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Let No Man Deceive You

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00:41 Welcome to Behold the Lamb presents.
00:43 I'm Chris Shelton your host
00:45 and we are grateful that you have tuned
00:47 into study with us today.
00:49 Today's message is the second in the five part series
00:52 that we have entitled,
00:54 "The mystery of iniquity," the antichrist revealed.
00:58 There are so many theories being discussed
01:00 about the subject of the antichrist
01:03 and for most the subject is certainly a mystery.
01:06 And some of the ways in which this antichrist will affect us.
01:11 Or maybe how it is affecting us.
01:13 The issue heard me correctly is affecting us.
01:16 This mystery of iniquity, it has been worked for decades,
01:21 preparing the way for its last great push,
01:24 which will come in-- and the time of trouble
01:27 like this world has never before experienced.
01:30 We have been left prophecies and scripture
01:33 descriptions of this iniquity
01:35 and how it'll be how it'll come to us
01:38 in disguise of something that's perhaps even good.
01:41 Maybe even under the ban of Christianity.
01:45 So lets wakeup spiritually and begin to dig deeper today
01:49 in God's word as we study the second message entitled,
01:53 "Let No Man Deceive You," with Pastor Kenny Shelton today.
01:57 But first, we are blessed to visit the 3ABN worship center
02:01 and listen to a "Jesus Medley, " sung by Angela Bryant-Brown.
02:19 Yes, Jesus loves me
02:27 Yes, Jesus loves me
02:35 Yes Jesus loves me
02:42 For the Bible
02:47 Tells me so
02:59 Jesus sends the sweetest name I know
03:07 And He's just the same
03:12 As His holy name and that's the reason,
03:20 Why I love Him so
03:25 Oh, Jesus,
03:28 He is the sweetest name
03:33 Jesus, Jesus
03:38 Jesus
03:42 There's the something
03:45 About that name
03:52 Master, Savoir, He is Jesus
04:00 Like the fragrance
04:03 After the rain
04:09 Jesus, Jesus
04:13 Jesus
04:17 Let all heaven
04:19 And earth proclaim
04:26 Kings and kingdoms
04:31 Will all pass away
04:35 But there's something about that name
04:53 Fallen in love
04:56 With Jesus
05:01 Fallen in love
05:04 With Jesus
05:10 Fallen in love
05:13 With Jesus
05:17 He's is the best thing however, ever done
05:25 Oh fallen in love
05:30 With Jesus
05:34 Oh, yes I've fallen in love
05:39 With Jesus
05:44 Fallen in love with Jesus
05:51 It is the best thing however, ever done
05:57 Oh, yes it is
06:00 It is the best thing however, ever done
06:07 Oh, it is the best thing
06:11 However, however done
06:34 Thanks for joining us again.
06:36 I hope you are excited about the study because I sure i am.
06:39 This is the second part in a five part series
06:42 that we've entitled, "The mystery of iniquity,"
06:45 the antichrist reveal.
06:47 This is very, very important because the antichrist power,
06:50 the mystery of iniquity,
06:52 the man of sin has leading the world captive.
06:55 He's leading them the opposite direction
06:57 then into heaven,
06:58 where we want to lead you,
07:00 as you discover the truth from God's word.
07:02 Before always we go to God in prayer.
07:04 So I'd like to invite you to pray right now.
07:06 This is such an important subject.
07:08 All have we need prayer right now.
07:09 So I'm gonna advise you to pray along with me
07:11 as I kneel right now for prayer.
07:16 Kind loving heavenly father, we thank you
07:17 for the privilege you in prayer now.
07:19 We invite thy Holy Spirit
07:21 to consume each and every one of us
07:23 that we may hear or we may understand the truth
07:25 that you have for us today.
07:27 What a vital subject it is in the hour in which we live
07:31 that we understand this man of sin.
07:33 That we understand what the hour that we're living in
07:36 and how we need to expose the enemy and his plans
07:39 to deceive the world.
07:41 Thank you for hearing for answering prayer bless,
07:43 I pray each and every one.
07:45 If they view that may hear whatever the case maybe
07:48 that your Holy Spirit will enlightening with the truth
07:51 that, that may receive it with gladness
07:53 and be thankful in Jesus name we pray, amen.
07:59 Again this is important, we have our Bibles
08:01 and pencil and paper ready.
08:02 Information that we want to give
08:04 remember we were just be touching the edges
08:07 of a vast amount of information.
08:10 But we want it-- we will present very simple
08:12 that we can understand it, and then, you know,
08:15 problem comes with this lot of times we present it
08:17 and is very clear and very straight
08:18 but then we come to the point
08:20 that Oh, my we have to accept it.
08:22 So if you want to know what truth is,
08:24 here's the opportunity.
08:25 Because I can tell you there's the majority of people,
08:27 pastor, teacher, evangelists,
08:29 that's presenting this subject, you know,
08:31 in lot of different churches representing air.
08:34 Let me just be bow with it and if you don't believe,
08:36 why don't you stay tuned and get all five parts
08:38 and you're gonna see as you compare the word of God.
08:41 So once again, we're gonna be talking about
08:43 the second part of the five part series.
08:45 We're gonna be talking about, "Let No Man Deceive You."
08:49 Is that possible? You better believe it.
08:51 Because the world is deceived
08:52 with false doctrines and false teaching.
08:55 This is the subject that you don't want to miss.
08:57 Oh, you say, Oh, I missed the first part.
08:59 Let me just do a little background for you
09:01 the things that we cover.
09:02 Again you can always call in
09:04 and get the DVD if you'd like to.
09:06 Old series but least number one,
09:07 here's what we discovered as we studied last time.
09:10 You said that most people are pretty happy
09:13 where they are at and their religious experience,
09:17 they don't want any more. Well, how sad.
09:20 The Bible talks about in Revelation Chapter 3 verse 17.
09:24 You know, what the people said?
09:25 Seventh church, "We have need of nothing."
09:28 Now you have talked people of day,
09:29 all we have we were okay,
09:30 we were at, we're doing all right,
09:32 where were at, really.
09:33 Friend, we're challenged by the word of God today.
09:36 Second thing that we learned.
09:38 The message is not popular, it never will be.
09:42 But as we hear it, we are required, what,
09:45 by God to respond and then obey what God has revealed to us.
09:50 Now whatever the cost.
09:52 Doesn't matter, what you have to give up,
09:54 what you have to go through
09:55 but we had to be willing to obey.
09:58 In fact as you know, part two 1 Samuel,
10:01 if you had your Bibles down, 1 Samuel 15:22 says,
10:04 "It's better to obey," then what?
10:07 "Good than the sacrifice."
10:09 Third part that we learned here,
10:10 we must be like the reformers
10:12 or we talk little bit about the reformers.
10:14 Oh, how they love Jesus with all their heart.
10:17 Well, they were willing to get of anything
10:19 and everything including their life.
