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00:41 Hello, and welcome to "Behold the Lamb" presents.
00:44 I am Chris Shelton, your host.
00:46 And I want to thank you for tuning in to our program.
00:48 Today's message is the second in a two part series
00:52 that we have entitled "Drama."
00:54 The term "Drama" has several variations of definitions
00:57 that one could explore, but for our series
01:00 we are studying the theatrical version of the word.
01:03 And in particular, what role it should play
01:06 in our various churches.
01:07 And of course, one may also deduce
01:09 what role it should have in our Christian homes as well?
01:13 And as we have stated previously in this series,
01:16 the more we dissect the word of God,
01:18 the more we see how the enemy of souls
01:21 has so orchestrated our lives, and our beliefs,
01:25 and principles to such a degree
01:27 that we do not easily discern the will of God.
01:31 Yet Jesus Himself stated that we are not to be deceived.
01:35 Therefore, it behooves every Christian to develop
01:38 a systematic time of study in worship.
01:41 And what a blessing that the Lord has provided
01:44 such stations as this one to help us
01:46 with our biblical teachings that will draw us
01:49 ever closer to God's will.
01:51 So stay tuned as Pastor Kenny Shelton brings us
01:54 his God inspired message entitled today.
01:58 "Drama," part 2.
01:59 But first, we are blessed as always
02:01 to visit the 3ABN Worship Center and listen to a beautiful song
02:06 that is entitled "More Like You,"
02:08 and it's sung by Brother Steve Darmody.
02:33 By chiseling the stones
02:36 that built this house
02:40 And carving out a home
02:43 I only dream about
02:46 You're painting me a view
02:49 that I can't live without
02:54 I can't live without
03:00 But you're making me more like You
03:08 Creating me into someone
03:13 who Knows the awesome
03:16 power of what love can do
03:22 You're making me
03:25 Making me more like You
03:36 By molding me the hands
03:40 that desire to serve
03:43 And giving me the voice
03:45 that wants to share your word
03:50 And offering the hope
03:52 that I don't deserve
03:57 I don't deserve
04:03 But you're making me
04:07 more like You
04:11 Creating me into someone
04:15 who Knows the awesome
04:19 power of what love can do
04:25 You're making me
04:28 Making me more like You
04:46 You're making me more like You
04:53 Creating me into someone
04:58 who Knows the awesome power
05:01 of what love can do
05:06 You're making me
05:09 Making me more like You
05:22 You're making me
05:25 Making me more like You
05:47 Thanks for joining us here again, "Behold the Lamb."
05:49 We praise God for you
05:51 and we're glad that you're willing spend sometime with us.
05:53 We're in our second part of title "Drama."
05:57 And where is it-- where is this all heading?
06:00 Well, I pray that you have seen number one already and if not,
06:03 you've missed a lot of valuable information.
06:05 You want to call us and make sure you get
06:07 that first part because we'll be touching on things
06:09 in the second part and it will relate
06:11 to what we've already covered.
06:13 So we want to make sure that you're right there with us
06:15 and focused in 'cause it takes really two hours
06:17 to get--just touch the edges of this message
06:21 and, of course, about drama.
06:22 You know, how we're gonna deal with this thing?
06:24 We've learned this quickly.
06:26 And I want to say this before I have a prayer.
06:28 We realized that the Lord hates all deceptions.
06:32 He hates all deceptions in any kind because
06:36 deception is the work of, who?
06:37 Good, the enemy.
06:39 We know that.
06:40 The work of God is open and frame.
06:42 As we pray, let's ask God
06:44 that the Holy Spirit will come near to our hearts and our minds
06:46 and just open these beautiful truths to us
06:49 that we maybe pleasing in His sight.
06:52 Loving Father in Heaven, once again
06:54 we ask that you would send Your Holy Spirit,
06:56 illuminate these things to our hearts and our minds
06:58 that we may comprehend the beautiful truths
07:00 that you have for us today.
07:02 Thank you for your love, thank you for your mercy,
07:04 thank you for every viewer, every listener.
07:06 We pray now that we will be students of you,
07:09 we will sit at your feet, and we'll listen to the words
07:11 that you have for us today.
07:13 We thank you in advance for what you're going to do.
07:15 Forgive me of sin, anything in my heart
07:17 and life that needs not be there.
07:18 We need that open communion with You today
07:21 in Jesus' name we pray, amen.
07:25 Again, it's always good to be able to have pencil and paper.
07:27 And I mention here every time 'cause you need to study
07:29 to show yourself approved and you need to go back
07:31 because a lot of things we just barely touch on
07:34 and it opens avenues for you to just to get into the word
07:36 and just spend a lot more time on this subject.
07:38 Because it's so important and many people say,
07:41 "It really just doesn't matter."
07:43 Oh, friend, and I believe it.
07:45 I believe that really matters
07:46 because again we've establish that God's hates it all,
07:48 any kind of deception at all.
07:50 Anything that might deceives somebody.
07:52 And that means from the very young certainly to the old.
07:55 So, how do we do?
07:56 How did the enemy do?
07:58 What did he do in the very beginning?
08:00 He deceived, isn't that right?
08:01 Adam and Eve.
08:03 It was by deception that that Satan deceived
08:07 the angels of heaven.
08:09 So we realized and here that we need to look at that
08:12 there is the deception that's going on.
08:14 If anything would deceive or it seem like pretend
08:17 that--it's pretending that's truth and it's really not.
08:19 Oh, we need to be so, so, so very careful.
08:22 Deception. Remember, we'll be talking
08:25 a little bit about mediums.
08:27 How the devil use this mediums because
08:29 he doesn't want to come as he really is.
08:31 And so he used these things and items and people.
08:34 And so, how do we deal, how do we approach
08:37 with our second part here, we're talking about a drama,
08:40 we're talking about theatrics, we're talking about acting,
08:42 we're talking about mock drama and we're talking about
08:45 puppetry because a lot of people use it and they think
08:48 it's harmless and it doesn't matter.
08:49 Doesn't really matter not-- not what you like to see
08:52 or what you're thinking, but how does God view it
08:56 being used in our church?
08:58 We talked about before that drama,
09:01 theatrics originally derived from what?
09:04 From paganism.
09:05 The pagans would get together and they would act out
09:07 certain little things and as they act to those things out
09:10 that we call the stories or skits to appease what?
09:14 Their gods. And I want you to realize
09:17 we're talking about acting here today
09:19 that Satan is the master actor.
09:23 Satan is what?
09:24 The master actor.
09:26 So when we could think about acting,
09:27 and deceiving, and telling all the truth.
09:30 We need to say, "Look, God, help us."
09:32 Now remember this, we discussed
09:34 this in Patriarchs and Prophets 53,
09:36 it says this, "Satan chose to employ
09:39 as his medium, good, the serpent--a disguise
09:44 well adapted for his purpose of deception."
09:47 Keep this in mind.
09:48 He employed as his what? Good. Medium.
09:51 He chose what?
09:52 The Serpent. To do what?
09:55 A disguise. It would be a disguise
09:57 so that we could deceive us.
