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Spiritual Formation - A Blessing Or A Curse? - part 1

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Participants: Chris Shelton (Host), Kenny Shelton


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00:41 Hello and welcome to "Behold the Lamb Presents."
00:44 I'm Chris Shelton your host and I want to warmly welcome
00:47 and invite you to a very informative and needful study.
00:52 Today, we will be examining a movement
00:55 that has been sweeping through Christendom
00:57 beginning many years ago with the Roman Catholic Jesuits
01:01 then moving through the orthodox churches
01:04 and now finding a new home
01:06 with the new mixture of proponents in
01:08 and among mainstream protestant and evangelical churches.
01:13 This movement I'm referring to is called "Spiritual Formation."
01:18 In a web post I visited by Bill Cork
01:21 posted on July 5, 2010, entitled "Thought
01:25 on Spiritual Formation" I read this.
01:28 "The expression, 'Spiritual Formation,'
01:31 originated in Catholic seminaries
01:34 and religious communities.
01:36 For religious communities, including monasteries,
01:39 it is a period of introduction to that community's life,
01:43 traditions, and ways of prayer.
01:45 The person is immersed in this new way of living,
01:49 and taught what it means, and guided by experienced
01:53 brothers or sisters through the time of transition.
01:56 It is a period of probation, in which both the community
02:00 and the individual discern
02:02 whether this is the right place for them to be.
02:06 For Catholic seminaries, formation covers
02:08 all that is involved in developing
02:11 priestly spirituality developing the whole person,
02:15 nurturing spiritual life, honing the intellect,
02:19 and inculcating the pastoral heart."
02:22 "Spiritual Formation" sounds somewhat innocent
02:25 by this definition but as one becomes
02:28 more familiar with its evolvement
02:31 into the various mainstream churches of today,
02:34 we find that it has new proponents
02:36 such as this term contemplative prayer,
02:40 spiritual discipline and so on.
02:43 So ask yourself, is adopting spiritual formation
02:47 into our churches, into our personal lives
02:50 a blessing or is it possibly a curse?
02:54 A wolf as it were disguised in sheep's clothing.
02:58 I want you to stay tuned and listen to Pastor Kenny
03:02 as he opens up to us what the Lord has revealed to him
03:05 in the study of "Spiritual Formation"
03:08 that he has entitled
03:10 "Spiritual Formation" a blessing or a curse?"
03:14 It's a subject that you need to be aware of
03:18 but first we're blessed to visit the 3ABN worship center
03:21 and listen to a song entitled "Satisfied"
03:25 by Donna Shurley and Jack Crosby.
03:33 All my life long I had panted
03:38 For a drink from some cool spring
03:44 That I hoped would quench the burning
03:49 Of the thirst I felt within
03:54 Hallelujah I have found Him
03:59 Whom my soul so long has craved
04:05 Jesus satisfies my longings
04:10 Through His blood I now am saved
04:18 Feeding on the husk around me
04:23 Till my strength was almost gone
04:28 Longed my soul for something better
04:33 Only still to hunger on
04:39 Hallelujah I have found Him
04:44 Whom my soul so long has craved
04:49 Jesus satisfies my longings
04:54 Through His blood I now am saved
05:02 Poor I was and sought for riches
05:07 Something that would satisfy
05:13 But the dust I gathered round me
05:18 Only mocked my soul's sad cry
05:23 Hallelujah I have found Him
05:29 Whom my soul so long has craved
05:34 Jesus satisfies my longings
05:39 Through His blood I now am saved
05:47 Well of water ever springing
05:52 Bread of life so rich and free
05:58 Untold wealth that never faileth
06:03 My Redeemer is to me
06:08 Hallelujah I have found Him
06:14 Whom my soul so long has craved
06:19 Jesus satisfies my longings
06:24 Through His blood I now am saved
06:29 Hallelujah I have found Him
06:35 Whom my soul so long has craved
06:40 Jesus satisfies my longings
06:45 Through His blood I now am saved
06:51 Through His blood I now am saved
07:07 Thanks for joining us once again.
07:09 We praise the Lord for each and everyone of you
07:11 and as my wife had mentioned in the introduction,
07:14 this is an important study.
07:16 And we feel like that all the studies
07:18 that we do here at Behold the Lamb,
07:19 they are important because what?
07:20 They're based upon the word of God.
07:22 And we feel that power of the Holy Spirit
07:24 that is called "Present True."
07:27 warnings need to be given inside and outside the church.
07:30 So as God lays it on your heart
07:32 and my heart today about this study,
07:35 I want to read a couple of passages of scripture to you
07:37 before we go to God in prayer.
07:39 Found in the Book of Psalms Chapter 40
07:42 read verses about 1 through 4 and as we do,
07:44 I want you to meditate and think up on these things.
07:48 David said, "I waited patiently for the Lord.
07:51 He inclined unto me, and he heard my cry.
07:55 He brought me up also out of an horrible pit,
07:59 out of a miry clay, He set my feet upon a rock,
08:03 and established my goings.
08:06 And he hath put a new song in my mouth,
08:09 even praise unto our God.
08:11 Many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the Lord."
08:17 Listen to verse 4.
08:18 "Blessed is that man that maketh the Lord his trust,
08:23 and respecteth not the proud, nor such as turn aside to lies."
08:29 Also in Psalms 43:3, the Bible says this,
08:34 "O send out thy light and thy truth,
08:37 let them lead me,
08:38 let them bring me unto thy holy hill,
08:41 and to thy tabernacle."
08:44 Oh, how desperately we need light
08:46 and how desperately we need truth today
08:48 that's going to lead us to the throne room of God.
08:52 We need to go to Him in prayer.
08:53 We study this fascinating subject of taking the world
08:57 and the Christian World maybe by surprise
09:00 as we're talking about "Spiritual Formation."
09:02 Is it good? Is it bad?
09:04 What does God's word say about it?
09:06 We need prayer. So why don't you--
09:08 well, you can kneel with me, let's pray, those of you cannot,
09:10 you can just pray to the Lord and we need those prayer.
09:13 So please pray for the Holy Spirit's guidance.
09:17 Merciful God in Heaven, we thank You for Your love
09:20 and Your mercy and Your long suffering.
09:22 Bless us now we pray with the power of thy Holy Spirit,
09:24 give us understanding of Your word.
09:26 Forgive me of any sin, anything in my heart
09:29 and life that needs not be there.
09:30 How we need to hear from heaven today.
09:32 How the devil is angry.
