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Spiritual Formation - A Blessing Or A Curse? - part 2

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Participants: Chris Shelton (Host), Kenny Shelton


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00:41 Hello and welcome to "Behold the Lamb Presents."
00:44 I'm Chris Shelton your host and I want to extend
00:47 a warm welcome to you for tuning in with us today.
00:50 Today's message is the second and our final message
00:53 on a widely controversial subject that we have entitled,
00:56 "Spiritual formation, a blessing or a curse."
01:00 During our first program, I spoke to you
01:03 briefly about the origin of this movement
01:05 and a bit of it supposed purpose.
01:08 I asked the question as to whether or not this movement
01:11 may be a wolf in sheep's clothing.
01:13 You know what I mean.
01:15 Something very harmful yet disguised in Christianity.
01:19 Please allow me to share a quote
01:21 from the website
01:27 "The spiritual formation movement is very popular today.
01:30 It is, however, in many ways a move away
01:35 from the truth of God's word to a mystical form of Christianity.
01:39 And it has infiltrated, to some degree,
01:42 nearly all evangelical denominations.
01:45 The idea of spiritual formation is based on the premise
01:48 that if we do certain practices, we can be more like Jesus.
01:53 Proponents of spiritual formation erroneously teach
01:56 that anyone can practice these mystical rituals
01:59 and find God within themselves.
02:02 Too often, adherents of the current
02:04 spiritual formation movement
02:06 believe the spiritual disciplines
02:08 transform the speaker by his or her
02:11 entering an altered state,
02:13 an altered realm of consciousness.
02:16 The spiritual formation movement is characterized
02:19 by such things as contemplative prayer,
02:21 contemplative spirituality, and Christian mysticism."
02:27 What I've found in my studies is that this movement
02:31 has found no boundaries in religious beliefs.
02:35 In fact even though we are dressing the problems facing
02:39 our evangelical churches who are promoting
02:42 these new types of practices you really don't even
02:45 have to be Christian or a seeker of truth in any form or fashion
02:50 to experience this altered state.
02:53 The Bible on the other hand promotes the thought--
02:56 now listen carefully, that we are to be seekers of truth
03:00 and that our meditation is to be upon Christ and His word.
03:04 Whereas to experience this ecstasy of spiritual formation,
03:09 as some call it, you are to learn to meditate
03:12 by emptying the mind and losing control
03:15 of oneself to the God within or spirit within.
03:19 Friends, our only hope is to be as Christ was
03:24 and to fully trust in the word as He did even
03:28 when He was tempted by the enemy
03:30 who had appeared to Him, to Christ,
03:33 disguised as an angel of life from heaven.
03:37 You know, Pastor Kenny he has been studying this movement
03:40 for quite sometime now and I am sure that he has much to share
03:45 to help us more fully understand what spirit is behind this
03:50 and just how to deal with it.
03:52 But first, we are so blessed to go to the 3ABN worship center
03:56 and listen to a song entitled, "Oh, I Want to Know You More"
04:01 as sung by Christian Berdhal.
04:24 Just the time I feel
04:29 That I've been caught in the mire of self
04:37 Just the time I feel
04:41 My mind's been bought by worldly wealth
04:47 That's when the breeze begins to blow
04:53 I know the Spirit's call
04:59 And all my worldly wanderings
05:04 Just melt into His love
05:11 Oh, I want to know You more
05:15 Deep within my soul, I want to know You
05:19 Oh, I want to know You
05:22 To feel Your heart and know Your mind
05:26 Looking in Your eyes stirs up within me
05:31 Cries that say I want to know You
05:37 Oh, I want to know You more
05:48 When my daily deeds
05:52 Ordinarily lose life and song
05:59 My heart begins to bleed
06:03 Sensitivity to Him is gone
06:11 I've run the race but set
06:14 My own pace and face a shattered soul
06:22 Now the gentle arms of Jesus warm
06:27 My hunger to be whole
06:34 Oh, I want to know You more
06:38 Deep within my soul, I want to know You
06:42 Oh, I want to know You
06:45 To feel Your heart and know Your mind
06:49 Looking in Your eyes stirs up within me
06:54 Cries that say I want to know You
07:00 Oh, I want to know You
07:03 And I would give my final breath
07:07 To know You in Your death and resurrection
07:12 Oh, I want to know You more
07:18 Oh, I want to know You
07:22 To know You more
07:30 Oh, I want to know
07:34 You more
07:57 Thanks, for joining us once again
07:58 here at "Behold the Lamb."
07:59 Have a very, very important subject as you heard
08:02 my wife mention, to talk about spiritual formation.
08:05 This is very-- this is very deadly
08:08 and so we need to approach it as such.
08:10 Remember, folks, if we are accepting air as truth
08:13 many will be lost because of that
08:15 because the devil is trying to pull us, what?
08:18 Away from the pure word of God.
08:20 There need to be watchman on the walls of Zion.
08:23 The devil is out to control the mind and he doesn't mind
08:28 using religious things, so to speak, like prayer.
08:32 Oh, I've heard a lot to talk about prayer and people having,
08:35 you know, a lot of meetings and things going on with prayer
08:37 but do they match up with the word of God
08:39 as how we'd approach the throne of God.
08:42 This is the issue. 'Cause it's not from God.
08:44 It is from the enemy regardless
08:45 of how you feel about it.
08:48 Interesting quote in "Desire of Ages," in 671.
08:53 "It is through false theories and traditions that Satan
08:58 gains his power over the mind."
09:02 Let's pray, shall we, together.
09:03 The Holy Spirit will help us as we study
09:05 this most important subject.
09:07 Pray with me, will you?
09:09 Merciful Father, in heaven,
09:11 we thank You for Your precious word.
09:12 We pray Your Holy Spirit will enlighten us to these truths.
09:15 You're warning Your people today.
09:17 Oh, Lord, help us to receive that warning with thanksgiving.
09:20 Bless now, we pray, open the ears, the hearts,
09:22 and the minds of Your children regardless
09:23 of what we've experience and stick to the word of God.
09:27 This is our chart. This is our compass.
09:30 Help us oh, Lord, we pray.
09:32 If You said it in Your word we can say, thank You Lord,
09:35 praise God for it, and be willing to be obedient.
09:38 In Jesus name we pray, and for His sake. Amen.
09:43 Given the importance of the subject
09:44 as we're talking about here-- so much material,
09:47 so what we do is just--all the material you can go through
09:50 you have to condense it down
09:52 in the little small time that we have here.
09:54 So always study to show yourself approved unto God.
09:57 All kind of information.
09:59 So there will be things that maybe left
10:00 that you think ought to be
10:02 if you have been a studier of this subject.
