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Who Is My Neighbor? Pt. 1

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00:41 Hello, and welcome to Behold the Lamb presents.
00:44 I'm Chris Shelton your host
00:46 and I want to work in you to our program today.
00:48 We're beginning another two part series
00:51 that we have entitled, "who is my neighbor?"
00:55 In terms of Bible references for our neighbors,
00:58 we find several passages
01:00 starting back in Leviticus where instruction is given
01:03 that we are to love our neighbors as ourselves.
01:07 Christ Himself repeated these words
01:09 as He walked among men on this earth.
01:12 In fact, we find that loving our neighbor
01:14 actually summarizes the last six of God's commandments
01:19 that He wrote with his very own finger.
01:21 Yet, as in the story of the Good Samaritan,
01:24 we don't fully grasp just who our neighbors really are.
01:29 Over the vast many years of recorded history,
01:31 this lack of understanding of who constitutes our neighbor
01:36 has been the excuse for many
01:39 presumably followers of God to act and treat
01:42 other people in uncaring ways.
01:45 They comfort their conscious by telling themselves
01:48 that the person whom they've treated unfairly
01:50 in some way was not their neighbor.
01:54 We've built many walls of prejudice
01:56 such as economic status, race, religion, education, and so on.
02:01 Anyone outside of our creative circles of comfort,
02:05 we declare not to be our neighbors.
02:08 Therefore we conclude that we are not bound by scripture
02:12 to love them as ourselves.
02:14 But, but, friends,
02:16 is this truly what is being taught in God's word?
02:19 Many Sadducees and many Pharisees thought so.
02:23 But what about you?
02:25 What are your thoughts about who your neighbors really are?
02:28 How are you lining up with God's word on this topic?
02:32 And does it really matter
02:34 whether or how we love our neighbor anyway?
02:37 Stay tuned today as Pastor Kenny Shelton
02:40 shares with us what God has been sharing with him
02:43 during his studies on this topic of
02:46 "who is our neighbor?"
02:48 But first we are blessed to visit the 3ABN worship center
02:52 and listen to its song entitled,
02:54 "It's Only Me, Lord" by Jim and Pam Rhodes.
03:12 It's only me Lord
03:19 It's only me
03:23 Seems like I call you every day
03:29 And you always know what I will say
03:37 But you take the time to help me see
03:41 The kind of person I should be you always listen
03:50 Here I stand so small in frame
03:57 So afraid that I might fail
04:02 That you filled my heart with happiness
04:06 You cared for me with tenderness
04:09 It's only me Lord
04:14 It's only me
04:21 Lord I love you take my heart
04:28 Help me live right from the start
04:33 Thanks for bearing all my pain
04:40 And making bright my day again
04:44 It's only me Lord
04:50 It's only me
04:56 It's only me Lord
05:02 It's only me
05:20 Thanks for joining us once again here at Behold the Lamb.
05:22 It's been mentioned already our subject.
05:24 It's a two part series "who is my neighbor?"
05:28 Oh, it sounds like an old-- some of you will say,
05:30 "Oh, yeah, well, I--
05:32 I know what this message is going to be all about."
05:34 We're gonna spend a couple hours on it
05:36 and it may be that the Holy Spirit has something new
05:39 that he wants to bring to our attention
05:41 of really who is our neighbor?
05:43 Is it the person next door, is it the Smiths,
05:45 is it the Jones, is it the wealthies?
05:48 Who--who is our neighbor?
05:50 We're gonna find out in this study,
05:51 but as usual,
05:53 we can never open the word of God and study, can we?
05:56 Until we have prayer together.
05:58 And just before we have prayer, I just want to remind you
06:00 and I want to thank you for your calls and your letters
06:03 and, you know, supporting Behold the Lamb Ministry.
06:05 We appreciate that so very much from the bottom of our heart.
06:08 Comments and questions are wonderful.
06:10 Thank you for the things that you send.
06:12 And I need to mention from time to time,
06:14 a lot of people send a lot of things
06:17 and it's just very difficult to go through every thing.
06:20 I mean, some of you send books this thick and, you know,
06:23 to have time to write or read through some of these things
06:26 and to get back with you on all of this,
06:28 it--it takes a lot of time.
06:29 So it's not that we don't appreciate it.
06:31 Thank you for caring.
06:33 But it's gonna take some time
06:35 and you can do this if we don't respond in a time
06:38 that you think is pleasing to you.
06:40 You may call and say, "hey, remember?
06:42 I sent you some books." It's okay to do that.
06:45 We need to correspond,
06:46 we need to go back and forth.
06:48 This is how we learn,
06:49 this is how we questions our answers.
06:51 So we thank you for all that you do
06:53 for Behold the Lamb Ministry.
06:55 Now we're gonna sit at the feet of Jesus, aren't we?
06:57 We're gonna open the Bible,
06:59 we're gonna learn as we do that,
07:01 we're going to-- the first thing you do.
07:02 And, remember, though you new students,
07:03 those of you who are--right?
07:05 Just coming to Jesus, we always do what?
07:07 Good, we always pray before we open the word.
07:11 So why don't you, where you can,
07:13 just kneel with me and, you know,
07:15 some just listen to the message and others view it,
07:17 but whatever the case,
07:19 if you can kneel with me, please do it.
07:20 If not, ask God to help us
07:22 as we present these beautiful truths that maybe,
07:25 maybe are just bypassing us
07:28 and we have really forgotten how deep this subject is of,
07:32 "who is our neighbor?" Shall we pray together?
07:36 Merciful God in heaven,
07:37 we thank you again for your word today.
07:39 We pray however the Holy Spirit will consume
07:42 each and every one of your precious children.
07:45 May our ears be open, may we be able to hear
07:48 and may we be able to behold wondrous things,
07:51 out of the book, out of thy law.
07:53 We thank you for loving us.
07:54 Now we pray that you'll be with each and every one
07:57 in a very special way that we may learn a lesson today
08:00 that may be we have forgotten the simplicity of the gospel,
08:04 yet how complex that it can be.
08:06 We need your spirit,
08:07 we commit ourselves under thy care,
08:09 and thy keeping in Jesus name we pray
08:11 and for his sake, amen.
08:15 Again, those of you who have the opportunity
08:17 to get your Bible, always remember,
08:19 always study to show yourself approved unto God.
08:23 Do not take the preacher's word.
08:25 You don't want to take the evangelist's word.
08:27 You know, people, "oh, we watch T.V.
08:30 and we say that-- " Get the Bible out
08:32 and check everything by the word of God,
08:35 because you know what?
08:36 Everybody that you listen to on the radio and T.V.,
08:39 I'm gonna be bold about there.
08:40 They're not telling you the truth.
08:42 And how do you know if you're not checking it out?
08:44 Well, you don't, do you?
08:46 So I always encourage check every word, right?
08:49 By the Bible, everything, my opinion means zero, zilch.
08:53 But God's word means what? Everything.
