh a lie."
22:35 You're not going to be in heaven.
22:36 I know I shouldn't, but, the devil loves the buts,
22:41 you get it, I was going to do the right thing, but I--
22:45 Number three, if someone comes to you
22:48 and starts telling you some,
22:49 oh! Yummy gossip, yummy gossip.
22:53 And then they say something like this,
22:56 don't mention my name, don't mention it was me,
22:59 I don't want anybody to know it was me,
23:01 I don't want anybody know where you heard this at,
23:03 just, before he gets to that point,
23:05 cut him off already, already, he is a coward.
23:10 Think about it, ah! It's gossip.
23:15 Oh, don't listen to that kind of stuff, dear friend.
23:19 If you want the church,
23:21 if you want the straight testimony in the church,
23:22 we're gonna have to deal with these issues,
23:24 but it's prevalent to see mic in every church,
23:27 and God is calling us to put a stop to it.
23:30 Don't tell someone something and then say what?
23:33 Don't, don't tell where it come from.
23:36 Don't tell anyone I, I said.
23:42 How can a church be pure?
23:46 And remember, when that person is coming to you
23:48 talking about somebody else,
23:50 they're going to go to somebody else
23:52 and they're going to talk about you.
23:54 Please, keep that in mind.
23:56 You say, well, listen Desire of Ages 441,
24:00 makes this comment again, listen.
24:01 "We are not to make it a matter of comment
24:05 or criticism among ourselves,
24:09 nor even after it is told to the church,
24:12 what, even after the sins told to the church,
24:14 we are not at liberty to repeat it to others."
24:19 We've already skipped down a little bit
24:20 in our steps that we're doing, but notice this,
24:22 even after it's made public to the church meeting
24:25 because it's come to that point that they're sinners,
24:27 not going to listen, and the church has to be told about it,
24:31 that's the third step, is it not?
24:33 Even after it's made.
24:34 We have no right to discuss it, did you know,
24:37 liberty to repeat it to others.
24:40 Almost everybody goes out and finds their friends
24:42 and they begin to tell them everything
24:44 that took place in the church and the people are saying,
24:46 "Why I belong to that church."
24:47 They call themselves a Remnant Church,
24:49 they call themselves a Commandment Keeping Church,
24:51 and look at the problems they have,
24:53 the vision, separation.
24:54 No, God's Church, you can known by its unity,
24:57 its love one for another,
24:59 if you really love someone you're gonna,
25:01 you're gonna try to protect them the best way that you can,
25:04 that doesn't mean overlook sin,
25:05 that means sweep underneath the rug, it's simply means,
25:08 you don't want to hear somebody talking ugly, do you?
25:10 As a parent, you would come up and say, somebody come and say,
25:12 "Boy, I tell your son and your daughter,
25:14 boy I tell you how about that, right,
25:15 quick you're gonna stop that business, aren't you?
25:19 But when it comes to other people you say,
25:20 "Well, is that right?
25:21 Well, how did that happen?"
25:25 See the sin issue is going to have to be dealt with,
25:28 but it has to be dealt,
25:30 what, good in the light of God's word.
25:33 It has to be dealt with.
25:35 These are issues that we have to look at.
25:37 Oh, I found this little book called
25:39 "Sons and Daughters of God."
25:40 Oh, I did, you can get one, oh you read it,
25:42 if you will this is page 13.
25:44 And it starts out telling us
25:45 about how God loves His people?
25:48 Oh, don't you know, He loves His people,
25:49 but notice this, God loves His people, but notice,
25:53 "He will not serve with their sins."
25:57 Come on somebody hang on, pen it down,
25:59 Sons and Daughters, what, 13.
26:01 He loves His people, but He will not serve with their sins
26:05 or give-always listen
26:07 "Or He will not give them prosperity
26:10 while they continue to follow a wrong course of action."
26:14 Once you know, what truth is?
26:16 You cannot prosper in this world,
26:18 not with the blessings of God.
26:19 I've heard a lot of people say,
26:20 "Well, I'm really prospering, you know,
26:21 you just like, you know,
26:22 living for the devil and living for the world."
26:24 And boy, I'm ready.
