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Deception Instead of Persecution?

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00:41 Hi, I am Chris Shelton.
00:43 And this is "Behold the Lamb Presents."
00:45 I want to thank you for tuning in today
00:47 and welcome you to our program.
00:49 Today's message is the last part
00:52 of a five part series that we have entitled
00:55 "The Mystery of Inequity, the Antichrist Revealed."
00:59 This last message in this series
01:02 we're calling "Deception Instead of Persecution?"
01:05 You know, during the course of these studies
01:07 we have learned that there is a World Council of Churches
01:10 which together includes about 350 evangelical groups,
01:15 Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Anglican churches
01:18 along with our main stream Protestants
01:21 which have joined together to create what they call
01:24 a common code of conduct representing
01:27 more than 560 million professed Christians.
01:31 This code of conduct originated with the Vatican
01:34 and now has support of 233 Conservative
01:38 and Protestant Church groups
01:41 in various ministries in about 121 nations.
01:45 Unknowingly, unknowingly these groups have followed
01:50 the plan of the enemy displace us
01:52 all on common ground in an effort to squelch
01:56 the giving of the Three Angels Messages.
01:58 However, the Three Angels' Messages
02:01 we have found they're vital for us to know.
02:04 They're vital for our understanding,
02:06 so that we will not be one of those described
02:09 in Revelation 17 "Who is drunk or deceived
02:13 by the wine of the wrath of her fornication of false doctrine."
02:17 So just as throughout all history
02:20 as the truth of God's word
02:21 is preached in its undiluted form oppressiveness
02:25 and persecution will follow.
02:27 Persecution will be released and has already been released
02:31 in some areas of the world.
02:33 Upon the followers of Christ who stand and proclaimed truths
02:38 that have otherwise been hidden
02:40 in most denominational churches,
02:43 our religious liberty, our freedom of press
02:46 and our freedom even to worship
02:48 according to the dictates of our own hearts
02:51 will some day come under the fire of persecution.
02:55 Yes, the Bible predicts,
02:58 a time of trouble just before Christ returns.
03:01 That will indeed be worse
03:03 than any of this world has ever witnessed before.
03:06 And those who stand for truth
03:08 instead of following for they agreed upon doctrines
03:11 as presented in the World Council of Churches,
03:14 code of conduct will be looked
03:16 upon as the cause of this time of trouble
03:19 and the downfall of nations.
03:22 They've taken a stand with Christ not to be deceived
03:25 therefore persecution will be their cup,
03:30 or would some rather choose deception.
03:34 Stay tuned today as Pastor Kenny,
03:37 looks into this question and the title of our message
03:40 "Deception Instead of Persecution?"
03:43 But first let's visit the 3ABN Worship Centre
03:46 and be blessed as we listen to the Lord's Prayer
03:50 as played by Ron Woolsey.
03:54 [Music]
07:09 Thanks for joining us once again.
07:11 We praise God for this privilege and opportunity
07:14 and I know you're blessed by that music.
07:15 So, I pray that you're set up spiritually now
07:18 that the Holy Spirit can start working.
07:20 We're gonna be praying for the opening of the ears
07:22 and the eyes and the knowledge
07:23 that only God can give.
07:25 Our message for today as my wife has been telling.
07:27 We're talking about deception or persecution?
07:30 And so as we look at the issues
07:32 that's coming down to these last day events,
07:34 what's happening in the world.
07:36 There's a message that needs to be given to the world.
07:40 God has asked us to be faithful in giving that in.
07:42 May I just warn you right upfront,
07:44 you know, a lot of programs
07:45 they warn you what's getting ready.
07:46 This series is not for the weak or the faint spiritually.
07:50 This is going to be a heavy duty message
07:52 and if you miss the previous four,
07:54 you might be a little bit shocked.
07:56 But this is what God has asked us to do
07:58 and we pray that we will be faithful in doing
08:00 exactly what He has asked us.
08:02 But before we're going to ask God to help us.
08:04 We're gonna go to Him in prayer right now.
08:07 I'm gonna kneel down here and I ask where you can,
08:10 would you kneel with me
08:11 and pray for the Holy Spirit of the living God
08:13 to touch our hearts and our minds, let's pray.
08:17 Merciful God in heaven,
08:18 we thank you for the privilege of prayer.
08:20 We ask now for the power of thy Holy Spirit,
08:22 enlighten our hearts and our minds
08:24 and I pray that could be a vessel
08:25 that you could use today.
08:26 We thank you, give You praise,
08:28 open the ears of your children.
08:30 We pray as I hear the message
08:31 there will be willing to respond what is truth.
08:35 Thank you for hearing.
08:36 Thank you for answering prayer
08:37 for what You're going to do in Jesus name, amen.
08:42 Again this may be a program where you really--
08:45 you gonna have to work quickly.
08:47 What I usually do is go back the previous study
08:49 that we had and go over lot of points
08:51 that we went over in case you missed it.
08:53 I'm not going to do that today,
08:54 because we just don't have time,
08:55 since this is our last part and I probably need
08:58 four, five, more hours on it, so try to condense it down.
09:01 So I'm gonna move as quickly as I can by the grace of God.
09:04 Still we pray the Holy Spirit will help it to make sense
09:06 in your heart and in your mind.
09:09 You know, Jesus in Matthew 24,
09:10 He talks about being deceived.
09:14 Be not deceived and in Matthew 24, He mentions
09:17 that at least four times. Be not deceived.
09:21 Jesus knew that the devil is a great deceiver
09:23 and he is going to deceive,
09:24 if possible what? The very elect.
09:27 So we have deception and we have what?
09:29 Tribulation. Some people don't what tribulation.
09:31 They're willing to be deceived.
09:33 I'm not willing and I hope you're not willing today either
09:36 as we study. What about persecution?
09:38 You know, what the Bible says, in second Timothy 3:12?
09:41 It says, "All that lived godly
09:43 in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution."
09:47 And to go along with that Matthew 13:21,
09:50 it's interesting here it said--
09:52 talk about when you preach the word of God.
09:55 It says, here, "For when tribulation or persecution
09:59 arises because of the word,"
10:02 notice that tribulation, persecution,
10:04 it arises because of what? Because of the word of God
10:08 and we're talking about the real true word of God today.
10:10 He is giving some message, we need to give to the world.
10:13 In First Timothy 4:16, jot them down
10:16 look them up and read it when you can.
10:17 I'm gonna read this, notice, it says,
10:18 "Take heed" that means listen, doesn't it?
10:20 "Take heed unto thyself, and unto" what?
10:24 "The doctrine" what's that?
10:25 Doctrine is teaching and it says, "continue in them,
10:29 for in doing this thou shalt both help to save thyself,
10:33 help save thyself and them that hear thee."
10:36 So we need to continue into what?
10:38 The doctrine and the teaching of the word of God,
10:41 and it will do what?
10:42 It helped to save us as the end result.
10:44 And it will save those who hear.
10:46 So I'm praying that you will hear today.
10:49 See we have to take key scripture
10:51 we've been studying in these lessons here.
