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Slay Utterly Old And Young, Part 2

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Participants: Chris Shelton (Host), Kenny Shelton


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00:41 Hello, and welcome to "Behold the Lamb" present.
00:44 I am Chris Shelton, your host,
00:46 and we are blessed as always to join you once more
00:49 for an exciting Bible study,
00:51 focused on the Book of Ezekiel in Chapters 8 and 9.
00:55 Today's message is the second in this three part study
00:59 that the Holy Spirit has been impressing
01:01 Pastor Kenny Shelton to share with us
01:04 that we've entitled "Slay Utterly Old and Young."
01:08 So I'm sure that much more wonderful spiritual food
01:11 will be presented before we lead this series.
01:14 And as presented in the first message,
01:17 we're seeing how these chapters prophesy
01:20 an extremely timely message for our day and our time.
01:25 Ezekiel gives us important insight of God's judgment
01:28 of this world and they order some very important events
01:32 now taking place.
01:34 Including the fact, including the fact
01:37 that God will not continue to put up
01:40 with our rebellion and our sin for much longer.
01:44 Friends, I just feel like I need to repeat that.
01:47 God is not going to put up with yours or mine,
01:51 our rebellion and our sin for much longer.
01:54 And I know that it has taken me a long time
01:57 to learn this to get it into my head
02:00 and I hope and I pray that
02:03 it doesn't take you nearly that long.
02:06 You know, this is a timely message indeed.
02:09 It's something you need to understand,
02:10 we need to know.
02:11 But before we join Pastor Kenny
02:13 for today's study, we're blessed to listen
02:16 to "Did They See Jesus in Me"
02:19 by Sandra Entermann from the 3ABN Worship Center.
02:43 Is the face that I see in the mirror
02:51 the one I want others to see?
02:57 Do I show in the way that I walk in my life
03:05 the love that you've given to me?
03:12 My heart's desire is to be
03:15 like you in all that I do, all I am
03:27 Do they see Jesus in me?
03:34 Do they recognize Your face?
03:40 Do I communicate Your love and Your grace?
03:53 Do I reflect who You are in the way I choose to be?
04:06 Do they see Jesus, Jesus in me?
04:30 It's amazing that you'd ever use me
04:37 But use me the way You will
04:42 Help me to hold out a heart of compassionate grace
04:50 A heart that You're spirit fills
04:56 May I show forgiveness and mercy
05:03 The same way You've shown it to me
05:12 Do they see Jesus in me?
05:18 Do they recognize Your face?
05:24 Do I communicate Your love and Your grace?
05:36 Do I reflect who You are in the way I choose to be?
05:49 Do they see Jesus, Jesus in me?
06:02 Now I want to show all the world who You are
06:09 The reason I live and breathe
06:15 So You'll be the One that they see
06:21 When they see me
06:26 Do they see Jesus in me?
06:33 Do they recognize Your face?
06:39 Do I communicate Your love and Your grace?
06:52 Do I reflect who You are in the way I choose to be?
07:07 Do they see Jesus, Jesus in me?
07:41 Thank you, for joining us once again Behold the Lamb.
07:43 And we're so very grateful
07:44 and thankful to that beautiful song.
07:46 You know, I know God has blessed your heart already,
07:48 but boy, do we have an exciting study once again.
07:51 This is going to be part two of our study about
07:55 slay utterly young and old.
07:59 And so it is subject that we need today
08:02 among God's last day people.
08:04 His church needs this, I need this,
08:06 you need this and so I pray the Holy Spirit
08:08 will just consume us today
08:11 and just illuminate this beautiful truce
08:13 that God has in His word.
08:15 But, you know, as always we want to go to,
08:17 you know, God in prayer.
08:18 We want to ask for the power of the Holy Spirit.
08:21 I found this out in my studies that,
08:24 you know, you can sit down read all you want,
08:26 but unless you have the power of the Holy Spirit,
08:28 you know, making the scriptures clear
08:30 and impressing thoughts and the truce.
08:33 You know, we will never be able to comprehend.
08:35 So let's go to the God in prayer, shall we?
08:37 And then as we comeback get your Bible,
08:39 pencil, and paper, because we're gonna do some study.
08:41 But let's pray first, shall you pray with me.
08:46 Merciful Father in heaven,
08:47 we thank You for the privilege of serving You today.
08:49 We ask now as we open the pages of Your word
08:53 that the Holy Spirit will illuminate
08:54 these beautiful truce.
08:56 Words of warning, words of encouragement,
08:58 words of cheer, but yes sometimes words of rebuke.
09:01 And we pray where it's needed
09:02 in our hearts and in our lives,
09:04 we will accept it with great joy
09:07 as a message straight from heaven.
09:08 You are preparing Your people to
09:10 meet You, help us to be ready.
09:12 Pray that You'll bless every viewer,
09:14 every listener where ever they may be,
09:17 we just pray for the Holy Spirit
09:18 of God to consume them.
09:20 That we may be drawn closer to Jesus
09:22 and we thank you for every one of them
09:23 in Jesus' name, amen.
09:27 Well, again be sure you have your Bible,
09:29 because it's very, very important.
09:30 We go through scripture as we are studying
09:32 the Book of Ezekiel.
09:34 We look, you know, our first part Ezekiel Chapter 8.
09:37 We spent a lot of time on it and then Ezekiel 9,
09:40 this is where we are gonna be focusing today,
09:41 but there is still little more foundation principle
09:44 that we need to lay.
09:45 Now, some of you miss,
09:47 shame on you the very first lesson.
09:49 And so you know what,
09:51 I just want to make just a little bit
09:52 of a--what we discussed last time.
09:55 And so-oh, there is about seven points
09:57 I want to bring out and then if it's appealing to you
10:01 and you are interested you may want
10:02 to call us, write us and make sure that
10:04 we send you that first part or the whole series.
10:07 I remember started out as a two part series
10:09 and has continued to stay.
10:11 The Lord impressed my mind, that's not enough time,
10:13 there is a lot of information.
