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00:41 Hello and welcome to "Behold the Lamb Presents."
00:44 I'm Chris Shelton your host
00:45 and I want to welcome you to our program.
00:48 Today we're going to look back into the life of
00:51 one of the greatest reformers in history, Martin Luther.
00:55 Martin Luther was born November 10, 1483
00:58 in a Saxon mining town of Eisleben, Germany
01:02 and died on February 18, 1546.
01:06 It is written of him on page 120
01:08 in the book "The Great Controversy"
01:11 that "Foremost among those
01:13 who were called to lead the church
01:15 from the darkness of popery
01:17 into the light of a purer faith, stood Martin Luther.
01:21 Zealous, ardent, and devoted,
01:24 knowing no fear but the fear of God,
01:27 and acknowledging no foundation for religious faith
01:30 but the Holy Scriptures, Luther was the man for his time,
01:35 through him God accomplished
01:36 a great work for the reformation of the church
01:39 and for the enlightenment of the world."
01:42 What a powerful description of one man.
01:45 A man who was so filled with the Spirit of God,
01:48 there is no doubt.
01:50 But our study of Martin Luther
01:52 is not to focus just upon his work
01:55 during the time period of his life
01:57 but rather to compare his stance and fortitude of character
02:01 to that of God's last day church,
02:04 to that of God's last day people.
02:06 Luther was labeled a heretic
02:09 for the wonderful truths that he was learning
02:12 and publishing from the Scriptures
02:14 and the Scriptures alone.
02:16 He was asked to recant all the writings
02:18 he had published before being issued the papal bull
02:22 "Exsurge Domine" in 1520 by Pope Leo X.
02:27 Knowing that his position in the church
02:29 and even his life was at stake,
02:32 Luther concluded much of the debate
02:34 with this repine, listen.
02:37 "Unless I am convinced by the proofs from Scriptures
02:40 or by plain and clear reasons and arguments,
02:44 I can't and will not retract
02:48 for it is neither safe nor wise
02:50 to do anything against conscience.
02:53 Here I stand, I can do no other,
02:57 God help me. Amen."
03:00 Thus is the title of the two messages
03:03 in this series, "Here I stand."
03:07 All that all of God's remnant people
03:09 would bet now exhibit such faith,
03:12 trust and fortitude towards Him and His word.
03:17 But before we begin to listen to Pastor Kenny's
03:21 God given message today, we are blessed to first visit
03:25 the 3ABN worship center and listen to a song entitled
03:29 "Ivory Palaces" as sung by Steve Darmody.
03:53 My Lord has garments so wondrous fine
04:01 And myrrh their texture fills
04:09 Its fragrance reached
04:14 to this heart of mine
04:20 With joy my being thrills
04:30 Out of the ivory palaces
04:40 Into a world of woe
04:48 Only His great eternal love
05:01 Made my Savior go
05:17 His life had also its sorrows sore
05:25 For aloes had a part
05:34 And when I think of the cross
05:41 He bore
05:44 My eyes with teardrops start
05:54 Out of the ivory palaces
06:04 Into a world of woe
06:13 Only His great eternal love
06:25 Made my Savior go
06:38 In garments glorious
06:44 He will come
06:47 To open wide the door
06:56 And I shall enter
07:00 My heavenly home
07:06 To dwell forevermore
07:19 Out of the ivory palaces
07:29 Into a world of woe
07:38 Only His great eternal love
07:51 Made my Savior
08:05 Made my Savior go
08:35 Thanks for joining us.
08:37 Praise God we have the opportunity
08:38 to study the word one more time.
08:40 And as you heard our subject
08:42 for today is "Here I stand."
08:44 What does that mean?
08:46 Of course, my wife mentioned to you here
08:47 we're gonna be discussing the life of Martin Luther.
08:51 Now somebody will say, I've read all those things before--
08:54 but look, have you really made
08:55 parallels to Martin Luther, what he went through
08:59 and what God's last day people will be going through?
09:03 It's remarkable if you have not studied these things,
09:05 so it behooves us to really pay attention.
09:08 This is a two part series.
09:10 So we're gonna be setting a foundation and get into--
09:12 let me say, a little meat of the word
09:14 but, boy, that second part,
09:16 it's not for the weak and faint of heart.
09:18 So praise God we have that opportunity
09:20 and privilege to study His word one more time.
09:24 Always before we get into our study,
09:26 before we read the pages of God's Holy word,
09:29 we always pray.
09:30 And before we pray I just want to thank you
09:32 for the comments and your cards
09:34 and your letters and, you know,
09:35 just the encouragement that you give,
09:37 we praise God for that, we know it's the Holy Spirit.
09:40 Continue, continue to pray for us
09:42 that the Holy Spirit will lead, guide and direct,
09:44 and give meat in due season.
09:46 Why don't you-- where it's possible,
09:48 why don't you just kneel with me
09:49 and let's ask God's blessing upon this message?
09:52 Let's pray, shall we?
09:55 Merciful Father in heaven,
09:56 we do thank you for the privilege of prayer.
09:58 Now we pray in a very, very humble attitude.
10:02 Lord, we realize we have nothing good
10:04 which to give thy people but You have everything.
10:06 So we come to You on bended knee,
10:08 we come to You asking for forgiveness
10:11 of anything in our hearts and lives
10:12 that need not be there.
10:14 Lord, we need to hear from You.
10:15 We need to have a message given to us from heaven
10:18 that concerns your last day people.
10:20 Open our hearts, open our minds
10:22 of each and everyone who views,
10:23 everyone who hears the message,
10:25 may we once again be converted,
10:27 may we be strengthened,
10:29 may we realize the hour in which we live.
10:31 Lord, bless us now with thy sweet presence.
10:34 Thank you for those who are out there
10:36 listening and watching and passing on this word,
10:38 in Jesus name, we pray.
10:40 Amen.
10:42 Again the message that we've been
10:44 talking about "Here I Stand."
10:46 I like that statement.
10:47 I believe God's last day people are going to come
10:49 right to that very point that they're going to say,
10:52 you know, when the pressure is applied,
10:54 they're going to say, "Here I Stand,
10:56 I can't do anything else."
10:58 It's way past time that God's people
11:01 had that thought in their mind
11:02 because we are too wishy-washy,
11:05 we're sprayed over here and over there
11:07 by every wind of doctrine.
11:08 God help us as we see this study and the importance of it.
11:12 As we study this about in Martin Luther's life,
11:14 I think we will see
11:17 that how the spirit of the living God
11:19 is working, worked with Luther
11:21 and how He's working with His last day people.