10:53 Divine inspiration, we cannot be deceived.
10:56 Well, we have to realize that this is life
10:59 and as we read the word of God,
11:00 we have to be willing to say,
11:01 okay God help me to walk in this light,
11:05 in this truth because it's so imperative,
11:07 not just say I heard it and I understand it.
11:09 We have to be willing to walk in it.
11:12 You see the word of God simply, what?
11:14 It unmask the plans of the enemy,
11:16 an organizations in whom he is working through.
11:19 He is working through the churches.
11:20 We talked about before, why?
11:22 Because the enemy has joined the church.
11:24 And so if it's not preaching the truth,
11:25 then it's preaching what? A lie
11:27 and the devil is the author of lies.
11:30 I will say this, you know, we're talking
11:32 about representatives here on earth.
11:33 We say, well, it's a pastor, it's the priest,
11:36 it's the pope, it's-- just only representative
11:38 here on this earth, is what?
11:39 Is the Holy Spirit of the living God,
11:42 so you and I need to be listening to the Holy Spirit.
11:45 We need to be realize that rest of men that were sinful,
11:49 were need of a Savior, again whether it's
11:51 preach or Pope, he needs a savior.
11:53 We need to be coming to Jesus Christ,
11:54 He's the only one.
11:56 Now how about the Jews? The Jews were blinded.
11:59 Now why were they really blinded?
12:01 You know, they had the scripture,
12:02 they could, you know, talk about coming of Jesus and so on,
12:05 but they were blinded, why?
12:07 They rejected the coming of Jesus Christ.
12:10 Now this is an illustration,
12:11 so that it will help you and us to understand.
12:14 Jesus told them in Matthew Chapter 22 verse 29.
12:18 He says, "You do err, not knowing what? Good.
12:22 "The scripture, nor the power of God."
12:26 So He is saying there we have a problem.
12:28 You do err, why do you err? Why we're in err?
12:31 Why don't we understand what truth is?
12:32 Because we don't know the scripture
12:34 and we're not getting into it the way that we should.
12:37 If you're not spending time in the word of God
12:39 everyday praying for the power of the Holy Spirit,
12:42 understand the hours that we're living in of earth's history.
12:46 You're not-- you're going to be fooled,
12:47 you're going to be deceived.
12:49 And most people are going to be deceived in the world.
12:51 It's not the worldlings so called Christians.
12:54 Those sitting in the pew, those thinking
12:56 well, I accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior.
12:59 Friend, are you really seeking to know what truth is?
13:01 When the devil is talking about deception or persecution,
13:04 he means exactly what he is saying.
13:06 And you and I really get our minds together,
13:08 may God may help us.
13:09 Now remember, the Jews lost sight of Christ,
13:12 because they didn't really know the scripture.
13:15 In fact history testifies that, you know, during the Dark Ages,
13:18 we're talking about even Rome here.
13:19 They even forbade the people from even having a Bible.
13:23 It's interesting here, Pope Gregory,
13:25 in the ninth cannon number 14.
13:27 You know, what he says, what they call the Bible
13:29 and some of you don't have the audacity
13:30 to call the Bible that today.
13:32 But they call the Bible, the papacy called the Bible,
13:34 a pest, did you get it? They call it a pest
13:38 and they wanted to wipe it out.
13:42 We wouldn't be maybe so bold to do that today,
13:44 but dear friends, if we're not studying
13:45 and we're not praying and we're not,
13:47 you know, following what God's word is,
13:49 maybe we think it's a little bit,
13:50 you know, little pesty and we put it on a shelf
13:53 and we don't study like we should.
13:55 So it's time for us to be bold in the word of God.
13:58 Bible said the Jews did what?
14:00 They erred in scripture, why? Because of their tradition.
14:04 Well, where did the Jews get their tradition?
14:06 They got it straight from Paganism
14:08 like many in the world today.
14:11 And we realize what?
14:12 The very foundation of the papacy, is what?
14:15 From Paganism so we got to be truthful today, why?
14:18 Because the world is wondering after the beast,
14:21 their names are not written in the Lamb's Book of Life.
14:23 So to be fair and to warn you of the things
14:26 that we're going to be talking about today,
14:29 we pray the Holy Spirit of God is gonna open your eyes
14:31 and your ears and you gonna say,
14:32 oh, Lord, thank you for that knowledge.
14:34 Thank you for the wisdom that God is giving us
14:36 through the Holy Spirit, because what?
14:39 Because we realize that the majority of the people,
14:42 we have this Paganism coming into the church
14:44 and we're counting, oh, it must be Christian,
14:47 because we got it in the church right now.
14:49 You know, we talked about Paganism.
14:50 Pagan is pagan and we need to understand that.
14:53 Let me give you a quote that might help us to understand,
14:56 this is taken from the Catholic encyclopedia in 1976.
15:01 It says this, "In a special sense,
15:04 there is but one source of reveled truth"
15:07 keep that in mind, "this source is divine tradition."
15:12 You realize what boldness that is.
15:15 We believe that it's a word of God here, don't we?
15:17 But they're saying here
15:18 there's only one source here of revealed truth,
15:22 is divine tradition and then Rome Church says,
15:26 we are, we hold that tradition
15:29 which gives life to the scripture.
15:31 Tradition cannot give life to the scripture,
15:33 it kills the scripture.
15:34 So we're finding then a religion or organization,
15:37 then it's based upon what? Paganism and tradition.
15:40 You say, oh, this is a distasteful message,
15:42 yes, it is. But, you know, what God has revealed it
15:45 in His word over and over and over.
15:47 And I pray that you're catching that as we move on.
15:50 You know, the Church of Rome admits
15:52 that she doesn't believe, what? Believe in scripture.
15:55 She believes in human devising.
15:57 She believes in tradition
15:59 in placeof scripture as her guide.
16:02 Here's what Jesus said, about that in Matthew 15.
16:05 In fact, if you read verses 8 and 9
16:07 when you have the opportunity because in verse 8,
16:09 He talks about a people that draw nigh to Him.
16:11 You remember with their, what?
16:13 Yeah, with their mouth and with their lips or eyes
16:15 but He said what? Oh, they're far from Me.
16:17 And then in verse 9, Jesus said "In vein do they worship me,
16:20 teaching for doctrines" what? "The commandments of men."
16:24 So here we see, we have a religion
16:26 so called religious group an organization.
16:28 Remember it is not people we are talking about.
16:30 It's not the priest, it's not the pope,
16:32 it's not that, it's a organization
16:35 that we're talking about that the enemy has decided to use.
16:39 He is using, what?
16:41 To deceive the world and reason I say that's why?
16:43 Because teaching in doctrines
16:45 are not based upon the word of God.
16:47 How can it be Christ like?
16:49 How can it be something that we're to accept
16:53 as the truth as they present these?
16:54 But, you know, the Protestant world is accepting
16:56 a lot of things straight from Rome.
16:59 Rome got all the teaching basically from Paganism.
