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America in Prophecy, part 1

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00:41 Hello and welcome to "Behold the Lamb Presents."
00:44 I'm Chris Shelton your host.
00:45 And we are so glad that you have tuned in with us today.
00:49 Today's message is a first of a three part series
00:52 that we have entitled "America in Prophecy."
00:57 For some of you right now it's as if I heard you say, "What?
01:00 I've never read anything that pertained to America
01:03 as the nation in the Bible."
01:05 And that maybe true because when it comes to reading the Bible,
01:09 many Christians avoid
01:11 the prophetic book Revelation altogether.
01:14 Often people feel it is beyond their understanding.
01:17 Well, we're here today to set the record straight.
01:20 For decades avid Bible students
01:22 have prayerfully opened its pages and have been enlightened
01:26 and guided by the Holy Spirit to a greater understanding
01:30 and knowledge about this world, its history,
01:34 its present condition and its near future and final end.
01:39 We find that the knowledge of history is vital
01:42 in order to fully comprehend the symbolism
01:45 that the Lord chose to use throughout scripture.
01:48 And today, we live in a knowledge-filled world.
01:52 For many of us, answers to our questions
01:55 are right at our finger tips literally.
01:57 I know for myself, if I have a question
02:00 that that needs to be answered outside of the scripture,
02:03 the first thing I usually do is to Google it on my phone.
02:06 I use the speed of my phone to look at definitions of words,
02:10 historical events, and so many other things.
02:13 We now have to use of our phones,
02:16 pads, our computers to read
02:18 and research all types of literature.
02:20 My point is, we have little excuse,
02:24 very little excuse for not being able to study prophecy
02:28 and related symbolism with history.
02:30 We just need to take the time needed to study
02:34 and to do the research.
02:35 And once we begin to do this,
02:37 we will see how all the great nations
02:40 throughout history have been addressed in the Holy Writ
02:44 and we will soon realize
02:46 that the good old United States is no different.
02:50 God foresaw and ordained the rising of this great nation
02:55 and He describes us very well through the prophetic vision
02:59 He gave to His beloved disciple John.
03:02 And not only as America refer to a prophecy,
03:06 but it has a tremendous role
03:08 to play in the final events of this world.
03:11 So stay tuned as Pastor Kenny Shelton
03:14 begins to put all these many things
03:17 together for us in a simple fashion to help us gain
03:20 the proper insight to "America in Prophecy,"
03:25 and this is part one.
03:27 But first, let's visit the 3ABN Worship Center
03:30 and be blessed with the song
03:31 that is entitled "Shepherd of My Heart"
03:34 as sung by Denise Barclay.
03:58 Maker of this heart of mine,
04:03 You know me very well
04:07 You understand my deepest parts,
04:12 more than I know myself
04:17 So when I face the darkness,
04:21 when I need to find my way
04:27 I'll trust in You,
04:29 shepherd of my heart
04:37 Keeper of this heart of mine,
04:42 Your patience knows no end
04:46 You've loved me back into your arms,
04:52 time and time again
04:56 So if I start to wander,
05:01 like the lamb that's gone astray
05:06 I'll trust in You,
05:09 shepherd of my heart
05:16 You're the beacon of my night,
05:21 You're the sunlight of my days
05:25 I can rest within Your arms,
05:31 I can know Your loving ways
05:39 So let the cold winds blow
05:42 and let the storms rage all around
05:48 I'll trust in You,
05:50 shepherd of my heart
06:11 Oh, giver of this
06:15 heart of mine,
06:17 You're what I'm looking for
06:21 For all my deepest gratitude
06:27 You love me even more
06:32 So as I walk through valleys,
06:36 listening for my master's call
06:41 I'll trust in You
06:44 shepherd of my heart
06:51 And You're the beacon of my night,
06:56 You're the sunlight of my days
07:01 I can rest within Your arms,
07:06 I can know
07:07 Your loving ways
07:14 So as I walk through valleys,
07:18 listening for Your call
07:23 I'll trust in You,
07:26 shepherd of my heart
07:33 I'll trust in You,
07:37 shepherd of... my heart.
07:58 Thanks for joining us here "Behold the Lamb."
08:00 As you already heard
08:02 this is a very, very important subject.
08:04 I want to just make this very clear
08:06 onset of this program.
08:08 It's a three part series of "America in Prophecy".
08:11 This definitely will be dealing with you,
08:14 it'll be dealing with me, it's going to be dealing
08:16 with the whole world.
08:18 So you don't want to miss the study,
08:20 but before we get into it we always ask
08:22 God's special blessing and anointing.
08:24 The enemy does not want you to hear,
08:27 to see this message.
08:29 He just doesn't.
08:30 He has these little things up his sleeve.
08:32 We talk about here. They wants to surprise us with,
08:35 but I'm thankful for the prophecy
08:36 of the Book of Revelation, aren't you?
08:38 We're gonna be studying, but let's first,
08:40 let's go, where you can.
08:41 How about praying with me?
08:43 I'm gonna kneel right here,
08:44 you pray with me where you can.
08:46 Loving Father in Heaven, again we thank You
08:48 for the privilege of studying Your word.
08:50 Now we ask for the guidance of thy sweet Holy Spirit.
08:53 Oh, Lord, send the Holy Spirit and sweet abundance
08:56 that we may hear Your voice so we may understand
08:58 this prophecy and it is a life and death issue.
09:02 So bless us now we pray--pray clear.
09:04 Our minds, our hearts that we may hear
09:07 the sweet voice of Jesus we may understand this message.
09:10 Bless each one who maybe listening or viewing.
09:14 Lord, just take the pressures of everyday life off of them,
09:17 help them to concentrate on this message.
09:19 We'll give you praise,
09:21 give you honor and give you glory,
09:22 and we thank you in Jesus name, amen.
09:26 Grab your Bible where you can turn to Book Revelation 13.
09:30 Now in this first part, we're going to be setting
09:32 the foundation on which to build.
09:35 The second part and the third part,
09:36 there is a lot of meet, a lot of understanding
09:39 that we need to go into little verse by verse study.
09:42 So you'll need a pencil and paper,
09:44 jot all these things down.
09:46 I would like to start with the-- give you some food for thought,
09:50 so that you can get on the same page with me because
09:53 as we look at the truth
09:55 of the Three Angels Message of Revelation 14,
09:59 how they're coming to pass even before our very eyes.
10:03 And so I looked in the book "The Great Controversy."
10:05 Some of you have it, many have been
10:07 calling in to get it from us,
10:08 and I want to read just a couple of paragraphs, page 605.