10:03 But just take--we're looking for red flags.
10:06 Red flags means it does not correspond with the word of God
10:09 and if it does not it is from the enemy.
10:13 Now we did our first part.
10:14 Usually we take time to go over what we cover--
10:16 can't do that because of the preciousness of time.
10:20 But I might say this that, you know, I realize it
10:21 that names of individuals could be used
10:24 and we could drag them in.
10:25 That's not our purpose here of individuals.
10:28 Our purpose is exposing air or exposing the enemy.
10:32 And so we ask it through your prayers
10:34 as we continue this study.
10:35 Our hearts and minds will be open.
10:37 We're looking, what?
10:39 To line up with the word of God.
10:41 We need to be careful how we handle, what?
10:44 The word of God.
10:47 God's looking for men and women today
10:49 who will be watchman on the walls of Zion.
10:52 There are dangers that are coming in.
10:55 And this right and left-- it's like a flood
10:58 that's coming into the church.
11:00 And yet somehow we don't sense it.
11:02 We don't sense the time that we're living.
11:03 We're not sensing that the enemy is throwing
11:06 these arrows at us-- and naturally
11:08 what is he going-- Oh, blatant arrows. No.
11:10 He's going to make it seem like its spiritual.
11:13 It's a feeling. It's an emotion.
11:15 It's something that we need and many people are,
11:17 in the light of sin-- I have a need
11:19 of a closer walk with Jesus. That's good.
11:22 But it still must line up with the words of God.
11:25 We need people, men and women, who will call, what?
11:29 Sin, by its right name.
11:30 Will you be one of those today?
11:32 When you see air creeping in, will you stand up and say,
11:34 "That doesn't correspond with the Bible."
11:38 I read a little book said, Reflecting Christ--
11:40 now I'll just share this with you quickly.
11:41 32, said "There is a constant need."
11:43 What kind of need?
11:45 "A constant need of earnest,
11:46 decided messages of warning.
11:50 God will have men who are true to duty."
11:53 Are you true to duty or are you a wishy-washy Christian?
11:56 Or is it, "Well, I don't want to get involved."
11:58 That had--other people are getting involved.
12:01 And, friend, do you realize now people
12:03 are getting involved is going to be what?
12:04 Eternal life or damnation.
12:06 What is it going to be?
12:08 There's no such saying as a harmonious air.
12:11 And so as we see this creeping in all among us
12:13 we need to realize this, those who trust wholly in themselves--
12:18 listen, those who trust holy in themselves.
12:21 And this is what this kind of spiritual formation
12:23 is all about, really, is trusting self.
12:25 You know, we say we're trusting in a higher power--
12:27 we'll see less and less of God.
12:29 Somebody listen, "Those who trust," what?
12:32 "Wholly and themselves will see less and less of God."
12:37 I know that you're not one of those today.
12:39 And so as we talk about spiritual formation
12:41 and get little bit more into this exercise always and--
12:44 we'll have to repeat because different kind of pattern
12:47 that we talk about here
12:48 that has lot of the same things used in it.
12:50 So don't let-- 'cause we're repeating.
12:53 Remember where these sayings come from.
12:55 Is this what you've been taught from the word of God
12:57 or is this something new and strange and oh,
12:59 it gives us some kind of a feeling
13:01 and so that supersedes God's word? Never.
13:04 Air is air and the devil is the author of that.
13:08 Spiritual formation exercises affect the mind.
13:11 It is about the mind.
13:13 These experiences are similar to hypnotism.
13:17 No one wants to be involved.
13:19 You know, you've been warned for years.
13:20 Be careful about letting somebody
13:21 hypnotize you, because, what?
13:23 They take control of your mind.
13:24 It's exactly what the devil is trying to do.
13:27 Let me just name one-- maybe a red flag will go up
13:29 because you hear this mentioned
13:31 many times in the Christian world.
13:33 They're called Centering Prayer.
13:35 So what is Centering Prayer?
13:38 It's basically a form, listen, of self hypnosis.
13:42 A self--you can hypnotize yourself.
13:45 Now, how does it go?
13:46 It calls for a person to go, now notice this,
13:48 automatically--it ought to be a flag, red flag to a Christian
13:52 when it says, you need to go deep within yourself.
13:55 You get yourself in trouble that way, won't you?
13:58 Deep within yourself and then you need to concentrate here
14:03 on just one thing and nothing else.
14:06 And the mind then is free.
14:09 But as it is free it's open to suggestions.
14:14 But our counselor from the word of God,
14:16 the Spirit of Prophecy is always--listen,
14:18 the mind should never be left to do, what?
14:21 To drift on its own. You know why?
14:23 'Cause you'll get yourself in trouble.
14:24 Those of you who are mind drifted,
14:26 you know what I'm talking about.
14:27 The mind should never ever be left to wander.
14:32 There should be some direction to it.
14:34 The mind should never be left--listen, uncontrolled.
14:39 Because you know that's why you're putting
14:40 the words of God, what?
14:42 The verse that, "thy words if I hid in my heart, mind," what?
14:45 Well, I might not stand against you.
14:47 But if you let that go and you have nothing up there
14:51 what is your defense?
14:52 Your defense is knowing what is right and wrong.
14:55 I mean, this is right, the word of God.
14:58 Its very interesting-- the Centering Prayer.
15:01 Here's what people do when they talk about Centering Prayer.
15:03 I know there's a lot of people out there, the good people,
15:05 maybe they're misinformed, maybe a little bit confused.
15:09 But, man, they're leading a lot of people down a path--
15:11 I don't think they will ever return,
15:12 only by a miracle of God.
15:15 Remember when somebody says, you know,
15:16 you feel like your relationship with God has just all crumbled
15:19 and you're cold and you're life in--you want some new life
15:22 and you want to, you do something more for God.
15:24 You want to be energized.
15:25 You want to be able to feel it?
15:28 This is what Centering Prayer is all about.
15:31 They say well here's how you can get close to God.
15:34 And really as a Christian somebody says, "Brother Kenny,
15:36 this is how you can get closer to God."
15:38 I'll say, "How?"
15:40 And so it opens a door here but then we keep our ears
15:42 and mind open and they will say
15:44 well I've experienced this and you need to experience it.
15:47 Oh, it's going to be good. You need it?
15:49 You need to listen to what I have to say.
15:51 You see how God is gonna work through you.
15:53 Close to God. And they say--
15:55 and how you can just open your heart
15:57 and be--and be free. Wow.
16:00 Give your heart and your mind to God.
16:02 If you've never done that, what an experience.
16:04 And it's true if we're following the word of God.
16:07 But remember for every truth there's a what?
16:08 Good counterfeit. How's this done?
