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Who Is My Neighbor? Pt. 2

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00:42 Welcome to Behold the Lamb Presents.
00:43 I'm Chris Shelton, your host
00:45 and I wanna thank you for tuning in today.
00:48 Today is the second message in a two part series
00:51 that we have entitled "who is my neighbor?"
00:56 We're learning that the Bible passages
00:58 that deal with loving our neighbors
01:01 can be a challenge for us.
01:03 But it is a challenge that must be met in Christ
01:06 if heaven is to be our home.
01:08 Knowing that Christ is our example in all things,
01:12 listen as I read a few excerpts
01:14 from a lovely little book entitled "Steps to Christ."
01:19 "In describing His earthly mission,
01:21 Jesus said, 'The Lord hath anointed Me
01:24 to preach the gospel to the poor.
01:26 He hath sent Me to heal the brokenhearted,
01:29 to preach deliverance to the captives,
01:32 and recovering of sight to the blind,
01:34 to set at liberty them that are bruised.'
01:38 Love, mercy, and compassion
01:40 were revealed in every act of His life.
01:42 His heart went out in tender
01:45 sympathy to the children of men."
01:48 Now, friends, likewise, we as followers of Christ,
01:52 Christians, in revealing Christ to the world are to love
01:56 and to treat others just as Christ did himself.
02:01 And as we learned from Pastor Kenny Shelton's
02:03 first message on this subject the word neighbor
02:07 has a much larger definition than one may first assume
02:11 and with such a much greater responsibility on our part.
02:15 But you know what?
02:17 We should never feel alone in this work of Christianity.
02:20 Christ himself will develop this compassion and love for others
02:25 as we take the time to draw close to Him
02:29 through continued study and continued prayer.
02:33 Therefore it is not us but it is Christ in us
02:37 that will be loving and will be caring for others.
02:41 I look forward to what the Holy Spirit
02:43 will reveal in today's message entitled
02:46 "Who Is My Neighbor?"
02:47 But first we're blessed to visit the 3ABN worship center
02:51 and listen to a song entitled "The Wonder of It All"
02:55 as sung by Emma McDonald.
03:06 I have found a grace to save me
03:13 in a plain and simple truth
03:21 I have made the sweetest journey
03:28 To the innocence of you
03:38 A place I thought I'd never see again
03:45 Oh, it's really overwhelming
03:51 When the mountains seem too tall
03:55 And it seem like nothing when
03:58 Compared to the wonder of it all
04:10 There's a truth that's so amazing
04:17 It has turned my heart around
04:24 There's a peace that gives me comfort
04:32 When my head is hanging down
04:41 When a tiny thread of faith is nearly gone
04:49 Oh, it's always overwhelming
04:55 When the mountains seem too tall
04:58 And we seem like nothing when
05:02 Compared to the wonder of it all
05:10 The mysteries of God I'll never understand
05:17 The ways his love can fill an empty soul
05:25 And just to think I'm living in the palm of His hand
05:32 Is all my doubting heart will need to know
05:58 When I lay down in the evening
06:05 And I close my eyes to rest
06:13 I can wake up in the morning
06:21 Knowing I have had His best
06:30 'Cause I know no other love could run this deep
06:37 And I can't help but remember
06:43 How that every time I fall
06:47 He picks me up when I am slipping
06:51 Held by the wonder of it all
07:02 Held by the wonder of it all
07:28 Thanks for joining us once again.
07:29 Praise God, this is an exciting study at least
07:32 here in my opinion I pray that it's for you too
07:34 because we're discovering, you know, who's our neighbor.
07:38 You know, how far reaching really is this our neighbor
07:41 and our obligations and responsibility
07:44 that we have one to another.
07:46 Lot of times we like to, you know,
07:48 we have neighbor, we have our fence up
07:49 and what's on the other side of fence
07:51 we don't pay any attention to it.
07:52 It doesn't really matter.
07:53 But really how does heaven view who is our neighbor.
07:56 Now we've been studying-- it's the second part remember.
07:59 So if you missed the first part,
08:01 you're gonna be maybe just a little bit in the dark
08:03 of what we've been talking about so you wanna call,
08:05 make sure you get the first part.
08:07 And--and also too I want to remind you that it's very,
08:10 very important that you take a pencil and paper
08:12 and jot some things down because then you can go back
08:15 and you can study to see whether these things be so or not.
08:18 What we studied before and our study
08:20 is based upon Matthew Chapter 25,
08:23 we're looking at verses 31 through 40.
08:25 So jot that down, go back and read it
08:27 and then I pray that it will fit together real well for you
08:30 as we do the second part "Who is My Neighbor?"
08:33 But always we need to pray.
08:36 Need to ask the power of the Holy Spirit
08:38 to just come and to comfort us
08:40 and to encourage us and to strengthen us and--
08:43 the cares of the world need to go away.
08:46 So we spend some real profitable time in the word.
08:49 And I'm very thankful for the cards and letters
08:52 that we receive that tell how the Holy Sprit
08:54 has been speaking to your heart.
08:57 Please, you have the opportunity,
08:58 you wanna write, you know, give the card, your phone call,
09:01 whatever, would be wonderful to hear from you
09:03 what the Lord is doing in your heart and in your life.
09:06 And when we receive these cards
09:08 and letters from people who are in prison,
09:10 people who the devil has been binding,
09:12 he's loosening those things.
09:13 You know, Spirit of God is loosing those chains
09:15 the devil's put upon individuals
09:17 and they are taking a stand for Jesus Christ.
09:20 We love to hear about that. It's an encouragement.
09:23 Remember it's not what they can do with us but what,
09:26 the power of God we see working
09:28 and it's an encouragement to keep on.
09:30 And we are encouraged by when people write letters and say,
09:33 oh, we can't wait for the next one.
09:35 Well, praise God, you keep praying with us
09:38 and I want you to again invite you to pray right now
09:40 as we do our study today on "Who is my neighbor?"
09:44 It is a subject and we'll be honest with you
09:46 that really is bringing more understanding
09:48 of how God would have me to treat my fellow men.
09:51 So I hope it is you too. Let's pray about it, shall we?
09:53 Right now as I kneel.
09:56 Merciful Father in heaven,
09:57 we thank You again for the privilege of prayer.
09:59 We thank you that we can call upon the name of Jesus.
10:02 You said that You would hear.
10:03 Thank You, that you have ears that never get heavy,
10:06 never get tired of your children coming and pleading
10:08 how desperately we need your spirit.