10:21 For what? The truth said.
10:23 And it's like today people just don't care
10:24 whether it's truth or not
10:26 if the church just teaches it or you know,
10:27 it's acceptable they just go along with it.
10:29 Oh, may I say, wrong, wrong, wrong.
10:31 We've got to get into the world,
10:33 the devil is covering up truths for today.
10:36 I know the reformers didn't fail to what?
10:39 Lift up their voice. What does the Bible say?
10:42 In Isaiah Chapter 58, it says what?
10:44 "Lift up your voice like a trumpet."
10:46 It's no time to beside, we need to be speaking,
10:49 we need to be speaking words of truth and light for.
10:52 Truth must be what? Obeyed.
10:54 We discussed a lot of this.
10:56 Truth must be obeyed though it means listen, imprisonment
11:00 though it might being find,
11:02 it might mean exiled, it might mean death.
11:06 But truth must be obeyed
11:07 because it's going to boil down to that.
11:10 You think I'm not serious, I'm serious with this.
11:12 The Bible is serious.
11:13 God is serious because what the devil has done
11:16 with the truth of God's word.
11:18 And this is what it's going to mean for many.
11:20 Listen, it's what it's meant
11:22 this for many, many in past ages.
11:25 They've lost their life, they've been exiled,
11:26 they've been thrown in prison.
11:28 You think it's going to be any different
11:30 before the coming of Jesus, when the devil works
11:32 like he's never worked before.
11:34 Friend, these are warning messages
11:35 the truth of God's word for today.
11:37 Number five, we realized that
11:38 we cannot compromise at all the truth that we had.
11:41 Never compromise truth and righteousness,
11:45 regardless of what the cost may be.
11:48 Point number six, God would have us expose
11:51 this false system of worship.
11:54 What did I say? False system of worship.
11:57 If God has a true system of worship, stay with me,
12:00 and the devil is going to have what?
12:02 A false system of worship.
12:04 And the Bible said, "The world begins to wonder
12:06 after this false system." Now we can expect this.
12:10 Paul said it, in fact another point that we looked at,
12:12 Paul made it clear, that the Antichrist was alive
12:16 and the antichrist was well and working in Paul's day.
12:21 Very, very clearly. But it said what?
12:23 It would continue to grow as we near the coming of Jesus.
12:28 So the antichrist was what?
12:30 Was already at work in Paul's day
12:32 but it will increase as the coming of Jesus,
12:36 the second coming. Let no man do, what?
12:39 Let no man deceive you by any means.
12:42 Now John tells us that,
12:43 you know, that is the spirit of antichrist.
12:46 What is the spirit of antichrist?
12:48 What does this mean about the antichrist?
12:49 And we're talking about the man of the sin. Deception.
12:53 Has the devil really have-- does he really have a plan?
12:56 You better believe he has the plan.
12:57 It is to ensnare you and is to ensnare me.
13:00 You know, what happened?
13:02 As we begin to study and we left off the first part
13:04 and we're beginning our second part,
13:06 we realized that--that the old enemy was doing what?
13:09 He was bringing in pagans into the church
13:12 who were half converted.
13:14 And so along with the half conversion
13:16 of the pagans into Christianity,
13:17 what was happening? That's right.
13:20 They were bringing in false doctrine and teaching
13:22 and paganism into the church.
13:24 The church didn't want to loose the membership
13:26 and so what happened?
13:27 Oh, we begin to adopt these things, white washed them,
13:30 put Christian names to them, friend.
13:32 You can put all the Christian names
13:33 you want to a piece of paganism
13:35 it's still just as pagan as the day that it originated what?
13:37 In the very mind of Satan. Remember that.
13:40 Truth, dear friends, we're looking for truth today.
13:42 So in this study, we're going to cover several centuries
13:47 of time period right down to our day.
13:50 And we're going to unveil the real antichrist.
13:53 Not some, "I think, I--it seems like,
13:58 " what the Bible says, how God wants us to understand
14:01 the real man of sin, the mystery of iniquity.
14:04 You say but why is it so paramount today
14:07 and how can we know more than-- isten the Bible says in 2 Peter,
14:11 Chapter 1 verses 19 and 20.
14:13 It says for, "We also have a more,"
14:16 what? "sure word of prophecy."
14:20 And then it ends up like this, "that we need,
14:22 we need to take heed to this."
14:25 We have what? "A more sure word of prophesy."
14:30 And then the key is, take heed to these things.
14:33 I'm talking life and death issues.
14:36 Please remember that. It's not just, "well, it seems like."
14:39 This is life and death that we're talking about today.
14:42 You think the devil's not angry,
14:44 not angry of ministries that bring you this kind of message.
14:47 You think he's not doing everything
14:49 that he can to stop it.
14:50 Do you think he's not aware of what's going on?
14:52 Yes, he is.
14:54 But Praise God, he cannot stop it
14:56 and he's going to have to be exposed, why?
14:58 Because as part of God's last day,
15:00 peoples work is to expose this man of sin,
15:03 this false doctrine and teaching.
15:06 And above, friend, by the grace of God,
15:08 here in behold the Lamb, we want to do that. Why?
15:10 It's imperative to the souls of mankind to hear the truth
15:15 and then to respond when God says,
15:16 "come out of her my people."
15:18 You see God's given us the old and the New Testament,
15:21 we're laying ground work.
15:22 We're going to get right into the beast
15:24 and all these little horn and the eyes and all this stuff.
15:26 Let me tell you right now.
15:28 We need to have some ground work
15:29 because you need to have confidence.
15:31 I need to have confidence in the word of God.
15:33 So what has God done?
15:35 He's give us the Old, He's give us the New Testament.
15:38 What is it? It's a guide book. It's a road map.
15:41 It's a gift that God gives to a fallen world.
15:46 What? So that we're not fooled.
15:48 All we have to do, listen, oh, how simple.
15:50 All we have to do is to study this beautiful book
15:53 and then obey what God has said in it
15:57 and we will not loose our way to heaven.
16:00 Are you on your way to heaven today?
16:02 And I pray that you are.
16:05 Maybe you don't care, Oh, I pray before the program is over,
16:07 you're going to start caring.
16:09 I'm not praying for the Holy Spirit
16:10 just to consume you and consume me
16:12 that we want to go to heaven. There's a way prepared for us.
16:16 God doesn't want us fooled.
16:17 Doesn't it makes a sense, a God that loves you so much
16:19 is going to leave the plans of the old devil
16:22 right here plain before us.
16:24 And yet some times it's so plain
16:25 that maybe it's too simple for some of you
16:27 and you just throw it off
16:28 and begin to try to think for yourself.
16:30 And say, "well, you know, I'm not sure
16:31 it didn't seem that. It didn't seem that way."
16:35 But, friend, we have to realize that those today
16:38 and I've encountered this and I know you have to.
