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00:41 Hello and welcome to "Behold the Lamb" presents.
00:44 I'm Chris Shelton, your host.
00:45 And I would like to invite you to stay with us today
00:49 and view this first,
00:50 in the two part series of messages
00:52 that we have entitled simply "Drama."
00:55 Whether the term is used to represent
00:57 the daily stresses of life or theatrical drama,
01:00 most of us would agree that we need much less
01:04 of any type of drama in our lives,
01:06 as we are preparing for the kingdom of heaven.
01:09 Some drama can easily be escape,
01:12 while other types we simply just have to learn
01:15 the best way to deal with it.
01:17 And in a very real sense,
01:19 that's what our program is all about today.
01:21 Just how we should be dealing with drama.
01:25 Not that we're gonna deal with all the types of drama.
01:28 No, we're gonna take a deeper look at theatrical drama,
01:32 namely as it applies to being used in churches
01:35 and especially as it relates
01:37 to the use of fictional characters and situations.
01:41 For many of us the thought that
01:43 of God is having had anything to say about
01:46 the use of dramas seems highly unlikely.
01:48 But remember that old adage,
01:50 "There's nothing new under the sun."
01:53 Well, I believe that many will be surprised,
01:56 with the lessons we find in the Word of God,
01:58 as well as the Spirit of Prophecy
02:00 that have profound correlation with the use of drama.
02:04 And how it may affect us
02:06 in this life and the life to come.
02:08 It's sure to be a heavy duty study
02:10 that will touch very close to many families.
02:14 So please be in the spirit of prayer
02:16 and ask God for His leading
02:18 as we open up the word today on the use of drama.
02:22 But first, we are so blessed to visit the 3ABN Worship Center
02:26 and listen to a song entitled "I Will Follow You,"
02:31 as sung by Brother Rudy Micelli.
02:47 Wherever ye may lead me
02:54 I want to follow you
03:00 Through the valley of the shadow
03:05 Or through the mountains' breathless view
03:12 If the crowds applaud my progress
03:18 Or if they never know my name
03:25 I will follow you just the same
03:36 If you lead me through the desert
03:43 When your voice seems far away
03:49 I will still believe you love me
03:54 I will listen and I will pray
04:00 For if the thousands thronged around me
04:06 Or if I am the critics toys
04:13 I will need to know
04:20 Your still small voice
04:25 Lord I want to be your servant
04:31 But I don't always know how
04:36 But you promised to be with me, Lord
04:42 I need you near me now
04:47 So let me see you in each moment
04:54 Day by day and week by week
05:02 And I will follow you
05:09 Wherever ye may lead
05:22 Lord, I will follow you
05:30 Wherever ye may lead
06:07 Thanks for joining us again here at "Behold the Lamb."
06:09 I know that you have got yourself setup
06:12 for maybe pencil, paper, Bible, everything together
06:15 because, of this most important subject.
06:18 And you'll notice when we go to the Word of God,
06:20 we always say, "It's an important subject."
06:23 Gonna be talking about
06:25 maybe some things that take place
06:27 in a lot of the churches, maybe even in your own.
06:30 And maybe you were not aware of this teaching
06:33 and of course, maybe you were aware of it.
06:35 And maybe you just need a-- I'm gonna be careful here,
06:38 a little bit of ammo to help you
06:40 to do what would be pleasing in the sight of the Lord.
06:43 We pray today, Holy Spirit will help us
06:47 as we present this subject of drama.
06:49 You know, what does that really mean drama?
06:51 Does is it really belong in the church?
06:54 Theatrics really belong in the church.
06:56 Acting and you know, maybe even puppetry.
06:59 We're gonna examine these subjects
07:01 based on the Word of God, Spirit of Prophecy.
07:05 Before we do, we always ask God to be with us.
07:08 And I'm gonna kneel and have prayer.
07:10 Maybe when you're at home,
07:11 you can say, "Oh, I'm gonna kneel along and pray."
07:13 We've had people that call and say,
07:14 "Oh, when you kneel and pray,
07:16 we kneel and pray right along with you."
07:17 But others, they hear on radio
07:19 or different things and they say,
07:20 "Well, you know, we're going down the road,
07:22 we just--we still have the attitude of prayer."
07:24 So praise God for that and we're thankful for you,
07:26 our viewer today.
07:27 And we know the Holy Spirit's gonna speak to your heart.
07:29 Let's pray. Shall we together?
07:32 Merciful God in heaven,
07:33 we thank You for the privilege of prayer.
07:35 Now we pray that Your Holy Spirit
07:37 will enlighten us to be people,
07:39 --truths that you have in store for Your people.
07:42 We pray that You'll take our attitudes here today.
07:45 And that You help us to realize that
07:48 being part of the family of God is such responsibility.
07:52 And we need Your Holy Spirit
07:53 to lead and guide us into all truth.
07:55 And as we study this subject many will say,
07:58 "Oh, it doesn't make any difference.
08:00 Oh, what difference does it make?"
08:01 Listen, every word that proceeds
08:04 out of the mouth of God makes a difference.
08:06 Lord, help us today to dissect,
08:08 rightly dividing the word of truth by Your Spirit.
08:11 Please help every ear, every eye.
08:13 And I pray for forgiveness of sin,
08:15 anything in my heart and life that needs not be there
08:18 that had communicate with all of us today
08:21 in Jesus name. Amen.
08:24 Again the subject is drama.
08:26 And so, yeah, and lot of people will carry
08:29 things way far to the extreme.
08:31 They say to the left and others to the right
08:32 and others will have the attitude,
08:34 it doesn't really matter.
08:36 Oh, my friend, if that's your attitude today,
08:38 our prayer today was for you. It's for all of us.
08:41 It does matter, what God's word says
08:45 and we need to follow it.
08:46 Never come to the point, regardless of how--
08:49 maybe your church.
08:51 I'm speaking to everyone who will be listening
08:53 and viewing and, you know, hearing these words.
08:56 If some things going on in the church
08:58 and it's not biblical, then we need to find out,
09:02 you know, what God's word has to say.
09:04 And then say, "Oh, God help me to do the right thing."
09:07 Why else would Jesus say,
09:08 "Every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God?"
09:11 We can't afford to as it were, to deviate right to the left.
09:16 We go straight down the line by the Word of God,
09:18 the Spirit of Prophecy.
09:20 There was a saying
09:22 that I wrote down, I thought very interesting.
09:23 I just love to share it with you
09:25 and it kind of jarred me just a little bit.
09:26 And I thought, you know, I like this
09:28 because, we have a lot of people
09:30 when they say, "Well, it was an honest mistake."
09:34 I get that. Maybe you've made some.
09:36 I've sure made some.
