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Is It Time For The Jews To Return? Part 2

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00:41 Hello, and welcome to "Behold the Lamb" presents.
00:44 I am, Chris Shelton, your host
00:45 and we are excited to join you for again
00:49 for another spiritual, Bible, study.
00:52 Today's message is a second in a two part series
00:55 that we have entitled
00:56 "Is It Time for the Jews to Return?"
00:59 In part one, we began to examine
01:01 popular theories being tossed around as to the event
01:05 soon to take place in our world
01:07 as foretold in scripture.
01:09 And what part the literal Jewish nation
01:12 will play in this fulfillment.
01:14 You know, will there be a time or possibly,
01:17 is it now a time for all, Jews, to return to Israel.
01:21 And if they return what is this say to rest of us
01:26 in the world about our Lord's second coming.
01:28 Is this truly a sign a prophecy
01:31 being fulfilled that we should be
01:33 focusing our time and energies upon?
01:36 Will the, Jews, have a pivotal part to play
01:39 in the future of fulfillment of Daniel 9:27
01:43 where the, Bible, mentions
01:45 a one week period of prophetic time.
01:48 Or you know, what about the thousand year millennium
01:50 as spoken of in the Book of Revelation.
01:52 How would the, Jews, fit into this prophecy,
01:55 and is it true that all, Jews, will be saved.
01:59 Once again so many questions
02:01 that so many people are looking for answers too.
02:06 So let's get out our, Bibles,
02:08 and see what the, Lord, has to say about these questions
02:11 as we study along with, Pastor Kenny Shelton.
02:15 But first we are blessed
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06:39 Thanks for joining us here again "Behold the Lamb."
06:41 Oh, we have such an exciting study
06:43 and this is part two.
06:45 May if you missed part one, "Oh, Bless Your Heart"
06:48 you want to go back and get it,
06:49 because it's very imperative that we will.
06:52 We've a foundation, we used the first part
06:55 in order to establish some facts.
06:57 Now we're gonna come through on the second part,
06:59 and it's entitled "Is It Time for the Jews to Return" where?
07:03 Palestine, to going back and many, Jews, are
07:07 and they say, it's because, Jesus, is soon to come.
07:10 We need to establish who really is, Israel,
07:14 because so many promises were made to what?
07:16 To Israel! And some people say,
07:19 well, you know, it has to be the bloodline.
07:20 We're looking in scripture today,
07:22 we're going to find out,
07:23 because so many different subjects are involved here,
07:28 and we're gonna have prayer first and that's we do.
07:30 We're gonna just give you in a little nutshell
07:32 of what we've discussed in our first part.
07:34 Remember this is part two.
07:36 And as we do, you'll jott these things down.
07:38 If you don't have it, be sure and give us a call.
07:40 So we get these DVDs to you 'cause you want to study,
07:44 you want to show your friends,
07:45 because I'm telling you,
07:46 there is some truths that need to be uncovered,
07:49 if you haven't studied this before.
07:50 Let's ask, God, for His blessing, shall we?
07:52 As we go to Him in prayer,
07:54 I'm going to kneel and where you can.
07:55 Why don't you kneel with me and pray?
07:59 Merciful, Father, in Heaven,
08:00 we thank you for the privilege of prayer.
08:02 We ask now for the power of thy Holy Spirit.
08:05 Come near to our hearts.
08:06 O, Lord, take my heart,
08:07 take my mind, take my whole being.
08:09 We pray that heaven will speak,
08:10 we will be able to hear and those who are listening,
08:13 open the ears, the mind,
08:14 the eyes of each and every one
08:15 get all those preconceived ideas,
08:17 all those teachings that maybe
08:19 we've had all of our life.
08:20 Lay them aside and let, God, speak to us.
08:23 Thank you for hearing, thank you for answering,
08:24 and thank you for sweet people
08:26 who love, Jesus,
08:27 who is willing to take this time in study,
08:29 in Jesus' name, amen.
08:34 Well, again sometimes it's important for us
08:36 and I've mentioned every program.
08:37 I continually want to do, because you think
08:39 you are going to remember all the stuff that we cover.
08:41 Boy, we're really going to cover today by, God's grace.
08:44 So sometime the pencil is good, just jott down.
08:46 Oh, those who have short hand just put it down to, okay.
08:49 Again we are studying here, this is part two
08:51 "Is It Time for the Jews to Return"
08:53 to go back, or really who really is an Israelite.
08:58 In last part, the first part we study this right here.
09:01 We made the statement, read it from scripture
09:03 "All of, Israel, shall be saved."
09:05 Wow, is that true or false?
09:06 All of, Israel, shall be saved.
09:08 There is movements in the land.
09:10 Point number two, we talked about
09:11 there is movements in the land today,
09:13 aiming to restore the Jewish nation in Palestine.
09:17 So all these things are in progress right now,
09:20 because they believe that, Jesus, is coming,
09:22 He is going to show up over there,
09:23 so we need to be studying these things
09:25 to see whether they will be saved.
09:27 We also study where the new covenant
09:29 was made with, Israel, and not the Gentiles.
09:33 So what do we gonna do?
09:34 Well, you have to be sure, you get part number one,
09:36 because that's very, very important.
09:38 Number four, most the Protestant,
09:40 many Protestant groups are
09:41 keeping an eye on this movement.
09:43 They are keeping an eye on,
09:45 because they believe that the, Bible,
09:47 some of the prophecies point to this,
09:49 the coming of, Jesus,
09:50 and showing up over in Israel.
09:52 Well, what do you think about as you study this,
09:54 this lesson with us?
09:55 We looked at, also the teachings
09:57 of various groups, Protestant groups,
10:00 and they are calling attention right now to what?
10:03 To the Second Coming of, Jesus,
10:04 and we should all be doing that,
10:06 because He is soon to come in the clouds of glory,
10:09 and we need to be ready.
10:10 And they call attention to four things
10:13 we've mentioned in our first study.
10:14 They call attention to the purpose of His coming,
10:17 the manner of His coming, the signs of His coming,
10:21 and the events that are connected with His coming.
10:25 These are all good things.
10:27 But we'll now step to another part here.
10:29 We're talking about some teachings here
10:31 that we talked about.
10:32 We call it interdenominational movements that's going on.
10:37 And so that means a lot of different people
10:39 from different backgrounds and different church groups
10:41 are involved in this and their thinking is a long
10:44 this line that we set up in our first study.
10:47 Really who is an Israelite?
10:48 Or the promises of that, God, has made,
10:51 it's going to be fulfilled just through the bloodline,
10:54 or it's going to be through the, Gentiles,
10:55 the New Testament Church,
10:56 this is what we have to figure out.
