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Promised Blessings Of Believing God's Prophets, Part 1

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Participants: Chris Shelton (Host), Kenny Shelton


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00:41 Hello, I am Chris Shelton, your host and welcome,
00:44 to Behold the Lamb, presents.
00:46 Today, we're going to present
00:47 the first of the two part series of messages that we've entitled,
00:52 "Promised blessings of believing God's Prophets."
00:55 Throughout all Christian history,
00:57 God's people were blessed much of the time to be given
01:01 direction of heaven through a man or a woman
01:04 that God called to be a prophet.
01:06 You'll find that early in Christian history
01:08 of the Bible these persons were first called Seers.
01:12 No doubt, because they were able to see into the future
01:15 what God chose or found necessary
01:18 to reveal in order to lead or prepare
01:20 His people for future events.
01:23 It is through prophecy that we're given insight
01:26 to the end of this world's history
01:29 and encouraged as God's fearing people
01:31 to get our hearts, to get our lives ready
01:34 and be fully prepared to meet the coming tribulation
01:38 and then the triumphant return of our Lord
01:41 and Savior Jesus Christ.
01:43 Certainly, most of us would agree
01:45 that we're a most blessed people
01:48 to have this prophetic information
01:50 as given to us through prophets of own.
01:53 But you know, with so many people claiming this gift
01:56 and having been revealed as false prophets,
01:59 many in our world today
02:01 are questioning this gift of prophecy
02:03 and who or what that we should believe in.
02:07 So, we look forward to studying more about prophecy
02:10 and the blessings God has in store
02:12 for us as we receive it.
02:15 And woven through the next two messages
02:17 will be biblical guidance
02:19 that will ground us in the truth of this gift and guide us
02:23 and discerning who or what to believe in.
02:26 But first, as always we're so blessed
02:29 to visit the 3ABN Worship Centre
02:31 and listen to a song that is entitled,
02:34 "He leadeth me," as sung by Rudy Micelli.
02:56 He leadeth me, O blessed thought
03:03 O words with heav'nly comfort fraught
03:10 Whate'er I do, where'er I be
03:15 Still 'tis God's hand
03:19 that leadeth me
03:24 He leadeth me, He leadeth me
03:31 By His own hand He leadeth me
03:37 His faithful foll'wer I will be
03:46 For by His hand
03:52 He leadeth me
03:57 Sometimes 'mid scenes of deepest gloom
04:03 Sometimes where Eden's bowers bloom
04:09 By waters still, o'er troubled sea
04:15 Still 'tis God's hand
04:18 that leadeth me
04:28 He leadeth me, He leadeth me
04:35 By His own hand He leadeth me
04:42 His faithful foll'wer I will be
04:51 For by His hand
04:57 He leadeth me
05:15 And when my task on earth is done
05:21 When by Thy grace the vict'ry's won
05:28 E'en death's cold wave I will not flee
05:34 For God through Jordan leadeth me
05:54 He leadeth me, He leadeth me
06:00 By His own hand He leadeth me
06:07 His faithful foll'wer I will be
06:16 For by His hand
06:22 He leadeth me
06:46 Thanks, for joining us today.
06:47 We appreciate it and as mentioned,
06:49 this is really an exciting subject
06:51 and you won't wanna miss it.
06:53 And I guess, I get excited about every subject
06:55 because this is one especially that's many people
06:58 need to understand a little better
07:00 may be than we approached it in times past.
07:02 Because, when you talk about the blessings of a prophet
07:05 or something operating in the church,
07:07 it becomes little bit confusing to people
07:08 and they're not really sure how to take it.
07:10 And we're just simply gonna go to God's word today
07:12 and we're gonna see what God has to say about it.
07:14 And that's going to be the final line.
07:16 Isn't it the bottom line?
07:17 Its how God view's it.
07:19 How God chooses to communicate with us
07:20 and we must accept His way.
07:22 And so we're gonna scout a Bible, right?
07:24 And we're gonna to be studying
07:25 but first and always we need to pray.
07:27 So, I invite you to join with me where you can.
07:30 Let's pray that the Holy Spirit
07:31 will help us and enlighten us in this most-
07:34 most exciting subject. Let's pray, shall we?
07:38 Merciful Father, in heaven, we thank you
07:39 again for the privilege of prayer
07:41 where we ask for the anointing of thy Holy Spirit,
07:42 clear our hearts our minds.
07:44 We pray that you'll just open the ears
07:46 and the hearts of Your precious people
07:48 wherever they are around the world.
07:49 That each one of us may hear
07:51 and understand that sweet voice
07:53 of the Holy Spirit speaking to us.
07:55 We desperately need to know what truth is.
07:58 We desperately need to understand the avenues
08:01 that You've left for us
08:02 that we may be able to communicate with heaven.
08:05 That we may do it God's way.
08:07 Help us now we pray as we open the precious pages
08:10 of this beautiful thing called the Bible.
08:12 And may we understand it through the power thy Holy Spirit.
08:16 Again, bless your people wherever they're today.
08:18 Help us to unite together in Jesus name, amen.
08:24 Again it's nice to have pencil and paper.
08:25 Be sure and jot things down
08:27 and again if you've questions feel free to call.
08:31 We've a lot of people that are making calls,
08:33 are sending emails, you know, letters and cards
08:36 and again they're asking
08:37 for certain subjects that's troubling their heart.
08:41 We're taking all these in a consideration
08:42 and I've stack on my desk right now
08:45 and I am looking them over and asking the Holy Spirit
08:47 to help us to sort out for the timely messages.
08:51 You know, I believe that God has a message
08:53 that He wants to put to you at a certain time
08:55 in earth's history.
08:56 And so we need to give these messages
08:58 that will strengthen and encourage
09:00 God's people to gain victory
09:02 and to help them in their daily walk as it's so important.
