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Is It Time For The Jews To Return? Part 1

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00:41 Hello, and welcome to "Behold the Lamb Presents."
00:44 It's a program that is dedicated to preparing
00:47 a people to be ready for our Lord and Savior's soon return.
00:51 I'm Chris Shelton, your host, and as always it's a blessing
00:54 to be with you today.
00:55 Today's message is the first
00:57 of a two part series that we've entitled,
01:00 "Is it Time for the Jews to Return?"
01:03 You know, many people throughout Christendom,
01:05 as well as various other faiths,
01:07 they have their eyes and their ears
01:08 focused intently on the Jewish people
01:11 and their possible return to Israel.
01:13 Do Biblical time prophecies point to this event,
01:17 and if so, why?
01:18 What is about to happen and how will it affect the Jews?
01:22 Perhaps more importantly, how may it affect us?
01:26 What should we be doing at this time in our world's history?
01:30 There are so many concerns and questions
01:32 that need to be addressed and answered.
01:34 So stay tuned as Pastor Kenny Shelton
01:37 shares with us what God has shared with him.
01:40 But first, we're blessed to listen to
01:43 "How Long Has it Been" as sung and played by
01:46 Lyndon Carriger from the 3ABN's Worship Center.
02:03 How long has it been since you talked with the Lord
02:14 And told him your heart's hidden secrets
02:26 How long since you prayed how long since you stayed
02:37 On your knees till the light shone through
02:50 How long has it been since your mind felt at ease
03:01 How long since your heart knew no burden
03:12 Can you call him your friend how long has it been
03:25 since you knew that he cares for you
03:37 How long has it been since you knelt by your bed
03:47 and prayed to the Lord up in heaven
03:59 How long since you knew that he'd answer you
04:10 And he would keep you the long night through
04:22 Tell me how long has it been since you woke with the dawn
04:33 and felt like the day is worth of living
04:45 Can you call him your friend,
04:51 how long has it been since you knew that he cares.
05:02 Since you knew that Jesus cares
05:07 Oh, since you knew that He cares.
05:13 Oh, since you knew for that Jesus cares
05:18 Oh, yes He does, since you knew
05:22 Oh, since you knew, since you knew, oh
05:34 Since you knew that Jesus cares for you, for you.
06:01 Thank you, for joining us today at Behold the Lamb.
06:03 And we're so very grateful and thankful for that,
06:05 that music, I know it blessed your heart.
06:08 Today, we're going to be studying
06:09 a subject that needs to be examined a whole lot closer
06:14 than maybe you have examined it in the past.
06:17 We're going to be looking about
06:18 and because there's so much stir in the world today,
06:21 is it time for the Jews to return?
06:25 What, return what? Back to their homeland.
06:28 This is supposed to be a sign of the coming of Jesus,
06:32 and you know what, the whole world is watching
06:35 the Jews and many people are selling their property,
06:39 the Jews, and they're heading back to Palestine, why?
06:44 Well, the Protestant world says,
06:45 man, we need to keep our eye on this
06:46 because it tells of a coming Savior.
06:50 If this be true, we need to really study some facts,
06:53 but before we do, what do we always do?
06:56 We pray and ask for the power of the Holy Spirit,
06:59 because I tell you, we need
07:01 the power of the Holy Spirit.
07:02 You need it in your life, I need it in mine,
07:04 and we're gonna pray that the Holy Spirit
07:06 takes control of my mind and heart
07:08 and the same with you today.
07:09 So would you, where you can,
07:11 how about kneeling with me, if you can't,
07:13 send up a prayer that the Holy Spirit
07:15 will consume us today by His power and strength
07:18 that we may learn a lesson that will help us for eternity.
07:24 Merciful Father in Heaven,
07:25 we thank You for loving us today.
07:28 Help us to realize that You're God,
07:30 that You have an everlasting love for us.
07:32 As we come before thee
07:33 we pray for the power of Thy Holy Spirit.
07:36 We pray that You'll unlock our brain today
07:39 that we may somehow comprehend
07:42 these beautiful words that You have for us.
07:46 We realize that spiritual things
07:47 are spiritually discerned so we pray earnestly
07:50 for the power of the Holy Spirit.
07:52 To give us the words of truth
07:54 that will sanctify us, prepare us for heaven.
07:57 Lord, open the ears of each one of your children today,
07:59 those who are desiring to know what truth is,
08:01 answer that prayer I pray, in the name of Jesus today,
08:06 illuminate this beautiful truth, clearness of mind.
08:09 And may we hear from the Throne room
08:11 of God today is my prayer.
08:13 In Jesus' name, amen.
08:17 Again, the subject to me is,
08:19 it's a fascinating one and it's one that needs
08:23 to be addressed and you say,
08:25 yeah, but it's always been addressed before,
08:27 it's exactly right, you know what,
08:28 you'd probably sang, you know, a beautiful song,
08:30 "What a Friend We Have in Jesus"
08:32 and probably in your Christian experience
08:34 you'd probably sang that song probably two or three
08:36 four, five hundred times not exaggerating.
08:39 And so it's gonna be the old, old story
08:41 but we pray the Holy Spirit
08:42 will illuminate these truths in such a way
08:46 that we need to know whether it's truth or not.
08:49 Do I need, must I being watched
08:54 what the Jews are doing right now in returning?
08:57 And if so, I need to heed the promises
09:01 that You have made to Israel as a nation.
09:05 Is this what God is saying in Old Testament
09:07 and in the New Testament.
09:10 Oh, I was just excited as I studied on this
09:14 because, listen, you say well again,
09:16 why take time to do it?
09:19 The subject that we're going to address
09:21 in this two part series,
09:23 because it deals with the second coming of Jesus.
09:27 There is a biblical truth about the second coming of Jesus
09:31 and in the subject it deals with the second coming of Jesus.
09:35 Some will say it deals with the Secret Rapture,
09:38 others will say it deals with the Rapture of the Church.
