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Prophecy Of The 144,000: Who Are They? Part 2

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00:41 Hello, I am Chris Shelton your host.
00:43 And welcome, to Behold the Lambs presents.
00:46 Today's message is a second
00:48 of a two-part series that we've entitled
00:50 'The Prophecy of the 144,000, Who are they?'
00:54 Pastor Kenny Shelton certainly gave us much
00:57 to contemplate during the first program
00:59 which all leads up to today's final message
01:02 which is his conclusion of a study
01:05 on this important subject dealing with the 144,000
01:09 and just who they are.
01:11 Or, as Pastor Kenny said, in the first message,
01:14 What they are? Yes, what they are?
01:17 He was referring to the Christ like characters.
01:20 And we're certainly beginning to see that this is a group
01:23 that we should be daily striving to be a part of.
01:26 We learned that this is the last group of people
01:29 who are prepared as a bride for Christ
01:32 that will be living without heavenly mediator
01:35 right before and during His second coming.
01:38 And with the understanding that the very last bits
01:41 of biblical prophecy are drawing to a close in our lifetime.
01:46 It behooves us to make this subject
01:49 an important part of our Bible research.
01:51 So I am looking forward today's message with Pastor Kenny
01:55 and I certainly hope that you're too.
01:57 But first as always,
01:58 we're blessed to go to the 3ABN Worship Center,
02:02 and listen to a song that is entitled,
02:04 'The love of God.' As performed by Reggie Samuel.
04:59 Thanks for joining us.
05:00 Praise God, we're so appreciate
05:01 that special music to our prayer,
05:03 that was a blessing to you.
05:04 Glad, you joined us and that's, you know, as i always said,
05:07 is that when you join us, expect the Bible study,
05:11 because we're gonna get into God's word
05:12 and look at this fantastic subject
05:14 of a special group of people that God is right now preparing.
05:19 And I want to be among that number, don't you?
05:21 We're gonna strive but we need to understand the subject,
05:23 may be just a little bit better.
05:25 So I pray the Holy Spirit will help us
05:26 as we begin to really this is really dig into the word of God.
05:30 May be like never before.
05:32 Needs to become a habit in our life.
05:35 So as we study the subject, the 144,000.
05:38 If you like, I am always feel a need of prayer.
05:41 Before we kneel and have prayer together.
05:44 I know you're gonna be praying along with me
05:45 'cause I desire that I need that prayer,
05:47 and I know I need to be praying.
05:49 And I feel some kind of kindred spirit
05:52 with each of you out there
05:53 that you're gonna be praying along too,
05:55 that the spirit will help us here
05:56 to get into this subject.
05:58 But I want to encourage you to continue
05:59 to send in your letters and your request.
06:01 And we're getting quite a few calls
06:03 and letters and emails about certain subjects.
06:07 You know, can you speak on this
06:09 and can you speak on other subject.
06:10 And another subject can, you know,
06:12 it may take a little time to get there.
06:14 But believe, you, me, I am, putting them on my desk
06:16 and I am marking them down and asking God
06:18 to help me to be able to put things together.
06:20 So, don't get discouraged if it's not like next week.
06:23 But we're gonna be working on these subjects
06:25 because I know that it's important to you.
06:27 And if it's important to you,
06:29 I know it's important to your heavenly Father
06:30 and to us here at Behold the Lamb Ministry.
06:32 Keep those cards and letters coming.
06:34 We appreciate so very much we can't do without you.
06:37 Now, let's just get down
06:38 to our Father's business, shall we?
06:40 I am going to kneel right here and pray
06:41 and please won't you pray along with me
06:42 for the power of the Holy Spirit.
06:46 Merciful God in heaven,
06:48 we thank you for the privilege of prayer.
06:50 We ask now that you forgive,
06:52 may if anything in my heart
06:53 and life and sin that need not be there,
06:55 and weakness that your Holy Spirit,
06:57 the blood of Jesus Christ will come near
06:59 and cleanse me from all unrighteousness.
07:01 And may I will be able to--
07:03 each one of us hear from heaven today.
07:05 Thank you for your love and your mercy,
07:07 open the ears, the eyes, and hearts
07:08 of each and every one of your children today.
07:10 May this be a study it would be fruitful.
07:13 That will help us along our way toward heaven.
07:16 We thank you for hearing
07:18 and for answering prayer in Jesus name, amen.
07:22 Again it's always good to have a pencil and paper
07:25 to jot down some things,
07:26 because you may remember we are limited.
07:29 Some people will write and say
07:30 well, you didn't go in this area.
07:32 May be you should have said something else over here.
07:34 We're limited on our time in which we can spend
07:36 and we're praying that God will help us to get, what?
07:38 To the main principle and maybe just get encourage you enough
07:42 that you're gonna get and start studying for yourself.
07:45 Now, some of you missed the first part.
07:47 This is the second part of this two-part series.
07:50 So, if you missed the first-part,
07:52 I always like to go back and say,
07:53 here is what we cover the first time
07:56 that we spend on the subject.
07:58 So if you've missed it, this will help you.
08:00 And if you even viewed it and you say,
08:02 ooh I can't wait for the second-one.
08:04 You may even kind say well I forgot
08:06 and kind of everything we study.
08:08 Let us put it in a nutshell quickly,
08:09 Shall we? We'll do it here.
08:11 I've jotted down about seven little areas here
08:12 that we went into and this will probably get you in tune
08:15 and the others who view for the first time,
08:17 saying, ah, now, I am ready to do that.
08:20 Here we go, number one.
08:21 We realize, as we were studying
08:23 this subject here that this is a special group.
08:25 The special group of people, 144,000 is developing.
08:30 Please kind of put that, "They are a developing people."
08:34 And while they were developing,
08:36 the prophets in the word of God saw a famine and pestilence
08:40 and earthquakes and wars and rumors of wars
08:42 and bloodshed and confusion in the world.
08:46 Number two, point two.
08:48 Prophecy points to a group of people
08:51 that are singled out for the truths
08:54 that they're elevating.
08:56 They elevate these beautiful truths
08:57 that not only do they tell the world about,
09:00 but they take them into their own lives
09:02 and they're living them out.
09:04 Number three, point we discuss.
09:06 God's people will give a call to come out of, what?