08:56 We're talking about again who is our neighbor.
08:59 And I thought it'd be a very interesting thought here
09:01 in the Book of Matthew, Chapter 19 verse 19,
09:05 just to--really the last line on there, it says right here,
09:08 I have it in my Bible. It says,
09:09 "Thou shalt, thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself."
09:16 How many times have we, have we read this?
09:19 I mean, how many times have you,
09:21 have you heard this preached?
09:23 Oh, it's real simple, we've heard it so often,
09:25 yeah, but--because you've heard it,
09:27 or you, or you, you know, practicing in every day life.
09:31 Do you really love your neighbor the way God said?
09:34 He said, "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself."
09:39 And, you know, very seldom that we ever find somebody
09:40 that doesn't like their self.
09:42 Be careful with this.
09:44 But love, it says, "love thy neighbor as thyself."
09:47 And I've often heard this
09:48 and just allow me to go on for just a second,
09:51 if you don't mind.
09:52 You know, we have a lot of people, Christian,
09:55 let's just say Christians.
09:57 They don't like what their neighbor does,
09:59 then again, we're gonna define neighbor
10:01 maybe in a different way than you've maybe ever defined it.
10:04 Maybe you don't understand
10:06 what neighbor really is all about.
10:07 But I find this a lot of times.
10:09 If we don't like what our neighbor does
10:12 or something happens that we don't approve of,
10:14 we just up and just take them to court
10:18 and just uh-oh, sue their socks off.
10:22 Is that really proper?
10:24 Or there's a way that maybe the situation could be worked out
10:26 where everybody is happy and you can make adjustments
10:29 and I've heard people say,
10:31 I say, "Well, why are you taking so and so to court?"
10:35 Because Bible says to love your neighbor or a believer.
10:40 And some people say, "Well, they're not believers.
10:42 That's why I can't take a believer to court
10:44 because they're not a believer." Really?
10:45 Is that what the Bible really teaches?
10:49 Friend, listen.
10:51 We always justify and we make excuses
10:53 why we do what we do,
10:55 even if it's against of thus saith the Lord.
11:00 We cannot do that.
11:02 I was reading a book called "second testimonies" and again,
11:06 it might shock some of you there,
11:08 but, you know, as we read page 43,
11:10 I want you to just keep this in mind and just listen.
11:13 It starts out like this,
11:14 "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself."
11:17 We just read that in the book of what?
11:19 Yeah, Matthew, Chapter 19, verse 19.
11:21 Here's what it said,
11:23 "This forbids us to take advantage of our fellow men
11:29 in order to advantage ourselves."
11:31 We are never to take advantage of anyone in order to what?
11:34 Elevate ourselves up or what?
11:36 For the advantage of us.
11:37 Never are we to do that and then it goes on to say,
11:40 "We are forbidden to wrong our neighbor in anything."
11:47 The word of God forbids us to wrong our neighbor in what?
11:51 In anything.
11:53 Now let's go a little bit deeper here because this might,
11:55 ooh, ooh, ooh, hit somebody and point it a little bit,
11:58 a little bit poky, but let's listen to it.
12:01 We shall not view matters as what?
12:05 As worldlings do or from their standpoint.
12:08 See, a lot of times, we are so accustomed
12:09 to being in the world that we begin ito view God's word
12:13 How do you do this in the light of a worldling?
12:17 "Well, everybody does this. Everybody's doing this."
12:19 Listen, don't do that, it said,
12:20 "God's laws are to be obeyed, listen, to the letter."
12:26 God's laws are what? Are to be obeyed to the letter.
12:32 In all of our dealings, it says here,
12:35 our dealings with our fellow men,
12:37 listen, here's where it goes. This is very important.
12:39 Please pay attention and I'm talking to you, okay?
12:43 It's me--we're gonna talk here,
12:45 because this is an excuse that many people use
12:48 in order to take advantage and or get even
12:51 and or sort out a situation or a problem.
12:55 Because we say, "Well, they're an unbeliever,
12:57 so, well, I can do that.
12:58 Bible say we'll not take believers to court,
12:59 well--"Listen what it says here.
13:01 "In all of our dealings with our fellow men,
13:05 whether a believer or an unbeliever,
13:10 this rule is to be applied.
13:13 Love thy neighbor as thyself."
13:16 Wow, what a setting, what a foundation for us
13:20 to build on this two part series, because why?
13:24 Automatically we've already blown what?
13:26 This has blown some people out of the water already. Why?
13:29 Because you've used the excuse the believer,
13:31 unbeliever, well, they're not really my neighbor. Really?
13:35 Is that what the Bible teaches?
13:38 Maybe we need to get back to the Bible again.
13:42 Maybe we need to get back to the simplicity.
13:44 Listen, I'm telling you-- listen today.
13:46 This subject is so vital
13:48 that your eternal destiny could be decided
13:52 and will be decided on how--Oh! And how you love your neighbor
13:56 if you do or you don't or if you just don't care.
14:01 Heaven depends upon understanding of this subject.
14:06 We're not here to waste our time or to try to tickle somebody.
14:09 We're trying to get right back to the word of God
14:11 and say, what's going on here?
14:13 Do I really love my neighbor?
14:15 In the Book of Matthew, Chapter 25,
14:18 and I want you to turn there with me,
14:19 if you'll do that.
14:20 Matthew Chapter 25, we're gonna turn here.
14:22 I'm gonna read several little verses here,
14:24 but all bare long, bare long today,
14:27 and you know the subject that we're talking about here.
14:29 But it's under the heading
14:32 as you look in your King James Version
14:34 about the sheeps and the goats.
14:35 But Jesus is doing some talking here
14:38 and notice what He says,
14:39 we're going to read Matthew Chapter 25,
14:41 verses 35 and onward. Notice what it says.
14:44 It says, "For I was an hungred,
14:47 and you gave me meat,
14:49 I was thirsty and you gave me drink,
14:51 I was a stranger and you what?
14:53 And you took me in."
14:55 If you skip up to verse 32,
14:57 you get a real view of what's being talked about here,
15:01 is talking about when Jesus is going to come
15:04 and he's going to be separating the sheep from the goat
15:07 and he uses this illustration. Remember?
15:09 Sheep and the goats.
15:11 Sheep will be on the right hand,
15:12 the goats are on the left hand,
15:14 so there's a separation taken place
15:16 and Jesus said, "Listen, I'm going to separate the people
15:19 that doesn't have compassion on other folks." Wow.
15:25 Let's read on then.
15:26 You're still not grasping, are you? Let's read.
15:29 Verse 36, Jesus said here, "Naked and you clothed me,
15:33 I was sick, and you visited me,
15:35 I was in prison, and you came unto me.
15:38 Then shall the righteous answer him and saying,
15:40 'Lord, when saw we thee hungred,
15:44 oh, and fed thee, or thirsty,
15:47 and gave thee drink?