10:58 Also we found that many of the things
11:00 that we talked about deals with the prophecy
11:03 which must be examined.
11:04 And we're gonna have to exam them closer than ever before.
11:06 For instance, we were talking about here,
11:09 we just said, the Second Coming.
11:11 So these are doctrinal teachings
11:13 that this way we're spinning this much time on,
11:16 because there is many misconceptions in the world
11:19 about the coming of, Jesus, and so it's mentioned
11:22 in this prophecies about the, Jews, returning.
11:26 Again the Second Coming,
11:27 it's talking about the seven years,
11:29 the last week of the seventies,
11:31 some of you've been studying this prophecy of Daniel 9.
11:34 You have the rapture that's involved,
11:36 you have the antichrist, that's involved
11:38 three-and-half year period there.
11:40 You have a death decree.
11:41 You have the great time of trouble.
11:43 You have the millennium which is involved here.
11:46 You have the-where it says,
11:47 the whole world is going to be converted.
11:49 You have the thousand years of that called peace.
11:52 And then you also have the destruction of the wicked.
11:54 You see how many things that we've talked about here.
11:57 These are doctrinal subjects
11:59 that are involved in this one teaching
12:01 talked about the second coming.
12:02 So we need to be clear on this information.
12:05 Now what we went over
12:07 and what you've been reading from scripture
12:08 is an important that to be truth.
12:11 Is it contrary the scripture,
12:12 or does it go along with scripture.
12:15 What was contrary to scripture?
12:18 What if all these teaching and millions are involved
12:20 in this process that we're gonna go back
12:23 and rapture in the thousand years
12:25 and seven year period and all this thing.
12:27 If they really believe it with all their heart,
12:30 friend, they may have find out if it's not truth,
12:33 that they're gonna be very disappointed.
12:36 They may give up their Christian experience,
12:38 because they put everything into this,
12:41 but they've not been putting enough time,
12:42 maybe into study of God's word.
12:45 Many believe in the, second coming of Jesus today,
12:48 but listen to this, this is the thing that gets people.
12:50 They are going to be unprepared,
12:52 that's exactly what the devil wants.
12:54 He wants us to be unprepared for His coming.
12:59 Now some people write, they don't like the word
13:01 when I use a prepare.
13:03 But, you know what, bless my poorer heart,
13:05 I'm just going to use it over and over and over
13:07 'cause I believe that we have to prepare.
13:10 Isn't that funny when you going to have supper
13:13 you prepare, you go to school you prepare,
13:15 you go to-- you need to work, you prepare.
13:17 Everything that you do in life,
13:20 you prepare for it.
13:21 You prepare for vacation, you prepare to go here,
13:24 and that's all fine,
13:26 except when you talk about prepare
13:27 for the, coming of Jesus,
13:29 and you say, well, we don't want to prepare,
13:30 we're just going to kind of set it out.
13:32 And when He comes He is going to take us on.
13:33 No, you got to prepare, so I'm gonna use it again.
13:35 We've got to prepare for the, coming of Jesus.
13:38 We also figured as we study that we must study
13:41 the purpose of the, coming of Jesus.
13:43 We must study the, promises of Jesus,
13:46 and the, prophecies of Jesus, and we put these together,
13:49 we will find out the real truth
13:50 that we want to really get in today
13:52 to the real meat of the word.
13:54 That the first, problem, I must say the first problem
13:57 we talked about the beliefs of other folks.
14:00 Now we're gonna be talking about
14:01 the beliefs in the Bible.
14:03 The first problem we come up
14:04 with is one in the very beginning
14:05 because in Genesis Chapter 13,
14:08 you read your, Bible, and when you have time,
14:10 read verses like 14 through 17
14:13 because this was the promise
14:14 that was given to Abraham, you remember?
14:17 It says that
14:18 "All the families of the earth
14:19 should be blessed through," whom?
14:21 Good, "through Abraham."
14:23 Now let see, some of you didn't get that already.
14:26 Because you say, well, no, that's just the bloodline.
14:28 No, the, Bible, doesn't read that way.
14:30 It says that
14:31 "All the families of the earth
14:34 should be blessed."
14:35 Problem number one then, so the territory
14:38 and the promise includes, what?
14:41 The whole world everybody in it,
14:44 not just a group this-- We've got to contemplate
14:47 this now though may you've been
14:48 taught the other way, contemplate it.
14:50 This promise was not to be fulfilled
14:53 in the bloodline or the descent,
14:56 you know, taking about there, or the race.
14:59 Anyway you put it, it's bigger than that,
15:01 it includes the whole world.
15:03 Now you don't talk, but it would accomplished,
15:06 through notice this and I'm going to read scripture.
15:08 It's going to be accomplished,
15:10 this promise was given to Abraham
15:11 will be accomplished through the righteousness of, Christ.
15:16 The righteousness, what?
15:18 By faith, our faith,
15:20 which includes all nations of the world.
15:23 Let me read a passage on that,
15:24 it might help you, Romans Chapter 4 verse 13.
15:28 Bible, says this, "The promise,
15:30 that he should be the heir of the world,
15:33 was not to Abraham."
15:35 We have been reading that the promises were what?
15:38 Through Abraham, through Abraham,
15:40 but here it says, here "that it should heir of the world,
15:43 was not to Abraham, or to his seed,
15:47 through the law,
15:48 but through the righteousness of faith."
15:53 The heir of these promises,
15:54 it comes through the righteousness of faith.
15:57 What does that mean
15:58 righteousness of faith, faith?
16:00 You think about the world,
16:01 you know, it was lost because of, what?
16:04 Sin, good, sin!
16:05 It's going to be restored through, what?
16:07 Abraham's seed.
16:09 A people that would be holy,
16:11 a people that would be righteous
16:13 like in the beginning.
16:15 It's very interesting, he's talking about what?
16:17 Jesus Christ here,
16:19 that we must accept Him in our hearts,
16:21 in our life, we must be born again.
16:24 It's very interesting meaning
16:27 and I-- you got to be respectful
16:28 about the meanings of Jews, they're gonna believe that,
16:30 Jesus, has even come yet.
16:32 But it says, the righteousness what?
16:34 A faith, through faith.
16:37 Righteousness of Christ, is how these promises
16:40 then are going to be fulfilled
16:42 in His people or in Israel.
16:44 So let's open our minds now.
16:46 It's interesting how, God, chose Abraham.
16:50 Have you ever thought about it?
16:52 God chose Abraham.
16:54 Why did He choose Abraham of all the people?
16:57 Interesting what the, Bible, says
16:58 there in Genesis 20:18.
17:00 The, Bible, simply says
17:02 "Because thou hast obeyed my voice."
17:05 Listen carefully "Because thou hast obeyed my voice."
