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Promised Blessings Of Believing God's Prophets, Part 2

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00:41 Hello and welcome to "Behold the Lamb Presents."
00:44 I'm Chris Shelton, your host
00:45 and I want to thank you for tuning in.
00:48 Today we're going to present
00:50 the completion of a two part series of messages
00:53 that we have entitled
00:55 "Promised Blessings of believing God's Prophets."
00:58 In our first program Pastor Kenny Shelton discussed
01:01 that for centuries this was one of God's chosen methods
01:05 to communicate to his beloved children here on earth.
01:08 Yet with all this spiritual confusion in our world
01:12 many are leery to accept or believe that this is a gift
01:15 that could still be active in today's New Testament Church.
01:19 So let's quickly review for a few moments
01:22 what was taking place in Paul's day
01:25 in the early days of the New Testament Church
01:27 and we will begin with Acts Chapter 19.
01:30 I'm going to read just parts of the few verses
01:33 beginning with verse two.
01:35 Here Paul asks a question of disciples in Ephesus.
01:39 He asks them,
01:40 did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believe?
01:43 They replied, we have not so much as heard
01:47 whether there is a Holy Spirit.
01:49 We find in the next few verses that these disciples
01:52 decided to be re-baptized into Jesus Christ.
01:56 Verse six reads, "And when Paul had laid hands upon them,
02:01 the Holy Spirit came upon them
02:03 and they spoke with tongues and prophesied."
02:06 What about Paul's council to the Corinthians
02:09 in First Corinthians 14:5 where we read.
02:13 "I wish that you all spoke with tongues,
02:16 but even more that you prophesy for he
02:19 who prophesies is greater than he
02:22 who speaks with tongues."
02:23 My point, my point in reading these few texts is to show
02:27 that many men and women who were filled with the Holy Spirit
02:32 prophesied with instructions from heaven.
02:35 And several were officially labeled
02:37 as prophets here in the New Testament Church.
02:40 So again what about prophets, what about prophecy today.
02:45 I believe that Pastor Kenny Shelton
02:48 has been given insight through the guidance
02:51 of the Holy Spirit to address this question
02:53 more fully as we conclude our two messages entitled
02:58 promise blessings of believing God's prophets.
03:02 But first we have the opportunity
03:04 to visit the 3ABN Worship Center and listen to
03:08 "Amazing Grace Medley" as sung by Angela Bryant-Brown.
03:28 Amazing grace shall always be
03:36 my song of praise
03:41 For it was grace
03:46 that brought my liberty
03:53 And I do not know
03:59 just how He came to love me
04:04 so He looked beyond
04:11 all of my faults and saw my need
04:19 I shall forever lift
04:26 mine eyes to Calvary
04:31 To view the cross
04:36 where Jesus died for me
04:44 How marvelous that grace
04:50 that caught my falling soul
04:56 He looked beyond my faults
05:02 and saw my needs
05:10 Amazing grace,
05:18 how sweet, how sweet the sound
05:25 That saved a wretch like me
05:40 I once was lost,
05:48 but now thank God I'm found
05:55 Was blind,
05:59 but now I see
06:09 I shall forever lift
06:18 mine eyes to Calvary
06:25 To view the cross
06:31 where my Jesus
06:33 He blooded and died for you and me
06:40 How marvelous oh yes,
06:47 that grace that caught my falling soul
06:55 He looked beyond all of my faults
07:04 He loves, He looked beyond all of my faults
07:12 He looked beyond
07:18 all of my faults
07:22 and saw my needs
07:41 Praise the Lord. It's good to join,
07:42 join us today for Behold the Lamb.
07:44 Very important subject.
07:47 Now prophet, how does a prophet operate in the church
07:49 and especially in a New Testament Church.
07:51 This is second part of our series
07:53 as you've been following along we pray and we're going to as,
07:57 you know, before we start this we gonna have prayer.
07:59 But I just want to remind you that
08:01 we will not have time to go back
08:02 and to go over like we usually do in the several part series
08:06 the things that we studied previously.
08:07 Because we wanna cover as much as we can today,
08:10 so you may wanna call and get that first part of the series.
08:13 This is the vital subject.
08:16 Life and death subject of God's last day church.
08:19 And so I cover that you pray with me right now
08:22 as the Holy Spirit begins to open up
08:24 these beautiful truths to us.
08:26 Would you pray with me and ask for the Holy Spirit
08:28 to open our hearts and our minds. Let's pray.
08:30 Mercifully father in heaven, we thank you for Your love today
08:33 We thank You for Your sweet spirit.
08:35 We just ask now that we be covered
08:37 in the blood of Jesus Christ that these scriptures
08:40 that we read today will be made plain by your power.
08:43 You said the Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth.
08:46 Bless we pray those who listen and who watch
08:49 open their hearts and their minds.
08:51 Help them desire to know what truth is.
08:53 Shocking as it might be to some.
08:55 We pray now that you will consume us
08:58 by Your spirit in the precious name of Jesus,
09:01 we pray and we thank you, amen.
09:04 Again it's always good that we get, you know,
09:06 pencil and paper and jot down these passage of scripture.
09:09 Again because of our time we'll move as quickly as we can.
09:12 We talked about in the first part
09:13 about the Old Testament,
09:15 even mentioned New Testament prophets,
09:16 but we gonna switch rather go with all the list
09:18 and you can take it concordance,
09:20 you can go by and look up the prophet
09:21 the activity of a prophet
09:23 in the church in the Old Testament.
09:25 We gonna skip quickly to the New Testament.
09:27 But remember this, we're offering
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09:34 I've ever read on the Spirit of Prophecy
09:36 or prophet operating in New Testament Church.
09:39 Over 200 pages that you can read,
09:42 over 100 passage of scripture dealing
09:45 with Spirit of Prophecy.
09:47 Two hundred of passages of scripture
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09:51 leading up to this study.
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09:57 Only a couple of hundred,
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10:02 But may I remind some of you though
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10:08 And so there will be someone I know maybe several bodies
10:11 that hear this and say you know what
10:12 I'm gonna send a nice love gift to help
10:14 to get these into the hands of people
10:16 who desire, who want to know
10:18 what truth is, and how God wants
10:20 to speak to His people.
10:22 I hope you're one of those who pray about it
10:23 where you send what you can
10:24 so that we can get these books into the home
10:26 of everyone who is requesting it.
10:29 But you need to call quickly as you can.
10:31 Now, we're gonna go to New Testament quickly.
10:33 Paul, man of God hence we read it in New Testament.
10:37 Paul had no problem with a prophet
10:39 operating in the New Testament Church
10:42 Now I'll be bringing up New Testament quite often here
10:44 because many people Christian say,
10:45 I'm a New Testament Christian believer.