09:33 He doesn't want this subject to go forth.
09:35 Doesn't want people to understand it.
09:37 He does not want to be unmasked.
09:38 So he is furiously mad but in the name of Jesus,
09:41 we give you praise, give you honor
09:43 and give you glory because it will go forward.
09:46 It will come across to the power of thy Holy Spirit.
09:49 Give us the people I pray understanding
09:51 and we pray to anoint my mouth and my mind and my tongue.
09:54 In Jesus name, we pray and for His sake. Amen.
10:01 You know as the passage of scripture that we read,
10:04 I want you to keep them as some foundation
10:05 and some building blocks as we go through the study.
10:08 When you talk about "Spiritual Formation,"
10:10 some of you may not think that it's a heavy thing
10:13 and you say, "Well, we've been through,
10:14 and it's been going on for quite some time."
10:16 And yet, almost like undetected
10:18 not a whole lot being said about it
10:20 but, you know, I can really say this.
10:21 Now remember there's two parts to this,
10:24 so you don't want to miss this.
10:25 This is part number one.
10:27 But going through the study on several occasions,
10:30 I just had to stop and simply just cry out to God
10:33 for more understanding of it
10:35 and for renewed strength to continue to go on
10:39 and you say, but why?
10:41 Because at times, I was just overwhelmed
10:43 with all the information besides that.
10:45 And I'm crying out for not only myself but for God's people.
10:49 The way in which the enemy is attacking God's church,
10:52 God's last day people and it came into my mind
10:55 as a human thinking as just simply say,
10:58 "Oh, God, who will not be deceived?
11:01 Who will not be deceived?"
11:04 He's very tactful in what he does.
11:06 He's very knowledgeable in what he does.
11:08 So we might as well just face up to that right now to realize
11:11 that he has a plan to deceive you and to deceive me.
11:14 So we must be careful the Bible says in 2 Corinthians 4:2,
11:19 to handle the word of God, notice this,
11:23 the word of God not to handle the word of God deceitfully.
11:27 There are many that handle the word of God
11:28 and it's become deceitful.
11:30 It's misleading.
11:31 So the admonition is given to us when you handle the word of God,
11:34 be careful how you handle it.
11:38 This is no game. This is not a game at all.
11:41 In fact, you could say the stakes are very high
11:44 because it's eternal life here.
11:48 And I want you to see it that way.
11:49 I want you to sense the urgency
11:51 as the Spirit speaks to your heart
11:53 that these are things that are going on
11:54 and many people are turning deaf ear and they don't want to,
11:59 you know, get involved in it
12:00 because there is people in high positions that are involved.
12:03 There is people maybe that has more education
12:05 than you do or than I do.
12:06 And, well, we don't want to say anything but listen,
12:08 if that doesn't match up with the word of God,
12:10 we need to have a voice.
12:13 1 Timothy 6:2, the Bible says, lay hold on, what?
12:18 Eternal life.
12:19 It's a life and death issue
12:21 and we need to lay hold on eternal life.
12:25 It's very, very important
12:26 that we see this subject for what it is.
12:28 And I guess the thing that troubles me
12:30 and maybe you too as I'm talking to you right now, you know.
12:34 I'm sure you'll be answering back.
12:36 Is it so sad that few people realize
12:41 the hour in which we live
12:43 and few people realize the tactics of the devil?
12:47 He doesn't like to be exposed.
12:49 He doesn't want his plan to be out there
12:51 where everybody can see it.
12:52 He's afraid that there's just one person will accept
12:54 let alone many.
12:57 So may I encourage you with this?
12:59 Every point of truth, the enemy attacks.
13:03 He attacks it from every angle
13:05 that he possibly can to confuse the mind and yet,
13:08 we find that the truths of God's word are really
13:11 very clear and they're very simple.
13:14 There's really through the power of the Spirit
13:15 we can understand what God has put in His word.
13:19 But in the word, the plan of the enemy unfolds.
13:24 And so as he sees that it's unfold,
13:26 he's afraid that you'll be reading and studying about it.
13:30 And so we get a lot of counsel
13:32 and a lot of talk from different people
13:34 and we need to be careful.
13:35 Because, you know, the Bible talks about it in Proverbs 12:5.
13:39 It says, listen, "The counsel of the wicked is deceitful."
13:44 The counsel of what? The wicked is deceitful.
13:47 That means it's what? Misleading.
13:49 It means it's very subtle. It's very hard to pick up.
13:52 It's very difficult to discern which is right which is wrong.
13:55 And so sometimes we're just carried away with emotion
13:58 and a feeling rather than word of God.
14:01 Okay, let me make it plain here, listen up.
14:03 Any deviation-- there's a bottom line.
14:06 Any deviation from Bible truth is dangerous. Any what?
14:11 Any deviation at all going anywhere
14:13 from the word of God is dangerous.
14:17 And we have to realize this,
14:19 the Bible is clear on 2 Corinthians 2:11.
14:21 It says this. This is why we're doing this study.
14:23 There's gonna be some foundation that we're building.
14:25 Then we'll get deep into this as the Lord gives us time.
14:28 But it says, we are not to be ignorant
14:31 of the devices of the enemy.
14:35 So we're not to be what? Ignorant of his devices.
14:38 So we are to understand that.
14:40 It means is, we're not to be ignorant of his purposes.
14:43 We're not to be ignorant of his, what?
14:45 Devices, ignorant of his mind, ignorant of his disposition.
14:50 So we must understand that the plan
14:52 that the enemy has and what he's going,
14:54 how he's going to work it on you and on me.
14:57 And we still must realize in the closing word,
15:01 we're going to meet-- listen carefully,
15:03 we're going to meet with difficulties
15:06 that we just don't know how to deal with.
15:09 There's things that will come up that's new,
15:11 that's challenging and we say, "Oh, I don't know what to do."
15:15 But let me tell you, God has a purpose for His people.
15:18 God has a plan. He has a purpose.
15:21 And you know what?
15:22 He's going to reveal that to those
15:24 who serve Him in righteousness.
15:27 There's a book that I like that many people out be reading.
15:29 In fact, we all need to be reading and very few,
15:31 you know, "Well, we don't have time, we're busy."
15:33 "The Great Controversy" page 516 says this,
15:37 there is nothing that the great deceiver--did you get this?
15:40 Somebody listen, there is nothing
15:42 that the great deceiver fears so much
15:46 as that we should do, what?
15:47 Should become acquainted with his devices.