26:25 Let's who do you think, you think God's prosper you,
26:28 then God is not telling us the truth in His word
26:30 and He always tells us the truth.
26:32 God can't prosper anyone when they're disobedient
26:36 to the principles of His word.
26:38 Oh, yeah, well, but, yeah, I have this-- hey,
26:40 you think the devil can allow that,
26:42 you think he can builds you up,
26:44 you think he can give you things,
26:45 and cost things to work out to where it looks like,
26:48 you're having the blessings of God
26:49 and you're living in sin and everything is going well,
26:51 you better believe it, that's, that's no, no,
26:54 you know, criteria-- so, well yeah,
26:55 well I've a God's blessing me
26:56 because I have all these things on.
26:59 You got to be following God's word here.
27:01 Now, notice here, Father and that's--
27:04 "Prosperity while they continue to
27:05 follow a wrong course of action.
27:08 Only reading on, only by faithful repentance
27:12 will their sins be forgiven, for God,
27:16 listen, will not cover their evil
27:19 with the robe of His righteousness."
27:22 God will not, what, cover evil
27:24 with the robe of His righteousness.
27:26 Sin does what?
27:28 Psalms 59, sin separates us from God.
27:33 God cannot bless.
27:36 He can even answer our prayer when we're,
27:38 here's, when we're separated from Him because of sin,
27:41 but I do know this.
27:42 Proverbs 15:29, He said, listen to this, He said,
27:46 "He heareth the prayers of the righteous."
27:50 Oh, isn't that good news?
27:51 The Bible says, "He heareth the prayers of the righteous."
27:55 Those are striving to do the right
27:57 by the grace and the strength,
27:58 and the power of God.
28:00 He hears it.
28:01 Oh, and He, He hears their prayer and He commits us to,
28:03 what, answer those prayers.
28:06 But, boy, there is a Bible say
28:07 in the Proverbs 28 verse 9 said,
28:10 "He that turneth away his ear from hearing the law."
28:13 And we've got some people today, isn't that right?
28:16 Oh, you need to look.
28:17 "He that turneth away his ear from hearing
28:19 the law even his prayer shall be an abomination."
28:23 Wow, Proverbs 28:13, you know this well.
28:29 "He that covereth, what?
28:30 His sins shall not prosper."
28:32 So anybody says that,
28:34 "I'm living in sin, I'm living for the world,
28:35 I don't care about Jesus, and I"--
28:37 God is not prospering him.
28:41 God can't prosper, why?
28:42 Because the Bible says so,
28:44 "If you cover your sin you can not prosper,
28:47 but whosoever confesses and what, and forsaketh."
28:51 Didn't just say confess, you confess
28:53 and you forsake, you get rid of it?
28:55 There is no longer exist in your life,
28:56 "Them shall he have mercy."
28:58 Praise God for that.
29:00 Psalm 66:18, it says, "If I regard iniquity,
29:04 what, you know this one, if I guard what?
29:06 Iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me."
29:12 There is no use trying to say, well, yeah,
29:13 He, by there is circumstance-- the Bible said--
29:17 the Bible has spoken, God has spoken,
29:19 that's it on the issue.
29:22 If we can only come to that point in our life,
29:24 how much happier we would be?
29:27 Friend, you know, why we seek may be
29:30 to correct someone in air
29:33 and if we are led by the Holy Spirit to do so.
29:38 Listen very carefully, we will try to
29:41 protect that person from the loose talk of the church.
29:47 Are you still with me?
29:49 And certainly we will try to protect them
29:51 from the world, if we love them,
29:53 if we're led by the Spirit of God,
29:55 and if we really love that person
29:57 we're not gonna let somebody take him apart.
30:03 And what is the good reason, why we won't,
30:05 we shouldn't let someone take,
30:07 you know, someone who is fallen in the sin,
30:08 someone who is, all of a sudden,
30:09 they found themself in a real mess, why?
30:13 Because you are weak and I am weak.
30:16 We need God's mercy,
30:18 we need God's forgiveness, do we not?
30:21 And this is how I would want to be treated
30:24 if I fell into that same situation.
30:26 How about you?
30:27 Bible is clear in Galatians 6:1, it simply says,
30:30 "Consider thyself lest thou also be, what, be tempted."