15:50 When saw we thee a stranger and took thee in or naked
15:54 and clothed thee?
15:55 Or when saw we thee sick or in prison,
15:59 and came to thee?'"
16:00 They're saying, where was you in the situation, what happened?
16:03 And then onto verse 40,
16:05 "The king shall answer and say unto them,
16:07 'Verily I say unto you,
16:09 as much as you have done unto the least of these what?
16:13 These my brethren, and you have done it unto me.'"
16:17 Wow, that's potent.
16:21 Jesus is really referring to about the--
16:24 if you were hunger and you what?
16:26 You gave me no meat.
16:29 Wow, I was thirsty and you gave me a drink,
16:33 I was stranger and you took me in.
16:35 When's the last time that we took the stranger in?
16:39 Somebody asked me for a drink or somebody needed some food
16:42 or whatever and may be in prison and we forgot about him.
16:45 We didn't visit them and Jesus said
16:49 these are things that have to do with eternal life
16:52 and we're not dealing with them,
16:54 because we have problems of our own.
16:56 Who is my neighbor?
16:57 Jesus said if you don't take care of these things,
16:59 that means you're not taking care of the king's business.
17:01 You've done it into the least of these,
17:03 you've done it what? Unto me.
17:06 Would we dare have the audacity to do that to Jesus,
17:10 King of Kings?
17:12 Little book called "Christ's Object Lessons,"
17:13 oh, I love this book
17:15 and it has so many wonderful spiritual things in it.
17:18 And page 196, notice how it reaches,
17:20 little paragraph here, but please stay with me, notice.
17:23 And we're gonna be answering who is my neighbor?
17:26 It's gonna take a while to get there,
17:27 but, oh, what a good travel.
17:29 It's gonna be some good times spending in the word of God.
17:33 Because it talks about the value of a soul.
17:35 You see, if we never ever come to the point of understanding
17:40 how valuable a soul is,
17:43 we'll never understand the neighbor.
17:46 And our obligation to our neighbors
17:47 and who they are.
17:49 But we have to understand for the value of a soul,
17:53 how heaven looks at an individual.
17:56 And many times, the difference is
17:57 how we look at them.
17:59 Listen, the value of the soul, this article starts out,
18:02 who can estimate?
18:04 Who can really put an estimate on the value of a soul here?
18:08 Notice what it said. Would you know the worth?
18:12 Oh, I'm encouraging you, my brothers and my sisters,
18:14 we need to understand the worth of a soul.
18:18 It says if you want to understand
18:19 the worth of the soul, here we go, look.
18:21 Go to Gethsemane.
18:24 "What took place in Gethsemane?" you might say.
18:27 Oh, you've been reading your Bible,
18:28 you know what took place there.
18:30 And when we go to Gethsemane,
18:32 what do we do? We watch Jesus, we watch Christ.
18:35 Through those hours of anguish as he cried out,
18:39 as he sweat, as it were great what?
18:40 Drops of blood.
18:43 Why was He there? What was He doing there?
18:45 Why was He going through such agony?
18:48 Could it possibly be for somebody like you
18:51 or somebody like me?
18:54 Are you really worth that much that the Son of God
18:58 would go through what He went through?
19:00 Are you that valuable?
19:01 Do we understand the value of a soul?
19:06 Oh, dear friend, look, look, its article says,
19:09 "Look upon our savior lifted up on the cross.
19:12 Behold the cross of Calvary and what Jesus went through
19:16 and hear that despairing cry when he said,
19:20 "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?"
19:25 What an agonizing cry from the son,
19:29 from the King of Kings from Jesus.
19:32 Why have you forsaken me?
19:34 You can read that in Mark, Chapter 15, verse 34.
19:38 And then it goes on and says at the foot of the cross.
19:42 Oh, do you realize how important it is
19:43 that you and I spent time at the foot of the cross,
19:46 at the foot of the cross?
19:48 You know, it says where I first saw the light.
19:50 At the foot of the cross,
19:52 where we gave our life to Jesus Christ.
19:53 At the foot of the cross,
19:55 where I begin to learn the value of a soul
19:57 and what was given on my behalf.
20:00 And for you, you're valuable, "At the foot of the cross,
20:04 remembering, notice, that for one sinner,
20:09 Christ would've laid down his life."
20:12 Oh, how often you've heard this said.
20:15 But is it really ringing a bell for you?
20:17 Or is it just like "oh, I've heard it,
20:19 I've heard it, I've heard it,"
20:20 and oh yes, and for the one soul you
20:26 and you know you're unworthy.
20:28 I know I am unworthy.
20:30 There's nothing good the Bible says,
20:32 but for that one soul, to win that one soul,
20:34 Jesus would have went through everything that He went through.
20:37 It's way above my head, I don't know about you.
20:42 We look at our neighbors, and our friends,
20:43 and people out on the street.
20:45 In fact, we look at him, "huh, we're not gonna look again."
20:48 We don't like what they look like,
20:49 don't like how they dress, how they talk, how they act,
20:51 what they do.
20:53 Make a judgment, throw him out.
20:55 But the Bible teaches differently.
20:58 Jesus never made stipulations on what,
21:01 this, that, He just sent for one,
21:03 He would have done this thing.
21:04 Christ would've laid down His life.
21:06 Then it said, you may then,
21:08 now we may estimate the value of a soul.
21:12 Now we can get a picture of how valuable that one
21:16 little bitty person is.
21:22 That the king came down here
21:24 and went through what he went through.
21:27 Now what we're building here, what is it?
21:29 Now we're gonna-- then who's my neighbor?
21:32 Thou shalt love thy neighbor.
21:36 Not when it's convenient, not when everything's cheery
21:39 and everything's going well.
21:40 But maybe when you think,
21:42 "Uh-oh, your rights have been trampled on
21:44 or somebody's infringing on something that you have.
21:47 Do you really love them?
21:49 Do you really value that soul?
21:52 Everyone that you see, do you say these--
21:55 this is a potential child of God?
21:58 This is a candidate for heaven.
22:00 Oh, granted, there's a lot of people,
22:02 if we go by looks, they don't look like they're--
22:04 look out now, a candidate for heaven.
22:06 But you know what? We're looking on the outwards.
22:08 Jesus, he looks where?
22:09 He looks on the inward part of man.
22:12 I'm thankful for that.
22:15 A soul, every individual,
22:18 whether it's staggering down the street
22:20 or their faces in the gutter-- or the gutter
22:22 or they're shooting up whatever they might be doing.
22:24 A liar, and a thief, and whatever,
22:25 procrastinator, or--whew!
22:29 He said, "I would've done it."
22:32 Oh, how we've missed some spiritual lessons here.
22:37 See, if we are in Christ as we've studied scripture here.
22:41 If we're in Christ,
22:42 we will begin to place his estimate on a soul. Right?
22:48 If he's really living in me.
22:50 If he's really living in my mind.