17:10 And then verse 16 you drop down,
17:12 it says this, "It tells that,
17:13 that "He obeyed, God,
17:15 when he was told to sacrifice his son."
17:20 Very interesting,
17:21 so "Because thou has done this thing"
17:25 God, says "and not withheld thine only son."
17:29 So, God, said, I am going to bless,
17:31 Abraham, and his seed, because he obeyed my voice.
17:35 So, so far we're having some problems
17:37 with-it's the blessings, it's gonna be
17:39 just on a certain race or certain group,
17:41 because first of all it was what?
17:43 The blessings were to be to be to all the what?
17:45 Included the world.
17:48 It wasn't going to come through Abraham.
17:49 Was that, Abraham, and his seed,
17:50 but really what was it through?
17:51 It said through the, righteousness of Christ.
17:55 Through what? Through faith!
17:57 And now we come to the point,
17:58 God, said, I am going to bless you, Abraham,
18:00 because you were what?
18:02 Obedient! So would the promise has come
18:05 through a group, that's not obedient? No.
18:07 Would it come through a group that's not faithful? No.
18:09 Not accepted, righteousness of Christ,
18:11 never been converted, don't believe the, Jesus.
18:14 No, the answer is pretty simple, isn't it?
18:17 No, it couldn't happen that way.
18:20 Have you thought about, you put, Abraham, here
18:22 and what he went through?
18:24 It was designed by, God.
18:27 Oh, so what?
18:28 So, Abraham, could better understand
18:30 the plan of salvation and the plan of redemption.
18:34 As, Abraham, was going to offer, what?
18:35 His only son.
18:37 Take that in mind, he is God,
18:38 is willing to give up his son to come down here.
18:41 So it's all designed by, God.
18:43 See I am thankful.
18:44 I don't know about you, but I'm very thankful
18:46 as I study this scripture,
18:47 the many promises that are in scripture,
18:50 and the fulfillment of these promises
18:52 as you read them here, especially, listen,
18:55 especially in the Old Testament
18:57 are explained in the New Testament.
18:59 See sometimes they are difficult
19:00 just take the Old Testament, say, oh, was it?
19:03 They are explained in the New Testament
19:05 for those who want to. Let me give an example.
19:08 In Galatians Chapter 3 verse 16.
19:11 It says, "Now to, Abraham,
19:13 and his seed were the promises made."
19:15 You will say, well, that's got to be there.
19:17 Well, listen now.
19:18 "He saith not to seeds, as of many,
19:23 but as of one, And that to thy seed, which is Christ."
19:30 Wow! All these promises is going to be given to us
19:33 in eternal life and all the promises that,
19:35 God, has made His word is going to be through what?
19:37 Not a man, but it's going to be through what?
19:39 Through, Jesus Christ!
19:41 The seed-- did you get it, Abraham, and his seed
19:45 where the promises made
19:46 but he saith not to the seeds as of many,
19:49 but unto one and thy seed which is Christ.
19:54 It's starting to make me
19:55 think along the line just here,
19:56 just a little bit here that, God, has the big picture
19:59 that we need to be looking at here.
20:01 And so the seed then is who?
20:03 Good, Christ! Will all the blessings be fulfilled,
20:08 but it's gonna be fulfilled through
20:09 those who follow and accept Christ.
20:12 You have to follow Him and you have to be,
20:15 have to accept Him as, Lord, the Savior.
20:18 See He promises to the overcomer.
20:20 We got to be an overcomer.
20:21 You know, Revelation 21:7 says,
20:24 "The overcometh shall inherit all things,
20:27 I will be his, God,"
20:28 and notice "He shall be my" good
20:31 "He shall my Son." Oh, that's good.
20:34 So the promise here then includes everything,
20:37 everyone and I just, I just present this too?
20:40 Could we really ask for anything more,
20:43 than what, God, has promised
20:45 and what, God, is doing for us.
20:46 Could we really just stand, ask for anything more,
20:48 oh, not at all.
20:50 God said, I am going to be with you.
20:51 I am going to bless you.
20:54 Now listen, where did the name, Israel, come from?
20:56 Let's-- you know, I can get down to the netted grid.
20:58 We build it up, we talk about the different things
21:00 and even that the passive scripture
21:02 seemed to indicate that only Israel,
21:04 you know, it's going to saved,
21:06 all of, Israel, be saved.
21:08 Who really is Israel?
21:10 And where did the name come from?
21:12 Well, Bible, says in Genesis 32:28.
21:15 Let me just read that for you,
21:16 he said, "And he said,
21:17 Thy name shall be called no more"
21:19 you know, come on "no more Jacob, but" what?
21:22 "But Israel as for a prince has thou power with God
21:28 and with men," listen to the words
21:30 "and hast prevailed."
21:33 Because, what?
21:34 Getting hold of the hand of, God,
21:36 he says, thy name no more, Jacob,
21:38 any more, but it's Israel.
21:40 So Israel been must be what? An overcomer.
21:44 Israel has to be, what?
21:46 They had to prevail with, God, and with men,
21:51 that's what the, Bible, says.
21:53 And so they have that power,
21:54 so there has to be something dealing with power,
21:57 has to be something that's dealing with
21:59 Jew yank up by Jacob in Israel.
22:02 There has to be something special
22:03 that's going on here in our mind
22:04 as we read these here.
22:06 And it's interesting, little bit later on,
22:09 because we're trying to, we're trying to isolate,
22:11 Israel, with a certain little group,
22:13 or people, or race.
22:16 But, God, is opening up to us.
22:18 You remember later descendants of Jacob,
22:21 the grand son of Abraham, you know, what he said,
22:24 they were known as the tribes of Israel.
22:29 That's interesting thought,
22:30 though you've been doing some studies,
22:31 you remember the 12 tribes of, Israel.
22:33 And remember when we say, Israel,
22:34 I'm going to mention again a little bit later
22:36 but it deals with character.
22:40 You will fit under one of the tribes of Israel.
22:44 Let me make this bold statement.
22:45 Everyone will have to be-Ooh, be careful now.
22:48 There had to be an, Israelite,
22:49 before they enter the portals of glory.
22:53 You're gonna say, ooh, boy, how does--.
22:54 Don't get confused about it, you need to listen it.
22:57 So the term, Israel, as used what?
22:59 In scripture here, it's used not merely to
23:02 identify a certain group of people,
23:05 it's more than that.
23:07 But rather, what? Good.
23:09 You just say, character.
23:11 That's what it talk about in scripture.
23:14 Sure, it applies to a certain race,
23:17 and sure we say, well, it's not,
23:19 it's not applied that wa all throughout scripture.
23:23 And so we have to balance it out with the word.
23:26 In the, Bible, Israel, is described there
23:29 or it tells us about the character,
23:32 or the spiritual condition of man.