30:35 So in dealing with someone else
30:37 I want to deal with them the way
30:38 I would like to be dealt with, don't you?
30:42 Sure, you would, not unmerciful,
30:44 not gossip back by about throw out.
30:48 Oh, friend, there's many,
30:51 many who have been wounded by someone,
30:54 and I've talked to a lot of, they have been wounded,
30:56 have been hurt and, and I know some of these people,
30:59 listen they try to get over this hurt,
31:03 they try to love this person, they may not be able to
31:09 fellowship with him, because that person
31:11 just too far away gone, but they don't want that
31:13 to separate them from God, so they want to be forgiving
31:16 and they're working on it, but somehow they just
31:18 can't seem to, to love them the way
31:20 that they should, let me give you some,
31:22 oh, I tell you Gospel Workers page 4 of 97,
31:25 makes this comment.
31:26 Oh, please don't miss this, please don't miss this.
31:31 Because everybody has been wrong by somebody
31:33 and many times over in some cases,
31:36 and I heard people lot of time,
31:37 I can't get over, I can't get over.
31:39 No, listen, I can't love them,
31:41 I can't deal with them, let me, listen here, here's
31:43 the whole issue right now, you cannot and you never will
31:47 on your own, I never will on my own.
31:49 Here's what this little paragraph says,
31:51 "We need not begin by trying to love one another."
31:57 Wow, people say, "Well, I'm gonna try to love him."
31:59 Don't begin by just trying to love them.
32:02 Here's the key, "But the love of Christ
32:06 in the heart is what is needed."
32:10 Christ in the heart, what?
32:12 'Cause Christ can love that person, why,
32:15 he has loved you and me, we've sinned, right?
32:18 We're garbage of the earth, the dust none good,
32:22 no matter what, but He love it,
32:23 Christ can love them.
32:26 And if you let Christ into your heart,
32:27 you can begin to love, that's what is needed,
32:30 and here's goes on, it says,
32:31 "When self is submerged in Christ,
32:36 true love springs forth spontaneously."
32:41 I have to submerge myself in the love of Christ.
32:45 I have to have that robe of righteousness on,
32:47 because I just in my flesh,
32:49 I just can't love somebody who has been ugly.
32:54 You just can't love somebody that's ripped you off.
32:59 You can't love somebody that's beaten,
33:01 battered somebody that you love.
33:03 You can't love somebody that's kill
33:04 some of your fellows and friends,
33:06 you can't love somebody that's ripped somebody may your son,
33:09 your daughter, whatever might it you're your child,
33:12 not on your own.
33:16 And so, what I encourage you to do,
33:17 if you've had those situations
33:18 and maybe some worst it could be,
33:21 you submerge yourself in Jesus Christ,
33:26 fill yourself with the love of Jesus,
33:29 let Jesus come into His heart of love, what?
33:32 He begins to love them and that's awesome.
33:35 Your feelings begin, emotions begin to change,
33:37 you're not really sure, how as you submit yourself to Him.
33:42 I'll said, you can deal with issues
33:43 that you couldn't deal with us for.
33:47 So, when we deal with sin and a brother or a sister
33:50 in the church or out of the church
33:52 and we're talking about this nasty word correction.
33:57 We must deal according to the word of God, isn't that right?
34:00 That's what we're learning here.
34:02 Think on this, if you have been wounded lately,
34:07 if you've been hurt by someone,
34:09 if someone's taken advantage of you.
34:12 Think on this for just a moment,
34:13 just little common sense
34:14 principles here, but please think.
34:16 Number one, if someone's wounded you lately,
34:19 take care of the issue quickly.
34:22 Did you get that? Why?
34:24 So resentment will not turn into malice
34:28 because it begins to be, what?
34:30 You resent, you dislike,
34:33 and then I hear that people say,
34:34 I hate, because what?
34:36 They didn't take care of the issue,
34:37 they won't take care of the issue, get so.
34:39 Two, realizing if you don't take care
34:42 of this issue quickly, this wound is going to fester,
34:48 it's going to break open with this poison and it's going to,
34:51 but just poison your whole being,
34:55 every word that you come out is poison,
34:57 every deed that you do is poisonous.
35:00 You'll say, and do things that you can't easily take back.