10:10 Oh, Lord, I pray to you to touch my mind
10:12 and my heart, to just pour your blood.
10:15 I pray upon it that it may be clean and pure within
10:17 and without and that the words
10:19 that are spoken today will be straight from heaven
10:21 that will be an encouragement
10:22 to each and everyone of your children
10:23 and victories maybe gained in the name of Jesus.
10:27 Thank you for our precious viewers.
10:29 In Jesus' name we pray and for His sake, amen.
10:34 Again as we study the word of God it's so imperative--
10:36 now many of you've been leaving your bibles
10:38 probably on your nightstand or maybe the kitchen table.
10:41 Whatever it might be but, you know,
10:42 you need to carry that Bible with you.
10:44 You can take it while you're going to work.
10:47 Take it, put it in your car and then you say,
10:49 "God, I'm taking my bible today because," what?
10:51 "Because you're gonna let me use it today.
10:54 I'm gonna show somebody, I'm gonna, you know,
10:55 encourage them with scripture."
10:57 And, you know, I've seen it happen many, many, many times.
11:00 God will use you because in faith you took the word
11:04 because you wanted to give it to someone else.
11:06 Who is, who is my neighbor?
11:08 You know, again this is in Luke Chapter 10
11:11 and I wanna read this because if you missed it,
11:14 it will help to set the stage here.
11:16 We're starting with verse 25, Luke Chapter 10 verse 25.
11:19 "And, behold, a certain lawyer stood up."
11:22 You understand this very well about the parable of the what?
11:24 The Good Samaritan.
11:26 This will help you get a little foundation here.
11:27 "Behold, a certain lawyer stood up and tempted him,
11:29 saying, Master, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?"
11:34 Maybe one of the most, you know, frequent passages
11:37 that maybe have been read--
11:39 that we read in scripture time and time again.
11:41 What must I do to inherit eternal life?
11:43 Awesome, awesome. But "he said unto him," Jesus,
11:47 "What is written in the law? And how readest thou?"
11:50 And he said "And He answered and said,
11:52 Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart,
11:55 all thy soul, with all thy strength,
11:58 and all thy mind and thy neighbor as thyself."
12:03 And what did Jesus say?
12:04 Notice what Jesus said in verse 28.
12:06 "And he said unto him, Thou hast answered right.
12:10 Do this and thou shalt live." How simple.
12:14 He wasn't talking about just living here on this earth.
12:16 He's talking about living for eternity.
12:18 Love God with all of your heart, your soul, and your mind
12:20 and you have to love your neighbor that way too
12:23 if you want to live forever with Jesus.
12:26 Have you ever thought of that like that?
12:28 You know, love God, oh, yeah,
12:29 we love God but we leave out loving our neighbor.
12:33 And Jesus said in verse 30, He talks about a certain man
12:36 who went down to Jerusalem and Jericho
12:38 and he fell among thieves.
12:39 And so the question is asked, "then who is my neighbor?"
12:44 Have you figured it out,
12:46 if you watched the first part already,
12:47 who your neighbor really is?
12:49 How far reaching this is?
12:51 And it's interesting what the lawyer quoted.
12:54 You realize that a good-- I won't say a good Jew
12:57 quoted that in the morning and the evening.
13:00 In, I think, Deuteronomy 6, verse 5,
13:03 you know, the responsibility--
13:04 love God with all your heart, your soul, and your mind.
13:06 So he knew it where or why because they quoted it everyday.
13:09 Maybe we should quote that a little more often
13:12 and put some emphasis on what?
13:13 Loving God and loving our fellow men.
13:16 So Jesus posed this question, the real question,
13:18 and then He always gives us an opportunity to see
13:22 whether we're going to live it out in our life or not.
13:25 See, that's the test of it. So who is my neighbor?
13:28 Little book called "Welfare Ministry,"
13:30 I really like this quote here, page 48.
13:34 It says this, "The question
13:36 that all our churches need to understand."
13:39 So we're facing a question that all what?
13:42 All of our churches need to understand.
13:44 That means all of us as individuals.
13:47 "The conditions of inheriting eternal life
13:51 are plainly stated by our Savior."
13:53 Now notice this "The man who was wounded
13:57 and the man who was robbed."
13:59 Now again if you want to read on 29, 30 and on down,
14:02 you'll see that the man, well, you know,
14:04 he's wounded, he's beat up, he's thrown down
14:06 and realized a priest come by and, you know,
14:08 different ones and no one wanted to help the man
14:10 except when the Samaritan came by.
14:12 So let's look and examine this a little bit closer here.
14:16 "The man was wounded and robbed."
14:17 Who is this man?
14:19 You know who it represents?
14:21 It represents those who we should have an interest in.
14:25 The one's who we have to-- we need to have sympathy for.
14:28 The one's we need to have charity for.
14:31 And I thought how interesting this reads.
14:35 If we neglect their cases. Who?
14:37 Those who are hurting, those who are,
14:39 you know, going through tests and trials and problem
14:42 and they need some love,
14:43 they need somebody to be an encouragement to them.
14:46 It says "If we neglect these cases," listen,
14:50 "we have no assurance of eternal life."
14:54 You have no assurance of eternal life.
14:57 I have no assurance of eternal life
14:59 if I neglect that person that's been beat up by this life,
15:03 if I neglect my fellow men.
15:06 Wow, that's pretty heavy duty, isn't it?
15:08 I mean after all didn't God-- we've been talking about--
15:10 didn't God-- didn't He bounce it up
15:12 when He said on these
15:14 two hang all the law and the testament?
15:15 Didn't He? The prophets did it.
15:17 Duty to God, duty to our fellow men.
15:19 Easy to pick one, leave the other out.
15:21 We can't do that. Eternal life.
15:24 No assurance. Now why?
15:26 Why will we have no assurance of eternal life
15:28 if we just, kind of, neglect the neighbor little bit
15:31 or we just don't have time to do it. Why?
15:33 Because we have broken the first four commandments.
15:37 Wow. We've broken the first Four Commandments
15:41 because it's our what?
15:42 The first four is our duty to who?
15:44 Good, to God.
15:45 And we've also broken what?
15:47 The last six which is our duty to our fellow men.
15:50 So we broke all ten.
15:53 We break all ten-- we have no assurance
15:55 to it at all of eternal life.
15:58 What a heavy responsibility of duty here.
16:01 You say, well, I don't quite get it.
16:04 You know the Book of Matthew Chapter 25
16:06 goes in to little more detail, verse 40.
