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00:41 Hello, and welcome to "Behold The Lamb" presents.
00:44 I'm Chris Shelton, your host, and I want to welcome you
00:47 to the second message in a two part series
00:50 that we have entitled "Here I Stand."
00:55 In part one of this series, we began to study
00:57 the life and character of Martin Luther.
01:00 And we began to compare his being zealous, ardent,
01:03 and devoted to God while basing his love
01:07 and devotion to his Heavenly Father
01:09 solely upon the scriptures and the scriptures alone,
01:13 and how this is a beautiful picture of just
01:15 how God's last day church of His people are to be.
01:20 We touched on the persecution, also.
01:23 And the rejection that Martin Luther endured
01:26 as a result of these beautiful truths that he believed in
01:29 and was beginning to share with others.
01:31 You know, one would think as Luther did that his church,
01:35 the Catholic Church, would have been blessed
01:38 as he was to learn and accept
01:40 these precious truths of God's word.
01:43 But sadly that was just not the case.
01:46 He was labeled as a heretic, a protestant,
01:49 and was excommunicated from his church.
01:52 As in our day, many profess the name of the Lord,
01:56 but few actually love Him enough to follow Him,
02:00 wheresoever He may lead.
02:02 It is our prayer that you will take the time to listen
02:05 to this God given message Pastor Kenny is about to present
02:10 and desire in your heart to become a modern day Luther
02:14 as reflecting his godly character.
02:17 A child of God who was solely devoted to the Lord
02:21 and whom will follow Him wheresoever
02:23 he leads you through His word.
02:26 But before we join Pastor Kenny,
02:28 we are blessed to visit the 3ABN Worship Center
02:32 and listen to a song entitled
02:35 "With a Made Up Mind" by Angela Bryant-Brown.
02:50 With a made up mind
02:55 With a made up mind
03:00 I am willing to go
03:03 All the way through
03:08 Though it cost my life
03:13 I'm willing to pay the price
03:18 I've got heaven in my view
03:28 Though it means that I have to walk alone
03:37 Or that my friends they may be few
03:46 Well I'm not gonna worry about
03:49 What others may say or do
03:54 See I've got heaven in my view
04:03 With a made up mind
04:07 With a made up mind
04:12 There's no problem that He
04:15 He will not see me through
04:21 And if I live my life right
04:24 All of my battles He promised
04:27 He'd fight
04:29 That's why I've got heaven in my view.
04:37 Oh, with a made up mind you see
04:44 It's gonna take a made up mind
04:48 And every day I can say
04:51 Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelu
04:57 And all of my burdens
05:00 They may weigh me down, me down
05:06 Still I've got heaven, I've got heaven
05:15 I've got heaven in my view
05:37 Thanks for joining us once again at "Behold the Lamb."
05:39 As you heard my wife talk about,
05:41 this is a very, very important subject
05:43 for God's last day people.
05:45 We are talking--this subject matter is "Here I Stand."
05:49 We've been comparing, it's just a second part, remember.
05:51 The first part and we'll be doing some comparing today, too
05:54 about Martin Luther, great reformer,
05:57 Jesus Christ our Lord and our Savior,
05:59 and God's last day people.
06:01 You're going to fit somewhere in that group.
06:03 And as we look at these comparisons,
06:05 there are things that people, God's people have gone through,
06:08 they're gonna go through in the near future.
06:10 We need to be ready for that.
06:11 It's such an important topic that we want to offer a book,
06:16 the book called "The Great Controversy."
06:17 Now many of you may have that book already.
06:20 You do praise God, you know, but--
06:22 we have a limited supply, so we want to give them
06:24 in the hands of those who-- maybe don't have one.
06:27 It's the full book of 700 or some odd pages.
06:31 It goes through all the reformation
06:32 and so on and so forth.
06:33 You will love it, you will love it,
06:35 but you gonna have to call our supplies last,
06:37 we'll give it to you free.
06:39 As you read that book, you will be blessed.
06:40 I believe your heart and life will be changed.
06:43 It's not a cut down version. It's the full version.
06:46 I believe you will love that book.
06:48 Give us a call.
06:49 Appreciate the cards and letters,
06:51 appreciate your phone calls.
06:52 You can call us and you have questions
06:53 by send an email, whatever you want to do.
06:55 We will do our best to get back with you.
06:57 So as we study our lesson today once again,
06:59 we need to pray as always.
07:01 So I'm gonna kneel and have prayer,
07:02 well, you can, why don't you kneel
07:03 and have prayer with me
07:05 that the Holy Spirit will help us,
07:06 give us power that we may understand His word.
07:08 Let's pray, shall we?
07:10 Loving Father in Heaven, we truly thank you,
07:12 for the privilege we have with prayer.
07:14 Now we ask through the power of thy Holy Spirit
07:16 that you will take this vessel,
07:18 we realize that this vessel is nothing,
07:20 without the power of thy Holy Spirit.
07:21 Consume each one of us, Oh, Lord.
07:24 My heart, my mind, my soul that I may be
07:26 what you would have me to be.
07:28 Speak the words that you would have me speak today.
07:30 Lord, may there be a light.
07:31 May there be communication between heaven and earth today
07:34 by Jesus Christ and the power of thy Spirit.
07:36 Bless the hearers we pray and those who view may hearts
07:40 and lives be changed not only for the day, but for eternity.
07:43 In Jesus name we pray. Amen.
07:47 Again the importance of this subject,
07:49 I don't want you underestimate it
07:51 because I said the last program,
07:52 this is not for the faint or the weak,
07:54 so we need to really stay with me.
07:56 Lot of material to cover today,
07:57 only by the grace of God can we get through it.
07:59 May it help us to get the high points,
08:01 but again that book you need to be calling for that book.
08:04 I'd like for you, if you have your Bible,
08:05 you just turn it quickly in the book,
08:07 the New Testament, the Book of Luke 19:47, 48.
08:12 As we compare the lives that we were talk about
08:14 Luther and Jesus and God's last day people.
08:17 Remember Luther had been stirring up the people
08:19 with a new message they hadn't heard before?
08:21 It upset the church.
08:23 They were, "oh, oh, my--"
08:24 it wasn't approved by them and so they were tied about it.
08:26 And so they wanted to stop his voice.
08:29 And nothing new, as we look in Scripture, as we read this,
08:33 listen, and make a comparison.
08:35 Talking about He, Jesus in Luke 19:47, 48.
08:39 Said, "He Jesus taught them daily in the temple,
08:42 but the chief priest and the scribes,
08:45 and the chief of the people sought to destroy Him."
08:49 Verse 48, "And could not find what they might do,
08:54 for all the people were very attentive to hear Him."
08:57 Here's Jesus, Lord and Savior in the Temple.
09:00 But here's the chief priest and the scribes.
09:03 Think with me.
09:05 These were the ones that said, "We need to get rid of Jesus."