10:48 Good, that's wonderful, I'm too.
10:50 But, you know, that doesn't negate what or where we jot
10:54 --just throw out the Old Testament not at all.
10:56 But as we look at New Testament believer
10:57 we find that Paul here and he said this is,
11:00 he said in 1 Corinthians 14:37,
11:03 "If any man think himself to be a prophet, or spiritual,
11:07 let him acknowledge the things
11:09 that I write unto you,
11:10 they are the commandments of the Lord."
11:12 So prophet then is going to what?
11:14 Just going to say okay, this is the truth.
11:17 And so a prophet then helps to lead and helps to guide
11:19 and to what, encourage us to what
11:21 truth is and then to follow that.
11:23 It's a word from God.
11:25 So then a New Testament Church then cannot possibly have
11:28 a problem with a New Testament teaching.
11:31 Can we? Oh, we can't
11:33 because Luke pens these words here.
11:35 We're gonna have to deal with scripture.
11:36 Our mind may be set against it we may have been
11:39 --we're told that this is not the truth,
11:41 but we're going to see what Luke has to say.
11:43 Luke Chapter 1 we're gonna read verses 70 through 73.
11:46 Pen those down quickly.
11:48 "As he spoke God, says God spoke.
11:50 He spoke by the mouth of his" what?
11:52 "Of his holy prophets."
11:53 So God has chosen to speak through what?
11:56 His holy prophets. Can a prophet be bad?
11:59 Well, if they are speaking what God wants them to speak
12:01 its all good, we need to hear it.
12:03 "Which has been since the world began."
12:05 So God has used prophets how, to what?
12:08 Good since the world has begun.
12:10 Now for what purpose of the prophets?
12:12 Why did God give them to us?
12:14 Well, verse 71 there of Luke Chapter 1 makes it real clear
12:17 "That we should be saved from the enemies,
12:20 of the hand of all that hate us."
12:22 And then verse 72 remind--
12:24 and the prophets reminds us to remember his holy covenant
12:29 that God has made with his people.
12:32 Now we need to remember this.
12:33 In the New Testament, Old Testament and New Testament
12:37 God said in the last days
12:39 that there would be prophets among us.
12:41 You read it in Joel Chapter 2:28 and 29.
12:44 You read it also in the Book of Acts 2:17 and 18.
12:48 As we read these we find out God said that
12:50 He's going to pour out His spirit,
12:52 right, here in these last days.
12:55 He said, I'm going to pour out on your sons and what,
12:58 and your daughters and He said they will prophesy.
13:01 Again I want to encourage you this many people take the word
13:04 and say prophesy and they kind of say well,
13:06 they're just giving a word in deu season.
13:08 We're going to expand on that
13:09 what prophesy what it really means in New Testament
13:13 and scripture in the regional language.
13:15 It's very, very important.
13:17 And then we're going to see here
13:18 that Bible says that the old men will do what?
13:20 Oh, they are going to dream dreams
13:22 and young men's going to have vision.
13:24 Three area's here God said
13:25 I'm gonna communicate through men, what?
13:27 Prophets holy men they would speak
13:28 what God tells them to speak.
13:30 He's going to do it through dreams
13:31 and going to do it through vision.
13:32 So a dream can't be bad, vision can't be bad,
13:34 a prophet in a church can't be bad
13:36 as long as they match up with scripture.
13:38 Now, notice what Jesus said in Luke 11:49 and 50.
13:43 Jesus stated this, He said
13:45 "Therefore also said the wisdom of God,
13:47 I will send" what "prophets and apostles."
13:51 God himself sent prophets to His church
13:55 and His people to help them, to encourage them.
13:58 But he say all the sad thing is what "A some of them shall
14:01 --you shall slay them and you shall persecute."
14:04 And then verse 50, He says,
14:05 "That the blood of all the prophets,
14:07 which was shed from the foundation of the world,
14:10 may be required of this generation."
14:13 He talking what? Not only Old Testament,
14:15 but He's talking about New Testament too.
14:17 So He's establishing the fact that the prophets,
14:20 what, work in the church.
14:24 It was just--it was a common occurrence here.
14:26 And notice this passage that pertains to New Testament,
14:29 Christians do today in Luke 16:31.
14:32 The Bible says "And he said unto them"
14:34 notice "If they will not hear Moses"
14:38 Jesus thought they are not going to hear Moses
14:39 or the saying of Moses "and the prophets"
14:41 that means the old and what, and the New Testament
14:45 "Neither will they be persuaded though one rose from"
14:48 what, "Rose from the dead."
14:51 That mean's there's no hope.
14:52 Oh, if you don't hear God's prophets his mouthpiece.
14:56 If you don't listen to what's being said,
14:58 He said there is no hope.
15:00 Because you won't believe the one rose from the dead.
15:02 There is no hope. Again Luke 24:25 and 27.
15:07 "Then he" Jesus said this, notice.
15:09 He said "O fools, and slow of heart
15:13 to believe all that the prophets have spoken."
15:16 How much are we to believe?
15:17 All that the prophets have spoken.
15:20 "Beginning" and here's what Jesus did,
15:22 Jesus said "He began at Moses and all the prophets,
15:25 and he expound unto them all the scripture
15:28 the things concerning himself." Did Jesus believe in prophets?
15:32 Yes, He ordained them. Yes, He did.
15:34 He said, here He expoundly told
15:36 all the beginning of Moses and all the prophets.
15:39 Oh, friend, listen if God want's to use a prophet
15:41 to guide His church, He has that right.
15:45 But if we reject this means of communication
15:48 that God has chosen Jesus says to us.
15:52 He says "O fools and slow of heart."
15:55 We need to believe all that the prophets have spoken.
15:59 Therefore our benefit.
16:01 God wants to have them in the church
16:02 to speak towards it like,
16:04 something we need to be encouraged today.
16:06 We need help today.
16:09 See the New Testament Church, I have come to find this out.
16:11 New Testament Church, lot of them loves
16:13 the Book of Acts and of course I do too.
16:16 And here we find the importance of the church
16:18 needing guidance and counsel.
16:21 Even in prophesying or in prophecies
16:24 in concerning Jesus.
16:26 So friend we see a New Testament Church.
16:28 Notice what Acts 3:18 says to us.
16:32 "But those things, which God had shewed"
16:34 notice "by the mouth of all his prophets"
16:37 still establishing, still saying
16:39 God chooses how to speak to us
16:41 to communicate here by his prophets
16:43 "that Christ should suffer"
16:45 and notice this "and he has so fulfilled."
16:49 Prophets will tell things before they happen.
16:53 They are going to reveal things,
16:55 that's what the Bible said in Amos, verse 3.
16:58 He's going to speak through His holy prophet.
