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Slay Utterly Old And Young, Part 3

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00:41 Hello, and welcome to "Behold the Lamb Presents."
00:44 I'm Chris Shelton your host,
00:45 and I want to thank you for tuning in
00:47 to what is a third and final portion
00:51 of a three part series that we have entitled
00:54 "Slay Utterly Old and Young."
00:58 Our three part series has been inspired from
01:00 the study of the Book of Ezekiel Chapters 8 and 9.
01:04 We've been learning how this book so amply applies
01:08 to our time, the time that we're living in right now
01:12 during this time of great judgment.
01:14 You know, we often quote Proverbs 9 and verse 10
01:18 where we read, "The fear of the Lord
01:21 is the beginning of wisdom."
01:22 But seldom do we hear quoted Proverbs 8:13,
01:27 where we see that "The fear of the Lord is to hate evil."
01:31 Did you hear it?
01:32 "The fear of the Lord is to hate evil."
01:35 Ezekiel Chapters 8 and 9, let's us know the results
01:39 of those who are choosing evil over righteousness
01:43 and it's not the result that most of us
01:46 would conscientiously make.
01:48 However the enemy has so venomed us,
01:52 that what is truly right and what is truly wrong
01:56 that we're so confused that daily we're making
01:58 choices with little or no thought
02:01 of the resulting consequences.
02:04 And here it is, it's found in one,
02:07 just one place in the Book of Revelation
02:09 Chapter 20 and verse 10.
02:11 We read there, it says that,
02:13 "The devil who deceived them was cast
02:17 into the lake of fire and brimstone,
02:19 where the beast and the false prophet are,
02:22 and they shall be tormented
02:23 day and night for ever and ever."
02:27 Friends, friends, isn't it time that we wake up
02:30 out of our spiritual sleep and realize that there are
02:34 consequences to every choice that we make.
02:37 We pray that you will hear God's voice
02:40 speaking to your heart today.
02:42 And that you will choose to allow God to come in
02:45 and take full control of your heart.
02:47 But before Pastor Kenny Shelton presents
02:50 today's message, we are so blessed
02:52 to listen to Brother Ron Woolsey as he plays
02:56 "Cleanse Me and I Will Serve Thee"
02:58 from the 3ABN Worship Center.
03:03 [Music]
07:58 Thank you for joining us today, praise God.
08:00 I know you are blessed with that beautiful song
08:02 by Brother Ron, and what a talent God has given him,
08:05 he's using it for God's honor and for His glory.
08:09 And we're glad that you joined us today
08:11 and as always as we bring the word of God
08:13 into your home or wherever
08:15 it's at that you're receiving today.
08:17 I pray that you will be in the,
08:18 the attitude of prayer because this is
08:21 the third part, the last part of this series,
08:24 "Slay Utterly Old and Young."
08:27 Discussing Ezekiel Chapter 8, 9,
08:29 and how it pertains to God's last day people,
08:32 oh it's such an important message and I can't say
08:35 this is more important than the first or the
08:36 second but oh, don't miss this part.
08:40 We pray the Holy Spirit of God
08:42 will be in our hearts and in our minds.
08:43 Let's pray right now, shall we.
08:46 Always remember before you study the word of God,
08:48 get down on your knees and ask the Holy Spirit
08:50 to come, just like we're gonna do right now
08:52 and I know the Holy Spirit will honor that request.
08:54 Let's pray together.
08:57 Merciful Father in heaven,
08:58 we pray for the annoying of Thy Holy Spirit,
09:01 and pray for the forgiveness of sin,
09:03 we ask that You would cover us by the blood of Jesus.
09:05 May we hear from heaven, may we understand
09:07 the importance of this message
09:09 and how it pertains to us as God's last day people.
09:13 Lord, help us we pray in the name of Jesus,
09:16 as You bless each and everyone who hears,
09:18 who sees, has somehow access to this message,
09:22 that the Holy Spirit will just convince them
09:23 the time is near even at the door, in Jesus name, amen.
09:30 Again as always I say, keep your Bible,
09:32 pencil, and paper as we, we cover some
09:34 very, very important things now.
09:36 Again if you missed the second part,
09:38 you say well I've got the first and I missed
09:39 the second and, you know,
09:40 we're just now doing the third.
09:42 But remember we have these things available
09:44 so you're gonna have to give us a call,
09:45 you have comments or questions always do it.
09:47 There's a lot of people sending a lot of stuff in,
09:50 they're giving me so much information,
09:51 it's gonna take me months to try to go over.
09:53 So don't get discouraged if you send things
09:56 that takes a little while for the response to come back.
09:58 Please don't get discouraged 'cause,
10:00 you know, you're not the only one that's sending
10:01 and that's good, we want comments,
10:03 we want questions and we will be answering
10:05 those things by the word of God.
10:07 Now we're gonna go over part two
10:09 that we covered and I've got all about
10:11 I think eight points, I've jotted down here.
10:13 So in case you miss part two, here's kind of the,
10:15 what it is, the total package here.
10:17 Number one, a line is being drawn between
10:21 those who serve God and those who serve themselves.
10:24 Very simple, two classes of people.
10:26 Line is being drawn, you're gonna be serving God
10:28 or you're gonna be serving yourself.
10:30 Point number two, we made in our study,
10:32 the law of God right now is becoming more and more
10:35 disrespected and rejected than ever before
10:39 in the history of this world.
10:41 Number three, justice is going to strike,
10:44 you can count on it, for God has a hatred for sin.
10:48 It is intense, we found out,
10:50 and it's what, it's overwhelming.
10:52 Point number four, God's angels are at work,
10:56 His judgments are in the land
10:58 and they will continue to increase
11:00 until Jesus shall come.
11:02 So all the stuff that's going on in the world,
11:04 please use the mind that God has given you and say,
11:07 Oh, yes, these are signs that He's coming back,
11:10 He's trying to get our attention.
11:12 Point number five, inequity is found
11:16 among those who claim, listen,
11:19 inequity is found among those
11:21 who claim to have all of heaven's light.
11:24 This is part of the message of Ezekiel Chapter 9,
11:27 those who claim to know what truth is,
11:29 there is inequity that is found
11:31 and God is going to sort it out.
11:33 God's gonna say, dig deep and find out what's going on
11:36 and changes are going to have to be made.
11:39 Number six, things,
11:41 we found this out, people anything that is
11:44 dedicated to God becomes what?
11:46 Holy, we're going to be a holy people.
11:49 Things that you had, whether you know
11:50 in ministries whatever God has allowed you to have
11:53 is holy unto God and there is a difference between
11:56 that which is holy and that which is common,
11:59 please don't try to mix the two together
12:01 you're gonna have problems.