09:42 Some are saying there is a two part coming of Jesus,
09:45 it deals with a, the 70 Weeks Prophecy
09:50 of Daniel 8 and 9 which we say what, 2,300 day years.
09:54 Now remember, I am touching on
09:56 a lot of truth, a lot of subjects
09:59 that we need to understand what truth is,
10:02 on this one that we're dealing with.
10:04 Also it deals with seven years,
10:08 seven year time period, as we say the 2,300 days
10:11 and how some people look at the seven years
10:14 and what's going to takes place during those seven years.
10:17 It also covers the subject of the millennium,
10:20 a thousand years.
10:22 Some people believe that the thousand years
10:25 is going to be a thousand years of peace.
10:28 And so do we not, do we need to understand
10:30 the truth on the millennium,
10:31 do we need to understand the truth of--
10:33 if there is a Secret Rapture or the second coming?
10:37 Yes, we do, 2,300 year prophecy, yes.
10:41 Also in the study, it deals with the Antichrist
10:45 and I'm telling you, with all of these studies
10:47 right here that many people --
10:49 the Protestant movement have a lot of different thoughts
10:53 but there must be a truth to this because,
10:56 you know, who is the Antichrist?
10:58 And how do we deal with the Antichrist,
11:00 and then it deals with the destruction
11:02 even of the wicked.
11:03 So we need to know what happens with the wicked.
11:06 We need to know about the Antichrist,
11:07 we need to know about the thousand years
11:10 when it takes place.
11:11 We need to know if there is a Secret Rapture.
11:12 If there is a second coming.
11:15 That seven year period and again,
11:17 repeating, all of these are truths.
11:20 They can be truths in God's word,
11:21 but we need to know what has the devil done?
11:24 Has he somehow changed some of these
11:27 beautiful truths in God's word into a lie?
11:32 These are things that we must examine.
11:33 Now we won't cover them on these two parts
11:35 but boy, how it's quick in my heart to say,
11:37 as we set up, as we set this study up,
11:41 that there'll be a need to come back and say,
11:43 you know, considering what we've discussed
11:46 as we look at Israel, who is Israel?
11:48 Do we need to go back?
11:51 And if not, then you need to say well,
11:53 what is the truth of this issue?
11:55 Who's Abraham's seed?
11:57 Who's heirs according to the promise?
12:00 Is it just the Jew, is it a nationality,
12:03 is it a race, is it a certain group of people
12:07 or is it the whole world?
12:09 See these are truths, friend,
12:11 that we need to understand.
12:13 There's truth here.
12:15 We're gonna have to understand
12:16 what it's all about.
12:17 You have your Bible, why don't you turn with me,
12:18 and again, this is setting the premise of our study.
12:22 But we're gonna have to come back
12:23 and really dissect some of these things
12:25 because as end results as we study I'm gonna say,
12:28 you know, what, but here is what God says.
12:31 Here's what God says on this subject,
12:34 so we'll have to take each one of those individually
12:36 and spend some time on it.
12:38 First John, if you have your Bible
12:39 and you're jotting down,
12:40 First John, Chapter 5 verse 4.
12:43 Listen to these powerful words.
12:45 First John what, good.
12:47 First John Chapter 5 verse 4.
12:48 Here's what the Bible said.
12:51 "For whosoever is," notice
12:53 "whosoever is born of God overcometh the world,
12:57 and this is the victory
12:59 that overcometh the world, even our faith."
13:04 Let's read verse 5, this is fascinating.
13:07 "Who is he that overcometh the world,"
13:09 do you wanna know who overcomes the world?
13:12 The one it says, "He that believeth
13:14 that Jesus is the Son of God."
13:17 Is it time for the Jews
13:20 to return to Israel or to Palestine?
13:25 The Bible says here, for who --
13:27 what or whatsoever is born of God,
13:30 whoever, whatever is born of God
13:32 overcometh the world.
13:33 So first of all we must be what,
13:35 good, born of God or born-again.
13:38 This is a victory,
13:40 but the victory is established upon
13:42 as the Bible says there, even our faith,
13:45 so we must have faith, we must be born-again,
13:49 we must believe in Jesus Christ.
13:52 Verse 5 said that, "He that overcometh
13:54 the world and believeth
13:55 that Jesus is the Son of God."
13:59 So our eyes need to be fixed upon people,
14:02 individual, a group who had been what?
14:05 You got to be be born-again
14:06 if you're gonna enter the Kingdom of God.
14:08 You're going to have to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.
14:10 You're gonna have to have a--
14:12 there's gonna be a people of faith,
14:14 without faith it is impossible to please Him.
14:16 So with that little premise and that foundation
14:19 that we will build upon,
14:21 keep in mind of the beliefs and teachings
14:25 of some other people in the world,
14:27 let's just leave it at that for the moment.
14:29 Let's keep these things in mind becausebecause
14:30 there are some things in scripture that I,
14:33 I tell you-- if you just read it
14:35 you'll say, oh, that is it.
14:38 But, you know, you surface readers,
14:39 bless your heart, shame, shame on you.
14:42 You can't--we don't study the word of God
14:44 by just reading up a line or two,
14:47 we've got to do study the Bible.
14:50 Line upon line, right precept
14:51 upon precept, here a little
14:52 and there a little to find out the truth.
14:54 You'll see this as we study because
14:57 over and over as I study my Bible
14:59 and scripture there's promises
15:01 that are made to Israel.
15:04 See I need to know about Israel.
15:06 Now again, people don't listen --
15:07 I'm gonna repeat this two or three times as we go.
15:10 But the majority of the Protestant world
15:13 does not agree with the teachings
15:15 of the Jewish people, they just don't.
15:18 But how is it then, they're so interested
15:21 in about what's taking place
15:23 and why they're going back to their homeland.
15:27 It deals with what, good, the second coming of Jesus,
15:30 and I tell you that dirty devil,
15:32 if he can confuse the minds
15:34 about the Second Coming of Jesus
15:35 and all that, you know, that surrounds it.