10:15 And even doing three parts so much more information.
10:18 So I pray that the Holy Spirit would just help us
10:20 as we scratch the surface of this beautiful truce.
10:23 That will encourage you to dig deep as,
10:27 you know, the Holy Spirit impressed Ezekiel to do.
10:30 Remember to dig and so we need to be digging.
10:32 So here is what we discussed in our first lesson.
10:36 And I pray that we learned this,
10:38 those of who have been watching.
10:39 Number one, what, the kind,
10:41 the condition that existed during the call
10:45 for such a judgment from God,
10:47 because as we read that the judgment of God
10:49 was going to fall.
10:50 There was a sword that was coming to slay utterly what?
10:53 Is that here that the young and the old.
10:56 What kind of conditions, what was going on
10:59 that it would come to that point where God would say.
11:02 You know, go and destroy everybody.
11:05 And then number two, the vision.
11:08 Primarily we realize that the vision was for Babylon,
11:12 but also we realized secondarily
11:14 that this is for the God's in time people
11:17 how things will be played out.
11:19 Another fulfillment just before Jesus comes
11:22 that should be an interest to each of us today.
11:25 Three, we studied that God gives nations,
11:30 he people a certain time of probationary time.
11:34 And when that time is up
11:35 we have not heeded the call of God,
11:38 then the judgments begin to fall.
11:40 You realize there's people in world
11:41 that's not heeding the voice of God
11:43 and then all of a sudden disaster one
11:44 after the other begins to hit them,
11:46 because they know to do better,
11:48 but they are rejecting the council of God.
11:50 Point number four, we learned in our part.
11:53 Ezekiel was in vision when he was given
11:55 the--a look inside the temple of God.
12:00 He saw all kind of manner a filthy abominations.
12:05 Now think with me just for a moment.
12:06 As he was viewing and looking at these abominations,
12:11 you know, the spirit of God,
12:12 the angel God said to him,
12:13 I want you to start dig deep
12:16 and I want you to see all the things
12:17 that were going on among God's people.
12:20 Not the world where you would expect it but,
12:23 you know, in among God's people,
12:24 in the very temple supposedly of God.
12:28 And so number five, we find the leaders
12:31 and the priest and the people were warned to change.
12:35 Oh, they didn't want to change.
12:37 They just kind of felt like that
12:38 God would protect the city even though
12:40 there was the prophet said the city would be destroyed,
12:43 the temple would be destroyed and what?
12:46 They wouldn't listen, because they said,
12:47 oh, the temple and God well, you know,
12:49 we're His special chosen people and God's going to
12:52 overlook all these things.
12:54 No, God will not over look sin.
12:56 God will not overlook rebellion
12:58 in your life or in my life.
13:00 Point number six, the greatest abomination
13:03 now there was many abominations.
13:05 But the greatest was is when the man of God
13:08 tuned their back to the temple and they worship what?
13:11 Good, some of you are paying attention.
13:13 They worshiped the sun and God said no,
13:16 you can't be worshiping any other,
13:18 you know, false God's, you can't be worshiping the sun.
13:22 We need to be worshiping the God of creation.
13:24 These were the people who were supposed to be the support,
13:28 the guardians of the truth
13:31 that God had given to His people
13:32 and they turned their back on this truth.
13:35 Last point, it's in our first lesson,
13:37 God is calling a people today,
13:40 you know, and He is saying right now.
13:42 We need not to be following
13:43 all of those abominations
13:45 that were so clear in the Book of Ezekiel.
13:48 And if there be abominations those need to go.
13:51 And so this kind of opens a little bit of our train
13:53 of thought to get into our study for today.
13:56 But, you know, Ezekiel 8, we realize that the--what we,
14:01 what we study there was such insight to Ezekiel Chapter 9.
14:05 So you can't really get a good insight in our study
14:08 until we went to Eden.
14:09 Praise God we spend some time on,
14:10 so I hope you have a little background if not,
14:12 gonna seen for the tapes.
14:14 Now realize that now Ezekiel 9,
14:16 the time had come when the judgments of God
14:19 was about to fall upon the people.
14:21 The warnings and the counsel had been rejected,
14:24 the nation then what?
14:25 Probation had closed, but praise God
14:28 you know was still open for individuals.
14:31 Just deal could be able to come from God,
14:33 but the individuals that came to God,
14:36 there is something very important.
14:37 Now I'm gonna mention this two or three different times
14:38 did I want you to get.
14:40 The individuals that were going to be marked
14:42 or accepted by God had to be sighing and crying.
14:47 That's what Ezekiel 9:4,
14:49 Sighing and crying for the abominations that be done.
14:51 The things that were wrong,
14:53 sin in as they were in the church,
14:55 sin in the individuals life.
14:57 If they were sighing and crying,
14:59 they could not receive of that mark.
15:01 They could not be acceptable to God.
15:04 Friend this is very, very important
15:05 for us to understand.
15:07 This opens our study just a little bit more
15:10 in Ezekiel chapter 9, but let me just encourage you.
15:12 The Bible says this in Psalms 34:15 it says,
15:16 "The eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous,
15:20 and His ears are open," to their what? "To their cry."
15:24 This is a promise that God gives is what?
15:27 His ears are open, I like that,
15:30 His eyes are on the righteous.
15:32 Are you living for God today?
15:34 If you are and you are serving him
15:35 with everything that is within you,
15:38 His eyes on you what?
15:41 Not just to look and see
15:42 what they are doing, these are doing?
15:44 No, he is what He usually can help you,
15:46 so he could be an encouragement to you.
15:48 So we can workout things that need to be
15:50 worked out in your life.
15:51 He is watching you as a parent would
15:54 watch the little child.
15:56 Praise God for that and then His ears
15:58 are open to our cries or to what?
16:00 As we kneel and prayers, as we talk to God.
16:03 Oh, that such a beautiful promise
16:05 and then Psalms 34:17 says,
16:09 "The righteous cry," oh that's good.
16:11 "And the Lord heareth and delivereth them
16:15 out of their troubles."
