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Stirring The Wrath Of Satan

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00:41 Hello, and welcome to "Behold the Lamb Presents."
00:44 I am, Chris Shelton, your host
00:45 and as always we're so thankful to be with you once again
00:50 for another wonderful Bible study in God's word.
00:54 Recently while we were visiting a church in California
00:56 a lady there told us
00:58 that every time "Behold the Lamb Presents"
01:01 scheduled to be aired she stops everything else she is doing,
01:04 everything is turned off and she sits down
01:07 and joyfully studies along with us.
01:10 And it's our hope that you, other listeners will want to
01:14 and desired to do the same.
01:16 Today's message is the first of a five part series
01:19 that Pastor Kenny has spend much time in prayer
01:22 and study to present to us.
01:26 All five messages would deal with the biblical prophecies
01:29 revealing the mystery of iniquity,
01:31 or the antichrist, that man of sin.
01:34 For centuries history has recorded struggles
01:37 of the people of God to live and worship freely.
01:41 The power of Protestantism has always been
01:44 in the truth of God's word that led them
01:47 continually into a personal relationship with Christ.
01:52 Millions have suffered and many times martyred
01:55 for standing firm and believing and living
01:58 with the word of God, and that word alone taught them.
02:03 They came to the point in their lives
02:05 that they would rather die than knowingly sin.
02:08 However as foretold in Second Timothy,
02:11 Chapter 4 and verse 3 and 4,
02:14 "Many will not endure sound doctrine,
02:17 but often their own lusts
02:19 shall they heap to themselves teachers,
02:22 having itching ears, And they shall turn away their eyes
02:26 from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables."
02:30 You know the enemy doesn't necessarily mind
02:32 if you call yourself a Christian,
02:34 just as long as you're ignorant
02:36 of what the truth of God's word really is.
02:39 You know that truth that has set us free from sin.
02:42 As long as we are left in spiritual darkness
02:45 and holding on to fables rather than the truth of God's word.
02:49 He realizes that we are in lost condition, so he is satisfied.
02:55 But friends, we should never be satisfied
02:59 with the lack of study in God's word.
03:01 So let's begin with the first of five messages
03:05 in this series that we have entitled
03:07 ''The Mystery of Iniquity.'' The antichrist reveal
03:11 with our first study today being entitled
03:14 "Steering the Wrath of Satan." "Steering the Wrath of Satan"
03:19 but first we are blessed to listen to brother,
03:21 Rudy Micelli, as he sings ''Scars''
03:25 at the 3ABN Worship Centre.
03:45 I have dreamed to see Christ face to face
03:53 I have long to hear his tender voice
04:01 Of the story of his love for me
04:08 I will want to ask him tenderly
04:17 Tell me what's scars are these in your feet and hand
04:24 Tell me what's scars are these in your face
04:32 These are ones with which I have been wounded
04:39 These are house of friends of mine
04:45 Tell me what scars are these in your feet and hands
04:53 Tell me what scars are these in your face
05:00 He will say these are the marks that tell you
05:07 that I have loved you endlessly
05:28 When I think of all my Lord went through
05:37 Bitter suffering on that rugged cross on that day
05:46 when I get on that sword
05:52 I will want to ask Him more and more
06:00 Tell me what scars are these in your feet and hands
06:06 Tell me what scars are these in your face
06:13 These are ones with which I have been wounded
06:19 In the house of friends of mine
06:25 Tell me what scars are these in your feet and hands
06:32 Tell me what scars are these in your face
06:40 He will say these are the marks that tell you
06:46 that I have left you endlessly
06:54 I will always love you endlessly
07:24 Thank you for joining us today.
07:25 Praise God, we've really have a study.
07:27 It's may be one of the most important studies.
07:31 And I say that because of what's happening
07:33 in the world today.
07:35 The enemy is out to what?
07:37 Kill, steal, and destroy, to deceive the world
07:40 by his false doctrine and teaching.
07:43 And the world is following after.
07:44 But God has raised a people here,
07:46 praise God, in the last days.
07:47 He is going to present the undiluted truth,
07:51 straight testimony, and it's going to be
07:53 up to you to decide,
07:54 if you're gonna follow God's word or not.
07:56 Today before we get into this,
07:58 a really exciting study, we're gonna talk about
08:00 "Stirring up the Wrath of Satan."
08:02 And let me tell you, you'll stir the wrath of,
08:05 when you start talking about
08:06 the ''Mystery of Iniquity'' the antichrist exposed.
08:10 This is a five part series,
08:12 my wife wastalking to you about,
08:13 so you don't want to miss any of the five.
08:16 They're gonna fit together just like a glove,
08:18 when it's all set and done you will have enough information,
08:21 I will have enough information,
08:23 that we can make an intelligent decision for, Jesus.
08:26 But let's pray shall we, that the Holy Spirit helps us.
08:29 I know the devil is gonna battle this but,
08:30 you know, I am thankful for the power in prayer, aren't you?
08:33 Greater is He that what?
08:35 That is in you and me than He that is in the world.
08:38 Let's pray together as I kneel, if you can, kneel with me.
08:44 Kind loving heavenly Father for the--
08:46 thank you for the privilege of prayer.
08:48 We ask now forgiveness of sin,
08:50 anything in our life that needs not be there.
08:52 Oh, how we need to hear from heaven.
08:54 How we need the power of thy Holy Spirit.
08:56 Praise you, you would clear my mind from everything.
08:59 I just want spiritual things on my mind right now.
09:02 I want to be able to speak to your people
09:04 words of life and encouragement,
09:06 to give them strength and give them
09:07 the truth as it is in, Jesus.
09:10 I thank you for the privilege we have to reach
09:12 many for your honor and for your glory.
09:15 Bless us now we pray, consume us with Your spirit
09:18 and with those who listen and see
09:20 and those who have open their Bibles right now,
09:23 because they want to receive the blessings,
09:25 drawing near to them, in Jesus name, amen
09:31 We thank you for joining us again.
09:32 It's a privilege to be able to present God's word.
09:35 So you need a pencil and paper get it all out,
09:37 because we-- there is some information
09:39 as we go along in this five part series,
09:41 please remember its five part.