09:07 Why? He hadn't done anything wrong.
09:09 He was teaching something that was new to them.
09:12 They didn't want to hear it and they wanted to put Him out.
09:15 But interesting, the people were listening.
09:18 Sound familiar?
09:19 God's last day people same thing will be happening.
09:21 Luther's day, the reformers what people were listening,
09:24 said, "We want to hear what's going on."
09:26 But the religious leader said,
09:27 "Man, we need to quite this guy up."
09:30 Interesting "The Great Controversy"
09:31 the book I just told you about, page 605 makes this quote.
09:34 Listen carefully.
09:36 "In every generation--" You know what,
09:38 when I make this right now, I'm going to tell you upfront
09:40 some people who will get tight.
09:43 But why?
09:44 If it's the truth, we should say thank you Lord for it.
09:47 Help us to adjust our life.
09:48 "In every generation God has sent His servants to rebuke sin"
09:54 notice "both in the world and in the church."
09:59 Many of us like rebuke sin in the world,
10:02 but we don't want to hear about in the church.
10:05 Friend, this is something we need to contemplate here.
10:07 God in every generation has sent servants.
10:10 Are you this servant?
10:12 You, man, woman, God today,
10:14 well, you want to know the message, don't you?
10:16 Here's something interesting, when you as an individual,
10:19 as an individual we find this, no man can serve God,
10:23 notice this, without enlisting Himself--opposite of the enemy.
10:28 The enemy, other words he comes in.
10:30 Enemy's going to oppose you, once you enlist yourself
10:32 in the service of God, then you what?
10:34 The enemy says I'm gonna go against you.
10:37 You can expect these things
10:38 that we're talking about will take place.
10:40 They've taken place in the beginning of time,
10:42 they will continue on.
10:44 So when the Spirit of God comes upon His people.
10:48 When they've enlisted themselves,
10:49 and I like that--enlisted themselves in His service
10:52 proclaiming this last day
10:54 warning message of Revelation 14.
10:56 You're familiar with that message.
10:58 You should be but a lot of you,
10:59 want to scratch out a point or two you don't like.
11:01 The whole three angels message take nothing out,
11:04 add nothing to it, just present it as God said.
11:07 These last day people cannot refrain
11:10 from speaking those things-- plain teachings of Scripture.
11:13 Why? They are consumed by the power of the Holy Spirit.
11:16 They just can't keep quiet anymore.
11:19 They speak the words just like Luther.
11:21 He said, he spoke words that God gave him.
11:24 We last day people will speak words that God has given us.
11:27 We'll do it fearlessly, regardless of the consequences.
11:31 And, you know the good news? People will hear it.
11:34 They're going to listen, why? Spirit of God's working.
11:37 As the Spirit of God works upon the hearts and lives of people,
11:40 we have to realize He's going to be opening
11:42 ears, hearts, and minds to hear this message.
11:45 Do you realize this is the way
11:47 that the third angel's message will be proclaimed?
11:50 Once again I like to read from "The Great Controversy" 606.
11:53 Listen, how it says, it says "Men of faith and men of prayer"
11:56 notice "will be constrained to go forth with a holy zeal,"
12:00 notice "and they are going to declare
12:02 the words that God gives them."
12:04 God said, this last day people are gonna go forward
12:06 with the real zeal, and they're going to proclaim exactly
12:09 what God puts in their hearts, and their minds.
12:11 Interesting notice, they go forth where?
12:15 In faith.
12:17 And notice this, "The sins of Babylon will be laid open.
12:22 The fearful results of enforcing the observance of the church
12:27 by civil authority," listen carefully
12:30 "the inroads of spiritualism, the stealthy
12:33 but rapid progress of the papal power-all will be unmasked.
12:39 But these solemn messages will be--will stir the people."
12:45 I pray that you are, you'd be stirred up
12:47 when you hear these messages
12:49 or when God compels you to give these messages
12:52 warning of what's taking place.
12:55 As the message, go forth, God's people with holy zeal,
12:58 as we see the observance of the, you know,
13:00 the church by civil authority.
13:02 You know, making a Sunday law.
13:04 When we see spiritualism on the rise
13:07 and when we see the papacy on the rise.
13:09 These are all the things that we can look and say, okay,
13:11 now we realize what is soon to take place.
13:14 You realize Luther--you know, he was hated and he was rejected
13:19 because of the message that he was giving regardless,
13:23 of whether it was truth or not.
13:25 It was the truth, but people didn't care
13:27 whether it was truth.
13:28 They just didn't want it. We say, upset the applecart.
13:32 Even went so far that they plotted to kill him.
13:37 Interesting, plotted to kill Jesus,
13:39 plotted to kill the reformers, and plotted to kill
13:42 the last day people for the message that they give.
13:46 How interesting.
13:48 See we find that many openly,
13:50 such as the Catholic Universities in Luther's day,
13:54 it was interesting, you know, what they said.
13:56 The man that kills Luther, he would be without sin.
14:03 These are universities.
14:04 These were people who are supposed to go,
14:06 you know, and to learn about Jesus
14:07 and give Jesus to the world.
14:09 But they were upset with what was going on.
14:10 Because he was telling something they did not want to hear.
14:14 The man that kills him, he will be without sin.
14:16 Don't worry about that.
14:18 Now why would they say such a thing?
14:20 Why did these universities hate and wanted to silence him?
14:23 The history, "The Reformation D'Aubigne"
14:26 in the book, a six in Chapter 3,
14:28 I'm gonna read from this, it's a quote.
14:30 Notice what it says, it tells us this.
14:32 Luther said this "I am much afraid that the universities
14:37 will prove to be the great gates of hell"
14:41 Wow, where he was a part of and he was,
14:45 been in there mingling and teaching
14:46 and now he is looking at the universities and say,
14:48 "Oh, they could be the great gates of hell."
14:51 Then he goes on he said,
14:53 "Unless they diligently labor in explaining
14:57 the Holy Scriptures and engraving
15:00 them upon the hearts of the youth."
15:03 You know, as we talk about engraving,
15:05 we're talking writing them in the heart.
15:06 Remember, reading the Bible
15:08 where he wants to put His law in our hearts and in our minds.
15:11 Then he goes on and he said
15:13 "I advise no one to place his child
15:15 where the Scriptures do not reign paramount."
15:21 He goes on to say
15:22 "Every institution in which men are unceasingly
15:27 occupied with the word of God"
15:29 if it's not "It must be corrupt."
15:31 So every university, every institution regardless,
15:34 unless their mind is occupied by the word of God,
15:37 it must be corrupt.
15:39 Can you think of the corruptions that's in the world today,
15:42 of universities and schools?
15:43 And so on, that you know,
15:45 God, you're not even able to mention the name of God.
15:46 You can't really have your prayer.
15:47 You can't have your worship. You can't even talk about Him.