16:11 You say, "well, okay, I want to be--
16:13 I'm interested in Centering Prayer. How it is done?"
16:15 All you do, you pick a prayer word.
16:17 Just pick one word out.
16:19 You repeat that word over and over and over.
16:22 I tell you--I don't think I'll get into that already,
16:24 I want to be honest with you.
16:26 You pick a word and you repeat it over and over and over
16:30 and then-- now remember they'll say,
16:32 "oh, no, no, no don't do it out loud.
16:34 Do it within yourself. Think about it.
16:38 And then don't think about what it means."
16:43 Now I'll be kind of afraid if I were you to be--pick a word
16:46 and then not worry about what it means.
16:48 As a Christian that's the one of first thing
16:50 I'm reading the word of God I want to know what it means.
16:53 There's a thought pattern and process that goes on
16:56 but then they say, on Centering Prayer, just let your mind go.
17:01 Let it become-- they use the word "blank."
17:03 Man, red flag is a blank.
17:05 Let your mind become open and empty.
17:08 Remember, anytime your mind becomes open and empty,
17:11 as it were, and there's nothing there the enemy will come in.
17:15 Don't fool yourself.
17:18 And to me it doesn't matter if you think, "well,
17:19 I'll tell you when I had this, this experience happened
17:22 I was floating around up in air."
17:23 Doesn't matter. I want you to listen.
17:26 It doesn't matter if it's not following
17:28 what God said in His word.
17:30 God never talks like this in His word.
17:33 Never one time have I read in scripture where we take a word
17:35 and just repeat over and over and over
17:36 and empty my mind. Never.
17:38 So why is it so religious?
17:40 Why is it--it's so open and people are grabbing it
17:43 by the hundreds and thousands
17:44 saying this is a wonderful experience.
17:47 How dangerous to empty your mind to silence the voice
17:51 of the Holy Spirit, to silence the voice of conscious,
17:55 to separate ourselves from God.
17:57 How dangerous that is.
18:00 And then we can find out this.
18:02 It's very, very, very closely connected--
18:06 remember these principles I've just talked about
18:08 closely resembles that of eastern meditation
18:11 and as a Christian you say,
18:12 "well, I don't want anything to do with that."
18:14 You say, "What? Eastern meditation?"
18:16 Oh, such as what? Yoga. You hear it all the time.
18:19 Mind emptying techniques, you sit a certain way,
18:21 you don't think of things, it's mind clearing.
18:24 Hinduism and Zen transcendental meditation.
18:27 We realize this but everyone of these, listen,
18:29 what I just mentioned, everyone of these group of people say,
18:32 "oh, it's a--we're looking for a deeper spiritual meaning.
18:38 We're trying to find maybe God or we're trying to find
18:40 some special application to something.
18:44 Then we need to be careful about all of this
18:46 and we need to be careful also about meditative prayer.
18:49 Do I believe we need to meditate?
18:50 You better believe it.
18:52 Based upon the word of God
18:53 we're told exactly how we do that.
18:55 Meditative prayer, is where a person
18:58 sits quite in time of silence.
19:02 No one is around. It's a passive type thing.
19:06 In other words there's nothing to bother you--
19:07 no matter what's going around you,
19:09 you don't let anything bother you
19:11 because what you're now centering on--listen,
19:13 instead of the God of heaven you're centering on yourself.
19:18 What kind of-- well, how religious can that be?
19:20 How godly can that be when you start centering on yourself?
19:24 That's the problem with the world today.
19:26 We're centering, what? On ourselves all the time.
19:28 Me, my and I.
19:29 That's a big problem right there.
19:31 And on centering on self we begin to use imagery
19:34 or our imaginations and we begin to visualize
19:38 and sometimes people say-- and they try to make it real
19:40 like holy and what, or visualize about Christ.
19:43 Well, have we did it in the right way,
19:45 the way scripture says?
19:47 Would it take that thoughtful hour to meditate
19:49 on the last hours of Christ.
19:51 You know, while he was here on earth.
19:52 These are, these are, these are good but they have to line up
19:55 with scripture because the devil is closely right there.
19:57 Truth and air lies close together, remember.
20:00 And so you begin to concentrate.
20:03 And then, when you get to that point you want to concentrate
20:06 on certain way that you breathe.
20:11 There's something going on here.
20:12 You realize the breathing techniques,
20:14 how close that lies with new age movement
20:18 and the eastern technique.
20:21 So what--why would we want to get involved with
20:23 that when we know where it originated
20:24 and what's going on and, ooh,
20:26 and what kind of spirits they're calling up?
20:29 You can change it, you could baptize it,
20:31 you can whitewash it if you want to.
20:33 You can call it Christian if you want to. It's not.
20:35 Because it's not based on the word of--I have never
20:38 read in the Bible where it says
20:39 I need to concentrate on my breathing.
20:43 In fact, God kind of put that in us, didn't he?
20:44 Where we kind of breathe on our own.
20:46 I don't have to think about it.
20:47 Somebody is not going to be with me on it,
20:49 but you know what I'm talking about.
20:51 So there's something going on here.
20:52 We need to be careful.
20:54 And then people will say "oh, mantra."
20:57 What is that really?
20:58 That's just taking a word or a prayer word
21:00 and just saying it over and over.
21:03 You heard these people in different country,
21:05 different ones who, you know,
21:06 I must say worship the heathen--the devil.
21:08 They say--they repeat over and over and over.
21:13 Interesting, 'cause they're calling the spirits.
21:16 You be careful what spirit we're calling up here,
21:19 over and over.
21:20 And when you do this it allows the mind
21:21 not to think of anything else.
21:23 Once again focus is on, what? Basically nothing.
21:25 You clear out the thought, you clear out the emotions,
21:27 you clear out right and wrong and then you're open.
21:32 And once again I must say that, what?
21:34 We have no defense against the enemy.
21:36 When you do this--I know it'll be in a spiritual setting.
21:39 I know it'll be people saying, "oh, this is a wonderful thing."
21:41 If it doesn't line up with the word of God it's wrong.
21:46 That's all that we have is the word of God
21:49 that helps guide us into, what?
21:50 All truth. Regardless of all of our feelings and our emotions
21:55 and what we say that we've experienced.
21:58 No defense against the enemy.
22:01 Remember, I said the word no conscience, no right and wrong.
22:06 The Bible said, the only way the Satan
22:07 can get to you is through, what? Through the mind.
22:09 And now he's using prayer or a counterfeit prayer time.
22:13 And, boy, I hear lot of people talking about
22:15 prayer time and how we need it.
22:18 But it's a right kind of prayer.
22:21 Friend, I'm under the impression, I'm afraid
22:22 we don't have enough time to get through.