17:00 They are gonna reveal things.
17:01 He doesn't want us shocked
17:03 and so He tells us things before they happen.
17:06 Now notice these verses are powerful,
17:09 we're gonna read them so you have your Bible
17:11 quickly Acts 3:22 through 25.
17:15 These are, they tell of a need of God's prophets
17:18 for the time in which we live
17:20 and he said beginning what at Samuel.
17:22 Beginning at the beginning here but notice these verses.
17:25 Says verse 22 "For Moses truly" what "Said unto the fathers,
17:30 A prophet shall the Lord
17:31 your God raise up unto you of your brethren."
17:35 Now next follow.
17:36 "Like unto me" it says here
17:38 "Him shall ye hear of all things
17:40 whatsoever he shall say unto you." What?
17:43 God said I'm going to send a prophet.
17:45 We know He's talking about Jesus.
17:46 That interesting referred to here,
17:49 but I'm gonna send him.
17:50 Notice, "And it shall come to pass that every soul,
17:52 which will not hear that prophet,
17:55 shall be destroyed among the people."
17:58 Having a prophet in the church is very, very important.
18:00 "Yea, and all the prophets from Samuel and those that"
18:04 listen "And those that follow after, as many as have spoken,
18:08 have likewise foretold of these days."
18:11 Notice "Ye are the"
18:13 what "The children of the prophets."
18:15 Who? New Testament Church
18:17 "Ye are the children of the prophets,
18:19 and of the covenant which God made
18:21 with our father saying Abraham,
18:23 and in thy seed shall all the kindreds
18:24 of the earth be blessed."
18:26 We're the children of the prophets.
18:29 Now again we wanna share a few more passages
18:31 so we don't become confused here,
18:32 but we don't want to miss the part
18:34 that the prophets played in the New Testament Church.
18:37 See that way if we establish that
18:39 beyond a shadow of a doubt
18:40 we can't throw out the need of a prophet
18:44 operating in the church, God's mouthpiece.
18:47 And remember Paul was going on his first missionary journey
18:50 in Acts 13:1 it begins to give this account.
18:55 But it indicates that there were prophets
18:58 that were operating in the church of Antioch,
19:01 a New Testament Church.
19:03 And so as we look at this Paul made no rebukes
19:06 he made--that was not a surprise to him.
19:09 It was a common occurrence that took place.
19:12 So again if he had no rebuke it must be all right
19:14 and it was a common thing to take place.
19:17 In fact the Holy Spirit said something very, very important.
19:20 It said in fact the Holy Spirit puts his approval upon
19:23 the prophets in the church and of calling men and women out
19:25 to do a special work, you remember that.
19:28 It said separate me Barnabas and Saul
19:32 for their appointed work. Now let's read Acts 13:1.
19:36 Here's what it says "Now there were in the church
19:39 that was at Antioch certain prophets and teachers."
19:42 Now are we getting this in the New Testament Church
19:45 there were what? Prophets operating.
19:49 When you say that today
19:50 in today's society people close their mind,
19:53 they close their eyes, they just,
19:55 oh, it can't possibly be. Why not?
19:56 It's the New Testament teaching.
19:59 There's too much information here for us to deny.
20:04 There was no rebuke by Paul. Nothing he said.
20:07 He just simply said, they're operating
20:08 in the church in Antioch.
20:10 So it seems to me if we neglect this gift,
20:13 if we throw it out, then we're throwing out
20:15 how God wants to communicate with us
20:17 and speak to His people.
20:19 It's a gift that God has given. It's interesting.
20:22 We're interested in special spiritual gifts, aren't we?
20:26 Whether a pastor, a teacher, an evangelist
20:28 and so you talked about end prophets.
20:31 We named them all, but we don't say whole lot
20:33 about prophets it's like we're afraid.
20:35 Devil doesn't want you to understand the subject.
20:38 He's afraid you're going to understand it.
20:40 And that you'll understand more, you see of scripture
20:42 if you get into and listen to His prophets
20:45 those He's talking to. We need help today.
20:47 We need to be enlightened today.
20:49 We need to have spiritual things pointed out that
20:51 we just can't seem to comprehend.
20:53 We see through like a darkly,
20:55 spiritually and we just can't see things all around it.
20:58 Sin--we can just be swimming around as we're in sin.
21:01 And we can't see that it's sin, we think it's all good.
21:04 Oh, friend, we need the voice of God
21:06 operating in the church today.
21:08 Oh, friend, look God's last day people.
21:11 His church--you know, we find in Revelation 12:17,
21:15 it said, "The dragon was wroth with" what?
21:17 "With the woman, and went to make war
21:19 with the remnant of her seed" who do what? Good.
21:21 "Keep the commandments of God, and the testimony of Jesus."
21:25 and Revelation 22
21:27 and Revelation 1:9, we have to--
21:29 I'd like to be able to read all those
21:31 but I can't really do that.
21:33 But friend, as we read all of these passages of scriptures,
21:35 Spirit of Prophecy we're talking about testimony of Jesus.
21:39 is the Spirit of Prophecy.
21:42 God's last day church will promote two things.
21:44 They will move keeping all ten of the commandments
21:47 by the grace of God.
21:49 We knew salvation is gift, but we're going to be obedient
21:51 and we'll have, what?
21:53 A prophet operating in the church
21:55 to guide his church. It's very clear.
21:58 That's what scripture says here.
22:00 We don't want to miss this.
22:01 The witness of Jesus will be in the midst of His people,
22:05 don't throw Him out.
22:08 Now once again if this gift is not in operation
22:11 if it's missing, the people will go backwards.
22:15 The Bible said in Proverbs 28, you remember 19 that we read
22:18 or 29:18, remembered what it said.
22:21 It said the people will perish.
22:23 That means we're gonna backslide.
22:25 That means we're gonna go backwards.
22:27 That means we're going to-- the word there in Hebrew said,
22:29 we're gonna loosen up.
22:31 We don't need to loosening up and sliding backwards right now.
22:35 But you know, there're still people
22:37 that do not believe in prophets.
22:39 We can read all of these.
22:40 Read all the instances in the Old Testament
22:42 and in the New Testament and the approval of God,
22:44 the approval of Jesus,
22:45 the approval of New Testament Church
22:47 and all the Bible writer and still we say,
22:49 "Oh, well, now look if you still have a problem with that,
22:53 what do you do with this passage?"
22:55 What am I gonna do with it?
22:57 Are you Bible believer?
22:59 Then let's start believe in the Bible, shall we?
23:01 First Thessalonians 5, I'm not trying to be too difficult,
23:04 hard on you, but listen I wanna get your attention. Why?
23:07 Because I believe that many, many, many by the millions
23:09 are missing what God wants to give us.