15:50 What would Luther say about that today?
15:53 It's no different than Proverbs 3:3 tells us, it says,
15:56 "Let not mercy and truth forsake thee, bind them about thy neck,
16:02 write them upon the tables of thine heart."
16:06 Every institution needs
16:08 what Revelation 22:19 talks about,
16:11 things that are written in the book.
16:14 What good is an institution?
16:15 What good is a place of learning,
16:17 if we're not learning about God?
16:18 We're not learning about how to win souls for the kingdom?
16:24 Another little book, I like to read from
16:25 "Second Selected Messages" page 183.
16:29 Say what? What was really the purpose?
16:31 What is the purpose of institutions--
16:33 some of these religious institutions
16:35 today of training, teaching?
16:37 Notice what this paragraph says,
16:39 says "Our institutions were established
16:41 to serve as an effectual means of advancing
16:45 the work of soul saving."
16:47 My, have we gotten away from that?
16:51 It goes on to say, "Those connected with them are to study
16:54 how they can help the institution,
16:56 and not how they can take the most out of the treasury."
16:59 See many people go to schools and they teach what?
17:02 Because they want a good living,
17:03 they want finances, they want money?
17:06 It said, our institution they were established to serve,
17:09 to produce soul winners.
17:12 Now, opposite, how that has changed.
17:15 Also in that book "Second Selected Messages" 182.
17:19 It says "there can never be prosperity for any man,
17:23 for any family, any institution,
17:26 any firm unless the wisdom of God presides."
17:32 Unless the wisdom of God provides in that in the home
17:36 and in the family and the institutions,
17:37 there's never going to be prosperity.
17:40 And yet we're throwing God out of everything
17:42 and we still want prosperity.
17:43 It's not going to work that way.
17:46 We need just to keep God in our hearts,
17:48 in our thoughts and then in our prayers.
17:51 See, there were many in Luther's day, as well as in our day,
17:54 understood the need of reform.
17:57 Most of us today, I believe would say
17:59 if we have an honest heart,
18:00 we just don't have our heads stuck in the sand somewhere.
18:03 We'd say we need to reform.
18:04 There's some things that need to be changed.
18:07 But, you know, it's kind of interesting,
18:09 when we understand this subject
18:11 and then we begin to act on this subject,
18:14 great changes will take part.
18:16 Now listen, think problem is, is we say, we need a reform,
18:20 but we'll never act on the reform.
18:22 It upsets, too many people because it stirs people up.
18:29 And as Luther begin to stir the people up
18:31 with what he was preaching and what he was teaching.
18:33 They grew angry.
18:36 They wanted him to be quiet.
18:37 He wouldn't be quiet, so they said
18:39 we'd have to find ways in which to make him, be quiet.
18:42 They demanded that he withdraw his teachings and his doctrines
18:46 or he'd have to pay a price for it.
18:49 My wife mentioned in the beginning
18:51 about excommunication.
18:53 He was excommunicated.
18:55 What is that really need to talk about here?
18:57 What was the real thrust
18:58 and what was the problem in the church at that time,
19:01 when Luther when they threaten the people with excommunication?
19:04 If you don't do right, we're gonna excommunicate you.
19:07 Maybe much more severe in their teaching,
19:10 at least in the minds of the people
19:11 than maybe for us today.
19:13 So today in our language when we say,
19:15 so and so was excommunicated, we'd say,
19:17 so and so was disfellowshipped, wouldn't we?
19:19 Sure. Interesting.
19:22 Excommunication in the days of Luther
19:25 was feared even to the kings.
19:27 To the mightiest ruler, there was fear like, oh, no,
19:31 it was regarded-- like a deathblow.
19:36 They did not want that to take place.
19:39 Interesting, if you were excommunicated,
19:42 you could no longer talk to your family or your friends.
19:48 Well, we feared that.
19:49 Well, mean, I can't talk to my children, my family, my friend.
19:51 Excommunicated, you couldn't do it.
19:52 They couldn't talk to you.
19:55 And then it went to the point to,
19:57 you would be treated as an outlaw
19:59 if you were excommunicated and you would be,
20:01 listen, hunted it down and killed.
20:05 Wow, surely it's not that bad today.
20:09 And of course, the Catholic Church said,
20:12 if you are excommunicated, you can have no salvation.
20:15 Doesn't matter what you do, what you say, where you go,
20:17 you can't have-- you can't have eternal life.
20:20 But it's interesting today
20:23 if a person gets himself a little bit in trouble,
20:26 maybe in--all won't be nice about it, but, you know,
20:29 a lot of people make a trouble whether church or where they go.
20:31 People don't want to talk to them anymore.
20:33 Sometime their family doesn't want to talk.
20:35 Their friends don't want to talk to them
20:36 because they've got themselves in trouble.
20:38 And you say yeah, but, you know, number two it said
20:40 they would hunt him down and kill him.
20:41 Or they may not hunt them down physically and kill them,
20:43 but, you know what, we kill people with our tongue.
20:47 That's still going on.
20:49 And salvation, some people say well, there can't be salvation.
20:53 If something happens that you don't belong,
20:55 there can be no salvation.
20:58 Could that be similar to maybe some of our thinking?
21:01 I hope not, but could it be?
21:03 Wouldn't there have been some good news?
21:06 People would stand up like Luther tried to do
21:09 and tell them truths that maybe they'd never heard before
21:12 or understanding of scriptures that would help them.
21:15 That would give them comfort when they were approached
21:18 with this--you're going to be excommunicated.
21:21 It affects God's last day people,
21:24 there's no doubt about it.
21:25 But my Bible says to me
21:27 that our names must be written in the Lamb's Book of Life,
21:30 Revelation 21:27, did you get that?
21:32 Our names must be written where?
21:34 In the Lamb's Book of Life. That is paramount.
21:38 I know you, now some of you getting a little bit hasty now.
21:41 I know somebody is gonna be already--off the cuff
21:43 Let's not do that because we're looking at what just,
21:45 we're not saying what man has said.
21:47 We're saying what God has said.
21:49 He said your name must be written
21:50 in the Lamb's Book of Life.
21:51 Is your name written there?
21:54 You realize how many wonderful, beautiful souls
21:56 that was living up to the life that they had.
21:59 If someone could have said, did not worry about it man might
22:02 shove you out over here,
22:03 is your name written in the Lamb's Book of Life
22:06 that determines where you go spend eternity?
22:08 My fearful.
22:11 A fearful thing follows that in Revelation 20:15,
22:15 'cause the Bible said "Whosoever was not written
22:18 in the Lamb's Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire."
22:23 If your name is not written in Lamb's Book of Life
22:25 you're cast in the lake of fire.
22:26 It didn't say about written anywhere else.
22:30 It's time we fessed up to some of these truths
22:33 and looked at them, the way God looks at them.
22:37 See there's many people, they are millions,
22:39 may I be bold?