09:05 So, we're looking these things over and again
09:08 and we do appreciate your comments,
09:09 your questions and certainly your support.
09:11 Now, where as we study this subject
09:14 I want you to be open and it may be new to you,
09:17 you've never approached it before
09:19 about the promised blessing of,
09:21 you know, of prophet believing God's prophets.
09:24 If there's a blessing do you want that blessing?
09:27 Oh, I do. I don't want to miss out on any blessings
09:29 because I need them that, you know,
09:31 the world has so many things to offer
09:32 but I want the blessings of God, don't you?
09:35 If God has a certain way, He wants things done.
09:36 I want to know that way
09:38 that I might be pleasing to Him and I know, you do too.
09:41 So, we don't close our ears today.
09:42 We wanna talk about and it's interesting
09:45 when you talk about prophets,
09:47 prophecy, symbols of prophecy,
09:51 you talk about prophetic interpretation
09:54 whether that be literal or figurative interpretation.
09:58 Whether you talk about prophecies of classification,
10:01 how you classify them.
10:02 It begins to confuse people's mind.
10:04 Either people talk about and you study
10:06 and I have to do prophecies in scriptures.
10:09 Prophecies, you know, symbols of prophecy.
10:12 And I begin to read these things and--a long range prophecy.
10:17 And you look at the parables and you look at prophecies that
10:21 in the past tense and you look at prophecies in the future.
10:26 Well, they're all prophecies
10:28 and if you think about those prophecies that are prophesied
10:31 and if you--God uses somebody with mouth.
10:35 Could it be a prophet?
10:37 So that we understand something
10:38 that we need to understand that hour in which we live.
10:41 Dreams and visions,
10:44 the Bible is clear that these things will take place
10:46 in the last days but
10:48 you know, do we have a God that may be has left us
10:50 here in these last days?
10:53 There's no help, no hope for us
10:55 as after all God has been with His people
10:58 and has communicated with them from the very beginning of time.
11:01 He said I'll never leave you or forsake you
11:03 and so if He's been with the church
11:05 and had a message for them,
11:07 does He not have a message for His church
11:09 here in the last days.
11:10 Will He leave us helpless?
11:11 Oh, no. No He won't.
11:14 God has a way in which He wants to communicate
11:16 what's about to take place in this world
11:18 and what is taking place so that we're not stunned
11:22 by what we see and what we sense that's going on
11:24 and so that we feel helpless but to be encouraged by it.
11:28 Many people say you know I am afraid
11:29 when someone talks about a prophet in the church.
11:33 And sometimes they're afraid because
11:35 they've never studied the issue.
11:37 They're afraid because they've had bad experiences.
11:41 Or it may be they're afraid because
11:42 they haven't had any experiences at all
11:44 and so as soon as you mention
11:46 they go oh ha I don't want to hear this thing.
11:48 But if God has something for us, we want it.
11:53 But you know, think along with me for a moment.
11:55 If--if God has a true prophet which He does
12:00 then there's also is--there're false prophets.
12:03 And so people are worried about being deceived and we should be
12:06 and we can only find out from scripture
12:08 what is truth and what is air.
12:10 But it doesn't what, nullify that God has
12:13 prophets in the world and He's gonna be using them
12:15 until He shall come back to this world and take us home.
12:19 So don't close your mind you wanna read and study
12:23 as we're doing in this program to say
12:25 okay, I've studied to show myself approved on this.
12:28 And if God has a way that will help me
12:31 or help, help the church
12:32 to get through this time, I want to know it.
12:35 Now, I think back in scripture and I begin to--
12:38 Apostle Paul is one of my favorites.
12:40 Love to read the writings of Paul.
12:43 But, you know, the Apostle Paul at this point in time
12:45 when we're getting ready to read was
12:46 he was getting up there in years
12:48 and God have given him a faithful helper, Timothy.
12:51 And so Paul would begin to tell him things to write down
12:55 and Timothy would pen the words
12:57 the messages that Paul gave him.
12:59 And they were messages concerning the churches.
13:03 Automatically, New Testament-- we ought to pay attention,
13:06 okay, message to the churches.
13:08 So it wasn't just for that time in place, but it's what?
13:11 Just as much for us today that we can learn from.
13:15 So this aged apostle you see instructed Timothy
13:18 to pen this verse down
13:20 and we've to pay special attention to every word.
13:24 Now, the first thing I say is,
13:26 Well, why should we pay attention to every word?
13:30 Because Paul knew even then
13:32 of the difficulties that we would face.
13:35 More now even then,
13:37 then that we would begin to pick and choose
13:41 what we might want to believe or something
13:44 we want to discard that we're picker and choosers.
13:48 But we can't do that in the word of God. Since we--
13:50 as we read this passage scripture you'll see why?
13:54 Some people will say well I like this passage of scripture,
13:55 well, it doesn't demand a change and so they like it.
13:57 And others demand a change
13:59 and may be points out some of our pet sins
14:01 and so we don't like that ones, so we kind of let it go.
14:04 But let's notice this subject,
14:06 notice, this passage Second Timothy 3:16.
14:10 It starts out like this
14:11 as you read it in your Bible, it says what.
14:14 Good, all scripture. Now remember, all means, what?
14:18 Good, there's somebody is saying all means all.
14:21 So remember when it says all scripture
14:24 be careful as we look at the issues.
14:27 And somebody presents something that may be
14:29 you haven't studied before and you'll say well, that's--
14:32 that's a way over here, and that's in Old Testament
14:34 we don't believe that anymore.
14:36 That's not what the Bible says.
14:37 First of all, you get yourself in trouble there.
14:39 Why? Why because it says,
14:41 "All scripture is given by inspiration of God."
14:45 It says, "It's profitable for doctrine, and for reproof,
14:48 and for correction, for instructions in righteousness."