23:35 So an, Israelite, then and what?
23:37 And character.
23:38 You got to weigh him up here.
23:40 If you are an, Israelite, how is your character?
23:42 If you are a part of the 12 tribes you're gonna fit under
23:44 one of those tribe your characteristic,
23:47 after all, all you take to heaven is what?
23:48 Good, your character.
23:51 An, Israelite, then is one who prevails with, God,
23:56 and man, that's what the, Bible, say.
23:58 You will say, well, I haven't been quite getting that.
24:00 Listen, in the New Testament, Paul, puts it this way
24:03 and it becomes very clear.
24:04 In Galatians Chapter 6 verse 15 and 16.
24:09 Here is what Paul said, he said, "In Jesus Christ,
24:11 neither circumcision availeth any thing,
24:15 nor uncricumcision, but a new creature."
24:19 Oh! "And as many as walk according to the rule,
24:23 peace be on the, and mercy, and upon the Israel of God."
24:29 Paul said, the Israelite is not,
24:31 I'm not talking about just a race,
24:33 or what they did or what they held up
24:35 as-- this is God's family.
24:38 He said, that so the, Israel of God,
24:40 are those who obtain
24:42 an experience of becoming, what?
24:45 A new creature, a new creation in Jesus Christ,
24:49 those who have been, what?
24:50 Converted! Wow!
24:53 Friend, are you new creation in Christ?
24:56 Have you been converted?
24:58 You are an Israelite.
25:00 That's what, God says.
25:01 Promises to all the family and it's through the sink,
25:04 not just the mankind, but it's through,
25:07 Jesus Christ, what? By faith.
25:09 By obedience to His word.
25:11 By accepting Him as, Lord and Savior.
25:13 Those promises apply to us today.
25:16 Let me just read a couple of quick--
25:19 I think some couple of verses in just,
25:22 oh, now become so clear to us.
25:24 Romans, you have your, Bible
25:25 turn with me Romans Chapter 2,
25:28 and then we're gonna go to Romans Chapter 9.
25:30 So let's read a couple of verses there
25:32 that makes us so clear.
25:33 And remember at the first program
25:36 that we did, we read some of the passages of scripture
25:40 that really seemed to indicate a certain direction,
25:44 and so don't overlook these other passage
25:46 in the New Testament that's leading in a direction that,
25:49 God, has intended in New Testament.
25:51 Don't overlook them, they are clear.
25:53 How can we overlook this, Romans Chapter 2:28 and 29
25:58 'cause it was going through
25:59 this the righteousness by faith.
26:01 And here is what verses 28 and 29 says,
26:05 there in Romans Chapter.
26:06 Where am I? At Romans Chapter 2.
26:08 Okay, Romans Chapter 2,
26:09 I'm gonna read verses 28 and 29.
26:15 It says, "For he is not a Jew,"
26:19 notice "He is not a Jew, which is one outwardly,
26:23 neither is that circumcision,
26:26 which is outward in the flesh.
26:29 But he is a Jew, which is" What?
26:31 "One inwardly, and circumcision
26:34 is that of the heart, and in the spirit,
26:39 and not in the letter, whose praise is not of men,
26:42 but" What? "But of God."
26:45 Well, these are powerful hymn.
26:47 Paul, is pointing out who is a real Jew?
26:49 Who is a real Israelite here?
26:51 He says, not all these outward things here
26:53 but it's what? It's not the bloodline, is it.
26:56 He is talking about the new heart
26:57 experience to be converted, to live by faith,
27:01 to be obedient to God's word.
27:03 And then in Romans Chapter 9,
27:06 we had more time we'll spend with, Romans Chapter 9,
27:08 this is homework for you.
27:10 You jott this down, you begin to really study what?
27:12 Because the world is being led astray
27:14 by the lies of the devil.
27:17 Every subject matter that we talked about,
27:19 we first came on here.
27:20 The devil has twisted it, he has mingled it,
27:23 he has confused the minds
27:24 and till even somebody who says they understand it,
27:26 they get confused sometime.
27:29 But, you know, the gospel is simple enough
27:31 that a child can understand.
27:33 And the devil has complicated and twisted it.
27:36 And in order to try, to have to make any kind of sense,
27:38 you have to take things out of context.
27:40 You've got to twist it again to try to make it say,
27:42 well, you wanted to say.
27:44 Friend, don't do that,
27:45 let the, Bible, interpret itself.
27:47 What it say? Just read the, word of God.
27:48 Notice with me Romans Chapter 9 verse 6 through 8.
27:52 Now I know there are times where we got to hurry
27:54 but all stay with me on this.
27:56 You said, oh, I just-oh, now,
27:58 let the, spirit of God,
27:59 come into your heart, into your mind.
28:01 Quit saying I can't understand it.
28:02 Now you can understand it.
28:04 If you invite the Holy Spirit
28:06 to give you proper understanding
28:07 and then you are willing to put some effort
28:10 in the studying the word of God.
28:11 He will make it clear to you.
28:13 Starting with verse 6, Romans Chapter 9.
28:16 "Not as though the word of God,
28:18 hath taken none effect.
28:21 For they are" Listen "For they are not all Israel,
28:27 which are of Israel."
28:30 When we say that is very clear
28:32 what it's talking about, we say,
28:33 oh, I don't get that because all that which is,
28:35 Israel, is not, Israel.
28:37 That means, you've got something there
28:38 that you know, they might be born again
28:40 the love of, Jesus, and you've got those in,
28:41 enter just like in your church.
28:42 You've got some who are born again,
28:44 you've got some who are not.
28:46 Well, I belong to such and such church,
28:47 you've got some who love, Jesus,
28:49 and you've got some who maybe,
28:50 they're not loving, Jesus.
28:51 You follow what I am talking about here.
28:52 Those verse 7 with me,
28:55 "Neither, because they are the seed of Abraham,
28:58 are they all children"
29:01 they says, well, because we are Abraham seed,
29:02 we are heirs according to word.
29:03 The, Bible, said, "Neither because they are
29:05 the seed of Abraham, are they all children
29:09 but, in Isaac shall thy seed be called."
29:11 " Verse 8 "That is,
29:13 which are the children of the flesh,
29:16 these are not the children of God,
29:19 if you are child of flesh today,
29:20 you are not a child of, God,
29:22 but the children of the promise
29:24 are counted for his seed."
29:27 Now notice in verse 6, it says,
29:29 "For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel."
29:33 So what does that say,
29:34 not all the descendents really what?
29:38 Belong to Israel in the spiritual sins."
29:42 And then it goes on the promise,
29:44 it's simply limited to those
29:46 who meet conditions of the covenant
29:49 and it includes faith and it includes,
29:52 what? Obedience.