22:41 Millions of people today
22:43 would gain comfort today if they knew this truth.
22:49 Man may excommunicate you,
22:54 but that does not mean that God has.
22:57 There is the issue.
23:00 It depends upon your love, your devotion,
23:03 your obedience to the word that assures you
23:07 that your name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life.
23:10 Please keep that in your heart and in your mind today.
23:14 It's very interesting. Luther made this statement.
23:16 I want to read this to you, it's about being excommunicated.
23:21 And even the possibility of being put to death.
23:23 See, some of you say, well, I could be excommunicated
23:25 or I could disfellowshipped and all of it.
23:26 But we're talking about the death penalty.
23:29 Interesting, you know what he said?
23:31 He said it's a light thing to die for the word.
23:36 Oh, don't you want that kind of love
23:38 and that kind of trust for Jesus your Lord and Savior.
23:40 He said it's the light thing to die for the word of God.
23:46 And then he went on to say, 'cause if we die with Him,
23:49 we shall live with Him.
23:51 If we die, we give our life.
23:53 We're going to live for eternity.
23:55 You know what the Bible says?
23:56 Bible says this in Luke 9:24,
23:59 it says "For whosoever shall save his life shall lose it.
24:04 And whosoever will lose his life for my sake,
24:08 the same shall save it."
24:11 See, God's last day people are going to be fearless. Why?
24:14 Because they're filled with the Spirit of the living God.
24:17 They may not even realize it's in them.
24:19 But the Spirit of God, it's not them--they may be timid and shy.
24:21 But when the Holy Spirit takes over,
24:24 you watch the men and women come forward
24:26 and they will proclaim fearlessly these words
24:28 that must be given in the last day.
24:30 They're going to just proclaim them.
24:31 In the right in the very face of being threatened
24:34 to be thrown in the prison and many will be.
24:36 Let's get that.
24:38 A hardships doing without loss of family, loss of friends,
24:43 houses and lands and even life itself.
24:46 Please keep that in mind. Why?
24:48 Because they know and they trust in whom they have believed
24:53 that 2 Timothy 1:12 tells us.
24:56 "You have to know who you believe today."
24:59 Could we not be like?
25:01 That stories that we read in scripture.
25:02 You know, there's all a beautiful account
25:04 that's given of men and women
25:06 that had the real Spirit of the living God inside them.
25:09 You remember, in Daniel 3:17, 18?
25:12 Oh, you know the story well.
25:14 Where the three Hebrews getting ready to be thrown
25:16 into the--suppose to bow down and worship the image.
25:20 Let's take this account and it says,
25:22 "Our God whom we serve is able to deliver us"
25:26 you know, come on "from the burning fiery furnace,
25:29 he will deliver us out of thine hand, O king."
25:32 Verse 18 says this, but here's where faith kicks in,
25:37 but they knew God could do it, there's no king, no kingdom,
25:41 no establish, no army, nothing can keep God down.
25:44 When God wants to move and God wants to act in your life.
25:46 He can tear down the mountains.
25:48 He can tear down these strong holds.
25:50 We look at this, to these men,
25:51 but if God chooses another way.
25:54 Notice "Thou if they will not serve out
25:57 we will not serve thy gods, nor we will we're not worship
26:00 the golden image that thou hast set up."
26:03 Huh, interesting.
26:07 He will deliver us out of thy hand,
26:09 but it maketh known to you, oh, king, if you don't deliver us.
26:12 We're not going to bow down.
26:15 What kind of faith do you have?
26:16 What kind of faith do I have today?
26:18 Just like Daniel, just like Jeremiah,
26:22 just like all that these friends there.
26:24 Luther and other reformers, God's last day people.
26:28 Notice this, we are not to leave the position
26:31 which God has put us in.
26:33 And we are not to abuse or to change the message
26:36 that God has given His last day church.
26:38 No watered down business is going on.
26:41 God's given the message away that He wants it to do.
26:43 It's not to please men, but to please God.
26:46 Are you going to be accountable?
26:47 And God said, well, I'm giving the message,
26:49 if you watered it down, you're not giving the message.
26:52 Can we just be honest about that?
26:54 Oh, I'm not trying to be difficult.
26:56 I'm not trying to be hard about this thing.
26:57 But, you know, this either is truth or it's not.
27:01 This is a truth then rise up with it.
27:03 If it's not, then throw it out.
27:05 But compare it with the word of God.
27:07 See, we've got to continue faithfully,
27:10 faithfully to maintain the truth.
27:12 There's very little people seem today,
27:13 that want to maintain the truth, as it is in Jesus Christ,
27:17 regardless of the battle, that's going on around us,
27:20 maintain what God has said.
27:22 God has chosen you. He's called you.
27:25 And may we say, "Here I stand, O God, I can do nothing else."
27:30 Life is just not important
27:32 when it comes to what God has asked us to do.
27:34 We have to be willing to give our very life.
27:38 Interesting, the more that Rome tried to silence
27:41 Luther-- and you'll find this.
27:43 The more that Rome tried to silence Luther and others,
27:47 it only gave them greater opportunity
27:49 to present their message.
27:51 Some of us need to get with the program here.
27:53 We think sometime that we're gonna stop somebody.
27:56 We're gonna do this and we're gonna do that.
27:58 It only gives them more opportunity,
28:00 when you bring it up for more people to hear about it.
28:02 Ain't that interesting?
28:04 And the message goes out God can use that.
28:07 Because people begin to say,
28:09 "Well, why is the Catholic Church taken
28:12 their stands against Luther?
28:14 What does he have to retract?
28:16 What is he going to have to pay for?
28:19 Why should he take back some of these teachings?"
28:21 And they said, if you don't, you're gonna pay a price. Wow.
28:26 And so that the more that Luther's name was stirred up
28:29 and in the same way today, more we stir certain things up
28:32 and praise God, He can use this.
28:34 Now remember, the more people wanted to know
28:37 what it was that the church was upset about
28:42 and the more they got to hear
28:43 that by his teachings and about his doctrines,
28:46 the things that he had been writing.
28:50 They would never-- listen,
28:51 they would never ever had the opportunity
28:54 if God hadn't worked in this way.
28:56 Interesting, now how does this apply to God's last day people?
29:01 "Great Controversy" page 607 says this.
29:05 Now some of you, gonna miss it. Please don't miss this.
29:07 Listen now, it says
29:09 "As the movement for Sunday enforcement
29:11 becomes more bold and decided,
29:15 the law will be invoked against commandment keepers."
29:18 Why don't we--we hear it, why don't we believe it?
29:21 You say, you do, but are you acting? Are you preparing?
29:23 Are you realizing these events will take place?
29:27 It's taking place now. It's gonna steadily increase.
29:32 Here's what God's people-- Luther was threatened,
29:36 they're going to kill him, excommunicate him,
29:38 get rid of him, you know, take him out of country somewhere,
29:40 you get him to be quiet.
