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Understanding the Prophecy of the Antichrist

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Participants: Chris Shelton (Host), Kenny Shelton


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00:41 Hello, I'm Chris Shelton
00:43 and welcome to "Behold The Lamb Presents."
00:45 We are so happy that you have chosen to join us today
00:48 for this very important Bible study.
00:51 Today's message is a third in a five-part series
00:54 that we have entitled
00:56 "The Mystery of Inequity, the Antichrist Revealed."
01:00 As we've been covering during these messages
01:02 there are a great number of confusing theories
01:05 concerning the Antichrist
01:07 and how it will affect God's people?
01:10 But if you've been studying along with us,
01:12 we pray that you're getting a much clear vision of who
01:15 and what the mystery of inequity truly is.
01:18 As we have been basing our knowledge
01:21 at our research upon scripture
01:23 and supporting historical records.
01:25 Today's message is entitled
01:28 "Understanding the Prophecy of the Antichrist."
01:31 It is so important that we discover the truth
01:34 that's found in scripture
01:35 and then proclaim it as evidence
01:38 against all the circulating falsehood
01:41 and erroneous teachings
01:43 dealing with the mystery of inequity and the Antichrist.
01:46 So reach for your Bibles and let's begin today's study.
01:50 Once again it is entitled,
01:52 "Understanding the Prophecy of the Antichrist."
01:56 And in preparation for our study today
01:58 we are blessed to first listen to a song entitled,
02:02 "Be Still and Know," as sung by Emma McDonald,
02:05 from the 3ABN Worship Center.
02:28 Be still and know that He is God
02:36 Be still and know that He is holy
02:44 Be still, O restless soul of mine
02:49 Stand before the Prince of peace
02:53 Let the noise and clamor cease
03:00 Be still and know that He is God
03:08 Be still and know that He is faithful
03:16 Be still, O restless soul of mine
03:21 Stand in awe and be amazed
03:25 Know that He will never change
03:31 Be still
03:39 Be still and know that he is God
03:47 Be still and know that he is God
03:55 Be still and know that he is God
04:03 Be still
04:14 Be still and know that He is God
04:22 Be still and know He is our Father
04:30 Come rest your head upon His breast
04:35 Listen to the rhythm of His unfailing heart of love
04:43 Beating for His little ones
04:47 Calling each of us to come
04:55 Be still
05:05 Be still
05:23 Welcome, we're glad you could join us again
05:25 as we study the most important subject
05:28 may be in the entire Bible, why?
05:30 Because it's a warning against,
05:32 we're talking about the beast power.
05:34 Some of you say, I don't know what the beast power,
05:36 mystery of iniquity, the man of sin.
05:40 You know, that's something
05:41 that we need really be digging in the word of God right now,
05:44 because the time of this world is soon to come to an end.
05:48 And we need to be studying because
05:49 the mystery of inequity is going to be, what?
05:51 Is already working in the world, to do what?
05:54 To deceive us, so we need to understand, what is truth?
05:58 But always, before we study the word of God
06:01 and again I'm glad that you joined us
06:03 because this is an exciting study.
06:04 We always ask the Holy Spirit to help
06:07 to lead and guide us into all truth.
06:09 I'm going to kneel, as I kneel to have prayer.
06:11 Some of you who are at home,
06:13 or you might be able to kneel with me.
06:15 Well, I sure appreciate that if you'd pray
06:16 along that the Holy Spirit will guide us
06:19 and give us the truth for this hour in which we live.
06:22 Shall we pray together?
06:26 Kind, loving, heavenly Father,
06:27 we thank You for the privilege of prayer once again.
06:30 Now we ask that You would enlighten us
06:31 through the power of thy Holy Spirit
06:33 as we read from the pages of Your Holy Book,
06:36 we pray as we study prophecy that's man of sin,
06:40 mystery of inequity, the son of perdition.
06:43 We pray will be revealed to each and every one of us.
06:46 It's very important subject and how desperate
06:48 we need the Spirit of the Living God,
06:50 inside of each and everyone of us.
06:52 Thank you for those who hear,
06:54 thank you for those who are tuning in,
06:56 for every person around the world today,
06:58 this desiring truth.
06:59 I pray Your Holy Spirit will lead and guide them.
07:01 Help us here, we pray, forgive me of sin,
07:04 anything in my heart and life that needs not be there.
07:07 So that our prayers maybe heard
07:08 and answered according to thy will.
07:10 In precious name of Jesus
07:12 we pray with thanksgiving, amen.
07:17 Again we're glad you joined us and again,
07:19 get the pencil and paper
07:20 'cause you're gonna jot some things down.
07:22 And as you jot these things down,
07:23 we have to move quickly on the--
07:26 this is a five-part series as you well know.
07:27 This is our third-part.
07:29 You say I missed the first, I missed the second, whatever.
07:32 Usually what we do, we go over the following week,
07:34 we go over and say on part-one we discussed,
07:37 on part two we discussed, so today no exception.
07:40 We're going to go over the things
07:41 that we learned in part-two before we do the part-three.
07:45 What we learned is truth
07:47 after truth has been given in scripture,
07:49 we've studied that.
07:51 It's given in simplicity, it's given in signs,
07:54 it's given in symbols, and it's given in, what?
07:56 Good, in the illustrations.
07:58 So the Bible is true the Bible is simple, the Bible is plain.
08:02 Point number two, that we went over.
08:04 Only the surface reader, pay close attention to me.
08:08 Only the surface reader.
08:10 Now I'm gonna, I'm gonna label a surface reader.
08:13 If surface reader is one who is void of the Holy Spirit,
08:17 they talk of contradictions of scripture
08:20 and they question the authority of the Bible.
08:24 Wow, that's pretty powerful,
08:25 but we went over some things on that.
08:27 Three Jesus warns us that many was going to be deceived, why?
08:32 Because in the Mark 12, we learned, Jesus said,
08:36 "Because the people know not the scriptures,"
08:40 we're gonna to be deceived, why?
08:41 Because we don't know scripture, why?
08:43 Because many of us are not staying in the scripture.
08:46 We're not reading.
08:47 This hour is vital to God's last day people.
08:51 The enemy is going to deceive, the Bible says,
08:54 "The whole world is wondering after the beast."
08:57 As we study the mystery of inequity,
08:59 we're studying the Antichrist revealed.
09:02 We're studying the man of sin, the little horn of power,
09:04 all these things add up to one world power.
09:07 We need to examine this power.
09:10 Fourth-part, time has come
09:13 when the truth must be proclaimed, that means what?
09:16 Pulling all stops, presenting the truth as it is in Jesus.
09:20 And you present truth, what?
09:22 Truth will stand against, what?
09:23 Falsehood, it will stand against error,
09:26 truth will stand on its own merit, won't it?
09:28 So we need to understand what truth is.
09:30 Point number five, that we learned in lesson number two.
09:33 Antichrist, simply what?
09:35 That which is opposed to Christ,
09:38 it's opposed to His followers, it's opposed to what? To truth.
09:42 So we learned these things and we know now that
09:45 this Antichrist is using men, he's using organizations
09:49 and powers of the world to deceive mankind.