09:10 Good, to come out of Babylon,
09:12 With what? The churches.
09:13 They've got themselves drunk with the wine.
09:16 You see the false teaching.
09:18 We're not talking about just Catholicism,
09:19 we're talking about Protestants too.
09:21 Number four, there will be a removing, listen carefully.
09:24 A removing of the old landmarks.
09:28 The devil doesn't want a landmark.
09:30 He doesn't want something that's solid.
09:32 He wants to try to move it.
09:33 He knows if you hold on to those landmarks,
09:35 those pillars of our faith
09:37 that you're gonna hang tight till Jesus shall come.
09:40 But notice what I am talking about here.
09:42 They're removing of old landmarks
09:45 and an attempt notice this--
09:47 an attempt to tear down the pillars of our faith.
09:50 Even, listen carefully
09:52 even the books of a new order
09:55 will somehow be of distributed among us.
09:59 It will be introduced.
10:00 Be careful what you read my friend.
10:02 Five, majority of the Christian world today,
10:06 if we look around, the majority
10:07 of the Christian world they are-- may I use this,
10:10 they're laughing at the warnings
10:12 that are given by God's, what? Messengers today.
10:15 They're laughing at the message that God has send
10:17 in to the world to prepare them for His coming.
10:19 And they're laughing at the messengers.
10:21 Well, you know, as we think about that the Bible say, what?
10:25 This is exactly what's going to take place.
10:27 So we need not be, shook up about it.
10:29 The sixth point, Revelation, Chapter 6,
10:33 we discovered there was a opening of the what?
10:35 Remembered? Good, the Seals.
10:37 As we discover there these seals were open,
10:40 it was a very terrible time in the history of the world.
10:43 The condition was so bad
10:46 that there was question that was asked.
10:48 And you remember if you watch the first part.
10:50 Who shall be able to stand?
10:54 Who is gonna be able to stand in these last days?
10:56 when all this is breaking lose upon the world?
10:58 The devil rampant. We discussed on that.
11:01 Number seven, our last part here, remind you?
11:03 Revelation 7, praise God for that.
11:05 He gives us a little break in the sequences of the events
11:10 of the opening of the seal, you remember?
11:12 And then he begins to reveal to us
11:14 and answers the question,
11:16 who is going to be able to stand?
11:19 Aren't you glad, that God's so merciful
11:20 and kind and long suffering?
11:23 Answer to that question because it seem like
11:25 there was no one that gonna be able to stand,
11:27 but He's answering that.
11:29 And so, he reveals through
11:30 the special group of people who they're?
11:33 And so, we've to realize,
11:35 in order to identify this group, who is it?
11:38 Good, the 144,000 people. What they are?
11:42 We always say who're they-- who's will come,
11:45 but what are they? What they are?
11:48 We must study what? Naturally the characteristics.
11:51 We must make sure we could strive to be in that number.
11:55 Listen, you who're alive today. Listen carefully to me.
11:59 You who're alive today need to be striving.
12:02 We're so near the end of time the coming of Jesus Christ.
12:06 We should be striving
12:07 to be among that number of the 144,000.
12:11 Yeah, an elite group, because they followed Jesus,
12:14 wherever He lives, they are willing to obey Him.
12:17 And so as we look at this study,
12:19 it's dealing with characteristics.
12:22 And so we should strive to be among them.
12:24 Now, the big debated question we talk little bit about.
12:27 Instead, of looking at the characteristics
12:30 of the 144,000, we get into debate.
12:34 Books have been written,
12:35 pamphlets written, division in churches.
12:38 Allover the question hour is the number,
12:41 is it symbolic or is it literal?
12:45 Think about what has caused division
12:47 among God's even remnant.
12:51 Is it symbolic or is it literal?
12:53 Sometime we feel that may be if it's literal--
12:56 oh there's not a chance for us.
12:59 If it's symbolic, oh good there is a chance.
13:01 We continue kind of live what we're doing.
13:02 So what is our motive for wanting
13:05 to answer this question?
13:06 And I won't say this right up front,
13:08 then some of you can just jump off
13:10 to see if you want to write quick,
13:11 and rest of you might want to turn it off.
13:13 But you know, what I am saying to you,
13:15 listen carefully. Yes, it could be what?
13:19 Literal. Let me just tell you why?
13:22 And then I'll even discuss
13:23 the other side of the coin little bit here.
13:24 Not saying it's exactly,
13:26 but I'm saying here a lot of information is given here.
13:28 And it's enough for you and I to say look.
13:30 Listen God, there must be a reason
13:33 why that you've left us just this amount of information.
13:35 But we discover this,
13:39 have gotten the victory over sin.
13:42 Can you think what that really means to--
13:44 you get the victory over sin in your life completely.
13:48 This magnificent group-- and I say magnificent, why?
13:52 Because of the power of the spirit of God
13:54 that lives inside of them.
13:56 They've learnt to live by the strength and power of God
13:58 in the sight of a holy God without a mediator.
14:01 That means there's no sin, there's no godless anything,
14:03 you know, that the heaven doesn't say all right.
14:08 Live in the sight of the Holy God
14:09 without a mediator.
14:12 This special group is a group who lived during the outpouring
14:16 of the seven last plagues.
14:18 Now I know some of you're gonna say ooh,
14:20 yeah, but ooh man, we're going to be gone.
14:22 Over and over in our programs
14:23 I am going to say, what if you're not?
14:25 I got to go over the Holy Spirit just constantly reminds me
14:28 to remind the people out there. What if you're not gone?
14:32 Because we'd be ruptured away during that, what if you not?
14:35 Bible doesn't really teach that anyway.
14:37 I do that question just for you.
14:40 But this is a-- there's a group here
14:42 they lived during the time of the seven last plagues.
14:44 Do you know what that means?
14:46 That means, listen to me,
14:47 that probation has already closed for the world.
14:51 Probation closes before the seven last plagues
14:55 poured out this special group
14:57 that gotten the victory over the beast
14:59 and the image to the beast.
15:01 So realize, you see,
15:02 those are in the forming as I speak right now.
15:07 This special group they've let Christ
15:09 fully live within their hearts and their mind.
15:12 Christ is reproduced in them.
