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Mystery, Babylon The Great

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00:41 Hello, I am Chris Shelton,
00:43 and welcome to Behold the Lamb presents.
00:46 We're looking forward to spending
00:47 this next hour with you in a special Bible study.
00:51 Today's message is a fourth in a five parts series
00:54 that we have entitled
00:55 "The Mystery of Iniquity, the Antichrist Revealed.
01:00 We're calling this fourth message
01:02 "Mystery Babylon the Great."
01:05 And let's begin our study by reading Revelation 17
01:08 and starting with verse 4.
01:10 We'll read verses 4 through 6
01:12 where the Prophet John was in vision.
01:15 "And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour,
01:19 and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls,
01:23 having a golden cup in her hand full of abomination
01:27 and filthiness of her fornication.
01:30 And upon her forehead was a name written,
01:33 Mystery, Babylon the Great,
01:35 the Mother of Harlots and Abomination of the Earth.
01:39 And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints,
01:42 and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus.
01:45 And when I saw her,
01:46 I wondered with great admiration."
01:50 Now, some of you maybe wondering,
01:52 just who is this woman with so much power
01:55 and authority and decked with all these riches
01:58 and how off wit is that she is depicted here,
02:02 as being drunk with the blood of saints
02:04 and martyrs for Christ.
02:06 You know, God give us the description of this woman
02:09 in symbolisms for us to study
02:11 and to figure out when the time is right.
02:14 And friends, the time has been right
02:16 for many, many years now.
02:19 So for many, she is no longer a mystery.
02:22 And after today's program,
02:23 she should no longer be a mystery to you either.
02:27 But before we begin today's study
02:28 with Pastor Kenny Shelton,
02:30 let's visit the 3ABN Worship Center
02:32 and listen to a song entitled
02:35 "My Peace" as sung by Stephanie Dawn.
02:57 My peace I give unto you
03:06 It's a peace that the world cannot give
03:16 It's a peace that the world cannot understand
03:26 Peace to know, peace to live
03:34 My peace I give unto you
04:00 My love I give unto you
04:09 It's a love that the world cannot give
04:17 It's a love that the world cannot understand
04:27 Love to know, love to live
04:34 My love I give unto you
04:43 It's a love that the world cannot understand
04:51 My love I give unto you
05:15 Thanks for joining us once again.
05:17 This is part four of a five parts series
05:19 that you've already heard
05:21 that there are some interesting subject matter.
05:23 And today I'll tell you there's no exception,
05:25 you don't want to miss this,
05:27 so I'm gonna encourage you to stay with us today
05:29 as we study about these "Mystery Babylon, the Great".
05:33 Now again, this is something that if you have not studied,
05:37 you need to stay, you need to really study this out.
05:39 And those of you who have bless your heart,
05:42 it might be good to hear it again,
05:43 because I believe the Holy Spirit
05:45 will lead and guide us into--
05:46 maybe it's opening new avenues of truth.
05:50 But as we're searching for truth
05:51 and we want to know what truth is,
05:53 we need to pray about it, don't we.
05:55 So as always, we're going to go to the Lord in prayer
05:58 and ask for heavenly wisdom.
05:59 And I ask you, maybe where you can,
06:01 would you just kneel with me,
06:02 because I'm going over here to kneel right now
06:04 and if you'll kneel with me, it will be wonderful.
06:05 If you can't, still send up a prayer right now
06:08 that the Holy Spirit will help us
06:10 as we study the word.
06:13 Most gracious heavenly Father,
06:15 we thank you for Your love and Your mercy,
06:17 Your long suffering with us.
06:18 Grant us that peace that passes all understanding
06:21 as the message today is a difficult one.
06:24 It may even offend or hurt someone,
06:26 that's not our thought at all that
06:28 what we want to take place,
06:29 but is a message that God has given to his last day people
06:33 and I pray they will be faithful
06:34 in giving that message.
06:36 We need the unction of the Holy Spirit.
06:37 I pray you'll come near
06:38 and illuminate these beautiful truths
06:40 and help my mind to be clear and that heaven can speak
06:43 and your children can hear
06:45 every word that's spoken will penetrate their life
06:47 and may lives will be changed,
06:49 not only for today but for eternity.
06:52 Fill this place I pray again
06:53 with Holy Spirit power in Jesus precious name,
06:55 as we thank you for every viewer,
06:57 every listener, in Jesus name, amen.
07:02 Again you've got to get your Bible,
07:03 because if you have it handy that way you can follow along.
07:06 Now, I always mention this, we have to move quickly,
07:09 so there will be lot of things
07:11 that will just I pray that you'll go,
07:13 you'll study to show yourself approved.
07:15 It can take time for every, every point
07:17 and go on with it, but sometime I do
07:19 go on and on about some things,
07:20 but I pray that Holy Spirit wants us so
07:23 because maybe someone's asking a question
07:25 or they need to understand some of these things.
07:27 Today we'll talk about "Mystery Babylon the Great"
07:30 and there is a lot of coverage before we even get into that
07:32 and lead over into our next lesson too.
07:36 But last time part three, I like to go,
07:38 you say you missed it,
07:39 then we go over quickly just about,
07:40 oh, I jotted down eight points
07:42 that I'd like share with you that we studied last time.
07:45 So we will help you to gear
07:46 as we study our lesson for today.
07:49 First, last time we discovered this.
07:51 Number one, that these power,
07:53 little horn power, the antichrist,
07:56 the mystery of iniquity need to exposed,
07:58 so that's priority needs to be exposed.
07:59 Point number two, the whole world is bewitched
08:04 by this organization or this power.
08:07 Point number three,
08:09 new truth is never independent of old.
08:14 Fourth point that we looked at
08:15 listen carefully the devil join the church,
08:19 interesting thought isn't it.
08:21 Number five, compromise, compromise between Paganism
08:25 and Christianity resulted in the man of sin.
08:29 Anytime we have any kind of compromise with paganism,
08:32 things of the world and Christianity,
08:33 we're gonna see the devil rear his ugly head.
08:36 Point number six,
08:38 God used the term beast in the Bible,
08:40 we studied Daniel two or Daniel seven
08:43 and then we'll be studying Daniel 13 and 17
08:45 and so on to describe the character of nations
08:49 that's not unusual,
08:50 we see that all the time even today.
08:52 Point number 7,
08:53 the Bible history reveals this world power
08:57 beginning with as we study Babylon,
08:59 Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome and of course Pagan Rome
09:02 and then were going to discover the little horn power
09:05 and so on in our study for today.
09:07 Okay, point number 8,
09:08 our last one, pay special attention to this right here.
09:11 The mark to the beast,
09:13 the image to the beast 666 man of sin,
09:17 the son of perdition, we're looking at the,
09:20 the little horn power, Babylon the great
09:23 and they are talking about
09:24 the harlot in Revelation Chapter 17,
09:27 these all represent the same power.
09:31 Wow! God want us to know about
09:34 this power then, doesn't He.
09:35 It's very important that we do,
09:37 because it's going over and over in scriptures
09:40 as we study Daniel two and Daniel 7, Revelation 13.