16:40 I've encountered people who they--they read a passage
16:43 or scripture and they become a little bit confused
16:45 on that passage of scripture.
16:47 And they say, "well, it doesn't meet with my preconceived ideas.
16:53 It doesn't meet with what I've been taught in my church.
16:57 It doesn't really match up with my prejudices I have.
17:01 Oh, wow, my confused mind."
17:04 Let me--let me just bring this to you.
17:06 Now you remember-- then what we try to do,
17:08 since we have the scripture
17:09 and we can't seem to make it match or fit somewhere,
17:12 we begin to try to use, now listen carefully,
17:15 we try to use our finite mind. Did you get it?
17:18 What does that mean? "Finite minds" means what?
17:21 A mind that has limit. Your mind has limits.
17:26 My mind has limits.
17:28 And so we take our minds, limited as it is,
17:32 and we try to look at the things in the inspired word of God.
17:35 And we say this, let's read them.
17:38 "Well, I believe this is inspired.
17:41 Well, I don't believe--
17:42 now I don't believe this is inspired.
17:44 Now this seems to be but there's..."
17:46 Finite man challenging the word of God?
17:50 May the problem-- the problem might be with you,
17:52 it might be with me but it's certainly not with God's word.
17:56 If you think that you're one of those today
17:59 that can re-scripture and say, I believe this is inspired
18:02 and I don't think this is 'cause it doesn't match what you think.
18:07 I just--I invite you right now to veil your face.
18:10 What? What am I saying?
18:12 Veil your face because you are in the presence
18:15 of God and angels.
18:17 What do I mean by that?
18:18 Because God-- and angels,
18:20 the Holy Spirit through the ages.
18:22 Now what have they done?
18:24 Since the beginning of time, they have instructed
18:27 and they've guided men into, what? All truth.
18:31 They've given the word of God in simplicity.
18:33 They've given it for signs, they've given it in symbols
18:37 to guide and direct-- and illustrations
18:40 to guide and direct God's people.
18:42 You think you fit into that?
18:44 Oh, friend, you don't. And I don't fit into that.
18:47 Heavenly beings-- it's important point,
18:49 notice the important point here,
18:50 'cause we're gonna be looking at, what?
18:52 Signs and we're gonna be looking at illustrations
18:54 and we're gonna be looking at symbols in God's word.
18:57 'Cause if you want to know the truth
18:58 you have to be willing to dig.
19:01 And today there's no wonder-- really needs to lack
19:03 for knowledge of the word of God because you said,
19:06 if you don't have that knowledge just simply what? Ask.
19:08 And God is going to give it to you,
19:11 unless you want to be willing blind.
19:13 People say, "well, I don't tell me I don't want to know."
19:15 Oh, friend, you are accountable
19:17 for all the things that you have the opportunity to learn,
19:21 to obey but you didn't. You are accountable.
19:25 If you--let's say, "well, I don't know,
19:27 I don't understand it."
19:28 Oh, get into the word of God, ask the Holy Spirit,
19:30 you'll be able to understand it.
19:32 The inspired word of God-- and let me tell you,
19:35 every word in the Bible is inspired.
19:38 It's the Holy Book of God.
19:39 God has guarded this book in the beginning of time
19:43 that these truths will come down--
19:44 everything that you need in this-- is right here
19:48 that's essential to salvation.
19:50 Every point, every truth is right here.
19:53 Don't doubt it. That's the enemy's plan.
19:55 Don't set yourself up that you understand
19:57 what is inspired and what is not.
19:58 When you open the pages of this book,
20:00 every word is inspired.
20:02 Well, it sure--how do I know what the Bible says?
20:05 Matthew 4:4, the Bible talks about here,
20:07 "By every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God."
20:10 That comes out of mouth of God, it must be holy,
20:11 it must be righteous, it must be good.
20:15 Any of you like knowledge? Yeah.
20:17 Hosea 4:6 tells us, huh.
20:19 It said, there's a people that are destroyed for what?
20:23 For lack of knowledge.
20:24 Not that they couldn't have the knowledge--
20:26 they didn't want it.
20:27 You're get invitations to come for Bible study
20:29 and try to find out what's going on
20:30 in prophesy or you're too busy,
20:32 you've got lot of things to do.
20:33 You've got to go and get gas in your car.
20:36 You've got to go--Oh,
20:37 I've got to run over here and do--Oh, friend,
20:38 you have-- you're making excuses.
20:40 A lack of knowledge.
20:41 There's people are destroyed, the Bible said for a what?
20:45 For a lack of knowledge and Jesus says this,
20:48 "Because," notice,
20:49 "because thou has rejected knowledge,
20:52 I will reject you."
20:53 Friend, this is heavy duty.
20:56 People today are, "well, I didn't know.
20:57 I don't know." Well, not if you don't know,
21:00 are you searching for it.
21:01 When you go to school and you don't have the answer,
21:03 don't you search for it because you want an A?
21:06 But here in the word of God, well, I don't know.
21:08 God said, "you reject the knowledge
21:10 that I make available to you that I'm going to reject you."
21:13 Friend, this is heavy duty stuff.
21:15 Say, if you want to know the truth
21:18 you're gonna have to dig.
21:19 You're gonna have to get into the word.
21:21 You're gonna have to spend some time.
21:22 You're gonna have to push the world away from you.
21:24 I can tell you that right now.
21:26 You've got to push it away because it's crowding you
21:28 and crowding me just seems like
21:30 there's just enough hours in the day
21:31 and we just don't have time.
21:34 What's a priority to you? What's a priority to me?
21:37 As the Holy Spirit comes near to you,
21:39 as we search the scripture with a heart
21:42 that wants to know what truth is,
21:44 and that we're prepared to receive divine instructions
21:48 as the Holy Spirit imparts them.
21:50 See, when you open the word--
21:52 See, a man said the other day.
21:53 He said--as soon as I met him, I hadn't seen him a long time.
21:55 He said, "Pastor," he said, "I've been reading the Bible."
21:58 Ooh, my response was oh, good.
22:00 Oh, that's wonderful, reading the Bible.
22:03 And then we talked a little bit more and said,
22:05 Oh, what a start, huh.
22:07 What a start? I said, you know, have you ever studied the Bible.
22:12 Good to read it, Oh, keep reading it.
22:15 But have you studied the Bible?
22:17 Studied to show myself approved?
22:19 Have you taken one subject at a time
22:21 and you just really went over until you know what truth is?
22:25 No. Well, I encouraged him to do that.
22:29 And I understand if you want this knowledge,
22:30 you want the truth, you are fired up
22:33 about the unity of scripture
22:35 and how the Bible comes together
22:36 and fits like a glove.
22:38 Dear friends, it's going to take a lot of patience.
22:40 It's going to take a lot of thought.
22:41 It's going to take a lot of prayer.