16:17 So as we cry, or the righteous
16:19 that is important part because God can't,
16:21 he is not going to deal with the unrighteous,
16:23 he just can't work the way He wants to,
16:25 but if you are righteous, He hears your cries.
16:28 Oh this is beautiful, hears their cry
16:30 and then He delivers them out of
16:32 I like this all of their troubles.
16:35 Oh my, is anybody having trouble today?
16:37 Have you been in trouble this week?
16:39 May be you have been encounter some troubles
16:40 that you may be you never expected.
16:44 It could be you know, financial loss,
16:46 it could be spiritual the all kind,
16:48 mainly physically, spiritually and financially?
16:50 But you know, God says it,
16:51 you just turn to me and you pray and you ask
16:54 and God is going to do something
16:56 really be in your life.
16:58 So what? His ears are open
17:00 and he said I am going to deliver you from what?
17:02 All your troubles, so if you have troubles today,
17:06 how about let God deliver you from those signs?
17:09 He is the only one that can do it.
17:11 Okay so there is a couple of passages
17:12 that you can just carry to the bank
17:14 with you better then that even.
17:17 But here is the opposite side of the coin,
17:18 we need to look fairly at.
17:21 And Bible says this in Psalms 34:16 notice this,
17:25 "The face of the Lord is against them that do evil."
17:30 No what is it? The face of the Lord is against
17:33 those who do what?
17:35 Who do evil, so God is saying is not much
17:37 he can do for those who rebel against Him.
17:41 So our study today is going to be
17:43 centered around Ezekiel 9, why?
17:47 Because the Christ is almost upon us.
17:51 When you think in terms of this vision
17:53 given to Ezekiel and you think about this man in,
17:58 in arena and then he you know,
18:00 he has a inkhorn and the err was he has agony,
18:03 he is marking people and then there is a sword
18:06 and there is going to be death.
18:08 Friend this is an awesome thing,
18:10 which pertains to us today.
18:13 Now, remember, the visitation of the Lord
18:16 is just around the corner,
18:18 the things that we're talking about
18:19 now are warnings from God that we need to heed.
18:24 And please keep in mind when you,
18:27 as we are studying this.
18:28 This talking about God does not,
18:32 He doesn't want to punish us.
18:34 In fact the Bible says this punishment
18:36 and judgments of God falls in Isaiah Chapter 28:21.
18:40 It calls in His strange work, His strange act.
18:46 So God doesn't want to do this,
18:48 but He is a God that's fair and just, isn't He?
18:51 But you know, He is going to,
18:53 it is going to take place and it is going to
18:54 take place quickly and where are you going to stand?
18:58 Where am I standing today as a profess Christian?
19:03 Are you doing all the will of God,
19:04 everything that you know?
19:06 We need some spiritual insight
19:08 like never before and if we really believe this
19:11 is just around the corner,
19:12 if we really believe when it says,
19:14 slay utterly old and young,
19:17 both maidens and little children and women.
19:20 But it says, don't come near any man whom is the mark.
19:24 If you don't know what that mark
19:25 and what constitutes that mark.
19:27 Friend, you need to know today.
19:30 That's gonna to be in our third part of this series
19:32 and its so, so very important
19:34 We're gonna spend the whole hour on it.
19:36 As we're leading up to that, this is talking about,
19:38 this is heavy duty. If we believe that
19:42 it's soon to take place, I tell you, we're going,
19:45 we as God's people, we've got to get busy.
19:48 We got to be out winning soul. We got to be out what?
19:50 Giving Bible studies, we got to be warning people
19:52 what soon to take place on this earth
19:55 as an overwhelming surprise
19:58 to the majority, isn't that sad?
20:00 We can't sit ideally by and doing nothing.
20:03 You must be laboring for souls now.
20:06 Same situation can easily be seen today,
20:10 just we need to open our ears
20:12 and open our eyes and just look around
20:15 to see what is going on.
20:17 The law of God is becoming more
20:19 and more disrespected.
20:22 May I use that word? More and more disrespected.
20:27 Morality is at all time low.
20:30 His law is not only despised,
20:33 but it is rejected by the majority of people.
20:37 There is gonna be a line drawn between
20:40 those who serve God and those who serve Him not.
20:44 You see, we need to love that divine pattern.
20:48 We need to love that divine precepts.
20:51 The more we study, the more that we
20:53 read our love will begin to grow,
20:54 but the other people is going
20:55 to despise them more and more.
20:57 So there is two groups and one group
20:59 begins to love Him more and more
21:00 as they study, thank you Lord.
21:02 The other group is despising Him.
21:04 He is pointing out things in their heart in their life.
21:07 You know, I mentioned about it,
21:09 moral decay and you know,
21:12 I think it was the news just this morning,
21:15 my wife mentioned it to me.
21:18 Seen on the news, that they are
21:20 thinking about what they need to do,
21:22 oh what is that the Sesame Street.
21:25 What's the two? You know,
21:26 they are too long their burden, who is it?
21:31 The two little guys, two little men.
21:34 Anyway they are suggesting, listen to this.
21:37 They are suggesting that this is a children's program.
21:40 They are suggesting that these two men,
21:44 little puppets where ever they are, get married.
21:50 What a message sent to our babies,
21:53 to our young people.
21:57 Get married on there. What?
22:00 So, you know, the homosexuality
22:02 in the moment, it looks so bad,
22:04 it will become popular.
22:07 How sad that is?
22:10 Friend that is wrong as wrong can be
22:13 and yet minds are considering.
22:15 What poise in the mind of our children?
22:18 The world is coming close to an end.
22:22 Friends, we need to follow the light that God gives us.
22:27 We need to obey the light just as God gives us
22:30 and do it from the heart.
22:32 The law of God has been challenged today.
22:36 But is it precious to you?
22:38 Are you finding Him more precious, more pleasing.
22:41 You want to spend more time with Him,
22:44 or you the kind that want to put aside
22:46 the laws of God and live your own life
22:48 and do your own thing and thinking that
22:50 it won't catch up to you.