15:14 Did you get he's coming through them
15:16 for them to live the Bible says is Christ.
15:19 Have you ever read that in Philippians 1, verse 21?
15:23 And then we a little bit-- and we kind of wrap that it up.
15:26 Listen, there's gonna be a lot of young people and old people
15:29 that will not be able to endure the time
15:32 that we're talking about here.
15:34 God in his mercy and his wisdom, you see, has a plan.
15:39 But all how it may challenge you
15:41 and it may challenge me
15:43 when you have loved ones that may be are young
15:46 or as a children and may be a little bit older.
15:49 You see, death and disease,
15:51 persecution the Bible says is on hand during this time
15:54 are they perfecting or may
15:56 what they're developing of the 144,000.
16:00 But many will be laid to rest.
16:02 Listen carefully many will be laid to rest
16:05 because they cannot endure the time of trouble.
16:09 Let me just read the quote for you
16:10 this is Counsels of Health, page 375.
16:13 Please, listen carefully.
16:16 It says, many, "Many will be laid away
16:19 to sleep before the fiery ordeal
16:22 of the time of trouble shall come upon our world."
16:26 Heavy, heavy, heavy now lets pursue this a little bit more.
16:30 This may be touches your heart
16:32 because it begins to specific here.
16:34 Second, selected message is 259,
16:37 I am reading now listen carefully.
16:39 "...many little ones are to be laid away
16:45 before the time of trouble.
16:47 We shall see our children again.
16:52 We shall meet them and know them in the heavenly courts."
16:56 God and his mercy sees fit.
16:59 They cannot endure, what's happening in the world
17:02 and he lets them sleep in Jesus.
17:04 But we shall see them again
17:06 that's our hope and our encouragement.
17:08 And we'll know them as we knew them here.
17:11 You'll say, yeah but well I am sure.
17:13 You remember in John chapter 20 about Mary.
17:16 Remember she recognize who? Jesus, when, after the what?
17:21 After the resurrection,
17:23 after He came out in his glorified body.
17:24 She recognized Him.
17:26 We shall recognize our loved ones.
17:30 And then you remember that
17:31 it was Jeremiah 31, verses 15-17, it was Rachel.
17:37 You remember she was lost her children,
17:39 she was weeping for her children.
17:41 And then there in Jeremiah 31, it says,
17:43 "...and they shall come again."
17:45 Listen, "...from the land of the enemy.'
17:48 The promise was made at Jeremiah it says yes,
17:50 that it says the enemy has been allowed to take them
17:53 but you shall see them again.
17:55 they will come from the land of the enemy,
17:57 death land of the enemy. God has promised.
18:01 These are things that we're gonna need to hold on to
18:03 as we see the 144,000 developing.
18:06 And the world going through
18:08 what it's going through, right now.
18:09 And the stages that it's going in.
18:10 its all set up and we must realize
18:13 that in quick context we'll say.
18:15 Playing church, get serious, see what God?
18:19 144,000 they're just like Jesus in character.
18:25 What a difference?
18:28 That in the world when there were one man Jesus Christ,
18:32 What this earth? What a difference he made?
18:36 And thinking 144,000, wow.
18:40 Now made a pretty big statement while ago as told
18:43 might it could be well we'll discuss that a little bit more
18:45 but just think with me as we're studying right here.
18:48 That number, could it be literal or is it symbolic?
18:54 It could be but now remember all the stuff
18:58 that you've been reading about this number 144,000.
19:02 I am not sure that anyone then
19:04 I heard over the years have mentioned this.
19:07 So I am just going throw it out there to you.
19:10 and they were will be some that will question
19:11 that you have that right to do that.
19:14 But I know 'cause somebody say
19:16 well that is a symbolic number but it's very interesting.
19:19 When the spirit of prophecy-- many times you talk
19:21 we just talk about Ellen White being envision
19:24 she was describing, the new heavens,
19:26 and the new earth and it wasn't any symbolic form
19:29 and she said I saw the 144,000.
19:34 wow, food for thought.
19:37 Number of times that's mentioned in the spirit of prophecy.
19:42 Now was that symbolic vision?
19:43 or was that you know was that a literal vision?
19:47 And you know you think about those who say where are
19:50 you know, it's clearly symbolic.
19:52 Let's just quickly go there and say
19:53 that the vision is clearly symbolic and how is it?
19:56 Well you remember as you study you've the 12 what?
19:59 Twelve tribes, twelve full repetition of what?
20:03 12,000 equal what? 144,000.
20:07 Many says it's not the precise number
20:09 that really makes a difference
20:11 and again they refer to the 12,000,
20:13 12 tribes, What? Good, 144,000.
20:18 Let me say what is the most
20:20 important question that can be answered.
20:22 We must decide concerning this number?
20:26 is it literal, or is it symbolic?
20:28 or should we strive to be in that number?
20:33 What's the most important thing?
20:35 Is it to strive to be in that number or try to figure out
20:39 all that which may be has not been made quite clear?
20:43 If God wants you to know
20:45 some clear in scripture, it becomes clear.
20:48 But I see in all my studies the main subject
20:51 that you and I need to be on,
20:52 so we can have some unity among us
20:54 is to say I need to strive to be in that number.
20:56 And here is the characteristics
20:58 of those that will be in this number.
21:00 This is what your life will be like.
21:02 This is what it will be to be like Jesus.
21:04 This is what it's all about gaining these victories.
21:09 Then I read a little paragraph and I am sure what is that,
21:11 but said you know, it makes sense.
21:13 Principle here, don't spend time seeking to know that
21:18 which will not help us spiritually.
21:21 Does that make sense?
21:22 Don't be seeking anything that will not help you spiritually.
21:26 So whether it's literal, right?
21:28 Symbolic, its not gonna help you.
21:30 Is it spiritually?
21:32 Seek that which helps us spiritually.
21:35 Let's look at several of those characteristics,
21:37 shall we while we have some time left here?
21:39 Number one, the 144,000,
21:41 must be those who the Bible said are listen, what?
21:45 Are alive, the 144,000 are alive and that means what?
21:50 They've not died, they have not seen death.
21:53 Now it begins to make sense, some people will say,
21:55 well these people who lived way back 200 years ago,
21:57 they'll be among the 144,000.
