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Let The Redeemed Say So!

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Participants: Chris Shelton (Host), Kenny Shelton


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00:41 Hello, I'm Chris Shelton
00:43 and welcome to "Behold the Lamb Presents."
00:45 I believe that the message that we have for you today
00:48 is one that the whole world needs desperately to listen to.
00:52 It is entitled "Let the Redeemed Say So!"
00:56 When the Lord returns we will find that
00:58 there will only be two classes of people at that time,
01:02 the redeemed and the lost.
01:04 And this is only because we have a Savior, Jesus Christ
01:08 who first came to this earth as a baby.
01:12 And later gave His life on a cruel rugged cross
01:15 to pay our debt to sin.
01:18 He redeemed us from the enemy of souls.
01:20 He paid the price for sin that is ours to pay and not His.
01:25 But because He loved you so very, very much,
01:29 He is willing to pay the cost of transgressing God's law,
01:33 which is death.
01:34 The redeemed only exist because of Christ.
01:38 The redeemed may sing and praise the Father
01:40 only because of Christ.
01:43 We were bought with a heavy price,
01:45 the heavy price of His life.
01:48 When we accept Christ as our Lord and Savior we become
01:52 His property, His redeemed to watch and care for.
01:55 What a precious and exciting news
01:58 this truly is for all of us.
02:00 But without this purchase,
02:03 we would remain lost in our sins.
02:05 We would remain the property of the enemy.
02:08 The choice is ours and one we are making on a daily basis,
02:12 whether or not we are even cognitively aware of it.
02:16 So it behooves every single person
02:19 we can get to listen to this message to do just that.
02:23 God is calling His people to get ready,
02:26 get ready and get ready for His soon return.
02:29 And we know that you want to be
02:31 a part of that number who is redeemed.
02:33 So sit back and listen to God's Spirit
02:36 speaking through His servant Pastor Kenny Shelton
02:40 as he brings us the message "Let the Redeemed Say So."
02:44 But first, let's listen to a song entitled
02:47 "Jesus Paid It All"
02:50 performed and sung by Clint McKoy.
03:04 I hear the Savior say
03:09 Thy strength indeed is small
03:14 Child of weakness, watch and pray
03:19 Find in Me thine all in all
03:28 Jesus paid it all
03:33 All to Him I owe
03:38 Sin had left a crimson stain
03:43 He washed it white as snow
03:51 Lord, now indeed I find
03:56 Thy power and Thine alone
04:01 Can change the leper's spots
04:06 And melt my heart of stone
04:15 Jesus paid it all
04:20 All to Him I owe
04:25 Sin had left a crimson stain
04:30 He washed it white as snow
04:42 And when before the throne
04:48 I stand in Him complete
04:53 I'll lay my trophies down
04:58 All down at Jesus' feet
05:06 'Cause Jesus paid it all
05:11 All to Him I owe
05:16 Sin had left a crimson stain
05:22 He washed it white as snow
05:27 Sin had left a crimson stain
05:32 He washed it white as snow
05:48 Thanks for joining us once again.
05:50 As you already heard in the introduction
05:52 our title is "Let the Redeemed Say So."
05:55 A very important message,
05:56 so I pray that you're taking a pencil and a paper,
05:59 Bible, getting things laid out there.
06:01 We have so many passages to go over,
06:03 a lot of material to cover that I know will be a blessing,
06:06 not only for those who have been with Christ for many, many years
06:10 but for those who are may be
06:11 trying to develop a relationship with Jesus.
06:14 These are things that will help you along your way
06:16 and help us as we continue on our path.
06:18 So again get everything ready.
06:20 We're gonna have prayers, we always do,
06:21 invite the Holy Spirit to come into our midst,
06:24 be able to lead and guide us into all truth.
06:27 So what you can, won't you pray with me?
06:29 Let's do that, shall we?
06:32 Merciful Father in heaven,
06:33 we thank you for the privilege of prayer.
06:35 We thank you for loving us.
06:36 We thank you for the promise where two or three
06:39 are gathered together you'll be in our midst.
06:40 Now, Lord, I ask you to forgive me of sin,
06:42 any things in my heart and life that needs not be there.
06:44 Lord, we need an open connection with You.
06:46 We need to understand Your Word.
06:48 We're living in the last minutes as it were in world's history.
06:52 So we pray as the message goes forwards today
06:54 it will be under Your direction.
06:56 May not a word be spoken
06:57 that would not be pleasing in your sight.
06:59 And we pray that Your Holy Spirit
07:01 will put power and conviction upon the hearts and lives
07:03 of those who listen and those who view.
07:05 We're gonna thank you in advance for that.
07:07 In Jesus' name, amen.
07:12 Interesting subject to me about the redeemed.
07:14 I heard people sometime they ask question, they say,
07:16 "Well, you know, redeemed--
07:18 what's gonna happen with the redeemed?
07:19 What takes place?"
07:21 So I've just done some little quick research
07:23 and just put a few things down as we talk
07:25 about this fascinating subject about the redeemed.
07:28 They may challenge you just a little bit,
07:30 but you know what, that's all right.
07:32 Because if you have comments or questions,
07:34 you can always give us a call, you can always email,
07:36 you can always get a hold of us.
07:38 And we do appreciate that, praise God for that.
07:40 But I'm gonna say the redeemed will,
07:43 the redeemed will have all of their perplexities,
07:46 the things that they- the questions answered
07:48 that they would not have answered here on this life
07:51 will be answered by God Himself as we get to that new earth.
07:56 We're going to have--
07:57 the redeemed is going to have glorious bodies like Jesus.
08:01 That's an awesome thing to think about.
08:03 There is a city that's built for the redeemed.
08:07 Now see you don't want to miss any of these things.
08:09 You want some things to be made plain that you couldn't write.
08:11 You want to know that you're gonna have a body like Jesus.
08:14 You're gonna last forever and ever and ever and ever.
08:16 You want to know that God has prepared a place
08:18 for them that love Him, a new city, the new Jerusalem.
08:22 The redeemed is going to have a new name.
08:24 The Bible says a new name and you know what it says,
08:26 written there-- is what written there is
08:28 "Holiness unto the Lord."
08:31 But you know we need to begin here holiness unto the Lord,
08:34 that new name and then holiness unto the Lord.
08:36 The redeemed will understand the ministry.
08:40 The redeemed will understand the ministry
08:42 that angel's have played in each of our hearts and our lives.
08:46 Sometimes we don't understand about that guardian angel.
08:48 The angel's been assigned to us
08:49 and we're just-- well, it didn't happen.
08:51 We were lucky. No, you're blessed.
08:53 But we're going to understand that ministry of angels,
08:55 the redeemed is going to.
08:58 Every provision has been made that can be made by God
09:03 for the happiness of the redeemed or the saints.
09:06 Every possible thing that could be God
09:08 has done that for you and for me.
09:12 Every sinful propensity,
09:14 every tendency is going to be removed.
09:17 Praise God for that.
09:19 Bible says, you know, sin will not rise up--what--
09:21 again the second time.