11:23 Who's His last day people?
11:25 Anybody that wants to be,
11:26 willing to be obedient to His commandments.
11:28 The truths that he proclaimed is awesomely close to the what?
11:33 The truths that God's last day people will be proclaiming.
11:36 The Philippians 2:15, the Bible it says,
11:39 let me just read it to you.
11:40 Again you need to have your Bible
11:42 and check these things out.
11:43 It says "That ye may be blameless and harmless,
11:46 the sons of God, without rebuke,
11:50 in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation,
11:53 among whom ye shine as lights in the world."
11:58 How interesting that is, that's what it say
12:00 where the truth needs to be proclaimed
12:02 but we're proclaiming truths but in a very dark world,
12:05 it's crooked, it's perverse,
12:07 it doesn't want the light of God's word.
12:10 Did they want the light in Luther's day?
12:13 In the reformer's day? Absolutely not.
12:16 The enemy is constantly fighting against the truth.
12:20 God help us as we see the importance of truth
12:22 and be able to take a stand on these things.
12:24 We find Luther as he began to study the Scriptures.
12:28 Here is the really the key.
12:30 There was a change that took place in his heart and his life.
12:32 There was a longing that he had
12:34 as he began to get into the word of God
12:36 and really begin to study and to read
12:38 the Holy Scriptures that he found some truths
12:41 that were so good that he had begun to read and say,
12:44 oh, look, it shook him up.
12:47 See, God's people need to shook up
12:49 and realize that we've become stale,
12:51 we've been in that same place, we've been in a rut for so long.
12:54 But as this man of God,
12:56 as he began to study these beautiful truths,
13:00 it did something in his heart and in his life.
13:04 Now remember, he was a very active man
13:06 during the time of the reformation.
13:08 There is no doubt.
13:09 God used him in a marvelous way.
13:11 He was God's man of the hour
13:13 like many, many others down through the history
13:15 and even time to come.
13:17 When God calls, we must be obedient.
13:20 But why Luther? Why of all people?
13:22 Why Luther? Why did God choose him? Why?
13:26 Maybe well, God choose you or choose me
13:28 to do a specific work before He comes again.
13:32 And then why did Luther accept?
13:34 May I say a challenge that was given to him by God
13:38 to go against as it were, the church of the day.
13:42 Are you willing? You love Jesus enough?
13:45 You read this truth, are you so excited about him
13:47 that you're willing to stand and say,
13:48 "Here I stand, I'm not gonna back now."
13:51 Let's look at four quick areas here
13:54 that I believe as we look at them
13:56 that qualified him and that will qualify you
14:00 and qualify me to be used by God
14:02 to accomplish a work for Him.
14:05 Number one, Luther was a very zealous individual.
14:10 Now, you know, we need that zealous--
14:11 what does that really mean?
14:13 To be zealous, it has a meaning of he was enthusiastic,
14:17 he was very enthusiastic.
14:19 Well, he read Scriptures, he got excited about them,
14:22 he loved it and all of a sudden,
14:24 Luther is saying look here
14:25 and wherever he went what happened?
14:27 People got excited too because he was excited,
14:30 we're not talking about a false excitement,
14:31 we're talking about a true, the touch of the Holy Spirit
14:34 that set him on fire, so he was zealous.
14:37 God is looking for men and women
14:39 today to be zealous in His calls.
14:41 What? Enthusiastic.
14:43 It also means passionate. It also means eager.
14:47 It means intense and not afraid of tackling the job.
14:53 There's too many Christians today,
14:55 they're afraid of tackling a job.
14:57 They have grown spiritually lazy.
14:59 And you know what?
15:00 He wasn't afraid to tackle a job that required much labor.
15:04 My, how opposite of that is of many
15:06 so called Christians today,
15:08 lukewarm, not wanting to do anything,
15:10 not getting involved, anything with any kind of exertion to it,
15:14 "Oh, we don't want anything to,"
15:15 Listen, this was one of the characteristics
15:18 that he possessed by the spirit of the living God
15:20 and one of the reasons God said, "This is the man."
15:23 Are you the man, are you the woman
15:25 today that has this enthusiasm about you.
15:29 You're zealous in the cause of Christ?
15:31 Number two, he was ardent.
15:33 What does that mean?
15:35 Here was a man that said he was ardent
15:36 that simply means he was passionate.
15:39 He was very passionate about what he did.
15:42 That means he was eager.
15:43 That means he was intense.
15:45 Do you ever meet people that are intense about things,
15:48 really get into it?
15:49 He was a man that when he got into something,
15:51 we'd say, "Man, he's really into that."
15:53 And again he was not afraid of tackling anything.
15:57 If he thought it was truth, he thought it was right,
15:59 he just said then this is what I want to do.
16:00 He is ardent.
16:02 Third characteristic, pray that we have these,
16:04 he was devoted.
16:06 What does that really mean to be devoted?
16:09 It's very, very important in the cause of Christ
16:11 that we're devoted to Him,
16:13 to the message that He's asked us to give.
16:15 Devoted means what?
16:17 He was dedicated. He was consecrated.
16:19 He had given all to the cause of God.
16:21 He was loyal and faithful.
16:23 You know, my question always goes back,
16:24 I'm saying this, who is loyal today?
16:27 Who's faithful to the cause of God?
16:31 Who's really ready and willing to deny self
16:34 and take up the cross and to follow Jesus?
16:37 We hear these truths.
16:38 I hear people every day, "Oh, I'm--
16:40 well, that seems right and I guess it's right and oh--
16:42 it would demand a lifestyle change and oh,
16:44 I don't want anything to change and--"
16:45 friend, if things are going to change,
16:48 you have the opportunity to know what truth is
16:51 and you turn that truth down,
16:53 dear friends, your life is going to change.
16:54 I've met too many people in ministry.
16:57 Too many people in everyday, we say, ordinary life
17:01 that's had an opportunity to learn,
17:03 to comprehend the truths that God has for today,
17:05 they turned them down
17:07 and I'll tell you it was a matter
17:08 of short time their life went to pieces.
17:11 We got to be willing to accept the truth
17:12 as it is in God, devoted, faithful.
17:16 He was a man of deep affection not only for God
17:21 but to his fellow men.
17:23 God and men, devoted.
17:25 Four, very interesting, always brought up
17:27 and talked about by my wife there that he was--
17:30 he had a religious faith.
17:33 Think about when you think religious faith.
17:35 What does that really mean?
17:38 Religious faith, that means that he, what?