22:52 Oh friend, you better think again.
22:54 In our study in this, in fact Ecclesiastes
22:57 brings out it real important passage Ecclesiastes 8:11.
23:02 And some people believe this because
23:04 the judgment of God is not just falling down
23:06 immediately boom, boom, boom, boom, boom
23:08 that they are going to get away with it.
23:09 They don't have to really change.
23:11 Is what the Bible says, "Because sentence against
23:15 an evil work is not executed speedily,
23:18 therefore the heart of the sons of man
23:21 is fully set in them to do, what? Evil.
23:26 Bible is clear, God knew what would be
23:29 taking place in the history of this world
23:32 and he said men saying in their mind.
23:33 Well, there is nothing is really changed
23:34 when we go out and we do evil
23:36 and next night evil and more evil here
23:38 and there is no judgment is falling,
23:39 so I must be, must be all right.
23:42 God doesn't know, He doesn't understand
23:44 and so they begin to set their mind on more evil.
23:48 Friend, I pray that you are not doing that today.
23:51 Little manuscript that was written,
23:53 we call "Spirit of Prophecy" writings of Ellen White,
23:57 "The prophet is God, there is no doubt about it."
24:00 This manuscript written in 1897 made this comment.
24:04 It said, "Every offense against God's law.
24:07 Well, how many? Every offense against God's law,
24:11 however minute, or be minute,
24:14 notice this, is set down in the reckonings,
24:18 and when the sword of justice is taken in the hand,
24:23 it will do the work for the impenitent transgressors,
24:27 it's gonna do work, it's going to catch up
24:29 with you that was done
24:32 to the divine Sufferer that fell on Jesus.
24:35 Notice, Justice will strike, you can count on,
24:39 justice will strike for God has a hatred of sin.
24:44 His hatred of sin is intense and overwhelming.
24:48 Wow! God's, think about.
24:54 Sin did God is just is intense,
24:58 He hates sin, what is done to this world to mankind.
25:02 What He is doing today we are in the mess that we're in.
25:06 Yet the sin is, son, His son was
25:08 willing to come here to bail us out of this mess.
25:10 Our only hope was Jesus Christ,
25:13 but God is a hatred is
25:14 overwhelming here this article says.
25:18 How is it to you, is it overwhelming
25:20 or you just accept it everyday as long as
25:22 you know it's not too bad and--each and everyday.
25:26 All of a sudden you says,
25:27 oh, well, it really doesn't matter anymore.
25:29 Oh friend, we have to come to where
25:31 we hate sin as the Holy Spirit lives inside us,
25:35 we don't want to be around it,
25:36 we don't want to deal with it.
25:39 Justice, I want you please, you know, remember.
25:42 As we study about the death of Jesus on the cross.
25:48 What is, what it is just
25:49 really mean the death on this cross?
25:51 The death on the cross was to be convincing
25:55 evidence to you and to me that the law of God
25:59 was unchangeable, because today we are here what?
26:02 You know, no respect for the Law of God.
26:06 But when He died on the cross that was
26:08 supposed to be overwhelming evidence
26:10 that the law of God could not be changed,
26:14 and His throne cannot be changed,
26:17 as His throne, His throne, His position.
26:21 But you know what?
26:23 People don't accept Him to say.
26:25 Very interesting, you know
26:26 in the community you go and talk to most generally,
26:28 most Christians and you talk about
26:30 keeping the Commandments of God.
26:31 Man, they are clapping their hands,
26:32 one moment they all praise God, that's wonderful.
26:35 And then you say you know, we need to be keeping
26:37 all ten by the grace of God and all of the sudden
26:39 they look at you with a blank look,
26:42 because they are raised, basically taught to keep what?
26:45 Nine. They don't want to hear about it.
26:48 It's interesting even their countenance
26:50 changes when you mention the Sabbath of the Lord thy God.
26:54 When you mention observing the seventh-day Sabbath,
26:57 you find people who ordinarily pretty kind
26:59 and loving and Christians and so on,
27:01 they did, they change.
27:03 Their disposition changes, their facial features change.
27:08 Why is that?
27:10 Isn't it that one of God's commandments
27:12 in the heart of God's law?
27:16 So there is something here about the mark
27:18 that we're studying about Ezekiel.
27:21 How this is going to make a difference
27:22 as we continue to study it,
27:23 because we find that the world is,
27:26 listen trying to make void the law of God.
27:32 He say well, I don't know about that.
27:35 You remember reading in Psalms 119:126.
27:39 It says they're making void the law of God
27:42 and say they're trying to make void the law of God,
27:44 so it says it's time for to thee to work oh Lord
27:47 for they have made void thy Law."
27:51 And so we see it as we listen today
27:53 as we study together today right this moment.
27:57 They are those who are working in,
27:59 you know, behalf, they are working together
28:00 shouldering up with others to, what?
28:02 To make void the law of God,
28:04 don't have to be all ten of them, does it?
28:06 It could be just one. James 2:10 and 12 talks about.
28:11 We become guilty of all.
28:14 This plays in, what I am talking
28:15 to this place in to the vision that God
28:18 gave to Ezekiel and that how it plays
28:21 a very important part as we come to the end of this world.
28:27 How it's going to touch your life
28:28 and how it's going to be touching my life.
28:32 Are you serious about your Christian experience?
28:36 Do you believe that God has chosen
28:37 you to do a special work for Him?
28:40 Are you committed to do that work by the grace of God?
28:44 Do you have a burden to do that work for Him?
28:49 Oh friend, I'll pray that you do it
28:50 right now while there is still time.
28:53 In your Bible, in Ezekiel Chapter 9:1
28:56 and 2 just allow me to read those verses
28:58 and just see how this takes off,
29:00 and let's talk about it just a little bit.
29:02 Ezekiel, what? Good. Chapter 9, verses 1 and 2.
29:05 Here's what He said "He cried also in mine ears
29:08 with a loud voice," saying what?
29:10 It's urgent, something big is going on,
29:12 He cried saying, "Cause them that
29:16 have charge over the city to draw near,
29:19 every man with his destroying weapon in his hand."