09:23 Our face is the redeemed,
09:24 our face is going to reflect the image of Christ.
09:29 Shouldn't we begin with that right now?
09:30 Letting Him come in, others see, not us, but see Jesus?
09:35 You're going to attend--
09:36 the redeemed will attend the greatest supper
09:38 that has ever, ever been prepared.
09:41 And Jesus is going to serve you.
09:43 Who are you? Who am I that He would serve me?
09:45 Praise God.
09:47 What a supper that's going to be.
09:50 The redeemed is going to spend much time
09:53 searching out the mysteries of redemption.
09:56 We think we can read Scripture and we can understand.
09:58 All through eternal ages,
10:00 we're gonna be searching out these mysteries of redemption.
10:02 Things that are so deep that mind just cannot comprehend,
10:05 but we will some day.
10:06 Praise God for that.
10:08 No tempter is going to be tempting the redeemed.
10:13 He's forever going to come to an end.
10:15 What a blessing that is in a thought.
10:18 All the treasures of the universe
10:21 is going to be open to the redeemed.
10:23 Nothing is going to be hid from you, you're faithful.
10:25 We're talking about things you're faithful,
10:27 you're going to be able to enjoy.
10:29 You're not some little something
10:30 floating around on a little cloud, nothing to do.
10:32 It's going to be an awesome thing
10:34 that Jesus has prepared for us,
10:36 an awesome world, awesome things for us to do and to be together.
10:41 That redeemed will be-- notice carefully--free from sin.
10:46 The redeemed will be free from sin
10:48 and all marks of the curse of sin.
10:51 People don't realize sin leaves its mark.
10:53 And boy, you can tell,
10:55 it catches you even in the world, even today.
10:56 See people we say, "Oh, they must have lived a hard life.
10:59 Taking things into their body, done different things."
11:01 There's marks that are left.
11:03 Doing wrong there's marks that are left.
11:05 They won't be in that New Jerusalem, that new city.
11:07 The redeemed will not have that.
11:10 And you know what?
11:11 The Bible says that the redeemed
11:12 will be clothed with immortality.
11:15 You want to live forever?
11:16 Everybody here on this earth wants to seem to live forever,
11:18 as long as they can, healthy and happy.
11:20 But, you know, it's not here in this world.
11:22 But there's promise to the redeemed, and not only that.
11:25 As you study the Bible you realize that
11:27 youth will be yours, beauty will be yours
11:30 because of Jesus Christ.
11:32 And just another thing, reminder.
11:34 We're talking about the redeemed here.
11:37 They are going to be eating from the tree of life.
11:40 You're going to have immortality forever with Jesus.
11:44 What a thought that is. Live with Him forever.
11:48 This is the key, the redeemed.
11:50 But how's that possible?
11:52 What does it mean to be redeemed?
11:54 You heard about the song in the opening, redeemed.
11:56 That's one of my favorites and always been,
11:58 even as a young person
12:00 is redeemed--how I love to proclaim that redeemed what?
12:03 You heard it here, by the blood of the Lamb.
12:06 You're redeemed. You're a purchased possession.
12:09 Book of Mathew 20:28 brings this clear.
12:14 I jot some down, we'll go through
12:15 several rather quickly here.
12:17 And it gives us the foundation.
12:18 So I hope what you've just heard about the redeemed will,
12:22 all of these things, many, many, many more things,
12:24 but I hope it excites you today.
12:25 And so, you know, I want to be a partaker of that.
12:28 If you remember Jesus-- Bible says in Mathew 20:28,
12:32 "Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto,
12:37 but to minister."
12:39 Jesus came to be what? A servant.
12:41 "And to give His life a ransom for many."
12:46 Give Himself as a ransom, an exchange.
12:51 He came to be a servant. What?
12:53 For you and for me. Who are we?
12:56 1 Timothy 2:6, the Bible said,
12:58 "He gave Himself a ransom for all."
13:01 So you think maybe that, you know, well,
13:04 "I've lived such a bad life that,
13:06 you know, He's not going to accept me."
13:07 The Bible says that He came,
13:09 He gave His life for a ransom for all.
13:11 You just need to accept that today.
13:14 What a blessing that is when you think about it,
13:16 we have a chance for eternal life.
13:18 We're going to have to say Jesus, get Him on our side.
13:20 We need Him, don't we, desperately?
13:22 Book of Isaiah 51:10, 11,
13:26 there's a question here and it's kind of interesting,
13:28 too because it goes back to
13:30 where a lot of people talk about the crossing,
13:32 you know, the river, open the back up
13:34 and Israel escaping, you know, from Pharaoh.
13:36 Just, you know, little place you could ride through.
13:38 Listen to this passage, see how that,
13:40 that certainly tells us the truth.
13:42 It says, "Art thou not it which hath dried
13:45 the sea of waters of the great deep,
13:49 that hath made the depths of the sea
13:52 a way for the ransomed to pass over?
13:57 Therefore the redeemed of the Lord shall return
14:00 and come singing into Zion."
14:03 These are powerful what God can do.
14:05 God's working miracles for His people.
14:07 He's redeemed us by His blood.
14:09 Friend, if you don't get there
14:10 because you don't want to get there.
14:12 There is a way, dear friend. It's simply what?
14:15 By the redemption, by the price it was paid for us.
14:19 Our subject, "Let the Redeemed Say So"
14:22 comes from Psalms 107:2.
14:25 It simply says, "Let the redeemed of the Lord say so."
14:29 Isn't it time for the redeemed to get up and say so,
14:32 instead of sit down and say nothing?
14:34 It's time why?
14:35 Because of the blessings, what He's prepared for us,
14:37 what He's done, what He's going to do,
14:39 how much He wants you there in heaven.
14:42 All the things He's promised for,
14:43 spend eternity with Him, universe learned.
14:45 Opened up avenues that we never even dreamed of
14:48 will be opened up to us.
14:50 He's offering to us. He paid the price for us.
14:53 It's time for the redeemed to say so.
14:55 In Isaiah 43:3, the Bible says,
14:58 "For I am the Lord thy God, the Holy one of Israel."
15:03 Do you know the Lord, God of Israel?
15:05 Do you know the Holy one of Israel?
15:07 If not, why not today?
15:09 If you know Him today, surely you would say
15:12 "Let the redeemed say so."
15:13 I know Him today. Praise God.
15:16 Instead of saying, "Well, I don't know if I do."
15:18 Oh, friend, you need to get to know Him today if you don't.
15:22 There's a beautiful illustration.
15:23 I like this illustration used in Scripture.
15:27 It was found in the laws that were given to Israel.
15:30 It shows the relationship that Jesus has with His people.
15:35 That's found in Leviticus 25:25. Listen carefully.
15:38 It's a beautiful, beautiful lesson for us to learn here.
15:41 It says, the Bible says, "If thy brother be waxen poor."
15:45 Most of us will stand up and say
15:46 "Woo, we fit in that class."
15:48 So if you've been waxen poor, if you're poor
15:50 and if you had to sell--
15:52 "sold away some of his possessions,
15:55 and any of his kin come to redeem it,
15:59 then shall he redeem that which his brother sold."