21:59 The Bible is very clear, they'll be alive
22:02 and they'll not have seen death.
22:04 That means those who're living, what?
22:05 In very last hours of earth's history.
22:08 They've not seen death.
22:10 Two points, Revelation 14, 3 and 4 brings that out.
22:14 Revelation 14, what? Verses 3 and 4.
22:17 We're going to study those so I could read them right now.
22:19 But I want you to read them at home,
22:20 because we're going to go over the new song that they sing,
22:23 the experience that they go through.
22:25 And that they'll be alive and dwelling here on the earth.
22:28 Two points in those two passages,
22:30 Revelation 14, 3 and 4.
22:32 It points out these, "They were redeemed from among"
22:36 What? "The earth."
22:38 They were redeemed from the earth
22:39 and they were redeemed from among men.
22:44 Two fantastic points there that we cannot miss.
22:47 As we continue on our Early Writings page 15,
22:52 now the Bible have just said, what?
22:53 From the earth and from among men.
22:55 Early writings, 15 say this,
22:57 "The living saints, 144,000 in number"
23:04 Ooh, starting to-- the weight of evidence is--
23:06 starting to take me over here, I need to be careful.
23:10 Did you get it?
23:11 The living saints, 144,000 in number.
23:15 The Great Controversy, 649 says,
23:18 "These, having been translated from the earth"
23:23 From among what? "The living."
23:25 Just what the Bible says. Exactly, translated, what?
23:29 From the earth. From among, what?
23:32 The living has not seen death.
23:35 Of course, there're those who believe today
23:37 that the 144,000 are literal, what? Literal Jews.
23:41 Well, you know, we did a study on that--
23:44 and the previous study was entitled,
23:45 "Is it Time for the Jews to return."
23:47 Some of you might remember that.
23:49 That would be a good one for you to go back
23:50 if you're hung upon this say,
23:52 well they're literal Jews, the 144,000.
23:55 It was discussed and to me
23:57 it was proven over beyond the shadow of doubt
23:59 that the Jew we talk about as a nation
24:02 are no longer God's chosen people.
24:04 Did you get that?
24:06 They're no longer God's chosen people.
24:09 And you say, well listen
24:10 the New Testament church is right,
24:13 God's chosen people today. It's spiritual, what?
24:17 Spiritual Israel.
24:18 The eyes must be kept upon Jesus.
24:20 Not on Israel, not what's going on in Israel, today.
24:23 But the eyes to be kept upon Jesus Christ.
24:26 You say, oh what a--
24:28 listen there're such clear passages of scripture.
24:30 Galatians, listen to me, chapter 3.
24:32 Galatians Chapter 4, Galatians Chapter 6.
24:36 Romans Chapter 2, especially verses 28 and 29.
24:39 Philippians chapter 3, verse 3.
24:42 These things just bring it into focus to make it clear,
24:45 so that we're not looking
24:46 somewhere where the devil will reign inside us.
24:49 Please remember that. Oh, friend, it's so important.
24:53 You see, spiritual Israel is in the Bible represented
24:57 as being divided into twelve tribes.
25:00 Do you remember that?
25:01 Oh, the Bible said, yeah you say what?
25:03 Twelve, that sounds familiar.
25:04 You remember that there's 12 gates in where?
25:07 Good, the New Jerusalem.
25:09 They have the name of the 12 tribes over them.
25:11 Again we're dealing, what?
25:13 We're dealing with character,
25:15 not the literal tribes back then.
25:18 Well that this tribe weren't there,
25:19 character is what we're talking about here
25:21 who has a right to enter the city of God.
25:23 Those who have right, that right character like Jesus.
25:27 In fact read that Revelation 21:12,
25:30 about those 12 gates and 12 tribes, notice.
25:32 Now Revelation 14, 1 through 5,
25:36 gives us some more information that we need to know
25:38 and it's valuable, so you don't want to miss it.
25:42 I like this because John was envisioned and John said,
25:45 he said, I saw the lamb.
25:48 Wow! Now where do you see the lamb?
25:52 Revelation 5:6, "I saw the lamb."
25:54 And seeing the lamb was used well like 29 times
25:58 in the New Testament in Revelation.
26:00 What is it, Revelation 5:6?
26:03 Now notice John heard Christ called a lion.
26:08 Wow! John heard it. Christ was called what?
26:12 He was called a lion. Which to us is what?
26:15 He's a conqueror or He gained the victory over, what?
26:19 Over, evil here.
26:21 But He looked for a lion because he said
26:24 He was called a lion.
26:26 And he looked around and he said, oh, I saw a, I saw a lamb.
26:30 Ooh, what does this mean?
26:32 "I saw a lamb" What was it again indicates to Christ?
26:36 With what win the battle between good and evil.
26:41 Not listen-- not by force, but by what?
26:45 I didn't hear you? Good, by living a perfect life.
26:50 That's how we gain victory today, isn't it?
26:52 That's how heaven is going to be our home, by what?
26:54 Living the perfect life through the power
26:56 and grace of Jesus Christ.
26:57 Remember John heard it, He is the lion,
27:00 and he saw a lamb.
27:02 Friend, the lamb live, we live without sin.
27:08 Jesus lived without sin.
27:09 And the Bible said in Revelation,
27:10 He is worthy, the spotless lamb.
27:15 And then John looks and he beholds and he see.
27:17 Friend, I'm talking to 144,000.
27:19 You need to wake up, you say now what is this going.
27:21 Listen, John sees this little bleeding lamb
27:25 and he sees him as a sacrifice.
27:28 He sees the lamb, listen, as he had been slain.
27:34 Underline, these words, as he has been slain.
27:37 Did you get as it has the meaning or indicates to us
27:40 that it's what? That's its symbolic.
27:43 So you can follow God's word
27:45 and you can understand literal or symbolic.
27:47 He's not saying that there was a real lamb
27:50 standing before the throne of God.
27:53 You can see, this is a what? A symbolic vision.
27:56 I'll give an example, as the seven lambs,
27:59 as the four creatures, the seven horns,
28:02 seven eyes and so on and so forth.
28:05 The Bible said, as it had been.
28:08 It indicates that it had taken place
28:11 the sacrifice in times past.
28:15 Now, what about this sacrifice that taken place in times past?