09:43 Revelation 17 all these powers
09:45 and God's says, I want you to know this power,
09:47 because it's what, working in apposition
09:49 against God and his last day people.
09:52 Now remember, I've mentioned in the last lesson
09:54 that we have this beautiful book here
09:56 call the Mark of the Beast book.
09:57 Now it has so much information in it,
10:00 and you, listen we only have couple hundred of these
10:02 and we're going to only give out couple of hundred
10:04 to the first people that call.
10:06 So you want to get all he is talking on the back here,
10:08 you say over two hundred historians
10:11 and religious authorities are quoted.
10:13 So things we're talking about here,
10:14 the information is tremendous,
10:16 it will light up your life
10:18 when it comes to Bible prophecy.
10:19 So you want it, be call now.
10:21 You don't wait till the program is over,
10:22 you're gonna call now, so you can get this book.
10:24 And also I want to bring out,
10:27 you know, people are going to say,
10:28 why do you spend time on this subject,
10:30 because it's kind of offensive to some people.
10:34 Now, we've-we have a choice here to make,
10:36 we either offend God,
10:37 or would as it were I might offend people.
10:39 But remember truth should never offend,
10:42 it should never offend us.
10:44 And so as I'm going to read just a quote
10:46 for a little book called Evangelism.
10:48 You see the importance of what I'm talking about here.
10:50 Notice the highest and the greatest work.
10:52 So you understand why we feel compelled
10:55 to present this message,
10:56 because remember we're looking at
10:58 a religious organizations that's fooling world.
11:01 Notice what it says here.
11:03 Page 18, its says the Lord designs
11:05 that the presentation of this messages,
11:08 first, second and third angles message
11:10 shall be the highest, listen
11:12 and the greatest work carried on in the world at this time.
11:17 The greatest work, the highest work, right now
11:21 and then just a couple more line it says.
11:22 If they will talking about people
11:24 who feel the calling of God, to give this message,
11:27 if they will show the energy
11:30 that is necessary in order to gain success,
11:33 and the faith that goes forward unquestioningly
11:37 in obedience to God's command, rich returns will be theirs.
11:42 They must go as far and as fast as possible,
11:46 listen with a determination to do the very things
11:50 that the Lord has said should be done.
11:53 Listen, they must have push
11:56 and earnest, unwavering faith.
12:00 The world must hear the warning message.
12:04 Oh, friends just a couple of little small samples
12:06 of what we're talking about here.
12:08 And the urgency that God would have us to
12:10 as we present this message.
12:11 And so far we've done this, we studied Daniel 7,
12:15 a little different most people do Daniel 2,
12:17 but we did Daniel 7.
12:18 We're just going to touch on some comparisons of Daniel 2
12:21 and show that Daniel 2 and Daniel 7
12:23 and even 8 as we go on in Revelation 13.
12:25 They are talking about the same power here
12:27 and we'll do a little comparison here.
12:29 Let's do that show with Daniel 2 and Daniel 7.
12:31 You remember the first world power was what?
12:34 Under I maen that was Babylon under Nebuchadnezzar,
12:37 that's started in 605 B.C.
12:39 Interesting now what we're studying
12:41 and then you get this squared away
12:43 is that history or historians recorded these things.
12:47 The Bible already said,
12:49 the God wants us to be able to go back even look in history
12:51 and say oh, this excatly the wrold power first world power
12:55 and that was the head of goat, do you remember.
12:57 Well in Daniel Chapter 7
12:59 we'll see a lion and it had wings.
13:02 The second power was the Medes and the Persian,
13:04 the arms and chest of silver.
13:06 But you notice in Daniel 7 it was simply the bear
13:10 with three ribs in its mouth.
13:13 The third world power
13:14 was the Grecian power 331 B.C. until 168 B.C.
13:20 So we have the dates on,
13:21 because, you know, the Bible predicts these
13:23 and historians when they-- and they write these things in
13:26 so we can follow without any mistake
13:29 that was the thighs of brass you remember in Daniel 2.
13:31 Well in Daniel 7 it was the leopard like beast
13:35 you remember, had four wings
13:37 and then it had four heads.
13:39 And so in Daniel 2
13:40 we see there it comes the Roman Empire
13:42 168 to about 476 AD that it was the legs of iron,
13:47 do you remember that legs of iron.
13:49 And then you go to Daniel 7
13:51 and you see the fourth beast,
13:52 it said it was an awful beast,
13:54 it was, it had iron teeth,
13:56 and it had ten horns, awesome looking thing.
14:00 And so we see the comparison God's talking
14:02 about the same power here,
14:03 because He wants us to know exactly,
14:06 so we can understand
14:07 what this little horn power is all about
14:08 and the antichrist revealed.
14:11 Now mostly they allowed,
14:12 its interesting they agree with everything
14:14 that we've been talking about
14:15 mostly it allowed regardless of their--
14:17 we take their denomination,
14:18 they agree with that what's been said
14:21 about the four beast in Daniel 2 and 7.
14:23 But interesting point here,
14:24 but here is where a very important point
14:27 is missed many times.
14:29 Now you're with me,
14:30 a very important is where it is missed because they,
14:33 they missed important point of the ten horns.
14:36 What about the ten horns?
14:38 It said, out of the fourth beast
14:40 Daniel 7:23 and verse 24,
14:43 the ten horns the Bible said are ten kingdoms,
14:47 so there were ten, what kingdoms
14:49 at the world during that time,
14:51 the history of the world.
14:52 Now if there were ten king, historians wrote them down,
14:55 so we can't make a mistake represented by what, good.
14:58 The ten toes of Daniel Chapter 2.
15:01 So as we look at this world power.
15:03 Now remember if there are just ten
15:05 and something would happen
15:06 to one or two or three of those powers,
15:08 it would be recorded,
15:10 just as we have many nations today.
15:11 But if one of them is uprooted,
15:13 or one is completely destroyed,
15:14 just one of them about two hundred and some odd.
15:16 It will be recorded in history for future generation
15:20 if the world should last.
15:22 The Bible said they would be,
15:23 you know, there will be another power
15:25 that would come up, among the ten.
15:28 Please keep this, keep this in mind
15:29 because it's misconstrued.
15:31 People say oh, then they became eleven,
15:33 the Bible never said eleven horns,
15:35 it said ten which represent what again,
15:37 ten horns, ten powers, ten kingdoms.
15:40 But it said that so there will be a little horn
15:42 that would come up among the ten.
15:44 So very easy for us all to say okay,
15:46 we know the ten toes,
15:47 we know the ten kingdoms came as Rome,
15:50 it was divided and conquered into ten nations.
15:54 But it said, then this little horn power
15:55 we had to be careful about,
15:57 because it comes up among them, interesting.
16:00 And it uproots three of the ten.
16:03 And so history records it, so we have to be on target.
16:06 We have to be right,
16:07 so four all the way down, it has to be right,
16:09 because God has said.
16:11 It has to be right because historians
16:13 had written it down as such through the ages.
16:16 So what about this little horn power?
16:17 Why is it we get off the track.
16:20 First, once again as Hebrew remind us
16:22 as Rome fell what happened.
