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Prophecy Of The 144,00: Who Are They? Part 1

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00:41 Hello, and welcome to Behold the Lamb Presents.
00:44 I'm Chris Shelton, your host.
00:45 And I just wanna thank you for tuning in with us today.
00:49 Today, we're going to begin a two part series
00:51 that Pastor Kenny Shelton has prepared for us
00:54 and he's entitled this series "The Prophecy of the 144,000.
00:59 Who are they?"
01:01 This prophecy is spoken
01:02 of in the Book of Revelation, in Chapter 14.
01:06 John here, he is looking into the future of the redeemed
01:09 and he's describing a group of people
01:12 who are standing with Christ on Mount Zion.
01:15 This group has their father's name
01:17 written upon their foreheads
01:19 and they sing a song that only they are able to learn.
01:23 They're described as being pure
01:25 and having had followed Christ wherever He led them.
01:29 John says that these are the first fruits to God
01:32 and to the Lamb and that they are without fault
01:35 before the throne of God.
01:36 It's a beautiful description of harmony with God
01:40 and the salvation of His children.
01:43 But what bothers many of us who read this prophecy
01:46 is that these people who are redeemed
01:48 and standing with the Lamb on Mount Zion are numbered.
01:52 But more important we were told
01:54 that there are only 144,000 of them.
01:58 Think about it with me.
01:59 Think about it in comparison to the population of people
02:03 who have lived on this earth since the beginning of creation.
02:06 This is certainly not a very large number.
02:09 In fact, it's not even a large number for the people
02:13 who are currently living on this earth
02:15 at this very moment.
02:17 So for many of us it troubles our minds at times as together
02:23 we read this prophecy and we begin to wonder
02:25 why, why Lord such a small number of people
02:29 are pictured here with Christ.
02:31 Prayerfully we will gain more insight
02:34 as to what these answers are to our troubling questions
02:38 as we listen and learn from our next two lessons
02:41 dealing with this prophecy of the 144,000.
02:45 But first, let's visit the 3ABN worship center
02:48 and be blessed as we listen to a song that is entitled
02:52 "How Can I Keep from Singing" by Hopes Call.
02:58 How can I keep
03:01 How can I keep
03:03 How can I keep
03:08 From singing
03:15 My life flows on
03:21 In endless song
03:26 Above earth's
03:28 Lamentation
03:34 I hear the sweet
03:37 I hear the sweet
03:39 Though far off hymn
03:45 That hails a new
03:50 A new creation
03:54 Through all the tumult
03:59 And the strife
04:04 I hear the music ringing
04:11 It finds an echo
04:14 In my soul
04:19 How can I keep
04:23 From singing
04:28 The peace of Christ
04:34 Makes fresh my heart
04:39 A fountain ever springing
04:46 All things are mine
04:51 Since I am His
04:57 How can I keep from singing
05:05 Since Christ is Lord
05:09 Of Heaven and earth
05:16 How can I keep
05:21 From singing
05:26 How can I keep
05:28 How can I keep
05:30 How can I keep
05:36 From singing
05:48 Praise the Lord.
05:49 We're glad you joined us today
05:51 and again by that fiery introduction
05:53 you know the subject is vital importance.
05:55 I prayed that it touched to your heart
05:57 and your life even before the message.
05:59 But always, we always go to God in prayer
06:01 and I'm gonna invite you to go with me to prayer.
06:03 You some but--you know, listen to D.V.D.'s and C.D.'s
06:06 and so on and so forth, the internet,
06:08 you may not be able to kneel with me
06:09 but those who can I'm gonna ask you
06:11 to kneel right now in prayer.
06:13 Because this is a vital subject that God's last day
06:16 people need to understand.
06:18 Let's pray about it. Shall we?
06:21 Loving Father in Heaven,
06:23 we thank You for the privilege of prayer.
06:24 We thank You that You love us today.
06:26 Father, we want to know the truth of Your word
06:29 and so we pray your Holy Spirit
06:30 now will come upon each and everyone of us.
06:33 May our ears be open. May we be in tune with heaven.
06:36 May we understand spiritual things
06:38 by the power of the Holy Spirit.
06:40 Consume us all now.
06:42 We pray in Jesus' name. Amen.
06:46 I like to have prayer, don't you?
06:48 Can't pray too often because of the subject matter.
06:51 The devil is always angry
06:53 when Gods' people move forward and tell the truth.
06:56 So if you haven't really studied this subject
06:57 it might be new to you
07:01 but if you've been studying it we're gonna pray
07:03 Gods' is gonna help us to understand it
07:05 a little bit better as we go along.
07:07 I might mention that this subject is so very important
07:11 in the hour in which we live.
07:13 When I speak about the 144,000, this is a group of people,
07:18 you see, that is in the future, a very special group of people
07:24 and so we should gather our attention.
07:26 Is it possible that we could be a part of it?
07:28 What are the qualifications of it?
07:31 And so we realize as we study the Book of Revelation,
07:34 that much of the prophecy has been fulfilled.
07:37 Things are being fulfilled right here in our very day
07:41 and the last part just before Jesus comes.
07:44 So I know that you're going to be
07:45 interested as we study together.
07:48 Day by day, you notice in the news,
07:50 you hear that nations are going against nations.
07:53 There's threats.
07:55 There's threats upon this good
07:56 ol' United States of America everyday.
07:59 And around the world nations are angry one with another.
08:03 These are signs of the coming of Jesus.
08:06 And so when there is a threat we need to take it seriously.
08:09 We need to understand in this hour
08:11 in which we live that Jesus is soon to come.
08:14 That the old devil is gonna be working with power
08:17 that we have not seen before.
08:20 So that means we need to understand
08:21 the word of God like never before.
08:24 You know, the prophets of old wrote
08:26 about what would be taking place in this world.
08:29 I know some of you when you mention word prophet
08:31 you get a little, ooh, little tight maybe.
08:33 Oh, don't do that all through the Bible.
08:35 We're gonna be doing a study on that
08:37 and I think that will be an encouragement to you.
08:39 But the prophets of old wrote about what would be
08:42 taking place in the last days of earth's history.
08:45 Now remember the things that take place
08:47 in the last days of earth history
08:49 outcome the 100 and what, and 44,000.
08:53 That's why I think it deems necessary for us
08:56 to do background before we get and say here's the 144,000.
08:59 Here's what they do, here's what they--
09:01 There is some background that's so imperative
09:03 that we understand what comes out of all this tribulation
09:08 and these problems in the world.
09:09 But some of you will say
09:11 let's start to get over this today, shall we?
09:13 Well, we won't be here for that. Yes, you will.
09:16 Consider it. What if you are?
09:17 I'm going to be saying that program to program. Why?
09:20 Because the devil is using,
09:22 well, we won't be here so we don't have to worry
09:24 about what's going to take place.