10:14 It says, "The truths of the three angel's
10:16 third angel's message have often
10:18 been regarded as mere alarmists."
10:20 So here's what happened?
10:22 Those who were preaching about the Mark of the Beast,
10:24 the Image of the Beast and so on,
10:25 all your alarmists, that can't happen in this country.
10:28 Listen, you are regarded as an alarmist, let it be.
10:32 I'm saying today, the alarm is going off.
10:34 The alarmists said, "Their predictions
10:36 that religious intolerance
10:39 would gain control in the United States,
10:42 that the church and the state would unite to persecute
10:46 those who keep the commandments of God,
10:48 have been pronounced."
10:50 Notice this, "Groundless and absurd.
10:53 It has been confidently declared that."
10:55 Notice this with me, "That this land could never be--
10:59 become other than what it has always been.
11:02 " What? "The defender of religious freedom."
11:06 If you stop here, you say, "Well, there's more."
11:08 Yes. Next word is, "But as the question
11:13 of enforcing Sunday observance is widely agitated,
11:17 the event so long doubted."
11:20 Oh, boy, "And disbelieved is seen to be approaching."
11:25 Pay attention those of viewers
11:26 studying the Bible and The Great Controversy.
11:28 Notice this. "The third angel's message will produce."
11:32 Listen, "An effect
11:34 which it could not have had before.
11:38 In every generation." Listen carefully.
11:40 "God has sent His servants to rebuke sin,
11:45 both in the world and in the church."
11:49 These are words that many do not want to hear,
11:52 but notice, when this comes up
11:55 enforcing of Sunday observance becomes to be agitated
11:58 in the world, the third angel's message will produce, what?
12:02 An affect that it's never had before.
12:05 We haven't approached that yet.
12:06 We've been giving the three angels message
12:08 for years and many people before us.
12:11 But it's never going-- had the effect
12:12 so far as it will have
12:14 when the Sunday question is agitated.
12:17 God is going to work remarkably for the people of God.
12:21 Now notice this in referring to Sunday enforcement.
12:25 Notice this. And we're talking about
12:27 by the power that we're talking about
12:29 United States and Bible prophecy.
12:30 We're talking about Catholicism
12:32 and Protestantism uniting together.
12:35 Revelation 13:11-18, this is our study.
12:39 Great Controversy makes two lines
12:41 here that so important.
12:42 We need to bring this up.
12:44 Great Controversy 607 says, "The church appeals
12:48 to the strong arm of the civil power,
12:52 in this work. " What? "
12:53 The papists and the Protestants unite."
12:57 Let me tell you, there's a lot of emphasis,
12:59 especially in Adventism.
13:00 Let's just be clear about this.
13:01 A lot of eyes and ears always on the papist or,
13:05 you know, Catholicism
13:06 and what they're going to do and who is in control?
13:10 I must say this right here.
13:11 Once again we need to keep our eyes on Protestants,
13:16 apostate Protestantism.
13:17 They're gonna bring about these events
13:19 that we're gonna be talking about,
13:20 you know, the beast power,
13:22 the image to the beast.
13:23 So keep an eye on that.
13:25 A lot of time we're looking over here
13:26 and we should be looking this direction.
13:28 Notice the church when it begins to appeal
13:30 to the civil--strong arm of the civil power
13:33 then we find the papists
13:35 and Protestants working together.
13:37 Still another quote here, I want to do it quickly.
13:39 Great Controversy, page 616, jot this down,
13:42 read the whole thing when you have the opportunity.
13:44 "Romanism-- Romanism
13:46 in the Old World." We're talking about Roman.
13:47 What's happened in Europe in the Old Country?
13:50 "And apostate Protestantism in the New will pursue
13:54 a similar course toward those who honor
13:58 and keep all the divine precepts."
14:01 Very, very interesting here.
14:03 Are you a commandment keeper?
14:06 My friend, I'm not just appeal to you right now
14:08 while we're doing this study of "America in Prophecy,"
14:11 that we really need your help in getting this message out.
14:14 We spend a very little time talking about it,
14:16 receiving phone calls and people are interested,
14:18 they're interested in getting Great Controversy and,
14:20 you know, prophet of the end and the Mark of the Beast
14:22 books and all how they loved the message and say,
14:24 "Boy, straight testimony is coming forward."
14:26 We need your help to get these books
14:28 and get this message is out to the world.
14:31 We have a privilege by God's grace
14:34 of reaching the whole world with His undiluted message.
14:37 I'm not talking about some of the little sweet
14:39 water down thing, I'm talking about
14:41 the straight testimony that's even going to make
14:43 many people in a high position little bit angry,
14:46 but it either is a message or it's not.
14:48 And so by God's grace,
14:50 we're gonna get this message out.
14:51 We can't do it without the help of God's people.
14:53 So, please keep that in mind,
14:54 in this study you think it's valuable
14:56 and we need to do more and say,
14:57 "Hey, it's nice. Okay, praise God.
14:59 We need to get with the program."
15:00 Help to get these things up.
15:02 People are hungering and thirsting after this message
15:05 and we need to get it out to every one
15:07 who wants to know what truth is. Have you thought about it?
15:10 When you talk about America, how?
15:12 Just the name America.
15:14 There's something special about that.
15:16 And when you turn to the Book of Revelation 13
15:18 and 11 so on, there's this power that's coming up
15:20 and we need to-- we really get into it and study.
15:23 But I think about when I say America,
15:25 I really do and I've been
15:26 to a lot of other countries in the world,
15:28 but I think America is the greatest country.
15:30 I really do. And you can go
15:32 and you can visit, you come back and you say,
15:33 "Oh, praise God for the United States of America."
15:36 It's a land of opportunity like,
15:38 no other place in the world.
15:41 It's a land of equality.
15:43 It's a land of freedom.
15:45 It's a land of vast resources.
15:48 God has blessed this country
15:51 in a wonderful, wonderful way.
15:52 God's hand has been on this country.
15:55 He's been blessing it by the millions
15:57 and millions and millions of people.
16:00 And, you know, as we study the Bible,
16:02 Bible prophecy predicts this country coming up
16:06 exactly at the right time, and we're many were looking
16:10 for a place safe haven of rest.
16:13 Friend, I wonder today.
16:15 Have you been looking for that safe haven of rest?
16:17 You need to be looking to Jesus,
16:19 the author and finisher of our faith.
16:21 But many people were coming from the old country
16:24 and they were coming to the new world. Why?