12:03 Remember we discussed Belshazzar, you remember,
12:06 sure you do, in the book of Daniel
12:07 and the judgments fell upon him.
12:09 Number seven, men, and just say,
12:13 just the human race right here,
12:14 is going to receive the condemnation of God,
12:18 notice these three things.
12:20 If they have neglected the opportunity
12:22 to know what truth is, you say well they did this,
12:25 they were out doing.
12:26 If you just neglect the opportunity
12:28 to know what truth is, we're going to be
12:30 condemned in the judgment.
12:32 Point number two, we learned.
12:33 Because we, we will be condemned because
12:35 we did not use what God placed around us
12:38 to help make us Christians, you know,
12:41 people touching people, literature,
12:44 invitations to accept Jesus, come to church.
12:47 And number three, we will be weighed in the balances
12:50 of the sanctuary and we will be found wanting if,
12:55 please listen to this very carefully.
12:56 We're going to be weighed in the balances,
12:58 we're going to be found
12:59 wanting if we are living in known sin.
13:06 Weighed in the balances, you know what happens
13:08 when we're weighed in the balances
13:10 and we're found wanting,
13:11 we found as we study Belshazzar.
13:14 Will you hear these words today?
13:16 Will you hear, will you understand
13:18 that we're going to be weighed,
13:19 everyone of us, whether we want to
13:22 or whether we don't, we're going to be weighed.
13:25 Please keep that in your, in your mind.
13:27 And will it be pronounced you're found wanting,
13:29 that means you're not gonna go to heaven.
13:33 Friend, there is really no reason for us to be found
13:35 wanting when Jesus wants to be on our side.
13:39 He wants us to be part of the family of God.
13:41 He's made preparations for us to go to heaven.
13:44 Now I want you to listen very, very carefully
13:45 this statement and again I,
13:47 I read this little book called Testimonies
13:49 to Ministers, you know, Spirit of Prophecy book,
13:51 some of you are not familiar with it,
13:52 with the terminology and different thing.
13:54 But listen, it is a beautiful book
13:56 and gives councils to ministers
13:58 or really anyone who wants to read it.
14:00 And I read this here and I thought,
14:01 man how it makes it, it's a warning
14:03 to not to be deceived, why?
14:05 Because we talked to people day in and day out
14:08 and they're always saying, Oh, I'm a Christian,
14:10 I love Jesus with all of my heart and boy,
14:12 I tell you, you know, whatever Jesus,
14:14 whatever He wants we're gonna do,
14:15 we're gonna about.
14:16 Except when you say, well how about
14:17 let's keep the commandments of God.
14:19 We need to be obedient to Him.
14:21 All of a sudden you hear all kind of things
14:23 come out of their mouth.
14:25 You know, Lord, help us here
14:27 and not just when we're out
14:29 on the street doing all kind of things.
14:30 But I want you to listen to these things
14:32 I'm getting ready to read.
14:34 It starts out like this, let no one deceive
14:37 His soul in this matter.
14:39 This, what we're getting ready to read, it says,
14:41 whether you are a child of God
14:43 or you're a child of the devil.
14:45 And I believe we need to get down to it.
14:46 Notice what it says,
14:48 "No one deceive his soul in this matter.
14:50 If you harbor pride."
14:53 If there is anyone that's harboring pride today,
14:55 if there is anyone was self-esteem.
14:58 You ever meet anybody like that.
15:00 "If you have a love even in your heart
15:02 for supremacy, you're gonna say now
15:04 you're thinking of running around adultery,
15:06 you're thinking about killing, and stealing
15:08 and you know drugging and but listen here,
15:11 all you have to have is you harbor pride in your heart.
15:14 Nobody else may know it, but you know God knows it.
15:17 Self-esteem, oh, you're just sustaining yourself
15:19 higher than everybody else.
15:21 If you have a love for supremacy,
15:23 you remember all these things we're talking about
15:24 the disciples had the problems Love for what?
15:28 Supremacy, vain glory,
15:30 had you thought about this vain glory.
15:32 Listen, listen, somebody listen carefully.
15:34 It, that means excessive, excessive vanity.
15:41 See sometime you can take 30 minutes to get dressed
15:43 and other times you can take three hours,
15:44 I think you're doing a little excessive vanity, no.
15:47 Lord, help me right out here about this one.
15:49 Unholy ambition, do you have unholy ambition,
15:53 where it's ambition that's not, you know,
15:55 really goes along with the word of God,
15:58 it's all about self, it's all,
16:00 it doesn't matter who you step on
16:01 and what you do in order to make a name for yourself.
16:04 If you're a murmur, think about this.
16:06 Have you murmured?
16:08 What happened to children of Israel?
16:10 They murmured against God, they murmured against
16:12 those who were in-charge and you know what?
16:14 They didn't go to the land of milk and honey.
16:16 God's telling us, if we're murmurs, if we're discontent.
16:20 If we have bitterness in our hearts,
16:23 are you bitter against someone?
16:25 Oh, they've done you wrong,
16:26 no doubt about it, but you can't be bitter.
16:28 We've got to have the forgiveness
16:30 and only Jesus can do that through us,
16:32 He can live in our hearts and He can make us
16:33 where we can, we can love that person.
16:36 How about evil speaking?
16:37 Now there's still on this article
16:38 I'm talking about here.
16:39 Testimonies to Ministers, 441,
16:42 evil, have you been evil speaking about someone.
16:45 Have you been lying, how about deception,
16:48 slandering, spreading what?
16:51 False thoughts, falsehoods,
16:53 hurting someone's reputation, that's what slandering is.
16:56 Listen if you have these things
16:58 that we've talked about here, article says notice,
17:00 and you have not Christ abiding in your heart.
17:04 And the evidence shows that you have the mind
17:08 and the character of Satan.
17:11 You have the mind and the character of Satan,
17:13 if you're lying and if you're deception,
17:15 you're slandering, vain glory, unholy ambition.
17:18 You got pride in your heart,
17:20 that's not the character of Jesus Christ.
17:22 So it's time for self examination,
17:24 if we had just one of these many things
17:27 that was mentioned here just quickly many, many more.
17:30 But if you had just one of those things,
17:31 it's not the mind of Christ,
17:32 you don't have the spirit of Christ, it say,
17:34 not Christ who was meek and lowly of heart.
17:38 You see we have, we either have
17:40 the enemy's character or we have what?
17:43 Good, Christ's character.
17:44 No, there is no in between,
17:46 we must have a Christian character that is
17:49 developed and that will stand the test.
17:53 Whatever test comes your way,
17:54 we've got to have that true character of Jesus Christ.
17:57 And I say this to you today and I say it to myself.
18:01 I say it to the movement.
18:03 There must be a thorough conversion
18:06 among each one who claims to believe the truth.