09:43 Guess what, if you just get one,
09:44 or you get the third part
09:46 or the fourth part you might be confused.
09:49 This may be old news to some folks,
09:53 but to many millions they may be--
09:56 I have never heard anything like this in their life.
10:00 Some will say it's two pointed.
10:01 Some will criticize. Some will condemn.
10:04 But dear friends, it is the truth of God's word
10:08 that we need to be proclaiming today.
10:10 God has truth, your enemy is a counterfeit
10:13 and all his counterfeit need to be exposed.
10:16 So we're gonna be talking about
10:17 "Stirring up the Wrath of Satan."
10:18 our first part. I am talking about
10:20 the ''Mystery of Iniquity'' the antichrist revealed.
10:25 Like you ever get shocked?
10:27 I was shocked the other day as I--
10:29 an article came across my desk and I took time and I read this
10:33 and I said oh surely this can't be.
10:35 So I'm gonna-- I'm gonna share
10:37 that with you and see how you think,
10:38 it might stagger you a little bit.
10:41 It may not even surprise you and others will be indifferent,
10:44 but bless your heart, I pray that it will affect you
10:46 in some form or fashion for the good.
10:48 And it was a survey and the survey was taken with just,
10:53 listen, pastors and with spiritual leaders,
10:58 so that tells you where the thinking is at now.
11:01 And so the survey was taken,
11:02 some question was asked-- was pretty pointed.
11:05 But it does seem like the closer we get to the coming of Jesus,
11:09 the more that were pulling away from the Bible
11:12 and we're following after traditions of man and fables.
11:16 And so I think that's what prompted the survey here.
11:19 And here's one, I thought is very interesting.
11:23 Many, many pastors deny the deity of Jesus,
11:29 the gospel, think about that.
11:31 If you deny, the deity of Jesus and the gospel of Jesus Christ,
11:35 you find there is two truths there,
11:37 but in those two truths,
11:38 the devil takes those away if you allow him
11:41 and then there will be two that will substitute,
11:43 that would be what? Tradition and paganism
11:48 and so they ask these pastors
11:49 and these leaders and they said, you know, what
11:52 40 percent of those that were asked this question,
11:55 here's what they said 40 percent.
11:57 No longer believed that there is a devil.
12:01 Forty percent of the pastors said,
12:03 we're used to believe it,
12:06 but we no longer really believe that,
12:07 that there is really such thing as a devil.
12:11 Here's, a shocker, Seventh five percent
12:15 when asked this question said we no longer
12:18 believe in a-- listen, a literal hell.
12:22 Wow, 75 percent of pastors, religious leaders,
12:29 something to think about here,
12:31 26 percent in this poll said they no longer
12:36 believed in a literal heaven.
12:40 Wow! And then I like to say the shock of shocks.
12:44 Sixty five percent asked this question,
12:49 they said, we really think that is really not necessary
12:54 for us to really even believe in the Bible anymore.
12:59 What did they find these individuals to take this survey?
13:05 If that's the thinking of individuals and pastors
13:09 and the laity and religious leaders, we're in trouble.
13:15 Did those statistics shock you? I hope they did.
13:20 To say if that-- if that's way that we're thinking today,
13:23 no longer--no reason why we were in the mess
13:25 that we're in. we can, may be it no longer
13:27 continue down that same road anymore,
13:29 but a change needs to take place.
13:33 And with that kind of thinking as a pastors leader,
13:35 what do they, what do they tell their congregation
13:38 and where is the congregation?
13:40 Most generally they will be even,
13:42 you know, less informed than the pastor will on this
13:45 and if he tells them some they automatically--
13:46 well, that must be the truth.
13:50 Friend, oh, this is a reason
13:51 I'm telling you this because in our study
13:53 we're going to see that the world has come
13:55 to the conclusion that really basically
13:57 it doesn't really matter what the word of God says.
14:00 Well, I disagree with that whole heartedly
14:02 and I know that many of you do too.
14:05 And I think in some of these facts,
14:07 remind us that the power of the enemy,
14:10 he is still, he is still-- he is reaching back
14:13 and he is changing things that God said is unchangeable
14:17 or he thinks that he is.
14:19 And so everything that he is able to change
14:20 that God has put his seal of approval on.
14:23 The devil says, I still have some power here.
14:25 The people are believing me, they are coming to my side.
14:30 I am turning people away from God
14:32 and I'm turning him toward man or toward him, the enemy.
14:36 Wow, it's pretty, confused?
14:39 Are Protestants confused, or the Catholics confused?
14:44 Does it really make a difference?
14:46 Is there any difference between
14:47 Protestantism now and Catholicism?
14:50 That's pretty heavy duty question.
14:51 But let me just give you one instance here
14:53 and just food for thought.
14:56 There's one Protestant pastor from a pretty good size church.
15:00 He stated this he said, I would be delighted to have
15:05 a Roman Catholic come to my church and celebrate mass.
15:15 Getting along is great.
15:18 Getting along as one unity is wonderful,
15:21 but not at the expense,
15:23 dear friends, of principles of Bible truth.
15:28 What has happened to our thinking?
15:31 Is it really spiritual anymore? Has something really happened?
15:35 How blind have we become?
15:40 Are we able to comprehend spiritual things?
15:44 See there are many today are rejecting, God's word.
15:47 They say that God's word, is not trust worthy
15:50 is what I'm gathering from some of these surveys.
15:53 They don't trust, God's word, anymore.
15:54 They say, well, it's confusing and it doesn't really matter.
15:59 And some even have the audacity to say listen,
16:03 that God's word contradicts itself.
16:07 Boy, I have a lot to say to you,
16:08 I may not try--I'll try to hold back right now,
16:10 but lot of you who--see you're surface readers by,
16:13 I'll just tell you that you're surface readers.
16:15 And as you just read the Bible,
16:17 oh, you can say is, oh, this doesn't seem to match up,
16:19 this doesn't seem to match-- oh, every word--
16:22 word of God matches up because God is the author of it
16:26 but you know what, because you're surface reader.