16:26 So they could worship God according to the dictates
16:29 of their own conscience.
16:31 There were people coming here
16:32 and wanting to make choices.
16:34 Think about that.
16:35 They wanted to make their own choices and own religions.
16:38 You know, they think about,
16:39 I want to serve God the way
16:41 that God's impressing me to not the way
16:42 maybe a church says to do it.
16:44 What a country?
16:46 For the people and by the people.
16:49 A country where you can elect individuals
16:53 to represent you in the government. Wow.
16:57 A country founded on democracy.
17:00 So we'd be talking about this lamb and the horns and so on,
17:03 but just stay with me and let's bill.
17:05 We talk about a country of democracy.
17:08 What does that mean, democracy?
17:10 Simply means that they-- a people hold the ruling power
17:15 through their elected representatives.
17:18 Then you say, "Well, yeah, but, you know,
17:20 this is republican reform of government or republican.
17:23 What does that mean?
17:25 It simply means a state, it can mean a nation
17:27 in which a supreme power rest with the people.
17:32 And what? And we have the right to vote.
17:34 We have a say, we're supposed to have a say.
17:39 And so when you hear of republicanism,
17:42 it simply that means this.
17:43 It means a-- the fundamental principles
17:46 of the United States of America. Wow.
17:50 Praise God for a constitution.
17:52 Praise God for our bill of rights.
17:54 Oh, friends, you're going to see
17:56 how this all fits together
17:57 as we go through this three part series.
17:59 You're going to see it, but you're gonna
18:00 have to view all three.
18:02 Praise God for the constitution.
18:04 Praise God for the bill of rights.
18:06 What are they lump them together?
18:07 Simply, a system of laws,
18:09 principles that governs a nation.
18:14 It's a supreme law of this country
18:17 adopted in 1789 and of course,
18:19 I need to mention the bill of rights so,
18:22 so very, very important here.
18:24 What does the bill of rights do?
18:25 Just exactly what it says.
18:27 It lists the rights and the freedoms
18:31 that is essential for a group of people.
18:34 And basically you can boil it down simply dealing
18:37 with freedom of speech, freedom of worship,
18:40 freedom to the symbol together.
18:42 Praise God for these things.
18:43 God directed them.
18:45 There's no doubt in my mind that God has directed them,
18:48 but we find a lot of people tampering with them today.
18:51 So in our study of Revelation 13:11-18,
18:55 we see this power starting out.
18:57 Oh, for and by the people,
19:00 but as time goes by great changes take place.
19:05 Well, how does this come about?
19:08 How do these changes come about?
19:10 And can they come about?
19:12 People are saying remember,
19:13 alarmists or what this can happen in our country.
19:17 See, with all of these safeguards
19:19 that we just barely touched on here,
19:21 the safeguards in place.
19:24 And what is the safeguards?
19:26 Constitution, bill of rights.
19:29 Is it needless to worry about
19:32 our civil and our religious liberties?
19:37 Are they not guaranteed?
19:39 See, people say that they're guaranteed.
19:41 These religious principles, liberties,
19:44 they are guarantee, so I am not
19:46 gonna worry about them.
19:47 Should we worry?
19:49 Because the Bible says, we need to worry.
19:50 We should worry.
19:52 Because this power that comes up begins to change.
19:56 Would it be awful if we just did a quick overview
19:58 of the study that we're getting ready
20:01 to do here in America in Prophecy
20:03 and break it down real simple?
20:05 Now I can do this very quickly,
20:06 but in the second, third study you'll see more,
20:09 I think how it make sense.
20:11 Revelation 13:11. I'm just kind of do a one line,
20:15 so get what's talking about.
20:17 This power that comes up will speak as the dragon.
20:20 Funny, comes up as a lamb,
20:22 but it begins to speak as the dragon.
20:24 In Revelation 13:12, notice this.
20:28 This power that comes up, it does something--
20:32 it has something to do with worship.
20:35 And then it says what?
20:36 To worship the first beast.
20:40 Interesting here.
20:41 Very few people can connect that what the power
20:44 that we're talking about deals with worship.
20:47 Isn't it interesting when we really begin
20:49 to put our mind to this thing about when you worship?
20:52 Who are we going to give our legions to?
20:55 Is it going to be to God?
20:56 Is it going to be to man?
20:58 It's going to boil down to these--the issue here
21:00 of the commandments of God or the commandments of man.
21:04 Revelation 13:13, 14, quick overview,
21:08 you got to jot it down.
21:09 This power is going to use great signs and miracles
21:13 and wanders to produce
21:16 or to deceive mankind and to take, what?
21:20 They're going to really-- we're talking about
21:21 some real, real miracles here.
21:23 We're not talking about some little counterfeit,
21:25 some little rabbit in the hat thing,
21:27 we're talking about a power that's going to come upon
21:29 the scene that'll produce things that your mind,
21:32 you can't wrap it around you say,
21:34 "That must be from God unless you know what the truth is."
21:38 And this same power to working these miracles,
21:41 they're going to call for, what?
21:43 We need to make an image to the beast.
21:46 Sad thing, most people have no idea
21:48 about the image of the beast.
21:50 They don't understand what the Mark of the Beast is,
21:52 the number of the beast, 666.
21:55 They're still loud landy.
21:56 Some of the things that we hear going on in the world today,
21:59 but if you always sinner, it around the worship,
22:02 it will help you to understand
22:04 the great controversy that is going on.
22:06 Revelation 13:15. Here, we can see.
22:10 Here, we can see beyond a shadow
22:12 of that that there must be some laws that are passed
22:15 because that's using the word "Cause"
22:18 that if anyone would not worship or go long
22:21 with this beast power, the bottom-line or the image
22:25 they should be killed.
22:27 Now remember.
22:28 Proven from scripture, if this is United Sates
22:30 in Bible prophecy, comes like a lambs,
22:32 begin to speak like a, what?
22:34 A dragon. And pretty soon
22:35 it causes people to worship, and if you don't do it,
22:38 a death decree that could-- that could mean you.
22:42 We need to know about this power.
22:43 Revelation 13:16, 17, 18.
22:47 And once again, he causes by, what?
22:50 By law. Everyone to receive a mark that no man might--
22:54 what does the Bible say? Good.
22:56 Buy or sale, safe he have this mark,
22:58 the number or his name, the 666.
23:02 But, you know, the sad part Revelation 13:8,
23:05 it talks about here and they worshiped him.
23:09 Say it again, they worshiped him.
23:12 And buddy says here, what?