09:38 I made some mistakes, some honest mistakes.
09:41 But listen to these lines, it says,
09:43 "When a man who is honestly mistaken."
09:46 So you take a man who is honestly mistaken.
09:50 When he hears the truth, notice what takes place.
09:54 "He will either quit being mistaken,
09:58 or he will cease to be honest."
10:01 Wow, interesting words. He has to do something.
10:05 The honest heart is going to change,
10:07 but the person who is not.
10:09 He just ceases to be honest. Wow.
10:11 You know, as a Christian we need to what?
10:13 Be honest, don't we? With the Word of God.
10:15 Take your Bible please and turn with me
10:17 because as we look up in Philippians 4:8,
10:21 talking about this drama, the theatrics and acting
10:24 and deception of every kind, puppetry.
10:28 You may say today, not important.
10:32 May I say to you before we read this passage, err.
10:36 Listen carefully, err rarely appears as it really is,
10:39 did you get that?
10:41 Err rarely appears as it really is.
10:45 It's when it's mingled with truth or it attaches.
10:51 Err, does what? Attaches itself to the truth.
10:54 Notice that it gains acceptance. So when err does what?
10:59 When it's mingled with truth,
11:01 when err attaches itself to the truth,
11:05 then it begins to be acceptable by many, many, many people.
11:09 Friend, don't let that fool you.
11:11 Notice what the Bible says in Philippians 4:8.
11:15 It says, "Finally, brethren."
11:17 I know this is familiar,
11:18 you know it, but listen carefully.
11:20 "Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are good,
11:22 'I heard someone' true, whatsoever things are honest,
11:27 whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure.
11:32 'Notice the words' Whatsoever things are lovely
11:35 and whatsoever things are of good report.
11:38 'And then it goes on to say,' if there be any virtue,
11:41 and if there be any praise, think on these things."
11:45 So the Bible, commissions us today
11:48 to think on those things that are just,
11:50 those things that are pure, those things that are lovely,
11:53 those things that are, what? That are good.
11:56 That's what the Bible commissions us to do today.
12:00 So as we think about this subject,
12:03 I want to approach it-- I'm not trying to offend anyone.
12:08 This maybe prominent where you are at.
12:11 We're doing this two part series
12:13 and there's a lot of material to cover
12:15 and my wife mentioned that
12:16 we were giving the outline of it.
12:18 And there's gonna be, you know, 20 some odd,
12:20 24, 25, real, I mean, just write down here.
12:23 Here's what it says.
12:24 This will help you to stay on target,
12:26 if you want to present this message
12:28 maybe to someone, in some church.
12:30 When someone says, "Oh, it doesn't matter."
12:33 Drama, theatrics.
12:35 Listen, I believe this from the very beginning of time.
12:39 This question has been on our hearts and on our minds.
12:43 And it's this, what method do we really use to evangelize?
12:49 What method should we use
12:50 to get the attention of the people, of children
12:54 and make a lasting impression?
12:57 Men, women, children just, you know,
12:58 so let's just makes an impression on their mind.
13:01 And so, all the things that we can use
13:03 or maybe things that we shouldn't use,
13:05 we want to reach people for Jesus.
13:08 So how do we do that?
13:10 Well, you know, we have to answer these questions
13:12 because we must be careful not to,
13:15 as we answer it, not to use human reasoning.
13:19 See, this gets in our way. It gets in my way.
13:21 I'd say, "Oh, God help me."
13:22 It gets in our way sometime because we want to do something.
13:26 We want to see this take place.
13:28 It's appealing maybe or, you know,
13:31 we like things that are going on.
13:34 So we really don't want to change it so,
13:36 but if we're looking for truth, what?
13:39 We can't rely upon our human reasoning.
13:41 We need to say, "Well, I like this here,
13:42 but now what does God say about it."
13:46 Got to remember, what does God's Word think?
13:48 What does God's Word say?
13:50 What does it tell us today? And you know what?
13:52 I found this out my answer, your answer today.
13:56 You know what, it maybe influenced
13:58 by the way you were raised.
14:01 What school that you went to?
14:03 What you like? What you don't like?
14:05 It can be an influence by your family and your friends.
14:10 And how they view things?
14:13 But it's interesting today.
14:14 It's not really so important how everybody views it,
14:18 but how does God's Word view this.
14:21 I heard some people say, "Oh, these Christians."
14:23 They'll say, "Well, you know, I'm kind on the--
14:25 I'm on the liberal side." You ever heard this?
14:28 It's almost like bringing
14:29 politics into the church sometime.
14:31 Well, I'm on the liberal side.
14:33 Some are a little more on liberal side.
14:34 The other will say, "Well, now I'm more conservative."
14:37 Well, friend, think about what we're talking about.
14:39 Doesn't that sound political? It's not politics.
14:42 Let's leave politics outside the church wall, shall we?
14:47 All we need to realize is very simple today.
14:49 Now we're building on the platform, much information.
14:53 Don't get discouraged because when we deal with things
14:56 of drama and theatrics and all these different things,
14:59 we have to dwell upon God's Word and what is truth.
15:04 What is the truth of the issue?
15:07 And so we had to find out,
15:09 what God's word says about every issue.
15:11 Does it need to be all truthful
15:12 or can we deviate from the truth a little bit?
15:16 To make, you know, make an impression on someone.
15:18 Oh, no, absolutely not.
15:20 But we need simply again go to God's Word.
15:22 Now just, you know, just regardless of how we feel.
15:26 Regardless, of just what we want to accomplish
15:29 because I know this, there are many people in churches
15:33 that just want what's best for the church.
15:35 They want what's best for the cause of Christ.
15:38 And their intensions are wonderful.
15:40 They want to see things happen. They're interested in children.
15:43 They're interested in the adults.
15:45 And so this is not trying to criticize somebody's motive.
15:48 But, yet, we need to look deep within this subject matter.
15:52 Simple, truth is truth.
15:55 Right is what? Good.
15:57 Somebody said it, "Right is right."
16:00 Based upon the Word of God not based upon how you feel
16:04 or how I feel about it.
16:06 Now I'm really getting that so that we understand the issue.
16:09 Now you'd say, "What kind of brought about this study?
16:12 Well, maybe, you know, I believe that the Holy Spirit
16:15 brought about this study
16:17 because maybe we're abusing this subject.
16:21 Maybe we've let it go
16:23 and we were kind of afraid to approach,
16:26 you know, the issue
16:27 because it might cause division in the church.
16:29 And sometime we don't approach it
16:30 because we have no material in which to approach it with.
16:35 But kind of, in my own thinking here,
16:38 someone came up with a thought,
16:40 in order to make our church service better.