18:10 There's got to be some changes or they're going to,
18:13 they will fall in the day of God. Why?
18:17 Because we're going to be weighed in the balances,
18:19 we're going to have to have fire proof robes on.
18:23 The robe of His righteousness,
18:25 dear friends, or if we've got these material that's,
18:28 you know, a little bit of heat put on it
18:30 and it burst into flames, we're in trouble.
18:33 We've got to have a character, dear friends,
18:35 that when we're thrown into the furnace
18:37 of affliction, notice that, we're going to be consumed
18:41 if we do not have the robe of Christ righteousness on.
18:44 And so desperately do we need that.
18:47 We're going to be identified as a counterfeit Christian.
18:51 You may be fooling people today,
18:52 but you're not fooling God.
18:54 God says, you know, in the Book of Isaiah 48 verse 10,
18:57 He says, "I've chosen you,
18:59 I've chosen you through the furnace of affliction."
19:03 How does He chooses,
19:04 through the furnace of affliction,
19:05 we're going to have to go through those fires
19:08 and through those trials and through those tests?
19:11 You see as we look today the God's people,
19:14 God's people must reach a, a higher standard
19:17 than ever before, what does that really mean,
19:19 to reach a higher standard?
19:21 You know Jeremiah 51, the Bible says in verse 27,
19:25 "The council is to set up a standard,"
19:29 think with me, "Set up standard in the land,"
19:32 and then when you set the standard up, what do you do?
19:35 Bible says, "Blow a trumpet."
19:37 So there's to be a standard in the land.
19:39 What standard has to be God's law, you know that,
19:42 we're all gonna be judged by that
19:43 perfect law of liberty, we're to set it up
19:45 and then we're to call attention to it.
19:47 So God's people, they are challenged
19:50 to reach a higher standard than ever before. Why?
19:53 Because we are called to be a holy nation,
19:57 we are called to be holy people,
19:59 we're called to be a peculiar people,
20:03 a chosen generation, the Bible talks about.
20:06 A people who lift up the commandments of God
20:10 and that people who are zealous of good works.
20:14 As a child of God, you're not just anybody.
20:18 You're part of the family of God,
20:19 He's chosen you, you are a vessel to Him,
20:22 and you're holy unto the Lord.
20:24 And He requires that of us if heaven
20:26 is going to be our home.
20:28 Now have you noticed, have you noticed this?
20:30 It's pretty difficult, this isn't my opinion,
20:34 you throw it out if you want to,
20:36 this is my opinion, it's very difficult to,
20:39 to see the difference between those who serve God
20:42 and those who serve the world today.
20:44 Have you noticed that?
20:46 You can hardly really tell, a Christian walking down
20:48 the street and a worldly walking down the street,
20:50 they kind of dress alike, and they kind of look alike,
20:52 and they talk alike, and, oh, dear friends, why is that?
20:56 There must be a golf between the two,
21:00 such a separation between those who serve God
21:04 and the world today and there is not, you know, why?
21:07 Because the characters of each class are close to the same.
21:14 Listen, our characters have to be -- we just talked to,
21:17 my wife and I last night, to a man who was headed down
21:22 the wrong path, he said himself,
21:24 I'm going to hell, had no intention to serving God,
21:28 he had been in his back of his mind and he wanted to serve
21:30 and he wanted to do but he's just going down
21:32 the wrong path and boy, he was going fast.
21:34 And he was working for about Central Illinois
21:37 or northern part there, anyway he was,
21:38 I think a UPS man and delivering
21:40 a package to a door.
21:42 Had no intention to change in his life.
21:45 He goes, he knocks on the door.
21:47 And a lady comes and opens a door,
21:48 he looks to that lady and he said,
21:51 there was a glow on her face, there was something about,
21:54 never met her before, didn't know who she was,
21:56 she was a kind of a clean nice neat lady,
21:58 but there was something glowing out of her, her face.
22:02 And he said, I looked upon that and I said,
22:04 I want whatever she has.
22:08 There was something about the love of Jesus
22:10 that was coming through.
22:12 That changed that man's life forever many, many years ago.
22:17 Just testimony, a look, he went directly home
22:19 he told his wife, honey,
22:21 we're going to go to church next week,
22:23 she likely passed out. What?
22:26 We're going to go to church, I've seen something that
22:29 I want that's different.
22:32 Oh, do you see what I'm talking about here.
22:34 The world has to see something different in you and in me.
22:37 If not why, why would they want togo to church?
22:39 Why would they want to make a change?
22:42 Let Jesus come through and I tell you
22:43 it's gonna change your life.
22:45 I tell you know, there's a powerful
22:49 convincing evidence, let's just say this.
22:51 If you're, if you're weighing it out and you say
22:52 am I really a child of God and you know,
22:54 I need to weigh it out.
22:56 Here's some convincing evidence
22:58 that you are a child of God.
23:00 Now, I've called it this, and I need to move,
23:02 oh, there's so much material today.
23:03 But I've called it and listen, CCDL.
23:08 CCDL, where do you find that?
23:10 Well, conversation,
23:15 compassion, now think about desire, and love.
23:21 Think about just these four things.
23:23 Where is your conversation?
23:26 The Bible says it needs to be what? In heaven.
23:28 How is your compassion for others?
23:32 Do you have any compassion,
23:33 just thinking about yourself all the time.
23:36 What kind of desires do you have?
23:40 And what kind of love do you show to others.
23:44 See most people to be honest even as Christians
23:46 all you think about is yourself.
23:48 You don't have time to do anything for anybody else
23:50 because you're too busy doing it for yourself.
23:54 Also somebody said, oh, the pastor's rebuking us today.
23:57 Well, all right, take it that way 'cause I think I am.
24:00 But, you know, we dealt with love because what,
24:02 that's what this motivating factor is about.
24:04 What I'm talking about is not popular, never will be.
24:07 People's not gonna wanna hear it,
24:08 unless you are a converted person
24:11 and it will ring true in your ears and you'll say,
24:12 oh, thank you, Lord, for that.
24:15 talks about our,
24:17 our conversation must be in heaven.
24:20 So think about it.
24:22 Is the things that you talk about is it heavenly things,
24:25 is it desire of heavenly desires?
24:28 The compassion you have come straight
24:29 from the throne room of God,
24:30 that's you have for other people,
24:31 your love for evangelism, your love for souls.
24:37 That's such a contrast to that of the wicked
24:40 that we were talking about a while ago.
24:42 In fact Second Peter 2:17 makes this comment,
24:45 it just, you know, take time and look all these things up,
24:48 we can't go into detail on everything.
24:50 But it talks about here,
24:51 "The filthy conversation of the wicked."