22:24 I have so much material here.
22:25 But, you know, God said bring your petitions to him,
22:29 your thoughts and your feelings and your desires of your heart.
22:32 I can't just say one word over and over and over and over
22:35 until I sit so you get some kind of a feeling.
22:37 I need somebody I can talk to.
22:39 I need somebody I can relate to.
22:40 And that's the kind of God that we have in His word here.
22:43 And I'm concerned that many people are just, what,
22:45 going way away from the word of God. Why?
22:49 Because many today are desiring a new experience.
22:53 They don't like the old experience, they fall apart.
22:55 They don't know what's happen but they're die.
22:58 I heard people say, "you know, I'm looking for peace with God."
23:01 Oh, that's good. Looking for a new experience.
23:03 Oh, that's good.
23:05 Some people say, "I'm trying to reach a higher plane."
23:07 I'm starting-- my flag's--what?
23:09 Oh, we need to reach higher and higher, dear friends,
23:11 by the grace and spirit and power of God
23:14 but not through this thing
23:15 that the devil has, this counterfeit,
23:18 spiritual formation exercises.
23:21 The reality of that is it opens the mind to, who?
23:24 Good, to Satan. Why?
23:27 Because we've given our minds to him.
23:30 Never clear your mind.
23:32 Don't be going to people who say,
23:33 "Oh, we're gonna hypnotize you
23:34 and we are gonna do--" No, never do that.
23:37 Bible simply tells this in Philippians 2:4.
23:40 Is that we need to have the mind of, what?
23:43 Philippians 2:5, we need to have the mind of, what?
23:45 The mind of Christ.
23:47 Do you think He ever sat down and chat--took a word
23:50 and just begin to say that word over and over and over, breathe.
23:54 Somebody is not getting this.
23:56 Did you ever see that in the Bible?
23:58 Then why? Why are we believing it?
24:01 Why is it a movement?
24:02 Why are people become hoodwinked by it?
24:04 It's not even close to the truth.
24:08 It could have been because we're so dark spiritually.
24:10 Because we just-- we lack so much.
24:12 Something is happening in our life that we reach out
24:14 and grasp something like this?
24:17 If a person voluntarily give their mind open to the enemy
24:21 don't think he's not going to come in.
24:24 Because the enemy comes in and he--oh, listen
24:27 he wants you to think that you're living for God
24:30 when you're living for him. The devil doesn't care.
24:32 He can say, "oh, yeah, the God's been good."
24:33 But he doesn't care. We're living for the enemy.
24:40 Now let's talk about this power.
24:43 Power of the enemy comes in and takes control
24:45 and we begin to feel good about our self.
24:48 We have no need of a change.
24:49 We have no need of gaining victories.
24:50 We have no need of doing anything else
24:52 because we're right with God.
24:54 Sin doesn't feel like it used to or it used to be condemning it.
24:57 Sin was all bad and it is.
24:59 We understand, dear friend, but listen to me.
25:01 All of a sudden this just really doesn't matter anymore
25:03 because God has taken all of these things and, you know,
25:07 I can't wait for the next meeting.
25:08 We come together and it's just like
25:09 a something just feels like a spiritual high.
25:11 What are you talking about here?
25:15 Jesus went to pray the heavenly Father, you know,
25:17 and He said He shed tears.
25:20 He talked to His heavenly Father.
25:23 He didn't repeat over and do breathing exercise
25:25 and sit a certain way.
25:27 Oh, friend, we need to be praying about this.
25:30 We talked about mantra,
25:32 we talked about repeating things.
25:33 You know, just take a word and go over and over and over.
25:35 And I looked at them in the dictionary.
25:37 I thought it was very interesting because mantra
25:38 is very close to mantis.
25:40 And let me just share this with you.
25:41 In the Greek mantis means-- it means a prophet or a seer
25:44 but in English it means an insect.
25:48 By this spiritually, friends, some of you'll get it,
25:50 bless your heart, and some of you won't,
25:52 some of you won't care.
25:53 It's very interesting here, the praying mantis does, what?
25:56 It folds its legs like its praying.
25:59 But then it does what?
26:00 It feeds on other insect.
26:04 Could it be--as Christian we think we're doing
26:06 the right thing for someone else
26:07 but yet we're actually destroying them?
26:09 And maybe we don't even know the difference?
26:10 But we would if we would stay in the word of God.
26:14 Because it reveals spiritual formation is dangerous.
26:17 Two quick errors, always,
26:19 and we'll repeat them as we go on.
26:20 Number one, it's always, remember, mind emptying.
26:24 Number two, you hear lot about disciplining.
26:28 Should we disciple, "oh, yes."
26:30 But there again, for every truth there's a counterfeit.
26:32 I'm always cautious-- somebody's always
26:34 talking about disciplining somebody.
26:36 Always having control over that person
26:38 or them looking to you rather than looking to God.
26:42 Does people need help? He said, "yes."
26:44 But is it according to scripture in the right way.
26:48 So we have to be careful when we disciple someone else.
26:50 If we stepped out in this spiritual formation
26:53 and we let the--empty our mind, the enemy comes in
26:55 then we start disciplining somebody else, what?
26:57 We're gonna lead them down the wrong path too
26:59 and the enemy can get through them, through you.
27:01 You don't want that. I don't want that.
27:04 Friend, we need to be very, very careful
27:07 about contemplative prayer.
27:09 Oh, I know you heard that term.
27:12 But you realize contemplative prayer
27:14 is not really prayer at all.
27:18 Once again it is another technique of mind emptying.
27:22 It's a state where the brain
27:24 does not put up a fight against evil.
27:29 Bible is all about fighting the good fight of faith, resist.
27:34 But here you just don't fight the enemy
27:39 because this person who uses this contemplative prayer--
27:42 let's just expose them, shall we?
27:43 They sit very quietly, empty everything
27:47 they can in their mind.
27:49 It's called a time of silence or a time of stillness.
27:54 Do you realize again this is a system used
27:56 in mystical practices, ancient mystical practices
27:59 which you don't want anything to with or I don't either.
28:02 And what happens now?
28:04 The mind becomes empty, Satan begins to work.
28:07 That's very clear in the word of God, "Evangelism,"
28:09 page 681, notice this statement.
28:11 He said, "It is necessary to guard
28:13 the thought" did you get it?
28:15 "Guard the thoughts, to fence the soul
28:18 about with the injunctions of God's word.
28:21 We're to be fenced around what?
28:22 Protection, again what?
28:24 Of Gods words around us so we will understand
28:26 what evil is and what is right and wrong.
28:29 "Be careful in every thought, word and action."
28:33 Here it's not talking about thought.
28:35 It's not talking about word and action.