16:43 Oh, I like that.
16:44 Oh, my ears are open, in order to make it better, you see.
16:48 So people can learn to help our older people
16:52 and our young, our teens and our little children,
16:54 to help them understand to keep their attention spanned,
17:00 something needs to be done to do that, huh?
17:03 Oh, it can happen during the children story time
17:06 that you have or maybe in the children's class.
17:09 So we can use something to keep their attention
17:11 because their little attention goes from here to here to here.
17:13 So, you know, people have the right motives.
17:15 Oh, we need to do something to help them.
17:18 And, you know, it will help our classes
17:19 and it may help the church
17:21 and it will help to grow and maybe more people will come.
17:23 Although, all those things sound good,
17:25 but, hey, praise God. Let's think about the issue.
17:28 There are those who suggested this.
17:31 They suggested that we use certain things.
17:34 Now remember, they just wanted to what?
17:37 Come on, good. They just wanted to help.
17:39 They just wanted to make things better.
17:41 And you know the difficult thing is
17:43 when you have somebody that's honest
17:45 and hard and they're trying to do the very best,
17:47 you know, for the church
17:49 and for the growth of the ministry and evangelism.
17:51 It's very difficult to take a positional stance on it,
17:54 if maybe it's in the wrong direction.
17:55 Oh, it just, you know,
17:57 tries your relationship with God.
17:59 Are you gonna be honest with God?
18:00 Do you have that kind of relationship with God
18:02 and with your fellowman that you're willing to stand
18:04 for truth or the heaven's fall?
18:08 But when we're confronted with these issues,
18:11 it's kind of, interesting.
18:12 We need to do something here.
18:14 We need to think in terms of, not is it acceptable to people,
18:19 but is it approved of heaven.
18:22 In other words, does heaven approve it?
18:23 It may sound good and all other thing.
18:25 And I see a lot of things in government.
18:27 I see a lot of things in church activities.
18:29 That they'll say, "Oh, this is gonna be good, this is--"
18:31 You need to look at all the issues that surround this.
18:34 Will it be good?
18:36 If it is, it's gonna be approved of heaven.
18:37 Is it now? Of course.
18:40 And as we begin to examine these things
18:42 and maybe it's taking place in your church today.
18:45 You realiz now not only, oh, boy,
18:48 not only do you have to deal with the issue of,
18:51 is it right or wrong? Does heaven approve of it?
18:54 But now you have to deal
18:55 with people's feelings and people's emotions.
18:59 And none of us want to be offensive or hurt someone.
19:03 Two issues will crop up, when we do this.
19:06 We'll be challenged with, what does God's word say?
19:12 Or do we want the approval of God
19:15 or do we want the approval of man?
19:18 Now every issue will come to that.
19:21 Or we can take number two.
19:23 We can say, "Well, you know, I really don't want
19:24 to offend my brother or my sister.
19:27 I don't want to hurt their feelings,
19:28 oh, we love them too much. We may lose them.
19:33 They may leave." Or if what?
19:35 Oh, if they don't maybe get their way.
19:39 Now remember we're trying--
19:41 we're establishing, is it approved of heaven or not?
19:45 But feelings are involved and they really shouldn't be.
19:48 It should be issue, if it's right and wrong.
19:51 Well, we're gonna lose some people, it might be one.
19:53 You might lose six, eight, ten, whatever over the issue.
19:56 But you know what? Truth is still truth.
19:58 And God challenges in His word to take a stand.
20:01 In fact, here's what God's word said
20:02 in the Book of Deuteronomy.
20:04 Have your Bible, mark things down.
20:05 Because as we begin to establish,
20:07 we're beginning to build and we'll repeat over and over
20:09 about truthfulness and honesty and what's acceptable of heaven
20:13 and not popular opinion.
20:16 Deuteronomy 11:26-28, let me read those for you.
20:21 Bible says, "Behold, I set before you this day
20:25 a blessing and a curse."
20:27 Oh, it's familiar, but how powerful that it is.
20:31 God says, "I set before you," that's you, this me,
20:35 "a blessing or a curse." Here's the blessing.
20:39 "The blessing is if you obey," praise God.
20:42 Verse 28 says, "A curse, if you will not obey."
20:46 So we're dealing with issues
20:48 that are bigger than feelings and emotions
20:50 and what the majority might want.
20:53 What are we really dealing with?
20:56 Aren't we dealing with what God's word says here?
20:59 "A blessing or a curse."
21:01 There maybe many churches today that are cursed. Why?
21:04 Because we're not willing to follow what God has said.
21:08 I've said this time and time again.
21:10 Let me do it again. God means business.
21:14 What He says, He means business. His Word, it's not word in it.
21:17 The inspired word is just not something
21:19 that's just put down to occupy your time.
21:21 God means business with us.
21:24 Even if you might say today,
21:26 here's what some people have said.
21:27 Now bless your heart.
21:29 You might say, "Oh, that's just a little thing,
21:31 it doesn't matter." Really?
21:33 You know my opinion on this
21:35 and you can throw it out if you want to.
21:37 But there'll probably be more people
21:39 that will miss out on heaven because of their--be careful.
21:42 I don't believe there's such thing, as a little thing.
21:43 But what they've termed little things
21:46 than the big issues of life.
21:48 Not so much if what we've done, but what we, what? Fail to do.
21:53 These are very, very important points
21:56 that we need to look at today.
21:58 And so as we're looking at these passages
22:01 there's a blessing, the Bible said "And there is a curse."
22:03 You choose what you want.
22:05 And then the Bible goes on to say this listen,
22:07 Proverbs 3:33. Come on.
22:10 Let's setup this platform good, solid, unmovable.
22:14 It said the curse.
22:16 So we have to realize today,
22:18 there is curses and there are blessings.
22:20 God blesses or He doesn't,
22:21 if He doesn't bless then, we're cursed, aren't we? Sure.
22:24 "The curse of God is in the house of the wicked."
22:28 Now look up that word, if you will do that?
22:30 In the Hebrews, it's very interesting.
22:33 The curse of God is upon the house of the wicked.
22:36 Listen or the man that did wrong. Wow.
22:43 Knowingly did wrong, the curse of God is upon him.
22:47 Passage goes on to say, but thank God.
22:51 "But he blesses the habitation of the just."
22:55 What an interesting word?
22:56 Now again, we're establishing truth and right, in every area
23:00 connected with God's movement of His last day people.
23:03 How closely do we resemble the world
23:05 or how closely do we resemble heaven?
23:09 Right now we need to pray, kids, pray.
23:12 Bible is very, very clear.
23:13 The habitation, He said, He will bless.
23:16 You know what habitation really means?
23:18 God said He blesses the just.