09:54 He has a plan, keep this in mind.
09:56 He has a plan to deceive the whole world.
09:59 That's what the Bible says. That's what we're learning.
10:01 Point six, a person who has heard,
10:04 now I'm gonna be real plain,
10:05 a person who has heard the message of Jesus Christ,
10:09 a person who has heard about the divinity of Jesus Christ.
10:13 The humanity, the incarnation of Jesus Christ
10:16 and they reject it, they belong to the enemy.
10:20 He that's not with me, the Bible says, is against me.
10:23 See it's time that we, we come pointed.
10:25 Lot of time preachers they want to get on there,
10:27 and they want to pat this one over here,
10:28 and they want to pat that one over there.
10:30 All I want to know is what is truth, how about you?
10:32 There's no just patting, there's the truth,
10:34 and the truth sometime is difficult for us to accept,
10:38 but God wants us to what?
10:39 In plain, simple, straight down the line.
10:42 Point number seven,
10:43 prophecy is we're studying points out that man of sin,
10:47 that mystery of inequity, that Antichrist,
10:50 you know what the Antichrist?
10:52 He is a representative of Satan.
10:54 Now what I'm saying here, we're just not talking,
10:56 we're bringing some words out here.
10:58 We're saying it here as we get in
11:00 and dig in the word of God
11:01 and we reveal who this power is,
11:03 please remember, he is a representative.
11:06 It is a representative of Satan is the one.
11:09 Now as, what?
11:11 As he places himself in the place of God.
11:15 Now draw us what the Bible said would happen, isn't it?
11:17 And point number eight, as we go on,
11:19 the man of sin would be covered up,
11:22 as he covers himself up, what does he do?
11:24 He covers himself up in a religious garb,
11:28 in other words he disguises himself,
11:31 but the Bible is clear that this man of sin would be, what?
11:34 Would be exposed.
11:36 Who would he be exposed? Who's gonna expose him?
11:39 The last day people of God,
11:41 that's part of our mission that God has given us.
11:44 We don't back away from it,
11:45 we don't turn and run from it.
11:47 Displeasing as it might be to many.
11:50 Opposition that we receive,
11:52 that's still -- the mission that God has given to
11:55 His last day people is to expose this.
11:57 Even if it means persecution.
12:00 Maybe if it means imprisonment and it means death,
12:03 God requires His last day people to expose this power, what?
12:07 Because the world is wondering after them,
12:09 now I'm gonna quote this two or three different times.
12:10 Here is the reason, because the world wonders
12:13 after the beast and they are those
12:15 whose names are not written in the "Lamb's Book of Life."
12:19 Friend, doesn't that cause
12:20 you some kind of pain in your heart?
12:22 Majority of the what?
12:24 People say, oh, no, it can't be that way.
12:25 The Bible says it, God has spoken and God knows.
12:29 Today on part-three,
12:31 understanding the prophecies of the Antichrist,
12:35 we'll be dealing more with these issues.
12:37 And then, remember, there's part-four
12:38 and then there's part-five.
12:40 Just wanna bring to your attention,
12:41 just quickly right now, this little book
12:43 that I'm holding in my hand
12:44 while I'm thinking about it here.
12:46 It's so powerful that almost explodes in my hand.
12:50 There's information in here that everyone of God's people,
12:53 now if you have the, called the Mark of the Beast,
12:54 if you already have it, then that's beautiful.
12:56 Just read it, 'cause you have it doesn't mean anything,
12:59 it's when you read it that you become powerful for God.
13:03 Things that we're discussing here,
13:04 for instance in here, is discussing
13:07 four critical Bible chapters that we need to look at.
13:10 Such as Daniel 7, Daniel 8, Revelation 13,
13:13 we do Revelation 17 and we can go on and on.
13:16 And also in here there's over 200, listen carefully,
13:19 200 historical and religious authorities are quoted.
13:24 These authorities they're quoted on the things
13:26 that we are discussing from the Bible,
13:29 Bible prophecy and then
13:31 there's over 300 Bible passages of that,
13:33 there's lot that's quoted, that's referred to.
13:36 So you don't want, this is a free copy,
13:37 it has 200 of these, so it goes to the first 200 callers.
13:42 So I wouldn't hesitate if I was you,
13:43 get off the couch, do something right now.
13:45 You haven't done anything in a while,
13:46 do something now.
13:48 Your soul could be at stake, friend, please,
13:50 you need that book, it backs up exactly what we're going --
13:54 because we're using two vital important points
13:57 that will help us in our study.
13:58 We're using the Bible, number one,
14:00 and we're using what?
14:01 Good, history.
14:03 Historical accounts as you add it.
14:05 God intended it to be that way for the skeptical mind
14:08 and for those of us who want to learn.
14:11 Now, notice if this power is so powerful,
14:14 I mean it is just powerful.
14:16 Do you understand why that it must be uncovered?
14:19 Why that it needs to be exposed?
14:21 Because it does say, that they -- that the world
14:24 would wonder after this power.
14:27 I was interested in this, the world would wonder after.
14:30 Some people say, they wonder,
14:31 that means they're scratching their head no, no, no, no.
14:33 In the original language,
14:35 I want you to pay special attention and jot this down.
14:39 When it says that the whole world wondered after it,
14:41 there is a couple of passages
14:43 just jot down quickly as you can.
14:44 Revelation Chapter 13 verse 3 and Revelation 17 verses 8.
14:50 Now we read verse 8 now, when you read these things
14:53 it says that the world,
14:54 all the world wonders after this power.
14:56 That the world is wondering after this power,
14:58 then what kind of power is it?
15:00 Is it a good power, is it a bad power,
15:03 but Bible that goes on to say,
15:04 "That their names are not written
15:05 in the Lamb's Book of Life."
15:06 So this power must be doing
15:08 a good job of deceiving the world.
15:10 So I look that word wonder,
15:12 you can do the very same thing.
15:13 Revelation 13 Verse 3, the word wonder in the Greek says this,
15:18 "That the world would be established,"
15:22 they established himself with his power.
15:24 The world would abide by this power.
15:27 The world would be amazed.
15:29 These are all definitions of the word wonder.
15:31 Are you still with me?
15:32 They're going to wonder after they're going to be amazed.
15:35 Now listen to this, the last two is really heavy duty,
15:38 so if you're not ready,
15:40 O dear friends, please get ready.
15:42 It says, "The whole world will be bewitched by this power,"
15:47 and the whole world will become,
15:49 listen carefully, will become insane by this power.
15:54 That's what the word means in original Greek,
15:55 I'm not making it up, you can look in your scrolls.
15:58 And then in Revelation 17, verse 8 it talks about
16:02 this that wonder after this power again,
16:06 and similar meanings here, but notice, it says,
16:09 that the people are going to admire this power.
16:12 They're going to marvel at this power.
16:16 They're going to look closely at this power,
16:20 notice and I thought this was interesting.
16:23 After they wonder after they look at it,
16:26 after they look closely at it.
16:28 It says, they -- listen, "They visit this power."
16:33 Wow! Why are people so, it's like amazed,
16:38 they wonder after this power.
16:40 It must be such a deception that we think that
16:43 it's something that maybe that is not.
