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Slay Utterly Old And Young, Part 1

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Participants: Chris Shelton (Host), Kenny Shelton


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00:41 Hello and we welcome you to the
00:43 "Behold the Lamb Presents."
00:44 I am Chris Shelton your host,
00:45 and I'm so thankful and grateful
00:48 that you had chosen to join us today.
00:51 Today's message is the first of a three part series
00:54 that we have entitled "Slay Utterly Old and Young."
00:58 The inspiration for today's message
01:01 is found in the book of Ezekiel Chapters 8 and 9.
01:04 Here we find Ezekiel pointing out the great
01:07 wicked abominations amongst God's people.
01:10 He refers to the consequence of their choices.
01:15 He lets us know that judgment will be poured out
01:18 without mixture of mercy
01:20 and it will begin in the house of God first.
01:24 As I was preparing for this open,
01:26 I was overcome with the realization
01:28 that this is a message that all of us friends,
01:32 all of us, our loved ones,
01:33 our friends, our neighbors need to hear.
01:36 Yet, it is also a message that people
01:39 just don't want to listen to.
01:42 It is a message of warning, a warning that this earth
01:46 is soon to have full destruction.
01:49 A warning that none will escape,
01:52 yet so few want to listen,
01:54 so if you want to learn and to yield
01:56 to this warning with a true change of heart.
02:00 So many of us are continuing and continuing
02:02 to search for peace and happiness in this world
02:06 and yet, friends, the Bible teaches us
02:07 so clearly that this world will soon pass away.
02:11 And those who choose this world over God,
02:14 over His commands will indeed pass away with it.
02:18 So grab your Bibles, let's send up
02:20 a quick prayer to heaven and let's begin today's study
02:23 with Pastor Kenny Shelton, but first as always,
02:26 we're blessed to listen to a song entitled
02:29 "Eternal Life" as played by Brother Ron Woolsey.
02:34 [Music].
05:12 Thank you for joining us today
05:13 and we do appreciate that special music
05:15 and I know it was a blessing to you.
05:17 Thanks for joining us because we have
05:18 a real study here that I believe that will,
05:22 will just cause you to really
05:23 begin to search your heart and your life.
05:26 To see where our relationship is
05:27 going with God, where it is?
05:29 Or may be some changes that need to be made.
05:31 We're studying a very, very important subject
05:35 and it's found in the book of
05:36 Ezekiel Chapter 8 and Chapter 9.
05:38 Now, our focus gonna be on Chapter 9,
05:40 but you know, in order to, to get the full picture
05:43 of the study of Ezekiel 9, we're going to have
05:45 spend some time in Ezekiel Chapter 8.
05:49 The reason for that is, we have to see
05:51 the condition of things that were going on
05:55 at that time in order for God to make the decision
05:58 that He made concerning His people.
06:01 So, we're gonna have to do some real background,
06:03 we're gonna do some real work
06:04 and so we're gonna pray for the Holy Spirit
06:06 to come into our hearts and in our lives
06:08 and help us with this most important subject.
06:11 Would you pray with me right now, would you?
06:13 Okay, good, let's pray.
06:18 Kind, loving Heavenly Father,
06:19 we thank you for the privilege of prayer.
06:21 We invite now thy Holy Spirit to come near our hearts.
06:24 We pray that you'll open our minds,
06:26 help us to hear Your voice.
06:29 May we be inspired by the power of thy Holy Spirit
06:31 to understand these things that pertain to us today
06:35 and, what you require of your people.
06:38 Thank you for those who are listening,
06:39 those who will be watching and we thank you for
06:42 every precious soul and may our hearts now be
06:44 stayed upon thee, that we may understand
06:47 the message of the hour, in Jesus name
06:49 we pray and for His sake, amen.
06:54 Again, it's always good to be
06:55 able to study together God's word.
06:57 But as we study, remember we might need
06:59 a pencil, paper and so on, and I'll bring that to you
07:02 every time because I want you to jot down
07:04 some things that we will have to hurriedly go over.
07:08 And that means we're gonna scratch the surface
07:11 and then you're gonna spend some time
07:12 in your daily devotion, I hope, of going back
07:15 and studying these things to see whether they be so.
07:18 Now, remember, the message that is given
07:21 misunderstood by many.
07:23 There will be many who'll just, just blatantly
07:26 just, just discard it and say, I really don't care.
07:29 But I'm telling you as I've studied this
07:31 once again, my heart has just been heavy at times
07:35 and I've just asked God to help me to understand
07:37 how it applies to His movement today,
07:39 His people and to me.
07:41 So, as we study Ezekiel 8 and 9,
07:45 I want you to think with me what kind of themes,
07:48 what kind of situation, what was going on
07:51 during the time of Ezekiel.
07:53 And Ezekiel 8 and 9,
07:55 something big had to be going on,
07:57 something that displeased God.
08:00 And it was going to call God into action,
08:03 judgments were going to fall and our title is
08:06 "Slay Utterly Young and Old."
08:10 For God to have that to put into motion
08:13 "Slay Utterly" everybody that,
08:17 you know, that's not doing His, His will.
08:20 There must have been something
08:21 going on that displeased God.
08:23 Something that existed, call for such a judgment
08:27 from, from God to fall upon His people.
08:31 And so in order to understand
08:32 Ezekiel Chapter 9, we must go over 8 also.
08:36 Now, the judgment, you know, a judgment that was
08:38 beginning to fall upon God's people, listen carefully,
08:42 and a judgment that would not be changed.
08:46 You know, many times scripture you read
08:47 that God said such and such was going to happen
08:50 at a time and the people did what?
08:53 Good, heard somebody say it, all right.
08:55 They repented and then what?
08:57 The judgment didn't fall.
08:59 But here it was too late.
09:02 God's people had reached, a time and a place,
09:07 a condition to where God would not repent
09:10 of what He said was going to take place.
09:12 So, this is awesome, now notice it,
09:14 it's going to refer and we'll mention this way.
09:16 This refers not just to Ezekiel,
09:18 if you closed your mind already,
09:20 you're already in trouble because
09:22 this pertains to God's last day
09:25 people of how they will be treated,
09:27 how they will react, their spiritual condition
09:30 just before the coming of Jesus.
09:33 We have a dual application I want you to pay
09:35 special attention as I was studying this.
09:39 Start off with a, with a comment,
09:40 I love a little book called "Early Writings"
09:42 and I know some of you have it,
09:43 maybe most of you don't,
09:45 but I'm gonna read this to you.