28:36 It's mind emptying so the devil
28:38 can come in and make you feel good.
28:42 Well, somebody say the other day, said,
28:43 "well, what did you do about election?"
28:44 So I said, I said, I just didn't feel it.
28:48 You know, how sometime we feel, we just don't feel it.
28:51 And lot of Christians today are not feeling the real Holy Spirit
28:54 and they're taking a counterfeit and counterfeit
28:57 measures to have a different experience.
28:59 Listen, I believe in real meditation.
29:02 And real meditation, dear friends, it involves
29:06 a thought process, a thought process.
29:09 It's a conscious mind.
29:12 It's weighing out the word of God,
29:14 studying the word of God as we pray,
29:17 as we live out His word in us.
29:20 We resist temptation through the what?
29:22 The word and the power of the Holy Spirit, James 4:17.
29:26 But in order to resist-- here's the point,
29:28 in order to resist the enemy we must use our minds.
29:34 And I'm going to be careful.
29:37 We have to use our minds.
29:39 They must be active and they must stay
29:42 in constant contact with God and what?
29:45 And we must stay fully committed to Him at all times.
29:51 Of course I must--I need to mention here when using
29:54 these spiritual formation exercise here, it deals with--
29:58 we've been talking about a lot, feelings.
30:00 A feeling of a new experience.
30:04 And what? Satan can do what?
30:06 He can affect the mind.
30:09 He makes it appear as though it's a marvelous
30:12 and it's a feel good, it's a brand new.
30:14 Some say what? Born again experience.
30:17 They say we never had anything like it before.
30:19 We've been Christian for umpteen years
30:21 and now all of a suddenly we've experience this.
30:23 And what as we've experience this thing I hear,
30:26 "Oh, our lives and hearts have changed." Have they?
30:28 The truth changes your heart and mind, not an air.
30:34 You may see some of these things
30:36 going on in your church where you attend.
30:39 Now this is a fact. This is--
30:42 Listen carefully, if this is going on in your church
30:45 and it's not being scotched--
30:49 probably need to find another pastor, number one.
30:51 I know people hate to hear it but that's true.
30:54 But, you know, in that church you were almost dead--
30:57 99.9% and I'll say 100% the law of God
31:01 is no longer preached from the pulpit.
31:03 And when the law of God is no longer preached
31:05 from the pulpit the people will lose
31:08 their spiritual discernment and they are gonna sink
31:11 lower and lower into worldly activities
31:14 when the Bible said 1 John 2:15, "Love not the world,
31:18 neither the things that are in the world."
31:21 There's one simple key here,
31:23 wherever the law of God is not preached from the pulpit.
31:27 In other words, no real definite rights or wrongs
31:29 the people begin to sink lower and lower.
31:32 I've heard people say, "Oh, this is new light."
31:36 Well, praise God, if its new light
31:37 I'm sure it's gonna harmonize with scripture, isn't it?
31:40 If it's new light then what?
31:41 It's old light that's always been here,
31:43 maybe just discovered so you thought
31:44 it's the foundation you can find out.
31:48 Come on and join in, I'll tell you
31:49 here's a something's going on, it's a new experience.
31:53 Friend, let me tell you,
31:54 if you want a true revival you want more life,
31:56 you want an experience, you want to be,
31:57 well, ready for the coming of Jesus right here
32:00 we need to go back to the word of God.
32:02 Did you get it?
32:03 We need to go back to the word of God.
32:05 We need to get down on our knees
32:07 and we need to stay there until we know
32:09 that we've been born again.
32:10 We need to be pleading for the power of the Holy Spirit
32:14 instead of looking for something new
32:16 and something that is exciting
32:17 rather than worry about the pillars
32:19 that have always been there
32:20 that will not move, will not change.
32:22 Say something-- and they'll say,
32:24 "there's something missing in my life."
32:27 Do you realize the enemy hears you say that--
32:29 every time as a Christian you say something's missing?
32:33 When you say something's missing--
32:36 what do you think that the enemy is gonna do?
32:41 I almost said the enemy is not a dummy
32:43 but I'm not going to say that.
32:47 He, hears what you say and he lays a snare.
32:52 Do you realize this is been going--
32:54 this is been going on since the beginning
32:55 of time with Adam and Eve.
32:57 Let me share something with you.
32:59 Beginning of time--
33:01 Adam and Eve, when they first sinned,
33:03 check this out, when the first sinned--
33:05 "Patriarchs and Prophets," page 56 says this.
33:08 Talking about Adam and Eve and their first sin.
33:10 Notice this. "They had entered,"
33:13 here's what Adam and Eve said.
33:15 "We have entered into a higher experience--
33:18 state of existence.
33:20 In a state of strange unnatural excitement,
33:25 exhilarating influence,
33:28 thrilling every faculty with new life."
33:32 Adam and Eve had just sinned, put the world in a mess.
33:35 And they said, "We-- it feels good, exhilarating."
33:41 It's unnatural-- we haven't experienced
33:43 anything like this, this excitement.
33:44 You think that the devil gave it to them, didn't you?
33:47 Get it?
33:51 Do you realize what Satan used here? Symbolist.
33:55 He used hypnotism. A form of hypnotism.
33:59 We're using it today in our, we call prayer life.
34:06 And we realize the world was lost.
34:08 What led to Adam and Eve's fall?
34:11 They believed a lie and they doubted God
34:14 and they looked for something more
34:15 and something new and something different.
34:18 You're looking for something different,
34:19 the devil will give it to you.
34:21 Make sure it matches up with the word of God.
34:24 Meaning remember, repeating a word over and over
34:27 and emptying the mind is just wrong.
34:30 Your mind is your only defense against the enemy.
34:36 Did you-- you know this.
34:38 Even sound affects the mind.
34:42 Sound affects the body's chemistry.
34:45 Let me just read something to you
34:47 found in "Focal Point" at tells us this.
34:52 It says, "Sound is able to affect the chemistry
34:56 of the body and the mind."
34:58 Someone will say, "Well, it doesn't affect me."
35:00 I don't know, every once in a while
35:02 I hear some nice good Christian music
35:03 sometime my feet wants to tap a little bit.
35:05 Something is affecting me. I hope you get it now.
35:09 "And it also affects-- alters the thought pattern."
35:13 And then they go on to say,
35:15 "Mantra meditation is a very powerful technique."
35:21 You see the sources that we're looking here
35:22 saying this is a good thing.
35:25 It's not a good thing in the word of God.
35:27 "Message to Young People," says this, page 42,
35:30 "To those who let the mind drift."
35:33 Are you letting it drift?
35:34 "Where it will drift if not guarded,
35:37 Satan makes suggestions which they fill the mind
35:41 that they are trained in the army
35:43 to decoy other souls."