16:24 Well ten nation rose up, ten toes of Daniel 2.
16:27 Ten horns is symbol of what?
16:29 Ten nations Daniel 7 verse 24.
16:33 History records these ten kingdoms.
16:36 Now it actually, it records them now,
16:38 listen seven already where,
16:40 in existence today, isn't that awesome.
16:43 So we know that we're still on target
16:45 and then if I mention to you these things,
16:47 you will understand history reveals this.
16:50 Now, we can go all through it,
16:51 I can send you a list if you need them,
16:53 you gonna have to do some calling.
16:54 And by the way,
16:55 we so appreciate those who call,
16:57 those who you write in and so and so
16:59 forth with questions or the program so on so,
17:01 you keep those things coming.
17:03 But history reveals this fact of the ten.
17:07 It reveals the fact that three were uprooted
17:10 and if I mention this to you,
17:11 what if I mention to you the Anglo-Saxons,
17:14 what would you say? What would it be today?
17:17 Good, it would be the English, so we would understand that.
17:20 If I said to you the Franks,
17:22 what would you say for today? Now you remember,
17:24 these are nations with is in Europe,
17:26 seven still in existence today.
17:29 Franks would be what?
17:30 The French, good.
17:31 If I say to you, the Alemanni, what would you say.
17:34 Oh those are the Germans and the Lombards,
17:37 oh that's the Italians, and so we go through
17:39 the whole list right there with Spanish,
17:41 and Swiss and so on so forth,
17:43 so if we go down that we see that seven
17:45 of the ten are in existence today,
17:47 we're still on target.
17:48 So something must be going on
17:50 that we need to really look closer at.
17:52 In order to understand this prophecy
17:54 Daniel 7 and 8 becomes very, very important.
17:57 Now if I read that couple of different times,
17:59 but I want you to take note of it, if we miss this,
18:01 we begin to miss the whole point of this prophecy
18:04 and we can start going to all different directions,
18:07 because people do not want
18:08 to really identify the little horn,
18:10 they want to make excuses for Daniel 7 verse 8
18:13 says I consider the horns, you remember the horns.
18:16 He said I look, I saw these horns
18:17 and I begin to consider them in vision.
18:20 He said and there come up among them a little horn,
18:23 you have your Bible, are you looking those up good.
18:26 Before whom three of them were uprooted notice this.
18:29 They were plucked up by the what, by the roots
18:32 behold this little horn had what?
18:34 Eyes like the eyes of a man,
18:36 and it had mouth speaking great things.
18:38 God is identifying this power that came up
18:41 and when they would come up, it uprooted three nations
18:43 and you would have to know what these power is,
18:46 because God is warning us against this power
18:48 with all these chapters that we've been studying,
18:50 its very interesting.
18:52 Lot of people who don't want to woo,
18:53 be careful face reality,
18:55 a lot of people who want, who get off track
18:57 and the devils leads them off track,
18:58 you know, what many of them say about
19:00 the person remember this Daniel 7:24
19:04 a horn listen is a symbol of a kingdom,
19:08 not a, not an individual king that's very interesting.
19:13 People study this prophecy
19:14 and they go right up to the point we're going right now.
19:16 And then the say, yeah,
19:17 but this little horn power many say what?
19:20 They said this little horn power is Titus
19:25 when he destroyed Jerusalem in AD 70.
19:28 Now remember the little horn, the horn is what?
19:33 It's a kingdom isn't,
19:35 not an individual king, it couldn't be Titus.
19:37 Other say that it was Antiochus Epiphanes,
19:41 you remember him, Antiochus you remember him.
19:43 The majority of people who get off track
19:46 and say it's Antiochus Epiphanes.
19:48 Now notice this again an individual king,
19:52 not a kingdom.
19:53 We're gonna study little more about that.
19:54 Other says its Mohammed,
19:57 they said well Mohammed is that little horn power.
19:59 Oh, friend, they cannot be, I say once again why,
20:03 because they were individual kings and not a kingdom,
20:07 that's right truth that strike against them.
20:09 Now many still are confused,
20:11 let me give you especially Antiochus Epiphanes.
20:14 Now let me tell you this.
20:16 There is-- what if I jott it down,
20:17 six different reasons why he doesn't fit the bill here.
20:21 Number one is we said before
20:23 because it could be he was a king,
20:25 an individual king and not a kingdom.
20:28 Now we're again, we're studying Daniel Chapter 8,
20:30 so if you take your Bible you go to Chapter 8,
20:32 it gives some identifying marks of this little horn power
20:35 as it came up and things that it would do
20:36 and so on and so forth.
20:38 But notice number two it did not appear
20:41 because this is a little horn power
20:42 would appear at the later end
20:44 of the Seleucid kingdom not in the middle,
20:47 so that rules Antiochus out, doesn't it.
20:50 He couldn't possible be.
20:51 Number three, he didn't really prosper
20:54 and grow exceedingly great in verse 9 of Daniel 8.
20:57 See it said this little horn power would do what,
20:59 would prosper and would grow, he didn't.
21:02 They didn't as individuals.
21:05 His advance, people say well, he advanced into Egypt
21:07 and when he advanced into Egypt
21:10 history says is very short lived.
21:12 And it says here and it ended in humiliation
21:15 and people say will yeah,
21:16 but he had success in Palestine.
21:18 Oh, friend it was so short just he was there,
21:20 boom it was gone,
21:21 so he is not fitting the bill Antiochus Epiphanes.
21:24 I read this, number 5 Bible says
21:27 that this power little horn power
21:28 he would have craft and policy and it would prosper
21:33 that's interesting these that men
21:34 that we've just talked about here,
21:36 his craft and policy failed
21:38 more history reveals more than it prospered,
21:40 so it couldn't possibly be him.
21:42 Number six, it says, that these power
21:45 would stand against the prince of princes, you remember.
21:49 Well he didn't stand against any of the Jewish prince
21:52 or princesses there in verse 25.
21:55 You just need to take time and read all those things.
21:57 So as we look the weight of evidence
21:59 says that the lack of many of these specifications
22:02 they were not fulfilled in prophecy of the little horn.
22:05 So it rules him out, it rules them out.
22:08 But many I can tell you how many different people
22:10 of different denominations as they study this,
22:13 they use Antiochus Epiphanes
22:16 and say that's the little horn power,
22:17 it cannot possibly be
22:20 and you just seen six seven different reasons
22:22 why he couldn't be.
22:23 So as we go now, we've ten horns,
22:25 ten kingdoms to deal with, the world powers
22:28 and as we see here to this point the Bible
22:31 and history does not disagree at all up to this point,
22:36 we might get off track, but as we got us not, not bible
22:38 and not history something begins to happened
22:41 though I think we need to pay close attention to,
22:44 as we study the scripture so that we can identify
22:47 well this little horn
22:49 you know these power and these kingdom.
22:53 Again Daniel 7 as we're reading verses 8 and 24 and 25
22:58 once again we're reading these again
23:00 I consider the horns now remember
23:02 you saw these always horns I consider it,
23:03 I got to thinking about man
23:04 just doesn't look good something is wrong
23:06 and I am very much interested Daniel said
23:08 in that little horn that come up among the ten.