15:39 Oh, he is going to be happy, but let me tell you
15:42 the Bible exposes him and by God's grace
15:44 we're going to expose him.
15:46 But in scripture, over and over,
15:49 the promises are made to the Jews
15:51 even though they're scattered
15:53 all over the world.
15:56 And so they're listening that,
15:57 and that, you know, it's time to return
16:00 and so we need to look
16:02 at several of these passages that--
16:06 that we can't ignore them.
16:08 Now let me just give you one
16:09 so that you catch what I'm talking about here.
16:12 You can't ignore this,
16:14 oh, you can if you want to
16:15 and some people do, you know,
16:17 some just ignore the truth,
16:19 you know, I like that song which said
16:20 "I'd Rather Have," what,
16:22 "Jesus than Houses and Lands."
16:24 But some of you hadn't had Jesus,
16:25 you'd rather have the houses and the lands,
16:27 and friend, we have to make
16:28 a change in our life.
16:31 If we'd rather have our houses and lands,
16:32 you know, what I'm -- oh, let me just be bold,
16:34 we're gonna burn with the houses and the lands.
16:37 There's only one that can save us
16:39 and that is Jesus Christ.
16:41 So we're looking what, at a change that needs
16:43 to take place in our hearts and in where,
16:47 good, and in our lives.
16:49 So let me read this one and somebody will say,
16:52 oh, like a judge, you know, pound,
16:54 that settles it, that's done.
16:56 Well, now don't you close that too soon here
16:59 'cause I want you to pay attention.
17:00 This is found in the Book of Romans
17:02 Chapter 11 verse 26.
17:04 Now I'm just gonna say a line here
17:06 because I wanna get your attention.
17:07 Here's what the Bible said,
17:09 the Bible says, "And so all
17:12 of Israel shall be saved."
17:16 Wow, that's--how can I argue that fact?
17:21 And so all of Israel shall be saved,
17:25 but we read awhile ago and again,
17:28 this will be a controversy, we're gonna have to go back
17:30 and see because it says that we have
17:33 to believe in Jesus Christ to be saved.
17:35 Him that overcometh the world.
17:37 Revelation, "He that overcometh will I grant
17:39 to sit with me on the throne."
17:41 You have to have a faith in Jesus Christ,
17:43 you have to have faith that He came that He died,
17:46 that He can forgive our sins, but yet when I read this,
17:49 this is it and so all Israel shall be saved.
17:53 Well, some of you realize there's, there's a movement
17:56 that we mentioned awhile ago in the land,
17:58 it is sponsored by the Jewish people.
18:01 Oh, yes. They're aiming to restore
18:04 the Jewish nation in Palestine.
18:08 They're working towards this very hard
18:11 and many people feel what?
18:13 that it is a sign because there's activity going on,
18:16 that something big is about to take place
18:19 as these individuals are returning.
18:23 Should I take note of that? Shall I take a trip over?
18:26 Should I be there? If I need to be I want to be.
18:32 If I'm not supposed to, then I don't want to.
18:36 Is it a truth or is it something
18:38 that the devil has conjured up.
18:41 That's, but when I read
18:42 and so all Israel shall be saved,
18:44 I have to stop and think this over.
18:46 I have to read the scripture.
18:48 Based upon certain passages and what is,
18:52 you know, taking place in the world today,
18:55 so we must sincerely study this subject
18:58 with an open mind.
19:01 And I believe if we do
19:02 it's going to help a lot of people.
19:05 I'm talking hundreds of thousands of people
19:08 maybe discover maybe for the first time that,
19:12 you know, who is the real true Israel of God?
19:16 Who is the true Israel?
19:18 Well, the Bible says, all Israel shall be saved
19:20 and so I wanna find out
19:21 who is the true Israel of God
19:22 and if I need to be at certain place
19:24 at a certain time I want to be there,
19:26 if that's what it's gonna take.
19:28 Then I still have a problem because I--
19:30 you know, I'm not blood
19:33 and if I'm not blood, then how am I
19:34 going to be saved?
19:36 These are issues-- these are questions
19:38 that we've got to answer.
19:41 The Bible says Israel and--
19:42 I'm gonna turn to my Bible
19:44 and won't you do it too, come on,
19:45 some of you are slacking a little bit there,
19:47 you know, you're falling asleep,
19:48 I don't want, not that business,
19:49 well, turn with me to the Book of Exodus.
19:53 The Bible says, Exodus Chapter 19,
19:55 Exodus Chapter 19.
19:57 I want you to notice these words with me.
20:00 I believe they'll make some sense,
20:01 some of you probably read these in times past
20:04 or you've heard maybe sermons preached upon it.
20:06 But Exodus Chapter 19, I'm just gonna read,
20:10 let's see, I'm gonna read verses 5 and 6, yeah.
20:13 Exodus 19 verses 5 and 6, here's what the Bible says,
20:17 "and therefore," now notice this
20:18 "now therefore," now remember,
20:19 God is doing what, God is making a what,
20:23 a covenant with Israel.
20:27 God is making a covenant.
20:28 God is making a contract with Israel here.
20:31 So I need to pay attention if God is making it--
20:34 is that contract is it conditional?
20:37 If it is, then I need to pay attention
20:38 to it or does it just mean because I've been born,
20:41 I've been born in this family I'm gonna make it.
20:43 Listen, well somebody needs
20:44 to pay attention to the scripture.
20:47 The Bible says verse 5, "Now therefore,"
20:50 listen, "if ye will," o--oh this word, obey,
20:55 "obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant,
21:01 then you shall be a," what, "peculiar treasure unto me
21:07 above all people, for all the Earth is mine."
21:11 God's saying to Israel, oh, because you are a peculiar.
21:17 He wants you to be a peculiar treasure,
21:19 he wants you to be, verse 6 notice,
21:21 "And ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests,
21:25 and an holy nation.