09:46 You see how much sense it makes to you.
09:48 Page 279, listen very carefully to this.
09:51 It said "I saw angels hurrying to and fro in heaven.
09:56 An angel with a writer's inkhorn by his side
10:01 and he returned from the earth
10:04 and reported to Jesus that his work was done,
10:08 that the saints were numbered,"
10:10 and the saints were what?
10:11 "They were sealed and He, Jesus, raised His hands
10:18 and with a loud voice He said, 'It is finished."
10:23 As we read a few moments as some of the chapters,
10:27 some of the verses you'll see
10:29 that there is an angel that's mentioned.
10:32 You'll see also that one of the angels had an inkhorn,
10:36 you notice that, by his, by his side
10:39 and there was some sealing going on
10:40 and there was some marking going on.
10:42 And we find here that the time of the end
10:46 that angels were seen scurrying
10:49 from earth and to heaven
10:50 and then Jesus stands up and says, "It is Done."
10:53 With this in mind to realize that the time
10:56 is approaching us now, that very soon
10:59 Jesus is going to stand up in the Most Holy Place.
11:03 He is going to raise His hand and He say "It's Done."
11:05 What does He mean "It's Done?"
11:07 Listen the plan of salvation "Mercy" it's all over with.
11:12 Every case has been decided and we want to make that
11:14 clear as we're studying, certainly will
11:16 want to repeat it a few times for those who
11:19 may be are not living up to everything
11:21 that you know that you should be.
11:24 Every case, how awesome that is,
11:26 every case decided.
11:28 Either for life or for death,
11:31 Jesus says, it's finished, what happens?
11:34 Let's just go to a scenario, let's go over.
11:36 When Jesus stands up and says
11:37 it's over or that it's finished.
11:39 It's very clear that darkness,
11:41 spiritual darkness covers the earth.
11:45 And there will be people that will be pleading,
11:47 you know, there was a, you know,
11:48 there's a warning to somewhat know a little bit of life
11:51 but remember, they're just wanting to escape
11:53 some of the things that's coming upon this earth.
11:56 So, spiritual darkness is coming on the earth.
12:00 We realize there was no, no mediator between what?
12:03 "God and Man."
12:05 Jesus had finished his work,
12:07 no one will ever come to Him again.
12:10 This is the awesomeness of the message
12:12 that God's messengers should be giving today,
12:15 to wake people out of this ho-hum attitude.
12:20 I don't really, well we don't really care.
12:23 Well, we're really busy,
12:24 well we're going to ball games.
12:25 Well, we're going over here, we're busy doing this,
12:28 we're busy doing that and saying,
12:29 we don't have time for God.
12:31 Friend, we need to really, really think about it
12:35 at this time and it's going to happen and what then?
12:39 He that is righteous will be righteous still,
12:41 he that is filthy, will be filthy still.
12:44 No mediator between God and man.
12:46 Now, when Jesus moves out between us and God,
12:51 what's going to happen?
12:54 Satan will have full control over all the impendent,
12:58 of all those who have not asked forgiveness,
13:01 all of those who have not been covered
13:02 by the "Blood of the Lamb," the devil
13:05 will have complete control over them.
13:09 And that's pretty much what? The Earth.
13:12 So a bunch of devils and demons running around,
13:15 supposedly in control.
13:17 Now think what will happen if Satan is in control
13:20 those who have rejected salvation.
13:23 Who have rejected the blood of Jesus,
13:24 who've been too busy with the cares of this life.
13:29 Hatred, people who hate the "Law of God."
13:33 People who hate the truth, people who hate correction,
13:37 realize there's people that today,
13:39 listen even those who're going to church,
13:43 many people are sitting in the pews,
13:44 and you try to offer them a "Food for Thought."
13:49 It's almost like they look like they almost hate you,
13:53 they don't want to hear anything else,
13:55 you're an oddball, you're a stranger,
13:57 they don't, they don't want to hear it.
13:59 And my they come to the point they don't,
14:01 they don't want to hear truth.
14:03 They think they got enough truth
14:05 to enter the Kingdom of God, but realize we have to
14:08 understand what all truth, love of the truth.
14:12 Now they don't want to hear it,
14:15 and too many are rejecting salvation.
14:18 See the plagues are falling at this time.
14:20 This is all background that we're talking about
14:23 as we come in to get into 8 and to 9
14:26 and if you miss all that's going on.
14:29 Friend, I'm telling you, you're gonna miss out
14:31 on a lesson that God wants to teach you and to teach me.
14:37 There is plagues the Bible talks about
14:40 and these plagues are falling after what?
14:42 Jesus completes His work for us as our mediator.
14:46 And as these plagues are falling,
14:49 some are cursing God and others are denouncing God,
14:54 they want the plagues to be stopped.
14:57 And then you have, listen carefully?
14:59 You have another group of people who are, are, are
15:03 begging, listen, they're begging on
15:05 how to make these plagues stop.
15:10 Well, it seemed like if they were people begging
15:13 on how to, you know, how they might
15:15 escape these things that are going on in the world.
15:18 That it seem like that maybe God in His,
15:21 listen carefully, God in His mercy
15:23 might give them another chance.
15:26 Remember, dear friends, your probationary time
15:29 you have this opportunity and you prove.
15:31 There comes a time when you reject and you reject
15:34 and there comes a time when your probation ends,
15:36 we'll talk more about that.
15:37 Remember this is first of two parts you don't want to miss.
15:41 And as they, they say, oh, I want to be able to
15:44 escape these plagues, will somebody
15:47 teach me, will somebody help me to understand this?
15:49 Listen, it's too late.
15:52 Oh! Well, people say, I can't, I can't get that,
15:56 no, it's gonna be, it's gonna be too late, why?
15:59 Because that sweet voice of the Holy Spirit,
16:03 the sweet voice, merciful voice
16:07 of the Spirit of God no longer
16:10 invites people to come in,
16:12 that's kind of hard to understand isn't it,
16:15 when that Holy Spirit is always working
16:17 and pleading with you all the time.
16:19 But there comes a time that that sweet voice
16:22 is no longer heard, it's too late.
16:25 And these wicked, the ones who refuse salvation,
16:29 they turn upon the righteous and they say,
16:32 the saints, but you know what?
16:34 The saints have nothing to give.
16:37 There's nothing that the saints can do for them,
16:39 there's no more, there's no more tears
16:41 that we can cry for them anymore.
16:44 There's no more prayers that we can
16:46 offer up to God in their behalf.
16:49 There's no more warnings that can be given.