23:12 As he came up, he uprooted three of the kingdom,
23:14 so I can identify that little horn.
23:18 Now think about it, I can identify,
23:20 you can identify that little horn power,
23:23 the Roman Empire when it failed.
23:25 So this little horn power as we're studying about it
23:28 destroyed by the roots three of the nations ten nations,
23:33 so far what, we still agree with scripture,
23:35 we still agree with history.
23:38 Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece
23:40 and we have Rome and now Pagan Rome
23:42 and now out of Pagan Rome or out of the ten toes when Rome,
23:46 you know, broke into ten kingdoms
23:48 out of that Pagan Rome,
23:49 the ten toes becomes the next world power,
23:53 that God said is a blasphemous power,
23:57 that is going to fight against God's people.
23:59 It's a power that needs to be identified,
24:01 because it's posing as a religious group,
24:05 a religious organization.
24:07 How fitting for the devil since he is what?
24:09 Last lesson, he joined the church.
24:12 And so, well, I just don't want to say anything,
24:15 in fact you know the many of the books
24:16 that exposes these power
24:18 that we're talking about here,
24:20 they're trying, they are passing laws and rules,
24:21 now they call them hate crimes.
24:23 But you're not be able to say anything about
24:24 another religion or anything else
24:26 that might hurt somebody else.
24:28 You don't want people just,
24:29 you know, get with the program here
24:30 as we begin to look around
24:31 and say interesting see the devil
24:33 doesn't want to be exposed,
24:34 so he is encouraging to pass these books,
24:37 you know, laws or his books can't be given out
24:38 that you really can't say
24:40 or preach the truth to expose him.
24:42 That's interesting politicians, they get on the TV
24:44 and they call each other liar all the time.
24:46 They can say what these one did,
24:47 and what that was suppose he didn't
24:48 and then other one gets on to say
24:49 that didn't happened at all.
24:51 Hmm, the devil doesn't care
24:53 but he cares about this prophecy.
24:56 You see about this that it comes
24:57 in the form of this little horn
24:59 that we stouter than the others.
25:01 What does it mean, he was stouter than the other?
25:04 We almost realize he destroyed three nations
25:06 when the little horn came up.
25:08 And as he started,
25:09 we can identify this little horn power.
25:12 History simply tells us this
25:14 that it was a Roman Catholic Church.
25:17 This little power that came up
25:18 that destroyed the three
25:19 and I'll spend a little bit of time of this,
25:20 hope we enough to go.
25:23 These three nations that where the Heruli,
25:26 and the Vandals and the Ostrogoths.
25:29 These three were destroyed.
25:31 Now remember the Ostrogoths was the last one to go down.
25:34 Write this down 530A.D,
25:36 because that is a point that we need not miss.
25:39 And I'll spend some time going over some different things,
25:41 so that you can,
25:42 we can establish beyond a shadow of doubt,
25:44 so we know what we're talking about here.
25:46 History reveals that the Roman Catholic Church
25:48 was the next power and it came up
25:50 in the form of what?
25:52 Good, the little horn power
25:53 that was stouter than the other,
25:54 so it mean a religious power and a what?
25:57 Good, a political power.
25:59 Now we're gonna read, oh all kind of quotes,
26:01 you remember the book here only first 200 callers
26:03 are going to get this book free.
26:04 Mark of the Beast, oh you got to do,
26:07 you just got to call and get it.
26:09 You know it's the 530A, why 530A remember
26:12 that starts or marks the beginning of the middle ages
26:15 or the dark ages or the 1260 years of Papal rule.
26:20 Please do not forget that.
26:22 Now, why did these three powers then go down.
26:25 There's got to be a reason for it.
26:28 The little horn came up among them,
26:29 so why did the three of those have to be destroyed.
26:32 Friends, it's very simple.
26:33 They disagreed with the Roman Church.
26:36 They disagreed with the decree that was past established
26:39 by the Pope that he'll be the head
26:41 of all Christian churches, interesting.
26:44 The Vandals and the Ostrogoths didn't even believed
26:47 or accept the deity of Christ,
26:48 number one, or did they accept the authority of the Pope.
26:52 And so they disagreed, seven were agreeing,
26:54 three weren't agreeing with this power that came up.
26:58 And so what usually happens
26:59 when you disagreeing with the power.
27:02 Remember 5:38 mark the beginning
27:04 of the supreme rule of the Papacy.
27:08 And you know what this is called?
27:09 The corrector of heretics,
27:11 simply mean if you didn't agree with their teaching
27:13 and what they said, dear friend you are heretic.
27:16 Then you could be fined,
27:18 you could be thrown in a prison or you can be killed.
27:20 You had to go along with the,
27:21 what the papacy the Catholic Church
27:23 thought or you would be persecuted.
27:25 This is in history dear friends.
27:27 It's not bashing, there's good people
27:29 everywhere we have all over the place.
27:30 I'm talking about an organization here
27:32 which the devil is using.
27:34 May I just be that blunt with it and playing?
27:37 Not meant to upset you to get you all discourage,
27:40 but listen the Bible has said it,
27:42 God has said over and over and over
27:44 and He said His last day people.
27:46 In Revelation Chapter 14 would be giving
27:48 the Three Angels message
27:49 and that Third Angel's message is warning against
27:51 the Mark of the Beast,
27:52 against the antichrist as it where.
27:54 You know the mystery of inequity,
27:56 the man of sin that has to be exposed,
27:57 because he changed God's laws.
28:00 He ruled what a church has set itself up.
28:02 That everything, most everything
28:03 that they believe in is tradition,
28:05 has nothing to do with scripture
28:06 and yet we call it religious.
28:09 Have we gone so, you know, void of thinking to say well,
28:13 that's a religious organization.
28:16 That's a-- I would base it on,
28:19 what people say you know in the past, it doesn't,
28:21 well we believe in the Bible and the Bible alone.
28:23 Roman church never says that
28:25 they don't believe in the Bible,
28:26 and traditional friend think about this.
28:29 Make sure we understand this most important point.
28:32 I don't want you just presume I want you think,
28:34 I want you to listen very carefully.
28:36 Look at this statement, from history its call
28:39 from the rise of the medieval church from A.C. Flick.
28:42 Now notice real right down
28:44 to the point here's what he says.
28:46 Hour of the ruins of political Rome
28:49 arose the great moral empire
28:52 in the giant form of the Roman Church.
28:55 The Bible has said over and over.
28:57 Historians have written and said that's exactly right,
29:00 so why are we in denial?
29:01 What is the problem with us?
29:03 The giant form of the Roman Church
29:07 in a book called the Papacy
29:10 and World Affairs, it tells us this.
29:13 The Pope at his head was the only independent in what?
29:18 Ecclesiastical affairs or he was the power in religious,
29:21 but also he controlled civil affairs.
29:25 You have church, what? State, political
29:29 and you have religion trying to come together.
29:31 Just exactly what the Bible said,
29:32 when it said this little horn power he was stouter,
29:35 he had eyes like the eyes of a man
29:36 and mouth speaking blasphemy.