23:12 He wants to talk to you. He wants to communicate to you.
23:16 First Thessalonians 5:20 and 21,
23:20 here's that's what the Bible said,
23:21 "Despise not prophesying."
23:25 What does that word mean?
23:26 Here is what it mean in the New Testament Greek.
23:28 Prophet, despise not what? Prophesying.
23:30 Last stage he said they're gonna be
23:32 prophesying in the last stage.
23:33 They'll say, "Well, yeah, there's gonna be
23:34 a word from God." it's deeper than that.
23:36 It's broader than that.
23:38 This word here means in the New Testament Greek.
23:40 It means do not despise listen predictions.
23:44 Do not despise prophecy. Do not despise prophesying.
23:49 Do not despise, listen, an inspired speaker,
23:54 or do not despise a prophet.
23:57 Did you get it?
23:59 Don't despise a prophet.
24:03 Please remember this definition as we go on in this study.
24:07 It's very, very important.
24:09 Don't despise what?
24:10 A prophet, prophesying, predictions, inspired speaker.
24:14 The passage continues and it says, pay more attention,
24:18 "Prove all things." Here's the key.
24:20 "And hold fast that which is good."
24:23 Too many people are not holding on fast
24:25 at those things that are good. We're letting go.
24:28 We're nearing the time of the coming of Jesus
24:31 we're in the judgment hour and we're letting go
24:34 of the hand of God, our only helper,
24:38 only way that we're going be saved in God's kingdom.
24:40 We're throwing Him out.
24:42 We're throwing out the way which He wants to communicate
24:45 to His--remember God has always communicated
24:48 with His people, has He not?
24:50 So why would He not in the last days?
24:53 So I'm just--I want to challenge your mind here.
24:55 And just to say in other words, we're not going to--
24:56 it is a gift.
24:58 It's proven in scripture in New Testament as we will know.
25:01 Now, let's just dissect a little bit this word.
25:04 It says, "Do not despise."
25:07 Despise means what? To make of no account.
25:12 So don't discredit a prophet.
25:15 Don't discredit an inspired speaker.
25:18 Don't discredit what prophecy.
25:21 Please listen to that.
25:22 Don't discredit prophesy, don't discredit predictions.
25:28 Well, it's a line up with the word of God, do you see that?
25:30 This is expanding this, don't despise.
25:33 You know what- don't despise these things.
25:35 You realize this that the spiritual gifts were displayed.
25:40 I mean this is one of the ways that God used
25:43 the spiritual gifts in the formation
25:45 of the New Testament Church. He used all of these gifts.
25:50 In Thessalonica the Bible is very, very clear on that.
25:53 Now let's look though quickly, First Corinthians 14:1,
25:57 the Bible says, and everybody loves
26:01 and certain people more than others,
26:03 but we love the word of God, don't we?
26:04 First Corinthians 14 says right here, "That ye may prophesy."
26:09 This is one of the gifts.
26:11 Paul here said, well I want you to be prophesied.
26:18 Want God to be speaking,
26:21 He'll speak to you making predictions
26:24 could be a prophet, could be a spiritual speaker.
26:29 A word in due season but it said, that ye may prophesy.
26:33 First Corinthians 14:3, "but He that--" notice this,
26:37 "But he that prophesieth speaketh unto men."
26:41 All we need to hear today is the word spoken to us, right.
26:44 The person is prophesied.
26:45 First Corinthians 14:5, he said,
26:48 "I would rather that ye prophesied"
26:51 and of course you-- look, jot these down and read them all.
26:54 He said rather than what?
26:57 Speaking tongues must have in what?
26:59 An interpreter.
27:01 Wow, rather that ye prophesied.
27:03 Interesting enough as we study that--listen the church
27:08 that was focusing on prophesying and prophets,
27:13 you know what their messages were?
27:14 You know what the messages were?
27:16 They were focusing on the second coming of Jesus.
27:20 Wow! And the signs of His coming.
27:24 The events that would be taking place before Jesus would come.
27:28 They were focusing on that. Is that sound familiar to you?
27:33 That God's last day church will be what?
27:36 That has the prophet.
27:38 Prophesy gift of prophecy will be focusing
27:40 on the second coming of Jesus.
27:42 How we can be prepared for His coming?
27:44 Signs and the events that would be taking place.
27:47 It needs to sound familiar.
27:50 They did in the New Testament Church, you remember.
27:53 And interesting, First Corinthians 14.
27:55 I am just using few of these because a lot of people
27:57 love these passages of scripture.
27:59 They love First Corinthians 14,
28:01 but they're overlooking somethings,
28:03 First Corinthians 14:22 says,
28:05 "Prophesying serveth for them which believe."
28:10 What was it?
28:11 Prophesying serves for them which believe.
28:14 Are you a believer?
28:15 Oh, I am a believer, I am New Testament believer.
28:17 Then prophecy you see, the gift of prophecy,
28:20 a prophet in the church is for you then
28:22 because that's what it's for, that's what the Bible says.
28:24 First Corinthians 14:29 said, "Let the prophets speak."
28:30 Wow, how powerful.
28:32 "Let the prophets speak" and then it says
28:35 you know two or three or so on.
28:38 So no one was rebuking a prophet in the New Testament Church.
28:41 Why should we be rebuking them now?
28:43 Acts 15:32 says,
28:46 "And Judas and Silas being prophets also themselves,
28:51 exhorted the brethern with many words, and confirmed them."
28:55 Or they did what?
28:56 They supported, they established--
28:59 reestablish the truths.
29:01 This is part of a-- a prophet's work is to exhort,
29:05 part of the prophet is to comfort, is to lead,
29:08 is to guide, is to pray for,
29:10 is to call for, to give commands as it were.
29:13 To tell the events that are soon to take place,
29:16 is to warn, a mouthpiece of God.
29:19 Now if we get time to go into all not but let me tell you,
29:22 a prophet can only say- true prophet of God
29:24 can only tell you what God tells him
29:28 and nothing more of thus saith the Lord.
29:32 Friend, in Acts 21:8 through 11,
29:35 here in the New Testament we find Philip.
29:38 There's getting a New-- we find Philip here
29:40 because well that was a prophet, that was a man.
29:42 Philip was the evangelist, but he had four daughters,
29:44 do you remember that?
29:46 And he said-- the Bible said,
29:47 and these four daughters they did prophesy.
29:50 Look up that word. You know what it said they did,
29:52 they said they did what? They did prophesy.
29:55 That means they would foretell events
29:58 before they took place. A word from God.
30:02 They would speak under inspiration of the Holy Ghost.
30:05 They would exercise the prophetic office of a prophet.
30:10 Men and women God will use here in this last day.