09:59 The enemy is using all kind of disguises today
10:02 and we pass them off as harmless.
10:04 It doesn't matter. People like it.
10:06 Just to view how heaven looks at these things today?
10:09 Shall we? Let's make sure
10:10 that we are not a medium for Satan's use.
10:14 I think that makes a lot of sense today.
10:16 Reading in a book called Second Testimonies 171-172
10:20 and there're several paragraphs.
10:21 And so just allow me to go over these things
10:23 and give us food for thought.
10:25 And this is what happens.
10:26 We say, "Well, this is a little thing.
10:27 It's a minor thing, it really doesn't matter."
10:29 Remember, the devil can come in with
10:32 the least just a little small, we call little crack.
10:34 Anytime you open the door just a little bit,
10:36 the devil's going to come in.
10:37 Listen to this article.
10:39 It says, "If you encourage, in the least,
10:42 the temptations of Satan, you place yourself upon, what?"
10:47 Oh, good. "His battleground."
10:50 So when you know that something is right?
10:51 When you know what you should be doing?
10:53 And yet you step out of that just a little bit
10:55 and you decide, "Well, I am going to do--"
10:57 You have--by choice taken from the side of Christ.
11:00 You say, I'm Him under His banner.
11:02 Well, you stepped out from underneath it
11:04 and you've stepped, what?
11:05 Under the banner of the enemy.
11:07 You're on his battleground.
11:08 You're going to get yourself in trouble.
11:10 The least you notice that, encouragement.
11:13 And we realized the bitter enemies--
11:15 We talked about this the bitter enemies
11:17 we have there--enemies we're talking about people
11:19 who hate the truth.
11:21 The devil will use as his mediums.
11:23 So those who do not like the truth,
11:26 do not want to hear about the truth,
11:27 they hate the truth, the devil will use him
11:29 as mediums every time to do his work.
11:33 Articles goes on and says, "To a certain class of minds
11:36 he will sanctioned a part of, what, Christians believe as,
11:40 listen, to be the truth."
11:43 So the enemy say, "Oh, you know, he is coming at us.
11:45 "While he warns them to reject other parts
11:48 as dangerous and fatal error."
11:51 See, the enemy is working.
11:52 He's scared to death that we're going to learn
11:54 what truth is because truth sanctifies you, right?
11:56 It purifies you, cleanse you.
11:58 That's what it's all about here.
11:59 So he wants you to say and he presents err to you.
12:02 And as he presents his err, how does he do it?
12:05 It says, "He will clothe with-- make it look as good as possible
12:10 and make it as attractive as possible."
12:12 So err then is not in his hideous form.
12:15 It's not the way that it really is.
12:17 When he presents the err to you, it's attractive
12:20 and it-- it looks good.
12:22 We say sometime, you go to gambling casinos of the world.
12:26 Let's just take about, what?
12:27 It's all lit up, all kind of lights,
12:29 all kind of things going on and just to the eye
12:31 and to appeal people, "Oh, this looks good."
12:34 That's how the enemy deceives a person here.
12:38 I want to just encourage you.
12:39 Listen, do not under estimate the power of the enemy.
12:44 Listen, for a long time I kind of kept my mouth shut
12:46 as I would earlier and I'll say in my '20s
12:50 because every time it says,
12:51 "Now the devil, I'm telling you, he's got power."
12:53 People say, "Oh, now let's not say that.
12:55 Oh, let's be care-- We're not giving him many pray."
12:57 I wouldn't give him many praise.
12:58 I was trying to raise a knot on his head,
12:59 but they kind of make you feel bad.
13:01 I say, "Don't give him any praise."
13:03 Listen, we need to know our enemy.
13:06 We need to know his, what?
13:07 Good. His plans.
13:09 Don't underestimate the power of the enemy.
13:11 If you do, you will be taken.
13:13 And listen to it-- listen.
13:15 If the enemy did not realize that he had this kind of power.
13:20 Stay with me now.
13:21 If the enemy did not realize that he has tremendous power,
13:26 he would not have made war against God himself.
13:30 Did you get it?
13:31 He knew he is powerful.
13:35 He went against God.
13:37 We're nothing.
13:38 We need help.
13:40 And as I was reading on another article,
13:41 I thought very interesting-- I want to share this with you.
13:43 It's very good.
13:45 One Testimonies 467, it says, "Satan and his angels,
13:48 with all his agents on earth, who make every effort."
13:54 Listen, "To use every device to advance error and wrongs."
14:02 So the enemy then-- listen carefully.
14:03 Come on, this is leading up to some things here.
14:06 We're talking about acting. We're talking drama.
14:08 We're talking about puppetry. We're talking about the act.
14:10 We're talking about all of these things here
14:11 that the enemy here on this earth is using
14:14 every kind of--listen, what?
14:16 Every kind of device to advance his error and his wrongs.
14:23 So if he is using devices, would he not be even
14:25 using them in the church?
14:27 Oh, certainly he's gonna try.
14:29 One Testimonies 469, it makes a clear statement.
14:33 It says, "The reformation is really needed."
14:35 Do you believe it? Oh, I do today.
14:37 Want a reformation among us as a people,
14:40 but it should first begin.
14:41 And I'm going to raise a knot on my own head.
14:44 The article says here at first,
14:45 "Let's begin with the ministers."
14:48 Revival reformation must begin with the minister.
14:50 We have too many lazy ones, too many that not go far. Why?
14:55 The article says, "Because they are watchman
14:57 upon the walls of Zion.
15:00 They are to sound the note of warning
15:02 to the-- Listen, to the careless.
15:04 Oh, it doesn't matter.
15:05 Well, you know, well."
15:07 And then to the unsuspecting.
15:09 There's many who are unsuspecting
15:10 of things that are going on.
15:12 But God's messenger through the Holy Spirit
15:13 will impressed upon his mind or mind to be able to see
15:17 these things and to be able to raise up
15:18 the standard against the unsuspecting.
15:21 They never thought this would be wrong.
15:23 They never thought this.
15:24 Oh, the careless, it just doesn't matter.
15:26 And then it goes on to say,
15:27 "And to portray the faith of the hypocrite in Zion."
15:33 Wow. That's pretty heavy duty, isn't it?
15:36 So please, in this study continuing part two,
15:38 I want you to remember this.
15:40 Religious principle, we covered in part one
15:42 and we'd spent sometime on it, we won't do it now.
15:44 What are they?
15:46 They're fundamental truths on which other truths are based.
15:50 Example, we talked about it.
15:52 If you're looking for certain word,
15:54 you say, "I'm looking for the subject matter."
15:55 But you can't find exactly that one word.
15:57 In scripture we'll say,
15:58 "Well, then there is nothing written on it."
16:00 Oh, yeah, oh no.
16:01 As you look up that word, you need to look up
16:03 and then pertaining to what?
16:04 To what subject that you're thinking about if it's puppetry.
16:08 You might look and say,
16:09 "Okay, now what is associated with puppetry?
16:12 What goes on with puppetry when it's using?
16:13 What is happening there?"
16:15 There's principles that are in--they're based here
16:18 that we want to look at and we find
16:20 there in fundamental truths always associated with words.