29:43 God's last day people notice this
29:44 "They will be threatened with fines and imprisonment,
29:48 some will be offered positions of influence,
29:51 others are going to be offered rewards and advantages,
29:55 and inducements to renounce their faith."
29:59 But God's true last day people notice this
30:02 "they stand fast and their answer is,
30:05 'Show us from the word of God where we've erred.'"
30:09 That has to be our stance.
30:11 Show us from the word of God where it's wrong,
30:13 where we've erred here.
30:16 And again, this is the same that took place
30:18 with Luther was under similar circumstances here.
30:22 And we'll find that those who are--
30:24 there's many going to be taken to court.
30:27 And those who are taken to court will make
30:29 a strong, strong vindication of the truth.
30:32 And when they do that many people will have the opportunity
30:36 to take a stand for all the commandments of God.
30:39 The light will be brought before
30:41 thousands and thousands of individuals,
30:44 who if they had not been taken to court
30:46 would have never heard this message.
30:49 Instead of cry-babying around, somebody listen to me.
30:51 "Well, they gonna take me to court--"
30:54 Did you not realize that's going to be an opportunity
30:56 God's going to give you to vindicate the truth?
30:58 Many will hear if they will never ever had
31:00 a chance to hear except there.
31:02 God's using you.
31:03 He used you in the prison, He used you in the court system.
31:06 He can use you wherever He wants to use you and use me.
31:10 It's powerful.
31:11 Revelation 13:15-16 we realize the laws are coming.
31:17 They're going to be enforced.
31:20 Now something I've learned over the years this really force.
31:22 You talk about force is the last resort of every false religion.
31:29 Force is what?
31:30 Is always the last resort of false religion.
31:33 At first what does it do? It tries attractions.
31:37 Things that might please you,
31:38 offer you a little bit of this and a little bit of that.
31:41 Do you remember the king of Babylon,
31:43 do you remember him?
31:44 He tried to begin with, he tried what?
31:46 Music. He tried outward show.
31:50 All that would be pleasing so everybody would bow down
31:52 and everybody have a good time.
31:55 And when that didn't work, he offered them what?
31:57 The fiery furnace.
31:59 Do we think somehow it's going to be different
32:01 for God's last day people
32:02 than it was for God's people then?
32:04 No.
32:06 And many people will-- they will tell,
32:09 "Well, we'll take these, we'll take this.
32:11 It is lot of money here. And we'll have the safety.
32:13 We'll go ahead and be able to proclaim the message out."
32:15 No, you're a traitor.
32:18 God asked you to what?
32:19 Here I stand, this is the truth.
32:23 Regardless of what it costs, do we love Him that much today?
32:27 See, it boils down to this, all who prove their loyalty.
32:33 And how do I prove my loyalty to God?
32:35 It's by being obedient to the law of Jehovah.
32:39 I prove my love to Him.
32:41 We must be prepared-- listen carefully, church,
32:44 we must be prepared to be arrested
32:46 and to be brought before the councils of men.
32:50 Many have and many will in the future.
32:54 Are you ready?
32:56 Do you have that kind of relationship?
32:57 You say, well, no, now, now, you don't got--
32:59 Listen, Jesus was hated while He was here on this earth.
33:02 He was hated without cause, so will the true people of God,
33:08 just like Luther was and the all the reformers, without cause.
33:12 That I think that's what hurts lot of time
33:14 because you haven't done this thing
33:16 and you're accused that you are.
33:17 Something that you're not
33:19 and sometime pride rises and say,
33:20 Oh, God help us. Look is it truth?
33:22 Then I stand for truth.
33:25 Do you realize that Jesus was treated as a common criminal?
33:29 He was condemned to die.
33:32 Interesting, His followers must expect the same treatment.
33:37 I'm not trying to say
33:38 doom and gloom, friend, but let's be aware.
33:40 We need Jesus more than ever before.
33:42 Do you remember in Matthew 20:22, what it says?
33:46 Jesus asked because He was talking to the disciples.
33:49 And Jesus simply said to them "Are you able to drink the cup?
33:54 Are you able to drink the cup that I drink of?"
34:01 What a question. Are you able?
34:06 Am I able to drink the cup that He was drinking?
34:09 He said you're gonna have to.
34:11 He's going to be there to help us.
34:13 He's going to be there to encourage us
34:14 and give us victory.
34:16 Remember, my friend, laws will be made.
34:18 You can look at throughout all history.
34:21 And these laws as they were made,
34:22 they're going to be made under the plea
34:25 and the false coloring
34:28 that is good for the nation if we do this thing.
34:31 We're going to restrict the evils of the world
34:34 by passing so called moral laws.
34:38 That could never happen, it never will.
34:40 The laws will be. You can't restrict morality.
34:43 You can't pass laws about morality,
34:45 comes from the heart and a relationship with God.
34:48 But the Bible said it's going to happen.
34:50 And the same results are going to happen.
34:53 Now again you've seen them happen in Luke.
34:54 And you've seen all the reformers.
34:56 You read about how they burned at the stake,
34:57 they fed the lions, you act like it's some kind of a fairytale,
35:00 but it's not going to happen.
35:01 Did God love those people or did He not?
35:03 Yes, He loved them.
35:05 And yet His people went through it.
35:07 And some of you say, yeah, but I'll be raptured away.
35:08 God bless your heart. You will not be.
35:11 And you will not be prepared
35:12 because you have that frame of mind.
35:15 See I'm pleading with you.
35:16 I'm not scolding you about. People think I'm scolding.
35:18 I'm serious about what I'm talking about here.
35:21 Because you're gonna be here and you're going to have to go
35:23 through some of these things, I'm talking about right now,
35:25 if you love Jesus with all your heart,
35:27 if you prove loyal Him and to His law.
35:30 Be obedient to God.
35:33 Reformers sure did.
35:35 Do you remember John 11:50, they plot to kill Jesus?
35:40 Remember what they said?
35:42 The group said as a end result.
35:43 Listen to this "It's better for one man to" what? Good.
35:46 "Should die for the people,
35:48 rather than the whole nation to perish."
35:53 The enemy is going to try to what?
35:54 Just get rid of God's last day people to keep
35:56 the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus.
35:58 Better for that little group to go
36:00 than the whole nation to go down the tube,
36:01 the nation is headed down the tube right now.
36:04 People are looking for ways to turn the tide.
36:08 This could come quickly, some of you not ready.
36:11 God help us to be ready.
36:13 Do you remember the charges that came upon Luther?
36:17 Heresy, blasphemy,
36:23 enemy of the church.
36:26 Man, think about this and they said Luther,
36:28 "Heresy, you blasphemer you.
36:31 You're the enemy of the church.
36:33 And whatever you do, you've been doing in the name of the devil."