09:26 Very interesting, the 144,000
09:28 those who are like Jesus
09:30 go through this very terrible time
09:32 that the world has never seen.
09:33 So are they any different than you and me?
09:36 Were they eliminated from going through
09:38 some trials and tribulations to perfect character?
09:41 These are things that we need to study.
09:42 The prophets, they saw famine,
09:44 pestilence, and more and bloodshed.
09:47 That's what the Bible says.
09:48 And as we think on these things there was much confusion.
09:53 You say, well I'm not sure.
09:54 Matthew 24:7, read it, confusion was in the land.
09:57 It was rapid.
09:58 But I do believe this, regardless of the confusion,
10:01 regardless of what's going on in this whole dark moral world,
10:06 those who are disloyal to God
10:07 in the keeping his commandments,
10:09 God is still in control.
10:11 Heaven is interested in you and me.
10:15 He's interested in the people of God
10:18 because he knows that we live in a world of what?
10:20 Deep corruption.
10:22 On every hand there is something,
10:24 something going on in the world that's devilish, that's dark.
10:27 And we need to make sure that we have the light of the truth
10:30 and the gospel of Jesus Christ in this hour.
10:33 God said there will be people
10:34 that would deliver a warning message.
10:37 People are gonna love it? No, they will not. Why?
10:40 It demands a change in character and life and may be in our jobs
10:43 and the way we conduct ourselves.
10:45 But God said there will be a people
10:47 that will give a warning message to the world
10:49 pointing people simply to this-- look to the Lamb of God
10:53 which takes away the sins of the world.
10:55 You read that in John 1, verse 29.
10:57 That's what the Bible said.
10:59 So among a very middle of a disloyal people
11:04 in this dark world who're trampling on what?
11:06 The very law of God.
11:08 There would be a people that will be called--
11:10 listen carefully-- to come out of Babylon.
11:15 Some of you read that saying, oh, Babylon
11:16 and you're just like you dismiss it.
11:19 We need to understand more of this
11:20 when we'll be studying more about this term Babylon
11:22 and what it really, really mean?
11:24 Babylon. Have you ever read that?
11:26 Revelation 18, you can read it. Now let's just touch on it.
11:29 You say, yeah but why touch
11:31 because I want to just get into it.
11:32 Now, listen, listen carefully.
11:34 Because remember the stage as it were as being set,
11:37 this will be taking place in the world
11:39 just prior to the close of probation and what?
11:42 The sealing of Gods' people, the 144,000.
11:47 So it's imperative that they are going through this too.
11:50 Oh, listen, Revelation 18 brings some points here,
11:54 major points that I do not want you to miss
11:57 and I don't want to miss them.
11:59 Babylon falling.
12:01 We realize when Babylon falls it's a progressive fall.
12:06 And so we have to be aware of what's taking place
12:08 and the Bible will help us understand it.
12:11 Because what, as it falls it's affecting the whole world.
12:16 And that's you and that's me, isn't it?
12:19 And so if it affects our world I need to know about it.
12:22 How about you?
12:24 And you realize the fall of Babylon--
12:25 this might shock you.
12:27 The fall of Babylon can be traced
12:29 all the way back to the Garden of Eden
12:34 where the devil told his, what?
12:36 First lie. Oh, you've read that.
12:39 Genesis 3, verse 4.
12:41 When he said "You shall not" what?
12:43 Good "Surely die."
12:45 And so it began then what?
12:47 Babylon is confusion, we understand, and lies, right?
12:50 False teaching.
12:51 He began to teach it right there.
12:52 And so we need to trace it all way from the beginning,
12:55 all the way to the end of time.
12:57 We find in our world billions and trillions
13:01 of dollars misused, false teachings,
13:05 doctrines in the church running rapid,
13:08 selfishness, heresies of every kind.
13:12 It seems like we're being as Christians
13:14 you're almost being beat on this side
13:15 and that side and down to top.
13:18 In which direction the devil is coming against you
13:20 because he, he hates you.
13:23 These heresies, these false teaching,
13:25 Babylon's teaching has taken the world captive
13:29 and that's the plan of the enemy.
13:31 But you know, when Jesus began His ministry,
13:34 think with me what He did.
13:35 When He first began His ministry what did He do?
13:38 He went in and He cleansed the all good the temple
13:42 from the sacrilegious behavior that was polluting it.
13:46 He went in and as we say clean house.
13:49 That's what Jesus did when He began his ministry.
13:52 He--what, what was defiling the temple right?
13:55 He got rid of it.
13:56 Interesting the word when you look up that
13:58 says the prostitute's ways. Interesting, wow.
14:03 But Jesus didn't want to deal with that
14:05 and so He went in and He cleansed
14:07 that unhealthy behavior, the wicked ways.
14:11 And you'll see where right in the last acts of His life,
14:16 the second cleansing of the temple.
14:19 So there was what? Two calls quickly.
14:20 There were two calls.
14:22 Two calls of warning to cleanse the temple and He cleansed it.
14:26 Two calls and that-- so the last word to the church.
14:30 He is talking to His people. He is talking to the church.
14:33 And He does it through the what? Second Angel's message.
14:36 Now again we're preparing for the 144,000 that's going
14:39 to come out among all of this stuff that we're talking about.
14:43 The Second Angel's message you see is to wake up
14:47 a sleepy church, a sleepy people.
14:50 And it says-- and what does it say?
14:52 "Babylon is," good, "is fallen." "All nations," that means what?
14:57 Listen, all churches are drunk
15:00 with a wine of the false teachings and doctrines.
15:04 And then the second call is the call to what?
15:07 The Third Angel.
15:08 The loud cry of the Third Angel and it says
15:10 "Come out of her, my" what, "my people
15:13 and don't partake of her sins, or receive of her plagues."
15:18 If you don't come out of Babylon
15:20 you're going to receive of her sins.
15:22 Do you want to receive of her sins?
15:23 All that she's done in the world,
15:25 all the wickedness that God said
15:26 I'm gonna pour my wrath out upon her.
15:29 Or you wanna go through the plagues?
15:30 That means you're lost, friend. Come on, somebody help us.
15:34 No, you don't want to do that. We don't want to be fooled.
15:38 He said her plague--her sins have reached up into heaven.
15:41 We need to realize don't fool yourself
15:43 and I don't want to get myself fooled here
15:46 because we realize before Jesus comes I want,
15:49 especially those of you who say you're Bible students,
15:52 there's going to be a removing of the old landmarks.
15:57 A removing of the old landmarks
15:59 is going to have to be taking place.
16:02 And the pillars--there's going to try to be moving
16:05 some of the pillars of the faith of Gods' last day people.
16:08 Do you know truth well enough?
16:11 Do you really understand what the truth is
16:12 that you won't be shaken out?