16:24 And so as we look at the word, say for instance,
16:27 if we think of puppetry and theatrics and drama,
16:30 would we think is it honest?
16:34 Is it truthful in every aspect?
16:37 Is there any amount of deception of any kind
16:41 that maybe played out in this-- is there any deviation
16:43 for--from the truth?
16:46 You see, these are the issues that doesn't matter.
16:48 It says, "Well, it didn't mentioned that's specifically,
16:50 but what we are doing is truthful in every area.
16:54 Every area that you can look
16:55 at what we're doing, what we're using?
16:56 Is it truthful or is it deceiving
16:58 or is it deception or is it a lie?"
17:01 If it is weak, we can't use those things, can we?
17:04 We need to be praying like never before,
17:06 my brothers and sisters that God will help us to see
17:09 what's going on here.
17:11 The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 11:14.
17:13 This is it, well, listen.
17:14 It says, "And no marvel."
17:16 Now you know this well.
17:17 It says, "No marvel for Satan himself."
17:18 So to do what?
17:20 "Transform himself into an angel of, what?
17:22 Of light." He is going to transform.
17:24 He is going to be disguised himself.
17:27 He is going to modify himself as an angel of light.
17:30 So the enemy then will use what?
17:32 You do some transforming or changing or disguising
17:36 or as a medium he uses, what?
17:38 An angel to reach mankind.
17:41 Wow, very good.
17:43 Great Controversy, page 624 says this,
17:46 "As the crowning act in this great drama of deception,
17:51 Satan himself will personate Christ."
17:54 The Spirit of Prophecy talks about.
17:56 Bible just says what enemy is going to be doing.
17:58 So again, he is doing what?
17:59 He is disguising.
18:01 He is making something that's bad.
18:02 He is wrapping up, making it a look good,
18:04 giving it an appeal and everybody's happy
18:05 and kids love it, and mom and dad love it
18:07 and-- Is it truth?
18:10 So to be used or as the enemy is using this and using you
18:12 maybe or using me, we don't want that.
18:15 Bible says in Ephesians 4:27, it says,
18:19 "Nether give place to the devil."
18:22 Now surely you would not do that.
18:23 We're not going to give any place to what?
18:24 To the devil on these type of subjects.
18:26 Even though they're-- some people are gonna
18:28 get their feathers ruffled,
18:31 they're not going to want to hear it.
18:32 As soon as they don't want to hear it,
18:34 they starts talking about it, "Oh, we don't want it.
18:35 Oh, let's not play this.
18:37 Let's not listen to it."
18:38 Friend, why not ask yourself?
18:40 Ooh, I missed something.
18:42 Oh, is it really pleasing in the sight of God?
18:44 Is it really-- is it truthful
18:46 and should we really be doing this?
18:48 Not worry about how pleasing it is because
18:50 may you have that job and you love to do it,
18:52 but is it really right with heaven?
18:55 Or is there something you're planning
18:56 seeds of untruthfulness?
18:57 Is that possible?
18:59 Four Testimonies, 312 says this.
19:02 Here, real clear.
19:04 "The least departure."
19:06 What? Good.
19:08 "The least departure from truthfulness and rectitude."
19:12 That means honesty. Moral principle here.
19:16 "Is a transgression of the law of God."
19:19 Did you get it?
19:20 The very least departure from truthfulness
19:24 is a transgression of God's law.
19:27 Those of you're commandment keepers,
19:29 that ought to ring true, right there is a woo,
19:30 I better be careful here.
19:32 Goes on, it says, "The Bible is an unerring guide."
19:34 Aren't you glad?
19:36 "It demands perfect purity."
19:38 Now these three area-- areas here.
19:41 "Perfect, purity in word,
19:43 in thought, and three in action."
19:46 That pretty much sums up mankind, doesn't it?
19:49 Only virtuous and spotless characters
19:53 will be permitted to enter in to the presence
19:56 of a pure and holy God. Wow.
20:00 A pure character, spotless, sinless.
20:02 It's what he's talking about here.
20:04 So shouldn't we be careful now?
20:06 Please, should we not be careful when it comes to--
20:09 Oh, I know, you get in trouble here, but look."
20:11 If we're talking about the least departure from truthfulness
20:14 and then we still talk in terms of the Easter Bunny
20:18 laying eggs or Santa Claus coming down a chimney
20:22 or a deers that fly in the air or how innocent Halloween is.
20:28 That's just to name of few.
20:29 You know what I'm saying?
20:31 The lease departure from the truth.
20:34 Huh? Wow.
20:36 What are we teaching our children?
20:39 We're teaching them lies?
20:41 Bible said in Revelation 14:15.
20:43 Now we go on there, but let's--that's enough.
20:46 Bible says they're talking about the saints.
20:48 It says, "In their mouth was found no--" What? Good.
20:51 "No guile. For they are without fault
20:54 before the throne of God."
20:57 Oh, it gets heavy.
20:58 Revelation 22:15, notice with me.
21:02 These will be individuals who are excluded from heaven.
21:07 Okay, now let's get it.
21:08 Those who will be excluded from heaven--
21:10 You want heaven to be your home?
21:12 Oh, yeah. Oh, praise God.
21:14 But this is so simple that we need not err,
21:17 we need not even say get confused on it.
21:20 You're gonna be excluded from heaven.
21:21 I will be, if this the Bible says in Revelation 2:15,
21:27 "Whosoever--" Very simple,
21:29 "Whosoever loveth and maketh a lie."
21:34 Did you get it?
21:36 If you love lies as it were or you make a lie
21:39 or you take the truth and you change it
21:41 into a lie or you, what?
21:43 You're doing things that are deceitful
21:45 and they're not the truth and you're presenting
21:47 those things to other people.
21:49 The Bible says here, "You're making a lie."
21:53 Could be something good.
21:54 May be what's being said is good,
21:56 but what you're using to convey that
21:59 is not pleasing in the sight of heaven.
22:01 In fact 1 Timothy 6:5 says,
22:04 "Men have-- men of corrupt minds,
22:07 and their destitute of the truth."
22:10 There's more to it and I want you to read that,
22:12 but listen, what it's talking about here.
22:13 If we do not have the truth of the spirit
22:16 of the living God inside of us.
22:18 Notice, what the scriptures tell us.
22:20 Our minds are corrupt.
22:23 You see, lot of people who stand just boldly.
22:25 I'm talking about just boldly in your face,
22:28 they maybe leaders in the church,
22:29 they maybe, you know, good friends of yours.
22:31 And they will, yeah, we know this is right,
22:33 but hey, you know, hey.
22:34 Listen, these people here we have to realize all of them.
22:37 Our minds are corrupt, if we're destitute of the truth.
22:41 They can't be right.
22:44 Why? Because truth is of the Holy Spirit, right?
22:46 Of Jesus, and He's not in us evidently,
22:48 if we are destitute, we're corrupt people.
22:51 And, yet, we try to get something
22:52 in--truths into their mind,
22:54 but they need the power of the Holy Spirit.
22:56 They need to be converted, even on issues like
22:58 we're talking about today here.