21:27 These are the words which thou shalt speak
21:29 to the children of Israel."
21:31 Man, what a covenant,
21:32 but it's interesting we'll say,
21:34 well, we'll say to the Israel as the nation.
21:37 God said, I want you, you're a peculiar treasure,
21:39 number 1, number 2, he said you're going to be kingdom,
21:42 a kingdom of priests and number 3
21:45 you're gonna be a holy nation.
21:47 And some people just take that and say this is what we are,
21:49 man, we're all three of these sayings
21:51 but the Bible says it's conditional.
21:54 "If you'll obey my voice and keep my,"
21:58 what, good, "my covenant."
22:02 So, we've been to see that there is something,
22:03 the people of God.
22:06 See God gave that law, do you remember the law?
22:09 I'm gonna just pull just a little bit from here
22:11 but we're gonna get right back in it
22:12 because it's important here.
22:13 God said, if you'll keep my covenant, the law.
22:16 Now, here's some homework for you,
22:18 you take your Bible right,
22:19 and your pencil and paper and I want you to
22:20 write down right now that you're gonna take time
22:23 to be able to jot this down.
22:25 I want you to read several chapters
22:26 in the Book of Exodus.
22:28 Exodus Chapters 19 through 24,
22:32 you're gonna save me a lot of time
22:33 and it will be a good homework for you to do.
22:36 But let's just put it in a nutshell,
22:37 shall we, quickly here.
22:40 Because God says, He's giving the law to His people.
22:43 What does that, you know, when you think about,
22:45 what does that really, what does that really mean?
22:47 Here's Moses, Moses going up on the mountain.
22:50 Think quickly with me now, come on, on the mountain,
22:53 and some of you, you've been doing
22:54 some study you'll know that a cloud, listen,
22:57 a cloud--God called Moses and He said,
23:00 get ready I want you to come up on the mountain
23:02 and he was going to take the preacher
23:04 or the minister, Joshua, with him.
23:08 And so He said come on up here
23:09 and so Moses was ready for when God said come.
23:13 But you know what, there's a big cloud
23:15 that covered that mount
23:16 and it was covered for six days
23:20 and no communication with God.
23:23 There was nothing going on and so Moses waited
23:26 Joshua--waited for God to speak.
23:29 But listen to me very carefully friend,
23:31 they waited for six days.
23:36 Wow, why did God-- telling them to get ready
23:41 to come up on the mountain
23:42 and then He covers the mountain
23:44 and then no communication for six days.
23:47 Nothing happened, they just waited for God to call.
23:53 What were they doing during this time?
23:55 Oh, I want this to fit. I want somebody to get this.
24:00 Notice what Moses-- they waited patiently,
24:03 and while they waited patiently they were tested,
24:09 their patience was tested, their faith was tested.
24:14 This was a time of preparation,
24:17 listen, oh, boy, six days of preparation
24:23 ready to meet your God, even Moses a man of God,
24:29 that God said I'll speak to him face-to-face
24:32 was in no position to go directly
24:35 to see the glories of God.
24:37 There had to be a preparation to be able to meet God.
24:42 It was a time of self-examination
24:44 and that's exactly what Moses did.
24:48 We can't stand before God without preparation.
24:52 Moses had six days, six days and was prepared
24:59 to--his encounter with God.
25:02 And listen carefully, and on the seventh day,
25:06 the Sabbath, that's exactly, that's right.
25:08 Seventh day the Sabbath God called for Moses
25:14 to come into His presence.
25:16 I hope some of you are getting that,
25:17 some of you Doubting Thomas'
25:18 and some of you maybe forgotten.
25:20 You know what, God gives you six days
25:22 to prepare to meet Him on the seventh day Sabbath.
25:25 To be able to come into His presence,
25:28 it takes six days to get the world out,
25:30 self-examination, what do I need before
25:33 I come on my knee before God.
25:36 Yet, some of us come in the church,
25:37 you know, on the seventh day Sabbath
25:38 and we're no more ready to meet God,
25:42 maybe I'll just leave it at that.
25:45 This is such an example for God's people,
25:50 a preparation to meet Him, self-examination.
25:58 Psalms 135 verse 4, please notice the truth here.
26:04 Psalms 135 verse 4, it says, "for the Lord hath
26:08 chosen Jacob unto himself," this is interesting
26:11 the Lord has chosen Jacob unto himself
26:14 "and Israel for His" what, "peculiar treasure."
26:19 So there's something was going on here,
26:20 so the finger is still pointed that God said they're still
26:23 a special people, they're still my people.
26:26 I am going to be working through and with, but why?
26:30 Why are they so different
26:31 than all the surrounding nations?
26:35 And does the Jew really an have edge
26:39 on you and me as Christians?
26:42 Do they have an advantage over, may I say, as a gentile?
26:50 Do they have some kind of an edge, some kind of a,
26:52 you know, that we'll call a pass, that I don't have.
26:58 That's kind of interesting,
27:00 you know, worth, to me, worth examining.
27:03 You know, in God's word, yet Paul said it like this,
27:06 he said in Romans 3:1-2.
27:08 And I'm just gonna get right down
27:10 to nitty-gritty it says,
27:11 when he is talking about the Jews and it says,
27:14 you know, do they really have an advantage?
27:16 But I want you to pay attention to how this
27:17 because some of us close our mind
27:19 when we hear parts of it and then we say,
27:21 oh yeah, that's the way that it is.
27:22 Notice he says, when he was asked the question,
27:25 he said, yes, they do, "much in every way,"
27:29 Why? "Chiefly," Paul says," because that unto them
27:34 were committed the oracles of God."
27:38 Do they have an advantage? Oh, yes, they did.
27:41 Now what--mean they're going to heaven
27:42 because of bloodline, didn't say that yet
27:44 and we're still studying.
27:46 But Paul said, they do because God chose them
27:49 and delivered unto their hands what,
27:52 the oracles, the Ten Commandments of God.