16:46 Have you ever fell into that trap.
16:49 Millions and millions of people
16:51 they're going to, they're going to be lost
16:53 because they will not hear the word of God.
16:56 Millions are going to be lost
16:57 because they will not see what God is putting clearly
17:00 in front of us to give to the world
17:03 so that we can be warned of this power.
17:06 Millions will be lost because they will not obey.
17:09 Now notice this, obey as they study these prophecies.
17:14 Too many people come around nowadays and say,
17:16 "Well, that's not the way I want it to be."
17:18 Well, may I say nicely
17:19 and with respect to you, that's too bad.
17:22 Since when did God ask you
17:24 or since when did God ever ask me,
17:25 if it's going to be all right with me
17:27 before He put it down in the Bible, He didn't.
17:30 Please think about it.
17:32 Well, I don't want it that way,
17:33 God never asked you if you wanted it that way.
17:36 But, boy, is He revealing some starling facts,
17:39 that as we look and again it was taking lots of time
17:41 to establish these things in the Bible and history to say,
17:45 all of this what we discussed so far is 100% accurate.
17:49 Then why not, the last little bit,
17:50 even though it might be distasteful.
17:52 Even though you say, it's hard to believe.
17:54 You think the devil is not gonna pull
17:56 all stops in the last days.
17:58 Oh he's gonna pull everything he could possibly can and you?
18:01 Now listen, let me just say that.
18:03 Just because you go down, you're driving down the road,
18:05 you're just all bored.
18:07 And you see this people over here, oh, that's a church,
18:09 you know, that's a church, that's Christian people,
18:11 well that may be so, but listen,
18:12 every person, every person
18:14 that goes by they look and they say,
18:15 oh, that's a church right there.
18:17 That doesn't mean God approves of that church.
18:19 Church is people,
18:21 because they have church on the outside, what?
18:23 It doesn't mean He approves of that at all.
18:26 Because if God approves us, there must be,
18:29 there must be something there that identifies it as God's.
18:33 So God's church must have identifying marks
18:36 and they must be met in order to be God's church.
18:39 And let me tell you this, friend, if it's not
18:40 God's church, it is the enemy's church.
18:42 Let's be bold about it, let's not mess around,
18:45 too often we mess around with these things
18:47 and we cannot do that.
18:49 Remember, if you doesn't belong to God,
18:50 who does it belong to?
18:52 It belongs to the enemy.
18:53 And I'll tell you, the enemy has a lot of people,
18:55 I'm telling you to lot of it, oh, be bold now,
18:57 a lot of churches, why?
19:00 Because they won't follow and obey the truth.
19:02 They say, it doesn't really matter, it's okay.
19:04 Oh, friend, we need to -- If the church,
19:07 not talking about church people,
19:09 we're talking groups of --
19:10 if they're not teaching the truth, now think about it.
19:13 Then the enemy is going to teach them, what?
19:15 A lie.
19:17 Either gonna accept the truth, or they're gonna accept a lie.
19:20 They're gonna accept untruths, they're gonna accept,
19:22 you know, sugarcoated.
19:23 Many church all you hear is just pleasing little fables
19:26 and just sugarcoated messages
19:28 and watered down liberal message you hear all the time.
19:31 Lukewarm messages, you hear of this,
19:33 no self-denial, you hear no preparation,
19:36 you hear no second coming, basically.
19:38 Just kind of go along as you are
19:39 and somehow you're gonna find your way into heaven.
19:43 Somehow the churches are teaching today,
19:45 look as much like.
19:46 Listen, look much like the world
19:47 and dress like the world as you want,
19:49 think like the world, do like the world,
19:51 and heaven is going to be your home.
19:52 Oh friend, you couldn't be into it, it's wrong.
19:56 See many preachers' getting up a television so on,
19:59 I don't mind you get on you,
20:00 you get on to me if you want to.
20:02 Get up there on your t-shirts
20:04 and -- shirts unbuttoned and everything,
20:05 you'll look like the world, what you said an example?
20:08 What should be a Godly man or woman for God, huh?
20:11 Get out there and set an example for the people today.
20:14 Sometime in church we do that.
20:17 We forget to conduct ourselves
20:19 as the one whom we're going to visit.
20:21 See the devil wants us to think along these lines.
20:24 How we'd conduct ourselves in the house of God?
20:27 How do we to dress in the house of God?
20:29 We come into the house of God,
20:31 we have to realize we're meeting right
20:33 with the Ruler of the Universe.
20:36 The Ruler of the Universe, then how our minds,
20:39 then should be cleared with the things of this world?
20:43 We should leave all the sides, I'm meeting with God.
20:47 God that knows everything about me.
20:49 All my needs and what's it gonna take for me,
20:51 you see, to make it to heaven.
20:53 Quickly, I'm saying, what about our appearance?
20:56 Oh friend, we sometime come into church
20:59 and we dress like we're lounging around at home,
21:02 we dress like we're to going to -- on a picnic somewhere.
21:06 Friend, remember you say, it makes a difference,
21:09 it makes a difference when we come in contact with God.
21:11 When we come in the presence of God,
21:13 He expects the very best that we have.
21:18 Nowadays, nowadays, we see people are just,
21:21 oh, it doesn't matter.
21:22 Everything is cool, we just come as you are.
21:24 Let me tell you real quick, I'll got to get over this,
21:27 I'm gonna get out the box.
21:29 But lot of people they talked about,
21:30 you know there are all, oh, just come as you are,
21:32 if you realize that the principle, come as you are,
21:35 Jesus was referring to our spiritual condition
21:39 much more than the physical.
21:41 That's how you come as you are.
21:43 He expects the best that you have and that I have.
21:47 Maybe give you a quick illustration,
21:48 if you're one of those, just giving that.
21:50 Well, you know, this is all I have.
21:52 Listen if you don't have
21:53 the right kind of clothes to wear,
21:54 clean clothes to wear.
21:55 The church's responsibility is to get you something
21:57 that you can wear.
21:59 Clean and nice the best you have.
22:01 When person gave me this illustration.
22:03 Now we're talking about a God now.
22:04 Now we're talking about God.
22:07 God told him to He said, well, you know,
22:09 this is the best I have and I'm just gonna be real plain,
22:11 all I have is just jeans.
22:13 Well, I said, really it's all you have?
22:14 Yeah, that's all I have, so I said,
22:15 best I've got, so I'm gonna,
22:17 I said, you think maybe that's just a choice.
22:20 Well, no, I just, this is the best I have,
22:22 I said really, how much those jeans cost you?
22:25 Oh, that jeans cost me $24.
22:27 I said, I got pair of suit pants on,
22:28 all they cost me $12.
22:29 So I can get two. Do you have one?
22:30 It's a matter of choice.
22:33 Who you're going to spend sometime with,
22:35 principle will always be there, God expects the best,
22:38 He expects the best you have
22:39 when we're studying about prophecy too.
22:44 We're shameful sometimes, God help us.
22:47 We study we got to take the Bible
22:49 and we've got to take like a history
22:51 as it has been revealed through history,
22:54 these movings of nations.
22:57 And so God says that we can trace them right on down
23:00 so that we need not be fooled in the last days.