16:14 Or that you won't accept
16:16 some kind of false teachings and doctrines?
16:19 The enemy is going to be messing with the pillars,
16:22 the anchors, the foundation of our faith.
16:26 We need to anchor in like never before.
16:30 And you know, we have to realize
16:31 there is going to be an almost over powering effort
16:34 that's going to be made.
16:36 And let me tell you how it's going to be made.
16:37 What? By the Laws of the Land.
16:40 The laws of the land we see right here
16:42 are going to be doing what?
16:44 It's going to be trying to get you
16:45 to follow the enemy, legislative action.
16:50 Now remember, this is dealing with
16:52 what's going to come out of the 144,000.
16:55 They are going to be challenged with these issues
16:57 that I'm talking about right now,
16:59 just like you're going to be challenged with him.
17:02 Legislative, Laws of the--of the Land.
17:06 Friend, we didn't realize what's going on here.
17:09 The Laws of the Land is going to what?
17:10 Institute a false Sabbath.
17:13 A child of the papacy
17:15 and he is going to demand the world,
17:17 you see, to worship on that day.
17:20 The enemy is doing his very best
17:21 to get rid of even the knowledge of God in the land.
17:25 If he could do it he would do it
17:27 but Gods' not going to let him. Praise God.
17:29 He is not gonna let the enemy wipeout the knowledge of God.
17:33 We need to have our minds and our hearts
17:36 in the Bible like never before.
17:39 As God said, you know, he's going to have a people
17:40 that's going to be sanctified by the word.
17:44 I wonder if you're sanctified by the word today.
17:46 You've been really reading it.
17:48 You can say okay, this is the truce of Gods word
17:50 or you're gonna be one of those
17:51 that will go along with the commandments of man
17:53 and the teachings of man today.
17:56 Here's where prophecy begins to point out
17:58 special group of people.
18:00 Here's where prophecy begins to tell us
18:02 and points out this special group.
18:04 They're singled out.
18:06 See this group of people are singled out
18:07 because they hold up the truth like no other.
18:12 They hold up the truth in the midst of
18:13 again a dark world where there seem to be no truth.
18:18 They reflect the image of God. They are like Jesus.
18:23 They're separated-- this group of people
18:26 they are separated from all iniquity,
18:29 from things of the world.
18:32 They dare to be like Jesus. This is the special group.
18:38 They reflect the image of God.
18:42 They are the elect of God, the Bible talks about here.
18:45 Christ formed within.
18:48 You ever read that in Galatians 4:19.
18:51 Christ formed within.
18:53 Oh, how desperately we need that today.
18:56 Letting Christ into our hearts,
18:58 in our life and let flow in every thought,
19:02 in every action and in every deed
19:03 let--let Jesus do this for us.
19:07 Christ within, we need that.
19:10 But can you be among this group?
19:12 Can I be among this illustrious group
19:14 that we are talking about here?
19:18 What they go through.
19:20 See when you just--to me when you take time
19:22 to do a subject like this it's like you're only,
19:24 you're only touching on it.
19:26 Even though there is a very little scripture on it,
19:30 the teaching can certainly just springboard out
19:33 because you can use some of these passages
19:36 that are given in these verses and you can jump
19:38 and you can find a principle of Gods word
19:40 and you say there's a lot more here than
19:42 what maybe you thought before.
19:44 But we would miss something and I think this is why
19:48 I've chosen to spend some time.
19:49 Something vital if we did not mention
19:52 the condition of the world at that time.
19:56 Of what was--where we were going for just before Jesus comes.
19:59 And how the majority of the people
20:02 even today and before Jesus comes,
20:05 they are just unaware of what's going to take place.
20:08 It's just that simple.
20:09 It's almost like they are uninformed
20:11 and they are because they are not going to God's word.
20:14 I believe this prophecy is crying out like never before.
20:17 There is a loud voice that's going on this--
20:19 they are waking up the saints to say the time is almost gone
20:25 and where we're gonna spend eternity.
20:27 God's judgments are in the land as you well know.
20:31 They are falling everyday right here
20:33 and they are going to continue. Why?
20:34 Why will the judgments continue to fall on this land?
20:37 It seems like there is-- they're all ready,
20:38 one just right on the heels of the other.
20:40 It's because we are a rebellious people.
20:43 It's very simple.
20:45 Warning after warning is being given.
20:47 Signs all over the place.
20:50 Nations, nature, all are crying out.
20:54 You can see what's going on and yet we seem to be confused.
20:58 When prophecy is so clear,
21:00 the prophets of God have been so clear
21:02 and the prophets of God simply say what?
21:04 Prepare, prepare. To what?
21:08 To meet your God. Preparation to meet God.
21:12 And what's happening? Oh, friend.
21:15 Many, many pastors and evangelists today,
21:18 they are trying to give you something smooth,
21:19 something that will, kind of,
21:21 make you set back in a easy chair
21:22 and say, oh, yeah, well, this is going to be good.
21:25 Friend, it's just that many today are pointing forward
21:27 to an age of peace and prosperity.
21:30 You know what, that's Bible prophecy
21:32 before Jesus come.
21:34 You want to say what peace and prosperity,
21:35 peace and safety?
21:37 And the Bible says what?
21:38 First Thessalonians 5, certain destructions going to come.
21:41 And still the minister is getting in the pulpit
21:43 and being a minister of God, a mouth piece for God,
21:46 warning the people to get ready to meet Jesus.
21:48 Get rid of sin in their life, to let Jesus come in
21:51 and fully right--live right out through you and through me.
21:54 After all, as in all of this and the 144,000
21:57 and the great controversy, is those who what?
22:00 The devil said what? No one can be like you.
22:03 He said they can be like you.
22:04 Guess what? God's character was challenged.
22:07 And he said there will be a people,
22:08 you see, who were able to live above sin
22:11 by His grace and by His strength.
22:13 And so we see right here that they are howling,
22:16 oh, peace and prosperity.
22:18 And they are talking about what?
22:19 They are absorbed in pleasure and feasting
22:22 and doing all of these things that the world does or building.
22:25 They are having a good time. They are out making money.
22:29 There's nothing wrong with making money
22:31 but I'm saying that becomes a priority to many people.
22:35 Anyway they let the hand of God
22:37 go whenever comes to the--we saw that the dollar.
22:40 They just, oh, we're gonna make some more money
22:42 and preaching they lose the sensory of heaven
22:44 and heavenly things.
22:45 And so that's it was-Bible says as it was in the days of what?
22:48 Good, of Noah.
22:50 The Bible said it would wax worse and worse
22:52 and still saying, oh, it's going to get better,
22:53 its going to get better.
22:55 If we realize when it talks about waxing worse
22:57 in Second Timothy, waxing worse
22:59 the Bible says here it gets worse.