36:38 He was an innocent man of God, who was directed by God,
36:41 by the power of the Holy Spirit to give a message,
36:43 to bring some little light out of this dark ages
36:45 under the papal supremacy.
36:47 And here all of these names were hurled at him. Wow.
36:52 You realize some of those same charges was given
36:54 against Jesus Christ
36:55 and will be given against the last day people.
36:57 Do you remember Mark 2:27, a talk about Jesus?
37:01 When He said about forgiveness of sin, they said,
37:03 why does this man thus speak blasphemy?
37:06 Who can forgive sin, but God only?
37:09 They claimed Jesus what?
37:11 Being able to forgive sin, can Jesus?
37:12 Oh, praise God. Yes, He can by the blood.
37:15 You know what, papacy can't do it.
37:17 Priests can't do it.
37:20 Wow, same charges.
37:23 And then of course in Mark 3:22 the scribe said Jesus,
37:28 yeah, we know who He is.
37:29 Well, He's got Beelzebub in Him.
37:32 He's got a devil in Him.
37:35 Martin Luther, you've got a devil in him.
37:38 God's last day people, they've got devils in them.
37:40 Jesus, they've got devils in them.
37:42 And I looked at here and made my heart sad.
37:46 Scribe said about Jesus.
37:49 Do you realize Beelzebub
37:50 if you look up in the original language right here?
37:52 Now it means talking about a devil and evil spirit?
37:54 But here it says, listen carefully,
37:56 Lord have mercy on my soul, it says here that the scribes
38:00 looked at Jesus and said Jesus you have a dung God in you.
38:06 That's what that means Beelzebub.
38:12 Can you imagine the audacity?
38:15 To find that man telling Jesus that--
38:21 men do that today they say it.
38:23 They said you got a dung God in you.
38:26 You know, what they are talking about?
38:28 He took it.
38:30 He went about His father's business.
38:33 See, Luther found in the messages
38:36 that God was impressing Him to give.
38:39 He found out, they had been even given before, you rise truth.
38:42 We say, oh, this is new truth.
38:43 That might be new to you. It's always been.
38:46 But he found when he was giving his messages,
38:48 they'd already been given--he looked back a 100 years before.
38:53 And then I can look at this and I say praise God
38:56 because the message he was given in Matthew 7:25,
38:58 it's founded upon the rock.
39:00 It's not upon sand.
39:01 It's on the rock of Jesus Christ.
39:02 The truth's still there. They'll always be there.
39:05 Romans 1:17, the Bible says
39:06 and He proclaimed "the just shall by faith."
39:11 Oh, what a change that was from the teaching and his background.
39:14 And maybe for some of you today that just shall live by faith.
39:17 Luther fought against err.
39:20 He fought against teachings just light indulgences.
39:24 Rome said the indulgence is the most precious gift of God.
39:30 That's what the historians say, but you know what they were not.
39:34 They were of man.
39:36 What really were these indulgences?
39:39 This were things were taking place
39:41 in Luther's day and he took a stand.
39:42 We see things taking place today.
39:44 We have to take a stand on them.
39:46 See the priest would come
39:48 and they would give certificates.
39:50 That is the people would come and buy certificates.
39:56 Somebody listen.
39:58 These certificates you see, would be,
40:00 would be a use by the people when they come to confession.
40:05 As when they come for confession that means any kind of a sin,
40:08 variable sin they would expect absolution.
40:12 They had a certificate.
40:13 Remember, they bought that certificate,
40:15 so when they bought it.
40:16 Then they bought forgiveness of sin.
40:17 Isn't that interesting?
40:19 How corrupt can a church get?
40:20 How corrupt in the thinking can people be today?
40:22 Some of us are some what on that line.
40:24 God help us.
40:28 They didn't have to repent of their sins
40:31 but they were purchased with money.
40:34 Bible says in Psalms 32:5 it said,
40:37 he said "I acknowledge my sin unto thee,"
40:41 not unto a preacher or priest, an evangelist
40:44 "I acknowledge my sin God unto thee,
40:47 mine iniquity have I not hid."
40:49 Notice "I said, I will confess my transgressions unto the Lord,
40:56 and thou forgavest the iniquity of my sin."
41:00 Friends, how clear can it be?
41:02 How clear--one mediator between God and man, Jesus.
41:06 This is clear teachings.
41:09 Also in Acts 8:20, you remember there is Simon.
41:13 He offered to purchase
41:16 some miracle working power of the apostles, you remember?
41:20 How much can I-- I want to buy something,
41:22 I want to be able to perform these miracles.
41:26 I want to purchase these miracles with money.
41:28 Wow, of course in Biblical teaching we know that.
41:34 He even went little bit farther,
41:36 you know, as we think about it.
41:38 Then of course, you know, Peter told him right quick,
41:40 you know, in Acts 8:20.
41:42 He said, your money do what?
41:44 Your money perish with you.
41:46 I like that. "It perish with thee,
41:47 because thou hast thought that" you can what?
41:51 "You can purchase or buy a gift of God."
41:54 Money you can't buy it.
41:56 And even got deeper as Luther received again to,
41:59 to unravel and clarify these teachings,
42:02 these unbiblical teachings.
42:04 It even went to so far that the--
42:07 in the church they would advertise
42:09 these certificates from the pulpit.
42:12 And if a person had a certain kind of certificate,
42:15 the purchaser always afterward it would clear,
42:19 clear him for the sins that he desired to commit in the future.
42:25 Interesting, other words he was thinking
42:26 I'm going to commit some things in the future,
42:28 so I can buy a certificate now to take care of those things.
42:33 Those repentance they said was not necessary.
42:36 There was no repentance.
42:38 There was no confession.
42:39 There was no sorrow.
42:40 There was-- for the sins committed.
42:43 2 Corinthians 7:9, 10 reminds us that godly sorrow worketh what?
42:49 Repentance, this is totally foreign to,
42:52 there's a scripture here.
42:53 But then it gets worse.
42:56 It gets worse as it go indulgences.
42:58 They said, you purchase these with some money.
43:01 It even has power to save not only the living, but the dead.
43:08 The very moment that you gave the money to the church,
43:12 the soul would escape from purgatory
43:15 and make its way up to heaven.
43:18 Certificates.
43:22 Oh, I want to say so, well, what a devilish teaching.
43:28 Certificate, what did Luther do about all of this?
43:32 He was involved with it, but now truth was coming to him.
43:35 You know, he refused when people came to his church,
43:38 he refused those certificates.
43:40 And he warned them unless you repent
43:42 and reform your life you will perish in your sins.
43:46 Does that sound like a message God's last day people, huh?
43:51 And when people begin to learn this, you know what they said?
43:53 We want our money back.
43:55 We want all of our money back.
43:59 They complained to the--
44:00 we called it to the ground level here.
44:01 Then they went to the higher ups that we want our money back.
44:03 This is not a true teaching.