22:52 If I have the mind of Christ,
22:53 then I begin to place his estimate on people.
22:56 Not how I view things or how I think things ought to be,
23:01 then we will become interested in soul winning.
23:06 You cannot be-- a lot of people say,
23:07 "Well, I wanna be a soul winner."
23:09 Well, how can you when you don't love them?
23:12 When you don't care about them?
23:13 You can't be a soul winner.
23:15 You've got to love them to the point
23:17 where you give your life for them.
23:18 People say, "Well, I'd give my life for them,"
23:20 but you don't really want to live for them.
23:22 Did you get it?
23:24 "I'm not gonna live my life, I'm not gonna sacrifice,
23:26 I'm not gonna--" Oh, no.
23:29 I give my life to what Jesus.
23:32 Jesus gave His life for me.
23:34 For that sinner, for that one individual here.
23:37 Now we become soul winners.
23:39 We find that-- because of God's grace here,
23:43 we're gonna be able to win souls,
23:46 not drive souls away.
23:48 Did you get that?
23:49 We're going to be able to attract souls to Jesus,
23:53 who's living in you, not repulse them.
23:57 Some people say, "I just can't understand
24:00 why I can't win these souls, man.
24:02 I'm 20, 30 years in the church
24:03 and I have never led anybody to Jesus."
24:05 You ever thought about it? Might--
24:08 it might be you, it might be me.
24:10 It could be our conduct.
24:12 We could be driving them away.
24:14 Away from rather than what,
24:16 wooing them in by the spirit of Jesus inside of us, right?
24:19 The Holy Spirit wooing them and loving them
24:21 and encouraging them.
24:24 But how many times did we not do it?
24:27 We act opposite of that.
24:31 I want to just say this
24:33 as we're talking about "who's my neighbor?"
24:35 It's a good lesson for us.
24:37 'Cause we believe in being soul winners.
24:39 We believe in dedicating our life to the cause of Christ
24:42 and trying to get the word out and the Three Angles Message
24:44 and warn the world, but here right--
24:46 we find that Christ
24:48 Jesus made a personal effort to rescue souls.
24:52 What do I mean by that?
24:54 To rescue souls. Why?
24:56 Because they're in peril, because we're gonna die,
24:58 we're gonna perish without Jesus Christ.
25:00 Jesus made, listen, what?
25:02 A personal effort to come down here,
25:06 to rescue me from the enemy.
25:10 Wow, and you think
25:12 and I think that we're gonna be a soul winner
25:14 if we don't put forth some kind of personal effort?
25:17 Ooh, rather than for our self?
25:19 Everything we do is for our self,
25:21 and what we do is for our self.
25:22 He came down to rescue me.
25:25 Personal effort is imperative
25:28 if you want to be a soul winner for Jesus
25:30 and, you know, I may I say this that,
25:32 every person that makes it
25:33 to the kingdom's gonna be a soul winner. Wow.
25:39 Christ says to us that we need to live a life of service.
25:45 He requires us to relieve the suffering.
25:49 He requires us to feed the hungry
25:52 and to cloth the naked.
25:55 He requires us to relieve the oppressed.
25:59 Not if you feel like it,
26:02 not if, "Well, when if I get everything done for myself
26:05 and then I have--" I related this story a long time ago
26:09 when I was just in high school, I worked at a body shop.
26:12 There was a man that worked there,
26:13 and of course, you get a 15 minute break sometime
26:15 and so, you know, we kind of get to the snack machine,
26:17 be careful now.
26:18 I don't want no letters saying,
26:19 "Well, you shouldn't went to the snack machine."
26:21 Listen to the principle, please.
26:23 You know, a lot of times it's hard to think
26:25 about bringing quarters or something and again
26:27 and this fat man-- would go to this man,
26:29 you know, because he always had a big pocketful of change--
26:31 his name was Dennis and we'll look out now.
26:34 "Dennis, would you happen to have change for a dollar?"
26:37 He'd reach in his pocket and he'd pull out a great big--
26:42 somebody listen to me now.
26:43 Pull out a great ol' thing of change
26:46 and he'd looked through and he'd say that,
26:48 he'd look at you and he'd look at this
26:49 big ol' handful of change and he'd say,
26:51 "Let's see if I have enough for myself first,"
26:54 and he was serious.
26:55 "Have enough for myself first
26:56 and then if I have enough for myself,
26:58 then I'll go ahead and give you some change."
27:01 Interesting, wow.
27:05 It sounds minute, like it's no big deal,
27:07 but you realize what, it maybe in the man's heart.
27:10 He was willing--listen, he was willing to help
27:12 as long as he came first.
27:15 That's not what the Bible teaches.
27:18 Maybe we've forgotten the value--
27:20 so maybe we've forgotten who our neighbor is.
27:25 Oh, friend, if you see somebody heading to a Christ-less grave
27:29 that doesn't know Jesus, never have given their life to Him,
27:32 how can you let him head there without trying to head him off,
27:35 as it were, and try to introduce Jesus in their life?
27:38 Not if he's living inside of us.
27:41 You want to bring home these beautiful truths
27:43 that you have learned
27:45 that's done so much for you in your life.
27:48 This changed you.
27:50 Oh, friends, it gets so,
27:52 oh, I almost said get too tired of it,
27:53 but I need to be careful, but it's just like,
27:56 "oh, I know, I know, I know, I know."
28:01 People over and over, "I know, I know,"
28:03 yeah, but-- so you know.
28:06 Remember, the truth is something that goes what?
28:08 Good, inside of you and it what?
28:11 It works a change.
28:13 If it doesn't develop a change inside of you,
28:15 then you haven't accepted the truth in.
28:17 You've only accepted "I know it."
28:19 Mentally, did you get it?
28:21 Truth will change you and it will change me.
28:25 We bring another little book, "Six Testimonies"
28:29 and I try to read lot on these
28:31 and I think it's very good in page 275 and 276.
28:34 And because I hear people say this,
28:36 "Well, I'm not gonna be able to go out and do this.
28:39 I can't go door to door knocking."
28:41 No, you say you can't go,
28:43 number one, you don't want to go.
28:44 Let's just expose you right off the reel, okay?
28:46 Let's just and now.
28:47 If you have a physical ailment
28:49 and you can't-- I understand that,
28:50 but people that's going around and they're busy--no,
28:52 you just you choose not to.
28:53 So why don't you just say it like it is?
28:55 So they'll say, and this is okay,
28:57 "I'm gonna--I'll put some money in the plate
29:00 and that way that excuses me from going out."
29:03 Oh, we need the donations, praise God.
29:06 Message couldn't go forward without people
29:07 who are giving and you know what?
29:09 I believe God blesses those who give to the cause.
29:12 I really do.
29:13 Are you one of those that's giving sacrificially?
29:17 You know that God has ordained individuals that--
29:20 what he has ordained-- listen, to be counted
29:22 faithful is that they just give of their means.