22:43 It may take some tears, dear friends,
22:45 to see what God would want to give you and to give me
22:50 so that we could be prepared for this in time.
22:53 But you know, if you're not studying that way,
22:55 you have a superficial knowledge of God
22:58 and things that are going on in the world.
23:00 You're gonna be swayed by every wind of doctrine
23:02 and you are going to be talking
23:04 about contradictions in scripture.
23:06 You're going to be doubting scripture.
23:09 That just bothers my heart when I talk to some one,
23:12 you know, and it's not trying to make a judgment on them
23:14 but just simply says, every time you say
23:15 something to the word of God.
23:17 "Well, the Bible really does say--
23:18 it seems to contradict itself." No, it doesn't, never does.
23:22 Oh, friend, we need to be reading,
23:25 questioning the authority of scripture,
23:28 be reading for knowledge and wisdom.
23:31 See, we must be studying for truth,
23:33 I was mentioning at the beginning of the program,
23:35 how do you study for truth?
23:36 Everybody said, oh we do-- the Bible tells you.
23:39 Isaiah Chapter 28:9 and 10. It says,
23:41 "Why we learned what truth is what?
23:43 Line upon line, precept upon precept,
23:45 here a little, and there a little."
23:46 If you want to know what truth is?
23:49 It simply means you look and see
23:50 what every Bible writer has to say on the given subject.
23:53 "Here a little and there a little."
23:55 You folks, you just take one passage or scripture
23:57 and you read it, and you come up with a whole doctrine
23:59 and a whole teaching and your old church is based upon that.
24:01 Shame on you. Why? How can I say that?
24:04 Yes, I say it boldly.
24:06 Why? Because the Bible says differently.
24:08 Don't you think as time that we tuned in
24:09 with the word of God.
24:10 "Line upon line, precept upon precept,
24:12 here a little, and there a little."
24:14 If all the Bible writer say the same thing on it,
24:16 same principle is there, you know, you've got the truth.
24:19 We need to be doing in that the hour in which we live.
24:22 What did I say? Isaiah, what? 28:9 and 10.
24:25 So why study? Why take this time about the antichrist?
24:29 Why-- a form of the antichrist?
24:32 This mystery of iniquity. This man of sin.
24:36 These are kind of like scary names, aren't they?
24:40 Oh, friend, I think so but--the little hole in power.
24:44 Beasts coming up out of the water,
24:45 beasts coming up out of the earth,
24:47 they've got horns and they got crowns
24:48 and they're ugly to look at, they're fierce,
24:50 they've got teeth of iron, what is this all about?
24:54 God is tracing the condition of the world.
24:58 You see, right on down to our time,
25:00 he's letting us know the power that are in control.
25:04 And he's letting you know the powers
25:06 as one fall another one comes up
25:07 and then he begins to talk about
25:09 a persecuting power in the last day,
25:10 you need to know and I need to know what about that power.
25:14 You know what? Jesus made a-- just a--it was a statement
25:17 and He posed it as a question.
25:21 And that's in-- found in Mark Chapter 12:24.
25:25 And he posed the question something like this.
25:27 He said, "Do ye not therefore err,"
25:30 what'd he mean? "Do ye not therefore err,"
25:35 And he said, "because," notice,
25:37 "because ye know not the scripture
25:40 nor the power of God?"
25:42 He says, you err because you don't know what?
25:46 You don't know the scripture.
25:48 That makes sense, doesn't it? The world as it were,
25:50 even the Christian world, majority are in err today.
25:53 Why? Because they don't know the scripture.
25:56 Friend, I'm not trying to be judgmental,
25:58 I'm not trying to push and shove somebody else down
26:00 and try to lift-- that has nothing to do with it.
26:03 What it has to do is talk to people.
26:05 I've been around a while, you talk to a lot of people
26:08 and basically they will-- always tell you,
26:10 "Well, I don't know exactly what the Bible says on this but,
26:13 well, the preachers says."
26:15 Friend, I'm not going to leave my salvation
26:18 in the hand of any preacher including myself.
26:20 Are you still with me? I'm going to check out.
26:24 Well, the church teaches-- well,--what's the Bible teach?
26:27 Want to find the word of God,
26:29 I'm going to get down to the nitty-gritty.
26:31 Jesus said, "You err because you don't scripture
26:34 and then you don't know scripture
26:35 and then you don't know the power of God."
26:38 How many of you know the power of God in your life?
26:41 How many of you've really experienced that power?
26:45 Oh, friend, we need to be experiencing
26:46 that power of God right now.
26:48 As the Holy Spirit begins speak to our hearts.
26:50 And then we think about why are we studying this.
26:52 Let me just give you, oh, just three points quickly.
26:54 Why are we studying? Why are we spending so much time on it?
26:57 Why are we giving so much background?
26:58 Because I'm challenging you
27:00 that it makes a difference what you believe.
27:02 It makes a difference. Number one, first.
27:05 Why are we studying about the man of sin,
27:07 they mystery of iniquity, the antichrist revealed, why?
27:10 Because the majority of the world
27:13 is deceived. And, what?
27:16 Of who this power really is and what this power is doing?
27:20 How does the devil work? Deception. He deceives.
27:24 Not necessarily takes away from, he just deceives.
27:27 Where you can't really-- you're really not getting
27:28 into the truth and you're not really aware of
27:30 what he's doing behind the scenes.
27:33 Number two. It's dangerous. It's very dangerous.
27:37 It's deadly. Why? Because my Bible tells me,Revelation 13:8,
27:42 "that the whole world will wonder after this power." Beast.
27:46 And whose names are not written in the lambs book of life.
27:49 If God's people doesn't rise to the occasion right now,
27:52 when will they do it? When the Bible has predicted
27:55 that the world-- and, friend, I'm not talking
27:56 about something in the future.
27:58 I'm talking about what's happening right now, today.
28:02 Some of you didn't get that.
28:04 The Bible says, "the world wondered after the beast,
28:07 they're those whose names are," what?
28:08 "Not written in the lambs book of life."
28:10 Ooh, that concerns me.
28:13 Of course it goes on and it says right after that,
28:15 there's a little small remnant group
28:18 and they keep the commandments of God.
28:20 Which are the worlds, talk about don't worry about
28:22 keep the commandments.
28:24 Friend, we need to wake up in the hour in which we live,
28:26 we need to wake up. Third point.
28:29 Why are we studying in this subject?
28:31 Well, that's, you know, third message, Revelation 14,
28:34 you have three angels' message.
28:35 That third angels message warns us against, what?
28:38 A warning against the mark of the beast,
28:41 about this beasts power.
28:42 This so called religious political power
28:44 that would rule the word in the last days
28:46 and all of the world will be going after it.
28:49 It's a message that should be preached, what?
28:51 Into the whole world is what the Bible said.
28:53 We should be doing exactly what we're doing right now
28:56 is warning the world.