35:06 Oh, how many of you said those are all I have?
35:08 Oh, Lord help me. You can't take it back.
35:14 Didn't take care of the issue.
35:16 Number three, here is the key that most people,
35:19 oh, they never think off.
35:22 In fact, when they've been wounded,
35:23 they've been hurt, they've been,
35:25 you know used, all they want to do is talk about it.
35:30 I'm going to encourage you, don't dwell on the situation.
35:34 I know it's gonna be difficult,
35:35 but something else gonna have to fill you,
35:36 your mind and your heart,
35:38 don't dwell on that situation, why?
35:40 Because it's only going to get worse if you do.
35:42 We have to learn by the grace of God to guard our thoughts,
35:47 the mind of Christ.
35:48 Guard our very thoughts,
35:50 because it can turn in to, what? Just poison.
35:52 And number four, quickly go to
35:54 your brother and listen, do it in humility and talk.
36:01 Go to the brother in humility and talk.
36:03 And some of you're gonna say so I am going to answer
36:04 those questions in a minute.
36:05 Somebody say, "Yeah, I would,
36:06 but it's not my fault, I didn't do it,
36:10 and I'm not going."
36:13 Listen, we must learn to forgive others and wow,
36:19 we need Jesus, isn't that right.
36:21 We have to learn to forgive.
36:23 Mark 11:26 we, you know,
36:25 kind of been bringing this in principle along,
36:28 but listen, the way that we forgive, what?
36:31 Others is the way that he is going to, what?
36:34 Forgive, that's the principle of Mark 11, you read it 26,
36:36 when you have the opportunity.
36:39 If we don't forgive others it says, God cannot forgive us.
36:42 So it's essential to salvation that we learn
36:45 by the grace of God how to forgive,
36:49 or He can't forgive me.
36:52 And I know this by reading my Bible, in Mark 2:7,
36:55 it said, "God forgive sin."
37:00 And you know what Jesus is on the earth
37:02 and Jesus praised God by His blood.
37:04 He forgives, isn't right, Mark 2 verse 10,
37:07 Jesus forgives sin.
37:10 There is no pastor, there is no evangelist,
37:13 there is no priest, there is no pope that can forgive sin.
37:20 My Bible says, "God forgives sin,
37:22 Jesus forgives sin," isn't that right?
37:24 And my Bible says this in First John, you know 1:9 said,
37:29 that we've confessed our sins, what is He?
37:31 He is faithful and He's just to do, what?
37:33 Forgive us of our sin and cleanse us from all
37:36 unrighteousness, isn't that good news?
37:39 Some of you are just bound under the hand of the enemy,
37:43 you just bound, you know, how to get loose,
37:47 you want to get loose and you want to change,
37:49 and you want your life to start all over,
37:51 girlfriend, the problems.
37:54 You don't know how?
37:57 And somebody is wronged you
37:58 and yet you're holding things inside and you say,
38:00 "Yep, I'd go to him, but it's not him,
38:02 it's not me, it's him, he is guilty.
38:06 He is the one that should be coming to me."
38:09 Let me just encourage you, put pride aside, do what?
38:17 Usually, if it boils down, it boils down to a pride issue.
38:20 Put pride aside, you make the first move,
38:26 regardless of how offensive his conduct.
38:31 See, God doesn't change His plan for settling the issue.
38:35 Think about, God never changes His plan
38:38 for settling an issue.
38:40 Go to Him, and what?
38:42 The Bible says, "Go to him in love reasonably,
38:45 calmly, quietly."
38:48 Remember, remember you're trying to do, what?
38:51 Good. Win a brother back to Christ.
38:55 James 5:20 says this,
38:57 "Let him know, that he which, what,
38:59 converteth the sinner from the error of his way
39:02 should save a soul from death,
39:05 and shall hide a multitude of sin."
39:07 Aren't you glad, you have scripture?
39:09 Aren't you glad, you can draw from this well?
39:13 The blessings and the strength, and the power,
39:16 led Him that converteth sin, go to the sinner,
39:19 beg and plead to get right with God.
39:22 See, that's why "The Plain Straight Testimony
39:25 Must Live In The Church."
39:27 It must be dealt with. It's a God appointed work.
