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America in Prophecy, part 2

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00:41 Welcome, to "Behold the Lamb" presents.
00:43 I'm Chris Shelton, your host
00:45 and we're so glad that you've chosen
00:47 to take sometime today to study God's Word with us.
00:51 Today's message is the second in a three-part series
00:55 that we have entitled, "America in Prophecy."
00:59 America, think about it,
01:01 America, that lamb-like beast
01:04 that John saw rising above on the earth, in Revelation 13,
01:08 rising out of the sparsely populated area.
01:11 Yet, we are warned.
01:13 We're warned that it spoke like a dragon.
01:16 A name given in prophecy to the enemy and so is the devil.
01:21 I encourage you to read Revelation 13
01:23 and to compare the symbolism used here
01:25 with other verses in the Bible,
01:27 so that you may also ascertain
01:30 the proper definition of these words.
01:32 And looking back at the founding of this great nation of ours--
01:37 a land where so many people
01:39 found religious freedom from persecution
01:42 that they had endured for so long
01:44 in other countries of the East.
01:46 People who had witnessed the tragic loss
01:49 of millions of lives over centuries just because
01:54 they had believed and they had lived out the Word of God.
01:59 It is been wrong noted that
02:00 the power and the prosperity of this nation
02:03 with the direct result of the fact
02:06 that it's governing principles were founded
02:09 upon Republicanism and Protestantism.
02:12 Two words we rarely hear used anymore.
02:16 The reason for this is because our choices as a nation
02:20 has moved as further and further away
02:23 from these two great distinctions
02:25 and closer to the scriptures prediction
02:27 of forming an image to the beast.
02:30 But just what is this image and how can it be formed?
02:34 I'm sure at some point before the close of this series,
02:38 Pastor Kenny Shelton will address these questions
02:41 with much more clarity.
02:42 So stay tuned, won't you?
02:44 As we begin part two of "America in Prophecy."
02:48 But, first we are so blessed with the song that is entitled,
02:52 "What a Friend" sung by Pastor John Lomacang
02:56 from the 3ABN Worship Center.
03:12 What a friend we have in Jesus
03:21 All our sins and griefs to bear
03:31 What a privilege to carry
03:40 Everything to God in prayer
03:50 Oh, what peace we often forfeit
03:59 And oh, what needless pain we bear
04:09 It's all because we do not carry
04:18 Everything to God in prayer
04:33 Are we weak and heavy-laden?
04:43 Are we cumbered with a load of care?
04:53 Precious Savior, still my refuge
05:02 Take it to the Lord in prayer
05:12 Do thy friends despise, forsake thee?
05:21 So take it to the Lord in prayer
05:31 In His arms He'll take and shield thee
05:45 Thou wilt find a solace there
06:01 Take it to the Lord in prayer
06:16 Thanks for joining us here at Behold the Lamb Ministries.
06:18 We do appreciate each and every one of you.
06:21 You're tuning in. You're sending your DVRs.
06:23 You're recording when may you're at work,
06:25 we praise God for that.
06:27 And you're sending in those cards
06:28 and those letters and those questions
06:30 and certainly you're asking for the books
06:32 and things that we're offering Here
06:33 Praise God for that.
06:34 You know, with all these books we need to be reading them
06:37 and distributing them for the hour in which we live.
06:39 And we pray this program will help to be a blessing
06:42 as we study "America in Prophecy."
06:44 It's much more important what many people realize,
06:47 what is soon to take place in this country
06:49 and if wecannot see it building into that right now,
06:52 we need to be praying that God gives us understanding.
06:56 And speaking about prayer, why don't we do that right now.
06:59 Why don't we pray together
07:01 the Holy Spirit want to enlighten us to this?
07:02 It's a fantastic study, but boy I'm telling you
07:05 as you get into the Word of God's
07:07 many of you will shake your heads and say
07:08 this just cannot happen in our country.
07:11 Be assured, God's word, right,
07:14 prophecy, it says that it will.
07:15 So as we begin to study,
07:17 we need enlightenment of the Holy Spirit.
07:19 Let's pray together, shall we?
07:21 Merciful Father, in heaven we thank you
07:23 for the privilege of prayer.
07:25 We ask now, as your Holy Spirit
07:26 will enlighten each and every one of us.
07:28 We pray that heaven will speak to us
07:30 and we may see this prophecy as it really is
07:34 and how it pertains to each and every one of us,
07:36 not only in this country but around the world.
07:39 May your spirit now had your will and your way,
07:41 bless those who view, those who listen,
07:43 we pray each heart and mind will be open.
07:46 In Jesus name we pray, amen.
07:50 Take your Bible if you'll and turn to Revelation 13.
07:53 Now again, we're going to go over,
07:54 again we--this is the second-part remember.
07:56 So the first-part lot of information that you need
07:59 in order to make this all come together.
08:01 Let me just give you a few points
08:03 if you allow me to do that, that we discussed.
08:06 And this will just beating kind of nail,
08:07 you hammer right on the head of that nail.
08:09 So here we go.
08:11 Few points need to be made
08:12 and this will help us based on Bible prophecy.
08:14 Number one, we studied last time together,
08:18 that God is going to intervene
08:20 here in United Sates, in the world,
08:22 when we abandoned our Protestant principles.
08:26 Do you see that happening?
08:27 I think you do. It's into what?
08:29 It's including our religious freedom, isn't it?
08:31 We see that happening now today too.
08:33 There are those who are making a real surge right now,
08:36 an effort to change our constitution and to secure laws.
08:41 Now these change in constitutions
08:43 and changes in some of these laws
08:44 will affect us-- our religious liberty.
08:47 So be aware, it's happening,
08:49 it's going right now before us.
08:51 Point number three, always to secure popularity,
08:56 we have those in office, our senate,
08:58 our legislators that they vote,
09:00 they're going to try to vote to, what? Popular demand.
09:03 So whatever the community, whatever the world,
09:06 whatever the areas, the majority is doing it
09:08 then you know, in order,
09:10 to retain their office and be reelected again.
09:13 They'll say, well let's go along with this.
09:15 Friend, we need to realize its contrary
09:18 when it comes to religious laws,
09:19 contrary to the law of God, certainly, moral law.
09:23 Four, our country will do away with every, every--
09:27 it'll side stamp, it'll change or justify,
09:31 it'll try to change every principle of our constitution.
09:34 Please, keep that in mind.
09:36 You say that's impossibility in this study.
09:38 You'll see that it's not impossibility.
09:40 So we find, we've Republic and we have a what?
09:43 We've a Republic government and Protestant.
09:45 These principles will be changed
09:48 as we move on closer to the coming of Jesus.