16:02 Interesting, you were poor, had no money,
16:04 you had to sell your possessions.
16:06 The one responsible is the next of kin
16:09 to come and to redeem it or purchase it back. Wow.
16:13 Then it gets a little clear to us.
16:16 And also in Leviticus 25,
16:17 we'll read two verses here, 47 and 48.
16:20 It says, "If a sojourner or a stranger wax rich by thee,
16:25 they brother that dwelleth by him wax poor," and he's what?
16:30 "He has to sell himself unto the stranger or to the sojourne
16:35 by thee, or to the stock of a stranger or stranger's family."
16:40 Notice that, "After he is sold he may be redeemed again,
16:47 by one of his brethrens may redeem him."
16:51 So what is this all about?
16:54 We fall on hard times. Sell everything.
16:58 God said the nearest of kin then is going to come and do what?
17:01 Is to redeem it or to-- he'll give it back.
17:04 See here we see when a Hebrew had to sell his positions.
17:09 Listen, or had to sell himself as a servant.
17:12 And that happened many, many times.
17:15 The duty to redeem that individual or that possession
17:19 was to fall upon the nearest kin.
17:23 How about us today? We need to be redeemed.
17:26 You know, we're a purchased possession.
17:29 Let the redeemed say so, we're in trouble.
17:32 We sold out, and our nearest of kin says
17:37 "I'm going to come and I'm going to purchase you."
17:40 We're lost, what, through sin. We have nothing left.
17:44 But our nearest of kin will come and try to what?
17:46 Will buy us back.
17:48 Oh, friend, how exciting that is.
17:50 That's what--the nearest kin we have is what?
17:52 The redeemer of the world. Jesus is our nearest kin.
17:57 And He came to buy us back.
17:59 Jesus came down to this earth to redeem us.
18:04 He became our kinsman the Bible says.
18:09 That means what?
18:11 Closer than a mother, closer than a father,
18:12 than a brother, than a sister or a friend or any loved one.
18:16 He's our nearest kin.
18:19 In fact, Book of Isaiah 43:4 makes it very, very clear.
18:22 It says, "Since thou wast precious in My sight."
18:26 Can you--listen can you possibly imagine in your mind
18:30 that the God of heaven looks down at you
18:33 and looks down at me.
18:34 And He said, "You are precious in My sight."
18:38 Oh, you think about all the wrong things that maybe
18:40 you've done and all made you to go
18:41 in the wrong direction even right now.
18:43 But I'll tell you that God of heaven looks down upon you
18:46 through His Son Jesus Christ and He said
18:48 "You're precious in My sight."
18:50 "Because, you're precious in My sight,
18:52 thou hast been honorable, and I have loved thee,
18:57 therefore will I give men for thee
19:00 and people for thy life."
19:03 Jesus said "I'm going to come to," what?
19:04 To redeem you. Praise God for that. Why?
19:07 Because he said "I love you. You're precious in My sight."
19:12 See we should praise God.
19:14 Every time we think about, be quick to recognize
19:16 that we have the claims of heaven
19:20 and that we belong to Jesus Christ.
19:23 We have a divine relationship with Him.
19:27 Quick to praise Him and give--God said,
19:29 why because, I am adopted.
19:31 Like where the Bible talks about adoption.
19:33 I've been adopted into the family of what?
19:36 The family of God.
19:38 And we'll talk more about that
19:39 and so I don't want you to miss that
19:41 in a few more moments here.
19:42 Talk about our kinsman. Jesus is our nearest kinsman.
19:46 In fact, Proverbs 18:24, the Bible says this,
19:50 "There is a friend that sticketh closer than a," what?
19:53 "Than a brother."
19:54 A friend that sticketh closer, who could that be?
19:57 It must be Jesus.
20:00 Mathew 12:50 says,
20:01 "For whosoever shall do the will of My Father
20:04 which is in heaven, the same
20:06 is My brother and My sister and My mother."
20:10 Jesus is making it clear.
20:11 Who's My mother? Who's My sister?
20:12 Who's My brother? Whoever does the will of God is.
20:16 He's our nearest kinsman.
20:18 1 Corinthians 15:45 just really
20:23 comes alive for us as a Christian.
20:25 When you open the pages of the Word of God
20:27 this word should be jumping out, grabbing a hold of you.
20:29 You feel something,
20:30 the spiritual goose bumps get all over you
20:32 to realize how close we are to God
20:35 and how He's so close to us wanting to help us
20:39 and to encourage us, to strengthen us
20:41 and give us victory in our life,
20:42 rather than be defeated and down all the time.
20:45 1 Corinthians 15:45, the Bible says, "The first man."
20:48 Who was the first man? It was Adam, right?
20:50 "Was made a living soul.
20:52 The last Adam was made a quickening spirit."
20:56 You see the church today needs some quickening spirit.
20:59 We need the spirit of the living God in us,
21:01 living lively stones.
21:03 Praise God for that second Adam that came
21:05 right to redeem us from what was lost by the first.
21:09 And I believe this,
21:10 it's almost time for the second coming of Jesus Christ
21:13 and some of you are waiting around,
21:15 some of you are debating whether I should accept Jesus,
21:17 some of your husband or wife
21:18 you're holding back the other one.
21:20 You know, you don't want to make a decision.
21:21 Jesus--maybe because you're,
21:23 ooh, your head may be a little bit hard.
21:24 And you don't want to really accept it,
21:26 but you know it's true.
21:27 Your wife has been showing you
21:29 or your husband has been showing you.
21:30 You know, don't put it off any longer.
21:31 Join in together.
21:33 Be part of the family, family of God.
21:34 Adopted into the family of God. Today is the day to do that.
21:39 See we have to realize that
21:41 it's time for the redemption of the purchase,
21:44 the possession to take place.
21:47 You are a precious possession to God.
21:51 Oh, listen the Bible says this.
21:53 In Psalms 37:29, it says,
21:56 "The righteous shall inherit," what?
21:58 "The righteous shall inherit the land,
22:00 and dwell therein for ever."
22:03 Everybody again wants to live forever.
22:05 You want to dwell somewhere forever.
22:06 Here's the opportunity for you. This is a sure thing.
22:09 The righteous, you've to do the right--
22:11 doing right by the grace of God and His strength.
22:14 In Hebrews 2:11, it becomes very clear.
22:17 That Jesus when He looks at us, the Bible said
22:20 "He is not ashamed to call them brethren."
22:25 Can you possibly imagine in the life
22:27 that you have led or I have led and we look back and say
22:29 "Oh, Jesus is not ashamed to call us His brethren?"
22:34 Realize even in the human family how often we're ooh,
22:37 we're ashamed of maybe what a brother or a sister
22:40 or somebody has done in the family.
22:41 We're ashamed of them. We've done much worse.
22:44 Jesus looks down and He said, "I'm not ashamed of them.
22:47 I'm not ashamed to call them My brethren."
22:49 What a love that He has for us.
22:51 What a lesson for us to learn to glean from.
22:54 Let the redeemed say so.