39:34 God is in charge, and you know, what?
39:37 He is going to be leading the spiritual minded,
39:40 because they are open and they're listening.
39:43 Let me just read this quote a little letter,
39:46 found Letter Two, written in 1851.
39:49 Wow, listen to this one, it says,
39:51 "God will separate the precious from the vile.
39:56 Although He bears long, listen,
39:58 with the hypocrite and the sinner,
40:01 yet he will be searched out."
40:04 What is being, what's being taught here?
40:07 God eventually is going to separate
40:09 the precious from the what?
40:10 From the vile.
40:11 The holy and the purer from what?
40:13 The unrighteous. Although He bears along
40:16 with the hypocrite, see hypocrites lot of time
40:18 and sinners say, well, I have been doing this for years
40:20 and God hasn't done anything yet
40:22 and everything is fine right now,
40:23 yet He is going to search you out.
40:27 Bible said be sure your sins will find you out.
40:30 You know, again if we're following Mathew 18,
40:32 what we are talking about,
40:33 this is our time is getting down.
40:36 Bible says when we go to them,
40:37 when we try to plead with them but they don't want,
40:40 they won't hear the, the next step is you do what,
40:43 it says you take, take another with you witness,
40:46 two or three with you, you take some witnesses with you,
40:50 because the Bible said you know in the mouth of what?
40:52 Two or three witnesses, this may be established.
40:56 Please think on this for a moment,
40:58 the steps that God has given to what?
41:00 The straight testimony can live in the church.
41:02 Sin can be eradicated from the church,
41:03 the member, we're talking about the people God?
41:06 We have to deal with these issues,
41:08 they won't go away on their own.
41:11 Only as we deal with them in the strength of power of God,
41:15 can the church become pure the way God want's it to be.
41:18 Beset the man won't listen when you go to he
41:19 and thee alone and it still an issue and continues on.
41:22 You take your couple of witnesses with you
41:24 and then you plead with that brother again.
41:28 Who do you take with you?
41:31 When you go to see this brother to winning back,
41:32 who you're gonna take?
41:33 You take the spiritual minded.
41:36 Those who want to win this brother or the sister back,
41:40 the spiritual, I can remember a case here,
41:43 I know our time run short Lord help us look.
41:46 We had a man sitting in there and he is talking about CNN,
41:49 open CNN, dealing with CNN in the church
41:51 and here's this one man setting you know,
41:53 and talking about the issues.
41:55 Well let me just get real personal with you,
41:58 you know, as the pastor,
41:59 I knew this person and talk with him privately
42:02 and he is dealing with an issue of another person
42:05 that somebody had said something
42:08 and so he wants to sit in council and pass judgments
42:10 on somebody that said something about somebody else
42:13 and here was the man and I called his--here is the man,
42:17 listen carefully here was a man,
42:18 you take the spiritual minded with you not the sinner.
42:21 This man was openly living with someone professing
42:24 to be a member of good standing in the church
42:27 and as he told me and I'm not talking about names,
42:29 so you don't know.
42:30 Well, I say he said everyday I got to smoke some pot.
42:36 And he is gonna sit and pass judgment on somebody else?
42:40 Somebody said, take the spiritual minded.
42:46 I didn't put up with him very long I can tell you.
42:50 It takes a lot of nerve.
42:53 See the hope is dealing with these people there what,
42:55 they'll turn from the air of their way.
43:00 And the ones who are there and talking
43:02 to the one who may be fallen,
43:04 that they see the all these other brothers sit,
43:06 they are in agreement and it's the right thing to do.
43:10 It will help him to see it clearly.
43:13 This is all about getting us ready
43:14 for the coming of Jesus Christ.
43:17 See again I can see the duty, can't you of the,
43:19 of the local body of believers.
43:22 The local body of believers to deal with those
43:26 or some of these actions are contrary
43:28 to the light that they have.
43:31 We have to deal with them.
43:33 Now, I want you get up in arms about this just yet.
43:38 Give me a chance to kind of explain
43:39 little bit here but that, this statement might shock
43:42 somebody, somebody say-- why shock me in a long time.
43:46 This little book called Testimonies to Ministers 450,
43:49 if you haven't read it for a while,
43:50 this might shock you, but let me explain
43:52 little bit as we go.