23:03 This little horn power, if you've never studied this,
23:07 it might be a little difficult for you and you,
23:10 there has to be a good place for us to start.
23:12 And I pray that we're gonna be starting in the right,
23:15 the right point here,
23:16 so that it will help you to understand it.
23:19 So become clearer in your mind as well as in my mind.
23:22 First of all we realize in every, in every age,
23:26 God has some, some truth.
23:28 A developing truth that we need to be studying,
23:30 we need to be focusing on.
23:33 It's a message that He gave to His people.
23:36 A message that we need to hear,
23:37 a message of warning of may be some future things
23:40 that's getting ready to happen.
23:42 You see, new truth is never, some people say,
23:44 oh, this is new, man,
23:45 this is new truth is never independent of the old truth.
23:51 We must understand the old in order to what?
23:54 To comprehend the new.
23:57 Let me give you an illustration,
23:58 you say, well, listen, how did Jesus do it?
24:00 Oh, He's our example, isn't He?
24:02 As we study life of Christ,
24:04 we can understand how to handle this.
24:05 Here's what Jesus said, remember He wanted,
24:08 He wanted His disciples to understand about His death
24:12 and His burial and His resurrection,
24:13 you remember that.
24:14 They couldn't quite comprehend
24:16 that Jesus wanted them to understand it,
24:17 so what did he do?
24:19 Here's where He started His lesson,
24:20 Luke 24:27, the Bible says,
24:23 "He began at Moses and all the prophets."
24:26 Wow! See, the reason I'm bringing all these stuff is
24:30 because we're doing lot of Old Testament study
24:32 and lot of call yourself New Testament Christians
24:34 and you're disregarding the Old Testament.
24:36 Oh, don't be so bold, friend, to do that.
24:38 Don't be so bold that we're bringing
24:40 some more points here in a moment.
24:41 Here's how Jesus did,
24:42 when He wanted the disciples to understand.
24:44 He said, "He began," with what?
24:45 Began at Moses and He said, "And all the prophets."
24:49 And then again in John 5:46,
24:50 Jesus said this, "Had you believed Moses,
24:53 you would have believed me, for he spoke of me."
24:57 Wow! So for what did Jesus teach?
25:02 That's right, from the Old Testament,
25:04 that's all he had.
25:06 So we can't set aside the Old Testament
25:08 when Jesus said in John 5:39,
25:11 "They are they which testify of," what?
25:14 Good, "of me."
25:16 See if we reject the old, we also reject what?
25:20 The new, if we reject, you know,
25:23 apart of this Bible we reject another part,
25:26 it's now what we want it to be.
25:28 So it takes both of them, both part,
25:30 the whole part to make a complete whole.
25:33 In other words, you think about here.
25:35 A person cannot present the law of God
25:39 and talking about here, a law of God without the gospel.
25:43 Or you cannot present the gospel without, what?
25:45 Good, the law of God, absolutely.
25:48 You can attempt it all you want.
25:50 But every attempt that you made will fail.
25:53 God is speaking plainly, keep this in mind.
25:55 You see the enemy could not destroy the church.
26:00 And so, you know this well,
26:01 but since you could not destroy the church
26:03 and you try that during the dark ages.
26:05 We'll learn much more about that,
26:06 but listen in dark ages, so what did he do?
26:08 The enemy decide to join the church.
26:12 I think he might have his name on a role somewhere.
26:15 He's joined the church.
26:18 Sometime when you come to church,
26:19 I tell you, I wonder sometime that he's not showing up,
26:22 how about you?
26:24 Now he decide he's gonna work inside and he works inside,
26:28 he's gonna tear the people of God apart.
26:32 So remember, where he's working?
26:33 In the church.
26:34 So he's gonna deceive the church.
26:36 When everybody is hollering truth, truth, truth.
26:39 Somebody wrote me a letter the other day, on there not.
26:42 Now it's like somebody is banging
26:43 up the side of the head or something,
26:44 I don't know whether they think I believe it
26:45 or whether I don't.
26:47 And some of you be watching you probably will be.
26:49 So I'm talking to you,
26:51 I haven't got chance really order that yet,
26:52 or it look at over and see what kind of order it's in.
26:56 We're kind of quick on there, it just says,
26:57 you cannot possibly understand
26:59 what truth is unless you understand Zechariah 4.
27:03 Well, I'm gonna be just real bold with you,
27:04 how do you know I don't?
27:08 You see, and then he gave me a bunch of passage,
27:10 well praise God, but wouldn't it be better
27:12 to start if you're trying to study
27:13 with somebody and say, what about?
27:15 Or I found this out, then said,
27:17 you don't know what truth is until you?
27:21 Friend, we want to be a part of the family of God here.
27:23 We want to try to get,
27:24 get on to learn these truths, and I do too.
27:28 So how did they -- we're talking about
27:29 as Satan works inside the church,
27:32 then how does he do it?
27:34 Listen very carefully,
27:35 here's what the Great Controversy page 50 says,
27:38 and you know what too.
27:39 You can study in history, the devil came in,
27:42 now notice this, the compromise between, what?
27:45 Come on, paganism and Christianity, good.
27:49 Resulted in the man of sin. This is who we're exposing.
27:54 How did the man of sin develop inside the church?
27:56 He had no business in the church.
27:58 But somehow he ended up in the church, why?
28:00 Because he brought in what? Paganism.
28:04 Think about paganism inside the church,
28:07 it resulted in the man of sin as prophecy has told us, why?
28:11 Because he's opposing and exalting himself, what?
28:14 Above that, that's God, above God it says.
28:18 So we find a gigantic,
28:20 then religious system in the world today.
28:24 It's a master piece of Satan's power.
28:27 It's a monument even to his efforts,
28:29 to see himself on the throne and to rule the world.
28:34 You think that's such a big statement.
28:35 You may be reading that in Isaiah 14:14,
28:38 you remember that?
28:39 Didn't Satan said, I'll be, what?
28:42 Like the Most High.
28:45 And so we find Satan's plan
28:47 and we need to be watching this plan.
28:49 Join the church, sit right in the middle sometime.
28:53 you know, there's too difficult passage, chapters in the Bible.
29:00 And then, oh they're so hard to understand
29:01 and Daniel's hard to understand
29:03 and Revelation is hard to understand.
29:05 These two books tell the history of the world.
29:09 Dear friend, and they told it, what?
29:11 Before it happened, not after the fact,
29:14 but before it happened.
29:15 So that we would know what had happened that it is the truth.
29:19 That's so, so important.
29:21 But mostly of these books,
29:22 these two books deal mostly with what?
29:25 Symbols and types,
29:27 and so we have to be restudies of the word of God.
29:30 And I know only people they're afraid when you say, beast.
29:33 Wow! That's what you afraid about beast for?
29:35 As we study, you're gonna see that there's a very,
29:37 it's important here because we need to understand
29:40 the prophecies of the Antichrist.
29:43 When you understand the language of it
29:44 and how it was written and why.
29:46 And only the true seeker will find out.
29:49 Daniel 2 and Daniel 7 for instance we are --.
29:52 Talks about four world powers.
29:55 All you study them I know many times before,
29:57 but the ruling over,
29:59 what we call then the known civilized world.