17:01 I hope we have time by the grace of God
17:03 to go over some of these things
17:04 that you'll be able to see clearly.
17:06 In Matthew 15 verse 6 the Bible says,
17:09 "Thus you have made the commandments of God"
17:11 notice this "of none effect by your tradition."
17:15 So tradition makes none effect, write the commandments of God.
17:18 So we have the battle against, what?
17:20 Commandments of God and traditions of men.
17:23 Oh, friend, which is something we need to look at.
17:25 Paul had a bold statement here in Colossians 2:8.
17:28 He said, "Beware lest any man"
17:31 notice this "deceive you through vain, what?"
17:33 Through philosophy and vain deceit."
17:36 Oh, "after the traditions of men after the rudiments"
17:40 that means the elements of the world
17:43 and not after Christ."
17:44 You see the warnings, it's always don't be deceived.
17:47 Don't go after the world, things that are in the world.
17:51 And then you have this organization
17:53 with all of his teachings and everything that's--
17:55 it's going on in the moment.
17:57 It's taking directly from the world or from Paganism.
18:01 Coming to the church, baptized it
18:02 and many Protestant Churches are grasping
18:04 these things and saying, oh, these are truths.
18:07 If they're not found in scripture,
18:08 how it can be truth.
18:10 Paul warned about this
18:11 "Mystery of Inequity," you remember that?
18:13 When we read in Second Thessalonians 2:4.
18:16 Paul said it like this, he said this man of sin who opposes
18:19 and exalts himself, oh, above all that is called God,"
18:23 listen "or that is worshipped, that he as God sitteth
18:27 in the temple of God shewing himself that he is God."
18:32 So we have then the man of sin we're talking about here,
18:34 Mystery of Inequity, the antichrist,
18:36 is one who's what?
18:37 Sits in the place or claims to be God on earth.
18:41 Man, that's heavy duty.
18:43 And so these are identifying marked
18:46 that we must pay attention to.
18:48 You know, and here are so many identifying marks
18:50 that we went over to understand that,
18:52 you know, out of Babylon, Medo-Persia,
18:54 Greece and Rome, and Pagan Rome
18:55 and then, you know, Papal Rome and so on.
18:57 So many they just fit, fit, fit, fit, all the prophecy
19:00 and some will still say no. No it can't be.
19:04 You know, identifying marks are just exactly what God said.
19:07 So you can identify, so that we make no mistake.
19:11 I said you this, so and so, the man--
19:13 when he comes to get you and pick you up,
19:16 he is going to--oh listen, be careful now.
19:17 He is going to have one arm and one leg
19:19 and he is going to have a big tattoo on his forehead.
19:22 Listen to me carefully,
19:23 you know, he'll be wearing certain color of clothes.
19:26 He would be easy then to spot
19:28 if he came after you even if you didn't know, wouldn't he?
19:30 And you'll say, oh yeah, I spotted him.
19:32 Well, God gives His characteristics,
19:34 so that we may spot, that we may understand, that we may know.
19:37 God gives warning after warning in scripture.
19:40 We got to study in Daniel 2 and Daniel 7,
19:42 Daniel 8, Revelation 13, Revelation 17, Revelation 18.
19:47 Jesus has some powerful words to say against the man of sin.
19:51 Then he calls a group of people in the last day
19:53 to give the Three Angels' Message.
19:54 We are now under, what?
19:56 The Third Angels Message, it deals with the Sabbath.
19:59 It deals with the sanctuary.
20:00 Oh, there's so many different topic,
20:01 but it deals with, what?
20:02 The man of sin, the mark of the beast to identify the power
20:07 that we're identifying today,
20:08 we're doing as God as said. Will it be popular? No.
20:11 Will the words come back and bite you?
20:13 May be so, but God has commissioned us
20:15 to warn the world, why?
20:17 Because people are being deceived.
20:20 And then, of course, there is tribulation.
20:21 all that lived godly
20:22 in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.
20:25 He said this power here in Daniel 7:25
20:28 which speak words against the Most High.
20:32 Daniel, Revelation 13:5 it said, a mouth speaking what?
20:35 Blasphemy, so there will be a power on earth that
20:37 we've been talking about in the previous four lessons here.
20:40 And what is blasphemy?
20:41 Because it's always blaspheming God.
20:43 Well, in Mark 2:7, they talked about Jesus.
20:47 They said, why did, why does this man does speak blasphemy?
20:51 Who can forgive sin? But God only.
20:54 So blasphemy to the Jews, they said what?
20:56 A man that would claim to forgive sin on earth.
20:59 Oh, there is only one group,
21:00 you know that claimed to forgive sins,
21:03 papacy, right, the Roman Catholic Church.
21:05 No one else will say we could forgive sin.
21:08 God is identifying Marks--
21:10 they will throw those things out.
21:11 Please do not throw them out.
21:13 Let's knew some other identifying marks here
21:15 and the church, the Roman Church
21:17 has made these things plain, very, very clear.
21:21 Let's go over them shall we quickly.
21:22 Now notice let's see if it fits.
21:24 All names that applied to Christ number one,
21:27 applied to the pope did you get it?
21:30 You see, we're talking about identifying here.
21:33 Someone will try to take the place of God on earth,
21:36 will stay in the place of God rise above.
21:38 Isaiah 14, remember what the devil said
21:39 he would do? So he is using it.
21:41 It's not individuals we're talking about.
21:43 It's an organization that the devil is using
21:45 and the world is following after.
21:48 Hope we will get chance to explain more of that.
21:50 So all the names that's applied to Christ,
21:52 applied to the Pope now.
21:53 We began with these, these things are all taken
21:55 from the Roman Catholic writings himself.
21:57 Number two, he is not a mere man
22:00 they said, the Pope but as it were God.
22:03 Ooh, that's heavy duty, isn't it?
22:05 And then they look at the Pope and they say,
22:06 he is king of kings. Ooh, why?
22:11 Number four it says, we hold upon the earth
22:13 the place of God almighty.
22:15 The Pope Leo XIII said. What did he say?
22:19 They said, the audacity and boldness,
22:22 you and I sit back we say nothing,
22:23 we do nothing, we sit in amazement like.
22:26 Wow, there must be something to this.
22:29 He holds the place of God almighty
22:31 on this earth, oh, friend.
22:34 Number five, the papacy, the Pope claims infallibility.
22:38 You know, we know that only what?
22:41 The God had has infallibility.
22:43 Number six, he claims to have complete control
22:47 over Universal Church, that's what they called the church,
22:51 Universal Church, in the matters of faith
22:53 and morals and discipline and government,
22:55 every pastor and every believer
22:58 and independent of any human authority.
23:01 These are pretty heavy duty statements.
23:04 Sad part of all this is almost all the world then is deceived.
23:09 They are deceived even though,
23:10 even though God has made it plain,
23:12 dozens and dozens of examples,
23:14 that point to the--the fallacy of the Roman Church
23:18 and still yet the world is standing in amazement of it,
23:20 like, wow, that's really something.
23:26 Almost every person if you think about it.