09:51 We already see it right now.
09:52 Number five, church and states going to, what? Unite together.
09:56 Are they not already? Absolutely they are.
09:58 Will it be, you know, little thicker as we go along.
10:00 Absolutely, it will be.
10:03 Many are saying right now this can't happen.
10:05 Just hold on to your seat.
10:06 In religious freedom, our liberties are being
10:08 taken away from us everyday here on this earth.
10:12 Everyday, a little bit more is taken away.
10:15 Seven, I believe this with all my heart.
10:17 Number seven, United States is going to be
10:21 based on Bible prophecy, humble to the dust.
10:25 What does that mean? What do you mean humble?
10:27 That why are we going to be humble to dust.
10:29 We're already being humbled right now
10:31 that's because we have asked God to leave the country.
10:34 We're taking God out of everything,
10:36 we rebelling against God.
10:39 So, therefore, we cannot possibly, what?
10:40 Have the blessings of God.
10:43 Now, in part two,
10:44 as we're talking about "American Prophecy."
10:46 We need to begin with something very, very important.
10:49 Now again you need to jot these things down.
10:52 We're going to identify the beast number one.
10:55 Identify the beast coming up out of the earth,
10:57 that's very, very important.
10:59 As we begin to-- it has two horns remember.
11:01 It came up out of the earth and it had two horns.
11:03 So we're going to look at this very closely.
11:05 It came up as the first beast was going down
11:09 of Revelation 13:1-10. These are keys.
11:13 This beast we're talking about coming up out of the earth,
11:17 it's coming up as the first beast was what?
11:20 Good, was going down.
11:21 This helps to see in the timeframe here.
11:23 We can read that Revelation 13:1-10.
11:26 Now remember, this power,
11:28 this first beast power, received what?
11:30 Good, "a deadly wound" Revelation 13:3, notice.
11:34 So we know the timeframe.
11:36 So we're going to talk more about that.
11:38 You say, a deadly wound, I don't know.
11:40 Well, you remember the deadly wound took place in 1798,
11:43 when Pope Pius VI, was taken,
11:46 remember prisoner by the French General Berthier.
11:50 And so people have asked this,
11:51 they'll say, well, why was the General Berthier--
11:54 but he was under what? Napoleon.
11:57 Why would Napoleon worry about the pope at his position?
12:02 That's a good question.
12:04 You know, taking over another country,
12:05 why would we worry about the pope.
12:07 You know, here's what Napoleon said.
12:10 He said, in order for me
12:12 to conquer Europe, that was his goal.
12:14 I'm going to have to make sure,
12:16 strip the papacy of their power.
12:18 You tell me the papacy wasn't powerful then
12:20 for Napoleon to think that way? Absolutely.
12:23 You can never conquer until the papacy went down.
12:26 So we realize htey are okay,
12:27 the papacy came to power in what 538 A.D.
12:31 continued for a 1260 years until 1798.
12:37 And notice this, that's when
12:39 the papacy lost its temporal dominion.
12:43 And then it received its what? Deadly wound.
12:45 We have to establish this if you don't,
12:47 we're gonna be confused
12:48 just like majority are seeing that the world today
12:51 are confused about these beast powers.
12:53 If we can establish if we only shout about
12:55 go over to it few times I know,
12:56 it's going to become clear to you.
12:59 Bible said, receive the deadly wound.
13:01 Now what does that mean?
13:02 One simply lost this power. But then it said what?
13:05 The deadly wound would be healed.
13:07 History also provides us good information.
13:09 In 1929 Mussolini, we realize gave back
13:13 the civil as well as religious authority to the papacy again.
13:17 Man, that's kind of interesting, isn't it?
13:19 Daniel said, in Daniel 7:25, he said that this power
13:23 would think to change times and law, that's good.
13:26 Keep this in the mind,
13:27 keep this in the mind as we continue to study.
13:29 The only nation coming up at this time
13:32 rising to prominence would be what?
13:34 Power, as United States of America.
13:38 So this beast coming up out of the earth,
13:40 the only one was doing right into path,
13:42 was United States pinpointed on the prophecy
13:45 that we've just been talking about.
13:46 Revelation 13:1, the Bible says,
13:50 "And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth."
13:54 Notice all these words,
13:55 we're gonna look at them closely.
13:57 "He had two horns like a" What?
13:59 Like a lamb. Wow, "But he spake" spoke as the "dragon."
14:04 Shouldn't that concern us?
14:06 If we're defining that this beast coming up is United States
14:09 in Bible Prophecy prove that beyond the shadow of a doubt.
14:11 They came up as a lamb
14:13 but eventually it begin to speak as the dragon
14:15 or persecute or as what?
14:17 The first beast that came up which is the papacy.
14:20 It begins to speak just like the papacy.
14:22 We're talking about during the Dark Ages,
14:24 during the 1260 years of persecution.
14:27 How can that possibly be in this country?
14:31 As we consider this prophecy
14:33 and we must consider because it'll affect your life.
14:37 It's going to affect mines,
14:38 it's going to affect the whole world.
14:40 As we contemplate on this for a moment.
14:43 I want you to listen, I found little article
14:45 in Review and Herald in January 1st 1889.
14:49 Here is what it says.
14:51 It says, "Let not the commandment-keeping
14:53 people of God be silent at this time
14:57 as though we gracefully accepted the situation.
15:02 There is the prospect before us of waging a continuous war."
15:08 What? "At the risk of imprisonment,
15:11 at the loss of property and even life itself,
15:17 to defend the law of God."
15:19 Before we finish that listen, what is it saying here.
15:21 We need to be careful.
15:23 We have to wage a continuous what? War.
15:25 Now what war we're talking about here.
15:27 As you do against what?
15:29 The powers that be that prophecy is talking about here
15:33 and so we have to continue to warn the world
15:35 about the Mark of the Beast and the image of the beast,
15:37 Third Angel's message.
15:38 First, Second, Third Angel's message,
15:40 Revelation 14, we have to continue do it
15:42 but it's going to be a cost involved.
15:44 How many of us are willing about the grace of God?
15:46 It says he might be imprisonment or lost the property,
15:50 even life itself to defend the law of God.
15:54 Think about that's what been attacked is the law of God.
15:58 Very interesting as the papacy has always done this,
16:01 thinking to change times and law
16:03 and then we find another power coming up
16:04 saying, I'm going to-- what?
16:06 Lend power back to the papacy. Very interesting.
16:10 Now, remember what this article said.
16:12 Because the law of God is being made void.
16:16 Have you ever read anything
16:17 in scripture that indicates that--
16:19 oh, sure in Psalms 119:126, it simply says,
16:24 "It is time for thee, Lord, to work,
16:27 for they have made void thy law."