15:51 Now did we just not read in scripture in 2 Corinthians 2:11,
15:55 we are not to be ignorant of his, what?
15:57 Good, of his devices.
15:59 We go to the Spirit of Prophecy.
16:00 It says here, there's nothing more than the devil fears
16:04 that we should become acquainted with his devices.
16:09 Why? Because if we're warned and we understand
16:11 what's coming on, then we should, what?
16:13 We should take another path.
16:15 And again as we read Great Controversy page 608,
16:18 it says, "By uniting with the world--"
16:21 Here's our problem always,
16:22 "By uniting with the world and partaking of its spirit,"
16:27 Always world, world, world, in the world,
16:28 everything in the world, this is what we gauge our life on.
16:30 This is what we do. This is what we think. This is how we act.
16:33 We're worried about what Joe Blow says
16:34 down the road over here rather than the word of God.
16:37 We're partaking of the spirit of the world.
16:39 Listen, when we partake of the spirit of the world,
16:41 we begin to view matters as nearly the same light.
16:45 Does that make sense? Does that make sense?
16:48 Can't really hear you. Does that make sense?
16:51 If we're in the world and wrapped up in the world,
16:54 then we begin to view things just like the world views them.
16:58 We don't understand spiritual things at all.
17:01 And listen--and then, here's the key
17:03 and then when we're brought
17:05 into a time of test in our spiritual condition,
17:08 we are prepared to take the easy popular side.
17:13 Wow, why?
17:14 Because, well, we've been training
17:16 our brain the other way.
17:18 That's why we need to understand the situation.
17:21 You see I'm concerned about church growth.
17:24 I'm concerned about the winning of souls
17:26 into the kingdom of God and you are too.
17:28 I'm concerned about being true to our calling.
17:33 I'm concerned about being a watchman on the walls of Zion.
17:37 Now let me just throw out a few things for you here
17:40 because some of you will have an idea.
17:42 Rest of you say, "Boy, I don't know--"
17:45 Listen, when it comes to church growth,
17:47 everybody's talking about church growth.
17:49 Everybody wants their church to grow.
17:50 But when you're talking about church growth,
17:52 we need not follow the ways of the world
17:57 or other churches in order to get our church to grow.
18:00 This is a mistake when we do that.
18:03 And the result will be a loss, oh, friend, not gain.
18:07 Because we're going contrary to God's word.
18:11 Have you ever wondered at how the enemy,
18:13 how does he prepare us to receive
18:16 these many liberal views?
18:18 Lot of liberal views out there, different views
18:20 but how does he prepare me, you, to receive those liberal views?
18:23 And how does he prepare the hearts
18:25 of those in high positions to also receive,
18:27 I won't say air liberal views?
18:33 And then I think theology.
18:36 How does new theology slip past
18:40 the watchmen on the walls of Zion?
18:44 Evidently, it's slipping past because very little is said,
18:46 very few voices are heard.
18:48 We talk about new theologies like,
18:49 "Oh, we've heard it enough
18:51 that now we just kind of accept it
18:52 and we'll just be quiet."
18:54 It'll go away. It will not. It will increase.
18:56 Where are the watchmen on the walls of Zion?
19:02 We're talking about here this some subject
19:04 that we need to really look closely.
19:06 Let me ask you some more questions.
19:08 How does the books of the new order
19:10 seem to be appearing on our stands and all around us
19:13 and we're encouraged by others
19:14 to read these books that help us,
19:17 you know, to get a closer walk with Jesus.
19:20 We're encouraged to read these kind of books.
19:22 Should I be--come on, questions now, what you think,
19:26 should I be concerned about accreditation?
19:29 Should I be concerned about doctoral degrees
19:33 by those who must learn?
19:35 You see you must go to schools of a different order?
19:42 Will it affect my mind
19:44 if I'm going and hearing other things?
19:48 Sure it will affect our minds.
19:51 And then another question, should we be concerned
19:53 about any efforts to unify with other believers
20:00 so that we are more acceptable to them?
20:04 See, like our focus is not where it should be.
20:07 We're interested in getting along with
20:09 the other things of the world or other denominations.
20:11 There are people who believe differently
20:13 and they just--we want to get along with the churches.
20:17 Listen, unity is very important.
20:19 God's people will have it.
20:20 But let me just encourage you with this right here.
20:22 God does not call for unity on wrong practices.
20:27 Never unify on wrong practices.
20:30 You have to take a stand.
20:34 Now should we be concerned also and say that it's okay
20:39 for those who teach the Bible or teach classes in the Bible
20:42 to have a different view
20:46 than what we call our pillars of our faith
20:48 or the teachings of God's word?
20:51 We've come to grips as a movement.
20:53 This should be our teaching.
20:55 This should be--well, this is what the word of God says.
20:57 Should we allow those
20:59 in different position teaching other people to,
21:00 you know, go out and pastor different?
21:03 They can--they're allowed to have different views
21:05 and to teach those errors. Huh.
21:09 Wouldn't this open the door to many more errors?
21:13 Give you a quick one like, faith alone.
21:15 Somebody says, "Well, it's just faith alone."
21:18 It means faith alone that's wonderful.
21:20 Faith--but faith alone without obedience
21:22 to the law of God. Huh.
21:26 Wouldn't this spawn some kind of movements?
21:31 You see, like celebration, church planting, wow.
21:36 See if these were based upon scriptures, they would be good
21:41 but we can't base these upon--
21:43 listen carefully, base upon music.
21:46 We cannot base these kind of movements upon--
21:49 be careful, Kenny, coffee and donut time.
21:53 We can't base this kind of movement on
21:58 what we call Christian rock music
22:01 trying to get people to come in.
22:04 We can't have a movement going on that says just only believe,
22:07 everything else is gonna be all right, just love. Huh.
22:13 You see believing, going against the Bible
22:15 and the teachings of the Bible will spawn things like this.
22:18 You know, it'll spawn things like
22:21 when you dress to come into the house of God,
22:23 you dress like you're going to a picnic
22:25 rather than meeting with God.
22:28 God particularly you better believe He is.
22:31 And yet, no one wants to hear that.
22:33 We don't want to put forth no extra effort
22:36 you see to be pleasing in the side of God.
22:39 Spiritual blindness is deadly.
22:44 Spiritual Formation, this is background,
22:46 we're talking about here.
22:48 Every deviation from the word of God, what? Is dangerous.
22:52 Deadly, blindness is deadly.
22:55 I read the "Spirit of Prophecy" volume 4, page 42-45.