23:00 Whosoever loveth and maketh a lie
23:01 you're going to be in heaven.
23:03 So as we go forward,
23:04 look at some of these principles.
23:05 Four of them here quickly.
23:07 We covered them in our first part.
23:08 I want to cover them again right now.
23:10 It said, "We should teach truthfulness
23:12 by precept and by example."
23:15 Does that make sense?
23:16 Is that founded in the word of God?
23:18 Absolutely. We should do what?
23:20 Be truthful in everything by precept and by example.
23:24 Number two. Be careful of the enemy
23:27 in every disguise that he comes in.
23:31 Listen, 'cause everything he comes to you
23:33 on he's got-- he has a disguise.
23:36 He hasn't made it look like it's something good,
23:37 people will like it, it will make it appear, what it's not.
23:41 He is always in disguise.
23:43 He just came to you and said, "Hey, Brother Jim,
23:45 just go and tell us bare face lie.
23:47 You'll laugh in his face."
23:48 No, I'm not gonna do that.
23:50 But sometime he put these things in your mind.
23:52 Well, it'd better go ahead and do little something
23:54 over here here and not retell the truth
23:55 because it's going to cause all kinds of--
23:57 No, he is--listen, be careful of that enemy.
23:59 Three, deception comes by mingling of, what?
24:03 Truth and err.
24:05 As Satan did by, what?
24:07 As he deceived the angels in heaven.
24:10 Friend, you can always go back
24:11 and see how he deceived Adam and Eve.
24:12 See, how he deceived the angels in heaven.
24:14 It's the same way he is working on us today.
24:16 Deceptions, mediums, things that will deceive us
24:19 and lead us off of the track of truthfulness and righteousness.
24:22 Number four, the least departure
24:25 from truth and honesty is a transgression of what?
24:29 Good. The law of God.
24:31 The very least.
24:33 Friend, this is pretty heavy duty when you think about it.
24:36 See, question has to be addressed here
24:38 as far as I'm concerned.
24:40 I find that in the Bible in 2 Corinthian 6:14.
24:44 I think it's fair.
24:46 We're hitting something on the head.
24:47 Many people are not going to like it.
24:49 They're not going to-- they're not going to--
24:51 they do the weight of evidence.
24:52 They're not gonna really check it out.
24:54 Just soon as they hear it, they don't like it
24:57 and they rise up in opposition against it.
24:59 You will do that every time.
25:01 I will do that if the spirit of living God is not in us.
25:04 When I hear something new,
25:05 I don't know about you, first thing
25:07 I do is--what have I read about it?
25:09 What does it says in the Bible.
25:11 Spirit of prophecy, so I can understand what this is.
25:14 Not just throw it out, but what is it?
25:16 Even if I'm involved with it,
25:17 we have to look at it and say, is this the truth?
25:20 And not go against it and throw it out.
25:22 We're doing the work of the enemy here.
25:23 But this question just rings in my ear.
25:26 In 2 Corinthian 6:14, it simply says,
25:29 "What fellowship hath righteousness
25:31 with unrighteousness?"
25:34 Tell me, what does it have?
25:35 Righteous and unrighteous. What fellowship?
25:37 What draws them together? Nothing.
25:39 They should be separated as I say
25:41 is from the east, from the west.
25:43 But, yet, we try to take the righteous
25:46 and the unrighteous and we've tried to put them together
25:49 as close as we can here and try to make something
25:51 that would be pleasing to man.
25:54 Friend, we need to really be praying about this.
25:57 Reading article in Five Testimonies 360.
26:00 Now this is powerful.
26:02 I mean, this is powerful.
26:04 It says here that, "We must abstain from any practice."
26:08 Come on, listen.
26:09 "We must abstain from what?
26:11 Any practice which will blunt the conscience."
26:16 Or what? "Or encourage temptation."
26:19 Listen carefully, please.
26:27 "We must open no door that will give Satan access to the mind
26:28 of one human being formed in the image of God."
26:32 Oh, if you can just dissect that just a little bit,
26:36 we must abstain from what?
26:37 Any practice which will blunt the conscience or what?
26:41 Encourage temptation. Why?
26:44 Because when we do that, we open the door, what?
26:46 To the enemy. And the enemy will come in.
26:49 And it says, we need to-- we need to be careful
26:51 that the enemy cannot gain access to the mind,
26:56 of your mind, my mind, of the child, a one-year-old,
26:59 a two-year-old, do they understand about theatric,
27:01 they understand about drama,
27:03 they understand about play,
27:04 that understand about puppets,
27:06 they understand all the deceptions that's going on.
27:07 No, they do not.
27:08 Many of them do not.
27:10 They're not old enough. They're being deceived.
27:11 You're telling that something is doing,
27:13 something is really not doing it.
27:15 Oh, yeah, but we're telling the truth.
27:16 Look, what you're using.
27:19 You're feeding them a lie then
27:20 you're asking them to be truthful.
27:21 Now be careful.
27:23 1 Thessalonians 5:22 says this,
27:25 "Abstain from all appearances of evil."
27:29 Did you get that?
27:31 We must abstain from all practices.
27:33 We come back with scripture.
27:34 Scripture says, "We need to abstain
27:35 from all appearances of evil,
27:37 if it appears to be that way."
27:39 The Satan's been working this way,
27:40 then we need to pull away from that.
27:43 Read another article in the Book of Evangelism,
27:45 wonderful book, page 510.
27:48 And I believe that we're living
27:49 in last hours of earth's history.
27:52 The church needs to be purified.
27:53 We need to be clean. We need to be spotless.
27:55 And we cannot afford to have anything brought
27:57 in that will be displeasing in the sight of God
28:00 to have the Holy Spirit to leave the church, as it were.
28:03 Stay outside and we're here just what?
28:05 Pleasing our self.
28:06 That's a form of godliness without what?
28:08 Denying the power thereof
28:10 and we must have the power in the church.
28:12 So I believe this article comes into bearing here for me.
28:15 It says, "We have no time now to spend in seeking
28:18 those things that only please the senses."
28:23 Somebody says, "Oh that was funny.
28:24 Oh, we really like that.
28:26 All the kids, they laugh, they carried on it."
28:28 We live in an hour where we're not just trying to what?
28:30 We don't want to please the senses.
28:33 "Close heart searching is needed right now."
28:36 Did you get it?
28:37 And then it goes on to say,
28:39 "With tears and bitter-- broken heart confession
28:43 we need to draw nigh to God that He may draw nigh to us."
28:49 Oh, does that make sense?
28:52 Does that really make sense?
28:54 You know, we live in that time.
28:55 It says, we need-- Right here, we need, what?
28:57 Tears and broken hearts.
29:00 If you can just heard the phone call of the lady not too--
29:04 just a few days ago that is just,
29:06 the things that are going on in her church
29:08 and the family and friends are going on
29:11 and she see some things that are still wrong scripturally
29:14 that she just--she just cried, she just--we call here boohoo.
29:19 Real tears. She just cried on the phone
29:21 and say, "Oh, God, help us to get back to You."
29:26 You see, because the truth and understanding of the truth
29:27 and seeing what's going on sometime
29:29 is calling her to tears.