16:54 Wow, do you mean there comes a time. Yes.
16:59 When Jesus finally stands up and says what?
17:02 It is finished, there's some things
17:03 that still going to go on.
17:08 And you know this, there's nothing more than
17:10 the saints can do anymore.
17:14 You realize there was a time when all of heaven
17:17 was interested in these people.
17:22 God's people was interested in their neighbors,
17:25 their friends, their family and,
17:26 their loved ones and they were
17:28 interested in their salvation.
17:30 And you call them and you, you text them
17:33 and you beg them, you pleaded with them,
17:36 you cried about it, you, you had,
17:38 you don't know it's almost nightmares over it.
17:41 They were on your mind all the time because
17:43 you wanted them to accept Jesus as their Savior,
17:48 but they had no interest.
17:51 These people will never realize the heart break
17:55 that they cause the saints or the people
17:58 like you or me when you're reaching out to family,
18:00 your friends and your children,
18:02 loved ones and, you know, the extended family,
18:04 when you reach out say, will you accept Jesus
18:06 as your Lord and Savior?
18:07 And they will say, well, I have
18:08 no interest right now.
18:10 I don't really, I don't really
18:11 care about it right now, I've got other things to do.
18:16 But the time that heaven was interested in,
18:18 you were interested in and that time now has passed.
18:23 Now we realize these folks now never made
18:28 an effort to obtain their salvation and it's too late.
18:34 I mean, to me that's just awesome ring
18:37 to it in my ears to say, a day is coming
18:39 when it's gonna be too late
18:41 for the majority of the world.
18:45 Probation closed, an then
18:50 the sound comes in, too late, too late.
18:58 The plan of salvation has been accomplished.
19:04 Only, oh friend, only a few compared to the,
19:11 the world population from beginning to the end,
19:14 only a few has accepted the great plan of salvation
19:18 the blood of Jesus Christ.
19:19 Oh friend, I know somebody say,
19:21 oh no, I've read in the Bible,
19:22 oh I tell you were, oh no, I heard somebody said,
19:25 oh everybody is gonna make it,
19:26 you know, everybody's gonna make to heaven.
19:28 No, everybody is not.
19:30 We might as well get real, oh that's,
19:32 you know, that's, that's, that's tasty,
19:34 that sounds good to the ears.
19:36 But that is a lie, a lie of the devil.
19:40 So, if you put forth no effort,
19:43 only a few of the vast majority the billions
19:46 that's lived on the face of the earth, in comparison?
19:49 Let me read you a passage because somebody say,
19:51 well, he just talk and listen.
19:52 Matthew 7 verse 14, here's what the Bible says.
19:57 You know, this because strait is what?
19:59 "Strait is the gate, "good"
20:01 and narrow is the way," of the what?
20:03 That leads into eternal life and what's the Bible said?
20:07 "And few there be, that find it."
20:11 Few there be that find it, that means
20:14 you got to be looking for it, isn't that right?
20:17 It's not something way out there,
20:18 you've got to be looking for that strait gate.
20:21 You got to be out there doing something,
20:23 not that you work your way into heaven
20:25 but you gotta put forth an effort.
20:27 Too many want to stay home and do everything
20:28 they want to do and how they want to do it,
20:30 and except that God's gonna do
20:31 everything for them, He will not.
20:34 What a time, what a message
20:36 to wake up the people of God today.
20:42 You know, the book I just want to read,
20:43 if you've got it, Early Writings page 282,
20:46 I was gonna bring that book and read a paragraph of that,
20:48 I don't have it, so I'm not gonna do it.
20:50 But it's page 282, because it talks about
20:53 the wicked and some of the things that are,
20:55 will be going on and the stress and the strain,
21:00 even among God's people, after probation closes.
21:05 But I want to emphasize this, as Ezekiel 8 and 9,
21:08 as we begin to study we have to realize
21:10 that's referring to a time
21:11 when God's people have been sealed in.
21:13 He who's righteous be righteous,
21:14 filthy, will be filthy.
21:15 It's a, it's a probationary time is up.
21:20 No one will ever come up to Jesus again, nature,
21:25 nations, cities, when you think about
21:29 all of these things there, you know, it's, there's a
21:32 probationary time, we as individually,
21:36 that has been given to us specifically.
21:39 Now, think about it,
21:40 eve in the world we live in, God is unchangeable.
21:42 So, if He gave a certain amount of time to--
21:45 as we say towns or cities or nations in the time past,
21:49 and then that time he lapsed and they made
21:51 no changes, they were destroyed.
21:54 All of you realize, yo talk about Babylon,
21:56 Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome,
21:58 the Bible said exactly how these nation,
22:00 how long they would last and how they would go down
22:03 and who would be next power, why?
22:05 Because their probation end.
22:08 And so God doesn't change.
22:11 So why would He deal any differently today?
22:14 He's given us certain amount of time for us
22:16 to get right and some of you
22:18 are messing around with that time,
22:21 you're fooling around with, like you're gonna last,
22:23 you know, last forever down here
22:25 or when you get it together,
22:26 then you're gonna give your life to Christ.
22:29 You're laughing at Him, you're heck letting Him.
22:32 We're talking about the God of the Universe,
22:33 and you have the audacity to stand in His, in His face?
22:38 You have the audacity, just to realize,
22:39 look at God say, God, I don't have time for you.
22:43 Oh, surely not. You say, well, I don't do, yes.
22:47 When the invitation is given by the sweet
22:49 Holy Spirit and you say no. What are do you doing?
22:51 You're rejecting God, you're rejecting life,
22:53 you're rejecting truth, as though you,
22:56 you have something within yourself
22:58 that's just gonna last forever.
23:03 Friend, I'm talking about
23:04 something that's very, very important here.
23:07 Because you don't know, you may have one year,
23:10 you may have five years, you may had twenty years,
23:12 some people let's say 70, 80, 90, years older,
23:15 it doesn't mean you will, your time maybe closing now,
23:18 maybe closed today.
23:22 The judgments will fall,
23:24 nothing can stop those and this is part of,
23:26 what we're talking about in our study here.
23:29 In Manuscript 45, 145,
23:32 I want to read this right here,
23:33 says, "God gives nations" talking about cities
23:36 " a, a certain time of probation.
23:39 He sends light and evidence,
23:42 that if received will save them.
23:46 But if refused," notice
23:48 "punishment will fall upon them.
23:51 The fact that His judgments have been long delayed"
23:54 listen carefully, "doesn't make that punishment
23:57 any less severe when it does come."