16:31 As the law of God is being made void
16:35 it's time for us to work.
16:38 Work right now while we can, speak while we can,
16:40 warn the world while we can right now.
16:43 Because as Revelation 13:11 says,
16:46 "I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth."
16:50 Think about this with me, the first beast.
16:53 We talked about Revelation 13:1-10.
16:56 It says it came up out of the sea, good.
16:58 Come in, write these down.
17:00 Those of you studied, you understand
17:01 but those who have not may be hearing for the first time--
17:04 the first beast came up out of the sea.
17:06 So we look in the Bible, in Revelation 17:15, it says,
17:09 the sea represents peoples and nations there are.
17:12 So the first beast, first power right that came up the beast,
17:15 the papacy, it came up out of what?
17:17 Heavy populated area,
17:18 at this point in time it can only be Europe.
17:20 And so that's what that means by water.
17:23 It says, "And beast."
17:24 In Daniel 7:23, keep this in mind Daniel 7:23,
17:28 you say well I don't know what a beast is.
17:31 "The beast shall be the fourth kingdom."
17:33 Daniel 7:23 says, so a beast then
17:35 could be a kingdom or a power.
17:38 In fact in Daniel 7:17, it says, "The beasts are four kings."
17:43 Good, so what does the beast represent?
17:46 It represents a kingdom or a power.
17:49 First beast, coming up in a heavy populate area,
17:52 the second beast coming up, Revelation 13.
17:54 It comes up-- what?
17:55 Sparsely populated area
17:56 and hardly anyone here is just coming up
17:58 and knew hardly anybody there
18:00 but it represents a kingdom or a power.
18:02 So it's very easy for us to understand this.
18:05 First beast, the kingdom, this power.
18:08 You mean, it's coming up into being right now.
18:10 It's one that we have to take note.
18:12 First beast and also the second beast power.
18:16 It's very sad because this peaceful power coming up
18:20 begins to change its-- its attitude.
18:24 It begins to, it beings to demand worship.
18:27 It begins to change all of that which God had intended
18:31 for this country, this nation to be for its people.
18:36 I think of Europe and the things that went on in Europe
18:39 and all the suffering and the persecution
18:42 and you know, the time of the reformation
18:44 and the time for God to open up a place for religious freedom.
18:49 What nation, what power would rise to give people
18:53 a chance to worship God again with the free conscience?
18:56 What nation would rise at this time?
18:59 It's the only, can only be United States of America.
19:02 God ordained this country for us,
19:05 a freedom to worship.
19:07 Keep this in mind and we talked about
19:09 as the French General Berthier, captured Pope Pius VI,
19:14 remember, and exiled him to prison.
19:17 The civil power, his civil power was gone.
19:20 It was stripped.
19:21 And he could no longer--
19:23 not the pope did this, the papacy did.
19:25 He could no longer rule over
19:27 the kings of the earth, interesting.
19:30 Now remember Revelation 3:13 the Bible said,
19:33 there was a deadly wound.
19:36 The deadly wound was healed.
19:38 Now we've talked little bit about that,
19:39 remember 19:29, keep that in mind,
19:42 those of you who are new at this,
19:43 we're repeating some things--19:29,
19:46 that deadly wound was healed.
19:47 You'll say, yeah but you know, even the dictionary,
19:50 just take the dictionary and go and look up
19:52 about the papacy in 1929.
19:55 Here's what it says, it simply says this.
19:57 Vatican City, look under Vatican City.
19:59 It says, its independent Papal State,
20:02 constituted in 1929, 108 acres, papal government.
20:09 So it let you know, you see
20:10 right along the Bible prophecy that we are on target.
20:13 This beast, this lamb, with horns
20:17 were seen coming out of the earth.
20:20 A powerful, powerful nation was rising up at this time.
20:24 But you know, as it would rise,
20:26 it would not have to overthrow another power.
20:30 All the others as you will know
20:32 as they came to prominent
20:34 Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece or Rome, pagan--
20:36 they ought to fight their way to the top.
20:39 But this power that would come up
20:41 out of the earth was different than the rest.
20:43 It wouldn't have to fight.
20:46 It would be something that it would rise up.
20:48 It was something that would grow in a place
20:51 that had not yet been occupied.
20:54 Oh, I think they came up out of the sea.
20:56 So we know number one,
20:58 it couldn't come up in the old world.
20:59 So it had to come up where we talk about
21:00 in the new world, interesting.
21:04 Remember in 1798 the papacy lost its power,
21:07 we mentioned here as a nation was just getting started.
21:12 It had promise, it had as it coming up out of the earth,
21:15 it had promise, it had the attention of the world.
21:18 Only one nation we can consider coming up out of the earth.
21:21 Once again, it's United States of America.
21:24 One writer described this, United States coming up
21:28 and he said this, notice in a book called
21:29 "A new world compared with the old."
21:32 That's on page 462.
21:34 Here's what this writer says is interesting.
21:36 It said, "The mystery of her coming forth"
21:40 United States of America "coming forth from vacancy
21:44 like a silence seed we grow into an empire."
21:47 Please notice those points with me.
21:50 This writer of history wrote this.
21:52 United States is coming up it's a mystery.
21:54 It's coming forth from what? From vacancy.
21:58 It didn't fight its way to the top.
22:00 It was coming forth from vacancy
22:02 from a place that had not been previously occupied.
22:05 A silent work, no war involved here.
22:08 And it begins to grow into what?
22:10 An empire. Powerful empire.
22:14 Another statement says this from European journal in 1850.
22:18 It says this about the United States emerging
22:21 amid the silence of the earth daily abiding in its power
22:25 or adding to its power and its pride.
22:28 United States doing what?
22:30 Coming up, emerging,
22:31 just like Bible prophecy said right, coming up.
22:34 Clearly represents the United States
22:36 founded upon the principles of two things, what?
22:39 Civil and Religious Liberty.
22:43 Now let's may be go a little bit further on this, shall we?
22:45 Because the Bible said here that this lamb had what?
22:48 Good, it had two horns.
22:51 What it was it again?
22:52 Good, Civil and Religious Liberty.
22:54 As we look at this we notice the horns had no crowns on them.
22:59 Very interesting and so we look at the characteristics
23:03 of the government founded on the two principles.
23:06 Number one, we talked about Civil
23:08 which would be Republicanism.
23:10 Now think about it. What does that mean?
23:13 Country that would come up
23:14 will be founded on Republicanism or a nation which, what?
23:17 The supreme power would rest upon all the citizens.
23:21 A power that what?