14:53 Oh, do we need that today?
14:55 So, why is the inspired scripture
14:59 been so profitable to us?
15:02 And I'll think about it, we're interested in prophets
15:05 in this world and material things.
15:09 But why are we interested in spiritual things
15:12 that will profit us in our spiritual growth.
15:15 It's going to profit. It's inspired, it's profitable
15:18 because the very next verse
15:20 in Second Timothy 3:17, answers that question.
15:22 Why it's profitable? It says "So that man." Right?
15:26 "May be perfect and thoroughly furnished in all good works."
15:31 So, it's profitable because it does what?
15:33 It helps the man to become, what?
15:35 Perfect in Jesus Christ and it says thoroughly
15:38 and that thoroughly there in the Greek means perfected.
15:41 Thoroughly furnished, furnished means
15:43 he's going to be fully equipped.
15:45 He's going to be fine tuned.
15:47 He's going to be able to accomplish
15:49 that which God has for him.
15:51 So that's the purpose of what?
15:53 The scripture, all scripture is profitable to us.
15:57 Now, remember when we talk about scripture, right?
16:00 This is a background.
16:01 We're laying a foundation on which our study
16:03 because if you do not have confidence in God's word.
16:07 If you're doubting Thomas,
16:08 you're not going to believe certain things
16:10 in God's word, aren't you?
16:12 If you can't quite figure it out.
16:13 Well, I've people say well I can't quite figure it out.
16:15 Well, there's things that's above you and above me.
16:18 You know, there's things that are made plain
16:20 and we're to understand those things
16:21 and there's the secret things of God
16:23 that we'll talk about little later
16:25 But if God reveals it to us we need to understand it.
16:27 So as we think about the word of God.
16:29 If I look at it today and I'll say that.
16:31 what it literally means is the word of God is God breathe.
16:35 God breathe or God breathe on.
16:39 It simply means God inspired.
16:42 So if this word of God all scripture is God inspired
16:45 or its God breathe then I don't want to miss any of it. Do you?
16:51 Your purpose is we can't throw out certain things
16:53 and we've to put it all together old and the new
16:57 and then we've to look at it
16:58 and say okay I can't throw anything out
17:00 because it's God breathe,
17:02 It's God inspired, is what it says here.
17:04 Well, Second Peter, makes that very clear
17:07 in Chapter 1, verse 21, tells us, it said,
17:10 "For the prophecy came not in old times by the will of," what?
17:14 "By the will of man" man just didn't do it, right?
17:16 "But holy men of God spake as they were moved by," what?
17:21 Good, "By the Holy Ghost."
17:23 Now again, holy men of God, they say, were removed.
17:26 Now, again the statements
17:28 we need to think about and say it remember this.
17:30 It is not the words of the Bible
17:32 that are inspired but it was the man that what?
17:37 The men that were inspired.
17:39 Praise God, that He was willing to use mankind.
17:43 And men had to be willing to be used, what?
17:46 Of God, because the words
17:49 that they penned are words for us today.
17:51 Words for them and words for us.
17:54 Oh, friend how desperately we need that.
17:56 So, we can conclude as we look
17:58 through quickly on the study right now.
18:00 That when the Bible says, you know, that is profitable for us.
18:03 It simply means what?
18:05 Profitable for what? Profitable for doctrine.
18:08 I've people say-- oh, don't talk about doctrine.
18:11 We don't--we go to church. We don't have any doctrine.
18:13 Don't kid yourself,
18:15 every church teaches something that's what it is.
18:18 It's a teaching. That's what the word doctrine mean,
18:20 the teaching. It says it's profitable for reprove.
18:24 How many of us like to have reprove?
18:27 You realize what reprove is?
18:28 To center, wow. To discipline. No one wants discipline?
18:35 But the Bible said is good for correction.
18:38 None of us want to really be corrected.
18:40 Really, correction here means not only
18:42 that you're corrected in what you're doing
18:44 may be that was wrong but it's called restoration.
18:47 God wants to restore, but many times we have to be what?
18:50 Corrected before, we are restored.
18:53 And then it says, it's transformation.
18:57 We need to be what? We need to be remade--
18:59 we need to be transformed into the image of God.
19:02 And then the last one says there
19:03 that were about profitable in scripture
19:05 it says instructions in righteousness.
19:09 The Bible then gives us instructions
19:11 on how we become, what? Righteous in Jesus Christ.
19:14 Which says simply means training.
19:17 Bible is training us.
19:20 It' approved of God.
19:23 Oh, I like that.
19:25 So, we talk about here a spirituous--
19:28 you know special characteristics of God's church will be this.
19:33 They will believe and they will obey all scripture.
19:38 That's very simply.
19:39 Taken us a while to get There, but think about it.
19:42 God's church, God's last day people,
19:45 whoever they may be is one who's what?
19:47 They believe and they obey all scripture.
19:51 They don't have the audacity to say
19:52 well the Old Testament is done away with, man we don't pay.
19:55 Yeah, if you were one of them bless your heart.
19:57 I am talking to you.
19:59 Because we just found out all scripture right.
20:01 Again we're rebuilding on this platform here.
20:03 And then in the New Testament
20:05 the Mathew 4:4 God tells us this.
20:09 He said that that we need to what?
20:10 Believe "Every word that proceeds out of" what?
20:15 "Out of the mouth of God." How many words?
20:17 Every word. So are you going to pick and choose.
20:20 You want this and don't want that
20:23 Not if you're a follower of Jesus Christ.
20:24 We're going to believe every word.
20:26 That's what scripture says.
20:28 So well we've this foundation set up here all scripture,
20:31 we believe every word.
20:33 We can't throw any out. We have to just accept it
20:35 as God has left it for us here to believe.
20:38 Then I do hope that we're together so far.
20:41 I hope we're together.