44:06 And the church was not about to give back that money.
44:09 Her job was to take money in.
44:13 And because it became so bad, people demanded money
44:15 the church said, we're not going to give that money back.
44:17 That they pass the priest
44:20 and what we talk about here, the papacy.
44:22 They passed a-- we call a order,
44:24 a law was implemented that anyone who wanted
44:28 and called for that back you were called, labeled a heretic.
44:31 And heretics were to be what?
44:33 Burned.
44:35 And then if you call that you want this back,
44:36 then you are in opposition of the most holy indulgences
44:40 they said according to D'Aubigne in book 3 chapter 4.
44:44 Now think about it. Awesome.
44:47 See, Martin Luther's message
44:49 from the pen and from the pulpit,
44:52 by mouth wherever he went
44:53 became to be bit more clear and more straight than ever before,
44:57 under pressure he did not fall by the grace of God.
45:02 He began to stir up the people.
45:03 He stirred up the leaders,
45:04 stirred up the church with the truth.
45:06 Okay, then how about God's last day church?
45:10 Are you giving a message that's going to stir people up
45:12 or you giving some little lifeless timeless titbit?
45:17 We don't live in that day.
45:18 We live in an hour where the message must be straight.
45:22 Oh, we have to realize that God calls for a renewal of what?
45:25 Good, the straight testimony.
45:29 A straight testimony that was given in the past.
45:32 A testimony that will be a renewal of a spiritual growth
45:36 and spiritual life and our spiritual energies.
45:40 There is to be a resurrection by God's last day people.
45:44 Listen, from apparent death.
45:46 How sad that must be the word repent from apparent death?
45:50 We've almost die. God help us.
45:54 We're bearing the truth.
45:56 And we resurrecting that truth?
45:58 Our message today, my brother and sister,
46:00 must be so plain as to startle the hearers.
46:04 Our message must be so plain today, so clear, so decided,
46:08 so stirring, so point, life and death issue,
46:11 straight as that of John the Baptist gave,
46:14 a spiritual darkness must be penetrated.
46:18 And whose gonna penetrate?
46:19 The only Spirit of the living God
46:20 that brings conviction upon the heart,
46:22 brings conviction on the life,
46:24 brings conversion to the souls by His spirit.
46:32 And, you know what the message
46:34 that's given in these last days will be
46:36 out of the usual order of things.
46:41 Remember, the Roman church taught that,
46:43 you know a message and the priests
46:45 and rabbis in the Christ days
46:46 that the message had to go through--
46:48 Oh, Lord, help us certain channels.
46:53 But the Spirit of the living God through His servants said
46:55 the last day message is going to be given
46:57 little out of the ordinary or the usual order of things.
47:02 Remember, Isaiah says this and makes it real clear
47:04 that we know this will take place.
47:05 Isaiah 43, oh, I've got to hurry.
47:07 Isaiah 43:8, 9 Bible says this.
47:10 Notice it's says that "Bring forth the blind people
47:14 that have eyes, and the deaf that have ears.
47:18 Let all the nations gather together,
47:20 let the people assemble."
47:22 Notice "Who among them can declare this,
47:26 and show us former things?
47:29 Let them bring forth the witnesses,
47:33 that they may be justified, and let them hear,
47:37 and say," listen carefully.
47:39 "It is truth."
47:43 God's calling a people and they come and say wow.
47:46 This blind before and now I see.
47:48 Ears were clogged, now I hear.
47:50 Coming together to assemble
47:52 and say, ooh, this is the truth, the truth of God's word.
47:56 There's a few simple truths that Luther presented
47:59 and that we need to be presenting today.
48:00 Just listen carefully to them simple, but yet solemn.
48:04 Soul searching, life and death issues.
48:07 He taught that, he set this before the people.
48:10 How offensive is the character of sin?
48:14 What a message we have to give to the world today?
48:16 Luther said, sin is offensive to God.
48:19 See God's hatred of sin is strong as death,
48:25 but His love for the sinner is stronger than death.
48:28 Awesome message.
48:30 Luther taught that it's impossible for man
48:34 by his own works to lessened its guilt
48:38 or evade its punishments.
48:40 Wow, you can't work your way in.
48:44 Nothing, but repentance toward God,
48:47 faith in Jesus Christ can save the sinner.
48:51 1 John 1:9, "If we confess our sins
48:53 He is faithful and just to forgive us." Isn't He?
48:55 Third part, he taught that it's the grace of God.
48:59 Grace of Christ cannot be purchased because it is what?
49:03 It is a free gift.
49:04 Romans 3:23, 24 says, "We're justified freely by his grace"
49:10 notice that "Through Christ Jesus for."
49:15 He counseled the people not to purchase indulgences,
49:20 but to look in faith to a crucified and risen savior.
49:24 What a message? Look to Jesus, lift Him up, friend.
49:28 He assured his hearers that he had tried
49:30 to find salvation apart from God by works,
49:33 but it's only by looking away from self,
49:37 believing in Jesus Christ
49:39 that He found joy and peace and contentment and salvation.
49:42 Acts 16:31, have to hurry.
49:44 Acts 13:39, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ
49:47 it says you'll be saved.
49:48 All that believe on Him are justified.
49:51 Luther posted his thesis,
49:53 you know, his studies on the church doors.
49:56 And he said I'll defend every one of those.
49:59 You're going to be asked to give a reason
50:01 for the hope that's in you, 1 Peters 3:15.
50:03 The day will come you say, why do you believe this?
50:06 Oh, you need to be studying the word today.
50:08 'Cause of these truth Luther had to meet his accusers.
50:13 You're gonna have to meet accusers too, you know.
50:16 And I tell you, if we look at the questions, questions,
50:20 and questions keeps coming back
50:21 as why is he teaching these things?
50:22 Why these new things?
50:24 And if you go back and he met
50:25 every one of those arguments with a thus saith the Lord,
50:27 impressed by the Spirit of the living God.
50:31 In fact he made statements,
50:33 he said those who were trying to stop him
50:34 from giving the message,
50:36 he said if the word be of God, then who's going to what,
50:38 who can stop it.
50:40 If not who can forward it, huh?
50:42 Acts 5:38 talks about that
50:43 trying to lose there was a difficult thing.
50:46 Trying to stop this man from giving the message
50:48 seemed to be an impossibility, but they were determined.
50:52 Luther continued to encourage
50:53 and enlighten the people about these beautiful truths.
50:57 The leaders didn't like it.
50:58 And they said there's going to put an end to him.
51:00 You know, the surprise, my friend.
51:02 A price for standing for what is truth and what is right.
51:06 Luther understood with all of his heart and his soul,
51:09 this was the message that needed to be given.
51:12 Here I stand, I can do nothing else.
51:15 When you're put in that place what's gonna be--
51:18 what's gonna be your position?
51:20 What's gonna be your stance?