22:57 See timed up, "Yes, thank you Lord for that."
23:00 You know, I've been redeemed,
23:02 the Bible said, by the blood of the Lamb.
23:05 Have you been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb?
23:07 Have you been bought--purchased?
23:10 Listen, good news for you. Good news for me.
23:12 Some of you've been in the grasp
23:14 of the enemy for a long time.
23:15 You've been a servent, you've been a slave.
23:17 You can't get away from the grasp that he has.
23:20 It's just simple here.
23:22 If the devil has you in his grasp right now,
23:25 remember this, he cannot hold any person.
23:28 No person who by faith receives Christ as His personal Savior.
23:33 All you have to do is receive Jesus as your personal Savior.
23:36 Make a commitment and the devil has to let go.
23:39 You tired of serving him? Oh, I think that you are.
23:41 It's time then to do what?
23:43 It's time to let Jesus rule
23:44 and reign in your heart and in your life.
23:46 That's what happiness is all about.
23:48 Read Colossians 1:13 and in fact the whole chapter
23:51 and boy, what a blessing will come your way.
23:53 You will not be able to put the Bible down.
23:55 You'll read that chapter.
23:56 And you'll say "Woo-we, I'm gonna read another chapter.
23:58 Woo-we, I'm gonna read another one."
24:00 You'll find you've been 2 or 3 hours in the Bible
24:01 and it went by like that.
24:04 This is important for us to know as Christians.
24:06 Don't put it off what needs to take place.
24:10 Don't put it off if you sense that you're weak today.
24:12 Don't put it off if you say I'm a sinner.
24:15 Well, we're all sinners saved by grace.
24:17 But I need a helping hand.
24:19 Right now today, this moment while you're watching,
24:22 this moment right now,
24:23 bring your weaknesses to Jesus Christ.
24:25 Bring those sinful propensities, those things in your life,
24:29 you know, the sins and the shortcomings,
24:31 the temper, the impatience,
24:33 all of these things bring them to God right now.
24:36 He is the only one, Jesus Christ,
24:38 the only one that can wash us clean.
24:40 That's what 1 John 1:9 tell us, isn't it?
24:43 He's gonna wash me whiter than snow.
24:45 I need to be washed today. You need to be washed today.
24:48 It's a simple thing to do, but by faith.
24:52 Why continue to live the life that you're living?
24:55 You're not happy with it anyway. You're not happy with yourself.
24:58 you're not happy with your companion,
24:59 You're not happy at the workplace.
25:01 You're not happy because you don't have Jesus.
25:04 That's the answer.
25:05 That's not just some little thing to be said.
25:07 That's awesome when Jesus comes into your life.
25:09 Bring those things to Him.
25:11 Now why will we bring our weakness and our,
25:13 you know, things that we do wrong to Jesus.
25:15 You know, why?
25:16 My Bible tells me as I read it there in Luke 19:10.
25:19 My Bible says that "Jesus, He came to seek," what?
25:23 "And save that which was lost."
25:26 I like that. He came to seek.
25:28 Do you realize that?
25:30 That means He came to search for me.
25:32 Wow. He came to search for me.
25:35 He came to inquire about me.
25:39 He came to seek often.
25:42 He never quits seeking you. You may turn from Him.
25:46 He's still seeking for you and to save that which was lost.
25:50 That's you. That's me.
25:51 You realize that what that word really means "save the lost?"
25:55 The lost simply means that
25:57 you are deserving of a punishment,
26:00 that you're going to be destroyed, the lost.
26:03 Did you get it?
26:04 You're going to die is what the Bible said
26:07 and to destroy fully.
26:09 So you have not a chance.
26:11 Because we're all sinners
26:12 we must accept Jesus our Lord and Savior.
26:14 We're not going anywhere. We're not going to heaven.
26:17 Wow. He came to seek and save.
26:20 And then 1 Timothy really adds more to this
26:22 to make you love Jesus even more and want to follow Him.
26:26 1 Timothy 1:15 and sad to say some of you think,
26:29 you say, "I don't have time for Him."
26:30 Well, you have time for everything else, don't you?
26:33 You have time for everything else,
26:34 but you have no time for Jesus.
26:36 Oh, friend, do you realize what you're--
26:37 by your choices you're--
26:38 oh, boy, you're signing your death decree for eternity.
26:42 You really are.
26:44 By your choices you're choosing destruction over living forever,
26:49 because "Well, I don't have time now."
26:51 Oh, yeah. You make time.
26:53 God will make sure all these other things
26:54 will be added unto you.
26:57 1 Timothy 1:15, the Bible says,
26:59 "He came into the world to save sinners."
27:03 Say so--you fit in that. I fit in that.
27:05 He came to the world do what? To save sinners.
27:08 To save--you know what that means?
27:10 That means to make whole.
27:11 He came to this world to make me whole
27:13 because I'm broken, because I'm a big mess.
27:16 And He wants to put me back together again.
27:18 He wants me to put-- bring me back together
27:20 like Him in His image.
27:23 He came to this world to save, but it says to deliver,
27:26 deliver me from the hand of the enemy,
27:29 which I am not capable of myself
27:31 to deliver myself from the enemy.
27:33 I hope you see that.
27:34 You are not capable on your own to do that.
27:36 I am not and no one is.
27:38 Only by the grace and strength of Jesus of Christ.
27:41 He came to save, He came to protect me.
27:44 He came to heal me.
27:45 The Bible says He came to preserve me.
27:48 That's you, too. You see this is all of us.
27:50 That's why He came down here.
27:52 There was no chance for humanity.
27:54 When sin came into the world, He was our only way out.
27:58 Hebrew 7:25, oh, I like this passage.
28:00 It said, also "He came to save to the uttermost."
28:04 People say, "I don't know"--uttermost.
28:06 He came into the world to do what?
28:09 To the uttermost. He came to entice.
28:12 He came to love. He came to encourage.
28:15 He's talking about here any and all.
28:19 To uttermost, any, all, who's willing to come to Him.
28:23 Bring to completion is what this word means.
28:26 He's willing, praise God for that.
28:28 Now when I read this thing
28:29 I need to think of the sermon title
28:31 "Let the Redeemed Say So." Get encouraged with it today.
28:35 We have a lot to be encouraged with.
28:38 Interesting, in Galatians 4:5, 7 and notice what it says.
28:43 It says, "When the fullness of time was come,
28:47 God sent forth His Son." When what?
28:49 "When the fullness of time has come,
28:51 He sent forth His Son."
28:52 Let me just make a quick comment here.
28:54 "He sent forth His son."
28:55 Do you realize this?
28:57 This implies the pre-existence of Jesus Christ
29:01 when people say He didn't exist until the world came in.
29:04 Not to study on it, but think about it.
29:07 Jesus came to the world, the Bible said,
29:09 "He was made of a woman."
29:10 He was made in what?
29:12 Humanity, He bore humanity.
29:14 "He was made under the law."
29:17 People start saying, "Oh, here--but no that means
29:19 He was subject to the law's requirements. What?
29:24 Just like you, just like me.