23:23 That yeah, exercised by elected officials or representatives.
23:28 And then this power would be different than all the others
23:30 because it was--we talked about Religious Liberty.
23:33 And then we would say, Protestantism.
23:36 But that's interesting.
23:37 You realize what a Protestant
23:39 or Protestantism is about
23:40 represented by these horns, Religious Liberty.
23:43 We think about it, it's any Christian
23:46 not belonging to the Roman Catholic Church.
23:49 Interesting, or the Orthodox Eastern Church
23:52 or we talked about a Protestant
23:54 and one who would what? Protest Catholicism.
23:58 Wow, so what we should be doing then right?
24:01 We should be protesting those things
24:03 that are not true to God's word
24:05 but we're in pretty silence, haven't we?
24:07 You see in the beginning, this power of the United States
24:11 certainly fit the symbol of a lamb.
24:14 Oh, it's so harmless, so pure, so quite,
24:18 so loving but again here's what I begin to concern on it.
24:21 Because I can see the religious freedom,
24:23 I can see the civil freedoms but I see,
24:25 that this is the way it started out
24:26 but all of the sudden it begin to change.
24:29 Can't you see your country changing?
24:32 Is it the same that it's been?
24:34 Just in the last ten years have you seen
24:36 tremendous changes coming about
24:39 that you thought it would never happened in this country?
24:41 Then don't shut this prophecy out.
24:43 Here's this lamb, again we see the difference.
24:47 We see this-- the power--
24:49 we see these beast they were--
24:51 the previous two they were noted for their ability
24:54 to make war and to conquer you remember,
24:57 other nations but not this country.
25:02 This peaceful, this young nation spoke like a lamb.
25:08 Then that change came.
25:09 The Bible talks about in prophecy.
25:11 It begin to speak as the dragon.
25:13 Please do not let this go.
25:17 Beyond the shadow of doubt, Revelation 13,
25:20 right we're talking about 11 through 18,
25:22 talking about the United States.
25:24 And if it begins to speak as the dragon,
25:26 it concerns you and it concerns me,
25:28 it concerns this world.
25:29 Shouldn't we pay attention to this? Sure.
25:32 It begins to speak as a dragon or as a devil
25:34 or a very interesting here,
25:36 it appears different than its actions
25:42 indicating that a change in policy would soon take place
25:46 especially in the closing scenes of earth's history.
25:50 Why, how could it?
25:52 Could it be because of some crisis?
25:54 Could it be possibly something happening in our government?
25:59 Could it be possibly be with our economy?
26:02 That could bring about some of these changes
26:04 to restrict our religious liberty
26:06 and may be change the constitution
26:08 or the bill of rights and limit some of our freedoms.
26:11 Could it be the economy?
26:13 Could it be taxes that are so high?
26:15 Could it be health insurance policies?
26:18 Could it be jobs, you know, in this country?
26:21 The cost of everything is rising.
26:24 We have gas, we have oil in this country.
26:27 You think about schools, school problems
26:30 from the very beginning you know, to the end
26:32 and we're talking about colleges every place you go.
26:35 Retirement, savings.
26:37 People have lost everything
26:39 they've worked all their life for overnight.
26:41 Government interference in every area of life.
26:44 We're fighting gun control, same sex marriages,
26:48 bombings, terrorist threats,
26:51 threat of war, nuclear war in exchange.
26:54 Friend, I'm just naming a few things
26:56 that is battering the United States of America.
27:00 One that was raised you see in by the principles of God,
27:02 but she begins to speak because of may be
27:04 some of these situations here that's demanding it
27:08 and people are saying we need some changes
27:09 or we're going to go down.
27:11 We're going to be like a third world country or less.
27:16 We've become a nation,
27:18 Revelation 13 is indicating strongly.
27:21 An indication that wants to be regulated by law.
27:26 You say, oh, no, we don't want to be regulate.
27:27 Ever soon as some disaster happens
27:29 we all begin to demand something.
27:31 We begin to demand for the government
27:33 to step in and make some more laws.
27:37 Remember, the lamb and then begin to speak as a dragon.
27:43 We're asking the government to help us
27:45 in every area of our life
27:48 and even what, the spiritual aspect,
27:50 the religious aspect, when they should stay out,
27:52 there should be a separation of church and state.
27:55 They are wanting to regulate. Some of us are not getting this.
27:58 Again I'm emphasizing these
28:00 because if you emphasize and you can see this,
28:03 you can see how this change can come about,
28:05 because Bible says it will and it will.
28:08 They're wanting the pass certain rules--about our eating.
28:12 How much we can eat?
28:13 Our drinking, our calorie intake
28:17 that is not bad within itself I understand that.
28:20 But what role does a government have?
28:22 About as much role as they have
28:23 to tell me that I need to wear a seatbelt in my age.
28:26 Some of you will get that, some of you won't.
28:30 So we already, see we're geared in this land
28:33 for this the lamb to begin to speak like the dragon.
28:38 Just touching on a few things that get you to think.
28:40 We're already geared up for it.
28:42 It's begot to happen.
28:44 The devil will see, it wants to,
28:45 it's going to take place.
28:46 The Bible said it will.
28:48 And we begin to see the United States
28:50 will have to reverse her present policies
28:54 which will affect our worship,
28:57 which will affect our religious freedom.
29:00 Because we study this,
29:01 you're not been able to buy yourself say you have the mark.
29:04 Interesting, it's even going to go so far,
29:07 as it we need and I hear it all the time.
29:09 I've been hearing it for years.
29:10 We need a common day of worship.
29:12 God's already set the day,
29:14 He said the seventh day is the Sabbath to the Lord thy God.
29:16 The enemy is going to say differently.
29:18 We see these laws coming into being,
29:22 blue law they've always been.
29:24 In our colonies there was blue laws that were passed,
29:27 making a person worship even if they didn't want to.
29:30 And if he didn't want, there was,
29:31 you'd to lose your property or may be even life itself.
29:34 Wow, Sunday, closing, Sunday worship.
29:38 This is what Revelation 13-- and we need not pat it down.
29:41 We need not simplify and say, oh it doesn't really matter.
29:45 I hope we have time today if not we'd do next program.
29:48 It is the people who should know better.
29:52 Who study this prophecy are saying
29:54 may be we should reevaluate Revelation 13 in prophecy.
30:00 Oh, friend, God means what He says here.
30:04 in Revelation 13:12 the Bible said,
30:06 "He exercise all the power." You have your Bible it's here.
30:08 He said "he exercise
30:10 all the power of the first beast."
30:13 Are you becoming concerned this beast shadow of the doubt.
30:17 No, no, no doubt whatsoever as United States of America.