17:40 Everything that he talked, everything that he wrote out,
17:45 everything that he talked about to his fellow men,
17:48 you know, what, they were based upon Holy Scripture.
17:51 It was not what someone thought,
17:52 what someone taught in the school,
17:54 it was what based upon Holy Scripture.
17:56 See, he understood and I believe
17:58 we need to understand today, the Psalm 119:105.
18:03 The Bible says "Thy word is a--" what? Good.
18:06 "A lamp unto my feet, and a--" what?
18:08 "and a light unto my path."
18:11 Is the word of God really what the Scriptures say?
18:14 Is the word of God really a lamp?
18:15 That means a lamp that's gonna light the pathway,
18:17 so you don't trip over the things
18:19 of today or tomorrow.
18:22 It's a lamp, it's a light to my pathway
18:25 and I also believe this-- Luther understood this.
18:28 Not only him, but you need to understand this
18:30 and I do today, Psalms 119:116.
18:34 It says "Uphold me according unto thy word,
18:38 that I may live, and let me not be ashamed of my hope."
18:43 Friend, are you ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ?
18:46 Do you have any hope in you today?
18:50 Well, some people call themselves Christians,
18:51 they seem like they have no hope.
18:53 They go there just down and they're just out
18:55 and they're just like, you know,
18:56 nothing right is happening in their life,
18:58 yet we have to know.
19:00 Prayed here, they'd pray,
19:02 "God, uphold me in according to thy word that I may live."
19:06 You want to live, you want to have
19:08 the fulfilled life even on earth?
19:11 If you do then you have to ask God to uphold you.
19:13 We need to living by His word
19:15 and not ashamed of Jehovah.
19:16 I'm not ashamed of Jesus Christ, how about you?
19:19 Luther was not ashamed of Jesus Christ,
19:21 he was getting acquainted with Him.
19:23 But it was interesting there when he said, my hope.
19:26 What was his hope? What your hope today.
19:30 Psalms 146:5 makes it very clear.
19:33 It says "Happy is he that hath the God of Jacob for his help,
19:38 whose hope is in the Lord his God."
19:43 The Lord his God, where is our hope today?
19:45 It's based, you know, in the Lord thy God.
19:48 Luther came along and he began to build a faith
19:50 based upon his hope of the Lord his God.
19:54 He made a personal relationship with Him.
19:56 Wherever Luther went, let me tell you,
19:58 he was shaking up the people.
20:00 Wow, how about that today?
20:03 Wherever we as Christians go,
20:05 should we not be shaking up the people?
20:07 Should we not be giving them something different
20:09 than they hear all the time?
20:11 We have a different message to give.
20:15 What might be the problem here?
20:17 Everything that he wrote, his teachings,
20:18 his doctrines were shaking men to the very foundation.
20:25 You know, about the time Luther was really being effective,
20:27 and the eyes were turned on him from the church
20:30 and the institutions and so on,
20:32 we realize at that time,
20:34 Charles V had just ascended to the throne and--in Germany.
20:38 And then we find out here
20:40 that there's a chance for the Roman Catholic Church,
20:43 you see, to go and say,
20:45 "Congratulations now that you are,
20:47 you know, you're the head right now
20:49 and we want to talk to you a little bit about Luther.
20:53 We want to talk to you a little
20:55 about the reformation that's going on."
20:56 So they used his ascension as a time
20:58 in which they could try to put down the reformation.
21:02 They were going to get gradulations
21:04 and the power of the church
21:05 but we need to put down this reformation
21:06 is changing things up.
21:09 Now think about after all, Luther was this,
21:12 2 Timothy 1:6 tells us
21:15 he was stirring up the gift of God.
21:19 See, I believe in stirring up the gift of God.
21:22 Now some of you get this, maybe some of you won't.
21:24 But, you know, I think about--
21:26 sometime you have a can of paint.
21:27 Oh, somebody pray for me.
21:29 You have a can of paint
21:30 and you let set for a couple of years
21:32 and you open it up.
21:33 And let's say some kind of oil based paint and,
21:36 you know, you look at it
21:38 and the oil all comes up to the top.
21:42 You have all of the mixtures,
21:44 you know what you have, you have the base
21:45 and you have all the tints and all that
21:47 but it's all settled down here
21:49 but the oil is in the top.
21:50 So what? If you're not stirring it up, what happens?
21:53 There's a separation, there is a death
21:55 because that paint is not any good without the oil.
21:58 You are no good and I'm no good
22:00 without the Holy Spirit represented by the oil.
22:02 You see what I'm talking about?
22:04 Take a stick and stir it all up
22:06 and then you have the mixture of humanity,
22:08 right, and divinity working together.
22:11 It needs to be stirred up.
22:13 The cause of Christ needs to be stirred up.
22:15 Luther was stirring it up, under what?
22:17 Divine direction of God.
22:20 Everywhere he went they talked about Luther.
22:24 They're talking about his teachings.
22:28 They want to know what was going on,
22:29 what were-- it was some little--
22:31 we call them in Luther's day there's little cottages,
22:34 there was little, there were convents,
22:36 there was castles, there was universities,
22:38 there was palaces, you know,
22:41 everybody was spreading the word about Luther.
22:44 And something was going on.
22:46 He had teachings that was different
22:47 from the rest of the world, or from the mother church.
22:50 Interesting.
22:53 Remember, again it was not Luther
22:55 that was stirring things up.
22:56 See, even in today's society,
22:58 we say, "Well, brothers so and so, and sisters,
23:00 they're just stirring up things--"
23:01 but listen, if there's a good stirring up,
23:04 it is through the direction,
23:05 to the power of the Holy Spirit,
23:07 the Holy Spirit does the stirring up.
23:09 God chose Luther to stir things up.
23:13 It was the spirit of God inside him.
23:16 Book of Haggai 1:14 tells us,
23:18 and it-- notice, it says,
23:20 "And the Lord stirred up the spirit,"
23:23 now going on it says here,
23:24 "he stirred up Zerubbabel,
23:26 he stirred up Joshua and he stirred up
23:29 all the remnant people."
23:31 So it was very clear in Scripture who does--
23:33 is supposed to be doing the stirring.
23:35 Man tries it sometime--
23:36 you end up with a mess until you spill it.
23:38 Luther felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit.
23:42 Deep man of God searching for what is truth,
23:44 going to give his life for it as he read the Bible
23:48 and as he begin to compare what he read with Scripture--
23:50 how many of you are doing this?
23:52 Reading the Bible and then he began to compare them
23:55 with the teachings of the Roman church.