29:26 They go, they work, they make finances,
29:28 and they give them to ministry, they give them you know,
29:31 the Bible, you know, books and tracks
29:33 and just get the gospel out.
29:35 That's about as simple as I can say it.
29:37 That's they will be counted faithful to Jesus Christ
29:41 because that's the job that he has given them to do.
29:44 And a lot of people just really find that difficult.
29:47 But, listen, donations and money does not take your place.
29:51 I found it many times in my earlier years
29:54 as working a lot in construction that it was easier--
29:57 oh, I'm guilty as sin on this one.
30:01 And I take it as such.
30:03 "Oh, I can't really go to there."
30:05 Oh, I couldn't do-- I was doing everything else.
30:07 But I said, well, let me drop in 20 or 40 or 50, you know.
30:11 "Here you go," Oh, everybody's,
30:12 "Oh--" But listen to this article, listen,
30:15 "Donations of money cannot take the place of personal ministry."
30:22 Wow, t's right to give means.
30:27 Many more people should do this and feel this burden, but what?
30:32 "They are according to their strength
30:36 and according to their opportunities."
30:39 That's how we work.
30:41 Strength and opportunities that God gives.
30:43 Listen, here's an underlying this,
30:45 "Personal service is required by all."
30:52 Oh, you think you're an exception?
30:53 No, you're not. I'm not.
30:55 See, we forget and I'm just doing this to remind you,
30:58 not to agitate you, but to remind you.
31:01 Personal service is required of all,
31:04 Biblical foundation principles, is that true?
31:07 Yes, it is. Personal service and listen to this.
31:13 Article goes on and says, "Every church member."
31:17 Are you a church member?
31:18 Are you a member of God's family?
31:20 "Should feel it his special duty to labor for those,
31:25 listen, living in his neighborhood."
31:30 Every Christian, every Christian,
31:33 that's every one of us, everybody should feel
31:37 their special duty to labor
31:40 for those living in their neighborhood.
31:45 Everybody lives in the neighborhood,
31:46 somewhere right surrounded by somebody.
31:48 Where does the work really began?
31:50 "Oh, I want to go over here and I want to go see the world.
31:53 I want to go do all this." Begins where?
31:56 Yeah, in our neighborhood. That which lies closest to us.
32:01 This is where it really begins.
32:02 This is evangelism. This is reaching out.
32:04 This is loving a soul,
32:06 what is the value of that person over there that--whew,
32:09 you just don't understand them sometimes.
32:12 Loving them the way Jesus said.
32:15 You see, we have to wisely improve every opportunity
32:20 that God gives to us.
32:22 He's expecting a little turn, you see.
32:25 A little bit of what?
32:27 Oh, when you're saying you invest something
32:28 you want some returns.
32:31 You know, we have to-- we--we must do anything
32:34 that it takes to win souls,
32:36 because that's what heaven did.
32:39 Heaven didn't spare anything when it comes to winning--
32:42 we say souls, but it's very, very clear,
32:45 in order to win one soul heaven was emptied.
32:49 Wow, you mean, Lord, they're worth that much? Yes.
32:55 So who is my-- who is my neighbor?
32:59 In Luke chapter 10, I'm just going to turn over this.
33:02 Some of you need to be turning your Bibles.
33:03 You know, you're getting lazy.
33:04 You want me to do it all for you.
33:07 Oh, you got to read for yourself.
33:09 Luke chapter 10 verse 29, it starts out.
33:11 It's gonna be, you know, these are very, very, very important.
33:14 Luke chapter 10 verse 29.
33:18 Now we remember,
33:19 this is the parable of the Good Samaritan.
33:21 We're just going to touch now.
33:22 There's a lot of things to cover,
33:24 but notice, the parable the Good Samaritan.
33:26 And so verse 29 there, it goes on to say right here,
33:29 "But he, willing to justify himself,
33:32 said to Jesus, who is my neighbor?"
33:36 See, the subject matter, who is my neighbor?
33:38 This was also asked-- You remember
33:40 in the parable of the Good Samaritan.
33:42 Do you remember that?
33:44 We'll talk a little bit more about it
33:45 and get in a little more detail.
33:46 But in order to do what? In order to what?
33:49 Justify himself. Why?
33:52 Because he wasn't doing what the master had said to do.
33:55 He said, "Who's my neighbor then?"
33:59 If they're not my neighbor then or,
34:01 you know, then do I really have an obligation to them?
34:04 Well, what do you do?
34:06 You draw a line, say, "This is my neighbor,
34:07 that's not my neighbor, this one over here's not my neighbor--
34:09 well, this one here's a different color than I am.
34:11 So that's not my neighbor.
34:12 This here, I don't like."
34:14 Come on, somebody, help me out here a little bit.
34:15 I'm digging a hole.
34:19 So where do we draw the line here?
34:22 He asked, he said, Who is my what?
34:24 "Who is my neighbor?"
34:26 So as we look at this parable of the Good Samaritan,
34:28 not spending a lot of time on that.
34:30 But just hit some high points if you just allow me to do that.
34:34 So this was a what?
34:35 This was a lawyer and oh, be careful.
34:38 A lot of lawyers are good with words.
34:41 They know how to trip you up.
34:44 They know how to get something out of you
34:45 when you don't want it out of you.
34:49 And so he thought he was gonna outsmart Jesus,
34:52 and so he said, "Well, well, who's my neighbor?"
34:54 Because he automatically knew
34:56 when Jesus began to tell him about a neighbor
34:59 and our responsibility of loving God
35:02 with all of our heart and our soul
35:03 and our mind and our neighbors as our self,
35:05 that he had been what?
35:07 Negligent of the neighbor and so he wanted--
35:10 "Well, what would you define who the neighbor is?"
35:12 You ever deal with somebody like that?
35:16 Trying to get out of because they know
35:17 they weren't doing what they should be doing.
35:21 And then the question is awesome.
35:25 And I think maybe it's one that--
35:26 let's ask our self today. Listen carefully.
35:30 Do you remember what it goes on as you continue to read on?
35:32 It said, "What shall I do to inherit eternal life?"
35:39 Realize, we're not working our way here,
35:40 but he was trying to say,
35:42 "What do I need to do to inherit eternal life?"
35:45 We should be asking our self that question every day,
35:48 not get mixed up on words here.
35:49 We're talking about making our-- making to the heaven.
35:52 What does the Lord require of me?
35:56 That's easy. Wow, Jesus said this also.
35:59 Jesus simply said this and it's so different from the world.
36:03 Jesus said, "What does it say in the law?"
36:07 Wow, lawyer trying to trip him up with words, right?
36:10 But Jesus come around and said,
36:11 "Well, what does it say in the law?"
36:14 The lawyer said, "We'll love God with what?"
36:16 All your soul, your mind, heart,
36:17 and strength and mind and neighbor as thyself.
36:21 Wow. He answered correctly.