29:55 Righteousness of Christ.
29:58 And then it talks about
29:59 there, are the children of God,
30:00 but the children of promise are counted for his seed.
30:03 Remember this, jott it down.
30:05 Remember, spiritual blessings are not inherited,
30:10 you know, we talk by inherited by natural descent.
30:14 So what does that say, spiritual blessing,
30:16 well, I am going to get spiritual blessing
30:17 because I am of the bloodline, no.
30:21 You will not. You must be a child of God.
30:23 You had to have faith and obedience.
30:26 You remember talk about the bloodline,
30:28 remember, Abraham, 'cause you know the story
30:30 about, you know, he had the bond slave, or servant.
30:35 And so he had two sons,
30:36 we'd just condense it down here real quick.
30:38 Abraham had what-- it says two sons.
30:40 Now remember, out of the two sons,
30:41 they were his blood, were they not?
30:43 One was by the bonds, they call him the bond son
30:47 in the, Bible, that means slavery.
30:49 And the other one was called, what?
30:53 I didn't hear somebody.
30:54 The first thing is what?
30:55 Ishmael, we talk about, Ishmael.
30:57 Ishmael, was the son of human devising.
31:02 He was the son of, listen, human effort.
31:05 But, Isaac, was what?
31:06 He was the son of promise. He was the son of faith.
31:10 But they were both bloodline,
31:12 but only one of them, did you notice only,
31:14 Isaac, received the promise.
31:17 It doesn't mean
31:18 that, Ishmael, was excluded from it.
31:21 It just simply said, God, chose whom He will
31:24 to carry on His work. All can be involved.
31:29 Isaac, was chosen of God, not Ishmael, not Ishmael.
31:34 Abraham, Sarah, think about this,
31:37 it was a miracle birth, was it not?
31:39 It was such a miracle birth that then notice,
31:42 the promise was accepted by what?
31:45 By faith! Think about,
31:47 Abraham, think about the seed,
31:48 think about who is really, Israel.
31:51 The promise that, God, gave them was a miracle
31:54 and they had to accept it by what?
31:56 Good, by faith.
31:58 It enabled them to conceive,
32:00 Sarah to conceive, to have what?
32:02 Isaac, son of promise.
32:04 And Paul kind of explains it this way in scripture.
32:07 He said, it was a, listen, a supernatural rebirth.
32:12 It was a supernatural, what?
32:14 Rebirth and what can happen here.
32:18 That's what they're Gentiles, we as Gentiles.
32:22 You know, we have to, we have to become
32:25 children of, Abraham,
32:27 the Bible, is talking about here.
32:28 And heirs according to the promise right here.
32:32 As we read that we become that supernatural rebirth,
32:35 the Gentiles, we become seeds of Abraham.
32:38 Boy, this, I tell you it really gets deep
32:40 when you begin to study, amen, this is wonderful.
32:44 Have you had, have you been reborn,
32:46 have you had rebirth experience?
32:49 You really know what is about to be born again,
32:51 we love Jesus, love your heart,
32:52 your soul, and your mind.
32:55 This is what so important in the world
32:57 that we live in here.
32:58 First of all is, experience with Jesus Christ.
33:01 And so we, as we read these things,
33:02 they are all good but remember,
33:04 remember what, John the Baptist,
33:05 even said, Remember,
33:08 we take law of promise in the Old Testament
33:10 and they are explained in the what?
33:11 Good, in the New Testament.
33:13 John the Baptist, said, like this in Matthew 3:9,
33:15 he said, "And think not to say within yourselves," notice
33:20 "we have Abraham to our father,
33:23 for I say unto you," John was saying
33:25 "And I say unto you, that God, is able of these stones
33:29 to raise up children unto Abraham."
33:33 Wow! That kind of opens up
33:34 the whole new line of thought, doesn't it?
33:37 I tell you, God, God, has some real information
33:40 for the, children of God, who is willing to really
33:42 get into the word, they begin to study.
33:45 Now what really determines
33:47 whether we are a child of Abraham or not?
33:49 What really determines it?
33:51 The, Bible, is clear in Galatians Chapter 3 verse 7.
33:54 It says, "Know ye therefore
33:56 that they which are of," What?
33:58 "Of faith, the same are the children of Abraham."
34:03 Now how can we overlook this clear passage?
34:06 How can we really debate that?
34:07 Say, no, it has to be the Jewish race.
34:09 You're gonna be an Israelite,
34:10 you got-- The, Bible, said here.
34:12 "Know ye not that they which are of, what?
34:15 Good, of faith.
34:17 The same are they, what? Children of Abraham.
34:20 Are you at faith today?
34:21 Then you are, John, of Abraham, right?
34:24 Part of the family of God.
34:25 Heirs according to, what? The promises.
34:28 So then we go back and repeat again.
34:30 So must we be blood,
34:33 must we be born in a certain nationality
34:37 in order to be Abraham's seed, do we?
34:41 This is powerful.
34:42 Listen the Galatians 3:28 and 29.
34:44 Now I am not going to read all 28,
34:46 I'm going to set it up here real quick, so you can see.
34:48 Remember he starts out that
34:49 it said that there is neither, what?
34:52 Jew, nor Greek.
34:54 It start out, talking about nationalities.
34:57 In God's side, there is neither Jew, nor Greek.
34:59 And then it goes on in verse 29 it says,
35:01 "And if you be Christ's,
35:04 then you are Abraham's," What?
35:06 "You are Abraham's seed,
35:08 and heirs according to the promise."
35:10 What if we missed, what if you missed all these years?
35:14 Oh, we won't be looking over,
35:15 we're not gonna be seeing what's going on,
35:17 listen, those people, the majority of them
35:19 blessed are precious heart,
35:20 they don't believe in, Jesus Christ,
35:22 they don't believe that He is coming back
35:24 that He even came the first time
35:26 and received to be heirs according to promise,
35:29 we ought to righteousness in the faith,
35:30 accept Jesus, we need to be converted,
35:32 we need to be obedient. That's not happening.
35:36 Our eyes needs to upon, Jesus Christ.
35:38 Our eyes need to be upon the word of, God, right here.
35:40 Quit worrying about some kind of bloodline
35:42 those who have what?
35:43 Probation has already ended,
35:45 and really to get into the word of, God, here,
35:47 and say, my, what does God say.
35:49 God says, you can't get any clearer than this.
35:51 If you are Christ,
35:53 are you Christ? Are you Christ?
35:57 Have you accepted Him as, Lord and Savior?
36:00 The, Bible, says this. Then you are Abraham's seed.
36:06 The Jew will tell me today, well, you are not Jew,
36:08 you don't have the blood of Jew,
36:10 you don't have.