28:57 God wants this power to be exposed. I'm sure of it.
29:01 Why? That's what He's written in His word.
29:05 He gives us all kind of identifying marks
29:07 in certain time periods of history
29:10 that you cannot doubt. You cannot gainsay it.
29:14 There's no way to walk away from it
29:16 unless you just don't care. Friend, I care.
29:19 And we care about you,
29:20 that's why we're bringing this to you.
29:22 We know it's not popular.
29:23 We know people don't want to hear it.
29:25 We know some people that don't want to support it.
29:26 That'd rather say, get up here let me tell you
29:28 about one little funny after the other.
29:32 Friend, somebody, we need to wake up.
29:34 This is a message that God has said his last day
29:36 people will give to the world to wake them up,
29:39 challenge them to come out of her my people.
29:42 Little article in the Review and Herald in July 26, and 1898.
29:46 Here it is what it says, it said,
29:48 "The time has come when the truth
29:51 is to be proclaimed against falsehood and error." What?
29:54 Time has come where we have to proclaim, what?
29:56 Oh, yes. The truth is to be proclaimed
29:59 against falsehood and error.
30:02 And I'm talking falsehood and I'm talking about error,
30:05 I'm talking about people-- dear friends,
30:07 they're going to heaven or they're going to hell.
30:09 Majority is following the beast and the power,
30:11 little horn, antichrist, they're not going to heaven.
30:15 People are destroyed for what?
30:16 Good, for a lack of knowledge.
30:17 Why? Because you rejected knowledge,
30:19 God's gonna reject you.
30:20 Don't reject what I'm saying.
30:22 I want you to study out the whole series.
30:25 The term antichrist is used just four times
30:28 in New Testaments scripture.
30:30 That's why it'll be well for us to quickly just examine
30:32 these four times that it's used
30:34 and kind of come to grips is what antichrist
30:37 in order to find the truth,
30:39 not some made up TV type, movie type antichrist.
30:44 I'm talking about a Bible antichrist
30:46 that Paul warns us about, Bible writers,
30:49 Jesus warns us about in His word.
30:52 First one, you want to jot down
30:53 so you can study for yourself when you have more time.
30:56 Let's do this, shall we?
30:58 First John Chapter 2 verse 18, I'm gonna read it to you
31:01 and then we'll discuss it quickly.
31:03 It says, "Even now." What?
31:05 "Even now there are many antichrists."
31:09 Now--remember the writer as he was writing this,
31:13 he lived and he worked with Jesus. Did you get it?
31:17 He lived and he worked with Jesus.
31:19 He heard all about the return and the second coming of Jesus.
31:24 And he wanted to make sure of this information
31:27 and give this information,
31:28 this hope of the second coming of Jesus.
31:31 But he continues to warn them of satanic powers
31:36 that would be operating and what,
31:39 diverting minds from the truth
31:41 so that we would not be preparing
31:43 for the second coming of Jesus.
31:45 Even now there are many, what? Antichrists.
31:48 And so he was warning, the satanic powers, friend.
31:52 Are you being warned of it in church today?
31:54 "No, no, peace and safety, everything's going good man.
31:58 We're enjoying ourselves. We went to church."
32:01 Two hours later what did you do talk about?
32:02 Only think you will remember
32:04 is the joke that the pastor told.
32:07 All right, you think I've been too hard on you, it's all right.
32:10 You get yourself together and I get myself together,
32:14 the power of the Holy Spirit,
32:15 we'll meet around the throne of God then you'll see, okay?
32:18 We'll meet around the throne of the God and you might say,
32:20 well, and as I will say, "Oh, thank You, Lord.
32:23 Thank You for that sweet Holy Spirit.
32:24 Thank You for old Joe over there.
32:25 Thank You for so and so.
32:27 That said, A word in due season that change my life.
32:29 Oh, how I fought it?
32:30 You think people don't fight the truth?
32:33 You think they don't fight the truth?
32:36 I presented messages like this in television every time
32:39 and you know, they had phone calls
32:41 they get now--people threatened me.
32:44 People threatened and say, "We want to kill you.
32:46 We will shoot you. We knew where you live."
32:49 And I said, oh, I'm glad you don't know
32:51 where I live and I'm not gonna tell you.
32:52 But you know the Lord is not done.
32:54 If he's done then it may happen
32:55 but until then it's not gonna happen.
32:57 So you think-- there's people serious
32:59 about what I'm talking about.
33:00 They don't want the man who trying to expose.
33:04 Friend, we live in an hour that God is challenging us.
33:07 I have this on my heart, and I have it on my mind, why?
33:09 Because the people, people in the world are confused
33:12 and it needs to be brought out
33:14 and God's gonna help us to bring it out.
33:17 Antichrist, let's dissect quickly, come on, antichrist.
33:22 In the Greek it's what? Antichristos.
33:25 Now as you dissect those antichristos,
33:27 the word is from what? Anti. We all know anti.
33:30 We say in English, that's against.
33:33 But I want you to pay attention, very important meaning.
33:36 Not only does it mean against but it means instead of.
33:40 So we have a power then that's wanting to be instead of,
33:44 is taking the place of, did you get it?
33:47 Christos, naturally, is what? Is strands for Christ.
33:51 So let's put the meaning here just together.
33:54 One who accepts or one who is against everything
33:58 that Christ stands for.
34:00 So whatever Christ stands for, this power says,
34:03 "Uh-uh, I'm not going for that, I'm against it."
34:06 Or is one who claims to take the place of Christ.
34:12 You remember, instead of against instead of--
34:14 one who claims to take the place of Christ
34:17 or one who we put together both of the functions right here.
34:20 It would say, one who falsely claims to have the same power,
34:25 or has the same authority of Jesus Christ.
34:28 So there's a power that we're talking about,
34:30 the antichrist power claims, what?
34:32 The power and the authority of Jesus Christ on earth.
34:35 Now somebody get real.
34:37 Wow, that's pretty heavy duty, isn't it?
34:42 It's interesting in this passage that John gives--
34:48 the passage we just read, John gives, and he doesn't give
34:50 a real definite of who this antichrist is.
34:54 He doesn't give specific information about it right here.
34:58 But, who or what?
35:00 You know, we said, who or what, when, where.
35:02 But the power that assumes,
35:07 that takes the place of Christ,
35:10 that substitutes the teachings of Christ,
35:13 we better watch out for.
35:15 And it would be very obvious as we study
35:17 identifying marks of the antichrist.
35:21 Now, question, who is the original antichrist?
35:25 Who would you say is the original antichrist?
35:27 Satan is the--absolutely Satan is the antichrist,
35:30 he's the original one.
35:33 He has, he is, always and always
35:35 has opposed the things of Christ.
35:38 In every way, he's opposed Christ.
35:41 Everything that Jesus did,
35:42 everything Jesus stands for, he opposes it.