29:31 Sighing and crying for the abominations that be done.
29:35 Friend, this is heavy duty stuff.
29:38 John 14, the Bible says in verse 23,
29:42 "If any man love me, He will keep my sayings."
29:46 If we love Jesus, we'll keep His saying.
29:48 Oh, I love Jesus, I love Jesus,
29:50 but we know this is innocent here.
29:51 Nothing innocent when the devil has a foothold in it.
29:54 There is nothing innocent.
29:55 You see, friends, if it deviates
29:57 from the Bible God's word in any form.
30:00 "Oh, in the least.
30:01 Did you get it? In the least.
30:04 I don't know, if I can weigh out the least.
30:05 I don't know, if I understand what the least is,
30:07 but it's any kind of deviation.
30:10 How do you measure?
30:11 Just any deviation.
30:13 From the truth makes it an untruth.
30:15 Wow. 2 Selected Messages, page 35.
30:21 And I believe this with all my heart.
30:22 Listen, God's calling the people.
30:24 He calls us to His people today to walk with Him.
30:27 Notice this, in sobriety and also in holy consistency.
30:34 Oh, so many Christians bless their hearts today.
30:36 Maybe you find yourself that way, you're inconsistent.
30:40 Friend, you know what?
30:41 Let me just be bold.
30:43 We're gonna miss heaven if we're inconsistent.
30:44 If we're putting everything above the things of God,
30:47 our church--our church attendance,
30:48 our study, our time with God and praying
30:50 and witnessing and, you know, all these things
30:52 that constitute what makes up a Christian.
30:55 We're gonna miss heaven.
30:57 You see, we just read while ago
30:58 in article that the watchman on the wall
31:00 needs to be blowing the trumpet.
31:01 Showing the hypocrite, you're not gonna
31:03 and he's not trying to be judgmental.
31:04 Oh, you're not going to go ahead.
31:06 Yes, you're not going.
31:07 Don't fool yourself.
31:08 You lowered yourself into a false security
31:11 that it doesn't matter with God.
31:12 It does matter with God.
31:16 And so this article, it goes on to say,
31:17 "God calls for the people to walk with sobriety and what?
31:22 Holy consistency."
31:24 Listen, "They should be very careful
31:26 not to misrepresent or dishonor the holy doctrine of truth."
31:32 Listen, "By strange performances." Wow.
31:36 "By confusion, tumult--tumult."
31:40 Which simply means,
31:41 it's talking about here an appearance
31:44 that's maybe-- it's objectionable to the mind
31:47 and even to the senses here, it causes confusion.
31:50 So we need not get involved in those things.
31:53 Nothing to misrepresent the clear cut
31:56 truths of God's word.
31:58 We need not get this all tangle and mixed up
32:01 because we have a holy doctrine,
32:02 holy teachings in the Word of God,
32:04 and we're trying to mix what?
32:06 The common and then the sacred together.
32:08 You can't do that.
32:10 God forbids us to do that.
32:12 In fact 1 Peter 4:7 says, "Be ye therefore."
32:16 This is simple.
32:17 "Be ye therefore sober, and watch."
32:21 You see, when I read Spirit of Prophecy
32:22 and bunch of quotes in here.
32:23 The Bible has already said those things.
32:25 And I try to bring those out, so it'll help you to see
32:27 that what we're talking about.
32:28 We're not just grabbing out in the air some words
32:30 and well, this is what--" There is principle,
32:33 the truths of God's word, fundamental truths
32:35 are right here and on those fundamental rights here
32:37 hanging all of these other truths,
32:39 and we need to be digging into these truths
32:41 to see what God has to say.
32:42 We need to be sober and we need to be watching.
32:45 And we need to be watching
32:46 what's taking place around in our church
32:48 locally or right in our own homes and in our own lives.
32:51 We need to be sober about these things.
32:52 We don't know how much time that we have left.
32:56 Now the Book Evangelism, page 137.
32:59 Please, notice this with me.
33:01 Now this is-- it begins to as we go over
33:03 these things, they begin to get.
33:05 Ooh, I said, "Look, ah,
33:06 little bit, little more difficult.
33:07 Ooh, straight forward."
33:09 But, you know, if you're like me, I need that.
33:11 I need it straight.
33:13 I need it simple, I need to be able to
33:16 where you know, it's just right straight down
33:17 the line and say, "Okay, I've heard it."
33:19 And then I brought to the point of what? Good.
33:22 Point of decision.
33:23 Either I'm going to or I'm not.
33:26 You say, you not know this well, it's not too bad.
33:28 But no, if you deviate from the least,
33:31 you're talking puppetry,
33:32 you're talking theatrics in the church.
33:34 All of this kind deviate from
33:35 the truth and you're pretending.
33:37 Come on now.
33:38 Evangelism 137 says,
33:39 "Not one jot or tittle
33:44 of anything theatrical."
33:47 That means, false.
33:49 That means what? Made up.
33:50 Make believe acted, acting.
33:53 "Is to be brought into our work."
33:56 You say, "Well, this is not--is our work
33:58 not preaching the gospel, is our work not coming together,
34:00 is our work not studying the scriptures together."
34:02 Sure, it is.
34:04 Nothing, not one little jot or tittle
34:06 darting you and I crossing of a "T" as it were
34:09 is to be brought in theatrically to our work.
34:13 And it goes on and says, "God's cause
34:15 is to have a sacred heavenly mold."
34:20 Is you work approved of heaven?
34:22 Is my work approved of heaven today?
34:24 Oh, if not, God, help us.
34:26 Brothers and sisters, that we need to think, think.
34:29 The article says, "Let everything connected
34:32 with the giving of the messages of this time
34:35 bear the divine impress."
34:38 We've been going over that, does heaven approve of it.
34:42 Here it goes, here.
34:44 "Let nothing of a theatrical nature be permitted,
34:49 for this would spoil the sacredness of the work."
34:53 So anytime we speak the truth regardless of whom
34:56 we're speaking it to, whether it'd be to the old
34:58 or to the young, whoever it might be.
35:00 It says here, "Be careful with the what?"
35:02 Oh, theatrical nature.
35:05 Do not let it be permitted because it spoiled
35:08 the sacredness of the work.
35:12 And yet we don't mind, you know,
35:13 we can set up little things and, you know, use different.
35:19 I'm not trying to hurt anybody.
35:20 I'm not trying to discourage anyone,
35:23 but do you have the blessing
35:25 when you go about doing these things,
35:26 is the blessings of heaven there or is it just something
35:29 that you think or is the enemy making you feel good about it.
35:32 You know, he can do that. Why?
35:33 Because you stepped off the platform of truth
35:35 and you went over it doing what you know you shouldn't
35:37 or maybe you've been fooled.
35:39 Now you just don't need to be fool now.
35:41 And we need to come to grips with it,
35:43 if it's truth, then okay, we do it.
35:44 If it's not, we throw it out immediately.
35:47 We don't have to come to grips with this and say,
35:49 "Well, 6 months down the road now,
35:50 I'm gonna quit doing this in the church.