16:08 Jesus just simply says, "When you have done it" and to what?
16:12 "The least of these, my brethren, you have" what?
16:15 "You've done it unto me."
16:17 Was Jesus just talking here?
16:20 Not at all. He was making a real point here.
16:23 When you done it to the least to those who are outside,
16:26 those you don't, you know,
16:27 you don't really want to even look at
16:29 because they are not clean.
16:30 They don't look like you do. They don't act like you do.
16:32 They don't dress like you do.
16:34 And He said when you've done it to the least of these,
16:36 what we call, right?
16:38 The least of these, you've done it unto him.
16:40 So how could we treat Jesus
16:41 that when we expect to go to heaven?
16:43 How can we treat our fellow men
16:44 that way and expect to go to heaven.
16:47 You see what a different world this would be
16:48 if we treated each one and loved each one like we,
16:52 oohh, love our self.
16:54 What a different world that would be.
16:56 There would be no need for prisons
16:58 and there would be no need for,
17:00 you know, the policemen and no need for laws
17:02 and the books because we love everybody,
17:04 we treat everyone very well. That's wonderful.
17:07 So how can I love my neighbor then?
17:09 How can I-- look you can say,
17:11 I'm finding difficulty in loving my neighbor as myself.
17:15 Let me just encourage you.
17:16 It is an impossibility to love your neighbor as yourself,
17:20 listen, unless you love God supremely.
17:25 Now look, does that make sense?
17:27 You can't love your fellow men if you don't love God supremely.
17:30 See that makes a lot of sense to me
17:33 because if we love God supremely
17:35 we're going to be bearing what?
17:36 We're going to be bearing fruit here.
17:38 Fruit and holiness. Fruit and love to what?
17:42 To others, to our human family.
17:45 We're gonna be loving them.
17:47 Love to others is putting on the Lord Jesus Christ.
17:52 I've heard people say you need to put on the Lord Jesus Christ.
17:56 That's how you put on the Lord Jesus Christ.
17:58 You can read that First Thessalonians 5.
18:00 Just read. Putting on the Lord Jesus Christ, love--
18:02 putting on God, putting on Jesus.
18:05 So we need to be putting on rather than putting on our self,
18:07 you know that.
18:09 See, how can we, you know,
18:10 we can't do service for others if we--
18:13 if we don't love them.
18:15 Now stay with me just a minute.
18:17 We can't possibly do what?
18:20 Service for others unless we love them.
18:24 Maybe that's why we're not doing anything,
18:26 probably, for our neighbors and our friends
18:27 and these other people around here because, what?
18:29 We don't truly love them the way that we should.
18:32 So who is my, really is my neighbor?
18:35 Matthew 22 said we have to love them as, again, as our self.
18:39 But this goes beyond.
18:41 I heard people say, well, yeah,
18:42 we have to love our church family.
18:44 We've got to love our children and members
18:47 and as long as they are of our faith
18:49 we need to love them. Oh, it goes so far beyond that.
18:54 Love is not simply just loving our church members
18:56 or loving our own, our children, our grandchildren
19:01 but our neighbor includes all of the human family.
19:05 So part of our question we're asking who is my neighbor?
19:08 It's part of what?
19:09 Our neighbors are the whole human family.
19:14 Wow, what responsibility, obligation.
19:19 The whole world then? Yes, it says.
19:23 And it has no-- it has no reference
19:25 to race or color, class distinction.
19:30 Not at all. It doesn't have that.
19:32 Who's my neighbor? Oh, beautiful book,
19:34 "Desire of Ages," page 503.
19:36 Listen to this comment.
19:37 See, if you agree with this. Listen.
19:39 "Our neighbor is every person who needs our help."
19:43 Who's my neighbor?
19:45 It's the whole human family. Who's my neighbor?
19:47 It's everyone who needs some help.
19:49 Wow. And you find that all over the world today there are people
19:53 who have needs and they, you know, you say,
19:57 I can't help everybody.
19:58 We understand that but you're not every place either.
20:00 But you're what? Nearest your door.
20:03 "Our neighbor is every person who needs our help.
20:06 Our neighbor," listen, "is everyone who is," what?
20:10 "Who is wounded and bruised by the adversary."
20:15 Now that's pretty heavy. Who's my neighbor?
20:18 Every individual who has been wounded by the adversary.
20:23 Have you ever been hurt by the adversary?
20:27 Have you ever been bruised by the adversary?
20:29 I say, friend, if you're alive and well today you have been.
20:33 Everyone of us have been bruised and beaten by the enemy at time
20:36 because we turned our back on God.
20:38 We didn't have His protection.
20:40 We tried to take the world on,
20:42 you see, by ourselves out through there.
20:44 So if a person is bruised and they are hurt and they are--
20:47 as they were bleeding and, you know,
20:48 having a hard time in this life they're our neighbor.
20:53 And then it goes on to make it even clear.
20:56 "Our neighbor is everyone who is the property of God."
21:02 Wow. Does God own everything?
21:05 You better believe He does. He owns everything.
21:09 The Bible says, He owns a cattle on a thousand hills.
21:11 Everything is God's and some of you think
21:13 you own your business and you own this and you own that.
21:16 You don't. God has loaned that to you.
21:18 Don't be selfish. Give it back to Him.
21:20 Think about that, God owns it.
21:22 He's loaned it to you to see
21:23 how if you're gonna give it-- return back.
21:26 Now if you just wanted more, you get the more,
21:27 you want to put in your pocket.
21:29 Now He gives you more so you can do what?
21:30 Give to your neighbor. Go 'cause of Christ.
21:33 Get this message preached into all the world.
21:36 I like this as I've been reading some of these comparables
21:40 that Jesus left because it gives me a,
21:42 a clear picture of my savior.
21:45 We need a little clear picture.
21:48 We--and as I study the Good Samaritan
21:51 I can see it, Jesus working in this.
21:54 See, who was this man that was-- that was beaten?
21:58 Who was this man that was robbed?
22:00 Who was this man, you see, that was left for dead?
22:04 Who was this man that was soon to perish?
22:07 You can see that Jesus, the good Jesus, the good what?
22:10 He's the Good Samaritan. See, come by to help what?
22:14 Oh, he come by to help mankind. Why?
22:17 We've been beaten, we've been robbed,
22:18 we've been deceived, we've been left for dead.
22:23 We need someone to help us. Jesus had compassion.
22:28 He came by, the Good Samaritan.
22:31 He came by and He helped us
22:34 when we couldn't help our self.