30:14 So why are people afraid
30:16 of a prophet in the New Testament Church?
30:19 Well first of all you said there's true prophet
30:21 then that also means what?
30:22 That they're gonna be false prophets.
30:24 So we have to-- the Jesus gave some simple rules
30:27 to distinguish between the two.
30:29 And he stated very, very plainly
30:31 in Mathew 7 verses 15-20,
30:35 He said, A good tree bringeth forth" what? Good fruit.
30:39 And a bad or corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit."
30:45 In the First John 4:1 it says
30:48 "We must prove all things
30:51 and we must try or test the spirit."
30:54 So we've to try the spirit,
30:56 we've to test them, what? Test them by the word of God.
30:59 Everybody pops up and says, I am a prophet.
31:01 They aren't more of a prophet.
31:03 I am not prophet, I don't claim to be prophet
31:05 but God gives me a word dear friends,
31:06 we need to let that word out.
31:08 And then whatever that word comes out
31:09 we've to test it by the Bible.
31:12 Isaiah 8:20 really brings to light
31:14 and it just so much time is--some of us wants to says,
31:17 to the Lord, to the testimony,
31:19 if they speak not according to this is because
31:21 there is no light in them. Someone comes up and says,
31:24 I'm a prophet of God. I've got a message
31:26 and they down chart the Ten Commandment Law of God.
31:30 They down chart the testimony of Jesus
31:32 Spirit of Prophecy,
31:33 one of the witnesses of Jesus Christ.
31:35 Dear friend he is not a true prophet of God.
31:37 He's a false prophet.
31:38 The law on the testimony, there be no light in them.
31:41 Friend there's a way and the world has--basic Christian
31:45 world is thrown out this gift because they are afraid,
31:48 because you know what, because they're not studying the Bible,
31:50 because you don't know what is truth
31:52 and you don't know what is false,
31:53 because you're not studying to show yourself,
31:55 approved unto God.
31:56 I want you to encourage today to do that.
31:59 How do you define a prophet?
32:00 I mean let's say, how do we really define a prophet.
32:03 We've been talking about them. Can we so do it simply today?
32:07 A prophet will simply be what, good,
32:10 a mouthpiece for God, good.
32:14 God uses them to do what? To guide His church.
32:17 Oh, how beautiful that is.
32:19 And friend we need that help today, do we not.
32:23 See God has always--from the very beginning He's had what?
32:26 Prophets in the church. So once again
32:29 I am pleading with you why not now?
32:31 Rather to turn it off and say it doesn't exist,
32:33 you are denying dozens and dozens and dozens
32:37 of clear scripture in the New Testament,
32:40 upholding the gift of prophecy
32:42 or prophet operating in the church.
32:45 But now when you say whether prophet operating
32:47 this church is a cult, cult.
32:51 Oh friends, that's what that is.
32:55 That what they said in the New Testament times,
32:57 Paul never said that.
32:59 Now we realize there's a line which you cross and hopefully
33:01 we will be able to discuss little more about that.
33:04 But if we think about this,
33:06 you see the enemy has so many ways
33:08 to cause diversions here in the last days.
33:11 There are so many ways in which the enemy tries
33:14 to captivate us and to caring for things of the world
33:17 and being involved in the world
33:18 and we just can't get winged away from the world
33:20 where I've been in the world, do you get it.
33:23 Taken us captive.
33:25 Listen, we need to communicate with God
33:27 more than ever before in a history of this world.
33:31 We need to hear God's voice and He said,
33:34 I am going to speak through my prophets.
33:37 I want to give dreams and visions.
33:39 You remember this account of scripture.
33:40 We got to go away back here but remember
33:42 this account of scripture given in Exodus 4:16.
33:46 God call Moses to do a work
33:48 and you remember what Moses said,
33:50 I must me be dried out, I am short of speech.
33:54 And God said to him,
33:55 He said, "Aaron, shall be thy spokesman."
34:00 Now remember Moses, oh be careful
34:02 somebody may not have heard this and others have,
34:04 Moses was a type of what? Of Christ.
34:08 But he said what? "Aaron shall be thy spokesman."
34:12 And notice what he said, "And he shall be to thee,
34:16 even he shall be instead of a mouth,
34:19 and thou shalt be to him instead of God."
34:23 So Moses what? Was a type of Christ.
34:26 And Christ will speak through what as it were.
34:28 Moss will speak and the prophet of God,
34:31 Aaron would take what he wants
34:32 and then he will give it to the people.
34:34 Very interesting. God made it very clear here.
34:38 Aaron was to Moses' words. Get the point,
34:42 Aaron was to Moses' words as the word of God.
34:47 And everything that He told him.
34:49 And later what did God say? He called Aaron a prophet.
34:53 Exodus 7:1, he said, "Aaron thy brother shall be a prophet."
34:58 God said He's gonna be a prophet.
35:01 Of course you remember Moses was even afraid
35:03 to go before the farewell, you know, the second time
35:06 and so on and God reminded him and I am reminding you today
35:09 as a representative of Jesus Christ.
35:11 You are superior to any Pharaoh or any king.
35:16 We need not be afraid.
35:18 God has joined together, He has given us information.
35:20 He has given a solid word of truth.
35:23 Divinity and humanity working together cannot lose.
35:27 We cannot lose this race, this battle
35:30 because we're working together with Jesus Christ.
35:32 But we've to communicate, we've to listen,
35:35 we've to what not throw out what God has given us.
35:39 Oh, it's interesting, you remember
35:41 that God used a prophet to deliver what?
35:43 To deliver Israel. Do you remember that?
35:45 And then to preserve--listen not only deliver Israel,
35:48 but He preserved Israel.
35:52 You remember reading that in Hosea 12:13,
35:57 and when we say Israel we say His church.
35:59 Here's how it read, it say, "By prophet God
36:02 brought Israel out of Egypt,
36:04 and by a prophet that he was preserved."
36:08 So God's church then was--can be delivered
36:11 by a prophet is gonna be preserved by what?
36:14 By a prophet.
36:15 May be many churches today is not being preserved
36:17 because they don't have what? The mouthpiece of God.
36:19 They are not hearing from heaven,
36:21 they're hearing from man.
36:24 And Moses here was the prophet
36:26 that was speaking about here.
36:28 Israel was preserved by obeying what?
36:31 God's prophet.
36:33 Today God's people will--is going
36:35 to be preserved by what?
36:38 By listening to God's appointed messengers.
36:42 We cannot afford not to listen to God.
36:44 He has appointed messengers
36:46 and we need to listen to them today.
36:49 God tells us that when He uses a prophet
36:51 that His spirit then must be what?
36:54 His spirit must be upon them. His spirit must be upon them.