16:28 I thought I won't go and get on that right now,
16:30 but I'll have to-- I'm gonna leave it,
16:31 but I'm gonna come back.
16:33 The word of God, never contradicts itself.
16:37 Because some of these individuals
16:39 who say that it does, well, I may go,
16:41 I'm willing to go ahead and talk about it then.
16:43 You got me round up right now,
16:44 because you know what?
16:45 That posses a real problem to lot of people
16:48 who may want to find Jesus, and you come along
16:51 and you put a cog in a wheel.
16:52 Ha, you contradicts yourself, you can't find what truth is.
16:56 These individuals denounce, Jesus Christ.
16:58 They denounce salvation. They denounce prophecy.
17:02 They denounce the times in which we live.
17:06 And they even say those of you who stand for truth,
17:08 you're narrow minded, you're weak. Really?
17:14 Who might be the weaker one?
17:17 Friends, you know, this is-- it seem like nothing
17:20 could be said in the world
17:22 that we live in to arouse people from their sleep.
17:28 I'm afraid that you're not the one that's sleeping.
17:31 Have you noticed this? You're going about to and fro
17:33 that it seems that people are spiritually sleeping.
17:36 It doesn't matter what you say.
17:38 It doesn't matter what you do to them.
17:39 They just-- they seem to sleep on.
17:42 Is that the signs of the time,
17:44 they seem to have no fear of what's going
17:47 to take place in this world.
17:49 What's taking place right now?
17:51 They are not worried about the events.
17:53 They are worried about the moment.
17:54 They're worried about trying to make a few bucks,
17:56 have a good time, just enjoy themselves.
17:59 Conscience seems to be not severed.
18:03 So you might have many, don't have a conscience today.
18:07 And what conscience, it seemed to be darkened
18:09 by the spirit of the enemy.
18:12 Darkness is prevailing in the world today.
18:15 And some of us, we don't even realize how dark that it is,
18:18 because we're not close enough to the light.
18:21 The closer you get to the light,
18:22 the more you're gonna see the darkness in the world.
18:25 But here's what I am finding.
18:26 I find that people are-- they're happy
18:29 with the condition that they are in.
18:31 They don't want to change.
18:33 They're not interested in the change,
18:35 even though you tell them something they'll say,
18:37 oh, praise God, isn't that wonderful?
18:39 Oh, that's good news, but they don't order their life
18:42 after the scripture, they're content.
18:46 There's no indication after you talked to them
18:48 or give them a Bible study that they don't even make a change.
18:53 They seemed to have no inclination to free themselves
18:57 from the grasp of the enemy.
19:00 I'm giving you a lot of backgrounds,
19:02 I want you to think because in this subject
19:03 you're gonna see the world.
19:06 The basic whole world doesn't have an inclination
19:09 it seems to free themselves from the falsehood,
19:12 the deceptions of the enemy, why?
19:18 Nothing is reasoning that some of you're doing as well,
19:21 I know but-- Friend, we're living at the end of time,
19:26 what's important to you?
19:27 There is a hereafter, there is a heaven,
19:29 there is a hell, regardless to what
19:31 some of the pastors have said.
19:33 Regardless to what the survey says,
19:34 the Bible says, the word of God says.
19:39 And some of you say, well, oh, yeah
19:40 you sit back snugly on your couch,
19:42 on your chair and you'll say well,
19:43 well, he is talking to the whirlings right now.
19:45 No, I'm not, I'm talking to you too.
19:48 The whirlings most of them know where they're at.
19:51 May be it could be the Christian world
19:52 that's may be more deceived than anybody else.
19:55 I am talking to everyone today,
19:58 in the Christian world I want to bring this out.
20:02 When they say I have need of nothing,
20:04 you know, we're increased with good.
20:06 You remember we read that in Revelation 13.
20:07 Oh, I'm increased with good, I've need of nothing.
20:10 When we are miserable, poor, and blind, and naked,
20:12 the Bible said in Revelation 3:17.
20:16 We don't realize how destitute we're of the Holy Spirit,
20:19 destitute of truth that sanctifies
20:21 and set you apart, get's us ready for heaven
20:25 and then come up with that-- it really doesn't matter.
20:27 It doesn't matter what church we go here,
20:29 today we go to church, what church--
20:31 what we believe it really doesn't matter, really?
20:35 Oh, friend, we need to wise up here spiritually.
20:39 God, is speaking to our hearts today,
20:41 we need to comprehend these things.
20:44 Miserable, poor, blind, and naked it says.
20:47 But, you know, the beautiful thing there at the council,
20:49 we talked about Revelation 3,
20:50 you read 16 and 17 there.
20:52 It says, we have to realize that we are blind
20:54 that we need to buy what?
20:56 It says, here is the shop that we need.
20:59 We need to buy gold tried where?
21:01 Verse 18, in the fire, buy gold and so I will say this
21:07 in this study that we are doing right here.
21:09 This is a study of gold.
21:14 It's something that you need to contemplate.
21:17 It's going to open eyes and the ears
21:19 and even the hearts of people.
21:21 But, you know what, you're gonna have to worn it.
21:24 You're gonna have to be praying for it.
21:27 You're gonna have to desire it.
21:29 Now some of you say, is it popular?
21:32 No, it's not popular, it never will be.
21:35 But I tell you this God has spoken in His word
21:39 and that all we need to do is to respond
21:41 and to obey His word, whatever the cost.
21:46 I want you to come to grips with me
21:48 on that as we study today.
21:51 Whatever the cost, I must be willing.
21:57 Whatever the changes that God wants me,
22:01 I have to be willing regardless
22:03 of what it means giving up in this life.
22:07 We're talking about a power, super natural power,
22:12 mystery of iniquity, the devil behind this power,
22:15 the antichrist, most people don't know,
22:18 beast power, little horn.
22:21 They have no idea man of sin.
22:24 Wow! Wycliffe, you remember him one of the reformers.
22:29 Oh, I just marvels, I read some information
22:32 about these reformers.
22:34 Since I read this right here I realized
22:35 they had a relationship with God.
22:39 They were exposed to the religious elements of the world
22:43 that they were threatened and burned and tilled and oh my.