24:54 So the conversation of what? A Christian should be holy.
24:59 It can be tapped into at anytime
25:01 and you won't be embarrassed, are you still with me?
25:03 You have somebody getting on your computer
25:05 and they're not gonna, oh, boy, yeah I'm meddling now.
25:09 And you're not going to be embarrassed
25:10 your conservation is godly.
25:14 But the Bible says,
25:15 "You have the filthy conversation of the wicked."
25:17 Now we come down to where I say the rubber meets the road,
25:20 I'm kind of guy when I get
25:21 into the car, I'm gonna take off.
25:23 There comes a time when you just
25:24 kind of spin in your tires, no.
25:26 I say, rubber needs to meet the road
25:27 we need to get down to it.
25:29 And that means comparing spiritual things
25:31 with the spiritual.
25:33 That's what we need to do, spiritual things with what?
25:36 Spiritual. In this vision we've been talking about,
25:39 this is our third part remember of Ezekiel 8
25:41 and basically focusing on 9.
25:44 Everyone is going to die, destroying angel
25:47 had the weapon in their hand, is that right? Sure.
25:50 And ready to destroy what?
25:52 Old and the young, everything except
25:56 one little group of people.
25:58 Well, you know what, this pertains to the day
26:01 in which we live just before Jesus comes and it does.
26:04 Primary application is what?
26:06 Sure, Babylon and so on, so forth.
26:08 The secondary application just fits right like a glove
26:11 to the people of God just before
26:13 He comes back to this earth.
26:15 So as God's people then, He's going through
26:17 and He's going to mark them and He's going to seal them
26:22 to go through the time of trouble.
26:24 And He's claiming who is His, you know, this is mine.
26:27 Well, lo and, then poor illustration if you will,
26:30 but you remember in the old Wild, Wild West,
26:32 if you had cattle and horses, what did you do?
26:36 Some of you are chuckling, I know,
26:37 they were brand, they were marked.
26:39 So that they would, so they would know
26:42 what belonged to them.
26:43 God is marking what belongs to Him.
26:46 He is marking his territory today.
26:48 And friend, I'm telling, we need to be on God's side.
26:51 This is what it's all about today.
26:55 We need Christ reigning in the heart as never, never before.
27:00 You know, except if we don't have that mark,
27:04 if we don't have the seal of God.
27:08 And you know somebody would say,
27:09 I don't know what it is, that's all right.
27:12 I don't know what the mark is, I don't know what the seal is,
27:14 what does all this stand for?
27:17 Friend, that's what we're discussing,
27:18 we want to finish it before this hour's up.
27:22 Now, remember Ezekiel Chapter 9,
27:23 we've established there was a man in what?
27:26 Clothed in linen.
27:28 He had a inkhorn, in other words he had a,
27:30 you know, some ink and so he was marking
27:32 certain things here.
27:34 He was from heaven, so allow me to do this,
27:36 said he had linen also, I'm saying what kind of linen
27:39 did he have on, was it colorful linen?
27:41 What does it represent?
27:43 And we looked if it's from heaven it must be pure,
27:45 it must be what?
27:46 It must be white linen, you say,
27:48 well, I don't know why?
27:50 Because white is the symbol of holiness,
27:54 Ecclesiastes 9:8 says this,
27:56 "Let thy garments be always white."
28:00 The robe of what, Christ's righteousness
28:02 and that word there in the Greek,
28:04 what is it talking about, or in the Hebrew,
28:06 it talks about here that is a, it's dazzling bright,
28:10 it has a sheen to it.
28:12 Is that the kind of garment that you have on today
28:14 or you have the world's garment on?
28:17 In Revelation 3 verse 4,
28:19 you're jotting these things down.
28:20 Jesus said, notice this, Jesus said,
28:22 "For they shall walk with me in white,"
28:25 those who walk with Jesus through eternity
28:27 He is going to be walking what? In white.
28:30 Revelation 7:14, the Bible brings out.
28:34 He says this, please listen carefully,
28:36 He said that we, Brother Jim,
28:39 "we are made white in the blood of the Lamb."
28:44 You see, we need to put our own name in there,
28:47 you're made white by what?
28:48 By the Blood of the Lamb and so they gets clear
28:51 Revelation 19 verse 8 says,
28:53 "And there was granted that she should be arrayed,"
28:56 God's people the church, in what?
28:58 "In fine linen, clean and white
29:01 the Bible says for the fine linen," is the what?
29:05 "The righteousness of the saints."
29:08 Wow! That's makes it pretty clear doesn't it?
29:12 So, this man in fine linen, he had a,
29:14 he had a marker indelibly put, an inkhorn on his side.
29:20 But notice he was commissioned to go
29:22 and to mark that which was God's by their sighing
29:26 and their crying for the abominations
29:28 that be done in the land, in the church.
29:32 You willing to stand up and call sin by its right name,
29:34 God requires it of you.
29:38 He's going to be marking those who are,
29:41 who'd gained victory over sin in their life by Jesus Christ.
29:46 Heaven can only be our home as we've gained victory.
29:48 Sin will not inherit, you know,
29:50 the Kingdom of God again.
29:52 And so he's gonna be marking those who've gained victory
29:54 through His power, through His strength and through His life.
29:58 And those who are willing to say,
30:00 this is wrong in the church, why?
30:02 Because God says so, not because
30:04 a committee says so, not because
30:06 so and so says so, because the word of God says it is.
30:10 Will people get angry, you better believe it,
30:12 you either have somebody angry with you,
30:13 a man down here or God?
30:14 You make a choice.
30:16 Now a book called Three Testimonies 266,
30:18 I want you notice this, "In the closing work
30:20 of the church we realize that the work is coming
30:23 to a close right now, in the sealing timev
30:26 or the markings time, stamping time,
30:28 are you putting it together of the 144,000 who will stand
30:33 without fault before the throne of God."
30:36 Notice this, "They will feel most deeply
30:39 the wrongs of God's professed people."
30:43 The 144,000, those who are living in the side of a God,
30:46 you said Holy God without a mediator,
30:48 they're going to be feeling the what?
30:50 Sins in the church, it's got to go,
30:52 it's insulting to God and we need that victory.
30:56 But I can tell you this, dear friends,
30:57 the ones who will not receive the mark of God,
30:59 remember if you don't have the mark of God,
31:01 you don't know what-- how you know,
31:02 how you're gonna go?
31:05 How are you gonna make it?
31:06 Ones who's not going to receive,
31:08 I can tell this dear friends, are the ones
31:10 who are excusing wrongs in the church today.
31:12 They're not going to receive the Seal of God,
31:14 God can't approve of that.
31:17 And, you know, ones who are not going
31:18 to be sealed of God are those who--
31:19 I want you to just think about this
31:21 just for a moment with me.