36:11 The, Bible say, that's above the Jewish bloodline.
36:16 You're Abraham, I am Abraham's seed,
36:18 and I am heir according to the promise.
36:21 Interesting, when you mention that the promises made.
36:23 I hope we have time to talk a little about this
36:26 before our time runs out.
36:28 But they'll say, yeah, but what about all those promises
36:30 which was made to the, Israel,
36:31 and, you know what?
36:32 Listen, they are all going to be fulfilled
36:34 through the New Testament Church.
36:38 All of those promises that, God, has made, what?
36:40 Because we of what?
36:41 We are Abraham's seed, because I've accepted,
36:44 Jesus Christ, because of what?
36:46 Because of Jesus Christ, He is the seed.
36:49 And all we can be part of the family,
36:51 God here it says, I am heir according to the promises.
36:54 I can receive the promises
36:55 just like the Jews or anyone else.
36:58 I will make this clear and I will come back. Listen.
37:00 A Jew today, he gets to heaven
37:03 just exactly like you are going to get there
37:05 or I get there. They must be born again.
37:10 Please keep that in mind.
37:11 There is no shortcuts for anyone.
37:14 We've got to accept Jesus.
37:18 To me that's powerful passage there, Galatians 3:28-29.
37:22 Jott that down and read when you have more time.
37:25 And we say, okay, that's plan is it plan, church plan.
37:30 Those who are, Christ, are spiritual, what?
37:35 Israel. Spiritual Israel.
37:38 If you are in, Jesus Christ, that's what it says,
37:41 not the fleshly, not the literal, Israel,
37:47 but it says, they were spiritual Israel.
37:49 So those promises will be fulfilled
37:51 through us. Praise God.
37:57 So we talked about one who is a Jew by birth.
38:01 And I want to make it clear.
38:03 You are not automatically,
38:04 you don't automatically receive the promises,
38:09 the divine promises.
38:10 You don't automatically receive
38:12 a-I want to call it a free pass.
38:15 You don't receive that because of your bloodline.
38:19 As we went through this, we see that it deals
38:21 with the, righteousness of Jesus Christ,
38:24 those who accept, Jesus, by faith.
38:27 You're gonna be heir according to the promise.
38:31 Exactly, the Jew, will receive it,
38:34 exactly the way, the Gentile,
38:36 obtains the blessings. No different.
38:41 Let's speak real plain, shall we once again?
38:46 Blood relationship to Abraham.
38:50 If you are able, let's say you are able to go back,
38:53 and you're able to trace your family tree.
38:55 People are interested in family tree,
38:57 who, what, when, where in bloodlines.
39:00 If you could go back
39:01 and you could trace that amount
39:03 and somehow you found that, somehow down through time
39:06 that somehow you were kin of Abraham.
39:10 Oh, boys, you sense, ooh, boy, I will tell you listen.
39:13 You know, how much that's worth
39:14 if when it comes to salvation about what the papers worth
39:17 it's written on.
39:19 That's pretty plan, isn't it?
39:22 It doesn't matter.
39:23 The, Bible, teaches "It doesn't matter."
39:27 Don't forget Matthew 3,
39:28 read verse 7 through 9 when you have time.
39:30 Here is a biggie, I call him biggie,
39:31 sometimes, shocking sometime,
39:36 and we need to be shocked
39:37 when we are studying scripture,
39:38 'cause it gets and say, well, I didn't realize that.
39:40 Let me, let me look here a little bit.
39:42 Now what is the point of even going through a lot of it,
39:45 because it deals with so many what?
39:48 Subjects! So many subject that people misapprehend.
39:54 They are not contemplating, they are not studying them,
39:56 because they have this thing in their mind.
39:58 This is why it's going to be,
39:59 because it has to go like this
40:01 in order to take place.
40:05 And therefore, what?
40:06 We are not learning and putting
40:07 into our heart and mind, what truth is,
40:09 and when the enemy appears.
40:12 When the enemy appears
40:14 dear friend, you're gonna be fooled.
40:16 That's a burden we have here at Behold the Lamb.
40:18 We don't want anybody to be fooled.
40:20 If you want to be lost, that's your choice.
40:23 You don't have to serve, God, if you don't want to.
40:27 But we plead and we beg just say look
40:30 at least open your ears,
40:31 and your mind, and your heart,
40:33 and spend a few moments to study this,
40:35 because this touches on all of different subjects
40:40 about the dozens, and we are getting off,
40:44 we are not studying what truth is anymore.
40:45 We are studying what?
40:47 Some of the teachings of man,
40:50 and we realize where that's going to lead us.
40:54 Here is the biggie, now listen carefully.
40:57 The enemy has done what to our minds.
40:59 He has confused him.
41:01 He likes to confuse the mind,
41:03 because that's the only way that he can get to, who?
41:06 To get to you.
41:07 The Holy Spirit, how can Holy Spirit get to you?
41:10 Through what? Good, through the mind.
41:12 Do you see what the devil is working
41:14 on the mind all the time?
41:16 Anything that we can take into our body
41:18 to confuse the mind, whether be,
41:19 you know, pills or we're drinking things
41:22 or we're smoking things,
41:23 somebody need to stay with me.
41:24 Eating too much of things that it does, what?
41:29 It confuses the mind.
41:30 People says, oh, no, it didn't.
41:31 You know and I know, well, be carefully about I know here.
41:36 You know, of course, I know.
41:39 Let say you have a great big meal, what happens?
41:42 Do you think properly, do you feel right?
41:45 Say, you've overeaten.
41:47 Your mind becomes dull a lot of times
41:49 and you want just kind of lay down
41:51 and take a nap and so, you know,
41:53 the enemy will even try to confuse us
41:55 even on things that are good within themselves
41:57 and maybe the good food that we are eating.
42:00 But we maybe overdoing, so I am saying,
42:01 he is trying to confuse the minds,
42:03 so that we can't comprehend spiritual things,
42:06 so we need to be careful.
42:09 The things that we take into our body
42:11 that affect our what? Our mind.
42:13 Everything does of who we are.
42:16 That's why, God's last day,
42:18 people have a health message that we need to be studying
42:22 and apply to our hearts, into our life
42:24 that we maybe fit vessels for the Holy Spirit to dwell in.
42:31 God is well aware what's taking place
42:34 and what the enemy is doing,
42:35 much more than we would could ever be.
42:39 And he wants to warn us here
42:40 in these last days regarding these, prophecies of Israel.
42:47 As the devil confuses the mind of the, Christians
42:50 and the Jews, and many denominations today.
42:53 Remember there are couple of--well,
42:54 I've mentioned quite regularly
42:55 but Revelation Chapter 14 verses 6 through 12.
42:59 Revelation Chapter 18 verses 1 through 4.