22:59 And I want to read that.
23:00 I realize there's several paragraphs here
23:02 but listen, listen to every word.
23:06 "Satan therefore laid his plan to war more successfully
23:10 against the government of God."
23:11 You think that devil is not against the government of God.
23:14 Yes, he was. He was against it in the heaven.
23:17 He fought against it.
23:19 And so the devil did what?
23:21 He was cast out here.
23:22 He planted his banner in the Christian church.
23:26 And if the followers of Christ notice this could be deceived
23:31 and lead to be displeasing to God, then he said what?
23:36 Then their strength, oh about the Christian,
23:38 if the devil is planting his banner
23:41 right in the midst of the Christian church,
23:42 it will cause us to lose our strength,
23:44 our fortitude, our firmness, we will fail.
23:48 And they would fall, notice this, easy prey.
23:54 Easy prey.
23:57 The larger portion of the Christian company
24:00 lower their standard.
24:02 Are we saying standards are lowered today
24:03 and yet we say nothing about it?
24:06 And then union was formed.
24:09 The Christian religion became corrupt.
24:12 The church lost her purity and her power, why?
24:15 Because the devil had come down as a roaring lion.
24:18 The devil planted his banner
24:20 in the midst of the Christian church.
24:21 He's done everything that he possibly can do by what?
24:25 Going--fighting against God's government
24:27 and that means fighting against you and fighting against me.
24:31 Have we lost our purity and our power
24:33 because we want to be like others in the world?
24:37 We must realize there's always been two classes,
24:41 people who profess to be followers of Jesus Christ.
24:44 Here's what one class,
24:46 one class studies the life of Jesus Christ.
24:50 They understand they come to see the defects of their character
24:54 and they want these gone.
24:55 They want the blood of Jesus to cleanse them.
24:56 They want to be more like Jesus Christ.
24:59 They plan, they pray, they study,
25:03 and say, "Lord, please correct these defects.
25:06 And I want to be conformed into the pattern of Jesus Christ."
25:09 That's one class.
25:10 Then you have this other class here.
25:12 There's all why, but they shun the plain, straight testimony.
25:18 They shun the practical truths of God's word
25:21 because these things expose their errors.
25:26 So they don't want to hear
25:27 and they're looking for different ways
25:29 you see to go around being obedient to God and His laws.
25:33 And they make it sound flowery and rosy
25:36 and it sounds good and they sound spiritual.
25:39 You think the devil cares
25:40 if a man gets up and he talks good,
25:41 he's talking spiritual but yet,
25:43 he's deviating from the word of God?
25:45 Lot of times we accept things because to be truthful,
25:48 it's over your head. It's over my head.
25:52 I've often said that an illustration
25:55 a man preached a sermon one time
25:56 and he got pretty deep
25:58 and he used a lot of big words and got done.
26:00 And while passing a man said to me,"Man."
26:03 I said, "Hey, was that a good sermon?"
26:06 "Oh, man, that was a wonderful sermon."
26:08 I said, "What did he say?"
26:10 "Well, I don't know.
26:12 I'm not sure what he said but, man, he was deep."
26:16 Well, a message has to be clear and straight
26:18 that a child can understand it.
26:22 We have this class that wants to
26:23 evade the truth of God's word.
26:27 Bible is very clear in history when the Christians,
26:30 you see, consented to unite with all this--
26:33 I'm saying today, when you consent to unite
26:37 with half converted Christian, are you still there?
26:42 When you do, you're yearning upon a path
26:45 that goes farther and farther and farther from the truth.
26:49 You're yearning a path
26:51 that you may never be able to reverse your steps again
26:54 because you will become blinded and it's deadly.
26:59 But yet we hear many time,
27:00 "Well, we need to unite together."
27:04 There's principle involved, truth, air.
27:09 Lord, help us to see this.
27:12 So we have to express concerns
27:15 to those who are not aware, aware of what?
27:18 Aware of such things that have entered in
27:20 and we've become a part of and we say that is harmless but,
27:23 you know, you think of again we're talking
27:25 "Spiritual Formation" and we're leading to that big study
27:28 but we have to--newer linguistic training and teaching,
27:32 mind control, used to influence others.
27:36 Why would a pastor, why would someone go to take classes
27:38 in order to try to control your mind, Brother Jim?
27:42 That's not right.
27:44 No man is trying to control any other man's mind.
27:47 The Holy Spirit can do that.
27:49 Why these classes? Why encourage to go?
27:52 Oh, used to influence them without them knowing it.
27:59 It's real?
28:01 Why would we, why would we send,
28:05 why would we attend another church
28:08 or-- oh, let's be bold another denomination
28:12 we're talking about in order to learn how to win souls?
28:15 When we may do this by simply
28:18 studying the word of God and the Spirit of Prophecy.
28:21 These are tools for today.
28:23 We don't have to go to someone,
28:25 you see, who does not believe the way you do.
28:27 So out in the world and learned the techniques of the world
28:29 as it were or the denomination, how to win souls.
28:33 How sad can this get?
28:36 Say go somewhere else out there and win souls
28:38 and then come back and give them a different message.
28:40 You're not going, you don't give the same message
28:41 you learned where you were at.
28:45 Now we have to content with,
28:48 you know, it's been around for a while "Spiritual Formation,"
28:52 something that--my wife mentioned in the opening that's
28:54 been borrowed from protestants and the Catholic churches.
29:01 And if people are saying,
29:02 "Well, I'm wanting a deeper experience with God.
29:04 Oh, Hallelujah.
29:06 I want a deeper meaningful experience."
29:08 And when we seek God and when we want spiritual help,
29:11 this is good but so how we approach it?
29:17 How should we approach it?
29:18 Should it be from the word of God
29:19 or should it be from some other man's book
29:21 that wrote books somewhere?
29:22 It came from here and forth.
29:24 We trace it down. It came from the rules of paganism. Huh.
29:27 The "Spiritual Formation" does just the opposite.
29:30 It will not give us that spiritual insight
29:32 and that spiritual high that maybe some are looking for.
29:38 Let me just say, you know, I might just point
29:40 and say I'm talking to you whoever that might be.
29:45 Let me just say here those who are, oh, boy,
29:49 ripe for the picking on the "Spiritual Formation,"
29:53 let me just give you some maybe some food for thought.
29:56 I want to help you.
29:58 Those who are ripe for accepting
30:01 this falsehood of spiritual formation
30:04 in all of its roots and all of its--
30:06 these are people who are looking for something,
30:10 listen, new and different.