24:01 Did you get it? Here's part of the problem,
24:03 as people read the Old Testament
24:05 many times God did what?
24:07 Immediately the judgment came when something went wrong.
24:10 When God didn't approve the judgment came
24:13 and people saw it and they, they feared.
24:16 The God in His mercy,
24:17 He's allowing things to be played out
24:20 and in sometime, you know,
24:21 just He delays the punishment. Why?
24:24 In mercy, He try to reach you and some people say huh,
24:27 well, God's not, he doesn't really mean
24:29 what He says,
24:30 because look nothing is happening, we're not.
24:32 Friend, if you can't see
24:33 what is happening today in the world,
24:35 things that are going on.
24:38 The judgments are falling,
24:40 don't say when they begin to fall,
24:42 they are falling and they will increase,
24:45 the closer we get to the coming of Jesus.
24:47 But because He's delayed them,
24:49 because He's had mercy on you and some people do what?
24:52 You laugh in His face.
24:55 Because He's given you more time,
24:57 He begging and pleading to come back
24:59 and then we as the people what?
25:00 We go to and we invite them to come to church,
25:02 you sent them flyers you, again we talk about email
25:05 and we text them and we're on our knees
25:07 and we're praying for them and we're begging
25:09 and they are just like, I don't have time.
25:11 My, my wife doesn't want me to come,
25:14 my husband won't let me come to church,
25:16 when will you break those chains?
25:18 When will you put God first? When will you challenge it?
25:21 When will you say, look God, here's my situation?
25:24 Husband and wife says no, may be there's a,
25:26 we'll talk about a divorce if I do.
25:28 How about trusting God with the issue?
25:31 He said, you put these of all first.
25:33 Put Him first and all these other things will be added.
25:36 Why not trust God to say, no, the marriage can stay?
25:39 Relationships can stay but I'm gonna put God first.
25:42 Let me, one of these days those chains will be broken.
25:45 One of these days conviction will come upon
25:47 those who say, well I can't because of my job.
25:50 I can't because, you know, I want to get along
25:52 with everybody else in the world.
25:54 I want to get along with people in the work place.
25:57 Friend, when will you break those chains,
25:59 when you're more worried about
26:00 what your friends think than what God thinks.
26:02 When you're more worried about pleasing others than
26:04 you're pleasing God, one of these days
26:06 the conviction of the spirit if you don't turn it off,
26:08 you're gonna say, I'm breaking those chains
26:10 and I'm gonna serve God, isn't it time?
26:13 In the pass time that we do that rather than consulting
26:16 our friends whether we are to deserve God or not.
26:20 Friend, talk to God about it.
26:23 This is the most important thing
26:25 and decision you'll ever make in this life
26:27 and I don't know I think sometime even as the pastors,
26:30 I'm praying to God, to help me out,
26:32 tell Him I'm getting frustrated at times.
26:35 And I want to think it's a righteous frustration,
26:37 the hurt inside because your family and friends
26:40 that we've been talking about here they just don't seen
26:43 the necessity of getting spiritual minded.
26:49 You talk to them it's like, my dad always says,
26:51 sometimes sons like, when I talk to you
26:52 is like talking to a rock, like talking to a tree.
26:57 And that seems that way
26:58 sometime when you talk to people
27:00 that you truly love and, you know, probation is closed.
27:02 You, listen you know the world,
27:05 it maybe going kind of smooth right now,
27:07 you're kind of getting along,
27:08 they turn their back on God but that's God in His mercy.
27:11 He didn't turn on you right then and right there and say,
27:14 listen this is what.
27:15 No, He gives you time to get things together,
27:18 time to think it through,
27:19 time to make the right choice.
27:21 You know that as a Christian
27:23 but the other person should have known
27:24 but they might have forgotten it.
27:26 And you try to remind them all the way
27:28 things are going right now, they're gonna change
27:29 because God's gonna get your attention.
27:32 God wants to get your attention
27:34 and your heart aches because you know
27:36 what they're gonna be going through.
27:38 There's gonna be separation, there's gonna be division,
27:40 there's gonna be loss of loved one,
27:41 there's gonna be accidents,
27:42 there will be all kind of things that would say,
27:44 that never should have maybe taken place
27:46 but we turned our back on God, we rejected God,
27:49 we were too busy building a garage,
27:51 we were too busy building buildings,
27:52 we were too busy out here peddling this and doing this,
27:55 and doing all these other things in life.
27:57 We're too busy with the ball games,
27:58 and the soccer, and the basketball,
28:00 and the football but we had no time for God.
28:02 Oh, friend, can't you see?
28:05 The necessity we're talking about probation.
28:09 Ezekiel 8, 9, just stirs my heart.
28:13 My wife mentioned that beginnings,
28:15 she stirred it up.
28:17 As you read these things, Ezekiel Chapter 9,
28:23 dear friends, is a continuation of Chapter 8,
28:28 and the things that we're going on,
28:29 I hope we have some time to really get into this
28:32 and set the first part up.
28:35 But sometime I'm, I'm stirred up inside,
28:38 do you ever get that way?
28:41 When you're reading the word of God
28:42 sometime you just get-- you get so stirred up inside
28:47 and you see your own life
28:48 and you see the life of all those around
28:50 you and maybe in the church where you're going,
28:52 I don't know but you get stirred up inside
28:54 almost to the point of frustration,
28:56 you had to say, oh God, help me not to be frustrated.
29:01 Because who will listen?
29:03 Who will change? Who's interested?
29:09 So many talkers in the world today,
29:11 so many make commitment, that like it's not,
29:13 you know, you make a commitment
29:14 to somebody you're a liar
29:16 if you don't follow through with that.
29:18 Oh, yeah, we go to church, yeah, yeah, wait a minute,
29:20 we'll be there, yeah we'll come to study
29:21 and they never show up, never apologize,
29:24 never make excuse for it.
29:26 You're just used to lie
29:27 and get people off your back-- listen we gotta straiten up.
29:32 You would miss all that social stuff
29:34 out there in the world but boy,
29:35 just we get to spend time with God.
29:37 Something for eternal life.
29:43 Oh, friend, as we study Ezekiel Chapter 8 and 9.
29:47 Let me say this and people will say,
29:48 well, I've been studying that, I've read that before,
29:51 I know you have.
29:53 But the Holy Spirit brings in other things other than
29:56 just going down the line and reading and studying
29:59 exactly what it says, there's references,
30:00 there's things we need to look at closely
30:02 and time will not permit all of those things.