36:59 First Peter 1:10 and 11 says this,
37:02 "Of which salvation the prophets have enquired"
37:06 that means they sort out. "They searched diligently"
37:09 that means researching the scriptures diligently.
37:13 Really trying to find out.
37:15 Here it says, "Here they who prophesied of the grace
37:18 that should come upon you searching what,
37:21 or what manner of time
37:22 the Spirit of Christ was upon them.
37:25 " Oh friend, think about this. "
37:28 And did signify, notice this, signify
37:31 when it was testified beforehand
37:34 that the sufferings of Christ
37:36 and the glory that should follow."
37:38 Wow, the prophets here, they're gonna to tell what?
37:42 Gonna tell in advance the things
37:44 that were going to take place.
37:46 How awesome, when what?
37:47 When the Spirit of God,
37:49 Spirit of Christ was in them.
37:52 They were searching, they were prophets,
37:54 they've inquired, they want to know,
37:55 they are telling you things that should come to past.
37:58 The spirit kept pointing out significance
38:01 facts concerning the mission of Jesus Christ.
38:05 Oh, may I mention again a prophet knows only
38:10 what God reveals and only this.
38:16 I mentioned a while ago, I simple thus saith the Lord.
38:19 So it's not man's word,
38:21 when a prophet was anointed by Jesus
38:23 and a message was given to prophet
38:25 and gave that message just exactly
38:26 the way it was given to him.
38:28 No deviation from it, that's the true prophet.
38:32 Prophets going to be underneath
38:33 the influence of the Holy Spirit.
38:35 Second Peter 1:21 and Second Samuel 23:12
38:39 are two you can read that.
38:41 It says, "For prophecy came not" what? "
38:42 In old times by the will of man,
38:45 but holy man of God spoke as they were moved"
38:47 by what, "by the Holy Ghost."
38:49 So we've Holy Spirit power here,
38:52 uniting as together and then they may begin
38:54 to speak as God gave him utterance.
38:58 Prophecy, friend is a revelation from God.
39:03 He decide what is made plain to the church,
39:06 He decides what the church needs what we need today.
39:10 The prophet then is entirely under
39:13 the control of the Holy Spirit.
39:16 That's so, so important. Let's look,
39:19 we'll have time to look at some of the areas of communication
39:22 that God used from the beginning.
39:26 Are we getting this?
39:27 We're going to look at some of the areas of communication
39:30 that God used from the very beginning of time.
39:33 Now how did God communicate with Adam and Eve?
39:38 How did he do? Well you know as you take scripture,
39:40 you began to read in Genesis 3:9,
39:43 you just turn back scripture and you say we're here "
39:45 And the Lord God called unto Adam, and said unto him."
39:49 So how did God communicate with Adam and Eve?
39:54 Yeah, He spoke to them, didn't he? Bible says here,
39:57 he called them and he said to them before sin right,
40:00 "Where Art Thou?"
40:03 So God spoke to them before the fall.
40:08 Now, so how did God speak to man after the fall?
40:13 Now, what we're establishing here?
40:14 We're establishing in that once God had--
40:16 He spoke to them before the fall
40:18 but He still need to communicate to His church, and I say,
40:21 church as his people but after sin came in,
40:25 a lot of things changed, but God still wanted to do what?
40:28 Communicate with His people.
40:31 And so how did God do it?
40:33 Well the Bible would go over the Old Testament,
40:35 Hosea 12:10 says this. He said,
40:38 "I have also spoken by the prophet,
40:43 I've multiplied" Listen,
40:45 " Visions and I've used similitudes."
40:48 What is that means.
40:50 He said I've used lightnesses,
40:51 I've used things that are similar,
40:53 I've used things that resemble something else.
40:57 And he said, notice, I've done this by the--listen,
41:00 "The ministry of the prophets." Wow.
41:05 God spoke before sin to them directly.
41:07 Sin came in, God's coming.
41:10 Say, I am gonna use what? Prophets.
41:12 I am going to use what? I am gonna multiply visions.
41:16 So God said, okay he's gonna use visions then.
41:19 And we talked about Joel,
41:21 it's gonna be dreams and then he's gonna use likenesses
41:25 and things that are similar, He's gonna make comparisons.
41:27 And then He says what? By the ministry of the prophets.
41:32 Heaven approves of prophets or prophecy,
41:35 the gift of prophecy in the church.
41:37 Listen, the devil does not want you to understand the subject.
41:42 He doesn't want you to receive the help that is available,
41:44 that God has made available through New Testament teachings,
41:48 through the gifts that He's left to the church
41:50 for the edification of the church,
41:52 for the building up of the church,
41:54 for the church getting ready
41:56 for the grand climax of the coming of Jesus Christ.
42:00 If you feel like I do difference,
42:01 I need all the help I can get.
42:03 Oh, God help me to see, help me to understand,
42:05 we live in a smoke filled world as it were.
42:08 It's hard to understand what is truth and what is not.
42:10 What's real and what's not. We need all the help
42:14 that we can get. I am so thankful
42:17 that God has chosen to still communicate with us, aren't you?
42:22 What if He had stopped? There will be no hope for us.
42:25 But He says I am going to go ahead,
42:27 I am gonna speak through men, holy men.
42:30 And they are gonna write down through women.
42:32 Gonna write down things that we need to know
42:34 to prepare for the coming of Jesus,
42:36 because we are so spiritually dull today
42:39 and we don't--sad part is we don't know it.
42:42 We say, we're increased with goods
42:43 and we're well and everything is going good,
42:45 we've all these things going and this is happening,
42:47 and that's happening. We're naked.
42:50 We need help and we don't realize it.
42:55 Ministry of the prophets means the-notice,
42:59 it means the directions or the work of the prophet.
43:02 God said, I am going to do what?
43:04 I am going to work through a prophet.
43:07 Now if your church doesn't have prophet
43:09 you are missing out on something.
43:12 Instead of looking at the people and say well,
43:14 we're careful and then they say they have the gift of prophecy.
43:16 They have a prophet in the church.
43:18 I am looking at you and I am saying,
43:20 oh my, you don't have.
43:22 Why becaus the Bible is teaching here,
43:23 clear teaching here. We can't miss this right here.
43:28 Prophet is going to be what?
43:30 The direction in the work of God.
43:32 They're doing what God was speaking to the people.
43:37 We must realize that God has information
43:39 that He wants to impart to us.
43:42 And He has information that belongs just to Him,
43:44 you remember reading that.
43:47 He's made information available to us.
43:51 What to make spiritual things clearer,
43:54 because we need to discern it. We see through a glass.
43:57 You remember Deuteronomy 29:29,
44:02 they said, "The secret things belong" to who? "
44:05 Belong to the Lord our God.