30:21 I'll say it over and over and over and over till we get
30:24 and least, least entertain that thought
30:26 if you'd never heard it before.
30:27 Study to see he exercised
30:29 all the power of the first beast.
30:31 If you understand what the first beast had done
30:34 in times past and I'm going to prove
30:36 we'll continue to do it if put back into power again.
30:39 And friend, you need to be, you need to be tingling,
30:41 you need to be jumping up and down
30:43 and say Lord have mercy on us.
30:45 The Bible said, "He will exercise." What?
30:47 Same "Power of the first beast before him."
30:50 The first beast had been wounded what? To death.
30:53 Revelation 13:3. But he would be in what?
30:57 He would be revived once more.
31:00 He would be involved in religious affairs,
31:02 he would be involved in world affairs.
31:04 Think about it.
31:06 Involved in religious field, interesting.
31:10 Now don't forget the first beast,
31:12 we're talking papal power Rome here.
31:15 They're the ones that led out in what? In persecution.
31:19 They persecuted everyone who did not go along
31:21 with what they taught or believed.
31:24 The Bible--I know you will say, oh, that's impossible.
31:26 No it's not.
31:28 God said it would speak as that first beast that first power.
31:32 The first beast- let's emphasize it here.
31:34 You know, I think we've too much mercy.
31:37 We're too worried about what other churches think
31:38 or what other people-- how they're going to view us.
31:41 Why not be concerned to have God has given us
31:43 the message to give to the world.
31:45 Why not be concerned about pleasing Him?
31:48 Not trying to hurt anyone's feelings.
31:50 We're not trying to go against.
31:51 I'm talking about the papacy in general.
31:53 God has good people everywhere.
31:55 What we have to look at this first beast
31:57 the papacy used a combination of church and state.
32:02 And what? It used the state to do what?
32:05 It would pass religious laws, to say this is what we want.
32:07 They get the church then to go and to enforce them.
32:11 They would pressure the people.
32:12 They would sometime kill the people.
32:14 They would crush the very life out of them
32:17 if you were in opposition to their decrees.
32:21 He said, he's gonna exercise the same things.
32:23 So it indicates laws that would be passed
32:25 to hampers in to may be
32:26 make you go against under pressure
32:29 against those things that you hold so high.
32:32 Religious freedom, worship God.
32:33 According to the-- your own conscious
32:35 and how you see fit in the word of God.
32:37 Evidently things become so bad in this country
32:40 that they figured, it's better for a few to perish,
32:42 than the whole world, you remember,
32:43 reading that about Jesus? Yes.
32:46 See, there's many people today they say Rome has changed.
32:50 Now I need to put this in here
32:52 because it says exercise is the power of the first beast.
32:54 United States is going to do this,
32:57 it's so important if you did not studied it.
32:59 They say Rome has changed,
33:01 in fact she is-- I know she is even--
33:02 I've even heard a little clip
33:04 where Rome is somewhat apologize,
33:06 not for everything but for some things.
33:09 But it's interesting, scripture,
33:12 history and Rome in Rome writings tell us
33:15 she is the same and she will be
33:19 and if she is given the power again.
33:22 Very interesting, what do you mean?
33:24 Well, according Pope Gregory VII,
33:27 this is very interesting. You just think it through.
33:29 I don't want to go into detail about it.
33:31 But in his 27 commands
33:34 and it's interesting about 27, the number 27.
33:37 Some of you get it and some of you won't, 27 commands.
33:40 I'm just going to read three of those now, okay.
33:42 I'm just going to read three of those commands.
33:44 And notice what-- notice what did he said.
33:47 He said "The Roman church has never erred
33:50 nor will it according to scripture ever err."
33:54 If you've never err what do you have to apologize for.
33:57 You see my thinking there.
33:59 Number two, now I'm gonna,
34:00 I'm just reading three of the 27.
34:03 "The pope that he can-- that he can be judged by no one.
34:08 No one can judge the pope
34:10 or the papacy for what they did."
34:12 Number three, "His, the pope sentence
34:15 is not to be reviewed by anyone,
34:18 while he alone can review decisions of all others."
34:24 So in one hand we're saying
34:25 well, we're sorry this and this that happened
34:27 and on the other hand it said we really never have erred
34:29 and we're standing on that
34:30 and they're still just a legitimate
34:32 today in their teachings.
34:34 So what's really being said,
34:35 the Bible said that it would return.
34:37 And that's what it's indicated here.
34:39 Certainly firstly holding that position
34:42 that they claim as Pope Pius
34:44 or Pope Leo XIII made this comment
34:47 in his encyclical letter dated in 1894.
34:51 He said, "We hold upon the earth the place of God almighty."
34:56 What a big statement? What a blasphemy statement.
35:01 Friend, this is heavy duty stuff
35:03 and we don't need kid gloves to look at Revelation 13.
35:07 We're talking about the beast
35:08 and United States as it begins to speak.
35:10 Why are we concern?
35:11 Good question here. Think it with me.
35:13 Why are we so concerned about the first beast?
35:16 Somebody say, well, I'm really not.
35:17 You need to be.
35:19 You need to be, it's going to affect you,
35:21 it's affecting your family
35:23 and certainly will the second beast,
35:24 the first and second beast. Revelation 13.
35:27 First beast, first beast,
35:30 because of what because I mentioned before
35:32 we were worried about because the second beast
35:34 is going to speak like the first one
35:36 or United States will speak like the papacy
35:38 before it's over a passing religious laws,
35:41 curbing our religious freedoms.
35:44 Please remember, please remember,
35:46 every principle of the papacy,
35:49 every principle that she has held
35:51 in times past exist today.
35:54 Oh, we made that clear,
35:56 I've been over to couple of times?
35:57 Every principle of the papacy-- she has held in time past,
36:01 she still exist today.
36:03 The same doctrines, the same teachings
36:06 held during the Dark Ages are held in higher esteem today
36:09 because they've not erred they say.
36:11 Wow, do you realize the Roman church
36:15 the papacy will never, listen carefully,
36:18 never relinquish her claim of infallibility.
36:23 She will not do that
36:24 so again why would you apologize if you're infallible.
36:26 Oh, interesting, listen,
36:32 if she receives, if she attains the former power
36:38 that she has-- and let me tell you this,
36:41 Protestants are guilty of giving that power back to Roman church.
36:46 Are you still with me?
36:47 We're trying to give it back to her.
36:50 And I guarantee you this based upon the word of God
36:53 there will be a revival of persecution in this country.
36:58 The Bible so states it.
36:59 It's going to happen and we need to be ready.
37:03 I find today that Protestants are jut ready
37:05 and they are just or they're just willing.