23:20 The habitation means this, listen carefully.
23:22 It means He's gonna bless your home.
23:25 He's gonna bless your family. He's gonna bless the church.
23:30 He's even blessing the animals,
23:33 the flocks, the cattle, the crops.
23:36 God's gonna bless everything that your hand find to do.
23:39 What a blessing that is.
23:41 All He wants us to do
23:43 He said He blesses those that are being just,
23:45 those that are doing the right thing.
23:47 And then a curse goes upon those who do the wrong things.
23:50 So it's very imperative, in the church
23:51 that were doing the right things.
23:54 Came across this in letter 35 written in 1843,
23:57 this is very interesting.
23:59 1893, sorry, notice, it says,
24:01 "When you have sought to know His will--"
24:04 When there's so many praying. I hear this all the time.
24:06 "We want to know God's will."
24:08 "When you have sought to know God's will,
24:11 your part in the operation with God
24:15 is to believe that you will be led
24:17 and guided and blessed in the doing of His will."
24:22 We need to be, what? Seeking the will of God.
24:26 I wonder, if any of you, are ever seeking,
24:28 really have been seeking the will of God.
24:31 How does that take place?
24:33 When something new crops up in the church
24:35 and we want to say, is it right, is it wrong,
24:37 shall we go this direction, shall we not go--?
24:39 Seek God's will. Pray about it.
24:44 A little book called "Mount of Blessing",
24:45 just a beautiful little book,
24:47 page 52 says, this talking about the will.
24:49 It says, "By venturing to disregard the will of God."
24:54 Come on, this fits in,
24:55 some of you are saying, "Oh, boy."
24:56 Well, no, listen, "By venturing to disregard
25:00 the will of God in one point."
25:05 Notice, "Our parents opened
25:08 the floodgates of woe upon," what?
25:12 "The world." By what?
25:16 Disregarding in just one point, a floodgate was open and what?
25:22 It's down to us, even today.
25:25 "Every individual who follows this example
25:28 will reap a similar result."
25:32 So does one point, huh?
25:34 One point make a difference, you better believe it.
25:37 Mount of Blessings 51 goes on,
25:38 "It is not the greatness of the act of disobedience."
25:41 See some of you say,
25:43 "Oh, it's just a little thing, it really doesn't matter.
25:44 It entertains the children, entertains the adult.
25:47 We're not coming to church to be entertained.
25:49 You might be, but I don't believe that.
25:53 You see, to be entertained. We're coming to what?
25:55 Close connection with Jesus Christ,
25:57 to have better relationship with Him,
25:59 learn the direction, the will of God,
26:01 in our hearts, in our life to be activated, right.
26:03 To be energized, to go out and do, what?
26:06 Evangelism some work for Jesus. Get our lives right with Him.
26:11 So it's not the greatness of the act of disobedience.
26:14 Some people prioritize, oh, this is bad.
26:17 One of this is not so bad. This is big. This is little.
26:19 "It's not the greatness
26:21 of the act of disobedience that constitutes sin."
26:24 Listen, "but the fact of the variance
26:28 from God's expressed will
26:29 in the least particular." So, to what?
26:33 Just to get away in the least
26:34 particular from the will of God or the truth of God.
26:38 He makes it known to us, you see, becomes sin.
26:42 Wow, that's pretty heavy duty.
26:44 Little books, people need-- we need to be reading it,
26:47 Parents, you need grandparents it's called child guidance.
26:50 Page 293 says this, talking about education.
26:53 A couple of people say education.
26:55 We need this. We need that in the world.
26:56 Listen, "The first great lesson in all education
26:59 is to know and understand the will of God."
27:03 The will of God, what God's will
27:04 is for the church for you and each of our lives.
27:07 "We should bring into every day of our life
27:12 the effort to gain this knowledge."
27:14 Every day of our life, huh?
27:19 That we need to bring this into--
27:21 God, what is Your will for me,
27:23 for the church and in this particular situation
27:26 we're talking about drama and, you know, maybe acting
27:29 and theatrics, you know, lot of these different things?
27:33 So how can I quit and go say, okay, let's get--
27:35 Oh, how can I bring my will,
27:37 you see, together with God's will?
27:40 This is important, since we're talking about the will here.
27:43 5 Testimonies 5:15 says this,
27:46 "We need to drink daily from the fountain of truth,
27:51 that you may understand the secret,
27:54 the pleasure and the joy of the Lord."
27:57 Oh, friend, have you been drinking everyday?
28:00 See, if you're drinking every day
28:02 from that fountain of truth, when issues confront the church,
28:06 you're going to automatically know about, what?
28:09 The power of the Holy Spirit that it's right or it's wrong.
28:13 You may not have all the information,
28:15 you see, at hand,
28:17 but the Holy Spirit reveals to you,
28:19 this is not what we should be doing in God's house.
28:21 This is not what God has called us into this movement,
28:24 when it's all about.
28:25 Now remember, when a man
28:27 who is honestly mistaken what is it?
28:29 He hears the truth.
28:30 He will either quit being what?
28:31 Mistaken or he'll cease to be honest.
28:36 Repeat it, so that we get
28:38 what we're talking about here at today.
28:39 Now think about it with me.
28:41 So do we really want God's blessing on our church?
28:44 Do we really want God to come down
28:46 and to dwell with us?
28:48 And remember it's regardless of how many vote for it
28:53 or, how many vote against it.
28:55 Is it right in the word of God certain things?
28:59 I had a pastor one time.
29:01 He told me, he said, "You know,
29:02 we're talking about certain issue
29:04 that was kind of touchy."
29:06 He said to me, "Well,
29:08 how many people would be for it, if I did this
29:11 and how many people would be against it?"
29:16 I was almost shocked, by the question.
29:19 How many--I said this is not a popularity contest.
29:23 It's not how many would be for you.
29:25 It's...what is right based upon God's word.
29:29 Not, how many are gonna love you for it,
29:30 how many are gonna hate it?
29:31 And then if you got the majority,
29:33 you'll say we'll we do it anyway.
29:34 Oh, no, come on, now.
29:37 How many of us are willing to follow
29:38 the principles of truth and righteousness?
29:42 Now back to this question, let's get in, remember.
29:45 This is only one of the many things
29:47 that this subject covers,
29:49 but the question we should use today
29:51 dealing with drama and theatrics
29:54 and, you know, all this kind of puppetry.
29:57 Should these things be used in our services?
30:02 Or should they may be put,
30:03 you know, as they would have think outside these walls.
30:07 Let's let God's word just speak.
30:10 And again, it may not be what you want today.
30:12 And you maybe heavily involved with it,
30:13 but maybe you didn't know.