22:36 Our clothes was gone. We were beaten.
22:39 We didn't know what time of day it was.
22:42 We didn't think we'd ever be able to get up and go again.
22:46 He came to rescue us.
22:48 He came to clean us up, to heal us,
22:53 to dust us off, cleanse us.
22:55 Make what? Provision for us for complete restoration.
23:01 You remember when I took the man to the,
23:03 you know, this place-- this house--
23:05 the innkeeper he said take some more money
23:07 and if there's more needs spend all this.
23:10 And when I come again I'll pay.
23:13 Wow. Jesus gave what? He redeemed us.
23:17 He paid the price for us
23:19 and He's supplying a place for us to live.
23:23 Friend, the spiritual applications are wonderful.
23:27 I've come to this conclusion.
23:29 Been around long enough, it seem like that.
23:30 That we live in a cold world.
23:32 We live in a world where people
23:34 just don't have feelings for one another anymore.
23:36 You can walk past people all day long as it were
23:39 and just brush shoulders along with them.
23:40 You never look at them. You never say hi to them.
23:43 You never say, hey, good morning or good afternoon.
23:45 You don't have time.
23:48 How can we really do that?
23:50 If we really realize the price that has been paid for the soul,
23:55 who's my neighbor. The price of the soul.
23:58 Look what it cost.
24:01 Friends, we look at this world, you know, and sometimes--
24:05 I want to say this nicely
24:06 is we've gotten cold in the church.
24:09 We've lost our first love.
24:11 We've lost our love for our fellow men
24:12 and for reaching out and doing evangelism and,
24:15 you know, getting this gospel preached into all the world.
24:17 We got busy on other things.
24:20 Jesus just simply said love, listen,
24:23 love one another as I have loved you.
24:28 Take it to heart. Please, take it to heart.
24:32 See we quote these all the time
24:33 but it seem like it just-- it doesn't make sense.
24:35 I want it to make sense.
24:36 May the Spirit of the living God come in your heart
24:39 and my heart right now.
24:40 Jesus said I want you to love your neighbor
24:43 the way that I love you. Wow.
24:50 What a love Jesus has for us.
24:54 You love them the way that I loved you. That's heavy.
24:58 He asked us to sacrifice for others,
25:00 to do things for others.
25:03 May I be so bold, unless we do this
25:06 we are not Christians.
25:08 Oh, you call yourself one if you want to.
25:10 I can call myself one if I want to.
25:12 But if I neglect what Jesus said--
25:15 when Jesus said you love them the way that I loved you.
25:17 And what did He do? He sacrificed everything.
25:19 He gave His life for what?
25:20 It will be just one, we went through that in part one.
25:24 But are you willing to do that?
25:26 No, we can't--we can't even say good morning.
25:29 We can't say good afternoon.
25:31 We can't even smile when they pass by.
25:33 You ever notice when you're going down the street
25:35 and listen, you can do this. You ought to try.
25:38 You're going down the street
25:39 and you see somebody coming towards you, you just smile.
25:42 You don't-- well, I don't know them.
25:43 Well, think about it.
25:46 What do you mean you don't know them?
25:47 You don't have to know them just to smile.
25:50 And almost every time if they see you what do they do?
25:55 They smile back.
25:57 That may have just made their day.
26:01 They just needed somebody.
26:04 It may be a reminder to them.
26:07 We don't know what they've been through.
26:09 We don't know what they're going through.
26:12 Maybe it's just what they needed.
26:14 Made their day, changed everything around.
26:17 You never know what's going through
26:19 that individual's mind who my neighbor is.
26:21 He may have been, we say, on the last straw.
26:24 He may have been going down for the count.
26:26 He may have been thinking about suicide.
26:28 He may have been thinking about ending his life
26:29 or somebody else's and that one smile just drew him back.
26:33 Who's my neighbor?
26:35 Do we love them the way Jesus said
26:37 that we need to love them?
26:39 When I made this, just maybe bold--
26:42 some people say, oh, it's just too bold.
26:44 You're just too bold.
26:46 Listen, as a child of God what do you mean bold?
26:48 We need to be bold. We come boldly to the throne
26:51 while we give the message boldly for the day.
26:55 That's where sacrificing why for others
26:57 and I said a while ago that we're not Christians.
27:00 We cannot possibly Christian. For a Christian is what?
27:04 Christ-like. I want you to check this out.
27:08 You've been calling yourself
27:10 a Christian for many, many years.
27:12 I've been calling-- but I'm talking about--
27:14 talking to you personally, talking about myself too.
27:16 Let's not get heated up here.
27:18 Let's think about it. You say, well, I'm a Christian.
27:22 If you are not Christ-like, you are not a Christian.
27:30 Is that simple?
27:32 Oh, it makes some people angry but you know, if you get angry
27:34 it's because you realized that you are not.
27:38 Instead of saying that, you know,
27:39 thank you for reminding me
27:40 because I-- I was not like Christ.
27:42 I didn't treat my fellow neighbor like
27:46 Jesus wanted me to treat them.
27:48 And again the beautiful book "Desire of Ages,"
27:50 let me read some of that quickly,
27:52 504 and page 5, 504 and then onwards says,
27:57 "When we see human beings in distress."
28:00 Now this is very, very important
28:01 because I've seen this.
28:03 I've seen this happen time
28:05 and time and time and time again.
28:07 Somebody gets their self in a mess
28:10 and the church didn't want to stand by them.
28:13 Somebody is doing something wrong and people say,
28:15 "well, we can't stand by them because,
28:17 you know, they--they did that and they knew better."
28:21 So now, they can't be my neighbor.
28:24 Jesus don't expect me to love them.
28:25 I want you to listen to this. You know what Jesus says?
28:27 Love your enemies. He does expect it.
28:30 Says, "When we see human beings in distress,
28:35 whether though afflicted."
28:37 See whether though of what?
28:39 Afflicted could be anything in this life.
28:41 They may have lost their home, may have lost their 401K,
28:44 you know, they may have lost their saving,
28:45 may have lost their home,
28:46 that may afflict, maybe a disease,
28:48 maybe something going on.
28:49 "Or through sin, we shall never say,
28:54 This does not concern me.
28:58 For the spirit we manifest toward our brethren declares
29:02 what spirit we have toward God."
29:07 Did you get it? This is getting deep.
29:11 Whether we're afflicted
29:13 by something in the world or just circumstances
29:15 or whether just through willful sin
29:18 that I've chosen to go another way out of this.