22:48 But they had such a love for Jesus.
22:52 Wycliffe, he said this, where he made the statement,
22:55 he said "Why do you seek the crown martyrdom afar.
23:01 What do think is, you know, way down the future,
23:03 you may be, martyred for Jesus, right now.
23:06 You know, what he said?
23:07 And he said right in the midst of the church as it were.
23:11 He said just preach, Jesus Christ,
23:14 preach the gospel of Christ to the haughty prelates,
23:18 and martyrdom will not fail you. Man what a statement.
23:22 And then he stops and he says, what
23:24 like someone said something, what?
23:27 I should live and be silent? Never he said, never.
23:34 Let the blow fall I await its coming.
23:37 Here's somebody that love Jesus,
23:39 and love the truth and in the face of the enemy.
23:43 He said, be silent, never.
23:45 There is a truth to be presented,
23:47 the blow is gonna fall, let it fall, I awaited.
23:51 How many of us await,
23:53 of what's going to take place in the near future.
23:58 You see, Wycliffe, he studied, he accepted the Bible.
24:01 He accepted as the pure word of God,
24:05 and with unwavering faith and fidelity.
24:09 He realize this is a Revelation of God's will
24:12 for his life and for the world.
24:13 It was his rule of faith in his life and has practice.
24:19 Wow! It was true authority to him.
24:25 It was the Bible that made him the man that he was.
24:31 What kind of a man, or woman, or young person are you today?
24:35 If you're gonna be anything at all dear friends,
24:37 it must be based on the word of God.
24:40 It makes you the kind of person that God want you to be.
24:43 In the phase of difficulty, in the phase of death,
24:49 we stand true to God, regardless of the cost.
24:55 I found even in today's society,
24:58 let alone in the Dark Ages in the time of reformers
25:01 many people hate the truth.
25:05 They don't like the message
25:06 and they don't like the messenger.
25:09 And when pushed into a corner they hate it,
25:11 many of them will tell you that.
25:14 And you realize that kind of hatred followed,
25:18 Wycliffe, it followed him but you know
25:21 God used him in such a mighty way,
25:23 I just marvels I read his account.
25:27 That they say the devil followed him
25:29 and hounded him, persecuted him,
25:33 try to take his life, but God preserved
25:35 that man's life and he died of natural causes.
25:40 It's very, very interesting.
25:43 His teachings lived on. You ever remember reading
25:48 that in scripture Revelation 14:13 it says,
25:51 that their works do follow them,
25:56 even though he was-- he is dead,
25:57 he was dead, his works continued to live on
25:59 and there was agitating the ones who hated the truth,
26:02 they didn't want to hear the truth
26:03 because it exposed them for what kind of people they were.
26:07 Professing to be people of God,
26:09 they were people of the enemy.
26:11 Well, you know, what happened?
26:14 Because his work continued to live on,
26:17 40 years after his death-- remember they couldn't kill him,
26:24 they couldn't silence him, they couldn't shut him up,
26:27 but 40 years after the man is dead,
26:28 buried, gone, you know, nothing left here--
26:31 they dug up his bones and they burned his bones
26:34 and they scattered the ashes in a pond.
26:40 You tell me they didn't hate that man,
26:42 a man that God raised up to present the truth,
26:45 truths that we need to live for him.
26:49 Can you possibly even think today
26:51 that after someone has gone for 40 years,
26:53 you dig him up and burn their bones.
26:57 Hatred for the cause of Christ.
27:01 It was to the writings, I am giving you background--
27:03 you got to stay with me here because we're gonna expose.
27:06 These individuals were exposing the man of sin,
27:10 these, the antichrist in operation
27:14 and we'll see how that all fits in
27:15 because there is operating, you see,
27:18 and they understood the operation of it
27:20 and they will continue to get worse till the coming of Jesus.
27:24 They were face to face with the powers of evil,
27:30 but as through the writings of, Wycliffe, here
27:34 that another reformer.
27:35 I love to read about him to, John Hus, sure you know him.
27:40 John Hus, took the stand for truth, you remember what?
27:45 But first in preaching the truth that lives on and on
27:47 and people get converted and later on,
27:49 John Hus, came on the scene.
27:52 He took a stand and he was approaching,
27:55 it came to the last moments of his life,
27:57 please notice this, why?
27:59 Because I am talking about here the man of sin,
28:01 the antichrist that we're talking about here,
28:04 that little horn power is going to be persecuting
28:06 God's people right till the end of time
28:07 just before, Jesus comes.
28:09 You're gonna have to have this relationship
28:11 that these reformers had. I'm going to have to have it,
28:13 oh, God, help us. Do you have it today?
28:17 No, you can't take somebody saying
28:18 something negative maybe against you.
28:20 You can't take somebody say well,
28:21 you're not a good worker
28:22 or they said this or they did that.
28:24 Oh, we go to pieces, we loose our religion,
28:26 oh, we don't want to go to church anymore.
28:29 The last moments of this man, John Hus's life.
28:34 He was given the death to carry,
28:36 oh, some of you need to relate what I'm talking about.
28:38 The Bible in Revelation said the people of God
28:40 who have death to carry upon him.
28:41 The death to carry upon John Hus, he was persecuted,
28:45 he was tormented but they, as I see fully,
28:48 finally kill him, they put a--I want to call--
28:51 oh, if I can do that a dunce, dunce had on him.
28:55 a pointed triangular hat on his head like a pyramid.
29:00 And it said on that pyramid with a-
29:02 at a figure of the demon on top of it
29:05 and it said we devote this soul to the devil.
29:11 This is the church doing it.
29:15 Wow! Reading the other day in-- what called Prophets and Kings
29:21 are fools some of you don't let it,
29:22 but just listen to the thought, listen to the principle.
29:25 Page 513 it says, "Truth must be obeyed though"
29:33 it means imprisonment, it means exile or death."
29:43 Oh, how many of us have that kind of relationship
29:46 with Jesus Christ, that these reformers had.
29:51 Remember they were reformers,
29:52 they were starting out and--may I be bold to say
29:54 they don't have all the truth that you posses today.