28:19 But let me tell you today my friend
28:20 that the sacrifice even though it's taken place, what?
28:23 We were said, 2,000 years ago,
28:25 the sacrifice is still good today.
28:27 Sacrifice made upon Calvary is permanent,
28:31 it's for us today.
28:34 Think about it, it's still good.
28:35 There's still power there, it's powerful,
28:38 it's comforting to know, it brings us hope,
28:41 it changes our life.
28:43 And we must look to that lamb that was slain
28:45 from the foundation of the world, for what?
28:48 For the forgiveness of sin.
28:49 And then John looks around in Revelation 14:1
28:52 and John saw this--
28:54 that the people who gained the victory in Jesus Christ,
28:58 clean hearts, clean minds, clean hands,
29:00 he saw them stand on Mount Zion.
29:03 He saw them there.
29:05 A group of people, special people.
29:08 Interesting, and you back to the Old Testament
29:10 in Psalms 48 verse 1 and 2.
29:12 Let me just read that to you.
29:14 It say, "Great is the Lord,
29:16 and greatly is He to be praised."
29:18 Listen, " the city of our God."
29:21 "In the mountain of his holiness.
29:24 Beautiful for situation."
29:27 You know, what that means? Beautiful for the elevation.
29:31 "the joy of the whole earth is Mount Zion." Or is it?
29:36 The joy of the whole earth is what?
29:38 Is Mount Zion on the sides of the north."
29:41 People started to say and let's see
29:43 what does that means, sides in the north here.
29:44 Its means there's a place to hide.
29:46 It's a place of protection.
29:48 It's a secret place that God has
29:50 as it were for us that He's going to shelter us
29:52 and to take care of us, it is the city of the King.
29:57 That's fantastic to know, isn't it?
29:59 Interesting, now as we read scripture
30:01 and then we go back to Early Writings, page 19.
30:04 Listen carefully what it says.
30:05 "Mount Zion was just before us."
30:10 We were just reading that wasn't we in Psalms 48.
30:14 Mount Zion was just before us.
30:17 "On the mount was a glorious temple," Oh, somebody listen.
30:20 "The temple was supported by seven pillars,
30:24 all of transparent gold,
30:26 set with the most precious and glorious pearls."
30:30 Think about that.
30:32 And "I saw the tables of stone in which,
30:36 listen, in which the name of the 144,000
30:41 were engraved in letters of gold."
30:44 Notice engraved in what? Letters of gold.
30:49 You see when I read scripture in Isaiah 49,
30:52 Jesus says it like this, He says,
30:55 I have graven thee upon what?
30:57 I have graven thee upon the palms of my hand.
31:02 And here in heavenly say, I saw that it looked gold,
31:06 precious holy unto the Lord.
31:10 Revelation 14:1, interesting these, this 144,000
31:16 they had the father's name written in the their forehead.
31:20 Here's the special group of people.
31:22 And I believe that they're being what?
31:23 They're being prepared right now.
31:26 They had the father's name written in their forehead,
31:28 their frontal lobe, decision making part of their brain.
31:34 In Revelation 7:3, you know, what it says.
31:37 Says, "This group had been sealed in their foreheads."
31:41 They've been sealed in their foreheads.
31:43 And now we realize that being sealed, right?
31:46 And the father's name are closely related.
31:50 So, being sealed and the fathers name
31:52 are closely related as we study.
31:55 John saw a people sealed with father and the son's name.
32:01 What does that mean?
32:03 He sees a group of people who're what?
32:05 Who are, we say that owns, God owns.
32:09 Who owns us? God owns us.
32:10 Who owns us? Jesus owns us. We've been sealed.
32:14 We have His name, the name then represents, what?
32:19 Oh, simple ownership. We belong to God.
32:23 Listen, if you belong to God,
32:24 you know and hereafter you knew
32:26 that you belong to God right now,
32:27 then won't be any hereafter, I hope you're with me.
32:29 Not in the heavenly portals.
32:32 Belong to God into it deals once again with our characters.
32:38 It deals with our characters.
32:40 This group reflects the image of Jesus fully.
32:46 I wish they say that human language
32:49 if somehow could get this point across
32:52 and help me to understand it more,
32:54 and may be you to understand it more,
32:55 what this group and what is going on here.
32:58 This group reflects the image of Jesus fully.
33:03 Then you look at your own,
33:04 oh man I'll say may be miserable life today.
33:06 My own miserable life and I was always such a far cry
33:10 of being what God wants us to be.
33:13 I think we've come to a point almost that we call
33:15 daylight dark and dark daylight.
33:18 We justify every time,
33:19 we excuse for why we're not like Jesus,
33:21 and why our characters are bad,
33:23 and why we're just not gaining victory,
33:24 and we're going whole harmon, lukewarm
33:27 and we have need of everything
33:28 and we say we had need of nothing.
33:30 Friend, what's wrong with us today?
33:33 What is wrong with us today that we don't see?
33:35 that this group of people here
33:39 are dealing with the character, the 144,000.
33:42 Let me read three Testimonies, 266.
33:44 It says, "Especially in the." Wow! listen.
33:47 "The closing work of the church,
33:49 in the sealing time of the 144,000
33:55 who are to stand without fault before the throne of God."
33:58 Now do I need to read that again.
34:00 144,000 stand before the throne of God without fault.
34:04 You couldn't stand before the throne of God
34:06 if you have sinned.
34:11 It says, here is this special group listen,
34:13 they will feel most deeply.
34:16 Ooh, "the wrongs of God's professed people."
34:24 This is heavy duty in my heart.
34:26 I thought on to it often.
34:30 This group who God is perfecting,
34:35 developing right now.
34:37 Please think with me, come on.
34:41 This developing right now
34:43 as they see things that are happening
34:48 may be in their church with the relatives
34:51 and friends and people who professed to know Jesus
34:53 and love Him and you'll keep His commandments.
34:57 They're grieved in their heart.
35:00 They're turned upside down.
35:02 They're sickened and they begin to voice their opinion
35:06 about these wrong, because God said,
35:07 it's wrong in His word.
35:10 They feel most deeply
35:13 the wrongs of God's professed people.
35:15 And inside it makes you sigh and cry for the abominations
35:21 that be done within the church and without.