35:47 So if you let the mind drift, the enemy will come in,
35:49 get your mind, and then he'll use you to, what?
35:52 Decoy somebody else. And that's what people do.
35:55 They come and they find--
35:57 instead of going along with the word of God--
35:58 but it's an experience, it's a feeling,
36:00 and we go out and try to get somebody else involved,
36:02 and we do it with such enthusiasm, such excitement,
36:04 and all of these people have been dead
36:06 for so long, their eyes closed.
36:08 And they say, "Well, I might as well try that."
36:11 Friend, make it match up with the word of God.
36:15 The object of spiritual formation,
36:17 dear friends, it's dangerous.
36:20 Because in that a person is trying to realize,
36:23 listen carefully, their oneness with God.
36:26 Do we need that? Yes,
36:28 based upon the Bible not eastern techniques.
36:32 Oneness with God or some say if you continue
36:36 to go through it you'll become fully one with God.
36:39 Wow, pagan practices, heathen practices.
36:42 Yes, where it come from?
36:45 So if you plan on emptying the mind of thought it becomes--
36:50 listen, 'cause you'll say,
36:52 "well, I never put myself on play."
36:53 You empty your mind it is much easier
36:56 to begin to think that what?
36:58 I can become God or a God. One with God.
37:02 Do you realize what this is?
37:04 This is spiritualism rampant here
37:07 in the last days before the coming of Jesus.
37:10 Remember, Satan told Adam and Eve in the garden
37:15 and he tells us today, "Don't worry about sin.
37:20 You can have your own standard."
37:22 Listen, since we are our own God--
37:25 I think you can get it there as you just read
37:27 Genesis chapter 3 especially in 15 or 5, 3:5.
37:31 You can kind of become your own God.
37:33 You could know more, you know, you don't have to follow
37:35 what Gods plan-- don't worry about sin.
37:38 Realize that churches are not teaching
37:40 the commandments of God, you're saying the same thing.
37:42 "Pastor you're saying the same thing."
37:43 You say, you don't have to keep the law of God
37:45 by Gods grace and Gods strength.
37:47 You're telling that I can be own God don't worry about sin?
37:50 That's what the devil said.
37:51 Now you don't want to be the devil.
37:54 Mentioned before we talk about Hindu
37:56 and Buddhist and Zen practices,
37:58 spiritual formation will take you to the point--
38:03 If you get involved, it will take you
38:05 to the point that you are fully God.
38:09 Zen, for instance here, detaches--
38:12 they teach us that you must detach from oneself.
38:18 And you detach from the process of thinking.
38:23 Wow, do we really want to detach from our mind
38:27 and our thinking and let some other kind of--
38:29 remember one spirit or the other
38:30 is gonna fill the mind and heart.
38:33 So I really believe that we have to kind of conclude
38:35 as we're looking at the techniques
38:37 used here in Christian-- they call Christian meditation.
38:41 They are the same techniques used in what?
38:44 The new age and eastern mystic meditation.
38:48 If it is we don't want anything to do with it but listen if--
38:51 if it has the same techniques used in it
38:53 how can we turn around and say okay,
38:55 it's Christian when we know
38:57 where it came from a pagan origin.
39:00 It came from there and everything
39:02 that you do is from paganism.
39:03 How can you say that is Christian?
39:05 Because it feels good.
39:08 Well, how can we-- how can we be so blinded?
39:11 How can we be so dull of spiritual things?
39:14 God help us.
39:16 We live in that hour where our minds--
39:18 well, we need our minds more than ever before
39:20 we don't want to give it up.
39:25 He's saying if we use-- just think about it,
39:28 if we use these same techniques
39:30 that the eastern religions and pagans
39:33 and heathens they all used,
39:35 wouldn't it-- what did they used them for?
39:39 They wanted to call up,
39:40 somebody help me here, evil spirits.
39:43 In fact the Bible says, and I'm talking about Isaiah 8:19,
39:46 it says they called up the, ooh, the wizards that peep.
39:50 The wizards that peep and mutter.
39:54 So you all, they are calling up
39:56 if you're using these techniques
39:57 you're calling up the wrong sprit
39:59 and you don't even know it.
40:00 You should know it because it's not based on Gods word.
40:05 And something to think about,
40:07 if we focus on it we've talked
40:08 a little bit about it, breathing.
40:11 Say one or two words over and over.
40:14 Try not to work our brains.
40:17 Try not to think. Empty the mind.
40:20 Close things off. Right?
40:23 Don't really think about what's going on.
40:25 Stare at one object for a while.
40:28 If a person-- I'm a bit careful with this
40:30 but if a person empties their mind you become mindless.
40:34 It's just that simple.
40:37 If we put ourselves in that state
40:39 it is a form of self hypnosis.
40:42 It might shock many, but this is taking place
40:45 as in many churches today and there's not even a squeal--
40:48 there's not a sound of a trumpet.
40:50 People don't know what to think about it.
40:51 If you knew the word of God you will.
40:54 Spiritual formation, discipleship programs
40:59 have long roots in Catholicism,
41:02 Buddhism, and Hinduism, and Paganism.
41:05 There's no doubt about it.
41:07 Is there a right way? Yes.
41:09 But you know what, we're not taking the right way.
41:11 What they're trying to take a shortcut.
41:12 And there is no shortcut.
41:15 Well, I may say the object of this study is not to make--
41:20 this is to make people aware of things
41:23 that's going on all around us and that it does matter.
41:27 If you love your brothers and your sister
41:28 you will not remain silent and you will be cautious
41:31 when you're approached with some of these things.
41:34 You know why?
41:36 Because there are meetings
41:37 that are being held all over the world.
41:41 Meetings maybe in homes where you think
41:44 oh, this is all got to be good
41:45 because there's mom and dad and these different people
41:47 and, man, they seem like real spiritual.
41:50 Public meetings, private meetings,
41:52 invitations are given,
41:54 and books of a new order are being distributed.
42:00 And we are asked to read books of people,
42:03 even heathen and Pagan books.
42:06 People don't know the truth to learn these techniques.
42:09 Why would you walk to read the word of God,
42:11 my bother and sister?
42:17 These books are in some well known stores.
42:18 God help us.
42:20 They promote spiritualism and it does in different way
42:26 for some because it's difficult--
42:27 what I can't really see this, I really can't understand this.
42:31 Let me just kind of give you just one example here,
42:33 maybe this will help you.
42:35 And again we're not calling names out here
42:36 but I think we can use things,
42:38 you know, out of the book that they quote
42:39 about themselves, don't you think?
42:42 One such Christian, that you would know the name,
42:44 well, many of you, if I would mention it.