29:37 He was stout, the religion and politics.
29:40 You've this religion and politics.
29:42 You've got to separate those things.
29:44 And so we see that it identifies
29:46 this power beyond a shadow of a doubt.
29:48 Remember three of the first,
29:50 they are talking about the first of the ten horns,
29:52 those three were uprooted by the roots.
29:55 They were plucked up,
29:56 that means they were no more to be represents
30:00 the destroying of the three,
30:02 and we call them this barbarian tribes.
30:05 Three of them were destroyed.
30:06 We're going over three nations,
30:08 three nations opposed notice this, the Papacy.
30:12 They opposed the little horn power coming up.
30:15 And because they oppose them,
30:17 all three history says, Heruli, the Vandals
30:21 and the Ostrogoths, notice this.
30:24 These three were supporters of Arianism.
30:28 They would think about it which was listen
30:30 which was a rival to Catholicism.
30:34 So if you were a rival to Catholicism,
30:36 a little horn power came up,
30:37 then you are going to go.
30:39 A history so reveals it.
30:40 God's word said before hand
30:41 that's what is going to happen.
30:44 Now, Ostrogoths was the last
30:46 of the three nations to be defeated.
30:48 Now I've to go over this because
30:49 some people used different they break off
30:51 some of these points and say,
30:53 well yeah but listen in 538 little history
30:56 that we go over here may help us to understand,
30:59 you know, what some have done.
31:01 But lets go back and let's see
31:02 what the Bible teaches
31:03 and what history reveals to us
31:05 You remember the Ostrogoths,
31:07 they were, they were in Italy.
31:09 They were the last power of the Arian tribes.
31:13 The only power getting in the way of the Papacy
31:17 in the west and the effort begin
31:20 actually in 534 A.D it begin.
31:23 And it was just to what, just to wipe them out,
31:26 very, very interesting.
31:28 History says, now listen carefully
31:30 this where people get confused.
31:31 They said as they begin this battle
31:33 the battle actually lasted remember off and on,
31:36 off and on for twenty years.
31:37 Well you would say well it began in 534,
31:39 twenty years now that 538 couldn't be it.
31:42 And so we begin to run in different direction.
31:44 We need not do that because
31:45 history helps us to understand this.
31:48 See, but what happened was the effort
31:50 lasted twenty years to completion,
31:52 but here is the but.
31:54 The decisive outcome occurred earlier.
31:58 Now what do you mean by that?
31:59 What do you mean the decisive outcome
32:01 of this battle occurred earlier?
32:04 The Ostrogoths had been driven out of Rome,
32:07 this Papacy here, that they drove Ostrogoths out
32:10 and then earlier and now they returned back to fight in 537.
32:16 But we notice this battle only lasted
32:17 about one year and they were defeated again
32:20 and thrown out in 538.
32:22 Please keep that in mind.
32:23 Who, well history records Justinian came with His army
32:27 and he rattled them and threw them out.
32:30 Now what happen after that,
32:31 well very interesting because they didn't see
32:33 Ostrogoths were still had a little life left of them
32:35 and in 540 you see, they came back again
32:39 to try to fight again.
32:41 It was a short lived.
32:43 It was quickly squelched and it didn't amount
32:45 to anything and they were actually withdrew
32:47 their power in 538.
32:49 That is the important date there we see from Rome.
32:53 That mart and reach the end of the Ostrogoths power.
32:58 That's why we tends to do some prophecy here.
33:00 In the beginning of the rule of the little horn power,
33:04 538 history says and the Bible says,
33:07 "Beyond the shadow of a doubt."
33:09 See in this victory it was interesting,
33:11 Justinian, He united Italy for a while
33:16 he parts of the west and the eastern half
33:19 that what had been Rome, Roman Empire.
33:22 But not only uniting them together,
33:24 but notice it's interesting.
33:25 Not only he conquered them,
33:26 but he put into effect some law,
33:29 some old laws that had been
33:30 as they were on the books
33:32 and he instituted some new laws.
33:34 Listening carefully, a new one included this.
33:37 It was an official letter.
33:40 He said here, the bishop of Rome
33:42 would be the head of all holy churches.
33:47 Notice, and the head of all holy
33:49 priesthood of God and tells us
33:51 that the Pope has power
33:53 to do away with heretics, interesting.
33:57 You see this actually was done in 533.
33:59 Don't get confused.
34:01 You say, I thought you said 538,
34:03 this was done in 533.
34:04 But notice the Ostrogoths still had power in 533
34:09 and they really couldn't put it in effect until what?
34:12 Until they controlled Rome again,
34:15 until they conquered them and that was in what?
34:18 538, and then they begin to implement
34:21 these rules that would come in by Justinian.
34:24 Now the Papacy was in a position
34:26 to increase its power.
34:29 Stay with me, yes, we're talking history
34:30 and Bible here is very, very important.
34:32 Oh, Friend listen, because this power is identified,
34:37 they were persecute and has and killed God's people.
34:40 Thinking to change times and laws.
34:42 We're going to get into that.
34:44 Now remember that the time that we mark out is 538,
34:48 keep that down in your mind.
34:49 We said this power had eyes like the eyes of what?
34:52 Good, of the man and a mouth speaking great things.
34:55 What does it mean this little horn?
34:57 It had eyes that had intelligence,
34:59 we're looking about, searching about,
35:02 it knew it had intelligence
35:03 and it would speak against the most high, the Bible says.
35:07 It would speak words of what? Blasphemy.
35:11 So this power then well listen
35:12 would claim identifying mark will claim
35:15 to be equal with God, above God.
35:19 Is this true?
35:21 You see all this points we're talking about
35:23 established in the Bible and history so far
35:26 can't be wrong because history so reveals
35:29 in the Bible so reveals.
35:31 Here, here's the quote, this quote was taken from
35:33 the Ecclesiastical dictionary on the Pope.
35:36 Now just listen to this,
35:37 it's shorten lets get to the point.
35:40 The Pope is though so great of dignity
35:42 and so exalted that he is not a mere man
35:46 but as it were God.
35:48 The Vicar of God, that's bold friend,
35:52 the Bible said this power would, what?
35:53 Rise it would use a religious God or organization.
35:58 Man was not talking about people,
35:59 I'm not going to spend all my time apologizing.
36:02 I don't apologize for the truth,
36:04 but I'll tell you this.
36:05 It's not the people that we're talking about,
36:06 it's the organization that the devil has chosen to use.
36:09 Please keep that in mind, the Bible has exposed it
36:12 God's last day people must expose Him.
36:15 It's our job, it's our commission,
36:17 because the world is wondering after the beast,
36:19 we'll see that more as we go.
36:21 Now I don't want you to become confused,
36:23 start to reject these truths.
36:25 But notice let's examine several points
36:29 that will prove beyond a doubt
36:31 that this power is the papacy.
36:33 The Bible states these facts.
36:35 In fact there is nine facts that we need to deal with
36:39 and make sure that we deal correctly.
36:41 And think about these with me.
36:42 Point number one, already discussed
36:45 that this little horn power
36:47 would come up among the ten.