31:23 Are the ones that try to hinder the ones that God
31:26 has called to rebuke wrong in the church?
31:29 There's people who try to stand in the way and stop it.
31:32 God's not gonna approve of that, why?
31:33 Because He's called them to do it,
31:35 they don't want to do it necessarily.
31:37 They know it's not popular, it's heavy on their heart
31:41 but God demands if they do it,
31:43 He's given His people a chance.
31:46 And I tell you some of us are not going to receive
31:47 the seal of the living God if you are a sympathizer
31:50 with those who commit wrongs and you know that they do,
31:53 and you're patting them on the heads say,
31:54 well, you know, God loves you
31:56 and God's gonna save, he's not gonna save us
31:57 in that mess and in sin.
31:59 We cannot sympathize, we can have pity for them
32:02 just like Jesus, dear friends,
32:03 but we need to encourage them to do the right thing.
32:07 This is heavy duty that we're talking about here,
32:10 and the statement in Ezekiel 9 just starts coming alive to me
32:14 as we see this man in the linen and we see the,
32:17 with these slaughtering weapons in their hand,
32:19 they're raising it up and it just like huh!
32:21 God wouldn't do that, he said
32:23 "Slay Utterly the Old and the Young and Children
32:26 and Everybody who doesn't have the mark on them."
32:30 You see Christ's blood as we studied for,
32:32 Christ's blood must be upon the door post of the heart,
32:37 you studied when it was put over the door post,
32:38 you know, of the homes,
32:40 destroying angel had to pass by.
32:41 The blood of Jesus Christ on the door post of our hearts,
32:45 dear friends, but these people were crying and what, sighing.
32:50 For the abominations that were done, why?
32:52 Because they have a love for purity,
32:54 God's last day people are gonna have a love for purity.
32:57 They're jealous for the sake of God,
33:00 they're not gonna stand for the cause of Christ
33:04 and they will be hated I can tell you in the world today,
33:06 look at Jesus, look at disciples,
33:07 look at, you know, the reformers,
33:09 look at what happened to the people that love Jesus--and,
33:12 not saying they're nice, is jealous a righteous jealous.
33:17 So we have a couple of groups as you well know,
33:18 just two groups.
33:20 Those who don't see the difference between
33:22 sin and righteousness,
33:25 they don't see the difference between sin and righteousness,
33:27 it's like they mingle all together
33:28 and they have no idea and they said,
33:30 oh that seems right, well this is not too bad,
33:32 you know, what do mean too bad?
33:33 Sin is sin, minute little detail,
33:37 if it's not right you don't say,
33:38 it's like a white lie, there's no such thing.
33:41 We deceive someone it's a lie,
33:42 the liar is gonna be outside the world,
33:43 we need to learn to start telling the truth.
33:47 People of God today, dear friend,
33:49 had to love purity, they have a clear understanding
33:52 of what the sinfulness of sin and what it's cost.
33:57 Oh, friend, when you realize what sin
33:59 had caused to this world, oh, every death disease all,
34:04 all this contributed to sin.
34:08 God understands it better than all of us,
34:10 but He wants His people to understand that
34:12 He nailed His son to the cross, why?
34:16 Because His law was unchangeable,
34:18 Calvary proves that because He had to go what?
34:21 And die because he couldn't change His laws.
34:25 Although people saying it's changed, that is not so.
34:28 Cross of Calvary is the best defense,
34:30 an argument that they could ever be put forward,
34:33 that God's word stands fast and sure.
34:38 Talks about receiving a mark and a seal.
34:41 Now remember, this is signifying
34:43 if you have the mark or the seal,
34:44 it's signifying approval of God and I tell you right now
34:47 I want the approval of God, how about you?
34:49 I need the approval of God, I desire that,
34:52 my conversation then has to be such,
34:54 my life has to be such,
34:57 it's not what you are around people,
34:58 who are you at home by yourself.
35:01 Who are you when no one knows you?
35:05 See Revelation Chapter 7, we have time to read all of that,
35:07 we can because there is a sealing, you remember?
35:10 God said, "Hold back the winds of strive."
35:12 Listen, until I have what?
35:14 "Until I have sealed my servants in their forehead."
35:17 That's gonna be ownership.
35:20 Can He put this seal, His approval on you right now
35:23 as He looks at you, if not, why not?
35:25 What is it that would stop God from putting His
35:27 hand of approval upon you right now or me?
35:31 You probably know what it is and it needs
35:33 to be changed if it's wrong, whatever it is.
35:37 But this mark, this seal, these words are,
35:41 are used interchangeably in scripture,
35:43 please remember that.
35:45 But it goes much deeper than what many, many people think.
35:49 They want to make, the devil wants to get us off
35:51 of this subject that I'm talking about,
35:52 approval for the kingdom of God for eternity
35:55 and other people want to say, well, oh, you know,
35:56 I understand about the sealing message,
35:58 they'll say something like this,
36:00 I'm sealed and I've been marked by the Holy Spirit.
36:04 Well, praise God, that's good but there is much more.
36:07 Much more than that, I'll just say a few words
36:10 about that, maybe it will help, hopefully that will.
36:13 The word seal here we're talking about there in
36:16 Ephesians 1 verse 13, where it says,
36:18 "Sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise."
36:20 Oh, that's good, oh, we need that.
36:22 But remember we've got to dig deep,
36:26 the devil get--carefully you understand that part of it,
36:28 he didn't want you to understand
36:29 what I'm getting ready talk about here.
36:31 So the word sealed here in the Greek
36:33 means to stamp a private mark,
36:37 stay with me, for security reasons,
36:43 for preservation, to protect, say that's good.
36:47 So we see then what the Holy Spirit is necessary
36:50 so that we might receive what?
36:52 Might receive of the truth in John 16:13, you remember,
36:56 "What is the function of the Holy Spirit?"
36:58 He said, I will lead and guide you what?
36:59 Into good, all truth, truth sanctifies,
37:04 truth sets your apart, truth changes your life.
37:07 Not an error, not a lie, you think the devil,
37:10 he's interested in the scripture
37:12 and he's trying to lead people away from the truth
37:13 that will change your heart and change you
37:15 into the image of Jesus Christ.
37:18 What is it talking about here in Ephesians 1:13
37:21 where people say this is what it means
37:23 and I'm not worried about the seal of the living God?
37:26 They think that it's the Holy Spirit,
37:27 which we desperately need.
37:29 It's talking about our salvation,
37:31 you read that in Romans 1 verse 16,
37:34 it talks about the truth of the gospel,
37:37 it's talking about our, is our salvation.