30:15 And as you get information, you're gonna want to make
30:17 the right decision, aren't you?
30:19 Not that we like it?
30:21 And it's popular and the people love it
30:22 and they love me for doing it, look out, huh.
30:28 Acts 17:11, here's what the Bible says.
30:32 If you really want to know the truth,
30:34 we must do this.
30:35 It says we have to "Receive the word of God
30:38 with all readiness of," what? Good.
30:40 "All readiness of mind searched the scriptures daily,
30:43 whether these things be so."
30:46 It's simple, but many don't do these things.
30:49 They won't search the scriptures.
30:50 They want to have a popularity contest.
30:53 The Great Controversy 202 makes this statement here.
30:56 Listen, "One wrong act, one wrong belief,
31:03 prepares the way for another one."
31:07 Did you get it?
31:08 So you say it doesn't matter,
31:10 but if it's wrong based upon God's word.
31:13 It prepares a way for us, accepting what?
31:16 Good, another one.
31:18 That's why the enemy doesn't just beat you to death
31:20 with all these things at once.
31:22 What does he do?
31:24 He leads you on a step at a time.
31:25 You know, where he learned that?
31:27 From scripture, where Jesus said,
31:28 you know, it's a step at a time.
31:30 The right way to do it and the enemy is gonna take it.
31:32 And he'd say, Okay,
31:33 I'm gonna lead you a step at a time too,
31:34 but I'm gonna lead you away from the cross of Calvary.
31:37 I'm gonna lead you against the teachings of Jesus Christ
31:39 and what is truth?" Interesting.
31:42 So we must be on guard
31:44 as the Bible says in 2 Corinthians 2:11
31:47 tells us, listen, we're on guard.
31:49 Why am I on guard?
31:50 Oh, somebody pray.
31:52 Why should we need to be on guard?
31:53 The Bible says, "Lest Satan should
31:56 get an advantage over us.
32:00 We need not be ignorant or not ignorant of his devices."
32:04 So we need to be well aware
32:06 of our enemy, you see.
32:08 Now look at that thought,
32:09 I don't want him to take an advantage, huh.
32:13 What does that really mean?
32:16 So that the enemy does not defraud us, did you get it?
32:21 So that the enemy does not take--listen carefully,
32:24 greater advantage of me.
32:28 The enemy is trying to take advantage of you today
32:31 and you probably have pretty good idea
32:32 of how he's taking the advantage of you
32:34 and you're allowing him to do that.
32:36 Do not do that. Ask God for help.
32:38 Counsels the teachers, very interesting,
32:40 148, makes this comment.
32:42 It says, "At home and in the school,"
32:44 come on, we're starting to look at principle.
32:46 We're gonna talk about principle.
32:48 We're gonna talk about all these issues right here.
32:50 But first, we're establishing
32:51 is the importance of truth and following God's word,
32:54 how we make decisions against not what is popular, no.
32:58 "At home and in the school, by precept," and what? Good.
33:02 "Example, the children and the youth
33:05 should be taught to be truthful, unselfish and industrious."
33:10 So we see they need to be taught to do things to work.
33:13 They need to be truthful.
33:14 They need to be unselfish and where is this taught?
33:17 In the home.
33:18 You talk about taught to be truthful,
33:20 what does that mean?
33:21 When it's convenient or, you know,
33:23 when it's not convenient?
33:24 You shade it just a little bit?
33:26 No, we're talking about the truth,
33:27 the whole truth and what?
33:29 They say nothing, but the truth.
33:32 Proverbs 16:6 just really-- just a one-liner,
33:36 just can really hit hard here.
33:37 It says, "By mercy and truth iniquity is purged."
33:43 Iniquity, right-wrong doing sin
33:45 is purged out because of, what?
33:46 Thank God for mercy and thank God for truth.
33:50 And it's much better, dear friends,
33:51 even if you get in trouble is to tell the truth.
33:54 Tell the truth. Get the issue out.
33:56 Ask God to help you.
33:57 You know confess that thing and move on.
33:59 And God will bless and will not be a curse.
34:03 So it's clear, our decisions
34:04 must be based on the Word of God.
34:07 And I'm gonna call this here.
34:08 We're gonna talk about religious principles
34:13 because I'm seeing sometime people go to them
34:16 and looking for subjects like this.
34:19 And it's very interesting.
34:21 What they do is they say,
34:22 "Well, I can't just find that one specific word here.
34:25 So, you know, it must not be in here.
34:26 So it must be okay to kind of, do what we want to do.
34:28 Oh, no, dear friends.
34:30 It's time to really get down
34:32 and really study the Word of God.
34:34 When we talk about religious principles
34:36 and this is what we're talking about.
34:38 Religious principles-- they are fundamental truths,
34:44 fundamental truths which other truths are based.
34:49 So you have a main truth
34:50 and you have a lot of other truths
34:53 that are based upon this main truth that hang from it.
34:57 Okay, so that's how we need to be studying.
34:59 And in fact the 2 Testimonies 325 says,
35:04 "The actions of men should be regulated by principle."
35:10 Does that make sense?
35:11 The actions of men should be regulated by, what?
35:14 By principles. And someone said,
35:16 "Well, I don't know what principles are?"
35:19 Listen, let's just get some example here
35:21 and make it clear therefore.
35:23 We're going to use-- we're gonna say, lying.
35:25 Someone's telling a lie.
35:27 Now you've met people who'd rather--Hmm, be careful.
35:30 Tell a lie than tell the truth.
35:31 They'd already don't know what the truth is
35:33 because they've exaggerated
35:35 and told some many lies, they don't know.
35:36 Now remember a fundamental truth--
35:38 we're looking at a fundamental truth here.
35:40 There's gonna be other things that are hanging from it.
35:41 Truths to hang from it.
35:43 We know Exodus 20:16,
35:46 "Thou shall not bear," what? Good.
35:49 It's one of the commandments.
35:50 False witness.
35:52 And so I present to you and let's think about it.
35:56 How many ways can a person tell a lie?
36:01 Did you see the fundamental truth there's up, what?
36:03 "Thou shall not bear false witness."
36:04 We're not supposed to lie.
36:07 But then hanging from that, you see,
36:09 the Bible may not go into every detail of that,
36:12 but through that-- right,
36:13 so what does that all cover?
36:15 The fundamental truth is what? Shall not lie.
36:18 Now this principle, we're looking at truths
36:22 and we're looking that are based,
36:24 you know, based upon these things
36:26 and they can be identified, we need to look at it.
36:28 It's a lie if.
36:30 Let's say, someone asked you a question.
36:32 Someone asked you a question
36:33 that you really--you don't want really tell them the answer
36:37 or you want them to believe a certain thing
36:40 because you heard something, you thing it's right.