37:08 They're willing as almost the whole world is here.
37:11 As the Bible talks about here
37:13 it's ready to wonder after the beast
37:15 or it wonder after what? Good, the papacy.
37:18 Ah, how can that be?
37:21 How can it be wondering at almost in a hypnotic state?
37:27 Isn't it interesting?
37:29 Almost every movie or very T.V. program
37:32 or you know, the papacy
37:34 whatever it's involved the Roman Catholic Church.
37:37 You never see all the coverage that you do about the pope.
37:41 Do you?
37:43 I don't see, I don't see in this country
37:44 when the Protestant big leader or some denomination
37:46 and he goes out and other will come in
37:47 and we spend day and weeks
37:49 and hours and millions of dollars to worry about.
37:52 There's something to that, there's something to that.
37:58 As Protestants we're like hypnotized
38:00 by a power that we're supposed to be
38:02 protesting against the same power
38:06 that ruled the world during the Dark Ages
38:10 and the time of the reformation, Lord, help us.
38:13 At that time when godly men, women, children, people
38:16 who did loved Jesus with all their heart were to be--
38:19 was exposing the sins you see, of the Roman Church.
38:23 At the cost of their what? Of their very lives.
38:26 At the cost of their family. Of cost of their property.
38:32 They tried to expose a power that,
38:34 dear friends, power that helped kings in their hand.
38:40 You think that's not powerful.
38:43 the Bible clearly says,
38:45 "All of the world would wander after the beast."
38:47 We're talking about the papacy. Listen they follow after him.
38:51 But then it's goes on to say
38:53 but their names are not written in the Lamb's Book of Life.
38:55 How it can? You say well, I'm going to join that church.
38:58 I'm not going to-- oh, I know I'm being burnt,
39:01 I know I'm being clear, but God help us.
39:05 This message is clear.
39:07 Remember all the papacy wants you to do is accept
39:09 a teaching that they've come up with.
39:12 One doctrine you accept
39:13 and they count you as part of the little harlots
39:15 coming into the mother church.
39:18 Yeah, interesting thing. Think about it.
39:21 If you're not concerned about this,
39:23 you're not willing to take a stand now,
39:24 because it says the people,
39:26 listen, oh, listen the people that follow after the papacy
39:30 or the beast and something that is instituted that is made,
39:33 it says, their names are not written
39:35 in the Lamb's Book of Life.
39:37 They're not going to be saved in God's kingdom.
39:39 Don't you care enough about them to talk,
39:41 at least do some talking
39:42 like we're today. Do some history?
39:44 Reading the Bible and say,
39:45 oh, there needs to be a warning,
39:46 isn't that the Third Angel's message warning.
39:49 Revelation 14, warning against the mark of the beast
39:51 and the image of the beast, we're going to be sketching
39:52 that in our third-part, this is just the second here.
39:55 It's not going to get any easier so if you're weak right now,
39:58 pray that God gives you strength to continue on.
40:01 See the first beast of Revelation 13
40:04 as we've said time and time
40:05 again I'm gonna continue to say it,
40:07 is the papacy.
40:09 It came up, put it up, rooted three.
40:11 Do you remember that, the three of the ten kingdoms
40:13 represented by the ten toes in Daniel 2?
40:15 You remember that study.
40:17 We've talked about in 5:38
40:19 it come up the last 1260 years, 1798.
40:23 And you'll find the same prophecy
40:25 some of you and you study would you say
40:27 well this prophecy over here in Revelation 13,
40:29 is different than Revelation 12 or Revelation 11.
40:32 They'll say, well, one says you know,
40:34 three-and-half years, one says 42 months.
40:36 Friend, just read the 42 months of Revelation 13:5.
40:40 Read it in Revelation 12:6, read in Revelation 11:3
40:45 you'll find this timeframe here.
40:47 This is so important to establish this,
40:49 so that we know that we are on target.
40:51 Once again, power coming up would grow strong.
40:55 What power was growing strong in 1798?
41:00 What nation, what country in this whole wide world
41:03 which one was coming up at that time?
41:06 United States is the only country
41:08 coming up at that time.
41:11 Exactly the way the Bible way history said that
41:13 it would come up.
41:15 That's the second beast of Revelation 13:11,
41:17 United States.
41:18 Oh, you remember, the Declaration of Independence?
41:21 Do you remember when that was?
41:22 July the 4th in 1776.
41:26 Get the timeframes together here.
41:29 It says there, you know, Declaration of Independence,
41:31 it says here a nation endowed by their creator
41:36 was certain in alienable rights, and among them are what?
41:40 Good, life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
41:45 Came up as a lamb,
41:47 all of these freedoms, praise God.
41:49 But Revelation 13:12 just simply says,
41:52 "And he exercised all the power of the first beast before him."
41:56 We've got to establish this.
41:58 Let me just say a few more things on this please.
42:01 The word exercise we talk about in the Greek,
42:03 you know, as he exercises.
42:05 Listen, this beast power exercises he makes,
42:09 somebody stay with me. He performs.
42:15 He is going to make observe. So he exercises what?
42:21 All the powers of the first beast
42:23 so United States of American is going to make,
42:25 going to make you perform, its going to make you observe.
42:29 Notice this, all, exercises all the power,
42:33 that means authority, right,
42:35 and of the first beast which is the papacy before him
42:39 and he go and causes what?
42:41 Again the word there in the Greek
42:42 it causes means to make.
42:45 What? Legislative action.
42:46 To make means to require,
42:50 the earth and all which dwell there into worship.
42:54 It has to do oh, friend don't you see
42:56 it has to do with worship.
42:58 mark of the beast, image to the beast,
43:00 the papacy has to do with who you give your allegiance to.
43:03 Who you're going to worship, is it going to be God
43:05 or is it going to be the enemy. Choice is yours.
43:09 You know, what the worship is?
43:10 Let me just kind of- this may blow your minds
43:12 just a little bit if you think along with me.
43:15 He is going to cause them, he is going to write pass laws,
43:18 cause you to worship as were even if you don't want to,
43:20 you got to do it or something is going to happen to you.
43:24 The word worship is very interesting.
43:26 The word worship here has to do with one who prostrates himself.
43:29 Now prostrates himself down. Did you get that?
43:32 In homage to someone.
43:35 It means to do reverence, to adore someone.
43:40 I don't know any other religion in the world, do you?
43:43 Sometimes the Protestant pastor
43:45 I don't know if you can get a handshake sometime.
43:47 Look what they do-- when the papacy is present.
43:50 Listen, here--has worship has a-is a form of worship here,
43:56 a form of worship and it means like this.
43:58 Some of you will get it, some of you won't.