42:49 Satan writes about his own experience
42:52 and he says if anybody lacks something.
42:56 If you're lacking something and if you're open
43:00 and that you want something to happen in your life
43:03 and you wanting something to be renewed
43:05 and you're wanting to live me little different concept
43:07 and you want to go in a different direction--
43:10 very important because the information
43:13 on the little book that he wrote.
43:14 I'm gonna quote something from it so you can get this.
43:17 Says from book, it was promoted,
43:20 it was given to many leaders and ministers
43:23 so that they can help deliver this message.
43:25 Here's what it said in the back of that book.
43:28 Goes on it says, "Well, there is a hunger within us."
43:31 Well, praise God, there should be
43:32 a hunger with us but the right hunger.
43:34 Listen, you're hungering for the word of God.
43:36 You're hungering for a closer grip
43:38 on Jesus Christ following the Bible.
43:40 Notice, "There's a hungry within us.
43:42 A longing for something more.
43:45 Something we can't quite describe.
43:48 Something has been missing, this is it."
43:52 Now the author goes on and leads us to believe
43:54 that we are taking a little journey with him
43:57 and he's talking about certain--
43:59 and again and we find the journey that we're taking,
44:01 he's taking parts of the eastern mysticism here or meditation.
44:05 He's taking these practices and trying to make--
44:07 whitewashed him and say they are Christian now.
44:11 He says you can bring in that these things in to Christianity.
44:14 Can you? Oh, they're dangerous.
44:19 And he said we can bring these things in
44:21 and it will enrich our spiritual life. Really?
44:23 Again, listen, the author goes on.
44:26 Here's what he says to do.
44:29 He says, tells us to repeat a simple line of scripture.
44:35 If there's too many words just shorten it.
44:41 It's okay to read scripture
44:42 and to repeat it and put it to memory.
44:44 We should be doing that.
44:45 Friend, but listen, listen, don't give up. Do what?
44:48 Take a simple line scripture and repeat it
44:52 but there's too many words just eliminate some words.
44:54 I guess we can eliminate whatever
44:56 we want to eliminate, huh? No.
44:59 Add whatever we want to add? No.
45:00 Just shorten it, doesn't matter.
45:03 And notice what he says, and we use breathing
45:10 as a means of bringing in the Holy Spirit.
45:14 Have you ever read that in the book?
45:18 Breathing brings in the Holy Spirit?
45:21 I thought we had to beg and plead
45:22 and ask God to come in and give us the Holy Spirit.
45:27 This is what this author is saying,
45:29 means of brining in the Holy Spirit.
45:32 Let me give you somewhere he says use these words.
45:33 Here's an example that he uses.
45:35 The author says the way I use the prayer for myself
45:41 is to pray for the infilling of the Holy Spirit.
45:45 See when you say that a lot of people say,
45:46 "Well, I can't argue with that." No, pray.
45:48 We need to pray for the infilling of the Holy Spirit.
45:50 Oh, God, give me more of Your spirit.
45:52 But here's what he says.
45:53 I simply say as I inhale,
45:59 "Spirit of the living God,"
46:02 And as I exhale, "Fall afresh on me."
46:08 Why?
46:10 Friend, don't we know any better than this?
46:14 I want to call them shenanigan.
46:16 I'm going to do it anyway.
46:22 Is that supposed to do something or is it maybe
46:24 they are inferring something inside of you?
46:27 And then it goes on.
46:28 He says, "I finish the combination of words
46:33 with my breathing, or my breath, and it's very powerful."
46:40 Really? I need the Holy Spirit to be breathing on me.
46:43 I don't know about you. I don't need my own breath.
46:46 Somebody help me out of here.
46:48 Then he goes on to say, "Oh, well, we can pray
46:53 a shorter prayer if we want to."
46:55 I was like, "That's too long?"
46:57 Like, as you say this, as you, again, breathing,
47:04 as you inhale again you can say, "Lord Jesus Christ"
47:11 and as you exhale, "Have mercy on me."
47:22 Can't you see where this is headed?
47:26 Doesn't this make void the reason
47:28 that why we are here as Gods last day people.
47:31 God wants to raises up a people.
47:35 He's wanting a people right with a conscious of affect,
47:38 consciously to be able by His greater strength
47:40 to put away sin in our lives.
47:45 He's raising up a people giving the end time message.
47:49 We need communication with God.
47:50 We need to talk things over with Him.
47:54 We need the power of the Holy Spirit to resist
47:55 and say we had nothing inside of us without him.
48:00 He's called the people here in His last days
48:03 to gain complete victory over sin.
48:10 Obedience, law, grace,
48:14 the need to study the word of God.
48:18 Instead here we find some of the leadership
48:21 encouraging us to slow the body down
48:27 using motions and thoughts and focus on breathing
48:31 and staying still and staying quite to sit--
48:37 Listen, some even say sit with your legs crossed
48:41 in a straight back chair with the feet flat on the ground.
48:46 Meditation, visualization, silence,
48:51 reading of certain books.
48:56 Isn't that all the opposite
48:58 of what scripture tells us about prayer?
49:03 Once again, when the disciple said to Jesus,
49:05 "Lord, teach us to pray."
49:08 You know what Jesus said, you know--
49:09 that's what Jesus-- he didn't say pick a word
49:12 and repeat it over and over and breathe
49:14 and sit and cross your legs or don't...
49:20 Red flags, dear friends.
49:22 When you think about spiritual discipleship,
49:26 spiritual exercises, spiritual formation
49:32 or copying or modeling yourself after a man or a,
49:36 you know, a church member or becoming a spiritual father.
49:44 I'll say, well, I'm a spiritual father.
49:46 Do we not realize what's going on here?
49:50 When you say I'm a spiritual father
49:51 this is a Jesuit practice from ancient times.
49:59 And I think you ought to be careful
50:01 of few things, my brother and sister.
50:03 Be careful of those-- and I know this is good.
50:05 We need to be careful of those who always want to nurture.
50:09 Now I know there is good, back there, all jump up
50:11 and start screaming the heart.
50:13 It must be according to scripture
50:15 how you nurturing someone what?
50:17 You always point them to Jesus not certain exercises
50:19 you can gain some merit with Jesus.
50:21 He wants you to give your life to him.
50:26 Any deviation from scripture is dangerous.
50:31 Lord, teach us to pray. Are we really praying that?
50:36 Are we really seeking Lord teach me how?
50:38 How deep is this spiritual formation among us?
50:42 How many does it have today
50:44 because no one sounded the warning?
50:46 And how much deeper it's getting day by day?
50:50 Let me give you little more food for thought.
50:53 May have not thought about it, maybe you have.