23:02 It grows worse. It continues to strengthen.
23:07 It advances, it increases
23:10 as it comes closer to the time of Jesus.
23:13 In other words it has a wax old and as it gets,
23:16 you know, coldness of the heart we find people in,
23:19 it's that strengthen to the point
23:21 that it comes to the very front and it's very obvious
23:24 what kind of position they are taking.
23:27 You know, Jesus said, I wish that you'd be what?
23:29 Yes, hot or cold and not lukewarm.
23:33 He is talking to a people
23:35 who were in the subject of the 144,000.
23:39 But you know this group of folks here
23:41 they are just--they're avoiding all the warning signs.
23:45 They are not paying attention.
23:46 But the day of God, the Bible says,
23:48 is going to come up on them as a what?
23:50 As a surprise. Why?
23:54 Because they haven't been paying attention.
23:56 They have been lured to sleep by what?
23:58 False security of many in the world today in the pulpits.
24:02 Don't worry about it. Relax, it's going to be okay.
24:06 And God's prophets down through the ages said,
24:08 get ready, get ready.
24:10 Error, falsehood.
24:14 You guys, we gladly accept that today.
24:18 We sit back and let other people to feed us.
24:21 Air and false, you know,
24:23 doctrine and teaching and we sit back smile.
24:25 And say, well, it must be. I guess, it's okay.
24:28 Oh, friend, do not--the great controversy, great book.
24:32 Page 338:9 look at--
24:34 if you happen to have one read this with me.
24:36 It says this, when the professed people of God.
24:39 Now you professed to be, you know, we love God,
24:42 you're part of the family of God, knows it.
24:44 When they are uniting with the world,
24:47 when Gods people then are doing what?
24:49 Are uniting with the world, living as they live.
24:54 If that doesn't challenge you and me today--
24:57 that doesn't challenge us.
25:00 The professed people of God are uniting with the world.
25:04 You have to look at your life and I have to look at mine.
25:06 Am I really uniting with the world
25:09 that really you can't see any difference
25:10 between me, you, there, and the worldlings
25:13 and we are living as the world lives?
25:15 Look at your life.
25:17 Are we living like everybody else is living
25:19 down in the neighborhood
25:20 and in the world and where we work?
25:21 Are we just like them? It's part of prophecy.
25:24 When we are doing that we are joining with them
25:27 in forbidden pleasure.
25:30 We are seeking society of the world, you get it?
25:34 It says when the luxury, listen, when the luxury of the world
25:38 becomes the luxury of the church.
25:42 More and more have opened the church doors
25:43 and people come in.
25:45 They say, we get phone calls.
25:47 People who're upset things are going on in their church.
25:50 They don't know what to do about it.
25:53 Morality seems to be gone. Spirit of God seems to be gone.
25:57 It's waning and everything
26:00 it seem like except for the word of God.
26:02 They don't know what to do.
26:05 Has the world come in as, you know,
26:07 luxuries of the church and luxuries of the world
26:09 they are saying?
26:11 And then we're reading on.
26:12 It says when the marriage bells are chiming
26:14 and all are looking forward
26:15 to many years of worldly prosperity
26:19 then suddenly as the lightening flashes
26:22 will come the end of these bright visions
26:25 and they're loosing hope.
26:28 Think about it.
26:30 Oh, we think, oh, it's just wonderful, it's so good.
26:32 Just about--all of a sudden we've got it together now.
26:35 Things are going good.
26:36 I said look out it's going to come to an end.
26:40 Friend, are you really preparing?
26:41 Am I really preparing for what's to come upon this world,
26:45 to be a part of this special group of people
26:48 that will be alive than 144,000?
26:52 You say, yeah but I've read in scripture.
26:53 We realize if you look in scripture,
26:55 I believe, it's only mentioned three,
26:56 three different places.
26:58 And in the Book of Revelation Chapter 7 verse 4,
27:01 Revelation 14 verse 1, Revelation 14 verse 3.
27:06 But you know, I think again before we really give
27:09 we go right back and we say okay, look,
27:11 we've been talking about the condition of the world
27:13 and the condition of the world will be before Jesus comes.
27:18 And then we go back and say, Okay, what was going on
27:21 when this prophecy was given in scripture,
27:23 in Revelation Chapter 7?
27:26 In order to do that we go back
27:29 to the chapter before Revelation Chapter 6
27:32 and it's interesting what it says.
27:33 Revelation Chapter 6 verse 17.
27:36 Here is the question, at least to me
27:38 has vital importance for the people of God today.
27:41 This stops me in my tracks.
27:44 It makes me try the self examination
27:46 and you do the same today.
27:48 It begins with-- it says this.
27:50 "For the great day of his wrath is come" okay,
27:55 and then you say well, yeah, okay,
27:57 the great day of his wrath.
27:58 How many of us really understand
28:00 what the wrath of God is all about?
28:05 We say it like it's just like,
28:06 you know, mom and dad is gonna take a little belt
28:08 and just give--tan our hide
28:09 just a little bit and we are gonna be out.
28:10 The wrath of God when it's poured out, that mixture.
28:15 It says Bible is clear on it
28:17 "The great day of his wrath is come"
28:18 and notice here is the big question
28:20 "who shall be able to stand?"
28:24 Evidently in a prophecy of revelation,
28:27 John the Revelator was like taken back.
28:30 For all the scenes that were passing before him
28:34 he could see that there is no hope.
28:38 Who is gonna be saved?
28:40 When all of this breaks loose upon the world,
28:44 who is gonna be saved? Who is gonna be able to stand?
28:47 And notice he didn't say who is gonna be able to sit.
28:51 Who is gonna be able to stand for God?
28:53 All through scripture the principle,
28:55 he is always saying what?
28:56 Stand, stand up. Stand for me.
29:00 Stand for what is truth.
29:01 You see, stand up, be counted.
29:04 Yes, when you stand you become a spectacle.
29:06 That's right. God wants you to.
29:07 He wants them what, not see you but see Him.
29:10 Stand up, stand up for Jesus, you soldiers of the cross.
29:15 So that question is so legitimate to me.
29:18 Who's gonna be able to stand? Who?
29:23 Then, you know, as you study Revelation 6,
29:26 because some of you say,
29:27 well, I don't know what's happening in Revelation 6.
29:30 That's all right but you need to get in the word
29:32 and you start studying.
29:33 Revelation Chapter 6,
29:35 remember the seals are being dealt with here.
29:37 And the opening of the sixth seal here.
29:40 Now what are the seals?
29:41 Well, they simply contain records,
29:44 records of the advance through the ages.
29:47 And so through the ages they were passing before John
29:50 of what took place down through the ages
29:52 to the end of the world where Jesus is going to come
29:54 and ohn say...
29:56 there is just nobody going to be able to stand.