20:43 So what now? So if we're together,
20:45 that means we've a firm foundation.
20:47 And we've settled down and said
20:49 okay I need to be careful because this is God breathe.
20:51 This is God inspired. It's a good foundation.
20:54 Second Timothy 2:19 says that right it.
20:57 "The foundation of God" What? "Standeth sure."
21:02 The foundation of what? "Of God standeth sure."
21:05 So we stand sure today because we're getting on what
21:09 the foundation of God which is what?
21:11 Is which is His word?
21:13 And so we were solid as long as we continue in the word
21:16 and we're not picking and choosing.
21:20 See God's church will operate on His word then all of it.
21:28 That means what? The Old and the New Testament.
21:31 So, again be careful what you say.
21:35 I've people say things like, you know
21:37 they say, we don't go by the Old Testament.
21:41 But why not? Interesting, we don't go by the Old Testament.
21:45 Well, if that be so, now that we're talking church goers.
21:52 If that be so we don't go by the Old Testament.
21:54 May be you ought to enlightened your pastor.
21:57 Now, because every time he gets up in the pulpit
22:00 it seems like you know if you listen to him, what is he doing?
22:04 Large number may be every sermon
22:06 that he preaches there is principle,
22:10 there are illustrations, there is stories,
22:14 there is truths as well of salvation
22:18 and holiness that comes from the Old Testament.
22:23 And which he is drawing all these. You remember
22:25 all things you've heard in the Old Testament.
22:27 You said, oh, they're good, They're good, then you say
22:28 well we don't believe in it. Doesn't makes sense, does it?
22:33 And after all in the Old Testament
22:34 all that Jesus had.
22:36 That's what he preached from and talked from and lived from.
22:39 See the enemy--I am convinced doesn't want us
22:42 to believe God's word or what to believe His prophets.
22:47 You see, enemy doesn't want us to believe that, why?
22:50 Because it exposes him and his plan to deceive us.
22:54 He doesn't want the church encouraged.
22:57 He doesn't want the church to see that the church
22:59 that God is blessing and leading
23:01 and guiding will make it through.
23:03 Church has got God's people.
23:04 Who hear and obey--
23:07 enemy exposes his plans and he say, no I don't want this.
23:12 So we must be informed
23:14 on this subject of believing God's promise.
23:17 Prophets and the blessings that will come our way.
23:21 Doors will be opened up. Avenues of thinking will be opened up.
23:27 You will be encouraged as we follow God's word.
23:31 Now why do we need to be informed?
23:33 I think this is a legitimate question.
23:35 Why do we need to be informed?
23:38 Well Hosea 4:6, as you will know tells us exactly why.
23:42 He says what, "For my people." What?
23:45 "They perish, they're destroyed."
23:48 It's the word, "or they're cut off."
23:50 For a lack of what? "For a lack of knowledge."
23:53 And notice this, because
23:55 "thou has rejected knowledge I will also reject thee."
24:00 Does that make sense to you?
24:02 Let these words come into your heart and mind
24:05 when you're trying to, you know,,
24:06 separate--and this as just saying all scripture.
24:09 All the New Testament there it is for us.
24:12 God says my people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.
24:16 And if you'll not accept that knowledge or the light of truth
24:19 as it comes your way He said, I am going to reject you.
24:22 Oh, you don't want to be rejected, do you?
24:24 I don't want to be rejected.
24:27 Don't let this prophecy come up on you
24:29 and that's exactly what it is.
24:33 Hosea 4:17, says, for Ephraim, remember him.
24:37 He said "Joined to the idols, let him alone." Wow.
24:44 See by continued resisting knowledge and truth
24:48 and we become hardened.
24:49 And we reject what? God's mercy.
24:53 And no more can be done.
24:55 Wouldn't that be sad if that was pronounced upon you or me today?
24:59 And God said I can't do anymore for him.
25:01 We've joined ourselves up with the idols and let Him alone.
25:06 We're pleading with God. God don't leave us alone.
25:08 We need Your help, we need Your encouragement.
25:11 And where does it come from?
25:13 Does it come from reading the word?
25:15 Yes, from the Holy Spirit.
25:16 Yes, does it come from the prophets?
25:19 It always has.
25:22 Would you take a little closer look at that?
25:25 Has God used prophets in the past?
25:27 We have to say, oh yes He as all abundantly.
25:30 Do we need to even know about
25:32 these spiritual gifts, New Testament gifts?
25:37 Oh, we've need to know what an encouragement
25:39 it is to know that God has given gifts to the church
25:41 and He has gifts and He's giving to his people today.
25:45 And that's to encourage us and strengthen us
25:48 and how desperately we need these gifts.
25:53 I don't want him to say, oh, let him alone.
25:57 First Corinthians 12:1 makes it really clear
26:00 as we are studying this subject.
26:02 It says now concerning spiritual gifts.
26:05 So we realize gift of a prophet
26:07 or blessings of a prophet, is what?
26:10 It's a gift that God bestows.
26:12 And the Bible makes it very, very clear.
26:14 "Now concerning" what?
26:16 "Spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you ignorant."
26:20 So the scripture is telling us rather quickly
26:22 I don't want you be ignorant or I don't,
26:24 you know, you got to you need to know about this.
26:28 And so I am going to reveal it to you
26:31 because, it will be a blessing to you.
26:33 May be you've been missing all of these may be years.
26:36 What a blessing? I don't want you ignorant He said.
26:40 What if this, gift
26:42 this spiritual gift is absent in the church.
26:46 Many of people are afraid of it, they don't want it
26:48 inside their church walls or they're afraid of it.
26:52 Bible is very clear.
26:54 If it's not in the church, the church will what?
26:57 The people will perish. That's the church isn't it?
26:59 Oh, sure you've read that in Proverbs 29:18, you remember it.