27:55 And so they became what,
27:56 more responsible, they should have.
27:59 They were the ones that God had chosen
28:00 to what, give light and truth to the world.
28:04 Man, that's an advantage.
28:05 You realize what an advantage
28:06 it is for us today as you study the world
28:08 and you find out what truth is.
28:11 That gives you an advantage doesn't it?
28:13 But it also holds you accountable,
28:15 oh yes, because to Him that knoweth to do good
28:17 and what, come on, doeth it not to him it is sin.
28:23 Wow, so even the--we're talking about the covenant,
28:28 you know, the oracles that's--the teachings,
28:31 the utterances, the commandments.
28:34 See even the covenant was a contract with Israel
28:38 and--to be honest, it was not with the gentiles.
28:42 It was made with Israel so there's something
28:44 going on here that we need to decipher.
28:47 It was made with--not gentile,
28:49 this covenant was made with those who would be saved.
28:54 Hebrews 8 verse 10.
28:56 So the covenant was made
28:58 with the people who would be saved.
29:01 Wow, you say, well I'm not sure,
29:08 just is what it says there in Hebrews 18,
29:10 for "This is the covenant that I will make
29:13 with the house of, " who, good, "of Israel,
29:15 after those days saith the Lord."
29:18 So the Lord said, I'm making a covenant with Israel.
29:22 Other words those who should be saved.
29:24 So we're saying Israel then are the people,
29:28 the ones He had deposited as it were the oracles of God
29:31 the teachings is to be the light of the world,
29:35 these are the ones that I had designated to be saved
29:38 wow, well be careful.
29:44 Now how could some of these passages then be explained?
29:49 How can you explain this
29:50 and let me read this one in Jeremiah 30 verse 3.
29:53 See I'm gonna challenge you
29:56 because the world is involved in these things
30:00 that I'm talking about dealing with
30:02 the second coming of Jesus
30:03 and the enemy trying to confuse our minds
30:06 on every area that will take place.
30:11 Here's what Jeremiah said, he said,
30:13 "For, lo, the days come, saith the Lord,
30:15 "that I will bring the captivity of my people
30:19 Israel and Judah, saith the Lord,"
30:22 and I, listen, this is where they get it
30:25 "and I will cause them to return to the land
30:29 "that I gave them to their fathers,
30:31 and they shall possess it."
30:35 That's what Jeremiah said,
30:37 that the day will come that Israel,
30:40 they're gonna be caused to what,
30:42 to return to their land and I'm gonna give them
30:44 the land that I promised their fathers.
30:46 Well, I need that-- who's Israel?
30:49 What is this all about here?
30:53 And I believe this with all my heart.
30:55 There is a belief, there is a stir in the religious realm
31:02 that something decisive is about to take place.
31:06 The second coming of Jesus Christ
31:11 and then I believe this.
31:13 The enemy then is just as busy or more so
31:17 trying to mislead people, to lead them astray.
31:22 He wants us to be busy occupied on something else
31:26 rather than the second coming.
31:28 He wants people to misunderstand
31:31 the truth of the second coming of Jesus.
31:35 He wants us to misunderstand the prophecies of the Bible,
31:41 and I believe there's many honest, sincere,
31:44 God-fearing people today.
31:47 They're searching the scriptures.
31:51 They're wanting to know what truth is
31:54 but they hear a lot of different things
31:56 and they're not sure, they read something
31:58 in the Bible and they're studying
31:59 and somebody else is telling them something else.
32:04 Some are telling them keep your eyes on the Jews
32:09 because they will return just,
32:11 to their land, just before Jesus comes.
32:14 Okay, so there's many that believe that, if that's a truth,
32:17 now still we're still studying, aren't we?
32:20 We're still trying to find out, so we don't close our minds.
32:23 So if I'm one of those that believe it,
32:26 then I may not get serious with God
32:29 until I see a vast majority of the Jews returning
32:34 or all returning to Palestine, Israel.
32:39 So if I don't see a great big movement
32:41 I may not be too excited
32:43 because the preacher told me this was the truth.
32:45 So all I have to do is wait till that happened
32:47 and then I'll get onboard.
32:49 Um oh, it's kind of risky isn't it?
32:54 Frightening may be, it might be too late.
33:01 You may not get a flight over there.
33:04 You know what, I'm talking about.
33:10 The world says it's a sign.
33:13 What do you think today as we study,
33:15 and remember, not just a sign to the Jews
33:20 but it's a sign to the Protestant world.
33:26 And do we dare leave these things covered up
33:30 or do we try to expose and to bring to the surface
33:34 the truth of God's word so that others may join in.
33:38 What is Israel, where's the hope for us today?
33:42 What did God mean? I mentioned a while ago
33:47 remember most of the Protestants
33:48 don't really agree with the teachings of the Jews
33:50 but they somehow agree on this one teaching.
33:54 And it's interesting again,
33:55 it deals with what, good, the second coming.
33:59 They believe that Christ will return to the homeland,
34:03 to His homeland and they want to be there.
34:08 This is dealing with such an important subject
34:10 that it cannot be left alone
34:12 because what we just read some of those subjects,
34:14 that you've got t o say what's going on here?
34:19 Is this the truth, have I missed it?
34:24 And if you really believe it with all of your heart
34:26 that this is what's going to take place
34:28 and what if it doesn't, all of your hopes
34:31 and all of your dreams,
34:34 everything that you've been studying
34:36 and you've been working-- your expectations
34:39 and may be even your salvation will be destroyed.
34:44 Then what would happen to you?
34:47 Because you believe that all of Israel shall be saved
34:52 and many are returning.
34:54 The world is looking with great anticipation
34:59 and is it not time to stand up
35:01 and study the issue and look at it square
35:04 in the face and say,
35:06 what was God telling us in his word,
35:08 the old and-- doesn't really matter
35:10 what one believes on this issue.