29:59 No one's is going to be saved.
30:01 John saw these events. That's what the Bible said.
30:04 But you know how he saw them? He saw them in symbolic form.
30:08 Now keep this in mind, until the time
30:12 or till the very end until what?
30:15 We find the character of God is going to be vindicated.
30:18 That's what the great controversy
30:19 is all about, isn't it?
30:21 Vindicating the character of God,
30:24 His people are gonna vindicate His character.
30:27 So the good news about this of the seven seals
30:31 there was in the book, there was one worthy to open it.
30:34 And so what we do? We went to Revelation 7
30:37 and then we're going back Revelation 6,
30:39 we go back to Revelation 5,
30:41 because as we talk about Revelation 5
30:43 we see these seals and the people in heaven
30:46 all saying "who is worthy to open the seals?"
30:50 And then the question is answered what?
30:51 There is only one that's worthy in Revelation 5:5, it's Jesus.
30:55 Only Jesus can open the seals.
30:58 And so that's good news for us today. Why?
31:00 Because he's won the battle between good and evil.
31:03 That's exactly what's going on in the world today.
31:06 Battle between good and evil everyday in your life
31:09 and really everyday in my life.
31:13 But friend, please think about that.
31:15 Everyday you're fighting a battle
31:18 but you need Jesus on your side.
31:19 If you don't, you'll lose every battle.
31:22 With Jesus on your side you'll win every battle.
31:26 Jesus, the one who is worthy.
31:28 The one who is victorious in battle.
31:32 That's the one that will fight for you and fight for me.
31:35 And then we find the admonition
31:37 and we're gonna have to follow this admonition
31:39 as we are studying.
31:41 Giving you food for thought
31:42 before you really attack the subject
31:45 is as we look n Revelation 6:1.
31:49 It says simply this, come and see.
31:52 Revelation 6:1, come and see.
31:54 So we're invited to come and see what was taken.
31:56 John is saying come and see what's going on.
31:58 Come and see, listen, who shall be able to stand.
32:05 But Revelation 6, who's going to be stand--
32:06 then we are going to go to Revelation 7
32:08 and you'll see those who will be able to what?
32:10 Stand. What does that mean?
32:12 Well, in the New Testament, Luke Chapter 21 verse 36,
32:17 it tells us right here who shall be able to stand.
32:19 "So therefore pray always."
32:21 You remember reading that pray always.
32:23 "That you may be accounted worthy to escape"
32:26 notice this "all of those things that shall come" What?
32:32 "All of those things that shall" what "come to pass,
32:35 and stand before the Son of man."
32:37 See some people will read that and what do they say?
32:39 Ah, see, we're going to be able to escape.
32:42 Take your strong--you know, begin to look up and say,
32:45 what's the Greek on the words to escape.
32:47 It does mean to flea out.
32:49 Notice this, that you maybe accounted worthy
32:52 to escape or to flea out.
32:55 And then it gives a very interesting definition.
32:57 It says, not taken out. Oh, wow.
33:03 So some of you who've been using that
33:04 you gonna have to leave that--go at-- doesn't mean
33:06 to be taken out of it.
33:08 Make sure that we are what?
33:10 Worthy to stand by the grace of God.
33:12 What does it mean to stand?
33:15 That means to continue in what is truth.
33:17 Continue in your belief in God.
33:20 To be staunch in what you believe.
33:22 Some people say, oh, he is too staunch.
33:23 Can you really get too staunch for Jesus?
33:26 To stand means I'm going to abide in Him.
33:29 I'm going to be upright in Him. I'm going to be active in Him.
33:34 I'm going to be-- I'm going to be in a position--
33:37 positive position for Jesus.
33:40 How many of us there are not even taking a stand on anything.
33:42 We let the world go and the devil have his way
33:45 and we just sit back and we say nothing and do nothing.
33:48 Malachi Chapter 3 verse 2.
33:51 Bible says this "But who may abide in the day of his coming?"
33:57 Interesting, when you're learning what truth is.
34:00 You're finding what this Bible writer said over here
34:02 and what another Bible writer said.
34:04 Malachi, you see in viewing and meditating
34:08 and thinking upon and the Spirit of God working upon his heart.
34:11 He too said what, "Who is going to be
34:13 able to abide in the day of his coming?"
34:15 Who's going to abide?
34:17 And sometime we think it's so easy.
34:18 Oh, well I'll be abiding. Oh, man, I'm going to be here.
34:21 People say it don't matter what's happening in the world.
34:23 I don't care what they do to me.
34:24 I'll tell you I'll just go right--oh, really now?
34:28 You need to take heed, right? Lest you fall.
34:33 I don't care what they do to me.
34:35 And all you have to do is what, little some bad happen
34:37 and you've thrown religion out,
34:38 you've thrown God out and everything out.
34:40 We need to what? We stand firm.
34:41 We need to rely upon God. Don't trust yourself.
34:45 I don't trust myself, not without Jesus.
34:49 Malachi said, John in Revela--
34:51 who is going to be able to stand?
34:52 Nobody is going to stand.
34:54 Who is gonna abide in the day of his coming?
34:56 Notice, what he said.
34:58 "And who shall stand when he appeareth?"
35:03 That was John was talking about it.
35:05 Look at somebody in the Old Testament,
35:06 look at somebody in the New Testament the last book.
35:09 And they all are saying as they see the events taking place.
35:11 Who's gonna be able to stand?
35:14 So what's make you think,
35:15 what makes me think I'm going to be able to stand?
35:17 Unless I've a close connection with Jesus.
35:20 Unless I have my life right with Jesus.
35:23 If he's my all in all, if I love Him above everything.
35:26 If He's supreme in my life.
35:28 If I put him first and then all these other things
35:32 the Bible said will be added into you.
35:34 If He's my, He's my-- when I go to bed
35:36 and I think, I think about Him before I go to sleep.
35:40 And first thing I think about is Him when I get up,
35:43 about the importance of spending some time
35:44 and studying and praying with Him.
35:46 And God I want to do Your will today.
35:48 Oh, help me to be a blessing to someone today.
35:51 Is that your heart's cry? Is that your plea?
35:53 I believe it's going to be the cry
35:55 and the plea of the 144,000.
35:58 Those who have perfected character to be like Jesus.
36:03 That's what we are leading up to.
36:06 When you look at all of what's going on here.
36:09 Look at what's happening here.
36:11 We see in Revelation 5:11, it's interesting.
36:15 Talks about here in response to the "You have four beasts.
36:19 You have 24 elders."
36:21 Have you ever wondered-- have you studied about that?
36:23 All of heaven is saying "Worthy, worthy is the Lamb."
36:30 Back in Revelation 5:13, let me just read that to you.