30:13 They're always looking for something new
30:15 rather than be grounded and rooted deep in the truth of God.
30:20 They're looking for something new,
30:21 something that's little different,
30:23 maybe something that's little easy or something,
30:24 oh, with a little more feeling involved.
30:28 Hmm... These people--
30:33 remember, I'm talking to you if you be one,
30:36 you set aside the Bible
30:39 and you set aside the Spirit of Prophecy.
30:43 You found yourself in a spiritual low.
30:45 You may have never been so low.
30:50 And so you are looking for something.
30:53 Listen,
30:57 if you're happily married,
31:01 you're in love with your wife or with your husband,
31:04 you're--ooh, you're not looking for something new and different.
31:09 You're content.
31:11 You're reading. You're studying, you know, spending time.
31:15 You know what I'm talking about here.
31:16 It's also there's a lack in their life somewhere,
31:20 something has happened.
31:21 So spiritually here, there's a spiritual low
31:24 that needs something to pick them up
31:26 because they know it's the right thing.
31:27 They know they're dying.
31:28 And they're looking for something
31:30 and so they're saying-- what is this,
31:31 "Oh, that sounds good, I'm gonna try it."
31:34 You realize something is missing
31:37 and you're looking for this something new
31:38 and something exciting, something different
31:40 and here the real cause of your lukewarmness,
31:44 the real cause of it.
31:46 The real cause of apostasy
31:49 is a lack of simple study of the word of God
31:52 and submitting to it.
31:54 Did you get that?
31:56 A lack of studying the word and then be submissive to the word.
32:01 Now you--something startled your mind just a little bit here?
32:04 Something I read, I just-- I want to share with you.
32:06 6 Testimonies 14, it says,
32:09 "Satan is working to the utmost to make himself as God."
32:16 Satan is doing what?
32:18 He's working to the utmost to make himself as God.
32:22 Now for you doubting Thomases, for those you say,
32:26 "Well, yeah, he's reading something
32:27 I don't really know of."
32:29 I'm gonna give you a couple of passage of scripture
32:31 and then you can read for yourself.
32:33 The enemy is working to make himself as God.
32:36 Have you ever
32:38 where he's gonna probably set in the place of God?
32:41 Okay, that makes a truthful statement, does it?
32:45 Reading on, they said he's going to make himself as God
32:47 so to destroy all who oppose his power.
32:52 He's gonna do what?
32:54 He's gonna try to get rid of those who oppose his power.
32:58 The Bible says in John 10:10 that what does he do?
33:01 He comes as to kill, steal, and to destroy.
33:04 Reading on, it says, "And today the world is roaring,
33:08 notice this, and bowing before him
33:11 and his power to be received as the power of God."
33:16 Friend, listen to this.
33:18 "And today the world is bowing before him."
33:23 Revelation 13, read that if you will, especially verse 8,
33:26 it says, "All the world that worship--
33:28 that dwell upon the earth shall worship him."
33:32 And then there comes a time,
33:34 the Bible is clear that's what truth--truth is out there,
33:38 we won't realize what truth is.
33:40 We're so steeped in error
33:42 and things that are going on, we think,
33:44 oh, this is supernatural things are happening.
33:46 We say the enemy is working it
33:48 but we're saying it's a power of God. Huh.
33:53 You say, "Well, I don't know that."
33:54 2 Corinthians 11:14, he comes as a what?
33:57 As an angel of light.
33:58 Revelation 13:13.
34:00 Read these passage of scripture, the devil's plan unmasking him
34:04 and we see the spiritual formation taking shape.
34:08 3 Testimonies 327 and 328,
34:11 listen to this, this is what helps to prompt me
34:14 and I know it prompts you who are interested in truth.
34:17 You see, we are because we don't want you to be deceived.
34:21 I do not want to be deceived.
34:22 Are you praying daily that God will help you?
34:25 It's more a gain than emotion.
34:27 It's more than feelings.
34:30 It's something greater than that.
34:31 It's a connection with Jesus Christ
34:33 where you know that you know.
34:34 You study line upon line, precept upon precept.
34:38 In the history of this world, there never was a time
34:40 that we need truth like we need it right now.
34:44 3 Testimonies 327,
34:46 it says, "Never was there a greater need--" what?
34:50 "Never was there a greater need of faithful warnings
34:55 and reproofs," and listen,
34:58 "Close, straight dealing, than at this time."
35:04 Should that make the watchmen of the wall stand up and take note?
35:08 Are you still gonna get those wishy washy sermons in church?
35:12 Are you still gonna get that which doesn't matter?
35:15 You go out you're not changed.
35:17 You're not, you know,
35:18 convinced that you need to reexamine your life
35:20 or Lord, I need some changes.
35:23 This is the time for reproofs.
35:25 These are times for warnings, close straight dealings.
35:33 Yeah, because the devil is working in such a way
35:35 that he's fooling what?
35:36 Fooling the world.
35:38 And the world does not know it.
35:41 Again reading 3 Testimonies 327 and 328.
35:43 You need to notice this. This is very interesting.
35:46 "He Satan is flooding the world with pleasing fables."
35:52 We're talking about our subject here as pleasing fable.
35:57 Flooding the world with what?
35:58 Fables, you know what that is?
36:00 Fable is a manmade fiction, something that man has made up.
36:04 It's foolish stories. It's myths. It's legends.
36:09 That's what other translations say of this passage.
36:12 The devil is flooding the world.
36:14 You see, he doesn't care you're reading a scripture
36:16 but he'd rather you accept what?
36:17 Myths and legends and stories
36:19 and get away from the true word of God.
36:23 Why? The article goes on and says because--listen to this.
36:26 He didn't say the world. This is what concerns me.
36:30 It says, "The people of God
36:31 love to have smooth things spoken to them."
36:37 Wow. They love it.
36:40 Remember 2 Timothy 4:4 what the Bible says.
36:43 They're refusing to hear what?
36:45 They lack these fables,
36:46 so therefore they refuse to hear the truth.
36:50 The article goes on and says,
36:51 "Sin and iniquity are not abhorred."
36:55 That means we don't fear it.
36:57 That's what abhorred means here.
36:58 It's what was not disgusting in the way that ought to be.
37:02 It should be hated. Huh.
37:06 We must arouse from our lethargy,
37:08 that means our indifference, our laziness, our sleepiness,
37:13 or it will prove our, notice, destruction unless we resist it.