37:40 And Jesus is the way, the Bible says,
37:42 the truth and the live in John 14 verse 6,
37:46 you say, man, that's good we need it,
37:48 we need conversion, we need changes in our life.
37:52 You see it is the Spirit, the Holy Spirit that seals us,
37:56 who identifies those who are His.
38:00 Who, who, who identifies?
38:02 The Holy Spirit identifies if you are a child of God today.
38:06 The Holy Spirit knows if you are a child,
38:07 if you're not a child of God
38:09 and you want to be a child of God,
38:10 you've got to commit.
38:12 And that's a whole being, friend, it's not just part,
38:15 it's not part time, it's not just on,
38:17 you know, when I go to church and I want to be,
38:19 it's all the time, it's all or nothing.
38:21 God's calling His children, His people today.
38:25 You say, well, I don't-- the spirit does the sealing
38:27 so there is a sealing process
38:29 and it's more than just accepting Jesus, isn't it?
38:31 I'm going to point that out notice what is--
38:33 Second Timothy 2:19 it says, listen,
38:35 the foundation of God standeth sure, the what?
38:40 Foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal.
38:46 Foundation of God standeth sure,
38:47 it has what this seal and it says,
38:50 the Lord, somebody is not with me,
38:53 "And the Lord knoweth who are his."
38:56 So if the Lord knows who's his by power of the Spirit,
38:58 the Spirit is sealing.
38:59 Notice this and it says, let everyone that nameth
39:03 the name of Christ depart, from what? From iniquity.
39:08 The ones who will be sealed are those who what?
39:10 By the grace and the power of God
39:12 had departed from what?
39:14 From iniquity, from sin,
39:16 they can't be sealed with it in their life,
39:18 I can't be sealed with it.
39:20 See the passage of Ephesians 1,
39:22 people say, well, sealed by the Holy Spirit
39:23 that's all there is to know.
39:24 This passage deals with the sealing of the Holy Spirit
39:28 in connection with conversion and baptism,
39:31 it's good, but that's not all there is you see.
39:34 The devil doesn't want us to dig deep.
39:37 You remember what he said to, remember what he said
39:39 to Ezekiel in vision, when he saw all of these
39:42 abominations are going on in the temple.
39:44 He said, dig deep and see,
39:48 we've got to dig deep in the word of God.
39:51 Good foundation, a good start here, but oh, friends,
39:54 you want to do some more study, parallel in the Bible,
39:57 study Revelation Chapter 7, Revelation Chapter 15,
40:01 Revelation Chapter 16 you'll see close parallels
40:04 to what I'm talking about it.
40:05 We can't go into all that today.
40:07 What is the seal?
40:08 What is the mark of God based upon?
40:12 Because we need the Holy Spirit inside,
40:14 we need to be sealed by Spirit of God.
40:15 But what is, what is the mark?
40:17 What would be the stamp that God puts upon that
40:20 which is His and He's stamping them for eternity?
40:25 Well, remember in Book of Revelation
40:27 and also in Ezekiel.
40:29 Listen, the seal of God, listen,
40:32 this will frighten some, you, you're not going to get it,
40:34 but I'm gonna say it again, again until we get it,
40:37 the seal, Revelation and Ezekiel, the seal
40:40 and the mark is based upon character qualifications,
40:46 who you are, is that make sense?
40:49 It's our characters, they must be like what?
40:52 Like Jesus before He comes.
40:55 He's not gonna take the sinful to heaven,
40:57 He can't do it, we have the mess up there,
40:58 we got, we have down here now.
41:00 And so victory is assured to us, so it deals with what?
41:04 Good, character qualifications,
41:06 that's clear in Ezekiel 9 verse 4,
41:08 that's clear in Second Timothy 2:19,
41:10 He knows who is His, as what the Bible says, why?
41:13 And those who are His, they depart from iniquity,
41:16 it's what the Bible says.
41:19 We need to quit this excuse business.
41:21 Well, I know, it says it but, there is no but.
41:25 Think about it, that's the devil, we'll do it,
41:28 but, those who follow Jesus, their lamb
41:32 and may hear his voice, they just, they follow.
41:35 So what is the seal? What is the mark based upon?
41:40 This mark can only be put upon those who, remember
41:42 who've through the power of the Holy Spirit
41:46 reflect the image of Christ.
41:49 Oh, Lord, I need some help, how do you feel about it?
41:53 Oh, need some help, that's the only way
41:56 it can be put on, heaven be our home.
41:58 And this mark, He puts on reflects what?
42:01 His ownership, His kingdom, His name, His address,
42:07 as in ancient times you remember the seal,
42:10 it was an object that testified to what?
42:12 To the ownership, the seal of the King, He owned it.
42:17 He told what He own, who He was?
42:20 So here we have God, He is the creator of what?
42:24 Of heaven and Earth,
42:25 oh friends, we're directed to go back
42:27 to the God of creation just before Jesus comes.
42:31 One of the messages of Revelation 14,
42:34 a few people will be giving before Jesus comes
42:36 go back and worship the one who made heaven and Earth
42:38 and the sea and the fountains and waters.
42:41 There are a group of people that are doing it now,
42:44 because they realize the urgency of the hour,
42:46 they realize their sin in the church,
42:47 realize sin in individual's life
42:49 and it's going to have to go.
42:52 A group of people give this warning
42:53 oh, if you haven't read, bless your heart,
42:55 Revelation 14, read just verse 6 and 7.
42:59 It said, "We're to fear God and give glory to him
43:01 for the hour of His judgment is come.
43:03 Worship him that made heaven and earth,
43:05 and the sea, and the fountains."
43:06 What? Go back to creation,
43:08 we go back to the God, who's the creator.
43:12 He's begging us, and he's apleading us to go back.
43:17 He said why, because we're in the hour of God's judgment,
43:21 the world doesn't know we're in the judgment hour,
43:24 they didn't know it at the time of the flood
43:26 that they have a certain amount of time
43:27 and that probation was gonna close
43:28 and that was it for the world,
43:30 it's gonna happen again,
43:31 oh, it's just so near even the door.
43:33 So we must conclude just quickly try to run over
43:35 some high points here of the seal, or the mark of God.
43:39 The one that the destroying angel must,
43:42 must not do anything to because they belong to God.
43:46 It's a mark, remember on the forehead
43:48 which only angels can see, not human eyes.
43:54 It is a mark of redemption, it's a remark
43:58 that have been covered by the blood of the Lamb.
44:00 Have you been covered by the Lamb, by His blood.
44:04 Number two, important part,
44:06 this mark can only be put upon, once again,
44:09 those who separate from what?
44:11 Sin and sinners, we're not willing in the world,
44:15 we've spend too much time in the world,
44:16 too much time with sin and sinners
44:18 and we become like them
44:19 and we can't tell a difference anymore.