36:33 It says "Every creature" that means every created being
36:37 "which is in heaven and on earth
36:39 and under the earth and such are in the sea,
36:41 and all that is in them, I heard saying,
36:43 Blessing and honor and glory and power,
36:46 unto him that sitteth up on the throne
36:49 and unto the Lamb for ever and ever.
36:51 Well, the words that are coming forth He's just,
36:54 He's fair, He's good.
36:55 His character has been vindicated.
36:58 Isaiah talks about the prophet.
37:01 And Philippians Chapter 2 talks about
37:02 "Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess."
37:06 And then naturally in Revelation 5:11 we just talked about here.
37:09 We're talking about all of heaven.
37:11 All of them are saying "Worthy, worthy, worthy is the Lamb."
37:16 When's the last time that you said "worthy is the Lamb?"
37:19 When is the last time you praised God in the church
37:21 instead of coming in the church with a long face
37:23 and all--half mad because you went to church
37:27 and may be you had to go to church
37:28 instead of I can't wait to get there.
37:30 And something was said and you said,
37:31 Oh, Hallelujah, praise the Lord.
37:33 "Worthy is the Lamb that was slain."
37:35 You guys, your life might just change
37:37 or you think you're gonna crack apart
37:39 but you won't crack apart.
37:40 They'll bring real joy, and peace,
37:42 and happiness in your heart
37:43 when you can be able to lift up your voice in praise
37:46 and adoration to the king of kings and the Lord of Lords.
37:48 All of heaven, the Bible said, they're shouting together
37:51 "Worthy, worthy is the Lamb."
37:54 Do you think "worthy is the Lamb?"
37:55 Dear friend, we need to know
37:57 what he is worthy down here, isn't that right?
37:58 Accepting and praising down here
38:00 you're going to be praise him up there.
38:02 Why not join in, in the group?
38:04 The 144,000 are joining in their group.
38:08 Do you want to be a part of that?
38:11 See before that seventh seal is opened up.
38:14 You know how many seals are there?
38:15 There's only seven. And may I say this?
38:18 Just give you food for thought. Can't go into it right now.
38:21 If you realize that there are seven seals
38:25 and that we are between the-listen,
38:27 the sixth, end of the sixth and the opening of the seventh.
38:32 There is no more after that.
38:34 If you study the Book of Revelation,
38:35 you know, it began and started in the churches.
38:38 You know, starting with Ephesus
38:39 and just going round down
38:41 to the last church, the Laodicea Church.
38:43 We're at the end of the sixth, right?
38:44 And we're beginning the what? The seventh.
38:47 There are no more churches.
38:48 The history of the church, what does that mean?
38:52 That means there is no more time. We're at the end.
38:54 That tells you there's nothing else beyond.
38:57 Perfecting of the saints, getting ready to meet Jesus.
39:03 And then as that seventh seal is opened,
39:05 once again the question, who shall be able to stand?
39:09 Well, what an awesome question.
39:11 You say yeah, but why?
39:13 Oh, friends, listen,
39:15 because we've taken all this time to explain.
39:17 Because of the horrible events that have been announced.
39:22 All the horrible things that have taken place
39:25 and will take place before Jesus comes.
39:31 But you realize as we studied this
39:32 and we've looked in it quickly, right at this point, listen,
39:37 at this very point in Bible prophecy
39:40 there is no indication that anyone will survive.
39:47 You realize after Revelation 6 which opens up here
39:51 and there is only one seal to go
39:52 there is no evidence that anyone will survive.
39:58 Well, shouldn't that bring concern to you or to me?
40:02 What do you mean? What is God doing here?
40:05 Why is there a going to be--
40:07 why is there break between the sixth and the seventh seal?
40:09 What? All because God is an encourager.
40:12 He wants you to realize their will be a people,
40:15 realize those people will be different,
40:17 they'll be separate, they'll stand forth.
40:19 They'll be obvious in the world
40:21 because they teach something different.
40:23 They live differently. They act differently.
40:24 Talk differently. Dress differently.
40:26 They eat differently. They think differently.
40:30 They striving to be like Jesus.
40:32 You can't be the world and think
40:34 you're gonna go to heaven dear friends.
40:36 The Bible says there's amity against God.
40:40 We have to be the so unlike the world is possible.
40:45 Don't love the world
40:46 and the things that are in the world.
40:48 Say, oh God, if you do something,
40:50 oh God, help me not to love these things.
40:52 If you say don't help me, God don't help me you know
40:54 I'd help me not to love these things well,
40:56 don't you be going out in the middle of it then.
40:58 There's part that we can play,
41:01 say God, help me make right choices and right decisions.
41:04 Will anyone survive?
41:07 Oh, praise God, Revelation Chapter 7
41:09 God gives us a break, a break in the sequences
41:14 of advance in opening of the seals,
41:16 so that the question can be asked,
41:18 answered for once and for all. Whose, gonna be able to stand?
41:24 Revelations 7 verse 1,
41:26 the story just begins to really really unfold.
41:30 Revelations 7, verse 1, I'm just gonna read that.
41:32 Now stay with me if you've got your Bible.
41:34 If you don't have your Bible, shame on you,
41:37 get that Bible, I could be lying to you.
41:41 You not gonna know unless you walk,
41:43 unless you're reading right along with me,
41:44 and you're studying, remember we're scratching,
41:46 the edges of some beautiful just real--I mean real truths
41:50 that we need to understand right now,
41:52 because we're Gods last day people.
41:56 Revelations 7:1 says, "And after these things
41:59 I saw four" what?
42:00 "Four angels standing
42:02 on the four corners of the earth,
42:03 holding the four winds of the earth,
42:05 that the wind should not blow on the earth,
42:06 nor on the sea, nor on any tree."
42:08 Simply saying what?
42:09 God is in charge, He's holding back
42:11 what the forces of was getting ready
42:12 evil getting ready to break upon the world,
42:13 but he's holding it back, verse 2,
42:15 "I saw another angel ascending from the east."
42:18 Now this angel coming from the east
42:19 had the seal of the what?
42:21 Good, "of the living God."
42:23 You're going to have to have the seal of the living God
42:26 or you're not gonna make it. I'm not gonna make it.
42:31 And this angel that had the seal,
42:33 that's going to seal God's people.
42:36 Remember the blood over the door post,
42:37 just study come on.
42:40 This having the seal of the living God
42:42 "He cried with a loud voice to those four angels,"
42:44 what was those four angels doing?
42:46 Encircling the earth, in that right
42:48 "To whom it was given to hurt the earth
42:49 and the sea, Saying, hurt not."
42:51 Verse 3 "The earth, neither the sea, nor the trees,
42:54 till we seal the servants of our God,"
42:57 Where? "In their foreheads."
42:59 Contemplate that we'll talk a bit more in a minute.