35:14 Some people say, it really doesn't matter what I do
35:16 or really what I believe if I'm of the bloodline,
35:19 I'm gonna make it anyway, and a lot of other people
35:22 in the world say, well I'll just a good Joe
35:24 and I'm gonna make it, it's okay,
35:26 well that's not what the Bible teaches at all.
35:28 We need to really look at the square,
35:31 the issue square in the face, does it really matter?
35:35 You know, I can say, well, yes and you can say,
35:37 well, no, look we're gonna see what the Bible says.
35:40 The Bible says in Second Thessalonians 2 verse 13,
35:43 let me read that for you
35:44 in case you haven't looked it up lately,
35:45 it says, "God hath from the beginning,"
35:49 are you still with me,
35:51 "God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation,"
35:56 notice, "through sanctification
35:58 of the spirit and the truth."
36:02 Now what does that mean?
36:05 God chose you from the beginning
36:06 but he's chosen you what, we're talking about salvation
36:09 but it's through what, sanctification of His spirit
36:13 and through what, belief of the truth.
36:16 So we must understand what truth is,
36:18 we must by faith believe that truth,
36:21 let it occupy us fully completely
36:24 day in and day out.
36:26 No part time Christian, no part time I love Jesus
36:29 one day and I don't like Him the next,
36:31 are you still there?
36:34 We're talking about getting serious with God,
36:37 salvation is promised to those
36:40 who are sanctified by the Spirit.
36:43 John 17:17, "sanctify them through thy,"
36:45 what, "thy truth, thy word is truth," the Bible says.
36:48 Belief of the truth, so if, well,
36:51 what we're studying here, you know, you say, oh,
36:53 well I, listen it either is the truth or it's not,
36:56 is a lie of the devil if it's not the truth.
37:00 You will not be sanctified by it.
37:01 You'll be confused by it if it's not the truth.
37:05 That's why we're spending time on it and yes,
37:07 should it excite us as a people?
37:08 Yeah, because millions believe,
37:13 millions believe to what we've just been talking about today.
37:18 So if we're sanctified by, you know,
37:20 talking about the truth and belief of the truth,
37:22 then to me there will an opposite to that
37:24 and that's very clear in Matthew 15 verse 9.
37:27 The Bible says, "But in vain do they worship me,
37:30 teaching for," what, good,
37:31 "doctrines the commandments of men.
37:34 In vain do they worship me if they're teaching,"
37:37 what, "doctrines of commandments of men."
37:39 I want that to soak in, I'll just read it again.
37:45 And what do we do
37:46 with First Thessalonians 5:21 it says,
37:50 "Prove all things, and hold fast to that which is good."
37:56 There's indicators in scripture
37:57 that we must hold fast to that which is good.
38:01 We have to prove all things.
38:05 Don't just be because the preacher
38:06 said it you believe it.
38:09 Your life is on the line, brothers and sisters.
38:12 My life is on the line.
38:15 I'm gonna just study,
38:16 show myself approved unto God.
38:18 I will have time, here's what I wanna do.
38:21 I usually don't spend a whole lot of time
38:27 on certain teachings and I won't say this in a way,
38:31 in a balanced way, because I'm not
38:35 so much interested in what different churches believe
38:38 as what God teaches in His word.
38:39 I hope that make sense to you.
38:42 And I don't have time nor do I want to study
38:45 what everybody else is believing and teaching
38:47 and bumbling out there.
38:48 I'm wanting to spend that time in God's word.
38:53 To know what truth is and then
38:54 I'll be able to identify the false.
38:57 Now, let's just get kind of a quick rundown
39:00 before we really begin to identify,
39:02 should we be going back, are we Israel or is it just
39:05 Israel over there, what are we gonna do?
39:09 Can we be saved?
39:12 Let's do just a quick look at the teachings
39:15 of various Protestant denominations.
39:19 Now, my heart kind of ached when I begin to realize
39:24 and I'd talked to a lot of people,
39:26 I know you have too.
39:28 Who believe just what I'm getting ready to throw out
39:30 to you and I've studied and done the best I can--
39:34 I pray that I'm very close to their teaching but,
39:37 you know, again I'm not gonna spend a whole lot of time.
39:39 If I want to know about the second coming
39:41 I'm going to the Bible.
39:44 I think you get what I'm talking about.
39:49 And I wanna call it, you're talking about this
39:51 the various Protestant denomination
39:53 but I'm looking at, listen,
39:55 an interdenominational movement.
40:01 You talk about interdenominational movement
40:03 cause attention to the second coming of Jesus,
40:07 that's good isn't it.
40:09 But it addresses four areas that you and I
40:12 should be very concerned about.
40:16 The second coming, the purpose of the second coming.
40:19 Number 1, jot that down, you're gonna forget that.
40:24 Some of you be jotting down the grocery list
40:26 but you won't be jotting down what I'm telling you right now.
40:28 And you'll scribble over the top of it, but listen,
40:31 don't worry about the other goodies you'll get your food,
40:33 but look I'm talking spiritual food right now.
40:36 Second coming of Jesus, there is a purpose number 1.
40:41 Number 2, there's a manner of the second coming.
40:46 Three, there are signs of the coming,
40:50 coming of Jesus, isn't it?
40:52 And number 4, there's special events
40:55 that will be taking place.
40:57 So unless we, we need to be examining these areas,
41:01 we may be fooled,
41:02 but yet this interdenominational movement
41:05 in Protestant world, their mind is on the second coming.
41:09 You can talk to almost any Christian of any church
41:12 that calls themselves a believer of Jesus Christ.
41:15 They will say, I believe that Jesus is coming soon.
41:19 And then they have all of these different beliefs
41:21 just like you do, like I do,
41:25 of certain things that's gonna take place
41:26 in a certain order and if they don't take place
41:30 and they believe it like they think, could they be fooled.
41:33 I could be, you could be too, unless we're what,
41:36 really dug in deep into the word of God.
41:42 This interdenominational, let's just put it that way,
41:45 movement believes this.