36:42 You don't want really repeat that.
36:44 And so you put yourself in a position
36:46 when they ask you this, you know,
36:48 what the truth is saying is saying of that words
36:50 you just--you don't give an answer.
36:52 You just-- they'll tell you
36:55 all about it and you don't say anything.
36:57 You don't say, yes, or, no.
36:58 You just go, hmm.
37:00 Can a person lie with just a nod of their head?
37:04 I've seen people who wouldn't say it,
37:05 when they are confronted with a question.
37:06 They just go, huh, wow.
37:10 Automatically you begin to do, what?
37:11 Draw your own conclusions and we can lie by just sign.
37:16 We can lie by just nodding our head,
37:19 humping our shoulders and check this.
37:23 I've seen people do this.
37:24 You've asked them something, they don't to tell you.
37:26 Probably, they don't even know the answer,
37:28 but they want you to believe a certain thing.
37:30 They look at you in the face.
37:31 Come on, somebody get with me.
37:33 And they do like this with their eyes, they go.
37:36 I call it rolling. I don't know if they rolled or not,
37:38 but you know what I'm talking.
37:39 They're kind of, they go.
37:41 And automatically, "Oh, yeah,
37:43 what I was just talking about must be the truth."
37:45 You lied because you rolled your eyes, huh.
37:49 Now you say to me, well, wait a minute.
37:51 I haven't found and maybe you will and if somebody does,
37:53 I'm sure I'll hear about it.
37:55 I've never found in the Bible, by rolling your eyes is a sin.
38:01 So now you're getting, what we're talking about here?
38:04 You roll your eyes when certain question is asked.
38:08 But, you know, you're not saying a word,
38:10 you just roll your eyes, but you lied about that person.
38:15 Now, now what we're looking for is what?
38:19 Truth. We have to find out what truth is.
38:24 And that's why we're examining it,
38:26 like we are today.
38:28 So when you look for a truth on a certain subject--listen to me,
38:32 the Bible may not give you that certain, what?
38:36 That certain word.
38:37 I've heard people say, when it comes to puppets.
38:39 "Oh, well, that puppet, we looked it all up,
38:41 there's nothing that said anything about--"
38:42 Listen, we just talked about here,
38:44 how many different ways we can lie.
38:47 So it may not give you that word,
38:49 you're looking for, but Bible truths
38:52 can be found for every topic that you want to examine.
38:56 You can go in and they will be--listen,
38:59 they're going to be attached to religious principle
39:03 or fundamental truths of God's word.
39:06 They're attached.
39:07 They're hanging from that, which the first thing was what?
39:09 "Don't bear false witness." Don't lie.
39:12 And all these other things the way it just--
39:13 So it's still wrong, isn't it?
39:15 Second Selected Messages 343 says this,
39:18 listen carefully please to these words.
39:21 It's simple, always act from principle.
39:26 How many times we do it? Just once in a while.
39:29 Always act from principle.
39:31 Other words not how you feel, not have emotional,
39:33 or I'm having a bad day,
39:35 but you act from principle, right?
39:38 It's taken inside of you. It's a part of you.
39:41 Not from feelings, right?
39:43 Not from emotions, but from principle.
39:45 In that little book, I tried to read a lot about
39:47 in those Testimonies to Ministers, page 17.
39:51 It says talking about the church.
39:53 Now again the church has to take positional stances on things
39:56 that come within, it's walls.
39:59 And sometime in local and then of course,
40:02 it can go away around the world.
40:03 But listen, when some issues come in the church is firmly
40:08 and decidedly to hold her principles, how?
40:12 Notice that firmly and decidedly to hold up her principle
40:17 before the whole heavenly universe and the world.
40:21 That's pretty good.
40:23 Friend, do you have any principles in your church?
40:26 Are you really operating from principle? Wow.
40:33 Are you a principled individual?
40:39 Or in this situation we're gathering the fragments.
40:44 You remember that, Jesus talked about
40:45 gather little pieces of fishes left over.
40:48 Still fish or just a few and when held majority of it.
40:51 But we go, we gather these fragments
40:53 or I call him--listen, pieces of what? Good.
40:56 Pieces of truth.
40:57 And we put them together and we can say that we must learn
41:01 and we must be controlled by principle.
41:09 And you know this is very interesting.
41:11 When we're governed by religious principles,
41:15 the dangers of committing great errors are very small.
41:19 When we're, what?
41:21 When we're governed by-- Come on, help me.
41:22 Come on. When we're governed by principles
41:24 that are deep seated in our heart, our mind, and truth
41:26 that we know what is right, very little chance, you see?
41:31 That we're going to be deceived and commit great errors.
41:34 It's small because what?
41:35 Because we're not doing from emotion,
41:37 we're not all so upset that we can't think properly,
41:39 we make rash decisions.
41:40 No, we're basing it on, what?
41:42 What God has said in His Word?
41:46 Do we realize today, my brothers and sisters,
41:48 every, every act of our life we must consider it well?
41:56 Every act must be considered, why?
42:00 Because we might affect
42:02 or we might injure our brother and our sister
42:06 and it may lead someone away from Christ.
42:08 Did--oh, please did you get that?
42:10 Every act, every word, everything we do as a Christian
42:15 must be considered because you know what?
42:18 Some people are going to-- they're gonna say,
42:20 "Oh, I've seen or I heard and oh,
42:23 they may not like the decision.
42:25 But the church comes onto,
42:26 you know, to follow the Word of God
42:28 and they're gonna get their feelings hurt
42:29 and they're going to leave."
42:34 Oh, every act.
42:38 My friend, do you want to follow Jesus today?
42:41 Do I want to follow Jesus today?
42:43 Do I want to honor God?
42:44 Do I want to be faithful to His word?
42:47 Do I want to stand by principles?
42:50 Listen, principles that will live through the eternal ages.
42:55 See, my life must be governed by principles,
42:58 the truth of God's word that will endure for eternity,
43:02 not just here or, any--just a given time.
43:05 Principle is a principle.
43:06 Solid truth, the Word of God.
43:11 And so as I read in Four Testimonies 538, it says,
43:14 "We can never swerve from principle in the least thing."
43:19 Come on, you've got to build with me on this.
43:21 It gets heavier as we go.
43:24 That's why we chose to do a couple of parts
43:26 and that's why, you know,
43:27 did a little summary that we want to give out at the end,
43:28 that people still having a hard time with it,
43:31 that you can over all these principles of God's word.
43:35 You have to call for that. You have to call.
43:38 We're not to swerve from principle
43:40 in the very least of anything.
43:41 So if it's questionable we need not do it.