36:26 But how interesting Jesus looked to him and said,
36:28 "Oh, yes, do this and thou shall live."
36:34 How simple we see, who is our neighbor?
36:39 Jesus said, "Oh, love to God,
36:41 love to your fellow man, to your neighbor.
36:44 If you do this, you shall live."
36:48 Wow, but again that law, you're wanting to do what?
36:52 We talked but he wanted to justify himself.
36:54 So who's my neighbor?
36:56 And Jesus right quick gives him a parable.
36:58 He gives him an illustration there in Luke 10:30 and so on.
37:01 He said, "There was a man.
37:04 This man fell among what?" He fell among thieves.
37:09 And of course, you know the whole story that's not it.
37:11 He was--he was beaten. He was left for dead.
37:14 There was seemed to be no hope for him.
37:17 And then along comes the priest.
37:20 "Oh, don't want to get involved here.
37:21 Ooh, no way, no." Passed on.
37:24 We know the next one come by, the Levite came on,
37:27 seeing this man beat to death.
37:28 He's left for dead. He's robbed, he's naked.
37:33 Didn't care enough to throw something over him.
37:37 Didn't want to help him. And they passed on quickly.
37:39 "Ooh, I don't want to get involved here."
37:42 Then the Samaritan came, someone that might say,
37:45 well, enemy. They regard as an enemy.
37:49 But he had compassion the Bible said and he helped him.
37:52 And then Jesus looked to him and to the lawyer
37:55 and he said now who is the real neighbor?
37:58 Come on, say it with me.
38:00 Who is the real neighbor here? Wow.
38:04 The man said, "ooh, I guess it was the one
38:09 that showed mercy on him."
38:12 Jesus said to the man, "Go and do thou likewise."
38:17 Wow, Jesus interested in mankind.
38:23 Meeting their needs, helping them in the time of necessity.
38:27 Go and do thou what? Go and do thou likewise.
38:32 Interesting in Matthew chapter 4.
38:34 I'm gonna turn there in my Bible.
38:35 You take your Bible and you turn along with me.
38:36 Some of you are not.
38:38 You're getting lazy, maybe dozing a little bit.
38:39 I can't have that.
38:41 No, let's get into the word.
38:42 Matthew chapter 4, we're gonna be looking at something
38:44 I think very interesting that pray this,
38:46 that's going to help us along our way.
38:49 Now if we look at these verses
38:51 and we begin to try to contemplate at verses 18-20.
38:55 Matthew chapter 4 verses 18-20.
38:59 Now remember, this is where Jesus was calling the twelve.
39:03 Yes, that's it.
39:05 Notice what it says,
39:06 "And Jesus, walking by the Sea of Galilee,
39:08 saw two brethren, Simon called Peter,
39:11 and Andrew his brother,
39:12 casting their net into the sea and they were fishermen.
39:14 And he said unto them, 'Follow me,
39:16 and I will make you what? Fishers of men.'"
39:18 This thing you've heard all your life.
39:19 Verse 20, "And they straightway they left their what?
39:22 Their nets and they followed him.
39:25 These are profound statements in God's word.
39:30 Jesus is walking, you see it said here,
39:32 by the Sea of Galilee.
39:34 Was he there because he had nothing else to do?
39:36 No, he was seeking to save souls.
39:40 And He saw some men, they were fishing.
39:41 This is their livelihood.
39:42 This is--this is all-- maybe all they head in the world
39:44 was involved into their nets, into their boats,
39:48 and they had nothing else there.
39:50 And this is how they made living,
39:51 how they fed their families.
39:53 Jesus looked at them and he said, "Follow me."
39:56 It said straightway, they began to follow Jesus.
39:59 How many would do it?
40:00 We would tell, "Well, we've got this to do
40:01 and that to do and when things are right
40:03 and when everything is real, then we'll do it."
40:05 When Jesus said, "Follow me,"
40:07 That's exactly what he meant and they left their nets
40:10 and they followed him. How interesting. Wow.
40:16 As I read this, I thought how interesting this is
40:19 when we study scripture
40:20 and we look at these passages of scripture.
40:22 And then I found a little article
40:24 in Desire of Ages 151, said this.
40:28 Remember, we're looking at the value of a soul,
40:29 who is our neighbor?
40:31 Why we should be interested in our neighbor.
40:32 Who is our neighbor?
40:34 How much work do we need to do?
40:35 How do we separate?
40:36 How we divide if there is? Notice this.
40:38 He said, "Jesus saw--" This is what I need to learn,
40:40 Jesus saw in every soul one to whom
40:44 must be given the call to his kingdom."
40:47 Jesus what? Come on, somebody help me.
40:50 Jesus saw in every person that he met.
40:54 Every person that he saw someone
40:57 that needed to be given the call to his kingdom.
41:00 What do you see when you meet people going down the street?
41:03 What do you see when you're in Kroger's shopping?
41:05 Ooh, all you see is food.
41:07 All you see, "Well, oh, me, mine, I, I need other--"
41:12 When you're out mowing the lawn,
41:14 when you meet people at Wal-Mart,
41:18 what do you see? Jesus saw in every soul. Why?
41:23 Because you're so valuable. You cost.
41:28 It said now, "He reached the hearts of the people
41:32 by going among them as one who desired their good."
41:40 Do people recognize that in you and me?
41:45 That you really desire their good.
41:47 You want what's best for them.
41:49 You care about them.
41:52 If you do, you'll do what Jesus said in this article
41:55 "Desire of Ages" said,
41:56 listen, He sought them on the public streets.
42:01 You think he's just walking up and down the streets
42:03 'cause he didn't have nothing to do?
42:04 You know, "Aw, man, we're just wasting time or--" No.
42:08 He sought them. He went after them in the public streets.
42:12 He went into the synagogue, as it were.
42:14 He went to the church.
42:15 Wow, why would He go to church looking for people?
42:18 Oh, maybe there's people in the church
42:19 that need to be converted. Mercy.
42:23 He went by the shores of the lakes.
42:26 He called His disciples in. He went to the marriage feast.
42:30 Do you get this?
42:31 Wherever he went, he saw that soul. Why?
42:34 He was gonna give his life for that very soul.
42:37 That this be won.
42:40 See he met them in their daily vocation.
42:44 They may have been right, driving nails and working
42:47 or--I want to say electrician, but, well, Lord help us.
42:51 But some of you will get it.
42:53 He met them where they worked,
42:56 where they lived, where they ate.
42:59 He went to them because what?
43:01 They were valuable until you understand the value of a soul,
43:05 till I understand the value of a soul,
43:07 we're just not gonna put our self out.
43:10 Jesus went out of his way.
43:12 I hope you get that.
43:14 He was interested in where they worked.
43:18 He was interested in how they felt for the day. Oh.
43:22 He was interested and, I'll be nice,
43:24 if you had a headache. Really.
43:28 That's how much he cares.
43:30 He takes note of everything. The Bible talks about it.