44:07 But those things which are revealed belong to us
44:11 and to our children for ever."
44:13 The things that God has inspired
44:14 to be written in the Bible and it's what?
44:18 Spirit of Prophecy, prophets, the things are revealed.
44:23 Then we go back, remember the prophet said,
44:25 I am a prophet then we test him to see.
44:28 It's very clear. So that we understand
44:30 what he saying is from God, because God said,
44:33 He will use this means in the last days
44:36 in the New Testament Church if you don't have it, why not?
44:39 It's a gift.
44:41 All of the gifts will be in operation
44:43 in God's last day church.
44:44 It's clear as we read. Hopefully
44:45 we've little time to get to that.
44:48 If not remember this free offer this book of 200 pages,
44:51 you are going to need that. First 200 callers get it free.
44:56 It goes in deep, I am talking about deep.
44:59 You'll love it because if you don't have
45:02 it operating in the church dear friend,
45:04 you're been cheated by the devil.
45:07 God want you to have this.
45:09 The secret things belong unto, what?
45:11 The Lord our God, but He reveals those things to us
45:14 and to our children. What He's revealed,
45:16 they are forever. See this is God's promise to us.
45:19 He's made this promise, He's going to keep it.
45:22 We alluded to it in the first of the program
45:24 but in Amos 3:7 he said, "Surely the Lord God"
45:27 come on you know this one, come on say it with me,
45:30 "Surely the Lord God will do" what?
45:31 "Nothing but he revealeth his secret
45:34 unto his servants the prophets."
45:37 God calls a prophet a servant. They are His servants.
45:43 They are to speak when God says to speak,
45:46 may not be nice about it,
45:47 they keep their mouth shut when God says keep it shut.
45:51 They're obedient to God.
45:54 That's all they have to say is what God tell them,
45:56 I want you to reveal this,
45:57 I want you to go in this situation
45:59 or that situation. I want you tell the people.
46:01 Most generally it's a woo wow,
46:03 rough situation these things are meant to for being obedient.
46:09 See how long will God use this gift in the prophecy.
46:14 A prophet guiding his church. How long will it be?
46:18 Well, first of all in First Corinthians 13:8-10
46:21 when you have time read that.
46:22 It says whether there be prophecies, they shall fail.
46:27 Now when will the prophecies fail,
46:29 when there is no need for a prophet operating anymore,
46:32 when Jesus return. So it's gonna operate until what?
46:35 Until Jesus comes, it's very, very clear.
46:38 So it is a gift in the New Testament Church,
46:41 it will be in operation. Now please remember this,
46:44 a true prophet-- let's just do
46:45 a couple of this--may be kind of quiz
46:48 to you may be new to others,
46:50 but if you say now what is a true prophet.
46:52 What are some identifying marks of a true prophet?
46:56 Number one they are called of what?
46:59 Good, they are called by God.
47:02 You read that in Isaiah 6, you can read it Jeremiah Chapter 1,
47:05 Amos 7. Take time to read all of these things.
47:08 Remember you just don't say, I am a prophet,
47:10 I've decided to be a prophet. Not all God calls the prophet.
47:17 And number two that prophet's life will be
47:21 they live is a godly life, Mathew Chapter 7
47:26 They would be living a Christian life,
47:29 they would be like Jesus.
47:32 Number three, their words and their writings
47:35 are always in harmony with scripture.
47:39 They never like go against what scripture has already revealed.
47:43 They are not the lesser lie
47:45 leading us to always the great lie.
47:47 They're both lies. They always reveal
47:51 what's already revealed in scripture
47:53 so that we can know that it's from God.
47:57 Four, they make prediction Deuteronomy 18
48:00 reads that every prediction that they make will come true.
48:05 Prophet of God, you have too many prophets
48:06 around call self proclaim prophets in the world today.
48:09 Oh they are prophet, they are prophet,
48:11 you know, about half of their prophecy prediction
48:14 they make they fail.
48:16 They can't be a true prophet of God.
48:19 Number five, we notice here
48:20 that they are going to--many of them will have visions.
48:24 Read that in Numbers 12. They're gonna have dreams,
48:28 they gonna be taken overcompletely
48:30 by the Spirit of God.
48:32 You think about when the God takes over
48:33 the spirit--Holy Spirit takes control of you
48:36 that you're in vision.
48:37 God is speaking to you and you gonna relay that message
48:39 that you don't even breath.
48:41 It may be an hour or may be two hours.
48:43 See that's impossible without God.
48:47 Supernatural human strength.
48:51 Oh dear friend let's think about this.
48:53 Who gave this gift to the church?
48:56 Ephesians 4:8 says that, "When He ascended up on high,
49:01 He led captivity captive, and He gave gifts to men."
49:06 Jesus said I am gonna leave gifts to the church.
49:09 So what He promised it, but because of His ascension,
49:14 Christ guarantees His ability to give
49:17 the New Testament Church these gifts.
49:20 His ascension, read that in First Corinthians 15
49:22 and 15 through 22.
49:24 What were these gifts that Christ gave to us?
49:27 Oh you know these one's you read over and over Ephesians 4,
49:31 you know, 11through 14. First Corinthians 12:28,
49:36 see we cannot deny a prophet operating
49:40 in New Testament Church and in the last days
49:42 and in his what? Remnant Church.
49:45 It says--the Bible says he gave some
49:47 apostles and some prophets.
49:50 Very interesting how he even-- how he listed the Holy Spirit,
49:53 listed the gifts you need a prophet in the church.
49:56 And then he said evangelists and teachers
49:58 and pastors you remember that.
50:00 Now notice they were giving for verse 12,
50:02 the perfecting of the saints for the work of the ministry,
50:06 for the edifying of the body of Christ.
50:10 How long will these gifts last?
50:11 We've been talking about it.
50:14 Bible says until we come what? Verse 12,
50:16 "Until we come into the unity of faith
50:19 and the fullness of God."
50:22 So the answer is simply the gifts will be
50:24 in operation in a New Testament Church
50:26 until Jesus comes.
50:28 And if you're still denying it friend, pray.
50:31 You're denying a wonderful, wonderful truth here.
50:34 The Bible is clear of the gift of prophecy,
50:38 prophet operating in the church until Jesus comes.
50:41 Now let's say again why these gifts?
50:45 And why the including a prophet?
50:48 Well verse 14 talks about that.
50:50 It says so that we be no more like what?
50:54 Children toss to and fro
50:56 and carried about by every wind of doctrine.
51:01 Gift of prophecy in the church,
51:02 well, we're not--oh, some believe this,
51:04 some teach this some--oh so
51:05 that we're not blown by every wind of doctrine.
51:08 We know what we believe, It's truth in God's word.
51:11 It's the right foundation is here in the Bible.