30:03 Now, remember, if we believe these things
30:04 and it's coming in line 100%,
30:06 we don't have to add anything at all.
30:09 We just have to say, boy, they harmonize,
30:11 but it's interesting when we get into something
30:12 that's a little touchy after the several world empowers,
30:15 it starts to get a little bit touchy here.
30:17 It starts identifying the man of sin,
30:19 mystery of inequity.
30:20 All of sudden, we -- well, that can't be -- remember,
30:23 the devil has joined the church.
30:26 You keep that in mind, you're gonna find out,
30:28 that's gonna have to be,
30:29 he's gonna be working through what?
30:30 Come on, somebody, help me.
30:32 He's gonna be working through that so called
30:34 religious organization,
30:37 that had to work out in the world,
30:38 he's got the world-lings out there,
30:39 you know that and I know it.
30:42 So we need to -- we know, all we need to know
30:43 is a little bit of history and a whole lot of the Bible.
30:47 And, boy, as we put those things together,
30:48 we find that prophecy is 100% correct.
30:52 Remember these four nations, four nations,
30:55 these four nations worship the Sun and the moon
30:58 and the stars and so we find that
31:00 there are a Baal worship or Satan worship.
31:04 This is all that they, that they knew.
31:06 So they've given themselves over to the enemy.
31:09 And so everything that surrounded them,
31:11 that's all people heard, that's all people seen.
31:14 Man, that's an awful surrounding to be,
31:16 and what does that as a person who's looking for truth.
31:19 Well, see God uses this term, we talked about beast.
31:25 He did it to describe the character of each nation.
31:30 Beast to describe what? The character of nations.
31:34 So don't -- let's say, oh this ugly beast came
31:37 about -- notice what-- here's how it say,
31:40 you say, well, I don't know.
31:41 Look in Daniel 7 verse 17 and we're gonna hit
31:43 this one again, in just a few moments.
31:45 It says here, "The great beast,"
31:47 you can't get any clearer than this,
31:49 "The great beast are four kings,"
31:51 it's not hard to understand,
31:53 but sometime we just make it hard.
31:55 We don't want to put any effort into it.
31:58 So it may be, be well for us as we study here for --
32:01 maybe the beginning, rest of you've been through it
32:03 many, many times, you may understand it well.
32:06 But well, there's millions who do not understand this message.
32:09 It might be well in -- I really don't see if happen too often,
32:12 that we begin our study in Daniel Chapter 7,
32:15 rather than Daniel Chapter 2 and then we'll go back
32:18 to identify Daniel Chapter 2 and put it together
32:22 maybe in a little clearer form for us, identification.
32:25 You have your Bible, I want you to read.
32:28 We'll have to take time, we're gonna have
32:29 to take time to read these seven verses
32:31 in Daniel Chapter 7, verses 1 through 7.
32:33 Then we're gonna go back
32:34 and we're going to discuss these things.
32:37 Bible says in Daniel Chapter 7 in verse 1,
32:40 "First year of Belshazzar,
32:41 the King of Babylon Daniel had a dream and a vision,"
32:45 is that important, is a vision given to him by God?
32:48 On his head and his bed, he wrote the dream,
32:50 and the sum of the matter.
32:52 Daniel spake and said, he's telling us what he saw,
32:57 "He said, I saw in the vision by night,
32:59 and behold the four winds of heaven
33:02 strove upon the great sea."
33:04 Listen carefully, these words
33:05 because this is what confuses the mind
33:07 and all of a sudden we say,
33:08 I don't know about the four winds,
33:09 I don't know about striving upon the great sea.
33:12 Then he said, "I saw all this turmoil,
33:13 all that stuff going on.
33:15 And I saw, verse 3, "Four great beast coming up
33:18 from the sea, and they were diverse," means what?
33:21 "Different one from another."
33:22 Verse 4, "The first the Bible said was like a good,
33:26 was like a lion, it had eagles' wings on it,"
33:29 wow, I've never seen one like that.
33:32 "I beheld to the winds thereof was plucked,
33:34 and it was lifted up in the earth,
33:36 and it made to stand on its feet as a man,
33:38 and a man's heart was given to it."
33:40 Verse 5, "I behold another beast,
33:43 a second beast was like a bear,
33:46 raised itself upon one side," the Bible said,
33:48 "Had three ribs in its mouth between its teeth
33:51 and they said to it, Arise, devour much," what?
33:54 "Much flesh."
33:55 Verse 6, "After this I beheld,
33:57 and lo another, like a leopard,"
34:00 all he was seeing all these beast gives,
34:01 oh, I just can't understand, oh, it's gonna be simple watch.
34:06 "A leopard, had upon his back four wings of a fowl,
34:10 that beast had four heads," oh, how scary,
34:13 "Dominion was given to it."
34:15 Verse 7, "And I, after this I saw in the night vision,
34:19 behold the fourth beast,"
34:20 listen, "Dreadful, terrible, strong exceedingly,
34:24 it had great iron teeth,
34:26 it devoured and break into pieces,
34:28 stamped with residue the feet of it,
34:30 it was diverse from the other beast,"
34:32 notice, "that were before it and it had 10 horns."
34:36 See that's where people, they read it,
34:38 they say, oh, I just can't, can't listen.
34:41 As we read Daniel 7 in verses 1 through 7,
34:45 contemplate now as we back quickly
34:47 and try to go over some of what we can cover today.
34:50 Take a closer look, here's a fact, here's a fact.
34:54 If the countries of the day of the world
34:56 are represented by symbols,
34:58 you've heard this in every study.
35:00 They almost give you too quick once
35:01 and then break it down.
35:03 So, it's not uncommon, even in our world today
35:06 they're represented by symbols,
35:07 United States is represented by what?
35:09 Good "the eagle."
35:11 Russia is what represented by?
35:13 They call "the bear."
35:14 And you can go on, the other countries
35:15 are represented so, when you saw a bear,
35:17 and they saw a leopard,
35:19 they saw it's not uncommon then.
35:21 And in fact if we break it down to our level,
35:24 to our schools, to our sports of the day,
35:29 you ever notice that?
35:30 Have you ever heard -- the rams.
35:34 The bears, the bulls, the redbirds, the hawks,
35:38 the dolphins, the dogs, the tigers,
35:40 are you still with me, the gators and the colts,
35:43 and the list goes on and on, and on,
35:44 so it's not unusual to be represented
35:46 by a symbol of an animal.
35:49 So, these symbols that Daniel saw here is not unusual
35:52 to be identified, because we've already read,
35:55 remember, in verse 2.
35:57 The Lord has what?
35:58 The Lord has four symbols to represent four world empires.
36:04 Four symbols represent what, four world powers.
36:07 In verse 2 of Daniel 7, we we're reading Daniel said,
36:10 "The four winds of heaven," what does that mean?
36:14 You say, what you mean the four winds?
36:15 What happens when you have a nice calm sea,
36:18 then all of a sudden the wind comes up and a storm.
36:21 It gets pretty rough out there, doesn't it?
36:23 It gets stormy up there, there could be disaster,
36:25 there could be death, and in the Bible
36:28 the winds represent strife, war, and commotion.