43:32 He takes note of the look on our face
43:33 if there's a little frown, if there's a smile,
43:38 if there's a look of puzzlement, I don't understand this.
43:41 He takes note of everything because you're so special.
43:44 Because look what you cost.
43:46 Look what I cost. Everybody.
43:51 Do we get what-- our responsibility to evangelize
43:55 and to work for other people.
43:58 He had a-- oh, Lord, help me
44:01 to have that kind of strong sympathy for people.
44:06 He sympathized with them and it helped to win hearts.
44:10 We have no sympathy. Why?
44:12 Because we're going through stress and strain of our own.
44:14 The devil's got us in chains and bondage down
44:16 to where we're just so worn out
44:18 that we don't have anything else to give anymore. We're drained.
44:25 But Jesus cared. He--sympathy.
44:30 People understand it was to win heart.
44:32 Here's a key, success for the master. Do you need a key?
44:36 Oh, you need a key and I need a key
44:38 and that may be simple, but, listen.
44:40 I'm going back to this and spending time on it
44:42 because I really believe that
44:43 we forgot the simplicity of the gospel.
44:46 We've really forgotten the worth of a soul.
44:48 We've really forgotten who our neighbor is
44:50 and how precious every person is.
44:54 Care about every person-- and you maybe get along
44:57 'cause it takes two people to get along,
44:58 but you understand, where they going to spend eternity?
45:00 Do you really care?
45:03 Here's a real key. Key to success.
45:06 May I say spiritually for Jesus
45:08 was as before he went out to work,
45:12 He went all the night
45:14 before He went into the mountains
45:16 solitary by himself?
45:18 He didn't need-- oh, an entourage,
45:21 He didn't need something to,
45:22 you know, to get him distracted from everything, but solitary.
45:25 He went into the mountain to talk to his father
45:27 to gain strength for the next day's activities.
45:30 Ooh, but this, my friend, was his preparation
45:36 for what was going to take place for his labor
45:39 among men and in active life.
45:42 You have to prepare for it.
45:44 You can't just get up and say,
45:45 "Oh, well, let's see, what am I gonna do today?"
45:47 You gotta be praying about it.
45:49 As he labored among these men,
45:51 he came forth from that what?
45:54 Enclosure with the heavenly father,
45:56 with new strength and new zeal,
45:59 a clear mind to follow that the leading of the spirit
46:03 as it spoke to Him.
46:05 And he went forth and what did Jesus do?
46:07 He came to break bread to the ignorant.
46:09 He came to give them life and understanding of scripture.
46:12 What did he do?
46:13 He came to break the chains
46:14 that the old devil has surrounded,
46:16 right, just has his wrapped up in things of this world
46:18 and in sin, problems of this life.
46:21 We're captives of Satan.
46:23 And praise God, Jesus come to set us free.
46:26 Friend, if you've been set free,
46:28 if you've not been set free,
46:29 why not? Why not?
46:33 In those chains, aren't they getting heavy?
46:35 Don't you feel like you just-- you're just, like,
46:37 tied down to certain things
46:38 or things that just can't change in your life
46:40 and you want them to change.
46:42 You need to just what? Say the name of Jesus right now.
46:44 Oh, Jesus, help me.
46:46 He's never turned down a contrite heart.
46:48 He's never turned down an honestly hearted individual
46:51 that's cried the name of Jesus.
46:52 The devils begin to tremble.
46:54 Their knees begin to shake and they have to flee.
46:57 We're not crying out the name of Jesus,
47:00 like the way we should be doing today
47:01 to break those chains.
47:02 Here's another key.
47:04 We're talking about soul winning.
47:05 So what does Jesus-- soul-winning?
47:07 Time for preparation, time alone with the master,
47:09 time to get ready for God to use you,
47:11 to equip you, to empower you.
47:14 This little one I found in "Desire of Ages" 152 said this,
47:17 we talked about it, skimmed over it.
47:19 It says, "It was by personal contact and association
47:23 that Jesus trained His disciples.
47:27 Not just talking about just, you know, the twelve.
47:29 We are disciples, aren't we? Of Christ?
47:32 Oh, we should be, I should be a disciple.
47:35 But you notice, if we're training others
47:37 to be a follower of Jesus Christ,
47:39 it said, "It was by personal contact and by association."
47:43 It wasn't by, oh, an email or a phone call sometime.
47:45 You sat down, He was with them.
47:48 He showed them by example.
47:51 Well, how often we need to do that.
47:54 No, I think about in order to be his disciples and I say,
47:58 "Oh, Lord, I wanna be your disciple."
48:01 You're saying today, "Oh, Lord, I want to be your disciple,
48:04 but there's so much that I need to learn.
48:06 So much I need to understand and, oh, many changes--
48:10 I'm almost overwhelmed with it,"
48:12 and then you make this statement
48:15 there in Luke chapter 14 verse 33.
48:20 It's a startling statement, but it says
48:24 that we have to be willing to forsake all and to follow Him.
48:30 See, are we really-- are we really willing to do--
48:34 oh, I'm going have to read it to you.
48:36 Are you turning with me? Don't get lazy.
48:39 Luke chapter 14 verse 33.
48:41 Here's what the Bible says, 14 verse 33,
48:46 here's what the Bible says.
48:48 "So likewise, whosoever he be of you
48:52 that forsaketh not all that he hath,
48:55 he cannot be my disciple."
48:59 Are you willing to forsake all for Jesus?
49:01 Or are you putting something else?
49:02 You're putting a mate or you're putting a house,
49:04 you're putting your job,
49:05 you're putting all of these other things before Jesus,
49:07 you can't be His disciples. Don't even claim it.
49:10 Don't go around saying that you are.
49:13 If we're not willing to give up everything in this life,
49:15 we cannot be his disciples.
49:17 What are you clinging to today that stops you
49:20 from being a real disciple of Jesus Christ?
49:24 Then I try to balance being disciple of Jesus
49:26 and forsaking everything.
49:28 How does this balance with my neighbor
49:30 and the worth of a soul and a little book on life
49:33 schedules just 3 or 4 words that said here to page 206.
49:37 It said, "A soul is greater than all earthly riches."
49:42 What? Huh?
49:44 "A soul is greater than all earthly riches."
49:51 There's nothing in this life.
49:53 Nothing in the whole world--Oh. Though you gain what?
49:57 Though you gain the whole world and yet you lose your soul.
50:01 What does that profit to man?
50:03 Some of you are just working and trying to gain
50:05 and get putting in the bank,
50:07 withdrawal this and get this and do that.
50:08 You're gonna lose your soul.
50:11 We're gonna lose our soul.
50:14 So you gain the whole world and you're losing--
50:16 what did you profit?
50:18 You haven't profited a thing. Who's my neighbor?
50:23 In Luke Chapter 10, turn back with me quickly.
50:26 Come on, we've got 4-5 minutes here.
50:27 We're gonna do Luke Chapter 10.