43:01 Here come verse 4, now notice,
43:02 "And I heard the number,
43:06 I heard the number of them which we're sealed
43:10 and there we're sealed an 144,000
43:13 of all the tribes of the children of Israel."
43:16 Now keep that in mind because there are guys
43:18 gonna go in kind off different you know,
43:19 phases of it right now, oh boy, I don't know that Gods angel.
43:22 Gods' angel holding back
43:24 the powers of the earth right now.
43:27 Where god's people are preparing to take
43:29 their stand their last stand, in this last great conflict.
43:34 The angles holding back the enemies,
43:36 cant you just picture the angel of God standing there
43:39 holding back those evil angels
43:41 and they just cant cross the line
43:43 as long as the angels of God are standing there.
43:46 Yeah, those angels are protecting you,
43:48 the devil can't go across that line,
43:49 you have to go across that dear friend,
43:51 but while you're standing on the side of God,
43:52 you got angels who exhale in strength.
43:55 That take care of you, you have nothing to fear
43:57 because God is with you.
43:59 He's asking men and women to stand for truth.
44:02 Yeah, that's right be a spot out there
44:04 where people say, Who is this? What are they saying?
44:07 Oh friend, last great battle,
44:13 And you know, if you really just think
44:14 about this with me for just a moment,
44:17 because the angel that's coming from the east
44:20 getting ready to tell the angels to let loose,
44:23 think about what that means?
44:25 When the angels let loose of control
44:27 as it we're of this world,
44:29 the devil is gonna take possession.
44:32 If you think things are bad now,
44:35 think about when God said that's enough.
44:38 And He tells his angels to loose the grip
44:41 on the hold, step back.
44:43 And watch the devil began to do, what?
44:45 To work his works.
44:47 Let the enemy whose seated come into destroy.
44:52 If you know what, it's gonna fall
44:54 on the children of disobediences.
44:56 That's what the bible said.
44:58 Like what, God's cup is full did you see it?
45:01 Ephesians 5, Chapter 5, verse 6, it said,
45:06 "Gods wrath falls upon the disobedient."
45:10 God's wrath is what? Falls on--
45:12 we want to be obedient then don't we not disobedient.
45:14 Revelation 18, talks about it. Revelation 17 talks about it.
45:18 Isaiah 51, talks about-- the cup of his fury, his cup is full.
45:22 It's running over.
45:24 It's time, he said that's it,
45:26 and the devil begins to take charge.
45:27 He begins the advance of killing and destroying.
45:30 Falling upon what? The children of disobedience.
45:33 Great controversy, page 614 says
45:37 at this point listen to me carefully it says,
45:40 "The whole world will be involved in ruin more terrible
45:47 than that which came upon Jerusalem of old."
45:51 Where mothers bore and ate their own children,
45:56 can I think of anything worse?
45:59 This is what the bible says,
46:01 you can ignore it if you want to,
46:04 you can say we're not gonna be here for that.
46:07 I always come back and say, Yeah, but what if you are?
46:11 Then you are unprepared. The devil wants you unprepared.
46:16 He knows that what the only way
46:17 he could be defeated by prepared people,
46:20 then understand the power of the Holy Spirit,
46:24 the whole world is going to be involved.
46:28 Not just the little airy over here over there,
46:31 but the whole world will be what?
46:33 Oh! Friend. You said what?
46:36 The Bible is very clear you've read Daniel chapter 12
46:39 it says what a time of trouble that the world not what?
46:43 Ever witnessed ever seen before.
46:46 And yeah we keep saying, yeah but the Lord of bad things
46:49 that you read, you know the Fox's Book of Martyrs
46:52 and lot of this other stuff right and you say oh surely,
46:54 if some part of people supposed to be right in the mind,
46:56 surely this kind of stuff wouldn't take place childs play.
46:59 When the devil is finally let loose, why do I say that?
47:03 Because all the things that happen in this world,
47:06 God has had his eye and wheather there's been
47:08 some what mercy mingled with it.
47:10 But when God says my cup is full He lets the enemy run ramped.
47:17 What a time, we need a savior.
47:21 At this time we realized this sealing takes place
47:24 and it prepares the people to go through this time of fearful
47:28 time of stress and perplexity just before Jesus comes.
47:34 Remember it says the angel comes by and he's sealing.
47:37 Or it's a mark, so a seal and a mark
47:42 testify's the ownership, who owns you?
47:47 Who do you work for?
47:50 Who do you live for? Who's your greatest joy?
47:55 He's gonna put a mark on those, a seal.
47:59 He's saying they belong to me
48:01 and when all this stress all this stuff comes past
48:03 right there the devil can't touch one of God's saints.
48:08 Because he's marked his own, he reads the heart,
48:11 he knows who you are, he knows who I am.
48:15 The seal does what? It testify's the ownership.
48:18 You read it, you've studied what,
48:19 Ezekiel chapter 9? Right?
48:22 Well go through marking his people,
48:23 you read Second Timothy right to verse 19.
48:26 But now come, Revelations 7:4, John says,
48:29 notice with me, John says, "I heard."
48:32 This is powerful. John in vision says, I heard.
48:38 I heard a number.
48:42 I heard a number of a 144,000
48:47 and so this begins so many questions.
48:49 Who from this last generation
48:53 will make up the 144,000?
48:58 It's a question that needs to be answered.
49:01 But I hear people with the question
49:03 you know "Who are the 144,000?"
49:07 Its not-- its not who are the 144,000
49:13 but "what they are?"
49:16 Not who they are they? didn't get named, you get it.
49:18 But it's what they are?
49:21 So we're talking about the kind of character
49:24 that they have formed by the power
49:26 of the Holy Spirit inside them.
49:28 The kind of character that God expects form His people.
49:32 A people without fault, a people without guilt,
49:37 sinless, victorious in Him. All this is through Him.
49:43 we justhave to commit ourself to Jesus.
49:46 What we're talking about what?
49:47 Characters here the only thing we can take with us to heaven.
49:51 So, in order to we thought identify the 144,000,
49:55 what they are? We must study what?
50:00 Some characteristics.
50:02 That helps us to understand characteristics of the 144,000.
50:07 And so we can say, we should strive more than say,
50:10 oh, who's going to be, what's going to--
50:12 Listen friend please strive, to be in, the 144,000.
50:18 Strive, there's too much debate in the Christian world.
50:24 The Adventism of the 144,000, and it begins to be a--
50:30 you know, a subject of contention and--
50:31 and separation and a division that shouldn't be.
50:35 It's probably the most debated question
50:38 when it comes to the 144,000.
50:40 You say, well, you know, it here's what they'll say,
50:43 is it symbolic or is it literal?
50:47 And of course a lot of people want to say
50:48 oh, well yeah, well, it's symbolic for sure
50:51 because all this got to be more than that
50:53 that's going to perfect the character of Jesus.