23:29 Everything is done and their services come from Paganism.
23:33 Let's think about that for just a moment,
23:36 at least in the--let me give you one example,
23:38 at least in the dynasty of the Pope Paul's.
23:42 This is one thing that they do-- you've seen it many times,
23:44 you see it on real old movies and different things
23:46 when you have made the king of an island
23:48 or so on and so forth.
23:50 They were carried, remember the king
23:52 that was carried on a portable, what?
23:54 On a portable throne, your head on the staves and begin to go.
23:58 You know, this was a Pagan ritual
24:01 which was done over a thousand years
24:03 before the Roman Church even.
24:06 But it's interesting now, how the Roman Church
24:08 had adopted that for many, many years,
24:10 that's exactly what they did with the Pope.
24:13 Where did they get that? Straight from what?
24:15 Paganism and they did this when they worshipped what?
24:18 When they worshipped the sun, straight from Paganism,
24:22 should we be concerned about? Oh, yes we should.
24:25 How about the title of the Pope?
24:28 The title of the Pope by Vicarius Filii Dei.
24:30 You know, what that is?
24:31 It's branded in the-- using the Roman numerals here.
24:34 Its 666, the word Pope in Latin means, what?
24:41 Papa, which means what? That means father.
24:45 A false system of Christianity
24:47 is branded with the number 666.
24:50 God has made it clear, but yet we want to throw it out.
24:53 We want to think there is something
24:54 magic or mysterious about it.
24:57 In the Greek translation of the kingdom language,
25:01 we get into studying if you have a lot of time
25:03 you need to restudy this out.
25:05 Latinos which means something like--Latin speaking
25:08 or it means Latin man which is 666, very interesting.
25:13 The Italian church, I don't want
25:15 to be offensive to anyone dear friend,
25:17 I'm not talking individuals here.
25:18 But it's very interesting, Italian church in the Greek,
25:21 that's in the numerical values 666,
25:25 Revelation 13:18 says, here is wisdom,
25:29 let him to have understanding,
25:31 count the number of the beast for it is the number of a what?
25:34 Good, of a man. It is the number of a man and it's what?
25:37 It's called 600 three score and 6 which is 666.
25:43 There is so much information here that we can't miss
25:46 what God is trying to tell us here.
25:48 The mark of the beast, the image to the beast,
25:51 I mean, after all, you know, the papacy claims
25:53 to have changed the Seventh-day Sabbath to what?
25:57 Sunday the first day of the week,
25:59 I tell you--I am amazed, you can explain
26:02 that to people when they ask about,
26:04 where you going Saturday or seventh day of the week
26:06 and you know, we go on Sunday,
26:08 I guess there is really not any difference,
26:09 yes, there is. Oh, friend, study the word of God.
26:13 Are you saying when the Bible says,
26:14 the seventh day of the week, God bless, sanctified,
26:16 set apart and then we have the audacity as a Christian,
26:19 believing in the God of heaven as our creator to say,
26:22 it doesn't make any difference.
26:25 And then we prove point after point after point
26:27 and where by, you know, my wife had mentioned here,
26:30 I failed to bring in with me is that "Mark of the Beast" book.
26:34 Now remember the "Mark of the Beast" book,
26:36 couple of hundred first, couple of hundred callers,
26:37 we're going to give you all kind of quotes.
26:40 I don't have time to go in it,
26:42 to all these quotes here that come right straight
26:44 from the church to tell you, yes, we changed it.
26:47 You know, almost 1,000 years before
26:49 there ever was a Protestant we changed it.
26:52 The seventh day to Sunday the first of the week.
26:55 And remember Roman-- you'll say
26:56 I'll never be a Roman Catholic.
26:58 Listen, the Roman Catholic Church thinks this way.
27:01 They're saying this, it doesn't--
27:02 you don't have to join our church
27:04 in order to be a part of us.
27:05 All you have to do is accept one of our teachings
27:09 and we as the Protestants accepted lot more
27:11 than just one and Sunday sacredness is one of those, why?
27:15 The world is wondering after the beast
27:17 because they instituted that,
27:18 did you get that, here's wisdom.
27:21 Knocking the beast, image to the beast,
27:24 once the papacy comes out boldly,
27:26 it says, oh, we've changed the seventh day,
27:29 Sunday the first day of the week.
27:31 You know, when the prophecy in Daniel 7:25
27:33 we look that before, it said what?
27:35 "He will think to change" what? "times and laws."
27:40 Papacy and Signs of the Times,
27:42 May 6th, 1897 makes the statement, listen carefully,
27:45 it says, "The Papacy has exercised her power
27:48 to compel men to obey her, and she will continue to do so.
27:53 We need the same spirit that was manifested
27:56 by God's servants in the conflict with Paganism."
28:00 We need that spirit, this is the important part here.
28:03 We can't stand back and say, well,
28:04 it doesn't matter anymore.
28:05 Oh, it matter, because it's rowing back,
28:07 this power is rowing back right now like never before.
28:11 We're gonna see that persecution,
28:13 burst upon the world.
28:15 They're laying back in weight right now--
28:18 and the Protestant do the work.
28:20 You and I are doing it. We're following after and what?
28:22 We're deceived, and we don't know it.
28:26 Let me read you something
28:27 from the Doctrinal Catechism, page 174.
28:31 Here's what they say, oh I can read you dozens and dozens,
28:33 that's why I am offering you, you know, that free book.
28:35 You gonna have to call and we make sure
28:36 we send that to you. But notice how bold this is.
28:40 And again, I am shocked because you can read these to people.
28:43 You can give him a dozen, two dozen, three dozen quotes
28:47 and realize where that Sunday came from
28:49 and they look around and say, oh, well.
28:51 You're not serious with God
28:52 when you do that my brother and my sister?
28:55 You can't be serious. You got to say, well, why?
28:58 How did this happen?
29:00 And certainly we'll be giving you the history
29:02 from the beginning of this series.
29:03 That's why you need them all to put them together.
29:05 But here what it says here, had she not,
29:07 the Papacy, such power she could not have done
29:10 which all modernist religions agree with her.
29:14 She could not have established the observance of Sunday,
29:17 the first day of the week,
29:19 for the observance of Saturday the seventh day of the week.
29:22 Oh, listen, a change forth
29:25 which there is no scriptural authority.
29:29 The church that did it, God said would do it
29:32 and the world would wonder after or follow after it.
29:37 And there is no scriptural authority
29:39 and many, many quotes in this book if you call for it,
29:42 you're gonna see in there and these are legitimate quotes.
29:45 That they will say, there is no scriptural authority.
29:47 In fact, one of my-- I hope you get the book
29:49 because when you read it, you know, what they say,
29:51 if you want to follow the Bible,
29:53 you know, whom you should follow.
29:54 The Roman Church said this,
29:56 it said, there is only one
29:57 and that would be Seventh-day Adventist
29:59 because they keep the true seventh day.
30:01 We changed it because we have the power to do so.
30:04 The world wonders after in spite of themself
30:06 by going to church on a day that we made.