27:03 It says, "where there is no" what?
27:05 Now, don't become confused. Now, don't let these words.
27:07 Now, look, "where there is no vision." What happens?
27:10 "The people perish." That's what it says.
27:13 Now, okay, you take your strong's if you want to.
27:16 You say, yeah, but where there is no vision.
27:18 It's not restricted to a vision.
27:21 Where there is no vision the people will perish.
27:23 Where the gift of prophecy is not operating
27:26 in the church the people will perish.
27:30 The word here is friends, vision means prophecy.
27:33 Where there is no prophecy in the church.
27:36 The word vision here means sight.
27:38 Where there is no insight
27:40 or sight in the church it's going to perish.
27:43 The word vision here means a dream
27:46 if there is no dream as it where in the church.
27:50 Dreams and vision, it said they perish.
27:52 Another word is Revelation.
27:54 Oh, how we need a revelation of Jesus Christ.
27:57 Well, there is no revelation.
27:59 Another word is where there is no auricles
28:03 the church will perish.
28:04 The people will perish.
28:06 What does that mean the people will perish?
28:09 Or we think, oh the word perish means we're gonna die.
28:11 Well yeah, but listen that word that really simply
28:14 that means the people will listen they will lucent.
28:18 Where there is no vision the people will lucent.
28:22 That means they become look out now.
28:23 They become liberals.
28:27 We found a lot of liberals today they're gonna lucent up.
28:31 Anything goes it doesn't matter
28:34 because there's no vision in the church.
28:38 There's no revelation in the church.
28:39 There's no prophecy in the church.
28:42 There's no prophet in the church.
28:46 They lucent. They--the word there means go back.
28:50 That means they begin to backslide.
28:54 They begin to refuse what is truth.
28:57 And they begin to dismiss what is truth.
29:01 Find a lot of people today
29:02 dismissing what they understand is truth.
29:05 Well, they know how to be truth,
29:07 but they don't want to hinder the lifestyle.
29:09 And so they just dismiss it. They don't think about it.
29:12 They don't want to talk about it.
29:15 Because they're what? They had no vision in the church.
29:20 Nothing is happening in the church.
29:21 There's no guidance going on in the church
29:23 and the people are perishing.
29:25 But let's go on with that in that passage.
29:28 It says, "But he that he that keepeth the law happy is he."
29:35 Wow. Another subject. He that keepeth the law happy, is he?
29:41 And even in this passage scripture again
29:43 we have got to put these things together
29:45 so they make sense to us when it says here
29:49 in the vision it's not an ordinary vision
29:52 there in Proverbs 29:18, that it's talking about.
29:55 And I wanna be careful
29:56 not to just say, a vision just ordinary.
29:59 Its not we call it ordinary vision
30:01 concerning a subject, but
30:02 it is a prophetic vision
30:05 given by a prophet. Wow.
30:12 It was a prophetic vision
30:15 and a prophetic vision given by what?
30:18 By prophet of God.
30:21 I'll make a pretty big statement here if you stay with me here.
30:24 What is it we're thinking about it?
30:26 If you take a church or lets say a nation,
30:30 a group of people regards or where they're out in the world.
30:35 And we reject the way that God chooses to communicate with us.
30:41 Now, did you get that?
30:43 You can't say, well God here's the way we're gonna communicate.
30:45 God chooses the way that He wants to communicate with us.
30:50 If a nation where people rejects the way that God will choose
30:54 to communicate with them let me be bold here.
30:57 There is no hope for them.
31:01 They will what's about.
31:02 They'll perish. And that's what we just read. There is no hope.
31:05 He's chosen to communicate with you.
31:07 And you said I don't to communicate that way.
31:10 I know you don't want to do that.
31:12 I don't want to do that
31:14 But yeah what if it's possible we may be throwing
31:16 something out of the window here.
31:18 A good straight solid Bible teaching
31:21 because well, that's just not normal.
31:23 It's not what everybody is doing
31:24 and well I don't know I am afraid.
31:27 Oh say, oh Lord, if it's--what's if
31:28 this is the truth I want to know it.
31:30 I want those, I want those blessings.
31:32 You say well, I am not sure blessings will come, oh friend.
31:35 How long has it been since
31:36 you've been digging in the New Testament?
31:38 Oh let's just go Second Chronicles 20:20,
31:40 all are familiar yes.
31:42 You know what the Bible says? It's clear, we cannot reject it.
31:46 Try as you might, you might get up walk out
31:48 turn to say, I don't want thing of it.
31:50 That's up to you, but you know what?
31:51 You're rejecting the way
31:52 that God wants to communicate with you, right now.
31:56 Don't do that? Be open. Why? Because here's God's word says.
32:00 God's prophet, if we reject, listen,
32:02 if we reject God's prophets we're rejecting God.
32:09 Do I need to say that again?
32:11 If we're rejecting God, right? God's prophets.
32:15 We're rejecting Him. Because I'll say one more time.
32:19 Because the prophet is simply a mouthpiece of God.
32:22 They only say what God gives them to say.
32:26 And many times they don't even understand it.
32:30 Interesting, think with me. God gives a message.
32:33 They've to bear that what they understand
32:35 whether it implies to them or not.
32:36 They just tell it exactly like God says.
32:39 Second Chronicles 20:20 says.
32:42 "Believe the Lord your God and you shall be" what?
32:46 "You shall be established
32:48 believe his prophets and so shall ye prosper."
32:51 Anybody here want to prosper.
32:54 You say yeah, oh just to get little deep for some of you
32:56 because we'll say prosper
32:58 and some of us will be just proper and fit
32:59 will say well yeah,
33:01 we're talking strictly spiritually here.
33:03 No, we're talking both ways.
33:07 The promise is given believe the Lord your God.
33:11 Now, so shall ye be established.
33:15 Believe his prophets so shall ye prosper.