36:32 You say, yeah, but how do we know?
36:33 Jeremiah Chapter 25 and Jeremiah 49,
36:37 you can read those verses, 31 and 32,
36:40 and Jeremiah 25 and 36 and 37, and Jeremiah 49.
36:45 Anyway, they're there, strife and commotion you say,
36:47 well okay, so something has happened,
36:49 so we saw four what?
36:50 Four powers, four nations rise.
36:53 But there was war and commotion going on.
36:55 Something big was going on.
36:56 Remember I'm talking about the history of the world here.
36:59 We're talking about if we can identify all these things,
37:01 we can get down and identify
37:02 the "Mystery of Iniquity" that man of sin.
37:05 This is what it's all about
37:06 and what he's doing to the world today.
37:09 See, these symbols explain themselves, praise God.
37:12 But we have to keep searching.
37:14 We have to keep digging, digging.
37:16 Also in Daniel 7:2, he uses the term,
37:19 notice this, "The great sea."
37:22 Do you remember how you use that?
37:24 He saw all these beasts coming up, that he wrote,
37:27 he said, "I saw in the night vision, behold,
37:29 four winds of heaven strove upon the great sea."
37:32 Now, what does that mean, the great sea?
37:35 Daniel 7:2, "The great sea," found it, you look up
37:39 Numbers 34 verse 6, you see that the Mediterranean Sea,
37:43 see this gives us a hint of where this was taking place.
37:47 The Mediterranean Sea was called what?
37:49 The--good, the great sea.
37:51 Sea is a symbol of what? Of lots of people, good.
37:56 Isaiah 8 says it, verses 7 and 8.
37:58 Revelation 17:15 says waters, may represents
38:02 multitudes, nations, and tongues.
38:05 So, we say we have four world empires,
38:07 the wind was strive, there's war
38:08 and bloodshed stuff going on among a heavy populated area,
38:12 a lot of people were involved during this time,
38:14 Mediterranean and be the whole world.
38:17 United States wasn't in existence yet?
38:20 So, we're going to identify without mistake.
38:24 So far it's very clear.
38:26 God's work just explains it all to us,
38:28 there's no need for us to guess, you know that.
38:31 Four beasts, four kings, four kingdoms
38:34 will rise out of the what?
38:35 Good, the sea of people, nations, and tongues
38:39 that came from what, the old world or what we call, Europe.
38:43 Let's go quickly over this, now notice what Daniel saw,
38:45 Daniel 7:4, we're gonna read verse 4, 5, 6, and 7
38:49 just to pickup some things quickly.
38:50 Daniel 7:4, he said,
38:52 "The first was like a lion," with what?
38:55 Yeah, "Eagle's wings."
38:57 The second was a bear had three ribs in its mouth.
39:00 The third was a leopard and had what,
39:02 four wings, four heads.
39:04 Wow! That's scary.
39:05 Fourth beast was dreadful and terrible and strong.
39:09 It had ten horns, you remember that, Daniel 7:7.
39:12 Now, help us figure this out
39:14 for those you really want to study.
39:15 Daniel made it clear about the symbolic meaning,
39:18 and we're repeating this,
39:19 of the beast again in Daniel 7:17.
39:22 Here's the key, once again, if you miss the key,
39:26 if you don't have the key you can start the engine,
39:28 the key once again is Daniel 7:17,
39:31 he said that the great beasts, which are four,
39:35 are four kings, which shall arise out of what?
39:38 Out of the earth. Oh, interesting.
39:40 Four kingdoms would rise up out of the old world
39:43 and would become world powers,
39:46 is history verifying this, oh yes 100%,
39:50 let's identify, shall we, the first beast.
39:52 What was the first beast as a lion,
39:54 what did it have?
39:56 It had eagle's wings on. What does it mean?
39:58 And then this first world power we know was Babylon,
40:00 but it said what, wings on his back, meaning what?
40:03 Quickly, quickly devouring, you know, its enemies.
40:07 So the wings represent swiftness in which it did
40:09 it's work, conquering, remember there was wind
40:11 and strife on the sea, war and bloodshed.
40:14 So Babylon then began to reign the first world power there.
40:18 But interesting Isaiah 13:17 through 23
40:22 and also Daniel Chapter 2, said that be another power
40:25 after Babylon and so what do we see.
40:29 Daniel 7:5, another beast second like and to what?
40:32 A bear, the bear raised itself up one side,
40:35 had three ribs you remember in it's mouth, in his teeth,
40:38 and it said arise, devour much flesh.
40:41 What does history tell us?
40:43 The Bible says this and then we go back to history,
40:45 we'll say well Babylon was the first world power,
40:48 but then there was another that conquered it
40:50 and it was Medo Persian, the Grecian empire.
40:54 In 538 B.C, Cyrus the Persian, you remember him?
40:58 Yeah, as you can study your history Cyrus the Persian.
41:01 He took over the city of Babylon
41:03 and it's very interesting.
41:04 All this was recorded in scripture, listen,
41:07 100 years before Cyrus was even born.
41:13 Well, that's a prediction, that's prophecy, isn't it?
41:16 The Bible said, there will be Cyrus that would go
41:18 into Babylon through those lead gates,
41:20 you remember, and destroy, 100 before he's ever born.
41:23 God is right on target, and we're on target as we study.
41:27 You can read that account in Isaiah Chapter 45.
41:30 He said that the bear that would have
41:32 three ribs in his mouth.
41:33 What's it mean three ribs?
41:35 It represents exactly how Babylon
41:37 would be divided when it was conquered.
41:40 How was it divided?
41:42 History says that it divided into
41:43 Babylon and Lydia, and Egypt.
41:46 Just exactly what the word says.
41:49 Wow! Now the third beast, Daniel 7:6 says,
41:53 it was like a leopard it had what?
41:55 On the back of it four wings of a fowl,
41:58 the beast had four heads, Dominion was given unto it.
42:01 What does that mean? Third kingdom.
42:04 Certainly the Bible and history makes it clear
42:06 that Greece, right the Grecian empire.
42:09 Oh, friend, have you ever thought about
42:12 this empire with Alexander the Great.
42:16 Has it ever dawned on your mind
42:17 Alexander the Great, he's written in history.
42:19 I read about him in history, how about you?
42:21 You could study about him today,
42:23 that leopard like beast, notice,
42:26 is a fitting symbol of Greece, but it said,
42:28 he had four wings on its back.
42:31 What does that mean? It means it conquered.
42:34 Alexander conquered twice as fast as Babylon
42:38 or any other powers before that, swiftness,
42:41 swiftness, and it conquered.
42:43 Now what about the four heads,
42:44 just quickly we're talking four heads here,
42:47 four kingdoms, four kingdom was divided
42:50 after his death, and you say,
42:52 yeah, but is that really true?
42:53 Yeah, history even recorded it,
42:55 Lysimachus, Cassander, Ptolemy, and Seleucus.
42:59 That's what we see, those are the four kingdoms
43:01 represented by the four heads that are broken to
43:03 after the demise of Alexander the Great.
43:06 So, what did you have?