30:09 Oh, if I'm anxious to abide it
30:11 and I don't want you to feel like
30:12 I am pounding and beating dear friend.
30:13 There is a urgency inside with this message, why?
30:17 Because millions are deceived and they not know it.
30:20 The bible is clear, if you want to know truth friend,
30:23 God will make it clear to you.
30:25 Oh, you have to is, be praying about,
30:27 pray about, pray about, say, oh, God,
30:29 I want to know what truth is.
30:31 Or if maybe you're not interested.
30:33 You think you're gonna coast along into heaven.
30:35 Friend, I've got to, maybe surprise for you
30:37 isn't not gonna happen that way.
30:38 Jesus said what?
30:40 You deny self and you take up the cross
30:42 and you follow me.
30:43 It's gonna be a heavy road.
30:45 Look at disciples, look at Jesus life.
30:47 Look at all the reformers.
30:48 Look at all what happened to them,
30:49 those who lived a Godly in Christ Jesus.
30:51 Look what happened to them.
30:53 They were different, they had a different message,
30:55 different lifestyle, they spoke different,
30:57 they dare to be different
30:58 and God's calling for that reformation,
31:00 not only in the Protestant world
31:01 all over but in Catholicism,
31:04 with Catholicism and everyone.
31:07 Seventh-day Adventist needs reformation.
31:10 God is calling us.
31:12 In a little book called Paganism,
31:15 in our Christianity page 145, oh, please listen,
31:19 the church made a sacred day of Sunday.
31:23 Listen carefully, largely because
31:26 it was a weekly festival of the sun,
31:30 for it was a definite Christian policy
31:33 to take over the Pagan Festivals
31:35 and dear to the people by tradition
31:38 that you get what we been talking about here
31:40 and to give them Christian significance.
31:44 You realize Paganism has just covered
31:46 almost every thing you can possibly think about
31:48 in the church outside the church you name it.
31:51 Things that we do, things that we participate in,
31:53 the roots are grounded in Paganism.
31:57 This was their custom, do you understand
31:59 these are history and these are people
32:01 who studied the facts and they write them down.
32:06 Sunday was festival of what?
32:07 Keep it, that the sun.
32:09 Weekly festival of sun and it was what?
32:13 The policy of Christianity, did you know
32:15 a Christian policy to take over the Pagan Festivals
32:18 and dear to the people why?
32:19 So you can get the pagans into the church.
32:22 You can get him in because they held for their tradition.
32:25 Oh, if you and I just hold on faster
32:27 what we know is truth, dear friends,
32:29 now God would bless us, give this message.
32:32 Man, what a mark of the power of the Papacy.
32:38 Wow! She boasts of it. Yes we did it.
32:45 Now, let me read this one here and this,
32:47 just it's kind of blow your way a little bit
32:50 and maybe you're not just interested, you say you are.
32:54 But if you are you gonna react, from all the lessons
32:58 all that we've read from the Bible and from history.
33:02 And remember we're reading from the Roman Catholic newspapers,
33:07 their own articles, their own writings,
33:09 and we're not saying things that they haven't
33:10 or it said about themselves,
33:11 because they have their audacity stand in your face.
33:14 Dear Protestant brothers and sisters
33:16 and say yes it write we did it but, you know, what?
33:18 The world follows right after us,
33:21 they're one of us, are you?
33:23 Listen to this article here,
33:25 Roman Catholic newspaper "Our Sunday Visitor" says,
33:28 "Protestants accept Sunday rather than Saturday
33:33 as the day for public worship
33:36 after the Catholic Church made the change.
33:41 But the protestant mind does not seem to realize
33:46 that in observing Sunday they are accepting
33:49 the authority of the spokesman for the Church, the pope."
33:56 Wow! The Bible says, the world wondered after the beast.
34:01 Revelation 13, there are, those whose names
34:03 are not written in the "Lambs Book Of Life."
34:07 Notice what, there's telling you
34:11 and they're telling me as a Protestant,
34:16 in case it doesn't make any difference to you.
34:19 They're saying the protestant mind
34:21 doesn't not seem to realize.
34:25 That's they're observing Sunday,
34:27 they're accepting the authority of what?
34:29 The pope, because he changed it.
34:33 Deception, Persecution, you see all the world coming,
34:38 you've seen some statistics
34:39 at the beginning of the program here.
34:41 How many nations are involved in,
34:42 following along with, getting involved with,
34:46 setting up things for Sunday laws,
34:48 just in a very near future we need to wake up dear friend,
34:51 time of troubles coming on this world, why?
34:53 Because we're accepting tradition
34:55 rather than accepting God as creator of heaven and earth,
34:57 He is coming down, He is boiling down to that time.
35:01 This quote here fulfills the prophecy
35:03 of Revelation Chapter 13 verses 16 and 17.
35:07 You know well, said he calls us, bond all,
35:09 great, small, and great, rich, poor,
35:12 free and bond, to receive a mark, where?
35:14 In their right hand, or in their foreheads.
35:18 Verse 17, "That no man might not" what?
35:20 He may not buy or sell, save he had the mark
35:24 and the name of he beast and the number of the, his name."
35:28 Friend, that's heavy duty.
35:29 The Bible points there's time that's coming up
35:31 to this world right now, but if you're
35:33 true to the God of Heaven and you don't follow after Rome
35:36 and you can't take the Paganism,
35:38 you can't take that itself from Babylon
35:40 and from Egypt coming in and infiltrating in the church
35:43 and you dare to stand up against it.
35:44 There will be a group that will rise up
35:46 in the last days, legislate action,
35:48 say you will not be able to buy or sell,
35:50 save you have the mark of the beast.
35:53 That you follow after the beast.
35:54 Oh, friend, that's a whole big long study within itself.
35:58 You say that's not possible.
35:59 Well, there is no one gonna do anything like that.
36:02 Well, let me just read one little quote,
36:03 remember you got to call for the book.
36:05 Oh, it blow your mind.
36:07 Dr. Baskin Robbins, in one of his speech
36:11 in Kansas wrote, he said this listen,
36:13 but he believed in Sunday legislation and he was--
36:16 he said this, "There is a class of people
36:19 in the country who will not keep Sunday.
36:23 He called it the Christian Sabbath,
36:24 no such things as Christian Sabbath.
36:26 Sabbath is the seventh-day, that always has been.
36:28 It always will be, why?
36:30 Bible said, he will think to change it.
36:32 You can't change what God has blessed.
36:34 You can't change what He sanctified.
36:36 You can't change what He said apart for holy use.
36:38 You might think so dear friends,
36:40 but the Bible says no, you serve
36:42 a God that doesn't change.
36:44 And so you have people saying what?
36:45 Well, some people are not gonna change,
36:47 but we're gonna make them change.
36:48 Now there is a thorn in our flesh.
36:51 Remember Jesus time what they said about it.
36:53 Oh, better for just a few to perish
36:54 than the whole nation to suffer.
36:56 So we see the nation, we see the economy,
36:58 we see things going down the tube right now.