35:45 And you know what?
35:46 The enemy, the original antichrist,
35:49 he opposed Jesus, he opposed Christ
35:52 before there ever was man.
35:53 Do you remember?
35:55 Oh, so you've read it before, have you?
35:56 Isaiah 14. Now the old devil, you know, is in heaven
36:01 and there's war in heaven and you know the story.
36:04 Ezekiel 28, you read it,
36:06 that the old enemy is going against Jesus Christ.
36:09 And what does is he doing?
36:11 He's using other people now, he's pushing them
36:14 to the forefront to do his bidding
36:16 and his work for them but he's chosen
36:17 to redo it in a religious garb. Why?
36:21 So that we'll think, "Oh that must be okay because."
36:24 Friend, you've got to try to spirit,
36:26 you've got try the word of God.
36:29 See John makes it very clear that this prophecy
36:32 concerning the antichrist and is in progress.
36:35 Keep that in mind, that passage we just read, it's in progress.
36:38 All those--it says Christianity as it were and it's just,
36:43 Christianity was just kind of gaining a foot hold
36:45 at the time that Paul was writing this right here,
36:47 he warned us right then and there,
36:49 already the devil is at work.
36:52 He's taking the truth and oh, he's making them into a lie.
36:56 Already then, think about now.
36:59 It's going much worse.
37:01 John just simply says in that passage that we read,
37:03 it's just a sign of the end,
37:06 sign of the coming of Jesus Christ.
37:08 If John was right, we're writing today what would he say?
37:12 This--these are powerful words
37:13 but what would he say today if he's pinning down right now
37:16 what's taking place in the world
37:18 and let's say Christian community?
37:20 Wow, the words would set us on fire.
37:23 We'd probably think he was a lunatic.
37:25 We'd probably think the man's out of his mind,
37:27 he's on the fringe.
37:29 Oh, he's telling the truth, dear friends.
37:31 Second passage of the four we talked about,
37:33 it mentions the antichrist, 1 John 2:22.
37:35 The Bible said, "He is antichrist,
37:37 that denieth the Father and the Son."
37:40 Keep that in mind, he's what? Oh, good.
37:43 He's the antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.
37:47 So John then whacks his bow.
37:48 Man, we need bow people here in this hour in which we live.
37:52 In fact, he said there are those who are denying
37:54 and who is the liar is what it means.
37:57 Somebody's lying. Wow, who is the liar?
38:02 The liar is a person that denies, you notice that?
38:05 Denies that Christ has come.
38:08 He's denied the biblical facts as well as the historical facts.
38:15 That has made salvation possible.
38:18 There's people in the world today that just deny
38:20 that Jesus has not yet come to the earth.
38:23 The Bible makes it clear, this is antichrist.
38:26 You deny the Son, the Father and the Son.
38:30 See false teachers in Paul's day
38:32 that were trying to discredit the power
38:35 and the authority of Jesus Christ.
38:36 And, yes, still try to uphold the name of the Father.
38:40 They'd tried to separate Jesus from the Father,
38:42 they could not do that.
38:43 They'd tried to separate the teachings,
38:45 they could not do that. It's impossible.
38:50 Now scripture number three, write it down 1 John 4:3.
38:53 It says, "Every spirit that confesses not that Jesus Christ
38:58 is come in the flesh is not of God."
39:02 As soon as you--somebody, "well, I don't believe Jesus is come."
39:06 Groups of people today, "well, He's not come yet."
39:09 You know, oh spirit, Jesus is not come in
39:12 the flesh is not of--this is the spirit of antichrist.
39:16 The spirit of antichrist to say He hasn't come.
39:19 Jesus hasn't come yet.
39:21 It's not the spirit of God for sure.
39:22 It's the spirit of the antichrist.
39:24 Notice, here John flips for something
39:26 is two classes of teachers.
39:28 Notice class number one,
39:30 number one, who confesses Christ.
39:33 Here's the fact, we have a group that confesses Christ.
39:35 Number two, those who deny that He is even come.
39:39 They fail to give Him glory.
39:41 They fail to honor Him of king of kings.
39:43 They fail to come into mind and the play and say,
39:47 yes, I understand that that was divine human Son of God
39:52 who came to this earth. They just reject it.
39:56 This is the antichrist the Bible said.
39:59 Person who's heard the message of Jesus.
40:02 They've heard about his divinity
40:04 and his incarnation and they reject it.
40:07 These belong to the enemy, it's very clear,
40:11 they belong to the enemy, they're none of Christ,
40:13 you don't believe in His coming to this earth, you reject it.
40:16 He's your only hope of salvation,
40:18 my only hope of salvation.
40:20 You're rejecting Christ, you're rejecting His authority.
40:24 These are characteristics of the antichrist.
40:26 Friend, do you have them today, are you guilty of that?
40:29 See you're not just sitting back and say,
40:31 "Well, I just don't believe it."
40:32 And you setting a little class over here and you know,
40:34 you're the antichrist, you're part of it.
40:37 Are you still there? A form of it,
40:39 'cause you're going against Christ and his teaching.
40:42 You don't accept, that's what the Bible says,
40:44 that he's even come yet.
40:47 When I hear this stuff, it reminds me
40:49 the prophecy is being fulfilled in my very ears,
40:53 in the hour in which we live right now.
40:57 And, friends, do you realize
40:58 this going to wax worse and worse.
41:01 What is the world going to do?
41:02 The world I'm telling you, is almost wholly given over
41:04 to Satan right now and we don't even realize it.
41:08 Somebody needs to lift their voice.
41:10 Somebody, may I say it in a nice way,
41:12 needs to agitate these Laodicea
41:15 and these Lukewarm Christians today.
41:17 Now I need to be agitated, I need to be stirred up
41:19 and I'm gonna to pray untill God will help me to get stirred up.
41:21 As we studying, we read about this message
41:24 that we have to give to the world.
41:25 Fourth passage, in which the antichrist
41:28 is found in 2 John 1:7. Here's how it reads.
41:31 It says, "For many deceivers are entered into the world."
41:36 How many? You better believe it.
41:38 "Who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh.
41:41 This is a deceiver and an antichrist."
41:45 So John once again tells, he's warning over
41:47 and over and over, there are many deceivers.
41:51 Now notice this, the word translated here,
41:53 there are many troublemakers.
41:56 There are many troublemakers in the world.
41:59 Who are the troublemakers?
42:00 Well, he identifies the troublemakers,
42:02 those not confessing Jesus Christ coming into the flesh,
42:07 they deny Jesus, they deny His teaching,
42:09 they deny His authority and they try to take His place.
42:14 This antichrist is one who tries to destroy everything
42:17 that Jesus Christ stands for today that He taught,
42:20 He lived and He died for. Antichrist, wow.
42:27 One who tries to take Jesus out of the center of salvation,
42:33 one who takes Jesus tries to out of creation and of redemption.