23:58 This was his desire to be part of that--
24:00 you know, the Roman church to be priest, to be monk,
24:03 you know, be a leader in the Roman church.
24:05 But as he had the Bible and he began to turn the pages
24:07 and read right here, we can say,
24:09 "Well, wait a minute,
24:10 here's what the Roman church has said."
24:12 Very interesting.
24:14 While he was still a supporter of the Roman church,
24:18 he made this statement.
24:19 Now this is from the book in the history of the church
24:23 reformation from the D'Aubigne, book 5, Chapter 1,
24:28 let me just read what it says.
24:29 It says, "I am reading the decrees of the pontiffs."
24:34 So as Luther sat down, he begin to read the decrees,
24:36 the laws, the rules of the pontiffs.
24:40 He said, "I do not know
24:42 whether the pope is antichrist himself,
24:45 or his apostle, so greatly--"
24:48 Here's the key, "so greatly is Christ
24:51 misrepresented and crucified in them."
24:54 In what? In the teachings of Rome.
24:56 He read the Bible, he see a loving Savior,
24:58 a loving God in heaven, one who wanted to save him,
25:01 a free gift of salvation.
25:03 And he said this is not what the Catholic Church
25:05 has been-- is teaching.
25:08 He said as I read these things,
25:09 I don't know if the pope is the antichrist himself
25:11 or his apostle but God is misrepresented.
25:14 You realize God is being misrepresented
25:16 in many Christian churches today
25:18 as they talk about God being one
25:20 who causes disaster and death and disease and destruction.
25:24 God's blamed for everything that the devil does.
25:27 God's being misrepresented.
25:30 Now this is very interesting
25:33 because as Luther read these things,
25:35 he would not, listen, he would not take the pontiffs
25:38 word over the evidence of Scripture.
25:41 See, how many of you today you take the preacher's word
25:44 or you take your church's beliefs or your doctrines
25:48 and you read them, you read in Scripture,
25:50 it sounds different.
25:51 It seems like it's different but the church you go to
25:54 has been teaching this over here.
25:56 And so you let the Scriptures go and you say,
25:58 "Well, I've to stand with my church."
25:59 No, you stand with God.
26:00 You stand with Scripture though they say the heavens fall.
26:03 You stay with Scripture.
26:05 Not necessary what the church as it were is teaching,
26:07 what denomination is teaching, you stand with Scripture.
26:10 This was Luther under the direction of God Almighty.
26:14 The Review and Herald,
26:15 article 7, 1909, this was written.
26:18 Please pay attention.
26:20 It says, "Every individual soul
26:23 has a responsibility before God."
26:25 Do you believe that?
26:26 Every individual has a responsibility to God.
26:30 Think about that.
26:32 God's calling you as responsible.
26:33 Are you a responsible Christian?
26:36 I have a responsibility to God.
26:38 Now notice, "And it is not to be arbitrarily instructed by men
26:43 as what he should do, what he should say,
26:47 and where he should go."
26:49 Did you get it?
26:50 Arbitrarily, let's just--
26:52 some people will try to take this right,
26:53 quick, and they're gonna tryto make it
26:55 something and that it's not.
26:56 Please pay attention to it.
26:58 Remember, it's not arbitrarily instructed as man begins--
27:02 sometime man will try to tell you what?
27:04 What you should do, what you need to say,
27:06 and where you are to go.
27:08 Now notice the article continues,
27:09 "We are not--" What?
27:11 "We are not to put our confidence
27:13 in the counsel of men or assent to all that they say."
27:20 Listen, next word is unless.
27:22 See some of you want to stop and put a period there,
27:25 do not do that because you need counsel
27:26 as well as I need counsel.
27:28 We need to be going to Scripture.
27:29 We need to be talking about things.
27:31 You need not get in some little group
27:32 by yourself in there and just say,
27:34 "Well, this is what the Scriptures say.
27:35 This is the way I feel, this is the way it--"
27:37 Why not get together, are you afraid?
27:38 Get together and counsel together
27:41 but we are not to be, what?
27:42 Though it's called-- somebody says,
27:43 well, you do this, you do that,
27:45 you stay here, you go here, you go do that.
27:46 Now, we need to question that to make sure,
27:49 the article says, "Unless we have evidence
27:52 that they are under
27:54 the influence of the Spirit of God."
27:57 So are we to take counsel? Yes.
28:00 See, if we feel and understand
28:03 and we see through their life
28:04 that they're under this influence
28:06 of the Holy Spirit of God, we are to listen to them.
28:10 But if we don't believe they're under the leading
28:12 of the Spirit of the living God,
28:13 they're teaching something different than in here,
28:15 we need not follow what they're saying.
28:17 Now that's pretty heavy duty.
28:19 See, Martin Luther came up against this.
28:21 This is a challenge. This is not popular thinking.
28:23 This is not popular teaching.
28:27 But oh, how we need to be under
28:28 the influence of the Spirit of the living God.
28:31 Be careful, my brothers and sisters,
28:33 how we-- please, how we balance this.
28:36 Not just taking a line here and then putting periods
28:38 where you want to and commas.
28:40 We need--what?
28:41 We need counsel, don't we? That's right.
28:42 We need to know that those
28:44 who are giving the counsel are under
28:45 the influence of the Spirit of the living God.
28:47 They're saying-- what?
28:48 What the Spirit of God is saying to them.
28:50 Just probably we need to listen to these people.
28:52 Be careful, balance it out.
28:54 We should, just like Psalms 55:14 says.
28:59 It says we took-- listen what Bible said,
29:01 we took sweet counsel together.
29:04 Wow, you know what that means there
29:06 in the original language?
29:09 We had a session together.
29:11 We had a company of persons come together.
29:14 We had a consultation together.
29:18 And after we had that,
29:19 we walked into the house of God in company.
29:25 Isaiah 1:18, the Bible says, "Come now and let us--" what?
29:30 Come on, come on,
29:31 "Let us reason together, saith the Lord."
29:34 Now remember, come-- reason means come together
29:36 let us decide, let plead we want to know
29:40 what truth is, come together,
29:42 let us reason together.
29:44 New Testament books, book of Acts 18:4 it says
29:48 and he reason, and who?
29:50 He--Jesus reasoned in the Synagogue every Sabbath.
29:54 He reasoned.
29:55 He spoke is what it means here. He discussed.
29:59 He brought the message, counsel, studying together.
30:06 See, we must be willing to counsel.
30:09 We must be willing to reason together.