29:59 Which will make us stronger in, Jesus,
30:02 but they took his hat and they put him on him,
30:03 and they say we're consigning him to the devil,
30:05 he is the devil, but notice, Hus,
30:07 he didn't remain silent just like
30:08 we're not gonna remain silent.
30:10 By the grace of God I will not be silent.
30:12 There is no time to be silent right now, why?
30:14 Because the world is deceived, the world is fooled.
30:17 I'm telling you they just-- they're fool of that--
30:18 the old devil in there, there are so deceived,
30:20 they don't know right from wrong anymore, light from darkness.
30:24 This what, Hus said, in reply, they may commit my soul,
30:28 you know, to the devil he said but I commit my soul,
30:31 he said to the hands of the Lord Jesus,
30:33 I like this, for thou has redeemed me.
30:39 Oh, friend, in the face of death.
30:42 In the face of being tied to the stakes with the fire raging
30:47 and lit and getting ready to--burning,
30:51 till there is nothing left of him.
30:53 The man just says right now and that--
30:55 as they're getting ready to light they said to, Hus,
30:57 they said listen one more time, recap what you've said,
31:02 escape the flames, renounce the heirs of your doctrines
31:07 and your writings and your teachings.
31:10 Man strapped the fire getting ready to light it,
31:13 burn to death, oh, it's a horrible, horrible death,
31:16 there has to be interesting.
31:19 You know, what his response was?
31:22 Getting ready to light it, retract your heirs,
31:26 he looks around with the--
31:28 I won't say the features of the Holy Spirit
31:30 just coming through him and he said what heirs?
31:33 Wow! What heirs shall I announce
31:39 denounce what should I-- I know myself guilty of none.
31:45 Right to the very last moment of his life
31:49 and then he says this most joyfully,
31:53 most joyfully, well, I confirm with my blood
32:00 what I've taught, what I've written,
32:04 what I've preached, he said I'll give my life for,
32:07 that's how sure I am that is the truth of God's word.
32:10 Oh, how sure are you?
32:12 When they're getting ready, oh, it's easy for you,
32:14 some will say, well, yeah I'll do that too
32:15 while you're sitting in air-condition,
32:18 you know, what I'm talking about.
32:21 You're not if you're strapped to the stake
32:23 and getting ready to be burned.
32:27 Man said, I sole believe in the word of God
32:30 and these truths that I've preached
32:31 and I've taught and I've written about,
32:34 that I'll shed my blood. How about you?
32:38 How about me today, oh, God help us?
32:42 And the account of history as it writes it said,
32:46 as the flames began to burn him,
32:52 he began to sing, Jesus, thou son of David.
32:58 Wow! Have mercy on me and the account says
33:06 he continued to sing until his voice was gone.
33:12 Wow! What a love? What an experience?
33:18 What devotion? What a love he had for Jesus and truth?
33:24 What a commitment that so many of us lack today.
33:27 We can't even go to church regularly,
33:33 What a commitment this man had
33:36 that you need and I need today.
33:41 And I was just, I thought this is--overwhelmed,
33:44 I read some more I got overwhelmed and said,
33:46 you know, with Huss and Jerome both
33:49 listen to me carefully.
33:51 If you don't get anything else out of today's lesson,
33:54 oh, listen to me, oh, God, help us
33:56 to have this kind of experience.
33:59 It said for, Huss and Jerome, as they prepare for the fire.
34:04 Now, somebody stay, listen, as they prepare for the fire--
34:09 the man who was writing about it
34:10 and they record it down, he said it was though
34:12 they were preparing to go to a marriage feast.
34:19 They were getting ready to be burn alive.
34:22 But joyfully were they preparing like they're going to feast.
34:27 How glad they were to be able to give their life for Jesus,
34:30 and the truth and you and I are afraid
34:32 to even stand up for what is true.
34:34 We're afraid to be called by name,
34:36 different, strange, odd, are you one of those?
34:42 Wow! It say when they lit the fire,
34:47 there was not one cry of pain.
34:54 And they just sang till they couldn't sing anymore, wow.
34:58 Filled with the, Holy Spirit of the living God,
35:01 because they committed themselves so deeply to Jesus.
35:07 So I challenge you, we're talking
35:11 about the last day people of God.
35:15 The God has called you with this--
35:17 to present the solemn truth of the last days
35:20 that you're gonna see the same things happen
35:22 as you've seen during the Dark Ages.
35:23 Oh, God help us. We're gonna sin.
35:26 People won't listen anymore.
35:28 He said, it doesn't matter.
35:32 You must remember what God has chosen you
35:34 to give this last day message.
35:36 It's going to be the title of this message is going to stir
35:40 the wrath of the enemy against you, that's Satan.
35:45 He is gonna stir up the anger of people against you.
35:53 He is gonna stir up the people in the world that love--
35:56 the Bible says what? Fables, they love what? Lies.
36:02 They like sugar coated water down messages.
36:05 It's going to stir when you give the straight testimony,
36:07 this is what God's word says.
36:10 They're gonna say, oh, we don't like these,
36:12 for people we need to get rid of them.
36:14 Read that in Second Timothy 4:4, please read that.
36:19 Are you one of those like those sugar coated,
36:20 you don't want to be convicted of anything.
36:22 You don't want to hear what we should be doing,
36:25 what God requires of us to repopulate heaven.
36:29 You think that the reformer is different.
36:31 Let me think about them what kind of experience
36:33 they had to have with God.
36:37 I can assure you in this battle that we are in,
36:41 it's going to take more than human effort.
36:43 It's going to take more than physical strength.
36:46 It's going to take more than power of intellect.
36:49 It's going to take more than just human wisdom
36:53 to see us through. It's going to take
36:55 the power of the living God, to consume you
36:58 and to consume me, no longer, I the Christ, who lives.
37:02 Power of God, must be present and the enemy
37:05 is going to be crying for your blood.
37:09 Are you willing to settle your destiny as it were?
37:15 The truth that you've presented
37:16 that you've talked about it,
37:18 you may be written about, you preached about.
37:22 When asked you need to recount these things
37:23 or you're willing to say, oh, I believe in with all my heart,
37:26 if it takes my blood just seal it, so be it.