43:46 And I've to tell you. Be honest with you.
43:47 You're looking for truth.
43:49 I don't find that's so ever really questionable.
43:50 They say, it's black and it's white.
43:52 Its right, it's wrong.
43:53 God's word will make that clear to us. Never.
43:58 Let me give you the example maybe of,
44:00 we're talking about here of some principles.
44:03 How did Daniel and his companions--
44:06 You remember, when they were taken into captivity
44:08 and they were challenged to say,
44:09 we're gonna feed you all this good food, you know.
44:12 What was their response?
44:14 You remember that they were challenged
44:15 on the appetite, very interesting.
44:19 But they knew this and you need to know it
44:22 and I need to know it too.
44:24 That a single instance of departure from principle,
44:29 truth or right will weaken their sins
44:33 of right and abhorrence of wrong.
44:38 Did some of you get that?
44:40 Daniel, right? That they're Hebrews.
44:43 They knew when they're offered the king's meat
44:45 that just one deviation, you see.
44:48 Just one departure from a principle
44:51 will begin to weaken their sins of what is right.
44:55 See, some of us don't realize.
44:56 We thing we can just do wrong and do wrong
44:59 and do wrong and it just really not affecting us.
45:02 You know, why?
45:03 It's because every time we do our spiritual senses
45:06 are numbed more and more and more.
45:08 And we think that it's okay and nothing's really happening.
45:11 It's obvious to others,
45:13 but to you it is a cloud over you.
45:16 Lord, help us to see not one single departure from the truth.
45:24 If we do that we're setting our self up.
45:29 And pretty soon wrong won't seem so bad anymore. Wow.
45:37 If there's ever any question on your mind to what is right?
45:42 Let me just--and I'm sure you've got this,
45:44 but please just listen.
45:46 There's any time in your life,
45:48 you're going through situations where you say,
45:50 I'm not really sure if what is right.
45:53 Here's the simple answer, always, always, always,
45:56 it never changes.
45:58 Look to, who? Good.
45:59 You look to Jesus.
46:02 You spend some time with Jesus.
46:05 He's going to guide you.
46:07 Now this next thing I'm going to say,
46:09 I want you to pay close attention, right?
46:10 And pay close attention.
46:13 We need to bring every plan
46:17 that's in church capacity, that's in our human life,
46:19 "Every plan that we have to the Lord,
46:23 to see if He approves of it."
46:27 Got that little quote from the book
46:28 called "Life Sketches" 447.
46:31 No excuse for us.
46:32 Every plan we have we want to change something up,
46:35 do something different in our own lives
46:37 and in our homes and in our churches.
46:39 We need to bring it before God to see if He approves.
46:42 It makes sense, doesn't it?
46:43 Oh, I want God's blessing, don't you?
46:47 Let's just quickly look at another
46:48 fundamental truth and principle.
46:51 I think that will help us today.
46:54 How does God look at deception? Wow.
46:57 How does God look at deception?
47:00 And I'm talking about deception in every form
47:03 because it's rampant in the world that we live in.
47:05 It's difficult to know what's not--
47:07 there's not some kind of deception going on
47:09 and we're apprehensive about it
47:11 because somebody's deceiving somebody else,
47:13 somebody is leading somebody else in a different direction.
47:15 We're raised on these types of things.
47:17 Somebody's selling something.
47:19 They're not telling you the truth about it.
47:20 You're buying something.
47:22 You're not sure what you're buying.
47:23 There's deception of every kind.
47:24 Listen, that book I told you about
47:26 Testimonies to Ministers, page 274 says this.
47:29 "The Lord hates all deception."
47:32 Oh, please listen.
47:34 This is saying the stage
47:36 in our last 8 or 9 minutes that we have.
47:38 Listen, setting the stage for what we're talking about,
47:40 part 2 be powerful.
47:44 God hates what?
47:46 All forms. Good.
47:47 Oh, He hates all deception.
47:50 He hates secrecy, and guile.
47:53 "This is Satan's work.
47:56 The work of God is open and frank."
48:00 God's work is open. The devil's is not.
48:04 Any kind of deception, so are we doing something
48:07 maybe in the church, that's deceiving somebody
48:10 where they be 6 months or 60.
48:14 Is there something that we're deceiving them?
48:16 You know, the little minds,
48:17 they have a hard time to try to decide
48:19 for what you might be able to.
48:23 They may think that something is real,
48:25 when it is really not.
48:26 And we're talking about we can't be what?
48:27 We must be truthful in the very least of everything, truthful.
48:33 We can't get after where' it's gonna deceive or be a deception.
48:38 Beautiful book "Patriarchs and Prophets"
48:40 page 338 says this.
48:43 This is what we're getting at deception.
48:47 "It was by deception that the devil seduced the angels."
48:53 What was it by? It was by deception.
48:57 Making something appear that's really not.
49:00 How did the enemy deceive those holy angels of God?
49:03 By deception. What did he do?
49:05 He disguised himself.
49:09 He mixes truth with error.
49:12 The most dangerous falsehoods
49:14 are those that are mingled with truth.
49:17 You remember the point we made at the beginning.
49:19 What are the most dangerous errs you think?
49:21 What are the falsehoods?
49:23 The ones that are mingled with the truth.
49:25 How did the devil seduce the angels of heaven?
49:28 He used a disguise. He made something.
49:33 You see that appeared--
49:34 well, this is not really the way that it is.
49:38 It appeared differently than it was.
49:40 Deception, a disguise.
49:45 Now listen to this please.
49:47 This goes on in Patriarchs and Prophets page 53.
49:52 Talking about the enemy,
49:53 "In order to accomplish his work unperceived."
49:56 In other words, to be able to accomplish
49:58 his work where no one could understand or you know.
50:01 "Satan chose to employ as his medium,"
50:07 his goal between what?
50:09 "The serpent." Oh, in order to what?
50:13 Deceive mankind, the devil chose to use
50:17 a medium or a goal between what?
50:20 To push all of his stuff out there,
50:23 that he wanted out.
50:24 His lies and everything else, now think about that.
50:27 "A disguise that was well adapted
50:30 for his purpose of deception."
50:31 Now I bring to you and submit this to you
50:34 that you have-- just talking about
50:37 puppets say for instance.
50:39 That you have a man or a woman that has what?
50:42 That has the message they're going to give,
50:44 but they use something, what?
50:48 They use something in between
50:49 that you call it a puppet between what?
50:51 Them and the child.
50:53 So that puppet then becomes what?
50:55 Their medium of what?
50:58 Talking to that child that little baby 1, 2, 3 years old
51:01 really believes that what there's
51:04 coming from that puppet is--it's doing it.
51:06 Wouldn't that be a lie?