44:00 It says this means, to form of worship is like a kiss,
44:08 like a dog licking the master's hand.
44:15 Does that ring any kind of a bell?
44:20 If you go meet with a pope what are you going to do?
44:24 Yeah, that's right, you're going to kneel down
44:26 and you're going to kiss his hand.
44:29 Interesting here as you look at this,
44:31 God is telling us what we need to know.
44:34 Now, let me make this clear.
44:36 The fulfillment-- now this prophecy
44:38 I'm talking about is yet future. We're right on the edges of it.
44:41 Now you can see the things that are happening.
44:44 This first beast exercise power, what?
44:47 Both religious and political matters.
44:51 So the second beast, United States
44:53 right will do the same.
44:56 Friend, I can't do anymore than just beg and implore--
44:58 you'll say look our religious freedom is in jeopardy.
45:03 Our religious freedom is in jeopardy.
45:05 Please keep that in mind.
45:07 Any attempt to pass laws regarding the rights
45:11 or the freedoms to worship.
45:13 Oh, friend, it's a violation of religious liberty.
45:17 Did you know that?
45:19 For the government any one to pass
45:20 any kind of rules to make you,
45:22 to dictate to you is a violation of religious liberty.
45:25 But the Bible says the prophecy that it will happen.
45:29 Friend I see it now.
45:31 I sense it now, I see the way things are going.
45:34 The Bible said he exercises
45:36 the power of the first beast before him.
45:38 What does that mean?
45:40 He says in the presence-- working together in the presence
45:43 what that mean?
45:45 The first beast that was, what?
45:47 Good, wounded, revived back to life.
45:50 He becomes active in our civil but religious things
45:54 and then United States will support that first beast
45:58 or the papacy and something that they have made up
46:01 and something to do with religion,
46:02 something to do with worship that we're going to get close
46:04 and we're going to hit right on.
46:07 Wow, because he causes, the Bible said, the earth
46:10 and all the earth that worship him.
46:11 That means no part of this earth,
46:13 no part of this earth is going to be, what?
46:16 Left, without so coming to that point
46:19 that decision, all the earth.
46:22 They cause it all the world, no one is going to be left out.
46:27 Prophecy points to a religious observance, it doesn't.
46:30 You see it's something to do with worship observance.
46:32 An active worship possibly here
46:34 and that what he is talking about here?
46:36 That the world that acknowledges
46:39 of the first beast in Daniel 7:25,
46:41 he would think to change what?
46:43 Good times and laws.
46:45 And all we have to do is just trace history.
46:48 It's so simple. It can be found.
46:50 That they attempt to change the Ten Commandments,
46:53 the Fourth Commandment, all the commandments
46:55 put them all out of order. The divine law was what?
46:59 The Sabbath day to what, the first day of the week.
47:02 Oh, very interesting here.
47:05 And may I add this, God has blessed
47:08 and sanctified and set apart the seventh day of the week.
47:10 The papacy come by and said no.
47:14 I want to say something here and I tell you,
47:16 I want you to pay attention.
47:17 Do you remember
47:18 and we were talking about that first, first beast.
47:22 The dragon gave him his power his seat
47:26 and his great authority.
47:28 Very interesting, isn't it.
47:31 And so the enemy says, no I'm going to have another day.
47:33 Yet, to realize the first day of the week as you read is good.
47:38 Nowhere in Bible is there a biblical change,
47:41 from the seventh to the first.
47:44 There is not all evidence,
47:45 whatsoever it's not one scripture in the Bible.
47:48 Some of you, I know you twist
47:49 and you turn and you all you do everything
47:52 possible try to make it say something.
47:53 God said he blessed sanctified the seventh day of the week.
47:56 Papacy come by and say, hey, we can change it
47:57 and the world will follow after us.
47:59 Have they, had they not. Yes they have.
48:03 Doesn't it become clear to us today a change will take place.
48:06 Doesn't it be clear to us in this prophecy
48:09 that laws are going to be passed
48:10 and requiring to Sunday as the day of rest?
48:15 I sense a force here.
48:18 That the government by law would force men
48:21 to recognize something from the papacy
48:25 that came from the papacy and then we would be led
48:29 to worship the beast and his image.
48:32 Wow, please remember this
48:35 and there is Supreme Court in 1961,
48:39 the chief justice Warren said this,
48:41 it's just done it quick here and well, hope we have time,
48:43 we'll get into it and hopeful
48:44 but right now, I did it in the first part
48:46 but it's interesting.
48:48 It talks about Sunday laws and Sunday closings
48:50 and the national day of rest. It said here, about Sunday law.
48:54 It says, it's present purpose and effect is not to a religion
49:00 but it set aside as a day of rest and recreation.
49:06 So already Supreme Court
49:07 has worked its way around the division,
49:10 you know, separation of church
49:11 and sate say it's not really religious.
49:13 It has to do we need a day of rest.
49:15 Why is it Sunday
49:16 because the majority of the world honor that day.
49:18 What is going to happen the other people
49:19 who prefer another day?
49:22 Friend, we need to be thinking about what's going on here.
49:24 With that in mind and I could read 6 Testimonies page 18,
49:28 this is very interesting.
49:30 It says "God's sanctified memorial has been torn down.
49:35 In its place a false sabbath, bearing no sanctity,
49:39 stands before the world.
49:41 As America, the land of religious liberty,
49:45 shall unite with the papacy" and formed what?
49:48 "Forcing the conscience
49:49 and compelling man to honor the false sabbath,
49:53 the people of every country on the globe
49:56 will be led to follow her example."
50:00 Wherein the Bible it's clear a test is coming.
50:03 Some of you would say well we won't be here.
50:05 Yes you will.
50:06 You don't pass away, you'll be here.
50:08 This is something that's going to come,
50:09 it's going to test every man.
50:10 6 Testimonies 352 said, "The Sabbath question
50:14 is to be the issue in the great final conflict
50:17 in which all the world will be act a part.
50:21 Men have honored Satan's principles
50:24 above the principles."
50:26 Did you get that? "That rule in the heavens.
50:29 They have accepted a spurious a false sabbath,
50:32 which Satan has exalted." Did you get it?
50:35 "As a sign of his authority." Stay with me, notice.
50:38 "It is our work to lead the people to understand this.
50:43 We're to show them that it is of vital consequences
50:46 whether they bear the mark of God's kingdom
50:50 or the mark of the kingdom of rebellion or the enemy."
50:54 It's a job.
50:55 Is it pleasant to present some of these?
50:57 No, it's our job to do it, to warn the world.
51:03 I would say the U.S causes the earth to worship.
51:07 United States causes by law passing to.