37:34 You remember what the Jews?
37:36 Why did they, why did they cry?
37:38 They cried for the blood of Jesus, the Son of God.
37:42 You're follower of Christ,
37:43 they're going to call for your blood.
37:46 You're not going to be willing
37:47 if you're not been denying yourself
37:49 and studying the word of God,
37:50 and following madly in love with Jesus.
37:55 Oh, dear friends, this study will reveal
37:57 that we have to test, we have to test the word of God.
38:02 As the word of God we read it, we test it.
38:05 We test it and we try and what does it do?
38:09 No, word of God, test.
38:11 Those things were ought to be what?
38:13 Truth, or if it's false.
38:17 The word of God does what?
38:19 It exposes err and it tells you the truth.
38:23 Every claim, man he going to making some claims now,
38:29 but the Bible said everything you hear to be truth,
38:31 you had to try that, Isaiah what? 8:20,
38:34 "To the law on the testimony."
38:36 You think people is using that today?
38:37 No. they don't want to hear about keeping a law,
38:40 they don't want to hear about being obedient.
38:42 They want to hear about doing what they want
38:44 to do when they want to do it.
38:45 Oh, friend, that's what the devil would have you believe.
38:50 Think how it's been through the ages
38:51 from the beginning of time and what its cost.
38:55 It be no different at the end, it's no different for you,
38:58 it's no different for me.
39:00 God said I am--I've got that two edged sword
39:02 and it's going to cut away all those untruths.
39:07 That Bible needs to find a lodging place in your heart
39:10 and in my heart today.
39:13 So that we may know what truth is,
39:16 and so we may expose err, but we have to seek it,
39:20 we have to invite it in, we have to warn it
39:23 and that may be the difference in those who are just,
39:26 you know, they're indifferent.
39:28 The difference maybe, the people who want the truth
39:30 always find the truth.
39:35 I talked to a person just two days ago.
39:39 And they want to talk some serious things
39:41 and we began to talk about God.
39:42 We began to talk about certain subject
39:44 and as they heard the subject
39:45 and it wasn't really appealing to their thought
39:49 and what they have read before.
39:51 The Bible is very clear on this subject,
39:52 but they said after we talked about the subject,
39:56 they said oh, oh, no, I don't like it that way.
40:02 My, my, this is what God has said in His word
40:06 and I said that, I said this is what God has said in His word.
40:09 Oh, yeah but I-- I don't want it that way.
40:14 Oh, I just had to hold my tongue,
40:16 because I want to say it didn't matter what you want, wow.
40:22 God has spoken. And here's the problem.
40:27 We read things in here and what is the answer?
40:29 I don't want it this way. I don't like it this way.
40:34 It's because you're not converted.
40:36 You don't have a change of heart and change of life,
40:38 because when you learned something in scripture,
40:39 oh, you will say, oh, God thank you for that truth.
40:43 Oh, we need to really be in the word as a key.
40:47 Satan, I'll tell you, he is sweeping the whole world
40:52 into his delusions right now.
40:54 And you'll say, what do you mean the whole world?
40:56 Almost the whole world is being
40:59 deceived right now at this moment.
41:02 And no one wants to listen when you even tell them
41:05 how he is deceiving, what the truth of God's word is.
41:10 And if you will not accept, a plain thus saith the Lord,
41:13 you will be-- I'm telling,
41:15 you'll be easy prey for the devil.
41:19 You'll be a playing thing to him.
41:21 He will use you like a toy.
41:25 You're easy and he knows you're easy.
41:27 You're not putting up a fight, he know you're not.
41:29 He has seen how you'll study.
41:30 He see how you're praying,
41:32 he has seen how you're talking to other people.
41:33 Oh, they're easy, I don't have to worry about them,
41:35 but I'll tell you he is upset about a man who get up,
41:37 or a woman study the word of God,
41:39 spend time on their knees, looking for opportunities
41:41 to witness to somebody else and I wonder--
41:44 that's the most important thing
41:45 in their life is to please, Jesus Christ.
41:48 Fighting the good fight of faith, the devil says,
41:50 I am concerned about him.
41:52 Bible is very clear, when the weakest saint begins to pray,
41:55 the Bible said what? The devil trembles.
41:58 The weakest saint prays, the devil tremble,
42:00 he is afraid of a God fearing men and women.
42:03 Somebody that loves Jesus, with all their heart, wow.
42:09 The Bible says, in Second Timothy 3:15, it says,
42:12 "We need to be wise unto salvation."
42:17 This is part of the study that we're talking about.
42:19 As they're setting it all up,
42:20 we need to be wise unto salvation why?
42:22 Because the devil has the world deceive,
42:24 he has got him just exactly where he wants him right now.
42:28 And I pray that God will use men and women today,
42:30 people of the Bible, people of the word,
42:33 to come back and present the truth
42:34 even if it cost them their lives so be it, and it will.
42:42 Is there something you like to hear?
42:44 No. some I want it, no. but I know it's written in the book.
42:50 What does Jesus require of you today?
42:51 What does He require of me?
42:55 For those who are, may beginning to study the word,
42:57 we have to realize and let's do elementary things.
43:01 That for every truth there is in scripture the devil has what?
43:05 A counterfeit, he has developed a counterfeit.
43:09 Let's give you a few examples.
43:10 we talk about the true gospel.
43:13 If there is a true gospel there has to be of what?
43:15 A false gospel. He just interchange
43:17 the word true and false.
43:19 Let's do a few of them, I've written down,
43:21 it talks about here, there is the truth,
43:23 there's a gospel about Jesus Christ, is there not?
43:26 There is a gospel about redemption.
43:28 There is a truth about the mediation between God and men.
43:31 There is a truth about the priesthood.
43:33 There is a truth about salvation.
43:34 There is a truth about the sanctuary.
43:36 There is a truth about the sacrifice of, Jesus Christ.
43:39 There is a truth about baptism.
43:41 There is a truth about communion.
43:43 There is a truth about God's law keeping His commandments.
43:45 And there is a truth about exposing the antichrist.
43:51 Now what does that mean?
43:54 That means for everything I just said there is a truth,
43:56 there is a false system of worship.