35:25 You've read it, we've spoken, we've spoken on this subject.
35:29 You can't help but raise your voice.
35:31 You feel it intensely inside and its got to come out.
35:37 Early Writings 15 says, "The 144,000
35:41 were all sealed and perfectly united."
35:45 Oh, how we lack that.
35:46 We get together, we have our meetings
35:48 and we decide that we can't decide.
35:54 Disagree, we disagree,
35:57 but we want to do it in a nice sweet way.
36:01 We're not negating anywhere.
36:05 And so we learn to just accept what this will say
36:07 and that will say rather than
36:08 use the word of God, say here it is.
36:10 We don't want to do that.
36:12 We don't want to take a stand.
36:15 The 144,000 will stand perfectly united.
36:19 "On their foreheads was written."
36:21 Notice this what? "God."
36:23 Destination, "New Jerusalem, glorious star."
36:27 Was in there, up there it said "containing Jesus' new name."
36:32 You belong to him. For eternity, wow!.
36:37 Just a few test and trials down here.
36:40 Just a few good decisions to make right now.
36:43 This can be your faith and mine.
36:45 The 144,000, all I want you to just,
36:50 you need to pay some real special attention
36:52 when I am getting ready to talk about now.
36:57 Found in the Early Writings, page 37.
37:01 And when I read this I-- this is years ago I grieved
37:06 and as I studied for it again, I grieved again.
37:10 Now you will see why if you haven't read this
37:12 or may be never read it.
37:15 Because I see it coming to past now.
37:18 I sense that it's happening right now.
37:27 And it should wake some of us up.
37:34 I am fearful that someone sleeping so sadly
37:40 that they may never awake because they have no desire.
37:42 If they want to wake up they can wake up.
37:44 The spirit of God can steer you to a new walk with Him.
37:49 Then take much to steer us up and things of this world,
37:52 but steer us up in the things of God.
37:55 Early writings, 37, listen.
37:57 triumphed."
38:02 Oh, wonderful.
38:04 "Their faces were lighted with the glory of God."
38:08 Ooh, you remember Moses when he came down from the mount.
38:13 His face was so bright he had to cover,
38:15 people couldn't even look upon him that's reflecting.
38:17 Oh, 144,000 triumphant, reflecting the glory of God.
38:24 I am sure there were shouts, oh, this is wonderful
38:27 and then all of a sudden you notice in it, then I saw,
38:31 "Then I was shown a company
38:35 who were howling in agony."
38:38 Somebody listen, "They were howling in agony.
38:43 On their garment was written in large characters
38:49 weighed in the balance and found wanting."
38:54 Here's a group of people. They're howling.
39:02 This group of people everyone that Jesus died for that love,
39:05 they loved their everlasting love.
39:08 But they're howling in agony over there
39:10 for what could have been but our large letter said
39:13 they're weighed in the balances and they were found wanting,
39:16 don't you remember in Daniel Chapter 5,
39:19 Belshazzar you remember that hand that wrote on the wall.
39:23 The Babylon you're weighed in the balances and found wanting,
39:25 and that very night while it was taken.
39:27 It was gone. Probation had closed for them.
39:30 There was no hope.
39:32 They were living in that very, very hour dear friend.
39:35 I tell-- I want you to know
39:38 and when you see this wouldn't you if you saw this take place
39:40 or you had a question like Nebuchadnezzar had it,
39:43 he wanted to know what he had dreamed
39:44 and here that was shown that this group of people
39:47 and they were howling and said, oh, God, oh mercy.
39:51 And so the question was asked,
39:54 I asked who this company were?
39:57 Who are these people?
40:01 The angel said,
40:05 "These are they who once kept the Sabbath."
40:20 Notice,
40:24 "And they've given it up."
40:29 Are you listening?
40:31 This is a group of people
40:35 who studied the word of God
40:37 and they knew, they knew it was true.
40:42 They made a commitment to keep God's Ten Commandments.
40:47 And the angels said,
40:49 they are those who once kept the Sabbath,
40:52 but now they've given it up.
40:56 He said "I saw that they had drunken deep waters
40:59 and fouled the residue with their feet.
41:02 And they've trodden the Sabbath underfoot."
41:08 This is why they were weighed
41:10 in the balances and found wanting.
41:17 That's heavy duty, isn't it?
41:19 For those who believe in keeping the commandments of God.
41:22 Your neighbors, your friends,
41:24 your relatives, people you went to church with
41:25 and you've turned your back on God
41:28 because you know what is right.
41:30 There's no hope for you
41:32 and no hope for me outside of Jesus
41:34 once we know what the truth is
41:36 and the obligation that we have?
41:38 Once we understand about the Sabbath,
41:40 the observance of the Sabbath
41:42 and when you say I don't need to keep it anymore,
41:43 it's not important, you have thrown God out of your life.
41:48 Why because that's what the Sabbath is what?
41:49 Recognizing Him as our Creator,
41:51 our Redeemer, our Sustainer?
41:52 You say I don't need God anymore.
41:55 Oh, friend, we must remember
42:02 when we talk about the name
42:05 or the mark, the seal of God.
42:10 You realize that's in opposition
42:13 the opposites side of the mark of the beast,
42:16 and image of the beast, or the mark of Satan.
42:19 Do we get that?
42:24 These are issues that we are faced with.
42:31 These are choices that we're making right now.
42:33 We're so close to the end of time,
42:34 we don't' have any time to waste,
42:36 and yet the devil is sidetracking us
42:39 and you're going to be weighed
42:40 in the balances and found wanting.
42:43 Somebody say, well you know better than I might.
42:45 Friend we're still here trying by the grace of God.
42:47 We're still putting forth an effort.
42:50 And there is hope.
42:52 But when you put forth no effort there will be no hope.
42:57 You don't do your part, there's no hope.
43:02 You turned down the weight of evidence.
43:05 That's powerful and you say oh,
43:06 I know it says it but--
43:10 there is no hope.
43:16 These issues needed to be studied out, 144,000.
43:24 Revelation 14:3, well, we got to move on Lord help us.
43:29 144,000 it says, they sing a new song.
43:33 144,000 is going to sing a new song.
43:36 Listen to this that "No man can learn
43:39 except this special group."