30:14 Little book that I love is going to be,
30:15 you know, great comfort and direction in time of need,
30:19 a little book called "Testimonies to Ministries,"
30:21 page 502, and this is what it says here.
30:24 "Safety and peace and calm assurance."
30:27 Oh, how we all want that.
30:31 I want safety and I want peace
30:33 and I want calm assurance.
30:35 Notice what it says, "They are to be found only--
30:39 they are to be found only--"
30:41 Somebody repeat it, I can't hear you.
30:43 Notice what it says, "They are to be found
30:45 only by following the counsel of the greatest Teacher
30:49 that ever lived in the world.
30:51 Let us not turn away from this unerring counsel."
30:56 Well, how plain that is.
30:59 "The counsel with the greatest Teacher that ever lived."
31:03 My friends, please remember
31:05 there are our feelings and our impressions,
31:07 which many people go rather than thus saith the Lord,
31:11 are not always safe to follow.
31:13 They're not always safe.
31:15 Because here we have this thing called human reasoning.
31:18 We might believe-- and I hear people say,
31:20 "I'm doing this because I know
31:22 that is from God who's guiding me."
31:24 I know God is guiding me in this thing
31:26 when we are following our own inclinations.
31:29 We are following our own way.
31:32 The only way you can tell a difference--
31:33 and I can is do what?
31:35 By listening to the counselor here.
31:37 We're talking about the greatest Teacher that ever lived.
31:41 In the Bible, the counsel is given.
31:44 The Bible says we can know if we watch unto prayer,
31:48 watch unto prayer, counsel with our brother
31:51 and we will understand.
31:54 What are we going to understand?
31:55 Why, we're going to understand the precious promises.
31:58 In Psalms 25:9 the Bible says
32:01 "The meek he will guide in judgment,
32:04 the meek he will teach his way."
32:08 The meek here means the humble.
32:11 Oh, friend, he's going to teach the humble.
32:14 Are you humble?
32:16 Or is your opinion the only opinion out there.
32:18 Some people think that, "Well, that's my opinion."
32:21 Remember, your opinion doesn't mean anything.
32:23 My opinion doesn't mean anything.
32:25 It must be what?
32:27 A conclusion must be based upon the word of God,
32:30 the weight of evidence.
32:31 We've got to lay it out there.
32:33 Some of you've been taking just that one line Scripture,
32:35 you make it whole teaching doctrine.
32:36 No, that's just wrong.
32:38 Bible says you have to do line upon line--
32:39 we'll talk about that more little--
32:41 that's what Luther was doing.
32:42 The meek, the humble, the lowly,
32:45 the teachable is what meek is.
32:47 Are you lowly at heart?
32:49 You don't think you have to be in the high place.
32:50 You don't have to think
32:52 you're the best thing to go on into world.
32:53 You're-- oh, be careful, Kenny,
32:54 God's gift to humanity.
32:58 Oh, humble, lonely, teachable,
33:02 if we are, the Bible says God will teach us His way.
33:07 Now listen, while we're touching a little bit on this subject,
33:11 there are those who say,
33:12 "Well, I have a work to do for God."
33:14 Well, okay, good.
33:16 And I'm gonna have to answer to God for my work.
33:18 Oh, that very well may be.
33:21 God's given us all a work in which we are to do
33:23 but I want you to remember this.
33:25 In the little book "Testimonies to Ministries,"
33:28 page 503, it says,
33:32 "Though we have an individual work
33:35 and an individual responsibility to God,
33:40 we are not to follow our own judgment,"
33:44 somebody listen, "We are not to follow
33:46 our own judgment regardless of the opinions
33:51 and feelings of our brethren, for the course would lead
33:55 to disorder in the church."
33:58 So we're not to just, what?
33:59 Follow our own judgment
34:01 regardless of the counsel that we get.
34:04 So that we simply we have to be what?
34:05 Open and we have to what?
34:07 Be willing to listen to it and then we compare it
34:09 to the word of God.
34:10 Not how what the church might think
34:12 or what the people might think or somebody's feelings
34:15 or how somebody's going to take it,
34:17 but what does God's word say.
34:20 These are things just going over in my--
34:21 these are things that plead Luther.
34:25 These are things that probably go, bless your heart,
34:27 over in your mind from time to time
34:29 just like that do me.
34:31 Because many of your stances are not popular,
34:33 people don't like and they don't want to hear
34:35 even though there's a clear cut thus saith the Lord,
34:38 they still don't want to do it.
34:41 Could be very disheartening.
34:44 God said, he's going to leave, he's going to die
34:46 but I don't want you to miss this,
34:48 well, what talking about this.
34:50 So remember, our duty then is to what?
34:52 Is to respect the judgment of our brethren.
34:56 Now I know some of you don't want the judgment
34:58 of the brethren, you say well, they're not my brethren.
35:00 Or you can find all kind of ways out
35:01 if you want to do it.
35:03 Counsel, we need to do.
35:04 But remember, we're trying to balance something here.
35:08 Luther had to balance things that were going on,
35:11 things that was being told by superiors,
35:13 things that the church was telling him,
35:15 things he was reading in Scripture and people telling,
35:17 he should do this and he shouldn't do that.
35:19 He should go here, he shouldn't here.
35:20 He was balancing it out. We need to balance it out today.
35:25 It's our duty to respect the judgment of our brethren.
35:29 At least listen to what they have to say,
35:31 have respect for the relationship with them
35:34 as well as the doctrines that they teach.
35:38 Now pay attention, it doesn't end here,
35:41 some of you would like that, oh, now see, no, no.
35:44 With all this said, we still,
35:47 still after all that's said, we come together,
35:49 we sit, we talk, we discuss the counsel together,
35:52 but we still do what?
35:54 We bring everything into the test of to--
35:58 just don't say Scripture, I'm gonna get heavy with you,
36:00 listen, to the law and to the testimony.
36:03 Do you remember reading that in Isaiah 28,
36:04 do you remember that?
36:06 Or 8:20, Isaiah 8:20?
36:07 "To the law, to the testimony."
36:09 It says that they speak not according to this,
36:11 it is because there is no light in them.
36:15 You know how clear cut that verse is?
36:17 You realize how clear that is?
36:19 And we make excuses all the time.
36:21 Well, so and so said, well, so and so--
36:24 listen, to the law and to the testimony,
36:27 if they speak not according to this,
36:29 if there is no light in them.
36:30 Please do not say, "Well, most--
36:33 there's a lot of light in them."
36:34 No, it doesn't work.
36:36 The Bible says no, it's not me said, no,
36:38 that's what the Bible says.