42:38 Antichrist, one who tries to put himself in the place--
42:41 come on, we said it enough, come on,
42:43 one who tries to put himself what?
42:45 In the place of God. This is an identifying mark.
42:49 One who tries to counterfeit His teachings.
42:51 Are you there?
42:52 So that the world will end up accepting him.
42:57 You realize as you stay this enemy sees
42:59 the changes that he has brought
43:01 about in the Christian community.
43:02 May I say it like that?
43:05 He's patting himself on the back right now saying,
43:07 I'm having my will, I'm having my way,
43:10 in most of the congregations today,
43:13 got 'em to believe all of these lies. Wow.
43:18 Why? Because everything that God has established,
43:21 the enemy's trying to tear apart.
43:23 There're several names as you will know
43:25 given to the antichrist.
43:27 Remember, they talk about, what?
43:28 The man of sin, we'll go over times not--the son of perdition,
43:32 you read in 2 Thessalonians 2:3, didn't you?
43:35 And it starts out like this, it says, "Let no man,"
43:38 Uh-oh, title of our message, let no man do what?
43:40 "Let no man deceive you," but it goes on
43:42 and says, "By any means."
43:44 Wow. "For that day shall not come,
43:48 except there come a falling away first,
43:52 that that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition."
43:56 A falling away. Don't let these words fool you, friend.
43:59 Study what he's talking about.
44:01 Prophecy then points out what? This power.
44:04 Listen, this power that we're talking about,
44:06 this antichrist is a representative of Satan.
44:11 Now lets get down to the nitty-gritty.
44:13 Let's not wear ourselves out.
44:15 Let's get right down to it.
44:17 That's what the Bible said, there's a power,
44:20 a will power and it's a representative of Satan.
44:23 Man, so the identifying characteristics
44:28 of this man, what? The man of sin.
44:33 He deals with the sin issue.
44:35 Lawlessness, the Bible said.
44:37 The man of sin can be identified.
44:40 Listen, this is very important as you marking down
44:43 so we won't miss it.
44:44 Paul used the Greek word for man.
44:48 And in it, he mentions that it is a definite person and power.
44:54 What? A definite person.
44:55 Well, I think it is--it seems to be--it was here,
44:57 it was there-- definite person
44:59 and a definite power, do you notice that?
45:01 A powerful person then would assumed this position.
45:06 One who's power the world believes,
45:09 listen carefully, is the power of God.
45:13 The power of the enemy is posing to be what?
45:15 The power of God.
45:17 Friend, you and I have to the sound the warning message.
45:20 The world is being deceived.
45:22 So the points here are clear,
45:23 let's go over about three of them quickly,
45:25 point number one, there would be,
45:27 we just read, there would be apostasy.
45:30 We said, the words what? A falling away, first.
45:33 What does that mean?
45:34 That means we're getting away from, what? The truth.
45:37 Before Jesus would come there would be an apostasy.
45:40 There would be falsehood, I mean the devil be alive and well.
45:44 Now we're talking religious matters here.
45:46 Now remember, spiritual matters,
45:48 there'd be a falling away first,
45:49 we'd be getting so far away from the truth
45:51 and we don't even know that we're that far away.
45:54 We think that we've got it made.
45:55 We think that we're on target.
45:57 I'm not talking political right now.
45:59 Point number two.
46:01 Although we talked about a partial fulfillment
46:04 was in Paul's day, you remember?
46:06 A partial fulfillment, because he said
46:07 that it was working in his day,
46:09 that we're going to see a greater fulfillment
46:11 and it will occur in the future.
46:13 Paul said, just before what? Good.
46:15 The coming of Jesus Christ.
46:17 Are we living in that hour?
46:19 Are we living just before Jesus' coming? Yes.
46:23 Friend, wake up to that fact, yes.
46:26 Can't you see it in the world
46:27 and what's going on in the world?
46:29 Point number three, it would come just before, what?
46:32 Good, second coming we talked about here,
46:34 and it would be for a sign.
46:38 It would be for a sign.
46:40 We're always looking for a sign.
46:42 We're always looking for things--
46:43 God said I'm gonna warn you.
46:46 He said, "The man of sin would be revealed."
46:49 So how is it that the people,
46:51 "well, we don't know who it is?
46:52 It seems to be--" The Bible says, that what?
46:55 That it would be revealed in the last days.
46:58 That means this old man of sin,
47:00 this antichrist power, this little horn power,
47:03 the one with the eyes, you know,
47:04 we were talking about the Revelation 17 even,
47:07 this old beast power.
47:09 The woman sitting on the beach, you remember that?
47:13 They said that before Jesus comes,
47:14 this is what it means, reveal means uncover.
47:18 It's going to be uncovered. Who's gonna uncover it?
47:20 It's not popular, people don't really want to hear about it
47:23 and it's scary to some people.
47:25 Listen, if you're scared, asks God to give you something,
47:27 because, you know, hopefully you're not scare anymore
47:30 to study the books of Daniel and Revelation.
47:32 You need to get in there because it's a road map.
47:35 God's put these things in here so the people
47:37 who really serious about getting to heaven
47:39 are going to be studying like they've never studied before.
47:43 The antichrist is gonna be uncovered, the Bible said.
47:45 He's going to be made known, this man of sin.
47:49 The revelation of this man points out,
47:51 there will be, he will be a supernatural power
47:53 as it were in the world and he's going to be connected
47:57 with the religious realm of things. Oh, interesting.
48:03 A real power, the world's gonna be all religious,
48:06 they're all gonna be looking to him.
48:09 Paul said it was a person
48:11 and a power, an identifiable one.
48:15 We're always thinking a lot other things
48:16 but the Bible's very clear here. Wow.
48:21 And so God say the last day people
48:22 is going to identify this power
48:25 and they're gonna tell the world about it.
48:27 It's part of our work. It's part of your working.
48:30 Oh, I must be true to the calling of God.
48:32 How about you?
48:34 Will people want to hear it? No.
48:37 As God said that we need to, what?
48:39 Expose the man of sin. Yes.
48:42 Why? Because the world's in trouble.
48:45 Salvation is not for those who don't care.
48:48 We've got to care. The man of sin.
48:51 The Bible said, the son of perdition,
48:52 do you notice that? He's really--
48:54 When you say, son of perdition,
48:56 it literally means he's the son of destruction.
48:58 Why? Because he's going to be destroyed
49:01 when it's all said and done.
49:03 Friend, have you been studying the Bible like never before?
49:08 I have to mention this
49:09 and we've got 5 or 6 minutes left,
49:10 I need to mention it.
49:12 2 Thessalonians 2:4, the Bible says,
49:14 you know, this gives us real clear insight
49:18 on how to identify this power and his characteristics.
49:22 Now again we're going over, this helps you to go over it.
49:24 But read that passage when you have time.