43:59 And so everything I just said, you can go back
44:01 and you said there is a teaching about a false God,
44:04 false gods in the world today.
44:06 A false savior, false communion,
44:10 false redemption, false mediation,
44:12 are you getting it, false sanctuary,
44:15 there is a false Sabbath, there is an imposter,
44:23 false baptism, false communion.
44:25 Just go--so remember every truth there is what?
44:28 There is false, the devil has got a lie.
44:31 And the lie many times,
44:32 we think the unconverted heart might,
44:34 well, it's easier to do that and it will be acceptable.
44:36 No, nothing is acceptable in the word of God,
44:39 except what God say it is.
44:42 And no man, no teacher, no organization,
44:46 no religious group can change that,
44:48 try as you though you may.
44:51 How do you gonna know, we're dealing remember,
44:54 in this study with a false system of worship.
44:59 It can be identified beyond the shadow of doubt falsehoods
45:02 and lies that the world has-- they say hook, line, and sinker.
45:08 And God expects us, oh, friend.
45:10 It breaks your heart, doesn't it?
45:12 So think about it. What the enemy had done,
45:15 because you and I've sat back and we've allowed him to do it.
45:19 How many really know, there is a question,
45:21 how many really know the truth from the false?
45:26 How many really understand?
45:30 Couple of things is interested, we study the prophecies,
45:33 and we start really getting into,
45:34 remember it's a five part, we're into it.
45:37 We must remember these two important things number one.
45:41 God simple, God predicts the future,
45:46 does that make sense? God predicts the future.
45:50 Look at Isaiah 46:10 and you have time you can read that.
45:55 It says, He said, He knows the beginning from the end.
46:00 And the second point is very, very important.
46:02 He reveals a crises to us even before it happens
46:07 while it still ahead of us,
46:09 so he reveals those things to us, what?
46:12 Good. Before they happen if we will listen.
46:16 The problem is people don't listen,
46:17 because they don't want to hear.
46:20 Oh, surely he is a Christian,
46:21 I mean, I get down my knees and say, oh, please listen.
46:26 What does one say other than please Holy Spirit,
46:30 take these folks who say I'm too busy,
46:32 the trash is more important, take it out right now,
46:34 I need to dust the house, I need to run the vacuum,
46:37 not more important than your eternal life, is it?
46:41 Take some time, God says that He is gonna reveal it
46:47 through His prophets before things happen,
46:49 if you read that in Amos Chapter 3:7,
46:50 yes, you have sure.
46:53 So I'm gonna encourage you to get the Books of Daniel,
46:55 the Books of Revelation, they need to be studied.
46:57 Prophecies need to be studied for today,
46:59 because it involves, the people of God,
47:01 here in these last days.
47:03 And what's going to happened to you, if you're faithful?
47:06 Oh, friend, this great apostasy someday
47:10 it's gonna soon come to an end,
47:13 but you realizes we talk about the apostasy.
47:15 The apostasy really began in the early days of the apostles.
47:19 This is where it works part is that,
47:21 the focus of the enemy.
47:24 The purpose of the enemy was to eradicate
47:27 or to erase all Bible truth
47:31 and this begin to happen in the early church.
47:34 Paul, talked about it and some people say,
47:37 well, he is talking about, you know, the antichrist and--
47:39 is in operation even in Paul's day
47:42 and it's gonna increase, increase a form of it,
47:46 until Jesus shall come.
47:49 And, Paul, warned us, remember in Acts Chapter 20
47:52 verse 28 or 29 and 30 Paul said this,
47:56 "I know this" the Paul said I know this,
47:59 "That after my departing shall" what? "Grievous wolves."
48:04 You got to look that up sometime
48:06 in the original language is very, very interesting.
48:08 Grievous wolf, I can't think about,
48:10 boy, I'm telling you there are just--
48:12 actually it talks in terms of something that is weighty.
48:17 Something that has some clout to it,
48:21 something that can move somebody,
48:23 I hope you're with me, I hope you get--
48:25 something that's heavy,
48:27 something that can bring down, did you get it?
48:31 A Grievous what? Something that can bring down.
48:33 He said they're going to come in,
48:35 enter in among you, and they're not gonna spare the flock.
48:39 "Also of your own selves shall men arise,"
48:43 what were these men do?
48:45 All said they're gonna speak notice this,
48:47 "perverse things" what is perverse in the Greek?
48:51 Perverse, it means, they're gonna, listen,
48:54 they're going to misinterpret scripture.
48:57 The Holy Spirit impressed, Paul, he said,
48:59 oh, already in this early church,
49:01 already the devil is furious
49:04 and he is going to try to bring people
49:06 in with the little bit of weight.
49:11 May be have a name? Big church, big following
49:18 and they're gonna speak perverse things
49:21 or they gonna misinterpret scripture
49:24 and that's word also means they're gonna corrupt it.
49:27 It also means that they're going to distort it
49:31 and so the warning is given for is
49:32 you don't think it's well, because it's here,
49:34 it just stays, the devil is going to distort it.
49:38 He says, "So that they can draw away" what?
49:40 "Disciples after them" or what? Be after the enemy,
49:44 this is what the enemy says, what's gonna happen?
49:47 Paul said, I know this, how did he know it?
49:51 How did, Paul, know what he is talking about?
49:53 Number one, yes, he knew it from experience.
49:55 Number two, he knew it because what?
49:58 From the light that, God had given him.
50:01 And so he was impressed to sound a warning
50:05 even in the early days of the church
50:07 who said, you're antichrist,
50:09 the old devil is working in the church.
50:14 So I believe the elders and the church leaders
50:16 of the church are to be guarding the sheep,
50:19 the people, from false teachings.
50:23 That means, things will happen whether it's outside
50:26 or whether it's inside the church,
50:28 we need to keep a watchful eye.
50:32 Let me make this point, because you find a person in the church,
50:34 maybe in your church who is apostasies,
50:37 who have left the truth what they understand is truth.
50:40 You know what? They are never happy.
50:43 They are never content just to say
50:45 I don't agree with you and leave.
50:48 Before they leave they try to take
50:49 everybody they can with them.