29:20 They're going the wrong direction.
29:24 Spirit of the living God says to us today
29:26 that we never say I'm not concerned about this individual.
29:31 Because the spirit in which I deal with him
29:34 and operate is the same spirit that I've toward God.
29:38 Well, some of us fallen short, aren't we?
29:41 What's happened to us? God, help us to love.
29:46 I want my spirit to be right toward God.
29:49 I want to be right toward my fellow men.
29:52 Oh, and I know it's a challenge
29:53 and I know it's difficult
29:56 because people are difficult at times.
29:59 Maybe you found yourself difficult like I found myself.
30:05 But I've always reminded that I need to be like Jesus.
30:10 Something else I was thinking about and studying, you know?
30:13 It's--it's like the word impossible.
30:17 Now remember, think about nothing is impossible with God,
30:20 but when I'm thinking about it's impossible
30:23 to come to a knowledge of God-- think with me.
30:26 It's impossible to come to a what?
30:29 To a knowledge of God without,
30:32 you know-- I want you to listen to this--
30:35 without beginning to love my fellow men.
30:38 It's impossible to come to what?
30:40 To come to a knowledge of God without first what?
30:44 Loving my fellow men.
30:47 So if we don't love our neighbor--
30:49 who is my neighbor, my love--
30:50 every soul, infinite price has been paid for every soul.
30:57 I don't know God didn't do it?
31:00 It's impossible to have a knowledge of God
31:02 because we have a knowledge of God
31:04 that love begins to grow inside of us for Him
31:06 and for our fellow men.
31:10 Now first John 4:20, John points this out.
31:14 I want you to pay special attention to this place.
31:18 It says here, the Bible says "If a man say."
31:20 "If a man say, I love God,
31:22 and hate his brother, he is a liar." Wow.
31:28 If a man say what?
31:30 He say "I love God, and he hates his brother,
31:33 he is a liar for he that loveth not this brother
31:36 whom he hath seen,
31:38 how can he love God whom he hath," what?
31:40 "Not seen." How can you love God you haven't seen?
31:43 And you see your fellow men
31:45 but you don't love him but you say, oh, I love God.
31:46 You can't love God. You a liar, the Bible says.
31:50 I make myself a liar. You say, whoa, man, that's heavy duty.
31:56 Yes, it is. See, John here begins to in his discourse,
32:01 in this verse here he, kind of, changes gear at this verse
32:04 if you wanna read the whole chapter.
32:07 And he begins to talk about characteristics of the person
32:12 who belongs to God. Get that.
32:16 The one who has the spirit of God
32:19 cannot have the spirit of hate in Him.
32:23 If you have the spirit of God inside you,
32:25 you cannot have \the spirit of what?
32:28 Of hate. It's impossibility.
32:30 It cannot coexist in an individual.
32:34 It cannot coexist in the same heart.
32:38 So why did he put a plain-- he said no, you're lying.
32:43 Wow. You say, well, how-- how can I change this?
32:49 Let's just do something real simple, shall we?
32:50 Real simple. Think about it.
32:52 Maybe, you jot this down and you say,
32:53 well, I've heard what is it? Number 1, pray.
32:57 Pray for the ones that you don't love.
33:00 Oh, yeah, you could take a little honesty.
33:02 You better believe it's gonna take some honesty.
33:04 Pray for the ones you don't love.
33:09 Now can you do that?
33:11 Well, you know who they are.
33:13 You thought about them a lot.
33:15 You've been not been thinking about them the way
33:16 that you should so you pray for the ones that you love.
33:20 And then as you pray for them
33:21 you find that the prayer of faith
33:25 begins to work a change inside of you.
33:29 Because as you're praying your value--
33:32 your relationship with God is beginning to grow.
33:35 Your love for God is growing.
33:37 And as your love for God begins to grow in your heart
33:40 your love for your fellow men also begins to grow.
33:44 So it's imperative that we what? That we pray.
33:48 Jesus said pray for what Good.
33:50 Pray for you enemy. Same thing I'm talking about here.
33:53 Pray for them because when you're praying for them what?
33:55 And the spirit of God came inside your heart,
33:57 into your mind, oh, your relationship with God
34:00 is building and always getting excited
34:02 and then you find yourself loving this person
34:05 that you couldn't love before.
34:09 Service, evangelism, worth of a soul,
34:14 reaching out in the community,
34:18 the service that we give-- some people wanna give just a--
34:21 I'm gonna call it half service.
34:22 You ever go to a restaurant sometimes somebody waits on you
34:24 and then they give half service.
34:26 You don't like it. You want full service, don't you?
34:30 Realize the service that we give to our--listen carefully.
34:32 The service that we give to our fellow men
34:34 that we're reaching out must be
34:36 and I'm gonna use this word here so you get it.
34:38 It has to be soaked in love. Soaked.
34:42 What does it mean to be soaked in love?
34:44 Every part of it, right, all the actions
34:47 and the motives of the heart is what?
34:49 Love has penetrated every motion,
34:50 every action, every deed.
34:53 Dripping off as it were.
34:56 We must work in love.
34:59 We must pass out literature in love.
35:01 Talk to our fellow men and love everything's dealing with love.
35:05 A little youth instructor, little magazine, years ago,
35:09 it talked about pure love
35:11 because I've always been interested in
35:13 what constitutes pure love.
35:15 And then I found out, of course, you study the word of God.
35:18 You know, love, pure love,
35:19 you want to know where's it at,
35:20 you just look at Jesus and look at Calvary.
35:22 That's where you find it.
35:23 In this world you're not gonna find any true love.
35:25 You have to be very careful.
35:27 The article said pure love.
35:30 It says it's simple in its operation. What?
35:33 Pure love is simple in its operation. That's interesting.
35:37 And it's separate from every other principle of action.
35:42 It's separate from what?
35:43 Every other principle of action
35:46 but then we--we can have problems with pure love.
35:49 How do we contaminate pure love?
35:51 Well, it's interesting.
35:53 If we combined any earthly motive,
35:58 if we combined any earthly action,
36:01 you know, mix them together here,
36:04 any kind of selfish interest
36:08 then it ceases to be what?
36:10 Pure love. And then I read this.
36:13 I thought it was so interesting.
36:14 It says, "love does good and nothing but good."
36:22 Now that's simple, isn't it?
36:24 But, man, have I messed up on that one.
36:26 I don't know about you
36:27 but can we talk about that for a moment?
36:31 Love does what?
36:35 Listen, love does good and nothing but good.