37:00 Friend, we're headed to that same thing right now.
37:01 Are you prepared?
37:04 Do you love Jesus with all your heart?
37:05 You're willing to take that stand.
37:08 So this, Dr. Baskin Robbins, here what he said here,
37:11 now notice, there is a people in the country
37:13 who refused to keep the Sunday
37:15 unless they're forced to do so.
37:18 But it easily can be done.
37:21 See, people say, well, we have religious freedom,
37:23 well, they're not going to--he said
37:24 this easily can be done here
37:25 and he put out some steps, listen.
37:28 If we would say to them, it has to be
37:32 Sabbath keepers that he is referring to.
37:37 If we would say to them,
37:39 we will not sell anything to them.
37:42 We will not buy anything from them.
37:45 We will not work for them,
37:48 nor hire them to work for us.
37:51 This would wipe them out
37:54 and all the world would keep Sunday.
37:58 Wow, oh, you didn't know people were thinking along this line.
38:04 Absolutely they're thinking along this line.
38:06 There's a talk of this line, it's been going on
38:08 for years and years and years.
38:11 We are seeing the movement grow and grow and grow
38:13 for Sunday sacredness, following after what?
38:16 The Catholic Church.
38:18 Have you embraced that?
38:20 Have you just studied to find out to say well,
38:22 that's a day that He would resurrect us?
38:24 Is that all you know about it.
38:26 Oh, God help us.
38:28 We can be deceived if we don't know,
38:30 information here, that book when you call old friend,
38:33 there is so much information.
38:35 You know, there's a few people in the world,
38:39 few people in the world that recognize this counterfeit.
38:42 And may I say a counter to
38:44 counterfeit institution which is the papacy.
38:48 It's counterfeit, there is no doubt about it.
38:50 When I talk about people, the organization,
38:51 the devil said he is gonna find a place,
38:52 he is gonna have his own religion,
38:54 he is gonna have his own followers,
38:55 he is gonna have his own day just like God does
38:57 and you're gonna have to choose which side.
39:01 But the churches own statements we've been reading here.
39:05 She has almost the whole world following after her,
39:08 wondering after her on the false day, and what,
39:12 and the Protestants are doing the same thing,
39:13 right along with the papacy.
39:15 If we do that, we honor Catholicism above our Creator.
39:20 Oh, I want you to see the importance of this my friend.
39:23 You think these things are easy, messages to give.
39:25 Oh, Lord have mercy.
39:28 I tremble at many times, shake about it,
39:30 it's on my mind constantly, that the world has to be one
39:33 because God has so many good people every where
39:35 in every church but the call has to clear our way,
39:37 hear the message to come out of her my people,
39:40 that you been undertakers of what?
39:41 Of her sins. How about the worship?
39:45 See worship is, worship is the bases of a religion
39:49 and we cannot accept a man made imitation day of worship
39:54 in the place of the true Seventh-day Sabbath
39:57 which we find is, what?
39:58 The Mark of the Beast is religious authority.
40:01 They state, we substituted that day of God.
40:03 What does it say, what does man say?
40:05 We substituted God.
40:06 We have substituted the Creator.
40:08 Oh, friend, no we've got to study
40:10 to show ourselves approved to God.
40:13 See, I'm a believer in this,
40:15 only the honest in heart will hear this.
40:17 And people say, oh, thank you, Lord,
40:19 but when jott you're gonna say, oh,
40:21 we got to get rid of this kind of stuff.
40:22 We don't want to hear this kind of stuff.
40:26 Very few who want to get right with God,
40:28 will even hear all this information, they will say,
40:29 well, yeah I know but, you know,
40:31 my mom and my daddy, listen it's a--
40:33 don't worry about your mommy and your daddy
40:34 what was good for them.
40:36 It's what good for you right now.
40:37 The light that you have is what God holds you
40:39 and holds me accountable for it.
40:43 Oh, He is calling us out, out of this apostasy
40:48 that the world has fallen into.
40:51 And if you've been, you seen
40:52 what we were following after the papacy.
40:53 You're gonna say, you know, I see
40:54 there is something about this Seventh-day Sabbath
40:56 and I'm gonna study and if that is what God says in His word,
40:59 I'm gonna follow it and this is the truth.
41:02 Bible, Bible tells it over and over.
41:04 History tells it over and over, there is no mistake about it,
41:07 if you really want to know.
41:10 And God said we ought to in these last days
41:12 to identify what?
41:14 This organization, this counterfeit organization, why?
41:18 Because it's deceiving the world and millions and billions
41:20 will be lost if man doesn't stand up
41:22 and shake somebody else stuff.
41:24 So we're padding on your head and say, oh,
41:26 everything is good, everything is right
41:28 and we don't have to worry about anything.
41:30 We don't have to-- friend, no it's wrong.
41:33 God has challenged us.
41:34 He has given us a message of the hour.
41:39 Subject is, just to me its so vitals on my mind
41:42 and I know it's on many of your minds too
41:45 that the enemy has waged war against the truth.
41:49 He has waged war against the people of God.
41:52 Revelation 12:17 tells you that, how he work?
41:54 The old devil is angry with the church, right,
41:57 made war with the remnant of her seed
41:59 who keep the commandments of God, testimony faith of Jesus.
42:04 But you realize what, the devil said, I'm making war.
42:06 He's been making war with us for 1,500 years
42:09 over and over through the papacy.
42:13 And some of us have no idea.
42:15 And let's, Daniel call at this. Let's go this real quick.
42:17 Daniel call at the little horn, remember Daniel 7 and 8.
42:21 The king of fears countenance in Daniel Chapter 8.
42:25 Paul call him the man of sin, do you remember?
42:27 Second Thessalonians 2, 3, and, 4.
42:29 The mystery of inequity, Second Thessalonians 2:7.
42:33 John called it the antichrist, do you remember
42:35 in First John 2, 3 and 4 and in First John 3:4
42:38 You remember that. God called it, what?
42:41 Babylon, the Great, Revelation 14, 16 through 18.
42:46 The beast of Revelation 13:17, 19, and 20.
42:50 The dragon that came out as a flood,
42:53 Revelation 12:13 through 15, Scarlet women,
42:57 drunken with the blood of the saint,
42:58 sitting on a scarlet coloured beast,
43:00 with the kings of the earth,
43:01 Revelation 17, you think God is not, you know,
43:04 He told us clearly in His word, oh, friend, over and over.
43:09 But you still might be saying, you still might be saying,
43:11 look well, there is still a lot of good, you know,
43:15 that the Roman Church has a lot of good.
43:16 Oh, yes, they do, a lot of good people praise God
43:19 and He is calling them dear friend, too.
43:21 We can't let them sink down.
43:23 We've got to give the truth and the message and let them
43:26 respond to the call and the Protestant world
43:28 too just following after the papacy.
43:32 It's true, they have a lot of good things.
43:34 They have done a lot of good in the world,
43:36 no doubt about it, but this does not ever make,
43:39 err truth and never had God says,
43:41 well, there's a quite a bit of good here,
43:43 so we're not going to worry about it.