43:02 We find that some of our minds are confused,
43:04 but there is a specific message
43:06 that is given and it announces that, what?
43:11 Babylon is fallen.
43:14 Babylon is always denotes, what?
43:16 Come on, you know, all these things
43:17 but, lets put them together one, two, three, confusion.
43:21 Confusion, what?
43:22 Not just anything in the world,
43:24 the spiritual things, the world spiritual.
43:28 The, Christian world has been,
43:30 what we're drunk with these false doctrine and teachings,
43:34 the wine that we've been drinking,
43:35 false doctrine and teaching.
43:37 Our minds have become confused.
43:39 Everywhere in scripture that literal or mystical Babylon,
43:45 it's always an enemy of God.
43:48 Babylon, enemy of God,
43:49 Babylon, enemy of God, always.
43:53 And friend, in Revelation,
43:56 let me just be real clear on this.
43:58 You say, well, Babylon, that was then,
44:00 hey look, Babylon, just means confusion
44:02 and it's talking about in religious things
44:04 and so I'll make this statement.
44:05 All religions, all apostate religions,
44:11 religious organizations,
44:13 all of their leaders in any of the movements.
44:19 You see, they've fallen away from truth,
44:22 have been drinking at the well of Babylon.
44:26 If they are teaching false doctrines,
44:29 you've been drinking a Babylon's well.
44:33 And, God, is going to hold us accountable.
44:35 Apostate means, you've fallen away from what is truth.
44:39 Maybe you don't care anymore.
44:42 Religious organizations we've fallen
44:45 and the Three Angels Message or Revelation 14,
44:48 a Second Angel's Message, Babylon is falling, listen,
44:51 come out of her, what? My people.
44:55 So God's people must be,
44:57 many of them must be in Babylon
44:59 or he would not call them out.
45:01 I hope somebody is hearing this now.
45:04 Do you hear that over there? Listen.
45:06 He is calling them out.
45:09 So we not participate in, what?
45:11 Their sins and their false doctrines,
45:13 and false teaching and God's people
45:15 has to stand up in the last days,
45:17 and to be heard. No they're afraid.
45:21 This is not a time for fear dear friends.
45:24 That Second Angel's Message has to be given.
45:26 First Angel's Message has to be given.
45:28 Third Angel's Message has to be given.
45:33 How far we've fallen away from, God, God, help us.
45:37 God is going to deal with these churches today.
45:43 The churches that He is talking about.
45:47 The ones they are fulfilling the prophecies
45:49 in the Book of Revelation
45:50 that, John, is talking about here.
45:56 And I will say this dear friends,
45:57 many of these apostate churches
45:59 have knocked the spirit of God's people
46:02 who keep the commandments of God.
46:05 Oh, big statement you better believe it.
46:10 See all these future promises made to the seed of Abraham,
46:15 I want to get it squared way in our minds now.
46:18 The promises of the future inheritance and power,
46:21 these promise of restoration of Israel.
46:24 Everyone dear friend, will be fulfilled,
46:27 not in a race, not in the nation,
46:29 but through faith, what?
46:30 In Jesus Christ, what my, Bible says.
46:33 Those who have accepted Him as Lord and Savior.
46:36 Salvation is between, what?
46:38 You and God! It's very personal,
46:43 it's not that you have to race.
46:44 It's not a kingdom, it's not national,
46:47 it's not a-- it's not nation
46:49 but its individual between you and God.
46:54 Remember whatever you might think
46:55 that you don't have that free pass
46:57 because of genealogy. I can tell you that.
47:00 The word does not ever teach that.
47:03 We've just got ourselves confused,
47:04 the devil confused our mind on it.
47:08 You say, well, why, why?
47:09 Because the persons think, they have a free pass,
47:11 they think they can get away from God.
47:15 They don't, they don't, they can find salvation
47:17 apart from, Christ, and they cannot.
47:20 It's in Christ.
47:23 Remember, God, saves people individually, personal.
47:27 Let's just examine a few moments
47:29 that we have left, about Jesus' work Himself
47:31 while He was here on earth with Israel.
47:33 You remember what, Jesus, told the woman.
47:35 Remember what He told her at the woman of Canaan.
47:38 She came to Him and to heal her daughter.
47:41 You remember what was talked about there
47:43 in Matthew 15:24.
47:44 Here is what, Jesus, said to her.
47:46 He said, "But he answered and said,
47:47 I am not sent" listen very carefully
47:50 "But unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel."
47:56 Jesus, was telling when she came for miracle,
47:58 she came for healing.
47:59 Jesus, said that I've come to do what?
48:01 I am sent back to the lost sheep,
48:04 talking about what the Jews lost.
48:07 Wow! What was, Jesus, saying?
48:12 He said, primarily, this is His goal,
48:14 He was sent to, what? To the Jews.
48:17 But remember He never ever deny the Gentile,
48:20 the blessings that He offered to His people.
48:23 He is making a statement here because of salvation.
48:26 We're gonna read when you say,
48:27 salvation is of the Jewish rule,
48:28 what's that mean.
48:30 Jesus, was pointing in that direction.
48:33 Jesus, knew the probation was getting ready to close,
48:35 but the Jews as a nation and they came here
48:37 and disciples and He counseled them
48:39 to what work would the Jews do.
48:41 Let me just read that,
48:42 Jesus, was sent to the lost sheep of the house of, what?
48:45 Of Israel. Read it when you can.
48:47 Okay, when you get Jeremiah 50 verse 6, read that.
48:51 God's speak of His people
48:52 has been, what? Lost Sheep.
48:54 Isaiah 53:6, He talks about His sheep,
48:57 like sheep, we like sheep, we've all done, what?
49:00 We've gone astray.
49:03 And so in Acts 13:46, notice what this says.
49:06 It says, "Necessary that the word of God,
49:09 should first have been spoken to you."
49:11 But notice this "But seeing ye put it far from you,
49:15 and judge yourselves," What?
49:16 Unworthy of everlasting life,
49:19 lo, we turn to," What? To the Gentiles."
49:22 First what? It was come out to Jews.
49:24 The Jews didn't accept, Christ, right here.
49:27 He said what?
49:28 Because you didn't want to hear the word of God.
49:29 It was first spoken you but you seeing
49:31 you didn't want any part of it.
49:33 He said, right here and you judge yourself,
49:35 notice, unworthy of everlasting life.
49:37 So apart from, Jesus, what, there is no everlasting life.
49:41 We've got to accept Him into our heart and life.
49:43 Lord, he say, we turn, what?
49:44 We turn to the Gentiles.
49:47 Wow! And Acts 18:6 say,
49:51 "From henceforth I will go unto the,"
49:53 What? "To the Gentiles."