35:53 We're going to quit and go have theatrical performances
35:55 up on the platform and running around and carrying on
35:58 using puppets and all kind of stuff."
36:00 You don't need to wait 6 months.
36:01 As soon as you hear the truth man,
36:03 you're accountable right then and right there to do it.
36:05 That shows whether you love God or not.
36:07 "Yeah, but I like to."
36:08 That's your problem. You like to--Come on.
36:10 Let's notice this here.
36:12 Not one jot or tittle of anything theatrical.
36:15 What is theatrical?
36:16 Anything that's false, anything that is make believe.
36:19 You can't tell me that all of the stuff
36:20 I'm talking about it's not make believe.
36:23 It's not a deception.
36:24 It's not fooling.
36:26 You say, "Well, I'm not fool.
36:27 But how about the young minds?
36:29 Yes, they're fooling about it.
36:31 Psalms 1:19, I love this, 104 says, here's God saying,
36:35 "Therefore I hate every false way."
36:39 The God of the universe looks down to us and he says,
36:44 "Pastor Kenny, I hate every false way." Wow.
36:50 Every what? Every false way.
36:54 You know what that really means every false way?
36:56 That means everything that's even viewed
36:58 as false and appearance of false. Wow.
37:04 And then the Bible goes on and gives some more real
37:06 meat to chew on here in 1 John 5:21.
37:09 It says, "Children, keep yourself, what?
37:13 Keep yourselves from idols."
37:16 Things that look like idols,
37:17 things that are constructed like idols.
37:18 Maybe how to keep yourselves from idols?
37:20 The word idols here means, keep yourself from images.
37:24 Keep yourself from shapes and forms
37:27 or fashions like. Wow.
37:34 Don't want to gain by tight here,
37:35 but boy, think about when you think of puppetry,
37:38 think about drama, think of theatrics,
37:39 think of all these things right here.
37:42 The Bible is clear on the message.
37:45 2 Selected Messages 23-24. Notice this.
37:49 It says, "We must be guarded."
37:52 What does that mean that we must be guarded?
37:54 We must be on guard.
37:56 Why is it as a Christian I need to be on guard all the time?
37:59 Because the Satan is what? Good.
38:01 A roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.
38:04 You better be ready, he'll eat you up.
38:06 You're no match for him.
38:08 I'm no match for him.
38:10 People walk around, stroll around
38:11 like they can just face the enemy
38:13 head on and they can take him.
38:14 No, you will be taken without the spirit of the living God.
38:17 We need that spirit of living God inside of us.
38:21 The enemy needs to realize he's kept at bay
38:23 because of the power of God,
38:26 but you must invite that power in
38:27 and we can't when we are throwing out these truths,
38:31 because we like certain things.
38:34 God calls upon His people to walk out.
38:36 We talked about, sobriety and consistency.
38:40 Are we doing that?
38:44 Article says, "We must be guarded for Satan
38:46 is determined, if possible."
38:50 See, if we could just realize right now he is determined.
38:55 What the Bible said?
38:57 Event the elect, if were possible He is going to deceive.
38:59 He is determined to deceive you on some issue.
39:04 He is determine to deceive this person,
39:07 this person, me all of us.
39:11 You're no exception.
39:12 You might think you are, you are no exception.
39:14 I'm no exception to this.
39:15 He is determined.
39:17 He studies your life.
39:19 He knows what's going on.
39:21 He's determined, if possible.
39:24 And here's how he's going to do it.
39:27 To--oh, this gets heavy.
39:29 "To intermingle in the religious services."
39:33 Oh, boy, now this starts to work God pointed now.
39:36 The devil is determined to deceive
39:38 and he is gong to do it by trying to intermingle
39:41 with religious services.
39:42 Things that takes place in the service.
39:45 Uh, to do what?
39:48 To paddle his evil influence.
39:50 Article goes on, "Let there be no theatrical display,
39:55 for this will not help to strengthen
39:58 belief in the Word of God.
40:00 Rather, it will divert attention to the human instrument."
40:04 Did you get that?
40:06 Let there be what?
40:07 No theatrical display.
40:09 It's not going to lend any strength in the Word of God.
40:13 In fact, what happens is?
40:14 The person who is doing that thing
40:16 whatever it might be is going to get the attention.
40:19 And Jesus said, "If I be lifted up
40:20 will draw all men unto me."
40:23 So we'll say, "Well, they'll learn better
40:25 if we do this and if we use this.
40:26 It lends no power when we do that to the Word of God." Why?
40:29 Because the Holy Spirit will not accompany that.
40:32 That's very clear.
40:34 It just will not accompany.
40:36 In fact, the human instrument will get the glory
40:39 and that's what the enemy wants.
40:40 And dear friend, we don't need that.
40:42 This is heavy duty.
40:44 More I read these things I'm saying,
40:45 "Oh, Lord, have mercy.
40:47 We've been in the dark so long."
40:49 Or is there no one left to stand up and say,
40:51 "Hey!" Well, just look at the issue
40:55 a little bit longer because, you know,
40:56 what difference is that in this you'd call this wrong here
41:00 and there is other wrongs here that we might speak out,
41:02 but because someone may get their feelings hurt,
41:04 someone may not like it, we're going to keep silent.
41:06 Now it's not a time.
41:07 Their life may depend upon it.
41:09 Other lives will depend upon it.
41:10 Our children's life will depend upon it.
41:12 These are issues that we need to closely examine.
41:15 So, God, help us.
41:18 Evangelism, page 137 and 8 makes the comment.
41:22 Please, listen all carefully.
41:24 Now remember some of you missed the first part,
41:26 so you kind of like, oh, boy, but, but...
41:28 You need to call and you get that and then also
41:31 we have kind of an outline that goes over this
41:33 gives you some real--real meaty to study on with it.
41:36 And when you get done, listen there will be no excuse
41:38 for us going down the wrong path.
41:40 There really won't be.
41:42 Don't you want to please God?
41:43 Don't you love Him with all your heart,
41:45 your soul and your mind?
41:47 And when you hear these things you say, "Yeah."
41:48 But so, how do you take out theatrics out of puppetry,
41:52 and acting, and drama?
41:53 How do you--? You see, you don't.
41:55 It's in there.
41:56 You can justify all you want, make excuses all you want.
41:59 Take a boat, and everybody says, "Okay."
42:00 Doesn't make it right.
42:04 Spirit of Prophecy, I listen very carefully when it says,
42:06 "I was shown or I was instructed--"
42:08 Please listen to this one.
42:10 Evangelism 137-138, I am instructed.
42:15 "The message was given that all theatrical performances
42:19 in connection with the preaching of present truth."
42:24 That's present truth.
42:25 Going on here, what we need right now
42:27 for this day in this time?
42:30 Now listen carefully what it said,
42:31 "Truth were to be discouraged and forbidden." What?
42:37 I'm instructed that the message
42:38 was given that all theatrical performances
42:41 in connection with the preaching of present truth
42:44 were to be discouraged, number one, and then what?
42:48 And then forbidden.
42:50 Not a vote of the church whether they're going to do it or not.
42:54 It just says forbidden, note it,
42:56 "The light given me was, 'Give this no sanction.'