37:17 So what's coming in spiritual formation,
37:19 all these other things that we just talked about
37:21 quickly and touched on, we have to resist them
37:24 because they are the enemy.
37:26 You remember as you read James 4:7.
37:29 It says resist the devil and what?
37:31 Good, he will flee-- now I'm talking to you,
37:33 some of you not listening, James 4:7,
37:35 "Resist the devil," and he will do what?
37:37 "He will flee from you."
37:41 And this article goes on to say, listen,
37:43 "Satan has the same power
37:45 and same control over our minds now,
37:49 only it has increased a hundredfold
37:52 by exercise and experience.
37:55 Men and women today are deceived.
37:57 Men and women today are blinded by his insinuations,
38:01 by his--" We talked about it.
38:02 "His devices, his schemes and they know it not."
38:07 That's why the world needs to be warned.
38:09 That's why you need to be warned and I need to be warned today.
38:14 'Cause we think that's not harmful.
38:16 Well, this group here they're having prayer sessions
38:19 and oh, they do it different than what the word of God says
38:21 but they talk about it's good.
38:22 We all need to be involved in
38:24 and is it based on the word of God?
38:26 Let me just throw this in
38:28 as we're going on spiritual formation here.
38:30 Disciples had may said well, we gonna go to these classes
38:32 and we're gonna learn how to pray.
38:34 And we're gonna learn-- nothing wrong with that
38:36 if we follow the counsel of God's word.
38:39 Disciples said something like that.
38:40 Do you remember them saying something?
38:41 They said to Jesus,
38:43 they said teach us to pray.
38:46 He said our father which art in heaven, you know, let's do it.
38:51 No one could teach us to pray better than Jesus.
38:55 He didn't give a list of things that we're supposed to do
38:58 coming straight from the pits of hell, to do in order
39:02 to have a religious experience with Jesus Christ.
39:05 Might as well call it the way it is quite pampering it around
39:08 and powdering it up and putting perfume on it, still stinks.
39:12 May I say that? Well, I did.
39:16 I want you to notice this article with me,
39:17 5 Testimonies 210, bear with me once again on the close.
39:22 I'm reading here because I want you to grasp
39:25 what we're talking about as we go into depth
39:27 on some of these new terms that we hear floating around
39:31 and we're not sure whether to accept them, reject them.
39:33 We don't know what to do with them
39:34 because some of the people that are involved,
39:35 they sound so truthful and it's helping them
39:39 by saying it's a wonderful experience
39:40 and you need to get involved.
39:43 5 Testimonies 210 says, notice,
39:46 "In the time when His wrath shall go forth in judgment."
39:50 Don't you see it now on land and sea
39:52 and air the judgments of God are falling in the land?
39:55 Probation is going to close.
39:57 Jesus is going to come.
39:58 We live in that time right now.
40:00 People cannot see it.
40:03 It's like they turn a deaf ear to it.
40:04 Let me tell you, many of the Christians cannot see it
40:06 and some people of the world
40:08 are questioning what's gonna happen?
40:12 Things don't seem right to them.
40:16 Holy Spirit is working on these individuals
40:17 and you and I maybe we've turned a--
40:19 have you turned a deaf ear
40:20 because you've heard it so often?
40:24 Here's what you should be doing
40:26 and I should be doing rather than to be indifferent.
40:30 "In the time when the wrath of God
40:32 shall go forth in judgment, these humble,
40:34 devoted followers of Christ..."
40:36 Are you a humble, devoted follower of Jesus Christ?
40:40 You know how you're gonna be distinguished,
40:42 you're gonna be marked, peoples don't understand it.
40:44 The article says, "You will be distinguished
40:46 from the rest of the world."
40:48 Why? "By your soul anguish."
40:52 Or you feel it in your heart and your mind day by day.
40:55 All can I say this right, "Lord help,"
40:58 is that you feel frustrated and you feel helpless
41:01 because you can't turn the tide of error.
41:03 It's gonna seem as getting worse and worse and worse and worse
41:05 and you see your people that you love are folding up.
41:12 You know the end of the book how discouraging it would be.
41:15 You don't know the God of heaven
41:17 how discouraging it could be but you do.
41:20 You're gonna be distinguished.
41:22 If you're one of God's last day people,
41:24 you will be distinguished by your soul anguish.
41:27 You say soul anguish, what do you mean?
41:28 The article says is expressed in our lamentations
41:33 that means our lamenting, that means our soul.
41:37 We're sorrow if we see things happening
41:39 and we can't seem to change it.
41:41 You're praying about it.
41:42 You're trying to warn about it.
41:44 It says and you're weeping.
41:45 We're crying about these things that are happening among us
41:49 and around us and in our church.
41:51 We give reproofs and we give warnings.
41:55 Then you have the other group over here, always two groups.
41:58 And the group is throwing a cloak
42:00 over the existing evils excusing
42:03 the great wickedness everywhere prevalent.
42:07 But let me tell you those who have
42:09 a zeal for God in His honor,
42:11 those who notice this love soul--
42:13 you have to love souls or not this is gonna work, dear friend.
42:16 You've to have the love of Jesus in your heart.
42:18 Listen, they will not hold their peace to obtain favor from any.
42:26 That means they cannot be threatened.
42:28 Well, you need not sit like this.
42:30 Well, you can't do it like this.
42:31 If you do, this and this is going to happen to you.
42:32 We must tell it the way that God impresses our hearts to do it.
42:39 As I mentioned a while ago, the article said here,
42:41 we sense, do you sense that you are powerless
42:44 to stop the torrent of iniquity,
42:48 hence they are filled with grief and alarm.
42:52 Friend, if you're not filled with grief and alarm today,
42:55 Lord, have mercy, what is it going to take?
43:00 I expect the things to blow up any day.
43:04 And when it changes,
43:06 it will never go back the way that it used to.
43:08 We always say, "Oh, well, it'll go back."
43:09 One of these days it's going to change.
43:10 That's going to be it.
43:15 Grief and alarm, I'm afraid, why?
43:18 Because so many are out of the ark of safety.
43:19 So many don't see.
43:21 Many of your loved ones are not in the ark.
43:22 They're not even looking for the ark of safety.
43:25 They seem to not care one whit
43:28 about being saved in God's kingdom.
43:30 They don't seem to care about their children
43:31 whether they're saved in God's kingdom or burnt in hell fire.
43:34 Friend, we've got to care.
43:40 This same individuals the article goes on and says,
43:43 "They mourn before God
43:45 because they see their religion is despised."