29:23 That sounds like something is going to go on there.
29:26 There is a judgment that is falling.
29:29 Oh a destroying weapon, that means
29:31 they are gonna to be killed.
29:32 Somebody is going to get hurt.
29:36 And then in vision Ezekiel saw
29:39 "Six men came from the way
29:42 of the higher gate, which lieth,
29:45 the Bible says toward the north,
29:47 and every man had a slaughter weapon in his hand,
29:51 one man among them was clothed,
29:52 oh listen, with linen,
29:54 with a writer's inkhorn by his side, and they went in,
29:59 and stood beside the brasen altar."
30:03 We see in these first two verses
30:05 that there is call is made.
30:10 For these individuals, to these men
30:12 to equip themselves with destroying weapons.
30:16 It wasn't just intimidate, it wasn't just,
30:19 you know, get somebody to run scared.
30:22 When they call them, they were going to do a job.
30:26 Friend, we're talking about the end of time here,
30:28 we are talking about what's going to soon take place,
30:31 that people are just trying to get out of their mind
30:33 and not wanting to deal with.
30:36 so there is vision in Chapter 9,
30:39 brings to the forefront and then what?
30:41 Two groups of people, group of people
30:44 we see here who will survive the slaughtering weapons
30:49 and they group them that will be destroyed,
30:51 does that make sense? There is only two groups.
30:55 You find a group that's going to
30:56 survive the slaughter weapons. Wow!
31:03 And the group is going to be destroyed by them.
31:06 That pertains to every man or woman
31:08 that would be living on the face
31:10 of the earth before Jesus comes.
31:12 That's why this message is important, why?
31:14 Because it includes you, and me.
31:17 We'll be living at the time of Jesus,
31:19 that's not so far-fetch as some people say.
31:24 You could be alive and well at the coming of Jesus,
31:27 it's near even at the door.
31:30 And God is warning once again as He did in Ezekiel's day.
31:33 Certainly destruction we realize here.
31:37 Of God's people, then but more
31:38 so today it applies to us as another warning reaching out.
31:42 Will we heed the council? Will we change our life?
31:45 Will we get it right with God,
31:47 or will we just say, oh God is not
31:48 going to get rid of us, because, oh,
31:50 we're His chosen people and He is going to over,
31:53 no, He will not over look, He can't.
31:57 It's impossible for Him to overlook sin.
32:01 But He is willing to give you the power
32:03 to gain the victory over that, that's good news.
32:08 See God's come to the point in this vision
32:11 that judgment is going to fall,
32:13 it's not going to be delayed another minute.
32:16 He is calling together, "now is the blood,
32:18 but to be carried out his orders.
32:21 Friend this is, this is heavy duty.
32:25 Now I repeat people say, remember primarily
32:27 this vision was given what?
32:29 Destruction of Jerusalem by what? By Babylon.
32:32 But now, so much more the fulfillment
32:34 of this is going to be in our time.
32:38 You see the verse, you know,
32:41 verse 2 that we looked at here.
32:43 The first application then applies to what?
32:45 Babylone, the second application
32:48 to the agencies that will execute
32:51 the sentence on the, upon those here in the last days.
32:54 Now remember that will be on first of all
32:57 it's going to be upon those who profess
32:59 to be spiritual guardians of the people.
33:02 You realize pastors I'm talking to you?
33:05 I'm talking to myself, the Elders,
33:07 the Deacons of the church.
33:09 That the judgment begins to fall first upon those
33:12 who clam to be spiritual guardians.
33:17 Friend, that's heavy, heavy duty.
33:20 And church, no, it's naturally the judgment
33:22 fall later on the wicked, we understand that?
33:25 But the first to feel the wrath,
33:27 the sore as those who suppose to know better, oh friend.
33:33 Little book called Testimonies to Ministers page 431,
33:37 notice this just page with me.
33:39 "Already God's angels are at work in judgment,
33:44 and the Spirit of God is being gradually what?
33:47 Withdrawn or leaving the world."
33:50 Do you remember reading about that
33:51 in Genesis Chapter 6, verse 3.
33:54 Even as young person, I thought that was a kind of,
33:57 it was sad, because just
33:58 first few Chapters of the Bible, first Chap.
34:00 It seems everything was going to go great,
34:02 thanks, we're going to be wonderful.
34:05 God had prepared, God and everything
34:06 was perfect and wonderful and good
34:08 and just a few shot six chapters later,
34:11 the Bible said, what Genesis 6:3
34:13 the Spirit of God will not always strive with man,
34:16 it was leaving, how sad?
34:20 And again we're reminded that the judgments
34:22 are following and the Holy Spirit
34:24 is being lifted because of what?
34:25 It's being rejected.
34:29 And here we are, just a few steps away
34:32 from the triumph of God's church,
34:35 of God's people, it's near.
34:39 And then we said, you know, we talk about the reward,
34:42 it's just within our reach and yet notice
34:45 what Testimonies to Ministers said.
34:47 Its just within reach, we are at the finish line,
34:50 we are getting ready to cross the finish line
34:52 and God looks His people one more time
34:55 and here is what He says to His prophet,
34:59 He says yet iniquity is found among those who claimed
35:05 to have the full blaze of heavens light.
35:09 You claim to have the full blaze of heavens light,
35:12 you proclaim they had with the remnant people of God
35:15 and God has shown special light,
35:17 just like He has with His people through the ages.
35:21 God has looked down to the ages
35:23 and He has looked at His last day church.
35:26 And He looks at us and He says,
35:27 ooh iniquity is still found among
35:30 and is going to have to go.
35:35 Oh, friend, think with me for just a moment.
35:38 Do we think that we can hide from God?
35:43 You know, what sin does?
35:44 Sin just blinds you, sin blinds you.
35:50 You can't really see straight to say,
35:52 you can't really think straight.
35:55 You think you got people fool.
36:00 You ever remembered when you was in school
36:02 just as a young person, you thought that
36:05 you could fool people and they could figure you out,
36:11 a grown up could figure you out pretty quickly.