23:13 The beast and the image to the beast,
23:15 but their names are not written in the Lamb's book of Life.
23:19 Their names are not written.
23:20 So the whole world, basically the whole world
23:23 is going to follow out to the beast.
23:24 Their names are not written in the Lamb's book of Life.
23:26 Boy, I pray brothers and sisters,
23:27 somebody is concerned about it today,
23:29 somebody needs to give a warning message,
23:32 and the devil doesn't want you to be looking at this subject.
23:36 Now listen--after taking just a quick short glance
23:39 of what we're going to be discussing
23:40 in our next couple of lessons.
23:43 I can already see and I don't know about you,
23:46 but I can see some conditions that prophecy talks about
23:49 some big changes coming about in this world.
23:52 They will come about.
23:54 And we're gonna come to the point
23:55 in the United States of America.
23:56 Somebody listen, that is either
23:58 going to be sink or swim.
24:01 This country is almost there right now,
24:03 with the people are putting the life jackets
24:05 on because we're in such turmoil.
24:08 And every direction that we go in,
24:09 we're going against the Word of God.
24:12 You see, we're being challenged.
24:13 Day in and day out.
24:15 Who we're gonna serve?
24:16 Who we're gonna go along with?
24:17 Sink or swim.
24:19 And then what? What happens?
24:20 When you get to this point, sink or swim,
24:22 in desperation when you have a government as we do,
24:25 they believe that you need to pass more laws, interesting.
24:29 And what will they do?
24:30 Bottom-line, they're going to affect our religious freedoms.
24:34 Oh, you say that's impossible?
24:37 Once again, that's impossible, can't happen.
24:40 Not for those kind of changes you will say to take,
24:43 that means the constitution must be change,
24:45 the bill of rights must be changed.
24:47 Let me just posses to.
24:48 You think about this for just a moment.
24:51 Could they really be changed?
24:52 Could they be made to say something
24:54 that they're not really saying?
24:57 Very interesting.
24:58 Chief Justice Hughes several years ago,
25:01 he was the Supreme Court justice.
25:03 He said this. That is just bottom-line
25:06 'cause people say the-- he said the constitution
25:09 is just exactly what we say it is.
25:13 The chief justice, oh.
25:15 It's exactly what we say that it is.
25:18 So listen, it doesn't have to be thrown out,
25:22 it doesn't have to have a lot of amendments
25:23 and different things put on it.
25:25 It's simply how the chief justice interpret it.
25:31 Or you need an example? Do you? All right.
25:32 Hey, we can do that.
25:34 I just want you to get you to thinking
25:35 and if you're riled up and you're already up
25:37 and you see praise God, it's all right.
25:39 How they interpret it?
25:40 Did it really need to be changed?
25:42 Listen, here's example.
25:44 This has to do with the chief justice,
25:47 warns a conclusion in 1961
25:50 here on the Merlin Sunday law closings.
25:55 See, when you say Sunday law, people just scratch their heads,
25:57 "Hey, man, I don't know.
25:58 You realize they've been before the court system
26:00 many, many years now, been challenged with, what?
26:03 The Sunday law, a blue law.
26:05 And sometimes we can't get that through our head.
26:08 This was quite a court case.
26:10 And one of the-- the chief justice warned.
26:12 As long, long, you know,
26:14 paper after paper he wrote on this,
26:17 but I want you to look at the bottom-line here.
26:18 Now I want to present the bottom-line of what he said.
26:21 Just exactly what we just talked about,
26:23 how it's interpreting it?
26:24 Didn't have to change a thing?
26:27 This had to do with Sunday closing laws.
26:28 Here's what he said bottom-line.
26:30 The present purpose and affect is not to aid religion.
26:36 Already he ruled it out, is it not?
26:38 Sunday closing law doesn't aid religion?
26:41 Chief justice here said, it's not the aid religion,
26:44 but to say--listen, to set aside
26:46 a day of rest and recreation.
26:50 Where have you heard that before?
26:52 Does that sound familiar?
26:56 Well, you know, the papacy has done
26:57 this kind of thing for year.
26:58 You know,--years. They want this.
27:00 They want the Sunday closing because that's a day
27:02 that they have-- they have made.
27:04 Just a note here.
27:06 You realize now today this is a Supreme Court.
27:11 Some of you're not listening.
27:12 The Supreme Court-- at least in my knowledge
27:15 now has no Protestants on it.
27:21 Most of them are all Catholics
27:23 and whatever, but no protestant.
27:26 You realize many years ago
27:28 that in order to be a Supreme Court justice--
27:30 you have to have the majority had to be protestants
27:33 because we protest the Catholicism.
27:36 The enemy is changing things around
27:38 to interpret laws different.
27:43 Now I'm gonna list several things
27:45 that's going to happen to United States of America.
27:47 What? The Bible says that they're going to happen.
27:51 They maybe a little lower your head.
27:52 They maybe say, "Hey,
27:54 I have already see it happening."
27:55 These are the things that you say,
27:56 "Well, it's in the future.
27:58 They're happening right now."
27:59 Number one, United States is going to abandon
28:02 her protestant principles.
28:04 She is already in the process.
28:06 And when she does, God will intervene
28:10 and this also includes religious liberty.
28:14 Already you see-- you say,
28:15 "Well, I don't understand--"
28:17 There are places in the world.
28:18 I want somebody listen now.
28:20 There are places that we have to be very careful.
28:21 What kind of books that you pass out?
28:24 They're called hate crimes.
28:26 You might just be presenting the truth,
28:28 but they say, it's a hate crime
28:29 and you can go to jail for that.
28:32 Freedom of speech.
28:35 Number two, Bible prophecy.
28:37 Many are making an effort to change.
28:39 They're making an effort to add to the constitution. Why?
28:44 So in order to pass certain laws.
28:48 Maybe they're not even aware of,
28:49 but I guarantee you the enemy is aware of it.
28:51 Three, legislators will, legislators have,
28:57 legislators are doing it right today.
29:01 In order to secure your vote, in order to have popularity
29:06 in the world today, they're going to yield
29:09 to popular demand, not necessarily
29:12 what's right and wrong, but popular demand.
29:16 We are in trouble when these legislators,
29:19 our representatives yield to popular demand
29:22 because the world is enmity against God.
29:25 But they want to be-- they want to back in.
29:30 And they're gonna pass and they have been passing laws
29:32 that are contrary to moral principle
29:36 as well as many other things.
29:37 I only name a couple. I know lately we're saying, what?
29:39 Same sex marriages. Interesting.