33:20 What does it mean believe Lord, your God,
33:22 and you're gonna be established.
33:24 We look at establish here. You're gonna be faithful.
33:28 See, God's looking for faithful people today.
33:30 He's said you're gonna be established
33:31 if you believe the Lord your God.
33:33 You're gonna be faithful. You're gonna be permanent.
33:36 You're gonna be true. You're gonna be trustworthy,
33:40 that's established, didn't it?
33:42 And then goes on to say believe his prophets.
33:44 And you will what? You'll prosper.
33:47 We all want to prosper.
33:49 Two areas here,
33:50 you're gonna prosper spiritually and you're gonna what?
33:53 Prosper materially. Yes you will. God promises to do that.
33:58 Yes, so we must believe is to be what?
34:02 Is to be established and let me just say this,
34:05 there is no man woman child or anywhere
34:07 any person in the world that can be established
34:10 until he has established himself in the Lord.
34:13 You may try to establish yourself somewhere.
34:15 You never will be established
34:17 until you've established yourself in the Lord.
34:21 You know someone mentions that the church
34:24 that they attend or whatever has a prophet
34:27 may be he is operating in that church.
34:30 You've heard this I know before.
34:33 I found this right here since you'll say well,
34:34 so and so church they could say they've a prophet
34:36 and people begin to run for cover up
34:39 before the roof is going to fall on them.
34:41 There are scared to death. They're afraid. Why?
34:45 Well we talked a little bit about it.
34:48 Why are we afraid?
34:51 Is it not taught in scripture about prophets in church?
34:57 Well, I think it is.
34:59 Is it taught in the Old Testament? Yes.
35:02 Is it taught in the New Testament? Yes.
35:05 Well why are we afraid?
35:09 If that so why are we so scared of this subject.
35:14 Could, just could. Could the enemy be trying to
35:18 keep us away from these spiritual gifts for the church.
35:24 Could he be?
35:25 Because he knows
35:27 how the spiritual gifts are so important to church
35:30 and so he's trying to keep us away from those blessings--
35:33 those things that would help the church.
35:37 Do we not believe that God is still God today?
35:40 That He still chooses men and women
35:41 and chooses them to be His mouthpiece,
35:43 and chooses them to deliver a specific message to the world.
35:47 Is God still God?
35:50 I believe that He is.
35:52 Is He the same today as He was in ancient times? Yes.
35:56 Does He still operate the same way? Yes, wow.
36:02 May be it will be well for us
36:05 some of the time that we have here today is to trace.
36:08 Now I am gonna trace. We're gonna follow--
36:11 some of God's prophets.
36:13 We gonna look at just a few and see
36:15 how this gift is used and has it come to an end,
36:22 or did it come to an end at the certain time,
36:24 or is it to continue on till Jesus comes.
36:27 Is it still really a gift to the church?
36:29 Is it something that church really needs or is the church,
36:32 you know, sound and the church don't really need any help?
36:36 They don't need any encouragement.
36:37 They don't need any extra direction.
36:41 Seventh church of the Book of Revelation,
36:43 Laodicean church is a lukewarm isn't it?
36:46 Certainly, the time of the judging of the church.
36:49 But it's lukewarm and we need direction,
36:51 and we need encouragement.
36:52 We need to get things simplified,
36:54 so God can help us to gain the victories that we need.
36:59 Oh, and for those of you bless your heart you
37:01 you're afraid of a prophet operating,
37:04 you know, among God's people.
37:06 I want you to listen something,
37:07 this is beautiful. I want you to listen so what Moses,
37:09 something Moses said, now,
37:11 if I say if I talk to you about Moses.
37:12 You gonna say, oh we love Moses.
37:14 All those stories, how God used Moses is fantastic.
37:19 A representative of Jesus.
37:21 Wow. You know, Moses said about prophets.
37:27 You know, some of you I gonna turn my Bible.
37:29 I want you take your time. I'll go back
37:30 in the Old Testament to the Book of Numbers.
37:32 Book of Numbers, Chapter 11.
37:35 Now when you read this it may change your whole thinking.
37:37 It may change your life.
37:40 I am gonna give you something to really think about here.
37:43 Or let's go and get some of you who don't want to accept
37:45 what the truth is just as start making excuses about.
37:48 Well it's not gonna hold water.
37:49 Come on we know that.
37:51 Numbers Chapter 11 and verse 27 through 29,
37:55 11:27 through 29 and they said, "There ran a young man,"
38:00 notice this they ran a young man,
38:03 "And told Moses, and he said,
38:05 Eldad and Medad do prophesy in the camp."
38:09 There was a couple, ooh, a prophets in the camp.
38:12 And here come this young guy run up to Moses
38:14 said you can't believe they're prophesying in the camp.
38:19 Don't you know he's probably adding some other words,
38:21 oh better be careful with that.
38:23 We need to get them out need to shut them up.
38:26 Anybody is going to do any talking around
38:27 Here, it's going to be you and the Moses.
38:28 We don't need anybody else. You're God's man.
38:31 Moses thought well, that's not the way it went
38:33 but you notice the response.
38:36 Just, listen this is just like you hear today.
38:40 If someone said they've prophesied in the church
38:42 or they, what, use the gift
38:44 the spiritual gift of prophecy in the church.
38:47 We got to shut him up. Let's roll him out.
38:50 Before we stop and listen
38:52 can God use will he be using people in the last days.
38:56 Will there be men and women and children
38:58 and old folks dreaming, they're having visions
38:59 and we'll get into that.
39:02 But here it's so interesting I love what Moses,
39:04 where Moses said there verse 20.
39:06 And notice what, it said,
39:07 "And Joshua were the son of Nun,
39:09 the servant of Moses, one of his young men,
39:13 answered and said, oh my lord Moses, forbid them."