30:05 And sometime I'm overwhelmed with them
30:07 and I may be doing some work over here,
30:09 but my body and my mind is overwhelmed
30:11 because I'm saying, why am I over here
30:13 doing this when I should be doing,
30:14 giving the world of God. It's frustrating.
30:22 Maybe that's part of, you wait it out.
30:28 Maybe that's part of Ezekiel Chapter 9
30:34 when it says that we have to be sighing
30:36 and crying for what?
30:38 The abominations that be done in the church,
30:43 in our family, may be in our own homes.
30:48 Sighing and crying, oh God, have mercy.
30:53 But I realize the first, if I may say,
30:55 the primary reference, Ezekiel 8 and 9
31:00 refers to the destruction of Jerusalem.
31:04 I understand that, dear friends,
31:06 but by Nebuchadnezzar,
31:07 but if that was all that there was to it,
31:09 it would be a good lesson
31:11 but what about for you and for me today?
31:15 This is where it becomes so important in this study.
31:19 It's where my mind can be impressed to go back to this
31:21 and go back to it and finally get it done,
31:24 do a program, couple of programs.
31:29 Why? Because it's going to have another fulfillment,
31:33 just before the world comes to an end.
31:35 It's going to deal with you
31:38 and it's going to be dealing with me
31:39 and what took place then is going to be taking place
31:42 before the coming of Jesus.
31:45 And friend, what test and what trials
31:47 and a connection that we need with Jesus right now.
31:53 In fact Ezekiel Chapter 8 verse 2 it just,
31:56 it tells that, that God and you've your Bible,
31:59 you can turn there, just read a little bit,
32:01 but for time sake we're go boo, boo,
32:03 boom right on down because again,
32:05 this is the background to get right in to this
32:08 writer, this one in a white robe and it's got
32:11 inkhorn and he's sealing the people of God
32:14 and is he sealing the people of God,
32:16 he is only going to seal those who are sighing
32:18 and crying for the abominations that be done.
32:20 Those who care about other people.
32:26 The vision of Chapter 8,
32:31 tells that God is visiting Jerusalem
32:35 or the visions of God to Jerusalem.
32:39 God is visiting Jerusalem because things were taking
32:42 place among His people that He didn't like,
32:45 that He disproved all and then
32:48 He won't gonna remain silent any longer and I tell you,
32:50 God is on the edge of His seat
32:52 right now as far as I'm concerned.
32:54 And things that are going on that,
32:55 He's not going to continue to deal with.
32:58 And many people say, well, you know,
32:59 God is God of love
33:00 and he's not gonna, yes He is, dear friend,
33:02 but He is a God of justice too, isn't He.
33:04 He's a God of His word, He's a God when He says
33:07 something He means it.
33:09 And friend, we have to look today
33:12 that God was looking at Jerusalem,
33:14 His people and He, listen,
33:16 He was provoked to jealousy not like you
33:20 and I think about jealousy.
33:22 There was other Gods that were being worshiped.
33:27 There was a setting up of false Gods
33:30 everywhere among His people.
33:32 How could it be when they were acquainted
33:34 with the real God of heaven, they were taking their false
33:39 Gods into places that had been dedicated
33:43 to the worship of the true God.
33:46 And let me tell you, God's not going to remain
33:48 silent for very long.
33:51 Boy, I see it today don't you?
33:55 See our minds are no bigger than
33:57 we're thinking of statues and idols
33:59 and pictures and things-- oh,
34:00 oh so much deeper
34:01 we've studied that in the previous lessons about idols
34:04 and things that go on.
34:06 God came to Ezekiel, he came to him in vision
34:11 and here's what God said, listen,
34:12 now you read all eight, he said, listen here.
34:15 I want you to know Ezekiel,
34:17 that I'm aware of what my people are doing
34:21 and they think they're doing it in secret,
34:24 but I'm aware of everything that they're doing.
34:28 And God was saying, He's not going to remain,
34:31 you know, just neutral on the issue why?
34:34 Because His people may not use the word dilly
34:37 dallying around with idol worship.
34:42 Worshiping of idols and other Gods and He says,
34:45 He was going to, listen.
34:47 God himself was going to
34:49 search out these abominations.
34:54 You know, as we as people are to search out sin
34:57 in the church in our last series if you remember.
34:59 God said, I'm going to search out, and Ezekiel,
35:01 I want you to be aware of what I'm talking about here,
35:03 I'm getting ready to visit
35:05 and when I visit it's too late,
35:06 no one out, no one will be saved,
35:09 if there's not changes that's going to be made.
35:13 And so Ezekiel then, Ezekiel 8,
35:15 he's taken in vision into, inside of the court.
35:20 He has taken inside the court which would be,
35:22 oh wholly dedicated to the true God
35:26 and he's taken to the place listen,
35:27 where the priests are at,
35:30 the religious leaders, I hope somebody hears me.
35:34 But as He goes in to where the priests are supposedly
35:37 doing work for the true God,
35:40 he finds all kind of abominations among them. Wow!
35:47 And then he doesn't stop here and God says,
35:48 now come on, I want to, I want to show you
35:50 some other things that are going on.
35:53 And he said, come on
35:54 I want you to go to the gate with me,
35:56 to the door, I want you to go there.
36:00 And as Ezekiel gets there in vision,
36:02 he goes into the inside to the gate and door,
36:04 he opens it up and he sees oh, listen, listen,
36:07 he sees all kinds of different rooms
36:10 and he see a chambers, but he can't see
36:15 what's going on in every one of those rooms
36:17 and chambers where nothing should be going on
36:19 but the things holy unto God.
36:23 There were some secrecy going on,
36:25 there were some activities
36:26 going on in there, in that room.
36:29 All of those rooms and you know what?
36:32 But Ezekiel, I can't, I can't,
36:34 I can't see every things that's going on
36:38 and God told Ezekiel, He said, Ezekiel, dig,
36:42 I want you to dig so that you can see.
36:45 I want you to dig and separate,
36:47 get away the rubbish, you get everything aside it,
36:49 I want you to dig deep and I what you to see
36:51 what is going on, it needs to be exposed. Wow!
36:58 That's pretty heavy duty when you think about it.
37:02 God's people can you think about
37:04 had come to such a spiritual low.
37:09 Now, listen to me, not only does it apply then,
37:14 it's going to apply just before the coming of Jesus.
37:18 See this is the interest that I have,
37:20 I don't want to see us come to that point.
37:23 I don't want to come to that point,
37:24 I don't want you to come that point but it's a warning
37:28 oh come on, somebody stay with me?