29:42 Day of worship, abortion.
29:47 We can name a lot of things that we're seeing
29:49 changing against the moral principles of the Bible,
29:53 but yet the people-- the ones we've elected.
29:57 No me, I'm not bowing for that.
30:00 Put them in office and they're passing and these kind of things
30:02 that's why we don't have a choice anymore.
30:05 Four, our constitution.
30:08 We're going to see it and we already have,
30:10 as it we're set aside attitude, interpreted,
30:13 very principle of our protestant and republican government
30:18 is going to be set aside before this world comes to an end.
30:22 Then where is your rights? Where is your freedom?
30:25 Five, Bible that-- it says very clearly
30:30 in Prophecy of the Church and the state
30:33 is going to unite together.
30:35 Some of you fight and fight and fight
30:37 that and it's so obvious how join together
30:40 that we are now and it's even what is increasing.
30:44 Number six, United States will become.
30:48 Listen, because of her decision we'll be humbled to the dust.
30:54 Am I happy to say that?
30:55 Absolutely not. United States is going to be humbled
30:58 and to the dust because, the wonderful great blessings
31:01 that God has be stood about upon this country like no other.
31:04 There is no excuse for us.
31:07 We turned our back on God.
31:09 We forgotten God and because we forgotten God,
31:12 we will be as a nation humble in the dust.
31:17 And are we really ready for that?
31:19 Oh, friend, well you and I can't
31:21 take it 2 hours without electricity.
31:25 We can't live without ice-cubes.
31:26 Somebody stay with me.
31:28 We forgotten God.
31:30 Things are going to change in this country.
31:32 Listen, we have been so blind.
31:35 And why we're so blind and so cloudy by all the stuff
31:38 going on in the world, we say, we see.
31:40 Oh, we understand and we see.
31:44 Because you know, we talk about
31:45 we boasted of being free.
31:48 And why we boasted in this country of being free
31:52 what do we do?
31:53 We were promoting slavery.
31:56 But we say we were free.
31:57 Everyone had equal opportunity.
31:59 This is the land of the free.
32:01 And we were promoting and voting
32:02 and fighting for what?
32:03 Slavery at this time.
32:05 You remember that?
32:08 We boasted of religious tolerance.
32:11 We boasted of religious freedom.
32:16 While at the same time, listen very carefully,
32:19 in our colonies, in the 1,600s, you know what we did?
32:24 We find people almost like for not going to church.
32:28 We took their property away for not going to church
32:31 and we kill some for not going to church.
32:34 That's just put it simple way you study for yourself.
32:36 At the same time we were saying,
32:38 this is the land of the free.
32:39 We just came across the ocean.
32:41 We came here because this is the land of the free
32:43 and we begin to implement laws to restrict the conscience
32:47 of the people to say, you have to go to church.
32:51 How could this be?
32:52 Have you ever thought how could this be?
32:54 I was reading a little book
32:56 called Christianity Through the Centuries,
32:57 page 364 made just a powerful, powerful kind of one liner here.
33:02 Listen, various churches created by the reformation
33:09 were transplanted from England to America.
33:16 Some of you'll get it, some won't.
33:18 The first 150 years, you see, of the colonies what happen?
33:24 The enemy was working in Europe.
33:26 Let's just be honest about it, the beast power, and then what?
33:29 You think the beast.
33:31 You think-- you think the old devil himself
33:32 can't ride a boat and get over here?
33:34 Some of you're not with me.
33:35 You think, you say, "Well, we're going to let always
33:37 millions of people come over here,
33:39 land of the free and I'm just going to stay over here?" No.
33:41 He took a boat and he ride here.
33:44 And so what happen?
33:45 The reformation was wonderful, but what?
33:47 The only enemy, what?
33:48 And the reformation and all some of things
33:50 they were earning out some different truths,
33:52 they came over here and what?
33:53 They setup the same type of thing and the same time
33:57 we call it religious freedom.
33:59 You can't persecute someone and say it's your freedom.
34:04 Bible says Revelation 13 is gonna be a power
34:06 that's going to come up like a lamb and speak as the dragon.
34:12 Let me give you another example.
34:13 Just, you know, we talk about it few years ago.
34:15 In our country, while we were talking
34:18 heavy duty about freedom, again we voted for and we--
34:24 you know, we fought for slavery.
34:27 Let me just get real specific with this.
34:29 This article was written and I think about 1855,
34:34 in the thick of things.
34:38 But remember, under certain for I read this,
34:39 under certain conditions of the world,
34:42 we have--we become blind to other peoples'
34:45 needs when it affect us.
34:47 Are you still with me?
34:49 If our lives can be made just a little bit easier,
34:53 we don't mind inflicting something on someone else.
34:59 I want you to think about this, too.
35:00 Think about the loss.
35:02 You say no loss of freedom.
35:04 Think about the loss of freedoms that you have endured
35:07 and I have just in the last several years.
35:11 Numerous freedoms have been taken away because of, what?
35:14 Circumstances in the world.
35:16 And, you know, what I'm talking about.
35:18 But you were willing to give them up even though
35:19 it might affect another people, what?
35:21 Make life a little easier for you.
35:22 The devil knows how to operate.
35:24 You maybe in the battle of the north and south
35:27 even in this country.
35:28 We were boasting freedom and then supporting, what?
35:32 Slavery, I talked about it moment ago
35:35 and this quote become so real and even,
35:37 I think you get more to realize we get to the coming of Jesus.
35:43 One Testimony 258, it says,
35:44 "Our government has become very proud and independent.
35:51 The people of this nation have exalted themselves into heaven,
35:56 they've looked down on monarchical governments,
35:59 and they've triumphed in their boasted liberty,
36:02 while the institution of slavery,
36:05 that was a thousand times worse than and a tyranny exercised
36:09 by monarchial governments,
36:12 was suffered to exist and even was, what? Cherished."
36:15 So what's that point here?
36:17 We cherished that we said, land of the free, but yeah, what?
36:20 We promoted slavery.
36:21 What's my point here?
36:23 We say, we see, but we don't see.
36:26 "In this land, a system is cherished
36:30 which allows one portion of the human family
36:34 to enslave another portion, degrading millions
36:37 of human beings to the level of the brute creation." Wow.
36:42 "The equal of this sin is not to be found in heathen lands.
36:48 This nation will be yet be humbled into the dust.
36:53 Had our nation remained united it would have had strength,
36:59 but divided it must fall."
37:02 Oh, we happy with that.
37:04 Do we want to talk about that?