36:40 Have you find-- have you found yourself
36:42 maybe not quite doing everything the way that Jesus would do it?
36:47 If we have pure love, it always turns out good and right.
36:53 When you corrupt pure love
36:55 it's because we put self into it,
36:59 selfish motive and selfish actions.
37:02 It ceases to be pure when we place our self in it.
37:06 Wow. Zechariah 8:16,
37:11 in the Old Testament the Bible said, "There are--
37:13 there are things that ye shall do."
37:15 I like the way it start "There are things that ye shall do."
37:17 There are times in my life I want somebody to say,
37:19 this is what-- this is the what it should be.
37:21 Sometime I want God just to say,
37:22 this is what you need to do and don't go do this.
37:26 God doesn't always operate that way but, you know,
37:28 "There are the things that ye shall do."
37:31 And then Zechariah said this,
37:32 "Speak ye every man the truth to his neighbor."
37:38 What a challenge. We'll just speak what?
37:41 To every neighbor the truth of God's word, huh.
37:46 "Execute judgment in truth and peace within your gates."
37:53 Wow. Do you really have peace where you live?
37:57 Peace with your-- with your neighbors.
37:59 They know that you are a man or woman, child of God.
38:03 Maybe, they don't know you at all.
38:05 Maybe, there's no peace in your gates.
38:08 Maybe, we've not been telling our neighbor the truth.
38:12 We've not been telling about Jesus and the worth of a soul.
38:16 The soul is of infinite value here.
38:20 And we can never ever allow
38:22 even one opportunity to pass us by.
38:27 What a price has been paid for you and for me.
38:30 See, wherever you can let's do like Jesus.
38:33 Wherever we can let's try to gain access to the people,
38:39 try to get close to them. Did you get that?
38:41 Reach the souls with the truth.
38:44 And as you begin to do this,
38:45 as I begin to do this we will become stronger in the faith,
38:49 stronger in power and wisdom and might of God,
38:53 more powerful for the Lord.
38:55 And we find that's a real joy and a real treat,
38:58 a real pleasure to work for Jesus.
39:01 Friend, do you find it drudgery?
39:03 Do you find it-- you just don't wanna have time,
39:04 you don't want to fool with it?
39:07 How about when you are working for the Master?
39:10 Have you ever contemplated what you do,
39:12 what you are doing today,
39:13 what folks are doing here at Behold the Lamb
39:15 and all other ministries and church and services?
39:17 You are working for the Master.
39:20 Get your mind off of yourself.
39:21 Get my mind off of myself
39:22 and begin to think I--I have the privilege to work for Jesus.
39:26 I have the privilege to be able to reach a neighbor,
39:29 who Jesus said, every person who is in need,
39:32 every person who is the property of God is my neighbor
39:35 and every person he saw, he saw what?
39:37 They needed the kingdom of God.
39:39 They needed to be given an invitation to come
39:42 while there's still time, oh, friend.
39:45 As I'm thinking about working for the Master--
39:49 once again I have to keep in mind the value of the soul.
39:55 The value that we place on the soul--
39:58 see, I think in this life if we place a value on something
40:01 we take care of it, don't we?
40:03 You know those of you
40:05 who you've been able to get a new vehicle or something,
40:08 you walk by the first little time you have it.
40:10 You look at that thing and oh,
40:12 there's something on there and, you know...
40:17 Value.
40:20 You wanna take care of it.
40:23 How is our attitude
40:25 not on material things but on individuals?
40:29 A value on the, you know, people that we labor for.
40:34 It's very interesting as we've been figuring out
40:37 the infinite value of a soul.
40:42 And then we've talked about several different quotes
40:44 and we're talking about the Bible
40:46 and how Jesus looks at it.
40:47 And I say again, this is what would motivate me
40:50 to work for souls like nothing else.
40:54 Like nothing else this motivates me
40:56 to work for souls.
40:57 Why? Because of the value that's been placed upon it.
41:01 I may not be able to see a value on it.
41:03 I may--I can't understand why they are doing,
41:05 what they are doing. I can't understand
41:07 why they are living the life that they are living.
41:08 I can't understand why they are making
41:10 the choices that they're making.
41:11 They have every opportunity to do better in this life
41:14 and they there not doing it. Jesus understands all of this.
41:20 He gave His life already for the souls
41:22 so it's infinite sacrifice here.
41:25 And once again its worth can only be estimated by the price
41:31 that was paid for it, price that ransomed it.
41:34 And what is it? What is the price?
41:36 Can you put it in dollars? Can you put it in gold?
41:39 Can you put it in silver? You have to look
41:41 and say the infinite price of that soul,
41:43 that neighbor next door,
41:45 that one that's not always pleasant,
41:46 that one that's difficult to deal with,
41:48 the one that sometime I don't even wanna look at,
41:50 that kind of--listen, the infinite value of that soul,
41:53 if you wanna look at that soul then you say,
41:55 my friend you say Calvary, Calvary,
41:58 Calvary will explain the true value of a soul.
42:02 That's the only way that you and I can look at it.
42:04 It's the way heaven views it. I need some prayer.
42:09 I don't know about you.
42:12 Calvary, Calvary.
42:17 I'm convinced in our work,
42:21 little work that we do for Jesus,
42:23 we need some-- we need more vital godliness.
42:27 But you know the power of the spirit of God--
42:31 we need His grace and His strength.
42:34 So often we feel like we can make it on our own.
42:37 And we've done this long enough
42:38 that we don't even need talk to God
42:40 about it and we don't really-- we won't be so bold
42:43 to come out and say it, kind of, in our mind.
42:45 But do you realize the importance of grace,
42:47 the grace of God and the strength of God
42:50 working in your life and in mine?
42:52 Do you realize how valuable that is?
42:56 Do you know how important grace--
42:57 God's grace and strength is
43:00 in our life and in the life of others?
43:03 Let me just read a little book called,
43:04 "Three Testimonies," in 188. Here's what it says.
43:08 We talk a lot about it. And I get a card or letter,
43:11 you know, you're talking awful lot
43:12 about Christian character and being like Jesus.
43:16 Yes, I do and, you know, by God's grace
43:18 I just continue to do it. Can't help it.
43:23 Because character-- and so I'm thinking,
43:27 "The perfection of Christian character
43:31 depends wholly upon the grace
43:35 and the strength found alone in God."
43:39 Did you get that? Grace and strength,
43:43 perfection of character is found what?
43:46 Alone in God. You can't earn it.
43:50 You can't develop it on your own.