37:31 Ezekiel 8:12 quickly it says, you know,
37:35 again we're talking about what?
37:36 The house of Israel here, we're not talking about
37:38 some pagans and this group over here,
37:40 we're talking about the house of Israel.
37:42 You know what, the house the Israel,
37:43 you know what the priest said,
37:45 you know what the religious leader said?
37:47 May I say, well let's get it down here, you know,
37:49 what the deacon said?
37:50 You know what the pastor said?
37:51 You know what the religious leader said,
37:53 the evangelist said?
37:55 Here's what they said, they came so,
37:57 they were so low spiritually that they had
37:59 the nerve to say, the Lord seeth us not.
38:05 Could-- are you that spiritually low today
38:11 that you think God doesn't see you
38:13 in the secret chamber?
38:17 That's what these men who're supposed to be
38:19 close to God said, well God, sees us not.
38:24 He says that the Lord had forsaken the Earth.
38:29 What has happened to the people of God.
38:32 They were trying to bring what?
38:34 Bring God down to a level of their Gods of stone
38:40 and their Gods of wood.
38:43 You can't bring God down, you might think you can,
38:46 you can't defeat God. You might reject Him.
38:52 You might place Him out of your mind
38:54 and out of your heart,
38:55 but you will never defeat Him.
38:57 You can never bring Him down to the level.
39:01 Jeremiah even spoke about this.
39:03 In Jeremiah Chapter 23 verse 11, I mean, awesome,
39:08 Jeremiah said this, he said,
39:09 both the prophets and the priest are profaned.
39:15 Ye, he said, in my house
39:18 I have found their wickedness.
39:22 Jeremiah really throws some things out here,
39:25 he said, I know what who's profaned,
39:26 I know who's turned their back upon God.
39:29 And he said, listen to this,
39:30 in my house I found out and let me tell you
39:33 Jeremiah was a man of God when he found out
39:36 something wasn't going right,
39:37 what do you think he did? He squared it away.
39:41 That's what God expects of us.
39:45 You see, prophet Ezekiel was to tell the people,
39:49 he was to warn the people
39:51 that because of their iniquities,
39:53 oh, I want you to see what I'm talking about here
39:55 because it builds and it builds
39:57 and it builds and it applies to us today.
40:00 The warning still comes to us today,
40:03 Ezekiel was to warn
40:04 the people that their iniquities,
40:07 because of their iniquities both the city
40:10 and the temple would be completely destroyed.
40:14 And what do you think the people?
40:17 Why do you think they wanted to hear that?
40:18 No, they rejected the prophet.
40:21 They rejected the message from God
40:23 with all the hooligans
40:25 and all the mess that was going on.
40:30 They rejected God, they rejected the prophet.
40:37 You know what, they had the nerve to say,
40:40 they said, you know, well, you know,
40:42 God's going to protect the temple
40:44 and God's going to protect the, the city, why?
40:49 Well, because we're the chosen,
40:52 hope some of you get that.
40:54 We're the, we're the chosen
40:57 and since we're the chosen God's
40:58 going to overlook all of this mess
41:00 no He will not.
41:02 You might call yourself, if you are the chosen of God,
41:06 then you would choose to serve God in the right way.
41:11 God can't overlook, God's fair and He's just.
41:15 Wow, see the day
41:18 was fast approaching for this destruction.
41:22 It was not going to be delayed much longer.
41:25 God was not going to delay His judgment.
41:28 In fact, Jeremiah 25:29 tells us "He said,
41:33 ye shall not go unpunished."
41:38 This is what we need to, you know,
41:40 get people who just,
41:42 I don't want to be involved with church.
41:45 You know, I'm not talking about church,
41:46 I'm talking about commitment with Jesus Christ,
41:48 I'm gonna talking about some building.
41:51 Well, I, listen my friend, if you do not accept
41:54 Jesus as your Lord and Savior.
41:57 If you're not covered by the blood of the lamb,
41:59 may I say to you today you will not go unpunished.
42:05 Oh, are you gonna be just,
42:07 just like the people in Ezekiel's time?
42:09 Oh, no it's right, God is not going to punish us,
42:12 no city's gonna be all right,
42:13 we're gonna be all right because we're,
42:15 we're pretty good people.
42:17 Listen, dear friend,
42:19 the house of Israel laughed at
42:22 the warnings that God send because what?
42:25 That didn't fit into their little daily lifestyle.
42:28 They didn't really want to change,
42:29 they liked what they were doing in the secret chambers,
42:33 thinking that it was a secret,
42:34 that God doesn't see us anymore.
42:36 In fact they said basically,
42:37 may I paraphrase, he's left town.
42:41 God hasn't left town,
42:43 God sees you in the secret chamber,
42:45 God sees you, you know in the mind,
42:46 you don't have to be going anywhere,
42:48 He knows the mind
42:49 and He's recording every little thought
42:50 and every little action, dear friends.
42:52 Why? Because He's fair.
42:55 Call yourself a Christian, your mind's
42:56 where it shouldn't be all the time,
42:58 you're thinking things you shouldn't be thinking.
43:00 Let God take control of that mind.
43:03 Don't laugh at the warnings,
43:05 people will watch or may be listen to these
43:07 and they will say, oh man, over done.
43:10 Oh, dear friends, God will not let us go,
43:13 He will not gonna let us go unpunished.
43:17 Because the warnings that were given in scripture
43:19 in the Old Testament and in the New Testament,
43:21 warning after warning, after warning,
43:23 till it came down to Jesus time and he said,
43:25 I sent you warning after warning,
43:27 after warning and you killed, and you stoned the prophets.
43:30 Those who gave you the message of repent
43:32 and get right with God,
43:33 when the judgment was going to fall,
43:35 you laughed and scorned.
43:37 But it happened just as God said
43:39 it would happen and it always will.
43:42 Ezekiel 12:22, here's where their mindset was at
43:48 and I think there's many people today,
43:50 we talk of New Testament times.
43:53 They've come to the point
43:54 because we mentioned a while ago
43:56 about the judgments of God we're not just,
43:57 and may be not immediately falling,
44:00 but He's prolonged them in mercy, why?
44:03 Because time is short and it's coming to an end
44:06 and I know some of you right letters
44:08 bless your heart and say,
44:09 oh you shouldn't say time is short
44:10 because we don't know our Father,
44:12 you're just fulfilling prophecy by,
44:13 by the way or maybe you just don't,
44:15 may be understand where I'm coming from here.