37:05 No, not at all.
37:07 America-- America in Prophecy.
37:10 One moral power.
37:12 One after another would rise up on the stage of action,
37:17 more and after the other would rise
37:18 and then they would-- they would fall.
37:20 Prophecy indicated this was happened,
37:22 so that we can trace it through history.
37:26 One by one each of these nations fulfilled a prophetic destiny.
37:31 Each one did exactly what God intended for it do.
37:36 Did He agree with everything that went on?
37:38 No, but it fulfill the purpose.
37:40 See, God directed in this, you remember?
37:43 Oh, I know you have.
37:44 You've read in Daniel 2:21.
37:47 It talks about this. He said,God directed.
37:49 He said, "He tell us, he changes the times
37:52 and the seasons, he removeth, what? Good.
37:55 Kings and he setteth up kings."
37:58 So we see here that when people are even elected to office.
38:01 Let's just take the president, shall we?
38:03 The President of the United States,
38:04 we bicker, we fight, people get all kind of mess over
38:07 and let's say, my Bible tells me that God sets
38:09 them up and He takes them down.
38:12 Not to get confused about it.
38:14 And well, you got to vote, you got to--listen,
38:17 God sets them up.
38:18 There is the purpose, He knows He's gonna occupy that.
38:20 They're gonna fulfill His purpose even though
38:23 the majority of things they do maybe is not
38:25 what it needed to be done, but they will fulfill
38:27 the purpose that God has in therefore because
38:29 He sets them up and He takes them down.
38:33 Friend, I'm telling you since many world powers
38:36 are mentioned in scripture, we must follow here
38:40 with our thought that all of these world powers,
38:42 there is no power and greater than
38:43 the United States of America and there's a Bible does trace
38:48 the rising and the falling.
38:50 We realize that this great power Revelation 13
38:54 talks about here is that not like,
38:56 no other nation that is ever come upon
38:58 the history of this world, it doesn't
38:59 and even in a different way.
39:02 But it's gonna play such a major role.
39:05 It's gonna play such a major part in the affect
39:08 of the whole world that what United States
39:13 does the other world parts of the world will follow after.
39:18 Bible prophecy reveals these events,
39:21 that reveal the events of the last days and the day
39:25 I just say again United States of America
39:27 has had the greatest blessings on God
39:30 than any place in this world.
39:33 Please, please, keep that in consideration.
39:35 And along with blessings, dear friends,
39:37 if we do not follow through with them, comes to curse.
39:42 Think of the blessings that we have day by day
39:44 that the other countries do not have.
39:47 And God is bestowing them and honest
39:49 if we do not appreciate them and use them,
39:51 they're going to be taken and then
39:53 there's a lessons to be learn.
39:57 And we need to be very careful because
39:58 we are a spoil nation.
40:03 Other countries can get Bible, practically nothing.
40:05 We think we have to have all kind of stuff
40:07 in order to get back.
40:08 We're going to see before it's over.
40:10 The Bible predicts it. Am I happy with it?
40:12 No, I love this country.
40:16 But the Bible predicts something's going to happen.
40:17 We need to be prepared for this happening, blessings of God.
40:23 But we are--listen, we are accountable for our conduct.
40:28 Does that make sense?
40:30 We're accountable for our conduct
40:31 whether it'd be small area or large area.
40:35 We're accountable to God.
40:38 This country was handpicked by God.
40:42 Chosen of God for a special haven of rest
40:48 for the saints of God.
40:50 And look what's taking place.
40:53 Look what's taking place right now before your eyes.
40:59 You see, we think about without a doubt.
41:02 God through this Holy Spirit is speaking,
41:05 speaking to this land of the free.
41:09 What she does and what she will do?
41:11 And let me just say once again.
41:13 What happens in this country will affect the saints of God,
41:17 God's last day people?
41:19 Bless your heart, if you've been taught
41:21 in your local church wherever it might be that you--
41:24 when the time gets rough you're gonna be wraps it out.
41:26 You have been taught a lie.
41:29 Now I'm not gonna mince words,
41:30 we didn't try to soft-pedal and let give you some.
41:32 So I'm gonna telling you right in, it is the lie of the devil.
41:35 Because he doesn't want you prepare
41:36 what's coming upon this world.
41:38 Certainly Jesus is the answer,
41:40 but there is other things we can be doing to realize
41:42 is to not preparing for anything,
41:44 just go right headlong, we won't be here, you will be.
41:48 This could be around the corner.
41:52 See, in order to get this prophecy
41:54 we need to spend a short time in review,
41:59 a little bit update on some of the material.
42:02 I realize many have been through,
42:04 but we're going to do this as quickly as we can.
42:06 We're going to Daniel 2, Daniel 7
42:08 and leading to Revelation 13 as our second part
42:11 and then in our third part.
42:12 We get into the verses and dissect and,
42:15 but listen carefully.
42:17 We need to understand the beast.
42:19 The first beast of Revelation 13:1-10.
42:22 We can understand this beast here because
42:24 the second beast then begins to, what?
42:26 Wonder after that third-- the first things
42:29 of the first beast instituted.
42:31 They do exactly this first beast which is a papacy.
42:35 So we need to be very careful about that.
42:36 We can just read past the history and say,
42:38 "Oh, is this gonna be fall,
42:40 the United States of the America?
42:41 God help us. It seems impossible.
42:46 Worthwhile to retrace, in order to identify
42:50 this beast power and to identify the United States
42:54 in scripture and in history and using the tools that God
42:58 has given us, so that we need not air,
43:03 with events talking place.
43:04 And I'm talking about right now.
43:07 It is life and death issues.
43:10 Please, think about that.
43:12 Just to know, put down-- and say, no Protestants.
43:17 Beware, Protestants, are you one?
43:21 I can't here you.
43:23 Protestants, beware the new pope.
43:27 And I'm talking about looking what.
43:29 We have to look it, you know,
43:31 Protestant and we have to, and Catholicism.
43:33 But we have to realize that the new Pope is what?
43:37 He's elected there, he is a Jesuit.
43:41 The newly elected Pope is a Jesuit.
43:45 Do you know understand the Jesuit agenda
43:47 is to eliminate Protestants?
43:51 Oh, well, he can't, he's so sweet and nice.
43:53 And we're not trying to pick on the individual here.
43:56 We know the oath that you take when you a Jesuit.
44:00 Things are being set in order Supreme Court, right?
44:04 New Pope, Protestantism.
44:07 We cover some heavy duty things in lesson two and lesson three
44:10 about the Protestant world and how we keep our eye on it.