43:07 You have Babylon, you've the Medes and the Persians,
43:10 and then you have Greece, and then you have
43:12 the fourth beast, Daniel 7:7, dreadful and terrible.
43:16 We've got go through these things,
43:17 you've got to stay with me.
43:18 Dreadful and terrible destroying what?
43:20 Because we've got to get down to that man of sin.
43:23 We've got to get down that false system in the last days.
43:27 We've got to get down that third angels message.
43:30 We're gonna look at that beast power
43:32 and this right here, if we spend enough time on it,
43:34 we're gonna say okay, okay, okay, okay, okay,
43:36 the Bible said and history has said and it's right,
43:38 it's right, it's right, it's right.
43:40 So, we can't disagree with what's to come.
43:44 The fourth little power is easy
43:47 to identify, you know that?
43:50 I've got 11 things jotted down here
43:52 so you know that it represented what?
43:55 Notice, it said dreadful, terrible, and strong
43:57 exceedingly, it had ten horns.
44:00 So, the fourth power is we identified
44:02 it said it was a kingdom that would be larger
44:04 than all the other kingdoms before it.
44:07 That we know was Rome, don't we, right?
44:09 Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome, Pagan Rome.
44:13 Existed between 168 B.C. and 476 A.D.
44:17 That's what history says, but when it fell,
44:20 when it began and when it fell.
44:22 We know that it persecuted what?
44:24 The Jews, Jesus was crucified under the control of it.
44:29 They destroyed the temple in A.D. 70.
44:32 They fed the children to lions,
44:34 do you remember, as a sport.
44:37 It was a land of mystery as you study it.
44:40 They invented weapons of what?
44:42 Of iron, all the world come under the what,
44:46 iron hand of Roman empire.
44:50 Anything that got in its way was trampled.
44:53 This was a Pagan kingdom,
44:56 but they left with its Pagan kingdom, noticed this,
44:59 the names of the week, and of the month,
45:03 and some titles, and some sayings written in Latin.
45:08 Now, it's interesting.
45:09 Now remember this, we talk about a while ago
45:12 and I'm gonna mention again,
45:13 things that have its root in Paganism
45:15 you need to leave it alone.
45:17 And I found this very interesting
45:19 even as Christians.
45:20 You're talking about present truth Christians.
45:23 We'll find something that it has its roots in Paganism,
45:27 but we like it and we just say, too bad.
45:30 But as God's last day people we have to expose Paganism,
45:34 where it came from? What kind of belief?
45:36 Where did it come from?
45:37 Oh that came from Paganism.
45:39 Oh that came from the Roman church.
45:41 Oh that came from, oh I tell it's were--
45:44 Interesting when you mention Christmas or Easter
45:46 and all these other things came directly from Paganism,
45:49 we say, oh yeah, but I like it.
45:52 That's right, good, there are some of you out there,
45:53 look some of you up, didn't we?
45:56 How is it then, how is it,
45:57 that we can say all of these are wrong
46:01 and then we like these
46:02 even though we know the roots,
46:04 we know where it came from,
46:07 and we say it's all right.
46:09 But maybe something wrong with us.
46:12 We've got to root out Paganism.
46:16 It's become, what?
46:17 The man of sin was a result of what?
46:19 Paganism coming into the church to Christianity.
46:23 Baptize and whitewash it a little bit
46:24 and say, now it's okay, no, it's not.
46:27 Why? Because the Bible says so.
46:30 As it roots, and so we see this role,
46:36 the titles, the saying, and, you know,
46:39 for instance you take, as you well know,
46:40 you take our dollar bill for instance.
46:43 Well, there is a pyramid on that, you notice it.
46:45 Latin words on it says a new, what?
46:47 A new order for the age.
46:49 Kind of interesting here, it has a eagle on it.
46:51 You know for United States and more Latin words,
46:55 just take your dollar when you have time.
46:56 We don't have time to go through everything.
46:58 But over the top of it,
46:59 more Latin words over the top of the pyramid
47:02 and it says, it means this,
47:04 that God has favored our undertaking.
47:08 And so we've the eagle has a ribbon tien in its mouth.
47:11 And there's more Latin words it says one out of many.
47:16 At the foundation of this pyramid
47:18 you see down there,
47:19 you've Roman numerals and you see that they add up
47:21 to 1776 the year of the Declaration of Independence.
47:26 Roman numerals then are used where?
47:28 In our numbering system even today.
47:31 Interesting and please don't forget,
47:34 the Lord has warned us about "The number 666".
47:39 Many is gone be deceived by that
47:40 by that as it were that what represent a number,
47:43 by that man of sin.
47:45 A religious system and a political system
47:48 coming together, but God said I'm gonna pour out
47:50 my wrath upon that power,
47:53 Revelation 13 verses 17 and 18
47:55 see what God says about this power.
47:57 How it needs to be exposed here in the last days,
47:59 how the world is wondering after this power.
48:01 And that they need to be warned.
48:02 Who's gonna warn them?
48:05 Whose gonna warn them f we're gun shy?
48:08 That's why I think this book is so important
48:10 the first 200 that calls in
48:11 because the information will blow your mind,
48:13 that will blow up in my hand, come on.
48:15 That's information that we all need.
48:18 See all the world then comes under
48:20 the control of this power, listen,
48:22 including the United States of America, what?
48:26 All the power, all the world is gonna come underneath
48:29 the power including United States of America,
48:32 except a very small remnant of God's people.
48:35 That's gonna be made clear in our study as we continue.
48:38 So, we're looking at, now look 666,
48:41 the mark of the beast, the image of the beast,
48:43 the man of sin, the son of prediction,
48:45 notice the little horn power.
48:47 The Antichrist, notice this,
48:49 Babylon the Great, Revelation 17,
48:51 what I'm seeing here,
48:52 they all add up to the same power
48:53 that God is warning us over, over, over, and over again.
48:56 And yet most of us have the courage not to say,
48:58 we don't want to say anything we have no courage.
49:00 We're worried about what people think
49:01 rather than what God says
49:02 that we need to be doing.
49:05 Friend, I tell you again,
49:07 identifying this power we use history and scripture
49:10 makes it simple, there is no guessing.
49:14 If you really want to know what truth is.
49:16 But even a simple as it is made what we talk about--
49:19 this is simple what we've gone through so far.
49:22 You know what, it's just simple,
49:25 but many people will refuse it, why, why?
49:28 Well, shame, shame on many of the pastors today.
49:32 They tell their people, "Oh, don't worry
49:33 about this beast power, don't worry about
49:36 the worship of the beast or the mark of the beast,
49:38 and then they go tell you a great big old lie."
49:40 They will say, you don't need to worry about
49:41 because you're gonna be raptured away.
49:44 The rapture of the saints won't be here.
49:46 That's a false teaching and that is a lie
49:48 that the devil has invented, it's time to get clear.
49:51 It's past time to get clear.
49:53 In fact many leaders in the church today,
49:56 they really don't even know
49:57 about the "Mystery of Iniquity"
49:58 the man of sin.
50:00 They don't know and when you ask him
50:02 the question about it, you know, what they say?
50:03 Well they'll, well I'm not really sure,
50:05 I know, I'm not really sure about
50:07 that it's all confusing and you discourage
50:09 the seeker for truth.