29:26 Verse 5 continues on, it says,
29:28 "He came to redeem them which were under the law
29:31 that we might receive,"
29:32 I like this, "the adoptions of son."
29:35 The adoption of son.
29:37 Verse 7, "Wherefore thou art no more a servant."
29:40 I can tell you that.
29:41 Because you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior
29:43 you're no longer a servant as it were of the enemy.
29:46 You now, because you've accepted Him
29:48 you become a son, you become a daughter
29:51 and because of that you become heir of God through Christ.
29:56 Wow, an heir?
29:57 That means I'm gonna share in eternity.
30:00 With all that God has, the universe,
30:02 I have a share in it.
30:04 Unworthy, but I have a share
30:06 because it's promised to me here.
30:08 I'm an inheritor is what the Bible said.
30:10 I'm a possessor of it.
30:13 Patrimony, you heard that word?
30:15 You know what that means?
30:16 In a marriage He's talking about here,
30:18 that's property inherited from ones father.
30:22 I have inherited by faith some property of my father's.
30:25 How about you?
30:26 It's as sure as I'm talking about here today.
30:29 It's soon to come.
30:30 You're soon to see it.
30:32 We, just, will live by faith.
30:34 Let the redeemed say so, this is beautiful.
30:37 You think that God--I have heard people talk about this.
30:39 If God knew all this is going to happen why do you let--
30:42 listen God knew everything.
30:44 He knows everything from the very beginning.
30:47 He knew that Adam would fall
30:49 through the deceptive powers of the old enemy.
30:54 And so we see the plan of salvation
30:55 then was designed to do something.
30:58 Listen, it was designed to redeem the fallen race.
31:03 To give us another-- we call it second chance,
31:06 to give us another trial because we fell so short.
31:10 God didn't have to do that.
31:12 But He loves you that much. He loves me that much.
31:14 He wants to give us another chance,
31:16 but we need to come to Him.
31:19 Friend, do you realize that
31:20 Christ was from the very beginning as we think back?
31:24 He was appointed the office of the mediator.
31:27 He's our mediator, one mediator between God and man.
31:30 That's Jesus Christ.
31:32 The wing of the Holy Spirit right to the foot of the cross.
31:36 He's our substitute, He's our surety.
31:39 You need not doubt it today.
31:41 Doubt is from the devil.
31:42 Oh, it's just sad to talk to people every day,
31:45 read the Bible passage and you say
31:46 "Oh, boy, I wish I could believe that."
31:48 The devil's got your mind.
31:50 You can believe it.
31:52 Jesus is our-- He's our substitute.
31:54 He's our surety that one day He would come to this world.
32:00 Divinity, humanity, working together. You know what?
32:04 As He came to this world
32:05 though His divinity would be enshrouded.
32:07 Do you get it? Enshrouded in humanity.
32:11 You say "Well, what's that?"
32:12 You remember in Hebrews 10:5 what it tells us?
32:16 It says here that "A body has thou prepared for me."
32:21 Jesus came down, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. What?
32:24 To redeem the human race. Let us say so.
32:27 And as He came down a body
32:28 was prepared for Him to inhabit, you see.
32:31 Fully divine, fully human.
32:34 Remember He did nothing that you and I can't have today.
32:36 Praise God for that.
32:37 This is exciting when you think about it.
32:39 So you see He didn't come in human form
32:42 until the fullness of time,
32:44 that passage says, had expired.
32:47 And then when He did what?
32:48 He came as a babe in Bethlehem,
32:51 fully human, once again, fully divine.
32:55 But by His obedience-- obedience to what?
32:59 Obedience to all the commandments of God.
33:01 Keep this in mind.
33:03 Jesus won the battle over the enemy, praise God.
33:07 He made it possible for us to have eternal life,
33:10 that all could be saved.
33:12 Don't you think that's kind of what it means
33:14 when we just read in Galatians 4:4
33:16 "When the fullness of time was come,
33:19 God sent forth His son, made of a woman,
33:22 made under the law?"
33:23 Did you get that?
33:25 Let's discuss this rather quickly.
33:27 When the fullness of time,
33:28 the Bible is talking about when the fullness of time is come--
33:31 or at the appointed time,
33:33 the prophecies have said that Jesus would come.
33:35 You read Daniel 8:14, 2,300 days in the sanctuary be cleansed.
33:39 You begin it-- you see when Jesus come,
33:40 the Messiah, you see how long His ministry.
33:42 You see Him death on the cross.
33:44 So in the fullness of time Jesus came at the right time.
33:48 And what? We're talking about humanity.
33:51 But you know what? What did He accept?
33:53 What nature did He really accept?
33:56 Did He accept the nature about,
33:58 you know, the sinful nature of man?
34:01 No sin in Him.
34:02 What nature did He really accept?
34:04 Let me read a few things.
34:05 We have such a discussion along this issue sometime
34:08 and it's so sad. We shouldn't have.
34:10 It's so clear, so plain.
34:12 What nature did Christ take?
34:15 Remember, the redeemed have to say so.
34:18 It's important, dear friend.
34:20 He's my substitute and my surety.
34:23 Remember, when Jesus came to this earth,
34:27 He took Adam's place with the risk of failure
34:32 and loss, eternal loss.
34:35 He didn't come down here to make-believe.
34:37 He didn't come down here
34:38 and all He knew what was all going to work out.
34:41 He came down here with that if He had sinned,
34:43 He would have been lost for eternity
34:45 and the world would have been lost.
34:46 Oh, wow, what a price at the risk of failure.
34:53 Number two, He accepted human form
34:56 with all of this ills and its problems.
34:59 Now what do I mean by that?
35:01 He accepted human form with all of its liabilities.
35:05 He didn't have an edge on you
35:06 and He didn't have an edge on me.
35:08 If He did He could not be my Savior.
35:09 Many people are arguing that today
35:11 because they want to make an excuse for their sinful life,
35:13 not gaining victory over anything.
35:16 He accepted the liabilities.
35:18 I didn't say assets, I said the liabilities.
35:23 He took the infirmities of humanity
35:26 and He lived a sinless life.
35:28 Praise God for that.
35:29 That's good news.
35:32 He took upon His sinless nature man's sinful nature. Wow.
35:40 He took man's nature degraded and defiled by sin.
35:46 There should be no question.
35:47 The argument what nature did He take?
35:49 Adam's before the sin or Adam's after? Definitely after.
35:56 Degraded, devoured by sin.
35:59 He took man's nature in its deteriorated condition.
36:03 Very simply put.
36:05 He took man's nature in its fallen condition.
36:09 He defeated Satan in the same nature Adam had when he failed.
36:14 Not when he was without sin.
36:15 Did you get it? Fallen nature.
36:18 He won it. Praise God, He won the battle.
36:21 He took that nature after 4,000 years of digression.
36:25 He didn't take it at the time of Adam.
36:26 He took it where He came in after 4,000 years,
36:30 how the sin--human race was going down, down, down.
36:33 He took it right then, right there to be my substitute.
36:37 He had no way. Praise God for that.
36:39 It's clear.
36:41 Jesus defeated Satan on every point in our behalf.