44:14 Now with that said, we need to think in terms
44:18 of the points that leading into our study.
44:21 Short to the point.
44:22 We need this info. Don't forget.
44:24 There's a lot of information that's going to help us.
44:28 And we've already produce that.
44:30 You remember, you remember in the five part series,
44:31 it call the mystery of the iniquity,
44:34 the antichrist reveal?
44:36 If you have that five part series here,
44:38 this always other really helps that all fit together
44:42 and you go overall event.
44:43 And listen to this and put it together.
44:45 It'll make your mind just swim
44:46 of what's taking place around us right now.
44:49 And most of the world is just loyal to sleep.
44:53 They think they know, they don't know.
44:56 What's going to happen to this good old
44:59 United States of America that God reveals in His word?
45:05 After all He made that promise did he not in Amos 3 verse 7.
45:08 He says what?
45:10 "Surely the Lord God will not do." What?
45:11 Anything, "But he revealeth
45:13 his secret unto the servants the prophets."
45:18 And some of you don't say right,
45:19 well, I have a problem with the prophets.
45:21 Well, you need to get in for the two part series
45:24 we did about prophet of end, too.
45:26 It helped me to understand the importance
45:28 of having direction here in the days of earth' history.
45:32 May I say because every--every wind of the doctrine is blowing?
45:37 My friend, if we are not careful,
45:38 we're gonna be blown off of this platform.
45:42 We need to be in the world like,
45:43 never--before to really study to see whether these things
45:47 be so because what we're talking about,
45:49 we're talking about things that's taking place now,
45:51 but we'll take place in the future.
45:55 When you're talking about things taking place in the future,
45:58 you're talking about prophesying.
46:00 God's word has told us because He want us to be warned,
46:05 so that we're not just-- Oh, devastated.
46:10 But we need a relationship with Jesus Christ
46:12 more than ever before, right?
46:14 We need to be cover by the blood.
46:15 We need to put priorities in our life,
46:17 and well I see priorities in the world today is not God.
46:21 It's everything, but and we've got our nose
46:25 and everything is going on the world
46:26 rather than our nose in the Word of God.
46:28 And I think you follow what I'm thinking here.
46:32 God is so clear.
46:34 Daniel Chapter 2 simply gives us the history of the world
46:38 from Nebuchadnezzar's time.
46:39 I'm not going into lot of stuff, I want you to just think.
46:41 It gives us the history from Nebuchadnezzar's time
46:44 until the coming of Jesus Christ.
46:47 Well, that sets it up really nice, doesn't it?
46:48 When he comes, Daniel 2:44, 45, it says,
46:54 "In the days of these kings shall the God of heaven
46:57 set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed."
47:02 And then it goes on to say, "That God hath made known
47:05 to the king what shall come to pass hereafter,
47:11 and the dream is certain, and the interpretation is sure."
47:15 Well, friend, today, here it is.
47:17 The Bible is sure.
47:18 The interpretation is sure.
47:20 It's clear, but as maybe not what you want to,
47:23 it's not what you thinks gonna happen in this country,
47:25 but God says that it is and again
47:27 it becomes clear as we study.
47:30 See, when Daniel revealed this dream
47:33 in every detail to Nebuchadnezzar.
47:36 You know what happened?
47:38 Holy Spirit impressed Nebuchadnezzar
47:39 and he accepted it as a divine revelation.
47:43 I'm asking you today, oh my brothers and my sisters,
47:47 will you accept it as a divine revelation
47:50 of what you're hearing today and what you are studying?
47:52 When the Holy Spirit will opens your eyes and your eyes,
47:55 how will you respond?
47:58 Will it be like Nebuchadnezzar, the heathen king.
48:01 As he heard this, right?
48:02 It's not what he wanted to hear because his kingdom
48:04 was coming down and his place would be another kingdom,
48:07 but he prays God for it.
48:11 The image that Nebuchadnezzar saw,
48:14 represented what? Come on, good.
48:16 The kingdoms of this world, but notice,
48:18 as they deteriorated in power and in glory
48:23 in religion and in morality.
48:27 Remember as a people, as a nation, as we forget God.
48:33 If we ask Him to leave, if we vote Him out,
48:37 if we throw Him out, if we say, we don't want Him.
48:43 Weakness will be the results.
48:46 Mentally, physically, spiritually, financially.
48:49 Well, we're looking right now
48:51 the ultimate collapse financially
48:54 People say, "Oh, job increase a little bit here
48:57 and less people's drawing, you know, unemployment.
48:59 Oh, don't fool yourself.
49:01 God's getting, He has given us time
49:02 to get this message out to the world.
49:04 Friends, you need to be helping us
49:05 to get this message out to warn the world.
49:08 We're gonna be held accountable because
49:10 we're spending our money and doing your
49:12 --foolishness of the world,
49:13 rather than talking to God's people.
49:15 And people around the world need to hear the truth
49:17 and they don't need all this rosy colored stuff,
49:19 they need to hear it that Jesus is coming.
49:22 We have the Image of the Beast.
49:23 We have the Mark of the Beast.
49:25 We have the Three Angels' Message
49:26 and it needs to go out and to warn the world
49:27 and quick warn about all these
49:29 little flowery stuff that's going on.
49:30 It's life and death issues.
49:35 Again, tracing the nations,
49:38 regardless of how they started up.
49:43 Regardless of how they grew, eventually they became worst.
49:47 Did you notice that?
49:49 And worst and worst until they were either destroyed, right?
49:52 Another power came and destroyed them.
49:54 They destroyed their self even, you know, internally,
49:57 they were replaced.
49:59 Let me go with this again.
50:01 Some of you don't-- you didn't get this.
50:03 Food for thought.
50:05 Really, put your thinking cap on.
50:08 As we go down from Babylon right on down,
50:11 it gets worst. Why?
50:13 Because we get farther and farther away from God.
50:16 We're losing God's blessing day by day.
50:19 We deteriorated, the nations deteriorated,
50:21 we're deteriorating because we've cast off
50:24 our allegiance to God.
50:26 We've chosen some kind of a strange God.
50:31 Friends, quickly, Babylon, what happen?
50:37 In her prosperity she forgot God.
50:42 Medo-Persia. God's laws were forsaken.
50:47 God was forsaken.
50:49 Wickedness and corruption was ramped.
50:53 The next power coming on the scene was--was Greece.
50:58 She was thinking lower and lower.
51:00 No law, no place for God, no place for truth,
51:03 no place for righteousness,
51:05 idol worship in the place of God.