36:48 Is that right? Yeah.
36:50 And uproot three, right.
36:51 Number two, the time of its appearance, it began what?
36:55 As a last of the three tribes went down its in 538.
36:59 We've already discussed it. It would come up what?
37:02 After the ten were already in place
37:03 and so we could, we can put a timeframe on 538.
37:06 Number three, it will destroy three of the kingdoms.
37:09 Already Daniel 7:24, Daniel 7:8
37:12 this power would be different,
37:15 it would be both religious and political.
37:18 We're on target here.
37:19 It'll have eyes like the eyes of man.
37:21 We said while ago what?
37:22 We're talking about intelligence
37:24 that be a man at the head of this organization
37:27 to get things done.
37:29 Six, he would speak great words
37:31 against the most high Daniel 7:25.
37:34 Here's what Pope Leo XIII declared,
37:37 he said, "We hold upon the earth,
37:40 the place of God almighty."
37:43 See somebody a human being
37:45 has audacity to make those kind of statements.
37:48 Friend, we ought to have the pomp,
37:50 we all have the and we're talking about
37:52 here in the name of Jesus
37:54 to stand back up and say what?
37:56 Oh, no, oh, no upon there,
37:59 we hold upon the place of God Almighty is only one God.
38:03 Yet they put themselves in place of God.
38:07 With identifying mark he said, "This power will come up
38:09 and wear out the saints of God."
38:13 Would persecute, it was a killing power
38:16 and we realize in Dark Ages in 538,
38:18 so you know 798 that's 1260 year.
38:22 We'll discuss little more in a moment.
38:23 That at least minimum
38:25 of a 150 million Christians were killed.
38:29 You say well now, we can hardly believe that now.
38:31 We don't want hurt friend.
38:32 You can go to the library,
38:34 you can get the Foxe's Book of Martyrs.
38:37 You can do the History of the Reformation by D'Aubigne.
38:41 You can get those books
38:42 and you can read those and you can see for yourself.
38:46 God is identifying so that we need not make any mistake.
38:49 Eight, point eight, it would think
38:51 to change times and laws.
38:53 Daniel 7:25, papacy even attempted to change the times.
38:58 Remember as God said in creation,
39:00 He said evening and morning were what,
39:02 yeah, the first day.
39:03 Evening from evening, sunset to sunset
39:06 did you get it?
39:07 Genesis 1:5 but what did the papacy do?
39:10 They changed the day, Pope Gregory changed it
39:13 from what midnight to midnight.
39:16 So well we'll say day has been a midnight
39:18 not according to the God's word.
39:20 And we need to get back to God's word
39:21 it does make a different.
39:23 Catholic Church thinks the ten times and what laws.
39:27 Now we see that the papacy attempted
39:30 to change the Laws of God, they changed, what?
39:32 The Ten Commandments, you say well,
39:34 I didn't know that.
39:35 Well the Ten Commandments they changed them,
39:37 they took out remember they took out
39:39 the second commandment not making any,
39:41 you know, idols or bowing down and worshipping these idols.
39:44 And they took it to the tent
39:45 and they split into two and they moved
39:47 all the other ones out of their place.
39:51 A man or an organization to take the Ten Commandment
39:54 Law of God, as God wrote them
39:56 with His own finger and put them in order He wanted to.
40:00 Friend, who are we? Who's man?
40:03 That he had the audacity to take one out completely
40:05 and then move all the other ones on up.
40:08 And the only one that really expose him
40:10 was the very first one and you understand what the first.
40:12 Thou shall have no other gods before me.
40:14 Its interesting how that one left
40:16 in His place and coming back to identify this power.
40:20 Friend, I'm telling you we live in a time
40:22 that's this power has to be exposed,
40:25 because the papacy did what?
40:26 Changed, as they change these things
40:28 they also change, what?
40:29 The Seventh-day Sabbath.
40:31 The Sunday the first day of the week,
40:33 now please keep that in mind.
40:35 They substituted what, Sunday the first day
40:37 of the week, for the true Sabbath day,
40:39 the seventh day of the week.
40:41 I'm just going to read three little small quotes to you,
40:43 so you get what I'm saying.
40:44 This maybe all new, it maybe all hurtful
40:47 you say oh man, I didn't know this.
40:48 Listen, we need to be read using the Bible.
40:52 The Bible is what God wants us to be
40:54 reading here in these last days.
40:56 To find out what truth is
40:58 that we can be established on the solid rock.
41:01 Not man made rules and traditions
41:03 oh friends, we can't do that.
41:05 God wants us to move forward
41:07 as we open the pages of prophecy
41:09 and prophecy begins to identify the powers
41:11 that would come and hurt God's people
41:13 and destroy God's people and what?
41:16 Change times and laws.
41:18 Let me just read these three quotes quickly for you
41:20 so you'll see that the Roman Catholic Church
41:22 is the one that changed the Seventh-day Sabbath,
41:25 thought to change it, you can never change it.
41:27 Man can't change what God has institute you know that.
41:31 But people say well let's I've never heard that before.
41:33 We need to be reading don't we.
41:35 Here's what the new Catholicism
41:37 of Christian doctrines and practices is a question.
41:41 The Catholicism, notice this, what day is the Sabbath
41:44 that's the Catholic Church.
41:45 What day is the Sabbath?
41:46 They say well the Seventh-day is.
41:48 Very interesting you ask most Protestants church
41:50 that what day is the Sabbath and they'll say,
41:51 well I don't know I think Sunday.
41:53 Roman Catholic Church knows because they changed it.
41:56 Think to change times and laws
41:59 and then the question.
42:00 Do you keep the Sabbath?
42:02 Answer, no we keep the Lord's Day.
42:06 Question well, which days is that?
42:08 Answer, well it's the first day it's Sunday.
42:11 Question well who changed it then from the seventh-day
42:13 as the week the Sunday?
42:14 Answer, the Catholic Church did.
42:17 Well that's interesting second quote
42:19 from the Catholic mirror in 1893,
42:22 the Catholic Church listen to this
42:24 for over 1000 years before the existence of a Protestant.
42:28 By the virtue of her divine mission
42:31 changed the day from Saturday to Sunday.
42:33 I'm telling you, dear friends,
42:35 if you were protestant believer today.
42:37 If you were believer in God's word at all
42:39 and somebody has audacity to say that's right,
42:41 we did it for 1000 years before
42:43 there was as Protestant existent we changed the day.
42:46 I'm gonna say what do you mean,
42:47 we changed the day,
42:48 you can't change what God has instituted.
42:50 I'd be checked it out rather some of you hump up
42:53 your children and say well, oh well,
42:54 I don't know about that.
42:56 Listen your eternal destiny depends upon
42:58 you getting into the word of God
43:00 and studying out what the enemy has done.
43:02 He wants us to get away from the Seventh-day Sabbath.
43:04 There what that tells about God is our creator,
43:07 our redeemer, our sustainer.
43:09 There's the only God.
43:12 Devil would say I'm get rid of that memorial
43:14 the creation of this world.