51:22 Do you love Him with all of your heart, your soul, and your mind?
51:24 "Great Controversy" 581 says,
51:26 "God's word was given warning of impending danger.
51:30 Let that be unheeded, and the Protestant world
51:33 will learn what the purpose of Rome,
51:35 purposes of Rome really are,
51:37 only when it is too late to escape the snare.
51:41 We shall soon see
51:43 and feel what the purposes of Rome's element is.
51:47 Whosoever shall believe and obey the word of God
51:50 will they incur reproach and persecution."
51:54 Say Rome has changed.
51:55 Rome has not changed.
51:58 Bible says, 2 Timothy 3:12
51:59 "All that live godly in Christ Jesus" shall what?
52:01 Suffer persecution.
52:04 Not that we want that, but God help us.
52:07 Luther found out that the iniquity,
52:10 the spiritual darkness that was taking place in his day
52:13 was due because people, people were not reading the Bible.
52:18 They were not reading the Bible and you're not reading it today.
52:20 You say, oh, I read the Bible. I study little bit here.
52:22 No, the scriptures were suppressed in his day.
52:24 Today they're here. They're open for any of us,
52:26 but we're not reading them.
52:29 These events are on the near horizon,
52:30 the word of God was in the reach of all today.
52:34 Let me just say this quickly as we're out of time.
52:37 When we reject these beautiful truths of Scripture,
52:41 we reject the author of Scripture.
52:43 Please do not do that.
52:45 Please do not do that.
52:47 I want to encourage you once again.
52:49 We're offering the book, "The Great Controversy."
52:51 It goes into things we've been talking about here
52:52 much more much deeper, it's a full version.
52:54 700 some odd pages in the Great Controversy.
52:57 You're gonna have to be, we just have a limited supply.
52:59 You're gonna have to call in and get that free book.
53:02 We want to send it to you.
53:03 We've just touched--
53:05 scratched on just a little area here,
53:06 few pages of things that took place during the reformation.
53:10 You want to know more about that I know.
53:12 You're going to be labeled as a heretic.
53:15 You're going to be labeled as an enemy of truth.
53:19 And they're gonna want your blood.
53:22 You love Jesus with all your heart, your soul, and your mind.
53:27 You realize Jesus-- the Roman.
53:29 The Rome condemned Him for treason against the country.
53:34 Very interesting, you read Great Controversy,
53:36 God's people had been on trial for treason. Very interesting.
53:40 God's people are going to be surrounded.
53:43 They're surrounded by enemies here in these last days,
53:45 been on their destruction.
53:46 May God help us to see the need to stay close to Him,
53:50 have a living relationship with Him.
53:52 These things, my friend, are on horizon.
53:54 We're gonna pray about it right now
53:56 'cause you need to make a decision right now for Jesus.
53:59 I mean, we're only scratching.
54:00 We need hours and hours to go over these things.
54:01 May God help us to see, it's a reality.
54:04 It's soon to take place.
54:05 Where are you gonna stand?
54:06 Here I stand. Can you say that?
54:08 Oh, let's pray together that God will help us.
54:10 Merciful Father in Heaven, we thank you,
54:12 for your precious word and for all the warnings
54:14 that you've given to us.
54:15 Help us to heed those warning.
54:17 Help us to say, O, Lord, we need a reformation in our heart,
54:19 in our life, in our church.
54:20 We need some changes.
54:22 O, Lord, please help us the hour's fast coming.
54:25 We need to understand, what is truth?
54:27 And say, O God, we love the truth, we want the truth.
54:29 The truth shall set us free.
54:31 Truth will equip us to be able to stand the test of time.
54:33 Thank you, Lord, for loving us.
54:35 And thank you for this message in Jesus' name.
54:37 For the precious people who hear
54:38 and respond right now in Jesus' name. Amen.
54:42 Let me say in our last few seconds here.
54:43 Remember do not forget to order that book quickly.
54:46 If you do not have one, you need to order this book.
54:50 Friend, I can say it's a life and death.
54:51 It's a life changing event, if you read that whole book.
54:55 I'm encouraging you to do it.
54:56 And may I just encourage you while I'm doing this here.
54:58 You know that the messages that come from "Behold the Lamb"
55:01 is only possible through your love gifts.
55:03 It helps to make these programs
55:05 and help us to send them out to you.
55:07 And maybe some are saying, you know, I like to give,
55:09 you know, for books.
55:10 All right, we're gonna give out a lot of books.
55:13 Send the love gift for that.
55:14 We'll pass those books on out. We love you.
55:16 Thank you for spending time with us.
55:18 Remember, Jesus is coming.
55:19 We need to be ready.
55:21 I'll see you next time.
55:25 Hello, and welcome back.
55:27 You know God has placed us upon this earth at a time
55:30 when through the eyes of Biblical prophecy
55:33 the affairs of this world are swelling
55:35 to a great crescendo of earth's final events.
55:39 And what will be our stand when we meet our Lord?
55:43 Will He find us prepared for eternal salvation
55:46 if our faith has been based on the teachings
55:49 and traditions of man?
55:51 The answer is no.
55:53 We would be found wanting as stated in Scripture.
55:57 Our faith must be based on God's word and God's word alone.
56:02 Our characters are to fully reflect Christ's character
56:05 as we have seen in the study of Martin Luther.
56:09 Luther's life was a difficult journey at best,
56:13 but as he strove for truth and righteousness
56:16 God was always there to direct and answer his prayers,
56:20 to strengthen and to guide him on the path of righteousness.
56:24 What a blessing it would be for all of us
56:27 to have the same type of relationship
56:29 with our Heavenly Father as did Luther?
56:32 Then perhaps we too can witness
56:34 our faith to others with statements just like this
56:37 that I'm gonna quote from Martin Luther.
56:40 He said one time.
56:41 "I am in the hand of God.
56:43 He is my help and my shield.
56:46 What can man do unto me?"
56:49 Wow, what a faith,
56:51 what a trust and security that Luther had in His Savior.
56:55 So, friends, never be discouraged.
56:58 Thinking that a living relationship is not possible
57:01 between us and God, it is possible.
57:04 Think of Luther and others like him
57:06 who has left us with the real examples
57:09 of what a true Christian character is to be like.
57:13 And to help you on this journey,
57:15 we are offering this two part series entitled
57:18 "Here I Stand" to you for a love gift of just $15 or more.
57:23 All you need to do is call us here in the United State--
57:27 States at area code 618-942-5044.
57:31 That's central standard time.
57:34 Or you may write us at Behold the Lamb Ministries,
57:37 PO Box 2030, Herrin, Illinois 62948.
57:42 Email us, email us anytime
57:44 at BeholdTheLambMinistries
57:47 or you may also order this set on our website
57:51 at www.BeholdTheLambMinistries .com
57:56 Friends, until next time, may our precious Lord
57:58 continue to richly bless you and yours.


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