43:53 I'm gonna read the statement out
43:55 and then you see if this is not real plain,
43:57 straight testimony, see if it's not.
44:02 It says "The time has come for earnest and powerful
44:07 efforts to rid the church".
44:09 Now stop right there, I kind of go back listen
44:11 "The time has come for earnest and powerful efforts
44:14 to rid the church of the slime and the filth
44:20 which is tarnishing her purity."
44:22 The church of Christ is called to be a holy,
44:25 powerful people, a name of praise to all the earth.
44:31 Now you tell me that's not plain and straight.
44:34 It said the time has come, time is past,
44:36 we need to rid, you know,
44:38 as the church needs to be rid of what?
44:39 It says the slime and the filth.
44:43 Now let me just put that into nutshell
44:45 that I'm thinking sin here, aren't you?
44:47 The slime of sin in the church that filth of sin
44:51 in the church, we are all filthy rag,
44:53 we understand that, so we'll say well,
44:55 you have that person sliming up,
44:56 let's talk about the sin issue.
44:59 It's time to get rid of it.
45:01 So, in dealing with sin issues,
45:03 this slime and the filth of sin,
45:05 please keep this in mind.
45:07 Testimonies to Ministers 451, now we're dealing here
45:10 but keep this in mind and you've seen it
45:13 and I've dealt with it, "Sacred and holy things
45:16 are brought down to the level of the common things."
45:20 Did you get that?
45:22 Sacred and holy thing, see what's in the sanctuary?
45:26 I won't think about the cameras,
45:28 the equipment that God has given, it belongs to Him,
45:32 it's sacred and it's holy, you're sacred,
45:35 you're holy to Him.
45:37 But people want to bring them
45:38 down to the common level of things.
45:41 She says this, note,
45:42 "The commonness, a cheapness,
45:45 is working itself into our churches.
45:48 A standard must be elevated,
45:52 the work must have a higher mold.
45:54 There must be coming out of the customs
45:58 and the practices of the world and being separate.
46:02 There must be a coming upon a higher platform
46:06 by both ministers and people."
46:09 Man that's heavy duty, you realize at time
46:12 that could be spend just on this paragraph,
46:16 that which belongs to Lord as,
46:18 you know, the Seventh-day Sabbath,
46:19 it's sacred and it's holy and sometime we try to bring it
46:24 down to the level of the, the common things.
46:29 It's a disgrace, cheapness,
46:32 we're bringing cheapness into the church,
46:36 cheap teaching and cheap doctrines
46:38 and friend there is nothing cheap about salvation.
46:42 Wow! We must reach a higher standard but more and more.
46:48 We find it people have a tendency
46:50 trying to lower the standard.
46:52 We're calling scripture to elevate the standard,
46:55 let the people see the standard elevated before the people,
46:58 call their attention to it.
47:01 There must be a coming out from the world
47:02 and the practices of the world.
47:05 A higher platform, what by both ministers and individuals,
47:09 so far what we learned here time is running out.
47:13 If a brother has opened you,
47:14 or he has offended you, he has wronged you
47:17 and there is something -- open sin.
47:19 Bible simply says what?
47:20 Go between he and thee what? Good alone.
47:22 Number two if he refuses to change,
47:25 if he refuses to repent, do what?
47:28 Good, take your couple of witnesses with you, right?
47:30 Three, if he continues in sin after that
47:34 then you tell it to what?
47:36 It must be told to the church the local body of believers
47:40 and the church is going to have to deal with the issue.
47:44 Tell it to the church, so if he fails to repent,
47:47 if he fails to change his life, make things right as possible,
47:51 the church body must bow him
47:55 out of fellowship if he refuses to change.
47:58 We follow what the book of Matthew,
47:59 what Jesus said to do.
48:01 If he will not listen and continues after
48:03 he is told to the body and the body would church body
48:06 as a group votes together to dis-fellowship that person.
48:10 Wow! You say well, you know, we want to
48:12 listen to - I'm hovering around with the word of God
48:16 and just as read it and say thank you
48:18 God for and then follow it.