51:14 First Corinthians 12:28 say,
51:15 "God hath set some in the church."
51:17 and how he do, "First the apostles,
51:19 second the early prophets" we're at the head of the list,
51:23 he said prophets in the church and it goes onward.
51:26 See today the enemy.
51:28 Oh, he has people believe in that
51:29 prophet operates in the church
51:33 that they are a cult.
51:34 Do you realize what that means you say--being a cult
51:37 simply means that you follow a person
51:40 or you follow principal,
51:43 some kind of you call a religious nature
51:45 above scripture.
51:48 We don't follow anything above scripture here, in God.
51:53 Can't say because you have prophet
51:54 in the church, then you are a cult.
51:56 No one should even come up with that,
51:57 you shouldn't even dream that up.
51:59 But yet what, the devil is making sure that happens.
52:02 If you put what you believe above the scripture,
52:08 yeah right cult might bit you.
52:10 If you believe scripture, and you take a right arm
52:12 along with scripture that could be a man,
52:16 that could be a woman, God chooses to help
52:18 to guide His people, to guide His church.
52:21 They're gonna lift up the scriptures,
52:23 the truth of God's word.
52:25 Scripture, I smite you well is a great light.
52:28 Everything is to be tested by God's word.
52:32 People are afraid you know, about prophet,
52:35 there's nothing wrong with the prophet operating
52:37 we talked about that in scripture.
52:39 We also talked about First John 4:1, you remember,
52:42 just few minutes left here, but it said that,
52:44 "We are to try the spirits whether they are of God."
52:48 Why is that then the Spirit of Prophecy--the prophet
52:50 in the church is one gift that challenge
52:53 you see by the world and another Christians?
52:57 Because what it points out little pet sins in our life.
53:00 It gives us what? Insight to the word of God.
53:03 Helps to stay on a close track with
53:04 what God would have us to--if we fail and we fall short
53:10 is because we would not listen to God's mouthpiece,
53:12 or the holy prophets.
53:14 Numbers 12:6, Jesus said,
53:16 "If there be a prophet among you," notice what "
53:19 I the Lord will make myself
53:21 known unto him in a vision" or what?
53:23 "Or in a dream." God say, I am gonna speak to him.
53:26 Daniel said he was in vision, there was no strength,
53:29 there was no breath left in him.
53:31 God said in the last days
53:32 He's gonna have men dream and visions,
53:34 there will be prophet operating the church.
53:35 It's so clear.
53:37 If you do not have a prophet operating
53:39 in the church today you cannot possibly be
53:41 God's last day church of Revelation 12:17.
53:45 Why, because this gift will be in operation.
53:48 If you don't, your church is in trouble brother and sister.
53:50 Its worth examining. Don't you want to examine?
53:54 I realize there's a lot of information
53:57 the verses of gifts.
53:59 But the Bible says it's the same spirit
54:01 First Corinthians 12:4,
54:04 prophetic gift prophets were indispensable
54:07 in the foundation of New Testament Church.
54:10 Be in operation till Jesus comes.
54:13 If we reject the prophets' words, we reject God.
54:17 Oh, friend you don't want to do that today.
54:19 Test the prophets and then it will be true,
54:21 follow the prophets. Friend, you know
54:22 I remind you about this book.
54:25 We over just scratched in and went over-there's
54:27 mountains of information to try to condense it down
54:30 to hopefully whet your appetite say oh God
54:32 I need that book.
54:33 Don't forget to call, get that free book
54:36 Two hundred pages of their book
54:37 that will help you to understand this gift.
54:39 The devil doesn't want you to understand.
54:40 He's gonna put it off, don't put it off.
54:43 Don't put it off. We are gonna pray
54:44 about this right now that you--
54:45 that the Holy Spirit will help us understand
54:47 what we've been talking about here.
54:49 And then you gonna call for that free book and then you go out?
54:52 God's gonna open avenues and doors for you.
54:54 Let's pray right now, shall we together.
54:56 Merciful Father in heaven we thank You
54:57 for Your precious word today.
54:59 We thank You that You are enlightening us
55:01 and You have helped and many of us rejected
55:04 that help because we didn't realize it was there.
55:06 Oh Lord, help up as we see it today.
55:08 To reach out and say, oh Lord thank you for that help,
55:10 thank you for that communication
55:11 that we so need here in the New Testament Church.
55:13 and I thank you for in Jesus name, amen.
55:17 Friend, don't forget to pray for us here at Behold the Lamb.
55:20 Remember the only support that we've coming
55:22 in here is a free will offerings of God's people.
55:24 We've to got keep these programs going.
55:26 We depend upon you. We enjoy spending time with you.
55:29 You now every time we are on whether it's on the radio,
55:32 or you know, whatever it might be in 3ABN
55:34 we enjoy spending that time together, but pray for us,
55:36 we're gonna be praying for you. Don't forget that free offer.
55:38 Call right now while you have time,
55:40 see you next time.
55:42 Hello and welcome back.
55:44 Our prayer for you today is that this message
55:48 was used of God that fill your heart and mind
55:50 with more wonderful truths and blessings of heaven.
55:55 The knowledge of prophecy and prophets is
55:57 so important to Christ's last church.
56:01 So important that as Pastor Kenny stated earlier,
56:04 it was mentioned in Revelation
56:06 as an identifying mark of God's people.
56:09 Let's quickly review and re-read Revelation 12:17,
56:14 reading it says, "And the dragon was wroth with the woman,
56:18 and went to make war with the remnant of her seed,
56:21 which keep the commandments of God,
56:25 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ."
56:28 Now lets compare this with the end
56:30 of Revelation 19:10 once again,
56:33 here we're instructed that "For the testimony
56:36 of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy."
56:40 Friends this is a powerful truth of God's word.
56:44 What wonderful instruction and clearness is obtained
56:47 as we allow the Bible to interpret itself
56:51 and to aid you--to aid you further with the study
56:55 we are offering a free book entitled,
56:57 "Prophet of the End." In this book you will find out
57:01 just how to identify true prophets
57:04 as directed in scripture.
57:06 Friends, listen I believe that this is a book
57:10 that you would want to add to your studies
57:13 on this very important and timely subject.
57:16 And as always you may also order this two part series
57:20 for a love gift of just $15 or more.
57:23 To order either or both
57:25 you may simply call us here at Behold
57:27 the Lamb Ministries at 618-942-5044.
57:33 That's Central Standard time here at United States
57:36 or write us to Behold the Lamb Ministries,
57:39 Po Box 2030, Herrin, Illinois 62948.
57:44 As always you may email us
57:46 at Behold
57:49 or order on our website at
57:57 Until next time friends, may our precious Lord
58:00 continue to richly bless you and yours.


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