43:02 These performances, which savored of the theatrical,
43:08 were to have no place in the proclamation
43:11 of the solemn messages entrusted to us."
43:16 See, you can make all kind of justifications.
43:18 Well, you know, if it's puppetry
43:19 and there's other things over here that little kids like,
43:21 still, you should be presenting, what?
43:23 The unadulterated truth and it's not truth.
43:26 What you're presenting you might be saying
43:28 what is truth that all you're portraying,
43:29 all this been work through.
43:31 It's deception to the little mind.
43:34 And so we need to be very careful about that.
43:36 Spirit of the living God.
43:38 God's servant said that not to be discouraged,
43:39 not even discouraged, forbidden to be use.
43:42 Anything that saviors of theatrical has no place
43:45 in the proclamation of the giving of the gospel.
43:47 And, dear friends, all we have to do is study
43:50 the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
43:52 What's that really talking about?
43:54 Bible comes back in 2 Peter more in verse 1:12,
43:58 it says here, "And be established
44:02 in the present truth."
44:05 Friend, are you really established in present truth?
44:06 Or you really give him praise to God
44:08 that He's given you opportunity to come to it--
44:10 to knowledge and understanding
44:12 of what truth is and then the present truth,
44:15 the message of the hour.
44:17 Oh, you know this.
44:18 But in the every portion of the history of this world,
44:21 what has happened?
44:23 God does have His specific message for His people.
44:27 It's a challenging message.
44:28 It's a message that demands you make a decision on.
44:34 And the present message that He has given to us,
44:36 I don't--I don't see any of these--
44:39 Oh, I want to say foolishness going on.
44:43 We've got to get down to it.
44:47 There's no time to waste.
44:50 It doesn't fit in with the solemn message
44:52 that God has entrusted us with.
44:54 And remember, if He has entrusted
44:56 these truths to you, He's gonna hold you accountable.
45:00 He's gonna hold me accountable for these things.
45:03 And I've got to be established.
45:05 I've got to be grounded in the truth.
45:10 I've got to understand what truth is.
45:13 Another little book I was reading
45:14 its Nine Testimonies, page 142.
45:19 And it goes on.
45:20 It's building as we go, so we realize
45:22 we're not trying to take something out of context
45:24 and not trying to put, make to say something that is not,
45:27 it's not saying here.
45:29 My friend, my brother, my sister, listen we love you.
45:32 We appreciate you. We don't want you deceived.
45:34 We don't want to be deceived here.
45:37 And so we must go over these things
45:39 and it says here,
45:41 "It is not a theatrical performance that glorifies God."
45:47 Things that we use, things that we cover up with,
45:49 things that we do and how we act,
45:50 it doesn't glorify God.
45:52 "But the presentation of the truth
45:55 in the love of God."
45:58 You know, how many of us are even doing that?
46:00 Trying to present, you know, the truth of God in love.
46:05 Wouldn't it be that what we're taking about today?
46:08 Put yourself out just a little bit in the glasshouse
46:11 and people will be throwing thing
46:12 and may be--may be discourage with you just a little bit.
46:15 Could it be?
46:17 But see, we have to love our brothers and our sisters
46:19 and be willing to put it out there on the line and say,
46:22 "What about? What about?
46:25 It all makes difference. Why?
46:26 Because we've been studying here in our last,
46:28 you know, first session and this one
46:30 is what the enemy is-- Deception for everything,
46:33 every truth he has a deception,
46:35 he has an untruth and he is mingling all together,
46:37 and he wants to work in the church.
46:41 Well, that's heavy duty.
46:44 Presentation of the truth it says,
46:45 "In the love of Christ."
46:48 How interesting because Ephesians 4:15 says this.
46:53 "Speaking." Oh, good you've got it.
46:55 "Speaking the truth in, what? In love."
46:59 How do you speak the truth?
47:00 We love you or we wouldn't be presenting these things
47:03 because they're controversial and they can cause problems,
47:06 but we have to love the truth more.
47:09 And say, God will stand beside you,
47:11 He will stand beside me
47:13 when we take a positional stands for what truth is.
47:16 You may be asked to leave at certain congregation,
47:19 I don't know.
47:22 You may be out there, don't want you to around
47:24 because you say, "Oh, this-- I don't read this in scripture.
47:29 How come we're doing this?"
47:31 If it's not founded in scripture then it's what?
47:34 Most say and I say it's the scripture of the enemy.
47:36 You think he didn't have his own,
47:38 be careful, Bible.
47:41 Join us, counterfeit for everything.
47:44 Oh, mercy.
47:46 Speaking the truth and love that it says
47:48 we may grow up into Him in all things.
47:53 So does this thing we're talking about make a difference?
47:57 Yes, it does.
47:58 Oh, it makes a vital difference.
48:00 It could be the matter of, what?
48:01 Being saved or lost. Oh, yes, it is.
48:03 We're talking about eternity here
48:04 because we can't-- we can't avoid what truth,
48:06 we need to concentrate about what is truth.
48:10 So it's not what?
48:11 Not a theatrical performance that glorifies God.
48:14 Do you want to glorify God?
48:15 And this is what this is all about?
48:17 Is to make honor and glory to Him,
48:19 presenting the truth and love, that's what it's all about.
48:23 Another little book I was reading is Nine Manuscript,
48:26 page 387, said this.
48:30 This--once again, see we're honing in,
48:33 we're coming in, let us say the planes flying in.
48:35 You see, so real-- real clear we can see our target
48:38 and we want to--we want to come in and say, "Boom."
48:40 Now in case you're still doubting,
48:42 listen to this one.
48:43 "Those who make use of the devices
48:48 that are theatrical in nature,
48:51 to hold the attention of the people."
48:53 Let's just say the children, shall we?
48:55 "Lose the realization of the presence of Christ.
49:00 They mingle the common with the sacred." Wow.
49:05 Those who make use of devices,
49:06 you got to use devices because you can't hold attention
49:09 of the children or anybody else
49:10 without using these kind of things here.
49:12 It says here, "We lose realization
49:15 of the presence of Christ."
49:17 'Cause our mind's upon these things.
49:20 Wow. Sacred, holy.
49:24 You remember 2 Peter 3:11 it says,
49:26 "Seeing then that all of these things should be dissolved,
49:30 what manner of persons ought you to be in all holy, what?
49:35 Conversation and godliness."
49:37 As we see the day approaching Jesus is soon to come,
49:39 how should we be?
49:41 Review and Herald 1/4/1881 says,
49:44 "The followers of Jesus enjoy sober,
49:46 sensible, and ennobling themes."
49:50 Notice, "Others those who cannot take pleasure
49:53 in these gatherings, unless the superficial
49:56 and unreal shall make a prominent
49:59 feature in the exercises."
50:00 So I'm not happy what you're studying unless
50:02 and you've to have other gimmicks
50:03 and things going on in order to make it.
50:05 This is unsaved.
50:07 People were not spiritual.
50:10 They become the lovers of pleasures.
50:11 Things are going on, more than lovers of God.
50:14 Now Blessings, page 68 says this.