41:48 They believe in two phases of the second coming.
41:52 What do you mean?
41:54 Two phases of the second coming.
41:57 You know, I've--
41:58 I believe that you know when Jesus comes,
42:00 He comes and of course there's a lot of things
42:01 that happens, so I know there is purpose,
42:04 I know there is manner, I know there is signs,
42:05 I know there is events
42:07 but here's what, the folks believe this.
42:09 The first of all, two phases,
42:11 first of all, He's coming for His church, did you get it?
42:16 And thus say, He's coming for His church
42:19 but it is a Secret Rapture.
42:24 It's an invisible coming.
42:26 It is a catching away of His church,
42:32 that's the first part.
42:33 Remember two parts they say about the return of Christ.
42:37 The second part is and this is later on down,
42:40 there is events that takes place,
42:41 it said, Christ is coming with His church, very interesting.
42:48 Now, if you study your Bible say,
42:50 well there will be a time that He will come back
42:52 with His church but let's see how this is all been--
42:55 remember the enemy likes to put err
42:58 as close as he can to what, truth.
43:01 So he incorporates what, come on somebody,
43:04 help me, he incorporates what,
43:06 some truth, but then he always gives
43:10 some err in there to lead us in a wrong direction.
43:15 And when He's coming for His church
43:18 everyone is going to be aware of that.
43:22 So that's talking about two phases of it.
43:24 Now they believe this, they believe that there's,
43:27 again on these two phases that there's
43:31 seven years in between, did you get it?
43:35 Seven years in between, now where did they get
43:37 this seven years?
43:38 Things that we need to be studying apart.
43:40 They believe, now listen, boy, I'm telling you,
43:43 you have to be a studier of the word of God.
43:45 They believe that seven years or that,
43:48 the last week of the 70 weeks
43:51 of the prophecy of Daniel 8 and 9
43:57 but no mention is--
43:59 I don't give that of the 2,300 days they're just
44:02 talking about the 70 here and so the last week.
44:10 But then when Jesus comes, they teach as He comes
44:13 the second time, after it's complete
44:16 and the church is ruptured, then, listen,
44:21 then the Jews return to Israel, to Palestine.
44:26 Listen, listen
44:28 when the Jews return to Palestine
44:32 they still at this time do not believe in Jesus Christ.
44:39 There's a lot that's going on here.
44:43 There's a lot being said here, but when they're called
44:48 back they return.
44:53 We're talking about after the second coming
44:55 as prophesied, it gets a little confusing
44:57 here but you have to stay with it,
44:58 this is what they're teaching.
44:59 I'm saying just what the Bible says.
45:01 I'm saying this is what they're teaching,
45:03 and millions believe this.
45:08 The Jews will return to their homeland
45:10 and still not believing.
45:13 Now, this brings into play the Antichrist.
45:19 We talked about the Antichrist.
45:22 So during this time the Antichrist,
45:24 he appears and they say they're not really sure,
45:27 it's a man and this man will head all nations.
45:33 Wow, and he rules for the seven years, wow.
45:39 Listen, while Jesus and His people,
45:43 listen to me, are still in the air.
45:50 So evidently, when Jesus comes back,
45:53 the two phases they're talking about here,
45:55 is that He goes and takes His people in midair
45:58 and they stay there for seven years.
46:03 Something to think about.
46:06 The first three and a half year,
46:08 now remember, this is the teaching
46:13 that the world is grasping and saying this is truth.
46:19 It's interesting the first three and a half year,
46:22 you notice in Bible prophecy the 70 weeks,
46:25 you know, of years it's divided
46:28 three and a half isn't it?
46:29 So here they're taking part,
46:30 oh, three and a half years that the--
46:34 of the seven, the Antichrist is not detected.
46:37 So when he appears and takes over they think
46:39 he's a real McCoy and so three and a half years later,
46:42 oh, first three and a half year oh,
46:44 yeah and then all of a sudden what, oh, oh,
46:47 wait a minute something's wrong,
46:48 something's wrong here.
46:51 When they detect him, they're teaching,
46:54 when they detect him, when he begins to set himself up
46:58 as God in God's temple,
47:02 there's a lot we'll have to go on here.
47:06 And then as he sets himself in the Temple of God,
47:09 see eyes are over here see and he sets himself up there,
47:12 then he demands the world to worship him,
47:16 that's their teaching.
47:20 I got to make this straight.
47:21 I don't want anybody calling riots,
47:23 say oh man, where are you going with that--
47:25 I'm simply telling about what some folks
47:27 really believe by the millions.
47:31 And either it's truth or it's not the truth,
47:33 and either it's preparing a people
47:35 to meet Jesus or it's not.
47:39 And if it's not the truth it needs to be exposed
47:41 for what it is, a lie of the devil
47:45 and the Bible will do that.
47:49 Now it's interesting it doesn't close
47:51 here in their teaching.
47:54 The Antichrist then is exposed.
47:57 When he demands the whole world to worship him,
48:01 and by this time, remember, oh,
48:03 by this time the Jews, you know,
48:05 they've all found their way back to Israel.
48:08 That's interesting, a lot of things happened,
48:09 they say after Jesus comes.
48:14 Second chance, third chance,
48:19 but now they're saying, well look,
48:21 but as they all come and they all did,
48:23 they say what, we still don't believe
48:26 we're not believers but they say this,
48:28 we refuse to worship the Antichrist.
48:32 So they finally wake up to the fact
48:33 their teaching is they--
48:35 they're saying we're not going to worship
48:36 the Antichrist and when the Jews said we will not worship
48:39 the Antichrist, a death decree they say,
48:42 goes out against them.
48:44 Wow, see some of the terminology,
48:48 some of the wording you hear,
48:49 many of you are familiar and some of the things
48:51 that will take place as you study the Book of Daniel
48:53 and Revelation but notice the order in which these things
48:57 and directions that they go.