36:40 Luther had to weigh those things out in his heart
36:42 and his mind and God's last day
36:44 people must do the very same thing.
36:47 It's very, very clear, "If our hearts are teachable."
36:52 This is heavy.
36:53 "If our hearts are teachable,
36:56 there will be no divisions among us."
37:01 So since there's a lot of division,
37:05 who's not teachable? Is it you? Is it me?
37:09 Is this certain group?
37:11 We know there's gonna have to be unity here
37:13 in these last days, there's no doubt about it.
37:15 Jesus prayed for it.
37:16 He said it's going to happen.
37:18 But why are we-- why do we have that unity?
37:21 Because listen-- oh, listen,
37:23 we're so hard headed.
37:25 We think we're so spiritual that we're right on everything
37:28 that we come up with and that we do.
37:29 We just might be surprised
37:31 if we compare to the word of God,
37:32 so what God's word have to say on it.
37:35 This is the counsel. This is what we're up against.
37:38 The choices are gonna be many.
37:41 And you're gonna have to make a whole lot more
37:42 before Jesus comes and this is what
37:44 we're weighing this an we're looking at, his--
37:46 Martin Luther's life and God's last day people.
37:48 They're going to be up against similar circumstances
37:52 that he went through and we read that,
37:54 we say, "Oh, bless his heart.
37:57 How did he make it through?"
37:58 You're gonna have to know your God.
38:00 I'm gonna have to know my God.
38:04 Don't miss this. Bring everything, what?
38:08 Once again, to the test of the law and the testimony.
38:13 This is very interesting. Luther never thought.
38:16 When he began, as the God began to call him to do
38:19 this special work of reformation to bring us
38:21 out of the darkness of the Roman church,
38:24 bring us into light the gospel of truth.
38:27 Luther never thought for one moment
38:29 when he began following Jesus Christ
38:31 that he'd ever have to leave his church.
38:35 He never thought that he would.
38:39 He never thought he'd have to separate for something
38:41 that he truly loved.
38:42 But, boy, he's coming up
38:44 and weighing some evidence and he's saying,
38:45 "What I'm gonna do?"
38:48 Do you realize that Jesus understands this, too?
38:52 Do you remember what happened to Jesus?
38:53 The Bible tells us.
38:55 We'll read that passage, I'm gonna first read
38:57 Acts the Apostle, page 145,
39:00 it said, "Christ, near the close of His earthly ministry,
39:03 looked for the last time upon the interior of the temple,"
39:10 In Matthew 23:38, the Bible said--
39:14 Jesus said, "Behold, your house is left unto you--" What?
39:18 "Desolate."
39:21 Jesus no longer was in the place.
39:25 He said your house is left desolate.
39:27 Some people think because you have a certain name
39:29 or certain this or doing things,
39:31 that man this is God's presence is here because we have a name.
39:38 Jesus said right here when He left, you know, more attended,
39:41 He said your house is left-- they rejected Jesus.
39:46 They rejected the God of heaven.
39:48 He said your church is left desolate.
39:51 Interesting, you say, well, he always feel that way?
39:53 No, before that he said what?
39:55 Jesus said--He called the temple His father's house.
39:58 You remember.
40:00 He says this is my father's house.
40:01 So when Jesus left, God's presence left forever.
40:09 And we say, "Well, yeah, we kind of a special people,
40:11 you know, I don't know."
40:14 Listen, Luther understood this. He understood this.
40:18 Please, I want you to understand this.
40:22 It takes-now, listen, I somebody-you know,
40:25 some people is not gonna like this,
40:26 but look, this is in fact.
40:28 Let's face the facts. Let's weigh it out.
40:32 See, see, where we can-- where we can disagree
40:34 and then let me know if you can.
40:38 It takes the presence of Christ to make a church.
40:44 Luther realized where he was going,
40:46 the presence of Christ, the Holy Spirit wasn't there
40:48 because there's teaching err.
40:51 And he desired the presence of Christ more than anything,
40:54 how about you?
40:56 It takes the presence of Christ to make a church.
41:00 And say, well, boy, that's kind of heavy duty.
41:01 "The Upward Look," page 315, many of you read this,
41:04 many of you never heard about it.
41:05 But, listen, it makes sense.
41:08 "Where Christ is even among the humble few,
41:13 this is Christ's church, for the presence of the High
41:17 and the Holy one who inhabiteth eternity
41:20 can alone constitute a church."
41:24 I think most of all will agree that the church--a building,
41:28 it's just a building but if God's presence is there,
41:30 that's His church.
41:32 Without His presence, there is no church.
41:38 Is it possibly he ever leave?
41:40 Yeah, well, he left the earthly temple, didn't He?
41:45 And when He did, the presence of the Holy Spirit, oh, left,
41:50 because they weren't teaching truth,
41:51 they weren't living the truth.
41:55 Ephesians 1:22, the Bible says,
41:58 "And he hath all things put under his feet--"
42:00 talking about Christ, "He gave him
42:03 to be the head over all things to the church."
42:09 Put all things under His feet, Christ is then what?
42:13 The head of the church and it takes his presence there
42:15 to constitute to make the church.
42:18 Luther was grasping this. God's people must grasp this.
42:24 He wanted his life to be one with Christ.
42:28 How many of us have that- you know,
42:31 we study and we read the word of God,
42:33 how many really have a longing for that?
42:36 As Luther did, "Oh, I want my life to be one with you Christ."
42:41 He came to the point, "Lord, I want to gain victory.
42:45 I want to gain victory over myself.
42:47 I want to gain victory over every sin."
42:51 Luther said I want to be spotless before God.
42:54 Huh, why?
42:56 Because so the heaven can accept me
42:59 and accept the work that you're asking me to do.
43:02 Look, look, shouldn't we also, God's last day people,
43:06 desire the same thing that went through Luther's mind?
43:11 We call it like this today, shouldn't we be desiring
43:13 and praying and asking God for strength and help.
43:15 Oh, Lord, give me complete victory over sin,
43:19 over self, through Jesus Christ.
43:23 You see, that's part of our last day message
43:25 to give to the world, isn't it?
43:29 Righteousness of Christ.
43:32 Friend, this is a must-- complete victory in our life.
43:36 "Review and Herald," 1231, 1901, this is written,
43:39 listen, how it pertains to us today,
43:41 "Unless the people of God--"
43:43 Look, who are-- are you people of God today?
43:45 Are you the ones, you say, I'm part of God's family.
43:48 Then I'm talking to you, I'm talking to myself.