36:49 And because Jesus defeated the enemy on every point,
36:53 let the redeemed say so, thank you Lord for that.
36:57 Why? Because we sinned.
36:58 We've come short of the glory of God.
36:59 In order to really realize once again the value of salvation,
37:03 we must understand what?
37:06 We must understand what it cost.
37:09 In John 3:16, what does the Bible say?
37:13 "God so loved the world."
37:15 "Three Testimonies," 88 says it like this,
37:18 "The soul is of infinite value.
37:21 Its worth can only be estimated by the price paid to ransom it."
37:27 And naturally what did it say?
37:28 "Calvary! Calvary! Calvary!"
37:31 That's the price that was paid.
37:33 Do you see how important you are?
37:35 The value of a soul.
37:37 Praise God for the provision
37:39 that's been made for the human race.
37:42 What a provision. We can be washed.
37:47 Now is the time the Bible says
37:49 we need to wash our robes. Where?
37:52 You know what that means, washing your robe?
37:54 It means washing your character.
37:56 Come on, somebody stay with me.
37:57 Washing your character and to make them white
38:00 in the blood of the Lamb.
38:01 The only way your robe can be made white,
38:03 your character could be what it needs to be to occupy
38:05 heaven is to washing in the blood of the Lamb.
38:08 That's what Revelation 7:14 tells us.
38:11 But there is a place that we can wash.
38:14 Praise God for that.
38:16 There's a fountain that has been prepared
38:19 by the flowing blood of Jesus Christ for me.
38:22 It's been prepared at an infinite cost
38:25 that we just can't understand.
38:27 We think we can we can understand.
38:30 It's expensive. But you know what?
38:34 The fountain is prepared, everything you need is prepared,
38:37 but Jesus will not wash them away.
38:40 You have to come to the fountain.
38:42 He just then removed the spots and the stains
38:44 and of sin without us doing anything on our part.
38:50 So what do you mean by that?
38:51 How's it accomplished? Simply, my friend, it's simple.
38:55 Listen, by faith, by faith we may hold the merits
38:59 and plead the blood of Jesus Christ.
39:03 And through His grace and through His power
39:05 we can overcome sins, imperfections of character.
39:10 Think about that.
39:11 Through the blood of Jesus Christ
39:13 we can become victorious, through the blood of the Lamb.
39:16 Friend, what He's offering to us today is awesome.
39:20 You're here just for a few short years of time
39:23 and life and it's soon to pass away.
39:25 And then what? It's heaven or hell.
39:28 Somebody live a long like you think you're gonna live forever.
39:31 You're not gonna live forever, not here.
39:33 In the time you made a decision to say
39:35 "I wanna be victorious.
39:37 I wanna be"-- and Romans 8:37 says,
39:39 "I want to be more than a conqueror
39:41 through Jesus Christ."
39:42 It's not just so you can conquer,
39:44 He said, Brother Jim, you can be more than a conqueror.
39:47 He says that to all the human race. What?
39:49 Through Him. Why?
39:50 Because He conquered everything.
39:51 He conquered the devil on everything
39:53 that He had to face Him with
39:54 and that was everything the devil could throw at Him.
39:57 Praise God He did it.
39:58 And He said I did it because Kenny needed it.
40:01 He had to have it. There's no other way out.
40:06 Through His blood, oh, precious brothers and sisters,
40:09 you can be washed whiter than the snow.
40:11 You know what the Bible says.
40:13 You've read Isaiah 1:18.
40:16 It says He will take our sins though our sins be as scarlet.
40:20 Oh, He'll make them white.
40:21 Oh, praise God. Let the redeemed say so.
40:25 Makes you love Him more,
40:26 you think about 1 Corinthians 7:23.
40:29 It says "You are bought with," what? Come on.
40:31 Good, I heard somebody.
40:32 All right what? By faith, I can hear him.
40:34 You said "You are bought with a price.
40:38 But "be," what? "Be not ye the servants of men."
40:41 Too many men pleasers today.
40:43 Jesus said "You are bought with a price."
40:45 You think you're your own today.
40:47 Everybody think, "Oh, I'm on my own.
40:48 I am on my own."
40:49 You're bought with a price, whether you accept it or not.
40:51 He's brought-- He's paid the price for you.
40:54 Oh, man, I think about that.
40:56 What does it mean?
40:57 You're bought with a price, so that tells me you're valuable.
41:01 Every soul is valuable. Why?
41:03 Because Jesus died. He gave His life for it.
41:05 It makes valuable, doesn't it?
41:06 To the highest degree,
41:09 that's what the price that was paid,
41:11 to the very highest that could be paid for anything,
41:13 but Jesus paid it all.
41:14 All to Him, the Bible says--what?
41:16 That song says "all to Him," what you owe.
41:20 Praise God. You're bought with a price.
41:23 It means you're purchased.
41:25 It's what the word means.
41:26 It means going to buy something.
41:28 It's talking about here to be-- to be--come on, redeemed. Yes.
41:33 To go to the market. Wow.
41:36 So you and I go to the market because what?
41:38 We live the life and we sin.
41:41 We're sinners. We're dead.
41:44 There's no hope for us.
41:45 You're hanging there as it were there's no hope for us.
41:49 And then Jesus comes by and said
41:50 "Oh, you're a peculiar treasure to Me.
41:53 You're precious in My sight.
41:54 I'm going to purchase you."
41:56 And then there's a bickering that goes on.
41:58 The devil says, "I want him."
41:59 Jesus says, "No, I want them."
42:02 The devil said "I'm gonna pay this."
42:03 Jesus said, "I am going to pay it all."
42:06 All of heaven would be empty.
42:09 Then Jesus says, comes right down to it,
42:11 "I will die for that one person, for the whole world."
42:16 What a possession.
42:19 We're sold to the highest bidder and that's Jesus Christ,
42:24 because He gave all, all to Him I owe.
42:29 Let the redeemed say so.
42:33 You realize this people are--
42:34 conversions begin to come here in these last days.
42:38 Truth, you realize this truth is being presented.
42:41 You're going to excite the devil.
42:43 You're going to have him out
42:45 just like working, working, working, working.
42:47 Then people begin to-- hearts and life change
42:50 and they come to the knowledge of the truth
42:52 and it's going to happen here in these last days.
42:54 Hang on, saints.
42:56 They're gonna be flocking into the church,
42:58 but the church has to be ready to receive them.
43:00 It's going to surprise individuals.
43:01 It's gonna surprise the church.
43:04 They'll come in so quickly.
43:07 And then God's name and God's name alone
43:09 will be glorified.
43:11 It seemed when Paul was here on earth,
43:13 his work was targeted to the what?
43:15 To the Gentiles of giving the message of Jesus.
43:18 But you know what the message he always gave to them?
43:20 He led them to view
43:22 the beautiful truths of God's love. Wow.
43:27 How that goes along?
43:28 Jesus said "If I be lifted up will draw all men unto me."
43:32 And He went on to talk about in Romans 8:32.
43:35 He said "He spared not His own Son,
43:37 but delivered him up," wow, "for us,
43:41 how shall He not give us freely all things?" Wow.