43:49 You see it in the land of United States,
43:50 the religion is basically despised even though
43:52 we're saying, "Oh, we'll give God the prayer."
43:54 Religion despised. We turned our back on God.
43:59 You're grieved because "in the very homes
44:01 who've had great light.
44:02 That light has went out."
44:05 And this group, they lament,
44:08 they afflict their souls because we see this,
44:11 and though don't say you don't see it.
44:13 You see pride, you see avarice, you see selfishness,
44:16 you see deception of every kind are--
44:20 listen, are in the church.
44:24 And then we find the Spirit of God,
44:27 which prompts these reproofs and these warnings
44:31 that correcting is being trampled underfoot
44:36 and while it seems though, the article says here,
44:38 while the servants of Satan are triumphing,
44:41 God is dishonored and the truth made of none effect.
44:45 See the truth is supposed to do something in your heart.
44:47 It's supposed to do something in my heart and in my life
44:50 and you give these warnings and they'll say,
44:52 "Oh, we're tired of hearing all these warnings.
44:54 We don't want to hear it anymore."
44:57 Friend, we have to realize
44:59 through the history of this world, through--
45:02 pagan, you can go back to pagan history,
45:04 Satan has used different methods of mind clearing.
45:10 Ways to clear your mind where the spirit comes in,
45:15 gives you a higher spiritual experience.
45:19 See, people are looking for a higher,
45:21 something different kind of experience but all through--
45:24 listen, what am I saying, all through pagan history.
45:28 Satan has used all these different methods
45:30 of what, mind clearing.
45:32 The devil wants your mind cleared
45:35 that we should be fortified in here
45:36 against the wiles of the enemy.
45:38 He wants to clear it out that he may come in a fuller way.
45:41 Be careful of those who say we need to clear the mind here.
45:44 We need to get it away, be careful.
45:48 He wants us to empty our mind of all of our thoughts
45:51 and enter into, listen carefully,
45:53 a passive mental state.
45:57 That means you're open. You're receptive.
46:01 When this occurs, Satan takes control of the mind.
46:07 Anytime you give it up to someone else,
46:11 Satan takes control.
46:12 Child guidance page 93 said, Satan seeks to control, what?
46:15 The mind. Let me ask you a question.
46:18 How is it, that the devil gets to you?
46:21 How get to me anyone?
46:23 The only avenue-- listen carefully,
46:24 the only avenue that he has is through the mind.
46:28 The Holy Spirit's avenue to get to you
46:30 and to me is through the mind.
46:32 That's why there's a battle for what? For the mind.
46:37 And so the devil says if I can get that mind
46:39 and I can get it cleared out of the things
46:40 that they put in there to fortify
46:42 with the truth of God's word and get it out,
46:44 be in a passive state, be open to suggestion,
46:47 then I can come in and plant my banner there.
46:51 He's not foolish.
46:52 He understands the battle that is going on.
46:56 Testimonies vol. 4 page 542 says, the mind--
46:59 Now those who said it's safe to empty the mind
47:02 and not worried about being fortified
47:03 with the truth of God's word
47:05 because oh, we've a close connection with God
47:07 and everything is all right,
47:10 the inspiration says this,
47:11 the mind is not safe from Satan
47:15 except it is connected with God.
47:20 Yet, in this we're talking here spiritual formation
47:23 and all of the movements and things about mind clearing
47:25 and, you know, they come in
47:27 and give you a higher spiritual experience
47:28 than you've ever had before.
47:30 It's saying really to disconnect from God.
47:35 If we disconnect from God, then who?
47:37 You're connected to the devil.
47:39 He's going to come and he's looking for that opportunity.
47:43 And if we do that we have no protection at all
47:47 from the enemy.
47:49 Interesting, I wonder
47:50 why in that what maybe David in Psalms 119:11,
47:54 in that what he said... 119:11,
47:58 he said "Thy word have I hid in my heart,
48:02 that I might not--" What? "Sin against thee."
48:05 When in this program and things that are around us
48:08 and going through and invited to fish the bait in,
48:11 you've got to clear your mind, you've got to say something,
48:14 you've got to do something,
48:15 you've got to cross your legs a certain way,
48:17 you've got to get up, you've got to breath a certain way.
48:19 When anybody gives you this, breathe a certain way,
48:22 sit a certain way, clear the mind a certain way,
48:24 you could be sure it's the devil.
48:27 I can't be any clearer than that.
48:33 We're talking about having experience.
48:35 We've experience upon our knees
48:36 talking to our Heavenly Father,
48:39 bringing all of our request to him
48:41 rather repeating a word over and over.
48:42 We're gonna get more deaf, lot more deaf.
48:47 Be warned how the enemy is coming in.
48:53 Many people and I see so many Christians,
48:57 they're looking-- Listen,
48:58 they're looking to try to find peace.
49:01 They're looking to try to find a better relationship with God.
49:06 They're wanting to find forgiveness with God
49:11 without giving up their will for sins.
49:14 So they're looking for something,
49:16 something I mean to say it feels good,
49:18 it's wonderful and so on, so forth
49:20 but they do not want to give up their will for sins.
49:23 They want no rules. They want no laws.
49:26 They want basically no God.
49:30 And yet they claim the opposite.
49:34 So it's the same time they say,
49:35 "Oh, we want a deeper spiritual relation--"
49:37 that's wonderful if that comes from a heart
49:39 that follows the counsel of God's word.
49:42 Say, "I want a deeper--"
49:43 I'd love for somebody comes and say,
49:45 "I'm looking for a deeper spiritual experience with God."
49:48 I'm looking for that every day.
49:49 But it has to be based upon God's word
49:52 not based upon some kind of pagan principles,
49:55 the work of the devil.
49:58 I tell you this right now, dear friends,
49:59 I can assure you the spiritual formation is not the way to go.
50:04 It's not in connection with the word of God.
50:07 It does not have God's stamp of approval upon it.
50:11 Use of spiritual formation exercises affects the mind.
50:17 Did you get that? Somebody didn't get that.
50:18 You're busy trying to get up and go do something.
50:20 You need to set back down
50:21 and we need to listen this, why?
50:23 Because it affects you and it's affecting me.
50:27 Use of spiritual formation exercises affect the mind.
50:32 We'll identify that more and correct it more in part two.
50:36 We're wanting to build--
50:38 Listen, the exercises that you go through
50:41 on spiritual formation is though so very similar.