44:18 I'm come, trying to come from scripture,
44:20 that everyday we should say,
44:22 it's one day closer to the coming of Jesus.
44:25 One day closer to the coming of Jesus.
44:28 And yeah, is He, could it close today, yes,
44:31 could it close tomorrow,
44:32 that's pretty soon isn't it? That's quick.
44:36 But the people begin to say things like Ezekiel 12:22
44:40 it says, "The days are prolonged
44:42 and every vision faileth."
44:47 I've heard people say, well, you know,
44:49 you folks talk about the coming of Jesus
44:51 and He's coming very soon.
44:54 And I heard one man to say one time,
44:55 been in the church about 10 year,
44:56 put his hand on his hip, he said, I, you know,
45:00 I'm a believer in the coming of Jesus
45:01 and I'm a Christian, I'm born again--
45:05 My dad, when I was growing up he always said,
45:09 Jesus is coming soon.
45:10 Well, he didn't come in my dad's time.
45:17 And then he went on to say and you know what?
45:20 His dad, my grand, he said all his life,
45:24 Jesus is coming soon you need to be ready.
45:27 And he said, you know kind of the way I,
45:29 He didn't come in any of their days,
45:31 so it may be a long, long time before He come.
45:34 You realize when you die, is all she wrote.
45:39 Accident, health, it's near even at the door
45:45 that's our message, the devil is saying, well,
45:47 yeah but we've heard this before.
45:49 And, you know, what?
45:50 You heard it before and I've heard it before,
45:52 so we will get it right.
45:55 It's a warning, I am glad my mother never stopped
45:58 when I was growing up and just a little child,
46:00 I'm glad she never came to a point.
46:02 When the stove was hot, she finally just,
46:04 you know, every time I got close she said what?
46:07 Good, I heard some, just hot,
46:09 don't touch it, hot, hot, hot.
46:13 She doesn't want me to get hurt,
46:15 she's telling me the truth.
46:18 There's whole world is a, is a hot place now.
46:21 But friend, you haven't seen anything
46:23 how hot it's going to get.
46:28 Even to the King Zedekiah at time supposed to be,
46:31 you know, God's king.
46:35 He was leading a nation to ruin.
46:39 The people saw the king, they saw what he was doing,
46:41 his activities and what the king can do it,
46:43 we should be doing it. Zedekiah the king,
46:47 he rebelled against the prophets,
46:49 when the prophets of God came to the king,
46:50 he said, this is what God has said.
46:55 I'm not a prophet, they say I'm not a son of prophet,
46:57 but boy when I read the Bible,
46:59 we can take it as a sure word of prophecy
47:01 that these things are going to happen.
47:03 Zedekiah, you'll think he, but he apostatized,
47:06 he rebelled against the prophets.
47:08 He rebelled against the covenant that he made
47:10 with God and with man.
47:11 He rebelled against God himself.
47:14 And he will be,
47:15 had the audacity to team up with Egypt,
47:17 when God said no, don't do that.
47:20 And then the question came back, people said, well,
47:22 he's rebelled in all of these areas
47:24 and the Lord asked the question, shall he prosper?
47:28 Wow! What do you mean?
47:30 Ezekiel 17, read it when you've time. Will he prosper?
47:36 And here comes back the answer,
47:38 King Zedekiah, "he shall not escape."
47:46 Friend, I'm telling you that today
47:47 I'm talking to myself today, you shall not escape.
47:54 If you've broken your relationship with God,
47:56 you've broken that covenant with Him.
47:58 If you're rebelling against
47:59 the call of the prophet, the word of God.
48:03 Will you prosper? No, you will not.
48:09 You will not escape your laugh now.
48:14 You act like around your friends
48:16 that you really don't care that you're bigger than God
48:18 and you're stronger than God, you're not afraid of God.
48:23 Talking about in the right sense, dear friend,
48:25 but He's a God to be feared my Bible tells me.
48:29 And I think sometimes people,
48:31 you mean you do that is because, man uses what?
48:33 Because we're ignorant of God.
48:35 If we had any idea of the Majesty of God
48:39 and the Power of God, no man would standup
48:43 in the face of God and just reject Him.
48:45 We would tremble at the very knees
48:47 and fall down and fall straight on our face.
48:52 Thank for the God of the Universe that cares
48:54 about a little piece of dust, so much to give His son.
49:01 We will not go unpunished, the king will not escape,
49:07 and you will not escape and I will not either,
49:10 maybe that's what tears my heart and maybe tears
49:12 your heart today about your family and your friends,
49:15 you're just acting like there is,
49:17 there is no tomorrow, there is no judgment,
49:19 there is no punishment to come.
49:21 There is no everlasting life, there is no hellfire.
49:24 Oh, friend, wake up!
49:29 Ezekiel 8 verses 13 through 15,
49:33 as we're making this trek, this journey,
49:35 we just got a few minutes left but we're,
49:37 remember Ezekiel still going through
49:40 and God is opening the doors
49:41 and just looking all these places and said,
49:42 oh man, this is why, this all sets up for
49:45 what takes place when God says,
49:47 "Slay Utterly Old and Young."
49:49 No one was to live
49:51 when that destroying angel went through, why?
49:54 Because God said to Ezekiel, come Ezekiel,
49:57 I'm not finished yet. This is among God's people,
50:01 look what's happening right in here.
50:03 There's a greater abominations
50:07 and he went in and so called God's people,
50:09 they were worshiping Tammuz,
50:11 you remember that's what the Bible says.
50:15 A Babylonian deity, they were worshiping
50:21 and you realize it was even setup in Palestine.
50:27 They threw out the "God of Heaven"
50:30 and worshiping these false deities
50:32 and God said, wow, it's an abomination.
50:35 And I want you to see what's happening,
50:37 I want you to warn him.
50:39 I don't want have to do this strange act
50:41 but I'm going to do it if they don't change.
50:44 Then He said, I'm gonna show
50:47 you even a greater abomination
50:49 and I will not tolerate it. What could it be?
50:54 The biggest, worst abomination,
50:58 he took him toward the, the religious heads,
51:01 the leaders, the spiritual leaders were,
51:03 the guardians of true religion.
51:07 And these guardians of true religion
51:09 were standing between the altar and the temple.
51:13 What were they doing?
51:14 They were standing between what?
51:16 The altar and the temple. They were what?
51:19 This was the most sacred place in the court,
51:23 these were supposed to be God's men, God's chosen,
51:28 the repository of His law,
51:31 the guardians of true religion.