43:17 Friend, notice this, this from the third
43:18 just quickly here from the Catholic World
43:20 in 1894 page 809 says this,
43:23 she roman church took the pagan Sunday
43:28 dedicated to Balder, that was what?
43:29 Pagan God and became
43:31 the Christian Sunday sacred to Jesus.
43:34 How can you take anything this pagan?
43:37 And this is because you say well,
43:38 we're gonna change it now
43:39 and we're gonna make it Christian.
43:40 Now you can't make anything Christian.
43:43 Its something is Christian or Christ
43:44 like it because Christ is in it.
43:46 You've to be what? The truth of God's word.
43:49 Man can't do that, but the Bible said
43:50 the man would have the audacity to do these things.
43:53 Point number nine, the Papacy would rule for 1260 years.
43:59 Daniel 7:25 is that true, well absolutely.
44:03 You say yeah, but 1260 years.
44:05 I don't, listen in the, it's Bible we can go down
44:09 and just we've time to just realize here
44:11 your time in the Jewish year
44:13 that 360 days was what, 360 days to the Jewish year.
44:19 So when you say a times that's 360,
44:22 when you say a times, please keep this mind
44:24 that would be twice that would be 720.
44:27 And you say half a times that would be
44:29 half of 360 is what, good 180.
44:32 And so you add those together is 1260 years.
44:36 Just like the Bible said as this little horn would come up.
44:39 They would identify so last of them
44:40 a power is went down, you remember those.
44:43 Sure 5:38 you had 1260 years you come to 17:98.
44:47 It's say that there will be deadly wound,
44:48 so we need to concentrate on that.
44:51 But you'll say yeah but I'm not sure
44:52 about the day for year.
44:53 In prophecy a day what?
44:55 Good, represents a year, you can find that
44:58 in Ezekiel 4, verse 6. No.14 verse 34.
45:02 See the papal power rule from 5:38 to 17:98.
45:07 The Revelation 13, 3 says this,
45:10 that a deadly wound would be given to this power
45:13 but it would be healed in the world
45:14 but wonder after this beast kingdom power you get it.
45:18 Again, but it says that for those
45:21 whose names are not written in the Lambs Book of Life.
45:25 You see during this time right here 17:98
45:27 the pope was taken in the captivity.
45:30 He died in captivity he was stripped all of his powers
45:33 for over 50 years he was in exile.
45:36 That the Bible says that the deadly wound
45:38 would be healed see the roman papacy
45:41 is the only power that exactly fits
45:44 all of these nine identifying characteristics
45:48 in the Book of Daniel, Chapter 7.
45:51 The only power in the world that fits
45:53 in the exactly and in the timeframe,
45:55 it has to be because God has said that it is.
45:59 In fact, you say, what I need a little bit more,
46:01 I can give you six more identifying marks
46:04 of this papal power, and you see how
46:06 the characteristics go together in Revelation Chapter 13.
46:09 When you read verses 1 through 10,
46:11 let me give you those quick take a quick look of them
46:13 in our time that we have.
46:14 Here's what the, there's what,
46:15 it said about this beast power.
46:17 And the mark of the beast,
46:18 it says here, they would speak blasphemies.
46:22 So the power we'd been talking about
46:24 said it would blasphemy against God.
46:25 Revelation 13, said this power
46:27 that we need to watch would speak blasphemy,
46:30 What is blasphemy?
46:33 Listen, blasphemy is simply this
46:35 and you can look it up and know what is in mark 2:7.
46:39 They talked about Jesus.
46:40 Why there is this man thus speak blasphemy,
46:43 for who can forgive sin but God only.
46:46 So there will be a religious as it were.
46:48 He's someone at the head organization,
46:51 they would claim to be able to forgive sin on earth.
46:55 No one can do that.
46:56 You can go to confession, let us be bold,
46:58 confession oh, you won't bless your hearts.
47:00 You maybe fool.
47:02 But there's only one mediate, you might be praying to Mary,
47:05 she is not the mediator, dear friend.
47:07 There is nothing in scripture that tells us that she is.
47:10 In fact the Bible says, there is one mediator
47:12 between God and man and who is it?
47:14 Jesus, that's exactly right. So we're praying to Mary.
47:17 We're praying someone is dead in the grave.
47:20 Where God telling our sins to individual,
47:22 they can't do anything about it.
47:25 Why? Because the Bible says so?
47:27 Now, if you're not using the Bible,
47:28 you can believe anything that you want.
47:29 But friend, you're going to be in trouble and so am I.
47:32 so we need to get back to the word of God say,
47:34 this is what God says,
47:35 this is what man has said and expose it for such.
47:38 Not to hurt you, but to get this thing plain.
47:41 Six important point and what he would speak blasphemy.
47:44 That's the only religion organization
47:45 I know that what, they've claimed
47:47 to forgive sin on earth.
47:48 Revelation 13:5 and Daniel 7:25.
47:52 Both would be a world power universal,
47:55 Revelation 13:7 and Daniel 7:23.
48:00 Both would be a religious power,
48:03 that mean political power and a religious power.
48:06 Four, both would rule what we're talking about
48:08 what we studied in Daniel 7, Revelation 13
48:10 both the Bible said, would rule for what?
48:12 1260 years or days for year in Bible prophecy.
48:17 That simply means you read and say yeah,
48:18 but I thought it said 42 months,
48:20 look at the day for a year
48:21 and you will stay at 1260 a time,
48:24 times and dividing if times.
48:26 42 months, 1260. They're all the same.
48:29 God is repeating these things for us,
48:31 so that we can understand,
48:32 so that we need not make a mistake.
48:34 Both would rule, both would try listen,
48:36 they would try Daniel 7, Revelation 13,
48:39 try to change times and laws.
48:41 Did the Papacy do that?
48:43 Oh, Revelation 13: 5 was clear and 16 and 17 Daniel 7:25.
48:48 And they also, both would persecute God's people.
48:51 Revelation 13:17 please keep that in mind.
48:53 Daniel 7:25 again, so the Beast of Revelation 13,
48:58 is the same as the little horn power of Daniel Chapter 7.
49:01 Oh, I know, this lot of information.
49:03 But here's the big question.
49:04 No I'm gonna get down to,
49:05 I'm just going to leave some explosive things with you
49:08 in last four five minutes that we have.
49:11 This is, this is we've got qualifier a lot of folks.
49:14 But let me tell you, you know I would be afraid,
49:17 I would fear, what God might do
49:19 for me or you who know what the truth is.
49:21 If we re-hold with hope because
49:23 it might hurt someone's feeling.
49:25 All better to have our feelings hurt now as it were.
49:28 We wounded a little a bit, what, and make it change.
49:31 And be saved in God's kingdom.
49:33 So this is very interesting,
49:35 so the devil then joined the church,
49:36 so he's a power in a kingdom
49:38 and he is setting himself up to rule,
49:42 but he can't do it outside the church,
49:43 so he has in religious organization now so call.
49:47 But notice his so called religious organization,
49:49 doesn't really believe in the Bible.
49:51 And most of the all their beliefs in is traditions of men.
49:56 Can that really be religion? Can that really be a faith?