43:48 The people, they said "Paul, what do you mean by this?
43:53 Why was there such an immense sacrifice required?"
43:59 I hear people talk about
44:01 "all this you're talking about the death of Jesus,
44:03 all He went through. Why was that required?"
44:06 Then Paul had an opportunity to go back just like you will
44:09 to the sanctuary service and the types and the shadows,
44:13 and he went to the Old Testament,
44:15 a Scripture and was revealing Jesus Christ.
44:18 So he had a chance to lead them through Scripture,
44:20 lead them to Jesus Christ and he revealed Jesus Christ,
44:24 notice this, that something they were fighting in the law.
44:29 And as they saw Jesus in the law,
44:32 many were converted to Christ, and notice this, and to the law.
44:39 We need to listen to that.
44:40 We need to approach it as such.
44:43 I'm very convinced as where truth is taught,
44:46 wherever around the world today.
44:50 Taught and lived by the people, conversions will come.
44:54 God's promised us that.
44:56 They'll come, that's good news.
44:59 But Peter says, he warns us as people begin to come in
45:03 or you see conversions taking place,
45:04 the devil is wide awake,
45:06 but he's gonna bring in some false ones.
45:07 You know the people of God, the redeemed need to say so.
45:10 The redeemed have to stand for what truth is.
45:13 Not sit back and say, "Well I'm not sure."
45:15 Why aren't you sure?
45:17 Maybe you haven't studied. Maybe you don't know.
45:19 Peter said it like this,
45:21 "There were false prophets also among the people,
45:25 even as there shall be false teachers among you.
45:30 You privately bring in them about what? Heresies.
45:36 He's talking here complete ruin.
45:38 They bring stuff into the churches that are lies.
45:41 They are heresies.
45:42 They bring destruction, loss and it destroys fully.
45:46 That's what the word means. Wow.
45:50 They bring doubt into the church.
45:54 Even the Bible goes on to say that the Lord
45:56 that brought them upon themselves swift destruction.
46:00 Now think about.
46:02 They bring in these false doctrines
46:04 and these false teachings and people accept them
46:08 and then by accepting them it brings in what? Destruction.
46:12 So there's something about the truth, isn't there?
46:15 There's something about knowing what truth is.
46:18 It does make a difference and I hear people say
46:20 "It doesn't matter what we believe." Yes it does.
46:24 Everybody has his own opinion.
46:26 That's your problem. That's mine.
46:28 And your opinion doesn't count, mine doesn't either.
46:29 It's the Word of God, weight of evidence and Scripture.
46:33 Isaiah 9:15 talks about these false prophets and the truth.
46:40 Now listen carefully.
46:41 "The ancient and the honorable."
46:42 Who are the ancient
46:44 or who is the ancient and the honorable?
46:45 "He is the head."
46:47 Christ is the head of the church, but notice this.
46:49 "The prophet that teaches lies he is the tail."
46:53 Ooh, lot of tails around there, aren't they?
46:55 Can I just be so plain with you?
46:58 Person that's teaching lies whether they know it or not,
47:00 dear friend, the Bible says that's the tail.
47:03 Haven't we been, ooh, the tail long enough
47:05 and at time we occupy the position
47:07 where God said we need to be?
47:10 You can be assured that the enemy of souls has shown up
47:13 and he's bringing some heirs with him
47:15 and these heirs are prepared to do this,
47:18 to deal the spiritual perceptions
47:22 of two classes of people.
47:23 Mention them a little bit later if we have more time,
47:25 but the two classes, number one--
47:26 you may fit-- in fact,
47:28 you might fit in one or two of these or may be both.
47:31 Those who have little experience in the Word of God
47:36 and the workings of the Holy Spirit,
47:38 the enemy is focusing on you.
47:42 Two, those who are satisfied-- this is deadly.
47:46 Those who are satisfied
47:47 with a very limited spiritual knowledge.
47:51 See, you say, "Well, oh, I'm not."
47:53 Well, you're not studying, you're not reading,
47:54 you're not praying about so you must be satisfied
47:57 with that limited knowledge.
47:58 The devil is waiting for you.
48:00 He's waiting for me if that be the case.
48:04 Now let me make this statement,
48:06 because it talks specifically
48:08 about these two classes of people.
48:10 First of all, there is no Bible sanctification
48:14 for those who cast out a part of truth or leave it behind.
48:19 No Bible sanctification.
48:21 Without being sanctified, dear friends,
48:23 we will not make it to heaven.
48:26 Simply put, you cannot catch that one portion of truth,
48:28 you just can't do it, and be sanctified.
48:31 Look at Bible sanctification quickly.
48:34 The Bible teaches sanctification.
48:37 Remember, sanctification is what? Come on.
48:40 Good, the work of a lifetime. It's progressive.
48:46 In the earthly sanctuary-- quickly, justification where?
48:49 Outer court.
48:50 Sanctification, first department, right?
48:53 Perfection, holiness, victory in the most holy place.
48:57 Paul said this. Let's go-- true Bible sanctification.
49:00 Now remember we must by God's grace obtain this.
49:04 Paul said, 1 Thessalonians 4:3.
49:07 "This is the will of God, even your sanctification."
49:10 The will of God is what?
49:11 That we are sanctified.
49:13 So what does that mean?
49:14 Sanctification, sanctified means to be made holy,
49:19 to consecrate oneself, to purify.
49:22 Is God coming after a purified people
49:24 or people who are still wallowing around in their sins?
49:27 He's coming back after a people who are consecrated,
49:29 people who are made holy.
49:30 This is the will of God is what the Bible said.
49:32 1 Thessalonians 5:23 says,
49:35 "The very God of peace sanctify you wholly."
49:40 Not part way, there's no such thing.
49:42 Sanctify you what? Wholly.
49:44 Bible teaches that sanctification
49:47 is how and how it's obtained.
49:49 So I go to the Word of God, I can understand sanctification
49:52 and how it's to be obtained.
49:54 Jesus said this in John 17:17, what?
49:58 Good you know it.
49:59 "Sanctify them through Thy truth, Thy word is truth."
50:04 So we're sanctified, made holy, set apart, consecrated,
50:07 purified by knowing what?
50:09 What truth is. It's that simple.
50:11 The devil then is doing, what?
50:13 We talked about, to dim us spiritually
50:14 so we don't understand what truth is or we just don't care.
50:17 We're satisfied with our limited, right?
50:20 I've got to know enough, that's plenty.
50:22 I don't need to know. No.
50:25 The devil's waiting on them.
50:27 Sanctification, Romans 15:16 says--
50:29 Paul teaches us this, listen,
50:31 that the believers are to be sanctified by, what?
50:35 By the Holy Ghost. By the Holy Spirit.
50:37 So sanctification by knowing the truth,
50:39 the Holy Spirit then working in us, right, through us.
50:42 We need the spirit of the living God in us.
50:45 So what is the word-- work of the Holy Spirit then?
50:50 Jesus told His disciples in John 16:13.