49:56 And again Acts 28:28 it says,
49:59 "Be it known therefore unto you,
50:00 that the salvation of God is sent unto the Gentiles,
50:04 and that they will hear it."
50:07 They will hear the word, they will respond.
50:09 Where did, Jesus, first send the 12 disciples
50:12 in Matthew 10 verse 5 and 6.
50:14 Where did He first send them?
50:17 Jesus, sent the 12 and He commanded them,
50:19 saying, Go not the way of the Gentiles,
50:22 but into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not,
50:26 but go not again
50:27 rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel."
50:31 Here is the passage that will make you stop
50:33 and think in John 4:22.
50:35 It says, Jesus, responded to the woman.
50:38 We're talking about Samaritan here, notice this.
50:39 About the source of salvation,
50:41 here is what, Jesus, says, listen, why did He said it.
50:44 He said, He told His woman,
50:45 He said "You worship what ye know not what"
50:50 How do you like somebody say that to you?
50:51 You don't know what you are worshipping here.
50:54 We know not what we worship
50:55 for salvation is of what? Of the Jews.
50:58 What does that means salvation is of the Jews?
51:01 See Samaritans, He is saying the Samaritans didn't even,
51:04 they didn't know what they worship, why?
51:06 Because they were combination of apostate Hebrews
51:10 and they were part of the
51:11 Hellenism combined together.
51:14 And so they worshipped Him as Mark 7:7 says,
51:17 they worshipped, Jesus, in vain.
51:19 He was trying to get their attention.
51:20 Jesus, offers them a superior,
51:24 the Jews religion is superior to theirs,
51:27 if they had followed it.
51:29 Remember the, Jews, were chosen to be, what?
51:32 Witnesses to the world.
51:34 But what do you means superiority,
51:35 it mean we have to beat you.
51:36 Superiority here if you look it up
51:38 and you study here. It means this.
51:40 God, has chosen the Hebrew people
51:43 as His representatives to the earth.
51:45 He trusted them with the Ten Commandment law,
51:48 and that the Messiah was going to be a Jew.
51:52 There was a better way that He approved of their teaching
51:56 and what they're doing, absolutely not.
51:57 He came, He said oh, I came the lost house of Israel.
52:01 So quickly here our few moments.
52:02 How does, a Gentile, become a spiritual Israelite?
52:05 How does, a Gentile,
52:07 then become a spiritual Israelite?
52:11 This is something for sure,
52:13 anyone who has faith in, Jesus Christ,
52:16 we've been reading as what?
52:17 We have faith in, Jesus Christ.
52:18 You're been born again, you're an Israelite,
52:20 that's just as that simple.
52:22 Israel and the children of Christ
52:25 are synonymous in scripture.
52:27 You're a child of God, you're what?
52:29 You're an Israelite.
52:31 Literal, we talk about literal Israel
52:33 is only a symbol of what?
52:35 Spiritual Israel here, just like,
52:38 I remember the land of Canaan,
52:42 you know, he had the literal land of Canaan,
52:43 but it was a symbol of what?
52:45 The heavenly Canaan, yes, that you're sure.
52:48 Romans 11 read verse 17 through 23.
52:51 It speaks of an olive tree, here quickly an olive tree,
52:54 olive tree is who? Is Israel.
52:56 Some of their branches were broken off.
52:59 The natural ones that mean they were breadline,
53:02 broken off that's a tribe of Israel,
53:03 because of what? Because of unbelief.
53:06 The Gentiles and the other nations
53:08 were grafted into those places, what?
53:12 They became Israel, the branches,
53:14 notice this the branches that were broken off
53:18 and you know what, they may be grafted into individually.
53:22 We've been grafted into the part of the family,
53:24 God, we're Abraham's seed.
53:26 But they only can be grafted in as we exercise,
53:29 faith in Jesus Christ.
53:31 So the Jew dear friends ceased to be Israel,
53:34 because they lost connection,
53:36 you got to read all these passages,
53:38 they lost connection with the main stock or the wine.
53:43 Oh, boy, and their place was taken by every nation.
53:48 Kindred, tongue and people given in Revelation 14,
53:51 through what? Three Angel's message again.
53:53 You accept, Jesus Christ, you are, Israel,
53:56 and any gathering is going on over in,
53:58 Israel, or anything is taking place right here
54:00 will not be fulfilled,
54:01 will not have the blessing of Bible Prophecy.
54:05 Bible doesn't teach that dear friend.
54:07 All who enter heaven, I want you to think,
54:09 all who enter heaven.
54:10 I've mentioned this before, must be an Israelite.
54:14 Yeah, promises that are made to,
54:17 ancient Israel,
54:19 will be fulfilled in, spiritual Israel.
54:23 Remember promises that were made to,
54:25 Abraham, you remember that concerning
54:27 the inheritance of the earth
54:28 and they were not fulfilled in him
54:32 or his descendants.
54:34 Do you remember that why?
54:35 Because they lived, the Bible, said
54:36 in Hebrews 11, they lived in what?
54:38 In the country, they lived in tents,
54:41 they all died in the faith not receiving the promises.
54:45 Wow! Israel, the true Israel of God,
54:50 those who enter heaven,
54:53 each one of them dear friends,
54:54 will be assigned I believe by tribe
54:57 according to their characteristics.
55:02 They enter in not as strangers,
55:05 not as a, Jew, not as a Gentile,
55:08 but as the Israel of God, the New Testament Church.
55:12 They enter in as overcomers
55:14 and so as we start out with our first passage,
55:17 so all of, Israel, shall be saved.
55:20 Friend, I pray that you'll take this,
55:22 you know, this little information just scratching
55:24 and you'll begin to work, you'll begin to study
55:26 and you're gonna find out who
55:27 the, true Israel really is of God,
55:30 and the preparation that it would take.
55:31 Let's pray about it right now before we close, shall we?
55:34 That the Holy Spirit will help us
55:35 to understand this message is confusing the world today.
55:40 Merciful Father in Heaven,
55:41 we truly thank you for Your word.
55:43 Much as been covered only your Holy Spirit can help us
55:45 to understand these words.
55:47 As we do, we pray that each one will take us
55:49 a stand for what we know is right and truth
55:51 and we'll keep our eyes not on our country,
55:53 not on the people, but on Jesus Christ,
55:55 our Lord, and our Savior.
55:57 Help those we pray you study Jesus' name, amen.
56:00 Thank you for studying with us too.
56:02 We realize it takes some of your time,
56:04 but we want you to take that time,
56:06 take time and study in prayer every day.
56:08 Remember, you know, the only way
56:10 we can bring these programs to you
56:11 as by the free will offering of God's people.
56:13 We thank you, we love you.
56:14 Thank you for joining us. We'll see you next time.
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