39:19 We've got somebody prophesying
39:20 in the church as it were among them.
39:24 And that's he ran to Moses he said forbid them to prophecy
39:27 we don't need any prophets.
39:30 Verse 29, oh, listen carefully,
39:34 "And Moses said unto to them, enviest thou"
39:39 notice the word he uses envy.
39:41 "Enviest thou for my sake?
39:46 Would, you're not gonna get this.
39:50 "Would God that all the Lord's people were prophets."
39:57 Heavy.
40:00 "And that the Lord would put his spirit upon them!"
40:06 What did Moses say? The servant of God.
40:10 He didn't forbid them to prophesy.
40:14 To tell some things that God had impressed their hearts
40:17 because you should never try to stop,
40:18 we should, someone said, God has given me a vision,
40:21 what is it? God has given me a dream,
40:25 what is it? God's revealed this to me, God spoke to me.
40:29 What did He say? And then what,
40:32 we'll get in as we study more,
40:33 we'll go to scripture and see if God gave that or the enemy.
40:37 But first of all don't close your ears,
40:39 Moses said, are you envieth for me?
40:42 Don't envy for me,
40:44 what did God that all of His people would be prophets.
40:48 Wow, mean, there are homes to some of us.
40:53 And notice what he,
40:55 what he put together with being a prophet
40:57 and what, and putting the spirit of God inside them
41:01 to take control of them.
41:03 Is that what he said, verse 29?
41:05 And that the Lord would put His spirit upon them,
41:08 which we need in the church.
41:10 Wow, prophets,
41:14 Moses now let's get to a little closer to home.
41:20 Let's say well, Moses said,
41:21 remember all scripture don't doubt that they are the same.
41:26 Now, if we look at it from the eyes of Jesus,
41:30 our lovely Jesus.
41:33 He never spoke anything that wasn't true,
41:35 that was just so honest and sincere without sin,
41:40 never made--you know,
41:41 the mistakes and all that, never said anything wrong.
41:45 But if we look and see what Jesus said about
41:47 prophets in His day in the New Testament Church
41:52 and all those go around and said I'm a New Testament Christian.
41:56 Now be careful Kenny, I know get round up a little bit.
42:00 I'm a New Testament Church, good.
42:04 I'm a New Testament Church too.
42:06 They may devoid the Old Testament at all
42:08 but I'm a New Testament believer, aren't you?
42:12 And so, if its so then shouldn't we pay attention
42:15 to what Jesus said about prophets,
42:18 operating in His day in the New Testament Church
42:21 until the end of time.
42:23 Jesus said, okay let's get down to it.
42:24 Matthew 23:34 and then we'll just skip to 37
42:29 you can read the whole chapter if you'd like.
42:31 Jesus said to the people, those Scribes and the Pharisees,
42:35 and some of those who were after Him, He said,
42:36 "Behold I send unto you prophets."
42:41 What? "Behold I send unto you prophets."
42:44 God's method of communicating
42:46 and dealing with His people He may choose
42:49 and He said what? He said, I send what, forth prophets.
42:53 "And I send wise men, and scribes, and some of them
42:57 you're going to kill you're going to crucify."
43:00 I send you a way to communication
43:03 and you're breaking that gap of communication
43:06 between you and heaven and you killed them.
43:08 Now verse 37, I can picture in my mind,
43:11 I hope it's okay to say that in what's going through here
43:13 and I'm sure in a simple way, Jesus said,
43:16 "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
43:21 thou that killest the prophets
43:24 and stone them which are sent unto thee."
43:30 Heaven has sent prophets and sent them.
43:34 Not only all through the Old Testament
43:36 but all through the New Testament,
43:38 the New Testament Church.
43:40 So why you're afraid of when someone says prophet?
43:43 Well, we need to be afraid
43:45 of if its from God or it is from the enemy.
43:47 You follow the difference. This is from God,
43:49 oh, oh, oh wonderful,
43:51 we need to hear from God, the churches are too dry,
43:55 churches are too dead, churches lack the spirit.
44:00 We need to hear from God.
44:02 We need something that,
44:04 that penetrates these old hearts,
44:05 heart and these old minds
44:07 and these all ears that can't hear it seems
44:09 and eyes that cant' see.
44:11 Say God we need a fresh manifestation of Your power
44:14 and what God's people need to be doing here in these last days.
44:18 Jesus said, I've sent him to you you've killed them,
44:20 I sent them to you to help you, to communicate heaven's boys.
44:26 Oh, friend can you see it? See remember you,
44:30 you can't separate the Old Testament
44:33 from the New Testament.
44:34 As much as you say well there is a separation
44:36 here is the old and there is the new.
44:38 You cannot do that. Why? Let's give you the punch line.
44:43 Why can't you separate the old and the new?
44:48 Because, they're both teachings of Jesus Christ.
44:53 Someone wants to challenge the issue.
44:55 You know, what I'm saying here,
44:57 are they not both teachings of Jesus Christ, absolutely.
45:00 Wow, now let me just give you an example here quick.
45:04 Okay, let me give you good example here.
45:07 Some Jews I'm a pinpoint a little bit here.
45:11 Some Jews and many people they accept,
45:16 they accept the teachings of the Old Testament.
45:20 Are you still with me?
45:21 They accept the teachings of the Old Testament only.
45:27 But you know what, if you just accept
45:29 the teachings of the Old Testament
45:31 this is not unto salvation
45:35 You see scriptures are--what into salvation,
45:39 or the salvation of God.
45:41 But if only in the Old Testament it's not--
45:44 it cannot be into the salvation of God.
45:46 Why? Because they reject Jesus of the New Testament.
45:51 His life, His work
45:53 and His fulfillment of the law and the prophets, stay with me.
46:00 See in the Old Testament is the earlier teachings
46:04 of the son of God through Moses.