43:52 You can't work it out.
43:56 So without this power of God,
43:58 without this power of grace upon the heart,
44:02 without this power assisting our efforts,
44:05 without this power sanctifying our labors, listen,
44:09 we shall fail in saving our own souls
44:13 and saving the souls of others.
44:18 Wow.
44:20 Without that sanctifying grace and strength and power of God,
44:23 we shall lose our own souls
44:27 and we'll never be a soul winner.
44:29 See how we should be praying more and more
44:32 about these things, oh, God, help me,
44:35 as we learn the worth of a soul
44:36 and how we're reaching out and who's my neighbor.
44:41 As we're trying God help us
44:43 as we're trying to understand the value of a soul.
44:47 Then I need to examine myself and say, oh, God, what--
44:50 you know what's motivating me?
44:52 What are my motives in doing what I'm doing?
44:56 Is it possible that I've been asleep?
44:58 Is it possible our movement has been asleep
45:01 when it is comes to reaching souls
45:03 or are we happy with few over here and a few there
45:07 and a few over here and a little bit over here.
45:09 It's nice to say all this, a thousand here,
45:11 a two thousand over here when there's well over,
45:13 what, seven--eight-- seven billion people.
45:18 It's just a little--everyone's precious in the sight of God.
45:23 Every person he saw what? Come on, come on,
45:25 don't make me repeat it. You get it.
45:27 Somebody needs this. I need to here you.
45:31 Every person he saw needed to be given what?
45:32 An invitation to the kingdom. Wow.
45:37 That means you. That means me.
45:40 He didn't say, ah, well, you know,
45:44 Bob, you don't have to do it.
45:46 Sally, you don't have to do it.
45:47 No. Every person, every person who's the child of God.
45:55 Reaching souls, not often thought about.
45:58 I read the scripture one time
45:59 and I just about wanted to give up,
46:01 you know, preaching the gospel
46:02 because it talked about the foolishness of preaching.
46:06 In this article I read, it talked
46:08 about the foolishness of preaching but, you know,
46:09 it's very interesting in the Bible.
46:12 Bible talks about, you know, blessed are the feet of those
46:15 that proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.
46:17 That's how heaven looks on it.
46:20 Man may not look at it down here.
46:21 Look at a preacher or a teacher or an elder,
46:23 somebody in church, somebody get a Bible study.
46:27 God said blessed. He's blessing.
46:30 He put blessings on it.
46:32 He chose a man to get the gospel preached into the world.
46:36 But this article started out somewhat the same.
46:39 Eight Testimonies 148 said "All the preaching in the world
46:46 will not make men feel deeply
46:48 the need of perishing souls around them."
46:52 So you may come to service and you get, kind of, excited.
46:54 The preacher, kind of, gets you on fire and reading it all.
46:59 The fire's gonna go out real soon.
47:00 There has to be a real change take place.
47:02 All the preaching in the world, that means all the preachers,
47:05 that everybody preaching nothing will waken in them
47:09 the need of these perishing souls.
47:12 Nothing's gonna wake them up.
47:13 "Nothing will so," but here's it.
47:15 "But nothing will so arouse men and women
47:20 with a self-sacrificing zeal as to send them forth
47:24 into new fields and to work for those in darkness."
47:31 You had a sermon everybody gets excited about
47:33 but nothing will do you as good in your life,
47:36 dear friends, set you on fire for Jesus is to go out
47:39 and work to a field, a dark field
47:40 where certain people don't know Jesus.
47:42 Go to a new location, maybe, and just go out and say,
47:45 oh, God I wanna work for you.
47:48 Have you ever felt like doing that?
47:49 You know, you need to make-- there's lot of people
47:51 that's been doing that. Praise God.
47:54 Lot more feel the unction of the Spirit
47:56 and we need to do it.
47:59 We need to go out and be able to go to a dark location
48:01 maybe where they haven't heard about Jesus
48:03 and be able to spread the gospel.
48:04 This will set you on fire. This will change you.
48:08 The article goes on. It's very interesting.
48:10 It says, "Prepare the people to go to the highways
48:14 and the byways and compel them to come in."
48:18 We must learn and this article said
48:20 men must learn responsibility.
48:23 And I was, kind of, shocked.
48:25 So I read on. It said, listen, not--
48:28 oh, I need your attention. Listen.
48:30 "Not one in one hundred among us is doing
48:37 anything beyond engaging in common, worldly enterprises.
48:44 We are not half awake to the worth
48:48 of souls for whom Christ died."
48:53 Not one in a hundred among us is doing
48:57 anything beyond common, worldly enterprises.
49:03 We are not half awake. We're asleep. Oh, yeah well.
49:09 We must expand the work. Why?
49:13 Because we've realized the worth of the soul.
49:15 We know what was given for it.
49:17 How heaven looks at them.
49:18 And says, oh, God help me to be a soul winner.
49:22 Lot of time we like to build up in one area
49:25 and everybody comes over here, we've all this place here,
49:27 everybody's looking, everybody--
49:28 when He says go into all the world and do what?
49:30 Spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.
49:32 I like here. I like there.
49:34 Many times we built up the work in certain locations
49:36 and God's not told us not to be doing that
49:38 but we still wanna build it up because it looks good.
49:41 We got lot of big buildings and lot of things are going on
49:44 but then God will have His way and he will take it to naught
49:47 because he said go into all the world and preach the gospel.
49:51 Wow.
49:55 Men look at things differently than God looks at them.
49:59 And we need to come in tune with heaven.
50:00 Don't you believe that?
50:02 We need to give men responsibility in the church,
50:06 men and women and teachers and children responsibility
50:08 to be able to carry part of the burden
50:11 which will help them to be encouraged
50:13 and be ready for Jesus to come.
50:15 Do you really have that burden for souls?
50:19 Do you really have it down deep?
50:21 Do you really understand the worth of a soul
50:22 and how urgent it is? Here's some good news.
50:27 Great Controversy 6:52. This is how God views
50:33 and talks about the value of a soul here.
50:37 This-- this is awesome, listen.
50:39 It said "The result of the Savior's conflict
50:42 with the powers of darkness." Right?
50:43 Jesus coming down here and living the life and Calvary.
50:47 "Is joy to the redeemed." Aren't you glad
50:49 that Jesus came down, lived and died?
50:51 That's a joy to those who are going to be redeemed.
50:54 Without it would never happen.
50:56 It says, "redounding to he Glory of God through eternity."