50:11 And so we begin to, listen.
50:13 So, what does the preacher do?
50:14 He begins to belittle the message
50:16 and he begins to belittle the messenger every time,
50:19 it never fails.
50:21 Those who give this message like Elijah,
50:24 dear friend, will be in the minority.
50:27 Never popular, no one is gonna,
50:29 very few is gonna like it, you've to love the truth.
50:33 And when the truth is told,
50:35 you have the multitude is gonna
50:36 stand in opposition of it.
50:38 They're gonna raise up against it.
50:40 What does truth do?
50:41 Truth rebukes the hearer.
50:45 This brings in a sense of guilt
50:47 and either a change in the heart and life
50:49 must occur or we begin to hate the message,
50:52 our heart hardens.
50:55 Daniel's prophecy, friends, 100% correct,
50:58 revealing the work of the Antichrist.
51:01 There is much more to come that's pertaining to our day.
51:03 You don't miss the next two-parts.
51:06 See these truths have to be revealed
51:08 because many are doing what,
51:10 blindly following after Satan.
51:13 His plan must be exposed to the world
51:15 before Jesus comes, why?
51:17 So that we can give the second angel's message,
51:19 come out of her my people
51:21 that you be not partakers of her sin.
51:23 You read that in Revelation 14, have you?
51:25 God has-- still has a people,
51:27 He has a people in the moment,
51:28 He has people in the world
51:29 that He's calling to come out.
51:31 But how are they gonna come out
51:32 if no one has, you know,
51:33 the courage and the Holy Spirit power
51:35 enough to say, this is dead wrong,
51:37 it may be religious, religious, religious,
51:39 and the garb of religious and fantastic things
51:41 are going on and the world is wondering after
51:44 and millions and billions maybe
51:46 people who believe in it.
51:49 God says, it's false, you identify it as being false.
51:52 It is an opposition to Him,
51:54 the devil is behind the whole thing.
51:57 Wouldn't you want to know now rather than it's too late?
52:01 We need the spirit in the churches today.
52:04 We need that spirit.
52:06 Hear what the spirit says to the churches
52:09 Two things enemy's maybe confused us, he's found a way
52:15 just two little simple ways to coufuse the mind.
52:17 Number one, he's conditioned the world
52:19 to accept apostasy rather than truth.
52:23 Our minds are condition through traditions and Pagan festivals
52:27 and Pagan rights over, over, and over
52:30 that lead us away from God.
52:32 So every time I hear somebody talking about,
52:33 well that's okay if we do this and this--
52:35 and I know where the roots are at, I'll tell you,
52:37 I rather stand and fight.
52:40 I hope somebody had the courage
52:41 to stand and fight with us.
52:43 If you want to do it, that's your choice,
52:45 but if I know where the roots is at,
52:47 and I dug down deep, I mean I dug down deep
52:50 and I see where those roots are at,
52:51 if it's pagan it's pagan.
52:54 We make these excuses, I like it.
52:55 and well, everybody's doing it.
52:58 Well, that's what makes it wrong right there.
53:01 Number two, enemy has done this
53:05 just a little bit at a time over the centuries.
53:11 And he did, remember,
53:12 we read in the days of the apostles, the disciples.
53:15 And now it's working even more so.
53:18 Read Acts Chapter 20, if you don't believe it
53:20 and Second Thessalonians 2, and he's working even more,
53:24 the spirit of Antichrist is working.
53:26 So much confusion in the religious world,
53:29 today's mind boggling.
53:31 Everybody say we have the truth,
53:33 we have the truth.
53:34 As we understand and we study
53:36 the prophecies of the Bible,
53:38 we're finding out what Jesus said.
53:41 What He said, listen carefully,
53:43 here's what Jesus said
53:44 before there was a Protestant,
53:46 before there was a Catholic church,
53:50 the Bible is the standard
53:52 for the message of what is truth.
53:54 All teachings are to be tested line upon line for us.
53:59 To come to the point of truth as Ephesians 4:5 says,
54:02 what is to lead us, what?
54:03 "One Lord, one faith."
54:07 The Bible was there, the Bible is truth.
54:11 Remember, we've only touched on Daniel 2,
54:13 and our time is running out.
54:14 And so I want to be sure and encourage you,
54:16 we've got a lot we're gonna go over
54:18 and things that may blow your mind
54:20 before it's over, dear friend.
54:21 But this is what we need to do right now
54:22 to wake us up, don't forget,
54:24 the first 200 people to call in,
54:26 Call Mark of the Beast book right here,
54:27 the 200 historian religious authorities,
54:30 this thing is dynamite.
54:32 It's free, you just need to call
54:33 and we'll be glad to send first 200.
54:36 I'm gonna pray with you right now
54:37 the Holy spirit will lead and guide us
54:39 into all truth before our time runs out.
54:41 Would you pray with me one more time
54:43 Loving Father in heaven, we thank You
54:45 for the privilege of prayer,
54:46 we thank You for Your word today,
54:47 pray that it will stir us up.
54:50 And some righteous indignation that we may move forward
54:52 and the truth that You give us from day-to-day.
54:54 Thank You for the precious listeners.
54:55 For those who now are taking a stand
54:57 for what is truth, we give You praise,
54:58 honor and glory in Jesus name, amen
55:03 We want make sure you mark on the calendar,
55:05 you know, when we're on, Behold the Lamb is on,
55:08 because you won't want to miss part-four and part-five,
55:10 of course you can always call in for the whole series.
55:12 And I encourage you to, you know,
55:14 listen carefully here, the only means of support
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55:18 So, we can continue to bring these programs
55:20 that the devil does not want you to hear,
55:23 but we know that God's impressing us
55:25 to give this out to you.
55:26 We love you, we look forward
55:27 to spending time with you,
55:28 we'll see you next time.
55:32 Friends, welcome back,
55:33 you know, truly we're seeing how the enemy of souls,
55:36 the devil himself has been at work for centuries
55:40 promoting his weave of deception.
55:42 He's always wanted to be like the Most High God
55:45 and His agenda really hasn't changed.
55:48 He wants our worship, he wants our legion
55:51 even if it is disguised under the cloak of Christianity.
55:56 All his lies and deceptions are leading up
55:58 ot his crowning act in this drama between good and evil.
56:03 The Bible tells us that He will appear
56:05 before time is finished,
56:06 he will appear as an angel of light
56:09 and with deeper study of the subject
56:12 we believe that he will impersonate Christ
56:14 and His second coming, to gather, to gather,
56:18 an even greater harvest of souls for his destruction.
56:22 So, we hope that you'll continue this study with us,
56:25 so as not to be blinded by Satan's lives.
56:29 Thus far in this five-part series,
56:31 the "Mystery of Iniquity," the Antichrist revealed,
56:35 we've covered, "Stirring the Wrath of Satan,"
56:38 "Let No Man Deceive You,"
56:40 and today's message
56:41 "Understanding the Prophecy of the Antichrist,"
56:44 but still to come friends in this series
56:47 we've "Mystery, Babylon the Great,"
56:49 and finally "Deception Instead of Persecution."
56:53 So stay tuned from week-to-week,
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