50:53 He said, "When he, the Spirit of truth is come
50:56 he will guide you into all truth."
50:58 Why are we throwing out these passages?
51:00 I don't understand it.
51:01 When the Spirit of truth--
51:03 when the Holy Spirit is living in your heart
51:04 the evidence is you will know what truth is.
51:06 That's the Holy Spirit working.
51:09 Psalmist tells us, very quickly--
51:11 he says, "Thy law is the truth."
51:13 Oh, how interesting it is.
51:15 So we have the word directed by the power of the Holy Spirit,
51:19 it gives us the principles of righteousness.
51:22 They are open to men so they can understand it.
51:25 Which are what?
51:27 Embodied in the Ten Commandment law of God.
51:30 There they are. Sanctify them through--
51:32 I would not know what sin is had it not been for the law.
51:37 You say "Well, now wait now.
51:39 It's going a little too far." Really?
51:41 You know what the Bible talks about here in Roman 7:12?
51:43 Since the law is holy and it's just and it's good
51:47 and it is a transcript of divine perfection, it makes sense.
51:52 If you're thinking it through now,
51:53 you haven't put up that wall, it makes sense.
51:55 The character, listen, the character--
51:57 only thing you can take with you to heaven is formed by obedience
52:00 to the law of God and then we become, what?
52:03 Holy through Him. Wow.
52:07 Christ is our example, is He not?
52:09 See if you're fighting this, Christ is our example.
52:11 Is He not? Yes, He is.
52:13 Perfect example.
52:15 Here's what He said in John 15:10,
52:17 Jesus said, "I have kept my Father's commandments."
52:20 Man, that's pretty simple.
52:21 Then He goes on to make it even clear.
52:22 John 8:29, Jesus tells us,
52:24 "I, Jesus do always those things that please Him."
52:29 Do you always do the things that please the God?
52:30 So Jesus said.
52:32 He said, "I kept my Father's commandments."
52:34 So who are we to say, "Well, we don't have to keep them?"
52:35 Well, you be careful with that kind of talk.
52:39 We're to be like Him. The Bible is clear.
52:41 By His grace through faith,
52:43 this is real Bible sanctification.
52:46 The devil is trying to throw it out, dim.
52:48 Let the redeemed say so in the time.
52:51 You can be sure of what day when this message is being taught.
52:55 Enemy soul is upset-- really upset with us.
52:59 I talked about today quickly,
53:01 and our time is short, false prophets.
53:04 We're talking about seducers, professed believers,
53:07 teachers, doctrines of devils, the deceivers.
53:10 These groups are more dangerous
53:12 than persecution to the Christians.
53:13 And, man, they're all around us.
53:15 And you are not going to be able to identify them
53:16 if you don't know what the Word said.
53:18 You're going to be like everybody else's.
53:19 Well, one reads this and it says this
53:21 and the other reads that and it says this right here.
53:22 You need to know what you have to believe.
53:24 Let the redeemed say so, let them stand. Why?
53:27 Because you're bought with a price.
53:29 You say "Well, I'm not sure that's more than persecution."
53:31 You know what Jesus said?
53:33 Remember, Mathew 24, the disciples said,
53:34 real quickly, they said to Jesus, you know,
53:36 "Tell us about the things, you know, the end of the world."
53:38 And first thing Jesus said, "Be careful of deceivers."
53:42 He warns us over 3 to 4 different times
53:44 in Mathew 24, deceivers.
53:47 These groups I'll tell you
53:49 what they're up to is two simple steps,
53:50 quickly, two simple steps.
53:51 They want to undermine,
53:53 these deceivers want to undermine
53:54 the confidence and truth of God's Word.
53:56 Number two, they want to make it impossible
53:59 to distinguish between truth and heir.
54:03 Well, I'm telling you, dear friend,
54:04 we have to realize that truth is so important.
54:08 We don't have time to finish all our study,
54:09 but I'm gonna encourage you with this.
54:11 Get into the Word of God.
54:12 You are redeemed by the blood of the Lamb.
54:15 You are a purchased possession.
54:17 You are the redeemed and because you are, say so.
54:20 Tell the world about it, that Jesus is coming.
54:22 You want to be a part of it. I want to pray for you.
54:24 I know that some are making decisions right now.
54:27 You didn't realize how precious
54:28 that you are in the sight of Jesus Christ.
54:30 You've accepted Him as your Lord and Savior.
54:33 Why don't we pray together right now?
54:35 Why don't we-- the redeemed will say so.
54:36 All that's hearing the voice are gonna pray with me right now,
54:39 that there are those who've accepted Jesus
54:40 as their Lord and Savior right now,
54:42 and again not just for a few moments, not for a month,
54:44 but till Jesus comes and spend eternity with Him.
54:47 Let's pray and thank Him right now. Shall we?
54:48 Father in Heaven, we truly thank You for Your Word.
54:51 Thank You for reminding us that we need to be sanctified,
54:54 set apart, made holy
54:56 that we may occupy the portals of glory.
54:58 Lord, help us we pray.
55:00 Those now who've made that decision for Jesus,
55:01 they've sensed they're one of these outcast.
55:04 They sense that their life has been so miserable,
55:07 but now they see Jesus who came to seek and save
55:09 that which was lost, that was us.
55:11 And, Lord, today they make that decision.
55:13 I pray that You give them power of Thy Holy Spirit
55:15 to gain victory in their hearts and their life
55:16 and be ready for the coming of Jesus is my prayer.
55:19 I thank you, Lord. In Jesus' name, amen.
55:23 Don't forget as you thank about these sayings
55:24 from day to day be praying for these individuals.
55:26 You may not know them.
55:27 You may not have a name, but pray.
55:29 And then while you're praying,
55:30 would you pray for Behold the Lamb Ministries?
55:32 Oh, how we need your prayer.
55:33 Pray that God will help us to continue,
55:35 to be impressed with the message of the our present truth.
55:38 And realize as we bring these programs to you,
55:41 we realize there's a cost
55:43 and we don't talk a whole lot about it.
55:44 But, you know, pray what God would have you to do.
55:46 The only way we can get these to you
55:48 is by the free will offerings of God's people.
55:51 So why don't you pray about that?
55:53 Why don't you sit down and just think about it
55:54 and say, "God, what would you have me to do?"
55:57 This is the hour in which this message
55:58 must go forward with real power, only the Spirit can give it.
56:01 Help us to do that.
56:02 We love you, appreciate what you're doing
56:04 and continue to do it. We'll see you next time.
56:08 Welcome back.
56:10 Redeemed, how I love to proclaim it.
56:12 Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb.
56:15 Redeemed through His infinite mercies.
56:18 His child and forever I am.
56:21 This too may be your song to sing for eternity.
56:24 All you have to do is sincerely accept Christ
56:28 and His gift of redemption into your heart today,
56:31 at this very moment in fact.
56:34 Then begin to study His Word
56:36 and share what Christ has done and is doing for you.
56:40 And let us know about it as well.
56:41 We would love to hear from you.
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57:54 My dear, dear friends, until next time
57:57 may our precious Lord continue to richly bless you and yours.


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