51:00 The saints will be shouting through all eternity
51:04 because the sacrifice was made.
51:05 Notice this, "And such is the value of a soul
51:11 that the Father is satisfied with the price paid."
51:17 Our heavenly Father is satisfied with the price that was paid.
51:21 It cost Him His only Son. But when He sees what?
51:25 The redeemed. He satisfies-- oh, this is wonderful.
51:29 And it goes on. It said "Christ Himself,
51:31 beholding the fruits of the great sacrifice, is satisfied."
51:37 In other words he said, "yes, I'm glad I did. Praise God."
51:45 they'll be sounding and resounding,
51:46 oh, the praises of God.
51:49 Friend, realize the cause of Christ
51:52 is going to be the science.
51:53 It's going to be the song
51:56 of the redeemed throughout the ages.
51:59 The worth of a soul-- but listen you may feel,
52:02 before we close--it's getting time to close but listen.
52:05 Maybe you went out and you--
52:06 maybe you feel like you've failed
52:08 and you're afraid to go out again.
52:09 Let me just read 4 Testimonies 132 says this, listen the value.
52:13 "If you've failed ninety-nine times out of a hundred."
52:18 If you what? "You failed
52:19 ninety-nine times out of a hundred,
52:21 but you succeed in saving one soul from ruin,
52:25 you have done a noble work for the Master."
52:29 See, how we look at it as human beings differently.
52:32 Think about it. You go 100--
52:34 100 times out and you failed 99 times.
52:36 Nothing happens but one soul, the value one soul,
52:40 you have done a noble work for the Master.
52:42 Praise God for that.
52:45 But you know what, remind you, you realize
52:46 that there is no such thing as failure in the cause of Christ.
52:50 There is no such thing as lost,
52:51 there is no such thing as defeat,
52:53 there is no such thing as impossibility
52:56 because I can do all things through Christ
52:58 who strengthens me.
53:01 Friend, I want you to sense the value of a soul.
53:03 I want you to sense how God wants to use you to win souls.
53:06 But you know what?
53:07 Love to God and love to our fellow men.
53:11 If we don't love our fellow men, remember,
53:14 how can we love God? We haven't seen Him.
53:16 We see our fellow men.
53:18 If not why don't we pray about it? Say, oh, God,
53:20 help me to love my fellow men.
53:21 I haven't loved in a way that I should.
53:23 I haven't loved them the way that you love me.
53:25 Why don't we pray about that right now
53:26 before we close and just ask God to help us to see?
53:30 Well, set you on fire and set your feet
53:32 on different path and maybe where it's been
53:33 before and you're no longer afraid of failure
53:36 but you want to go forward in the name of Jesus.
53:38 I'm gonna kneel here. Pray with me
53:39 where you can please.
53:41 Merciful Father in heaven,
53:42 again we thank you for your precious word.
53:44 Thank you for reminding us who you are and who we are.
53:47 Thank you for reminding us
53:49 that there is no such thing as failure, defeat or lose
53:52 when we're on the side of Christ.
53:54 No impossibilities. Bless us now.
53:56 We pray to this and put this in our hearts
53:58 and our minds the value of a soul
54:00 and what was paid to ransom it.
54:02 We thank you for loving us.
54:03 Help us to see it the way heaven sees,
54:05 not the way the world sees.
54:06 And bless those who of you those who hear.
54:08 In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.
54:12 I want to encourage you to so much in--in the study.
54:15 You need to keep studying.
54:16 You need to keep digging deeper than maybe you've ever been,
54:19 you know, you dug before in the word of God
54:21 because you need to understand this value of a soul.
54:23 And, you know, we are reaching out,
54:25 by the grace of God and, kind of,
54:27 getting into homes and to maybe hundreds
54:29 and maybe millions homes, thousand, millions.
54:33 And you know what we want to do? Listen.
54:36 We want to encourage you to help us
54:38 to get this message to millions, billions of people.
54:43 Can't do it with out your help.
54:44 This is the only support that we have coming in,
54:46 that's what the free will offerings of God's people.
54:48 So keep that in mind. Pray for us.
54:50 We'll be praying for you. Remember, we love you.
54:52 We're gonna look forward to spending
54:53 a lot more time with you when we see you again.
54:59 Wow. Sharing the love of God has never appeared so sweet
55:03 to as many of us as perhaps it does right now.
55:07 After spending this time together and studying
55:10 this should motivate us to get out
55:13 and to share the love, our love for Christ,
55:17 with others through service, through the giving of literature
55:20 or D.V.D. and C.D. messages or in just anyway
55:24 that the Lord opens the door for us to do so.
55:27 But as we go forward I would like for you to keep in mind
55:30 one other excerpt from the book, "Steps to Christ"
55:33 that I'd like to share with you in closing.
55:36 By following this example you will bear fruit
55:39 for the kingdom of heaven, perhaps as never before.
55:42 And this world, your world may even feel a bit more
55:46 like heaven itself. Listen closely.
55:49 "Jesus did not suppress one word of truth,
55:53 but he uttered it always in love.
55:55 He exercised the greatest tact and thoughtful,
55:58 kind attention in His relationship with the people.
56:02 He was never rude, never needlessly spoke a severe word,
56:07 never gave needless pain to a sensitive soul.
56:10 He did not censure human weakness.
56:13 He spoke the truth, but always in love.
56:18 His life was one of self-denial and thoughtful care for others.
56:22 Every soul was precious in His eyes.
56:26 In all men He saw fallen souls
56:29 whom it was His mission to save."
56:32 Friends, what more? What more could ever be said?
56:37 Our neighbor is every precious soul around us.
56:40 Our mission is to share
56:42 the gospel of salvation with them,
56:45 but always in godly love with the wisdom
56:49 that only comes from heaven.
56:51 We hope that you will call us today,
56:54 that this message is so important
56:56 that you would like to order this two part series
56:59 so that you can view it time and again and remind yourselves
57:03 and share with others, show them as well
57:05 just how vitally important a soul is.
57:09 Our prayers for these message
57:11 is to be a tool in bringing heavenly peace, joy, love,
57:16 and motivation in service for Christ.
57:18 So pick up the phone today.
57:19 Give us a call. This set can be yours
57:22 for a love gift of just $15 or more.
57:25 You may reach us by dialing 618-942-5044.
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57:43 You may also email us
57:44 at BeholdTheLambMinistries
57:48 And as always visit our website.
57:50 You can order from there as well
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57:57 Until next time, may our precious Lord
58:00 continue to richly bless you and yours.


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