36:16 I can remember one time, we went to school,
36:20 I was in like the second grade.
36:21 I thought I could fool.
36:22 You know we just kind of poor side of town,
36:25 so, you know, we call Christmas time
36:27 and we didn't really get any toys.
36:31 And then when we went back
36:32 right after the Christmas break,
36:33 oh somebody bear with me, don't starting about grit.
36:36 Now let's come on listen to me.
36:40 When we went back there is a thing
36:41 that was called Show and Tell.
36:44 In other words you would bring a toy
36:45 or something that you got and you would,
36:48 you know, explain to children.
36:49 This is what I got here, my grandma got,
36:51 my dad, mother, but whatever it might be, this is a toy.
36:55 Well, I didn't have any toys to take.
36:58 And so what do we do?
37:00 Well, the best thing I could do I thought,
37:02 but I don't have any toys to take, I think it's all,
37:03 what little bit we've got.
37:05 And so I just, I just, I tiptoed across the alley,
37:10 and I go into the garbage can of Mr. Goleol.
37:14 You may hear my brother talk about
37:15 that sometime and it's true.
37:17 And I thought I've got to find a toy,
37:19 because I can't be the only child
37:20 that doesn't have a toy on Show and Tell.
37:23 And so as I was looking through the garbage can,
37:25 I found this green road grader,
37:30 Well, why they throw in the trash because it was junk.
37:33 Somebody is not going to get this, it was junk.
37:36 It was twisted and beat and scratched up and I thought
37:40 this is a perfect thing I will take this.
37:42 They will think I got it for Christmas,
37:43 and I'll Show and Tell.
37:45 I didn't have any idea
37:47 that the teacher could spot me like that.
37:51 You see how we can get sometime in the mind.
37:56 How sad that must have been for the teacher
37:58 to see somebody bring something like that
38:00 and pertaining them, but they got it as a gift.
38:06 Remember we talk to Mr. Goleol
38:08 the man I told-- and you what is,
38:10 oh he is such a precious soul,
38:11 he has got I don't know 85 or 90 now.
38:15 My brother mentioned to him just not too long ago,
38:17 he said, you remember us going in your trash can
38:21 getting some little things you threw away those toys.
38:24 I don't know if you knew that or not, but we did.
38:26 He said, yes I, I did and we threw out
38:29 some extra things at times. Wow!
38:33 We didn't know that he knew it was in the trash,
38:37 but the heart of the man, he had a couple of children
38:39 they would have abundance of things
38:42 and they would just put them in the trash.
38:43 So we could get them and play,
38:45 awesome, that's a sweet spirit.
38:48 You see things in life is sometimes fool our minds
38:52 and we think we are fooling people
38:53 and it's obvious to other people.
38:59 Already the work of judgments following,
39:03 already the spirit of God is gradually being withdrawn.
39:06 Why do you think that people's
39:07 hearts are hardened now.
39:09 People don't want to help.
39:10 They don't want to do anything.
39:11 They don't seem to care about anything or anybody.
39:16 They don't like somebody, just take a gun or knife
39:18 and just kill them, get rid of them.
39:19 They just-there the spirit of God is moving
39:24 and when spirit of God has to move out we rejected,
39:26 the spirit of the enemy comes in,
39:27 and that's why we are seeing all these things.
39:30 Do you think that we can hide our ways from God?
39:33 No! Do you think that He doesn't see you?
39:39 Listen, in this we studied in Chapter 8,
39:43 the spiritual, exactly, how to get this.
39:46 The spiritual leaders said that
39:50 God doesn't see them anymore.
39:54 Could they become so numb of the Holy Spirit,
39:57 that they actually say God is not around anymore,
40:00 He has left the country.
40:02 And He doesn't see me anymore.
40:04 Can we get that spiritual doubt? Yes!
40:10 Do we think that He takes no knowledge of
40:13 what's going on in the world, and in our life?
40:17 Oh, friend, He does to the very minutest thing.
40:23 Friend, I tell you we, we, we, we're living in that
40:26 very end of our history and I think about.
40:32 As I was studying through, my mind went back to
40:35 Belshazzar, you remember Daniel Chapter 5.
40:39 My mind went back there and I think about he was,
40:42 see he was engage in
40:43 Sacrilegious feast, you remember?
40:46 He was using those things that were, listen what?
40:49 That were holy unto God and he was using them for what?
40:55 Common and filthy use.
40:58 Friend, we have to be careful when,
41:00 listen I'm talking about not just material things,
41:03 but I'm talking about our self.
41:07 We commit our body as a vessel,
41:08 a living vessel of God, a temple of God,
41:11 we commit that to Him and sometime we what?
41:14 We're supposed to be dedicated to God
41:16 and yet we let our body what? Filthy use.
41:21 You think that's not for you?
41:24 I told someone that was here,
41:26 it's been a few years ago and this was in my mind,
41:30 because they're wanting to, woo,
41:32 may I just be kind of bold here, but be careful with it.
41:35 But they wanted to use something that belong to
41:38 God for sacred use and I just simply mentioned,
41:44 I'd rather not loan that out because
41:47 it's for God's use only, it's sacred, it's holy,
41:52 it's been dedicated to Him.
41:54 Now, this was a Christian.
42:00 I said there's a difference between the sacred,
42:03 the holy and the common and they laughed in my face.
42:12 They thought it was this excuse,
42:13 because I wouldn't loan them certain things.
42:18 They had no idea that these things that is holy unto God
42:22 and we need not, you know,
42:24 detract take away from that,
42:27 there's the common and the sacred.
42:30 See here in His days if we have dedicated
42:33 our self to God, we need not desecrate.
42:39 Do not use this power that God
42:42 gives us for unholy purposes.
42:47 Friend, you sense that today as there is something
42:49 going on may be in your church
42:51 and may be in your life, that's unholy purpose.
42:56 Remember we just talked about
42:57 Belshazzar, did you get it?
42:59 He was taking that which was what?