49:26 But notice this, here's what he does.
49:29 This antichrist power right, he does what?
49:32 He opposes everything that God, Christ stands for.
49:38 He opposes everything.
49:39 So, for every truth, what? Good, good.
49:42 Devil has a what? A counterfeit.
49:45 And remember we're talking in the realm of Christianity
49:49 and so the devil has chosen to work where?
49:51 In the churches.
49:53 So how can he deceive, what?
49:55 Watering down the message, right.
49:57 Oh, false doctrine and teaching and you're still saying,
50:00 "Oh, yeah, everything is all good and all wonderful.
50:02 Oh, praise God." Really?
50:05 You don't even know because you haven't been studying.
50:08 Friends, you want heaven to be in your home.
50:10 Remember, he opposes everything that God stands for.
50:15 Isn't that worth studying?
50:16 Isn't that worth spending sometime with God?
50:20 Oh, this power, this man of sin, this antichrist.
50:24 Two, he exalts himself.
50:27 He lifts himself up over something.
50:31 So he's in charge, did you get that?
50:35 He exalts himself, so we find a power
50:37 that's going to exalt himself and lift himself
50:39 above every thing else and everybody. Wow.
50:45 Point number three, "All that is called God."
50:49 That's what 2 Thessalonians talking about,
50:51 "All that is of God," it says here.
50:54 So all forms of the deity, true and false,
50:58 this power is gonna try and lift himself
51:00 up above even the true God. Wow.
51:05 So I can look around in the world
51:06 then maybe I could discover this power,
51:08 I can read God's word and see what's being going on
51:10 in the religious realm and what power might this be. Yes.
51:14 Four, scripture said, or that is worshipped.
51:20 So this power then wants to be worshipped.
51:23 As a object of worship.
51:25 So it's an arrogant power claiming
51:28 to be God in religious matters.
51:32 Helps us to understand even before we really
51:33 get into Daniel 2 and 7, Revelation 13 and Revelation 17.
51:38 All kind of identifying characteristics,
51:40 you can't miss it, timeframes,
51:43 Bible, history, you can't miss it.
51:45 How can we be so blind?
51:48 The world can follow so, one, two, three, four down
51:50 and about time we get to the five six point right here.
51:53 Oh, how can it possibly be? You know, the Bible say it is.
51:58 Point number five, this power then places himself
52:02 in the temple of God, that's what the Bible said.
52:04 Showing himself to be what? As God. Wow.
52:09 So this power then what? Seats himself. Wow.
52:13 In the sanctuary as it were,
52:15 is a place dedicated to worship. Wow.
52:22 He claims to sit as God on earthly power, really?
52:30 This power is guilty of blasphemy.
52:35 Are you starting to put it together,
52:37 old friend, I want you to, it's making sense.
52:39 See the enemy, enemy began his work in heaven, he rebelled.
52:44 And his plans now are being carried out,
52:47 his purposes, in the children of disobedience today.
52:51 Think about, if you're not with Christ you're with the enemy,
52:54 he's working through you.
52:57 If you're disobedient, he's working through you
52:59 to carry out his plans.
53:00 He's using nations, and using powers.
53:03 Please remember the real antichrist
53:06 is going to appear as an angel of light.
53:08 Pay attention, come on.
53:10 He's gonna appear as the angel of light,
53:11 he's gonna appear as Christ.
53:14 And he's gonna say, the law of God has been made void.
53:17 Men will accept Satan as God.
53:20 Can you imagine the people are so fooled on this planet,
53:22 the majority of them will accept the devil
53:24 when he comes as an angel of light as God?
53:28 What a mess this world must be in and how he's,
53:30 you know, so dark in our minds
53:32 and we can't understand what truth is.
53:34 They're gonna worship him as he performs miracles.
53:40 But Paul said, oh, be not deceived, oh don't be deceived.
53:45 You see, why this power needs to be uncovered?
53:47 Oh, I do. Man, I sense it.
53:50 The whole world wonders after this power, Revelation 13.
53:58 Friends, lot of information that we're covering
54:00 as quick as we can but, you know,
54:01 I want to pray about it in the last few moments
54:03 we have together that the Holy Spirit
54:05 inspiring you to greater heights for Him.
54:08 As you gonna sense of, I need to understand this more,
54:11 so you're gonna be tuning in every time this message--
54:13 that's only second part of five part series.
54:16 You don't want to miss any of them I'm telling you,
54:17 dear friends, it gets deeper and it gets stronger
54:19 and it be too stronger for some of you,
54:21 bless your heart, unless you're prepared.
54:23 I want to pray with you right now
54:25 that the Holy Spirit will open your heart,
54:26 your mind and mine and we may receive what God has for.
54:29 Let's pray together, shall we?
54:31 Loving Father in heaven, we thank You
54:33 for Your precious word today.
54:34 We thank You for warning us about this power
54:37 that's going to deceive the whole world.
54:39 We need not be deceived but we want to know
54:41 what the truth is and we want Your power, Your strength.
54:44 So, Lord, right now I ask
54:46 that those who are searching they shall find.
54:48 Thank You for loving us, thank You for Your word,
54:50 thank you for power, help us to know
54:52 the scripture in Jesus name, Amen.
54:56 It's always good to come together
54:57 and study the word of God together, isn't it?
54:59 I always enjoy it.
55:00 It's exciting time in which we live.
55:02 You know, I just want to encourage,
55:04 you know, you have 3ABN that put these programs on the air,
55:08 you have the ministries like Behold the Lamb
55:10 and many, many others that continue to put
55:11 programs together so that we can air.
55:13 So we're working together with one and other
55:15 but we need you to continue to work along with us.
55:19 You know, people working right.
55:21 People making programs, people airing these programs
55:23 so we can get it to the world.
55:25 So you know, these are only means of support
55:27 is the free will offerings of God's people.
55:29 We love you, we'll see you next time.
55:33 Hello, again. You know, it's tough to deal
55:36 with the fact that many times we are taught
55:39 error in place of viable truth.
55:41 It is tremendously important that we begin
55:44 to allow scripture to interpret themselves.
55:47 "Here a little, there a little,
55:49 line upon line and precept upon precept,"
55:52 just as it is written in Isaiah 28:10.
55:55 Then as we learned new and perhaps startling truth,
55:59 let's take time to thank God for His mercy and grace
56:03 and delivering us from falsehood.
56:06 Remember common ground is more often than not unsafe ground.
56:12 The enemy would love for us all to be deceived
56:15 with common ground and theology
56:17 so that that we would cease to deliver messages
56:20 like the ones found in Revelation 18:4,
56:23 "Come out of her, my people,
56:25 that you be not partakers of her sins."
56:28 This is certainly the meet of the word.
56:31 And for your continued study in this meet of the word.
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57:55 Friends, love ones, until next time,
57:58 may our precious Lord continue to richly bless you and yours.


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