51:07 Wouldn't that be a deception?
51:09 Don't say, oh, it's just a little thing.
51:11 No, it's not. The devil, what?
51:13 He would stand here as the enemy and he chose what?
51:15 The serpent to get to mankind, a medium.
51:21 You know the devil understands medium well,
51:22 but as a Christian we need to understand too.
51:24 There's one mediator between God and man, who is that?
51:26 That's Jesus Christ.
51:28 Everything else is false.
51:30 Well, why we're custom to that?
51:32 When there's a battle going on where union and non-union,
51:35 you bring in a mediator.
51:36 Get somebody that's been honest and been impartial and
51:39 they do the talking for the other parties
51:40 because they can't get along.
51:42 But here, we're talking about here--
51:43 we're talking about deceptions of the enemy,
51:46 the way that he hoodwinked mankind and sin developed by.
51:49 We're talking about this medium.
51:52 John 8:32 says, "You shall know the truth
51:56 and the truth shall" What?
51:58 Good, "make you free."
52:01 So now, how do we approach the drama?
52:05 How do we--and the deception of drama and theatrics
52:09 and acting, mock drama, puppetry.
52:15 All of these things that we see cropping up all the time
52:17 and you know what, we've grown so accustomed
52:20 because we are TV addicts.
52:25 Did you get it?
52:27 TV addicts and all of this stuff seems to be normal.
52:32 People acting out and things, you know.
52:35 So how do we approach this?
52:36 First, let's say in a couple of minutes
52:38 we got--we'll start to define here
52:40 and really get in some heavy duty stuff.
52:42 What is drama?
52:45 Let's look at it. First, what's drama?
52:47 Drama is a play, let's keep it simple.
52:50 It's written for the performance of an actor, interesting.
52:56 So listen, when a person
52:59 or an actor acts out the play, acts out the drama,
53:03 the script or what?
53:05 Or the story, then it becomes theatrical.
53:08 Did you get it?
53:10 The drama, because how it's written,
53:12 how it's written up, it's a play written
53:14 before an actor somebody pretending to be something else
53:17 and when it is put on script and people begin to act it out,
53:20 it becomes theatrical.
53:22 Wow, kind of interesting.
53:24 Did you know this?
53:26 Did you know that the drama and theatrics
53:29 were really originated?
53:31 You know where it came from?
53:32 It came from paganism.
53:36 The pagans would get together and they would act out dramas
53:39 and skits and stories to appease their gods.
53:45 Yeah, interesting.
53:47 Where is the roots of this thing?
53:49 What does it do to us as a people?
53:53 Did you know that? I think it would.
53:55 Lord, have mercy on us.
53:59 And I hear a lot about-- oh, there's certain time
54:01 of the year you hear a lot about--
54:03 Oscars or who's the best actor?
54:06 What's the best performance?
54:08 So who's the best pretender?
54:10 Maybe the best liar, the best deceiver.
54:12 Don't say words like that, but who's the best actor?
54:15 Let me submit this to you.
54:16 May I do this here as signs of "Time "article in 518--1882
54:22 this was written, notice this.
54:24 It says, "Satan is the master actor."
54:29 Wow. He's the master deceiver.
54:33 He's the master pretender.
54:36 He's the master in make-believe
54:38 or make something appear that's really not.
54:42 Is that the way a Christian should operate
54:44 in any form of deceiving someone?
54:47 Making someone believe,
54:49 something that's not really true. Wow.
54:52 May God help us to see the importance of this?
54:57 I think probably since we're right there,
54:59 it's time just to talk to you for just for a moment
55:01 before we have prayer and just to remind you,
55:03 this is the first of two parts of drama.
55:07 And how we will get into-- how God thinks about it?
55:11 How Jesus thinks about it?
55:12 How we're to do as Christians and it really gets heavy duty
55:15 and about theatrics and drama in the church and puppetry.
55:19 You won't want to miss that.
55:22 And you want it, you call in and make sure you get that,
55:24 the little review that we have,
55:25 on the subject that we're talking about.
55:27 But right now, I want to pray with you
55:28 and then have a moment to speak to you, when we get done.
55:30 Let's pray. This is heavy duty stuff
55:31 that God will open our hearts and minds.
55:33 Let's close with prayer, shall we?
55:35 Father in Heaven, we thank You for Your precious word.
55:37 We thank You, Lord in heaven,
55:38 that You can open our hearts and our minds
55:40 in regards to what we've been involved with.
55:42 You can help to straighten us right into the straight
55:44 and narrow by Your word and Your truth.
55:46 Thank you for those who watch,
55:47 for those who listen and for those who hear,
55:49 I pray for the Holy Spirit
55:50 working upon their hearts and their minds
55:52 and they're saying, "Oh, Lord, I didn't know this before,
55:54 but now that I'm learning, God, help me to do the right thing.
55:57 Bless we pray this in Jesus name. Amen.
56:02 Again we understand that--you folks,
56:04 you love the truth and you want to hear the truth,
56:06 you're writing us and you're calling us and you're telling us
56:08 and you're asking for these DVD's and things
56:11 and books that we can, you know, be shipped to your home.
56:13 Keep it up. Keep your cards and your letters
56:15 and the only way we can bring these programs is what?
56:17 By your love and by your support.
56:19 So please be praying for us.
56:21 We're gonna be praying for you.
56:22 And remember you don't want to miss.
56:24 You don't to miss the second part of the drama.
56:26 Until then may God bless you and we'll see you next time.
56:31 Hello, again.
56:33 The more we dissect the Word of God,
56:35 the more clearly we see how the enemy of souls
56:39 has left no stone unturned to deceive God's people
56:43 and to keep us all in a confused state of mind.
56:46 This way, it is more difficult for us
56:49 to discern right from wrong.
56:51 And through his many deceptive uses of drama,
56:55 we have literally been reprogrammed
56:57 to accept the wrong behaviors as good or even right.
57:01 We're finding more and more that the Bible is no longer
57:04 the moral guide for even professed Christians
57:08 simply because it doesn't teach
57:10 what they have been conditioned to accept as correct behavior.
57:14 What a sad state of affairs that we are living in, friends.
57:18 We're pushing God and His Spirit
57:20 further and further away from us.
57:22 Well, proclaiming at the same time to worship Him.
57:25 Indeed, we have a form of godliness,
57:28 but no true spiritual godly power.
57:32 Friends, this message is one
57:33 that calls for decisions to be made.
57:36 And it is our prayer that you make the right biblical decision
57:39 for your family and for your house of worship.
57:42 And should you wish to hold on to this information
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58:55 Until next time, friends, may our precious,
58:58 precious Lord, continue to richly bless you and yours.


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