44:21 God's saying don't do that.
44:24 "Come apart and be separate, and touch not the unclean,"
44:26 is what the Bible says.
44:27 Oh, it's difficult I know it,
44:30 when you have family and people that you love.
44:31 But dear friends, if heavens are gonna be our home,
44:33 we have to make some choices and they're tough ones.
44:36 And only God can help us.
44:38 The seal of God, dear friend,
44:39 is a settling into the truth or a love for the truth,
44:43 that Second Thessalonians 2 verse 10 talks about.
44:47 Those who are going to be sanctified and go to heaven
44:49 or those who love the truth not just know the truth.
44:53 They're settling into the truth
44:54 that you cannot be moved, though the heavens fall.
44:58 It's an intellectual, it's a spiritual settling
45:01 into the truth that you will not be swayed
45:04 by every wind of doctrine that's blowing
45:06 everywhere today, Ephesians 4:14.
45:09 Are you one of those who come and you hear something,
45:10 oh, that's new, I'm gonna follow it,
45:12 oh that's new I'm gonna follow this over here,
45:13 you don't know what position you have.
45:17 Friend, you're gonna have to know the truth
45:18 and that truth will set you free.
45:23 The mark is not something visibly then,
45:26 because it's-- in the forehead,
45:28 frontal lobes, decision making part of the brain
45:30 you're gonna follow Jesus though the heavens fall,
45:32 you're gonna die for Him if that's what is necessary.
45:35 But there has to be some kind of a visible sign outside
45:38 so that people can know, so the world can know.
45:42 What might that be? Outward sign.
45:47 You say, well, I don't know, I don't know
45:49 what that might be you just, you remember the 10 virgins,
45:53 they all looked alike, they all carried their Bibles,
45:55 you remember all and you couldn't tell
45:56 who was and who wasn't until the test came,
45:59 and then the true ones you see would stand tall for Jesus.
46:04 And so God said, there will be an outward sign
46:06 of the seal of the living God that I will put on them.
46:09 So it's more than just saying I love Jesus like --
46:12 you know, Christians say today.
46:14 It's more than just you know, the action and obedience,
46:17 it's faith and works, doing, but there is a visible sign
46:23 and you know what that sign is?
46:24 It's very simple it's the observance
46:26 of the true Sabbath of the Bible, why?
46:28 Because it tells, goes back to worship who?
46:30 God, the creator of heaven and earth.
46:33 Revelation 12:17, he was angry with the church,
46:36 who kept the commandments of God,
46:37 keep them and have the faith and testimony of Jesus Christ.
46:41 Through the observance of the true Sabbath,
46:43 the seventh day of the week will be the mark,
46:46 I've noticed the mark of the true worshipers
46:49 of God in the last days, why?
46:50 Because the enemy has set up a spurious day.
46:53 Yeah, a lot of people squirm in their seat,
46:55 a lot of people say, I can't take this, dear friends,
46:57 prove it wrong, please prove it wrong if you can.
47:00 This is the great controversy, you either worship God
47:02 who is the creator or you don't
47:05 and you will worship the enemy.
47:08 Seventh day has always been God's appointed day
47:10 of rest and worship, it was established when?
47:13 At creation, but do you know, some of us
47:15 have the nerves to say, well, yeah but things have changed,
47:16 we're not in the old testament, who are you?
47:19 Who am I to say that I can tear out any portions,
47:22 that's right, I get a little excitement about it.
47:24 You think you can just pull it, tear it out,
47:25 part of the scripture and say,
47:26 well that don't pertain to us anymore.
47:28 But my Bible says all scripture is given by inspiration of God.
47:32 Well, it doesn't pertain to us,
47:33 now who said it doesn't pertain.
47:36 Friend, this is what we, the devil is trying
47:38 to blithe our mind when we can't see the simple truth.
47:41 God said that it's a perpetual obligation,
47:44 it's found in the heart of the moral law of God.
47:48 How can anybody say that we believe
47:50 in keeping the commandments of God
47:52 and then when they're questioned say, yeah,
47:53 but nine of them is all that we keep.
47:55 Who has the audacity to do that today, dear friends.
48:00 I do this with a urgency, not trying to judge
48:03 or condemn anybody, but my heart just says how can,
48:06 how can we do this.
48:08 How can we take God out of the commandments,
48:12 how can we take the Creator out,
48:15 and put in something that is false.
48:17 You see why this is only after the death of Christ,
48:20 after the death of the disciples
48:22 that a great apostasy come in,
48:24 I just have a few minutes now I'm gonna go fast.
48:27 That a great apostasy come in and took place.
48:30 And may I just be bold about all those information
48:32 I'll tell you that keep you for days and weeks.
48:36 But after disciples retired to the grave
48:38 and Jesus you know had passed away.
48:40 Of course He rose and went, praise God for that.
48:42 But listen, the old devil had a scheme.
48:46 The first day of the week was placed, right, right,
48:49 just took the place, they said
48:51 of the seventh-day Sabbath why?
48:53 Man substituted it not God, God's word tells
48:57 that there is a great work of importance here
48:59 in the last days there's gonna be a real revival
49:03 of true godliness among His people.
49:06 There's gonna be a great work,
49:08 the real seventh-day Sabbath is gonna be brought
49:10 to the forefront, the seventh day
49:12 of the week before Jesus comes.
49:14 You say, oh, I'm not really sure,
49:15 read Isaiah Chapter 58, 12 and 13 read Isaiah--
49:18 Revelation Chapter 14 and read 6 through 12 if you will,
49:22 read Isaiah 56 verses 1, 2, 6 through 8.
49:26 Great Controversy page 451 and onward to 460.
49:30 Friend, I'm telling you this is the great point,
49:33 sticky point is going to come down
49:34 to who will we worship in the last days.
49:36 There is no doubt about it, seventh-day is the Sabbath
49:39 of the Lord thy God, first day of the week
49:41 the what, the enemy has a substitute.
49:43 God never blessed, He never sanctified,
49:45 He never set it apart.
49:49 Does God have good people, yeah,
49:50 absolutely, He does, but you know what?
49:52 He's calling in the Three Angels Message,
49:54 he's calling people out of Babylon,
49:56 and he said I'm calling what?
49:57 My people who hear my voice
49:59 and they will respond to that call.
50:01 And, dear friend, if you're hearing the voice
50:02 of God today, God saying through the word of the God
50:04 right now we need to come apart.
50:07 The enemy's going to exalt his day and may I just be bold.
50:11 It said, the false day, Sunday as the day of worship.
50:15 You say, well, I'm not sure.