50:29 This is gonna reset the stages as we do the second part here.
50:31 I know there's a lot to it.
50:33 And already you said, "oh, Lord have mercy.
50:36 We need three parts."
50:40 I know my wife, she kinda shivered when she heard that.
50:45 Who's my neighbor?
50:47 Luke chapter 10 verses 25-29, let's get this set up.
50:51 Shall we--as we come together next time.
50:54 Luke chapter what? 10 verses 25-29.
50:58 That's-- you understand it,
51:00 but let's get into this a little bit more here.
51:02 This is a parable of what? The Good Samaritan. Right?
51:06 We went over that.
51:07 We went over that, certain lawyer what do--
51:09 tempted Jesus and went right on, justified himself,
51:12 "who is my neighbor?"
51:13 So that's what we're gonna do.
51:15 We talked about the Levi.
51:16 We talked about the priest and so on so forth.
51:18 This is what we're centering around.
51:19 This is what we're focusing on right here.
51:22 Now remember, the question was this.
51:24 You know, who's my neighbor?
51:27 You say, well, how did that really come--
51:28 how'd that come out?
51:30 You remember the Jews were good debaters.
51:32 And they always debated the questions
51:35 and they debated what the responsibility
51:38 would be to their fellow men, to God,
51:40 and to their fellow man and their neighbor.
51:43 Now this is interesting.
51:45 They ruled out-- these are the Jews,
51:47 supposed to be God's chosen people.
51:49 They already ruled out the Samaritans.
51:52 "Oh, the Samaritans-- they're not our neighbors.
51:56 Uh-uh. They're against us."
51:58 They ruled out all the Hayden.
52:00 All those who were not just like them,
52:02 looked like them, and they ruled those out too because,
52:04 "They're not our neighbor. These are strangers.
52:09 These are--these folks are different than us.
52:13 Oh, many of them are enemies."
52:15 Then they had a difficult time with this.
52:18 And Jesus said that we were to what?
52:21 To love our enemies.
52:22 Read that in just Matthew chapter 5 and Luke Chapter 6.
52:25 Jesus said, "Love your-- love your enemies."
52:27 And he's defining who our neighbor is,
52:29 but the Jews were sat down in their council and said
52:31 well--but the difficulties continued to grow.
52:36 So they're gonna try to figure out how--listen carefully,
52:40 how can I love my neighbor
52:44 and not have any contact with him? Wow.
52:49 How can I have feelings for my neighbor,
52:55 yet have no contact?
52:59 And yet I--you know, how can I not offering help
53:05 and I can't do anything for him and I'm not gonna help him.
53:08 And how am I gonna treat him?
53:12 But they said that--when I treat him as though he doesn't exist,
53:18 so how am I gonna figure this out?
53:19 I treat all these like they don't exist.
53:21 But yet I'm supposed to love them, supposed to help them?
53:25 Well, that's a tough one, how're we gonna do this?
53:28 And so they said, "well, where are we gonna draw the line?
53:31 We've already ruled this group out,
53:33 but we're gonna to draw--"
53:34 Oh, this one should be very familiar to some of us.
53:36 We're gonna have to draw a line among our own people here.
53:39 We're gonna have to draw a line to say,
53:43 who really is our neighbor?
53:45 And so they begin to classify these people. You remember?
53:47 About the first group and we're gonna
53:49 have to really close on this, but think quickly with me here.
53:52 And they--so they said, "let's divide them up.
53:54 Okay, we have the high class.
53:56 We have the middle class, and the low class."
53:58 Have you ever heard that?
54:00 High class, you know, those are the rich and the famous.
54:02 You have the middle class that we call the blue collar
54:05 and this is the-- you know,
54:06 these are the ones that are comfortable,
54:08 but they're also the wannabes of the rich and the famous.
54:10 Then you have the poor or the low class.
54:12 And they wanna be any place but where they're at.
54:16 So they're gonna say we're gonna have to put
54:17 all into the categories here to find out
54:19 how we're supposed to love them as a neighbor.
54:23 Rather than based on character and based upon,
54:27 you know, our love for Jesus. why?
54:30 What a problem they were.
54:31 They were digging quite a hole that they could not get out of.
54:33 Who is my neighbor?
54:36 And so that's why Jesus asked this question
54:39 and then we find that he gives opportunity to show
54:42 whether we really love our neighbor.
54:43 We're gonna have to close right there with that.
54:45 But I'm telling you, Jesus is gonna put it right on the line.
54:48 So who is my neighbor?
54:50 This is the first question
54:51 we're gonna answer on our second part.
54:52 Who is our neighbor?
54:54 A little article found in welfare ministry,
54:55 you won't want to miss this.
54:57 That's really opens that because it talks about
55:00 how we treat our neighbor
55:01 and how it relates to eternal life.
55:04 Wow, you've done all this other stuff?
55:06 We need to pray right now that the Holy Spirit of God
55:08 helps us to realize the worth of a soul.
55:12 What was given on our behalf?
55:14 And what are our responsibilities
55:16 to our neighbors and who they are all around the world?
55:19 Let's pray about that right now.
55:20 The Holy Spirit will open our eyes
55:22 and our understanding. Shall we?
55:23 Merciful Father in heaven,
55:24 we thank you for your precious word.
55:26 We thank you that you're opening our eyes
55:28 and our ears and our hearts to really the whole world
55:32 and the mission that you've given us to accomplish.
55:34 Thank you for Your love.
55:36 For those who have been viewing, listening,
55:37 we pray the Holy Spirit of God's
55:39 working on their heart right now.
55:40 We give you praise, honor, and glory in Jesus' name. Amen.
55:45 Again we really, really do enjoy spending this time with you.
55:49 And remember, you know, you can--you can look on
55:50 "Dare to Dream" and you can--the 3ABN radio
55:53 and the television and Youtube and all these places,
55:55 but keep tuning in.
55:57 We have people say, "You're not turning out enough program."
56:00 Faster you can turn them out, the better we like it.
56:01 Well, pray for us. We need that.
56:03 But we also realize that, cost a little bit to do it.
56:06 So we just simply say we can only get
56:07 by the free will offerings of God's people.
56:10 We solicit those. We thank you. God bless you.
56:12 You have a good day and we'll see you next time.
56:18 Well, I can just envision most of you
56:22 shaking your heads right now thinking to yourself,
56:25 "I just never realized
56:27 the vital importance of every soul.
56:30 Every soul of every race, creed, and status."
56:34 And along with that rest of us
56:36 that are learning from this message,
56:38 you may also be thinking,
56:40 "Boy, I really have some changes that by God's grace
56:45 I need to make."
56:46 The worth of a soul, how we treat our neighbor
56:49 is vitally important in our walk with God
56:52 on this road to salvation and to keep this lesson
56:56 and it's follow-up message vivid in our minds,
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57:56 Until next time, may our precious Lord
57:59 continue to richly bless you and yours.


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