51:10 You'd say oh, that's listen and even as far as 1888,
51:14 there's this Lord's Day Alliance,
51:15 still in operation today. You know what?
51:17 They say, right in the front page you opened up,
51:18 you read I used to receive them amid time and time again.
51:21 It said our-- our focus isn't why we exist,
51:24 it's so that we can pass a Sunday law.
51:27 There needs to be a day of rest.
51:29 They've been laboring, laboring, laboring
51:30 since our righteous by faith message went forward,
51:33 told that in.
51:35 How interesting, various churches
51:38 start putting pressure on the civil government
51:43 to pass a law in this country and eventually around the world.
51:47 Remember, they want to pass a law
51:49 that has no scriptural Sunday worship.
51:51 No scriptural authority at all.
51:54 But they're going to be following after the papacy
51:56 who instituted this.
51:58 Oh, friend, we need to keep all this stuff focused as we go
52:01 because we're running down and we're gonna--
52:02 because you know, what it says.
52:04 Remember I quoted this,
52:05 it talked about the dragon gave him his power,
52:07 his seat and his great authority.
52:09 Isaiah 14:14, the enemy says,
52:11 "I'll be, I'll be like the most high."
52:14 Wow, interesting.
52:16 Let's just read quick statement here from the papacy and others
52:20 about the change of the seventh to the first
52:21 as we've talked about in last couple of minutes.
52:23 Albert Smith, Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Baltimore
52:27 in 1920 he wrote this.
52:28 "If Protestants would follow the Bible
52:30 they would worship God on the seventh day, the Sabbath.
52:32 In keeping Sunday
52:34 they're following a law of the Catholic Church."
52:36 Some of you have never heard that before
52:38 but you realize you're following after the papacy.
52:40 There's not a change in the Bible.
52:42 There's not a word in here that says we're to keep Sunday.
52:45 Not after the resurrection-- no any time.
52:47 God has blessed and sanctified the seventh day of the week.
52:50 In a book called, Plain Talk
52:52 about the Protestantism of Today page 213.
52:54 Notice what this says.
52:56 "The observance of Sunday by the Protestants."
52:58 Are you Protestant?
53:01 "Is an homage they pay, in spite of themselves
53:03 to the authority of the Catholic church."
53:06 You don't even realize may be you've never heard it before.
53:08 What because they made that day holy they say.
53:11 One more from the Doctrinal Catechism 1957, edition
53:14 here's what they say about themselves.
53:16 Where it says, "We observe Sunday instead of Saturday
53:18 because the Catholic Church transferred the solemnity
53:21 from Saturday to Sunday."
53:23 Here's the big issue, do you see it.
53:26 Do you see the big issue what is coming down to.
53:29 I will say this, I will say this that
53:30 Protestants are fool in so many different ways,
53:33 but let me tell you at least the Roman Catholic Church
53:35 is honest enough to say we changed it.
53:39 We did it and the Protestant world
53:41 is following in our footsteps.
53:42 I applaud them for at least being honest about,
53:44 how about you.
53:47 We hear we don't protest we don't do anything.
53:49 Whatever Rome says, we do it.
53:50 God help us to see. I want to pray with you right now.
53:53 Remember part three is coming up,
53:54 you don't want to miss that at all.
53:56 But we need to pray, God will help us
53:57 in our endeavors to understand
54:00 material that we have to cover so quickly.
54:02 May the Holy Spirit help us together, let's pray. Shall we?
54:05 Merciful Father in heaven,
54:06 we thank you for your precious word.
54:07 Oh, it's difficult as it might be.
54:09 We pray, your people,
54:10 who are wanting to know what truth is.
54:12 Your Holy Spirit will inspire them
54:13 and encourage them to accept this message.
54:15 We pray, help them to act on it.
54:17 It's not just to know
54:19 but they must act on this message.
54:20 Help them to study to show
54:22 they're self approved in Jesus name
54:23 we pray and for his sake. Amen.
54:27 My friend, you see the message
54:28 that we're talking about how important that it really is
54:31 and how this country is all set up just ready,
54:35 just ready, a few more natural,
54:37 you know, disasters
54:38 a few more big things is hitting this country.
54:40 You watch your freedom
54:41 because they're already gone away.
54:43 You don't have them anymore.
54:44 But watch it begin to interfere with what? Religious.
54:46 Protestants are going to jump up.
54:47 Protestants are going to what,
54:49 give the power back to the papacy.
54:50 You know, may God help us to open our eyes
54:52 that we may see you know, we appreciate, we love you,
54:55 thank you for your love and your support
54:56 and we'll see you next time.
55:00 Hello and welcome back.
55:02 Our world has changed
55:04 so very much from its beginnings.
55:06 We have often boasted of our freedoms in this nation.
55:10 Perhaps, freedoms that we have taken for granted
55:13 because we've lacked the understanding
55:15 that for centuries people have lived without such freedoms
55:19 that many of us have grown up with all of our lives.
55:22 Yet ever so slowly our freedoms are being withdrawn from us.
55:28 There seems to be no other choice
55:30 when we experience the many senseless
55:33 acts of violence that are occurring more and more
55:36 frequently in this country.
55:38 Terrorism, terrorism has washed up upon our shores.
55:43 At the time of this recording
55:45 our nation is really with the heartache
55:48 over the Boston Marathon bombings.
55:51 Innocent lives were shattered.
55:54 Many will forever live with the ruthless results
55:57 of these short moments for the rest of their lives.
56:01 And of course, this is just one of so many incidences
56:07 that are playing a tremendous role
56:09 in bringing about a spirit.
56:11 Now listen, a spirit of intolerance
56:14 and finally persecution just as we're told in scripture.
56:19 Our only hope brothers and sisters is in Christ.
56:23 We must anchor into that solid rock
56:27 if we're to weather this approaching storm.
56:29 There will be no room for undecidedness.
56:32 To be undecided is to be a lukewarm
56:35 and to be lukewarm is to be lost.
56:38 Decisions for Christ in a truth of His word
56:41 are needed to be made and it is our prayer for you
56:45 here at Behold the Lamb Ministries.
56:48 Our prayer is that you will hear the truth of God's word
56:51 and walk in it immediately
56:53 by His grace and by His strength.
56:58 To help in your decision,
57:00 we encourage you to contact us here
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57:05 We're offering it to you for a love gift of just $23 or more.
57:10 And as always your order is a blessing to us as well.
57:14 We need your prayerful and your financial support
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57:21 So won't you take time to contact us today?
57:24 You may call us here in United States
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57:55 Friends, family, until next time may our precious Lord
58:00 continue to richly bless you and yours.


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