50:17 I'm hurrying on. A little bit of more material.
50:18 Our time just about gone.
50:20 It says, "Truth is of God, deception,
50:22 in every one of its myriad forms, is of Satan."
50:26 What? Truthness of God, deception is of the enemy
50:28 and everyone is myriad forms,
50:30 they're getting deviation from that.
50:32 Friend, don't we realize that we're dealing with
50:34 truth issue here,
50:37 a real principal from the Word of God.
50:39 Second Selected Messages, 21, "Satan will insinuate himself
50:43 by little wedges, which will widen
50:46 as he makes a place for them
50:48 with these spurious devices of Satan will be brought into
50:53 the special work of this time."
50:54 Webster says the appearance
50:57 without something not being shown here.
51:00 Satan is going to insinuate himself, what?
51:02 By little wedges coming into the church.
51:04 Manuscript 43, 1907, "As we near the end of time,
51:08 falsehood will be so mingled with truth,
51:10 that only those who have the guidance of, what?" Come on.
51:13 "The Holy Spirit will be able to distinguish
51:16 between truth and error.
51:18 We need to make every effort
51:19 to keep the way of the Lord.
51:21 We must in no case turn from His guidance
51:24 to put our trust in man."
51:28 Read Psalm 147:3, when you have a chance.
51:30 Review and Herald, 3/28/1882.
51:33 "Conformity to the world is a sin
51:36 which is sapping the spirituality of our people,
51:39 seriously interfering with their usefulness,
51:42 with its idle proclamation and the warning message
51:45 to the world, while we deny it
51:46 in the transactions of daily life."
51:48 Are you denying it?
51:50 Great Controversy, 231.
51:52 It's a fact worldy, we'll talk about widely ignored.
51:56 We talk about danger.
51:58 Error never really appears for what it really is.
52:02 It's mingling or attaching itself to truth
52:05 that against accept us. Wow.
52:09 Education, page 25.
52:10 "By the mingling of evil with good."
52:14 And it said, "His or man's mind
52:15 has become what? Confused."
52:18 Friend, did you get that?
52:20 Our minds have become confused because we've been, what?
52:21 Mingling truth and error together.
52:24 Just like the Bible said in Exodus 20:16.
52:26 If we had no other foundation, then is the Bible say,
52:29 "Thou shall not bear false witness
52:30 against thy neighbor."
52:33 Wow. 19 Manuscript, 303.
52:37 "All who have the knowledge of Jesus Christ
52:39 will imitate Him in their manner of instruction."
52:45 Chris Collection, 159.
52:46 "There was no false, so they're talking about Jesus.
52:49 No acting in what He did."
52:51 Mount of Blessing, 68.
52:53 "No one who tries to appear, what?
52:56 He is not can be called truthful."
53:00 Whatsoever is more than the truth is of the evil one.
53:04 I know we're hurrying along quickly with those,
53:07 that's why we have the outline.
53:08 We'd be glad to sent to you, but you're gonna have to call.
53:10 Last one, Fundamentals of Education 229 says,
53:14 "I have not been able to find in one instance
53:16 where He, Jesus, educated His disciples
53:19 to engage in any theatrical performances,
53:22 yet Christ was our pattern in everything."
53:26 Oh, friend, I hope you see the importance of this massage.
53:29 I hope you see that many people maybe have been fooled,
53:31 they've been lured as it were in false security
53:35 that it's okay and it's fascinating
53:37 and the children will learn.
53:39 But listen, Bible gives clear instructions
53:42 on what we are to do.
53:44 And we need to be praying, God help us.
53:46 We don't want to deceive the little ones
53:47 in any form or fashion.
53:49 We don't want to teach them a lie
53:50 and then want the truth back from them.
53:54 Are we teaching our children a wrong thing?
53:56 May God help us to see this drama,
53:58 puppetry, performances going on and their acting.
54:01 May God help us to see?
54:02 This is something that we need to pray about right now.
54:05 I want to pray with you before we close.
54:07 You need to be calling in for this information,
54:09 so you can do some more studying for yourself,
54:11 but it's so crystal-- crystal clear to me,
54:13 and I pray that this to you.
54:14 Let's pray about it right now together, shall we?
54:16 Let's pray. Merciful Father in Heaven,
54:18 we thank you for Your precious word,
54:20 we realize that may not be acceptable to everyone, Lord,
54:24 but those who love the truth will say,
54:25 oh, thank you, Lord, if they where fooled on it.
54:27 They will make those changes.
54:29 They'll see Your word, the weight of evidences.
54:30 Say, 'Oh, thank You, God.'
54:32 You're leading and You're guiding us a step at a time
54:35 and preparing us for Your soon return.
54:37 We thank You for our precious souls
54:38 that are viewing and watching and listening around the world.
54:41 We pray for them in a especial way
54:42 to take their stand for what is right in Jesus' name
54:45 we pray and for His sake, amen.
54:48 Once again, we just want to encourage you,
54:49 we praise the Lord for you, for your support,
54:51 for your prayers, your cards and your letters.
54:55 You have a lot of questions.
54:56 You know, some of you, you know,
54:57 you need to be sending your phone numbers
54:59 and you have a lot of questions,
55:00 sometimes 'cause the answers
55:02 you have that-- Oh, my, take me forever.
55:03 It's lot easier just to talk to you on phone,
55:05 so be sure you put your phone number in there.
55:06 And when you have a good question
55:08 that I may need some little help
55:10 and I'll be glad to give you a call and do that,
55:12 but keep praying for us.
55:13 Please, do that.
55:15 And remember, it's still only by your
55:16 free will offerings to help keep these kind of programs coming.
55:19 And again, we need your prayers
55:21 more than anything.
55:22 So remember in the coming days,
55:24 everyday when you get up, commit yourself to Jesus Christ,
55:28 pray for the ministries around the world,
55:30 pray to be ready when Jesus He'll come.
55:32 And we'll look forward to seeing you on that sea of glass.
55:34 God bless you. See you next time.
55:38 Hello and welcome back.
55:40 To unmask the enemies sometimes ooh, it's painful,
55:44 especially when it affects the things
55:46 that we enjoy and we've never before
55:48 thought of them as being wrong.
55:50 This is where we really need to learn
55:53 to trust God and in His wisdom.
55:55 Have faith in His direction,
55:57 even though we may not fully understand it.
56:00 This is the meaning of His being our Lord.
56:03 What our faith as such that we will follow Him,
56:06 wheresoever He may lead us.
56:08 Even though we see through the spiritual glass darkly
56:12 and do not fully comprehend the path
56:15 that He is leading us upon,
56:16 we must trust that all that He does for us
56:20 is for the good of our personal salvation.
56:22 His goal is to save us from the grasp of the enemy
56:26 and to restore us into His image.
56:28 There is no safer place, brothers and sisters,
56:31 that in the perfect will of our Savior.
56:34 The subject of drama is one that cause for decisions
56:38 and perhaps a change in our plans and in our habits,
56:42 and as we do this keep in mind,
56:44 that it is being done,
56:46 so that there is nothing-- absolutely nothing
56:49 left between us and our loving Savior to separate us from Him.
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