50:52 They begin to peddle their false doctrine
50:54 and their lies and their discontentment.
50:58 Apostasies, here is a person
50:59 who doesn't want to be alone.
51:02 They try to take others down with them.
51:06 Wow! Yes, I'm talking about heavy duty.
51:11 Paul, made it very, very clear.
51:14 The mystery of iniquity.
51:16 The antichrist was already at work in where?
51:20 Good, in his day. Second Thessalonians 2:7 read it,
51:23 we've time, we'll read all these things
51:24 and talk about it, but the Bible say,
51:26 you read it yourself, this is homework.
51:28 Paul said, it was alive and well.
51:30 The antichrist is alive and well in his day.
51:33 So this antichrist power would at the end of time
51:36 bring on a mark, wow.
51:42 And he begin his work and, Paul said
51:44 in the early days of the church.
51:47 So he is going to be what?
51:48 Working till the end until Jesus comes.
51:51 This is may be a sterling fact,
51:53 we just have few more minutes left,
51:54 but listen this is sterling fact, listen carefully.
51:58 Because of the apostasy from the truth
52:02 and this is where we're at today,
52:03 because people have apostatized.
52:05 We're believing err and thinking that it's truth.
52:09 And we see as the apostasy comes in and the truth,
52:13 we're almost be completely covered up
52:16 as apostasy came in even in the early church.
52:19 And what the aim of apostasy is what?
52:21 Is to cover up the truth, blood it out, do away with it.
52:27 But it's interesting the Bible predicts listen,
52:29 that it's even going to get worse, not better, worse.
52:34 What we just read there you read in--
52:36 it said there will be a falling away, you remember.
52:38 There would be a falling away from what?
52:40 There would be--that means there will be a great apostasy,
52:43 a falling away from truth.
52:44 Err would be up there and counted as truth and it's lie.
52:49 And is it would come about,
52:51 this as this developed exchanging truth,
52:54 right taking truth out bringing in err
52:57 this would develop into the man of sin.
53:01 You got, you have to know who he is,
53:05 the man of sin, the son of perdition
53:08 the Bible talks about, the antichrist
53:11 in Second Thessalonians 2, 3, and 4.
53:13 You got to read these passages.
53:17 Anytime we apostatize, back away from truth,
53:20 you can be assure the enemy will come in with a lie
53:23 and a deception and because it happened
53:26 even in New Testament times in the early church.
53:29 It allowed for the enemy to just come in,
53:32 if the church will stand true to its calling.
53:34 If you and I will stand true to the teachings of God's word.
53:37 If we stay united together,
53:39 the enemy cannot come up and deceive us and separate us.
53:44 But it's because people begin to vary a little bit
53:46 and try to make scripture and turn it
53:48 and twist it to meet their own needs.
53:50 It allows the enemy to come in,
53:53 when you say I'm dissatisfied with the church,
53:55 I'm dissatisfied with the Bible,
53:57 I'm dissatisfied with brother so and so.
54:00 My friend, you have just opened the door for the devil to come
54:04 and he is going to cause havoc, antichrist.
54:08 John, tells us in our last passage today
54:10 in First John 4:3 he said,
54:12 "This is the spirit of antichrist,
54:15 whereof ye have heard that it should come,
54:17 even now already is in the world."
54:20 That proves it doesn't it?
54:22 And how it's going to develop it's something
54:25 we're gonna be studying in our next lessons that we have.
54:28 And identifying marks of it, so that you and I know
54:31 that we have to stay away from this man of sin.
54:37 You know how it really began?
54:38 as when in the New Testament in the early days what?
54:41 People came into the church
54:42 that was it basically baptized pagans.
54:45 They brought in their false doctrine and the truth.
54:47 Truth was turned aside for a lie and for err
54:50 and apostasy deepened.
54:51 We need to pray about it today as our time has run out.
54:54 The Holy Spirit will help us to understand
54:55 the importance of what we've been talking about here.
54:59 That we'll take a stand for what is truth
55:00 regardless of the cause.
55:01 Will you do that today, make that decisions
55:03 I pray with you right now.
55:04 Let's kneel always as we pray, Merciful Father in Heaven,
55:07 we thank you for Your precious word today.
55:09 Thank you for that kind of love
55:11 that You've promised to give to each one of us,
55:13 as we seek your face.
55:14 Thank you for Your love, for decisions that have been made
55:16 right now for Your honor and for Your glory.
55:19 May we love You more with each passing day
55:21 in Jesus' name, amen.
55:24 Friends, you made that decision,
55:25 you know, if you made that decision for Jesus.
55:27 I want you write in and tell us about it
55:30 and you know, some of you writing with questions,
55:31 I love those questions and we may begin to take
55:34 a few minutes on each program
55:35 if you got a real important question,
55:37 it needs to be answered from the word of God.
55:39 We're gonna be taking some time to do that,
55:41 so you just need to let us know.
55:43 We sure appreciate you, we love you.
55:45 And remember, you know, the only way we can bring you
55:46 these programs is support of God's people.
55:49 We love you, we'll see you next time.
55:53 Welcome back, through this series
55:55 we'll make an unsettling discovery
55:58 that the power of the enemy that is in operation
56:02 in these last days is one that operates under many names,
56:06 with many characteristics, but all will join
56:10 to have one goal, one purpose in mind
56:14 and that being the destruction of God's commandment
56:17 keeping people, so it is vital that prophecy become,
56:22 come alive in our minds and in our hearts
56:25 through the messages found in Daniel and Revelation.
56:27 And that we become able to identify truth from err.
56:32 Today's message was the first of a five part series
56:35 that is entitled "The Mystery of Iniquity"
56:38 the antichrist reveal, and this message
56:42 that you just finished hearing was entitled
56:45 "Stirring the Wrath of Satan."
56:47 We have four more vitally important messages to come
56:51 and they are "Let No Man Deceive you"
56:54 "Understanding the Prophecy of the Antichrist"
56:57 "Mystery Babylon the Great"
57:00 "The Deception Instead of Persecution."
57:03 So we hope you'll want to stay tuned in
57:07 and follow along with these studies
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