43:52 "Unless the people of God wage a valiant warfare
43:56 against every species of sin," how many? A few?
44:01 "Every species of sin, they will never pass
44:04 through the portals of the holy city.
44:08 And we shall have no second chance."
44:11 Oh, I don't even want to repeat it.
44:13 But I'm gonna repeat it because some of you didn't get it.
44:17 Unless the people of God- that's us-God, help us,
44:20 unless we are waging a valiant warfare
44:23 against every species of sin and we know
44:25 it's through power of the Holy Spirit of the living God.
44:28 We will never pass through the portals of glory.
44:30 And somebody may say, we don't have to gain victory.
44:33 You say you're gonna make it to heaven.
44:34 Well, some of your sins, no, it's not gonna happen.
44:37 It can't happen.
44:39 A warfare, we have to fight, we have to get on our knees,
44:42 right, and claim the blood of Jesus Christ.
44:44 There is no second trial.
44:48 Luther was--bless his heart, was engaged in this warfare.
44:50 Today's Christians are engaged in a warfare
44:54 and we have to fight every step of the way.
44:58 But you know what, too bad so many times
45:01 that the fight we have is with our own people.
45:04 We have more to fear from within
45:06 than we do with out at this point. That's sad.
45:10 Devil's keeping us all confused, keeping us all,
45:12 you know, working against each other.
45:15 Get, get, get the word of God.
45:16 2 Corinthians 10:4, the Bible says,
45:19 "For the weapons of our warfare,"
45:21 what is the weapons of your warfare?
45:25 "The weapons of our warfare,"
45:26 that means to contend with our carnal inclinations.
45:30 Are we really contending with our carnal heart
45:32 and our mind, the flesh, our duties, our functions?
45:37 As a Christian it is not to be carnal, but they're to be what?
45:41 "Mighty through God in the pulling down of strong holds."
45:45 Are we really the weapons of our warfare?
45:48 If we use the weapons of our warfare that God has given us,
45:51 we're gonna pull down the strong holds that the devil has set up.
45:56 Things that seem to be impossible to man,
45:57 God makes them possible.
46:01 See, this passage fits perfectly with the life of Luther,
46:05 the life of Paul, many others, God's last day people.
46:10 For each one of these individuals
46:13 and many of you and it's not still, yet,
46:15 will be placed in seemingly--
46:17 we're talking about what, impossible situations.
46:21 There seems to be no way out.
46:26 But yet, we're put in these positions
46:27 and in these places to where God expects us,
46:31 to preach the gospel, to proclaim the gospel. Huh.
46:36 Do you realize that when God allows us to go
46:39 in these impossible situations that He's going to be with us,
46:42 He's going to encourage us?
46:44 And there in these conditions, God uses you, He uses me,
46:49 by the grace of God to pull down the strong holds of the devil.
46:53 People's going to hear and they're going to receive
46:55 the word of God.
46:57 Paul said it in Philippians 1:12.
46:59 He said "I would that ye should understand, brethren,"
47:02 listen, "that the things which happened unto me--"
47:05 Paul said "All these things that happened unto me,
47:08 they have fallen out rather than unto
47:10 the furtherance of the gospel."
47:13 So the things that are happening,
47:14 he said all the bad things but, boy, it's what?
47:16 The gospel, the cause of the gospel,
47:18 the furtherance of the gospel.
47:19 When he was whipped, beaten, and in prison,
47:24 it was for the furtherance of the gospel.
47:25 It didn't seem like it at the time.
47:28 Some of the things, we're studying here in our study
47:30 here is gonna be about God's last day people.
47:33 Where you're going to end up?
47:34 In the bad situations and places you don't want to be
47:37 but God's gonna use you in a marvelous way
47:40 to get the gospel to preach to those who may not
47:42 have the opportunity any other way. Wow.
47:47 Luther, he begins to say, what?
47:50 The pressure was beginning to be put on him.
47:53 What was he going to do? How was he going to stand by,
47:55 what? By the Roman church, by his own, huh.
48:01 But notice what happened.
48:02 Because the pressure was put on him by his church,
48:07 more people learned what he was preaching and teaching.
48:11 If there had been no pressure, maybe they wouldn't--
48:13 many would not have heard, there are many times,
48:15 when somebody says you need to keep quiet,
48:17 people say, well, why do they need to keep quiet?
48:20 Oh, tell me what they're saying.
48:22 Well, we want to know.
48:25 And so let's say Luther, you need to keep quiet.
48:26 People say well, why?
48:31 Remember, Paul, one time he was in prison for two years.
48:36 It seemed like those two years
48:38 that he was going to be useless in the cause of Christ.
48:42 It looked like it was an end, his followers said
48:43 this is an end of Paul, he's done,
48:45 he's in prison, you know, of all appearances.
48:50 But, my friend, my brothers and sisters, it was then,
48:52 it was then that Paul by the grace of God
48:55 began to gather souls in even in the prison in Christ's field.
48:59 The prisons are Christ field.
49:01 There's people there that need to be touched.
49:04 It seemed impossible any good thing
49:06 could come about but, boy, it did.
49:08 No, there's no other way and you know what?
49:10 When he went into that prison,
49:12 devil said I've got the strong hold,
49:14 I've got the bad people in here--
49:15 the strong holds of Satan was ripped down.
49:19 Maybe--you may be one that may end up there
49:22 I may be one to--realize if you are in the hand of God,
49:25 there's a reason why you're gonna end up,
49:27 where you're gonna end up if you're follower of Him.
49:31 Oh, two years, strong holds.
49:36 I think we need to remember this.
49:41 It's not freedom from trial.
49:45 Many people say, "well, I have freedom from trial."
49:46 Not freedom from trial but it's in the midst of it
49:52 that the Christian character is developed.
49:56 Did you get that? It's not freedom from it.
49:59 But it's in the very midst of it
50:01 that your character is developed.
50:05 Victory of the Christian faith-- listen carefully,
50:09 it enables us to suffer and yet be strong.
50:14 Did you get that point?
50:16 The Christian faith-- victory of the Christian faith
50:18 enables me, enables you,
50:21 as when we're suffering we can still be strong,
50:24 when we submit and yet we're still a conqueror.
50:27 You realize that can't happen except in the cause of Christ?
50:30 To be killed but yet to live.
50:33 To build a cross, yet to win a crown of glory.
50:39 Only in the Christian life, what an awesome thought.
50:46 Say God was just about to bring about even some more
50:51 severe tests to Luther than he had before,
50:53 they were really gonna be severe.