49:01 When the death decree goes out,
49:05 the teachings of this group,
49:09 says that there will a time of Great Tribulation
49:13 such as the world has never known,
49:15 you remember in Daniel?
49:18 Wow, so I'm hearing some words that I'm familiar
49:21 with and then the seven year period comes to an end.
49:27 Jesus comes and saves them all,
49:31 well, it's not quite finished yet you're saying, wait a minute
49:35 can I get this right in my mind.
49:41 I found some, you know, things in scripture that
49:45 the word of God when God speaks to us,
49:50 that it becomes simple in our mind, not confusing,
49:58 not all intertwined with different things
50:00 that you're not sure of but it's,
50:01 God makes it so simple one, two, three
50:06 or in His covenant, 1 through 10.
50:11 God's very clear, very concise.
50:17 Because when Christ comes there's an end to things
50:23 but notice, they're saying it goes, it goes on.
50:29 But the Jews said, when Jesus finally does come,
50:34 it brings salvation to them.
50:38 And people who, you know,
50:40 and not everyone will have the
50:42 opportunity to be saved now.
50:45 Wow, that's good, does it, if that be true.
50:49 So during the millennium they call it,
50:53 God is going to use the Jews to spread
50:57 the gospel around the world.
50:59 Ah, interesting, and they teach this,
51:04 the whole world will be converted.
51:08 The whole world will be saved and then there comes
51:12 the thousand years of peace.
51:16 Wow, but after the thousand years it's time for what,
51:21 I mean, Satan is going to have to be defeated.
51:25 There's a battle that goes on and Satan is defeated.
51:30 Now there's a lot of other little things to go in
51:32 and I don't wanna confuse your mind but this is,
51:34 they tell the teachings, a vast majority of people,
51:39 so when you hear about the seven years
51:40 or thousand years of peace,
51:42 about two different comings of Christ and,
51:44 you know, you have to,
51:46 in the scripture you will realize that Jesus came
51:48 once to this Earth didn't He?
51:49 Says He's gonna come the second time
51:51 to take the saints and yes,
51:52 He does come the third time with His saints.
51:56 But what about all of these other teachings?
52:00 See, are they contrary to scripture?
52:03 If they're contrary to scripture
52:06 this is gonna lead to what,
52:07 a bitter disappointment for many, many people.
52:10 These people are gonna become discouraged.
52:14 The people will become discouraged,
52:15 you believe in the second coming,
52:17 but listen here's the thing,
52:19 they will be unprepared to meet Jesus,
52:23 that's what the enemy wants because of what,
52:27 because of their belief.
52:30 Remember Moses needed some time
52:32 before he met with God,
52:34 that's called the time of what, preparation.
52:36 I know some of you have read so, oh, now you know,
52:38 he uses the word preparation,
52:40 I still use it because I believe
52:42 that its truth of God's word.
52:43 There's a time of preparation, there's a time of probation,
52:46 there's a time of test and God gives that to all of us.
52:53 And so we need to study and this is what brings us down
52:56 then to find out the real truth,
52:58 is it time for us to return?
53:01 Is it time for the Jews to return?
53:03 What is the hope for the gentiles?
53:05 And who is Israel, is it the Jews only?
53:10 So if we study the purpose, number 1,
53:14 and the promises and the prophecies of God,
53:20 then we will be able to establish what is truth,
53:25 did you get it?
53:26 See Second Peter 1:12 says,
53:28 we need to be, listen, established in present truth.
53:35 These are issues that need to be addressed.
53:41 Is it always pleasant to address them?
53:43 No, but they need to be addressed,
53:46 we cannot allow without--
53:48 God help us, without just
53:49 being indifferent to say if someone is believing a lie,
53:52 that we need to try, if given the opportunity,
53:55 to present the truth, that's what will change them.
54:00 See it all started with,
54:02 as a promise that God made to Abraham.
54:05 This way we're gonna wrap it up for the day
54:07 and come back with our second part.
54:08 But it all started with the promise
54:09 that God made to Abraham,
54:11 that all the families of the Earth should be what,
54:15 should be blessed.
54:17 Wow, all of the families of the Earth should be blessed.
54:21 Now you can read that also in Genesis Chapter 13
54:24 and read verses 14 through 17.
54:27 So we don't have enough time to read all those
54:29 but that's again homework for you to do.
54:31 So I'll look at this quickly today and I say,
54:34 the territory of this promise then,
54:37 as we just read, includes the whole Earth.
54:43 So maybe it's not just one group or one nationality
54:46 or one bloodline but the promise made to Abraham,
54:50 oh, what, includes the whole Earth.
54:54 So we must contemplate that the promises was to be,
55:00 was going to be fulfilled but not through what,
55:03 just a one bloodline, not through just a race
55:06 or not because of, you know,
55:08 how you're born.
55:11 I want you to contemplate and pray about these sayings
55:13 because next time we're really gonna get into things
55:15 that may be deep, may be eye opening.
55:17 Let's pray about it shall we, right now,
55:18 in the few seconds that we have left together
55:20 that the Holy Spirit will lead us and guide us in truth.
55:23 Merciful Father in Heaven,
55:24 thank you for Your precious word today.
55:26 May our eyes, our hearts,
55:27 and our ears be open to the truth of Your word.
55:29 We thank You in the precious name of Jesus
55:31 and for His sake, amen.
55:34 It's always a treat that we have the opportunity
55:37 to come into your home and again,
55:38 we wanna be challenging, we wanna stir you up
55:41 a little bit to study to see whether these things be so.
55:43 Jesus is coming, we need to be ready.
55:45 We appreciate your support, continue.
55:47 This is the only means that we have
55:49 are your freewill offering.
55:50 So continue to support us and we're gonna again
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55:55 I'll see you next time.
55:58 Hello again, wasn't that an interesting study?
56:01 And praise the Lord, there is more to come.
56:04 You know, this is such a hot topic being discussed around
56:07 the world and we pray that as you piece together
56:11 God's word as presented in this study that you will have
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