43:01 Holy unto God and using it for what?
43:04 Sacrilegious feast and yet how about us?
43:09 If we, if we're using the power that God gives us
43:12 and the things that He has given us for unholy purposes,
43:16 we are, we're more guilty than Belshazzar
43:19 and you know what happened to him, do you not?
43:22 Are we not sacred vessels?
43:25 Are we not, ask yourself that question?
43:28 Is God using you as He is using me
43:30 for holy purposes only.
43:33 And, you know, what I find sometime?
43:35 I find even in this work that, that, you know,
43:39 man they, you know, they, they accept praise and
43:44 adulation, you know, they just,
43:45 oh, they like to hear their name mentioned,
43:47 they like to see it up in lights, they want,
43:49 they want somebody pad him on the head all time,
43:51 oh you're doing a work that nobody else can do.
43:56 There's people like that in the world today,
43:58 but you know, we're supposed to be a holy people.
44:01 Want to let Jesus shine through, isn't that right?
44:05 But they accept the praise and adulation to only what?
44:08 That only belongs to God.
44:11 Are you accepting any of that today?
44:15 And if so isn't this not idol worship of the worse kind?
44:25 Men praising men, men and women praising each other,
44:30 expressing thoughts that may be and things
44:32 that we shouldn't be expressing to one another.
44:36 Things that should never escape
44:37 the lips of a child of God.
44:40 After all God takes into count
44:41 every word, right, deed, action.
44:46 Let me just give you a little example some of you
44:48 won't get it, may be some of you will.
44:51 Hope you get the point.
44:52 I make your ears stand up, because some people get
44:53 little aggravated when I say that,
44:54 but at least I got your attention.
44:58 I'm gonna read this, here's a very, very interesting
45:00 Testimonies to Ministers 434 and 5 and condensed down.
45:04 Because we don't, we don't think in terms of when
45:07 we're speaking to some body or we're saying something
45:10 that we shouldn't be saying, there's a problem there.
45:14 Problem with the one who is doing the talking and
45:16 problem with the one who is doing the listening.
45:20 And how God views it
45:21 is what's important to me, how about you?
45:26 Now, some of you say boy, you're picking on the women,
45:27 I'll just say woman and men that it applies
45:30 both cases here but notice says,
45:32 "Any woman who will allow the addresses of another
45:38 man other than her husband,
45:41 who will listen to his advances"
45:44 didn't say participate just said you're gonna listen
45:47 "whose ears would be pleased with the outpouring of
45:51 lavish words of affection, of adoration,
45:56 of endearment" listen "is" already
46:00 "is an adulteress and a harlot."
46:04 That's harsh words, didn't have to go through
46:07 all these things that we consider what is an
46:09 adultery or a harlot, but if it godly woman
46:13 just listens to what she should not be listening to
46:16 or man listen to what he shouldn't,
46:18 any kind of address that's given.
46:23 God says already and looked down does it there,
46:26 that's already adultery, that's already a harlot.
46:31 Man that's heavy duty, it makes us think today.
46:33 We've been listening to the wrong things
46:34 that we're allowing things to go,
46:35 that should not be going,
46:37 open up doors that should be shut.
46:41 You think, you know, listen Belshazzar
46:44 had every opportunity to know the God of heaven
46:48 and yet look what he was doing?
46:50 Seem like the worst possible thing,
46:52 the things that were going on at that feast,
46:54 we don't have to go into detail, you already know.
47:00 Almost unspeakable, yet he had every opportunity
47:03 to know the God of Heaven.
47:06 To know the power of God, about being obedient to God,
47:10 see He knew it because Belshazzar,
47:14 like his grandfather, who was his grandfather?
47:16 Good, Nebuchadnezzar, that's exactly right.
47:20 He had been warned about,
47:22 about forgetting God, don't forget God.
47:26 God has a way about getting your attention.
47:30 Wow! Belshazzar knew
47:34 what happened to his grandfather.
47:36 Yeah, but he repeated the same sins
47:40 of Nebuchadnezzar, and then judgment failed,
47:43 his life was taken that very night.
47:46 It's kind of like some of us in the home today.
47:50 They sit nervous. May I just be real blind?
47:53 Why not, you know, hey, said they are smoking those
47:56 nasty old cigarettes and drinking all that bad stuff
47:59 and same time your puff and drinking
48:01 telling your children don't do this.
48:06 You know, what they're gonna do,
48:07 more likely the same thing that mom and dad
48:09 that you're doing that they see.
48:11 Belshazzar did it, scripture,
48:15 certainly the principle is always there.
48:18 They behold it, they grow up with it,
48:20 it becomes normal and they repeat
48:23 the same sins, but what happened?
48:24 Same sin, judgment will fall eventually.
48:29 Let me ask you a question,
48:30 some of you here don't want to listen.
48:33 Will God, think, think yourself don't answer
48:36 so quick, you think you have all the answers,
48:39 don't answer this real quick,
48:40 I want you to think about it.
48:41 Will God in the judgment, when God condemn
48:43 any in the judgment because
48:45 they honestly believed a lie on error.
48:50 In the judgment will God condemn anyone?
48:56 Because they honestly, this throws people,
48:58 honestly believed a lie or an error?
49:03 Think about it.
49:06 Dear friends, I will tell you this,
49:08 they will be condemned because what, what?
49:13 Because they neglected
49:15 the opportunity to know what truth is?
49:19 See, we try to mince words just a little bit,
49:21 well, well, we do it because, well honestly believe
49:23 that's what it is, no it's because they
49:26 could be condemned because they didn't search out,
49:28 they neglected to find out what truth, what truth is?
49:33 Let's go a little bit deeper,
49:35 the infidel, the atheist,
49:38 the unbeliever, well we don't believe.
49:43 What's going to happen?
49:45 Will he be condemned in the judgment?
49:49 May be, listen?
49:51 May be but no, because he was an infidel.
49:56 But because he didn't use what God placed around him
50:01 to enable him to become a Christian.
50:04 It's pretty heavy, isn't it?