50:55 And these pertain to us today.
50:59 I'm talking about it gets heavy, second part,
51:01 some of you--I don't know if you gonna want it or not.
51:05 Then I wonder when I read it sometime, I say God, help me,
51:08 this is the fate of your people, I cannot do it alone.
51:13 And you'll say, "I cannot do it alone, oh, God, I need you."
51:16 That's the purpose in it.
51:18 God has a purpose in all these things.
51:20 He had a purpose for Luther and a purpose now was
51:22 that he'd be an example for us here in these last days.
51:25 To say it happened before and it's going to happen again.
51:27 History has a way of repeating itself as these severe tests
51:33 were about to be thrown even more upon Luther as well as us.
51:39 We need to be glad.
51:41 We need to be glad that this-- we call it the axe,
51:45 we call the hammer and the chisel of test and trial,
51:51 is in the hands of a God-- one who is skilled,
51:56 one who is trying to save us not to destroy us.
52:00 I praise God for that.
52:03 But He's trying to help us
52:04 to work out the perfection of the soul.
52:08 He's cutting, chiseling, shaping, molding
52:13 and it's not without pain, it's not without self denial.
52:18 You see, Roman--Rome was determined to kill Luther,
52:21 just have few minutes left, listen,
52:23 Rome was determined to kill Luther
52:25 just like the Bible predicts in the last days of those
52:27 who keep the commandments.
52:29 After all he just posted his things
52:31 as you remember on the church door.
52:34 And so he brought the battle to the church.
52:37 And the church didn't want it.
52:41 And many, many after reading,
52:43 hearing him speak, you know what?
52:46 They didn't attend services anymore there.
52:49 They didn't attend the festivals anymore.
52:52 Luther's church begin to see--
52:53 less and less people were coming to services.
52:56 There's less and less tithes and offerings.
52:58 They were going down. They were red flags.
53:00 And they're gonna challenge this man.
53:05 It might sound familiar.
53:09 Because of beautiful teachings that God was giving Luther,
53:13 there was many then who wanted to come
53:15 to church to hear the truth.
53:17 They wanted to hear the word of God.
53:21 They now wanted to go to school to be taught about God,
53:24 to learn these beautiful truths
53:29 which so fit for God's last day people.
53:34 Friend, we need to pray about this before we close today.
53:37 And this is the first part, second part is--
53:39 oh, it's heavy, God help us.
53:42 We'll see how really it pointed the God's last day people,
53:45 we're gonna pray that God gives us to say,
53:48 "Here I stand, I can't do anything else."
53:50 Yet, you may be faced with Christ,
53:52 as you may be faced with situation
53:53 that you need to give your heat to Jesus, why not?
53:57 You know it's the truth, just stand for it.
53:58 Let's pray about it right now. Shall we?
54:00 That you give your life to Him and you'll be able to stand for
54:03 what you know is truth, even though it all maybe
54:05 different than the world but how about kneeling
54:06 with him where you can, let's pray together.
54:08 Merciful Father in Heaven,
54:10 we thank You for Your precious word.
54:12 We thank You for the examples that You've given to us,
54:14 help us to follow them.
54:15 Oh, Lord, we pray as we just grasp all these truths
54:19 and we just chew them up and we swallow them,
54:20 they become part of us, we can just simply say,
54:22 Lord, Here I Stand, I can't do anything else.
54:25 I want to follow you regardless of the cost.
54:27 Bless now, I pray, those who've made
54:29 that decision for You right now.
54:30 In Jesus name, we pray and for His sake. Amen.
54:35 No one said it's going to be easy.
54:38 No one's gonna tell you oh, that's going-
54:40 oh, everything's gonna be simple.
54:42 But you know, we're all going to be tested in trial,
54:44 we're all going to be see, what we're--what we're made out of.
54:47 We love Jesus with all our heart, our soul, and our mind.
54:50 Are we willing to stand for truth or we gonna fall
54:53 because our friends and because of the world
54:55 is crowding in around us and through us
54:57 and we just don't-we'd rather have the love of the world
54:59 than we have the love of the Master?
55:03 Are you willing to give your life
55:04 for the truth of God's word?
55:06 Friend, I pray that you do today.
55:08 I want to just tell you quickly as we close,
55:10 you know, we love you and we love coming into your home
55:12 and dare to dream in 3ABN channels
55:16 and radio and so on and so forth.
55:17 But you know, the only way we can continue
55:20 to do that is through your love offering,
55:21 so continue to send those to us and your prayer requests,
55:24 we look forward seeing you next time.
55:30 Welcome back, friends.
55:32 It has often been said we had nothing to fear
55:36 the future unless we forget how God has led us in the past.
55:40 How true this statement is when applied to the life
55:43 in troublest times in Martin Luther's day
55:46 and as compared to our time and prophetic future.
55:50 To hold on to moral absolutes as shown by the mass media,
55:55 especially as talked through the Scriptures,
55:58 right has become wrong and wrong
56:00 has become right in the hearts of many.
56:03 It is easy to become discourage and to feel there is no hope.
56:06 But always, always go back to God's word and remember,
56:11 He said He will have the people who will stand firm
56:15 through all the winds of strife
56:17 and spiritual confusion just as did Martin Luther.
56:22 Therefore, friends, you have a choice to make.
56:25 Do you follow the sway of popularity in this world
56:29 or do you say to God, to your friends and to your loved ones,
56:33 Here I Stand, I can do no other than
56:36 to follow the teachings of God's holy word.
56:39 God, help me.
56:41 We pray that this as well as the second message
56:44 in this series will be blessed in heaven
56:47 to enable you to make that decision for Christ.
56:50 It may be a decision that you've been
56:52 hesitating to make perhaps for years.
56:55 But, friend, remember that today is the day of salvation.
56:59 Don't put off what the Holy Spirit
57:01 is impressing upon your heart today.
57:04 Make a total and complete surrender to God
57:07 to follow Him through His word for tomorrow,
57:10 listen, for tomorrow may never come.
57:15 And to continue to strengthen you in this decision,
57:18 we are offering this two part series entitled
57:21 "Here I Stand" for a love gift at just $15 or more.
57:26 All you need to do is to call us here in the United States
57:30 at area code 618-942-5044.
57:35 That's Central Standard Time
57:37 or write us here at Behold the Lamb Ministries,
57:40 PO Box 2030, Herrin, Illinois, 62948.
57:45 You may email us at behold-
57:50 or visit our website at
57:55 Until next time, friends,
57:57 may our precious Lord continue to richly bless you and yours.


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