43:44 Jesus says no, its either you're all for Him
43:47 or you're against Him, one way or the other.
43:49 The enemy likes err.
43:51 He likes to put it run right along side the truth
43:54 as you will know and it makes it very difficult
43:57 then to expose for those who are still doubting.
44:02 I want to examine some of the teaching,
44:04 I want to do it quickly here
44:05 in our last few moments that we have or minutes.
44:07 Now remember if the teachings are from scripture,
44:11 we accept them and if not we deny them.
44:16 So for instance saying well, I'm a religious person,
44:18 your religion must be based, they should be
44:20 on the word of God, not tradition.
44:23 And it's important that we study.
44:25 Question, should an organization
44:28 then it calls itself Christian or religion.
44:32 Shouldn't it be based on scripture?
44:34 Sure, if not it can't be a Christian religion.
44:38 I'm trying to make it simple here
44:39 for my own mind and for you too.
44:41 It should be based upon Christ,
44:43 upon the teachings of Christ and not man and not tradition.
44:47 Instead you and I looking glassy eye like,
44:49 boy, this is all pumped and all glory
44:51 and all these things right here.
44:53 We look at the man of sin for what it really is.
44:58 Revelation 17:1 through 5 we see that the judgment,
45:01 the sentence of the great hoar
45:03 the Bible said takes place in verse 1.
45:07 Now remember if Jesus seem so fit to call these,
45:09 you know, such names and identify in such a way
45:12 that you can't miss it.
45:13 He want's us to do the same thing today.
45:16 He said there is a harlot that sits upon many waters, verse 1.
45:19 She exercises her power over many people,
45:22 modern Babylon sits and impresses people on the earth.
45:25 Verse 2, "The kings of the earth,
45:27 political powers of the earth,
45:29 notice this as you read your Bible.
45:31 They back it up with the whore.
45:34 They back it up with a--this power, this beast power.
45:41 And they find it their duty
45:42 to try to destroy the people of God.
45:46 She's committed fornication the Bible said.
45:48 She has an illicit alliance with
45:51 professed Christians and political powers.
45:54 She is not related to Christ at all.
45:56 Man this is heavy duty.
45:57 Verse 2, inhabitants it talks about of the earth
45:59 or may drunk with her wine.
46:02 She is an apostate woman.
46:04 She is a guilty of opposing God.
46:06 She is guilty of opposing truth, she rides on a beast.
46:09 Scarlet color, scarlet is the color of what?
46:11 Of sin, Isaiah 1:18, the great red dragon
46:15 of Revelation Chapter 12.
46:16 Oh, friend, we've got to cover these things quickly.
46:18 Here is our main point.
46:19 Is that this power has made the world drunk,
46:22 intoxicated with her wine.
46:25 To where the reason and judgment
46:26 and spiritual perceptions are completely gone, how?
46:30 By deception and miracles, Revelation 13, wine,
46:35 false doctrine, false teaching brought in.
46:37 Let me give you some examples I want to do it quickly here.
46:40 Behind the movement the false teachings
46:42 not only of Catholicism but in Protestantism.
46:46 And that's not-- which not in harmony
46:47 with scripture must be exposed,
46:49 for we have to try the sprits
46:51 the Bible says in First John 4:1.
46:53 Now let's just examine some in a few moments
46:56 or minutes that we have left here.
46:57 All the doctrines and the teachings that we hold
47:00 dear must be routed where, in scripture.
47:03 Let me just go over some of these things here
47:06 that we have man, tradition, and Paganism.
47:09 Let's look, I'm just gonna look at it, just take a few minutes,
47:11 look at the Roman Church, and her doctrines.
47:14 And then we're gonna look at Baal worship
47:17 and her teachings and doctrines.
47:19 See where they came from.
47:20 First of all number one, Baal worship.
47:22 That's worship, oh, and be care,
47:24 that's the worshiping of the enemy,
47:26 isn't the devil, Baal worship.
47:28 Notice this, the nativity of the sun
47:30 and the birth of Tammuz on December the 25th.
47:34 That come from what? Baal worship, Paganism.
47:37 Catholicism, they've whitewashed it and called it
47:41 the nativity of Jesus and they call it
47:43 Christmas, December the 25th.
47:47 Number two, the assumption, a Semiramis
47:50 who became the mother of goddess.
47:52 This is from what, Ball worship.
47:54 Catholicism says, the assumption of Mary
47:58 who became the mother of God.
47:59 Paganism, baptize, we see with Christianity
48:02 we still call whitewash.
48:03 Three, the mother of goddess worshiped
48:06 as the queen of heaven, Jeremiah 7.
48:09 Here Catholicism says, now we take that
48:12 and we turn into Virgin Mary worship as the queen of heaven.
48:16 Four, Baal worship, cakes dedicated to the queen
48:20 goddess of heaven with the "T" drawn on them.
48:23 Jeremiah 44 talks about it.
48:26 Catholicism says, oh, yeah, we do.
48:28 We make hot cross buns with a cross of T.
48:30 They call it a cross drawn it,
48:32 that came straight from Babylonian,
48:34 straight from Chaldean, straight from Paganism.
48:37 Five, you heard this so much. You heard 40 days of what?
48:41 This is--I'm talking about Baal worship here,
48:43 they had 40 days of fasting for Tammuz.
48:46 Ezekiel 8, you read it.
48:48 Catholic Church says, now we do 40 days of lent.
48:52 They borrowed it.
48:54 You see how they borrowed their worship from what?
48:56 Babylon, Paganism.
49:00 Six, festival of Easter, come on stay with me, Ezekiel 8.
49:05 Roman Catholicism just says, yeah, we celebrate Easter,
49:07 that's where it came from, it came from Paganism.
49:10 We baptized it.
49:11 Seven, resurrection of Tummuz at Easter,
49:14 process of graven images, during holy week.
49:17 Catholicism says, procession of graven images of Jesus
49:22 and of Mary and of Peter during holy week.
49:26 Everyone of these things they're teaching.
49:28 You see comes from where? Straight from Paganism.
49:31 Let me give you an eight, Balaam, devil worship notice,
49:35 symbol of the cross did you get it.
49:37 A symbol of--it's a symbol of sun worship.
49:40 Catholicism says what?
49:41 Oh, this is a crucifix. It's a sign of the cross.
49:46 Babylonian mysteries, Chaldean and Egyptian,
49:49 it forms the letter "T" initial for what? Tammuz.
49:54 Letter "T" printed around in a round circle represents what?
49:57 The sun, virgin of Pagan Rome, it was suspended around
50:03 the necklace of--that the nuns do now, interesting.
50:09 Number nine, the round wafer, you follow the round wafer,
50:12 pagan sun, an Egyptian, Paganism, round wafer,
50:16 that you represent, they said life and nourishment.
50:19 Roman Church says we use the wafer now in what?
50:22 In Eucharist, ten, infant baptism, that was in Paganism.