50:06 Not just condemning because he didn't believe,
50:09 but because he rejected all the things
50:11 that God put around him to lead him
50:15 to the Cross of Calvary,
50:16 he rejected that, our only hope.
50:22 Man and woman, dear friends,
50:23 going to be judged according to the, you know,
50:26 this the light that's given them by God.
50:29 And John 12:36 says, "Well you have the light do what?"
50:33 yeah, believe in the light
50:34 and walk in the light, while you have it.
50:37 Some of you have it but you're not wanting to
50:39 walk in the light anymore, you rebel it to.
50:41 You want to go do your own thing,
50:43 judgments gonna fall, you won't get away with it,
50:45 I won't get away with it. Why not make that change?
50:49 Why not do it now? Why not do the God's way.
50:54 Colossians 3:17 says "Whatsoever you do
50:57 in word and" what "in word and deed,
51:00 do all in the name of the Lord Jesus."
51:07 Scripture tells us in I Samuel 2 verse 3,
51:09 it says here, "The Lord is a God of knowledge
51:12 and by Him" notice this "by him actions are weighed."
51:18 You remember who was weighed
51:19 in the balances and found wanting?
51:24 Our words and our actions, actions here is our,
51:27 our opportunities are going to be
51:29 weighed in the balances.
51:31 Our deeds are going to be weighed in the balances.
51:33 Our doings are going to be weighed in the balances.
51:36 Our performance is going to be weighed in the balances.
51:38 Our works are going to be weighed in the balances,
51:41 nothing goes undetected.
51:48 Bible says, Proverbs 16:2, it says,
51:51 "The ways of a man are clean in his own eyes"
51:55 but listen "but the Lord weigheth the spirit."
52:00 The Lord does what?
52:02 He weighs the words that we hear,
52:04 and hears in Hebrew is, He not just weighs what?
52:07 He measures the spirit which is the life,
52:11 your life, my life in a sensible way.
52:17 So we're weighed in the balances and found wanting,
52:21 listen to this, if we're living in known sin.
52:28 This is what this vision in Ezekiel 9
52:31 is talking about here, sin was prevailing,
52:34 people were living they knew better
52:38 and they were weighed in the balances
52:39 and they were found wanting and the men with the swords
52:43 were arriving on the scene and they are going to be
52:45 slay utterly young, old and young and kids and maidens
52:47 and everybody and we realize that took place
52:50 didn't they, it's going to take place again.
52:53 Well, that's heavy duty and we live in any known sin?
52:59 Testimonies to Ministers 439,
53:01 our time is running out here but so we're gonna
53:03 continue on in our third part but notice this,
53:05 "God's claim is placed in one scale"
53:09 come on help me out " God's claim is placed
53:12 in one scale and man's character is in the other,
53:16 by the balances of the heavenly sanctuary
53:19 every man's doom is fixed for eternity."
53:23 Every man's doom is fixed for eternity weighed in the scale.
53:31 Will we hear today, will we make the changes
53:34 that need to be made, will we listen to the council,
53:37 will we listen to the prophet of God,
53:38 will we read the word and say oh God help us.
53:41 Will we hear or will we hear that pronounced upon us
53:44 that weight in the balances and you're found what?
53:47 Warning.
53:49 Daniel 5:27, listen carefully dear friends,
53:54 and we're gonna pick up right here
53:55 in our next lesson because I want to get this,
53:58 I don't want anybody to be deceived in the matter
54:00 that we're gonna talk about here.
54:04 The things that we will discuss,
54:06 we'll show whether you have the mind of Christ
54:07 or the mind of Satan and boy do they get on some--
54:11 I'm telling you some, some just
54:12 mind shattering things here, that may be you have
54:16 in your life and you think you're child of God,
54:18 but if there's in our mind we cannot be a child of God,
54:22 you won't want to miss those things.
54:24 Are you ready to make that decision for Jesus today?
54:26 Why don't we pray about it right now?
54:29 We got, we've got to get right with God,
54:31 let's do it, let's start on our knees right now,
54:32 let's pray for those who are making that decision,
54:34 shall we do that right now?
54:35 Heavenly Father, we thank you
54:36 for your precious word today.
54:38 We thank you for the warning that you've given
54:39 to your people, help us to heed
54:42 that council before it's too late,
54:43 I give you praise, give you honor
54:45 and give you glory. Thank you for those
54:46 who have heeded, those who are listening
54:48 and they've committed yourself to you right now
54:50 in the precious name of Jesus we pray amen.
54:55 You see how these lessons are going and how intense,
54:58 at least in my heart they be calm
55:00 because they referred to me and what,
55:03 our children and grandchildren
55:04 and the world and your church family and,
55:06 you know, it's coming to an end
55:08 and we need to be ready for the coming of Jesus.
55:11 And we need to make those choices and decisions right now.
55:15 And those of you who have made up,
55:16 I want you to give us a call, let us know that you made
55:18 that decision for Jesus. And, you know,
55:21 the way that we continue these programs
55:23 by your free will offerings.
55:24 We thank you for doing that,
55:26 have any comments or questions give us a call,
55:28 we love you, we'll see you next time.
55:34 Welcome back. Friends, I sure hope
55:36 that this message has stirred you into action.
55:39 It's time that we simply face the fact that
55:42 there are no excuses for sin none.
55:46 We just need to allow God to come in
55:49 and make the necessary changes in our lives,
55:52 to rid ourselves of sin, truly this is a matter listen,
55:56 this is truly a matter of the eternal life or eternal death.
56:01 We're in the judgment hour and none of us know
56:06 when our name, your name, my name will appear
56:09 before God and our record book of deeds
56:13 will be opened for sentencing.
56:17 What is your choice? Where would you like
56:20 to spend eternity? Here "Behold the Lamb Ministries"
56:24 we're praying that your decision will be and is to put Christ
56:31 and His leading first and foremost in your life.
56:35 You know, let Him become the driver,
56:37 put Him in the driver seat and then believe
56:40 and have faith that He will lead you safe to glory.
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