51:09 The name God, king of the universe,
51:12 very seldom ever heard.
51:13 And then the next power was Pagan Rome.
51:16 Almost all traces of right doing.
51:19 Christianity almost wiped out and then people Rome.
51:25 Well, you realize out of the ten toes,
51:27 ten this, what?
51:28 The little horn power, the papacy developed.
51:32 You have the feet.
51:34 You remember the toes of feet of iron
51:36 and clay representing what?
51:37 Church and state coming together.
51:40 Oh, denied by many, I'm sure,
51:42 but in a weakening state, iron and clay mix together. Why?
51:46 We're talking about what?
51:48 The church became weakened because the civil power
51:50 was on a passing laws and backing up.
51:53 The church coming together, they say, we want this done,
51:56 civil laws just come and pass them.
52:00 History is going to be repeated.
52:04 Always proven in history.
52:07 When the church goes
52:08 to the government, listen carefully.
52:09 When the church goes to the government investing
52:13 her power with the state, results will always be evil.
52:19 And the majority will always persecute
52:21 the minority every time.
52:24 It's always has been in history, it's not going to change.
52:27 And may I see this about the government.
52:28 The government is not always--
52:30 they don't have to make the first move.
52:34 The churches-- the Protestants churches
52:37 are going to the government to have laws pass.
52:40 Think about it.
52:42 To be try to make laws to regulate morality.
52:45 Well, if it does not working over it,
52:47 let's pass the more laws, let's pass the more laws.
52:49 The church is going to the state.
52:51 We've got problems here.
52:55 You cannot, you cannot legislate morality.
53:00 You cannot pass laws and everything is.
53:03 Listen, it's gone so far even in this country.
53:06 You say, "Well, it's not really the moral issue.
53:08 The government's passing laws,
53:10 at least trying to pass laws on what you--on what you eat
53:14 and what you drink and how much you can do it at time,
53:17 what you wear and life itself.
53:20 They are involved in every aspect of life.
53:24 Not necessarily because they want to because
53:26 we supposedly Christian people
53:28 are going to the government saying,
53:29 "This is what's best for us." Wow.
53:35 Man, you're talking about, you know,
53:37 we're talking about revival reformation,
53:38 it begins in the heart.
53:41 You can't convince somebody,
53:42 you can't pass the law and convince them and say,
53:44 "My mother said this years ago, said, a man convinced.
53:47 That's against his will, is at the same opinions deal.
53:52 But let me tell you, United States of America,
53:54 few minutes left, listen carefully.
53:55 United States of America is going to destroy
53:58 herself from within.
54:01 Not gonna take somebody else in the world,
54:02 but within and we're destroying
54:04 our self within our self right now.
54:07 The churches are going right now and they're asking for funds
54:10 to run private school
54:12 and Christian schools and colleges.
54:14 Is this not somehow?
54:16 Church and state united together
54:18 and we take their money and say, No we're not."
54:23 Of course, there's many other ways.
54:25 We hear about blue laws
54:27 and we hear about Sunday closings.
54:28 And some Christians believe that we should ask
54:30 the government to close businesses
54:32 and car dealerships which they are.
54:34 No shopping-- no sports on Sunday.
54:37 You know why they say.
54:38 Because we need a day of rest, just like the papacy said.
54:43 They want their day Sunday, instituted up there
54:45 and whole world to follow after.
54:46 I hope somebody's with me.
54:50 They think--they talk about the government.
54:51 Government, please.
54:53 Legislate laws to make the people better
54:55 and they'll be better if we pass the Sunday law
54:58 where we can all go to church.
55:01 Listen, our moral issues, the government needs
55:03 to stay out of church business.
55:05 Did you get it?
55:07 And the time they seem to walk to,
55:09 but the Christian people, what?
55:11 Ask them back in.
55:13 They pressure them.
55:14 They pressure the elected officials.
55:16 Again, quickly you're talking about moral issue
55:19 here about abortion.
55:20 It's a church issue, right?
55:22 It's a moral issue, not a government issue.
55:25 Even though it's a good, you know,
55:26 millions life, you know, have been saying about that.
55:29 Friend, you see there's a lot
55:30 of material that need to be covered.
55:32 I need to pray with you here.
55:33 Don't forget, you want this message to go.
55:35 You need--please, help us to get it out.
55:37 Books by the hundreds and thousands need to go out.
55:40 People asking for them, we need your prayer,
55:42 we need your support.
55:43 I think it's time you rise to the occasion.
55:45 Let's pray together, shall we?
55:46 As we close.
55:48 Merciful Father in Heaven, we thank you
55:49 for Your precious word.
55:50 Today we thank you for illuminating
55:52 these beautiful truths to bless your people.
55:53 We pray, help us, we want to respond
55:55 to work together to finish this work,
55:56 so that we can go home in Jesus name we pray
55:58 and for His sake. Amen.
56:02 Friend, don't forget to pray for us
56:03 here at "Behold the Lamb Ministries."
56:05 We realized when messages go forward like this,
56:07 the devil is not happy.
56:09 He's gonna try to impress other people.
56:10 You don't try to get-- maybe even,
56:12 you know, program because we don't want to air this,
56:13 we don't want-- Oh, friend, just pray.
56:15 These programs need to go.
56:16 We love you. Thank you for your support.
56:18 We'll see you next time.
56:22 Welcome back, friends.
56:23 Studying prophecy can be exciting
56:26 and challenging in many ways.
56:28 The subject of America in prophecy
56:31 is one that deals with our worship.
56:33 Therefore, it is so very important
56:35 for us to gain a proper understanding of its meaning
56:39 and we will most assuredly be swept away by deception.
56:43 Christ Himself, He warns us not to be deceived.
56:47 It is truth that will set us free from sin and lead us
56:51 on the path of righteousness.
56:53 Therefore, who, what, when or how we worship God
56:57 is so important, if we are to maintain
57:00 a saving relationship with our Lord and Savior.
57:03 These--this three part series is one that we hope
57:07 that you will want to order and make a vital part
57:10 of your studying library.
57:12 So we're making this series available to you for a love gift
57:15 of just $23 or more.
57:17 And as always, your order will bless us as well.
57:21 We need your prayerful and your financial support
57:24 to continue this work that the Lord has so blessed us with.
57:28 So take time to contact us today, won't you?
57:31 You may call us here in the United States
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57:47 You may also email us
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57:58 Until next time, friends,
58:00 may our Lord richly bless you and yours.


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