51:34 And if has application to the God's people
51:37 in the last days, God have mercy on our souls.
51:42 And if don't have a real relationship
51:43 for our eyes, they're not open,
51:44 our ears are not open to the plea of God,
51:46 if we're not studying the word of God,
51:48 we may be worshiping these false deities
51:50 maybe who you are now.
51:53 Here these leaders stood in the court
51:55 and they, they turned,
51:57 they turned their backs to the temple
51:59 and they worshiped the Sun,
52:01 did you get it?
52:03 Oh, friends, did you find that today?
52:05 They worship the sun,
52:06 this was the greatest abomination,
52:08 this was a direct insult to God.
52:14 Second Chronicles 36:15 addresses it,
52:17 it says, "Moreover all the chief of the priests,
52:21 and the people, transgressed very much
52:24 of all the abominations of the heathen."
52:27 After, they followed after the abominations
52:30 of the heathen,
52:32 they "polluted the house of the Lord
52:34 which he had hallowed in Jerusalem."
52:37 Friend, you see it today,
52:38 oh, let me just step out on the limb.
52:41 Let me just get so far out there,
52:42 I hope I don't fall off somebody chop it off.
52:47 God said, the greatest abomination
52:49 is the worship of the Sun.
52:52 And I just challenge some of you at least
52:54 to think about it today and oh,
52:55 I just can't be quiet about it.
52:58 I hear people say, boy, I tell you
53:00 what it's just wonderful, Easter Sunday,
53:02 Easter sunrise services.
53:04 And they go to places in Southern Illinois
53:06 like Bald Knob, the great big old cross
53:10 that are there, but the people
53:12 have the tendency of what?
53:14 To put the cross behind them
53:16 and they face the rising of the sun.
53:21 These people here in Ezekiel's time
53:22 put the Cross of Calvary as it were,
53:25 you know, by faith behind them
53:27 and they worship the sun and God said,
53:28 that's enough.
53:33 One Testimony 276, my last one before
53:36 we have prayer and an appeal,
53:39 "Those who profess to be Christians
53:41 amid the perils of the last days,
53:44 do not imitate,"
53:46 if you do not imitate the humble
53:48 "self-denying pattern place themselves
53:52 in the enemy's ranks."
53:55 Friend, are you gonna place yourself
53:56 in the enemy's ranks today?
54:00 God is giving us warnings, He's pleading,
54:04 we plead with you here today, you've got to give it right,
54:07 I've got to give it right,
54:09 God has to be a priority in my life.
54:11 Now, remember this is the first part
54:13 and this is setting it right up
54:14 for when the judgments are put into action
54:17 and what takes place
54:18 because of what was going on.
54:20 Could it be some of those same things
54:21 are going on today?
54:23 And if so, God help us.
54:26 The change must take place, make that decision,
54:31 make that choice right now while there's still time,
54:33 why don't you do that?
54:34 Making the priority, forget about running here,
54:37 forget about going shopping, forget about this,
54:39 forget about that and make God a priority in your life,
54:42 things will change.
54:43 For those who are making that decision right now,
54:45 I want to close with a quick prayer right now
54:47 that God will help you.
54:48 This is the day of new beginnings
54:50 for you and for me. Let's pray, shall we,
54:51 Merciful Father in Heaven,
54:54 thank you for your precious word today.
54:55 Thank you for the warnings once again
54:56 that you love us.
54:58 Probation door is still open, there's time to come in,
55:00 there's time to make changes,
55:01 regardless of how faraway
55:03 we've gone from you we can come back.
55:05 The day will come
55:06 when that's gonna be impossible.
55:07 Help us, Lord, I pray those who made that decision
55:09 in the name of Jesus right now.
55:11 Thank you, in precious name of Jesus, amen.
55:15 Don't forget, some of you have comments,
55:17 so you have questions and I'm sure some of you will,
55:19 may about this study.
55:20 This is one of the first part,
55:21 second part is coming up.
55:22 And boy, I tell you, it gets really heavy duty.
55:24 Comments, questions anything
55:26 that you might want to do,
55:27 you can call us, you know how to get a hold of us,
55:28 my wife brings it up there for you.
55:30 Please do, we love to hear your comments
55:32 and please pray for us and we appreciate so much,
55:36 those of you who are praying for us
55:37 and the free will offerings of God's people,
55:40 to help us to continue
55:41 to get these programs of truth out to you.
55:43 Jesus is coming, the world is coming to an end,
55:46 we need to be ready, I love you,
55:48 see you next time.
55:51 Hello, again, this was certainly
55:53 a message from heaven to stir our hearts into action.
55:57 God is calling His people to a closer walk with Him
56:01 day by day, moment by moment.
56:05 Yet so often, friends, we have failed,
56:07 heat is calling, daily obligations
56:10 and worldly desires continue to creep in
56:13 and to steal our time away from God.
56:17 Friends, changes need to be made
56:19 if we are to have a part,
56:21 a part in the heavenly kingdom to come.
56:24 Our lives must be reordered to include
56:27 precious time to spend in study,
56:30 precious time to spend in prayer.
56:32 God will work in our hearts if we just do this.
56:36 And of course as always we are here,
56:38 Behold the Lamb Ministries, to help you.
56:41 We're making this series available,
56:43 it's a series of three DVDs
56:46 for a suggested donation of just $23 or more,
56:50 that's right just $23 or more.
56:53 Don't miss out on this opportunity
56:56 to receive your very own copy.
56:58 So that you can listen to this message
57:00 again and again in the privacy of your own home.
57:04 And please why don't you prayerfully consider
57:06 supporting this ministry,
57:08 support it with your daily prayers,
57:09 supported with your offerings,
57:11 and support is greatly needed,
57:14 I want you to understand this,
57:15 if we're to continue our work here for the Lord.
57:18 And as a reminder, Pastor Kenny and I,
57:21 we do travel the various churches
57:23 for weekend meetings or evangelistic crusades.
57:26 So if your congregation would appreciate having us
57:28 attend your special event in person,
57:31 the contact information is all the same
57:34 and here it is.
57:35 You may call us at area code 618-942-5044,
57:41 Central Standard Time here in the United States.
57:44 Or you may write to us,
57:47 to Behold the Lamb Ministries at PO Box 2030,
57:50 Herrin, Illinois 62948.
57:54 Contact us through an email
57:55 at beholdthelambministries
57:59 or visit us online at
58:05 Friends, until next time,
58:07 may our precious Lord
58:08 continue to richly bless you and yours.


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