50:46 The path is so close together to hypnotism.
50:51 Ain't that interesting?
50:55 Something that you call,
50:56 listen to this word, centering prayer.
50:59 You heard this new terminology, "centering prayer,"
51:04 which is basically a form of self hypnosis.
51:08 But you know can be bold enough to come out
51:10 and talk like that because we're looking for, what?
51:12 A deeper experience and peoples looking for,
51:14 you know, somebody, "Oh, they've got this wonderful program
51:17 and oh, I tell you, that's a wonderful thing
51:18 to be free from everything."
51:20 Oh, friend, listen... the call "centering prayer,"
51:24 basically a form of self hypnosis.
51:27 It call-- Listen this,
51:28 it calls for people to go listen deep within themselves.
51:34 Already have some problems, deep within oneself.
51:39 Concentrate on just one thing, nothing else,
51:44 therefore the mind becomes free but the same time
51:48 it's free that mean remember
51:50 when you say your mind is free, you have no, what?
51:52 Defense against the enemy.
51:54 But you're also when you're free,
51:55 you say "I'm open to suggestions."
51:58 From whom?
52:03 Interesting "A message to young people,"
52:04 little book, page 42, it says
52:08 the mind should never be left to drift.
52:13 Did you get that?
52:16 The mind should never be left to drift.
52:19 The enemy wants you to think
52:20 it's a spiritual experience
52:22 to let your mind drift and to be free.
52:24 It feels good to a lot of people
52:26 who are under a lot of stress and yet living,
52:28 that they shouldn't be living the way that they are.
52:32 And so they say-- but Spirit of Prophecy says
52:33 that we would not have this in the church.
52:36 We would not have it among us
52:38 if we would stay in the word of God
52:39 and the Spirit of Prophecy.
52:41 The mind should never be left to drift.
52:46 Acts the apostles 5:18, it says
52:48 the mind should never be left to wander.
52:52 Testimonies vol. 2 page 187,
52:54 it said the mind should never be left uncontrolled.
52:57 Did you get that?
52:59 Then we have to throw this paganism out,
53:02 never be left.
53:04 And so you say, "Yeah, but centering prayer.
53:08 Remember people say centered prayer,
53:11 centering prayer is to get closer to God.
53:14 We need to get closer to God.
53:17 It's used to open the heart and the mind to God.
53:23 How is this done? How is this done?
53:28 Just have a few moments left,
53:29 but listen, it said we pick a prayer word.
53:33 In centering prayer, you pick a prayer word
53:35 and you repeat that word over and over and over
53:39 but you don't do it out loud but it's inside yourself
53:42 that you pick this word and you go over and over.
53:47 Listen, and you don't think about what the word means.
53:49 Man, you're already in trouble.
53:52 Just let your mind become blank.
53:56 Let your mind become open and empty.
54:02 Who wants your mind to be open and empty but the devil?
54:06 The Holy word of God, dear friends, spirit of--
54:09 The mind should be filled, right?
54:12 Filled with the word of God,
54:14 never emptied out, our only defense.
54:18 Well, the Holy Spirit works
54:19 upon our hearts and to our minds.
54:22 How dangerous to silence the voice of the Holy Spirit?
54:27 How dangerous to silence the conscience?
54:31 How dangerous to separate
54:33 ourselves from God and His teachings?
54:37 You realize this is almost-- before we close here,
54:40 is almost identical what I'm talking about
54:43 to eastern meditation such as yoga, Hinduism,
54:47 Zen, transcendental meditation but this is heavy duty.
54:54 You say, "I don't know what that is."
54:56 That's just to discover the nature of reality
55:00 by just investigating the process thought--
55:04 process and the thoughts
55:06 rather than the opportunity of the sins of experience.
55:09 It's like search for reality through spiritual ignition.
55:15 Friend, come on now. This gets heavy duty here.
55:18 Are we interested in Hinduism and Zen?
55:21 No, friend, not at all.
55:22 We're gonna have to close with prayer right now.
55:23 The devil is working
55:25 but he's being accepted by multitudes today.
55:27 May God help us to see. Let's pray.
55:28 Shall we kneel together?
55:30 Father in heaven, we thank You for Your precious word.
55:32 We pray now that You'll encourage
55:33 those who've heard today not to get discouraged
55:36 by the faith, but get involved and lift up their head,
55:38 their redemption drawth thy eternal hearts,
55:40 our lives over to Jesus,
55:41 use the Bible the Spirit of Prophecy
55:43 is that which we are to build a platform upon of truth.
55:46 And I thank you for hearing
55:47 and for answering prayer in Jesus name, amen.
55:51 It's always good to be able to spend
55:52 a little bit time with you.
55:54 You know, our programs are on many different times.
55:57 So be sure and jot those things down and be sure to tune in.
55:59 You have comments and questions and things that want to,
56:02 you know, you'd like to know the answers too,
56:03 feel free to give us a call.
56:05 You know, we love you.
56:06 God bless you and continue remember,
56:08 well, we can't continue without your prayers and your support
56:11 so we'll see you next time.
56:15 Welcome back.
56:17 I know that this was a study of such vital information
56:20 that all of us need to retain in our hand.
56:23 For some of you, this may have been
56:25 your first introduction to "Spiritual Formation."
56:28 For others, we pray that the Holy Spirit
56:31 spoke to your heart to help you see that perhaps
56:34 what you were involved in is not exactly
56:37 what you thought that it was.
56:39 It's okay. Life is full of decisions.
56:42 We find ourselves confused about
56:44 or just simply wish we hadn't made.
56:47 But praise God with the true spiritual insight
56:50 as found in his living word to guide us
56:53 back to the straight and narrow path
56:56 that leads all of us to the kingdom of heaven.
56:59 For your continued study
57:01 and to enable you to share this information
57:04 with the a friend, a loved one,
57:06 or even perhaps your whole church,
57:08 we're making this two part series
57:11 entitled "Spiritual Formation, a blessing or a curse?"
57:15 parts one and two available to you
57:17 for a suggestive love gift of just $15 or more.
57:21 All you need to do is call us here in the United States
57:25 at area code 618-942-5044 central standard time
57:31 or write us at Behold the Lamb Ministries,
57:35 PO box 2030, Herrin, Illinois 62948.
57:40 As always, you may email us on the web
57:42 at BeholdTheLambMinistries
57:45 or you may order this set
57:47 at our website at
57:54 Friends, until next time may our precious Lord
57:58 continue to richly bless you and yours.


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