50:16 Revelation Chapter 13,
50:18 Revelation Chapter 14:9 through 12, Daniel 7:25
50:22 when you study the book of Daniel
50:23 and the book of Revelation, you will see,
50:25 it's said that, you know, the little horn power
50:27 he would think to change times and laws, oh stay with me.
50:32 He would think to change times and law,
50:33 how successful will Satan be oh, he's gonna unite, it seems
50:37 he unite the whole world together in his movement.
50:40 And the center piece that he has is what?
50:43 The teaching of Sunday, exalting Sunday as God's day,
50:47 read Revelation 13 verse 8 it says,
50:49 "All the world wondered after the beast and they are those
50:51 whose names are not written in the Lamb's Book of Life."
50:54 Revelation 14 verse 8, Revelation 16 verse 14,
50:57 "Those who worship the beast and his image,"
50:59 Revelation 18 verse 3 goes on and on and on.
51:02 This is going to divide the world into two groups,
51:06 those who love Jesus and those who are
51:08 true and faithful to the commandments of God
51:11 including the seventh-day Sabbath.
51:13 You cannot take one of the commandments out
51:17 and you cannot change them.
51:20 Do you think that you're God? Man.
51:23 Listen, God wrote them with His own finger
51:28 and we think that we can change it
51:31 because he say, well, he rose on Sunday.
51:33 Baptism is a memorial to his resurrection,
51:37 going down in the watery grave and coming back up again,
51:40 nothing to do with the change of the Sabbath.
51:43 You can't give one text, I'm just saying,
51:44 friends, if we can, what is our religion?
51:47 What is our foundation right here?
51:49 Number two, those who accept
51:51 the false Sabbath, a counterfeit.
51:53 Oh, this outward example, the seal of God is
51:57 they will be observing the seventh-day of the week
51:59 and it's still more than that,
52:00 it's character qualification, how is your character today?
52:03 Just have about three minutes left
52:05 and how's your character qualification today?
52:07 Do you love Jesus with all your heart,
52:09 your soul, and your mind?
52:11 Then why aren't we willing to obey him? Why?
52:14 Are you afraid to be different?
52:15 You're afraid of your pay check,
52:16 afraid of your job, what are you afraid of?
52:19 If you really loved Him with all your heart,
52:20 what are you, are you afraid of truth, why?
52:23 The truth will set you free, you'll have peace in the world
52:26 when there is no peace but He can give it to you.
52:30 And I understand many Sabbath keepers are going to abondon
52:33 their faith when the pressure is really applied.
52:38 But let me tell you when the pressure is really applied,
52:40 then you're gonna see the real truth,
52:42 the real genuine is going to remain
52:44 and they will stand and defend God's holy law.
52:48 Which all of us should do in the world today?
52:52 Many people are going to join all over the world
52:54 and different churches are going to come out
52:56 and they're gonna say, oh, yes, this is what
52:57 God wants to do, no one told me, we didn't know,
52:59 let me tell you God's raising a movement now
53:02 that's going to warn the world.
53:04 Judgment begins at the house of God and let me tell you,
53:07 those who've had great light,
53:08 I'm talking you pastors and evangelist,
53:10 and now you've had great light.
53:11 Oh, dear friend, you've stood as guardians of the truth,
53:14 the spiritual leaders of the truth
53:16 but you haven't given them the truth, why?
53:18 Because you wanted your job, I've had people
53:20 tell me that out of the pastors.
53:22 They want their retirement,
53:23 they don't want to create ways,
53:24 they just want to get through, oh,
53:25 you've got to be dedicated by the blood of the Lamb.
53:29 It wasn't popular for them?
53:31 They couldn't stand the pressure
53:32 with family and friends and pride.
53:35 They were spiritual cowards, unfaithful shepherds,
53:41 and they're gonna suffer, they're gonna suffer 10 times
53:42 the amount of a normal person who's lost,
53:46 oh, friend, today, the great controversy.
53:50 It's sinners around the worship of who,
53:53 the Creator or the worship of what?
53:56 Of man, what will it be for you?
54:00 Why not take an open position right now,
54:03 say I'm gonna follow God.
54:05 If you don't, you have to realize that a man in linen,
54:09 Ezekiel 9, he's standing there with a slaughter weapon
54:12 in his hand and you have to have
54:14 that seal of the living God, you've to,
54:16 there's based on what, sailing into the truth, yeah,
54:18 will you not be moved but also what?
54:20 Is there outward evidence of that,
54:22 you keep the commandments of God.
54:23 Blessed are they that do His commandments
54:25 that they may have a right to the tree of life
54:27 and enter in the gates of the city.
54:29 Friend, let's pray about it, I know so much more
54:31 but we need to pray right now.
54:32 Pray as the Holy Spirit's convicting you,
54:34 convicting me of what we need to do here in this last days,
54:37 God help us, have mercy on us
54:39 and let's pray together, shall we?
54:40 Merciful God in heaven, we thank you
54:42 for Your precious word today.
54:43 Oh, it maybe tough for many.
54:45 But I pray that it will somehow
54:46 awaken their senses, their spiritual senses.
54:49 And to be able to question of what's going on
54:51 in their spiritual life and if they're following
54:53 Jesus all the way, help us all to see what truth is,
54:56 thank you for hearing, answering prayer,
54:57 in Jesus name, amen.
55:00 The last few seconds we have, we encourage each one of you
55:03 to be studying your Bible each and everyday.
55:05 You know, don't forget to pray for us,
55:07 we need it desperately here.
55:08 And remember, the means of, he only means of support
55:11 that we have is the free will offerings of God's people,
55:13 we can continue to bring you these programs,
55:15 we love you, thank you for setting aside this time,
55:17 we'll see you next time.
55:21 Hello and we welcome back.
55:23 You know, in closing of what has been a very serious series
55:27 of messages from the book of Ezekiel Chapters 8 or 9,
55:30 I want to share this one encouraging in hopefully
55:34 hopeful statement found in another book
55:37 called The Desire of Ages, page 26 it reads.
55:41 "Our little world, under the curse of sin
55:44 the one dark blot in His glorious creation,
55:48 will be honored above all other worlds
55:50 in the universe of God.
55:52 Here where the Son of God tabernacled in humanity,
55:56 where the King of glory lived and suffered and died,
56:00 here when He shall make all things new."
56:04 Praise the Lord.
56:05 "The tabernacle of God shall be with men,
56:08 and He will dwell with them, and they shall be His people,
56:11 and God himself shall be with them, and be their God."
56:16 We have so very much, friends, to look forward to,
56:20 if we just hold on to God just a little bit longer.
56:24 And as always, friends, we are here to help you,
56:27 here at Behold the Lamb, we want to help you
56:29 in anyway possibly that we can.
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57:46 Friends, until next time, may our precious Lord
57:49 continue to richly bless you and yours.


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