48:20 Christ Object Lesson 71, says
48:23 "Christ has plainly taught that those who persist
48:27 in open sin must be separated from the church,
48:32 but He has not committed to us the work of, notice,
48:36 judging character and motive."
48:39 We need to be very careful, don't we?
48:41 We're not to be judging character,
48:43 well it seems like somebody said
48:47 well, I know what they were up to they said something out
48:49 but -- that's not for you, that's not for me.
48:53 I said when they're in open sin,
48:55 I knew dealt Matthew 18 with him
48:57 and they will not change their way,
48:58 it said plainly those who persists
49:00 an open sin must be what?
49:03 Separate, that's what Christ taught,
49:04 that's what Christ Object Lesson 71 says.
49:07 Acts of the Apostle, page 268 notice.
49:11 The apostle Paul "Also enjoined upon the church
49:14 to separate from their fellowship
49:16 anyone who would persist, now listen, in disregarding,
49:20 listen the instructions of God's ministers."
49:25 Paul was preaching and teaching the apostles.
49:27 If the people wouldn't go along with what
49:29 the minister was preaching and teaching,
49:30 he said we separate from this
49:33 because it causes nothing but division,
49:35 and confusion in the minds.
49:37 Friend, I see that how often, the purity of God's Church
49:41 must be preserved.
49:44 Wrongs and evil and sin, you see,
49:48 it's gonna have to be removed, it's gonna have to be forsaken
49:51 So, if we as a people you see,
49:53 if we were not here the body of believers,
50:01 The Bible says, here's what we do?
50:04 Let him be unto thee as a what?
50:07 As a heathen man, what does that mean?
50:11 If he doesn't hear and he would persist in the sin
50:13 that means --don't deal with him anymore,
50:15 don't talk with him, don't love him, don't -- no!
50:19 A heathen here simply is what?
50:21 A public, a Gentile, a tax collector whatever here.
50:24 Now remember, we have to follow
50:26 the council that you know, if he doesn't,
50:29 he has to be separated from the fellowship,
50:32 but what, he is not to be hated,
50:35 he is not to be despised, he is not to be shown.
50:40 Oh dear friends, but we continue to work
50:43 for him as we would, you know, a non-believer.
50:47 We continue to labor and to pray
50:48 for and to work with as a non-member.
50:54 But you know that's when the church goes
50:55 through that many times, I have seen it
50:57 as they say treat him as a heathen,
50:58 they shut him out the door.
51:02 And as they shut him out the door,
51:04 they won't have, nothing else to do with him,
51:06 never call him, never talk to him--
51:07 you are not following the Bible.
51:11 Remember the word of caution here is this
51:13 for so men is so left, listen.
51:16 Is the local body has voted to disfellowship
51:20 and here I have seen it, here I have been through it
51:23 dear friend, and it is wrong as wrong can be.
51:27 The local body has voted to disfellowship a person.
51:31 Each member should be careful in his association,
51:36 what you are talking about?
51:38 Peer, a careful association to make it appear
51:41 that you are in agreement with him after the fact,
51:44 did you get it?
51:45 If you do, you share in his sin.
51:49 That is you don't go and pad him on the back and say well,
51:51 everybody else voted, make sure
51:52 you are nonfellowshippers, but you know,
51:54 I didn't vote, I voted for you,
51:55 your old friend, be careful, you can do that.
51:59 He needs to see sin for what it really is,
52:00 1 Testimony 212-213, here is the enemy working
52:06 and how God can work "If the ministers of Christ
52:08 will be of one mind, wouldn't you like to see that
52:11 the ministers of Christ if they are be of one mind,
52:14 notice this "United in the plan of action."
52:17 You just get the ministers to work together.
52:20 And you can hardly do that?
52:24 And how, what a shame that is?
52:25 If we have the mind of Christ, notice this,
52:27 "United in the plan of action, united in their effort.
52:31 If they will stand together,"
52:33 notice this, "And sustain one another,
52:36 faithfully reprove and rebuke wrong,
52:39 they will soon cause it to wither.
52:42 Think about all this, if we just stand together,
52:44 leaders of the church and ministers
52:45 stand together and say, Bible says this is wrong.
52:49 This cannot be tolerated in the church
52:51 and we just stand out, no sympathy to them,
52:53 they just say we love you, we are gonna work for you
52:55 that we can't tolerate that in the church.