43:41 They have a special song. Why?
43:45 No one else could learn it.
43:47 Why is this song so important to the 144,000?
43:53 I thought about it little bit.
43:55 I'm just--I'm jus talking, I'm thinking about it.
43:57 I said you know.
43:59 I know some song writers and people who write songs
44:02 and so on and sometime when they write a song,
44:05 they write an experience of what? Of their life.
44:09 And they pen down words of things
44:11 that have happened to them,
44:12 sorrows and joys and may be disappointments
44:15 and loses and passion and they write it down many times.
44:20 They feel it inside when they pen the words
44:23 and then they go to sing it.
44:24 They sing it with such passion
44:28 and such reality that you feel it.
44:31 Because there's something that they went through.
44:34 Its something they experience and its real to them
44:37 and somebody else comes along and they all listen to it.
44:40 They sing the same song, the same words,
44:42 but its just not there,
44:44 because they didn't go through it.
44:47 They didn't have to-- they didn't live it.
44:50 Something is missing.
44:55 The significance of the song covers several areas.
45:00 We don't' have time to do much talk about but review it.
45:03 Number one, it's a new song.
45:06 The Bible says, number two,
45:07 they stand before the throne of God and sing this song.
45:11 Oh, hallelujah.
45:14 The Bible said it's a song of experience.
45:19 It's a song of deliverance. Did you get it?
45:23 Oh, we won't be here, we'll be gone.
45:27 It's a song of experiences what they went through.
45:30 It's a song of deliverance.
45:31 How God delivered and when there seem
45:32 to be no hope in the world
45:34 and everything you can think about was turned against him.
45:37 And you know what?
45:39 Because they went through and because their character
45:40 was purified in the blood of the lamb,
45:42 no others can sing that song.
45:48 Great Controversy, 649, it's what it say, it says.
45:51 "It is the song of Moses and the lamb.
45:54 A song of deliverance.
45:56 It's a song of their experience--
45:58 an experience such as no other company have ever had."
46:03 Wow! And "They are they which follow
46:07 the lamb whithersoever He goeth."
46:11 See what kind of experience that they received here.
46:15 And reading on the Great controversy
46:17 makes this statement 650.
46:19 Listen, people have a misconception
46:21 about the 144,000 and we gonna talk about all they're virgins
46:25 and they're this and they're that.
46:27 All pay attention to the word of God.
46:31 So there's no confusion.
46:34 It says "By their own painful experiences
46:39 this 144,000 have learned the evil"
46:42 Of what? "Of sin."
46:45 So it simply means these group of people
46:47 have lived you know what?
46:49 And that means they're what?
46:50 All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.
46:52 Its not that they have never ever sinned
46:53 and they have learned how painful that sin is
46:58 and the consequences of sin.
47:02 "They've learned the power of sin,
47:05 they've learned the guilt and its woe
47:07 and they look now upon it with abhorrence.
47:12 And then they look at
47:14 their infinite sacrifice made for its cure.
47:18 They're humble in their own sight.
47:22 Their hearts is filled with gratitude"
47:25 think of gratitude "and praise."
47:29 Listen, listen "And praise which those
47:32 who have never fallen can never appreciate it."
47:35 That's talking about the angels of heaven.
47:37 Can't even appreciate what the 144,000 have been through
47:41 because they had never been through it.
47:43 Wow!
47:48 And it says listen the 144,000,
47:50 this needs to apply to you and me today.
47:52 They loved much because they've been forgiven much.
48:00 They partaking of the sufferings of Christ.
48:06 And you know what my brother and sister,
48:07 because they have partaken with Him,
48:10 His sufferings they're fitted to sit with Him
48:14 and be partakers of Him in glory.
48:17 We gonna have to walk in His footsteps friend.
48:20 It's awesome. People don't want to preach it.
48:23 They don't want to talk about it.
48:24 They don't want to live it.
48:25 They don't want to hear in the churches.
48:27 It's a truth.
48:29 He's looking after a special group of people.
48:34 What is Revelation 14:4 and few minutes we've left.
48:37 Think about me when it tells us
48:39 listen that 144,000 where does it say, Revelation what?
48:43 14:4, what does it mean what says,
48:46 "These 144,000 are not defiled
48:50 with women for they are virgins."
48:53 Interesting other people will say, well,
48:54 it means they can never be married
48:56 and that means they can never.
48:57 Come one, let's study this now,
48:59 let's see what he's talking about here.
49:01 First of all you remember women in the Bible
49:03 many times is used as what? The true church.
49:06 Jeremiah 6:2, what does it say.
49:08 It said, I've liken the daughter of Zion
49:10 to a crumbling and delicate women.
49:12 Revelation 12 gives a pure women.
49:14 Revelation 17:1 through 5 gives us what?
49:16 They apostate woman.
49:18 Keep that in mind as we go there's a true church
49:22 and there's a false church.
49:24 Impure women is what defiled. It represents to you what?
49:28 Apostate church. May I just be real bold here?
49:32 We realize when we talk about the church of Rome
49:34 and other churches including Protestant churches today,
49:37 that you need to listen up all of you.
49:39 You follow her the Roman church.
49:44 Follow after her.
49:46 It's symbolized as by following what?
49:48 The impure women and her daughters.
49:52 That's what its talking about here.
49:53 We're following after something that's impure.
49:57 The 144,000 the Bible said they are not defiled
50:00 and you say what does that mean? They're not defiled.
50:02 That means the 144,000 are not stained,
50:06 they're not soiled by any kind of what?
50:10 Any kind of illicit relationship with the world.
50:15 Any religious element, any kind of apostasy,
50:18 they will not join, listen carefully some of you,
50:21 they will not join the ranks of those
50:23 who do not keep the commandments of God.
50:27 We've too much about joining rights where it doesn't matter
50:30 and that's why people just don't have a concept
50:32 of what it means to be what,
50:33 God asks us to be in scripture.
50:35 144,000 are not defiled, they're not stained,
50:37 they're not soiled by any religious element,
50:39 did you get that?
50:41 And they will not join up
50:42 with those who do not keep the commandments of God.
50:44 They did not yield to any kind of power
50:46 on this earth that's contrary to the law of God.
50:51 What a group of people?