46:09 Still the teachings of what? Of son of God.
46:14 Still good and those who do away
46:17 with the Old Testament is not unto salvation.
46:22 If you do away the Old Testament you're not unto salvation,
46:25 why? Because it rejects
46:29 the plain teachings and testimony of Jesus Christ.
46:34 See how we need the put them to, together here, see if you,
46:38 if you with me if we reject or we discount
46:43 the Old Testament it won't be long,
46:47 listen carefully it won't be long until
46:49 we will start to deny the New Testament
46:53 and certain things in the New Testament, at least in part,
46:57 and then the next step it won't long
46:59 until we're just going to reject both.
47:05 Reject one 'cause you what, reject the other
47:09 and then of course you want reject of course you will.
47:12 That's the devil's plan.
47:15 Oh, friend we must see, please listen.
47:18 Why, why do the Jews
47:24 I'll be careful with this but stay with me.
47:28 Now I'm gonna talk about two classes.
47:30 Why do the Jews so have such a difficult time or having,
47:35 having an influence in the world.
47:37 They have a difficult time being an influence in the world,
47:40 when they comes to keeping the commandments of God
47:42 and the observance of the Seventh Day Sabbath
47:44 keeping all the commandments.
47:47 The fourth commandment, is that clear now?
47:49 Why they have such little influence in the world today,
47:55 when it comes just these, these two points.
47:59 We find many of the Jews dear friends.
48:02 Listen to me carefully,
48:04 they bring forth
48:06 some of the most beautiful teachings in the Old Testament.
48:10 Old Testament truths.
48:12 And out of these beautiful
48:17 teachings and these beautiful truths,
48:22 they begin to talk about God and Jesus
48:26 and they give you lot of truthful thought here.
48:29 But while they're doing
48:31 that bringing these things out of Old Testament,
48:33 listen they through out the New Testament
48:37 teachings of Jesus in the New Testament.
48:40 Did you get it?
48:42 Well, they're bringing
48:43 what these beautiful things in the Old Testament
48:45 but at the same time well the thrown out the teachings
48:48 talking about it move it here
48:49 but thrown it out over here it doesn't work.
48:52 That's why we need what? Old and,
48:54 and the new that make sense to you.
48:57 Now let's get--lets look at the another part here.
48:59 Why do New Testament Christians,
49:03 fail to influence the Jews
49:06 to accept the teachings of Jesus.
49:07 I have people have ministries just to the Jews
49:10 and they're trying to what, present Jesus to them
49:12 so they will accept Jesus, as individuals.
49:14 Why, why the New Testament Christians
49:19 fail to influence the Jews?
49:22 They too the New Testament could reveal
49:24 beautiful truths from the word of God.
49:27 Yes, they do but knows what, they reject,
49:30 they turn down, they tear out,
49:32 they treat with contempt the Old Testament teaching of Jesus.
49:40 They can't gel together.
49:43 You know, it's interesting what Jesus said.
49:48 Now let's take this to heart,
49:50 we have little few minutes left,
49:51 let's take this to heart and what Jesus said.
49:53 Jesus is talking to the disciples and He,
49:56 He said something very just, you know, profound.
49:59 He said to His followers and to His teachers
50:02 that they should bring forth
50:04 these beautiful teachings of God's word,
50:07 as they told but He said it like this.
50:10 Matthew 13:52, He said,
50:13 "Bring forth things new and old."
50:18 Interesting, Jesus said,
50:20 we have to bring in our teachings,
50:22 what? Things in the old and things of the new.
50:27 You realize how many passage of scripture
50:29 in the New Testament come directly
50:31 or indirectly from the Old Testament.
50:34 Revelation what, 400 some odd verses
50:36 and over 200 some of them come directly
50:38 or indirectly from the Old Testament.
50:42 How do you tear those out? How do you throw those out?
50:46 There's a reason for what we're going through
50:49 and we're studying right here.
50:51 All through scripture we can go from Genesis to Revelation.
50:55 God has chosen to use, what? Prophets,
50:59 prophets to guide His people.
51:02 The Bible is a witness to that.
51:07 And if what about we call ourselves
51:09 a New Testament Church,
51:11 we call ourselves a New Testament Church
51:13 where are the prophets in the Church.
51:17 In God's New Testament Church where is the,
51:20 where is the--in the Bible they,
51:23 they have prophets operating
51:26 in New Testament time and the Church's
51:30 is there no need of a prophet in these last days
51:35 when the world is relaxing worse and worse.
51:37 It's falling apart.
51:39 The enemy has more counterfeits today then ever before.
51:46 He has so many ways to occupy our time and you know,
51:48 our means and everything else
51:50 so that we can do what God would have as to do.
51:54 He has more amazing you can count to distract us today.
51:57 If there was ever a need for God
52:00 to speak to His church today it's now.
52:04 But He must speak the way that he's chosen to speak to us.
52:07 Through His word, through the Holy Spirit,
52:10 through His messengers the, the prophet.
52:12 Friend it's now, we need it now.
52:17 You talked about little while ago of tracing down
52:20 through scripture of few the prfophets
52:23 and prophetess men and women of scripture.
52:27 Men and women that God called to guide His church,
52:29 does the Church not need guiding today.
52:32 Yes, desperately so. His people need it.
52:40 Needed as a Church or individuating we begin to,
52:43 to backslide or we begin to go into apostasy.
52:47 We begin to stray from him.
52:50 If you would back to the very beginning
52:52 in the book of Genesis Chapter 20 verse 7,
52:55 Abraham is called a prophet.
52:59 God had prophet in the book of Genesis, right prophet.
53:04 Exodus 7 verse 1 the Bible said, there's Aaron in the prophet.
53:10 Does God used prophet or doesn't He?
53:13 Exodus 15 and 20 you can realize there was Merriam the prophet,


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