50:55 May be that, is that may be what you want to think.
50:58 And others will say, oh, its literal
51:01 that means 144,000 is exactly what is going to be like.
51:04 Let me ask you a question here, we just have a few minutes left.
51:08 Could the number, be literal?
51:11 Now I'm going to be honest with you.
51:13 I know a lot of the people here and different places
51:15 and they teach something different.
51:16 I'm not really interested in so much of that.
51:18 I'm interested in God's word. How about you?
51:20 I'm interested in looking at the issue
51:23 and the weight of evidence.
51:25 So I just pose this to you. Could it be literally 144,000?
51:30 And somehow we have to say, yes it could be.
51:33 Remember that's not all of us
51:35 are going to be saved because this is--
51:36 we're talking about a special group here,
51:37 but know it's a special group and we'll go more into detail.
51:40 This special group they've gotten the victory over sin.
51:44 This group, dear friend,
51:45 lived in the side of a Holy God without a mediator.
51:50 This special group lived during the time
51:53 of the seven last plagues.
51:55 Did you get it? That means what?
51:57 Probation is really already closed.
51:58 God's people are already sealed. They just don't know it.
52:03 This 144,000 people have gotten the victory
52:06 over the beast and over the image to the beast.
52:09 Do you realize what that is,
52:10 when the death decree goes out on you?
52:13 You'll not be able to buy or sell.
52:15 Do you realize that? Oh, how trying this must be?
52:20 These 144,000, that have the character
52:23 of Christ is fully reproduced in them.
52:28 As the Bible said in Philippians 1:21,
52:30 "For them" and they say, "for them to live is"
52:32 what? "Is Christ."
52:34 For you to live is Christ, not yourself.
52:37 Oh, the 144,000?
52:42 Death, disaster, disease on every hand, persecution.
52:48 Let me just say this dear friend,
52:50 many are going to be laid to rest before there's time
52:53 and I'll tell you we'll talk about that next time.
52:56 This was part I, but part II we're going to talk about
52:58 some of the older folks will be laid to rest
53:00 and some of the babies will be laid to rest
53:03 because they will not be able to go through this severe time.
53:06 It becomes very apparent.
53:08 It's an awesome time, but just to look at it.
53:11 Could it be? Oh, yes it could be.
53:13 Now we're going to discuss the other
53:15 when somebody says is it symbolic or is it literal?
53:19 and you'll have to decide by the weight of evidence.
53:22 But you know, we need to pray about it today.
53:24 You know, we're busy here
53:25 with Behold the Lamb and we're--
53:26 We're doing our very best
53:28 by the grace of God to get his message out.
53:30 We need your help you know,
53:31 as every ministry does preaching the truth.
53:33 The devil is just fighting tooth and nail.
53:34 We pass out a lot of books
53:36 and do a lot of offers on and free offers,
53:37 but you know, it's not free. It cost to have it.
53:40 You may have it on your heart today to say you know,
53:41 oh, boy I love to get so and so books out.
53:44 And you want to support those books and you want to come in
53:47 and you will send an offering and say what,
53:48 for books, giving out of books,
53:50 and for offers that you give on there.
53:52 Oh, praise God for that.
53:53 Only means of support for Behold the Lamb
53:55 is your free will offerings.
53:57 And I think we have a right
53:59 to say that Bible says you have not,
54:00 because you ask not. So please don't forget.
54:02 You want the messages to continue to come,
54:04 you want to hear the truth of God's word,
54:06 you want the power of the Holy Spirit in your life.
54:08 How about now pray about what you can do.
54:10 We'll pray about now in the closing seconds.
54:12 Won't you pray with me that God will help us?
54:13 Father in heaven, we thank You for your precious word today,
54:16 thank You for the promise
54:17 that You're coming back after special people.
54:19 Help us to be among that is my pray In Jesus name.
54:22 Amen. Amen.
54:24 Thank you for watching this as usual
54:26 and jot down the times that were on
54:28 and remember, we just did the first part.
54:30 Second part we will really get into a lot more detail
54:32 and we need you like to be a part of Behold the Lamb.
54:36 Part of 3ABN, you know.
54:38 We're going to all the world to preach
54:39 the gospel and then Jesus can come.
54:42 Make that, put that on your prayer list.
54:44 Pray about it and we'll see you next time.
54:50 Welcome back, friends.
54:51 In the closing of today's program,
54:53 I want to give you just a little food for thought.
54:56 It's from a vision of Mrs. White's
54:58 and it's found in the book
54:59 Counsels for the Church on page 33.
55:02 We read here, "While I was praying
55:04 at the family altar, the Holy Ghost fell upon me,
55:08 and I seemed to be rising higher and higher,
55:11 far above the dark world.
55:14 I turned to look for the advent people in the world,
55:16 but could not find them, when a voice said to me,
55:19 'Look again, and look a little higher.'
55:22 At this I raised my eyes,
55:24 and saw a straight and narrow path,
55:27 cast up high above the world.
55:29 On this path the Advent people were traveling to the city
55:33 which was at the farther end of the path.
55:35 They had a bright light that was set up behind them
55:38 at the beginning of the path
55:40 which an angel told me was the midnight cry.
55:43 This light shone all along the path
55:45 and gave light for their feet so that they might not stumble.
55:50 If they kept their eyes fixed on Jesus,
55:53 who was just before them,
55:55 leading them to the city, they were safe.
55:58 But soon some grew weary,
56:00 and said the city was a great way off,
56:03 and they expected to have entered it before.
56:06 Then Jesus would encourage them
56:08 by raising His glorious right arm,
56:12 and from His right arm came a light which waved over
56:16 the Advent band, and they shouted, 'Alleluia!'
56:19 Others rashly denied the light behind them
56:22 and said that it was not God that had led them out so far.
56:26 The light behind them went out,
56:29 leaving their feet in perfect darkness,
56:31 and they stumbled and lost sight
56:33 of the mark and of Jesus, and fell off the path
56:37 down into the dark and wicked world below.
56:41 Soon we heard the voice of God
56:43 like many waters which gave us
56:46 the day and the hour of Jesus' coming.
56:49 The living saints 144,000, in number,
56:54 knew and understood the voice,
56:56 while the wicked thought it was thunder and an earthquake.
56:59 When God spoke the time,
57:00 He poured upon us the Holy Ghost,
57:03 and our faces began to light up
57:05 and shine with the glory of God,
57:07 as Moses' did when he came down from Mount Sinai.
57:11 Friends--Friends, as we close today's program with that,
57:16 that prophetic vision that was given to Mrs. White,
57:21 I pray that you have been touched of Heaven
57:24 during today's message and if so, as always,
57:27 we would love to hear from you
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58:20 Friends, until next time, may our precious Lord
58:23 continue to richly bless you and yours.


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