49:59 Wow, this is how the devil is ruling,
50:02 so the big question is where did the beast,
50:05 and the little horn or the antichrist,
50:09 mystery in it, where did he get this power?
50:11 Where did he get this power?
50:12 How can it come go through all the channel?
50:14 And all of a sudden it's in complete control.
50:17 The world wondered after, yeah in this Revelation 13:2.
50:22 Listen this, Revelation 13:2 says,
50:25 "The dragon gave him his power,
50:29 his seat and his authority," did you get that.?
50:32 The dragon is identified in Revelation 12,
50:35 you can read verses 7 through 9.
50:37 So the dragon there or the devil gave this power
50:39 its seat and its authority, let just be real bold.
50:44 You know what Martin Luther said?
50:45 See somebody will say all right I can't,
50:47 I'm not going to go along with that.
50:48 Listen you're just fighting God
50:49 and you're fighting the word.
50:51 I just want to be plain, I want you to feel conviction.
50:54 You know what this there's something about this here.
50:57 It's part of the man and if you're a commandment keeper
51:01 and you shine away from this today, shame on you.
51:05 God has commissioned you to give the first,
51:06 second and third angel's message
51:08 which is warning against the beast power.
51:10 Nothing is to occupy the mind
51:11 but the giving of the three angels' messages.
51:14 Not worrying about whether you're going to be
51:15 accepted by other religions or not
51:17 or others denominations rather people or not.
51:19 Mind are you gonna be accepted of God.
51:22 Are you going to do what God has asked you to do,
51:23 it's hard to understand.
51:27 Martin Luther said this,
51:28 listen in the book by D'Aubigne in Chapter 9,
51:30 you know what he said.
51:32 Martin Luther quoted he said this,
51:34 for at last I know that the pope is the antichrist.
51:40 Ah and that his throne is that of Satan himself.
51:44 Ooh man heavy duty, it takes your breath.
51:48 Martin Luther said that.
51:54 And the Bible has said that he gave him,
51:56 the devil gave him his power,
51:58 his seat and he has a great authority.
52:00 He would think to rule.
52:01 He be like the most high,
52:02 he would and all these identifying marks
52:05 point to the papers, you know, they are about it.
52:08 So man, what would you say today?
52:12 May I go just a step further,
52:14 I may already try to buried myself already to some.
52:18 So I can say today, and I'm not going to blink
52:21 when I say it that the Vatican today is where Satan sits.
52:27 Not talking about men, not talking about,
52:29 you know, talking about an organization
52:32 who's ruling in the affairs of men.
52:35 That's what the Bible says,
52:36 that's what the history records,
52:38 that's what we're commissioned to give
52:39 and to warn the world here in these last days.
52:42 No, not very tasteful, is it?
52:46 Little horn Daniel 7:25,
52:48 the little Catholic Church is that little horn power.
52:51 It's the beast of Revelation 13:1.
52:53 It's the mother of harlots in Revelation 17:5.
52:56 This and now I'm going to go
52:57 this right before we have prayer
52:58 and before we quit today.
53:01 This includes did you get it, this includes all churches.
53:05 You might call yourself a Protestant Church or whatever.
53:08 I'm gonna throw this out to you.
53:10 All churches include, we said,
53:12 what it's the beast of Revelation 13,
53:14 it's the mother of harlots.
53:16 The world has become drunk
53:17 right my wife had read that in the beginning.
53:19 We're talking about mysterious Babylon the great.
53:25 This includes all churches that unite with her
53:31 and teach her false doctrines.
53:33 You don't have to belong to Roman Church,
53:35 but if you accept her teachings
53:37 and her doctrines as truth
53:39 and you accept those things,
53:40 dear friends, you're in trouble.
53:42 Her doom is foretold in Revelation 18.
53:45 Mystery Babylon the great the mother of harlots
53:49 the Bible says, the abomination of the earth.
53:51 She has a golden cup in her hand.
53:53 She's sitting on scarlet colored beast,
53:55 Revelation 13 to 17 and 3 verses 4 read 5 through 18.
54:00 Read all these not here in fact in 18:25
54:03 Pope Leo XII, you know, what he did?
54:05 He printed a coin on one side of coin he had his image.
54:08 On the other side of the coin he had a woman
54:10 with a cup in her hand sitting on the top of the world.
54:15 May God help us today.
54:16 Listen I'm gonna encourage you the time is running out.
54:18 Look Mark of Beast, we'll send out 200
54:21 first 200 callers give it to you free.
54:23 You need to read this, you need to study it
54:25 and I'm want to pray with you right quick
54:26 before we close today.
54:28 What a powerful message
54:29 and God needs to help us understand.
54:30 Father in heaven, thank you
54:32 for Your precious word today.
54:33 Bless, I pray those who have heard
54:35 that their minds and hearts will be open
54:36 to receive what you have for them
54:37 in Jesus name, amen.
54:41 Thank you for joining us.
54:42 Maybe be little difficult for you today,
54:44 but, you know what?
54:45 Study to show yourself approved.
54:47 You come up with different information
54:48 won't you share that with me.
54:50 And you realize that we continue
54:51 to bring these programs that may not be very popular,
54:53 but they're the truth of God's word
54:55 and what we introduce God's people
54:56 and the only support that we've coming in us
54:58 from the freewill offering of God's people.
55:00 And so please remember us in your prayers
55:02 and this station, God bless you.
55:03 See you next time.
55:06 Hello again, God has left us
55:09 with so much information in His holy word.
55:13 It's always amazing to see
55:15 how well He describes nations and events
55:18 and prophecy for us to pray over
55:20 and to search out while we're fitting
55:22 the pieces together with recorded history.
55:26 In summary of today's message,
55:27 Mystery Babylon the Great,
55:30 allow me to reiterate our study
55:32 by reading just a portion of a paragraph
55:35 found in the book the Great Controversy
55:37 on page 382 we read.
55:40 The power that for so many centuries
55:43 maintained despotic sway over the monarchs
55:47 of Christendom is Rome.
55:50 The purple and scarlet color,
55:52 the gold and precious stones and pearls,
55:55 vividly picture the magnificence
55:57 and more than kingly pomp affected
56:00 by the haughty see of Rome.
56:02 And no other power could be so truly declared"
56:07 drunken with the blood of the saints"
56:09 as that church which has so cruelly persecuted
56:13 the followers of Christ.
56:15 Friends, this marvelous book,
56:17 this marvelous book would be a wonderful thing
56:20 to add to your home library
56:22 for further study if you haven't it done so already.
56:25 And we certainly hope that you'll continue
56:27 to study out all these things
56:30 that we've gone through today.
56:32 And in doing so we would be following instruction
56:35 as we find in the Book Second Timothy
56:37 Chapter 2 and verse 15 where we read,
56:41 "Study to show thyself approved unto God,
56:44 a workman that needeth not to be ashamed,
56:47 rightly dividing the Word of Truth."
56:50 And as always friends,
56:51 this five part series that we've entitled
56:54 "The Mystery of Iniquity, the Antichrist Revealed"
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57:54 Until next time may our precious Lord
57:56 continue to richly bless you and yours.


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