50:27 Baal worship and here as the Catholic Church
50:29 brought it in and said what?
50:30 Sprinkling with holy water.
50:32 Eleven, Necromancy, alleged communication
50:35 with the dead in paganistic.
50:37 Oh, Roman Catholic Church calls it mysticism here
50:40 and they call characteristic, comprehend said
50:43 that the comprehension is beyond human,
50:46 they are very interesting.
50:47 Twelve, first day of the week, first day of the week Sunday.
50:51 Oh, kept in honor of Baal or the devil, did you get it.
50:55 And now what?
50:56 Catholic Church said, we changed Saturday,
50:58 seventh day of the week to Sunday
50:59 the first day of the week.
51:01 Thirteen, that Pontifex Maximus,
51:04 that in Paganism, that's where it came from
51:06 the chief of the Pagan Babylonians,
51:08 a system of idolatry and thirteen Roman Catholic Church
51:12 did this Pontifex Maximus
51:14 it's one of the first names given to the Pope.
51:16 Yeah, you see this all adds up here,
51:19 pagan high priest king in Baal worship,
51:22 believe that to incarnate, you know,
51:24 talking about the incarnate of the sun god,
51:26 you know, and here the papacy said the Pope
51:29 pretends to be Christ vicar on earth.
51:33 I want you to see these things here,
51:34 I don't know how much more time we got.
51:35 Baal worship, offers to appease the gods.
51:39 Catholicism says we do penance
51:41 and we do indulgence and we do what?
51:44 And salvation is by works.
51:47 Sixteen, Amulets and idols to scare away
51:50 the evil spirits in Paganism.
51:52 Roman Catholic Church says, now we wear
51:54 the crucifix images displayed for protection.
51:59 Houses, Paganism, house for the virgin--
52:01 for priestess to be employed at pagan temples.
52:06 Catholic Church calls it nuns.
52:08 Eighteen, belief in mortality of the soul, pay attention,
52:12 the burning place of torment.
52:14 Catholic Church calls it the same thing.
52:17 Nineteen, doctrine of purgatory.
52:19 Catholic Church says, doctrine of purgatory,
52:21 it came from Paganism.
52:24 Graven images, the Baal worship, idolaters,
52:27 we're worshiping Tammuz and other god's.
52:30 Catholicism says, images of Jesus
52:32 and Mary and Peter and other saints.
52:36 Oh, belief of the dead, visiting the living.
52:41 Oh, Roman Church says what?
52:42 This is the festival of all souls day
52:45 on November the second.
52:46 All Saints Day held on November the first.
52:48 Burning of incense in Paganism.
52:51 Catholic Church says what?
52:52 Burning of incense and candles.
52:54 Twenty three, chants and repetitions,
52:57 repetitious prayers by, you know, pagans.
53:00 Catholic Church says we do the rosary and hail Mary.
53:04 Friend, there is not a place in this planet
53:06 that has not been influenced
53:07 by Nimrod system of worship of the Sun.
53:11 Bible says in Revelation 18:3, "All nations
53:13 had drunk of what, of her fornication.
53:15 We've taken all this pagan and brought it
53:17 into the church and we think what?
53:18 Baptize Christian, no, still has its roots in Paganism.
53:22 Revelation 18:4, quote it says, "Come out of her,
53:24 my people, that you be not partakers
53:26 of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues."
53:30 The enemy is deceiving today, will it be--
53:33 will you be deceived?
53:34 Will there be persecution on arising.
53:36 You stand for what, for truth.
53:39 These last days those who hold up the seventh-day Sabbath,
53:42 the Lord thy God, Oh, boy,
53:44 who expose this man of sin, expose the antichrist,
53:48 expose Paganism, traditions of men.
53:52 You know, what, people stand up
53:54 and expose that man of sin,
53:55 they're gonna be recalled by God in Isaiah 58,
53:57 the repairer of the breach,
53:59 a restorer of paths to dwell in.
54:02 God called His people out of Egypt,
54:04 that they might keep the seventh-day Sabbath,
54:06 The day He calls them out of Babylon,
54:09 so they not worship Baal and the teaching of the beast
54:12 and the enemy or the Sunday, the child of the papacy.
54:15 God help us to see.
54:16 Friend, again I'm just--
54:17 there is so much to cover, just don't have time to do.
54:19 You need to call in for that book.
54:22 That book is astounding, it's amazing,
54:24 will help you to understand what we're talking about here,
54:26 shocking as it might be.
54:27 Well, we don't want to shock you with it.
54:29 We're not trying to criticize or condemn individual,
54:31 but this is a message that God has given
54:33 and it may again, it's gonna shock
54:34 many people who believe it.
54:36 We still should give that message,
54:38 because God is calling His people.
54:39 Will you respond to that call?
54:42 You say, you know, I didn't realize all that.
54:44 Oh, I had no idea, you watched it all, you know,
54:47 five parts and you say oh, Lord,
54:48 help me to do the right thing.
54:50 Oh, the Lord is graceful and merciful
54:52 and as He come out and say O' Lord
54:54 I want to change my way.
54:55 I want to do the right thing, God is gonna help you to do.
54:58 I want you--I want to pray with you right now
54:59 as we close, kneel right there
55:01 God will help you make that decision.
55:03 Let's pray, merciful Father in heaven,
55:04 we thank you for Your love and Your mercy,
55:06 Your long suffering with us.
55:08 We thank you for the message of the hour.
55:10 We thank you heavenly Father now
55:12 as You take these words that all, maybe hurtful to some,
55:14 we're not intended to hurt anyone,
55:16 but to get some eyes attention for Jesus.
55:18 We pray that ears and minds and heart
55:20 will be open in Jesus name, amen.
55:23 Remember, be sure to call we have 200 books,
55:25 remember the first 200 callers gets that book absolutely free
55:29 and again we've only touched on all
55:32 dozens and dozens of these quotes
55:34 and you're gonna see we're right on target,
55:36 as difficult as it might be.
55:38 So you need to call in quickly
55:40 and make sure you get that book and you study
55:42 and then you let us know how the Holy Spirit has worked
55:44 on your heart in convincing you
55:46 to make the necessary changes.
55:48 You know, may God richly bless you.
55:50 Remember, the only way we keep these programs
55:52 going is by your offerings.
55:54 We love you and we'll talk to you next time.
55:58 Welcome back God's word is truly a two-edged sword.
56:02 It cuts and it separates those who professed
56:05 to be followers of Christ from those who truly are Christians
56:10 throughout every fiber of their being.
56:13 These messages should stir you to decisions
56:16 and actions for the kingdom of God.
56:19 And it is our hope and our prayer
56:21 that you'll hold on to the truths of God's word,
56:24 no matter what storms of life comes your way.
56:28 And to help you do this as always
56:30 we are making this five part series available to anyone
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56:40 the Antichrist Revealed" and it is available
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56:46 The messages that you receive in this five part series are
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57:02 "Deception instead of Persecution?"
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57:53 Friends, until next time may our precious Lord
57:56 may He continue to richly bless you and yours.


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