50:52 Oh, God, help us to be among that number, why?
50:55 Because they're not defiled by these things.
51:00 Did you get that? Bible says, here they're what?
51:03 For they're virgins,
51:06 passage is metaphorical it's very, very clear.
51:08 You can see, it's a figure of what?
51:10 A figure of speech when one thing is liken to another.
51:14 Now why do we say that?
51:16 Literal virginity, man and woman.
51:18 It's not the point even discussed here in the subject.
51:22 If it would, if it were what we were it would contradict
51:26 that with other scripture
51:28 that comments marriage and marriage relationship.
51:31 Read that in First Corinthians 7.
51:32 So that's not the issue here. It say washed their what?
51:35 Their bodies, their minds,
51:37 their heart in the blood of the lamb--
51:38 they won't partake if they're not defiled
51:40 by the things of the world
51:41 or the Roman church or Apostate Protestantism.
51:45 They've come out of it.
51:47 Why they call virgins because they separated from Babylon
51:53 that's why and her daughters.
51:56 They no longer have any relationship
51:57 with those who will not honor God.
51:59 They severed relationship with family and friends
52:02 and all those who will not have
52:03 relationship with God they won't honor God.
52:07 They won't have fellowship
52:08 with those who deviate from the truth.
52:10 They're not defiled by any kind of association with evil.
52:15 Even though they once,
52:16 listen carefully even they once belonged to some of the bodies,
52:20 religious bodies of the world have joined together
52:23 at this time to eradicate the 144,000,
52:26 somebody pay attention.
52:29 They've gained some victories by the grace
52:31 and blood and power of Jesus Christ.
52:34 Remember, the 144,000 they suffered
52:38 during the seven last plagues.
52:41 They triumphed in the time of trouble, praise God.
52:44 They're the first fruits that Bible talks about in the sense
52:47 they're part of the larger harvest
52:49 and they gift and the offering to God.
52:53 They stand in a oooh, in a perfect square
52:57 on the sea of glass.
52:59 I want to make this point clear
53:01 before we end up the study.
53:03 And I am going to try by God's grace
53:05 I have been really impressed over and over
53:07 and haven't said anything about for a while.
53:08 Listen, I noticed that the saints here on earth,
53:13 when you gather to pray sometime in a group
53:14 you want to gather in a circle.
53:20 We should be careful of circles swirl.
53:25 Circles play such a large part in pagans worship.
53:29 But in scripture you always see God's people doing what?
53:32 They're beginning to esquire.
53:36 Never a circle, anything but a circle.
53:39 And if you're gonna join that group you know,
53:41 we need to be gain you know
53:42 could see miles of this table all way down
53:45 and they would gather in a perfect square. Oh, wow!.
53:49 The saints we need to be thinking
53:53 about these things today.
53:56 Do we really want to please God
53:57 with all of our heart and soul and mind?
53:59 Do we want to be part of the 144,000?
54:03 Then we need to say, well it doesn't matter
54:05 about this or that. Yes it does matter.
54:07 Every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.
54:10 To be ready for such a grand occasion as the coming of Jesus.
54:13 I want to be ready couple of minutes left.
54:15 I just want to encourage you that part one,
54:18 part two if you didn't get it all you need to give us a call.
54:20 So I need those DVDs or CDs whatever it might be.
54:24 Because I want to share this with friend,
54:25 because we ask many bold will stand up
54:27 and my not hold this is whether the Bible is clear, of what?
54:30 Not who they are, but what they are?
54:33 What constituents?
54:35 And how do describe
54:36 to be among that number by the grace of God.
54:39 Strive, how do you strive?
54:41 Divinity and humanity working together.
54:45 For this human being to be submissive to the grace
54:48 and power and the strength of God.
54:50 And it will always deny those things inside of me.
54:53 The flesh that wants to do something else,
54:55 but I must be able to submit to the spirit and power of God
54:57 and then victory is assured.
54:59 Keep those cards and letters coming my friends?
55:01 You know, again now where we can bring
55:03 these programs through your what?
55:04 Your prayers and your continued support, your offerings.
55:08 So continue we pray by God's grace to pray for us everyday.
55:10 We gonna pray for you.
55:12 In fact, we gonna pray for you right now before we close.
55:14 Would you kneel with me where it's possible please?
55:17 Father in heaven, we thank You for Your precious word.
55:19 We thank You that You have reminded us about character,
55:23 about our characters and how they need to be transformed
55:27 and to be like Jesus. Oh, we need some help.
55:29 Please send Your Holy Spirit.
55:30 May this be important time in each of our hearts
55:33 and life that the reformation right now has started?
55:35 A commitment right now is, oh God,
55:37 please help me to be among that number,
55:39 in Jesus name we pray, amen.
55:43 Remember keep studying.
55:45 It's very, very important what we've covered today
55:48 or in the message or any previous message.
55:50 It's simply, what? Hopefully to get you--oh,
55:54 I want to get into the word,
55:55 I want to know more about this
55:56 and so you begin to get your Bible and pencil and paper,
55:58 may be you're strong where it might be and you begin to study.
56:01 Why because you gonna have to show yourself prove unto God.
56:04 Faith cometh by hearing, hearing by the word of God.
56:07 This is the time in earth's history where we cannot fail.
56:09 We must stand fast
56:11 in the power of Jesus Christ and the victory.
56:14 You want that victory. You need a prayer, right?
56:17 Why don't you give us a call?
56:18 Send your prayer request we'll be sure and get back to you.
56:20 We thank you for your support.
56:21 Thank you for your love and we look forward
56:23 to spend a lot more time with you.
56:25 We'll see you next time.
56:28 Hello again friends, as we now know with certainty,
56:32 this group of people living at the coming of Christ
56:34 is a group that we should be all praying
56:37 and so ordering our lives to be a part of.
56:40 It is time--it is past time that we gain godly wisdom
56:44 and knowledge in the word of God
56:46 through continued daily study and prayer.
56:50 And it is our sincere desire that these two messages
56:53 just presented on the prophecy
56:54 of the 144,000 was a blessing in aiding you
56:58 with your study and your walk with God.
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57:50 that is
57:55 Friends, until next time may our precious Lord
57:58 continue to richly bless you and yours.


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