50:56 But, you know, many theology students and pastors
51:01 are encouraged to get involved in some--
51:04 ohh, involved in some kind
51:06 of spiritual discernment or guidance programs.
51:12 They are encouraged to sit underneath a spiritual guide,
51:15 a spiritual friend and they are encouraged
51:20 to go to other Protestant or Catholic or Mystics
51:24 to find spiritual direction,
51:29 which everything we've talked about it
51:31 almost all of it originated
51:33 in the Jesuit training centers of Europe.
51:37 And yet we still think it's okay to use it
51:39 because they'll give us a better experience with Jesus Christ.
51:41 No. Pagan's Pagan, wrong is wrong.
51:46 Let no man, I mean what,
51:47 let no man act as you conscious.
51:48 This is dangerous.
51:50 I never thought at least many or about three quarters
51:54 of all who take this course, listen--
51:57 oh, boy I wished I didn't have to say it,
51:59 are involved in some kind of ministry
52:02 to where they are out there
52:03 and they can what, spread it like wild fire.
52:09 And those who are involved--
52:10 don't fool yourself, they seem to be born again leaders.
52:13 Seem to have a sweet spirit
52:15 and you seem to be drawn to them.
52:16 You like to be around them, they look with the glow.
52:18 Maybe they seem to be sincere,
52:20 honest and caring but that's not--
52:23 that's how a Christian really should be
52:25 but this is not what's going, but
52:26 the real test, the real test--
52:29 not how they look and how it seems to you.
52:30 The real test, do they really follow the Bible
52:33 teaching on prayer and on spiritual growth.
52:39 Or do they refer you to read other books of a new order
52:46 and to use all kind of new terminology.
52:52 The kind of blow the mind we're not sure what--one liners.
52:56 We got some people who really good at one liners.
52:59 People say, clearing the mind and silence
53:01 and sit a certain way and have a spiritual guide.
53:04 Listen, spiritual guidance--
53:06 it's nice to have somebody there that you can count on,
53:07 you can pray with, it's all good and good and well.
53:09 But when we talk here it comes to the point
53:12 that where you have the spiritual guide
53:14 and you're working with him
53:15 and you begin to feel so close to this person that you listen,
53:18 you begin to confess your sins to them.
53:23 Documented stuff. You feel confident.
53:26 There's only one mediator
53:28 between God and man and who is that?
53:29 That's Jesus Christ.
53:30 You don't confess your sins to some priest
53:33 or pastor or evangelist, spiritual guide.
53:40 Be careful, my brothers and sisters,
53:41 of anything like hypnosis.
53:43 Careful of anything, even some professional counselors--
53:46 our time is running out here.
53:48 Those inside colleges and psychiatrists--you know why?
53:51 They all have to take courses in hypnotism.
53:54 Most every one of them does so they could hypnotize.
53:57 Friend, these are things we need to be praying about here.
54:00 Spiritual formation has entered in among us for years.
54:03 It's deadly, stay away from it.
54:06 And you know what happens?
54:08 That comes in because we've laid aside the Bible
54:10 and the spirit of prophecy.
54:11 We've nulled it out, threw it out,
54:13 put in a trash can and we're looking for something new.
54:15 You can't find a thing--
54:16 we need to get back to the word of God.
54:17 Wouldn't you say that?
54:19 Do not deviate from Gods words.
54:20 Spiritual formation is just plain
54:22 wrong based upon scripture.
54:24 Let's pray about it, shall we? As we close here.
54:26 May God help us to see regardless of what you felt,
54:28 maybe you've experienced,
54:30 it must line up with the word of God.
54:31 Let's pray, shall we?
54:33 Loving Father in heaven,
54:35 we thank You for Your precious word.
54:36 A lot of material has been covered.
54:37 Your Holy Spirit is only one
54:39 that can take it and make it clear.
54:40 We're giving you the mess that I always make with it
54:42 but I'm confident, I'm sure you said
54:44 the word that not return void.
54:45 And I thank You for that.
54:46 Open the ears, the hearts, and minds of your children
54:48 and may it be a warning to each one of us today
54:50 in Jesus' name, amen.
54:54 We sure thank you for joining in with us
54:56 every time that we're on.
54:58 And we want you continue pray for us
55:00 and realize that we are here and we continue to bring these
55:03 most of timely important messages to you
55:05 and as by your free well offerings you make it possible.
55:07 We love you. We love spending time with you
55:10 and we will see you next time.
55:14 Hello again and welcome back.
55:17 Friends, as never before we must discipline ourselves
55:22 to be students of the word.
55:24 So many people desire a living relationship
55:27 with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
55:29 Yet, like most everything else in their lives
55:32 they don't want to spend the necessary time
55:35 it takes to learn what truth is
55:38 and in turn get to know Christ and to love and to serve Him.
55:42 It's like striving for better health.
55:44 We all want to be healthy but not to the point
55:47 that we actually have to exercise
55:49 or actually have to eat right.
55:51 That takes too much effort, takes too much time.
55:55 Many want good health but only if it comes in pure form.
55:59 However that's just not the way it works
56:03 and that is somewhat how I see
56:05 the spiritual formation movement.
56:07 In fact I see it as spiritualism finding another entrance
56:11 into our churches and into our lives.
56:14 Many people have the idea that this process
56:17 of spiritual formation is our quick answer
56:19 to becoming of spiritual being and becoming like God.
56:23 Indeed it is a spiritual experience.
56:26 One I believe in many ways
56:28 is just like the one Eve had in the Garden of Eden.
56:32 Just after accepting and eating
56:34 that forbidden fruit the deceptions
56:37 of the enemy really haven't changed all that much.
56:41 But rather evolved and clothed themselves
56:44 in today's Christianity so as to fool the unprepared.
56:50 So I'm sure you're going to want
56:51 this set of messages to view
56:53 and to study this topic over and over again.
56:57 And it is our sincere prayer here
56:59 at "Behold the Lamb Ministries"
57:01 that these messages will be used by you,
57:04 Gods people, to help yourself to help others
57:07 from falling into yet another snare of the enemy.
57:11 Therefore we have made this two part series entitled
57:14 "Spiritual Formation, of Blessing or a Curse"
57:17 parts one and two available to you for suggestion
57:21 love gift of just $15 or more.
57:24 All you need to do is call us here in the United States
57:28 at 618-942-5044 central standard time
57:33 or write to Behold the Lamb Ministries,
57:36 PO Box 2030, Herrin, IL 62948.
57:41 As always you may email us
57:43 at beholdthelambministries
57:46 and you may also order on our website
57:49 at www.beholdthelambministries. com.
57:54 Untill next time, friends, may our precious Lord
57:58 continue to richly bless you and yours.


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