52:59 They say if we do that it will soon wither away,
53:01 it's gone, wow!
53:03 But I want you to see in the last couple of minutes
53:05 what Satan's plan is, we do not have time,
53:07 oh there is so much more Lord, help us!
53:10 One Testimony 213 says this, notice
53:14 "Members and even preachers have sympathized
53:16 with the disaffected ones and have been reproved
53:19 for their wrongs."
53:21 Ministers even go behind the back say,
53:22 well I wish this hadn't happened,
53:24 but you know the church, oh stop all that business listen.
53:27 "Divisions of feeling has been the result.
53:30 I saw that many souls have been destroyed
53:34 by their brethren unwisely sympathizing with them,
53:39 when their only hope was to be left to see
53:41 and to realize the full extent of their wrongs.
53:46 False sympathizers have worked in direct opposition
53:50 of the mind of Christ and ministering angels."
53:54 Oh friend!
53:58 Bible says we've to learn to forgive
54:00 as God has forgiven us.
54:03 Friend today in the last couple of minutes, don't you?
54:05 The importance of this whole study,
54:07 this four part series is to give us
54:10 to see the responsibility that we have to deal
54:13 with the sin issue in the church, the local body.
54:17 And how God requires it if He wants to bless us.
54:22 He want to place spirit upon us.
54:26 And friend, we need to pray for us,
54:27 some of you right now, you're fighting issues right now,
54:29 you don't know how to get rid of them?
54:30 Remember, you follow the counsel,
54:32 we're dealing with sin issue, follow the counsel of what,
54:34 not talking about this issue, take him to God in prayer.
54:38 And see what God will do what?
54:39 Because of plain straight testimony must do what?
54:42 It must live in the church.
54:45 Sin has to be called by its right name.
54:47 the axe has to be laid to the root of the tree,
54:50 its going to have to go and God's people responsible
54:53 if they don't stand for that, they don't say okay,
54:55 we stand as a body, then you're going to be accountable
54:57 for that sin if you like I am brother,
54:58 you don't need anybody else's.
55:00 We want to pray about that right now
55:01 someone who is striving and searching right now
55:04 for a new beginning.
55:05 And you want it in the last few seconds we have,
55:07 we are gonna pray about it right now
55:08 and God is going to give it to you, lets pray.
55:10 Merciful God in heaven, we pray right now for those
55:13 who are searching and crying out for You.
55:15 How they need another star and light,
55:16 they want forgiveness of sin.
55:18 They wandered far away from you,
55:19 they want to come back right now before it's too late.
55:22 Pray to it, help them right now in the name of Jesus
55:24 as they call upon You, you will hear
55:26 and that You will answer and I thank you
55:28 for that in Jesus name, amen.
55:31 Thank you for joining us today.
55:32 I realize that you may be having lot of things
55:34 that you could be doing, but you spent time
55:36 in the word of God and studying.
55:38 So remember we just scratched the surface of this study
55:40 continue to pray, continue to search out
55:42 and see the responsibility that you have.
55:45 Please remember this ministry please,
55:46 as you pray about, you want to support this ministry,
55:48 how to support free will offerings of God's people.
55:51 We thank you, we love you,
55:52 look forward to seeing you next time.
55:57 Welcome back, you know someday very soon
56:00 Christ is going to save us as He is closing his work
56:03 in the holy of holies in heaven that it is finished,
56:08 it is finished, very solemn, yet exciting words indeed.
56:13 Solemn, because we must ask our ourselves,
56:16 have I done all that I can do in my life to make you
56:20 what Christ would have it to be?
56:22 Will I be spending eternity with my Savior?
56:26 Am I, am I in a saving relationship
56:29 with Him right now.
56:31 I hope friends that your answer is yes
56:34 and if it is yes, then Christ words,
56:37 it is finished may also have an exciting connotation
56:41 to them as well, because this means
56:43 that He will be coming back for us very soon,
56:47 back to take us home.
56:49 And I hope friends that you desire do wanna go home?
56:53 And to help you on this journey,
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58:01 Friends, until next time may our precious Lord
58:05 continue to richly bless you and yours.


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